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While I would be thrilled for this to be true it isn't.

Jian 13           < or My Bangkok Days 13 >

We strolled across the road Jian was brushing her hair Lawan sitting on
Jian's bed chatting, "Eat?"

A chorus of yeses we dressed short shorts little tops Reyna's shorts were
bigger than mine this time we giggled about it, "Has anyone seen Eve?"

Jian said she thought Ang sent to a trick in a hotel last night, "He told
me she is to move in today up next to Reyna."

Holding hands the group wandered to Junky's they cooked us eggs we laughed
gossiped generally had a good time we took our pills on the way back we
turned left crossed the river to a little park sitting on the grass we had

Reyna told us that John her special friend might be able to advise us he
was smart had been around Bangkok for a long time Jian let them know about
Toby the South African I would talk to him tonight Reyna would call John to
come to the club.


Everyone agreed that some strange things had happened and all were glad
that we could try to find out more. Jian reminded us that Ang and Heng
could do things if they found out, "So we have to be very secret OK."

I walked back with Jian the others behind us, "Toby seems ok he is away
from family five months very horny he has gone with girls not like us."

"We will see tonight if he can help. You want to fuck me? I'd love your
cock in my mouth."

Jian hugged me, "Yes let us fuck!"

At the top of the stairs we waited for Reyna and Lawan, "You girls want to
play with us," I asked like a little girl.

They all giggled we stripped plied onto Jian's bed Jian's cock searching
for my tonsils Reyna doing the same to Lawan. Lawan and I held hands as we
sucked cock we shared back and forth enjoying both hard-ons. Jian gave me
the lube I got us both slippery we kissed laying on our backs getting
mounted rigid girl cocks plowing our pussies.

"Reyna let us change soon, "Jian fucking me smiled, "Lawan's pussy is good
I want some."

Lawan kissed me, "OK I like that."

The next hour was a fuck fest Reyna really screwed me good driving her fine
big dick in fully Jian's small body riding me so nice.  Lawan sixty-nined
with me we were pussy fucked Reyna and Jian they moved over us exchanging
places many times so much fun to eat pussyass suck clitstick get balled all
at once. Jian pulled me onto my back I opened my legs she settled into me
easy thrust, "Jian I love you," whispered into her ear those pearly titties
pressed on me. She bit my neck holding me tight as she worked up speed her
pelvis crashed on mine stroke after stroke she was close, "Cum in my
pussy," I breathed beside her head. Jian responded with moan spurts of cum
short popping jabs finally resting on me. I enveloped her small body
caressing this Thai lady I loved so much.

Reyna's orgasm in Lawan was louder longer ending the same two warm bodies

We all petted each other Jian's cock found its way to my mouth Lawan
gobbled Reyna we dashed to the showers splashed a lot of water about washed
each other I was drying Jian's hair, "Want to wander in the shops Lawan
told me about a place that has nice dresses?"

Jian said yes muffled by the towel Lawan looked over, "Noi has pretty

We agreed to go I was fixing my hair Reyna sat behind me, "Fay you have
cute butt."

I laughed she had said it so deadpan a least for me she grinned, "I make
joke right?"

She got a kissed cheek, "Yes pretty funny."

Like schoolgirls we giggled down the stairs all of us had on short shorts
skimpy tops swinging along together to the high street.

Noi's had cute dresses and skirts I found a halter-top dress black gold
piping mid-thigh the top a small sweep of cloth silk soooo nice used some
of Hiro's money to buy it. We all got a few things several hours of trying
on comparing have a great time.

Noi was a pretty petite lady about Jian's size she her mother her sister
did the sewing it was a wonderful time Noi obviously liked having us and
our money but we were fun.

I also bought a dress that looked like a sculptured man's shirt light blue
made my eyes more green short hem above mid-thigh long sleeved added a navy
blue belt.

We wandered down the road looking in windows Jian stopped with me at a
jewelry store nice earrings bracelets the storekeeper motioned us in he
looked at my belly ring and chains took the disk in his long brown fingers,
"So Heng I know him."

Jian was leaning over a small box behind me, "My name Aun you like," he
held up the bracelet I had been staring at slender gold wires twisted four
strands gold balls closing the ends, "I make you good price."

His brown fingers lightly caressed my belly, "Pretty girl needs to look

He leered at me two of those fingers in my waistband tugged at me, "You

I nodded my head he had big smirk smile, "I give you big discount I suck

"Jian you should come over here."

I got her to explain in Thai my changes he seemed very disappointed I held
Jian's waist, "Tell him you have what he wants."

"What discount? I like these," she had a lovely earring set of jade in her

He looked at them I held up the bracelet he mulled it over, "One thousand
baht each."

Jian shook her head, "No one thousand for both."

He looked hard at her she shifted her hips gave him a jolt, "Ok one

He backed up to a curtained doorway, "You watch," sticking a finger out at

He knelt in the backroom Jian took off her shorts and bikini panties he put
out his hand for the underwear sniffed her panty crotch had a blissful
look. He sucked Jian he knew what to do her pelvis thrust forward driving
her cock he accommodated it without pause.  He was a good cocksucker lots
of tongue on her gorgeous balls he got her blood going. As he gobbled her I
kept an eye on the front fortunately for all Jian came before any customers
she spurt several times he held on slurping tonguing his face showed he
savored the load.

We paid him he smiled and was smiling as we walked out down the street
glancing around for Reyna and Lawan.

We stopped for an iced coffee I put on the bracelet Jian's earrings
beautiful old jade seemed to glow against her skin she gave me a big hug,
"Good trade yes?"

"You did the work I'm certainly happy."

We sat in the sun warm not too hot I saw a shop with sunglasses, "Let me
buy you a pair of shades!"

She didn't understand but caught on as I dragged her to the store I got
some wayfarers black blue lens put them on her Great! Some wire rims for me
round blue glass lens we were two sexy mamas I paid the lady she said
something to Jian, "She likes your hair."

I squeezed her shop lady's hand we were back in the road Lawan waving to us
from a block away we met her on the corner, "Reyna's fucking a man in there
she will done soon."

I told her about our discount she gave Jian a little you're a bad girl slap
on the hand, "How did Reyna get started."

"She knows him he has been a visitor we saw him he spoke to her she laughed
he gave her some bahts said she was going to fuck him quick."

"Speak of the devil how are you?"

Reyna laughed, "He licked me clean like a cat."

Jian gave her a rundown on our shopping we headed for the apartment house
still gazing in shops buying a few things nail polish remover comb girl

Kaki Dr. Thannet's nurse came out of his office we hugged, "You look nice."

"Thanks I feel good."

"Are you locked back now?"

"Yes you want to see?"

"Can I? please come in show me."

We all went into an exam room I took off my shorts and panty sat on the
table lifted my legs, "OH Fay it looks great so pretty I am happy for you."

She lightly kissed my clitstick her small hand caressed my flattened old
sex, "I am not locked back I wish I could be my lover likes me loose."

Reyna ran her hand between Kaki's thighs, "Let me see you."

Kaki took off her scrub pants and undies Reyna stroked her clitstick I slid
from the table knelt in front of her Reyna held the cock up I licked the
head tongued down the soft shaft. Mmmm I worked her cock Reyna's hands were
under Kaki's top Jian came over petting Kaki licking kissing parts of her I
shared the cock with Lawan. We all had fun for fifteen or twenty minutes
Kaki had to some repairs before she could go out again I held her, "I would
like to do more some time."

She agreed told me to please come to visit next week the group continued on
to the apartment house Lawan and Reyna were having visitors tonight Jian
was going to be at the club with me.

"Is Eve here?" I asked. We went upstairs no Eve.

Jian split some noodles and fish balls with me in my room we dressed me a
white sleeveless blouse with collar and gold buttons but only two
buttonholes near the bottom that stopped inches above my belly button black
pleated skirt that rode my hips black stockings with elastic tops they
ended several inches below my skirt hem black heels the new gold braided
bracelet that matched very well with my belly chains.

"Fay you look very fine."

Jian had on a black sleeve-less vest one gold frog closure lots of skin
downward to black slacks that clung to her hips barely gold spike heels.

We were killers all right.

The club was busy noisy we worked the end of the bar as usual where Ang
liked to keep his t-girls at eight-thirty Toby came in he made a bee-line
for our end of the bar plopped his big arse on a stool. He gave me a good
looking over, "You are Fay?"

I nodded asked what he would like, "Jack Daniel's and beer chaser."

South African maybe by way of the US somewhere he put away the whiskey fast
the beer went down like there was a sieve in the glass. He waved me in for
another he hopped over several stools to the last when I put the drinks in
front of him he took my hand, "Are you mad about the other night?"

"No you just went a bit far too fast."

The Jack's was gone again oohh I wanted to talk to this guy sober not
sloshed, "Another whiskey please Fay."

He left a nice tip turned around in the stool spun back to the bar, "Jian
said last night you wanted to talk to me."

"Yes can we go sit?"

He gathered his drinks I waved to Jian she nodded I led Toby to a booth we
sat at the back, "I know what goes on back here."

I asked him if he could advise me for a friend about a possible police
matter, "Jian said you do something like that at your embassy."

"I do but I would like to hear some particulars before I say whether I can
help or not tell me a bit."

I gave him a simplified version without names made it seem like the people
were still employed by the various companies or the government he put his
left arm around my shoulders leaned in closer as I went on.

"Fay you are talking about espionage by foreign and domestic individuals it
is something for the Thai government."

"Toby ....," I wanted to go past the pseudonyms he began petting me big
fingers on the hand in my blouse the right hand stroking my crotch, "Toby
I'm a kathoey a ladyboy."

He kissed my cheek, "I know I have never done anything with one before I
want to tonight."

He took off my panties caressed my old sex finger playing a tune on my
pussy, "Nice skin Fay please let me finish."

I was naked his mouth on mine hands all over me I was flipped onto my back
gawd he is strong just lifting like a small bag of potatoes he stuck his
tongue in my pussy.

MMMmmm, "Toby that's nice please go in further."

He gobbled away on me slurping my crack eating me, "Fay you want my cock?"

"Yes fuck me Toby.'

I was interested given the size of his fingers I also wanted him happy and
sober he opened the shirt big hairy chest warm skin pants down I held a
monster, "Oh god Toby go slow please!"

He laughed his prick was too wide for my hand to encircle longer than any
other I had encountered cut large rounded head very sensitive he jumped at
my touch.

"Fuck me slow and good!"

Toby kissed me laid his big body on mine lined up that rocket began
entering me soooo thick he was stretching me out like I was a virgin again,
"Fay you are so tight I do not want to hurt you tell me to stop OK?"

"Toby go slow I will be ok."

Toby kept spitting on his cock pressing in pulling out wetting it some more
he was gentle for such a big guy, "Oh yes Fay your ass is nice I'm gonna
fuck you good."

That monster was in balls hanging beside my pussycheeks Toby's cock felt
like a truck parked inside me his movement was slow all the way out back in
to the hilt. What a cock long smooth strokes his hips rotating gradually
around in a circle he found my insides comfortable, "Glorious ass!"

He picked up speed lots of friction on my pussy hole pulling my tight ring
back and forth balls slapping on me bouncing off heavy balls my legs almost
behind my head his huge frame splitting them wider at each down stroke.

Beads of sweat dropped on me he was very intense not pounding me using my
hole to the max stretching it in every direction, "Toby that's so nice your
cock feels good!"

He kissed me tongue washing my teeth nearly gagging me when it slid in so
far I lifted my face kissed his neck licked the sweat bit him lightly as he
began to show signs of cumming harder shorter thrusts his ass going up and

Oh I wanted his cum, "Cum in me Toby shoot please please..." He was
listening his pelvis slammed onto mine that huge prick spread wider gushing
cum powerful blasts hitting the walls of my pussy.

"Fay fuck fuck yes ...." His weight pressed on me that big body a heavy sigh
his breathing slowing we were wet from sex sweat I kissed him hard trying
to grip him he was too large.

We came down to earth we kissed for a while, "Want to clean up?"

He said yes he withdrew that monster from me I sat up took the soft black
snake in my mouth some of it any way slurping sucking my insides felt cold
from the air rushing in to my gaping pussy.

I led him to the bathroom we washed each other I fixed the damage to my
looks he played with my pussy caressing my soft locked back clitstick, "Who
did this Fay?"

I told him he liked my markings, "Tribes at home do markings I like yours
more sexy."

He got our clothes dressed again we sat in the booth once more fresh drinks
were there for him, "Toby what do you do at the embassy?"

He petted my legs softly, "Can you keep your mouth closed about it?"

"Yes I have many company secrets that are worth a great deal in my head."

"I am a police attaché as a representative of my country I deal in all
kinds of crime political money spying. Now tell me the truth about all of
your story."

I explained everything from my being in Bangkok to each of the girls and
how my laptop being burgled set me off. He kept mostly silent asking one or
two questions waiting until I had run through it all.

"Fay it could very well be a serious case of industrial espionage there are
many things my country produces or has a relationship with companies doing
business there that we would try to maintain secret for security
reasons. Tell me more about Chou and Jintao."

I tried to give him as much as I knew Jintao had not been seen for a few
days Chou's bottoming for Reyna and Heng was odd to me I wanted to have
Toby understand that role.

"Fay I do understand my brother has a white male friend he uses as a slave
the man cannot live without the sex he receives that way."

Jian came by, "Ang is here!"

I sat astride Toby moving my hips he kissed my neck whispered, "He went by
toward the back."

I kissed Toby full on the mouth my slender arms that big head his hands
rested on my sides rubbing the skin slowly.

Jian brought drinks, "Ang has gone upstairs with Fung and his shadow."

"This Fung do you know the rest of his name?"

"No I will ask the others what do you think about it all am I being

He kissed me, "No I believe there is something to it all we will have to
find out more."

"A friend of Reyna's named John an Englishman I don't know what he does
offered to help also."

"John perhaps John Wesley?"

"I can ask Reyna."

I climbed off Toby at the bar I called Ang's office in the apartment house
no one answered.

"Jian do you know Reyna's friend John his last name?"

"It is Wesley he has spent time with me his wife also. Fay is Toby going to

"He may be more help than we thought."

Toby smiled when I sat in his lap again and told him the last name, "Fay I
know him he could help in many ways I will be back tomorrow night for now I
am going to do some work on this do not tell anyone beyond your friends
remind them to be quiet."

He lifted me his powerful arms easily taking my weight several kisses later
he put my butt on a stool one more kiss and was gone.

Jian slipped her arm around my waist, "What do you believe he can do?"

"If he is a good investigator many things he must know people who know

Jian elbowed me in the ribs, "Look!"

Jintao had come in he was heading to the end of the bar, "I'll talk to him
you get a Chivas."

"Hello how are you Jintao?"

He gave me a tight smile halting he asked if I had seen Chou, "Yes I saw
him this morning in the bath house not since."

"He was to see me at the hotel today we have work for tomorrow."

"Jian can you talk to Jintao I will call the house to see if anyone has
seen him."

I took Jian aside first told her what I said that I was going to fake a
call, "Maybe you should take him home tonight ask him things?"

"You think it would be safe?"

"I don't know safe in all this but he went down for you."

Jintao sipped the drink talked with Jian I pretended to call Ni came down
from the terrace she looked freshly fucked, "Hi I didn't know you were

"I have been fucking," she motioned upstairs, "Ang wants you."

I went to Jian, "Tell Jintao Reyna has not seen Chou."

Ang was sitting with Fung and his shadow at the far end of the terrace he
pointed to his crotch, "Suck me Fay!"

He leaned back as I knelt I opened his fly took the cock out I stroked it
pulling it up hard tongue caressing the head sliding around the foreskin
getting it wet so I could expose the head completely. Ang moaned very low
engulfed all of it suctioning the tube strongly more sounds of pleasure I
began to enjoy his cock slurping the shaft feeling its hardness softness
combined the velvet skin always delighted me.

Fung made some comment shadow laughed Ang put his hand on my neck setting a
new pace, "Suck more!"

I didn't know how to do that I let him take my mouth Ang sensed my
surrender he began to fuck my face he stood up driving his prick in max
depth at each stroke balls rebounding from my neck and chin. I heard Fung
again Ang gave me a grimace smile shoving his cock in deep started shooting
cum into my throat, "AAHH eat!"

In his control I had no choice Ang flopped down on the bench seat softening
wet prick lay on his pants Fung gripped my hair turned my head to his dick
in it went. Like Ang he fucked my face his hard body banged against me his
hands had power I submitted he did not want my caress just my open gullet.

Fung was popping his cockhead in and out passing my uvula rocking himself
enjoying my deference to his masculinity shadow laughed at something Fung
told him, "You are a slut I like you mouth. Want my cum little bitch?"

I tried to respond he didn't care the cock was unrelenting jamming faster
Fung had shorter thrusts then he stopped pulled from me, "Strip slut!"

I removed everything kneeling Ang smiled, "See you later Fay do what you
are told."

Shadow had undressed he brought his prick to my mouth Fung entered me from
behind after a quick lube job, "Slut you stay for a time."

He was right for more than an hour they fucked me switching ends often
terrible tasting lube kept invading my lips Fung fucked hard in both holes
shadow using me not as rough.

Fung leaned over me digging fingers in my pussy lifting my ass groping he
slapped my pussycheeks used his belt on me as shadow fucked my throat.

They each came only once I guess they had used some on Ni their erections
were rocks though I was sore tired shadow laughed to Fung as the chinaman
went downstairs I heard the whistling sound felt the strike across my
pussy. Fung's shadow laid into me whack whack blow followed blow my face
smeared with sperm tears lube pre-cum pressed to the floor he thrilled to
my capitulation.

His arm tired he kicked me flat laughing at me he spoke to me for the first
time kneeling over me, "You amuse me," he raised my head inserted cock I
received a short splash of pee, "More for you another time."

I was stunned by his disdain contempt his use of English shadow had been a
bit player I croaked out, "What is your name?"

Several swipes of his belt later, "I am Yai Souvom remember me you will see
me more."

He dressed as I lay flat, "Get up clean yourself," he nudged me with his
shoe between my legs rubbed the toe of his sandal against my locked back
clit, "Come slut!"

He grabbed my arm pulling me part way up I sat looking at his nasty smile,
"I am leaving you back to work."

After he left I wiped myself with some napkins put on my top and skirt down
the stairs I dashed to the back bathroom. Jian followed me she was
horrified I was shaking her hug calmed me, "Clean up Fay I will check on
you in a few minutes."

Ni came she helped me wash and fix my face Jian did my hair, "Fay now what
about Ang? Do you not dislike him for giving you to those monsters? They
hurt Ni also."

I hugged Ni we kissed Jian returned to the bar I came out with Ni we worked
making and serving drinks for some time busy no drama.

Jintao was drunk on a stool Jian took him to a booth, "I will strip him
have sex then be back."

I peeked she was fucking him doggie he moaned as the cock invaded his
slender ass Jian taking no prisoners.

Hiro and Kawabe gone it was quiet then the tall John came in he saw me
walked over slowly having a good look around, "Reyna called."

I got him a scotch took his hand we sat in a booth close facing out, "Reyna
said you all have something going about people stealing secrets."

I got his arm around me in case Ang came by then spilled the entire story
Reyna said she would trust John with her life. He was very quiet large hand
holding tight there were a few times when he gripped a bit more at the
mention of Fung and Chou particularly.

I was done sore throat from talking and cock, "Fay can you leave?"

"I can check Jian was with someone I can't leave Ni alone for long."

I looked in the booth where Jian took Jintao he was flat on his belly nude
sleeping Jian was washing her clitstick in the bathroom, "John wants me to
go with him is it ok?"

"Ni and I will do the job Jintao is fucked out."

I laughed, "I saw him sleeping beauty did he say anything?"

Jintao had babbled about getting information Chou had contacts for some
good stuff to manufacture in Shanghai he was worried Chou was missing.

I kissed Jian Ni smiled John walked out a few minutes later I did too some
comments by drunks we met on the street, "My car is over here."

We drove in silence he turned into a narrow driveway through a high gate he
closed it parking near a large house I liked it the wood floors and walls
warm inviting cool and airy. We sat in his back garden in a big lounge
covered by a cloth canopy the light from his library cast a yellowish glow
he put some juice beside me.

"What I tell you cannot repeat even for the police if they become

I told him any help he could give would be appreciated his name was not
going to be used as if I knew what we could do.

"A London based company had some information disappear two years ago
sometime later products related to that missing data came on the market
from a mainland Chinese company. The British government discussed this with
US security groups they in turn told us of several similar events and
pointed us to two other English businesses we should check out. We did they
had losses after that I was assigned new duties to investigate the issues
arising from those losses. I have been in Thailand for ten years and Asia
for eighteen years my kids were both born here.

"Where are they?"

"The wife and kids are in Phuket for a few days beach fun."

"What about your job and all that I told you?"

"I am more than cultural attaché suffice to say I have close contacts with
our security services they will want to be in on this. You will have to
talk to some of them soon if we are to get anywhere you have a possible
link to several tracks of investigation. I know Toby Mbkime he is capable
and can get information I will call him myself."

He paused looking at me, "More juice?"

"Ok what about me the girls what should we do?"

"I think you need to be as you are now don't try to change Ang and Heng
will be aware of it if you do."

We sat in the dim light, "You are beautiful Fay I have never seen a kathoey
look as good as you slim sexy very hot."

"You coming on to me John?"

"What do I look like a statue you have an affect on any man would I like to
go to bed with you YES!"

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