Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 07:09:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Daniel Blue <>
Subject: Ladyboy Love Up The Midwest

When Jasmine, a Thai ladyboy, moved into a small town in Iowa the locals
didn't know what had hit them. She was instantly the talk of the town;
initially for being so different and exotic but once she opened her club
her reputation spread right across the county and state line.

It was only a really small place with just room enough for eight tables.
But you just about had to fight your way to get into her club. Each evening
Jasmine would perform her lip synching and dance routine for about an hour,
which was just about the most glamorous thing the locals had ever seen. The
rest of the time she mingled with her guests, mostly couples because most
men were too afraid to come alone, serving drinks and tasty Thai snacks.

Jasmine was, after numerous operations, the absolute epitome of feminine
beauty and perfection. She was tall and leggy, slim and sassy with
cheekbones and lips that most women would die for. Her pale skin was satiny
smooth and her dark eyes sparkled with what most people took to be sheer
decadence, but was just her good spirits and fun personality. Needless to
say she had many of the local men mighty confused. To look at she was all
woman, and when she spoke her voice was flirtatious and fluttered like a
delicate bird. But there was a tough side to Jasmine; she took no nonsense
in her club.  And when she was angry she bellowed like a man, her voice
dropped down the scale into a booming bass as she ejected the trouble

Jasmine never set out to broadcast the fact that she had all her man bits,
but she never hid the fact if anyone asked. She was just Jasmine, the most
exotic flower in that little corner of Iowa; the best dancer many of the
men had ever seen, the sexiest woman, the most seductive beast and
yet....shit! she had a dick. So most men lusted after her from afar,
enjoying the sight of her perfect tits when she stripped off to the waist
at the end of her show and wondering where she hid her tackle. But Gary, a
big beefy corn and hog farmer, just couldn't take it in.

How could she be a guy, he asked his friends when they told him about this
exotic dancer in their midst. He was divorced and had to wangle and invite
to join a couple he knew at the club. To be seen alone at such a place
might raise a few eyebrows, if Jasmine was a ladyboy, as everyone said she

The first time Gary saw Jasmine he was blown completely away. She was
simply the most beautiful, most feminine, sexiest woman he had ever seen in
his life. He thought woman like this only existed in Hollywood, yet here
she was prancing about the stage and high kicking the night away. How could
she have a dick and balls, where would she keep it in the skimpy costumes
that she wore? surely it would show? Gary was not convinced. What he was
seeing was a beautiful woman perform the sexiest act he could
imagine. People were just being small minded, saying she was a ladyboy, he
told himself, and he dismissed fact as gossip.

Nothing Gary did got get Jasmine off his mind after that first time. He
wanted to see her perform as often as he could and that meant going to the
club alone. He had run out of people to tag along with. People were
starting to talk about Gary; and they had started to tease him, asking if
he liked a little extra in his women. He knew what they were saying about
him yet still he couldn't stay away. He was never one to buck the trend or
be unconventional but he felt physically ill if he didn't see her dance two
or three times a week. And Jasmine had started to notice the big, beefy,
blonder farmer who often sat alone.

She liked what she saw because what turned her on was large, solidly built
men. Men who looked like they could carry the weight of the world on their
shoulders and with nice shapely, solid thighs and butts. Men who could pick
her up and cradle her, and hold her while they fucked her. So far none of
the locals had been brave enough to slip her a little sausage and she was
going hungry. Perhaps the wives all kept their husbands on a tight
leash. Gary was the only single man she saw in the club so he would have to
be the one.

Jasmine went on a charm offensive, serving Gary extra portions of his
favourite snack, lingering for a word or two at his table. He was slowly
overcoming his shyness and beginning to talk to this gorgeous creature. The
more his friends teased him the more Gary shut out of his mind the question
of Jasmine's gonads. She had a stunningly beautiful face and the most
beautiful, firm breasts that a man could ever want, and that is what he
concentrated on.

Gary started to open up with Jasmine, like he had done with no other woman
since his divorce. He looked forward to their little chats each time he
went to the club. Some nights Jasmine would sit with him while she drank a
beer, while his friends teased, but neither of them cared anymore. Gary
told himself if anything developed between them, he would have to take his
chances and see if the rumour was true. And if it was...well, he would
cross that bridge when he came to it.

And then one night Jasmine asked Gary to stay behind at closing
time. Several of his friends cupped their hands around their balls as they
went out and asked Gary if he was ready to receive.

'People are such shits, sometimes.' Jasmine said sadly.

'Don't worry about them.' Gary replied.

'You don't mind?' she asked 'that I'm a ladyboy?'

Here it was at last, the moment of truth. Gary gulped, feeling a momentary
panic. But it was too late to back away; he was already more than a little
in love with this beautiful, exotic woman. Her cock would have to be one
more exotic feature about her.

'No, I don't care.' Gary said.

'I think you lie.' Jasmine told him.

Gary blushed, ashamed at being caught out so easily.

'I would prefer that you were all woman' he said 'but you are who you are,
and I'm crazy bout you Jasmine.'

'Good. I like crazy. You don't have to touch my manhood, if you don't
like.' she said.

Gary felt terrible. How could he be with someone if he couldn't be with her
completely.  What right did he have to pick and choose which bits of her
body to love.

'I want to be with you,' he said softly 'let's not worry about body parts.'

Jasmine led Gary to her apartment upstairs where they settled on the settee
and shared a bottle of wine. Gary's head was in a spin from having her so
near, smelling her perfume and feeling her silken skin as she snuggled up
close to him. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close for their
first kiss. Gary got a shock; he was expecting a sweet, delicate
kiss. Instead she was like a hungry tiger, devouring him as she started to
unbutton his shirt.

'Please I'm so horny!' she wailed. 'I must have you now.'

Jasmine just about tore the shirt off Gary's back, revealing his broad,
smooth chest with its tiny brown nipples. She pushed him down on the settee
and started nibbling on his nipples before kissing across the warm expanse
of skin of his chest and down to his belly button. His hard cock throbbed
inside his jeans. He had never known sex like this before; if this is what
it meant to have sex with a ladyboy, bring it on! She panted heavily as she
unbuckled his belt and undid his zipper. She struggled to get his tight
jeans off, finally freeing his beercan thick six inch circumcised cock.

Jasmine went into an absolute feeding frenzy as she wrapped her fist around
the base of that super thick cock and greedily devoured it. All her lady
like charms had vanished as she loved that flared cock knob and fondled
Gary's large, smooth, goose egg sized balls.  He had only a tiny patch of
silky blonde pubes and was otherwise hairless, just what she loved. Gary
was in ecstasy as he got the first sex he had had in over six months and
quite simply the best blowjob of his life. The woman had pussy in her
mouth, and his slippery shaft felt alive to every single sensation going as
those beautiful lips worked up and down its length. Her long nails raking
at his balls, and the sensitive skin behind his balls, was driving him

But it was when she started licking his balls that Gary knew he wasn't in
Iowa anymore.  Her tongue nibbled all over his big funbags and made them
churn and draw up close. And then she pushed Gary legs apart and into the
air, with surprising strength, and pushed her tongue right up into his
pucker. He let out a growl of pleasure; it was a sensation unlike any other
he had known in his life and he reached for his cock and started stroking
it with wild abandon.

But Jasmine brushed his hand away.

'No, no. You cum too soon.' she scolded and then went back to eating him

The big man thrashed about on the bed, desperate to shoot his wad but
wanting this amazing sensation to go on forever. He was almost relieved
when after another five minutes she pulled her face out of his meaty crack
and reached for something in her handbag. Gary felt the cool glide of lube
down his overheated shaft and just about shot his bolt. It was just the
most amazing sensation. But ten times better was when Jasmine sat astride
him and started to impale herself on his beefy cock.

Gary sighed out loud as his fat hog bit into the warm, slippery alley of
her love. Jasmine's ring was stretched to the max by this thick corn fed
farmer, and she loved it just so. It was her time to moan and groan as she
started to work that thick rod in and out of her slippery ring. Her hard
cock was hidden underneath her skirt but she was well aware of it and would
soon have to give it some attention. Gary sighed even louder as they found
their rhythm and his cock started to glide in and out of that tight
hole. He put his hands on her smooth thighs, just under her skirt and
gently massaged her soft, warm flesh with his large hands.

Jasmine crushed her nipples in her hands and moaned softly as she rode the
tower of power. She used her ass on Gary's cock like no woman had ever used
her pussy, clamping down on him, milking him, controlling his cock with her
muscles. He looked up at her, eyes glazed with lust.

'Please...'she she begged, and Gary knew what he had to do.

He slid his right hand higher up her thigh and found her hard cock. It was
about five inches long and fairly slender and was the first cock Gary had
ever touched, apart from his own. It felt so different, and yet so
familiar. After his first hesitant fumble he found his rhythm and gently
jacked off his ladybody lover. She was going crazy on his cock now, riding
in like a bucking bronco. He could tell she was close and suddenly he was
fascinated by her cock. What would it be like when she came. He lifted her
skirt and caught his first glimpse of the cock that was to become a large
part of his life. His left hand started to tease her small, smooth balls
and she went crazy, yelling and cursing as the waves of ecstasy washed
through her body.

The sight and sound of Jasmine in the throes of orgasm got to Gary. His own
large balls were sitting real close to his body now and he could feel his
cock grow super sensitive, when suddenly she froze and her cock began to
spit. A heavy rope of cum blasted out of her dick and landed on Gary's
chest. The heat of that heavy splatt, and the smell of unfamiliar jizz, and
the clamping of her ass round his cock got to him and he felt shuddered as
his balls blasted off their volley of manjuice and left him feeling weak
and dazed.

He pulled his ladyboy lover into a hug and held her close. This had been
the most mind- blowing sex of his life and he didn't care what anyone said
or though about him. All that mattered was his sweet Jasmine, falling
asleep in his arms.

Copyright 2005 Daniel Blue