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Subject: Duped [TG - Authoritarian/Surgery/She-male]

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Author's note: very similar plot to my Valentine's Day story, with a few
variants.  My apologies for the redundancies....

Katie and I decided to go to San Diego on our honeymoon, and on a whim,
Katie decided that she wanted to see Tijuana.  Katie was a bit on the
adventuresome side, and she had heard about a fabulous sex shop there, and
she wanted to go buy some fun stuff.  I happily agreed to go, not knowing
what was to become of me.

Our border crossing was uneventful, and we caught a cab.  Katie gave the
driver the address for the shop, and after a crazy 30-minute ride through
the back streets of Tijuana, we arrived at our destination.  I asked Katie
if she was sure we had the right address, because nothing was marked.  She
told me that she was sure, and she had also heard that the shop was pretty
exclusive and didn't really market to the general public.

Katie walked up to the door, and there was a small sign written in Spanish.
I couldn't read or speak Spanish, but Katie could, and her eyes lit up when
she read it - we apparently had found the shop.  Katie walked in, and I
followed behind her.

The shop apparently catered to the BDSM crowd, as the predominant theme was
bondage.  We browsed around for a while, and Katie had a brief conversation
with the bored looking man behind the counter.  I couldn't understand what
he said, but he nodded his head and pointed to a door near the back of the
store.  Katie whispered in my ear that we had permission to see their
"special" selection, and she ushered me to the back door.

It was pretty dark in the room, and it took my eyes a moment to adjust.
Just as things came into focus, I heard the door slam behind us, making us
both jump.  We spun around, and an Mexican guy built like a linebacker was
blocking the door and staring at us with an evil grin.  Suddenly, we were
both grabbed from behind, and before I knew what was happening, we were
both forced into two chairs and securely bound and gagged. We both
struggled to get free, but to no avail.  I tried to call out, but all that
came out through the gag in my mouth was a muffled croak.

The guy built like a linebacker stood in front of us and simply stared us
up and down for several minutes.  Finally, in broken English, he spoke
directly to me.  He informed me that I had a choice: either I could watch
as they did unspeakable things to Katie, or I could stand in her place and
she would remain untouched and unharmed.  He told me that I had exactly ten
seconds to make my decision, or it would be made for me.  He told me to nod
my head if I wanted to take Katie's place.

I looked at Katie, and she was utterly terrified.  I had always said that I
would do anything to protect her, and I quickly made my decision.  I nodded
my head.

A wicked grin spread across the man's face, and he brought his face to
within inches of mine.  He explained that I had better to exactly what I
was told, or else all bets were off and Katie would be fair game.  He asked
if I understood and agreed, and I again nodded my head.  Then he said
something that caught me off-guard: he said "That's a good little bitch".
I was then untied, and the gag was removed from my mouth.

He ushered me out of the room, and my ordeal began.  I was ordered to strip
naked, and all of my clothes were taken away.  I was then ordered into a
shower, and my wrists were locked onto a chain hanging above my head.  Two
women came in and proceeded to shave every inch of my body from the neck
down, and my face was shaved clean.  I was then dried off, and while one
woman glued D-cup sized silicone breasts to my chest - complete with erect
nipples - the other proceeded to pluck my eyebrows.

My wrists were then released from the chain.  I was ordered out of the
shower, and a floral- scented cream was applied to my hairless body.  Then
a pair of ruffled pink crotchless panties were handed to me.  I put them
on, and I was told to pull my penis and balls through a hole just above the
split of the crotch.  Then a pink satin corset was placed around my waist.
I raised my hands above my head, and per the girl's instructions, I inhaled
as they mercilessly tightened the garment.  By the time they finished, the
corset reduced my waist by at least five inches.

I was then ordered to sit down while one girl gave me a complete pedicure,
finishing off each nail with several coats of pink polish and a top coat.
Meanwhile, the other girl gave me a complete manicure, attaching long
extensions to each nail and finishing them off with several coats of the
same pink polish and a top coat.  While my nails dried, one woman moved to
my face, giving me a complete make-over: foundation, blush, eyeliner, eye
shadow, mascara, lip liner, glossy pink lipstick, and finishing powder.
The other girl proceeded to pierce each of my ears twice, placing pink
heart-shaped studs in each upper piercing and large pink hoops in each
lower piercing.

By the time they finished, my nails were dry, and I was ordered to put on a
pair of sheer stockings, each of which was fastened to my corset with three
garters.  I was then ordered to put on a pair of white anklets adorned with
pink lace ruffles and a pink ribbon bow, and a pair of pink mary-janes with
three-inch heels.  Then I had to put on an enormous white petticoat,
followed with what can only be described as a sissy dress.  The dress was
made of pink and white sparkly satin and was adorned with short puffy
sleeves, lots of pink and white lace, and pink bows down the front.  A
white sash with a large bow was secured around my waist.

I was then ordered to sit down again, and one of the girls cut, curled and
styled my long hair, finishing it off with a large sparkly pink bow that
matched the satin on my dress.

I was then told to stand up, and something even more unexpected happened.
One of the girls dropped to her knees, lifted up my dress and petticoat,
and proceeded to suck on my cock.  Even though I was in an utterly
humiliating and frightening position, my cock betrayed me and sprang to
life.  When I had become semi-hard, the woman placed seven progressively
smaller metal O- rings, attached by a strip of leather, around my cock.
The largest ring was placed at the base of my shaft, and my balls were
pulled through the ring.  My cock was placed through the remaining six
rings, and then the woman continued to lick my cock through the rings.  In
no time, I was rock hard, and the rings pressed uncomfortably into my cock.
I knew from experience that, until I ejaculated, the rings would
essentially prevent me from losing my hard-on.

A pink leather collar was then locked around my neck, and my dress and
petticoat were secured by safety pins to the sash around may waist, thereby
ensuring that my engorged and encased cock would stick straight out,
exposed for all to see.  Then a short pink leash was clipped to the last
ring encircling my cock, and I was led back into the room where we were
first bound and gagged.

Katie was still bound and gagged, but otherwise she looked unharmed.  When
she first saw me being led in, I could tell she didn't recognize me from
the confused look on her face, but then her eyes widened and she forced out
a muffled gasp through her gag when she realized it was me.

I was led over to the linebacker, and I felt sick to my stomach as he
leered at me.  I thought I would literally throw up when he said, "You got
a such a pretty, fuckable mouth, bitch.  Now get on your knees."  He also
warned Katie not to close her eyes, because he wanted her to see just what
a willing sissy bitch I had so readily agreed to become.

I knelt in front of him, and I could see Katie out of the corner of my eye.
She had a full view of me kneeling in front of the linebacker, and my face
turned beet red with the humiliation of it all.  I knew that she was going
to watch me suck on a guy's cock, all the while dressed like a sissy with a
raging hard-on sticking out from under my dress and petticoat.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.  Even semi-hard, it was
enormous.  He placed it right at my glossy pink lips and ordered me to take
him into my mouth.  I opened my mouth and tasted cock for the very first
time.  The scent of his manhood filled my nostrils as his cock filled my
mouth.  Because he was only semi-hard, I was able to take his entire cock
into my mouth, and my bottom lip pressed into his large balls.  He ordered
me to slide my tongue around his cock, and I felt his cock grow bigger and
bigger in my mouth.  He grabbed my head, preventing me from pulling back as
his manhood filled my mouth and pushed back into my throat.  It hit my gag
reflex, and it was all I could do not to choke, but he maintained a firm
grip on my head, preventing be from pulling back.  I finally got my gag
reflect under control, and his rock-hard cock was completely buried in my

He then ordered me to look up into his eyes, and he ordered me to suck,
warning me that I was expected to take him all the way into my mouth with
each return stroke.  Seeing no way out, I started to suck his cock.  I was
horrified at the slurping and sucking noises that I was involuntarily
making, and I still had to fight with my gag reflex as I essentially
deep-throated him.

At one point, he ordered me to voice my pleasure with sucking his dick, so
I started making appropriate sounds of pleasure.  Soon thereafter, he
grabbed my head with both hands and essentially started fucking my mouth.
He slammed his cock into my mouth at an ever-escalating pace until I heard
him moan and I felt his cock tense up in my mouth.  Suddenly, his cum
flooded into my mouth, and I tasted cum for the very first time.  It was
hot and slightly salty, and I had to either swallow or choke.  I swallowed
what I could, and the rest leaked out of the corner of my mouth and
dribbled down my chin.

He finally finished shooting his load into my mouth, and he pulled out of
my mouth.  He then made me lick his cock clean.  By the time I finished, my
lips and chin were coated with his semen.

The linebacker said something in Spanish, and another man entered the room.
He was naked and already had an erection.  The linebacker ordered me to
turn and face Katie and get down on all fours.  I started to cry when the
naked guy took up position behind me and lifted my skirt and petticoat,
exposing my ass through the crotchless panties.  The linebacker teased me
for crying like such a girl, and then he ordered me to look Katie in the
eye while I begged the man behind me to fuck me like the sissy bitch I was.

I was utterly humiliated - facing Katie on all fours, dressed like a sissy
with a raging hard-on, with semen covering my lips and chin, and begging
the guy behind me to fuck my ass.  The linebacker warned me that I had
better voice my total pleasure at being fucked like a girl, and he
apparently gave the guy behind me the OK to proceed.

I felt him place the tip of his mercifully lubricated cock against my
sphincter, and the linebacker ordered me to do the rest.  I pushed
backwards while his cockhead spread my sphincter to what felt like the
breaking point.  The pain was excruciating, and I thought I would literally
split in two.  Mercifully, the pain lessened a bit after his cockhead
popped into my ass and I slid the slightly narrower shaft of his cock into
me.  I pushed back until I felt his balls resting against the cheeks of my
ass, taking his entire cock into my ass.

Over the course of the next 15 minutes, my ass was fucked hard.  I moaned
with faux pleasure as my ass got reamed, all the while looking into Katie's
eyes.  He finally came deep in my ass, and although I could not feel him
ejaculate inside of me, I could feel his semen leak out of my ass when he
pulled out, and it dribbled down my thighs.

As soon as he pulled out of my ass, I was ordered to turn ninety degrees
away from Katie and remain on all fours.  Two more naked guys walked in,
and one took up position in front of me, and another behind me.  I was then
ordered to beg them to double-team me.  After about five minutes of
begging, one guy fucked my ass as I sucked the other guy off.  The guy
fucking my ass came first, and the guy I was sucking off came shortly
thereafter, flooding my mouth with cum for a second time.  I swallowed the
first shot, but he then pulled out and came over my face.

My ordeal was far from over.  After being double-teamed, I was allowed to
get back on my knees, and the linebacker handed me a glass bowl.  He told
me that I was going to have my very first bukkake session, and I was
ordered to keep my mouth open and not swallow, and as my mouth filled with
cum, I was to let it dribble down my chin and drip into the bowl.

Over the course of the next hour, over 30 guys jerked off into my open
mouth.  After the third guy, my mouth was full of semen, and the bowl
quickly started to fill up.  By the time they all finished, the bowl was
half-full of semen.  I was then ordered to lift the bowl to my lips and
drink it all down.  The cold and slimy semen was utterly revolting, but I
managed to choke most of it down, with the rest cascading down my chin.

I was then allowed to get up, and I was ordered to get up onto what looked
like an obstetrician's chair.  I put my legs in the stirrups, and
linebacker proceeded to securely bound my ankles and knees to the stirrups.
Then my chest was securely tied down, along with my wrists and arms.  By
the time he finished, I was completely immobilized with my legs spread wide
apart, and to top it all off, he inserted a ball gag into my mouth.

He then walked over to Katie, removed her ball gag and untied her.  I was
stunned as she leisurely stretched out and gave the linebacker an enormous
hug and a deep kiss on the lips.  I was even more dumbfounded as she
sauntered over to me and proceeded to explain what had just happened.

Apparently, her marriage to me was just a sham.  She an her linebacker
friend (apparently named Jos‚) had targeted me for my money, and now that
we were married, if I were to suddenly die, she would have the rights to my
sizeable estate, along with the proceeds from a healthy life insurance
policy.  The didn't want to kill me outright, and her friend had other
friends willing to purchase a castrated sissy slave, so that is what they
intended to do with me.  Friends at the Mexican State Police would sign off
on a death certificate for me, noting the cause of death as virtual
incineration in a fiery car crash.

So... she had set me up and had arranged way in advance my forced
feminization and rape. Now all that was left was one final act.  Jos‚
pulled up a tray than contained several medical implements, including a
cauterizing scalpel, a pair of tiny medical-grade scissors, and some

Even through all of the humiliation and terror, I still had a raging
hard-on, and Katie carefully pulled it straight up to expose my scrotum.
Katie swabbed my scrotum with antiseptic, pulled out a syringe and
unceremoniously gave me several injections right in my balls. The entire
area immediately became numb.

Tears streamed down my cheeks, and I tried to beg her not to do what she
was about to do, but to no avail, and all that came out through the gag in
my mouth was muffled and unintelligible.  I watched in horror as Jos‚ moved
in with the cauterizing scalpel and sliced my scrotum from the base of my
cock all the way down to my perineum.  He reached into my open scrotum and
pulled my testicles out.  I felt nothing except a slight tug as he laid my
exposed testicles in his hand.

Katie then took the scissors, opened them up, and placed them against the
cords attaching my testicles to my body.  I was shaking with fear, but I
was tied so tight, I could not move an inch.

Then, instead of snipping the cords, Katie took her other hand and
proceeded to stroke my still- erect cock through the tight metal bands
encircling it.  She informed me that she would not perform the final snip
until I ejaculated one last time.  I knew that, after several hours be
being encased in the rings, I was dangerously close to shooting my load
without any intervention at all, and with her gently stroking my cock, I
simply knew I could not hold back.  No matter how hard I tried, I felt my
orgasm building.  Then, without warning, Jos‚ inserted a large vibrating
dildo into my ass.  As soon as the vibrations hit my prostrate, I passed
the point of no return.

My orgasm shook me to my core, and from the angle in which Katie was
stroking my cock, my ejaculation was so strong that it shot all the way up
and hit me in my own face.  My cock shot three tremendous streams of semen
up onto my face, and after the third shot, Katie severed my testicles from
my body.

I squealed in ecstacy and anguish as Katie placed my severed testicles into
a little jar and sealed the cap.  Jos‚ then went to work removing my
now-empty scrotum and then suturing up the wound.

Katie then pulled out another syringe and gave me an injection in my arm.
As I started to black out, she informed me that I had yet more surgery
scheduled for today, including D-sized breast implants and facial
feminization surgery.  She gave me a kiss on my forehead and told me to
enjoy my new life as a castrated sissy slave in Mexico.

The next three months or so passed by in a haze as I had one procedure
after another done on me.  True to Katie's word, I did in fact have breast
implants and facial feminization surgery the night of my castration.  I
also had implants in my hips and butt to add to my curvature.  My body
ached from the D-sized breast implants and the hip and butt implants, and
for the first couple of weeks, my face was a mess.  They raised my brow
line and shaved off some of my brow, shaved my jaw line to make it smaller,
shaved my adam's apple, gave me a nose-job, gave me cheek and chin
implants, and tightened my vocal cords to soften my voice.  I was also
informed that they had implanted a tiny GPS device inside of me, making
escape impossible because they would always know where to find me.

As I recuperated, I was subjected to daily hormone shots.  The shots were
primarily made up of estrogen, but they also contained some testosterone,
which apparently still enabled me to become erect.  I also went through
round after round of laser hair removal over my entire body, essentially
eliminating my body and facial hair.  I had permanent eye liner tattooed on
my eyes, and on a whim, they tattooed the word "sissy" on my penis at the
same time.  I cried hard over that one.  I also had my nipples pierced, and
the underside of the tip of my cock was pierced and a permanent ring was
fastened through the piercing (thereby allowing them to lead me around by a
leash attached to the ring through my cock).

I was put on a strict diet and exercise plan, and my waist shrank
dramatically.  At the end of my recuperation, I was down to wearing a size
four dress.  I was taught how to act, dress, walk, talk, put on make-up,
and fix my hair like a woman, and the only reading I was allowed to do was
women's magazines like Allure, Lucky, Glamour, etc....  I was never allowed
to wear pants, shorts or flats, and my new wardrobe consisted exclusively
of skirts, dresses, feminine blouses and sweaters, teddies and nightgowns,
lots of lingerie, heels and sexy boots, and even a maid's dress.

After I had healed enough from my original surgery, I was subjected to
daily lessons on how to have sex like a girl.  I had lessons on how to give
head like a pro and was taught various positions to allow easy access to my
ass.  Each day, I had to blow at least one guy and get fucked up the ass by
at least one guy, and I also had to practice on myself with dildos.  At the
end of the three months, I had been fucked more times than I could count,
and I had long since gotten used to the taste of cum, as it was a daily
part of my new diet.

Surprisingly, I could still masturbate and even ejaculate (although it of
course totally lacked any sperm because I had no testicles); however, I was
not permitted to do so unless I had in my mouth and in my ass either a real
cock or a dildo, or some combination thereof.  Also, once I ejaculated, I
had to lick it all up to clean up after myself.  A slight variant on this
happened when they taught me how to suck myself off.  Yoga was a daily part
of my exercise routine, and I had become limber enough to actually reach my
cock with my mouth.  So, as long as I had either a real cock up my ass or a
dildo in my ass, I was permitted to suck myself off whenever I wanted to
(or whenever I was ordered to, as the case may be).

After three months, my transformation was stunning, and I don't believe
anyone who had known me before my enslavement could even recognize me.  I
had been transformed into a drop-dead gorgeous woman, with the only
giveaway being my still-intact penis.  It was then that I went up for

On the day of the auction, I wore sheer black stockings attached to a red
garter belt, five-inch fuck-me heels, red crotchless panties, and a red
bustier that lifted my new breasts.  I was given viagra to ensure I could
maintain my erection, and a chain attached to each of my nipple rings
extended down and was fastened to my cock ring, keeping my erection exposed
and also exposing my utter lack of testicles or a scrotum.  Manacles were
locked around my ankles and fastened together with a short chain,
effectively hobbling me, and my wrists were handcuffed behind me.  Finally,
a locking collar was placed around my neck, and I was led out into the
auction hall.

All of the bidders were permitted to inspect me beforehand, and as part of
the inspection process, I had to give each of them a blow-job without using
my hands (which were uselessly cuffed behind my back anyway).  There were
nine bidders present, and by the time I finished sucking them all off, my
jaw ached miserably.

Bidding started out at ten thousand dollars, and the winning bidder ended
up paying a little more than $75,000 for me.  All of my bags were packed,
and the winning bidder led me away.  My new owner ended up being a producer
of fetish porn, and I became one of his centerpieces for his she-male

I'm still blown away how, in a three-month span, I could go from being a
newly-married heterosexual male to being a she-male porn star, but I guess
I never really had a choice in the matter.  Katie did come to visit me once
and watched as I got double-teamed for one of my films, and she just
laughed and laughed.  By selling me into sexual slavery, she became quite a
wealthy woman, and after that one visit, I never saw her again.

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