There are all kinds of ways to do it. Sometimes you find a girl and you plan forever until the right situation comes up, and then you can finally get into her. Other times one comes along at the right time and the right place, and you just take advantage of the situation for an easy score. Like the story I’ll tell now.

I was with one of my kids, Amos. Amos was just 12, but real big and mean for his age. Unlike most of my sons, his mom was black. The young black bitch - I forget her name - had come to me for crack and couldn’t pay. So I just took her pussy as payment, and Amos was the result. He may have been young at this time, but let me tell you he was already plenty dangerous, just like his daddy.

One day we were out there behind the trees next to these railroad tracks, smoking crack. It was a nice quiet place where no one would mess with us. Suddenly, we see this white girl coming walking along the railroad tracks. She was in some catholic school uniform, sweater, short plaid skirt, high cotton socks and black leather shoes. Real pretty, maybe 15 or 16, with long brown hair done up in ponytails. She was kind of small, and you couldn’t see her tits, because they were hidden behind that dumb sweater. But she sure had nice shapely legs, full with good curves, and they looked mighty fine as they moved within that short little skirt. Her face was real pretty and innocent, with a small nose and cute little chin. She practically screamed "virgin available" to an experienced stud like me. I was carrying a full load, and in no time at all my big black cock was throbbing with anticipation.

The girl was walking with a tall boy, probably from her school who was escorting her across this lonely piece of track. They were walking hand in hand, and the girl was giggling and smiling, her eyes bright and happy.

I could see Amos was itching for a fight, he was staring at the white boy and muttering something. He already hated white people, but was probably too young to know that their girls were good for something besides just beating up. As for me, I was already imagining what I would do to that cute young coed if I got half the chance. I never get tired of catching them, prying their legs apart, and forcing my life into them. All I had to do was get her boyfriend out of the way, and then the coast would be clear for some serious schoolgirl screwing.

"That white boy dis you Amos",. I said. "Go talk sense to him".

Amos didn’t need any more prompting. He ambled out of the bushes and approached the boy and girl, cutting them off. I stayed behind and watched.

It didn’t take long. Amos shouted something at the boy, but the boy tried to avoid him, putting a protective arm around his girlfriend. I could see the girl was frightened, and so was the boy. Amos followed along shouting gang slogans, but the boy still wouldn’t fight him. Finally Amos wised up, and grabbed the boy’s girlfriend and pulled her towards him. She squealed and struggled in his arms, her shapely legs kicking and twisting. That’s my boy, I thought. The dumbass white boyfriend was still really afraid, I could see, but that was too much, so leaped to protect his girl. In a moment Amos and he were mixing it up. Of course, in no time at all Amos had the boy down, and was beating the shit out of him. While this was helping I quietly came out of the bushes and approached the girl.

The girl was screaming and running back and forth., watching her boyfriend get beaten. Her tight little ass wiggled in that skirt of hers, as she ran one way and another on her little feet. I liked the way her thighs quivered when she ran, and how her ponytails bounced up and down. She was frightened but didn’t know what to do. She didn’t see me until I was right next to her.

She looked at me surprised, her big eyes lighting up with hope. "Please mister, he’s beating Brian up, please help him!"

I didn’t say nothing, just looked the girl up and down. She had a real pretty face all right, although maybe a bit younger than I first thought. Her big eyes were hazel, and she had a few freckles on her pink cheeks. Tits didn’t appear to amount to much yet, but her thighs and legs were already nice and full, and barely covered by that plaid uniform skirt of hers. Her ponytails were long and silky, and tied back with blue ribbons. When she opened her mouth a bit, I could see she was had braces. That really turned me on, for some damn reason. I wondered what a cock would feel like in that mouth of hers, and what it would feel like to impregnate her body.

The girl got more and more nervous, the more I didn’t say anything and just stared at her, undressing her with my eyes. It must have begun to dawn on the little bitch what I wanted to do to her. Slowly she began to shake, and then to back away. Then she spun around and tried to run.

I was ready for that and grabbed her easy, pressing her body against me. She screamed and kicked and panted, and I could feel her little rump grind against my prick. That damn near made it explode, but I was able to hold it in. Laughing, I began to rub my lengthening manhood against her, which made her frantic. She fought as hard as she could, which wasn’t saying much. I could hear her pantings and squealing, and I could smell her perfume and feel the warmth of her tight body. I bet no man had ever held her before, and you could damn well be sure she had never felt a prick rubbed against her before neither. I began to drag her towards the bushes. Time to claim my reward.

"Brian, help! Help! Help me!", the schoolgirl kept screaming. I looked back and saw that her boyfriend was on his knees, blood dripping from his face, watching me drag his girl off to her fate. Amos was just standing over him laughing. When the boy tried to get up and help, Amos kicked him real hard. The boy groaned and rolled over, and Amos began to beat him some more.

"Looks like the strongest stud is going to get the girl", I said to her. "I know you want the strongest seed, sugar."

The girl squirmed in my arms even more frantically. She began to yelp and scream, but this place was real isolated so I knew no one could hear. Her big eyes were filled with fright, and I could feel her body shake next to mine. Her ponytails bounced back and forth as I dragged her into the bushes. Soon we were hidden from view, just me and this pretty young lady.

I turned her around and pressed her against me. I liked the feel of her tight breasts against me, and the soft warmth of her thighs. There is nothing like holding a young schoolgirl against you. I ran my hand through her hair. It was soft and silky and smelled real nice. Then I grabbed her by the base of the ponytail and yanked her face up so I could see it. Her lips looked real inviting. I leaned down and kissed her long and hard. She whimpered and closed her eyes, and I slid my tongue into her mouth. Her eyes opened in disgust and she tried to push away from me, but that was just tough shit. Besides, in a minute there was going to be far worse than my tongue inside this youngster.

I began to run my hand up her white thighs. They were nice, soft and warm. She gasped as my hand went underneath her plaid skirt. I hooked her panties and begin to pull them down. Meanwhile, my cock was going wild inside my pants. I reached down for my zipper and prepared to unleash it.

"No! No!", the girl began crying hysterically, and tried to pull away. Instead she just fell backwards, with me on top over her. She cried and wiggled underneath me, her young body squirming in the dirt. I finally got my zipper down and pulled my thick baby-maker out. You should have seen the look on her face when it popped out into the light, bouncing up and down, ready for action. I was about ready to burst right there, so I went to work on the girl like an animal, ripping her clothes off. In a second I had her panties off, which I tossed off into the bushes. I yanked her school sweater up until I got to her bra. After a second there was a snap as the bra gave way, and a nice pair of girlish tits lay exposed underneath me. They were real small but were perfectly formed. I sucked each one, then kneaded them like a loaf of bread dough, and watched her nipples get harder. I threw the bra into the bushes as well, and started to pry her thighs apart as I settled on her…

"Oh god, oh god", the girl cried. "Help … help!".

I just smiled and pushed her flat into the dirt. I pried her thighs apart inch by inch, and mounted her. In a moment she was under me, crushed by weight. Our noses were touching, and we stared into each others eyes. She was crying now, but wasn’t really fighting. Her arms were spread out, and her hands were in little fists. Her pretty ponytails, ribbons and all, lay stretched out in the dirt. I just grunted like a satisfied rutting pig and began to push my huge hungry prick up between her thighs. In a moment it was at her gate. I could feel its warmth. My black snake began to nibble at it, getting ready for the final assault.

The girl quivered underneath me, her eyes wide, her mouth open in terror, her braces looking damn sexy. She didn’t say anything, just stared at me, tears coming down her cheeks, as I got into the right position …

And then with one hard thrust I deflowered her.

Her body bucked convulsively and she gave a short girlish yelp, but that was it. I never get tired of hearing the sound girls make when they first get opened.

My girl screwed her eyes shut and turned her ahead away. She was panting and crying, but it was clear that she wasn’t going to try to stop me. Truth be told, I think she was turned up by getting nailed by a black stud. This happens a lot, most young white girls dream of getting screwed by a black man like me. Maybe this schoolgirl’s brains didn’t want me, but her young body sure did. So I just took my time, and casually penetrated her. Inch by inch, I slowly inserted my manhood into her. Damn, she was warm, moist and tight. In a minute I had her fully impaled, my baby-maker throbbing between her young shapely hips. I began to ball her.

"Oh … oh … oh .. oh", the girl panted as I moved in and out. Her body shook with each thrust, and her small firm breasts bounced in time to the rape. My heavy, hairy balls banged against her deflowered pussy, making a wet slapping sound. I liked the feeling of being inside her hips, the way she moved and squirmed with my prick inside. It just drove me crazy. I kept thrusting deeper into her, until my cock was curled up right behind her belly-button. The girl just panted and twisted on the business end of my cock, like a fish on a hook, as I screwed her right into the ground. Let me tell you, there is nothing like that feeling, knowing you’re the first inside a young girl and that in a moment you’re going to fill her with your seed. Her eyes were still closed, and her cute innocent face was stained with tears. The only sign of resistance was her little hands, which were still balled up in fists

I took my time and opened her up as deeply as I could, but after a minute I just couldn’t stop the rush of sperm. I felt it well up my inside my balls and come storming down my cockshaft. I held it to the last second, and then exploded into my victim.

"Uh , aggg, uh, aggg….", the girl moaned, as she felt my victorious seed flow into her. Slowly, her fists relaxed, as she surrendered to her rape and the planting of my seed. She opened her eyes and stared directly at me. Slowly, a creamy look filled those eyes as my semen flowed into her. I don’t know why that is, but generally girls open their eyes when I finally come into them. I always like that part, that they watch me as I claim them, and that I can watch the effect of my conquest. Anyway, I just pumped it into her, hot and thick and chunky. I thought it would never stop, one creamy spurt after another, between her soft cool thighs. I must have injected a couple quarts into her. Finally, after one more deep thrust, I fired my last load and collapsed on top of her.

I lay there for a minute, my cock slowly receding from her conquered body. Then I pulled out of her and admired my handiwork. God damn, she looked pretty laying there in the dirt, her panties ripped off, skirt coiled around her waste, her thighs stained with my potent semen.

Anyway, I grabbed her and put her back onto her feet. She was still sniveling, but did as she was told. There wasn’t a bit of fight left in this bitch now, she was completely fucked and obedient. I grabbed her hand and marched her out of the bushes. Back to where Amos and the white boy, Brian, fought.

Brian was against a tree, pretty well beaten up. He wasn’t going anywhere. He stared at the girl and bowed his head. I don’t blame him, it was fucking obvious what I had done to her. Amos was standing there drinking whiskey. He smiled real broadly when he saw us, me and this girl walking hand in hand.

"Looks like you made yourself a new girlfriend, Dad!", Amos crowed. His eyes traveled over her, looking at her ripped sweater, her wrinkled plaid skirt, and her stained thighs. I could see the girl was giving him a hard-on.

I pushed my girl to her knees. "Give my boy a blowjob", I ordered her. I wanted to give my boy his reward for allowing me to breed this girl, plus I wanted to help along his education about white women.

Amos, as usual, didn’t need any prompting. He was an eager student. He ambled up to the girl and pulled his zipper down. After a minute of fumbling, he pulled out a big throbbing black dick. I have to say, my boy is pretty well hung for someone his age. The girl was sniveling again, her head bowed.

Amos grabbed one of the ribbons in her hair and untied it. Laughing, he then tied it around the base of his cock, making a nice bow. I tell you, Amos always did have a pretty sick sense of humor. Then he boxed the girl hard on the side of the head.

"Suck it dry, you little cunt", he snarled at her.

The girl obediently raised her blonde head, her eyes starting straight ahead at his balls, her little mouth wide open. Guess my sperm was really taking effect inside her, now she’d do anything. Anyway, with one smooth motion Amos stuffed his cock between her red lips. It looked fucking great, his ugly veined organ bulging out of her pretty face. The girl stared straight ahead, her eyes fixated on the black breeding rod in her mouth, her red lips firmly wrapped around its base. Wasting no time, Amos began to face-fuck her.

The girl thrashed a bit, but didn’t really fight it. My boy’s black prick punched in and out of her face, partly obscured by her flopping hair. Her pretty ribbon slapped against her face when he drove his cock down her throat. The only sound was my boy’s satisfied gruntings, and the wet sucking noises from the girl. Of course, being only 12, Amos didn’t have much experience making the girl really work for it. In just a few seconds he picked up the pace, his hairy balls slapping against her face. Then suddenly he grabbed her by the hair, holding her mouth in place. Everyone knew what was going to happen next; me, Brian, Amos and certainly the schoolgirl. There was a short pause, one final thrust of the cock down her throat, and then Amos fired his load right into the girl’s brains.

"Ah shit, baby, yeh", Amos groaned, a big happy expression on his face. The girl slurped and swallowed, slurped and swallowed, her little head vibrating on the business end of my boy’s prick. Amos just kept firing and firing, until sperm spurted out of her mouth. Shit, I almost expected it to come spurting out of her ears. It went on and on, until semen dripped down her chin and down onto her skirt. Finally, Amos pulled it. Shouting gang slogans, he then did a little victory moonwalk around the tree. The girl simply collapsed into a heap, her eyes glazed. As for her boyfriend - her ex-boyfriend - he had crawled off sometime during the forced blowjob. Guess that was just too much to watch.

We heard a train coming, so I decided to leave. Too bad, I wouldn’t have minded having another go at that youngster. I really wanted to make sure I had impregnated her. But I figured that enough was enough, beside, there are always other young white girls, and it was likely my baby was already sprouting in her belly anyway.

So we left. Over a year later I saw the girl, and sure enough she had black baby with her. I didn’t get too close, but Amos told me later he got a good look, and it was a spitting image of me. So I gave Amos a new half-brother that day after all, and Amos sure got a good education in return. Not bad for a day spent by the railroad tracks.

The End

Title: Schoolgirl Rape 7 • Author: Captain Swing( • Published by 2000-2004