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Subject: [TG] The Shopping Trip Pt.3

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The Shopping trip Pt.3

By Roberta

Thinking to herself as where to go next it suddenly dawned on her she
needed to grab some lunch otherwise she'd miss out on any potential fun
later that evening. Strolling through the food court, looking at all the
different dishes available, Roberta couldn't make her mind up what to
have. Not until she spotted the most gorgeous boy she'd seen in a long time
staring at her whilst serving at the sushi bar did she decide.

Taking a seat at the table she picked up the menu and started to
peruse. Hmmm what to have she thought to herself, when suddenly she heard a
sound, and glancing up over the card saw her waiter standing patiently
across the table. He then proceeded to go into his usual patter reciting
the specials of the day and what dishes were available, but before he could
finish Roberta leaned forward and in a hushed and sultry voice said "and do
you Come with any of these". The boy was taken aback and started to blush
whilst spluttering his words incoherently.

Roberta raised a finger to her lips to silence the boy and then said she
would have the days special. The boy walked back to the display counter and
started to prepare Roberta's food but kept looking back at her
nervously. When he returned to her table with her food she asked "why do
you keep staring at me" to which he replied he thought she was the most
beautiful woman he had ever seen. Roberta thanked him and gave him a big

Throughout her meal every time she looked up she would catch him staring
only to quickly look away with embarrassment. Finishing her meal she pushed
the plate away and took out her lipstick and compact as the waiter
reappeared to remove her empty plate. He stood watching her as she finished
re-applying her makeup with a look that Roberta instantly recognised. "I
could make you look as beautiful as me".

Pardon he replied

"I could make you look as beautiful as me" I know you are interested?

The boy looked bewildered but managed to say "how do you mean"

Roberta explained that she could make him as pretty as her and that when
she'd finish all the boys and some of the girls would be dying to go on a
date with him.

The boy looked at her carefully and then said " would anyone recognise me
when you'd done it"

"That would depend on whether you wanted them to or not" Roberta replied,
and with that she rose and walked over to the till.

The boy gave the receipt to Roberta and as he did so she held his hand
gently and said give me a call if you decide to take up my offer, she then
gave him a small black card with her name and number, and as the boy
slipped it into his wallet she knew he'd call soon.

Walking back through the mall Roberta window shopped popping into one or
two stores to get a better look at the dresses on display but nothing
really caught her eye so she decided to call it a day and drive home via
her local market as there were some groceries she needed.

Roberta pulled into the parking bay in front of the Mini Mart, grabbed her
purse and walked into the store, returning 15 mins later with couple of
full grocery bags. Whilst she was putting them in the boot of her car she
noticed Charlie her neighbour coming out of the store next to the Mini Mart
looking rather furtive and carrying a large crate. He didn't see her and
sped off once he'd put the box into the back of his truck.

Roberta was intrigued as to what was in the box so walked over to the store
get an idea what he might have bought. The store front had blackened
windows and as she got closer she noticed the adults only sign in the
corner of the door. Intrigued even more she pushed open the door and
stepped inside.

Wandering the isles she knew there would be some fun to be had in the
booths at the back. Roberta shook her hair and walked passed two guys
asking aloud "are there any nice men who can show me how the booths work".

 Two minutes later Roberta was on her knees sucking a lovely fat cocked guy
whilst two others played with her tits as she wanked them. As things
progressed she felt someone behind her slipping their hand under her
skirt. "Blimey she's a fuckin trannie" he called and removed his
hand. "Just fucking enjoy her mate" the guy receiving the blowjob said and
pushed his cock further down her throat.

Pulling back Roberta turned her head and said loudly "I'm not a fuckin
trannie, I'm a high class shemale, this body cost a lot of time and money
to get to looking this good, so if you want a great fuck get back on you
knees and fill me up"

Returning to the blowjob guy Roberta took his cock all the way in and
started bobbing up and down. She knew he wouldn't take long and neither
would the other two cocks.

Suddenly she felt a palm full of cold lube slapped on her arse followed by
a cock thrust in without any finesse, and as they got their rhythm she was
spit roasted back and fourth on their cocks. Without any warning her mouth
started to fill with warm cum followed seconds later with an arseful of the
same. Once the guys dismounted another pair took their places and the fun
started over again, with each couple filling Roberta up until all the guys
where finished and soft.

Just as Roberta thought it was over for the day she got the surprise of her
life when a well know couple came in. They took one look and the next thing
Roberta knew she had the husband's 10" cock down her throat and the wife's
12" strap-on up her arse.

With everyone cheering them on the husband and wife rode Roberta like their
lives depended on it swapping back and fourth. Roberta sensed that the
woman was near to coming so un-strapped the harness and started licking and
sucking on her clitoris and pussyfoot lips, whilst her husband ploughed
away behind them. "Argh mmmmmm" the woman cried and started cumming violent
on Roberta's face smearing her sticky juices all over her nose, mouth and

Seeing his wife orgasm was enough and the husband started pumping load
after load after load into Roberta's already full colon, which in turn
caused Roberta to start spasming and cumming un-assisted.

Roberta lay there with a slowly shrinking cock in her arse feeling used and
degraded but at the same time euphoric from the experience.

Everyone started to clear out, leaving Roberta and the couple to finish up,
the husband leaving his cock in till the last possible moment whilst his
wife cleaned the little remaining juices from her pussy before slipping on
her knickers, then just as he removed his cock from her she felt something
else pushed into her gaping arse, "What the" was all she said before being
silenced with a lovely wet kiss. "I've plugged you so you can enjoy all
that cum swilling around as you drive home now, we don't want it leaking
out on you car seats do we".

Roberta re-dressed and started to leave the bookstore, but as she was about
to leave the assistant called her over and said "we recorded you fun this
afternoon and here is a copy of the disc, its not often we get a girl like
you, you took on 63 men and 1 woman and from the looks of the booth you
didn't spill a drop".

With a pleased smile on her face Roberta walked somewhat gingerly to the
exit, but just as she was about to go out she called back "what was in that
large crate the guy took out just before I arrived". "Special order from" he called back.

Roberta climbed into her car ready for her drive home feeling somewhat
bloated, and as she drove out over the speed bump her lunch repeated on her
only to be reminded of her strong cum breath and the almost 2 pints of cum
inside her.

To be continue.