Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 14:25:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: sammi samuel <>
Subject: tg - sam's bad idea

I met my wife, Sue, in college.  She was a freshman and I
was a sophomore. She was undecided as to her major but
really liked the sciences.  That's what originally drew me to
her. I was a computer science geek and she seemed like a
techy too.  We dated for about four years and after
graduation we decided get married.  I went to work in at
aerospace company in their web group while Sue continued
on in school to get her MD degree.

During the next few years I worked, Sue studied, went to
classes, studied, starting her internship, studied, residency,
studied and finally graduated with her MD degree as a

 After graduation we got the old gang back together from our
undergraduate days and threw a huge graduation party for
Sue.  The party went on into the night and we all got pretty
loaded as the beer ran out and we started in on the stronger
stuff.  As usual when people start getting friendly the
conversation started to turn to sex and activities we did back
in school.

 Sue and I had been married for about 8 years and this was
the first time I had heard that she and her roommate in
college used to satisfy each other's needs on occasion when
her roommate was between boyfriends or just to relieve the
occasional need.

 By this point I was about to explode hearing the details of
my wife's bi-sexual experiences 10 years before.  She never
mentioned it nor showed any signs of anything happening
after we married.  I saw a possible opportunity to have every
guy's fantasy.

 Over the next few months I brought up the subject of her
college roommate and we always ended up in bed having
wild sex.  During those discussions I would try to convince
her that I would be okay with her having extra-marital affairs
with other women as long as she would bring the stories
home.  But she didn't appear to want to.  I had to try a
different approach.

 So my new approach would be to start to show her the
beauties of women and the not-so-beauties of men.  Smooth
curves vs. pot bellies, soft skin vs. stubble and body hair, the
taste of a women vs. the taste of male semen, the gentleness
vs. rough-n-tough.... I think she started to be convinced.  Our
sex life, or at least mine, was starting to slow down. But Sue
seemed to have renewed vigor in her step and seemed to
smile more.

 I also started to notice she was shaving her pussy closer than
normal.  When I asked her about it she replied, "do you have
a complaint?"

"No way, I like it shaven."

When I got home on Friday Sue wasn't home, just a note on
the kitchen table that read, "Let's have some fun tonight,
we'll call it game night.  Fix yourself a light dinner, don't
drink too much or you'll be sorry, clean up the mess, go up to
the bedroom and follow the instructions on the bed."

Eat dinner, who was she kidding, I ran up stairs and found on
the bed four cuffs, a blindfold and a note.  The note read:
You probably didn't eat dinner, that's okay at least you didn't
make a mess.  Do NOT go back down stairs.  Since you
couldn't follow my simple instructions, you can't go back and
try again.  Remove your clothes, all of them and put the cuffs
on your wrists and ankles.  Attach the 3-inch chain between
your wrists using the locks and lock them.  Put on the
blindfold and stand next to the bed.  DO NOT sit down!

I'm not sure how long I stood there, but it seemed like
forever before I heard the garage door go up and Sue's car
pull in.

I could hear her in the kitchen, then footsteps coming up the

I was rock hard. Sue played games on occasion, but this one
was one of the best.

"Well you can almost follow instructions.  Don't make any
more errors or the game is over."  Click...

"What was that?"

"If I wanted you to know, I wouldn't have you blind folded.
Move backwards to the wall then come forward about a

I did as I was told.  I heard some movement behind me then
Sue said, "Put your hands on top of your head."

As I did this I could feel that my hands were being raised
way over my head.  It was tight and secure.

Sue removed the blindfold, I looked up and I noticed for the
first time the large hook in the ceiling, and another chain
locking me to it.  "Like it?"

"I think so," I replied.

Sue grabbed my cock and scratched at my balls, "Liar - You
love it."

I had to admit; I was as excited as I'd ever been.

Sue then went into the closet and pulled out what looked like
an expandable shower curtain rod with eyelets on the end
and attached it to the cuffs on my ankles.  As she spread it
apart, my arms were being pulled harder and harder. When I
was almost on my tiptoes, she locked the bar.  I was
uncomfortable, but not in any pain - yet.

Sue gave me a big kiss and said "Don't go anywhere, I'll be
right back. Almost right back at least."

I could hear noise in the kitchen.  She was making herself
dinner.  Shit,  I should have eaten dinner. I was starting to
get hungry, I should have listened and eaten something first.

About 15 minutes later, my feet were beginning to hurt from
being up on my tiptoes.  After 30 minutes I was in real pain.
45 minutes later Sue reappeared noticing my discomfort she
asked if I wanted more support on my feet.

"Oh YES" I said.

She went into the closet and pulled out a shoebox. It
contained pink fuzzy slippers with 3-inch heals.  "I can't
wear those, they'll be too small."

"No they won't, they'll fit you perfectly"

And she slipped them on my feet.  A perfect fit.  And my
aching feet never felt better.

I asked, "What type of games are we going to play tonight."

"Patience..." and the blindfold went back on.

Then she left again.  I heard noises, but couldn't figure what
they were.

When Sue came back in she took off the blind fold ....
"Surprise...." ... Standing next to Sue was another doctor
from the office, Nancy.

Here I was hung in the bedroom by a hook in the ceiling
wearing pink fuzzy slippers with a raging hard-on and one of
Sue's co-workers is standing in front of me checking out my

Nancy was another doctor in the office that Sue and I had
often talked about as being a little different and often
wondered if she was "living an alternate life style".  Her hair
was longer than I remember and I don't remember the three
piercing in each ear either.

"What are you doing Sue, why is Nancy here?"  As if I didn't

"A few months ago you mentioned that you didn't mind if I
had extra-marital affairs with women as long as I brought
home stories.  And when you started to point out all the nice
parts of being with a woman and all the rough parts of being
with a man I decided to find out.  I'm sure you noticed the
lack of sex we've had lately.  Nancy has been filling the bill,
sort-a-speak, for the past few months.  As it turns out, Nancy
is a sub.  She likes it when I control the sex and now she is
totally devoted to me.  She is growing her hair longer for me
and has had a few more piercings. "

Sue turned to Nancy and said, "Now."

Nancy stripped off all her clothes except a very tight black
boned corset that was so tight I don't now how she could
breathe.  Her breasts weren't all that big, but because of the
corset pushing and molding them, they stood up perfectly.

"Nancy, show Sam your outfit."

Nancy slowly turned around.  LOCKS.  The corset, which
still had room to be tightened was locked on.

"You see Sam, Nancy here will do anything I tell her to do,
and I have you to thank for that."

Sue took off her clothes while Nancy neatly folded them and
put them on a chair in the corner.  Sue then went over to the
closet and pulled out a leather belt (where did she get all of
this stuff?) with rings on all the way around and put it on
Nancy, tightly.  She then proceeded to tie Nancy's wrists to
the belt at her sides.  Effectively immobilizing her hands and

Sue sat on the edge of the bed and said, "Your dinner is

Nancy crawled over to Sue's waiting pussy and started to lick
and suck then I noticed she was chewing.  I couldn't get a
good look because of the angle, but I couldn't help hear
crunching.  Then I asked, "What's for dinner?"

"Carrot," replied Sue.  "Nancy, share your dinner with Sam."

Nancy was literally eating my wife out.  Apparently Nancy
had inserted a carrot into her pussy, which was to be Nancy's
dinner.  Just the thought of that almost made me cum.

Nancy walked over to me and gave me a big French kiss and
gave me a full mouth full of carrot.  I could taste Nancy's
pussy juice.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

About the same time Nancy finished the carrot, Sue was
getting pretty worked up and ordered Nancy to keep going or
she would be tied up like me and left all night.  Sue finally
came, but it took a while.  Nancy was sweating.

"Not good enough.  That took entirely too long."

Nancy looked worried.

"Go downstairs and bring up my bag."

Nancy looked worried, but excited at the same time.  When
she returned she was carrying Sue's medical bag.  Sue pulled
out a disinfectant wipe and a rather nasty looking needle.

"Sit in that chair," Sue ordered.

Without question Nancy sat in the chair and Sue proceeded
to tie her legs to the chair legs so she was totally exposed.
Sue pulled out a small vibrator and placed it in Nancy's
pussy.  It wasn't long before she was starting to sweat and

Sue turned the vibrator to low.  Gave Nancy a very long and
loving kiss and said "I love you."

I was floored.  Sue is in love with a woman?  Maybe I went
too far with my prodding and encouragement.

Sue took the disinfectant wipe, washed off Nancy's left
nipple, pushed the needle through and inserted a pretty thick
ring.  As Sue did that she turned up the vibrator to high.

I thought Nancy was going to explode.  She came so much
there was a small puddle under her pussy.  Nancy leaned up
and gave Sue a loving kiss and said thank you for the

But Sue wasn't done yet.  She put on a few drops of crazy
glue on the joint to make it impossible to get it off without

The scene was driving me wild.  I was as hard as ever.

Sue untied Nancy stepped back to check out her work licked
her lips then looked in my direction.  "maybe we'll do the
same with you later."

Sue untied Nancy's wrists and gave her a very, VERY,
loving kiss.  They fell on the bed and started to make love in
every possible position and even some I thought were

They went on, and on, for hours and all I could do was
watch.  When they were done, Nancy looked at me and said,
"What should we do with him?" With the emphasis on the
'him' part.

"I've already thought of that."  Then my wife went back to
the closet and came back with what looked like a dildo, but
with an odd shape and handle.

"Ah - you're going to milk him," Nancy said.

I didn't like the sound of that.  "Milk what?"

"Your prostate silly."

Then with a little oil (thank you) Sue inserted the dildo into
my ass.  Sue told Nancy to cup her hands in front of my cock
and catch whatever comes out. Sue moved the dildo around
in my ass for about 5 seconds and I shot my load into
Nancy's waiting hand.  I didn't experience the normal
orgasm; I just shot my load.  And what a load it was, it just
seemed to keep coming, and coming.

"YUCK!  What the hell do you want me to do with this

"Good question.  Sam was supposed to cleanup after dinner,
which he didn't have. He's probably thirsty after the carrot,
feed it to him and have him clean up your hands afterwards."

"NO WAY," I said.

"Yes you will."  And with that Sue slapped my ass so hard I
yelled out.  Nancy slammed her hand to my mouth and I had
no choice but to swallow.  Nancy had fed me my own cum
and laughed all the time.  When they were sure I had
swallowed everything Nancy took her hand off my mouth
and noticed it was still covered.

"LICK," ordered Sue, "Make sure her hand is clean or you
can stay like that all night."

What choice did I have?  My first taste of cum.  Not too bad,
salty and slimy, but not too bad.  Then I noticed I was still
hard.  Usually one time and I'm through.  I asked Sue about

"You didn't orgasm.  You just expelled the semen that was in
your prostate.  You're probably just as horny now as you
were before."

She was right.

Sue and Nancy left me hanging in the bedroom and took a
shower together, a long shower.  I could hear giggling and
then silence, then movement then moaning.  After about 30
minutes I could hear the front door open and close and Sue
coming backup the stairs.

"What did you think of my little surprise?"

"I loved it!"

"Did you like everything, my new friend, the hook in the
ceiling, the cuffs, the show, the piercing, the shoes?"

Shit, the shoes.  I forgot I was wearing them.  Nancy saw
that.  I turned bright red and Sue knew why.

"Yes, everything," I confessed.

"How would you like to have your nipples pierced like

"I'm not sure," I lied.  "I would love it, but..."

"Liar!  Again your dick gives you away."

Sue said that she would let me down, but that I would have
to keep the cuffs locked in place, but behind my back,
because she was too tired from all the activities and she
didn't want to fight me off.  She did say that if I left the shoes
on while I got ready for bed, that I could kiss her pussy.

I readily agreed.  She let me down, undid my legs and let me
go to the bathroom to get ready for bed.  I was surprised how
well I walked in the 3-inch slippers.  Even Sue commented
that they thinned out my legs and I walked like a natural girl.

I came back into the bedroom, got in to bed with the slippers
still on.  Sue relocked my wrists behind my back and
connected a small chain from my wrists to my ankles.  I was
effectively hog tied from behind.  Sue went up on all fours
and said I had to kiss her ass before I could touch her
anywhere else.

I wasn't too keen on the idea, but I knew that if I didn't do as
she asked I would not be allowed to go down on her.  I
squirmed over to her and gave the smallest of kisses to her

"WRONG!  Now you have to not only kiss my ass but you
must lick it too!"

Shit, blew that one.  I gave a better kiss and barely touched
her ass with my tongue.

"WRONG!  I wanted you to lick it, now I want you to french
kiss my ass - all tongue, worship my ass and MAYBE I'll let
you kiss my pussy."

"No way," I said.

Wham - She pushed me out of bed onto the floor and said
"Nancy loves my ass and kisses it whenever I say.  You're
right, women are better than men."

"What have I done," I thought to my self.

I started to get back up on to the bed and ...

Wham, "You are not invited in this bed tonight."

I slept on the floor, hog tied, hungry and horny as hell.

Morning came, I was very sore.  Sue leaned over, kissed me
hard, unlocked the cuffs and invited me to join her in bed.
She told me to lay still on my back and she would take care
of everything.

I was has hard as a rock.  She slowly positioned herself over
me and dropped down like a pile driver.  She was as wet as I
was hard.  Slowly she lifted herself off then - wham - back
down.  She was driving me wild.  It didn't take long for me
to lose my load.

As soon as I was finished, she hopped off positioned her ass
in my face.  I knew what she wanted, and I kissed that ass
like there was no tomorrow.  Then for my reward (?) she put
her pussy to my lips and said that I may kiss her pussy.
What I had forgotten was I had just shot a rather large load
of cum there.

When I started to kiss her she sat up and pushed herself
down on my mouth.  I started to gag as the cum slid down
my throat.  But with her pussy juice and the cum didn't taste
as bad as last night.

I could tell that Sue was close to an orgasm, I picked up my
pace, and then she went very stiff, grabbed my cock and
squeezed.  I'm not sure she knew what she was doing, it hurt
like hell, but she surly enjoyed the experience.

About four weeks later we discovered that Sue was
expecting our first child.  I was excited; Sue was less so.  Not
upset, just worried about her career.  We talked about what
we were going to do about daycare and what responsibilities
each of us would have.

"Sue, I can do my job from home.  In fact, I could quit my
crummy job and work out of the house freelancing.  You
make way more than enough money, so if I don't work 100%
of the time, we'll still be okay."

Sue paused, thought a few moments, smiled and said, "Kind
of like a house-wife?"

"Well, more like a House-husband."


So it was decided.  I'd quit my job a few weeks before the
baby was scheduled to arrive. That way I could get the house
ready for a new baby, setup an office for myself, and the
million other things to do to get ready.

Over the next few weeks Sue seemed to spend a lot of time
with Nancy.  And each time she did, we would have wild sex
the next day.

It was late fall, and pretty chilly, One time Sue had 'hung me'
back up on the hook in the bedroom and put the spreader bar
on.  By now I had learned to ask for the pink slippers to
support the weight.  If I didn't ask she wouldn't give them to
me and one time I had to stay that way the whole night.  My
feet were sore for days.

To tell the truth, they actually felt pretty nice on my feet. But
tonight was a little different, it was chilly in the house and I
asked if I the heat could be turned up a bit.

"No, I have a better idea," she said as she went into the
closet.  She came out with a dress box.  It contained what
looked like a very expensive dress with laces up each side.
Sue took the laces out threw it over my head and relaced it
up.  On the first pass it was pretty loose, then she pulled the
laces tighter.

"Well it will do for now, but the figure is all wrong," Sue
said as she stepped back to admire her work.

I was not too happy about the attire, but it was a bit warmer.
I looked down and saw my cock straining to get through the

"Like that?  Oh, of course you do, just look at this," she said
as she stroked my cock through the silky material, not
waiting for me to respond.

Then the door opened, Nancy walked in.  "He looks pretty
good in that dress, just a little filling needed on top and a
little thinning in the middle and he would be a natural -
maybe even enough to join us some time." ....

"Join them, Please... Please, every time we do this I want to
join you,"  I wished to my self.  I learned the last time that I
begged, not to.  The pain from Sue's hand slapping my face
was very real.

...."But those shoes will never do."

Sue walked into the closet saying, "You're so right."

When she came back she was carrying a shoebox that had 4-
inch spiked heals the straps that run up the legs.  Sue undid
one of the ankle cuffs while Nancy did the other. They both
warned me not to try anything or I'd be sorry.  When they
were done, they stepped back and admired their work.

"Nice match," said Nancy, "but too much hair."

"Another time maybe, right now I'm hungry and thirsty.  "

Sue positioned the full-length mirror on the door so I would
be able to see myself while they were gone.  Then I heard the
garage door open.  They were leaving!

Three hours later they came back, totally loaded.  Hopped on
the bed and went at it.  One thing I did notice is that Nancy
had to kiss (french style) Sue's ass before she was allowed to
taste Sue's pussy.  That site there was almost enough to set
me off.

When they were done, I was ready for the ritual milking and
feeding which was the norm. But this time Sue grabbed the
camera and snapped a couple of pictures of me in a black
dress with a hard-on to end all hard-ons.

"You know Sue, he could almost pass.  Remove some body
hair, add some make-up, let the hair on his head grow a bit
and I would almost let him join us one night."

"Oh look how he's gone weak in the knees.  He must like that
idea," Nancy cooed to Sue.

Sue leaned close gave me a big wet kiss, squeezed my balls
through the dress, and said  "Soon...."

Sue was about 2 months along when she called me at work
one Friday and said that her parents were coming for a visit
on Monday to help get ready for the baby, throw a
shower...etc... and that she (Sue) wanted the rock garden
setup before she got here next week.

Sue and I had discussed a rock garden, but I never got
around to doing anything about it.  Apparently, Sue had.

Sue had already ordered the blocks for the retaining wall, the
dirt to fill it up, and some stone for around the house to be
delivered over the next few weeks.  Unfortunately that would
not fit the current time schedule of Monday.

When I got home from work there was a note on the kitchen
table.  Saturday morning the stuff you need to build the
stonewall for the garden on the side of the house will be
waiting for you in the driveway.  At noon 4 tons of dirt will
be delivered for the garden.  You must move and build the
wall and garden alone. Make sure it's in place before Sunday
when a delivery of 3 tons of stone to put around the house
will be delivered by noon.

Holy shit.  I can't do that in one day plus the stone on
Sunday.  On the back was a 'PS' if you finish on time, next
Friday night Nancy is coming over and I think I can
convince her to let you join us.

That was all the reason I needed to get it all done.

Saturday morning I got dressed and ran down stairs to find
piles of blocks for the retaining wall for the garden

I got most of the blocks in place when the dirt arrived.  I got
about 1/2 of the dirt moved before dinner.  Sue didn't come
home that night, but Nancy's number was on the caller-id.  I
knew what that meant.  Just the thought of them together
gave me a hard-on that wouldn't go away.  I went to the
bathroom and started to jack-off and the phone rang.  It was
Sue.  She was breathing heavily.  I could hear Nancy
giggling in the background.  She said "I know what you're
doing and you had better not cum or the cuffs go back on.  It
would be very tough to move all that stone with your hands
tied behind your back."

SHIT, how did she know....Lucky guess I guess.

I sucked down a quick dinner and was working by a work
light when I finished with the dirt.

Sunday morning came and I was awakened by the sound of a
truck backing up in the driveway, and then the sound of 3
tons of stone being dumped at the bottom of the driveway.
SHIT, I needed that on the side of the house.  I'll never get it
moved in time.

I was so sore from yesterday, and now I have to move all
that stone by hand.  Well, good luck was on my side that
day.  On the way home, Sue was called into an emergency
C-Section and was delayed about 2 hours.  I was just
finishing when she got home.

Sue had picked up a pizza for us and looked around at the
work and was impressed. I finished all of it. "See what you
can do when you put your mind to it?"

We ate the pizza and watched some TV.  Sue was playing
with my cock and balls, but wouldn't let me touch her at all.
"Make my pussy feel nice," she commanded?

"Oh yea, I'd love to."

"Well you know the rules.  You have to kiss my ass to show
how much you love me first."

I knew that I had better kiss it for real or I would never get to
feel the softness of her pussy again.  She stripped down and
bent over.  I kissed Sue's ass.

"Nope, I told you yesterday, french kiss with all your might."

I was in no state to argue, I went at her ass like no man has
ever done it.  Sue starting moaning and playing with herself
and very quickly had an orgasm that was bigger than I'd ever
seen her have.  She rolled over, spread her legs and said that
I could only kiss her lightly once then I had to clean up the
pizza mess."

I was devastated.  I didn't care what she said and went at her
with all I could.

The pain was hard to describe.  She slapped my face so hard
I thought my jaw was broken.  She grabbed me by the balls,
dragged me up stairs and told me to hog-tie myself up, lay
down on the floor next to the bed like a pet should.

To this day, I don't know why I did what she said without
argument, but I did.

About 3:00 I woke up and I couldn't move.  Really, I couldn't
move at all and not because of the ropes.  I yelled for Sue
and she leaned over and asked what the hell my problem was
and I told her.  Sue guessed it was from all the work I had
done then being hog tied all night.

She untied me and helped me straighten out, but the pain in
my back was intense.  She called Nancy, who works with
back problems, and Nancy said to get me to her office right

Sue called for am ambulance since she couldn't get me down
the stairs.  I was loaded onto a stretcher in a fetal position
and taken to the clinic.  Both Sue and Nancy looked
concerned.  After feeling my back and taking some x-rays
the two ladies came back in to the room.  Sue looked like she
was crying.

Nancy explained that I had done some real damage to my
back by moving all the dirt and stones that weekend and that
I was going to have to be put in traction. They didn't know
how long, but it would probably be for a few months.

"MONTHS!" I yelled.

Sue called my employer to explain the situation and that I
would have to take an extended medical leave.

The pain was so intense when they tried to straighten my
back out that Nancy suggested an experimental treatment.
They put on what looked like a blowup shirt.  There were
about 10 different rings with separate spouts for adjusting the
pressure in different spots.   As more air was forced into the
shirt it would straighten me up slowly.  So every couple of
hours Sue or Nancy came into my room and pumped a little
air into each ring of the shirt and the pain was not as bad.  It
was tight, but bearable.

By dinnertime I was as straight as a board. When filled (at
least I thought it was filled) it reached from my arm pits to
my groin.

By now I was starving, I hadn't eaten since last night's pizza,
which was interrupted prematurely.  Dinner in the hospital
was less than thrilling; a small salad with a ton of vitamin
pills.  Nancy explained that the vitamins will help with the
"development and healing."  She also explained that later in
the evening a plaster cast will be put on from just above my
elbows to just above my knees to immobilize my back but
will allow for me to go home in a few days.  She also
mentioned that there was some swelling in my back that will
subside during the next few days and the blow up rings will
be adjusted as needed slightly every day or so to keep the
pressure pretty constant to help with the "development and
healing".  I was instructed to tell them if the pressure at any
time was not very tight.

True to her word, at 9:00 that night a catheter was inserted
and the wrapping was started. It took almost 2 hours to
complete the whole process.  When it was done, it looked
like I was a human cross.  I couldn't move even if I wanted
to.  "Months, what the hell was I going to do for months," I
said to myself.  The television was pretty much my only
outlet while in the hospital.

On Friday I was sent home.  It must have been a real site to
see a human cross being wheeled down the halls of the

Sue had arranged for 24 hour care for me because she could
be called into work at any time and since I couldn't get
around I could not be left alone for safety reasons.  The nurse
they hired moved in to the house so we could just have one
continuous person instead of tag teaming every 8 hours.  It
worked out nicely.  The nurse was very professional in

My daily life was pretty much boring.  Meals were some
gooey liquid for breakfast and some vitamins, lunch was a
very light salad with vitamins, dinner of fruit with vitamins.
After each meal a little more air was added to the
compression shirt even though I had told Sue that it was
plenty tight and it was starting to cut off my breathing.  It
dawned on me on about the third week that the swelling
should have gone down by now and it the increased pressure
was probably not necessary anymore.

Nancy and Sue agreed and stopped inflating the shirt.  Thank
God, because it was really starting to cut off my breathing.
About a week later I noticed that the pressure on the bottom
part of my back was decreasing.  I mentioned this to Sue and
she started to inflate the rings again.  We thought it was due
to the lack of food.  I also noticed that the top was not getting
looser, but actually felt tighter. Sue explained that was
probably caused by my ribs not allowing them to compress
any more. She let out a little pressure on a few of the upper
rings.  It felt much better.

Daytime TV is rather mundane, talk show after talk show
about women who have this problem or that problem.  I
started to sympathize with them and could start to see
patterns in behavior.  On occasion found myself crying when
something really touching came up.  This was very strange.
I never cry.

I had been about two months before I realized that I hadn't
had any "contact" with Sue and that she was probably
spending some time at Nancy's.  Typically when those
thoughts came to mind, I would get a raging hard-on,
shortness of breath and my heart would start pounding.
Today, there was no reaction, nothing.  I could understand
her needs, but what really surprised me was that after two
months I wasn't climbing the walls.  I called Nancy about
this and Sue answered the phone. I explained everything.

I thought it was possibly because of the catheter but Sue said
no.  Sue told me to hang on, and she and Nancy would be
right over.  They dismissed the nurse for the night.  Gave her
the evening off.

After she had left Sue and Nancy started to poke and prod
here and there with very little reaction.  I could feel
everything, but an erection was not forth coming.  I started to
get worried.  Then Sue ordered Nancy to, "Strip and play."

Nancy started to take off her clothes.  I noticed that her other
nipple was pierced, the corset seemed to be smaller than
before, and her labia was pierced three times starting at the
top down about every quarter of an inch.

Nancy hopped up on the bed, stood over me and started to
play with herself.  She was really getting into it.  Normally I
would be in a frenzy.  My heart was beating fast, I was
sweating, and wanted nothing more than to jump up and eat
that lovely site, but still no erection.

"Hummm..," uttered Sue.  "What do you think Nancy?"

"Let's be really sure, what would really get him in a lather?"

Sue returned with "another piercing."

Nancy looked worried and said, "Please not another one,
we're almost half way now, please no."  Nancy knew right
way, whining and begging was exactly the wrong thing to

"That settles it -- Get my bag!"

Nancy looked dejected.  She hopped off the bed and got
Sue's medical bag.  Nancy was tied to a chair with arms and
blindfolded so she couldn't see what was happening.  To
make sure she was ready, Sue inserted that same vibrator and
turned it on slow, inserted it into Nancy's pussy.  She then
came over to me.

She gave me a great big kiss and commented that my facial
whiskers were not as rough as usual.  I told her the cream the
nurse was using to 'shave me' probably caused it.  Without
water it was easier to use than shaving and less painful.

Sue went back to Nancy who by now was about ready to
pop.  Sue turned off the vibrator, a small moan came from
Nancy.  Sue washed off  Nancy's pussy, disinfected it, turned
the vibrator on high and put two new pierces in one shot; one
pierce on each of her 'lips'.  Nancy screamed as she
orgasmed at the same time Sue did her work.  Sue quickly
put two new hooped rings in, gave Nancy a big loving kiss.
Nancy just sat there panting.

I thought I would die from the site.  I was trying to breathe
hard, but the compression shirt made it almost impossible.
But still no erection.  I wanted to cry.

Nancy finally pulled her self back together and joined Sue at
my bedside.  Nancy seemed to be very pleased that I wasn't
sporting an erection.  She put her arm around Sue and said
"Soon, very soon now."

I was getting very worried.  What was happening to me.  I'm
as horny as hell, I want to just explode, but I can't get it up.

The ladies started to leave.

"What will happen soon?"  I yelled to them.

"You will be able to join us in bed together," replied Nancy.

Sue chimed in, "you see, without an erection, you will be
more like a woman than a man.  That way you can join us in
our bed."  She turned on the home shopping channel, took
the remote and left.

It was lady's fashion week on HSN, Dresses, make up, under

As the next few weeks went on I found that the top part of
the cast was getting tighter while the bottom part was getting
looser.  Sue consulted with Nancy and decided that the
pressure at the bottom had to be increased to prevent any
movement, but it the pressure on top got too uncomfortable,
a little could be let out.

Daytime TV is really bad, but when you get no exercise
during the day, you spend most of the night up watching
absolutely bad TV.  Infomercials mostly.  Cook with this,
clean with our stain remover, remove hair with this jell, use
our permanent make-up, exercise with our diddly-dop.  They
were all aimed at housewives trying to look good and keep a
clean house. Then reality set in.  I need to pay attention to
this since in about 4 or 5 months I'll be doing all that
cleaning/cooking/... as a househusband.

I had been in the cast for about 5 and a half months when
Sue said that her obgyn had told her that the baby was doing
fine, but that she wanted Sue to stop working since she was
on her feet all day.  Sue agreed.  She let the live in nurse go
since she would be around all the time now.

We would play cards, and watch TV together.  She always
had control of the remote, so we ended up watching Oxygen,
HSN, 'chick flicks' and the occasional porn flick, which was
always lesbian sex.  I never complained.  On occasion Sue
would hop up on my chest and say "Sammi, eat!" I had
learned from watching Nancy that meant to kiss and lick
Sue's ass then bring her off orally.  I was always horny when
she was done.

"Sammi, there is nothing I can do about it, you don't seem to
have erections anymore.  You are more like a girl than a guy,
but there is no pussy, so what can I do, Sammi?"

Why is she calling me Sammi?

One morning Sue and Nancy walked in with what appeared
to be a chain saw.  They sat down and we started to discuss
some changes in the household.  Discussion is probably not
the right word.  More like Sue described the new household.

Sue started, "Sammi, Nancy will be moving in to help you
with your rehab.  After all you only have about two months
before the baby arrives to get well enough to 'do all you can
do.'  In the past 6 months Nancy and I have really bonded
and I'm thinking that I may be more interested in women
then in men.  Therefore she will be moving in to our
bedroom and I'll move all your clothes and personal things in
to the guest room.  Maybe on occasion you may join the two
of us, but unless you've changed like we would like, it will
be mostly you and your right hand I'm afraid."

What have I done?  I thought that my plan had been working
perfectly and that I would end up with a bi-sexual wife who
would bring a friend in on occasion, not the other way

She continued, "Nancy really has no interest in men at all, so
you see Sammi you will need to look like a women to join
us.  If I remember correctly, the dress you put on that one
night sure got a rise out of you, so dressing like a women
shouldn't be a problem would it?"

I started to protest the whole thing, but just gave up and
started to cry.  Cry?  Why was I crying, I'm as mad as hell,
and all I can do is cry.  Then I whimpered, "I guess not."

"Good.  Now we can take off the cast and see how you have

"Sue, why do you keep calling me Sammi and using the term
developed?  You started calling me that a few days ago?"

As the cast was cut off Sue explained everything.  "You see
Sammi, the cast was not necessary, there was actually very
little healing to accomplish.  You just had a stiff back; we
faked the whole damaged back thing. The development part
is about to become apparent."

"You see, you wanted to do everything possible to help with
the baby, and since we discussed that the baby should have
breast milk and not formula, it only made sense to enable
you to breast feed."

"But I don't have breasts to ... holy shit, what have you

"You mean, didn't have breasts.  The vitamins you have been
taking had an extra helping of estrogen.  That should explain
your crying and lack of an erection.  For the past few months
we have been letting air out of the top rings at night so you
wouldn't notice the increased pressure.  We have also been
adding air to the bottom rings to reduce your waist.   We
guess that you're probably between a B and C cup and have a
22 to 24 inch waist."

"You mean I have breasts that will actually give milk?"

"As for why Sammi instead of Sam?  You probably look
more like, and after all the TV for women you have been
watching lately think more like a Sammi than Sam," said
"Soon, the new regiment of drugs that you started last week
will help balance out the estrogen and testosterone and start
your milk production.  We want to start it now so WE can
get the milk flowing before the baby comes.  It will also give
you the ability to have an erection."

"I maybe able to come again?"

"Yes, but that will take a while.  Nancy and I need to
stimulate your breasts to start the milk flow.  I would say that
10 minutes with a breast pump per hour for the next few
weeks should start everything nicely."

I just started to cry.  Sue slapped me to bring me to my
senses.  "There are some other things that we need to get
straight, Sammi.  Since there won't be a 'man' of the house
any more someone will need to make all the decisions.  I've
decided that should be me.  But I'm not a man, thank God,
I'm a lady, therefore to make sure you understand your role
as a HOUSE-WIFE, you will show me total respect and refer
to me as 'madam'.  And since Nancy will be living in our
room with me, you should also show her total respect and
refer to her as 'Miss Nancy'.  You will do everything either
one of us tells you, without question, or there will be

I was dumbstruck.  What had I done by suggesting to Sue
that women are more attractive than men?

"There is nothing you can do about it.  Nancy and I had
planned this whole thing from the start, right after you got
me pregnant.  We were going to just give you breasts and
keep the rest of you the same.  But that would be very
difficult for you and for the baby later.  We decided to make
you into a full-fledged girl.  You will have the shape and
manners of a proper lady at all times.  By now you should be
totally aware of your 'womanly feelings', how to dress
yourself and put on make-up.  You have watched enough TV
for woman to educate anyone, even you."

I thought about that for a minute, she was right.

"Now, Nancy and I are going to cut off the cast now, you
will be pretty weak, but the first thing we need to do after the
compression shirt comes off is to get you into the shower
then put you in your new corset.  That is very important.  We
don't want months of forming to go to waste. Do we?  Since
we want you to get used to being a girl the corset is all you
will be wearing for the next few days or maybe even a week.
Then we will start to add to your wardrobe."

"LOOK!" Nancy said and pointed to my penis.  There was a
little movement.

"See, Sammi, the idea of wearing girls clothes is appealing to
you.  You may adjust better and faster than we had hoped.
We will put a blindfold on you so you don't see yourself until
after you have showered and cleaned up a bit."

Sue started to cut off the cast, one piece at a time.  She
started with my arms.  My arms were so weak I could barely
move them.  Then my legs were cut free.  Then, carefully so
the compression shirt wouldn't be cut, Sue cut through the
main part of the cast.  I was helped up and my cast was
finally removed.  Sue and Nancy quickly released the
pressure from the shirt and slipped it over my head.

"Wow! A full C cup for sure, just my size," said Nancy.

I could feel more stirring in my groin.  I was actually getting
an erection from Nancy admiring MY breasts.  Was I really
enjoying this?

"Up you go, lets get you into the bath quickly."

The two girls lifted me off the bed and carried me up the
stairs to the shower.  I must have lost a ton of weight for
them to carry me that easily up the stairs.  Very carefully I
was lowered into the bathtub and washed up.  I could feel
hands all over my body, once I thought I felt lips on my
breasts.  They seemed to spend a long time on my arms and
legs.  The soap they used really stunk.

"I wonder what they would look like pierced?" asked Nancy.

"Not until after the baby is done nursing.  We don't want
anything to effect her eating." said Sue.

"Sue, is it a girl?  Do you know already?"

SLAP!  "Madam to you."

"sorry...Madam, do you know if the baby is a boy or a

"No, but it better be a girl or you may find yourself with a
house full of  little boy-girls quickly.  There will be no boys
living here.  Besides the baby's name is going to be Michelle
regardless, so pray for a girl."

That worried me.

After washing me up and drying me off, they carried me to, I
assumed, my new bedroom  which I was told about (pink
with a nice frilly white with pink flowers canopy bed.

I was lowered into a chair and my wrists were put into my
old cuffs. Then my arms were raised over my head until I
was lifted out of the seat and into the air about an inch off
the floor.

"Bring Sammi's corset over here and hold it in front while I
lace up the back," said Su...Madam.

I could feel Miss' breasts against mine while she held the
corset to my front.  They felt wonderful.  Madam started
lacing from the top down.  It wasn't that tight at first.  Finally
she made it to the bottom.

"Take a deep breath," she said as she tightened the top until I
heard a "Click."  I knew what that meant.  I probably looked
like Miss.

"Good fit on the top now lets move our way down."

Inch by inch she pulled as tightly as she could until she
called Miss to help.  They each grabbed a side, and pulled
and pulled.  I thought I was going to be split in two.  "Should
have put more air in a few weeks ago," snickered Miss.

I moaned a little due to the lack of air able to reach my

"Look! He likes all of this," said Madam as she tugged on
my very hard penis.

"Sammi, your legs are way too weak to support all your
weight at once so we're going to put your shoes on and lower
you down just a little bit at a time.  While you're getting your
muscles back into shape, we'll put you in shoes that fit your

Madam got the same black shoes that I had worn once before
and laced them up.  That took most of the strain off my
wrists.  Miss Nancy was right, rehab was necessary, my legs
was killing me. But the shoes felt wonderful.

Once I was more or less comfortable, Madam and Miss
Nancy started to fix my hair that had not been cut in more
than 6 months was quite long.  I started to protest when they
came at me with tweezers.  My eyebrows were plucked,
make-up applied and a chocker collar was put around my

They stepped back, and then Miss Nancy came over to me
and gave me a long hard kiss while pinching my new, now
very sensitive, nipples.  I was in heaven.  Maybe this won't
be as bad as I had thought.  Madam had to practically drag
Miss Nancy off of me and send her down stairs.  "Well, it
seems that you may get your manage-a-trios after all.  Miss
Nancy is really turned on.  You look like a woman, but with
a built in prick, no straps or hard plastic.

Madam spun me around to face the backside of our door that
has a full-length mirror on it, gave me a long loving kiss, and
left.  She went downstairs to join Miss Nancy.  I could smell
dinner of some sort, but I was sure I was on a strict diet since
Miss Nancy wanted even more off from my middle.

While the ladies ate dinner, I was left to stare at myself in the
mirror.  I grew accustomed to my new look.  I was totally
turned on by the image, even knowing it was me.  With a 24-
inch waist and C-cup breasts being pushed up in the corset, I
looked more than delicious.

When Madam Sue and Miss Nancy returned they helped me
down to put more weight on my legs.  They were sore but
could support my weight.  It took both of them to help me
over to the bed and my fantasy.

It started out well enough; I was laid down on the bed on my
back.  Madam and Miss Nancy both started to suck on my
new boobs.  (I noticed that women referred to their breasts as
boobs not tits.)  It didn't take long before I was cuming all
over the place.  I didn't think a single person expel as much
semen as I did then.  And boy were they pissed.  The
scooped as much of my seed as they could and fed it to me.
I was quite familiar with the taste of my own cum from the
experiences months ago.  (It seems like that person is long
gone though.)  But this time it tasted different.  I don't know
if it was the six months of build up or the addition of female
hormones that changed it.

Madam climbed up on to my face and ordered me to eat.
That meant worshiping her ass first then I could have her
pussy.  She tasted great.  It didn't take me long to get it up

Miss Nancy, who is a devote lesbian, impaled herself on my
penis.  "Shit, is that all you've got.  Man are you small.  I
have butt plugs that are bigger than you are.  She tried to
bring herself off on but she couldn't.  I, on the other hand,
with Madam sitting on my face with her freshly shaven
pussy crammed in my mouth, and Miss Nancy riding me for
all she was worth, I had a second orgasm that was much
more intense than my usual ones.  I was surprised I came at
all.  Usually once and I'm done.

Then I heard the two ladies kissing and fondling each other.
As I started to go soft, I must have hit the spot, because both
ladies started to moan, then groan, and then give small
squeals.  They both climaxed.  When they recovered, Miss
Nancy realized what I had just done.  I came inside her
without any protection.

Madam got off my face, and Miss Nancy took her place.
Eat, suck, and use tongue, get all that sperm out.  If I get
pregnant, you will NOT be happy.

That worried me.  I got Madam pregnant on one try, lets
hope the timing is right, or actually not right.

That was the last time I was invited into their bed.  On
occasion Madam would come to my room and we would
make love, but I was not allowed to touch Miss Nancy.  It
got so bad over the next two weeks that every time Miss
Nancy saw that I had an erection, she would kick me in the
balls and slap me silly until I would go soft.

Also during this time I was taking my 'vitamins' to start my
milk flow and every four to six hours I was hooked up to 'the
machine.'  The machine was actually two breast pumps.
Madam and Miss Nancy wanted to start the flow of my milk.
That way when the baby came next month I would be ready.

I was starting to like being a guy with boobs.  When Madam
would come in she would suck on my nipples and it would
drive me wild.  She would then hop up on my cock and ride
it for about 10 seconds before we BOTH would explode.
Then she would swing around, I would give her ass a great
big kiss and then she would let me eat my own cum from her
lovely pussy.  I started to like the taste.  Mixed with her
pussy juices, I would be in heaven.  I would usually get into
it so much that Madam would usually come a second time
which would then push some of my cum out so I got an
added bonus too.

About three weeks after my little accident in bed with Miss
Nancy I was preparing dinner when I felt a prick in my ass.
"I'm fucking pregnant, you little piece of shit!"

My first thought was to protest, but the reaction I had was to
fall to the floor unconscious.

I woke up in my own bed with the breast pump pumping
away.  It must have been on there a while because my
nipples were really sore.  When I tried to remove the
machines, I couldn't.  My wrists were tied to the bed.  I
called out, but it wasn't my voice.  It was much higher, like
that of a young girl.  Madam came into my room and smiled.

"How are you doing Sammi? Everything okay?"

"What have you done to me?"

"Well you really pissed off Miss Nancy and the only way I
could convince her to not kill you, which by the way, she
could do with a minor mistake during some elective surgery
and get away with it, was to remove the last vestiges of your
masculinity. We also did some, well, not so necessary
surgery to help you accept your femininity.  You see, up
until now, everything we did was reversible.  I'm afraid now
you are one of us."

I started to cry, and cry I did.  I became almost hysterical.
Madam slapped me to bring me to my senses.

"Would you like a list of the changes now, or do you want to
find them out one at a time by yourself?"

"Tell me!"

"I'll tell you a few, others you will find our later."

"From head to toe.  Your eyebrows have been permanently
plucked by electrolysis.  You have permanent eye shadow.
Rouge has been injected into your cheeks and red lipstick
has been 'tattooed' on.  Your ears have been pierced 3 times
each.  Your voice has been raised a few octaves, but you
already knew that.  The hair under your arms has been
removed by electrolysis.  We removed one rib from each
side to allow for a more 'hour-glass shape'.  Your penis was
removed and the skin was used to make a new pussy of your
very own.  We've also added an experimental uterus."

I just started to cry again.

'There was some elective surgery we did for you. Your teeth
have been straighten and whitened.  The braces will come off
in a few weeks.  We wanted to reduce the size of your feet,
but we didn't know how, so to help make your feet look
smaller, we modified your ankles a little.  The unfortunate
side effect is that you will have to walk on your tiptoes or
wear at least 3 inch heals forever."

By this point I wasn't really paying attention.  I was just
bawling like a baby.  I had forgotten that my boobs hurt like
hell from the pumps.  The last thing I remember was Miss
Nancy adding something to the IV next to my bed.

When I woke up, I felt much better.  My boobs were sore,
but they didn't hurt.  My arms and legs weren't tied to the bed
anymore.  There was a note on the nightstand.  It read "Take
a shower, get dressed in the clothes on the back of the
bathroom door.  Make dinner.  Miss Nancy and I will be
home at 6:00 sharp.  Dinner better be ready and on the table.
You will be standing next to the table waiting for

I looked at the clock -- 5:00.  Shit!

I quickly jumped out of bed and almost collapsed in pain.
My ankles!  Next to the bed was a pair of high-healed plastic
or rubber sandals.  They must be designed for the beach.  I
put them on and wobbled a bit to the bathroom.  As I passed
by the mirror, I stopped to look.  "Cleaned up a bit and I
might pass," I thought to my self.    I started to pee when I
realized that pee was flowing down my leg.  I started to cry.
I quickly sat down and finished.  I cleaned up the mess.
Hopped in the shower and started to wash.  The feelings
were all different.  My skin was more sensitive than usual
and...and... there was a huge void that I couldn't see because
of my boobs between my legs.  I started to wash down there
when I felt a small lock.

Why the hell was there a lock over my part of my pussy.  It
was closing a small opening a little higher than my pee hole.
I tried to examine it, but with the VERY tight corset still on
and my boobs in the way, there was no way.  I'll have to ask

I found the clothes on the back of the door.  It was a very
nice black "fuck me" dress with a slit up the sides, stockings
with a garter, sexy panties and 4+ inch spiked heals.  It took
almost 40 minutes to get ready.  That left me only 20
minutes to get dinner ready.  I was in trouble.

When I got downstairs Madam and Miss Nancy were already
in the kitchen sitting at the table.  "We figured you wouldn't
be ready.  So we made reservations."

"Reservations!?!  I've never been out of the house like this."

"Tough. Sammi, here's a purse for you.  Let's go," said
Madam.  "Tomorrow we'll go out and get you a new driver's
license with your new name and picture on it.  We already
took care of your birth certificate and Social Security card.
Samuel is no longer with us, just Sammi, our House-Wife."

The sound of that made me sad, but at the same time, I
started to get an unusual feeling in my groin.  Kinda slippery
and moist.  Was I enjoying this?

We went to dinner at a very fancy restaurant.  None of us
was hungry.  Well I was, but because of the constant
pressure on my stomach, I only could eat a few bites of a
salad.  Miss Nancy was not in her Corset any more because
of the baby but she didn't feel well. Madam didn't feel well,
being ready to deliver any time was a different constant

The conversation was more like a monologue from Madam.
"You will have some duties to perform around the house and
as time progresses you may notice other things changing too.
First, now that you are a full-fledged woman you are
welcome to join us in bed.  Second, you will take on a boy
friend of my choosing.  You will date him three times.   I'll
tell you the details and set down a time schedule later of that.
You will be the wet nurse for our baby.  The last part is that
you will also be the wet nurse for Miss Nancy's baby too.
Do you have any questions so far?"

"Madam, what is the lock on my pussy for?" I asked.

"That is so that you never forget who owns you and your
new body.  You are mine," she replied.

"Miss Nancy and I will still be staying in our room, while
you will..."

All of a sudden Madam's eyes got wide and a strange look
fell on her face.  "My water just broke."  Miss Nancy paid
the bill, we left a big tip because of the mess, and rushed to
the hospital.

Labor was quick and out came Michelle, a healthy little girl.
(Thank God.)

As soon as I heard the baby start to cry I had the oddest
sensation in my chest.  It felt like my boobs grew about two
sizes and fluid started to seep out.  MILK!  I was producing
milk.  The nurse, another friend of Madam and Miss Nancy
handed Michelle over to me.  I let the front of the hospital
gown fall open and Michelle grabbed on and started to suck
for all it was worth.

About 30 seconds later, I started to quiver and shake all over
and I could feel a wet spot on my panties.  I started to cry.
I'd experienced my first orgasm as a woman.  Maybe this
won't be so bad.

Madam's recovery was quick and she was up and around the
next day.

The next few weeks were a blur.  I was responsible for the
baby's needs 24x7.  I actually liked the feedings after a
while.  I was afraid that if Michelle stopped nursing I'd
explode.  My boobs were huge and leaked most of the time.

After about three weeks, I noticed that I was feeling bloated
and downright uncomfortable.  Madam told me to turn
around.  She unlocked the locks on my corset, which she
only did on Sundays to check for any problems and to allow
for bathing.  "Hang this up in your closet and come back."

I started to cry.  I liked the corset.  It was a part of me.  I
hung it up and returned to Madam.  The only thing I was
wearing was stockings, garter and black heels.  She handed
me a support bra and told me to put it on.  As I looked down
I could see that I had a tiny belly.

"You're pregnant."

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