Riding had always seemed to me to be a very erotic experience. The repeated thumping of the hard saddle against my crotch stimulated my clit and my imagination. With my legs spread wide apart across the thick body of Max, my stallion, I could close my eyes and imagine the hips of a gorgeous blonde adonis crashing into me. I had a small, but really well developed body, which made grown men look twice and get that look on their face, the one that meant `Boy I'd like to Fuck her!'

I was only about five feet tall and kind of skinny, I thought, but my titties were a good size, and perfectly rounded. They were only a little too big for my small frame. They were the size that made men look real carefully at me, but not so large that they made me look really chesty. Right in the center of each round tit, was a tiny pink nipple, which got hard very very easily.

My ass was really good too. I had the kind of perfectly rounded and firm ass that only young girls had, and the men would all turn and watch when I walked down the sidewalk in town.

My face was not the kind you would find in the fashion magazines. It was cutesy pie sweet. The kind of face that made people maternal or paternal around me, thinking what a sweet innocent little thing I must be. When I wore my strawberry blonde hair in loose pigtails, people of all ages would smile sweetly at me when I looked at them. None of them would guess or even believe the kind of things that went on behind my wide blue eyes.

I was still technically a virgin then, but only because I was afraid that if I fucked anyone, the whole town would find out within hours. I satisfied my erotic desires by masturbation and daydreaming. I used a variety of tools to help me, including two big rubber dildos I had gotten from a mail order company.

The first time I tried to put one inside my tight little pussy hole, I almost fainted from the pain/pleasure. I had long since busted my cherry with my fingers and hair brushes and the like, but the dildo was thicker and longer than anything I had ever used before.

The day the first one arrived, my dad was out mending a fence half a mile away, and my mom was visiting friends in town. I took the package and rushed up to my room. Once inside I locked the door and ripped open the brown package to stare in awe at the huge rubber cock I held in my hands.

I tore off my clothes to stand naked with the dildo. My pussy was already starting to spurt juices as I slid the rubber all across my body, paying particular attention to my titties which were extremely sensitive.

It had a suction cup on the end which I stuck to the seat of a wooden chair. I straddled the chair backwards and lowered myself onto the dildo. My legs strained with the effort of holding my squatting body up. An electric shock seemed to shoot through me when my soft, moist cuntlips made contact with the rubbery head of the fake cock.

Slowly I shifted my groin backwards and forwards, bending my knees a little more each time. Slowly I worked the head of the dildo into my pussy hole, grunting with the effort, and suppressing the slight pain I felt as my pussy lips were pushed hard apart.

The first inch was the hardest. My virgin pussy lips spread and spread to accommodate its thickness. I crouched there for several minutes, my legs spread around the chair and my arms holding the back, as my pussy got used to the size of the rubber prick.

Again I lowered myself. The feeling of the big rubber cock inching its way up into my hole was mind blowing! I could feel the inside walls of my cuntslit being pushed aside as the cock forced a channel for itself inside me. When it was half way up me, I pulled back up, my knees straining. The soft rubber sucking my pussy outwards as it came out of me.

When only the first inch was inside, I slid back down, loving the erotic stimulation of the soft rubber sliding against my pussy walls. up and down I went, the dildo working its way deeper inside me with each passing minute. My knees and leg muscles were killing me, but I ignored them.

Faster and faster I pumped, trying to make the plunges as long and deep as possible. On one of the downward plunges my foot slid on the carpet and my crotch slapped down all the way to the chair seat. A startled yelp issued from my mouth as I fell and was impaled on the rigid rubber prong. I just sat there, my cunt lips and asshole squashed against the chair seat, the cock buried in my belly and my entire cunt pit burning with astonishment.

I realized I had the whole thing up inside me then. I felt stuffed and bloated by the monster fuck piece. Slowly I began to rub my crotch back and froth on the chair, delighting in the stimulation of my clit and the way the cock was jolted around inside me.

I rubbed my swollen breasts against the back of the chair, crushing my rock hard nipples against the hard wooden slats. One hand slid down over my belly and pushed my clit against the dildo as I wiggled my ass back and forth.

My other hand moved behind me and slid over my smooth ass cheeks, delighting and exciting me by how taut and stretched out they were.

I rose up, my pulpy wet cunt mound coming free from the chair, the hot rubber cock sliding out of my cunny. As the last inch of rubber cock came free, I felt my cunt tingle with a kind of hungry longing.

I squatted poised inches above the dildo for a few seconds. Then I lowered myself, groaning as I felt the moistened dildo head make contact with the soft sensitive entrance to my fuck hole. I lowered still, so the pressure mounted against my cunt.

Again the dildo pushed past my cunt entrance and slid up into me. I delighted in the feeling of being penetrated. I lowered myself, sliding back down the rigid pole of rubber, letting my cunt envelope the fuck tool until it's end mashed against the back wall of my cunt once again.

It hurt there. My cunt wasn't really deep enough for something that size. But it had forced it's way in a couple of minutes ago, and I was determined to swallow the whole thing again. I just let my legs go further and further apart, letting my body down despite the pain.

I winced as the cockhead pushed up into me, jamming against something up in my belly and then pushing it aside to enter me fully.

I rose again, feeling the rubber rasping across my clitty as it slid out of me. Once again I let it exit my fuck channel and then dropped down to let it penetrate me again, let it fuck up into the deepest part of my cunt hole.

I started to speed up, ignoring the screaming protests from my legs as lust and sexual excitement overwhelmed me. My belly was burning and twitching and fluttering as I started riding the dildo. I was jerking my groin up and down and up and down with a terrible, relentless speed that skewered my cunt on the long thick cock.

My room seemed to spin around me as I erupted in a tremendous series of orgasms. My head lolled back and I shuddered through them one by one. As if through a mist I felt drool coming out of the corner of my mouth and I heard the soft grunts and sighs I was making. My eyes seemed blinded as my body shook and twitched, still pumping mindlessly up and down until my legs simply wouldn't raise me anymore.

Finally I just collapsed forward against the chair back, my chest heaving as I tried to regain my breath.

Using the dildo like that certainly helped make my leg muscles strong, but it left me longing for the more realistic feeling I was certain I could get if the dildo would somehow move in and out of me without my assistance.

One day as I was out riding in the empty outer fields, the stimulation of the bouncing around on horseback started giving me erotic ideas. Daringly I took off my shirt top and bra. Riding around topless, my boobs were jiggled up and down by the slow trotting and my nipples rapidly hardened.

I knew suddenly that I had to go all the way. I stopped and slid off Max. I quickly pulled off my sneakers and pants and stuffed them into a saddlebag with my shirt. I jumped back onto Max's back, my wet pussy slapping down on the leather saddle.

I urged Max into a faster trot, and I began to bounce up and down on the saddle. I was not very big and straddling Max's back left my crotch incredibly wide open. My soft crotch and rounded ass cheeks made smacking noises as they slapped the tough leather with each downstride Max made.

I leaned forward as we trotted across the meadow, my hard little clit rubbing against the saddle, my ass cheeks wide and open so I could feel air blowing into my slightly spread asshole each time Max threw me into the air. Within minutes I shuddered through a massive orgasm as my crotch slapped and pounded against the saddle.

I did this several times before I got the bright idea of using the dildos to help my pleasure. I liked the feeling of being completely full and had used the dildos anally several times before. The idea I had was to stick them on the saddle and I would be bounced up and down on them by Max's bouncing gait. The problem was they wouldn't stick to the saddle.

I solved this by using crazy glue. Once out in the fields I dismounted and stripped naked, putting the shorts and halter I had worn into the saddlebags., I glued the dildos onto the middle of the saddle and then wandered around the fields for a few minutes while the glue set.

I rolled around in the tall grass, loving the feel of the stalks brushing against my tits and ass and cunt. I was so excited that I knelt there in the blowing grasses, watching the clouds blow by overhead, and rubbed my little cunny to orgasm.

Mounting Max was an awkward exercise with the two dildos occupying the saddle. I squatted in the saddle, lowering myself gingerly onto the upright phalluses. I knelt on top of Max, my legs drawn up under my ass cheeks, my crotch open wide, and the dildos already half way up me, shoving four inches deep into my pussy and asshole.

When at last I could feel the leather of the saddle against my crotch, I groaned aloud with pain and relief. The two of them together stretched me apart like I wouldn't have believed possible. I thought my belly must bulge outward with the fullness and was surprised that I couldn't feel either of them when I caressed my abdomen with my hand.

I could feel them rubbing together deep inside my guts, only a thin layer of skin holding them apart. Gasping, i urged Max into a slow walk. His first steps made me squeal and cry out in pain. My ass never left the saddle, but the movement made the cocks twist inside me, producing a variety of sensations, ranging from agony to ecstasy.

I desperately fought to minimize the movement inside me, pushing upward against the stirrups to lessen the pressure against the back of my slithole and asshole. The pain retreated and I began to wiggle around a little on the cocks.

Sensations began to build up in my body, and I rapidly approached an orgasm. Then it was upon me, and I allowed myself to drop back all the way to the saddle, throwing my orgasm into deeper and deeper waves of furious ecstatic pleasure.

I gasped for breath as the sensations rode over me. When the retreated, I swayed in the saddle with weakness. The mental stimulation of the situation, combined with the physical stimulation on my body from the cocks and the shaking of my tits by the horses bouncing, overawed my senses.

My legs, weakened by my orgasm, hardly supported me at all, and I bounced slightly on Max's back. The cocks thrust in and out of my holes in small but vicious stabs which quickly began dragging me upwards into another climax.

A part of my mind which still functioned on a thinking level, realized that there was nobody around now to hear the gasps and cries I had always had to suppress at home. As I tumbled forward into another shuddering orgasm, my mouth opened and I abandoned myself to glorious pleasure.

I squealed and grunted loudly, my body swaying back and forth, and my legs slapping against Max's sides as waves of fiery orgasmic lust ripped through my body.

Max however, took my slapping and bouncing legs as an order to speed up. As I shivered through my orgasm, he began trotting across the field. My weak kneed legs were unable to support me as his fait deepened and the cocks began to pound in and out of me in deeper and faster strokes.

I cried out in shocked pain as they slammed up into my guts. Max's gait would throw my shuddering body upwards as his back rose, and then he would drop away beneath me, yanking the cocks halfway down the length of my cuntslit and ass tube.

Then I would drop back down just as his back rose again. The cocks slammed deep into my guts with terrible force, hammering deep into my guts. The front cock sawed away at my clit as I was thrown around weakly on Max's back, and the orgasms began washing over me in a sharp, fast series of wrenching quakes.

My little holes were skewered repeatedly and my mind wallowed in the ecstatic feelings shivering up and down my spine. The pain was a distant thing, only serving to intensify the pleasure. I began losing all control of my body as I shook and trembled through orgasm after orgasm.

My head smashed forward and down against Max, further dazing me. First one, then the other foot slipped free of the stirrups, and I began bouncing freely on Max's back without any control at all.

My entire being was focused around the aching, squashing, mashing, pounding of the rubber cocks slamming in and out of my poor holes. My cit slapped down onto the saddle with each downward bounce and made me cry out as if punched.

The jouncing made Max uneasy and he began to lengthen his stride. I was thrown about helplessly on his back. Only the two rods embedded in my groin, and churning my guts into a pulpy mass, kept me from flying from the saddle.

My body was thrown up out of the saddle almost to the full length of the cocks, and then immediately slammed back down, my tits screamed with pleasure and pain each time my chest smashed forward onto Max's back or neck. They were bouncing up and down on my chest with wild abandon as Max ran across the field.

I was thrown forward and back and sideways, my arms and head flopping about with no guidance or control at all. My legs slapped against the side of the horse as I screamed in mindless sobbing pleasure. My tits were so swollen I thought they would explode.


We raced across the prairie like that, drool spilling out of my mouth, and dribbling down my chest and breasts as I flopped helplessly around on his back. I could hardly breath through the continuous orgasms and my vision began falling away into sparkling bright lights.

I don't know how long after I lost consciousness, that I was finally thrown from his back. Probably not long, or I wouldn't have survived. My cunt and asshole would have been torn apart.

When I woke up, I was lying on my back in the close cropped grass of the north pasture. My arms and legs were spread wide. It took me many minutes to groan and shudder my way back to life. The pain in my crotch helped me come back down to earth.

My cunt felt like I had just given birth, and my asshole was still partly open as the sphincter muscle had been so abused it hadn't yet fully recovered. My ass and thighs were smarting from the slapping they had taken against the leather saddle, and i rolled over onto my stomach to ease the pain.

I was extremely weakened by my experience and I began feeling increasingly hopeless. It was starting to get dark, and I was having difficulty even standing on my rubbery legs. When I finally managed to heave myself upright and take a few tentative steps, I noticed that I was walking instinctively bow legged.

Closing my legs brought tears of pain to my eyes. I didn't know how I was going to get back home without Max. I groaned again at the thought of him wandering back into the farmyard with those dildos glued upright on his saddles, and my clothes in his saddle bag.

Fortunately I only had to walk for about twenty minutes before I came across Max grazing on the short dry grass. I dressed and rode home with some difficulty. Riding was agony on my tender crotch and skin. I had to lay off the dildos for several days until my raw pussy flesh had healed somewhat.

My next wild experience occurred several weeks later. I was lying nude on my bed watching television and snacking on muffins. Tom, one of our dogs, was lying on the bed beside me watching every move the muffins made in their journey from the plate to my mouth. I tossed him pieces occasionally, and he would gulp them down and then slurp and lick all around the area the buttery muffin piece had landed.

Anyway, one of the pieces I had casually tossed, had failed to clear my thigh, and had fallen back onto my crotch, where Tom had quickly grabbed it before I could move it away.

I didn't pay much attention to this at first because of the TV program I was watching. Then Tom stuck his nose in my crotch, the way dogs do sometimes, and began licking around there for any trace of the buttery muffin that might be left behind.

The rasping trace of his tongue as it slipped just past my clitty shocked me and I pushed him away abruptly. But then I started thinking about how soft and nice his tongue had felt down there.

I placed another piece right over my cunt and made sure to rub some of it along my tight little slit. Tom gulped down the muffin and then like always, nosed around for more. He smelled the tracings on my pussy and began licking it up energetically. I gasped in delight and spread my legs wide as his tongue slid up and down my cunt slit, licking inside my pussy lips now and then.

This was fantastic, I thought! The house was empty and I had an idea. I jumped out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen. I had an idea that I thought would work even better than the muffins. Tom loved jam more than anything else in the world.

I got the jar from the cupboard and ran back upstairs. Tom was still on the bed licking up the last of the muffins I had left him. I lay down and pulled my knees up to my chest, then began to spoon the jam into my cunthole. I pushed half a dozen spoonloads into my tight little cunt and then liberally applied it around the outside as Tom looked on interestedly.

Then I urged him over. He moved between my spread legs and sniffed lightly around my slit for a few seconds, then his long tongue came out and began to lick me. His tongue rasped over and over my bulging clit, sending waves of pleasure racing through my blood.

I sighed as his tongue slid into my cunny hole and began probing around for more jam. My body began writhing around on the bed as he drove me into a shattering climax with his licking.

His tongue went deep inside me, his nose rubbing against my clit continuously. I began humping up against his face as I built for another orgasm. My head shook back and forth and I pulled and squeezed my titties as I sailed through it.

As I was regaining my breath after coming down, I noticed Tom was humping against my bare leg as he licked. I think the smell of girl cum had excited him. I could feel his hard cock against the soft smooth skin of my knee, and a shock ran through me as I realized what else I might be able to get him to do.

I had seen him and the other dogs in the yard of course, along with the horses and cows. I knew how they did it, though I had never heard of them doing it with a person before.

I remembered how sometimes him and the other dogs would jump up on my or the other kids back when we crawled on the floor. His cock was pretty big, but not as big as the dildos I had used, and I had no worries that it would fit if I could get him to fuck me.

I got up and then went down on my knees on the carpet, waving my ass in Toms face. Sure enough he loped over and began nosing around my slit hole again. Seconds later, he jumped up onto me. His paws came around my waist and i could feel his hard dick poking around against my crotch.

I reached back and grabbed it. Shock ran through me as I actually held the male organ in my hand. Then I fitted it against the opening of my slit and pushed back against him with my ass.

His cock slid deep inside me and he immediately began humping me. I groaned as it slid over my clit on each pump. He fucked me so hard and fast, I rocketed quickly into another orgasm. The idea of me getting fucked by a dog was so degenerate and perverted! I was intensely excited and stimulated even without his plunging, pistoning doggie cock.

I couldn't believe how fast he was fucking me. His furry doggie body ground into my as and crotch furiously. I had seen porno movies of people doing it and the men never pumped near this fast. His cock was pistoning in and out of my little slithole with tremendously deep strokes. I began humping my ass back at him and this increased the force of the strokes even more.

My mind was spinning as I was fucked for the first time ever. I could feel Tom's prick slicing up and down my tight buttery cunt sheath, pumping and plunging inside me as he sought to spill his see. I couldn't support my weight any more, and my head and shoulders dropped to the carpet.

Tom continued to pump wildly into me. His pounding body smashed into my crotch, propelling me back and forth with each stroke, rubbing my face and titties against the carpet.. The nails on his paws were rasping and scratching the skin of my belly as he locked himself tightly to me, and I felt his drool dribbling onto my shoulders and back as his hot breath blew around my hair.

I could feel this hard bulge in the middle of his cock, deep inside me. It was like there was a rock in the middle of his cock. The bulge seemed to be getting bigger as he went on and it began to hurt my cunt with its size. It felt like a baseball or something inside me, and spread my cunt canal wide apart as it churned its way up and down.

I was weak from several orgasms, but I raised myself up and tried to get him off me. I crawled forward across the room, but Tom was just dragged along with me by his tight leghold around my belly, and he kept humping the whole time.

I tried to get up, but I was too weak to rise with his hundred and some pounds of doggy weight on top of me. I tried and tried, managing to almost rise, before falling again. Then he growled and nipped me lightly on the neck, making me cry out in shock and sudden pain.

I fell back to my knees and he stopped growling. I saw a pair of paws besides me on the ground and looked up to see Jack, and beside him, Rex and King. They were the other three German Shepherds we kept around the farm. As Tom hammered away at my cunt, they nosed around me and humped against my sides and head. I could see from my position on the ground that they all had erect cocks hanging beneath them.

Tom intensified his hammering fuck, and then I felt a gush of hot juice shooting down into my guts as that big bulge in his cock exploded inside me. I realized Tom had just cum, had just sprayed a load of doggie sperm into my womb. The idea gave me a weird, twisted kind of thrill.

He rested atop me for a few seconds, his tongue lolling out of his mouth from the exertion, then he jumped off. I tried to get up then, but King immediately humped up on top of me, his front legs sliding around underneath my body and hooking around my belly.

He ignored my feeble protests and his hard cock began poking against my crotch. I tried to rise only to be nipped back into place by his sharp teeth. His cock found my warm wet slit and slid down into me. Again my crotch was pummelled by a hammering pounding body.

In spite of myself I began getting excited by the situation and the rubbing of his cock against my hardened little clit. I was practically being raped by a fucking dog! I thought I must be the dirtiest, sluttiest girl in the world, and the idea filled me with carnal lust. I came twice before he finished and filled up my fuck hole with his doggy juice.

Jack came after him. His cock was longer than the others and seemed to crash into the end of my slithole on each downward thrust. When he finished REx too his place. All the while I shivered and shuddered, and trembled as I knelt beneath them.

Their pounding cocks were driving my spinning mind into blasting, blossoming orgasms that drove the thoughts from my head, that made me as much an animal as they. My eyes were closed and my body jerked to their driving cock thrusts. I felt like a bitch in heat being serviced by the dogs of a pack.

My cunt was squeezing and clutching at Rex's fuck tool as I groaned and trembled. My body shook through yet another orgasm as Rex rutted against me, his spiky prick sliding up and down my little cunt tunnel and deep into the center of my soul.

As I knelt there in a semi-delirious state, Rex's poking cock came out and then rammed into my asshole by mistake. It was slightly open due to my position and loss of muscular control. His cock slid down into my asshole easily.

It came to me through a daze that I should get him out of there before his bulge built up like the others. I couldn't do anything though, and soon it would have been impossible to get him out of there without cutting off his cock, as his bulge sealed him into my clenching anus until the end.

He didn't seem to know the difference, or care for that matter, as his cock thrust in and out of my rectum. The other dogs had left and I gasped and moaned to myself there in the middle of the floor.

An occasional cry issued from my mouth as his thick round bulge smashed back and forth in my guts. I knew I would never be able to get that thing out of my little asshole as it was. I wondered how many girls had been sodomized by a dog anyway.

At last I felt the sloshing wetness in my asshole as his wad of spunky white jism gushed down into my belly. He dismounted and I crawled tiredly into the bathroom to wash off. Dog cum dribbled from my asshole and cuntslit as I walked




******************************************** Copyright 1990 All rights reserved ******************************************** If there's any nasty thing a girl can do it's in this story. Our heroine is a young farm girl mad for sex. She gets it, and is punished for it by a variety of people including mom and dad. This may be the only story ever to appear on a.s.s. in which a girl is gang raped by a pack of dogs... and loves it. ****************************************

Part Two By Dark Dreamer

Screwing the dogs got to be a habit with me for a while. They fucked me good and I didn't have to worry about getting pregnant or catching anything worse than fleas. I also didn't have to worry about them blabbing to anyone in town or school about me.

After I clipped their nails, I didn't have to worry about getting scratched all over either. I didn't neglect my dildos during this time of course. I stuffed them up my cunt and asshole at every opportunity. Several times I pushed one deep inside my cunt and wore it to school. It would be forced part way out by my cunt muscles, not to mention gravity, but my panties kept it from falling out at my feet.

It would still protrude an inch or two, which made a fantastic time of sitting down. During boring lectures at school, I would raise my little bottom up a little off the chair, and then press back again, pushing it deeper into my cunt tube. Several times I brought myself to orgasm during class without anyone knowing.

One time though, as I was squirming around, trying to cum, Tony Spinozzo, the school creep, had his eyes glued on me. Tony was older than anyone else in my class, and was only there because he kept skipping class all the time and couldn't pass the tests. He only showed up when the social worker threatened to send him to reform school.

Anyway, while I was busy, Tony's boredom, combined with his dirty and suspicious mind, decided that I was a horny girl rubbing herself against the chair to get off. He didn't know the half of it.

After I had cum, I asked to be excused to go to the bathroom to clean myself off. I walked down the deserted hallway and went into the empty girls room. I cleaned myself off in the stall, and then slid the delicious dildo back up into my cunt. When I came out, there was Tony leaning against the wall, leering at me.

"What the hell are you doing in here Spinozzo?" I demanded.

"Hey take it easy baby." he grinned nastily. "I know what you were doing in class little girl." he sneered. My heart sipped a beat at the thought that he might actually know.

"Feeling horny in Prockman's class huh?" "I don't know what the hell you're talking about." I snapped, trying to jerk away from his arms which had encircled me.

"Leave me alone and get out of here!" I demanded, as his hands reached down and cupped my ass through my short skirt. My further words were muffled as his hand gripped my hair and forced my face towards his. His lips crushed mine, his tongue invading my mouth as I struggled angrily against him.

Then his hand slid under my skirt in back and slid down my ass crack to my furry mound. His eyes opened in surprise as he felt the tip of the protruding dildo. "What the hell is that?" he demanded. He pushed me against a sink and bent me forward, throwing up my skirt as I squirmed helplessly. Then he yanked my panties down and I heard him gasp in shock as the dildo pushed out a couple of more inches.

"Holy fucking shit!!" he yelled. "What a hot little slut!! Wait till everyone hears about this!"

My whole body reddened in humiliation as I felt his fingers on the dildo. I yelped and squirmed as he slid the dildo in and out of my fuck box. I struggled uselessly against him, tears coming to my eyes. Then he slapped the side of my head sharply. "Just shut up and do what I tell you, you little slut." he gritted. "You keep quiet and so will I."

With that the last of the dildo came free of my clutching cunt sheath, and he tossed it into the sink. Then I felt another object against my cunt slit. It was even bigger than the dildo, but seemed at the same time to be both harder and softer.

"You like cocks little girl?" he sneered. "I'll give you a real cock for your little cunt to hold onto!" Then he rammed his cock into me, cramming every inch of his male organ into my tiny slit with one mighty thrust. I gasped in pain as my slit went from empty to full in a second. His hands gripped my sides as he pumped his long cock into me from behind.

"Tight little bitch aren't you?!... Fuuckh... Fuuuckkk... Take it pussy... Take it up your fucking little cunt hole!... ughg... ughgh... you little SLUT!... Goooood... ughg... ughhg!

My face was mashed against the mirror in back of the sink, his hand on the back of my neck forcing me flat across the sink as he fucked into me with fast brutal strokes. My toes barely touched the floor and each time he fucked deep against me, my hips ground against the edge of the counter and my toes left the floor.

His hands ran up and down my sides and fastened around my hanging titties, squeezing them over and over through my thin blouse, like he was milking a cow. His balls slapped against my crotch and I could feel his pubic hair against mine as his blood filled slab of meat thrust in and out of my slick little box.

My beleaguered mind tried to cope with the outrage and humiliation of his brutal assault, at the same time as a flood of wondrous sexual passion seared through my belly at the realization that I was finally being FUCKED! "Fuuuckkhhh... Fuccccchhkkk... ughghhhhh!" he groaned. His hands came down to my thighs and he pulled them wide apart so his cock could go even deeper inside me. My feet left the floor and my entire weight came down on my hips mashing against the side of the sink, and my shoulders and face pressing into the mirror.

His cock was really skewering me now as my legs were held far apart for his furious rutting thrusts. His prong was ripping in and out of my pussy, rasping viciously across my clitty, sending jagged bolts of sexual heat up through my pulsing organs.

He grunted each time his cock rammed inside me. Then suddenly my eyes, staring dazedly at my own close reflection in the mirror, were blinded by a deep white light. It was like a tiny pinhole in the center of my vision, but soon expanded, blossoming outward like an explosion to fill my head with a hot throbbing pain.

At the same time my body shivered, and trembled. I could feel my tiny pink nipples almost sparkling with sheer carnal electricity. My breasts felt swollen to twice their normal size, and almost hurt with the need to be squeezed, mashed, and sucked.

I shuddered, and groaned low in my throat as I felt my lower body pulse and shake in the tortuous onslaught of burning orgasmic waves. My eyes rolled back in my head and my muscles locked as the orgasm rolled over me, crushing my mind and body in its all encompassing grasp.

Then suddenly I felt a flood of hot liquids bubbling down into my belly as Spinozzo jammed his cockpole into my furnace of a cunt and sprayed his seed into me.

"Oh Wow!" He groaned, as he pulled loose and did up his pants. He slapped me on the bare ass.

"Nice fuck, bitch!" he grinned. "I'll see you later.

I cleaned the stickiness out of my crotch and pulled my panties up. When I went back into class he was sitting there leering evilly at me.

After school, as I feared, he was waiting for me outside.

"Come on sweety, my cars waiting." he grinned.

"I'm not going anywhere with you, you bastard!" I gritted. He grabbed my arm and swung me around until his face was only inches away from mine.

"Look cunt, you walk around with a rubber cock up your twat because you like fucking. Now you and me are goin to my place and I'm gonna give you just what you been lookin' for, else I'm gonna call everyone over here and show em what you got in that purse of yours."

I started, and glanced guiltily at my purse. I had thought of dumping it somewhere, but couldn't. With that he led me over to a red Camaro parked against the wall and shoved me inside. The engine caught with a roar and we squealed out of the parking lot..

His hand rubbed up and down my bare leg as he grinned at me.

"When we get to my place, I'm gonna strip you down and fuck you till you scream for mercy baby!" he said.

"You ever sucked a cock before? A real cock?"

My face reddened and I shook my head.

"You're gonna find out today." I gasped as his hand slid up under my skirt to my panties. He squeezed my cunt through the thin material, then pushed his hand under them and shoved a long finger up my cunt.

I began trembling as we raced down the street, frightened of what he would do to me. But anything was better than having everyone find out what I had been doing with the dildo. It would have been less of a scandal if I'd gotten pregnant.

We turned off the road onto a narrow drive and pulled up in front of a ratty looking house. He flicked his tongue out at me.

"Ready to get fucked, cunt?"

I scrunched down in the seat looking away from him. "Answer me you whore!" he yelled in my face.

"Y...l yes." I squeaked.

He glared at me, then he grabbed my hair and jerked me around to face him."Yes what!"

"Y... yes I'm ready to be f... fucked... arghhh! Stop pulling my hair! That hurts!"

"Ha!" he laughed.

He jumped out of the car and came around to my side. He yanked me out and led me up to the front door. Just as we got there, it opened and an older man stood there glaring at Tony.

"What the fuck took you so long boy?" he demanded.

"Don't worry pa." Tony said "I got a good reason."

Relief started to rise in me, thinking I would escape Tony's clutches with his Dad here.

But then my breath caught with Tony's next words.

"I brought home a little cunt meat for us!"

The man looked at me, his face all scrunched up.

"This looks kinda underripe ta me." he said.

Tony laughed. He pulled the dildo out of my purse and held it up. "When I bent her over this afternoon she had this up her little cunt. She was jerking off right in class."

Tony's dad looked at me with renewed interest, as I closed my eyes in embarrassment. "She's a tight fit Pa, I tried her out today."

The man grinned and reached his hand up to my boob. He clutched his fingers around it and squeezed, bruising the tender flesh, until I cried out in pain.

"Take her inside afore someone sees her." he ordered.

Tony pushed me inside and he and his Dad came in after. It was a dark dirty little house, and I curled my lip as I looked around in disgust. Tony and his dad pushed me into the middle f the room and then stood back. "Take your clothes off honey." the man said, not unkindly.

I looked up at the two of them and shook my head, folding my arms over my chest as my face reddened further.. Tony glared at me and started to move forward, but the old man held his arm.

"Look honey," he admonished, "You either take off that dress of yourn or me and Tony are gonna rip it off and then give you a little wuppin to teach you manners, then you kin walk home neked." I looked at the two of them, they were sweating and had hardons that bulged out the front of their pants.

"What's it gonna be honey?" the old man demanded.

Slowly my trembling fingers began to unbutton the front of my dress. It only had a few buttons down the front. When they were done, the whole dress would just slip down off me. The last button was opened and I looked up at them hesitantly.

"Come on cunt!" Tony yelled.

My eyes blurred with tears as I pulled the front aside and lowered the dress down. First past my rounded tit orbs, partially hidden behind my pink bikini bra, then down over my smooth flat belly, and finally over my rounded hips and dow past my thighs, dropping finally to the floor.

The two of them whistled as I stood there shivering, clad only in my underwear.

"She's small but all the parts are there all right!" the old man grinned. Tony licked his lips and nodded. "Yum Yum!" he said.

I realized that though he had fucked me earlier, Tony had never seen me, except for my upturned ass and cunt.

"The rest honey. We don't got all day."

I breathed shakily and fumbled with the catch of my bra, turning around to do so. Then Tony grabbed me from behind.. His hands encircled my wrists, and yanked them up above my head as he whirled me around to face his father.

The old guy shook his head and stepped forward, his hands grabbing the material. Then he ripped the flimsy bra apart, so my round boobs sprang free. A second later my panties were sliding down my legs ad I was standing there naked. Behind me Tony smacked his lips, he held both my wrist in one hand above me while his other hand slid up my belly and cupped one tit, squeezing harshly.

"Nice huh Pa?" he said. He pushed against my back, shoving my chest outward as he pulled back on my wrists. My body bowed out toward the old man, whos eyes gleamed as they raced over my small white frame.

"Nice indeed." he said.

They put me on my back on a table. Tony went to one side and held my arms above me. His father stepped to the other, between my legs. He pulled me down till my ass was right on the edge.

"Move your legs apart honey." he ordered. I shakingly spread them wide.

"Wider!" he said.


The muscles and tendons in my groin strained and protested as he pulled my legs almost parallel with the table edge. I was split worse than when I did the split at ballet. I was spread out wide as the two of them slobbered over me, stroking, squeezing, fondling, and pinching me all over.

Tony held my wrists with one hand and ran the other over my tit mounds and belly. He took great delight in the smoothness and softness of my skin, and squeezed and pinched my upthrust titties and small pink nipples relentlessly. He seized one nipple between his thumb and forefinger and twisted and rolled it, pulling it upward, distending my tit flesh into a giant meaty cone.

His father slid his hands over my inner thighs and rubbed up and down my crotch, marvelling at the sparseness of the fleecy golden fur and the tightness of my little slit. His hands came under me and clutched my buttocks, pulling my lower body off the table. His thumb rubbed away at the entrance to my cunt, pushing down with more and more pressure until it was buried to the knuckle.

His mouth came down and his tongue slid up and down my slit, then burrowed away at the top, searching for my clitty. Tears started to slid down my cheeks as I trembled in fear, and worried what they would do to me. I was mortified at being so used, never having been naked in front of anyone else, except a doctor.

The old man stepped back and lowered me back to the table. He rapidly undressed. When he stood there naked, I tried to avert my face, but my eyes were held by a huge erect cock sprouting forth from beneath his fat belly. It was huge, bigger and fatter than the dildos I had used. Bigger even, I thought, than Tony's was, though I had never actually seen his.

"You like it honey?" he grinned. He stroked his cock with his hand and leered at me.

"It's gonna feel real good when I shove it inside your tight little fuck hole.". He leaned forward over me, his face inches from mine. I could feel his hot breath on my cheek, as his hand slid ever so lightly over the soft warm flesh of my upturned breast.

His hand slid down over my skin, leaving a tingle of heat in its trail. It moved over my belly and slid around in slow gentle circles, then downward, over my abdomen until his palm rubbed across my pubic mound and cupped me there, firmly but gently.

Then his finger stiffened. I thought he was going to push it inside me, but instead he slid it up along my slit, over my pussy hair, and onto my abdomen and belly. It stopped, about a foot above my cuntslit, and he grinned again.

"See there honey?" he pushed the tip of his finger into my belly, making a deep indentation in the flesh as it pressed inward.

"This... right here, is where my cock is going to go." he twisted his finger in my belly as his breathing increased.

My own breathing was getting heavier as well. I stared down at his finger as if mesmerized. Unbidden to my mind came the image of that mighty organ of his churning away inside me.

"Right up here inside your belly." he breathed. "I'm gonna fuck my cock up inside you so high, you won't be able to stand it."

I looked at the smooth flesh of my belly and it turned see- through. In my mind I imagined a wide window showing the inside of my belly, and there beneath the skin was his huge fuckwand, sliding back and forth inside me.

I blinked and it disappeared, replaced by his caressing fingers. Again he spoke, in an almost hypnotic voice. "Small, and tight you are. I'll ride you like no one else ever has little one." Then he kissed me, his tongue thrusting between lips parted in surprise.

He stepped back, and moved between my still parted legs. I watched his cock, my breath locked inside me, a he positioned the fat thing at the center of my crotch. I felt his cockhead touch me there. He ran it up and down my small slit several times.

Then the fat head, greased with his pre-cum, was pushing aside my cuntlips. I felt them pried apart, felt the entrance to my body opening wide, wider, wider still. I gasped in pain, my fingers digging into my palm as my pussy was forced open further than ever before.

I felt his thing going into me. It felt like a hard round ball right at the top of my cunt channel. My breath was coming in great heaving gasps as it forced its way deeper, moving two full inches, then three, then four. My eyes were wide and staring as I watched inch after inch of the fat ugly thing moving inside me, disappearing into the tiny slit between my legs.

I cried out as his fuck tool moved deeper into my body, five full inches it looked like,then six, seven, eight... My vaginal tunnel was forced to accommodate a cock wider than it was. My cunt tunnel bulged outward around his piercing organ, bulged aside into my intestines and colon, bulged wide, shoving aside other organs as it tried to hold the giant cock without tearing.

The elastic walls of my pussy gave under his relentless attack, moved wider still. I gritted my teeth, closing my eyes against the pain as he moved deeper still; nine inches, then ten. My eyes snapped open as I felt it touch the deepest part of my pussy.

I pulled my head off the table and stared downward, and cried in despair to see there was still cockmeat yet to come. Nothing had ever moved this deep inside me and he was going to go deeper still. My guts cramped and ached as he forced his meat further still, unwilling to accept that there was an end to my pussy.

A sob burst from my throat, and a short cry of pain. Tony's hand came down on my chin, pulling my head back against the table, holding me there. His father slammed his hips forward, thrusting his spear like cock against the back of my cunt.

My legs jerked up and aside, heels flopping and pounding on the table top. My back arched as I sought mindlessly to rise from the table. He grabbed my thighs, his fingers digging painfully hard into my flesh. He pushed my legs wider, then his hands slid around my waist. My waist was so tiny that his hands completely encircled me, fingers joined together at my back, his thumbs overlapped across my belly.

He slammed his hips forward again, jamming another full inch inside me. He was panting hard, but not as hard as I was. I writhed against their hold, my lower body screaming in pain as his humongous thing stabbed deep into my belly.

Then he gave a savage grunt. He jerked my body back against him. My ass and legs came up off the table as he jerked me against him. At the same time he hammered his hips forward, and drove the final inch of cockmeat into my tortured cunt tunnel.

My head twisted frantically from side to side and I screamed as his big cock mashed against something and then broke through. I could barely endure the pain. His cockhead must be up in my womb, up in my stomach itself, I thought.

"Oooooohhhhhh!" he groaned. "You got it now Honey! You got all of it! Thirteen inches of cock inside you little one!" His fat hairy belly came down on mine, crushing my stomach as he ground himself against me. He squeezed my belly, his hands now sweaty and leaving an oily trail behind.

"Fuck her Pa. Ram it up her hole!" Tony laughed.

The old man's pubic bone was against my crotch, his balls hanging down against my buttocks. He stayed there, his organ deep inside me. Hot... Throbbing... Alive.

"Holy FUCK she's tight!" he whispered.

His hands rubbed softly over my skin as he rested there, moving up over my breasts to my face, caressing my cheek.

He bent forward, his mouth coming down on my right nipple. His lips closed around it, soft, and wet. I felt him suckling me there, his tongue dancing lightly across my nipple. He rolled it in his mouth, rubbing it between his tongue and lips.

His hands came down under me, clutched my straining buttocks, squeezed tightly, lifted me upwards, holding my groin locked against his. He twisted me around in circles, working his hips back and forth, tearing a channel to pump his cock into.

His ugly face came down again, his mouth covering my gasping lips. He sucked and bit at my mouth, his tongue ramming inside. I felt his spittle and drool dripping into my mouth as he yanked my whole lower body up in sharp vicious jerks.

Then he thrust forward, yanking me against him so my body lurched downward on the table and his cock hammered against my guts. He slowly pulled back, tearing a few inches out of the hot vice like grip of my clutching fuck box.

He hammered himself forward again, smashing his hips into my crotch and buttocks, driving his hot spike up my belly once again. He ignored my pain filled cries, pulled slowly back again, inch by inch, until he was half out, then pounded forward.

He fucked me with longer and longer strokes, each one hard, brutal, irresistible. His cock pulled all the way out except the tip, and then drove back inside me until his balls slapped my ass and his rock hard girl-fucker was buried to the hilt inside me, the blood engorged head crammed high inside my belly like he'd promised.

The sounds of desperate fucking filled the small rom. My moaning and sobs, his grunts of enjoyment, the slurping of his fat meat thrusting and rutting in and out of my agonized cunt chamber, and his hips and belly cracking and slapping against the soft skin of my wide open crotch.

The inside of my cunt hole was sore and rubbed raw by his thrusting cock before he finally gasped and threw his head back.

"YESSSSSSSSSSS!!" he exulted.

I felt his come pouring down into my cunt and womb, racing deep into my guts as his hands on my hips lifted me off the table and ground my crotch harshly against his, before collapsing onto me.

He lay atop me for several moments as we both caught our breath, then he pushed himself up, pulled his cock out of my now gaping fuck tunnel. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and gave a little laugh, then stumbled away from the table.




******************************************** Copyright 1990 All rights reserved ******************************************** If there's any nasty thing a girl can do it's in this story. Our heroine is a young farm girl mad for sex. She gets it, and is punished for it by a variety of people including mom and dad. This may be the only story ever to appear on a.s.s. in which a girl is gang raped by a pack of dogs... and loves it. ****************************************

Part Three By Dark Dreamer

I didn't even notice when Tony let go of my wrists, but suddenly he was there between my legs. I just lay there helplessly, letting him do as he wanted, too exhausted by the ordeal with his father to offer any resistance.

He slid his cock up and down along the lips of my now cum covered cunt. He grinned nastily at me from between my legs and then grunted as he pushed forward, driving his meaty cock inside me, shooting it past my tired cunt lips and up into my belly.

His cock wasn't as big as his fathers, compared to that, though he was tight, there was little pain. He was far less patient than his father though. His cock started slicing in and out of me furiously. He stood straight at the edge of the table, his hands coming down and encircling my titties, squeezing and twisting them back and forth.

His mouth came down on one and sucked the nipple in past his lips. He bit down, making me yelp in pain. He grinned at me, his teeth around my nipple, then bit down again, grinding his teeth back and forth across the tiny piece of pink flesh.

I struggled weakly against him, as he laughed gleefully. I could see blood welling lightly from the cut in my nipple, then his lips cam down on it again and he sucked on my blood.

He moved back and pulled my legs up across his shoulders, pulling out of me. I felt his cock repositioning itself at the small crinkled entrance of my anus.

"I never did like sloppy seconds." he grinned. His slickened cock rammed against the hole, driving the head through and into my asshole. I cried out in pain against, but could do nothing as his cock penetrated deep into my asshole.

Like his dad, his hands slid around my hips and belly, yanking me against him as his cock sodomized me.

My legs bounced against his chest and shoulders as his fucking got more frenzied. His cock was pistoning in and out of my rectum faster and faster. My asshole felt like a power drill was whirring inside it.

"You like... ugh... this... uggh... bitch...!? Ungh... unnnnggh... You like... it... in... the ... asshole... you... dirty... fucking... Slut !?"

He grunted out the words in time to each fucking ass thrust as he hammered his prong down into me.

Fucking... you!! Fucking your asshole...! Fucking your assshoooole!!" he gasped.

"Give it to her, boy!" His dad shouted from above my head. His hands came down and grabbed my legs, pulling them up and back against my chest, pulling my ass cheeks up off the table as Tony's cock speared in and out.

"Yeah! Yeah! Fuck her ass boy! Fuck her so hard she'll never sit down again!" He held my ankles up on either side of my head as I groaned in pain, my back breaking under the strain. Tony gasped with the effort of ramming his hips back and forth against me.

"Wait a second!" he gasped. "Why should this little slut sit back while I do all the work!?"

"Let her go Pa." he said. He lifted me off the table, holding me against him, his cock still up my ass. He moved over and sat down in a nearby chair so I came down in his lap, my legs straddling his hips, hanging down on either side of the chair.

He grabbed my hair in both hands close to my head and stared into my face."All right you little whore!" he said, "I know you been fucking yourself with your dildos, so you can do the work here too. I want you to fuck up and down on me. Come on, lets go!"

His hands came around my waist and started lifting me up and down so his cock went up into my rectum and back out again. "Lets go bitch!" he cursed.

I moved my feet down flat on the floor and started wearily raising myself up and down on his cock. It was hard for me to let myself down each time, letting the cock stab up into my guts. I remembered the first time I'd done something like this, with the very same dildo that Tony had torn from my cunt earlier.

He grabbed my tits in his hand and twisted them viciously.

"Come on you slut, faster!" he cursed.

I cried out and started jerking myself up and down as fast as I could. His cock filled my anus each time, causing me terrible agony. His mouth came down on my titties, chewing, biting, and sucking.

Then he grabbed me by the waist again and started jerking me up and down with tremendous force, impaling me on his cock until his white sperm shot up into my asshole, bouncing off the reddened walls, flooding almost up into my intestine.

The Spinozzos weren't finished with me by a long shot. The old man wanted a fuck like that too. He sat down on another chair and I had to squat over him and lower my sore crotch onto his giant fuck pole.

I whimpered as the cock knob pushed up into my cunt tube once again. I slid downward, taking the entire length up inside me in one long, slow descent. The smooth soft skin of my thighs and ass was rasped and tickled by his scratchy hair covered legs and crotch.

He wasn't satisfied with my weak efforts though and soon his big beefy hands to raise and lower me. He pulled me against him, my tits mashing against his chest as his mouth devoured mine. His hands moved up and down my back, and caressed the smoothness of my buttocks.

He pushed me backward along his legs, his cock sliding out of me slowly, then he jerked me forward, ramming my belly into his, the giant cock moving deep inside me once more.

He did this repeatedly, moving me back and forth like that. His heavy veined cock rubbed harshly against the top of my slit, sawing across my clitty. To my shock and dismay, it was arousing me. I could feel girl juices flowing down between my legs, could almost see my breasts swelling.

He started bouncing me up and down, up and down, using his muscular arms to jerk me like a rag doll atop him. My weakness had caused me to fall forward against his chest, and the pumping was squashing and rubbing the sensitive, now almost hard nipples against his scratchy chest. His chest felt like it was covered in sandpaper.

The clammy, sweaty palms squashing my ass cheeks between them started to excite me, in spit of my wishes. As I approached the end of each upstroke, I caught myself eagerly anticipating the feeling of that fat fuck tool burying itself inside me again, and rubbing over my clit on its way in.

I pushed my chest tighter against his, to increase the friction on my hard little nipples and swelling tit orbs. My tender boobies squashed flat between his ribs and mine, bringing hot aching wonderful sensations of pleasure shooting through my torso.

He pulled me up again, higher than normal, so his cock came completely out, only the tip of the head resting between my now slick cuntlips. He held me there for several seconds as my body longed for his tool, then a groan of pleasure escaped my lips as he lowered me and my hot sucking box enveloped his cockhead and my fuck box slid slowly down over his prick until he was buried completely inside me again.

My head rested against his chest as a shudder swept through me. Then his hand in my hair jerked me back. I stared into his face through bleary dazed eyes, my mouth hanging open. "Like that kitten don't you?" he grinned.

He started jerking his groin up in sharp little jerk, making me throw my head back and gasp at the startling sensations of pleasure.

Just as my orgasm began to approach there was another jerk on my hair. My head was pulled way way back, so I was looking almost upside down at Tony, standing behind me.

"I told you I was gonna teach you to suck my cock slut, now here it is. Open your mouth!" he rasped.

I shook my head weakly, keeping my mouth tightly closed, then gasped as his dad humped upward again, jerking his cock inside me.

The pressure on my hair increased, bringing tears to my eyes, until I was forced to submit to his will. I opened my lips and his cockhead shoved into the gap. He forced his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

"Suck on it you slut!" he ordered.

"Come on! Suck!"

I was a novice at this and it took his father to show me what to do. I dazedly followed his instructions, running my tongue up and down the skin, rubbing it against the head lodged deep at the back of my mouth. Tony began thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth as his father began to hump up against me again.

He shoved his cock harder and harder against the back of my mouth as he fucked my face. Then with a start, I felt his bloated cockhead slip past my mouth and down into my tight throat.

I gagged and almost threw up as his cock filled my throat and began sliding up and down in the tight tube. Tony grunted in excitement as his balls slapped against my jaw and lower lip, and my throat muscles squashed his cock within them.

My fires began to build higher and higher and within a minute of the double skewering I burst into a wonderful, glorious orgasm. All the problems in my life, all the pain here, the embarrassment, the rage and anger, washed away in its soothing sensations of rightness and ecstatic pleasure.

Tony's dad started to suck on my left nipple as Tony's hand squeezed my right. They made a dizzying contrast; The gentle erotic suckling and chewing on one breast and the rough clutching and squeezing on the other.

I grunted helplessly around Tony's cock as his dad pummelled my guts with his massive organ. My mind reeled, spun into overload and then exploded in a brilliant multi-colored haze that blotted out all else.

I felt my nipples sucked and chewed, felt my breasts squeezed and twisted, felt my clitty mashed and beaten by the huge organ thrusting between my legs.

My legs swung around the chair, squeezing, trying to hump my crotch harder against the big cock as I came and came. I felt one of the hands on my ass begin to work its way into my little hole, still sore from my earlier sodomizing. It buried itself inside my ass and began thrusting in an out.

I felt it wiggling around inside me, rubbing against the back wall of my cunt so I felt it against the pressure of the full cock fucking my cunt. A second finger wiggled inside me, then a third. They stretched my asshole out, forcing the walls apart and moving inside me like live snakes.

My dazed mind soared and flew through shuddering orgasms. Huge waves of carnal eroticism and lewd sensations of ripping, searing pleasure swamped my brain as the pressure built up to an irresistible level and I burst into an enormous climax, a climax of climaxes that sent burning electricity tearing up and down my body.

My guts shook, my limbs flopped spasticly, and every nerve and sinew in my body trembled, twitched and shook. I thrashed and jerked, my body convulsed in powerful explosive jolts of climactic sexual energy.

I barely noticed when Tony came, gulping down his cum instinctively, swallowing every drop with ease. His dad humped up against me furiously. His powerful hands jerked me up and down and up and down, embedding his upthrust girlfucker in my poor little pussy hole.

I was almost fucked senseless by now, but not beyond the reach of my charged up body. My stunned mind spun and rippled again as I screamed into another orgasm. Only then did the old guy start grunting and spurt his jism up into my badly used cunt box. He collapsed back in the chair and I fell forward against him, my arms and head hanging over his shoulders and my exhausted body crushed to his as our sweat mingled.

Tony drove me home afterwards, but he made it clear that me and them were not finished. I would make several trips a week over to their house for several hours of raw fucking, and though I protested each time and tried to pretend to them and myself that it was entirely against my will, I masturbated to their memories every night.

One of those trips was to be more memorable than any others. It was also to be the last.

That morning I had been visiting in town. I was wearing a skintight pair of white jeans that cut my ass cheeks in two, framing each one to either side of the seam that cut down between them. The same seam cut up between my cuntlips, pushing them aside and making two little bulges in the crotch of the pants.

I wore a thin white sleeveless t-shirt over the jeans. The t- shirt only came down a few inches past my titties, leaving most of my belly bare. I didn't wear a bra and my little nipples would have been easily visible through the thin white shirt, even if they hadn't been poking through the material.

My hair shone gold in the bright sun as I walked down the sidewalk. I watched out of the corner of my eyes, surreptitiously watching the boys and men I passed as they gawked at me. I knew I was causing more than a few cocks to swell up and loved it.

My pussy was nicely warm and damp as I realized that every one of them was visualizing me naked. I knew they all had me in different positions, some had me sucking their cocks, some had me on my knees with them fucking me from behind, some were atop me, plunging their organs into my pussy as I screamed with pleasure. I wished I could read their minds so I could watch what they were doing to me.

Halfway down the street I passed the Sheriff. He glared at me through his sunglasses. "Hey Becky." he said.

"Yes, Sheriff?" I cooed. I stood in front of him, my hands behind me, chest thrusting out, and smiling prettily.

"Shouldn't you be in school?" he demanded.

"Oooh it's too hot for that Sheriff." I pouted.

"How you ever gonna learn anything if you don't go to school?" he enquired.

"I know lots sheriff." I grinned saucily, giving him a knowing smile.

The Sheriff was one of those born again Christians. I wondered what was going on in his mind. Was he mad because of the way I was dressed, or was he wishing he could stick his cock up my pretty little ass?

I wandered off, giving him a wave.

Then Tony roared up in his Camaro.

"Get in." he said shortly.

I debated for a second, wanting to do a little more cockteasing in town, but he glared at me and I sighed and jumped in. I could use a good fuck now anyway.

We had only just got started. I was still wearing my little t- shirt, and a pair of string bikini panties. Suddenly the door burst open and Sheriff's deputies rushed in. It didn't surprise me that the Spinozzos were involved in some crooked things, but I was upset that the deputies were rough with me too. They had a lot of experience with the Spinozzos and had little sympathies for anyone associated with them.

They didn't even give me time to get my pants on as they handcuffed us and led us out to the police car for the drive to the station.

As we were led into the little station I saw the Sheriff glaring at us, and me in particular.

"Throw them in the cells." he ordered as he eyed my near nakedness with distaste. "Put her in the back cell."

I don't know where the Spinozzos were put. I was led down a tight little hall and into a barren concrete room at the end. There was a small steel platform chained to a wall, with a thin little mattress on top with no covers. The deputy pushed me roughly into the room and slammed the bars shut behind me.

They ignored my claims of innocence, apparently on the basis that anyone who was with the Spinozzos and was dressed like a cheap slut, (the shirt and panties), must be no good.

I sat on the bunk and shivered for what seemed like hours before one of the deputies came and got me. He grimly refused to talk to me or listen to my protests as he led me back down the hall to a thick wood door at the other end.

He pushed me in there and closed the door on me. I turned and saw the Sheriff sitting on his desk lookin at me like I was some nasty bug or something. He was about forty I guess, and a tall and well built man. He wore a natty dark blue suit, and his hair was immaculately groomed and combed back.

I felt even more naked as he motioned me forward with a curt gesture. He looked me up and down as I stood there before him still shivering, both from the chill and fear.

"What have you got to say for yourself girl?" he demanded. I just looked at him fearfully.

"My boys find you half naked with those whop scum. You're underage and should be at school." he snapped.

"Why aren't you?"

"I... I... uh didn't go today." I stammered.

"Don't tell me what I already know girl!" he glared. "What where you don half naked with them Spinozzos?"

"Nothing." I muttered, looking down at the floor. My arms were still handcuffed in front of me and I tried to position my hands so they were in front of my pussy. I knew the panties were so thin he could see my muff otherwise, and maybe my dark slit too.

His hand reached forward and gripped my thick blonde hair, pulling my head up.

"You're a dirty little girl! Do you know that!? You're an evil sinful girl!" he shouted. "Lying to your elders! Cheating on school! Parading your dirty sluttish body around in front of good Christian people!"

He shook my head and then threw me backwards.

"The problem with you girl is you weren't taught proper Christian behaviour by your parents. I always said spare the rod spoil the child... and you are a prime example of that, for sure, for sure!"

"What you need is a good whuping, thats what!" He grabbed my arm and shoved me roughly against his desk, undoing his belt and sliding it out of the loops of his pants.

"Bend over that desk girl, I'm gonna show you what sinning brings dirty little girls!" he said.

I looked at his belt in shock and disbelief. I had more than a passing acquaintance with belts from my father, who wasn't the kind to spare the rod and spoil the child, but he hadn't used one on me in years.

Instead of obeying him, I backed fearfully towards the door. He strode after me, grabbing me as I turned futilely to run.

"Let me alone! Don't you touch me!" I shouted as he dragged me back over to the desk. He ignored my protests, ranting about sinful disobedient children. He pushed me down across the desk and held me there with one arm as he brought the belt up.

I was still struggling against his arm when the belt cracked down across my upthrust ass cheeks. The thin nylon panties didn't protect me at all as a shock of pain blasted through me.

I screamed as the belt cracked down on my ass again and again. I wriggled against his arm until he gripped my hair and pushed my face against the desktop. I yelled and cursed him, using all the foul language I had heard the farmworkers use over the years, mixing the curses with tears of anguish and yelps of pain.

"Let go of me you Jesus fucking bastard~~ Cocksucker! Asshole! Leave me alone you Goddamned sonofabitch!! He stopped the beating and let me up as he stepped back. I saw a look of shock on his face.

"BLASPHEMY!!" he screamed. His eyes bulged out and his face contorted in rage as he looked furiously at me.

"HOW DARE YOU!!!" he yelled.


He stomped back and forth as I cringed away from him.

"You will be cleansed of this evil!" he said. ""I will cleanse thee before thy death said Abraham!"

I didn't know what the hell he was talking about except that my cursing had sure made him crazy.

Before I knew what was happening he had grabbed a fistful of my hair and dragged me over to the side of the room. There was a big potted plant hanging by a chain overhead and he reached over to a lever on the wall and pulled it down.

The chain holding the plant slowly lowered it till the plant was just above my head. He took the plant off and set it on the floor then put the chain of my handcuffs over the hook and pushed the lever up.

I gasped as the chain pulled the hook slowly up toward the ceiling. The hook pulled my arms up with it till they were stretched way above my head. Soon I was hanging completely from the chain. I cried out in pain as the handcuffs bit into my wrists. I felt the weight of my legs dragging down on my torso and the weight of my whole body pulling at my wrist and shoulders.

"You shall be punished and therein cleansed." he said sternly. He moved around behind me and I looked over and saw a small knife in his hands. I gasped in fear, afraid he was going to cut me, but instead the knife cut the thin straps at my shoulders so my t-shirt slipped down around my hips.

He pulled my shirt down my body with my panties, leaving me completely nude. I gasped in embarrassment as his glaring eyes raked my naked rounded ass cheeks and the smooth white skin of my back.

"You pervert!" I screamed. "Let me go you dirty old man!"

The Sheriff moved around in front of me. Even though I was hanging off the ground a couple of inches he was still much taller, and looked down at me nastily. Then quite deliberately he pulled back his arm and punched me real hard in the stomach.

I gasped in shock and pain, the breath knocked out of my lungs. He looked at me with a terrible smile as I hung there gasping like a fish out of water.

"You will learn respect." he said.

"You will learn manners."

I could see his eyes bulging out of his sweating face as he took in my proudly upthrust boobies, and then slid down my belly and abdomen to my lightly furred pussy mound. He seemed to leer at the agony I was in. I hung there in misery, straining to get just a breath of air into my burning lungs.

He moved out of sight around behind me. Several seconds later I felt his hand slide slowly and gently down my back. He started at my neck and caressed the skin down along my backbone. He paused temporarily when it came to the soft round swelling of my buttocks, but resolutely slid down further.

I could feel a trail of wet perspiration left by his fat fingers as he slid right over my buttocks, squeezing them softly, softly, then he moved his hand between my buttocks and slid it right down the center of my ass crack, over my crinkled asshole, and then down between my legs to cup my pubic mound in his hot, slimy palm.

"This is the problem." he whispered. "This is the center of the problem right here. The tempter of mens souls..." he paused. " The spoiler of the righteous..." His hand rubbed my pussy mound lightly. I could feel the sweat oozing from his pores.

Suddenly he squeezed brutally on my mound, putting enormous pressure on the soft tender flesh. I cried out in pain, and swayed forward as he sprang back.

"NO!" he shouted. "You foul seducer! You tempt even me! You shall be curbed in your foul lust!"

He moved to the desk and pulled out a long thin object. At first I couldn't see what it was. I was still gasping from the sharp pain in my crotch. I tried to rub my thighs together to ease the pain, since I couldn't touch it with my hands.

He walked back over and I saw the thing he had grabbed was a riding crop like some of the richer people used on the ranches. My mind exploded in fear and disbelief.

"This was made for you seducer!" he gritted. "It will teach you the true faith."

I shook in confusion and terror as he talked, trying to understand him. The pain in my crotch was fading but the continued and steadily increasing pain in my arms, wrists, and shoulders was making it difficult to concentrate.

Then there was a whistling sound behind my back, like the kind you hear when you whirl a rope or stick through the air. A loud crack echoed through the room just as my back was slammed with tremendous force, knocking me forward.

My back lit up in agony. A terrible shock and burning pain lanced a trail across my shoulders and upper back. I screamed in shock and agony as he drew the whip back.

"So brings lust down." he chanted.

Again the crop whistled down, this time sideways across the middle of my back. My body jerked and twisted as i shrieked in pain. The crop left a fiery hot trail across my back, a trail that burned and burned.

"Oh God! Please Stop!" I shrieked.

"Though shalt truly know God when we are done!" He said.

The crop lashed down again and again. It ripped a trial of fire wherever it landed, that lingered long after. He alternated his strokes, sometimes he would whip up and down so the whip would score a vertical welt down my back, other times he would swing the whip in a sideways arc so it would crack down along a horizontal line.

I jumped and twisted and jerked in pain and terror, shrieking and yowling in agony and torment,. Lines of pain ripped up and down my back. Each stroke bringing a sudden shocking burst of new pain from outraged nerve endings, each adding to the background wall of building pain.

Then he swung the crop sideways and lashed down at my bouncing ass cheeks. My crotch jerked forward, and my legs flew wide, straining hopelessly to escape. Again, and again, and again the whip smacked down on my beautiful little ass. My pride and joy was bruised and cut. I knew how soft and warm the skin was, knew how good it looked naked or clothed.

Soon my whole ass burned like it was on fire. The cruel whip criss crossed my buttocks with lines of brutal pain until the agony drove me unconscious.

I woke only seconds later as the Sheriff waved foul smell salts under my nose.

"You don't go to sleep on me girl! I aint finished with you." he snarled.

If We Can't Steal it -- We don't Want It!




******************************************** Copyright 1990 All rights reserved ******************************************** If there's any nasty thing a girl can do it's in this story. Our heroine is a young farm girl mad for sex. She gets it, and is punished for it by a variety of people including mom and dad. This may be the only story ever to appear on a.s.s. in which a girl is gang raped by a pack of dogs... and loves it. ****************************************

Part Four By Dark Dreamer

My head hung down, my sweaty hair hanging damply across my sweating face in a tangled mass. I looked down at my rounded breasts protruding from my thin ribcage. Sweat beaded out on them now, and all down the smooth white flatness of my belly and across my hips. I could feel drops sliding down into my light pussy hair.

The crop whistled through the air again and again. Now it brought only a shallow grunt from my lips. My senses were so overwhelmed by agony, my back already so afire, that the renewed lashes brought only short stabs of pain.

The sheriff seemed to realize this. He didn't like my just hanging there not responding properly to the blows. He stopped and moved around me. His hand gripped my sweat damp hair, yanking my head up. Angrily he pulled my head way back between my arms, thrusting my chest outward.

I whimpered at this new abuse, at the pain coming from my hair at his brutal pulling. My throat tightened and hurt from the pressure of being forced so far back. Then the crop cracked down across my right breast.

The thin leather landed with stunning force on the soft fleshy orb, the force of his blow mashed the whip deep into the center of my breast, parting the meat in two halves, and smashing against my ribs.

I shuddered in renewed agony from this outrageous attack. My head jerking against his grip on my hair. He slammed the whip down again, this time against both breasts, slashing down right across the pink nipples.

My legs kicked feebly against him and my mouth wailed its terror as he slashed and beat at my breasts with the crop until they were criss crossed by swollen red welts. He whipped them like a madman, striking first one, then the other, then both together, as my legs and hips twisted and flailed helplessly. Tears poured from my bleary eyes as the burning, shattering pain of my breasts mounted.

He let go of my hair and my head jerked upward and then forward, hanging down over my burning tit meat. I looked up dazedly and cold see drool and spit flying from his mouth as his bulging eyes stared down at my nakedness. He lowered his attack and slashed down at my belly again and again, seemingly intent to leave not a square inch of unmarked flesh on my body.

He stopped. I could hear his gasping breaths even over my own. I was hardly aware of what was happening any more. I saw without noting it, the Sheriff hanging a wide horizontal bar from the same hook as my arms.

I groaned as he lifted my leg up high, folding it up and back against my chest. I felt something slide around my ankle and hold it there. Then the same thing happened with my other leg, until I was hanging from both ankles and wrists, folded in two.

My ankles were then moved apart, and hooked to the ends of the bar, so they were wide open. I noted this, sort of, through a thick daze. I could see him as I looked out from between my legs, leering at me.

Then the crop came down in a terrible ark that seemed to move in slow motion. It tore through the damp cool air and landed smack in the middle of my gaping crotch, right along my slit!

My throat was raw with screaming already, but this blow brought a terrible wail of agony which I didn't even recognize as my own. It was a howling scream of animal pain and suffering. The crop raised high, again as if in slow motion, then slashed down once more, in nearly the same place...

The sheriff seemed to take satisfaction from landing blows right against my slit, my clit, and my asshole. The pain was indescribably, agony in its purest, rawest, most terrible form.

My pussy and asshole felt like the skin was being ripped away and my insides were about to spew out any minute. I envisioned my intestines and cuntwalls dripping forth from bloody gashes.

The whip slashed down over and over, filling the room with a terrible meaty thwack each time. When he stopped it was only because I was unconscious, and even his smelling salts couldn't bring me to.

I don't know how long I was out, it wasn't long enough. When I woke, I was still hanging from the chain, but my legs had been let down again. The pain was a terrible background wall that obscured and misted all other senses.

I was awake for several minutes before my slit eyes focused and delivered to my brain the sight of the Sheriff standing transfixed before me, holding the crop by the thin end as he worked the long thick handle up and into my cunt. He thrust it in and out, over and over, spellbound by the sight.

When he noticed I was awake he jumped and started to yank it out, then thought better of ti. Instead he thrust it up into me brutally, bringing a fresh stab of pain from my body. Thats what you live for isn't it you little Whooooooore, isn't it!!?" he gasped. "You need it don't you!?"

He continued to work the smooth, sweat stained handle up and down in my cunt. He leaned forward slowly and ran his tongue out and across one bulging, sweating, scarred nipple. Ever so slowly he licked at the small tortured bud, hardened by outrageous buffeting. His lips fastened around it and he sucked softly.

Minutes went by as I hung there moaning with the pain. The sheriff continued to bend over me, licking and suckling on my breasts as he worked the handle of the crop in my cunt. His hands fumbled with his pants and then dropped them to the floor. His fully erect penis sprung up, pointing at me eagerly.

"Lord forgive this weak man for succumbing to temptation!!" he sobbed.

He grasped my body tightly against him, forcing his mouth down on mine. His hands raced over my body, squeezing, fondling, stroking. His tongue flicked over my teeth, and both his hands came down to my buttocks, squeezing and kneading the wounded flesh.

He pulled my legs apart and quickly thrust his cock up into my slit. His hands on my ass and inner thighs kept my legs up and spread as he fucked me like a maniac. His penis thrust furiously in and out of my gash. My damaged pussy mouth ached with the pain caused by his swollen meat rubbing over them.

I was a raw oozing ball of flesh, mindless, thoughtless. My body throbbed and pulsed with pain. My shoulders and wrists cried out in renewed agony as his brutal fucking jerked me back and froth.

My mind was virtually gone, but my body, its senses utterly confused and overwhelmed by the enormous tide of high intensity sensations, began responding to his raping cock.

I grunted, small steady little grunts that coincided with his cocks deepest penetration, and the mashing of his pubic bone against my scarred clitty. My eyes were closed and my head hung backward as he gripped my ankles tightly and rutted into me.

Dimly, I felt his intruding fuck tool slashing back and forth inside me, cramming and bashing its way through my girlish cunt tunnel and up against my tender cervix.

I came. I know I did. My body shuddered and cunt juice poured through my fuck box just in time to meet his spraying jism as he screamed and clutched me tightly against him. He spilled his Godly seed inside my belly and then groaned and fell away.

As soon as he was finished he ran crying from the room. I hung there for a while before i fell unconscious again.

When I next woke I was back in My cell. I stayed there for almost two days, naked, my hands still cuffed, drinking only water and eating only bread, before they came and got me again. The deputy leered at me and slid his hands over my body. He cursed when I tried to pull away. He pulled a key out and unlocked my handcuffs, then pulled my hands behind me and relocked them.

He sat beside me on the little bunk, his hands moving over my belly and down between my legs, stroking and squeezing. His mouth sucked on my breasts, chewed on my nipples, while I whimpered helplessly. Then he sighed, and looked at his watch.

He got up, dragging me to my feet and pulling me out of the cell. He played with my titties and ass while we walked toward the office.

I was brought into the room again, and then left. The sheriff was all dressed up in his finest suit as I was led naked into the room. He looked at me with fury.

"You are evil incarnate woman!" he hissed.

"You are shameless... a WHORE!"

He went to his desk and sat down.

"Come over here girl." he ordered.

"Do you need another whipping or are you gonna obey me?"

I moved to the desk, where he motioned me around to his side. Once there he pulled me down to my knees, and unzipped his pants. His cock came out and he motioned to me with a smile. Wearily I bent forward and took the flaccid penis between my lips. I sucked and nibbled on it carefully, like I had learned at the Spinozzos.

His prong began hardening quickly. Soon he was moaning in pleasure as my head bobbed up and down on his pole. It filled my mouth completely, barely leaving room for my tongue to rub up and down on it. I concentrated my tonguing against the round, sensitive head, running it around the cock and dipping my tongue into the tiny pee hole.

My cheeks sucked in as I applied suction to his fat rod. His hands came down on my head, pushing my face tighter into his crotch, forcing the cock deeper into my mouth. Then the fat head passed the little gag thingy at the back of my mouth and pushed into my throat.

It was a strange feeling inside there. It filled my windpipe and gave off strange sensations as he started to fuck his cock up and into me with force. I guess to his cock, my throat was just another tight tunnel for it to use.

He started to mumble something under his breath as his moans increased. I was beginning to panic. Though he was fucking the cock in and out of my throat, it seldom got high enough to clear my windpipe for me to get some air. I had never experienced anything like this before. Even through my nose was clear, and I could breath through my mouth around his cock, my throat itself was simply blocked up, allowing no air to pass by the fat meaty plug.

My only previous experience with deep throating had been in the midst of an orgasm, and had been much less short lived than this. I tried desperately to drag myself away from him but his hands on my head were too powerful, and my hands were still tightly bound behind my back.

Luckily in a few more seconds he pulled out, holding his cock inches from me as it spurted and sprayed white cum juice into my face.

I took great gasping breaths of sweet cool air, and my body shuddered in relief.

After a few minutes for him to recuperate, he pushed me down again,. My lips slid down over his cock and I began sucking on the organ once more. In minutes he was hard again. He pulled me up by the hair and bent me forward across his desk. I felt his hard cock probing against my crotch, and seconds later he entered me.

He fucked into me for several minutes with furious rutting strokes, his wet rod siding in and out of my channel energetically. His hands came around under my chest and began squeezing and milking my tits. His hips crashed against my spread open groin as he thundered to another orgasm.

He let me go after a couple of days in the cell for the marks to disappear. My parents were furious with me. All they knew was that I had been arrested at a drug sweep in some pushers home. I didn't tell them anything about what had happened to me because I was afraid of what the Sheriff would do if I did.

I told them that I had just gone to a classmates home for the afternoon and just happened to be there when the cops came.

My mom was sympathetic. She never seemed to get mad at anyone, being a very timid, shy kind of person. My Dad didn't believe me though. He yelled and lectured at me all the way home..

When we got there I was banished to my room. That was OK though, I was glad to finally be back in my room and safe from the Sheriff. My room seemed like heaven after that dank, dirty cell. The first thing I did was take a shower.

I let the hot water stream down around me for long minutes, soaping up and washing off several times to clean off all the accumulated sweat and grime.

To my surprise, none of the marks the crop had made were still really visible. There were a couple of very thin lines that you could see if you looked for them, but even they were fading and would soon be completely gone.

I lay on my bed leafing through some of my homework my teacher had sent over, and wondering idly, what I would do for cockmeat now that the Spinozzos were gone. I didn't really want to go back to the dogs. I had found that man cock was much much better.

Later that night, my Dad came through the door. He glared down at me and I braced for more lecturing. He lit into me, accusing me of using drugs, then of selling them. He wouldn't believe my story.

Finally he jerked his open hand across his chest in the gesture he used to let everyone know. `thats it'

He grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet, then started pulling his belt out of the pant loops.

My eyes widened in shock and dismay. After that horrible beating by the Sheriff, the last thing I'd thought of was that I'd get another one at home.

"Raise your skirt." he ordered, just like he used to do. I was angry and frustrated. I didn't deserve a whipping for what I did!

Well actually I did, but the sheriff had more than taken care of that. Besides my whippings, spankings really, were always through my pants, or at least panties if I was wearing a skirt. I was only wearing my little t-shirt nightie, with nothing underneath.

"I'm not wearing anything underneath!" I protested.

He eyed me nastily.

"I'm your father girl!" he shouted "You think you got something I ain't seen before!? Get down across the bed and raise it before I lose my temper with you!"

"But Daddeeee!" I wailed.

He reached down and grabbed the hem of my nightie and yanked it upward. In one quick motion he jerked it up all the way to my armpits and then over my head, then he turned me around and shoved me down across the bed.

I was face down over the bottom corner of my mattress, my ass was right on the corner and each of my spread legs hung over the mattress on one side of the corner. I pushed my face deep into the covers, mortified that my Dad was looking at my naked ass and pussy.

Swish... CRACK!

I gasped as the belt smacked down against my upturned as cheeks. It didn't hurt anything like the riding crop, but it still hurt like hell.

Swish... CRACK!

My buttocks tingled in shock and pain.

Swish... CRACK!

Swish... CRACK!

Swish... CRACK!

The pain exploded across my ass cheeks over and over as my father brought the belt down against the tender flesh. I was determined not to cry out, but soon I was sobbing and shining as the belt slammed my crotch down against the bed repeatedly. My fists were clenched tightly in the covers. I was sobbing uncontrollably and crying out with each new blow.

When it stopped, I crawled my way up the bed as he stood there at the foot breathing heavily.

"Maybe that'll teach you Becky." he gasped.

"I didn't do aaannyyythhiinnggg !!" I shrieked. I was still face down.

He grabbed my hair in his fist and yanked me around so I was on my back and partly upright. His face was inches away from mine.

"We searched your room after the sheriff told us about the drugs girl!" he growled. "Want to know what we found?"

I gasped in shock and fear, trying to pull away from him. My arms coming up belatedly to cover my naked breast and groin. He twisted my head up and back by the hair. "What kind of girl are you anyway!?"

I don't even know what that stuff was! I found it!" I cried. He just looked at me.

I reddened and my voiced stuttered insensibly as I tried to come up with a believable lie for what I was doing with all those dildos and vibrators and stuff. What could I possibly say!?

I saw his eyes go off my face, sliding down to my breasts and their small pink nipples.

"I bet you've screwed half the boys at school, haven't you?" he whispered.

I shook my head frantically.

"You're a whore aren't you!?" he shouted.

"No! I haven't! I haven't!" I sobbed.

"You lying little slut!" he cursed. "The sheriff told us you were half naked when his deputies went into that place!"

I was kneeling on the bed, my feet beneath my buttocks. He jerked my head up and back, making my legs shoot out sideways automatically as they sought to relieve the weight and pain on my hair. His hand jammed into my crotch. His fingers dug into my slit, shoving my cuntlips aside and forcing their way inside me. He dug two long fingers up into my slithole as I jerked helplessly in his grasp.

"Wheres your cherry!? Huh!? Where is it!?" he cursed.

He pulled his fingers out of me and rubbed them against my face. "You sure ain't no God damned virgin, thats for sure!" He pushed me so I fell on my back, and then he stood up. He was eyeing my body and breathing heavily. "My sweet little girl." he gritted.

"Sweet little miss innocent, fucking every boy she can find and stuffing dildos up her hot little cunt when she can't find them!"

I cringed back, trying to yank the covers over my naked body. Then his hand whistled through the air and cracked against the side of my face. "You WHORE!" he yelled.

He jumped down on top of me, his heavy body crushing me into the mattress. His hands came down around my throat and tightened so I couldn't breath.


My hands were clawing at his fingers as they squeezed my throat. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out and my brain started to scream and blur. My eyes were starting to lose focus when he loosened his hold on my throat.

I could dimly hear him sobbing and cursing me through the roaring in my ears and brain. I was spread out under him, my arms sprawling above my head. Then I felt his trembling hands reaching down to my chest. His fingers rubbed hesitantly around my nipples. He reached down and undid his pants, pulling his cock out.

I didn't see any of this. My eyes were still kind of blurred and stared up at the ceiling. I was aware of what he was doing though. I felt his pants slide down and then the warmth and stickiness of his bare skin against my crotch. Something hard pushed insistently against my cuntal opening and then poked itself inside.

I heard my father grunt with pleasure as his cock sank down inside me. My cunt protested the dry, forced entrance, and the pain added to the dizziness I was feeling still. His mouth came down against mine and his lips mashed against me.

I didn't even make any attempt to resist or protest. I just lay there spreadeagled under him as he fucked in and out of me. The bed creaked and jerked back and forth as his body jerked up and down. His hands were all over me. They ran up and down my chest and bell, squeezing and twisting my breasts and nipples.

He was so much bigger than me he blotted out my whole view of the room. All I could see was his chest and shoulders rising and falling a few inches above my face. His hands came down and cupped my ass cheeks, jerking me up against him on each downstroke.

His chest hair rubbed against my face and my nose crinkled at the smell from his armpits only inches away. He grunted with each pump as his cock fucked up and down in my cunt slit.

Finally he gave a loud groan and squeezed my ass cheeks in his hands with an iron grip as his penis spewed forth his sperm. It gushed down into my belly, the same sperm that had made me, the same sperm that had gone into my mothers cunt long ago. I hardly realized it when he staggered to his feet and left.

I don't know what happened in my Dad's mind after that. He seemed to think of me differently afterwards. It wasn't something anybody else noticed, but I sure did. It was in the way he looked at me whenever we were in the room together, the way he acted, the suspicion when I went out.

At first that was all it was. He seemed to be ashamed of what he had done that night, and maybe was a little afraid of me telling my mom. It was about a week before he did anything but look. Then he started casually brushing by me when I was downstairs, his hands brushing my behind or breasts accidentally.

He started kissing me goodnight on the lips instead of on the forehead or cheek. When he kissed me, he put his arm around me and sometimes his hand would slide down lightly over my behind.

Then about ten days after, I was doing the laundry in the basement. My Dad had followed me downstairs. He wandered over with a pair of overalls in his hands.

"Oh you doing your stuff now?" he queried. "I was gonna do these."

"I'm finished. I'm just getting my stuff out of the washer now." I answered without turning around.

Then I felt his hand at the small of my back. I started, but didn't turn around. He rubbed my back lightly for a couple of seconds, and then moved his hand downward, slowly sliding it down over my buttocks and squeezing me. I pretended to ignore him, scooping my stuff out of the washer hurriedly. His hand rubbed my ass cheeks, then slid along to the crack between them and rubbed up and down between my cheeks.

His hand slid down and between my legs to rub my pussy through the jeans. I jerked around quickly, yanking his hand away.

"Daddy stop!" I demanded.

He just moved closer to me. He moved right up against me, backing me against the washer. His chest was inches from my face and he looked down at me with a yearning, hungry look on his face.

Then his mouth came down on mine and his hand moved around behind my head to hold it in place for his ravishing lips. His kiss was urgent, demanding. His right hand was roughly squeezing my breast as I fought for footing. His tongue shot past my lips. I could feel it rubbing insistently along my teeth and licking at my tongue.

My nails dug into his hand on my breast, trying to force it away. He jerked his hand away, then slapped me in the face.

"You little whore!" he shouted, examining the back of his hand.

"You think you're too good for me now is that it!?"

He grabbed my arm and turned me around, shoving me hard against the sink. His hand grabbed my neck and forced me to bend down so my face was in the sink and my ass stuck out behind.

His hands tore open my jeans, almost ripping them off me. My feet left the ground and the hard edge of the sink dug into my belly as he tore them off my legs. Then I felt his crotch pressing against mine as he undid his zipper. Seconds later I felt the head of his hard cock poking into my ass cheeks.

"Stop it! Stop it!" I cried.

"Shut up you slut!" he cursed.

He shoved my face further down into the sink so my head was under the soapy water the washer was pouring out.

I felt him spreading my legs with his other hand. His cock poked at the entrance to my fuck box. He rammed his prong inside me as I struggled to force my head up to breath. The pain was terrible, but almost a distraction to me in my fight for air.

His prick was all the way into me before he let my head up again. I choked and sputtered as I gulped in air. His hands ripped my shirt open, then tore my bra in half. His fingers fastened around my hanging breasts, squeezing them tightly.

"You keep your mouth shut you little twat or I'll fucking drown you! You hear?" he hissed.

His cock pounded furiously into my tight cunt hole. His hands opened and closed desperately around my meaty globes, squishing and twisting them. His hips slammed forward faster and faster, thrusting his cock in and out of me with powerful strokes.

My hips ground against the hard cement of the sink as he slammed me forward on each thrust. His cock ripped in and out of my slithole, rasping the soft skin like sandpaper. His mouth came down against my neck and bit deeply, bringing an uncontrollable cry of pain from my lips.

He shoved my head underwater again until I almost passed out from lack of air. Then he ripped my hair up, jerking my whole upper body up out of the sink and back against his chest. His fuck pole continued to thrust and skewer my slit, slamming me against the sink.

"Little whore!" he hissed. "Little sluthole. Probably fucking every guy in town ain't you, fuck... fuck... fuck! Oh you're so tight baby. You got a nice tight little twat here!" He was mumbling, rambling, and for the first time I noticed the booze on his breathe. "Unnngh... Unnggggggg... Yeahh... Yeahhhhh... Sooo Goooooood! Oh Jeeesusss!!" he cried.

He slammed his hips forward, embedding his prick deep inside my guts. He panted for breath, his hands coming down and squeezing my breasts absently. Then he pulled back, stumbling a little. He ran his hands back through his hair. I slid down to my knees, hugging my chest tightly. He looked at me, and started to say something, then turned and shambled away and up the stairs.

If We Can't Steal it -- We don't Want It!




******************************************** Copyright 1990 All rights reserved ******************************************** If there's any nasty thing a girl can do it's in this story. Our heroine is a young farm girl mad for sex. She gets it, and is punished for it by a variety of people including mom and dad. This may be the only story ever to appear on a.s.s. in which a girl is gang raped by a pack of dogs... and loves it. ****************************************

Part Five By Dark Dreamer

That's the way we went on for a while. After that second attack, it was just like the first. For the first couple of days he wouldn't be able to look at me when I was around, then he would start watching me, staring at my ass and tits whenever we were near each other. In another week he was squeezing and grabbing me as he walked by. Then he would have to fuck me again.

The third time was when I was in my bed at about two in the morning. I woke to find him sitting on my bed, his hand rubbing lightly across my naked breasts. When he saw I was awake he pulled the covers off completely and got on top of me. His cock was inside me in seconds and he began thrusting in and out.

The next time it was in the hayloft of the barn where I went sometimes to read. Then in the garage, then my room again. One time I was taking a shower. I felt a chill breeze against my wet skin. I looked out and saw a silhouette against the shower curtain. I gasped as the curtain was yanked open.

My father was standing there naked, his mouth open, his eyes bulging out as he stared at me huddled in the corner. His cock was hard and red, and pointed at me threateningly, like a gun.

He got in the tub with me, the water flattening his hair and dropping down off his face. The drops bounced off his chest and shoulders as he moved against me in the corner. He grabbed my wrists, pulling my hands away from my chest, holding them high above my head with one hand so he could stare at my naked body.

His other hand pressed against my boob, pushing it flat against my chest with his palm. He rotated his hand, then closed the fingers around my tit, squeezing the meaty flesh. He stared down at my tit in fascination, as his fingers squeezed and squeezed it repeatedly.

His hands came around me, hugging me tightly as he kissed me. He pulled my leg up and thrust his hips forward, crushing my ass against the tiles. He reached between his legs with his other hand, still holding my leg up high and to the side, and inserted the tip of his penis in my sheath.

His hand moved around onto my ass, pulling me outward as he slowly pushed himself up into me. He began thrusting almost immediately, screwing me with short, sharp jabs. He moved his hips around in circles, jerking in and out. When he decided I was loose enough, he began pumping with long smooth strokes.

His body crashed into mine again and again, slamming me against the corner of the shower enclosure. My face was buried in his wet chest fur. Then I felt him shudder. His hips slammed forward as his head jerked up and back.


He slumped against me, slowly lowering my leg, his cock slipping out of me.

I tried to stay away from him as much as I could of course. I stayed away from anywhere he could get me alone when an attack was due, but he always found a way somehow. I thought about telling someone, but I didn't know who.

I sure couldn't tell my mom. That sure wouldn't do any good. The idea of her doing anything so rash as to stand up to him was laughable. She waited on him hand and foot, like he was some kind of God or something. I knew she wouldn't believe me, and if she did, she wouldn't do anything anyway.

It wasn't just that he was fucking me whenever he wanted that was getting to me. It was the loss of control over my mind and body when he did it. Bad enough that he used me however he wanted, worse yet was that my body betrayed me during these times more often than not.

Sometimes it was over with fast and I could just walk away and clean up. Then again, there were the times when my body had shuddered through unwanted climaxes and orgasms at my fathers hands. What had been almost acceptable from the dirty Spinozzos was humiliating coming from my dad.

I even thought about running away to escape him. But I was pretty smart. I knew that running away would solve nothing at all. What could I do? Go to New York and be a prostitute? How would that be any better than this? And what would happen if I turned out to like that too?

One day when my mom was out he grabbed me as soon as I got home from school. I had gotten mixed up, thinking it was the next day my mom would be out, otherwise I would have stayed away for a few hours until she got home.

As it turned out it didn't matter. He bent me backwards over the kitchen table and started kissing and fondling me. His hands ripped my shirt open and yanked it off. My bra went next. I was flat on my back on the table, my legs flailing helplessly as his mouth sucked on my small pink nipples.

His tongue rasped over the skin, his mouth suckling and chewing, forcing each nipple erect against my will. HIs hands squeezed my tit as he looked down into my face. "I'm gonna fuck you in the asshole little girl!" he hissed.

"You every been cornholed? Ever been sodomized? Fucked up your shitter!?" he panted evilly. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to close it for a month!!"

"NO! Please don't daddy! Don't! Oh God!" I struggled against him, my fingers clawing for his face.

Suddenly the door opened and my Mother walked in. We all stared at each other open mouthed for several seconds, then my father smiled. He shoved my arms up above my head and gestured to her.

"Get over here and hold her down!" he ordered.

She continued to stare, her mouth opening and closing.

"Move your ass you bitch!" he shouted.

She jumped, then slowly, hesitantly, moved over to the table across from him.

"Mommy stop him!" I yelled "Pleeeeassse" I wailed.

"Grab her wrists and hold them there!" he barked.

I felt another, smaller pair of hands around my wrists. I tried to jerked my wrists away when he let go but my mother held firm.

His hands undid my pants and yanked them down and off as I sobbed in anguish and humiliation. He leered at me, rubbing my cunt through my thin bikini panties.

"You're gonna love this baby." he smiled.

I jerked my head up to look at my mom. Her eyes refused to meet mine. She stared dazedly at my body, wherever he touched it. He slowly slid my panties down and off, leaving me totally nude between the two of them.

His pants dropped to the floor and his cock came out. He poked it against my cunt slit. Slowly he pushed it into me, forcing inch after inc h up my cunt tube until his balls rested against my ass cheeks. He pumped into my then, slowly, easily, taking his time.

"You like that whore?" he gritted. "Does that feel good? Do you like being FUCKED by your daddy?"

I sobbed, gritting my teeth against the pain in my slit and the sudden arousal of my oh so sensitive clitty. He pulled out and stepped back. He picked up a can from the table. I hadn't noticed it before. It was shaving cream.

He poured out a huge handful of white cream.

"Pull your legs up to your chest." he ordered me.

I sobbed and shook my head. Humiliated by having my Mother see him fucking me. He grabbed one of my boobs in his other hand and twisted it viciously, making me cry out in pain.

"Do as I say you little slut or I'll tear your fucking tit right off!" he screamed.

Jerkily, I pulled my legs up and back, opening my cunt and ass to him. He slapped his cream filled hand against my asshole, smearing it all over my crotch area. He rubbed his hand over his hot red cock, and centered it against my cream covered shithole.

I could feel the tip against my crinkled little asshole. He pushed harder and harder until he forced the tip past the opening.

He started fucking it in and out with just the tip. Repeatedly forcing my asshole open and closed. He began to press deeper and deeper with each new stroke, shoving his long fat fuck spike deeper into my asshole.

I stared up at my mother. Her face was frozen as she held me tightly. Her eyes were locked on the connection between my upturned little anal opening and her husbands churning pistoning fuck tool.

He pushed it further into me, opening up my ass tube, weakening my sphincter muscle. When he was half way in, something seemed to give inside me, and my asshole kind of sucked him down inside. He just shoved it forward, letting it slowly disappear down into my anus as the three of us watched.

I felt the cockhead move way up into my guts and sort of pulse and throb there for a second. He sighed happily, grabbing my legs and forcing them apart further. His hands came down around my waist and jerked me against him as he started to really fuck his cock in and out.

At first he went slowly, forced by the tightness yet,. As my asshole loosened further, he picked up speed. He lifted me right off the table sometimes as he jerked me back and forth. His cock thrust into my rectum faster and faster. My asshole burned, felt torn, ripped, as his churning fuck pole skewered me with brutal ease.

His breathing increased. "OOOoooo YYEssssss! What a fucking asshole you've got!" he cried. HE jammed his prick as deep inside me as it would go. His balls mashed against my ass cheeks and his fingers dug into my sides as he lifted me off the table and jammed my crotch against him.

"C... C... CCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGG !!!!" he screamed, as his cock spurted his semen down into my anus, giving me a hot semen enema.

He grabbed one of my legs in each hand and jerked them up even higher and further apart, shoving me back onto my shoulders as he lifted my ass. Only my head and shoulders were still touching the table, along with my arms, which my mom was still holding.

My dad buried his cock down my shitter, yanking me tightly against him as he creamed in my asshole. He dropped my legs then, which fell across the table top with a dull aching thump, and staggered backwards, wiping the spit and drool off his face.

"What a nice tight little asshole she's got mom! Not like your's!" he laughed. He leaned forward and hissed in my ear.

"Your mom used to have a nice tight little asshole too, until I fucked it open for her! Har! Har! Har!" he laughed. His hand came down and cracked against my face, bringing a sharp yelp from me.

"Go do your chores now slut."

I looked up at my mom but she still wouldn't meet my eyes, so I slowly turned and stumbled off the table and out of the kitchen. I went up to my room to get some clothes on and then went back down to head for the barn. My dad stopped me as I was about to pas out the side door.

"Hold it, you!" he ordered.

I tensed up and turned slowly, dreading what new ideas he might have had.

"What the fuck are you doing with those on?" he demanded.

I looked at him in confusion, then looked down at my coveralls and t-shirt.

"What?" I asked, flustered.

"Get those clothes off! I didn't say you could wear clothes. Why should we waste clothes on a slut like you?"

I just looked at him in shock.

"You got nothing to hide from us little pussy."

He stalked closer till his angry face was right next to mine. "Why should you get those clean clothes all dirty out in the barn!? Take em off now!"

Slowly, resignedly I undid the catches on my shoulder and slid the coverall dow my body and off my legs. I pulled my t-shirt up and off my head till I was standing there in just bra and panties. He motioned at them imperiously and I sighed and pulled them off too.

"Much better! you look much better that way!" he chortled.

"Now get out to the barn and do your chores."

I went out the door naked, walking over and into the barn. It felt strange, but somehow very free to do my chores in the nude, not having to worry about getting my clothes dirty or anything.

Our farm was isolated enough that there wasn't any chance of anybody seeing me, so I guess my dad was right on that account. Why wear clothes? Him and my mom had seen everything I had, that was for sure.

I finished and went back into the house, quickly showering to get the barnyard smell off me. I stared uncertainly at my clothes, wondering if I was allowed to wear clothes i the house. I didn't want to make my dad mad again and get another whipping. I decided to go down and find out.

My mom was stretched out naked on the sofa as I rounded the curve in the stairs and stopped. dad was humping away between her spread legs as she grunted and jerked against him. He looked up and noticed me. "Get your little ass down here!" he ordered.

"Sit down on the bitch's face!"

I hesitated, loathing the idea of placing my tender pussy near my own Mother's face.

"Move your ass whore!" he yelled.

I jumped down the last two stairs and scrambled over to the end of the sofa where her head hung over slightly.

"Sit!" my dad ordered.

Slowly I lowered my pussy until I felt my mom's nose make contact with my pussy slit. I held there desperately for several seconds, then my dad grabbed my shoulder and jerked me down so I fell full on her face. "Lick her bitch!" he ordered her.

I felt her tongue slithering up and down along my slit, darting and dipping slowly, resentfully.

"If you don't make her cunt, I'm gonna chain you up naked in the yard with the dogs and pigs." my dad said.

Then he looked at me. "If you cum, you go in the yard instead."

There was a slight hesitation below me and then my mom's tongue began squirming and sliding in and out of my slit furiously. It raced up to the top of my cunt mouth and buffed back and froth against my clitty. I tried to pull away slightly and her hands came up and locked around my hips. Her fingers dug into my fleshy skin, gouging out thin craters.

Her tongue was moving up and down as she rubbed her face and jaw back and froth. I squirmed slightly, fighting against any sensation of eroticism or excitement, willing my body to be still and ignore the movements between my legs.

Her hands slid up my sides and clutched my tits boldly. She smoothly stroked all around the nipples as she worked on my pussy. I groaned silently, cursing her this betrayal. She was a woman, and knew exactly how to treat my body, knew exactly what would stir it into excitement despite my wishes.

My groin began twitching and then humping against her face. Each time I felt it move, I tried to stop it, but too late. Soon my hardened nipples poked out of fever swollen breasts as my body began to sway back and forth over her.

My groin was a blazing valley of wanton desire that consumed my mind with sensations of lust and gratification., My hands came down on her head and jerked her face against me as I moaned and sobbed loudly. My brain was swamped. My will to resist overrun by the sizzling sparks of churning electric impulses racing through my body.

I felt her body being jerked back an forth under me as my dad continued to fuck her. One of her hands left my swollen titty and slid up against my squatting, humping ass. It squirmed around till one finger was pointing upward, and the next time I squished down, I felt it thrusting up inside me.

I cried out in shock and pleasure as it slid into my pussy. On my next hump two fingers penetrated my quim, then three, then four, then her hand was a madly squirming monster trying to force its way up inside me. I was defenceless.I Screamed inwardly with desire to stop her, knowing I would explode if she succeeded.

Still my body betrayed me, humping harder, trying to impale itself on the hard bony hand. Then it happened. My pussy lips spread wide around her hand and it slid up inside me to the wrist. I stopped in shock, and held still, squatting above her.

She quickly bunched her fingers into a tight fist and rammed it way up inside me. My body stiffened and then slowly started to shake. Then my mind collapsed into a screaming whirlwind of sexual energy. I screamed in ecstasy and horror as I felt the hard fat fist crushing through my tight tunnel and mashing its bony knuckles against my cervix.

Fuck juice spewed down my tunnel and around her hand and wrist as she buried it u inside me to her forearm. My body was racked with convulsions as my grunting humping groin, rutted against the fist with mindless want and satisfaction.

I gave a final shuddering gasp of purest ecstasy and delight, then collapsed to the side, falling off her face. My mind was dazed and exhausted by the experience. I could see my Mother looking up at me with a cool smirk on her face as she pulled her hand loose and lay back to enjoy the final pumpings of my dad's cock up her pussy.

I laid there trembling as he finished and then turned towards me, his eyes sparking.

"Enjoy yourself whore?" he sneered.

My downcast eyes stared at the floor as he got up off my mom and pulled on a pair of shorts. Then he grabbed my arm and dragged me off the couch and out into the backyard.

Across the yard was a fenced in area where some of the animals were locked up at night. The pigs had a pen there, as did the chickens. The dogs roamed about free inside the fence. My dad pulled me through the fence and towards a tree in the middle of the yard.

There was a chain locked around the tree, with a dog collar attached to it. He fastened the dog collar around my neck and then pushed me to the grass with a nasty leer.

"Okay bitch dog! You stay locked here for the rest of the day and all night. I don't want to come out here and find you standing up either. You're a little bitch dog in heat and you damned well act like it or I'll roast that hot little pussy of yours with a switch."

He had a little pad lock that he fixed around the collar so I couldn't open it, then he patted my head and laughed. "Have a nice time girl!" he jeered.

I laid there for several hours, doing nothing but watching the animals wandering about aimlessly. It felt strangely exciting being chained up this way. I felt like a wicked carnal animal, like a raw sexual being! Just before nightfall, my Mother came out with my dinner. It was a bowl of mashed hamburger or meatloaf. There wasn't any ketchup or salt or anything like that. I started to ask her for some when she pointed her finger at me and cursed suddenly.

"Shut up you little whore!" she snapped. "If you'd had the decency to keep your little pussy away from him none of this would have happened.!" then she stalked off towards the house.

Normally I would have turned up my nose at this stuff, but not being able to snack on anything else, I was ravenous today. I was halfway through the meal when I felt a sudden blow against the side of my head that sent me reeling. The food spilled onto the grass as I was knocked onto my back. I looked up in shock to find my father angrily shaking his finger at me.

"What did I tell you!?" he raged. "You're a little bitch dog! You eat like a dog not a human being!"

He grabbed me by the throat and dragged me squealing and protesting over to the spilled hamburger. "Now you eat that up off the grass without your hands, bitch girl!" he ordered.

I was reluctant and got another crack in the side of the head. Quickly I leaned forward and started licking and chewing the spilled food as he watched closely. "Thats better." he said. "We'll just have to make sure this doesn't happen again, won't we?"

He walked off and returned later with a pair of thick leather tubes of some sort. He made my hands into fists and then jabbed them into the tubes. He tied them tightly closed with leather cords and then stood back to admire his handiwork.

My hands were locked into the leather mitts so there was no way I could get them out. I effectively no longer had hands! He grunted and went away. I looked at the things resentfully, and tried to get them off. An hour or so later he returned, carrying a bundle in his arms. He brought the dogs in for the night, shooing them into the compound with me. He put a bowl of water down next to me and then crouched down with what turned out to be sandals.

He leered at me and grabbed one of my ankles and fastened the sandal onto my foot. I looked at the things with confusion, having no idea what he was up to now. I felt a sharp pricking against the bottom of my feet as he tied the straps tightly around my ankles. After he finished both feet he got up, apparently satisfied.

"Stand up." he ordered me.

Thinking he wanted to test how good they fit, I put my feet flat on the ground and pushed myself upward, then cried out in pain and topped to the ground as he burst out laughing.

There were scores of little pins and tacks that had been shoved through the soles of the sandals. They didn't hurt, unless I tried to stand up of course. "That ought to keep you on the ground bitch dog!" he said gleefully.

Then he grabbed my hair and jerked me up so I was on my hands and knees. He knelt behind me and with no fanfare at all, slammed his hardened cock deep into my pussy tunnel. I grunted from the sudden filing of my nearly dry fuck tube. His cock rasped back and forth within me as he grabbed my waist and jerked me against him ruthlessly.

Several of the dogs had fathered around to watch as he slammed his hips against my wide open crotch again and again. His hands slid down around my titties and squeezed and squished them as he grunted above me. Instinctively I spread my legs further apart as he fucked into me. My cunthole quickly began lubricating as the excitement mounted within my confused body. His hips pummelled my behind with brutal, furious strokes that halfway sent me to my face in the grass with the force.

I could feel every square inch of his fuck tool as it ripped in and out of me. I began rutting back at him, humping my ass up and back to meet each of his driving strokes. My hair hung down over my face, masking the outside world as I whimpered and grunted in time with my dad's fucking.

"Little bitch slut!" he gasped. "Little fucking whooore! Cunt! Fuckhole! This is all you're good for you little twat!" he growled. His cock slammed up inside me with ferocious lunging drives as my Father neared his cum. His hands were jerking my helpless body back and forth and I was perilously close to my own orgasm.

Then the breath caught in my throat as the waves of pleasure became a tidal flood of endless irresistible force and blasted all thoughts and emotions clear out of my brain, replacing them with complete, utterly raw sexual ecstasy.

I floated completely mindless on that sea of sensations for unknowable seconds or minutes, my awareness of the world completely lost, my entire existence focused on my cunt and the soaring hurricane of sexual sensations washing through my frame.

Sometime during this, my dad came, washing my cunthole with his white jism as I trembled and shuddered there before him. I felt the juice spurting inside me, as just another facet of the pleasure I was swimming in. Then he got up with a gasp and I collapsed onto my face, twitching continuously. My eyes blurred and my mind was fuzzy. He went back to the house I guess, though I didn't really notice.




******************************************** Copyright 1990 All rights reserved ******************************************** If there's any nasty thing a girl can do it's in this story. Our heroine is a young farm girl mad for sex. She gets it, and is punished for it by a variety of people including mom and dad. This may be the only story ever to appear on a.s.s. in which a girl is gang raped by a pack of dogs... and loves it. ****************************************

Part Six By Dark Dreamer

I fell asleep soon after that. My body was drained with fatigue and complex emotions. I woke to the snorting and pawing of the dogs around me. It was still dark, and I had no way of knowing how late or early it might be.

There were no lights on in the house across the yard. I turned in the darkness to see the dog's nuzzling me insistently. I wondered at first if they expected me to feed them or something. I hadn't gone near them for some time now, not with Tony and his dad to look after my needs, and I had thought they had forgotten our little sojourns into depravity.

Apparently I had been wrong. King nudged me with enough force to knock me over, and I could feel Tom's breath against my ear as he growled intermittently. Then I yelped and sprang back as he nipped me sharply in the side. I shuffled backwards quickly, realizing what they wanted and in no mood to accommodate them.

Then I realized Rex and Jack were there too. One of them nipped me again, this time on the behind, as I backed toward them. I yelped again and swivelled around., Tom jumped up onto my back as I squatted there, trying to mount me. I flung him off and tried to crawl forward to the protection of the fence.

I received several more nips as the dogs pranced around me. I swung my arms at them, trying to drive them off. Several more attempts were made to jump onto my back, which I managed to defeat. Then Tom jumped forward and bit harder still on the fleshy part of my arm as I swung at Rex.

I squealed and jumped to my feet, forgetting about the sandals I was wearing. Bolts of pain shot up my legs and I went flying forward. I fell across a small tree trunk that my dad had cunt and placed there for some purpose long ago. The wood dug into my soft belly, scraping the skin and making me cry out again.

One of the dogs jumped up onto my back. I swung at him, knocking him off, but one of the other dogs grabbed my leather mitty in his teeth and growled, dragging it backwards. I slapped at him with my other hand and it too was grabbed by one of the dogs.

The two dogs acted like they were playing a game of tug of war with the tough leather, digging in their feet and pulling for all they were worth. My arms stained and my abdomen dug into the side of the trunk, rasping the harsh bark against my belly even more.

The force of their pulling dragged me up over the log, so my ass was sticking right up in the air. My legs had parted unconsciously as I sought to counterbalance their pulling and so I was helpless to prevent it when the other dog jumped atop me and pumped his groin against mine.

His cock slipped past my pussy lips and dug down deep inside me before I even knew it was there. He began rutting me, driving his erect cock in and out of my splayed pussy with blurring doggy pumps. I could feel that fat ball in the middle of his cock getting bigger and bigger as the pressure of my pussy around his erection drove his excitement higher and higher.

I cursed and sobbed as he raped my tight cunthole. The other two continued to yank on my mitties, keeping me helpless as the one on top humped his hairy doggy body against me. His furry belly swished back and forth over my back, and drool spilled from his mouth and down onto my back and hair as he screwed me.

His paws slipped around me and were scratching up my skin, adding more pain to the mounting mix of furious emotions and sensations sweeping through me. My titties were being rubbed raw atop the rough bark of the log as the dog jerked and jumped on top of me. His seventy or eighty pounds of weight crushed down against my back, squashing my titties and tender nipples against the jagged edges of the wood.

He pumped furiously as I wiggled against their hold. I stopped fighting against the hopeless odds ad lay there unresisting as he finished up his fucking by spewing the gooey white contents of his fuck ball into my guts.

He dismounted and another took his place. In seconds he began to hump at me. His cock raped back and forth inside my guts as I lay draped across the log. The other dogs let go of my mitties and fathered closer around me, whining and sniffing.

I wasn't even aware of it when my betraying body began to respond to the furious manipulation of my sex mound. My ass began humping backward against him slowly, in little jerky motions. The feelings kind of crept up on me. As my swollen tit mounds rasped against the wood, I suddenly realized that they didn't feel all that bad, that there was pleasure in their constant rubbing against the rough material.

I pressed them down with more force on the next roll, enjoying the brief burst of pain/pleasure that shot up through my nipples and tit nerves. I realized then that my cunt and clit were shooting forth hot waves of passion and lust from the fucking and abuse they were getting.

I was helpless to prevent it, as my body began to respond with more and more passion to the rutting. My ass humped back towards the dog as he fucked me. The sex juices flowed around his fat cock, and my cunt squeezed and jerked on his shaft as he slit it in and out.

My mind began gliding higher and higher through the maelstrom of surging sensations. I clutched the log tightly against my belly as I rubbed my boobs against it desperately. Then my eyes rolled back in my head and my mouth groaned long and low as i came with a furious, greedy enthusiasm.

My dizzy mind reached out for every lewd and pleasurable sensation it could fin, and dragged them all in. I banged my chest repeatedly against the tough old log, squishing and mashing my tits against it. I humped and jerked backwards, trying to impale myself on the dogs lunging cock.

Spittle slipped from, my open gasping lips as I lost control of myself. I collapsed onto the log as the dog continued to pound away at my crotch hole. Soft whines came from my mouth, matching those coming from the dog fucking into me.

I struggled back to a semblance of awareness and suddenly realized that it was a lot brighter than it had been. I looked up through bleary eyes and saw my mom and dad standing just outside the fence. My dad was holding a bright lantern aloft.

My woozy lightheaded brain sought to realize the significance of this as the dog increased the temp of his fucking and his cock rubbed furiously back and forth against my clit. My dazed thinking processes were swarmed under by the renewed attack of sexual heat as the dog spurted his load of jism up inside me and got off.

I humped against the log for a few seconds until the next dog mounted me and plunged his steely boner down into my hot lustful cock pit. His plunging driving prick soon sent me screaming into another orgasm, this one even worse than the first.

I trembled and shook against the log, hugging it as if it were an anchor to sanity as the exploding bombshells of sexual heat fractured and destroyed my thinking processes. I came down again, panting for breath as the dog fucked me.

I became aware, dimly of my parents saying something, then the light went off and they went away, leaving me there with the dogs. The one behind me finished, and dropped off, and the next took his place. I don't know how long he screwed me because I eventually fell unconscious.

When I woke up the sun was high in the sky. The dogs had already been let out of the yard. I saw nobody around and lay there, wondering at the events of last night and yesterday. My hands trailed down my body, and I winced at the feeling of aching and bruising between my legs.

My chest was covered with scratched and scrapes, and my back hurt from the scratching of the dog's claws. I wearily crawled over to the water dish and sipped up several mouthfuls. It tasted awful, and I realized the dogs had been using it too.

After a while my mother came out of the house. She put a bowl of food on the ground ad left after looking at me like I was some kind of disgusting bug or worm or something.

My father showed up soon after I'd eaten. He glared at me and then unsnapped the lock from my collar. He attached a dog leash to the collar and dragged me across the yard to the wooden fence.

"Little slut dog!" he hissed. "Little fucking bitch dog whore! Had a nice time last night FUCKING THE DOGS!? Didn't you!?"

He picked me up and draped my belly down across the top of the fence so my ass was hanging out and thrusting up. I gasped in pain as the post dug into my belly, supporting all my weight.

Then I felt something hard and cold at my pussy, and suddenly my dad thrust a metal hose up inside me and turned on the water. He ignored my squeals of protest as he fucked the hose in and out of my pussy, sluicing floods of ice water flooded inside me and spurted out around the hose.

"DOGFUCKER!" he cursed me.

He pulled the hoe out and sprayed the icy water all over my squirming body, soaking me from head to toes. He threw down the hose and pulled out a bar of soap and began soaping me up. He ran the soap all over me using furious pressure around my pussy mound and ass.

I quivered from the cold and the aching stinging effect the soap and rubbing had on my many small cuts. He jammed the hose back inside my cunt again and fucked me with it.

"Got to clean the dog juice out of your slutty little fuck hole BITCHDOG! Make it nice and clean again!" he muttered.

My guts felt like leaden ice as the cold water washed around inside my belly. I shivered and trembled there until he finally pulled the hose out of me. Water dribbled and leaked out of my pussy lips and trickled down my legs as my father turned off the water and threw down the hose.

Then he was against me, his hard cock slicing up inside me. His prong thrust back and forth in my cold wet pussy, sending water spurting out the edges with each hard deep thrust.

My head was dizzy from being upside down so long and was soon spinning around in renewed heat from his brutal fucking. I came furiously, humping against the fence feebly as his big tool slid in and out of me. Then he groaned and spurted his stuff into me and stumbled back.

"Ought to skin you alive for fucking those dogs!" he cursed. "You are a shameless little fuckhole!"

He jerked me back off the fence post and down onto the ground.

"You can just stay here from now on whore! he spat, "Since you enjoy it so much!"

He threw something down at me and went away. After a few minutes the blurring around my mind began to clear and my eyes focused. He had thrown one of my cock like rubber dildos at me. I moaned and flopped back onto my back, spreading my arms and legs to absorb the suns warmth and dry off.

I was like that a couple of hours later when my mother came out to look at me. She shook her head in disgust as I opened one eyelid to watch her. It came to me with sudden clarity, that she was angry and jealous about her husband fucking me. She wasn't mad at him for fucking her daughter, she was mad at me for attracting him!

"You think you're gonna lounge around like that all day, Whore!?" she demanded. I opened both eyes and sat up to look at her. I could see her mind working, trying to think up something for me to do without hands or feet. Apparently she couldn't think of anything. She cursed at me and then stalked away. I lay back in the sun.

After a while, I started getting horny from my own wanton nakedness. I crawled over and grabbed the dildo. I lay back again and began working the fat rubber cock up inside me. After a few minutes, I was happily stroking away with it, sliding it up and down my fuck tube. I came, and then came again.

Most of the day was like that. I just lay there getting a tan, and getting horny. From time to time I fucked myself to climax with the dido to release the buildup of sexual tensions within my body. My dad and mom wandered in and out of the house and over to the barn. Several times my dad stopped and came into the yard. He would watch me masturbating, or else drop on top of me and stuff his hard sausage of a cock down into my holes.

I spent that night out in the yard again. This time the dogs were kept someplace else.

The next day was a repeat of the last. Several times, I saw my mom peering out the window of the house, or from around the corner of the barn as her husband fucked energetically into my little pussy slot, or up my wrinkled, crinkled little asshole.

Whenever he decided that I was doing something not to his liking, my dad draped me across his knees and gave me a good spanking. Afterwards, he would stick his cock down my pussy hole, and spurt his juices into me, then stuff his face against my groin and suck them back out again. I got so I enjoyed the spanking. In spite of the pain he brought to my ass, I began to look forward to them.

My mom got madder and madder at the sexual attention her husband gave to me. One day while my dad was out, she came out to the yard and stood above me as i lounged back, staring up at her insolently. Then her foot came forward and kicked me right nt he belly.

"Little WHORE!" she yelled.

I doubled up in pain. She kicked me again and again, in the stomach and sides and ass. She grabbed one of my ankles and puled it up into the air, exposing my crotch. Her foot slammed down into my cunt repeatedly. I screeched and howled as she brutalized me. I scrambled around, kicking and flinging my arms around, trying to ward her off.

She stuck the point toe of her shoe into my cunthole and jammed it down viciously. "So you're so tight huh!?" she jeered. "We'll see how tight you are you two bit little slut!!"

She pushed her foot down with more and more pressure, forcing the pointed toe deeper into my cunt Her shoe jammed down against my cunthole, and more and more of it slid into me. She forced aside my screaming pussy lips and stuffed her foot inside me. My pussy lips spread and spread as the unnatural sized object forced its way inside me.

My mother had to hold my ankle tight against the fencepost to support herself on one leg, as she kicked her foot down into my cunt with more and more pressure. Half the foot was inside my cunt, almost as far as her ankle! My straining stretched pussy lips shot pain through my body.

She abruptly pulled her other foot off the ground, supporting her entire weight on the foot in my cunthole. I howled as the foot inched deeper inside me. She brought the other shoe down onto my tits as I lay there on my back. She squashed my titties one by one against my chest, grinding her shoes and sharp heels into my pliable tit meat.

She pulled her foot back and started kicking me viciously in the tits. Without any warning at all the surging waves of pain shooting through me were joined by agonized pleasure as the fullness of my cunt and the rasping, rubbing, squashing of my tits and clitty registered on my half crazed brain.

In seconds my body began building towards an orgasm. Then it came, with my mother kicking at my boobs like they were little soccer balls, and her other foot jammed halfway up my fuck tube.

My mother realized I was cumming and abruptly pulled back. The feeling as she yanked her foot out of my cunt was one of enormous relief combined with a crash of released pain that sent my orgasms hurling even higher. She stood there and rained curses and abuse on me as I trembled and shivered through the sexual climax.

My dad came home a couple of hours later and stopped off at my little corral to give me a quick fuck. I grunted and humped against him as he knelt behind me and screwed me like a wanton little fucking bitch dog.

The next day it got very cold and I shivered as I huddled in a corner away from the wind. My father came out and got me and brought me into the house. I wasn't aloud onto the furniture though and crawled into an out of the way corner and lay down.

Several times during the day my mother would pass by and lash out with her foot, delivering a stinging kick to my side or belly. I crawled under the dining room table to try and stay out of her way.

In mid afternoon she dragged me out from under the table. I whimpered and struggled against her as she pulled me out by the leash still around my collar. She sat down on a chair and pulled her skirt up to her waist revealing a bare naked cunt to me.

"Since your daddy ain't interested in me no more you can damned well suck me off you little piece of shit!" she hissed. She yanked my hair, forcing my face into her cunt. I had never sucked off a woman before. She whipped my back with the leash until I followed her instructions and began slurping and lapping on her cunt slit and suckling on her clit.

She humped her cunt up towards my face as I sucked her. Her head rolled back over the back of the chair and she moaned low in her throat as pussy juice seeped out of her crack and onto my tongue. I jammed my tongue as far inside her as I could get it. The scent of fuck juices excited me, and sent a shivering heat through my body.

After she'd cum, she went upstairs, pulling me after her. She took off all her clothes and lay down on her big bed, spreading her legs. I dove into her crotch again, sending her into another climax. She made me give her a long tongue bath, and then went into the bathroom and took a bath. I had to soap her up and wash her as she lay there lounging in luxury.

She watched in satisfied amusement as I struggled to hold the soap between my two leather mittens. She could have done the job a lot faster and better but enjoyed making me slave over her. Any thought I might have had about her being less antagonistic to me ended when she forced my head down under the water and held it there as I splashed and struggled furiously.

She finally let me go and I broke the surface of the water gasping desperately for air. I sucked in mouth after mouth of sweet pure air as she giggled at me. Then she punched me in the belly, knocking me back onto the floor, where I banged my head against the toilet.

"Did you like that slut?" she asked icily.

"I want you to clean this bathtub now, and it better sparkle or You'll get a lot worse."

I groaned and reached for one of the clothes with my two mittens. She kicked me in the belly again. I collapsed forward onto the floor, doubling over and clutching my aching stomach.

"Clean it with your tongue you piece of shit!" she snarled.

"Clean it with your fucking tongue!"

She grabbed my hair and hurled me over the edge of the tub.

"Start cleaning it whore!" she demanded.

My tongue reached out tiredly and licked at the tubs gritty surface. She slapped at my ass as I licked the tub, demanding I lick harder and faster. I licked franticly over the dirty enamel, nearly choking at the taste of soap and dirty in my mouth. Just as

I finished, my dad came into the room.

"What the hell is the little fuck piece doing?" he demanded.

"She's cleaning the tub, what does it look like?" my mom answered angrily.

My dad laughed in delight. "Well I guess that's at least one thing you can do, Fuckwad." he cackled. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. IT wasn't at all hard. He pointed it at me for several seconds and smiled.

Then a stream of yellow piss came out of the little hole and splashed on me. I squealed and tried to get away but he directed the little stream at my face and tits and cunt, and I was unable to escape it. My mom eagerly grabbed my hands and held them above my head as my dad pissed down on me,

I was drenched in his hot, acrid smelling urine. It poured into my face, over my lips and down my chest, running in a warm yellow stream between my tits and down over my belly to my cunt mound.

He finished at last, and my mom dropped me back against the bottom of the tub. "This tub is filthy!" She screamed. "Clean it up right now!"

Resignedly I bent over and began licking at the tub again. The overpowering taste and smell of piss sent my stomach lurching upward. I choked it back, knowing she would force me to eat it back up again if I threw up.

I was almost finished over an hour later when my dad came back into the room. "I got another load for you fuckpiece." he grinned, pulling his cock out. "You want me to dirty up the tub again or you want to take it straight."

I looked up at him exhaustedly.

"Open your mouth whore!" he ordered.

I opened my mouth wide and he directed his steam of piss into it. I swallowed as fast as I could, but his piss filled my mouth and began spilling down my chest. I gurgled faster, trying desperately to drink it all down so the tub wouldn't get dirty again.

My mouth had long since become almost immune to any taste. The inside was like a wrinkled prune. He finished and shook his cock at me, so some drops flew into my face, then he nodded and went out. I licked away at the tub, finishing the cleaning.

They let me sleep in their bedroom that night, on the floor. I heard my mom's groans as my father stuffed his cock into her and fucked her for almost half an hour. The sounds of sex sent heat through my tender pussy mound. I reached my hand down and rubbed my cunny to an orgasm as they fucked above me.

My dad woke up once during the night and jerked me to my knees so he could stick his cock up my asshole. He fucked his pigsticker up my anus with fast, forceful strokes until his seed exploded out the end of his cock and up into my guts.

The next day it was still too cold for me to go outside. My dad put me against the living room wall and chained my wrists way up above my head. I had to stand on my tiptoes to keep some of the strain off my wrists, arms and shoulders.

After a while my ankles and toes started to cramp up something fierce and I had to let more and more pressure fall on my arms. The pain started to build up as the morning passed. My shoulders and wrists throbbed with agony.

After what seemed like hours, my father appeared. He stood back to admire my taut, strained body. His hands slid down over my breasts, cupping them roughly, then squeezing his fingers together with more force, and twisting my titties and nipples like little dials.

He dropped to his knees in front of me and slid his face against my crotch. His tongue started to li k up and down my pussy slit. He pulled my legs apart to get his whole face up against my groin, and this pulled my feet completely off the ground.

Pain flared higher in my wrists and shoulders. His nose rubbed back and forth against my clit as his tongue darted in and out of my pussy hole. His tongue lapped all along the thin slit, then slid underneath me to slide around against my asshole. His hands cupped my buttocks, squeezing them repeatedly as he pushed my legs further apart.

I groaned from the duel sensations of pain and pleasure as he worked my pussy mound over. He worked me up higher and higher, till I was closing onto the edge of a tremendous orgasm, then he stopped.

He let my legs fall back to the floor and got up and walked away. I whimpered in frustration and need as he went over to the couch and sat down. I squeezed my thighs together, trying to reach the nearby edge of the cliff he had brought me to.

He ignored me as I trembled against the wall, sniffling and moaning piteously. After a while, the burning in my crotch began to settle down, though it seemed to itch fiercely. My dad came back to me and dropped to his knees again. His tongue danced around my slit, licking all the way up and down around the edges, but never going inside.

Throbbing heat flared up all around my crotch. He ground his face up against me, bringing me flying towards a climax. Then he stopped again. I cried out in disappointment and frustration as he backed off again and went back to the touch.

I squirmed against the wall, humping my ass cheeks against the smooth plaster. Tears coursed down my face as I sobbed in woeful loss. In spite of the pain on my arms, I lifted my feet off the floor and pulled my legs up, crossing them tightly.

I squeezed my legs together and brought them up as high as I could, trying to put pressure on my clitty. Blood pumped through my brain as I gasped in effort and exertion. The pain in my arms shot down through my chest, making it hard to breath.

My dad came over again, and I whined in anticipation, but instead of helping me, he tied leather restraints around my ankles and then hooked them way up above my head near my wrists. They were tied against the wall so my legs were spread wide apart. My pussy mound and asshole were completely open and exposed to view. He grinned at me and then kissed me on the forehead.

"Well, I have to go out and fix the east fence." he said. "I'll see you when I get back." his fingers brushed lightly along my slit as he left, sending a huge surge of electric heat through my body.

He went away and left me like that, sobbing and whining in my desperate need. The fiery ache in my loins lowered in intensity but continued to throb constantly.




******************************************** Copyright 1990 All rights reserved ******************************************** If there's any nasty thing a girl can do it's in this story. Our heroine is a young farm girl mad for sex. She gets it, and is punished for it by a variety of people including mom and dad. This may be the only story ever to appear on a.s.s. in which a girl is gang raped by a pack of dogs... and loves it. ****************************************

Part Seven By Dark Dreamer

I hung there for long minutes, mewling and sobbing in pain, making strange little sounds, and trying to somehow bring my cunt that last tiny bit of the way to an orgasm so I could have some relief from the burning, pulsing heat.

My mother finally became annoyed enough about it to do something. A few seconds manipulation of my clitty would have shot me into orbit. Instead she brought out a thick leather belt. She stood before me, eyeing my desperate condition with a sneering look of satisfaction.

Then she brought the belt whirling down from overhead and smacking right into the center of my crotch. I screamed as the leather cracked painfully against my splayed out pussy. Pain and pleasure coursed through my veins. My legs and arms shook and my body was seized by shivering spasm of lust. She stood still, waiting for me to recover, then reached the belt forward, letting it slide over my buttocks and down along my asshole and cuntslit.

"Want me to hit you again slut?" she taunted. "Want to feel this against your little clitty?"

My brain pounded with anxiety, fear, and desire. She trailed the belt alongside my slit, inches away.

"P... please." I whimpered.

"What was that sweety?" she smirked.

"P... p.. please. OH PLEASE!"

"You want me to whack your little pussy?"

I nodded my head helplessly.

"Say it... SAY IT!" she hissed.

"Hit me." I sobbed.

"Where baby? Where should I hit you?" she cooed.

"My pussy!" I pleaded. "Hit my pussy!"

"How hard sweety pie? I wouldn't want to hurt you." she trailed the belt up and down my mound ever so lightly. I winced as a ferocious surge of desire swept through me.

"H... H... Hhhhard!" I stuttered. "Hard H... HARD! HIT ME HARD !" I begged.

She leered mockingly at me and swung the belt down again. It cracked down against my pussy mound, impacting with a dull splat against my moist pussy slit. I screamed again and babbled incoherently.

"H... HHharrdddd! Hit m... me h... hard! Hit me... Hit me... Hit me..."

She swung the belt again, sending a flaring explosion of heat and pain through my crotch. She started to whip the belt down harder, and faster. The cracking whip smashed down, sending a flood of exquisite sensations roaring through my body. My burning cunt exploded in raging heat and crackling eruptions of electric shocks.

Cunt juice gushed down my fuck tunnel and out through my gaping cunt opening, coating my entire crotch with greasy girl cum. I screamed in ecstatic release, my mind reeling from the intense bursts of heat. Then she dropped the belt. My head was flopping dazedly from side to side.

I looked down and saw her place her fist against my cunt mouth. She leaned into my cunt as I watched dreamily, fascinated. My cuntmouth spread and stretched, opening wider and wider. Slowly her fist sank down into my fuck hole.

I groaned with the mind blowing feeling of utter fullness as she pushed her fist down inside me. I couldn't take my eyes off her hand as her fist slid down out of sight inside my crotch slit. I shivered all over as her wrist passed my cuntlips and still she continued pushing.

Her hard balled up fist pushed deeper and deeper. Finally, when her arm was buried halfway to her elbow, I felt a grating, grinding pain as her knuckles crushed up against my cervix. She and I both stared, enthraled at the sight of my pussy lips gripping her arm. Slowly she pulled it back until the fist was just inside my pussy, starting to stretch the lips again, then she rammed it forward again.

I erupted in frenzied driving cum, as she began fucking her fist in and out of my guts. I felt her hard knuckles rasping back and forth in my cunt tunnel. she slammed her fist around inside my belly, driving me to a screaming writhing, bundle of torn and paralysed nerves, and sending my mind spinning down an endless hole into senselessness as climax after climax shook my frame.

It was almost half an hour before I had recovered enough of my senses to become aware of the pain still shooting through my shoulders and arms. My mother laughed when she saw I had returned to the world. She tore a feather off a feather duster she was using and slid the end into my sopping drooling pussy slit.

I didn't know what she had in mind from that except maybe a silly taunting joke, until the air current sin the room started to blow the feather ever so lightly against my clit and clitty. My reddened aching cunt lips began twitching against the feather as its ticklish touch reached against them again and again.

In another hour I was back in the same shape as before the whipping. I groaned in renewed need as the feather licked against me. I shook my frame, trying to dislodge it, but couldn't. I was nearly out of my mind with desperate yearning lust.

My Father came into the living room and walked over to me. He looked surprised when he saw the feather in my cunt, but drew back and laughed loudly.

"Well, well. How do you feel cunt?" he inquired.

"Please daddy! Please fuck me!" I begged.

"You don't sound sincere enough to me." he grinned.

"Oh GOD! PLleeeasseee please please DADDY! PLEASE FUCK ME !! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!" I screamed.

He laughed to himself and then pulled his erection out of his pants. "Is this what you want little girl?" he leered. He put the tip of his cock less than an inch away from my cuntslit and I humped my ass up towards it. He pulled back with a laugh.

"PLEeaasssse!" I sobbed.

He seized his cock firmly and placed it against my gaping cunt hole, then with one brutal lunge, he drove his whole big fuckstick, balls deep in my cunt. My mind and body screamed in joyous release as my cunt box was stuffed full of pumping cockmeat. He grabbed my shoulders for leverage and slammed his whole body against me with furious pounding strokes.

My body was slammed and bruised against the wall as his big prick sawed in and out of my cunt. I came furiously. Lust and sex energy raced unrestrained through my twitching, trembling, jerking body. Blinding bursts of multi colored light exploded in my brain as my cunt was impaled by the savage fucking prong of my Father.

I howled and shrieked in joy and mindless ecstasy as cum after cum flooded through my body. Crackling electric shocks raced up and down my spine as my disoriented mind was staggered by repeated blows of furious intense pleasure.

Then I clenched my teeth against a last overwhelming explosion of cunt fire and gave a final whimper of pleasure as my mind gave up and slid into unconsciousness.

After that, I was allowed to talk, and walk, and act like a human being again. I was still a sex toy for my parents use. Around the house, I seldom wore clothes unless they were the most immodest and shameless things imaginable.

One of the outfits my dad got me was a tight pair of leather pants with no crotch or ass. My buttocks were squeezed out into a perfect circle by the tight leather, and my pussy was lewdly exposed and framed by the crotchless front.

My dad shaved my pussy hair off so my slit was even more easy to see. The top of the outfit consisted of a tight leather bikini with holes where the nipples went so they stuck straight out. Sometimes he would stuff fat rubber cocks up my cunt or asshole and then clip a tight piece of leather down between my legs to pull brutally up between my pussy lips and hold them in place.

Sometimes he would simply tie me from head to foot in all kinds of bizarre positions and then just leave me for hours and hours. He fucked me at least five times every day.

Needless to say, all this was having a big effect on the way I acted around other people as well. I wore the tightest possible pants I could get into, pants so tight I had to jerk and yank on them for twenty minutes to get them closed. The tops I wore were so tight they hugged my bulging titties like cellophane, displaying my usually hard nipples for everyone to see. The skirts I wore barely covered my ass cheeks, and I never wore any panties.

If I was a cockteaser before, I was a real little slut now. The stares I received got more obvious and my own more blatant. I no longer cared about getting a reputation at school, and fucked every boy who wanted me, which was pretty near all.

I even came on to some of the cuter girls in my class, and some of the teachers.

One day alone, I screwed two male, and one female teachers, five boys and one girl from various classes, and of course my dad. I was a real little nympho now. I needed sex like a drug addict needed his fix.

One of the dates I had was with a guy named Jimmie Fox, a nerdy guy from my math class who got straight A's every year. I had already screwed almost every guy in my Math class. Jimmie was too shy to ask me out, so I asked him. He was kind of cute, even if he was really straightlaced.

He tended to wear his shirts buttoned up to the throat, even on the hottest days. He had nice blonde hair though, and a really nice ass.

We went to a movie where he almost had a heart attack after I slid my hand into his pants and grabbed his cock. I almost had to drag him to the Sunshine Motel on the edge of town. I got rooms for free there since I started screwing the manager.

Jimmie backed away from me when we were inside, and practicly fell onto the little sofa. His eyes were bulging as I looked down at him out of slitted eyes.

I slid into the chair on top of him. My legs straddled his body as I faced him. My hot round ass cheeks rubbed against his lap, where I could feel his erection already blooming. I didn't have any doubt he was a virgin. That didn't bother me though. I'd had dozens of virgins in the last couple of months.Teenagers our age seldom got the chance for a good fucking.

I slid my arms around his neck and leaned down slightly to kiss him. My mouth touched his gently, my lips sliding back and forth against his. My tongue snaked out and licked over his lips, and then darted inside, flicking over his teeth, feeling their sharpness.

I kissed harder, pushing my lips firmly against his. My tongue slid in between his slightly parted lips, moistening them, feeling the ridges and bumps, and the sharp tang of popcorn he'd had at the movie. My tongue touched his, touching, licking and sliding around against it.

I squirmed in his lap, my buttocks mashing down against his boner. I could feel its hardness through the paper thin, silky soft pants I was wearing. On dates I wore looser clothes, so I could get out of them fast, and boys could get their hands into them easier.

My hands were around him, sliding up and down along his shoulders, his neck, and over his head. My fingers slid through his hair as I turned and slid my face around against his. I mashed my tits between us as I pushed myself against him.

I moved my mouth against his neck, and licked and bit him softly. I moved my mouth lower, nibbling against the nape of his neck, then sucked fiercely on the skin. My hands undid the buttons on his shirt one by one, without him even noticing it. When I reached his pants, I pulled the shirt tails out and undid the final buttons, opening his shirt completely.

My mouth went down his chest, licking and kissing a soft wet trail. I lingered over each nipple, sucking them into my mouth, massaging them with my lips and tongue, and biting them gently.

My hands slid up and down the soft warm skin of his chest and stomach, squeezing and rubbing. I grabbed one of his hands and held it with my own, our fingers interlocking, then pulled it up against my boob and placed it flat against me.

His hand rested there as he stared dazedly at my chest. I put my hand on his and pushed against my boob, flattening it, squashing the fleshy meat out to the sides. I grabbed his other hand and put it on my other tit. He began to squeeze me slowly as I kind of sat back and smiled encouragingly.

I slid my fingers down and popped the buttons as he watched. His mouth was open and his eyes bulged with intense concentration as I opened my shirt and pulled it off. A little groan escaped his lips as he stared at my two proud tit mounds.

I grabbed his hands, which he'd allowed to fall off, and placed them on my now naked boobs. He squeezed them again, and I revelled in the soft warmth of his fingers around my orbs.

My titties began to swell with desire and my nipples hardened into two little pebbles. I pulled his face against my chest and he suckled softly, then with increasing force on my proud titty. His other hand squeezed harder on my other tit, squashing and kneading the meaty round orb.

His mouth was a wet, chewing vacuum cleaner as it sucked ferociously on my nipple, and roamed across my swollen flesh. I moaned and squirmed around in his lap more. His hands slid around my waist and hugged me to him as his face buried itself between my tits and licked and bit my chest.

He rubbed his face all over my chest and tits, biting and licking and chewing and sucking. I let him paw and lick on my tits for a few minutes, then pulled away. I licked a trail down the center of his chest, sliding back off him so I could lower my mouth down his belly and below.

I sat next to him on the couch, my hands sliding up and down his body. My hand popped the catch on his pants and then slid inside. I could feel the heat and sweat inside there immediately. My hand slid over and around his hot hard erection and squeezed softly.

I rubbed him as my mouth licked its way back up his chest and suckled on his nipples. He gasped and my hand was suddenly soaked in cum. I realized he had already climaxed. I unzipped him and slid his pants down over his hips.

He raised his ass up a little and I pulled his pants down and off his legs. His cock was semi flaccid, and coated in a thin layer of shiny sperm as I looked down at it. I vent over, licking down his stomach and abdomen and through his pubic hair. I licked out at the tip of his penis as I reached it. The taste of sperm was a huge aphrodisiac to me.

I slid my lips around his cockhead and worked my tongue all over it, licking and slurping up the cock juice. I fed more and more of his cock into my mouth and cleaned it off completely.

Within minutes it began hardening. I felt the cock stiffening and expanding in my mouth and backed off, giving it room to enlarge. I slid my mouth around it sideways, mouthing it like it was a flute. I bit gently and nuzzled at his balls. I raised my head and pulled at his legs, wanting them up on the couch.

He quickly obliged, his hardened cock bouncing as he moved over. He was now lying on the couch, his legs spread wide as I knelt between them. My head descended again, and I engulfed his cock with my mouth. I slid my lips down the entire length of the cock until the cockhead was in my throat and his balls were up against my lips.

He moaned and humped up reflexively. I slid my hands under him and cupped his soft buttocks, squeezing them in my fingers. My mouth bobbed up and down on his cock, soaking it in spit. Then he grabbed at my head and pushed me down all the way.

I felt his cock twitching and throbbing in my mouth, and he poured sperm down my gullet. I pulled upward, wanting the juice in my mouth so I could taste it better. My mouth continued to work on him.

My tongue sizzled as it danced up and down and around his cock.It made obscene sounds as I suckled on his softening cock. I pushed a finger against his asshole and plunged it inside to the knuckle. Jimmie gasped in astonishment and pleasure. His cock began to harden rapidly.

I raised my head and smiled at him. I got off the couch and stood in front of him posing provocatively. My hands slid down my sides to my pants and then around to my belly. I rubbed my belly slowly, then slid a hand to the catch of my pants and popped it open.

I slowly slid my hand down inside the front of my pants till it was against my cunt. I squeezed it gently and then began to rub up and down on my clitty. My eyes closed slightly and my body swayed as my hand slid up and down my pussy.

I pushed a finger inside my slit as I rubbed myself. Jimmie just sat there staring wide eyed, like a kid who'd just seen Santa Claus. My pants slid slowly down my legs, exposing my bald cunt and hand. There was another chair facing his and I backed up and slid into it.

I was practically lying on my back, my legs spread way wide over the arms of the sofa chair. My hand slid up and down my pussy slit. I buried another finger inside, and then a third. Jimmie gaped as I slid the three in and out slowly began to finger fuck myself.

My other hand rubbed over my boobs. I looked up at Jimmie and panted, giving him a desperate look. As if in a trance he rose and padded over to stand above me. I grunted and humped against my fingers as my first cum approached.

I threw back my head and moaned long and low, shoving my three fingers deep inside my pussy slot and squishing my tits between my arms and hand. My eyes closed as a dizzying array of multicolored lights blazed against my eyelids.

When I calmed a little I opened my eyes to see Jimmie still standing next to the chair, gawking down at me. I spread my arms wide in open invitation, and he fell forward against me. His hard cock stabbed into my belly as his mouth and hands raced desperately over my body.

I grabbed his rock hard cock in my hand and placed it against my moist cunt opening, then pushed my groin up. The feeling of his cockhead going inside me made JImmie cry in delight. He pushed his hips down and his cock slid softly into my sucking cunt sheath.

When he was buried in me, I threw my legs and arms around him, holding him tight as we kissed savagely. Then I began humping against him, squeezing him with my legs. He started pumping down, and his cock slid in and out of my fuck box.

His hands caressed my ass and squeezed my buttocks as I did the same to him. He pulled my groin up against him to meet his fierce thrusts. I whimpered as the buildup of sexual energy rose higher in my body, overwhelming my senses with its carnal sensuality and electric flickering shocks.

I came with a shuddering groan, burying my face into his neck as he pumped away at me. His balls slapped at my ass cheeks as he fucked away wildly. I came again. His lips chewed and bit on my titties, his hand squeezed and kneaded my ass cheeks. His finger slid into my asshole and wiggled around. I came again.

My cunt mound was a burning throbbing insatiable pit. My vice like tunnel crushed his prong, squeezing cum juices from it.

I pushed him off and scrambled around on the chair, kneeling on it and showing him my ass. He gave a low cry and thrust his cockrod up my pussy from behind. My legs slipped off the chair and I stood bent way over, my hands on the chair arms holding me up as Jimmie slammed his groin into my crotch.

His arms went around me and hugged me in a solid bear hug as he jammed his cock all the way up my pussy and spewed his cock juice inside my belly. I came again, and collapsed forward onto the chair.

Needless to say, I became sort of popular around school, at least with the boys. Most of the girls wouldn't be seen near me. It wasn't just that they thought I was a slut. I had also gotten around about how I swung both ways. I hadn't exactly made a secret about that.

Several girls had walked into the girl's room to find me and Amy Cooper locked in a passionate embrace. One of my hands was inside her panties and had pushed her skirt way up over her belly. It wasn't possible to deny anything about that incident,and I actually couldn't be bothered trying.

I kind of liked my slutty reputation. It made life interesting.

Amy, of course, was now in the same boat as me. She was a real shy girl, who was scared stiff of boys. She wore these long, sombre dresses around, and jumped whenever anybody spoke to her. If that somebody was a boy,she turned seven shades of red and stuttered in reply.

What the girls had seen in the bathroom was really just another of my come-ons which the little ninny had been too timid to resist. She hadn't actually been doing anything but mumbling protests and trying to shove me away without making me mad.

Once it got all over the school that she was a dyke, nobody would talk to her, and the girls gave her nasty little looks and vicious comments whenever she passed them.

I felt sort of responsible for that, and tried to take her under my wing. One day I walked her home from school. It was a nice warm sunny day, and I detoured us through the Markham woods. I knew she didn't really want to be near me. She reddened up every time she saw me. I practically had to hold her arm as we walked, to stop her from fleeing.

Anyway I got to feeling horny as we walked along the old dirt road. Amy walked along with her head mostly pointed toward the ground, and she sure wasn't any conversationalist. My mind wandered, and with me, whenever my mind wanders, you can be sure there's something sexy there.

I got to sneaking little peeks at her as we walked, trying to figure out what she looked like under those old grannie clothes she wore.

She had a nice, heart shaped face, with dark, reddish hair that curled down over her shoulders. She was a bit skinny, but not as skinny as me.

We left the road to shortcut through a tall field of grass and the thought just hit me to have sex with Amy right then and there. I knew I was acting kind of like a bully. Amy was actually bigger, and a little older than me, but she was so shy and timid, a five year old could order her around.. I knew I could do what I wanted with her, and I wanted to eat her out, to see if I could make her cum.

My eyes narrowed and a wicked smile appeared on my face. If Amy had been looking at me she surely would have wondered...




******************************************** Copyright 1990 All rights reserved ******************************************** If there's any nasty thing a girl can do it's in this story. Our heroine is a young farm girl mad for sex. She gets it, and is punished for it by a variety of people including mom and dad. This may be the only story ever to appear on a.s.s. in which a girl is gang raped by a pack of dogs... and loves it. ****************************************

Part Eight By Dark Dreamer

Subtlety would be of no use whatsoever. I just stopped short, grabbed her arm, and pulled her against me face to face. Her head looked up from the ground, like a startled doe. She tried to back away, but my arms slid around her and pulled her tight.

My lips locked around her's as my hand grabbed a fistful of her hair and jammed our faces together. Amy's arms came up and folded protectively over her chest, as if she didn't know what else tod o with them. Her head tried to move away, her lips to break free.

I could see her wide desperate eyes staring at me as my other hand slid down her back and over her ass. My hand slid up her back, popping the buttons open as it went. Amy trembled and murmured little complaints and protests as my hands grabbed the two sides of the opened back and pulled them apart, yanking the dress down to her waist as her hand scrambled madly for it.

She was wearing a full slip underneath the old dress, and I grabbed the shoulder straps as she fumbled for her dress, pulling them apart and down so the top of the slip came down to her waist. She seemed to recoil in shock at having her breasts exposed.

She gasped in embarrassment and folded her arms in front of her boobs again. I took the opportunity to jerk the dress and slip, along with her panties down over her hips to her feet.

Amy was shivering and little tears of frustration and humiliation slid from her eyes. I hugged her against me, sliding my hands up and down her ass, squeezing her buttocks repeatedly. I slid a hand down the center of her ass crack, down past her anus and between her legs to cup her little furry cunt mound from behind.

I pulled her to the ground and lay atop her, kissing and sucking at her mouth, darting my tongue in and out past her lips. The poor girl didn't know what to do. Her hands batted feebly at me now and then and her mouth whimpered little pleas.

I licked a trail down her neck to her titties. She actually had nice little titties. They were small and cone shaped, with hard, pointy little nipples. I sucked at them as I squeezed and rubbed my hands over the tender flesh.

My mouth trailed down over her stomach, past her abdomen and through a thin little covering of reddish brown hair to reach her juicy pussy slit. I forced her legs apart and pushed my face into her crotch, digging my tongue into the slit, and sliding it up and down the length.

I squeezed and kneaded the flesh of her buttocks as she lay there sniffling helplessly. My mouth worked over her pussy, licking, sucking chewing, massaging. I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth like a cock. I bit gently on it, bringing a short cry of fear from her.

My tongue rasped back and forth over the little bud. Despite her fear it hardened rapidly. My tongue slid down and into her slit, and I pushed it as far inside as I could get it.

As I worked away on her, I gradually became aware of the growing taste of girljuice as her pussy reacted to my manipulation. Amy just kind of laid there in numbed shock. I wondered if she had ever even jerked off before.

I slid a single finger inside her tight slit, and felt her cunt tube squeeze half the blood out of the finger. Amy shivered, and her legs twitched briefly as I dug my finger deeper inside her. I felt her cherry inside and grinned to myself. I wished I had one of my dildos with me.

I started sliding the finger in and out of her, rubbing it against the clit with each stroke. My tongue continued to lick along the slit and flick up and down on her red little clitty. I felt her cunt twitching around my finger every time I touched that clitty.

I looked up the length of her body to find her face staring up at the sky. Her mouth gaped open and a look of astonishment was on her face. Her arms had flopped back onto the fence above her head and she now seemed unconscious of her nudity as a new and baffling series of sensations started to well up within her.

I grabbed her clit between two fingers and squeezed it tightly. She groaned and her hips rocked up against me. My fingers flew in and out of her fuck box. My tongue danced on her clitty and my teeth chattered as they nipped and chewed on her pussy lips.

Amy gulped and whimpered as her body reacted with surges of passionate heat. Her whole body seemed to tense up, and then she writhed back and forth helplessly on the grass as my mouth sucked glistening pussy juice out of her.

I stood up and quickly shed my clothes as she sprawled there gasping for breath. Her face looked amazed and confounded by the sensations that had swept through her. She looked up at me with disbelief as I stood naked over her. Then I settled down, squatting over her face.

"Lick me Amy," I ordered her. "Suck me off." I pushed my damp pussy against her face, rubbing my clitty against her nose. Her hands came up defensively, as if to push me off, but then jerked back as if burned when they encountered my soft ripe ass cheeks.

I reached back and grabbed one of her firm little tits, squeezing and twisting it ruthlessly. Amy cried out in pain and shock. "Suck me off you little bitch!" I ordered, rubbing myself over her face.

Her tongue came out and made a tentative lick over my pussy mound. I squeezed her tit again, and she licked harder. Soon she was licking desperately at my cunt slit. I squatted there, occasionally humping against her, now and then twisting on her titties when her enthusiasm waned..

I enjoyed being the one in charge for a change, enjoyed using her as I was used by my parents and others. I wiped my pussy back and forth against her face as the heat built higher in my pussy. I turned to face her feet and bent forward, putting my face against her pussy, and starting to lick and suck her again.

I was a much better cunt licker than her, I guess, or else she was just hotter. She really started creaming on me. I licked up what seemed like gallons of cunt juice that seeped and drooled past her pussy lips. Her mouth was working much faster against my own cunt mound now.

As her body began to jerk spasmodically against me, I felt her hands on my ass, pulling me down tighter. I jammed two fingers into her cunt and raped them back and forth, banging against her cherry with each thrust. Amy's legs were jerking and flopping up and down with sharp little movements,m like fish out of water. I heard a muffled wailing against my cunt and figured she had come again.

We continued to eat each other there in the grass. It was a glorious, free feeling of natural lust. My cunt was raw and blinding sensations of ecstasy shot up into my belly and chest as I started to cum.

My fingers in her twat, rammed deeper and harder inside her and then suddenly her cherry popped and my fingers drove all the way inside her to the knuckles. Amy and I both cried out as we came simultaneously.

Searing bolts of sexual shock ripped through my guts as I spewed my fuck water down into her face. My mouth slurped up her own juices as I felt her tongue racing up and down my cunt slit.

When we were done, I lay next to her on the grass, our arms around each other, occasionally stroking each others breasts or faces.. Amy had in fact never jerked off at all, she'd been isolated, with no friends, and handn't even heard of such a thing. She turned out to be a reasonably nice girl, once you got her talking. Unfortunately, even then, she remained as timid as a fawn.

The next day I brought her home with me. We were hardly inside my room with the door closed when I pulled my clothes off and turned to her. She looked alarmed and drew back.

"What if your parents come up?" she breathed.

"They won't," I assured her. "Anyway I want you to try on some of my clothes.

I got naked and dressed her in a nice pair of white cords and a green shirt. She looked like a whole other person. I let her try on some of my sexy lingerie and she marvelled at the lacy bikinis and teddies.

"Your parents let you buy these?" she asked, doubtfully. She was wearing a thin, lacy black g-string and a bra that barely covered her nipples. I was naked. I laughed in response.

My father bought me most of this stuff." I assured her.

Her mouth opened in surprise, but I moved forward just then and kissed her passionately. She seemed to melt into my arms as I hugged her against me. My hands slid down her back and over her ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly. She returned my kisses with surprising passion, and soon she was as naked as I, and we fell into my bed.

We each tongued each other to a cum, and I grabbed up my dildo from the nightstand drawer and started to push it inside her. She looked down at the rubber cock with astonishment in her face, and then hissed and threw her head back as I shoved it several inches deep into her twat.

I began sliding the cock in and out of her, pushing down harder with each stroke to push the cock deeper inside her cunt box. She moaned in pain and pleasure as her pussy hole was widened and lengthened. I jumped out of bed and strapped on a long black rubber cock. It was the one my Mom liked to use on me. It fit right over my own cunt and stuck out like a cock.

I jumped on top of her and pulled the other dildo out of her shining cunt mouth. I settled onto her body and pushed the end of the cock against her slit. I humped my body up and then slowly lowered it so the cock slid down inside her.

She groaned and squirmed against me as the cock went deeper and deeper. Our lips locked together and I started fucking her in earnest, grinding my fake cock down against her, twisting and jerking it sideways and up and down inside her.

My ass rose and fell as I fucked her little virgin twat with my rubber cock. Her legs were wide apart and her cunt humped up against me as she soared through a climax.

My Dad walked in just about then and watched with interest. Then he moved over and jerked me off her. He dropped his pants as Amy looked blearily up, her mind in a near stupor.

My Dad got on top of the girl and pulled her legs up onto his shoulders. In a second his cock was right against her cunt slit, and then he lunged forward and drove it all the way down into her belly with one furious stroke.

Amy cried out in pain as he rode her. As was usual with him, he showed little interest in anyone's pleasure but his own. He rutted and humped down into her like she was a mindless fuck animal. He grabbed Amy's hips in his big hands and jerked the lightweight girl up and down against his cock.

I could see her cunt juices glistening along the entire length of his fat fuckmeat as he plunged the thing down her tight little tunnel repeatedly. Amy was making strangled gasps and moans as my Dad reamed her out. She whimpered in confusion and pain as my Dad skewered her near virgin pussy.

His fat prick ripped in and out of her little red twat furiously. He shoved her legs way back, so her ankles were up near her face, and started driving his shaft down her tube with long rapid thrusts. He held his body in the air, supported by his feet and hands, only his cock touching her as his hips pumped up and down.

Amy was practically bent in two as my Father rode her and crammed his fuck pole down into her guts. She gasped and grunted as she came, Her eyes closed and her arms jerked and flopped on the bed. Within seconds my Dad came too, pouring his gushing fuck juice down her tight little cunt tube.

He got up off her and pulled his pants up nonchalantly. "Nice little fuck," he said to me, as he passed me and went out. Amy lay spreadeagled on the bed, astounded by what had just happened.

Before long Amy was hanging around with me all the time. She got to be like my shadow. I managed to get her to change the way she dressed so she was more like everybody else, but no matter what I said, she still remained timid and shy around almost everybody but me.

She never really got used to the group I ran with around school For the most part they were a pretty sleazy lot anyway. There was Jackie Price, Mark Mcguire, Paul Simmons, John Denton, and Phil Jeffries. The only girls were me, Jackie's sister Susan, and now Amy.

Susan was known to be the biggest slut in school, aside from me that is. She had straight blonde hair, and huge fat tits. Her brother was an asshole who liked to bully smaller kids, but he had a huge cock, so I put up with him. Mark and Phil had just returned to school from a juvenile detention center, they'd raped a girl in the gym a few months ago.

During lunch and free periods, we would wander around the yard talking and smoking. The favourite game was touchy feely. The guys would see how much the girls would let them get away with right there with people all around.

I didn't care much. If one or another of them wanted to stick their hands down my pants or up my shirt, that didn't bother me. Susan would or wouldn't let them feel her up, depending on what kind of mood she was in.

Amy turned out to be a delight to them. It embarrassed the hell out of her even to have one of them touch her, let alone when anyone was nearby. Mark or Phil in particular, found it hilarious to wait until a group of kids was passing nearby, and then stand behind her and throw their arms around her.

They would shove their faces into the nape of her neck and kiss and bite her there, while squeezing and mashing her titties openly so the kids passing could hardly miss it. Amy would always try feebly to move away and stutter something inaudible.

One time while we were sitting on the front stairs of the school, Phil stuck his hand right down the front of Amy's pants and squeezed and rubbed her as everyone was going in and out. He kept at it for at least five minutes while goggle-eyed boys and icy faced girls walked past.

Another time John managed to undo the ties on her halter and pull the whole thing off, leaving her topless right there in the schoolyard. She kind of sat there bewildered and embarrassed, her arms crossed in front of her, and her whole body turning red with embarrassment. Me and Susan had to chase him down and tear the halter away from him.

At lunch one day, me and Amy were sitting on a kind of ledge in the yard. It was a foot or so deep and had a steel fence running along the back of it. The guys were standing around talking an shooting the shit. Jackie moved over against Amy, pushing himself between her legs as they hung down.

The ledge was just the right height for him to kiss and fondle her without having to even bend over. The rest of us mostly ignored them as Jackie kind of pushed her legs apart and dry humped against her. His lips were sucking on her s as his tongue slid in and out of her mouth.

He pushed her legs further apart, and raised them up so her feet were on the ledge on either side of her. This started to create some interest, mainly because Amy was only wearing a dress with a short skirt, and nothing underneath.

That hadn't been her idea of course. Phil had wrestled her to the ground on the way to school and yanked them off. Him and Paul played catch with them which unfortunately ended in the panties falling in a pool of oily muck.

Amy had been walking around school like she had eggs in her shoes, afraid of a stay breeze or something. The only thing she had to worry about were the guys of course. They took every opportunity to grab at her skirt.

During a class change, paul had snuck up behind her and yanked her skirt up from behind so it was up above her waist. The hallway was crowed with kids at the time and a lot of them had gotten a nice eyeful of her naked pussy and ass.

Now, as Jackie humped against her, the skirt was pushed u to her waist and covered nothing at all. Amy kept glancing around apprehensively, afraid someone other than us would see her wide open pussy and asshole. She wasn't even happy about us seeing it, she was always embarrassed about showing her self to anybody.

Jackie humped slowly against her, his hands slid up and down her thighs, and over her pussy. I saw him thrust a finger inside her, and Amy groaned and looked around again anxiously.

Jackie suddenly grabbed the edges of the dress, and pulled up hard. He pulled the whole loose dress up over the startled girl's chest and past her fumbling arms before she could react. Now she was naked except for a little white bra, and Jackie pulled that off next.

"Hey! Are you nuts man?" Mark hissed.

"You're gonna get us all expelled asshole!" Phil exclaimed.

"Just take it easy." he replied easily.

He pulled his cock out of his zipper and pushed the fat head up against Amy's pussy slit. Before she or anyone else could say or do anything, he had thrust his hot erection deep into her guts.

Amy was helpless to do anything about the sudden fucking. She was naked, and pushed up against the fence. She was too timid to even curse at him as he held her there and thrust himself in and out of her box. We all tried to pull closer together so nobody passing by would see them.

Unfortunately, there were kids passing on the other side of the fence too, and it was pretty damned obvious to them what was happening. Jackie thrust his whole body against the naked girl as she sat, split open on the ledge. His body crushed her back into the fence, which gave and then bounced her forward again, accelerating his fucking.

His hands were on her legs, holding them up and apart as his cock rutted into her. Amy hated this, but her body responded nevertheless. We could all see the heat rush to the surface of her body. her breasts swelled, and her nipples hardened as Jackie skewered her.

Her arms slid up above her head, her fingers latching through the fence and using it for support. Jackie ignored everyone and continued to thrust his cock in and out of the girl. She was practically hanging from the fence as his hands shoved her legs so far apart and up that he lifted her assn off the ledge.

Then she came and collapsed against him, her arms going around his shoulders and her face digging into his neck as his humping movements threw her back and forth with him, and his cock churned into her pussy slit.

He groaned and jabbed his cock deep into her belly, spewing his cum into her.

To top that off, he and the guys ran off with her dress. Susan thought that was a laugh riot and I had to hide the mortified girl in a bush until I could chase them down and get the thing back.

Of course my dad continued to fuck me every single night. Sometimes I brought Susan and Amy over and he would fuck all of us, and watch us do each other. Susan loved that. He liked Amy most of all, because of how timid and obedient she was.

A couple of months after he'd first fucked her, he had her leave home and move in with us. Her parents didn't mind since they were poor and really crowded. I liked it too. My Dad took out most of his Sadistic sexual energy on Amy, leaving me relatively free of the beatings and such.

I felt a little guilty about it though, especially when My Dad put her out in the yard like he'd done to me. I wasn't allowed out there but I watched as my Dad tied her across a low fence post and led the dogs up behind her. They screwed her for hours.

Sometimes the guys would come by and watch. They got a real kick out of the way my Dad would fuck Amy so hard her teeth would chatter. We had a few orgies with them. My Mom liked those more than me. None of the guys was surprised that my Dad and Mom were fucking me. Susan and her brother fucked all the time after all.

Sometimes my Dad would give me or Amy to friends of his. Sometimes he'd use us to pay bills or pay off favours. That sucked, because his friends were usually ugly and gross. I hated fucking these dirty, ugly old guys.

One time me and Amy had to put on a show. My Dad and his friends all gathered around while we licked and sucked on each other. We did a sixty nine for them, and then we used dildos and vibrators on each other.

Of course all his friends had to fuck us both afterwards. I found out later he'd charged them for it. That made me mad, not because it made me a whore, but because I didn't get any. I figured if anyone was gonna get money from fucking me, it should be me.

I decided to make my own money then. I hung around the old guys in town and waved my ass at them. There were a lot of men more than ready to pay for the privilege of fucking my tender little cuntbox.

When I had enough money, I moved out. My Dad was furious, but I took off before he knew what was happening. He probably took it out on Amy. I didn't care. I was free of him and that lousy little town. I moved into a nice apartment in the city.

For me it's was the perfect life now. I fuck all day and half the night, and get paid a fortune for it. Some of the guys are gross, but I come every time anyway. What kind of job besides whoring would pay so much and let you cum twenty or thirty times a day?

Maybe someday I'll go back home in a limousine and see how My Dad and Mom and Amy are doing.

The End

Title: Farm Girl • Author: Dark Dreamer (an84561@anon.penet.fi) • Published by Planetsexstories.org 2000-2004