Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 14:08:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: Stephanie James <>
Subject: Forced into being Stephanie (TG)

Hope you like my new story! Any comments then I would love to hear from you.
Thanks. Stephanie James

It was even in the national newspapers. "Schoolboy becomes
schoolgirl". Danny Elliott a classmate of mine from my previous school had
been exposed by a national newspaper. He had always been very feminine and
people were always calling him a sissy boy. And when Ricky Savage had found
him wearing girls panties in the changing rooms life for Danny had become
pretty miserable. That is when the real bullying started. That wasn't my
style. Don't get me wrong. I hated the freak. He just didn't make the
effort to fit in. So after the holidays when the head teacher announced to
the school that Dannie was now Danielle, yes we were surprised but not
especially shocked.

Danielle was of course increasing bullied. You don't just change sex at the
age of 16 and expect everyone to accept it. Most of the abuse wasn't
physical but occasionally stuff was chucked at him and most people were
fairly sure that Ricky Savage had been beating him up although Danielle
never told anyone who was doing it.

Anyway here is the coincidence that led to this whole strange
affair. Excuse the pun. Mum had a new job the other side of London. Since
Dad had left, money had been tight and apparently the new job would mean
more money, a new flat and even separate room for my elder sister, Lucy,
and me (I'm James by the way). But this meant that we had to move schools
at the end of term. I wasn't too impressed by the idea of changing
schools. I was pretty popular in the last school and even kept wicket for
the colts cricket team (I am pretty short so this leads to a life of hooker
in the rugby scrum and wicket keeper in the cricket team. I always wanted
to be goalkeeper in the soccer team but no chance at my height). Anyway,
the new term started. The school was one of the government's new
progressive schools. A looser curriculum, less traditional sports, a larger
focus on social education etc etc. No school uniforms on Mondays or Fridays
either. So as I turned up in jeans and a shirt (mum insisted on the shirt),
I was more than a little surprised to spot Danielle in the school yard at
lunchtime. I was trying to make friends with a bunch of guys in my
class. And there was Danielle Elliott, in a yellow knee length dress,
ponytail clipped back, the other side of the yard. He looked just like a
girl and on one else would realise his secret unless he chose to tell them,
but it was definitely Danielle Elliott.

"Hey guys" I blurted out, "That girl over there used to be a guy at my old
school. He now dresses as a girl. What a freak". My sister explained to me
that evening that Danielle's bullying had become so bad that his parents
decided to put him in a different school. The guys thought it was really
funny and soon were surrounding Danielle and teasing him. I guess I felt
guilty at that point. In any case I regretted telling them. I hadn't even
given my comment much thought. Looking back I think it is because I was
trying to impress the guys I had just met. And it slowly dawned on me that
my one comment had probably ruined Danielle's chances of fitting into the

Now, I am not a bad pupil. Sure I clown around a bit and have spent more
than my fair share of time in detention, but I wouldn't call myself a bad
pupil. But as I walked into the headmasters study that afternoon, the first
day at my new school the severity of my actions finally began to sink in as
I saw my mother present also. She looked so disappointed. I won't bore you
with all the emotional dressing down I received from the headmaster. But he
was furious that I had caused problems for Danielle. Danielle's true
identity was supposed to have been a secret, at least until he had fitted
into the school. And I had ruined the plan.

"Your mother and I have discussed you punishment at great length. You must
learn that your actions have consequences young man. And you must learn
that to be a afraid of teasing and bullying is one of the worst things that
can happen to a person. Margaret..."

That's my mum. "Yes headmaster, I support you 100% on this. James needs to
learn a proper lesson and I can only thank you for not expelling him"

"Expelling? What? Just for telling the truth?" I blurted out.

"Relax" the headmaster said, "you are not being expelled. But your response
reiterates again you lack of social understanding"

"You wont be expelled if you accept your punishment James", my mother
added. "You are to come to school for the rest of the year dressed as a
girl, just like Danielle. The headmaster and I are both in agreement that
this is the best thing for you."

Mum was in tears by this point. She was clearly upset, and I wrongly
assumed at the time that it was because of the nature of my punishment. In
fact, as my sister also explained to me that evening it was because of the
shame and embarrassment I had caused her. And her disappointment in me.

Again, I wont bore you with the details of the rest of the meeting in the
headmasters office. There were lots of statements made by the headmaster
and Mum about "learning tolerance" and "respect for others". As you can
expect, I flatly refused to accept the punishment. Mum cried some more. I
started crying. The headmaster reminded me of the threat of expulsion. Mum
cried even more. And an hour later I was on my way home. Officially

And expelled I remained for a further two hours. Two hours of emotional
blackmail from my mother telling me that her job was at risk. My sisters
place in the school was at risk. My future was at risk.

"How can you be so selfish" she kept on saying. And eventually I
agreed. Phone calls were made and my expulsion was downgraded to a week's
suspension on the understanding that I returned dressed as a girl. I was
exhausted. The longest day of my life and one of the most emotional. Well,
at least up until that point.

As I awoke and the memory of the previous day dawned on me again I was at
least relieved that I had a week off school. A small benefit I guess. My
sister was just leaving for school as I went downstairs. My mother was
sitting at the breakfast table.

"Hi Mum" I said sheepishly.

"Right, get some breakfast down you. We have a busy week ahead of us" she

"Why? I don't have to be back at school until next Monday" I replied.

"Yes, next Monday which only gives us 6 days to get you ready for your
first day at school as a girl."

"Come on Mum, do we have to think about that today?"

"Yes we do James" mum replied sternly "I spoke to the headmaster again this
morning. The boys who were teasing Danielle have all been expelled. It was
unfortunate but to keep her secret safe it was necessary. You are only
allowed to remain because you will dress like a school girl."

"So they refused to dress as girls?" I asked, suddenly embarrassed for
accepting the punishment".

"On the contrary. They were not offered that deal. They are too well known
at school and they would have been instantly recognised. You, however, can
slip back into school in a week as a girl and the only person who will give
you away is yourself... well or Danielle. So I suggest you be nice to her."

"So no one will know I am a guy?" I quickly asked, somewhat
relieved. Finally some good news.

"Like I said, James. That is up to you. You have to make sure no one knows
you are a boy. And that is why we have lots of work to do this week. By
Monday morning when you get on the school bus you have to be a pretty young
girl joining a new school. You will be nervous but that is
expected. Anyway, girls are always very nervous when they join new

Mum then sat me down and explained how I had to start acting as a girl. I
would have to do this 24 hours a day so that I would not let my guard down
at any time. I would even have to read girls magazines and make my room
look like a girls. No evidence of my past life could exist.

"After all", mum reminded me, "you are in the same boat as Danielle
now. And if you get caught then you risk getting teased at best, beaten up
at worst.

That was a sobering thought. I was going to have to resign myself to a life
as a girl for the next 6 months. And deep down I know that I had to do my
very best to not be discovered. The shame of being exposed would be too

Mum then explained that my sister Lucy had not gone to school today. Mum
had called her in sick. It was the headmasters idea actually. Lucy had gone
shopping for new clothes for me.

"There is so much to buy" Mum told me "you have no idea. Lucy will be gone
most of the day. In the meantime I want you to go upstairs and have a
bath. You don't have any body hair so we don't have to worry about that,
but I still want you to make sure you are well moisturised after your bath
and I also want you to put some of Lucy perfume behind your ears and on
your wrists. I think it will help you get into the mood and act more
feminine. The smell will be a constant reminded in the first few days that
you are a girl. So James, go into the bathroom as my son and come out as my
daughter, OK."

I was so embarrassed. I could not even look Mum in the eyes. She could
sense my awkwardness.

"James my darling. Lucy and I talked this morning about how you must
feel. Please don't be embarrassed. Lucy and I will do our bests to make you
feel OK. And that is why we are going to treat you as my daughter. After
all it is only embarrassing for boys dress like girls. If you are a girl
then it is not embarrassing, right?"

She sort of made a certain amount of sense. Mum hugged me, kissed me on the
cheek and then sent me up to the bathroom.

By the time I came out mum was waiting for me on the landing upstairs.

"There you are young lady" she smiled. "Come on, lets go into Lucy's
room. There is nothing you need in your old room.

I smiled back at Mum nervously, following her into Lucy's bedroom. Lucy's
bedroom was the usual 17 year old's room. Lots of pink. Piles of teddy
bears. A lot tidier than my room and posters of boy bands on the walls.

"Now, lets start slowly, OK." Mum said" "We don't have to squeeze you into
a prom dress right away! Just sit here next to me and we can chat."

I was wearing Lucy's pink dressing gown that Mum had left out for me in the
bathroom. Mine was gone. I sat down and Mum turned to face me.

"Actually I have to admit I am quite excited" Mum said to my surprise "it
is like I have another daughter. I think if we try hard this might be quite
fun. Now. Firstly you are probably wondering what your new name is. After
all James not exactly a suitable name for my second daughter. I have given
it a lot of thought and I think Stephanie is a pretty name. What do you

How was I supposed to answer that? What did I think of the name
Stephanie. Deep down I was repulsed by the idea of being a Stephanie but I
knew that I needed a girls name. So I paused for a second and thought to
myself what would I like to be called if I was a girl.

"Stephanie sounds pretty good Mum" I said.

"And your middle name is Jasmine. I have always loved that name."

Mum pretty much had the whole day planned for me. She started by discussing
Lucy's bedroom. She pointed out things that I had never even noticed. The
little details that made a girls room pretty I guess. The little perfume
bottles. The jewellery draped over the pink mirror. Mum asked me how I
wanted my room decorated? Again, I knew what was needed. I had to think
what a girl would want. I couldn't even say I didn't care. If I was going
to survive the next 6 months than everything had to be convincing. Mum,
almost reading my mind, said "It is important you decide Stephanie. If you
cant decide then I think this will all fail. Try hard to imagine yourself
as a 16 year old girl decorating her room. It is an exciting time for
girls. So delve deep inside you. Image you are an excited girl and decide
what you would like."

"Pink" I said, slightly shocked at myself. "I want pink wall paper. And I
like Lucy's dressing table. It is very neat and pretty. I think Stephanie
would like that."

I had called myself Stephanie. Mum had noticed it too. I have thought a lot
about that. Not about that one time but I called myself in the third person
a lot over the next few days. It was sort of a distancing strategy I
guess. A way of being Stephanie but not being Stephanie. I could tell Mum
was OK with it. She understood the adjustment I was going through.

We stayed in Lucy's room for most of the morning. Mum showed my all Lucy's
clothes and when Lucy would wear them . It seemed everything in Lucy's
closet had a specific purpose.

"This is a pretty summer dress. Lucy wears this usually at weekends or if
we are going out to a picnic. See? It is quite short. It shows off a lot of
leg so would not be suitable for other occasions. These are Lucy's
jeans. She has three pairs. These are her everyday jeans that will go with
everything. But these tighter jeans with the sequins on would only be worn
when she is going out in the evening."

Mum went on explaining everything to me. How Lucy's different skirts went
with different tops and even her school clothes. She would occasionally ask
me what I thought of an item and I would think for a second or two,
reminding myself what I had to do. "Stephanie likes that" or "Stephanie
things that skirt clashes a bit with that top".

Eventually we got to Lucy's knicker draw. "We wont look in here
Stephanie. It is Lucy's private draw. But we can go though mine. Anyway, I
have a wider selection."

Mum led me through to her room. As she laid out her lingerie on the bed I
recognised a few things from the laundry basket. Other items looked less
familiar and a lot sexier. Mum explained when she wore different
underwear. Her g-strings were in case she was wearing tight skirts or
trousers to avoid panty lines. Her cotton briefs were for everyday use as
they were so comfortable and easy. "And besides Stephanie would want to
take care of her best lingerie by not using it everyday."

"Why is it special?" I asked mum. "is it because it is sexy looking?"

"Well yes Stephanie, sometimes a girl likes to feel special and sexy. And
you can walk around all day in sexy undies and it is a girl's little
secret. Which ones do you think are sexiest?"

I looked over the wide selection laid out on the bed. "I think these are"
picking up a very lacy pair of black panties.

"Yes they are sexy aren't they. Maybe we can get a pair like that for
Stephanie one day"

I blushed when my Mum said that realising that soon I would be wearing
girls panties and ever sexy lingerie.

"Right, time for lunch young lady" Mum blurted out.

"Wait" I quickly said. "What sort of lingerie does Lucy wear?" I asked

"Ah!" exclaimed Mum "well Lucy loves Lingerie. But she always wears lacy
lingerie. It drives me made. Why she can't just wear simple cotton panties
occasionally I don't know. Right, downstairs for lunch, OK?"

"What should I wear?" I asked, still standing in my sisters dressing
gown. Actually I had been preparing myself for getting dressed up this
morning as a girl. But time had flown past just discussing girls
things. The practical lesson hadn't even started. One part of me was
relieved I wouldn't have to embarrass myself in front on Mum but another
part of me was disappointed that I hadn't seen what Stephanie would look
like yet. I mean it is quite a big thing, right? I was going to spend 6
months living as Stephanie and I didn't even know if she would look pretty
or convincing or sweet or silly.

"What would you like to wear for lunch?" asked mum, bouncing the question
back to me.

"Well I don't have any clothes yes" I replied. "Should I wear my old

"Why don't you just come down as you are? You can get dressed when Lucy
gets back"

Lunch was a light affair. Mum prepared a chicken salad. "It is going to be
important to keep your figure Stephanie. The slimmer you are the less like
James you will look. And no more heavy exercising. A girl should be slender
no muscular."

After lunch Mum continued the tour of a girls life. She showed me shoes and
handbags. Wow what a complicated area. I never realised so much thought
went into just getting ready to go out for a girl. But I could sort of
understand it. So much choice for a girl meant that more time had to be
spent picking what was right for the occasion. And I could finally see why
girls spent so much time thinking about clothes. They really could make you
look and feel different depending on what you were wearing.

Lucy came back about 3pm. She had bags of shopping and I was surprisingly
excited to see what she had gotten me. Now, I better tell you a little bit
about my sister. My mum is your standard run of the mill generic mum but
Lucy was stunning and a bit wild. She was one of those annoying people that
aced all her classes without doing any work. Just naturally smart. And she
spent most of her time clowning around with her friends and hanging out
with her many new boyfriends.

Anyway, as part of an obviously prearranged plan Mum said she was off to do
some more shopping and I was left at home with Lucy. Lucy was immediately
more dominant and soon let me know what was in store for me the rest of the
day. No gently approach with her. "Stephanie, we are going to have so much
fun today. A couple of sisters trying on clothes. Haha, you didn't think I
just bought clothes for you did you? We can try them all on together. But
you first cos I just bought you loads of lovely sexy underwear. I know
Stephanie will love how feminine it all makes her feel. After that we will
try on a few outfits. We are the same size so that's even more fun
sharing. And then when mum gets back she will teach you all about
makeup. Apparently I can't do that bit cos Mum says my makeup always look a
bit slutty. Don't tell her sis but the guys love it. Right, strip off and
lets see what you look like in these"

Lucy was holding up the smallest pink g-string I had ever seen.

"Wow" I said "it is so tiny? Hardly seems worth putting on."

"Oh, but it is. It will make you feel so sexy. Here try..."

She handed it to me and I turned around as I put on the g-string. I have to
admit it did feel very sexy, the thin lacy running up my legs.

"Turn around" Lucy squealed in excitement.

I turned around but was shy that the excitement of the moment had made me
have sort of an erection. I don't have a huge cock. In fact it is a little
on the shy side. But my cock was clearly swollen and sticking out of my
silky g-string which clearly was not designed with one of those in mind.

"So sexy!" Lucy said. "And wow, what a small willy you have" she teased. I
instantly blushed in embarrassment. "Really, I don't think any of the guys
I ever date have such a small one. Haha, maybe tucked away in a pair of
panties is the best place for it" she laughed.

"But it sticks out Lucy." I complained, still blushing "Can I hide it?"

"Of course, silly. Here, drop your panties. Now you have to squat down a
bit and push the whole lot between your legs. I read this on the internet
this morning. I thought we might have a small problem...small indeed!" She
continued to taunt me. "No, not like that. Come here."

To add to my shame my sister was now cupping my small penis in her hands
and arranging it between my legs. I felt my balls retreat into my body
cavity. It felt very uncomfortable.

"Don't worry about that" Lucy said, sensing my discomfort "The website said
you get used to it. Now clamp your legs together. There, see? All gone."

I looked down and saw a perfectly flat groin. I slipped the panties back

"It will only stay back there Stephanie if you keep your legs clamped. But
don't worry. I got you a gaff which is like a thick pair of panties that
keeps it all back there. I just thought you might like to try it au
naturale so you could feel the lovely lacy against your new girly pussy"

She was giggling again.

My lesson with Lucy continues for most of the afternoon. She explained to
me how Mum and her were going to have very different roles in my
training. They had discussed it and it had been decided that Lucy would
monitor my everyday training, all the really personal stuff while Mum
provided moral, emotional and the financial support to buy my new wardrobe.

"Mum was great this morning" I told Lucy. "I was so embarrassed in front of
Mum but she didnt push it too much at all. And I am so glad you are going
to help me. But will there be much embarrassing stuff this week?" I asked.

"Oh my poor sis?" Lucy giggled. "You were so shy then just when I was
helping you get dressed. And that is an everyday sister thing to help each
other with. Listen, lets make a pact. Not only are we sisters this week but
we are going to be best friends as well. You will have to removal all
thoughts of our past relationship as my Brother. What do you think? Can you
manage it? Would Stephanie find that easier?"

"Yes" I replied, smiling. My sister was being so supportive. I instantly
felt better.

"And best friends keep secrets, Stephanie. Even from Mum. Won't that be
better. So you wont have to worry about me telling mum every little detail
about your training. Won't that be less embarrassing?"

"Definitely" I smiled. I felt a huge sense of relief and for the first time
in ages felt really close to my sister.

"So how are we going to seal our new friendship?" Lucy asked.

"What do you mean?" I replied confused.

"Well it is like a secret pact. We should seal our bond in blood or

I wasn't sure if she was joking. She was about the blood but not about the

"How about we share an intimate secret with each other?" Lucy said.

"OK, that's sounds good. You go first." I said, having no idea what secret
I could possibly say. I didn't even have any secrets.

"Well, let me think." Lucy started. "Well last weekend I gave Philip a blow

"Wow" I replied, totally shocked that my sister did such things. I assumed
a little kissing on a Friday night was the most she had done with a guy.

"Wait", interrupted Lucy. That is not the secret. Haha, that is just usual
boring stuff. The secret is that when he came in my mouth I drank all his
cum. THAT is the secret. It was my first time." Lucy giggled coyly.

I was dumbstruck. I could not believe that my sister was telling me such
things. But my shock helped me get over my embarrassment of my situation.

"Three questions" Lucy said. "As part of the pact you must ask me three
questions about my secret ok?"

"Hmm" I thought "So, what did it taste like? I mean was it nasty?"

"Well I thought it would be" said Lucy, "But actually it was quite
yummy. It was quite salty but didn't taste bad at all. The difficult bit
was when Philip came. It spurted quite hard and shot down the back of my

"Wow" I said "Wow...ummm...OK, how many guys have you given blowjobs?" I

"Lots and lots" squealed Lucy. "You know what Stephanie I just love giving
blow jobs. Even more than sex I think".

"You have had sex?" I exclaimed.

"Of course, but blow jobs are so much more personal. There is something
very submissive but at the same time powerful about sucking some hunks
cock. Last question?"

"Hmm...when did you have sex?" I asked.

"Oh, you can't ask that. That isn't a question about my secret. You have to
ask me about blow jobs."

"Hmm..." I thought some more. Actually I had a lot of questions I wanted to
ask about blow jobs. I have of course never had one but it was such an
interesting topic. "OK, Lucy, tell me what you like best about sucking
Philips cock, except him cumming?"

The intimacy of the question went straight over my head. The question just
seemed so natural. Two friends asking each other personal stuff.

"That's easy", replied Lucy. I like to kneel in front of Philip and look up
into his eyes as I lick his cock. It is really quite large. Not just long
but thick as well. Much larger than yours Stephanie. And I like to lick the
tip of his cock as I play with his balls. He loves that and it makes me
feel so sexy doing it."

I gulped. I was clearly getting aroused by all this sexy talk. I make sure
my legs were kept closely clamped together to make sure my lacy pink
g-string didn't get any more bulges.

"OK, your turn" Lucy said. "What dirty sordid things have you gotten up to,
young lady?" She was leaning in waiting for my response.

"Well, you know when Mum was really upset a few years ago about losing that
ten pound note? Well I took it." I said, happy to have finally gotten it
off my chest.

"Don't be silly, Stephanie. That is not a secret. We all knew you took
it. Anyway, it has to be a sex secret. Like mine. Yours was so boring. So?"

"I don't know, I just haven't ever had any experiences." I confessed.

"Nothing?" Lucy asked, looking disappointed.


"Well make something up then. I feel bad telling you everything. If we are
going to be best friends then we cant make each other bad, right?"

I sat and thought for a few seconds.

"OK, a had a blow job once. And came in her mouth."

"Don't be silly" Lucy interrupted quickly. Girls don't get blow jobs. Girls
give blow jobs. I want Stephanie to tell me a secret, not my old Brother"
It was as though she didn't even want to say my old name. "Try again."

"OK, Stephanie gave a blow job to a guy last week." I was so shy. I had
never had such a conversation before and merely uttering the words seemed

"Good, that's better Stephanie. Same as my secret! Can I ask you three
questions? OK? So describe his cock to me. Describe what it tasted
like. Was it big?"

"Oh huge.." I lied, giggling. "He was much bigger than Philip." Lucy
laughed at that. "And I cupped his balls in my hand as I moved my mouth up
and down his cock. It was hard and tasted lovely." Lucy was squealing with
excitement as I invented my secret. "And did he cum in your mouth
Stephanie? Did you make your hunk cum in your mouth? Was it lovely?" She
encouraged me.

"Oh yes. lots of cum. I drank it all but some dripped down my chin and I
had to lick it up." I had seen that in a porn movie on the internet. `Nice
touch' I thought. "And I licked his cock clean afterwards" I teased.

That was almost too much for Lucy, who thought the whole story was great.

"Wow" She said "I would love to suck your hunks cock Stephanie, I am so
jealous. One more question. My last question." Lucy looked straight at
me. There was a pause. An intense moment when she looked more
serious. "Would you like to suck Philip's cock Stephanie?" She winked at
me. "We could swap hunks. I can suck your hunks big cock and you could make
Philip cum."

I smiled at her. Lucy was clearly playing a game and wanted to see how I
would react. "Oh I would love that Lucy. You wouldn't mind sharing Philips
lovely cock with your sister?" I teased. "Is it really OK for me to make
your hunk cum? You don't mind?"

"Of course it is Stephanie. That is what friends are for. To share
things. That's a deal then. You will suck Philips cock and I will suck your
hunks cock. OK?"

Now I wasn't sure if she was joking. She still was looking seriously at
me. But it must have been part of the game.

"Sure" I said "It's a deal."

"What's going on here then?"

It was mum. She had already arrived back.

"Oh, hi mum" Lucy said, all excited, "Stephanie has been making real
progress. If I didn't know better I would say she is starting to enjoy
being a girl".

"Now don't embarrass poor Stephanie" mum said, as Lucy laughed some more at
my shyness." And I see the poor girl is going to freeze without any clothes
on. Oh, did you have to buy Stephanie such sexy panties Lucy? You know I
don't approve on your obsession with sexy lingerie. But you look lovely
Stephanie. Do they feel nice?" Mum asked?

"Yes" I simply replied.

"That's nice, dear. Now why don't you get dressed. I have what you asked
for in the bag Lucy. They didn't have the right size but we can try these
for now." Mum handed Lucy a small box.

With that mum said she would be down stairs if we needed her and she was
going to leave her two daughters to it.

"What's in the box?" I asked Lucy.

Lucy opened the box and showed me a pair of breasts.

"They are silicone. Aren't they amazing? Don't they look real? What size do
they say? Here it is. C-cup. I asked Mum to get you an A cup. I thought it
would be easier for you got get used to. I remember when I first got
breasts. It takes some change. I was so embarrassed walking around with all
the guys staring at them. Guys do that. They can't help it apparently. But
you get used to it. And you know what they say. There is only one thing
worse than guys staring at your tits. And that is no guys staring at your
tits. Come here. Lets put them on."

It took about 30 minutes for Lucy to work them out. Mum had spent a small
fortune on these. They were used a glue to fasten to the body. They would
stay on until another lotion was applied. This meant I could live with my
new breasts. They could be washed with soap as regular breasts. What's more
they warmed to body temperature and incredible had nipple fastenings that
gave small electric currents when the silicone nipples were caressed. Lucy
demonstrated by slowly kneading my breasts and nipples.

"That feels amazing" I said. And then she pinched one of my new nipples.

"Ow" I yelped. "That hurt."

"They seem to be working perfectly" said Lucy. "It says in the instructions
that this new technology gives you the exact same sensation and a real
woman's breasts. Not bad eh! That is certainly a bonus. I mean Philip's
nipples are really insensitive. Must be terrible for him".

I continued to look and feel my new breasts. They really were amazing and
felt great. But they were going to get some getting used to. For starters,
they were so big. I thought everyone would stare at them. "They are so
heavy" I said.

"Oh yes, that is the downside of bigger breasts. You will get used to them
but it helps if you wear a bra. It had been one of the things I had least
been looking forward to. Wearing a bra was one of the things that only
girls did. It was going to be a majorly stressful moment for me. But now,
after standing around for the best part of an hour with these on I realised
that a bra would help the weight and I was actually looking forward to
getting one on.

"Pick one" said Lucy pointing at a selection of bras in another box mum had
brought in. I laid them out on the bed. One of them was a light powder pink
with black lace trim and seemed to match the panties I was wearing. "This
one?" I asked Lucy.

"Perfect choice" she giggled.

Then came more items Lucy had bought for me that morning. Again I was able
to choose what I wore but with some help from Lucy. "Hmm, maybe that skirt
doesn't go with that blouse Stephanie." Or "That's a nice outfit. See, your
short skirt really shows off your lovely slender legs. And that white
t-shirt is so tight it is really sexy looking." With the dresses Lucy had
more advise "You see how this dress is so tight at the hips and knees? Now
that exaggerates your wiggle. Walk up and down. No, put one foot in front
of the other. There you go. Wow, so such a sexy walk little sis!"

And so my training went on this way for the rest of the day. Lots of
outfits and even a makeup lesson. By the evening I was sitting in front of
the TV in a white blouse and blue jeans. I had on my pink underwear that I
had selected earlier and was still conscious of the weight of my new
breasts. That night I was given the choice of a pair of pink pyjamas with
"Cute" written across my chest or a cream knee length satin night dress. I
wore the night dress and was amazed by the silky feeling between the
sheets. I was almost as if I was gliding.

Oh yes, one more thing. Lucy had told me that I had to keep a
journal. Every evening I had to write a paragraph on why I liked being a
girl. "It is psychoanalytical" she told me. "I read it somewhere. You
persuade yourself you like something by thinking it and writing it. You
have to say you like all the things you did during the day, OK."

I had to show Lucy my journal every morning. My first entry read...

"Dear Dairy, I like being a girl because of the pretty clothes I can
wear. I especially like the lovely sexy lingerie and the cute clothes. I
also love wearing makeup. I feel so special and pretty when I am wearing my
eye makeup and lipstick. But most of all I love having a new best friend
with Lucy to share secrets. Lucy told me all about her blow jobs today and
I told her all about giving one too. It was such fun."

Lucy was so excited when she read that the next morning. I blushed. I
wanted to tell her that I didn't really mean it but she just seemed so
happy with what was written. Lucy and Mum went out after breakfast and I
was told to go upstairs and get myself ready for the day. It was basically
a test to see how much progress I had made with my training. It was very
different going through my new things on my own. There was none of the
embarrassment of wondering what Lucy or Mum would say. It was just me and
my new girly clothes. I looked through everything that morning. I was still
surprised by the sheer variety of the clothes that were there. I also found
some stockings that Lucy had bought but that I hadn't tried on yet. They
really fascinated me. They were so delicate. I put them on, running them
carefully up my smooth legs. I had already had a bath and used the
moisturiser that I had been given. The sensation was wonderful. They were
holdups and soon, as I examined myself in the mirror, I was wondering what
was meant to be worn with stockings. I figured something dressy so found a
long evening gown in Lucy's wardrobe. It was cut low at the back, hung just
above the knee and was a heavy satin fabric with a big bow above my bum. I
noticed that I was getting hard and bulging so spent a few minutes
mastering my skin coloured gaff. On top of that I picked a black
g-string. I couldn't wear a bra because my back was bare.

Then I sat down at my dressing table and started experimenting with
different makeup. I even went through to my sisters room and borrowed some
of hers. I was intrigued by the fact that just a little makeup could make
you look either sweet, sexy or downright slutty. I tried to copy Lucy's
makeup, especially the type that Mum refused to let Lucy out of the house
wearing. Dark eyes with heavy mascara and bight red lipstick.

I examined myself in the mirror. The makeup needed a little work, I
decided, but the overall effect was amazing. I looked so much older. Maybe
18. And I looked really sexy. I mean I could feel my little cock straining
against my gaff. I turned around examining myself from different
angles. Then I started to make sexy poses in front of the mirror. Bending
over to look at my arse tight in the evening dress. Not a bad arse for a
girl I decided. Then I started to lean forward as though I was flashing my
breasts at myself.

I lay back on the bed, still able to see myself in the mirror. I flashed
some leg, trying to remember the sexy poses I had seen in the porn mag. And
then on all fours, crawling like a cat. Wow I looked sexy. I suddenly had
the idea of stripping in front of the mirror. Standing again I started to
unzip Lucy's dress. It fell into a pile on the floor. I stood there in my
panties, stockings and heels. Wow, what a sight. I started to imagine I was
Lucy, stripping in front of her boyfriend. I mean, I looked quite a bit
like Lucy made-up like this. I started to play with my nipples, imagining I
was a real girl. Naturally the sight of this beautiful girl in the mirror
stripping and playing with herself was making me very horny.

I quickly pulled my gaff and g-string off and started to play with myself,
still staring at the image in the mirror. I was in a state of complete
sexual confusion. All I knew was that I was really turned on. Now lying on
the bed, one hand played with my nipples while the other stroked my cock. I
slowly started to realise how best to achieve pleasure with my new
exectrode sensitive breasts. I would gradually rub my thumb over the nipple
while gentle kneading the breast. And wow did that look sexy. I started to
wonder whether my cock really was that small. It didn't seem to really
stand out in the image in the mirror. If anything it wasn't easy to
see. More noticeable were my large breasts. Was Philip really much larger
than me? I picked up the plastic bottle of moisturiser lying next to me. It
was roughly cock shaped and had a rounded cap, but much larger than mine. I
wondered if Philips cock was this big? I could hardly get my whole hand
round it. I held it against my cock for comparison. Could Lucy really get
all that cock in her mouth. I lifted the bottle to my lips and tried to
suck it. Yes it did fit. It was quite tight but was in. Then I wondered how
much Lucy would be able to take in her mouth. My lips worked further down
the bottle. I guess I got about half way. "So this must be how it feels
like" I thought to myself. "This must be what it feels like for Lucy
sucking on Philips cock." Then I suddenly noticed myself in the mirror
again, in stockings sucking on this bottle. It was like something out of a
porn magazine, it really was. I started to sock on the bottle, watching
myself doing it in the mirror. I was lying on my back and returned with my
other hand to playing with my cock. Tilting my head back slightly I could
actually suck about half of Philips cock, I mean the bottle. Any more than
that and I started to gag.

"What are you doing Stephanie?!" Shrieked Lucy. She was standing at the
door. There was silence. I quickly pulled the bottle from my mouth and
tried to cover myself with the pink dressing robe.

"I'm sorry Lucy. I wasn't expecting you back" I said, a mixture of
embarrassment and guilt making me want to cry.

Lucy saw how upset I was. "Mum dropped me off. She wanted to check you were
OK. Obviously you are more than OK!" She was smiling now and that made me
feel better. "look what a mess you made of my favourite dress" she said
picking it up off the floor and hanging it on the back of the door.

"Please don't tell Mum" I pleaded.

"Don't worry, silly. Of course I won't. Secrets between sisters
remember. After all, if I told on you, you might tell on me and my
secrets. Which reminds me...what on earth were you doing? Practicing give a
blowjob?" She was giggling.

"Of course not. I was just wondering how big Philip was." I replied, trying
to defend the indefensible.

"Oh, so you were practicing giving Philip a blow job!!!" Lucy clapped in

"No, I mean I was just wondering how much of his cock I could suck."

As soon as I said that I regretted it. I mean it had come out all wrong.

But Lucy was beside herself in fits of giggles. Eventually she pulled
herself together and sat down next to me. Her mood changed now to one of
training Lucy, not giggling sister Lucy.

"Now listen Stephanie, actually it is not funny. I mean, not the sucking
the bottle thing. That is very funny, but you playing with your little
cock. That is not at all funny. What happens if someone caught you? That
would be a disaster"

"No one would catch me" I quickly said.

"Oh no! Really? Well how about just about every Saturday morning when you
have a wank before breakfast. I walked in on you once and you didn't even
notice me. From now on, no wanking, OK?"

"I guess. Sorry Lucy, it was just the image in the mirror...I looked very
sexy. I couldn't help it."

"Well, yes, I guess it is impossible to expect you to be able to control
yourself all the time." Lucy sat down in deep thought. "I know" She
eventually said "Put your gaff back on."

I picked it up and slip it back on followed by the g-string as Lucy handed
it to me.

"Now, of course girls play with themselves too."

"They do?" I asked. That was news to me.

"Of course silly, most days actually. We are just more subtle. We don't go
flashing our willies all over the place. Here, lie on your back, I will
show you"

I rolled over and lay on my back. Lucy lay next to me. She was wearing a
short denim skirt and a pink t-shirt. She pulled up her skirt and showed me
her white cotton panties. Quite conservative for her I couldn't help

"Don't be so shy, silly" she said looking at me blush. "We are just
sisters, remember. Now, watch me. I will do it with my panties on because
that is going to be how you have to do it. See how I rub up and down where
my pussy is."

Lucy was running two fingers up and down between her legs.

"I like it with quite a lot of pressure but you might like it
differently. And you can play with you breasts at the same time if it
helps. Sometimes I like to play with my pussy with my legs clamped
together. I usually do that when I am imagining I am sucking a lovely
cock. Or maybe spread open imaging I am being made love to."

Lucy was demonstrating the different techniques she used. She still had on
her white panties to show me how it is still possible for a girl to
pleasure herself in a subtle way.

"I can feel myself getting wet" said Lucy "I don't want to make a mess of
my panties. Here, lets see you try."

She turned her attention to me. I opened my legs and placed a hand over my
crotch. I would feel my cock hard and straining against my gaff but it was
held firmly down in place, towards my buttocks.

"Try rubbing the tip of you little cock through your panties" suggested
Lucy, "Use your fingernails." I was still wearing long fake fingernails
that Mum had glued on my the day before. "Try scratching your nails along
the length of your crotch. Experiment. See what feels good."

Slowly I started to discover that I could get pleasure from just rubbing my
cock through my panties. I loved the way my nails felt gently rubbing over
the head of my little cock. It was also a wonderful feeling rubbing two
fingers hard against myself, just like Lucy had done. Then I felt Lucy take
my hand and place it on my exposed breasts.

"It feels better when you do both together" she said

I started to massage my breasts and nipples already an expert at this from
earlier. I wasn't looking in the mirror now. I was lying on my back with my
eyes tight shut breathing heavily. Deep down I couldn't believe I was
playing with myself in front of my sister. Even more that that. I was
playing with myself like a girl would, dressed as a girl and even feeling
the same sensations as a girl with sensitive nipples and a completely new
sensation in my groin.

"You see Stephanie, you don't have to wank like a monkey to feel
great. Isn't it nice? Yes, arch your back a little so you can push
harder. I do that too sometimes. Just imagine your little cock is you
clitoris. Girls love to play with their clits. It is their little
secret. Well our little secret" She giggled.

I continued to play with my breasts and `clitoris'. The subtlety was almost

"Open your mouth" I heard Lucy say. I opened it, almost panting. Then I
felt the bottle return to my lips. I started to sink my lips around it.

"Tilt your head back a little" instructed Lucy "There, see how much more of
Philips cock you can take in your mouth like that"

She was right, with my head tilted back my neck was exposed and I could
take almost the whole of the bottle down my throat without gagging.

"This is almost exactly the same size as Philips cock" said Lucy, still
sliding the bottle in and out of my mouth slowly. "He likes it when I take
all of his cock into my mouth. Just like you are doing Stephanie. I think
if he was here you might make him cum doing that."

Her words were a blur. I just had this image of a slut in a porn movie in
lingerie sucking cocks. And I was that slut. It all seemed to alien and so
distant to me but it seemed almost to be happening.

"When he came in my mouth the other day Philips cock was deep inside my
mouth, right near my throat. Like this." Lucy said, pushing the bottle
deeper. "I could feel his cum shoot down my throat. It make me cum too
Stephanie. The sensation of all his lovely warm cum made me reach orgasm. I
was playing with myself at the same time, just like you are."

It was too much. I could feel myself reaching orgasm and Lucy could tell
too. "Just like that" she said as I started to arch my back, digging my
fingers hard against my constrained little cock. "Imagine. Isn't it lovely?
He was practically fucking my mouth when he came. Like this. Can you
imagine it?" Lucy was urgently thrusting Philips cock in and out of my
mouth. I could feel the first spurts of cum in my panties. It was one of
the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

Lucy withdrew the bottle. I was panting on the bed. I could feel the warm
goo of my cum in my panties.

Lucy told me to clean up as Mum would be back soon. But before she did that
she give me a big hug. "I am so proud of you Stephanie. You are really
making an effort. I had my doubts and didn't think you would be able to
cope. How wrong I was." She held me close.

"You better change your gaff and panties" she said. I guess you have made a
bit of a mess there?". I nodded, still slightly embarrassed. "In future you
could wear some panty liners. That is what girls use so they don't make a
mess of their panties. They are very convenient. I will drop some off in
your room later." I blushed. So it had come to this. Not only was I wearing
girls clothes and going to have to play with myself like a girl, but I was
even going to have to wear panty liners. "I could drop off some tampons as
well. You don't need them yet but I think you will have to keep some just
in case."

I went into the bathroom and got cleaned up. On the bed when I returned
were some panty liners and tampons. I put them in a draw and tried to
decide what to wear. Eventually I decided on a simple white bra and
panties, both satin under a pink t-shirt and shirt denim skirt. Then back
to the makeup table. Nothing heavy this time. Just simple pastel shades to
make my more feminine. I pouted my lips to get an even lipstick finish,
just like I had been shown. Then on with some simple brown pumps and went

Mum was in the kitchen and most noticeable was the casualness of her
attitude. No special treatment today, just a simple glance and a "Hi
Stephanie, you look nice. Can you lay the table for me." Mum had never
asked me to lay the table before. She was a bit of a traditionalist at
heart. That was girl's work. Now she was treating me just as another
daughter. Looking back it must have been intentional. Maybe to make the
transition easier for me. No special treatment. Just one of the girls.

That evening I wrote in my Dairy...

"Dear diary, I love being a girl because there are so many lovely clothes
you can wear. And girls have such stronger orgasms than boys. But the best
thing I leant about being a girl today was my close relationship with
Lucy. She is such a help and I would do anything for her."

That night I went to bed exhausted again. This time in my pink pyjamas I
drifted off to sleep. I had especially vivid dreams that night. Dreams of
Lucy and me. Lucy forcing the bottle down my throat, encouraging me,
forcing me. "Suck him harder. Harder!". Then I was outside, dressed as
Stephanie. In the playground at school. All the boys taunting me. Teasing
me. Calling me names like a sissy whore, a little cocksucker. I awoke in a
cold sweat. Terrified. The horror was obvious. Soon I would be back at
school. This was not all going to be about dressing up to look pretty and
making a mess of my panties. This was real and in a few days I was going to
face the world. I didn't fall asleep after that.

In the morning I told Lucy and Mum about it. They decided I needed to get
my confidence up. They were going to take me shopping. Mum dove us out of
town to a large mall in Croydon. There we spent all day walking around the
shops browsing, trying outfits on and buying essential items. My collection
of jewellery increased considerable. Mum insisted I have my ears pierced,
assuring me that I could remove the earrings at anytime and my ears would
heal. Then we had a manicure and a pedicure. That mean new nails and this
time painted. I was allowed to pick whatever colour I liked. Lucy went for
bright red but I thought a light pink was more subtle. At one point mum and
Lucy went off together to see how I would cope on my own. For 30 minutes I
browsed through the shops, looking through lingerie and dresses. I even
tried a couple of dresses on my own. As I was waiting outside a shop some
young boys walked past. They were clearly checking me out. I tried my best
to ignore them but one wolf whistled. "Hi sweetheart" the tallest of the
three boys said. "Cute butt darling". I went bright red and they walked on
laughing. Mum and Lucy were just arriving and had noticed everything.

"Teasing the boys?" giggled Lucy.

"They started it" I quickly said.

Mum and Lucy had not been idle. They had several packages for me. More
clothes, some female magazines, a couple of posters of boy bands and even a
large pink teddy bear.

The next few days were much of the same. More intense training as everyday
my confidence grew higher but also my fear of the inevitable Monday morning
that was looming large.

On the Sunday night mum said I had a visitor. I was totally confused. No
one knew me. I walked downstairs and there standing in the hall was

"I thought it best if you two get to know each other. Maybe you can become
friends and Danielle will have lots of tips for you Stephanie."

My embarrassment returned. Danielle was checking out how I looked. I took
Danielle up to my room and we started to chat. I started by apologising for
my poor behaviour the week before. She said she had also forgiven me and
was more concerned how I felt dealing with my punishment. "Are you coping?"
she asked holding my hand.

"Yes, my sister has been great. I couldn't have don it without her."

Over the rest of the day Danielle and myself got to know each other. I
found out that we had a lot in common, aside from the obvious fact we were
both dressed in panties. She was actually very beautiful when you saw past
her `issues'. She had long brown hair, lightly permed and a great
figure. "Are your breasts fake too?" I asked her.

"I have been taking hormone injections for 3 years now she said. They are
real. Wanna see?"

With that she removed her white blouse and bra and revealed a lovely pair
for firm breasts. They were magnificent and I immediately felt my little
cock start to strain against my panties again.

"Wow" I said, "They look so real"

"They are real" she protested. "here wanna feel?"

Danielle thrust her chest towards me and I reached out to feel her
breasts. They were warm to the touch, unlike mine. Real breasts in fact.

"I just feel so great with them" Danielle said "that is why the school had
to announce it. I couldn't hide my chest any more. What about you?
Silicone? Can I see?"

I pulled off my t-shirt and skilfully unclipped my bra. A week of
unclipping and I was now an expert.

"Not bad" said Danielle, leaning forward to feel them. I moaned a little as
her fingers rubbed across my nipples. "Oh, the electric sensors" she
said. I had a pair like them. Do you know that feels just like have a real
pair of breasts." She said now using both hands to fondle my nipples. "I
should know, I am one of the few people who have tried both. The only
difference is when they are licked or sucked. The fake ones don't even get
close to the delicious wet feeling of a mouth around your nipples. Are you
on hormone treatment?"

That question caught me off guard. I didn't think so but Mum was insisting
I drink a special milkshake twice a day to `keep me healthy and less

"I don't know" I said.

"Oh you will soon be able to tell if you are. You will start getting all
emotional about the silliest thing. And I found my sex drive changed quite
quickly. I was playing with myself less but I kept on admiring guys
more. You know, I would suddenly realise that I was staring, mouth agape as
some hunk on the beach walked by. We should go to the beach together
sometimes. Do you plan to have real breasts too?"

"Oh, I don't think so. I am only going to be this way for the rest of the

"Oh, of course. But they have really strong hormones now. I got my breasts
in just a few months. Happens fast because we are so young. Just the
correct age to grow breasts apparently. If you get the chance go for
it. They are wonderful."

That evening Lucy came in to read my diary...

"Dear diary, I love being a girl because I have breasts. They make me feel
so special. They are almost like signposts saying `stare at me'. Every time
I go to the mall people stare at me. OK, most of the time guys, but it just
makes me feel special, like a movie star or something. Oh yes, and I love
being a girl because of my extra sensitive nipples. Yesterday I made a big
mess of my panties cos I started playing with my breasts in the morning. I
didn't mean to but then once I had started I got sort of carried away and
couldn't stop. I did it just like Lucy told me to. It feels better that
way. More sensitive and it takes longer but the orgasms are so much

"Wow", said Lucy "Quite an entry. Mum said that I should talk to you about
school tomorrow. Any questions?"

"Well, I was wondering Lucy, am I on hormones?"

"Lucy sat there and thought for a minute. Clearly uncomfortable.

Eventually she replied "Yes you are Stephanie."

"Why" I asked "Immediately starting to cry "I don't need breasts. I have my
silicone breasts".

"It is not just the breasts Stephanie," Lucy replied coming to sit next to
me and give me a hug. "There are all sorts of benefits. You have only been
on hormones for a week and already there are definite changes. You are
acting more girly. You are more sensitive. You are crying more, much more
emotional. And did you notice your skin becoming smoother?"

"No," I said "I thought that was the moisturiser"

"Don't worry little sis. It is for the best. Everything is reversible. Is
there any growth in your chest yet? They will start to ache. When they push
hard against your silicone breasts we will take them off, OK."

"OK," I said. My mind at times like this always reverted back to my
nightmare. Anything to make me more feminine so I wouldn't get caught at
school and bullied like a freak"

In the morning there was lots of activity. I hardly had time to worry as I
was getting ready for school. I actually liked the freedom of the new
school uniform I was wearing. White blouse, blue skirt, tights and black
shoes. Surprisingly the first day of school was very uneventful. I was
introduced to the class as Stephanie and everyone said hello. I spent all
my spare time with Danielle in breaks and she was even in one of my
classes. She also introduced me to a few of her female friends. I got the
impression they were none the wiser as to mine of Danielle's real genders.

The week went on and by Friday I was relieved and proud to have survived
the first real test of my new self. On Saturday Danielle, my new best
friend due to the time we had spent together, came over. She wanted to go
to the mall and try on some new outfits. Mum said it would be OK and we
spent most of the day shopping. That afternoon back in Danielle's house we
dressed up for each other. I was reluctant at first but after Danielle had
tried on a few outfits she insisted I try on some of my new clothes. It was
fun, I guess and time flew past.

"I have a date" Danielle confided in me.

"From school?" I enquired.

"Yes, Danny from maths. Do you think he is cute?"

"He's OK I guess" I said awkwardly.

"Can I practice on you?"

"Practice what?" I replied

"Kissing and stuff. I never kissed a guy before and am really worried he
will try to kiss me."

I thought for a bit. Lucy had told me a few days ago that she had learnt to
kiss with a female friend. Apparently it was very common with
girlfriends. And Danielle was pretty sexy. I know she was really a guy but
I had never kissed anyone either.

"Sure" I said giggling.

Danielle moved closer. She took the lead and had obviously thought about
this for some time. She leant forward and placed her lips on mine. We sort
of pouted a kiss and then broke giggling. Then Danielle moved in again and
this time I felt her lips parting. With that her tongue was wanting to
explore my mouth. I opened a little wider and felt it dart between my

Danielle pulled away. Looking me straight in the eyes, clearly aroused.

"Wow," she said "you are a great kisser. Sure you never did that
before. Was I OK too?"

I couldn't lie. My little cock was throbbing in my white panties. "It was
great" I said.

"Wanna try again" Danielle asked.

Without waiting for an answer she leant towards me and started to kiss me
again. This time we took our time enjoying the moment. If I had to say now
who was more forceful in the kiss I think it was Danielle. I was still very
shy, but she seemed bolder. Danielle was dressed in a short yellow
dress. She didn't have any shoes on. She was sitting crossed legged on the
bed. I was cross-legged in front of her. In what seemed to be my stock
favourite I was wearing a pink t-shirt and denim mini-skirt.

I felt Danielle's hand on my knee, resting there, a finger gently rubbing
my bare flesh. I had my hands round her back.

"Can you play with my breasts, Stephanie? I wonder what it would be like if
Danny did it."

Returning to our kiss my hands moved up towards her breasts. I started to
massage her breasts through her bra and dress. She was clearly extremely
aroused at this point. She started to squirm under my hands, almost as if I
was tickling her. And she was moaning in my mouth. Her hand moved higher up
my thigh, almost as a thank you, reciprocating the pleasure I was giving

"Let me take my bra off" Danielle said jumping up. In a few seconds she had
pulled her dress over her head and removed her white cotton lacy bra. She
returned to the bed, and sitting cross-legged I could see she wasn't
wearing a gaff, just her panties, but she was still smooth down there. I
delicately started to play with her breasts and nipple. This time I wasn't
kissing her, just amazed to be able to play unhindered with a great pair of
breasts. They were really soft and her nipples were hard as I moved my
fingers over them, the same way I do when I play with my breasts.

"Can I play with yours?" Danielle asked "I will if you want me to."

"OK" I said quickly, feeling short of breath with anticipation. Danielle
pulled my t-shirt over my head revealing my powder pink satin bra. She
expertly unclipped me from behind. My bra fell forward and she started to
rub my nipples with one of her hands. The other hand was on my thigh
again. Now she was running her long fingernails up and down the inside of
my thigh, under my denim skirt. We were kissing again. This time more
urgently, more automatically as our minds were focussing on each others

Each time her hand moved up my thigh it reached closer to my crotch. And
then she was hovering over my gaff. Very gently and tentatively I felt a
fingernail run down the length of my crotch. Slowly her touch there became
stronger and more forceful. I wondered for a second, just a split second
why I hadn't tried to stop her. After all she was really a guy. A guy was
kissing me and feeling my crotch. But then she was almost a girl. And I was
almost a girl. It was all so complicated. Who was who and what was right or
wrong. I just decided that it felt fantastic. We were alone. We shared so
many secrets about or true selves and this led to a trust that allowed us
to just enjoy each other like this.

"Rub my clit please Stephanie"

I knew what she meant. She wanted me to rub between her legs. Immediately
my hand went down to her crotch eager to return the pleasure she was giving
me. My hand started rubbing the outside of her panties, at the top. This
was well away from her tucked secret. But my hand soon moved lower. She
shifted slightly so her legs were further apart. As my hand moved lower I
could clearly feel the shaft of her `clit' tucked backwards. In fact I was
basically rubbing my fingers down the length of her hidden cock.

"Lower" Danielle encouraged me, our mouths still together, wide open but
now panting into each other rather than kissing.

My hand moved lower, along the shaft that was clearly straining against the
thin fabric of her panties. She was larger than me. I guess closer to 6
inches. And then I could make out the head of her cock, thicker and
seemingly warmer. I started to rub harder, my hand running now just up and
down but clasping her cock between my fingers and basically wanking her.

And what was leading on this boldness in me? What had led to me unashamedly
wanking Danielle's cock, only a thin pair of cotton panties between me and
a real cock? Arousal. Pure and simple. Danielle was an expert with her
hands and I was experiencing arousal like never before. She kept on taking
me to the brink of an orgasm and sensing that she would pull away, stop me
from cumming. And then I felt a finger slip in the edge of my gaff and she
was actually touching my cock. Actually running a finger along the head of
my cock.

"It feels better if you take off your panties" Danielle teased. "I can make
you feel really good. Let me try."

With that she started to pull down my gaff and panties together. I
manoeuvred myself to let them be removed. My cock instantly being released
and springing up. Danielle's eyes seemed glued to it as she moved her hands
down. Both hands now. One hand playing with my balls and the other wanking
my cock, not like a girl but like a guy. Like I used to before Lucy taught
me how to play with myself like a girl.

"Danny might want me to do this for him. You don't mind if I practice do
you. Can you lie back Stephanie?"

I lay back as Danielle started to concentrate on my little cock. I had my
eyes closed as I felt the warmth of her mouth wrap itself around the tip of
my cock. Her mouth slowly sinking down taking all of my little cock in
her. And then she started to suck my cock, gliding it in and out of her
mouth. One hand still on my balls.

Danielle looked up at me, pulling my cock from her mouth.

"Do you think Danny would like that? He is such a guy. A real man. I bet he
is really fussy about having his cock sucked. What happens if he doesn't
like me sucking him? Does it feel ok? Should I do it harder?" I realised
Danielle was experimenting. Perfecting her skills to please a real man. I
was just a sissy friend whose cock was only there for training
purposes. But I couldn't stop her. It felt too good.

"Maybe I should play with his arse? Do you think real men like that
Stephanie? I really don't know. I love playing with my arse but it seems
more like a pussy. Do you know if real men like it? You probably don't
know. Can you tell me how this feels."

Danielle started to rub my arsehole very gently. She had licked a finger
and was running it over, harder and harder, threatening to slip inside. I
was clenching my muscle, resisting a totally new sensation, feeling dirty
and ashamed at what Danielle wanted to do. And then she was licking me
there. And that felt so wonderful. Her tongue dipping ever so slightly
inside me. The wetness of her mouth lubricating me. And hand was still
wanking my little cock.

"Do you like that Stephanie? Do you like having your pussy licked? Your
pussy is nice and wet now. It looks so sexy."

I could feel myself starting to cum. I tried to move, ashamed of what was
about to happen. Danielle immediately realised and moved her mouth over my
little cock again. She clamped her lips down, sucking hard. The first jets
of my cum shot from my cock just as Danielle slipped an index finger into
my wet pussy. She started to fuck my arsehole slowly with her finger as I
continued to cum. I heard her groan with excitement, enjoying my
orgasm. Eventually I stopped cumming. Danielle raised her head. A little
drop of my cum dripping down her chin. She pushed it up with her finger and
licked it up, smiling. She had swallowed everything. Her finger still in my
arse she leant down, kissed my little cock goodbye and pulled her finger

"Do you think Danny would like that?" She asked "I just hope that I get to
suck Danny's cock. I have always wanted to suck a real man's cock. I know
it is fun playing around like this with girlfriends practicing but it must
be so special to taste a real man."

Now I had cum I felt so ashamed. Any pretext of me pretending Danielle was
a girl were washed away with her words. I was not a real man. I was just a
girlfriends practicing. Danielle saw my disappointment.

"Don't worry Stephie dear. I didn't mean to upset you. It was lovely. I
didn't mean to make you feel used. I just thought we were having fun. It is
just that this date with Danny is so special. I am so excited and I want to
make everything perfect for him."

"I'm sorry" I said, starting to cry a little.

"Oh don't cry Stephanie. You are a wonderful friend. It is just that you
cant really be expected to be considered a real guy, can you. Look at
you. You are dressed in lovely teenage girl clothes and wear lovely sexy
underwear. Look at you. And I know you like dressing this way. We had such
fun dressing up. And you wear makeup. How many real men wear makeup

I lowered my head in shame as the truth came out.

"And you play with yourself just like a girl would, don't you."

I nodded.

"Oh Stephanie, you are such a sweetie. Here, tuck that little clit of your
away and put your panties back on. Why don't you keep your gaff off. You
should be used to keeping your legs nice and closed and it feels so much
sexier to have all that lingerie against your clit."

As I got dressed Danielle asked is I would mind if she played with herself.

"I am just feeling so sexy having tasted lovely cum for the first time
Stephanie. Do you mind. You can watch if you like. Do you think a real
man's cum tastes the same?"

"It's OK I guess" I said sitting back on the bed in back in my skirt.

Danielle was still only wearing her panties.. She lay on her back with her
knees pulled up and her legs apart and started to rub herself through her
panties. She had her eyes closed. I started to play with her breasts for
her, to help her. They really were great breasts. I felt a little envious
with my stupid silicone ones. Danielle lifted her hips and pulled her
panties down. Then I saw her cock. It was at least 6 inches, maybe even
larger than I had estimated. She had a foreskin, unlike me, which I found
fascinating. She was obviously expert at this and knew exactly how to
please herself. She licked her fingers which started to rub her arsehole,
like she had done to me. The other hand was working up and down on her
large cock. Lucy would definitely disapprove of Danielle playing with
herself like that I thought laughing to myself.

I could see how she wanked differently to me. She was pulling her foreskin
up and down over the head of her cock. Now I could see she was also fucking
herself with her finger. She pulled my hand down towards her breasts and I
started to suck a nipple. That seemed to send her over the edge. Her back
bucked and I could see she was starting to cum. She was clearly out of
control Her cum shot all over her belly and one drop even hit my
cheek. Danielle had made a real mess and turned to look at me laughing.

"Sorry" she said seeing the cum dripping down my cheek. "There are some
tissues over there". I fetched a box of pink tissues from the other side of
the room and cleaned the cum off my face. Then I took the box over to

"Can you help me clean myself up" she asked me "I am so exhausted after
that. I was thinking of Danny fucking me and me tasting his real man
cum. It was lovely Stephanie."

I took a tissue and started to mop up Danielle's cum for her. It was the
least I could do after she had sucked my cock. I mean she hadn't asked me
to suck her cock or anything. In fact in a strange way I felt quite guilty.

"Sorry I didn't do more" I apologised.

"Oh that's OK Stephanie. Were you shy? Oh, maybe you just aren't ready to
practice playing with a cock yet. Is my cock too ugly?"

"Oh no" I said quickly, "It is a lovely cock. I was shy I guess."

I was lying to make Danielle feel better. It hadn't even occurred to me
until just now that I should have touched her cock. I mean it wasn't
exactly on my `100 things to do before you die' list. But I had been
intrigued by it.

"Maybe I would have touched it if it had been out when you were playing
with mine."

This wasn't a lie. I was thinking aloud. I had been so turned on that if
she had presented me with her cock I think I almost certainly would have
played with it, even maybe wanked her off. I had been quite out of control.

"Why don't you touch it now?" Danielle asked. "Yours was the first one I
ever touched. It seems fair that you touch mine. You don't have to suck it"
Danielle added quickly.

"Suck it, I couldn't suck it" I blurted out.

"Just touch it then" Danielle repeated. I moved the tissue to the side. Her
cock was glistening with her cum and it was all over her shaft. As I moved
my hand to her now only semi erect cock I felt the warm goo of her cum on
my hands. I placed my hand around it, not sure what to do next. Was I
supposed to move my hand. Did she want me to wank her again?

"What do I do?" I asked looking at her. She held my gaze silently. "It is a
cock Stephanie. It is your first cock. Girls don't get to hold their first
cock more than once. This is a special moment for you. Just hold it. If you
want to do anything else then I don't mind."

Obviously I was close. Lying on my side just a few inches from her
increasingly erect cock I could see it in every detail. I noticed how the
cum glistened on the tip where it was still oozing slightly from her
orgasm. I pulled back her foreskin, interested to examine her further. Her
foreskin slipped back easily revealing her purple now fully erect head.

"Well, how does it make you feel Stephanie. You made my clit all hard
again" Danielle said giggling "Careful it might shoot off in your face". I
pulled my head away.

"I'm just joking" she said. "It is not a real man's cock Stephanie. Sorry
about that. Maybe one day you will be really to fell a real man's cock. It
must be wonderful, don't you think. Maybe Danny had a friend. We could
double date. Maybe his friend will let you play with his real man's cock
while I play with Danny. It would be such fun. You can pretend my cock is
Danny's friend's cock if you like."

I had started to wank Danielle off slowly now, more out of habit than
thinking about it. But she responded by moving her hips, encouraging me to
continue. And I did. I noticed how the veins in her cock strained as she
became more excited. As I had seen her do I started to run her foreskin up
and down over the head of her cock. I could tell she liked that by her

"Oh Stephanie, that feels lovely. You are such a little tease wanking my
clit like that. Wank it faster. Make me cum again."

I moved my hand faster, not sure she would be able to cum so fast gain but
dedicated to help her if she wanted to. After all she had sucked my cock
and tasted my cum. The least I could do was wank her now.

"Oh that's it. Faster. I am going to cum. Pretend it is a real man's cock
Stephanie. That's what I pretended when I was sucking you. Pretend you have
a real man's cock in your hands and that he loves you and you want to make
him cum."

And then Danielle was cumming. Hot cum shooting out of her cock. Clearer
and not to thick this time but still plenty. It landed all down my hand as
I continued to wank her, to give her the best orgasm I could. My hand was
now lubricated with her cum, sliding more easily over her cock. Another
spurt had hit my face. I was not so disgusted this time. Almost proud or
fascinated that I had made Danielle cum so quickly.

We spent the rest of the day playing dress up and giggling about our little
sexcapade and it was late by the time I got home. I told Lucy everything. I
told her about my mixed emotions and my shame as well as my excitement. I
just opened up. I was so confused and needed her friendship more than
ever. She listened carefully and patiently as I told her how Danielle had
sucked my cock pretending it was a real man's cock and how I had wanked her
off. She didn't judge me. She kept on asking me questions like "How did you
feel about that" or "Did you enjoy playing with her cock". I admitted it
made me feel powerful and sexy to have made her cum so quickly but it felt

"You must be very talented Stephanie. You seem to be very good at wanking

I was crying at this stage, not out of shame or embarrassment or even
regret, just crying because there were so many emotions inside me. The
hormones really were making me into a big sobbing girl.

"Why didn't you suck her cock Stephanie. It seemed like it would have been
polite. If you were not willing to suck her cock then why did you let her
suck yours."

"But she asked me if she could suck mine" I replied. I was surprised. Why
was my sister saying this. Surely so didn't expect me to suck cocks.

"Well personally I think it was a little rude." She seemed more serious now
as she thought through what had happened. "Yes, I think it was very rude
indeed. It is important for a girl to know when she has to do
something. What her responsibilities are. It is a time honoured tradition
amongst girls. Different girls act differently but it is just plain selfish
to let her suck your cock and then not return the favour. I have a good
mind to get you to call her over here immediately. And I would do if I
didn't feel sorry for you not knowing the rules of being a girl. Listen

I listened carefully as she explained how a girl was expected to behave in
different circumstances. "If a guy buys you dinner then at the very least
you should kiss him. If you don't want to kiss him then you can pay for
your own dinner. If he has a car and spends the rest of the evening with
you, driving you around or maybe parks at a lovers spot then I think it
polite that you at least let him feel your breasts or if you like him then
why not give him a hand job. Now, if a boy buys you dinner a few times then
I think at that point a girl should suck his cock. He might want to fuck
you, but under the circumstances that would be tricky. Yes Stephanie, it is
up to you. It might sound a bit sudden for you but no one is forcing
anything on anyone. If you don't want to suck a cock then just go out with
him once then you only have to kiss him. I also live by the rule that if a
guy spends more than 30 pounds on you on the first date then a good blow
job is definitely in order. 30 pounds is a lot of money. It is not right
that a girl should just take it. And it is not like you are fucking the
guy. It is just a blowjob. Any questions? Is that clear?"

"Yes", I mumbled "Are you angry with me Lucy?"

"Oh come here" she said hugging me "I am not angry. I would have been angry
if you had known the rules but you didn't. But now you do. So don't let
Danielle suck your little cock any more young lady unless you are willing
to do the same. Promise me?"

"I promise" I replied "It wont happen again I wont let her"

"Well whether you let her suck your cock is up to you. I don't care. But
how you behave afterwards is my concern. We have the sisterhood of girls to
worry about. And with the boys, remember what I said. Promise me that if
you decide to date then you will behave accordingly. Promise?"

"Yes" I replied.

"Good girl."

Lucy gave me a big hug, told me to get changed into my pink pyjamas and get
some sleep.

"Dear Diary. It is difficult to write this today. Everything is so
confusing. I like being a girl because I am more sensitive to things. I
have been thinking about it. Yes I cry more but that is because some things
feel more important now. How Lucy thinks and how Danielle feels. My
friendships are so important. I guess I have the hormones to thank for
that. So I love being a girl because I am more sensitive."

Looking at this entry the next day Lucy made a very good point. She said
that had I known I was going to turn into a big sobbing emotional mess when
I was still James I would have hated the idea. Only when you feel these
emotions. Only when your body chemistry allows you to feel what it is
really like to think like a girl can you understand.

It was back to school on Monday. My was also getting more used to my school
clothes. They seemed drab compared to the other clothes I wore. All the
other girls, including Danielle, wore their skirts rolled up at the waist
so that they became shorted. I started to do this so I would fit in
better. There were also subtle changes I made as I became more aware of how
the other girls were viewing me. It is true when they say girls dress for
other girls. Well, it is true most of the time. I started wearing dark
tights or even stockings sometimes. It was so much less drab, well OK, more
sexy, than skin coloured tights. And a few changes to my makeup that Lucy
helped me with. Darker mascara, bolder lipstick, maybe even a little

By the end of my second week at school things were actually not to bad. Of
course I was still terrified of being found out, as was Danielle, but the
more time went by without anyone discovering us the more confident we
became. We were definitely best friends. No physical stuff had happened
between us all week. Danielle hadn't started any more of that and I
certainly wasn't going to after the promise I had made to Lucy.

By Friday afternoon, we were both looking forward to the weekend. Danielle
and I had plans to hang out together most of the weekend, maybe go shopping
or catch a movie. Danielle insisted I start watching chick flicks and I had
noticed already how the my new body chemistry had altered the TV shows I
was watching. But at 4 pm after class Danielle said she was going to be
busy. She was really apologetic but said that Danny had finally asked her
out to the movies that night. She was so excited about it that I couldn't
be too disappointed. In fact we both rush home to her house to help her
pick out an outfit. While she was in the bathroom I picked out what I
thought she should wear on her hot date. She had one little bright red silk
dress she looked really sexy in. It was a little dressy for the movies but
she looked fantastic. After a little persuasion Danielle agreed to wear
it. Dropping her towel she started to dry herself. She was totally naked
and wasn't at all shy as she towelled herself dry.

"I better make sure this is tucked away well tonight" said Danielle drying
her cock. "Look I am already getting a little excited."

Indeed her cock had started to swell under all the attention it was
receiving and was now almost fully erect. I found myself staring at it my
mouth agape in fascination. "Stop staring"! giggled Danielle. "If you shut
that mouth I might just make use of it!" she laughed.

It took Danielle over an hour to get ready. She wore matching red lipstick
and shoes for her dress. She was gorgeous. If I was a real guy I would
definitely have wanted to make a pass at her. I mean if I wasn't dressed as
a girl.

She was meeting Danny at a café near the cinema and I headed home. I had
a quiet night in. I had some lingerie to wash and also I had time to do my
nails and pluck my eyebrows.

Danielle called me just after 1am. She was so excited and wanted me to come
over to her house. Her folks were away which was why she was able to stay
out so late. I sneaked out of the house, leaving a little note on my bed in
case I was missed. Thirty minutes later I was in Danielle's. She was still
dressed in her red dress.

"So?" I asked, desperate to hear how my friend's date had gone. "What is he

"Oh he is lovely", replied Danielle "a real gentleman." We sat at the back
of the cinema and he was so shy. It was really sweet. It must have taken
him half the movie to put his arm around my shoulders."

"Did he kiss you?" I asked excitedly.

"Oh yes, lots. He kissed me in the cinema and then he drove me to lover's
lane after the movie. You know, overlooking the hills."

I remembered what Lucy had told me about the responsibilities of girls. "So
you must have done stuff to him when you parked. What did you do?"

I could feel my little cock starting to strain against my white satin
panties, a reminder to myself of my attraction to beautiful girls. And that
was what Danielle was this evening. Even if I knew she had a large cock
tucked tightly away in her bright red panties, she was definitely

"Oh it was so sexy Stephanie" Danielle started. "He was so strong and
manly. I wasn't expecting it. Totally different to our sweet girly practice
session. He kissed my so forcefully and then started to play with my
breasts. I must have cum almost immediately in my panties I was so
horny. And the best bit is he let me suck his cock. It was so lovely. Such
a big strong cock. Not like your little clit Stephanie. Sorry, I don't mean
to be rude but iIt was a huge real man's cock. I was so surprised at its
size and musky manly taste."

"Wow, you sucked his cock?" I asked giggling with excitement.

"Thanks to my practice on your little clit I think I did a pretty good job
too" she continued. "I took my time, slowly playing with his balls. I knew
I could make him cum but I wanted to give him as much pleasure before he
did. And when he finally came I swallowed it all. There was so much and he
came so forcefully. I swear I almost chocked on that huge manly cock. Oh
Stephanie, we are so lucky to be pretty girls. There is so much fun we can

Danielle went to on describe in great detail what had happened between her
and Danny over the course of the evening. She had tasted his come twice and
had had a lot of difficulty in making sure Danny had not gotten his hands
inside her lacy red panties.

"I was so worried. I had to keep on sucking his cock just so he would be
distracted. I must have spent half the night with his lovely cock in my

But the real bombshell came later. Danielle had arranged for a double date
with them too plus Danny's friend Nick and myself. I flatly refused.

"Oh come on Stephanie, Nick is so handsome."

"I don't like guys" I protested.

"You have to come. Otherwise Danny will think I don't have any
friends. Please come Stephanie. At least for dinner and the movie. You can
go home after that."

The work dinner and movie sent alarm bells off in my head. I immediately
recalled what Lucy had said about the rules of being a girl.

"OK" I replied, "But I am definitely paying for my own dinner and my own
cinema ticket.

"Yes!" squealed Danielle in excitement. "this is going to be so much
fun. What are you going to wear?"

"Oh I don't know. I will have to see what I have."

It was late and I arranged to meet Danielle again the next afternoon so we
could plan our outfits.

The next morning I told Lucy and Mum what was planned for the evening. They
were also very excited.

"That is wonderful" mum said, "I am so glad my new daughter is fitting in
to her new life. If I didn't know better I would have said you are just
another teenage girl goin on her first date."

"Come on upstairs" said Lucy, dragging me towards the stairs. We have so
much to plan."

Upstairs we laid out all my clothes. We went through them all and finally
decided on my white dress. It was quite figure hugging but Lucy said it was
one of her favourites on my and hugged my hips. It was casual yet quite
smart looking. Underneath I was to wear matching white bra and g-string so
I didn't have any panty line.

 I jumped in the shower to get myself all clean. It was still two hours
before I met up with Danielle, but perfection takes time.

"Oh Stephanie" said Lucy hugging me as I came out of the shower. "I
remember my first date. I was so excited. I didn't know what to expect. But
remember what I said. A girl reaps what she sows. So take your purse and
money if you are not sure what you want to do with Nick. Anyway, I think no
more than a kiss on your first night. So don't go parking in lover's lane
or anything."

"Of course not" I replied.

Lucy saw me wince as I bent down.

"Are you OK" she asked?

"Its OK, it is just my breasts. They seem really tender."

"Oh that will be the hormones. Let me go and get the removal lotion and we
will see what is going on underneath the silicone breasts."

10 Minutes later I was standing in front of the mirror staring at a real
pair of b-cup breasts.

"Wow" said Lucy "mum said that the doctor had given her some new
experimental hormone treatment but that was faster than we expected. How do
they feel?"

I raised my hands and gently felt my new budding breasts. There was no
denying that they felt wonderful. My nipples were larger and more sensitive
and they seemed so feminine.

"Will my bras still fit?" I asked Lucy.

"We have some others for you little sis. Mum and I knew this day would come
so we got well prepared."

And so I now had a new collection of bras to go with my new real breasts.

"Just because you have real breasts it doesn't mean you have to start
offering them to the boys" Lucy joked.

"Not funny" I laughed back. I already knew the power of breasts. I already
knew that no real man could walk past a pair of breasts without at least
checking them out. These were a little smaller than my silicone breasts but
Lucy told me they would grow more.

Lucy got me ready. She insisted I wear my gaff and also a panty
liner. Although I protested at this she explained that sometimes not
everything goes as planned and the hormones would lead to dribbling from my
clit if I got excited (Lucy had also started to call it my clit now).

"As the hormones take effect you will find that your clit responds more
like a girls pussy. It will dribble when excited. You will still be able to
have orgasms but they will become more powerful and more frequent. Well
that's what it said on the packet anyway."

I met up with Danielle at about 5pm a full hour before we were meeting the
boys. Danielle was wearing a pair of leggings and a short top showing her
midriff. She looked very sexy as always. But all she wanted to talk about
was me and nick.

"Try to be nice to Nick, Stephanie" he is Danny's best friend.

"Of course I will" I said hugging Danielle "you are my best friend. I wont
mess it up for you. I promise."

The boys picked us up in Nick's Dad's car. Nick was slightly older and
already had his licence. We went to a pizza place first. Danny was sitting
next to Danielle and was all over her. I spent most of the meal trying to
touch her and Danielle was shamelessly encouraging her. Nick was sitting
next to me and we were making polite conversation, both trying to ignore
the romantic couple the other side of the table. Nick was very nice. He
asked all sorts of questions and seemed really interested in me. What sort
of music I like, my favourite movies. The usual chat up stuff I guess. He
also complimented me a lot. He kept telling my how nice I looked and how
much the dress really looked good on my. I was very flattered. It is always
nice to be appreciated.

"You look great as well" I told Nick, trying to return the compliment. I am
sure Lucy would have insisted I do that if she was here.

We went off to the bathroom after the meal to freshen up our makeup before
the movie.

"Oh Danny is lovely" I told Danielle encouragingly "He is perfect for you."

"Isn't he handsome" she asked me "I can't wait to suck his cock again"

I laughed at that "You are such a tart" I said.

"Do you like Nick? He kept of flashing glances at your breasts. He
definitely likes you."

I had told Danielle about my new breasts and she thought they were
wonderful. She had said it was perfect that I had my first real part of a
girls body for my first real date as a girl.

"He is just being polite" I said.

"Will you let him kiss you. He is sure to try" Lucy said.

"Certainly not" I replied. "I will be paying for my own dinner too."

I was just putting my pink lipstick back in my handbag at this point and
suddenly felt my stomach drop. Where was my purse?

"Oh no. my purse" I gasped.

"It was on my bed" said Lucy. "Didn't you pick it up?"

"No. Oh no. You will have to lend me some money Danielle."

"Sure, but I cant lend you any now because I didn't bring any. Danny
insisted on paying for everything. He knows that I will definitely suck his
cock again if he pays for everything."

This was a disaster. We were miles from Danielle's house and there was no
other option than to let the boys pay for dinner. That meant one
thing. Lucy's words echoed in my head...

"If a guy buys you dinner then at the very least you should kiss him. If
you don't want to kiss him then you can pay for your own dinner" She had
said. And I had promised her. I was going to have to kiss Nick if he wanted
me to.

"I am sure Nick wont mind paying" said Danielle. "And I am sure you can
find a way to thank him."

We went back to the table. The boys were there. I looked at nick a little
differently now. Could I really kiss this guy? I mean he wasn't ugly or
anything. If I had to kiss a guy then I guess I would have chosen a guy
like Nick.

At the cinema, which the boys also paid for, it wasn't long before Danielle
and Danny were making out in the seats next to us. Nick was faster than
Danny had been on Danielle's first date, and put his arm around me pretty
much as soon as the lights went down.

By the time the movie had started he was pulling me close to him. I had had
about 30 minutes to think this through. I wouldn't let Lucy down and I
wouldn't let Danielle down. I was going to kiss Nick. I had already made
that decision. How bad could it be.

"You are so pretty" said Nick leaning over and whispering in my ear. "Can I
kiss you."

I wasn't expecting to be asked permission.

"Yes" I said softly.

Nick cupped my chin and turned my hear towards him. His eyes met mine as we
moved close together. His kiss was much different to the kiss Danielle had
given me. It was soft and gentle but at the same time powerful. It was, as
Danielle would say, a real man's kiss. By half way through the movie He was
all over me. I tried to slow him down but boys can be so insistent and
persuasive. He would continue to keep moving his hands towards my chest. I
removed them time and time again but the sexier I felt and the more turned
on I became the easier it was to just let him have his fun. So it wasn't
that long before he had unbuttoned my dress and had slipped a hand over my
white bra. Now, Danielle had said that the fake silicone breasts gave the
same sensation as real ones. That is essentially true. But there is
something about having your real breasts touched. Something about having a
man fondle your real nipples that cant be matched.

And Lucy was right, I could feel my clit leaking. I was cumming under Nick
expert touch. He seemed to know exactly how to please me. I was a total
mess, moaning out loud at one point which make Danielle giggle.

Nick eventually managed to manoeuvre my hand onto his lap. He did it quite
subtly by sort of massaging my arm and then letting it drop onto his
lap. But I got the message.

I had already done the sums. Dinner and a ticket came to about 23
pounds. So Lucy would not be upset if I didn't suck Nick's cock. But I was
sure for that price she would expect me to give him a hand job. If I had to
do it I just didn't really want to do it in the cinema. It was at that
point that I made a decision to let the boys take me to lovers lane with
Danielle. Danielle had been trying to persuade me in the restaurant and I
had refused. But if I had to give Nick a hand job then I definitely didn't
want to do it here. There were too many people around.

Again I had a huge array of mixed feelings. One part of me will filled with
dread. Just three weeks ago I was a regular guy listening to regular music
and wanking every day over cute teenage girls with great tits. Three weeks
later and I was the cute girl with great tits. Of course cute teenage girls
end up giving boys hand jobs. How could I have been so naive? I shouldn't
have been surprised. I should have expected this all along. And it was this
part of my that was most worried. Where would all this lead? Would me
wanking Nick's cock be the end of it? I still had over 6 months as a
girl. Could I really expect that this would be the end. It had been such a
stupid mistake forgetting my purse. I could only be thankful that we hadn't
eaten somewhere more expensive.

Before we left for Lover's lane Danielle and myself went to the ladies room
to freshen up again. We were both concentrating very hard on making sure
that our lipstick was not messy and that our eye makeup was OK.

"Stephanie, I am so happy you and Nick are getting on so well. Isn't he
handsome. You must be so pleased he likes you. Is he a good kisser?"

I thought about that a while. It cold not be denied that he had made me
feel very sexy. In fact I had to change my panty liner because it was so
damp. All my girly cum had made a real mess of my first one.

"Yes, he is a great kisser" I admitted.

"Oh Stephanie, I am so happy for you. You were so excited in the cinema I
could hear you moaning at one point."

I blushed.

"And I am so happy you are coming to Lover's Lane with Danny and I. Isn't
that exciting. We are going to make out together. Are you going to suck
Nick's cock? Oh you should definitely try it. I wanted to suck Danny's cock
in the cinema but thought we might get caught so only wanked his big cock a
while. I am definitely going to suck Danny's cock. I think Danny and me
should be in the back seat. You and Nick in the front seat. Then I can suck
Danny's cock really well with the extra room. Are you going to be OK
sucking Nick's cock in the front seat?" Danielle asked.

"Oh, I think I might just give him a hand job. He only paid for dinner and
the cinema." I said.

"Well up to you but I think you should definitely suck it. Oh, what I have
leant in the last few weeks. Sucking cock is just the best. I wasn't sure I
would like it but it is just so yummy. And Nick has been so nice."

Nick drove us to Lover's lane. There was a car park there, dimly lit with
street lights. We were the only car there. Danielle and Danny immediately
started making out in the back. I occasionally glanced back to see hands
exploring each other. It was clear that they were going to be getting into
some serious heave petting.

Nick on the other hand was already picking up where he left off in the
cinema. He was kissing me and playing with my breasts. Except this time he
had slipped and hand around my back and had unclipped my bra. I could feel
my breasts free from my white lacy bra and immediately replaced by his
hands. He was a little rougher this time. His hands playing urgently with
them. He seemed to know exactly how to make me weak at the knees. I was
helpless at one point my head leant back as he kissed my neck and moved his
hands down to my nipples.

I decided now was the time. And in fact it didn't seem so bad. I really was
extremely turned on and suddenly understood what Lucy had really meant. I
actually wanted to return the favour to Nick. I wanted to make him feel as
good as I was feeling. And I knew how to do that. I wanted to play with his
cock. Both hands went to work on his belt and he helped my slip his jeans
and shorts down. I could already hear Danielle slurping on Danny's cock in
the back seat and hoped that I could make Nick cum with just my
hands. Maybe he was expecting similar treatment.

"Haha" I thought to myself "you have been nice to me Nick but not that

And suddenly I had my hand on his thick cock. He was also quite long. It
was difficult to tell in the dark but I easily had room for both my hands
to work up and down his shaft. One hand then went down to his balls. I
remembered the lesson Danielle had given. Maybe that practice was coming in
handy. I cupped his balls with one hand and continued to wank his hot cock
with the other. The car was getting very steamy now. I could hear Danny
moaning in the back seat. I knew how he felt. Danielle was very skilled
with her mouth.

Danny was cumming then and he let everyone know it. They were silent after
that for a little bit before Danielle started to giggle. I looked back at
her and she had cum all over her face.

"Did you suck Nick yet?" she asked out load. "Did you know guys that poor
Stephanie here has never given a single blowjob?"

"Shut up" I said, but already Danny was laughing.

"Well maybe she should try now" said Danny. "How about it Stephanie. Why
don't you give Nicks cock a little kiss."

"Shut up mate" said Nick, obviously embarrassed for either himself or
me. Why don't you two go for a walk or something."

"You are no fun" said Danny and within a couple of minutes Danny and
Danielle were out of the car walking off arm in arm.

"Sorry about that" said Nick.

"That's OK" I replied, "thanks for getting rid of them." I leant forward
and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek. And I really meant it. `My man' had
come to my rescue and defended my honour. The hormones really were causing
all sorts of strange emotions. And at that moment I added a sort of girly
gratitude to the list. I knew now why girls like to feel safe around
guys. Nick had just made me feel safe.

"Is it true?" he asked shyly? "have you never given a blowjob?"

I nodded.

"I just guessed you were more experienced. I mean Danielle seems more

"She is not that experienced" I said slightly moodily. "it is just she
hasn't had the opportunity until this year and now she is going a little

"And what about you Stephanie? Have you ever had the opportunity?"

"Yes" I said, "just last week", thinking about Danielle's cock in my hands
just inches from my lips. But I wasn't about to tell Nick about that!

"But you didn't? Why not?"

I thought for a while "Because I didn't want to" I eventually replied.

There was more pause. I still had Nick's balls in one hand and his still
hard shaft in the other. I was subconsciously still wanking his off slowly.

"And do you want to now?" Nick added.

"I don't know" I said immediately. I think that answer surprised me more
than Nick. It should have been a no. But it was a maybe. I had just
completely voluntarily told Nick that I might want to suck his big cock.

"I think I would like that" he said "I would like to be your first,
Stephanie. You are so lovely. So pretty. You are so special."

I could feel his hand on the back of my head again. He was pushing me down
towards his crotch.


But I hadn't said it out loud. I had said that to myself. A final rally
against the inevitable. Nick's big strong cock was right there, just inches
from my mouth. I was just a sissy girl who knew what was expected of her. I
was going to suck my real man's cock. I guess I could have said no. Even
then I could have said no. No one was forcing me. But then what? Sitting in
the front of cars wanking guys off while all the other girls were being
proper girls. What Nick really wanted was my lips around the head of his

He wasn't pushing any more. My head was moving down towards his cock on its
own. My mind still working at 100 miles an hour. The rights and the
wrongs. But deep down, when you stripped all that away I actually wanted to
suck Nick now. Even if he hadn't spent a fortune on me. Even if it wasn't
technically expected. If it was going to be anyone then I wanted it to be

I went straight to the tip of his cock. No messing around licking his
balls. Maybe another time. That thought flashed through my head Yes,
another time I would lick Nicks balls. Right now I wanted to suck him. I
opened my mouth wide. His cock was thick but I managed to slip it between
my lips. I sunk my head down, drunk in the musky taste and smell. I heard
Nick moan. He liked that. He liked me sucking his cock. I copied how
Danielle had sucked my little clit. Of course Nick's was a real man's
cock. Not a small girlie cock like mine. I could only manage a few inches
because he was so thick. I moved my head up and down, sucking harder. There
was still room for my hand on his shaft. I started to wank him into my
mouth. He definitely liked that. Both hands occupied now. One hand cupping
his balls the other wanking his big cock into my mouth. I could see the
marks left by my lipstick on the head of his cock. The glitter of my lip
gloss shining in the light. I lifted my head off his lovely cock and licked
him clean. I didn't want lipstick on my real man's cock. I looked up at
Nick. He was staring down. His eyes glazed with arousal. I smiled at him,
my hand holding his cock just at the entrance to my mouth. I gave him my
sexiest smile. My tongue just darting out and licking the tip of his cock.

Then back down I went. Nick tensing his muscles. Guiding my head down on to
his cock with his hands. Up and down, literally fucking my mouth as if it
was a real girls pussy. Now I started to feel out of control. His cock
using my mouth. Nick determining the speed and depth of each stroke. Almost
choking on his cock. But I felt a shudder down my spine as more of my girl
cum oozed out onto my panty liner.

And then Danielle and Danny were in the back seat again. They were watching
but I didn't stop. I didn't mind. It was just me and Nicks lovely
cock. Nothing else mattered.

"Oh look" I heard Danielle say "Stephanie is sucking her very first
cock. She looks so good at it. Nick is really enjoying it. Oh Stephanie,
you are such a great little cock sucker. I knew you would be. I knew you
would love sucking lovely cocks. Did you make Nick cum yet? Of I am so
excited for you to taste your first cum."

Yes, Nick was going to cum soon. I knew that. Deep down I was expecting
that. Looking back it could be considered the last moment of any defiance
against my fate. There can surely be nothing that is more feminine that to
taste a man as you make him cum in your mouth. It was almost a purifying
act. A real girls hormone shot. Nick was a real man and I was going to be a
real girl if I could make him cum. The idea of giving a guy a blowjob and
letting him cum in my mouth would have disgusted me three weeks ago. Now I
was on my knees knowing Nick would cum. Hoping Nick would cum. Making Nick

"Play with his balls Stephanie" I heard Danielle say "squeeze them
gently. He is keeping all him lovely cum in there. If you suck him really
well he will cum for you. Oh yes, I think he is cumming soon Stephanie. Oh
you are so lucky. Your very first cum."

Nick's hips stopped moving. He held my face in pace. I could feel the head
of his cock swelling slightly. Every muscle in his body seemed to
tense. And I felt a spurt in the back of my throat. Nick's first spurt of
cum shooting down my throat. And then I pulled his cock out a little and a
second spurt hit my lips. This one I could taste as I opened my lips wider
to let it drip in my mouth and not down my pretty breasts. it was warm and
musky. But it tasted clean and so sexy.

"Oh look at that" squealed Danielle. "Nick is cumming in your mouth. All
that lovely cum. Isnt it yummy Stephanie".

Nick released his grip on my head. He had slumped back against the seat
exhausted. I remained in place. My head still over the tip of his cock I
could feel the last spasms of his orgasm. The last drips of cum seeping
from his large cock into my willing mouth. Slowly I lifted my head off his
cock closing it as best I could so Nicks hot cum didn't make a mess. Even
so I could feel him cum dripping down my chin. My mouth was full of Nicks
cum. Should I drink it? Well that's what real girls do. After all what
other options were there to me. I swallowed and felt the bulk of his cum
slip down my throat. The inside of my mouth was still coated with
Nick. Still holding his still erect cock in my hand and still stoking his
balls with my other hand lovingly I realised I felt content. I had pleased
Nick. I had pleased Nicks large cock and I that pleased me.

I looked down at his shaft. A drop of cum was dripping down the side. I
lowered my head. I didn't want the cum to make a mess of Nick's shorts. I
obediently continued to clean Nick's cock. Savouring the taste.

Danielle was still talking in the background. Asking me how Nick's cock
tasted. Asking me if I liked tasting his cum. But I wasn't focussing on
Danielle. Amongst the confined space in the car I was still able to absorb
myself in an intimate moment. Not an intimate moment with Nick. He had his
head back and was a million emotional miles away. No. this was my intimate
moment with his cock.

The boys clearly decided that enough was enough now that both of them had
cum. They dropped us off ay Danielle's house where Mum had said I could
spend the night. We both showered and slumped down on Danielle's bed. Both
exhausted. I fell into a half sleep almost immediately. A vivid dream of
Nick's cock. I was being caught sucking Nick's cock by everyone I knew. And
I felt ashamed. Ashamed that all the people that knew me as James were now
seeing me pleasing a real man with my mouth.

I awoke unrested and went home. I slept most of the morning. Lucy
eventually came in with some breakfast for me. She wanted details. I could

"So sleepyhead, how was last night? Was it fun?"

I had already decided to tell Lucy everything. She was the one person I
truly trusted. She had helped me through everything this far.

"It was OK, I guess". I replied.

"And nick, did you like him?"

"yes, he was a really nice guy. He took care of me all evening. But I
forgot my purse at Danielle's house and Nick had to pay for everything."

"Oh" said Lucy "You should have called me. I would have come down and given
you some money. Why didn't you?"

"I didn't think of that" I said.

"Was it an expensive dinner?" asked Lucy.

I told her about the meal and the cinema tickets.

"Did he try to kiss you, Stephanie?" Lucy was now sitting on the bed with
her arm around me supportively.

"Yes." I said, ashamed.

"And did you let him?"


"Good, so he should have been happy with that. I think a kiss is quite
thanks enough for a pizza. If you go out again then you better take your
purse otherwise he might be expecting a hand job or something."

"I gave him a hand job" I told Lucy.

"Really" said Lucy excitedly. "You gave nick a hand job. For a pizza I
would have thought a kiss would have been enough for a first date."

"And I gave him a blow job."

"Wow" gasped Lucy. "No way! You sucked off Nick on your first date? Did he
make you do it? Were you forced?" she was obviously surprised by my
actions. And looking back so was I. I had started the night not even
intending to kiss the guy.

"No, he didn't force me. No one forced me"

"So you wanted to?" asked Lucy.

"Yes" I eventually replied.

"Oh Stephanie. Come her and give me a big hug."

I then related the whole story. Lucy listened carefully. Then she gave the
sorry some thought.

"Well, a few things." She started "I wouldn't have sucked his cock on the
first date. You must have really wanted to suck him to do that on the first
date. I am surprised at you actually. Mum and I were worried that you might
not fit into your new role as a girl very easily. But I can reassure Mum
that we needn't be worried. You have shown no resistance at all to your
transformation and in fact in just two weeks are offering guys you have
just met blowjobs. Stephanie, it is clear to me from your story that not
only did you want to suck Nick's cock but you enjoyed it. And it seems to
me very clear that you liked it when he came in your mouth. Don't get me
wrong. I love the taste of cum too but I am just surprised that you seem to
like it so much. I didn't realise that my only baby brother would so
willingly become a little cock sucking girl."

"Also, I don't think we should tell Mum this. She wouldn't be happy. And
thirdly, are you planning on seeing Nick again?"

"He said he was going to call me"

"So tell me little sis, if you see him again will you suck his cock again?"

"I don't know" I replied, crying now.

"Well, just so you know. If you have sucked him once then there is not much
difference in sucking him again. I mean you have already been a little slut
by sucking his cock on the first date. And if you want to you might as well
suck his cock more. It sounds like you sucked his cock very well. Not all
girls can make a guy come as easily as you make Nick cum. I am very proud
of you. Maybe Nick will let you suck his cock again. If he calls" she

And he didn't call. A whole week went past and there was no call from
Nick. At first I didn't want him to call. I felt disgusted at what I had
done. But after a few days I started to wonder why he hadn't. What was
wrong with me. Danielle said he was probably just playing it cool. She was
still seeing Danny almost every day. By the next Saturday, a whole week
after my first taste of cum I started to think that Nick wasn't ever going
to call. And that made me feel sad and insecure. I spent more time looking
at myself in the mirror when I was getting changed. Criticising my body and
face. Looking at my clothes. Trying to find some reason why Nick didn't
like me. Maybe I had been a bad kisser. Maybe I had been a bad
cocksucker. I mopped around the house. Lucy saw my sadness and tried to
comfort me. "Maybe he will call next week" she said. The more time went by
the more I wanted him to call.

"It is as though you are in love, or at least infatuated" said Danielle.

I couldn't be in love with a guy. No it was broken pride. After all I
didn't even know the guy what was there to love? Lucy explained it better
when we had a quiet chat, after a full two weeks of waiting for Nick to

"You miss how he made you feel." She explained. "he made you feel special
and feminine. He made you feel sexy and desirable. Didn't he?"

She was right. That is how I felt.

"Let me ask you a question. If Nick promised to call only if you sucked his
cock again would you agree?"

Lucy didn't need an answer. She knew the answer. And I knew the answer. But
it was only now I could admit it to myself. Yes, I would sick his cock
again. I wanted Nick to hold me and I wanted to please him and I wanted him
to make me feel special. That was a huge moment in my life. That was me
accepting my new self. Accepting myself as Stephanie. The consequences
hadn't sunk in. The decisions I would have to make in the future about if I
ever wanted to be James again. But that would all come later in the
story. Because life is not always that simple. There are always
complications. And I was about to experience the biggest complication of
them all.

Danielle was in tears. It was Wednesday morning. We were on our way to
school as she explained how she was sure Danny had felt her cock the night
before. He had freaked. They had been making out at his house and Danielle
had let him go too far. She hadn't been wearing her gaff and she was sure
he had felt the lump. She denied it and ran out of the house. Only time
would tell how Danny would react.

"Maybe he will accept you" I naively said "or maybe he will believe you".

But he hadn't believed Danielle. The next few days were awful for her and
me. We were both branded as freaks. I went crying home to Mum, sure she
would take me out of the school but she said the headmaster had given her
assurances that no physical bullying would be tolerated. Mum even gave me
the choice of going back to school as a boy. Turning back into James. But
Danielle flatly refused to do that and said if I did she would never speak
to me again. I would lose my only friend. And would it make any difference?
Word had spread that I was a little cocksucker. I would just be an
unpopular faggot cocksucker without even Danielle as a friend. Even my
breasts would take 6 months to disappear. At least I had Danielle.

So the term continued. And the taunts went on. Life got into a routine, a
pretty miserable routine, but a routine nonetheless. My breasts had grown
to a c-cup by this point. And I think they had stopped there. My hair was
longer, and I had had it coloured with extensions (a birthday present from
Mum). My wardrobe was complete, well as complete as a teenage girl's
wardrobe could be. I used to hate shopping but somehow now it was
different. As a pretty teenage girl I was always conscious of wanting to
look sexy, like the other girls in town. I wore a lot of leggings and used
push up bras to show off my cleavage. I was playing with myself still
regularly but always as Lucy had instructed, rubbing like a teenage girl
should do. And I have to admit that it was often thinking of my licking and
sucking Nick's cock. That night stuck in my mind. Oh how I wished I could
have sucked it one more time. If he had let me suck it again maybe I could
feel that special again.

Danielle and I were taking a short cut behind the park. We were late for a
hairdressing appointment for Danielle. We were both in our school
uniforms. White bras so that they didn't show through our blouses. Matching
white cotton panties for me. The route took us into a deserted industrial
area behind the station. The moment we turned the corner we knew that had
been a mistake. In front of us were two boys and a girl from school. They
we all seniors and were clearly drunk.

"Well look what we have here" said Craig, the oldest. "if it isn't our
little tranny freaks".

We kept walking but they wouldn't let us through.

"Why the rush?" added Stevie "Off to suck some more cocks?"


"Well we got plenty of cock here girls. Do we call you girls?" Stevie added

More laughter. They were surrounding us.

"Fuck off" said Danielle boldly.

"I just think this tranny whore just told you to fuck off Stevie" said
Amanda. Amanda was tall, very pretty with her long flowing hair, and one of
the most popular girls in school. "You going to stand for that?" she added.

"I'm sorry" I quickly said, apologising for Danielle "Please let us go."

"Not after that outburst" said Craig. "Shall we beat the little bitches

Oh no, so this was it. They would probably beat the hell out of us and
leave us for dead.

"Oh please, don't hurt us." I begged.

"Maybe we should let them go" said Stevie.

"Not so quick" Craig added. Craig was a jock. Maybe 6ft 2, blonde, lean and
muscular. He was Amanda's boyfriend.  Stevie was dark haired, also sporty
looking but slightly shorter and stockier.

"Maybe they should suck your cock Stevie, when was the last time you got it
sucked anyway" he laughed.

"Fuck off, just cos you got a girlfriend" Steve said.

"Let's have a competition" blurted out Amanda. Let's see which of this
little tranny sluts can suck cock better. Come on Stevie get it out."

Stevie initially refused but after some negotiation it was decided that
Danielle and I would sick both Stevie's and Craig's cocks in a

Amanda thought this was hilarious "What does the winner get?" she laughed.

"A big fat cock up the arse" laughed Craig.

"And the loser gets pissed on, or beaten up. Yes, the loser gets beaten up
and pissed on." Screamed Amanda.

I tried to make a run for it. I was absolutely terrified. But I had changed
straight into my three inch heals after school and was easily caught by

"Lets start with this one." Said Craig. "on your knees cocksucker."

I sank to me knees. Stevie was first apparently and came towards me.

"Name?" said Amanda.

"Stephanie" I said

"Occupation? You better answer correctly you little slut. Occupation?"

"Cocksucker" I said. My head was bowed. Stevie was dropping his jeans and
shorts. His cock was swollen but still quite limp. His cock was not as
thick as Nick's lovely cock but was longer. He was uncircumcised. His two
heavy balls hung below.

"You get over here" said Amanda ushering Danielle onto her knees in front
of Craig. "Now you my dear are going to suck by boyfriend's cock. And you
are going to make him cum." She said to Danielle who was also looking very
scared. "The rules are simple. Whoever makes their man cum last loses. Any
questions? Good. Get sucking ladies."

Danielle and I looked at each other. We were now going to be competing to
see who was the best cocksucker. Danielle had had so much more
practice. She had made Danny cum loads of times. I had only had the chance
to suck Nick's large cock that one time. But I wasn't going to give up. I
looked ahead at Stevie's cock. I shuffled closer. His cock was now directly
in front of me. Danielle had already started sucking hard on Craig's
cock. But I had a better idea. I wanted to seduce the cum out of Stevie's
cock. I would tease him a little and maybe he could cum faster that way. So
I began my holding his cock in one hand and leaning forward to lick his
balls. I sat down a little on my legs so I could move under his
slightly. Tilting my head back I managed to lick the bottom of his balls. I
grasped his hips holding him in place. Sucking gently on one ball at a time
I could already feel his cock now fully erect. But I would deal with his
long cock later. First I wanted to work my tongue up the length of his
shaft slowly. Looking straight up into Stevie's eyes I held his glance as I
ran my tongue up and down the front of his cock. He was definitely longer
than Nick. At least 8 inches. I could feel his eagerness to get my mouth on
the end of his cock. "Not so fast" I thought to myself "when I am ready I
will do that". Stevie had his hand behind my neck, gently stroking my long
hair, as a thank you or maybe as if he was encouraging me to continue.

Now I was tilting my head sideways, sucking his shaft. Running my mouth up
and down on it. Lots of lipstick on his cock but I didn't clean it off. He
didn't deserve that sort of attention. I would make him cum. That is all. I
could hear Danielle sucking hard on Craig's cock. Craig wouldn't be long
now. I had to hurry. I brought a hand up to my mouth and let some saliva
drip onto my fingers. I slid my hand between his legs towards the base of
his balls. I started to rub ever so gently slowly lifting my hand higher
between his buttocks. I could feel his arse now and I had a finger at his
entrance. Still looking at him I gently massaged his arsehole. He was
enjoying that. Maybe no girl had ever done that to him before. He wasn't
clenching his muscles so my finger started to slip inside.

At that moment I slipped my mouth over the tip of his cock. Nothing subtle
now. Sinking my head as far down onto his long cock as I could. I felt the
tip of his cock pressing against my throat and I resisted the urge to
gag. Sucking hard with all my might I could feel Stevie cumming. Like Nick
his first spurt had hit the back of my throat and gone straight down. I had
won! My man was cumming. Should I pull away and let them all know? Maybe
they would be angry if I let any of Stevie's cum go to waste. Better to
make sure I didn't miss any of Stevie's cum I told myself. And like Nick I
pulled up slightly to capture most of his cum in my mouth. I kept on
sucking hard, bobbing my head up and down on his cock fast. More cum filing
my mouth. So much cum that I couldn't hold it all. It dropped down his long
shaft coating the length of his cock and my hand that was pumping away,
urging more cum. Slurping on the end of his cock, I swallowed some of the
cum in my mouth to make room for extra. I eventually clamped my mouth still
around the head of his cock allowing the last few drops to seep into my

Eventually I pulled away, off his cock. Sitting back I looked over towards
Danielle and Craig. Craig had also cum. Danielle was wiping her chin,
looking dazed but no longer scared. Proud if anything.

"That's a draw" announced Amanda "our two little cum loving trannies both
made you cum at the same time. Now a bad performance by I heard from my
friends you cum very quickly Stevie" she joked.

The boys were tidying themselves up and zipping their satisfied cocks back
into their shorts.

"That mean's a tie-breaker" continued Amanda. It was clear that she hadnt
finished having her fun. "How about round two. Lets see what these two
whores use for pussies. Clothes off ladies, lets see your disgusting whore
arses. NOW!" She barked.

We both stripped. It wasn't cold but still the sense of nakedness was
extreme in the open.

"Bloody hell" said Stevie, "look at those tits. They look real"

"They are real" I confirmed "it is hormones"

Stevie and Craig were both clearly impressed grinning at our chests. Amanda
was equally surprised but annoyed that her boyfriend was ogling breasts
that could rival hers.

"Shut up" she said to me "You first, come here and bend over."

I bent down in front of her. I still had my panties on but she pulled them
down revealing my arse. The boys were behind me so couldn't see my
cock. Luckily because it was slightly hard. I blamed that on the extreme
situation. I couldn't be actually enjoying this

"Look at her poor excuse for a pussy" said Amanda "Are you a virgin my
little cockcusking whore?"

"Yes" I confirmed.

"So Stevie, why don't you come over here and fuck her arse?"

But Stevie had already cum. Both the boys were already getting bored of
this game.

"Come on Mand, lets go" said Craig.

"You don't want to fuck their tight arse pussies Stevie? What about you
Craig, you are always trying to persuade my to try anal sex."

"lets just get out of here" Stevie said.

"Bitch" said Amanda slapping my arse hard with her hand. It stung, but I
felt relieved as she walked away with the boys, finally leaving us alone.

Danielle rushed over and hugged me. We were both shaken, but I could tell
from Danielle's cock that she had also found the scene exciting. We got
dressed and went back to her house. Her parents were away again which
allowed us to shower and she even lent me some clothes to change into. An
hour after our ordeal we were sitting in her room, cross legged in her bed
actually laughing about the situation.

"It could have been so much worse" I said. "Can you imagine? They could
have beaten us up."

"Craig started to whine when I made him cum. Did you hear him? Like a

"Haha, and I think Stevie has secret desires, he didn't seem to mind my
finger up his arse" I joked.

"You little slut!" replied Danielle "Amanda might be a real bitch but she
is right, you are a little cocksucking whore!"

The joking continued. Maybe a way of relief after such a stressful

"Can you imaging if they had fucked us!" I said. It would have been so
painful. Stevie was so long. There was no way he would have fitted."

I went home shortly after. Lucy was there and could tell immediately
something had happened. There was no point hiding it from her. I assumed
Lucy would be shocked and probably call the police of something. I didn't
cry when I told her everything but I did feel ashamed that it had
happened. I felt ashamed telling her.

Thoughtful as ever Lucy didn't rush her response. Eventually, giving me a
hug she said how much of a difficult situation it must have been.

"But that is all part of being a girl, little sis."

"What?" did I hear her correctly. "You're not going to call the police? No
police? Why not?"

I didn't want the police called. I certainly didn't need that sort of
publicity. But I was surprised Lucy was less angry about the boys.

"Boys will be boys" said Lucy. "They didn't hit you did they?"

"Amanda hit me" I protested.

"Amanda spanked you Stephanie, there is a difference" Lucy quickly replied

"So they just asked you to suck their cocks? Did they threaten you if you

"Well they said that the one who makes their guy comes last will get beaten

"So in fact they threaten to only beat you up if you sucked cock
badly. Correct?"

", I guess."

"And you sucked Stevie's cock, yes? Did Stevie hit you? Did he touch you at

"No. Well yes, he stroked the back on my neck when I was licking his big

"Does that seem like violent behaviour? It seems more like a pretty teenage
girl on her knees pleasing a young man, sucking on his cock while he
strokes her hair. And isn't Stevie a popular senior at school? Most girls
would be more than happy to be in your position. Did you like sucking his
cock, Stephanie?"

I didn't know how to answer this. And I hadn't really thought about it. I
might as well be honest with Lucy. I trusted my sister above all else.

"Well I was scared to start with. But then I really wanted him to cum. I
think most of it was cos of the competition. But even if we were not going
to get beaten up for losing I think I would want to make Stevie cum
first. I don't know. It is just that...I wanted to feel show
myself that I could make Stevie cum in my mouth. Even though he hated me, I
could make him cum."

"Did you make a mess of your panties?"

"Yes," I replied ashamed. That was the real test. Had my little clit leaked
into my panties.

"Oh Stephanie my dear." Lucy held me closer, hugging me. "There is no
reason be feel ashamed. Loving to suck cock is one of the very best things
about being a girl. Yes, it is powerful. Your mouth, covered in lovely
feminine lipstick sliding over a long thick cock. What could be more
lovely? I think it is wonderful how much you love to suck cock. You have
only been a girl a few weeks and already you have made two boys shoot their
lovely cum in your mouth. You must be a very talented cocksucker."

Lucy left it at that. Lying in bed that night, in my simple cotton hip
length nightie I tossed and turned, the events of the day revolving through
my mind. And as I slipped into a state of half sleep, half dream images
flash backed in my mind. Slipping restlessly in and out of sleep I realised
that the day had been on of the most erotic of my life. I realised that I
was stroking my leaky clit, seeking relief, eventually falling into a deep
contented sleep with images of Stevie's cum dripping onto my white blouse,
me trying to stop the mess by clamping my mouth over his overflowing cock.

Much to my relief, nothing was said by Stevie or Amanda at school over the
next couple of weeks. Danielle and I were largely ignored. And soon the
Christmas break was upon us. A whole month away from school. Mum was going
to the New York for a three week training workshop. She had been delaying
it until the holidays so Lucy could look after me while she was away. So
the day after school ended mum was on the train to the airport.

The holiday was different to usual holidays, as you can imagine. Most days
I would meet up with Danielle, go shopping or just hang out at each others
houses. Danielle was much more forward with guys than I was. Such a
flirt. Always looking over her shoulder smiling at cute guys as we walked
past them. On more than one occasion she disappeared with some guy for a
couple of hours It was no mystery because I would get all the details when
she called my later.

It was this time that Mum got offered the job at the New York
office. Starting immediately the offer was too good to decline. Lucy and I
would stay in the UK while mum got established. Mum would come back as
often as she could. The sense of freedom was very exciting and I could let
Lucy was also looking forward to the independence. When term started again
Danielle and I found we were spending more and more time missing classes,
out shopping when we should have been studying. Lucy was none the wiser, as
long as I arrived at home eventually or even just a phone call to say I
would be staying over at Danielle's.

We spent an increasing amount of time in the West End of London. Danielle
loved the shopping there, and always seemed to find some guy interested in
her. For me, I wasn't interested in that. Well at least I tried to stay
uninterested. Of course it is flattering when a guy would look at you or
complement you. And lots of guys did. Danielle often got chatting to a
couple of even a group of guys. I would stand there submissively, looking
coy as she flirted endlessly.

One day, Danielle confided in me that she had a job. I was surprised that
she hadn't told me but it did explain why she hadn't been around much the
last week.

"Wow, a job? How much does it pay?"

"It depends" Danielle replied, "It is kind of commission based".

"What is it, sales?" I asked.

"Stephanie, if I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone, OK?"

"Of course" I replied "You are my best friend, any secret is safe with me."

She have me a hug and while holding me whispered in my ear "I am a

"No way!" I squealed. "Really? Where? When? Really?"

I shouldn't have been so surprised. Danielle was such a flirt and had such
a liberated outlook on life.

"In Soho" she said. "Actually it is a peep show."

"A what show?" I asked.

"A peep show." You strip on a bed. The guys are in private cubicles. They
watch you through a glass screen. The pay is great. Last week I made
£400 in just three days."

"Wow" I said "Do they ever try to touch you?"

"Don't be silly" they can just see you through the glass. They toss
themselves off while you strip."

"You strip all the way? They see your clit?" I enquired.

"Of course. That is what they want. They have different cubicles for
different girls. Mine is a tranny cubicle. I can see if I can get you a job
if you like."

"No way" I replied. "I cant do that. Lucy would kill me."

"Lucy wouldn't know, and anyway, you can get a job waitressing in the bar
outside the cubicles. The pay is not as good but then we can hang out
together at work also."

This was a lot to take in. Danielle had honestly shocked me, even by her
standards. But I eventually agreed. Not just so I could hang out with
Danielle, but the money would certainly help. And in any case, the work was
mostly during the slow day shift and it would mean I could skip school

My first day at work was obviously nerve-wracking. Having Danielle there
helped. I had met the manager over coffee in Starbucks as my interview. My
shift started at 2.00pm the same time as Danielle's. We got there early and
I was handed my uniform. Quite a uniform! There was a large changing room
for all the other strippers and waitresses. Danielle showed me how to apply
more tarty makeup. Very red lips. Dark eye shadow. A lot of mascara. I
stripped shyly in front of the other girls as I changed. The hot pink tight
skirt purposely didn't go down far enough to cover my black g-string
panties. My midriff was bare with just a small pink bikini top covering my
chest. To finish off I slipped on my new pink 5 inch heels. Danielle was
actually more dressed than I was. "More to strip off for the guys" she
explained. She was dressed as a nurse, with white g-string, bra and
stockings. She also had a small case with her. I asked her what was in it
and she just said makeup, which I found curious as all her makeup was in
her handbag.

Danielle disappeared off down a corridor and I saw her turn into her
"room". She had explained that her session would last about an hour and
then she got 30 minutes break when she would come and check on me. The
waitressing seemed easily enough. It was a small windowless dingy room with
several sofas and partitions for privacy. Guys would come in order drinks
and then head off to one of several rooms. I would hear then discussing
with their friends where they were going. "Lesbian show I recon", "Lizzy is
working today I hope", "Might try the glory hole" There was nothing
complicated about the job at all. Most people just order a beer and even if
they ordered something more complicated the I would just tell the
bargirl. All tips left on the table went behind the bar to be split later
by myself and the bargirl. The bar girl, Jenny, was really nice and gave me
lots of advise. "You have a great chest Stephanie, and it looks so sexy in
that top. Lean over further when you put the drinks own so the boys get an
eyeful of your tits. We will get more tips." She laughed when the first guy
I served pinched my bare arse. "Haha, don't look so shocked
sweetheart. Look he gave a £10 tip. Flirt with the boys as much as you

Danielle poked her head around the corner at the end of her first shift and
I took a break. We chatted and giggled about how we gone from school boys
to female strippers and waitresses in just a few short months. Just an hour
into my shift and I had already earned £20, more than my whole weeks
allowance from Mum and Lucy. Danielle headed off back for another shift and
over the next few hours my pile of tips grew. The guys that came and went
were easy to please. Jenny taught me all the tricks. Eye contact with the
customers, a cheeky smile, standing really close when serving drinks and
even making sure they had a decent close up flash of my butt which more
than a few pinched or grabbed. I wouldn't say I was enjoying the job but as
the afternoon wore on I because less nervous. None of the guys even
suspected that I was really a guy. Jenny told me that trannies like me and
Danielle quite often worked in the club. We were the only trannies at the
moment but the more adventurous guys were always interested in "chicks with
dicks". "Maybe because they know trannies are real sluts" she
laughed. "Something about trannies and cum that seems to fit so well." Her
words came as a real shock to me. This is how I was being viewed. Not as a
boy who had been forced to dress as a girl and was now living as a girl
because life without Danielle would be so lonely. People who didn't know my
story just saw me as a tranny. And they assumed many things associated with
that. They assumed I liked dressing as a girl. They assumed I likes wearing
lingerie. They assumed I liked guys. And in the case of Jenny she assumed I
liked sucking cock and tasting cum. And the funny thing was that they
accepted it. Unlike those at school the next generation just accepted who I
was. For the first time since I had slipped into panties I did not feel
judged. I actually felt quite emotional.

My shift ended about 7pm when a real girl called Zoe took over. Jenny asked
me if I wanted to peek in on Danielle. We giggled as I slipped into a
cubicle. The cubicle was just large enough to stand in. I had a musky smell
of cum, unsurprising since dozens of guys had wanked themselves off
watching Danielle strip. In front of me was a window covered by a blind. I
slipped my money into the slot and the blind rose. I was one of three or
four people viewing Danielle's room, each of us in adjacent cubicles. As
the blind rose further my draw dropped. Danielle was on lying on a pink
mattress only feet from the cubicles. Her legs were in the air parted. She
was playing with her stiff little clit and at the same time slipping a
vibrator in and out of her arse. She moved onto all fours looking directly
into one of the windows (luckily not mine). Continuing to play with herself
she looked straight into the eyes of the guy in the cubicle, her other hand
playing with her breasts and nipples. "Cum for me darling. Let me see your
lovely cum" I would hear her saying to the guy. "Oh yes, that's it. All
that lovely cum and what a lovely thick cock you have. Oh look at it all
dripping on the floor. I wish I could like it clean for you baby."

"What a slut" was my first reaction after the shock of what Danielle's real
job wore off. Just then she caught sight of me through the window and
smiled, her clit dripping a little cum of her own. She was clearly very
aroused by her little show she was putting on. She smiled at me as I
slipped out of the cubicle, embarrassed.

Danielle's shift ended shortly after and she was clearly exhausted but
buzzing on the thrill of the day. She seemed relieved that I wasn't
screaming at her for lying about what she actually did. "Do you have any
idea how much money I made today Stephanie, over £300 pounds. My best
day yet. How was your day. " I told her all about it but my £85 pounds
seemed so small next to Danielle's earnings. I was still relieved that the
day had gone well. And I agreed to work at the club more. Over the next two
weeks Danielle made a small fortune. I did OK as a waitress, but somehow I
was jealous of the money and the attention Danielle would get. I did not
want to do what she did but I wanted the money.

A week later things changed. Danielle was actually away for the week,
staying with relatives and I was at work on my own. My manager John called
me into the office at the start of my shift. "Stephanie, Jenny tells me you
are doing a great job in the bar. How would you like a promotion."

"Great" I said, but I don't know how to make most of the drinks."

"Well that's not exactly what I had in mind" he replied "you see we have an
opening. One of the girls has gone away and we need a replacement

"What is the job" I asked.

"It is really simple" replied John. "it is in the glory hole room. You will
work alongside Sugar."

"Oh no, I don't want to work in there" I quickly said, starting to stand up
to leave.

"Wait Stephanie, let me explain. It is really easy. Sugar will give all the
blow jobs. You just have to warm them up. You only play with their cocks
until Sugar is ready to finish the job with her mouth. This is how it has
always worked. The guys think they are getting personalised treatment when
in fact it is just a production line the other side of the wall. They don't
know any better. And could earn up to £500 a day."

"Wow, £500 a day. That would be amazing. And I don't have to suck any

"Not unless you want to sweetheart" he joked "Actually it is an ideal job
for you. Trannies are not everyone's cup of tea but in the glory hole room
no one will know you are not a real girl."

"OK", I relied, slightly shocked at my boldness, "But just for a week".

"Thanks Stephanie, you are one of my favourite girls here."

Leaving the room I was so nervous. Sugar was a Chinese girl. She was
amazingly beautiful with her hair cut to a short bob and lovely plump
lips. If anyone was made for sucking cocks then it was probably her. She
was topless wearing just a thin pink g-string. I wondered why she was so
naked even though customers could not see her. She showed my into the room
at the back of the club. It was a simple small room with soft pillows on
the floor. There were 3 holes in one wall at waist height, each just large
enough for a cock and balls. These were glory holes.

"It is simple" said Sugar. "They stick their cocks through and we make them
cum as quickly as possible. The more cocks that cum the more we make. John
told you that I will do most of the sucking. All you have to do is warm
they up for me. Wank them off and play with their balls. When I have
finished sucking my customer I will take over and you warm up the next
one. Here come the first guy. Watch as I show you."

And just like that a long thick uncircumcised cock slipped though one of
the holes. Sugar immediately cupped his balls while wanking his cock. She
started slowly and I could hear the guy the other side of the wall start to
moan. Within a minute she had slipped her mouth over the top of his cock
and was sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Wanking with her other
hand it was only a matter of two minutes before he started to cum. Sugar
look half the load in her mouth, the other half dripping onto her chest.

"So that's why she doesn't wear any clothes"

The first guy had gone and Sugar was wiping her lips. Reading my mind she
said, "You might like to take off your clothes if you don't want to ruin

"But they wont be cumming on me" I explained.

"Well you never know. Guys are unpredictable. Listen Stephanie, I know you
are a shemale and I think it is cool. Don't be embarrassed around me."

I removed all my clothes except for my black g-string, my clit just hidden
by the thin fabric.

"Here, you try this one" Sugar said as another cock slipped through the
wall. It was a medium sized circumcised cock, already quite hard. His balls
were hairless and felt velvety as I cupped them, imitating Sugar. I started
to slowly wank off my first customer. I was getting quite good at this now,
learning to judge the best speed and pressure of my hand with his response.

"That's good" said Sugar. "Is it your first time wanking off a guy? Jenny
said you were quite innocent".

"No", I replied "I have done it a couple of times."

"Well you are doing great, look a little drop of precum has appeared. I
should finish him off. Keep wanking him" she requested.

Sugar knelt beside me and lowered her mouth over the tip of his cock. I
continued to wank him, increasing the speed as he started to tense up. I
knew from experience that he was starting to cum and Sugar clamped her
mouth over his cock as he shot his load. Quite a bit of his cum dripped
down the shaft of his cock as Sugar pulled away.

"Now we have to clean him a little. All part of the service." Sugar
said. "Either with your mouth or wipe him clean with your breasts or even
arse." She stood up and turned with her back to the wall. Holding his limp
wet cock she rubbed it all over her arse. The guy could tell what she was
doing and I could hear he moaning "Dirty bitch" through the wall.

Another cock appeared through the wall and I started in it immediately. By
the time he was dripping with precum, and ready to explode. Sugar moved
over and finished him off. Between the breaks in servicing men Sugar
explained to me that the three cubicles were next Danielle's peep show
cubicles. Customers were cumming quite quickly because the strippers had
already got them in the mood. Things got busy later in the afternoon. At
one point I was wanking a medium length but very thick cock which was
already ready to cum. Sugar was sucking off another guy to my left. Another
cock appeared through the third hole. I leant over, taking it in my right
hand. Now I was wanking off two guys at the same time. As I was
concentrating on the new cock I felt a spurt of warm cum hit my breasts. I
hadn't realised he was so close to cumming. As I looked down to see a gloop
of cum drip off my nipple a second spurt hit my cheek. The guy pulled out
and I was able to use both hands, one still slippery with cum, on the new

Sugar pulled the cock she had been working on out of her mouth, more cum
dripping from her. "Hehe" she giggled "Lucky you took your top off.. Here,
let me finish that guy off for you."

Things continued to be busy. I must have wanked off twenty cocks in the
first few hours. More than one came before I was able to pass them over to
Sugar. She was grateful for the assistance as some guys were taking longer
to cum saying things like "Thanks for the help Stephanie, I didn't know it
was so easy to make guys come without sucking them. Three must have cum on
you already."  And "wow that guy you are wanking off has a lovely big cock
that is actually one I am looking forward to sucking." She even teased me,
at one point spotting my clit was sticking over the top of my black panties
"Oh Stephanie, how sweet, I noticed your little cock gets harder when the
cocks get thicker, hehe"

But she was actually very professional in her work and I could tell she was
keen to give the guys as much pleasure as possible. Then the office workers
started coming in after work things got very busy. Most of the time I had
two cocks in my hands and Sugar was having trouble keeping up."

"Can you finish that guy off for me Stephanie, there seems to be a bit of a
backlog." I had a long 9" black cock in my left hand and a uncircumcised 7"
white cock in my right. I had already been wanking the white cock for a
while and his groaning had become less. He was loosing interest. I
increased the speed of my wanking, spitting into my hand to make it
wet. The black guy was thrusting in and out of my other hand so that was
easy. I could feel the white guy getting impatient.

"Finish him off Stephanie" said Sugar who was not wanking a new cock that
had almost instantly replaced her last one. "Wank him, lick him or suck
him" she said "I don't care, just make the guy cum. We need to catch up."

As the black cock continued to slide in and out of my closed right hand I
decided to suck the white guys cock. I didn't mind actually. It wasn't as
though this was a gay thing. No one was here to judge me. Sugar assumed I
was into cocks and the guy assumed I was a real girl. In fact, in a weird
way it was more normal to suck him off. That is what a real girl would have
done. Only a confused sissy would have refused. For once I actually felt
like I was fitting in, not a weirdo at all. And with that thought I sank my
mouth over the tip of his cock, pulling his foreskin up and down with my
lips. He liked that. The black guy was cumming now all over my right hand
and I felt some more on my chest. And seconds later the white cock started
to shoot thick cum into my mouth as well. I could see Sugar next to me
watching out of the corner of her eye. Her spare hand reached over and
pulled my panties to the side. My clit instantly sprung to attention. She
took my hand, moved it towards my chest, covering it in some of the black
guys hot cum and then moved it to my clit. She was inviting me to play with
myself while I cleaned the white guys cock with my tongue. I was totally
aroused and close to cumming myself as another cock appeared next to me. I
instantly moved over, taking it into my mouth. "In for a penny in for a
pound" I thought as I felt this new thick cock start the harder in my
mouth. One hand his balls and the other on my clit we actually came
together. Well if truth be told he came in my mouth which triggered my
orgasm. Sugar was smiling, watching me. A rare moment when she didn't have
a cock to service.  "Stand up" she said "as cum dripped all down my
chest. "And turn around." I did as I was told pushing my but towards his
sticky cock. "Now we can clean it with your butt" she giggled. "I think you
deserve it. She pushed my back leaning me forward, at the same time telling
me to part my legs further. She rubbed his wet cock against my but cheeks
and then I felt sugar pull the string of my g-string to the side and his
cock was being rubbed against my hole. I clenched hard not wanting anything
to get in there. But the guy was already to leave. As the last lump of cum
dripped down across my arsehole between my cheeks he was already out of the

"That was so fucking hot", said Sugar, "I would love to see you fucked. You
ever been fucked hunny?"

"No" I replied shyly, wiping cum from my body.

"Don't wipe there sweetheart" she said as I reached around to wipe between
my cheeks. "It would be so hot to see someone fuck you using cum as
lube. Come over here."

I was scared but in in a daze as Sugar took me over to her customer whose 7
inch cock she was wanking. "Moisten his cock up a little first" she
insisted. I leant forward and took his cock into my mouth. I couldn't even
taste him as the musky taste of cum was already in my mouth.

"That's right, Stephanie, get his cock nice and wet. Your pussy is going to
be really tight if this is your first time" She was speaking loudly,
obviously loud enough for the customer to clearly hear. His hips thrust
forward more, eager at the idea of fucking a virgin. Sugar's hand had
slipped down towards my butt. Hovering just long enough to scoop more cum
into her hand she expertly pulled my g-string to one side and started to
caress my arse.

"This is your pussy". She whispered in my ear, "Just like a girl you have a
pussy solely so men can fuck you. Always remember that". Sugar rubbed a
finger across my arse slowly. "As you suck him, remember that his wonderful
cock will soon be inside you. He is going to use your pussy to make his
cock cum. He likes being in your mouth but I am sure he would like to cum
inside you with his lovely cock. Would you like that Stephanie? Would you
like him to fuck you tight virgin pussy?

I moaned, a sign that that is what I wanted. And I wanted it so
badly. Somewhere deep down I felt that I would become a complete girl if I
was fucked. It didn't matter that I could not see the guy. I did not even
know what the guy looked like even as I slurped over the end of his
magnificent cock. I wanted him inside me. And Sugar was helping me prepare
lubricating my arse with warm cum.

"It's time" Sugar whispered "Turn around darling".

I obeyed, releasing the head of his cock from my mouth but holding onto it
as I turned around offering my butt to him. With Sugar still holding my
g-string to the side she slowly edged me back until I could feel the tip of
his cock nudging up against my arse. The Sugar was in front of me, kissing
me. I am so happy for you Stephanie, every girl loses her virginity only
once. Just relax." And with that she pushed me firmer towards the waiting
shaft. I moaned in pain as the head of his cock pushed inside me. The
lubricating cum of previous customers meant that the cock could slid in
easily and I could feel my customer pushing his hips towards me also. The
pain grew and he started to slowly thrust into me. I could feel his balls
slap against me as each thrust ended. I was moaning in pain but the pain
was subsiding. Until the pain was no longer noticeable. But I was still
moaning. Moaning as I was fucked for the first time. Moaning each time the
cock thrust deeper inside me. Sugar was playing with my tits, alternating
between kissing me and watching me getting fucked. My customer was fucking
me harder now. I felt a different sensation. A sensation of being
used. Even with him inside me I felt like I was just a vessel for his
cock. He was on autopilot now. Thrusting in and out, closer and closer to
orgasm. Sugar just held my hips in place.

"He is about to fill you with his cum Stephanie. Push back as he starts to
cum. I will get him deeper inside of you" And with that I felt his hips
tense up and his cock start to pulsate. Inside I am sure I could feel his
hot cum filling me up. As instructed I pushed backwards, offering his cock
everything it wanted at that moment. He has stopped pulsating thrusting now
but I can still feel his cock pulsating inside me, the last few drops of
cum being emptied into me.

And then he pulled out. I heard a zip and and bang as he left the
cubicle. He had finished using me and was gone. I was left panting, with
cum dripping out of me down the inside of my thigh.

Me shift was essentially over then. Sugar and I were replaced by another
couple of girls and I want to shower. When I came out Sugar had left. I
felt alone, almost in shock as the reality of what had happened sunk
in. But I felt strangely content, like I had achieved something for
myself. Like my journey had somehow been completed. There were to be many
more nights and days like that. My butt was used by many men and I made a
lot of money. Some of the guys I even fell a little bit in love with. I
remember back to when all this started. When I was a boy. Haha, how long
ago and far away that seems now. But I do remember wondering what makes
girls tick. I remember trying to understand them. Now I understand them
completely. I understand the need to look good, the need to be found
attractive, the need to be sexy. I also understand the feeling of security
there is being around a man you can trust, and the things a girl will do to
make him stay around. In that sense, every kiss I have given guys, every
cock that has passed between my lips, all the cum that has been shot inside
me, it is all gratitude to men for making me feel female, and making me
feel safe.