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Subject: Stacey Says


By Jane Parks

(f/F, ff/F, Humil)

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction.
None of the characters or events herein are
based on real people, either living or dead.
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This one is for a middle-aged femsub friend of mine who knows who
she is.

Part One

Stacey Willis had known about 46 year old Jeannie Long and her
daughter, 16 year old Michelle, ever since they had moved in next
door a couple years ago.  However, 18-year-old Stacey had not
paid much attention to the Long family until just this summer.
She had so many other interesting relationships of a female
variety to keep her occupied that she did not feel the need to
add any more.

One hot Wednesday afternoon at the beginning of June, however,
the teenager had heard the intriguing sound of happy girl noises
and splashing coming from the Long's backyard pool, and she had
decided to investigate.  She stealthily opened the high wooden
gate to Jeannie Long's back yard and peered in cautiously.  Her
first glimpse of Jeannie and her daughter all dressed in their
matching skimpy two-piece bathing suits, frolicking in the pool,
caused the teenager to stare openly.  As she observed mother and
daughter as they cavorted in the pool, Stacey began to have
serious second thoughts about the two females who lived next
door.  Perhaps she had been a little too hasty in denying herself
the opportunity of sampling the special pleasures that only an
older woman could offer; especially one who was the mother of
such a luscious young daughter.

Stacey though that Jeannie Long looked just good enough to eat in
her scanty two piece.  She was a good six inches shorter than the
teenager who stared at her so hungrily, and Stacey could plainly
see that Jeannie was endowed with ample breasts, broad hips, a
lean midriff, and long alluring legs.  And while it was clear
that the 37 year old was a mature woman, she was anything but
over the hill physically.  She had kept herself in good physical
condition and no one could tell by looking at her flat tummy that
she had carried a baby to full term.  All in all, Jeannie was
just the kind of early middle-aged woman that Stacey found very
attractive.  Very attractive indeed.

And as for Jeannie's daughter, Michelle, why she looked just
yummy to Stacey as she watched her splash and play in the pool.
Michelle had already begun to develop the kind of figure that
distinguishes the woman from the little girl.  Her breasts,
though small, were well formed.  Her derrière was curvy and firm,
and her hips were sexily molded.  Her legs, long and well
muscled, looked sensuous as hell as she kicked them in the water.

Taken together, Jeannie and Michelle presented quite a package of
possibilities to the 18-year-old voyeur who was so critically
inspecting them from her hidden vantage point.  And for Stacey,
possibilities had a way of becoming realities.  So, after going
home and undressing herself appropriately, Stacey just sort of
invited herself over for a swim at the Long's.  She sashayed
through the high wooden gate into the Long's backyard as if she
owned the place and then dove into the cool water of the pool and
began swimming laps.  Jeannie and Michelle were so startled by
Stacey's sudden brazenness, that they all got out of the pool and
just sat on the side, exactly as if the pool really belonged to
Stacey and they, not she, were the guests.  As she swam, Stacey
noted the diffidence the Long females showed to her, and she
smiled to herself.

At first, Jeannie had been more than a little miffed at this
brazen teenager's intrusion upon her family's privacy.  But, as
she allowed herself to sneak appraising glances at Stacey in her
extra-thin bikini when she thought the teen girl wouldn't notice,
the 37-year-old mother found herself feeling rather pleased that
her next door neighbor girl had invaded her space after all.  As
she continued to eye Stacey surreptitiously, Jeannie could not
ignore the fact that the teenager was very appealing, and that
she was somehow drawn to this 18-year-old's tantalizing body.

Yes, Stacey was very attractive; slim waist, small but pert
breasts, long legs, and bubble buns.  And although Jeannie had
not given any thought to being intimate with another female since
her long ago affair with her college roommate Marcia, she had to
admit to herself that Stacey's sultry good looks and haughty
brazenness did remind her somehow of Marcia.  And that tingly
notion got Jeannie to thinking and remembering.

As she and her daughter Michelle watched Stacey swim her laps,
Jeannie allowed her mind to drift back to that time with Marcia;
a time when she had been driven by her own wanton need for love
and approval to submit herself completely to the erotic will of
another person.

It was Marcia who had made the initial moves in their game of
dominance and submission, and it was Jeannie who had gone along
with her, albeit reluctantly at first.  Jeannie had eventually
acquiesced to Marcia's seductive demands because she had been so
very lonely at college; so hungry for affection.  And Marcia had
most certainly been willing to give her a kind of affection; but
at a very high price.

As the sleazy little affair between the two roommates deepened,
Jeannie had become increasingly sexually addicted to and
dependent upon Marcia: and Marcia turned out to be just the type
of person to make the fullest use possible of that addiction and
dependence, simply for her own sick amusement and sense of power.
 She just loved making Jeannie prove again and again in the most
humiliating kinds of ways possible just how much she was her
roommate's sexual thrall.  Jeannie's wanton addiction to Marcia
had led her eventually to do absolutely anything and everything
her depraved roommate had ordered her to do, no matter how
shameful or degrading it was.  As a result, Jeannie's life had
become a nightmare of subservient sexual slavery from which she
just could not seem to break herself free no matter how hard she

After Marcia had finally tired of her and had broken off the
affair, Jeannie had vowed that she would never again allow
herself to surrender herself so totally to the sexual will of
another person.  She had subsequently married, had Michelle, and
had raised her normally.  Even after her husband's sudden death a
year ago, she had kept her vow, despite the fact that she was
becoming increasingly lonely, and, truth to tell, increasingly
horny.  She had not been intimate with anyone since her husband's
death, and her sex life was now nothing more than occasional fits
of abashed masturbation late at night after her daughter had gone
to sleep.

So Jeannie sublimated her mounting sex hunger and focused all her
attention on her daughter.  Since her late husband had left her
reasonably well off financially, Jeannie could afford to stay
home and be there for Michelle.  This was especially true now
that school was over for another year and she had all summer to
spend with her.

But now, while covertly watching Stacey swimming languidly back
and forth across her pool, Jeannie could feel long forgotten
stirrings welling up inside her once more.  That made her more
than a little afraid; but it also made her wonder.

Stacey finally grew tired of swimming laps and came out of the
pool, dripping cool drops of water from her proud young body.
Without a word, she walked slowly over to where Jeannie and
Michelle were sitting and looked down at them with a mix of
blatant curiosity and imperiousness.

"Hand me a towel, will you, Jeannie?  Can't you see I'm dripping

Jeannie was speechless.  This teenage next-door neighbor of hers
certainly was more than just a little arrogant.  But there was no
need to make a scene about it; especially with her young daughter
looking on.  So, without a word, Jeannie meekly handed her towel
over to Stacey.

The teenager took the offered towel out of Jeannie's hand and
nonchalantly began drying herself off with it.

"Oh hi Jeannie.  Hi Michelle," Stacey said in a cheerful voice as
she dried off her wet body in front of their staring eyes as if
this was the first time she had really noticed them.

"Hi Stacey," Jeannie said in a small voice.  She could already
feel the little pangs of intimidation nibbling at herself-image.

"I've been wanting to swim over here ever since the weather got
hot.  You don't mind, do you, Jeannie?"

It was more a statement of fact than a question; directed at
Jeannie in such a way as to demonstrate that the teenager did not
view her as any kind of real adult worthy of the respect needed
to ask permission to use the pool.  To Stacey, she was not even
'Mrs. Long'.  She was just 'Jeannie'.  And Jeannie was beginning
to feel more than just a bit uneasy in the presence of this
overpowering teenage girl.

Jeannie forcefully suppressed the quick flash of anger she felt
at Stacey's dismissal of her adult status.  After all, she told
herself, her uneasiness had nothing to do with Stacey at all,
really.  It was just that the girl reminded her so much of
Marcia.  Surely that was what was making her uneasy.  Wasn't it?

Then, the older woman felt a little hungry ache deep down inside
her.  Perhaps Stacey was right about her after all.  Perhaps, in
this situation she was in fact powerless and really did not have
any status as an adult.

Unexpectedly, Jeannie realized that her eyes were being
irreversibly drawn to Stacey's long, muscular legs.  She suddenly
discovered that she had to exert all her will power to tear her
gaze away from them.  Those long teenage legs of Stacey's were so
sexy looking to her.  And when she finally did force herself to
look away, she found herself staring into Stacey's deep blue eyes
instead.  And Stacey's eyes were smiling down on her in the most
provocative way.  Jeannie fought with all her might to regain
control of her thoughts.

"No, Stacey.  I don't mind," Jeannie replied in the same small

The older woman found that she was having a very hard time
preventing herself from openly staring up at the very attractive
teenage girl who was showing herself off so brazenly right in
front of her eyes.  Jeannie began to fidget under the growing
tension, and her mind started to wander into all sorts of secret,
lascivious places.  Jeannie's heart began to beat faster as she
cast her eyes on Stacey's pert breasts which pressed against the
material of her swimsuit top; then her firm, flat tummy; then her
long, tanned legs once again.  God, she looked so good.  But it
was so very wrong for Jeannie to look at Stacey that way.  Wasn't

As for Stacey, she was busy surveying her next victim.  Jeannie
was really quite a beautiful adult woman.  Just the type that
Stacey enjoyed using and abusing most.  She was most assuredly
going to enjoy compelling her to be her new sex toy.  It was
already obvious to Stacey that Jeannie was uneasy in her presence
and Stacey most definitely planned to use this fact to her

Observing the older woman's direction of gaze, Stacey smiled and
turned around slowly so Jeannie could get a good look at her sexy
posteriors, brazenly accentuated by her thong bikini bottom.
Stacey then spread her legs a little, just to tantalize.  She
smiled when she heard Jeannie's distinct intake of breath at the
sight of her luscious globes so close to her face.  And Stacey
knew that the tight thong only accentuated the pout of her nether

"You know, Jeannie, I'm a bit of a digital camera nut," Stacey
said as she turned back to face the older woman.  "I was
wondering if I could take some pictures of you out here by the
pool tomorrow afternoon in that sexy swimsuit you're wearing."

A little twinge of anxiety constricted Jeannie's throat.  Stacey
recognized the growing sense of foreboding in Jeannie as their
eyes met, but she also perceived a growing sense of lascivious
longing as well.  The two strong emotions fought for control
inside the soul of the older woman.  Stacey could see the
struggle taking place in Jeannie's eyes.

"Why would you want to take pictures of me when there are so many
sexy young girls around?"

Stacey locked eyes with Jeannie.

"Well, you see I like older women, Jeannie.  I like looking at
them.  I like it especially if they look really sexy.  And I
think you look very sexy in that tight little swimsuit of yours.
And I want to take some pictures of you in that sexy swimsuit out
here by the pool tomorrow.  Now is that OK with you or what?"

Jeannie jerked her head back as if she had been slapped by
Stacey's arrogant manner.  Michelle observed with curious wonder
her mother's clearly diffident reaction to Stacey's
assertiveness.  She had never seen her mother appear so
self-effacing before, especially around a girl who was not that
much older than she herself.  What was going on with Mommy,

Without being able to think clearly about the possible
consequences of her decision, Jeannie found herself reacting
solely to the intensely seductive stimulus of Stacey's
self-assured way of comporting herself, a manner that clearly
demanded the older woman's acquiescence to her.  What was it
about this teenage girl that made Jeannie feel so oddly insecure
and vulnerable?  Some fleeting foreboding made her momentarily
fearfully reluctant to give in to Stacey's request, but Jeannie
quickly submerged her shadowy fears within the tantalizing
prospect that meeting Stacey tomorrow for the photo shoot would
afford the older woman yet another opportunity to be in close
proximity to the teenager's captivating physical charms.
Impulsively, Jeannie decided to agree.

"Yes, Stacey.  I guess it will be all right for you to come over
tomorrow and take some snapshots of me here by the pool."

Michelle heard her mother's reply and giggled.

"Can I watch, Mommy?"

"Yeah, Mommy," Stacey almost taunted.  "Can she watch me take
some sweet pictures of you in that sexy swimsuit of yours?"

Jeannie gulped and shook her head 'no'.  She did not know where
this new relationship with Stacey was heading but she certainly
did not want her own daughter becoming mixed up in it.

"No, Michelle.  You are going to spend the day and night with
Aunt Sydney tomorrow.  Remember?"

"Oh yeah," Michelle chimed in, obviously disappointed at missing
the opportunity to see her mother being photographed in her
swimsuit but clearly happy at the prospect of spending time with
her aunt Sydney.

"Well Michelle.  That's OK," Stacey said with a little smirk on
her face.  "You can watch me take pictures of your sexy Mommy
some other time.  I'm sure your Mommy has other things to wear
besides swimsuits that make her look really sexy.  You know, like
sexy lingerie and underwear: you know, tight little bras and
panties.  Isn't that right, Jeannie?"

The thought of being allowed to watch while Stacey took pictures
of her mother dressed in sexy lingerie and underwear made
Michelle giggle uneasily and blush.

Jeannie was utterly embarrassed by Stacey's impertinent question,
and so she just sat there with her mouth open; not saying aword.

"Well, Jeannie.  Isn't that right?"

The older woman suddenly felt a hot wave of exquisite humiliation
flow over her because of the arrogant way Stacey had addressed
her.  And the clever teenager knew by the hungry way Jeannie
looked up at her that the older woman found her quite attractive
and desperately wanted to see more of her.  And Jeannie knew that
she knew.

There was no mistaking the fact that Jeannie had to say something
in reply.  Stacey's condescending stance clearly demanded it.
The 37-year-old woman stared up at the teenage girl, her eyes
wide with apprehensive hunger.

"I guess so, Stacey."

Stacey smiled and said softly, "That's a good girl.  Now see;
wasn't that easy?"

The teenager could now clearly see how difficult it was for the
older woman to take her eyes off of her.  She decided to dig in
her claws just a little deeper, dropped the towel on the
pavement, and slowly walked even closer to Jeannie, giving her an
unobstructed view of all her charms.

"You like what you see.  Don't you, Jeannie?"

The older woman most certainly did not want to answer Stacey's
provocative question, particularly in front of her daughter.  To
do so would make her even more vulnerable than she already was.
But there was a compulsion in Stacey's voice that Jeannie could
not ignore.  Stacey put her hand out and tousled Jeannie's short
curly hair.

"Don't you, sweetie pie?"

Jeannie gulped.  She felt an exciting flash of humiliation at
being toyed with this way in front of Michelle.  Her loins began
to tingle just as they had so far in the past when Marcia had
teased and tormented her so cruelly.

"Yes," she said meekly.

Stacey smirked down at Jeannie, exalting in the older woman's
discomfort and embarrassment.

"Yes, what, sweetie pie?"

Jeannie gulped again.

"Yes, Stacey.  I like what I see."

It was barely a whisper.  But Stacey could hear it.  And so could

Stacey smiled even broader.

Then, suddenly, she pulled away.

"Well.  Gotta go.  See you tomorrow, sweetie pie."  And then,
Stacey was out the gate and gone, leaving Jeannie in a state of
agitation and her daughter in a state of wonder.

"Sweetie pie?"

As Jeannie herded Michelle in to dinner, she kept thinking to
herself repeatedly 'where is this going, where do I want it to

As soon as she had returned from taking Michelle to her sister's
house the next day, Jeannie found herself in a state of growing
anxious anticipation.  The memory of the sublime humiliation she
had felt yesterday at Stacey's hands teased and taunted her mind.
 She showered; making extra special sure that she was squeaky
clean all over.  Afterward, she anxiously evaluated her naked
body for almost thirty minutes in the bathroom mirror; her strong
and well-defined calves and thighs, her tight butt, her curvy
hips, her buff tummy, and her pert breasts.  Then she put on her
two-piece swimsuit, making sure she looked just right.

She was greatly relieved that her breasts did not sag, that her
tummy was still reasonably flat even after having borne a child,
and that her legs were still well muscled.  She felt a flutter of
ignominy when she realized how desperately she wanted Stacey to
find her attractive.  But why did she want a girl half her age to
find her attractive?  Wasn't that somehow very, very sick?

When Stacey had not appeared by four o'clock, Jeannie started
pacing back and forth in her living room, trying to burn off her
excess anxious energy.  When would Stacey finally get here to
take her pictures?  When would she be allowed the opportunity to
look at that girl's lush teenage body again?

Finally, around five o'clock, Jeannie heard the doorbell ring.
She literally ran to the door, she was so worked up.  Jeannie put
her eye to the peephole and stared out hopefully.  Thank heaven.
There was Stacey standing on her porch all dressed up in sexy
pink short shorts and a matching crop top, smiling brightly and
holding a digital camera bag in her hand.  Jeannie licked her
lips unconsciously as she opened the door.

"Hi Jeannie," Stacey said brightly as she stepped into the house.
 She made no effort to hide her long look of appraisal as she
surveyed Jeannie standing right in front of her. The older woman
could feel the heat of Stacey's gaze as she assessed the older
woman's body.

"Ummmmmmm," Stacey purred in approval.  "You look good enough to
eat, baby doll."

Jeannie wriggled.

"Hi Stacey," Jeannie said in that same small voice.  Her heart
was pounding and she felt flushed.  Would Stacey notice how
flustered she was?

Stacey could instantly see the hunger in the older woman's eyes.
She knew she was holding all the high cards and she was about to
play them until she won the game.

"Turn around, baby doll, so I can see all of you."

Jeannie did as she was bidden, feeling more exposed and
vulnerable than she had at any time since Marcia had gotten rid
of her.  A feeling of growing helplessness began to overwhelm her

Stacey nonchalantly placed her hand on Jeannie's arm and gave it
a little squeeze.  At her touch, Jeannie felt a little buzz of
wanton yearning go through her body.

"Are you ready to pose for me now, baby doll?"

Jeannie made a low moan in her throat as Stacey began sliding her
hand sensuously along her bare arm.  Stacey's hand was so warm on
her smooth flesh.

"Yes, Stacey.  I'm ready."

Jeannie said it so quietly that Stacey almost did not hear her.
However, Stacey did not have to hear the words to know that
Jeannie was more than ready.  She giggled.

"Yes you are, precious.  Aren't you?"

Jeannie's humiliation smoldered as she realized that Stacey knew
all she needed to know about her and what the older woman so
obviously craved.

Without further words between them, the teenager steered the
entranced older woman right out the back door into the enclosed
back yard where the pool was.

"That wooden fence is really high, isn't it, Jeannie.  I bet
nobody can see in here at all when the gate is locked."

Jeannie gulped and absently nodded her head.  A mental flash of
the two of them, naked by the side of the pool, indulging in a
frenzied bout of oral sex made her nearly faint away.  Then she
snapped back to the present.

"I had to have it built because of the insurance on the pool.  So
I decided to give us some privacy as well as security."

"I'm so glad," Stacey giggled as she gave Jeannie's arm another
little squeeze.  Then she allowed her hand to rove slowly and
possessively down the older woman's side.

"I like privacy too, sweetie."

Stacey gave Jeannie's swimsuit-covered butt a little possessive

Jeannie shivered all over her body.  Where was this girl taking
her?  Could she allow herself to go there?

"Now Jeannie.  Come sit here by the pool so I can get some shots
of that sweet, sexy body of yours in that skimpy little

Jeannie obeyed with alacrity, and for the next fifteen minutes,
Stacey posed her timid model and happily snapped away.  She had
brought along a whole camera bag full of digital disks, and she
was not shy about using them up.

"I do my own scanning, so you don't have to worry if any of this
embarrasses you.  It'll be just between us two girls.  Right,

Jeannie shivered.  What kinds of shots were Stacey planning to
take that might embarrass her later?

Jeannie noticed, that as the photo session progressed, the poses
Stacey required her to assume were becoming increasingly
salacious.  The arrangement of her body became more daring; the
display of her charms more audacious.  She wished that her
swimsuit was of a more conservative cut, but, then again, she was
also glad that Stacey was posing her in ways that allowed the
sexiness of her body to show.  For some reason, she desperately
wanted Stacey to think that she looked sexy and desirable.

The more she posed, the sexier she felt.  But Jeannie also sensed
something a great deal more powerful.  She was feeling once more
that old hunger she had felt when she had been owned by Marcia
and was being used by her.  Could it be that Stacey was like
that, too?

Stacey observed the subtle change in Jeannie as the photo shoot
continued.  She went out of her way to direct Jeannie to take
poses that bordered on the slutty.  And when the older woman
readily acquiesced, Stacey knew that she was thereby giving every
sign that, subconsciously at least, she was willing to submit to
Stacey's will.  Jeannie was proving by her compliance with the
younger girl's orders that, despite her better judgment, she
would allow the teenager to lead her on to the next step, and the
next, and the next.  Jeannie didn't know where this all would
lead, but it felt so like what Marcia had done so many years ago.
 How far could the teenager force her to go?  How far would she
force her to go?

When Stacey was certain that Jeannie was completely involved in
the photo session, she decided to attempt to draw her into the
next level.

"Jeannie.  While I take these pictures of you and that sexy bod
of yours, I want us to play a little game of Simon Says, except I
want it to be Stacey Says instead.  Do you understand me."?

Jeannie was almost panting with frustrated anticipation by this
time, but she was suddenly wary of just how dangerous this all
was becoming for her.

"I'm not sure I want to play Stacey Says with you right now,

There was more than a hint of fear in Jeannie's voice as she
looked over at the teenager.  Stacey loved that sound of fear
because it told her she was winning again.  She put the digital
camera down and walked purposefully over to where Jeannie was
meekly sitting on a lawn chair.  She reached out her hand and
gently ran her fingers unhurriedly along Jeannie's silken cheek.
The older woman sucked in her breath through her teeth and looked
up with a mixture of stark despair and ravenous hunger on her
face.  It was starting all over again.  Wasn't it?  She could
feel herself getting moist from Stacey's touch.

"Oh come on, Jeannie.  It's just us two girls out here all alone
where nobody can see us. What harm can come of it if we play
around with each other a little."

Jeannie could feel herself slowly but surely succumbing to
Stacey's enticing words.  But she was still very afraid of where
this all would lead.

"Please, Stacey.  I don't want to do this any more."

Stacey looked down at Jeannie and smiled sweetly.  She allowed
her forefinger to glide across the older woman's full lips.
Jeannie whimpered softly but obeyed Stacey's unspoken command by
opening her mouth slightly; just enough for Stacey to slide her
finger inside and along her wet tongue.

"Oh but I think you do want to play Stacey Says with me, Jeannie.
 And I really want to play Stacey Says with you too, baby.  Now,
am I right or what?"

Jeannie blushed as she allowed herself to gently suck on the
teenager's proffered finger.  Yes, they understood each other all

"Well, baby doll.  Am I right?"

Jeannie nodded her head slowly in agreement.

"I thought so," cooed Stacey.

Still smiling down on the older woman, Stacey slowly removed her
finger from between Jeannie's lips as if to say 'you had better
obey me if you want any more'.

"As a matter of fact, Jeannie, I think you're going to play
Stacey Says with me and do just anything at all I tell you to do
from now on.  Aren't you, baby?"

Jeannie tried to interrupt, but Stacey would not let her.

"You see, precious, it's obvious to me right now that what you
really need more than anything else in the whole wide world is a
nice young slit to lick.  Just like mine.  What you need is a
young female body that you can worship with that sweet pink Mommy
tongue of yours and those soft, warm Mommy hands of yours.  That
is what we both know you need.  Isn't it?  And you can have it
too, baby, but if and only if you agree to play Stacey Says with
me right this very minute."

Jeannie felt an extra jolt of humiliation burn through her soul
as she looked up at the smirking, confident teen girl.  Stacey
was right.  That was exactly what she needed.

"Well, do we understand each other, sweetie pie?"

Jeannie looked deeply into Stacey's eyes.  She knew that her long
suppressed need to be humiliated was winning out over her
weakening will to resist.

"Yes.  I understand you."

Stacey smiled.

"And so you agree to play Stacey Says with me?"

Jeannie tried with all her remaining will power to pull herself
together, to regain control before it was too late.  But Stacey
was now making little, teasing circles with her fingers around
Jeannie's flat tummy, and it was driving the older woman mad with

"What do you want from me, Stacey?" she asked with a marked
tremble in her voice.

Stacey smiled down at her as she continued to allow her fingers
to stroke the older woman's taut, expectant body.

"Why I want you, of course, sweetie pie.  I want to own you from
now on for as long as I want you."

Jeannie shook her head in disbelief.  She could not possibly have
heard the teenager correctly.  She tried desperately to clear her
head, but Jeannie did not allow her time to dwell on her last
words or their implications.

"And so you do agree to play Stacey Says with me even after
knowing what I want?" Stacey repeated her question.

Jeannie blushed hot with embarrassment.  She knew beyond any
doubt what her answer must be.  The thought of Stacey taking her
seductive hand away was simply unbearable.

"Yes, Stacey."

Stacey tousled the older woman's curls and smiled beatifically
down at her.

"Good girl.  Now, Stacey Says get on your hands and knees for me
over here by the pool, sweetums.  I want the camera to get a real
good look at that sexy body of yours."

Jeannie was in such a state of nervous anxiety and confusion; she
barely heard what Stacey had said.  But she was acutely aware of
the delicious girl standing so near to her.  As Stacey sidled
even closer, Jeannie's anxiety intensified, but so did her
hunger; repressed for all those years since Marcia had thrown her
out.  Why did this teenage girl make her feel the way Marcia had?
 Why couldn't she break the spell?  Why was she so desperate to

Stacey stood over her, aloofness in her every move.

"Now are you going to play Stacey Says with me or not, sweetie

Jeannie tried to stare her down, but she finally gave in and
lowered her eyes.

"Yes, Stacey.  I'll play Stacey Says with you."

Stacey smirked down at her new toy.

"Good girl.  Now, do what Stacey Says and get down on your hands
and knees like a good little grown up Mommy slut.  I want to get
some nice shots of that fine cleavage of yours with your sweet
tits hanging down."

Jeannie blushed bright red again as she obediently got down on
her hands and knees in front of Stacey.  She could feel her ample
breasts pushing against the material of her swimsuit top as
Stacey knelt in front of her and snapped away.  Jeannie knew that
this position exposed a great deal of her breast flesh to the
digital camera.  But her hunger made her obey, even though she
was embarrassed beyond words.

"Now, baby. Stacey Says lick your lips for me and move that sexy
body around like you were trying to make me hot for you.  You are
trying to make me hot for you.  Aren't you, girlfriend?"

Jeannie replied to the wanton question in the only way she knew
Stacey would understand.  She began undulating her hips and
swaying her torso, showing off even more of her breasts.  As she
moved, Jeannie licked her lips in a lewd imitation of a slut.

"That's my sexy little Mommy slut.  Now, sweetie pie.  Stacey
Says I want you to lie down on your tummy on this towel, and let
me get some nice sexy shots looking down at you."

Jeannie immediately did as she was told.  She could hear Stacey
moving around above her, but she did not have the courage to look
at her.  The camera continued to snap away.

"OK, Jeannie.  Now Stacey Says unsnap that swimsuit top and slide
it out from under you.  I want to get some charming little shots
of your sexy naked back."

Jeannie flinched, but did as Stacey commanded.  She reached
behind her and unhooked the swimsuit top and slid it from under
her.  Stacey took it from her and threw it into the pool,
laughing as she did so.  Then the teenager proceeded to pose the
woman and snap a set of shots of Jeannie's back and shoulders
with her long arms extended far above her head and her face
turned to the side.  Then Stacey knelt down beside her fretful
model and took some shots of her face and torso.  Jeannie knew
that her breasts were clearly visible to the camera's eye and to
Stacey's as well.  She felt her pussy spasm as she though of how
lurid these poses were.  Especially when Stacey made her look
directly into the camera so that there would be no mistake as to
who was being photographed.

Stacey put the camera down, looked directly into the older
woman's eyes, and said softly, "You know, precious, I just can't
wait to take pictures of that sweet Mommy face of yours all slick
and tacky with my yummy pusspusswet.  It's really yummy.  I

Jeannie shuddered but she held her pose.  Her vaginal canal
spasmed once more and a trickle of secretion dribbled onto the
gusset of her swimsuit bottom.  Stacey went back to taking more

"That's a good girl, Jeannie.  Now Stacey Says sit up for me and
let me really see those sweet tits of yours.  I've been just
dying to have a look at your tempting little nipples ever since
yesterday when I saw them pressing against your swimsuit top."

Jeannie whimpered at this order.

"Please, Stacey.  Please no.  I'm too embarrassed."

Stacey stared down at her.

"Stacey Says sit up and let me see your cute little Mommy tits,
Jeannie baby.  I said I really want to see those nipples of
yours.  I'll bet that they're as stiff as erasers 'cause you're
so hot for me."

Jeannie inhaled sharply.  Her heart fluttered like a moth caught
in a flame.  She knew if she surrendered now, all was lost.

"Please, Stacey.  No."

"Oh come on Jeannie.  It's just us two girls.  You know that
we're just playing a nasty little sexgame, here, you and I.  No
one else can see you.  And I really want to admire your tits.
Don't you want me to admire your tits, precious?"

Jeannie continued to lie there, hoping against hope that Stacey
would relent.

"Come on, Jeannie.  Stacey Says."

"Please, please Stacey.  Please don't make me."

Jeannie's voice had changed to that of a scared little girl.  The
teenager knew that now was the time to comfort rather than to
cajole her incipient pet.

Stacey leaned over and began sliding her warm hand along the
older woman's naked back.  Jeannie felt the teenager's sensuous
touch as if she were being subjected to a mild electric shock.
The teenager's hand felt so exhilarating, and it promised so much

"Last chance, Jeannie.  Come on, sweetie pie.  Now be a good girl
for Stacey and show her your sweet tits, and maybe she will give
you something that's ever so nice."

Jeannie looked at the girl with a lost, forlorn expression all
over her face.

"Please, Stacey.  Pleeeeease."

Stacey continued to stroke the older woman's back and talk softly
to her.

"Come on, Jeannie baby.  You know you want to show off your tits
to me.  And how can I play with them, baby, if you won't let me
see them first?  You do want me to play with them.  Don't you,
precious?  You're such a little nasty girl Mommy."

Stacey's words were so erotic, so compelling.  And her hand was
so stimulating on Jeannie's lower back: so close to the waistband
of her swimsuit bottom.  The older woman wriggled despite

"Oh yes.  I know all there is to know about you, sweetie pie.
You are just so chock full of those nasty little secret desires.
The very ones that I know all about."

Jeannie began to tremble like a yearling just about to be broken
to the saddle.  She continued to whimper softly to herself, but
did nothing to move away from her tormentor's hand.  Sick despair
warred inside her with the mounting hunger for Stacey's sweet
attention.  She was so very afraid.

"Please, Stacey.  Don't.  Please don't."

She was so forlorn and plaintive.  And Stacey was so uncaring.

"Don't what, sweetie pie?"

Stacey was mocking her and Jeannie knew it.

"Please don't make me sit up and show you my breasts.  I'm just
too embarrassed."

Stacey giggled softly.

"But I really, really want to see them, Jeannie.  And you
promised to do whatever Stacey Says.  Now stop whining and sit up
like a good girl and let me see your tits."

Stacey was letting her forefinger slide up under the waistband of
Jeannie's swimsuit bottom, teasing, probing, promising.  Feeling
the tip of the teenager's finger lightly stroking the
hypersensitive skin above her tailbone in such an intimate way
drove the older woman right over the edge.

Without another word, Jeannie slowly sat up, forcing Stacey to
move away from her.  Jeannie already knew enough about what
Stacey demanded that she kept her arms at her sides despite her
almost palpable desire to use them to cover her naked breasts
from Stacey's wanton gaze.  She was more embarrassed than she had
been since Marcia had made her do all those nasty, sick things
back in college.  Was Stacey going to make her do nasty, sick
things as well?

Stacey sat down on the warm pavement beside the pool and openly
admired Jeannie's mature but still firm breasts.  The older
woman's nipples were stiff pink coral.  Her areolas were a warm
shade of taupe with no hint of crinkle.  The breasts themselves
were milk white and pear shaped, and they were just large enough
without being too abundant.  Just the kind Stacey liked most of
all.  The teenager reached out her hand and began fondling
Jeannie's offered breasts.  Her fingers moved all around each
breast; kneading, pressing, exploring.  Jeannie purred and
whimpered as wave after wave of erotic thrill passed through her
body.  She was getting sooooo hot.

Yes indeed.  Stacey most certainly liked what she saw; and what
she was feeling up with her warm, silky hand.  Erotic scenes in
which she was doing all sorts of interesting nasty things to
Jeannie's breasts flashed through her evil little mind.  But such
fleeting thoughts only made her want to see more of her new toy's
charms.  The teenager could hear the older woman pant as she
continued to molest her, and the sound was music to her ears.

"OK Jeannie.  Now Stacey Says stand up and take off that swimsuit
bottom of yours so I can see all of you, sweetie pie."

Jeannie whimpered and shook her head 'no'.  She knew deep in her
heart that she had already given in way too much to her need to
be humiliated by this evil teenage girl.  She had become
dangerously involved in Stacey's sick little games.  But now she
just had to stop this no matter how much she craved Stacey's
carnal attention.

"Stacey, I've gone along with your game so far because it's just
us two girls out here and nobody can see us.  But I am not going
to play Stacey Says for you any more.  I'm very embarrassed that
I let it go on this long, and I want to stop now."

Stacey immediately stood up, towering over her seated companion.
Suddenly, before Jeannie could react or defend herself, Stacey
grabbed her by her short hair and jerked the older woman to her
feet.  Then, as a surprised and shocked Jeannie just stood there
unable to move or fight, Stacey swung her other hand in a flat
arc and slapped the older woman full on her right cheek.


Jeannie squealed from the frightful pain, but, before she could
inhale, Stacey slapped her again, hard.


If Stacey had not been holding her hair in such a tight grip,
Jeannie would have fallen down on the pavement, so great was the
pain.  But Stacey had no intention of letting her new toy go
until she had been brought to heel.  She held Jeannie's head in
such a manner that there was nowhere the woman could look except
directly into her bright eyes.

"I'm tired of your dithering, Jeannie.  Now you know and I know
that you want to obey me.  We both understand perfectly that you
need to obey me.  That's how you get off, my sick little
precious, being a submissive little sex toy for a sexy young girl
just like me.  Face it.  You know you want more than anything in
the whole wide world to be my hot little subby slut.  You've made
that crystal clear ever since I got here today.  You were the one
who agreed to play Stacey Says.  Remember!  And you knew
perfectly well where that was leading to from the very first.
Didn't you, precious?  So I want you to stop being a disobedient
little bratty bitch right this very minute and do whatever I tell
you to from now on.  Or do you want me to just walk away and
leave you standing here all hot and bothered and never see you

Jeannie was squealing and sobbing, hysterical from the pain and
in a total panic because of Stacey's harsh words.  Despite the
pain and the terror that gnawed at her, she most certainly did
not want Stacey to leave her and never see her again.  Her pain
and fear shattered brain did not know much at that moment, but
the one thing it did know was that she wanted Stacey to stay, no
matter what it cost her.  Stacey was right about that.  Jeannie
needed to be her little subby sex toy.  She needed it more than
anything else in the whole world.

"Pleeeeease, Stacey.  Pleeeeease stop.  Pleeeeeease don't go
away.  Oh God.  Pleeeeassssee stay.  I need you.  Please stay."

Stacey smiled knowingly at Jeannie's almost hysterical plea that
she stay, but the teenager was not ready yet to let her new pet
off so easily.


Jeannie began to howl in panic ridden agony as Stacey continued
to slap her face with the palm of her hand.  Then Stacey grabbed
her hair and shook her like a terrier shakes a rat.

"Shut up, bitch.  Do you want our neighbors to bust in here and
find you like this?"

The shock of Stacey's threatening words brought Jeannie up short.
 It was as if a plug had been pulled.  The older woman nearly
fainted dead away from the blinding panic she felt when she
thought about how mortified she would feel if someone were to
barge in on her right then.  How could she ever explain herself.
As the older woman sank into herself, Stacey held her up by her
hair and looked deep into her dilated eyes.

"Well, Jeannie.  Are you going to behave from now on, or do I
have to slap your face some more to make you understand who's
really in charge here?  Come on, precious.  We both already know
who's really in charge here, don't we?"

Stacey let go of Jeannie's hair and the older woman nodded her
head dumbly in agreement.  When she saw that Jeannie was
surrendering totally, Stacey began to comfort her terrified sex
toy once again.  She held the older woman tightly in her strong
arms and petted her tenderly, letting her hands rove wantonly
over her neck, shoulders, and back.

"Come on now, Jeannie.  You and I both would both rather that I
was playing with your sweet Mommy tits than slapping your sweet
Mommy face.  Wouldn't we, precious?"

Jeannie was near the breaking point.  Even Marcia had never
abused her in the way Stacey now was.  She could see no hope for
herself other than total surrender.  Perhaps Stacey was right
after all.  She would most certainly rather be petted than

"I'll be good, Stacey.  I'll be a good girl from now on.  I
promise," she whispered meekly into the teenager's shoulder.

"Please don't hurt me anymore.  Pleeeeeease, Jeannie.  I'll be

Stacey clutched Jeannie's short hair and shook her again a couple
times just to make sure she had the older woman's fullattention.

"And you'll play Stacey Says for me like a good girl from now on.
 Won't you, precious?"

Jeannie shivered all over her body.

"Yes, Stacey.  I'll be a good girl from now on and play Stacey
Says for you."

Stacey smiled sweetly and let go of Jeannie's hair.  The older
woman sank down onto the lawn chair and gazed up compliantly at
her new mistress.  Jeannie tried to understand the contract that
was being forged between them.  If she obeyed, she would be
petted and not punished.  Stacey had said so.  And perhaps Stacey
would even allow her the privilege of making worshipful love to
that tantalizing teenage body of hers.  Perhaps.

"And you'll do anything Stacey Says from now on, won't you
sweetie pie?"

Jeannie nodded her head slowly and sheepishly.

"Yes," a timid whisper.

Stacey suddenly slapped her twice across her face again.


"Say it louder for me, Mommyslut.  I want to hear it when you say
that you belong to me and that you'll do anything Stacey Says
from now on.""

Jeannie's head rocked back from the face slapping, but she kept
enough of her self-possession to answer.

"Yes.  I'll do anything Stacey Says from now on."

Jeannie felt utter defeat and despair flow through her mind,
heart, and soul.  There could be little doubt now that Stacey was
going to own her completely; she had agreed to it of her own
volition.  And she knew that this meant that Stacey was going to
use her and abuse her subject only to her own sick whims.  And
Stacey was going to be ever so much more heartless that even
cruel Marcia had been.  And that was the extreme price she would
have to pay for the honor of being allowed occasionally to
worship her teenage mistress.  There was an air of absolute
defeat in Jeannie's confession of her obedience.

But with the defeat and the despair came another feeling that
took hold of Jeannie's soul.  And that other feeling was one of
unadulterated desire; desire to experience Stacey's erotic
rulership over her entire life; desire to submit absolutely and
totally to the girl's depraved whims; desire to be the recipient
of Stacey's utter domination.  Her nether lips glistened with the
pearls of sticky hunger that such thoughts created.

Stacey stepped away from the older woman, satisfied that she had
finally broken her will to resist.  She slowly reached out the
hand that had punished Jeannie so severely and placed the palm
only inches away from the older woman's lips.

"Now Stacey Says kiss my hand, sweetie pie.  Let me know how much
you appreciate what I've done to make you into my good little sex

Jeannie flushed with embarrassment.  Even so, she did as she was
told and leaned her face against Stacey's outthrust hand.  Then
she began planting little worshipful love pecks on the teenager's
hot palm.  Stacey stroked the older woman's hair and made little
comforting noises.

"You really do want to be my little subby pet from now on, don't
you, Jeannie."

The older woman leaned back just a little and sighed.

"Yes, Stacey.  I really do want to be your little subby pet from
now on."

Stacey lowered her hand to the older woman's breast and began to
fondle it tenderly.  She slid her palm over Jeannie's hardening
nipple.  She squeezed the tender flesh.  Jeannie leaned back,
closed her eyes, and gurgled happily.

"That's my good little Mommy girl.  Now; where were we?  "Oh
yeah, that's right.  Stacey Says take off your swimsuit bottom so
I can get at the rest of my new pet's secret little charms."

Cringing in utter humiliation but ravenous to do her young
mistress's bidding, Jeannie slowly stood, reached down to the
waistband of her swimsuit bottom, leaned far over, and slid the
tight material down her long, smooth legs to her ankles and then
slowly stepped out of her swimsuit bottom.  She raised back up
again; her skin a blushing pink.  Stacey immediately scooped up
the discarded material and brought the gusset to her nose.  The
teenager smiled broadly as she inhaled Jeannie's sexscent and
then ran her finger along the soppy material.

"Jeannie baby.  Did I make ums this wet?"

Jeannie blushed even deeper than before.

"Yes, Stacey.  You made me very wet."

Stacey smiled at the older woman and casually tossed the swimsuit
bottom into the pool.

"You won't be needing that any more," the teenager giggled as she
pressed her fingertips softly and teasingly against Jeannie's
down covered mound.  The teenager allowed her fingers to stroke
and play with what she found there until she saw Jeannie's eyes
glaze over.

"So here's where little Michelle came from," Stacey cooed as she
slipped her index finger teasingly inside Jeannie's slick walled

At the mention of her daughter's name, Jeannie clenched her
vaginal muscles, squeezing Stacey's finger.  Stacey giggled as
she removed her finger.  Jeannie blushed.

"We'll get to that later, babyslut.  But now, Stacey Says stand
up straight and tall for me so I can really get a good look at
you.  You know, baby, if you really want to be my new little
Mommysex toy, you'll have to prove that you are worthy of me."

Jeannie did as she was bidden, biting her lower lip in sheer
humiliation as Stacey walked slowly around her, the teenager's
appraising eye missing nothing.  The older woman found herself
becoming increasingly anxious that her new young femdom would not
find her unattractive after all and cast her aside just as Marcia
had.  She prayed earnestly that, now that she had committed
herself to being Stacey's willing sex slave, the teenage girl
would want to keep her.  She so desperately wanted to serve, now
that Stacey had presented her with the wanton possibility.

As for Stacey, she appraised her new pet happily.  Jeannie
certainly had a good figure for a woman who had carried a baby to
term.  The teenager was more than satisfied with Jeannie's sexy
body.  She knew that she would have so much fun in the future
tantalizing, teasing, and tormenting it.

Locking eyes with her new pet, Stacey reached out her exploring
hand and nonchalantly stroked the older woman's breasts, then her
midriff, then her flank, then her butt.  Jeannie wriggled and
sighed with every touch.  Stacey could tell that Jeannie just
loved this wanton attention being paid to her responsive body at
the same time that she felt utterly humiliated at being used this
way.  The erotic tension Stacey was causing her sent shocks of
perverse pleasure through Jeannie's brain.  She prayed fervently
that it would go on forever.

While Jeannie's docility convinced Stacey that she could continue
to pet the older woman with impunity, she wanted to make certain
that Jeannie's mind and soul were hers to use and abuse as well.
So she decided to begin the older woman's psychological training
right then and there.

"Stacey Says I want you to play with your little nipples for me,
sweetie pie, and make them all nice and puffy.  I just can't get
enough of watching a grown up little Mommy girl like you playing
with herself in front of me just 'cause I tell her to.  It's so

Jeannie cringed, but did as she was told.  She began pinching and
twisting her coral nipples until they were rock hard.  Her
self-stimulation in front of Stacey was both humiliating and
sexually exhilarating at the same time.  She was becoming so very
turned on by playing with herself while Stacey looked on.

It seems that Jeannie was just a born exhibitionist, and Stacey
was proving to be a wonderful erotic audience.  As Jeannie
continued her lewd display, she looked over at the teenager and
saw the approval in her young eyes.  That look made Jeannie feel
that Stacey might just keep her after all.

When the teenager was satisfied that Jeannie's nipples were as
stiff as they were going to get, she brushed the older woman's
hands aside and grabbed a stimulated nipple in each hand.  She
squeezed the tender nubbins unmercifully.  Then she pulled down
hard, drawing Jeannie right down to her knees in front of her.
Jeannie squealed with the sharp pain, but knew that if she tried
to pull away, the pain would be ten times worse.  So she just
knelt quietly, tears of pain and humiliation flowing from her
eyes, as Stacey continued to tweeze and pinch.

"Do you want me to stop, sweetie pie?"

Jeannie wanted the pain to go away more than she had ever wanted
anything in her life.

"Yeeeeessssss, Stacey.  Pleeeease stop."

"Will you do whatever I tell you from now on if I stop."

Jeannie did not have to think twice.

"Yeeeesssss.  I'll do anything you want from now on."

As she made her promise of unqualified obedience, Jeannie could
feel a trickle of hot sex fluid seeping from her nether lips onto
the inside of her thigh.  It was crystal clear that both her body
and her mind wanted this submissiveness to Stacey's whims to
continue in the worst kind of way.

Stacey let go of Jeannie's tormented nipples and stepped away
from her new pet.

"Stacey Says turn around and spread your legs for me like the
obedient little subby Mommy slut you are.  I want to play with
your sexy play pretties from behind, precious."

Jeannie immediately turned and spread her legs before the
teenager.  Jeannie reached out her hand and slid her finger
slowly along the moist crack between her sex toy's round cheeks,
then up and down the older woman's downy labia.  Her fingertip
came away with a coating of Jeannie's secretions.

Stacey giggled as she held her finger up to her nose and smelled
the sexy musk of the older woman.

"I can sure tell you really like being my little subby pet.
Don't you, Jeannie?"

Jeannie was completely mortified by Stacey's stinging question.
How could this girl have gained such a hold on her so quickly?
Why couldn't she break free?

The teenager playfully patted the older woman on the butt.

"Don't you," Stacey insisted on an answer.

Jeannie could not prevent herself from replying.

"Yes, Stacey.  I really like being your little subby slut."

"Then Stacey Says lick my finger so you can get a good taste of
yourself, Mommy slut."

Jeannie turned back toward her new Mistress, leaned over, and
licked the film of her juices off the teenager's extended finger.
 The sheer depravity of her actions turned the older woman on
even more.

Stacey smiled as she ran the fingers of her other hand through
the older woman's curly hair.

"Pretty soon now, precious, I'll make you stick your own little
Mommy fingers way up inside your nasty little snizzypoo and then
lick them all nice and clean for me while I watch you."

Jeannie shivered in wanton anticipation.

"Stacey Says now stand nice and straight for me so I can get some
shots of that tuff little naked Mommybod of yours, pet."
Despite her embarrassment and growing apprehension about the dire
consequences of her submissiveness to her new femdom, Jeannie did
as she was told, and Stacey moved around her, snapping away.  As
she took picture after picture, the teenager ordered Jeannie to
assume all sorts of erotic poses; holding her arms way above her
head to accentuate her breasts; leaning far over so that they
hung down in front of her; squatting with her vulva fully exposed
to the digital camera's eye.  All the while she was posing so
salaciously, Jeannie was acutely aware of the fact that, by
allowing Stacey to photograph her this way, she was ensuring that
the teenager could have her way with her any time she wanted to
from then on.  Once processed, the photographs would be a club
that Stacey could hold over her forever.  But with this
understanding came an even more powerful realization.  Jeannie
really did get off on this type of treatment by another female,
especially, as it turned out, by a girl less than half her own
age.  By the end of the photo session, Jeannie was totally turned
on and desperate for sexual release.

After a bit, Stacey ordered her new pet to take a break.  She
allowed Jeannie to sit down on the pavement by the pool so she
could rest a little.  As she watched the older woman sit down,
the teenager noticed that her thigh fairly glistened with sexual

"Stacey Says stick that leg out, precious, so I can see your
slutty little pussy."

Jeannie dutifully extended her leg, flashing her finely haired
pudendum to her teen dom's contented gaze.  Stacey leaned over
and slowly licked the little streak of sex mucus from the older
woman's smooth leg.  Jeannie wriggled and whimpered at the touch
of the teenager's wet tongue on her sensitive thigh flesh.

"You taste good, sweetie pie.  I like knowing that making you do
nasty things turns you on.  'Cause it turns me on, too, baby."

Jeannie was most definitely turned on.  She now needed to cum in
the worst way.  The older woman could not remember a time that
she had been more eager for release.  Stacey's physical closeness
and the slutty, subservient way the teenager had compelled her to
act had raised Jeannie to the point that she would do almost
anything to be allowed to cum.  She just had to humble herself
before the girl and beg for release.

"Please, Stacey.  I'm so hot.  I really need to... to....  Please
let me.  Oh Pleeeease."

As the beseeching words spilled out of her mouth, Jeannie felt
her face turn red with humiliation and embarrassment.  But she
did not care.  All she cared about was finding release.

Stacey giggled.

"Now what is it exactly that you want me to let you do,

Jeannie looked down at the pavement and forced her mouth to form
the words Stacey clearly wanted to hear.

"I... I want to... cum."

Stacey grinned over at her new pet.

"Well, well.  So my little grown up Mommy sub wants to get her
rocks off, does she.  OK then.  I'm not unreasonable.  What are
you willing to do for me if I let you get yourself off?"

Jeannie did not have to think twice.

"I'll do anything you say, Stacey.  Only pleeeease let me cum."

Stacey smiled.

"So you agree then that as my pet, I have the sole authority to
decide when and if you can cum from now on?"

Jeannie nodded head 'yes' enthusiastically."

If that were what it took to get Stacey to let her climax, she
would do it.

"And you'll do anything Stacey Says if I allow you to cumcum?"

Another enthusiastic nod.

"Then the first thing Stacey Says is for you to take off my top
and put your sweet little subby lips on my stiffy nips.  I so
love being suckled by a grown up, naked, horny little Mommy like

The words were barely out of Stacey's mouth when Jeannie reached
out and pulled the teenager's crop top over her head revealing
her pert breasts.  They were not as ample as Jeannie's, but the
nipples were bigger.  The older woman immediately leaned over and
began to suck one of Stacey's nubs into rock hardness.  The
teenager sighed and stroked Jeannie's hair as she continued to
suck and lick.  When the nipple was turgid, Stacey pushed the
older woman's head over to her other nipple, and Jeannie latched
on like a hungry baby.

"Oh yeah, Jeannie.  You do me sooooo good.  You're such a nasty
little subby Mommyslut.  Now Stacey Says to really slobber on it.
 I want it all wet and sticky from your nasty Mommyspit."

Jeannie heard Stacey's words and redoubled her efforts to please
her teen dom.  She licked and slurped around the girl's nipple
until it too was hard and slick from her saliva.  Stacey
continued to stroke the older woman's hair, reinforcing her

"Stacey Says now you may take off my short shorts for me, baby.
I've got somewhere else you can use that sweet Mommytongue of

Jeannie immediately reached down to the teenager's flat tummy,
unsnapped her short shorts, and tugged them down her smooth legs.
 Stacey stepped out of the short shorts and Jeannie dropped them
on the pavement.  The older woman then looked up longingly at
Stacey's sweet young bush and licked her lips in ravenous
anticipation of the teenager's next command.  She just could not
wait another second to finally taste her mistress.

But Stacey had other ideas about where Jeannie's tongue should

"No, baby.  You haven't earned the right to snuzzle my sniz, yet.
 But I saw you eyeing my buns yesterday, so I'm going to give you
a treat by letting you kiss my sweet cheeks.  Now isn't that
generous of me?"

Stacey turned around and bent over so that her smooth, round
globes were right in Jeannie's face.  The older woman leaned over
and placed her lips tremulously on the warm flesh.

"Stacey Says lick me, baby.  Lick me all up."

Jeannie enthusiastically licked all around the girl's satiny butt
cheek.  She even allowed her tongue to wander briefly into the

"Stacey Says lick my little hole, baby.  Show me just how much
you belong to me."

Jeannie was so turned on by this time she did not care how
humiliating Stacey's order was.  She extended her long, pink
tongue and slurped and probed around the teenager's tight little
rosette.  She reached up and pulled Stacey's firm globes apart so
she could get a better angle.  Stacey sighed and cooed at the
erotic feeling of having her most intimate part licked by this
subservient woman who was old enough to be her mother.

Jeannie finally came up for air.  She had obeyed her mistress,
and now it was time for her to get her just reward.

"May I cum now, Jeannie?"

The teenager immediately straightened up and spun around.  Before
Jeannie could defend herself, Stacey's hand came around hard on
her face.


"Quit nagging me, slutface.  We have already agreed that I alone
will decide when you cum; not you.  Isn't that right?

Jeannie fell back onto the pavement,  terror in her eyes, her
hand covering Stacey's slap mark.  She prayed that she could
somehow deflect Stacey's anger.

"Yes, Stacey.  I'm sorry.  I'll be good from now on.  You're
right.  You alone decide when I cum."

Stacey was mollified by Jeannie's show of abject contrition.  The
teenager tousled her sub's hair to let her know that her flash of
anger had passed.  The training was working better than the
teenager had expected.  Soon Jeannie would be all hers, body and
soul.  Stacey sat down next to Jeannie on the pavement and
reached out her arms to enfold the older woman.

"Stacey Says kiss me, sweetie pie."

Jeannie obediently ground her hungry naked flesh against that of
the younger girl. Her ample breasts pushed against Stacey's
smaller ones.  She pressed her mouth hard against the teenager's
full lips and felt Stacey's tongue searching around inside her
mouth.  Jeannie responded by running her tongue around Stacey's
own hot wet mouth.

As the deep soul kiss continued, Jeannie could feel her vagina
spasming with pent up need.  She had been so close to cumming in
the last hour.  Stacey's warm moist lips on hers were enflaming
her passion almost beyond control.

Then, suddenly, an image of her daughter Michelle flashed through
her brain.  It was now her daughter whom she was kissing so
ardently, not Stacey.  Her vaginal muscles spasmed in lewd
recognition of the fact that she was soul kissing her own
daughter.  Then, just as suddenly as it had come, the image of
her daughter disappeared from her mind, then returned.

Jeannie moaned deep in her throat as she felt herself fantasy
French kissing Michelle, letting their tongues entwine, tasting
her young daughter's sweet saliva.  Once again, her vagina
spasmed in wanton lust.  Then, the image disappeared and she was
kissing Stacey once more.

After a few more minutes, Stacey broke the torrid soul kiss.

"Stacey Says now go ahead and play with my tits, you horny
Mommybitch.  I want you to pet me right now and really get me all
hot for you.  You know you want to."

Jeannie tentatively moved her hungry hand to Stacey's naked young
breasts and began massaging her tenderly.  She could feel
Stacey's hard nipples press against her palm as she returned to
her kissing.  After a few more minutes of deep kissing, Jeannie
could no longer breath.  She pulled away to get a breath of air.

"Go ahead, baby.  Suck it," Stacey cooed.

Jeannie suddenly found herself taking Stacey's turgid nipple into
her mouth.  She just couldn't seem to stop herself.  She
continued tenderly sucking and nibbling Stacey's nipple while the
teenager reached under her and began twisting and tweezing the
older woman's own tender nipple flesh between her thumb and

Jeannie was now desperate for the touch of her new Mistress.  Her
legs splayed open and she timidly reached up and took one of
Stacey's hands from her breast and placed it on her own thigh.

"Pleeeeease, Stacey.  Pleeeeease," Jeannie whispered as she
rubbed her heated flesh seductively against that of her

Stacey leaned away from the older woman, a sweet smile of triumph
on her face.

"Please what, baby?"

Jeannie did not want to say the words.  But Stacey had made it
plain that she would do nothing to relieve the older woman's need
unless she expressly asked.  So she plucked up her courage.

"Please Stacey.  Please ... play with me."

Stacey cocked her head in mock curiosity.

"Play with you.  Play with what, baby?"

Jeannie just had to say it.  There was no other way.

"Pleeeeease, Stacey.  Please play with my pussy."

Stacey smiled triumphantly.  Her new pet was doing nicely.
Jeannie looked longingly at her teen mistress, as if to say, 'Now
that I've embarrassed myself in front of you, please don't tease
me any more'.

"Do you really want me to play with that nasty little Mommypussy
of yours?"

Jeannie nodded her head emphatically.

"Yesssss, Stacey.  Please play with my Mommypussy."

"OK baby.  Spread your legs as far as they will go, and I'll play
with your little Mommypusspuss for you."

Jeannie immediate opened her legs wide and Stacey began sliding
her hand along the older woman's proffered thigh.  Jeannie
wriggled and panted as Stacey teased and fondled.  Stacey slid
her hand very close to Jeannie's quim, but then slid it back down
the older woman's thigh.  Jeannie whimpered louder and louder in
frustrated heat as Stacey teased and tormented her.  Finally,
after she had had enough fun making her new sub suffer, Stacey
placed her fingers directly on Jeannie's slit and began to
masturbate her slowly and rhythmically.  The older woman sighed
and squirmed on the end of her fingers.

"Stacey Says lie back on the pavement, baby girl.  I want to
watch you play with yourself some more while I play with your

Jeannie immediately did as she was told.

"Stacey Says play with your tits for me, baby.  I really get off
watching one of my Mommy pets play with herself in front of me."

Jeannie was more than a little bit confused by Stacey's use of
the phrase 'one of my Mommy pets', but complied with Stacey's
order anyway.  She slid her hands all around her sensitive tit
flesh, raising goose bumps as she continued to fondle herself
while the teenager watched her wanton exhibitionist performance.

"Stacey Says pinch your nipples and get them all nice and hard
again for me, precious."

Stacey's eyes grew large as she watched the older woman rub her
nipples with the palms of her hands.  The teenager rewarded her
toy's wanton obedience by increasing the friction of her fingers
inside Jeannie's vaginal canal.

Jeannie's nipples responded to her salacious touch by becoming
eraser hard, just like the first time she had played with
herself.  She began panting out loud as her turn on grew and

"Stacey Says lift your right breast to your lips, baby girl, and
suck on the hard nipple for me.  Do it right this minute.  It's
such a trip watching little Mommies like you suck their own

Without a word of compliant, Jeannie reached underneath and
lifted her breast to her lips.  She sucked the turgid nipple into
her wet mouth and began licking herself with her soft tongue.
The sensuous feeling of licking her own nipple made the older
woman want to explode.  And she could see Stacey watching her
with a self-satisfied smirk all over her face.

"You're such a little Mommyslut.  Aren't you, Jeannie?"

Jeannie could not nod her head without letting go of the nipple
she was sucking.  So she just gave a low moan of agreement.

"That's my good little slutface.  Now, Stacey Says lower your
other hand to your Mommypussy and place it on top of mine.  We're
going to play with your nasty old sniz together.  Won't that be

Slowly, Jeannie placed her hand on top of Stacey's.  Then Stacey
slid her own hand from under and pressed her secretion-dampened
fingertips right on top of Jeannie's.  Then she directed the
older woman's fingers on just how she wanted her to play with

"Your pussy is getting soaking wet.  Isn't it, sweetie pie?"

Jeannie could feel the sex due covering her lips and just inside
her canal.  She spat out her nipple so she could respond.

"Yes, Stacey.  You have made me sooo wet."

Stacey giggled.

"Stacey Says now slide two fingers inside yourself and play nasty
with your pussy while I watch you make a real subby slut out of
yourself for me."

Jeannie did as she was told.  Her fingers pistoned in and out of
her spasming vagina and became coated with a film of woman lust

"Stacey Says finger fuck yourself, and look right at my face
while you do it.  I want you to know that I'm watching every sick
slutty subby thing you do."

Jeannie wriggled at these humiliating words, and did as she was
told.  Her loins were burning up with pent up desire.  She just
had to cum soon.

"Pleeeeeeeeeease, Stacey.  Pleeeeeease.  I want to cummmmm soo

Stacey laughed out loud.

"Stacey Says keep finger fucking yourself, you slut.  But don't
you dare cum until I tell you to."

Jeannie was crying now; big hot tears of frustration.  Why
wouldn't Stacey let her cum.  She had been a good girl, and she
really needed to cum right now.  Her fingers were jerking inside
her, scissoring wildly against the slick walls of her vagina.
Her hips rose and fell off of the pavement as she jerked her
pelvis up to meet her wild finger thrusts.

Suddenly Stacey reached over, grabbed her digital camera, and
began snapping shots of Jeannie's lewd performance.  Somewhere in
the back of the older woman's mind, fear and disgust fluttered to
the surface.  But the remainder of her mind was focused on doing
whatever Stacey said in hopes of being allowed finally to cum.

When Stacey had gotten enough pictures, she put the digital
camera down, leaned way over her new toy, and whispered in her

"Stacey Says you are a very sexy little subby bitch.  Did you
know that?"

Jeannie sighed and gurgled in blissful happiness as Stacey licked
the inside of her ear.

"Yes I am a subby little bitch."

Stacey licked around inside the older woman's ear.

"Yes, baby.  And whose little subby bitch are you from now on?"

The words tumbled out of Jeannie's mouth.

"I'm yours, Stacey.  All yours from now on.  I'm your subby

Stacey raised herself back up to look imperiously down at her new

"Stacey Says tell me that you love me, Jeannie."

Jeannie said the words with all her heart.

"I love you, Stacey."

"Stacey Says say you love me more than anyone else in the whole
world.  Say it for me right this minute."

"I love you more than anyone else in this world, Stacey."

Jeannie was still crying, but now her tears were caused by the
overwhelming joy she felt.  She really did love Stacey more than
anyone else in the world, and she would obey her in all things.
She felt a rush of loving warmth course through her body and
soul.  She was finally where she belonged.

"Stacey Says take your fingers out of your pussy and lick all
that nasty pusspusswet off of them while I watch you do it,
precious.  I bet your Mommypussy tastes real good."

Jeannie reluctantly left off masturbating herself and did as she
was told.  As she licked and sucked her mucus secretions off her
fingers, the older woman was reminded of the times that Marcia
had made her do just this kind of nasty, slutty thing to herself.
 As she remembered, Jeannie wriggled and whimpered.  She could
tell that Stacey was going to make her do the same kinds of
things all over again.  And probably things even more degenerate
as well.

While Jeannie continued to suck her fingers, Stacey lowered her
hand and began playing with the older woman's vulva.  Jeannie let
a loud whimper of frustrated hunger escape her lips.  Would
Stacey allow her to cum, finally?  In desperation, the older
woman hunched her hips against the tormenting fingers, obscenely
seeking the release she longed for.

Stacey laughed out loud.

"Oh yeah.  Precious baby likes being played with.  Widdle Jeannie
sweetie pie is sooooo horny.  She wants it sooooooo much.
Doesn't she?"

Jeannie knew that she was debasing herself utterly in front of
her teenage tormentor.  But her will power was long gone.  She
really didn't care what she had to do to win Stacey's permission
to cum.

Stacey slowly drove one, then two, then three of her long,
tapering fingers deep inside the older woman's slippery, spasming
canal.  Jeannie distinctly felt the girl's middle fingernail
scratch the very edge of her cervix and she made a high-pitched
little squealing noise.  Then Stacey slowly slid her tormenting
fingers in and out... in and out... in and out.

"Stacey Says do you like it when I finger fuck my little precious

Jeannie was panting loudly now, her breath coming in sharp
snatches.  She leaned her head languidly against Stacey's naked
shoulder and began absentmindedly licking the sweet, smooth girl

"Oh yeeeeeessssss.  Your precious pet loves being finger fucked
by you."

Stacey continued to drive her fingers into her sub's spasming

"That's good Jeannie.  And I just know how much you'll get off
when I do this to you in front of that sweet little daughter of

The thought of being made to subject herself to this kind of
obscene exhibitionism in front of her daughter made Jeannie moan
out loud with wanton hunger.

Stacey grabbed a handful of Jeannie's hair and pulled her away
from her shoulder so that their eyes met.

"Stacey Says do you really, truly like being my little subby
slavecunt, Jeannie baby?"

Jeannie sighed loudly, her eyelids half closed in perverse

"Yessssss, Stacey.  I love being your little subby slavecunt."

"Stacey Says then prove it by playing with your tits while I
finger fuck my widdle subby pet.  But don't you dare think about
cumming on your own, you nasty little girl."

Jeannie moved her hands to her breasts and began fondling them
once again.  She teased and tweezed her eraser hard nipples.  She
wanted to cum soooooooo baaaaaaaaaaad.

"Stacey Says you're my little sluttycunny.  Aren't you, baby."

Jeannie was falling down a well of degradation that she would
never be able to climb out of ever again.  And she knew it.  And
she did not care one bit.  So long as Stacey continued to own

"Yes, oh yes, Stacey.  I'm your little sluttycunny from now on.
Yours, all yours."

The older woman rolled her body from side to side, rubbing her
naked flesh obscenely against her teenage tormentor.  She was
sooooo hot.

Jeannie was gasping for air; she was so turned on.  Stacey's
probing, teasing fingers combined with her own breast fondling to
drive the older woman nearly mad.  Her humiliation at having been
made to admit that Stacey did in fact own her merely added to the
hot torment of her sexual distress.  She just had to cum, and
right away, too, or she would go completely mad.

Stacey could see just how very, very close the older woman was to
disobeying her injunction against cumming.  Suddenly, the
teenager jerked her probing fingers completely out of Jeannie's
soppy pussy, slapped her fondling hand away from her breast,
grabbed one of her sub's nipples, and began squeezing it between
her thumbnail and forefinger as hard as she could.  Then she
slapped Jeannie's other hand aside from her other breast and
grasped that nipple.  As Jeannie screamed a high-pitched scream
of purest agony, Stacey twisted and pulled her nipples viciously.
 Instinctively, Stacey reached up to pull the teenager's hands
away from their excruciating work.

"Stacey Says put your hands back down by your sides, bitch.  I
didn't tell you to try to stop me from playing with you."

Jeannie, shocked as if she had been touched with a cattle prod,
immediately lowered her hands to her sides and stood stark still
while Stacey continued viciously to pull and squeeze her inflamed

Jeannie just stood there, not daring to move a muscle, even
though the pain was just this side of absolutely unbearable.
Big, hot tears streamed down her cheeks and little, timid, animal
squeals escaped her lips.  But she did not move.

Stacey, satisfied that Jeannie's need to cum had been suppressed
for the moment, finally let go of her sub's nipples.

"Stacey Says I did that to you to keep you from cumming, Jeannie.
 You don't want to disobey me.  Do you, precious?"

Jeannie slowly shook her head 'no'.  She did not want to disobey,
but it was so hard for her not to accede to her body's wanton

"Stacey Says tell me."

Jeannie kept her head bowed.  She could not bring herself to look
her mistress in the face.

"No, Stacey.  I don't want to disobey you," the older woman said
just above a whisper.

"And you know that when I punish you, it's for your own good.
Don't you, baby."

Jeannie nodded again slowly, then got up enough courage to look
directly into Stacey's inquiring eyes.

"Yes, Stacey.  I know that when you punish me, it's for my own

Stacey reached up and tousled Jeannie's hair lovingly.

"That's right, baby.  Now be a good girl and thank me sweetly for
making sure that you obey me."

Jeannie shyly lowered her gaze once more.  Her heart began to
beat a little faster as she realized that she was being ordered
to thank this teenage girl for punishing her.

"Thank you, Stacey.  Thank you so much for punishing me so that I
will be a good girl and obey you from now on."

As she said the words, Jeannie could feel just the slightest gush
of cyprienne fluid leak from her vaginal canal onto her thigh.
As the tiny orgasm came over her, she prayed with all her might
that Stacey would not notice.  She so desperately wanted to avoid
any further punishment at the hands of her new owner.

Stacey smiled at her pet and gave her a sweet little kiss on the
mouth.  She ran her hands all over Jeannie's body; her breasts,
her midriff, her hips, her buns.  She wanted to enflame the older
woman's passions once more.  It was so much fun for the teenager
to bring Jeannie to the very brink of orgasm, then deny it to
her, either through a direct admonition not to cum, or through
the administration of pain.  Such fun.

When Stacey had caressed and fondled Jeannie to the point that
she was just this side of cumming again, the teenager stepped
away from the older woman who responded by whimpering piteously
and begging once more for the release that only her young
mistress could give her.

"Stacey Says you're too close to disobeying me again, you bad
girl.  Stacey Says beg me to punish you, so you'll cool back down
a little bit."

Jeannie just about lost it at this point.

"Plllleeeeeeeaaasssseee, Stacey."

Stacey stamped her foot angrily.

"Stacey Says beg me to punish you right this very minute, you bad

Jeannie could do nothing save surrender.

"Please punish me, Stacey," she said meekly.  Stacey smiled
broadly and Jeannie began to tremble with fear.

"That's my precious pet.  Stacey Says lift up those sweet tits of
yours so I can do as you ask.  You know I want to help you be a
good girl for me from now on."

Tremulously Jeannie placed her palms under her breasts and
timorously offered them up to the teenager.  Stacey slid her
smooth palms around on the nipples until they responded into
eraser hardness.

"Stacey Says it seems that the thought of being punished by me
turns you on.  Doesn't it, sweetie pie?"

Jeannie could only blush and nod her head in agreement.

"Well then.  Stacey Says I'll do my best to punish you in such a
way as to really turn you on.  After all, you're my little
precious baby, and I do want to make you happy."

Saying this, Stacey leaned over and pinched Jeannie's left nipple
as hard as she could.  Jeannie squealed as the pain coursed
through her body.  It was everything she could do to keep from
pulling away.  But some small part of her brain kept her from
doing this.  She just had to stand there and take the pain that
Stacey was giving her."

After a brief time, Stacey stopped pinching and raised back up to
face her victim.

"Stacey Says did that turn you on, baby girl?"

Jeannie cried out.

"No, Stacey.  That did not turn me on.  It huuuuurrrrrrtttttt."

Stacey unceremoniously jabbed her index finger deep into
Jeannie's slit, then brought it out covered with secretions.

"Stacey Says I think you're lying to me, Jeannie.  Your little
snizzypoo is dripping like a faucet.  Now doesn't that mean that
you are turned on?"

Jeannie bowed her head in utter humiliation.  Maybe it was the
pain as well as the pleasure that turned her on so.  She just did
not know.

Stacey ran her warm, soothing hand over the tortured nipple.
Once again, it sprang to rock hardness.  Then the teenager
allowed her fingers free access to the older woman's tormented
breast.  She kept at her erotic petting until she drew an
ecstatic sigh from Jeannie.

"Stacey Says that's OK, Jeannie.  I can give you pleasure and
pain enough to keep you turned on from now on.  So long as you
continue to do whatever Stacey Says.  Won't that be great fun?"

Jeannie could only nod her head in agreement.  She was so afraid
and so humiliated, and so very turned on.

"Stacey Says give me a great big sloppy kiss to thank me for
being so good to you."

The 37 year-old-woman immediately fell into the arms of her
18-year-old owner.  She hugged Stacey tightly to her, thrilling
to the feel of the teenager's firm young body against her own
more mature charms.

"Ummmmmm," Stacey purred.  "Precious baby feels sooooo good to
me.  Now, Stacey Says kiss me until my toes curl, you nasty bad
Mommy girl."

As Jeannie proffered her lips to her teen mistress, Stacey
lovingly ran her fingers through the older woman's short hair.
It was just wonderful making love to another woman; especially an
older, completely pliant woman like Jeannie.  Stacey slid her
long, wet tongue inside Jeannie's mouth, intertwining it with her
sub's.  Jeannie whimpered deep in her throat and began slowly
rubbing her pelvis against that of her teenage dom.  The kiss
seemed to go on forever, but Stacey finally pulled away.  She
smiled lovingly down at Jeannie.

"You're such a little subby slut.  Aren't you, Jeannie?  You're
going to be such a good, obedient girl for me from now on."

As she spoke, the teenager once more slid her finger deep inside
the older woman's slit and began to frig her slowly, teasingly.

Jeannie trembled as her dom continued to finger fuck her.  She
knew now that she would not be able to ever break Stacey's erotic
hold over her no matter how hard she tried.  She knew that she
would obey the teenager in all things from now on for as long as
Stacey wanted her to.

"Stacey Says do you want to cum for me, baby?

Jeannie looked up at her mistress.

"Only if you want me to, Stacey."

Stacey smiled, showing her even, white teeth.  She flicked her
tongue across them as though she were preparing for a feast.
Which, of course, she was.

"Well, sweetie pie.  Stacey Says I don't want you to cumcum just
yet.  However, I am getting very thirsty.  So, Stacey Says go in
the house and fix me a pitcher of iced tea, and serve it to me
out here by the pool like a good little Mommysubby."

Jeannie was startled by this sudden shift in Stacey's manner, and
more than a little disappointed that her mistress was not going
to allow her to cum just yet.  She was also embarrassed by the
prospect of fixing the tea and serving it to the teenager while
in the nude, especially since Stacey had collected her own short
shorts and crop top and was putting them on.

"But, Stacey.  I...."

Stacey looked up from putting on her clothes.

"Stacey Says fix me some iced tea and serve it to me out here.
Now, either go and do what Stacey Says, or get ready to be
punished again.  And this time, I won't be so easy on you."

Stacey just stood there with her hands on her hips, waiting for
Jeannie to decide.  Jeannie thought about it for another minute,
then turned around and slowly and sheepishly went inside the
house to do what Stacey Said.  She looked back over her shoulder
to see a broad smile of satisfaction grow across Stacey's face.

As Jeannie walked through her quiet house to the kitchen, she
felt a strong sense of deep humiliation.  Here she was, an adult
woman and mother, meekly obeying the depraved orders of a girl
less than half her age.  She was slinking through her own house
naked as the day she was born just to provide perverse amusement
for her teenage mistress.  And she did not even have the
satisfaction of having been allowed to relieve her pent up sexual
frustration through orgasm.  What was it about her that made her
need to obey this girl, to placate and please her, to submit
totally to her most erotic whim?

When she returned to her back yard a few minutes later, Jeannie
carried a tray with a pitcher of iced tea and two glasses on it.
She set the tray down carefully on the pavement beside the lawn
chair where Stacey lay, taking in the sun.  Stacey looked over at
the older woman languidly and admired Jeannie's swaying breasts
as she leaned over to put down the tray.  The teenager smiled as
she thought to herself, 'mine, all mine'.

Jeannie saw her mistress smile as she stood back up to await
instructions.  That insolent smile generated a little sex twinge
deep inside her.  She did want to make Stacey satisfied in her
performance of her duties.

"Stacey Says pour me a glass of tea, silly willy."

Jeannie quickly reached down, picked up the pitcher, and poured
some tea into one of the glasses.  Then she began to pour a glass
for herself as well.

"Stacey Says stop.  I don't remember saying that you could have
any tea."

Jeannie looked sheepishly down at her teen mistress.

"But Stacey.  I'm thirsty too."

The teenager raised up off the lawn chair as if she were going to
reach out and strike the older woman.

"Too bad, slutface.  I'll tell you when you can have a drink.
But right now Stacey Says get the suntan lotion and put some on
my arms and legs.  I sure don't want to burn out here by the

Jeannie immediately got the suntan lotion and began applying it
to Stacey's smooth legs.  She exalted in the erotic feel of the
girl's sexy skin and strongly muscled legs.  The sheer
subservient intimacy of being commanded to put suntan lotion on
the girl's legs while she was stark naked made Jeannie ooze.

"You like feeling up my sexy legs.  Don't you Jeannie?"

Jeannie looked up at her mistress.

"Yes, Stacey.  I like feeling up your legs."

Stacey giggled as she lifted her leg so Jeannie could put lotion
on the back of her calf and thigh.

As she applied the lotion, Jeannie knew deep in her soul that
each new confession that Stacey drew out of her was one more rung
down the ladder of depravity.  But she just could not seem to

"Well Stacey Says put some on my arms as well, baby.  I like your
hands on me."

Jeannie did as she was told.

Stacey then languidly removed her crop top, got up from the lawn
chair, and lay on her tummy on the warm pavement by the pool.
All the while, Jeannie looked hungrily at her Mistress's revealed

"Stacey Says put some on my back, precious.  So I don't burn."

Jeannie happily applied more lotion to Stacey's back.  She let
her lotion-covered hands rove all over the teenager's back from
her shoulders down to the waistband of her short shorts, then
back up.

When she was finished applying the lotion, Jeannie stood up and
awaited orders.

"Stacey Says now hand me my tea, sweetie pie."

Jeannie picked up the glass of iced tea and placed it on the
pavement beside the girl.  Stacey then raised up just enough to
be able to put the glass to her lips.  Then she drank liberally
from the glass until it was empty.

Jeannie could see a portion of the girl's firm, pert breasts as
she drank, and the erotic sight of her turned the older woman on
all over again.  Stacey was so beautiful, so desirable.

"Stacey Says pour me some more tea and bring it down here to me,

Jeannie picked up the empty glass and refilled it from the
pitcher.  Then she squatted down close to the pavement and handed
Stacey the glass.

"Are you still thirsty, pet?"

"Yes, Stacey.  I'm still thirsty.  May I have a drink too,

"Sure.  Why not?  But you can't get it from a glass, baby.
You'll have to get it from me direct."

Jeannie was puzzled.

"How do I do that, Stacey?"

"From my mouth of course, precious pet.  At least, this time from
my mouth."

Stacey took a sip of iced tea from the glass and held it in her
mouth; waiting.  Jeannie looked at her mistress, all confusion.
Then she figured out what she was required to do.  She leaned
over, placed her lips firmly against those of Stacey, and waited
patiently for her drink.

Stacey opened her mouth slightly and allowed the tea to flow
slowly from her mouth into Jeannie's.  The older woman could
taste a hint of Stacey's saliva as she drank her tea.  And it
turned her on hard.  This was true intimacy, to be getting her
drink this way.

When Jeannie had swallowed her tea, Stacey took yet another
mouthful from the glass and let her sub drink just like a mother
bird feeds a baby.  This continued until Jeannie wasn't thirsty
any more.

Each tea filled kiss turned Jeannie on more and more.  How
totally submissive to only be able to quench your thirst in this
depraved manner.  Her vaginal canal was spasming continuously now
with raw lust.

"Did you get a good drink, baby?"

Jeannie sighed and nodded her head happily.

"Yes, Stacey.  That was a very good drink."

"Good girl.  Stacey Says that from time to time, when I'm around
you and I say 'Stacey Says', you only can drink if you get it
from me.  Sometimes I'll let you drink from my mouth.  Other
times ...."

Jeannie did not exactly know what Stacey had meant by her last
statement.  But she was certain that she would obey the girl
completely and receive her liquid refreshment  as Stacey
prescribed from now on.  One more rung down the ladder.

After a time, Stacey raised up on the pavement and turned over on
her back.

"Now that you've had your drink, Stacey Says put some of that
lotion on my breasts for me before I get sunburned."

Jeannie happily obeyed her mistress's order.  She smoothed the
silky suntan lotion all over the girl's sweet breasts.  Stacey
closed her eyes and made happy little sex sounds as the older
woman spread the lotion on her body.

"Stacey Says put some on my tummy too, baby."

Jeannie happily complied.  She molded her hand to the teenager's
flat midriff and applied the lotion.  It was just so wonderful
serving her mistress this way.

When Stacey was satisfied that Jeannie had done a good job, she
raised up her hips off the pavement.

"Stacey Says take off my short shorts and put some lotion on my
pubes, sweetie pie.  I want to get an all over suntan."

Jeannie reached out and slid the short shorts from Stacey's
slender hips.  She put the discarded short shorts on the pavement
and began slowly rubbing lotion all around the teenager's loins.
Stacey began making low, sexy sounds deep in her throat as
Jeannie continued her sensual task.

"You do want to play with my pussy, don't you Jeannie?" the girl
asked languidly, as if in a dream.

At that moment, Jeannie wanted the privilege of petting her
mistress more than anything else in the world.

"Yes, Stacey.  I want to very much."

"Well then Stacey Says play with my little pusspuss for me,baby.

Jeannie allowed her fingers to rove intimately all over Stacey's
sex; all the way from her turgid little clitoris all the way down
her moist outer lips down to her puckered little rose.  Then her
suntan lotion covered finger traveled slowly back up to flick the
little nubbin, then start down again.  Stacey parted her thighs a
little to allow her sub more room to play with her.  Then she
sighed languidly.

"Stacey Says put your finger up inside, baby.  Do me good."

Jeannie slid her index finger deep inside the tight canal.  She
could feel the mucus-covered walls squeeze her probing finger
tight.  She knew that she was turning her mistress on, and she
was happy.

For a while, Stacey just lay there being finger fucked by her
devoted sub.  Then she decided that it was time to go on to the
next thing.

"Stacey Says stop playing with me, baby.  I've had enough for
right now."

Jeannie reluctantly slid her secretions-covered finger from
Stacey's slit.  She sat quietly, hands in her lap, awaiting her
mistress's next command.

"Stacey says put some suntan lotion all over yourself.  I don't
want my precious baby to burn out here in the sun."

Jeannie took up the bottle of suntan lotion and used her other
hand to apply it to her body.  She let her hand rove over her
breasts, down her tummy, and all up and down her long legs.
Stacey watched her put the lotion on, making suggestions from
time to time when she wanted to watch the older woman apply it to
a particular area.  She even made Jeannie stand up and apply
lotion to her own posteriors and up her back as far as she could

When she was satisfied that Jeannie had covered as much of her
naked body as she could, she ordered the older woman to lie
beside her on the pavement where they could both sunbathe

"Stacey Says, from now on, when it's just us two girls alone, I
want you completely naked for me unless I tell you otherwise.  I
love looking at your body and knowing that it's mine, all mine.
I want you to be naked for me to remind you that you belong to me
and to no one else but me.  Do you understand me, baby girl?"

Jeannie looked over at her mistress and sighed.

"Yes, Stacey.  I understand.  And I will do what Stacey Says."

The teenager reached out and ran her hand tenderly over the older
woman's rump.

"that's a good Mommy girl."

The two women, mistress and submissive, continued to lie by the
pool until the sun went behind the high fence.  Then it began
getting a little cool, and Stacey decided it was time to go

"Stacey Says lets go inside, Jeannie.  I want to stay with you
overnight, and that means I want you to call my mother and tell
her that that's what I'm doing."

The two naked females got up and went inside Jeannie's house.

"Do you think your mother will mind if you stay over?" Jeannie
asked, more than a hint of anxiety in her voice.

Stacey looked at Jeannie in such a manner as to convince the
older woman that she had better stop asking questions and just do
as she was told.

As they stood by the phone and Stacey gave Jeannie the phone
number to punch, the teenager allowed her hand to rove all over
the older woman's naked body.  She poked and prodded, pinched,
and tweezed until it was everything Jeannie could do to punch out
the right code.


"Yes, Is this Mrs. Willis?"

"Yes, this is Mrs. Willis.  Who is this."

Jeannie gulped at the thought of having to tell the woman who she
was.  But Stacey had given her no other option.

"Mrs. Willis, this is Jeannie Long from next door.  Stacey is
over here and she wants to spend the night here.  Is that OK with

There was a long pause on the other end of the line.

"She wants to stay over with you?"

"Yes, Mrs. Willis.  Is that OK."

There was another long pause.  Before Stacey's mother could
answer, Stacey grabbed the handset from Jeannie.

"Mother.  This is Stacey.  I'm sleeping with Jeannie tonight.  Do
you understand?"

Jeannie could not hear Mrs. Willis' reply, but she saw Stacey's
face harden into anger.

"Mother.  I'm going to sleep with Jeannie tonight.  And she's
going to let me.  Now, I'll see you sometime tomorrow when I come
over to get some more clothes.  I'm going to spend the next few
days over here.

Jeannie could hear Mrs. Willis' reply but she could not make out
the words.  The from her tone, Stacey's mother was distressed by
the prospect of her daughter being away from home.

"OK mother.  I'll see you tomorrow sometime.  Meanwhile, you can
play with yourself as much as you want to, but Stacey Says you
can't cum until I tell you to in person tomorrow."

As she heard Stacey's words, Jeannie almost fainted dead away.
Stacey clearly had forced her own mother into sexual servitude
just as she had with Jeannie herself.  What kind of person
subjugates her own mother?

Suddenly, Jeannie got a mental glimpse of what lay in store for
her.  Stacey was not only planning to sleep with her tonight, but
she was planning to stay with her for a few days.  Jeannie knew
that she would have to get Michelle from her sister tomorrow and
bring them home.  What kinds of plans did Stacey have for her
little girl?  Oh God.  Where was this going?

As Stacey spoke to her mother, she let her fingers plunder around
Jeannie's most intimate parts.  She teased, she tormented, she
tantalized.  Her fingers promised Jeannie a sexual bliss she had
never before experienced in her life, even with Marcia.
Jeannie's fear for her daughter  slowly faded as her lust hunger
overwhelmed everything else in her mind.  She did not even notice
when Stacey finally hung up the phone.

As the teenager continued to fondle and pet, Jeannie grew limper
and more compliant.  She allowed her head to rest languidly on
the girl's breast.  She was awash in lust for Stacey, and she
just could not escape.

Stacey looked down at her mesmerized pet and smiled.

"Stacey Says, someday soon Mommy girl, when you are truly mine,
I'm going to bring you over to my house.  Then I'm going to put
you and Mother together and watch while you get each other off.
I just know that it will turn me way on to see two grown up
womensluts like you do the nasty together.  I just can't wait to
see you two use your wet pink tongues and long fingers on each
other.  I bet I shoot up ten discs of digital."

Stacey giggled softly as she continued to feel up her subby.
Like Jeannie Stacey was getting turned way on.

Suddenly, the teenager broke away from her sub's intimate embrace
and sat down in an armchair.  As Jeannie watched, Stacey slowly
parted her smooth thighs so that the older woman could clearly
see her inviting slit.  Then Stacey lifted her long, smooth legs
so that they rested on the arms of the chair.  Jeannie's mind
became a whirlwind of humiliation and erotic pleasure.  She was
so ashamed of herself when she realized that what she wanted more
than anything in the world right then was to be ordered to taste
her mistress.  Still and all, she prayed fervently that this was
what Stacey wanted as well.

Stacey looked directly at Jeannie, Smiled wickedly, and patted
her naked thigh

"Stacey Says come here little girl.  Come here to me.  I've got a
treat for my precious baby."

Jeannie sensed that Stacey was calling her just as if she were a
pet.  And that is exactly what Jeannie was, of course.  She was
Stacey's pet from now on, and she knew it.

Jeannie fell to her knees and crawled between Stacey's thighs.
She leaned over until her face rested on the seat of the chair,
just inches away from her goal.  She waited dutiful for Stacey to
give her the command she longed for.

Stacey looked down at the top of the older woman's head, her nose
almost touching Stacey's down covered pubes.  She smiled and
tousled the older woman's hair.

"Good girl.  You know you belong to me now.  You can smell me
now.  And you know that when you taste me, I'm going to mark you
with my scent.  Then you'll be mine forever."

Jeannie wriggled all over her naked body at the teenager's

"Stacey Says taste your mistress.  You know you want to."

Jeannie did want to.  She immediately extended her long tongue
and lapped softly up and down the teenager's swollen lips.  She
could taste Stacey's salt-sweet  secretions and they tasted to
her like the very best thing in this whole world.  Only for a
second did Marcia's pussy flash through Jeannie's mind.  Stacey
tasted much, much better.

The 37 year old continued her licking until Stacey reached down
and grabbed the back of her head, shoving the older woman's face
deep between her legs.  Jeannie obediently opened her mouth as
wide as it would go and began licking and sucking her mistress
for all she was worth.  The sex-driven woman was ravenous to take
in as much of the girl's vulva as she could into her mouth.
Stacey obliged by pressing her pelvis hard against the older
woman's hungry mouth and letting out little high pitched squeals
of ecstasy as Jeannie's tongue jabbed into her hypersensitive
canal.  Then, suddenly, the teenager clamped her well-muscled
thighs together around Jeannie's face and began to buck her hips
as the spasms of an approaching orgasm overtook her.  Finally,
she came, gushing a little stream of cyprienne fluid onto
Jeannie's face.  As her orgasm took her over, Stacey squeezed her
thighs together like a vice, causing Jeannie nearly to faint from
lack of oxygen.  But eventually the teenager relaxed enough so
that her sub could gasp in great lungfuls of air.

Jeannie gazed worshipfully up at her mistress, and Stacey looked
down regally at her sub.  Jeannie's face was shiny with Stacey's
spent orgasm.  She stuck out her tongue and licked her mistress's
taste from all around her mouth.  Then she smacked her lips and

"Do I taste good, baby?"

Jeannie nodded her head emphatically.

"Yes, Stacey.  You taste wonderful."

Stacey smiled broadly.

"I'm glad, precious.  Because you are going to be doing this for
a long time to come.  You see, I've marked you now with my scent.
 You belong to me from now on, and I want you to be happy as my
subby little cumslut."

Jeannie wriggled at the word 'cumslut'.  That's just what she
was, and she knew it.  And Stacey was never going to allow her to
forget it, either.

Stacey stood up suddenly and headed for the kitchen.

"Stacey Says I'm hungry.  Fix me something good to eat,Jeannie."

Jeannie got up slowly from the floor.  Once again, she felt
disappointment at not being able to find her own release, just as
she had given release to her teenage mistress.  But Stacey had
given her an order and she could not ignore it.

The older woman meekly followed her teen mistress into the
kitchen and set about the process of fixing a light dinner for
them both consisting of soup and sandwiches.  As Jeannie prepared
the meal, Stacey sat at the little breakfast table and watched.
She observed every movement the naked older woman made, the
stretch of her arms, the shifting of her legs, the swell of her
breasts, the plumpness of her rump, the momentary exposure of one
or the other of her secret charms.  It was quite the turn on for
the teenage dom to observe this 37-year-old woman whom she had
conquered and bent to her will.  As she continued to watch,
Stacey allowed herself to daydream about all the possibilities
having Jeannie for a sub opened up.  Stacey shivered just a
little when she thought about Michelle.  She had seen enough of
her sweet young body yesterday out by the pool to convince her
that she wanted to see even more.  And she hoped that Jeannie's
daughter liked playing Stacey Says as much as she did.

When dinner was ready, Jeannie served out two bowls of soup and
placed two sandwiches on plates on the breakfast table; one meal
for Stacey and one for her.  But before she could sit down to her
own meal, Stacey stopped her.

"Stacey Says feed me, Jeannie."

Jeannie was totally non-plussed by Stacey's order.  She stood
there in front of the girl, not knowing what to do.

Stacey looked up at her with a glint of anger in her eye.
Jeannie shrank back.

"Stacey Says feed me.  Go ahead, Mommydumbo.  Pick up the
sandwich and hold it up to my mouth so I can eat it."

Jeannie tentatively picked up the sandwich off Stacey's plate and
held it to the girl's lips.  Stacey took a bite and began chewing
slowly.  When she had swallowed the chewed bite, Jeannie held the
bitten sandwich to her lips once more.

"Stacey Says no, Mommydumbo.  I want some soup, now."

Jeannie dropped the partially-eaten sandwich onto Stacey's plate
as if she had been slapped, then immediately picked up the soup
spoon and dipped it into the bowl.  A new wave of humiliation
washed over the older woman as she held the soupspoon close to
Stacey's lips.  What could possibly be more degrading than having
to actually feed her mistress bite by bite as she stood there,
completely naked and vulnerable? But, humiliating as this was, it
reaffirmed her status in this relationship; and Stacey's as well.
 And that turned Jeannie on.

As she continued to feed the girl soup and sandwich, Jeannie
noticed a tiny itch around her nether lips as a trickle of
secretion dribbled out of her onto her thigh.  Debasing herself
like this was actually turning the woman on.  Stacey sensed it as
well, and she allowed her hand to slide up the older woman's
inner thigh until she encountered the little trickle of sexjuice.

"You're getting wet feeding me like this.  Aren't you, Jeannie?"

Jeannie nodded slowly, a bright flush suffusing her cheeks.

"I just knew you would.  So Stacey Says that from now on, when
we're together and I say 'Stacey Says', you'll feed me this way.
'Cause when you feed me like this, it reinforces in your tiny
Mommy mind that you belong to me.  Do you understand what you are
to do and why you are to do it, baby?"

Jeannie nodded once again.  She understood what was expected of
her, and, despite herself, it turned her on to be used this way
by her teenage mistress.  She knew it was sick, but she just
could not help herself.

When Stacey had finished her dinner, she looked up at Jeannie
with an inquiring smirk on her face.

"Are you hungry, baby?"

Jeannie found that she was suddenly quite hungry indeed.

"Yes, I'm hungry."

Stacey looked up sharply.

"Yes, I'm hungry what?"

Jeannie stepped back a pace when she saw the sudden flair of
anger in Stacey's eyes.

"Yes, I'm hungry, Stacey," she said meekly.

But Stacey was not mollified.  She reached out her hand and
imperiously swatted the older woman on the butt.  Jeannie
squealed in pain at the unexpected slap.

"Yes, I'm hungry, Stacey who?"

Jeannie did not know what she was supposed to say.  She just
stood there, fear rising in her as she watched Stacey get more
and more angry.


Three resounding smacks on her butt brought Jeannie to a rigid
attention in front of her dom.

"Stacey who, Mommydumbo?"

Jeannie thought and thought, but she just did not understand what
Stacey wanted her to say.


Jeannie's butt cheeks were turning pink from being spanked by the
teenage girl.  Still, she just stood there and allowed herself to
be spanked, not even being aware of what her offense was, but
knowing that if Stacey wanted to spank her, she must just take

Stacey stopped hand spanking the older woman and allowed her
spanking hand to rove possessively all over Jeannie's butt

"Who am I, baby?" the teenager said in a suddenly sweet voice as
she continued to fondle the older woman's hot butt.

Jeannie unconsciously pressed her butt cheeks against Stacey's
exploring hand as she tried to think of what to say.

"Who am I?"

"Why, you're Stacey."


"You're Stacey.  Pleeeeease tell me what to say.  I don't know
what you want."

By now, Jeannie was getting a little hysterical.  She so wanted
to please the girl, and she wanted the spanking to stop.  But she
did not know what to do.

Stacey stopped spanking the older woman and returned to fondling
her butt.  She allowed her index finger to wander into the crack
and play languidly with Jeannie's little pucker.  Jeannie
instinctively pushed against the plundering fingertip.

"Come on, baby.  Who am I?"

As the teenager's finger pressed against the tight pucker of the
older woman's sphincter, Jeannie finally understood what Stacey
wanted her to say.

"You're Mistress Stacey."

The exquisite feel of Stacey's finger invading her tight rear
tunnel rewarded Jeannie.

"That's right, precious.  I'm Mistress Stacey.  And Stacey Says
that from now on when we're together, you will address me as
Mistress Stacey."

Jeannie nodded her head in understanding as she pressed back
wantonly against the invading finger.  It was heaven for the
older woman, having her little rosette played with so erotically.
 She would do anything if it would persist.  Stacey continued to
plunder her for a few more minutes, then she pulled her finger
out and wiped its tip along the older woman's moist crack.

"So, are you hungry, baby."

Jeannie knew what was expected of her.

"Yes, Mistress Stacey.  I'm very hungry.  Please, may I eat my
dinner now ."

Jeannie desperately wanted Stacey to continue feeling her up, and
she knew that she would have to debase herself totally in front
of this teenage vixen if she was to have any hope that Stacey
might eventually accommodate her need for release.

"That's a good girl, Jeannie," Stacey said as she began fondling
the older woman's butt flesh once more.  Jeannie wriggled and
whined like a puppy being petted by its mistress.  She could not
help it.  It felt so good and she needed it so much.

"Stacey Says put some soup in my mouth and I'll feed you, baby."

A flash of self-disgust ripped through Jeannie's mind at the
thought of being fed in this perverse  manner.  But her disgust
was almost immediately submerged in a hot wave of depraved lust.
How much more sick intimacy could two people share?  Jeannie
suddenly hungered to feel Stacey's soft, full lips on hers and
she yearned to taste the warm soup as it was being transferring
from the mouth of her Mistress to her own more than she had ever
wanted anything before.

Jeannie dipped the spoon into her soup bowl and placed the spoon
up to Stacey's lips.  The teenager slurped up the soup and waited
for Jeannie to lean over and place her lips on hers.  Then, just
as with the tea, the teenager parted her lips and allowed the
warm soup to ooze into the older woman's mouth.  Jeannie sucked
in the soup and swallowed it down.  Her loins burned and itched
with sexlust as she continued to be fed in this perverse manner.
Finally, the bowl was empty.

"Does my precious baby want her sandwich now?"

"Yes, Mistress Stacey," Jeannie said enthusiastically.  "I want
my sandwich now.  Please."

"Well then, you know what to do to get it.  Don't you, baby?"

Jeannie knew beyond doubt what she must do, and the sick thought
of it made her nearly mad with lust..

Without saying another word, Jeannie picked up her sandwich and
held it in front of her mistress's lips.  Stacey took a big bite
and began to chew until her mouth was filled with a glob of bread
and meat.  Jeannie leaned over and put her lips against those of
her mistress, and then Stacey opened her mouth wide to allow her
sub to feed.

Jeannie stuck her long tongue deep inside the teenager's mouth
and scooped out a gobbet of the sandwich.  She took it into her
own mouth and began chewing slowly.  Then she swallowed.

At first, Jeannie was not sure whether she could keep the glob of
pre-chewed food down.  Her urge to wretch it back up was very
strong.  But her sexlust overcame her nausea, and she kept it
down somehow.  Her pussy dripped like a faucet as she placed her
mouth on that of her mistress and tongue scooped out another
gobbet of pre-chewed sandwich, which she then chewed like a cud
until she swallowed it.

As this feeding continued, Stacey ran her hand along the older
woman's leg until she encountered her puffy and dew coated lips.
They the girl drove two slender fingers inside and scissored them
against the spasming walls.  She could feel the hot, sticky,
mucus covered fingers being squeezed by Jeannie's pussy.  Her sub
was obviously almost over the edge.

While Jeannie continued to feed, she rubbed her legs together
unconsciously, increasing the sex stimulation she was receiving
at the hands of her teenage mistress.  It felt sooooo good.

Finally, Jeannie finished her sandwich, swallowing the last
pre-chewed bite.  Her hips bucked against the palm of Stacey's
hand as she impaled herself on the teenager's fingers.  She was
so close.

But Stacey had no intentions of allowing her woman sub to get
herself off right then.  She had an entire evening of humiliation
and torment planned for Jeannie, and she did not feature being
disappointed.  So she abruptly slid her fingers out of the older
woman's slit and went about the business of licking her digits
clean of the woman's secretions.

"Ummmmmmmmmmm.  Stacey Says what a great dessert."

Jeannie wiggled her butt like a happy pup at her mistress's
complement.  She was ecstatic at the notion that she was pleasing
the girl.  The more Stacey was happy with her submissive
performance, the more likely the girl was to allow her to cum.

"OK, baby.  Clean up the dinner dishes so we can get back to my
picture taking.  I want to get some more cool shots of that sexy
bod of yours."

Jeannie did as she was told while Stacey sat at the table and
watched her.  Stacey had to admit that for a woman in early
middle age, Jeannie still had a very attractive body.  This made
the teen girl smile.  She so liked making females surrender to
her, and she most certainly had a "thing" for submissive older
women.  Subbys like Jeannie brought out the sexvixen in her.  It
was like icing on the cake that her latest conquest looked as
enticing as she did.  And, since the acorn does not fall far from
the oak, Stacey had every expectation that Michelle was going to
be as alluring as their Mommy when she finally got to see her
naked.  What fun.

When Jeannie finished cleaning up after dinner, Stacey got up
from the table and walked over to her.

"Stacey Says let's go into your bedroom, baby and see if you have
any sexy things that I can dress you up in.  'Cause I want some
really slutty shots of you that I can look at whenever we are
apart.  That'll remind me that you belong to me."

Jeannie meekly followed her mistress into her bedroom and
obediently stood by the bed awaiting instructions.  Stacey
immediately began rummaging around in Jeannie's chest of drawers
looking for sexy underwear and lingerie.  When she found
something that had possibilities, the teenager tossed it onto the
bed.  At the end of her rummage, there was a small pile of skimpy
panties, pushup bras, and a baby doll sleep set on the bed.

For the next hour or so, Stacey dressed Jeannie in various
combinations of bras and panties and snapped away.  She posed the
older woman to accentuate her breasts, butt, and legs.  She also
insisted that Jeannie's facial expressions match the
salaciousness of her poses. The teenage tormentress also forced
Jeannie to slide her hand inside her panties and masturbate
herself while Stacey clicked away.  But she never allowed the
older woman to cum.

By the end of the shoot, Jeannie was one all over blush.  She had
never before in her life been made to flaunt her body in the ways
that Stacey demanded.  And she knew that each time Stacey snapped
a digital picture of her, she was climbing down yet another rung
on the ladder of total degradation.

Stacey was more than happy with the results of the shoot.  Not
only did she have a set of discs chock full of sexy pictures of
her little subby, but the threat of showing the pictures was an
added inducement for Jeannie to behave herself.

At the end of the hour, Stacey put down her camera.

"Stacey Says, since we've found all the sexy things you have to
pose in right now, let's go into Michelle's room and see if we
can find anything I like there.  We'll buy you some more nice,
sexy stuff later."

Jeannie froze at Stacey's latest command.  She really did not
want her daughter brought into her relationship with Stacey, even
if it only involved the teenager rummaging around in her things.

"Please, Stacey.  Let's not do that.  I'll find some other things
in here that you will like me in."

Stacey whirled around, hands on hips, and faced her sub.

"Jeannie.  Do I have to punish you again to remind you that you
agreed to do whatever Stacey Says?"

As Jeannie stood there, frozen with fear, Stacey snatched up a
wooden yardstick from the corner and swung it against the older
woman's butt very hard.

SMACK "Don't" SMACK "ever" SMACK "say" SMACK "no" SMACK "to"
SMACK "me" SMACK "when" SMACK "I" SMACK "say" SMACK "Stacey"
SMACK "Says."

Jeannie squealed in agony and tried to run away from Stacey's
vicious yardstick.  But the girl changed her stance and slashed
the older woman across her rump.

SMACK "Don't" SMACK "ever" SMACK "try" SMACK "to" SMACK "run"
SMACK "away" SMACK "from" SMACK "me" SMACK "when" SMACK "I'm"
SMACK "punishing" SMACK "you."

Jeannie's butt was now a bright pink from the tormenting
thrashing she had received.  She squealed in terror.  The older
woman fell to the floor and began rolling around as if she were

Jeannie's dire straits moved Stacey not one bit.  She continued
to lash out with the yardstick, swatting the older woman
indiscriminately.  By the time her arm had gotten tired, Jeannie
had become a squealing mass of hysterical fear and pain lying in
a fetal position in the middle of her bedroom floor.  Jeannie
sobbed and whimpered with her arms covering her face.  Sometime
during the thrashing, she had lost control of her bladder and she
now lay in a puddle of her own urine.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeease.  No more, pleeeeeeeeeease."

Stacey walked over to where her sub lay and placed her foot
imperiously on the woman's side.  Then she rolled her onto her
back.  Jeannie did nothing to protect herself.  She was totally

"Stacey Says take your arms away from your face."

There was an uncompromising sternness in Stacey's voice that cut
right through Jeannie's pain and hysteria.  Just as if she had
been shocked, the older woman jerked her arms away from her face
and rested them at her sides.  She knew that she was now
completely vulnerable to anything the teenager chose to do to
her, but she did not have the physical or mental strength to
resist any further.

Stacey placed the sole of her foot right on Jeannie's panting

"Stacey Says lick your mistress's foot."

Immediately, the terror stricken woman began laving the proffered
sole of Stacey's foot.

"Stacey Says lick and suck the toes, you nasty Mommysubby slut.
Lick me and remember who you belong to."

Jeannie rushed to obey.  By the time she was through, Stacey's
toes were shiny with her saliva.

"Stacey Says lick the rest of my foot, Mommycumslut."

Jeannie did as she was told right away.  And as she did, she
noted that the pain in her butt was slowly receding, to be
replaced with a growing burning in her loins.  She was turning on
again as Stacey made her lie there in her own piss and lick the
teenager's outstretched foot.

When Stacey observed that Jeannie had calmed down she drew her
foot away.

"Stacey Says you have been a very bad girl, Jeannie.  Peeing on
yourself like that, then rolling in it.  Stacey Says clean up
your mess right now."

Jeannie slowly raised up off the hardwood floor to get something
to wipe up her mess.  Stacey placed her foot on the older woman's
head and pushed her back to the floor.

"Stacey Says lick it up with your tongue, slut.  I want to watch
you lick up your own piss just like the subby little Mommyslut
you are."

Jeannie looked up at her mistress wide eyed with disbelief.  Then
she resignedly turned her head and began licking up her urine.
Watching her, Stacey laughed out loud.

When the floor was clean, Stacey let Jeannie sit up.

"Now, Stacey Says get your slutty body into Michelle's room like
I told you, and let's see if we can find anything of hers that
would look sexy on you."

Jeannie slowly got up from the floor and meekly trailed after her
mistress.  The taste of her urine was strong in her mouth, and it
reminded her of her new, subservient status as Stacey's sextoy.

"Mistress Stacey?" she said diffidently as they walked down the

"Yes, Jeannie.  What is it."

Jeannie began crying.

"I'm so sorry, Mistress Stacey.  I was a very bad girl not to
obey you.  Please forgive me.  Please, Mistress Stacey. Please."

Stacey turned to face her sub.  There was a satisfied smirk all
over her face.  She reached out her hand and began toying with
the older woman's breast.

"So you know that you were a bad girl, do you, Mommy girl?"

Jeannie nodded and tried her best to stop crying.  She could feel
the growing arousal deep inside her as Stacey continued to pet
her.  Maybe Stacey would forgive her, after all.

"And you know I punished you for your own good.  Don't you,

Another nod accompanied by sniffly sobs.

Stacey used her other hand to stroke the older woman's hair and
comfort her.

"And you agree to do whatever I say from now on.  Don't you,
sweetie pie?"

Another nod of Jeannie's head.

"And you want to be my good little girl from now on and do
whatever Stacey Says.  Don't you, Jeannie?"

Another nod and a sheepish, hopeful look.  Jeannie knew she
needed someone strong like Stacey to obey.  And she also knew she
needed the teenager's hands on her hungry body.

"And now you want me to take nasty pictures of you wearing
Michelle's sexy undies.  Don't you, baby girl?"

Another nod and a shy look.  Despite herself, Jeannie was warming
to the notion of her being made to subject herself to being
photographed in lewd poses wearing her 16-year-old daughter's bra
and panties.

"And, you truly want me to take pictures of you in little
Michelle's undies.  Don't you, Jeannie baby?"

Another shy look followed by another nod.  Jeannie was
embarrassed to have to admit it, but that was exactly what she
wanted Stacey to do to her.  She was certain that once Stacey had
those incriminating photographs in her possession, that she would
never be free.  Jeannie would belong totally to her teenage
mistress for as long as Stacey wanted her.  The older woman
wriggled at the thought.  This made Stacey laugh at her.

"You're such a good little cumslut for me, baby.  And, guess
what.  Maybe if you're real good for Mistress Stacey, she'll play
with that nasty old Mommypussy of yours right through Michelle's
snuggy little pannies until you cumcum all over her fingers for

Jeannie wriggled once more at the lewd prospect of being brought
to orgasm while wearing her little girl's panties.

"You'd like that.  Wouldn't you, baby."

Jeannie nodded her head emphatically.

"Yes, Mistress Stacey.  I'd like that a lot."

"Well then, Stacey Says let's see what kinds of sexy things we
can find for you to put on for me, baby."

For the next few minutes dom and sub rummaged through Michelle's
underwear drawer and found some panties that Stacey thought
Jeannie might look sexy in.  They found an iridescent lacy pink
pair and a tight blue thong that Jeannie did not even know that
her daughter owned.  Jeannie put on the pink pair, which encased
her crotch so tightly that the outline of her labia was distinct
against the sheer material of the gusset.  When she was ready,
Stacey posed her on her daughter's bed; making her arrange
herself in compromising positions and even toy around with some
of Michelle's stuffed animals as if she were a coquettish teen
girl herself.

Throughout the session, Jeannie could feel her own horniness
growing within her.  She knew that the pictures Stacey was
shooting of her were highly suggestive.  Anyone who saw them
would know right away just what kind of a woman she was.  She
also knew that Stacey would not hesitate to use these pictures,
along with the ones she had taken earlier, to blackmail her. And
the thought of being made to provide her mistress with the very
things that would strengthen the girl's hold over her excited the
older woman beyond belief.  Jeannie had made her decision to
become Stacey's submissive, and now there was no turning back.
Stacey would see to that.

When she was satisfied with the shots she had gotten of Jeannie
in Michelle's pink panties, Stacey made her take them off and
replace them with her daughter's ultra tight thong.  Then, as
before, the teenager posed the older woman in ways that
documented her status as Stacey's submissive sextoy.

"You like it when I take these kinds of nasty sexy pictures of
you.  Don't you, precious?"

Blushing anew, Jeannie nodded her head 'yes'.

"Well, I like it too, baby.  You look sooo sexy nasty in your
daughter's panties.  I can't wait for her to see you in them.  I
bet she'll be tickled to see her subby little Mommy modeling them
for her.

Jeannie shuddered at the debasing notion that Stacey would
actually make her model Michelle's panties right in front of her
daughter.  A sharp twinge of sexlust ran through her.  What other
degrading things would Stacey make her do with the girl?

The teenager reached into the pile of Michelle's underwear and
found yet another pair of her panties.

"Stacey Says put on these little flowery ones for me.  I bet you
look really sexy sweet in them."

Jeannie could barely fit herself into her 16-year-old girl's
tight panties, but once they were on she felt a kind of perverted
sexiness that she had never felt before.  The front panel barely
covered her pubes and the gusset was so tight that it actually
cut into her pussy.  Much of her butt was exposed as well.

"Stacey Says you look just adorable in Michelle's sexy little
pannies, Jeannie.  She's going to be so surprised when she sees
you in them.  Now, Stacey Says come here and let me feel my
little Mommysubby's snizlips through that thin material."

Jeannie practically flew across the room and presented herself to

"Spread your legs cutie pie, so I can feel you up good and

Jeannie did as she was told and Stacey began to flutter her
fingertips against the older woman's pudendum right through her
daughter's panties.  In practically no time at all her fingertips
were glistening with sexmucus.

"That's my sexy little Mommy.  You're getting so soppy for me.
And I bet you get just as wet when Michelle plays with you, too.
I bet you squeal and whimper just like a little girl when your
sexy sweet daughter slides her little fingers all over that puffy
Mommypussy of yours.  And I bet that she wriggles just like a
cute little firefly when you return the favor.  You do want
Michelle to play with your Mommypussy, don't you?"

Jeannie slowly and emphatically nodded her head 'yes.'  How could
she argue.  Stacey knew she was right.

"And you want to play with her sexy little sniz, too.  Don't you,

Another slow but emphatic nod of the head.

"That's my good little Mommyslut," Stacey complemented her new

"Now, Stacey Says cum big for me, baby girl."

And Jeannie did.

Stacey Says

Jane Parks

Part Two

Next Day

Jeannie work up with her face clamped solidly between Stacey's
muscular young thighs.  Her mouth had been pressed tightly
against Stacey's downy vulva all night.  Her worshipful licking
had only stopped late in the night, when bone weariness forced
her to sleep finally.  As she tried to move her face away from
her teen mistress, Stacey flexed her thigh muscles, forcing
Jeannie to stay just as she was.

"Stacey Says stay put, punkin.  I don't want you to go anywhere
until you finish what you started last night.  I need a Mommy
tongue bath in the worst way."

Knowing she had voluntarily relinquished her right to have a say
in the matter, Jeannie began licking her teen tormentor's slit
just like she had last night.

"That's my good little Mommyslut.  I like to start each day with
a sweet little cumcum.  And your nasty old Mommy tongue is just
the thing to get me off.  You should see yourself, rooting around
in my bush like a crazy little slut monkey.  I know you really
like my taste and the smell.  I wonder if I taste and smell
anything like Michelle.  Oh well.  I guess we'll find out soon

Jeannie's loins tingled at the mention of her daughter's name.
As she continued to lick Stacey's pussy, the older woman began
rubbing her mound on the bedcovers, trying her best to pleasure
herself as best she could.  Seeing her antics, Stacey laughed out

"Mommyslut is in heat, I think.  But Mommyslut has already agreed
that only I have the power to allow her to cumcum.  And I don't
want her to cumcum until we get our little Michelle back home
safe.  Then'll be time enough."

Jeannie swallowed her unmet need and frustration, just as she
swallowed Stacey's little gush of secretion a few minutes later.

When she had come back to herself, Stacey reached down and ran
her fingers through the older woman's hair.

"She's such a good little pettypoo."

Jeannie wriggled at Stacey's approval.

Then suddenly, Jeannie felt and tasted a hot spray of Stacey pee.
 Surprised and shocked, the older woman tried her best to pull
away.  But Stacey's grip on her hair was like iron.  Sputtering
and coughing, Jeannie did the only thing she could do under the
circumstances.  She swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed.

When Stacey was finally peed out, she let go of the older woman's

"Now, Mommy pet.  Stacey Says, why don't you get up and fix me
breakfast while I get cleaned up.  Then, we can go get little
Michelle and bring her home."

As Stacey allowed Jeannie to rise from the bed, she reached out
and gave the older woman's butt a little slap.

"Hop to it, Mommyslut.  Stacey Says she's hungry."

Soon, a showered and dressed Stacey was sitting at the dinette
eating scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast, while an unkempt, pee
drenched, and completely naked Jeannie served her.

When Stacey was finished, she motioned Jeannie to stand right
beside her.  Then she proceeded to feed the older woman scraps of
food just as she had the previous evening.  All the while, Stacey
let her warm, exploring hand move over Jeannie's naked body:
probing, pinching, plundering.  By the time breakfast was over,
Stacey had Jeannie in a state bordering on erotic hysteria.  She
was so turned on and ready for discharge, but strictly forbidden
to attain it.  She didn't want to have to beg her teenage
tormentor for release, but she knew that there was no other way.
A searing flush of humiliation spread over her body.

"Pleeeease, Jeannie.  You make me so hot when you touch me like
that.  Please don't leave me hanging.  Pleeeease."

Instead of complying with Jeannie's need to cum, Stacey merely
pinched her in several places on her sensitive flesh.  The older
woman squealed in pain, but made no attempt to get away.

Stacey finally tired of her little game.

"Stacey Says you smell bad, Jeannie baby.  You smell like peepee.
 Go take a shower and clean up.  I don't want you looking or
smelling this way when we pick Michelle up.  Now take a shower,
but don't get dressed.  I want to make sure you have on something
sexy sweet for your daughter."

Jeannie blushed with sick anticipation concerning what Stacey
would make her do in front of her daughter.  But she did as she
was told.  Soon, she was clean and ready for Jeannie to tell her
what to wear.

She found her Mistress in Michelle's room going through her
clothes closet.  On the bed, Stacey had already laid out a pair
of the 16-year-old's iridescent panties and a sports bra.
Without a word Jeannie snugged the tight panties around her hips
and slipped the sports bra over her head and onto her chest.
Both articles of underwear fit very tight, accentuating Jeannie's
labia and nipples.

Stacey looked at her sextoy with approval all over her face.

"Uuuuummmmm.  What a sexy little Mommyslut you are, Jeannie

The older woman lowered her head, embarrassment and humiliation
vying with each other for dominance of her emotions.  She knew
that Stacey wanted her to look sexy for Michelle.  But she had
absolutely no idea how Michelle would react.

Stacey reached into Michelle's closet and pulled out a frilly
blouse and a short plaid pleated skirt.

"Here, baby.  Put these on.  I want you looking your sexy best
for our little Michelle.

Jeannie dutifully put on her daughter's clothes, then she stood
facing Stacey with a look of deep despair on her face.

"I feel really embarrassed wearing Michelle's clothes.  She's
going to recognize them right away."

Stacey reached out her hand and patted the older woman's cheek.

"That's the idea, Mommy sweet.  I want her to know as soon as she
sees you that there is something very different about her little

"Now, Stacey Says, put on a pair of your best sandals to go with
this sweet outfit.  And then, we'll go pick up that yummy
daughter of yours.  I just know she'll simply adore you all
dressed up like you are."

Jeannie lowered her head as she went to her room and fetched a
pair of white sandals to wear with her daughter's outfit.  Stacey
was waiting at the front door, an inpatient little smirk on her

"Now, Jeannie.  I want to make one thing very plain.  We are
still playing 'Stacey Says,' and I expect you to do whatever I
say if I say 'Stacey Says' in front of it.  If you disobey me in
any way, I'll stop the game right then and there.  I'll just
leave with my bag full of digital discs, and then I'll proceed to
absolutely ruin you in this town by posting them on the web with
your name and address all over them.  Do we understand each

Jeannie slowly nodded her head 'yes.'

Stacey slapped her hard.


"Do we understand each other, Mommyslut?"

Jeannie fought back stinging tears.

"Yes, Mistress Stacey.  We understand each other."

Stacey smiled.

"Good girl.  Now let's go.  I can hardly wait to watch little
Michelle's face when she sees you all decked out in her outfit."

Jeannie closed and locked the front door behind them, then
proceeded to her car.

"You drive, sweetums.  That will leave my hands free for other,
more interesting, things."

Jeannie got in the driver's side and Stacey piled in the car on
the passenger side.

As soon as they were away from the driveway, Stacey placed her
hand on the older woman's knee.

"Stacey Says, I want you to concentrate that tiny mind of yours
on not wrecking the car until we get where we're going."

As she said the words, Stacey slowly slid her possessive hand up
Jeannie's smooth thigh.  The pleated skirt gave her plenty of
room to explore, and she did, all the way to the gusset of the
older woman's very tight panties.  She giggled as she felt the
sticky moisture seeping through the panties' gusset.

"My, my.  Little Mommypusspuss is already wet.  Isn't she?  You
must be thinking ahead to all the sicky little things we're going
to do today."

Without being asked, Jeannie slowly nodded her head.  She was
thinking ahead, and it was making her all warm and runny inside.

Stacey slid her hand back down the older woman's thigh.

"Stacey Says when we get to the next red light, take your left
hand off the wheel, and stick your fingers inside your panties.
I want you to find out just how tasty thinking of Michelle has
made you."

Jeannie blushed, but did as she was told at the next stoplight.
She had to lift up off the car seat and push her skirt up around
her hips.  Then her fingers dove inside her panties and rubbed
along her puffy, moist lips.  Then she put her fingers in her
mouth and sucked her sticky mucus secretions off them.  All the
while, Stacey looked on, a smirk of approval on her face.

"Stacey Says that's my nasty little Mommy.  Now, lets hurry
along.  Oh, and Stacey Says don't push your skirt back down.  I
like looking at your grown up legs and I want to keep looking at
them till we get there."

Jeannie did as she was told.

Her sister's house was about three blocks away, and Jeannie had a
sudden flash that very soon now, she was going to be standing in
front of her daughter wearing one of Michelle's outfits.  A
horrific wave of fear panic shot through her and she almost had
to pull the car over to the curb.  Stacey immediately saw what
was happening.  She leaned over and whispered into Jeannie'sear.

"Stacey Says keep driving Mommyslut.  Unless you want to be the
star of your own nasty little website."

Jeannie shuddered.  The fear of being exposed to the world for
what she was overrode the panic at being forced to confront
Michelle.  Perhaps her daughter wouldn't notice her outfit.  Or
perhaps she would think it was some sort of weird joke cooked up
by her mother and Stacey.  Or perhaps....

Five minutes later, Jeannie and Stacey were parked in front of
her sister Sydney's house.  Jeannie took a deep, resigned, breath
and got out of her car.  Her daughter's pleated skirt swirled
around her legs as she stood up.  Stacey got out of the passenger
side, came around to where the older woman was standing
apprehensively, took her hand, and practically dragged her toward
the front door.

"Stacey Says remember the website, baby.  Besides, we're going to
have such a good time with Michelle, you and I."

Stacey's cheerfulness only drove Jeannie deeper into her pit of
despair.  Where would she finally end up?  How far would she

Stacey rang the doorbell with her other hand.  She clutched
Jeannie's hand in hers tightly, leaving no doubt in the older
woman's mind that she wanted her sister and daughter to see them
like this, holding hands like two lovers.

Jeannie's sister Sydney opened the door, laughing because of her
happiness to see her sister.  The laugh died in her throat when
she saw Jeannie holding hands with a girl half her age.

"Hi Jeannie," Sydney said tentatively.

"Who's your friend?"

"That's Stacey from next door," piped up Michelle as she stood
beside her aunt.
She was wearing a short skirt that displayed her smooth long
legs, and a baggy sweatshirt that did little to hide her pert
young breasts.

"Hi Stacey," she chirped.  Then the 16 year old saw what her
mother was wearing and then realized that Stacey and her mother
were holding hands.  Her chipperness melted instantly into a haze
of uncertainty.

"Mommy, isn't that my skirt?  And my blouse, too?"

Jeannie couldn't utter a sound.  She was mortified at the
quizzical, strange looks her daughter and sister were givingher.

"Yes it is, Michelle," Stacey giggled.

"And aren't you the little observant one."

Sydney and Michelle both stepped back a pace, sudden apprehension
on both their faces.

"Mommy, are you OK?"

Stacey looked over at Jeannie.

"She's fine, Michelle.  We just thought dressing her up in one of
your outfits would be kind of cute.  Don't you think your Mommy's
kind of cute, Michelle?"

Michelle tilted her head a little, trying to figure it all out.
Her aunt had a much better idea of what was going on.

"Jeannie, are you all right?"

Stacey looked Jeannie's sister right in the eye.

"She's just fine, Sydney."

Sydney stared back, a worried look on her face.  She spoke in a
level, barely restrained voice.

"I want to hear her tell me she's all right."

Stacey squeezed Jeannie's hand.

"Stacey Says tell Sydney that you're all right."

Jeannie blinked as if emerging from an hypnotic trance.  She
spoke in an almost whispered monotone.

"Yes, Sydney.  I'm just fine.  We need to take Michelle home

Sydney continued to look at her sister and Stacey for another
full minute, then she shrugged her shoulders.

"OK, sis.  If you say so.  You had better be going, Michelle."

Michelle looked up inquisitively at her Aunt, then back at her
mother and Stacey.

"Yeah, I guess I better go.  Thanks for letting me stay over,
Aunt Sydney.  I had a real good time."

Sydney put her arm protectively around her niece's shoulder and
hugged her.

"Yes, I guess you better.  But call me if you need me. OK?"

Michelle looked at her mother and Stacey, shrugged her shoulders,
and walked out the door to where the two were standing, waiting
for her."

"OK, Aunt Sydney. I'll call if I need you for anything."

As the trio walked slowly toward Jeannie's car, Sydney stood in
her doorway and watched apprehensively.  As the car drove away
and she closed her door, she wondered.  She continued to wonder
for a long time.

Michelle sat in the back seat and wondered all the way home.  She
wondered what exactly Stacey was doing with her left hand.  It
looked from the way her arm moved just like she had placed it in
her mother's lap and was slowly rubbing it back and forth.  But
that didn't make any sense.

She wondered why her mother seemed to be breathing so heavily as
they drove slowly home.  Even for June it wasn't a particularly
hot day.  Why was Mommy breathing so funny?  Why was she driving
so slowly?  Why was she making little noises deep in her throat?
Was she sick?

She wondered why Stacey kept looking over at her mother, even
though neither one of them was saying a word.  She wondered why
Stacey had such a big grin on her face.  She wondered why her
mother never looked at Stacey, but kept her eyes straight ahead.

When they got back to Jeannie's house, Michelle's mind was just
one big wonder.

As soon as all three were inside the house, Stacey looked over at
Jeannie with a big smile.

"Stacey Says lets all go for a nice swim to cool off."

Jeannie looked down at her feet but didn't say a word.  Michelle
wondered even more, but saw no reason why they all shouldn't have
a swim.  It was getting hotter, and Michelle had already thought
what a good idea it would be to take a nice cool dip in thepool.

Stacey was all perky and ready to go right then.

"What do you say, girls.  How about a swim?"

Jeannie looked over at Stacey with a pleading little look on her
face, as if to say, 'please don't do this.'  But Stacey pointedly
ignored the older woman's silent entreaty.

"Let's go get our suits and get ready."

Seeing that her silent plea was not going to be heeded, Jeannie
headed for her bedroom to find her swimsuit.  As she pulled the
two-piece out of the drawer, Stacey placed her hand on that of
the older woman.

"Stacey Says I don't have a suit, Jeannie.  Let me wear yours."

Michelle, who was standing in the doorway almost giggled at
Stacey's request.  Her mother only had the one suit, and if she
gave that one to Stacey to wear, what was she herself going to

Jeannie looked over at Stacey, again with that pleading, helpless
look on her face.  Stacey paid no attention at all, but just took
the swimsuit away from her.

"Michelle, do you have a spare swimsuit your Mommy can wear?"

Michelle was completely nonplussed by Stacey's question.  She
certainly had more than one swimsuit, but how could her mother
who was a grown woman, wear one of her suits?

But Stacey was already heading for Michelle's bedroom with
Jeannie firmly in tow.  As soon as they got there, Stacey began
rummaging around in Michelle's chest of drawers looking for a
spare swimsuit.  Michelle almost said something to Stacey about
not appreciating the older girl going through her things, but the
look of abject submission on her mother's face made her change
her mind.

Soon enough, Stacey found two two-piece swimsuits about the same
size.  She nonchalantly handed one to Jeannie and the other to

"OK, girls.  Time's wasting.  Let's get our suits on."

Mother and daughter looked down at their swimsuits, Michelle in
wonder, Jeannie in chagrin.  Neither wanted to get undressed nor
put on the suit, but Stacey was already unbuttoning her blouse,
clearly insisting that the other two do likewise.

Jeannie resignedly began unbuttoning her daughter's blouse that
she wore.  This gave Michelle the courage to start to pull her
sweatshirt over her head.  But before she could do so, the 16
tear old glanced over at her mother.  She had never seen
Jeannie's breasts before, and a little flash of curiosity deep
inside her made her suddenly want to see them.  What she saw made
her wonder even more.  For Michelle immediately noticed that her
mother was wearing her sports bra.  There was a distinctive
pattern in the material that Michelle recognized immediately.

"Mommy, isn't that my bra you're wearing?"

Jeannie looked down at the floor, but didn't utter a word.

Stacey looked over at the older woman.

"Stacey Says tell her."

Jeannie winced.

"Yes, Michelle.  It's your bra."

Michelle sucked in her breath.  This was so weird.  Here was her
mother admitting that she was wearing one of her bras.

"But why are you wearing one of my bras, Mommy?"

Jeannie looked over at Stacey who smiled and pointed to her
camera bag sitting on Michelle's bed.  Jeannie's face took on a
forlorn look as she nodded slowly.

"Because Stacey told me to."

Michelle blinked.

"Because Stacey told you to?"

Jeannie just nodded her head again.  Stacey walked over to her,
stood right beside her, and placed her hand on the older woman's
hip.  Michelle watched openmouthed as Stacey began to move her
hand around her mother's body.  Her eyes traveled back and forth
from Stacey's exploring hand to Jeannie 's face, which got redder
and redder with embarrassment.

Stacey purred as she continued to move her hand over the older
woman's hip.  Jeannie kept her head down, not daring to look at
her daughter in the eye.  But Michelle just could not tear her
own eyes away from Stacey's exploring hand.  Why was her mother
allowing such intimate behavior fro a girl who was practically a

As Michelle continued to watch Stacey fondle her mother in front
of her, a hot twinge of excitement spread out from deep inside
her.  What else could Stacey make her mother do?

Stacey suddenly stopped fondling Jeannie, swung her hand back,
and popped Jeannie sharply on the butt.

"Well, don't just stand there, Jeannie ," Stacey said in a loud
voice. "Get your clothes off and put on Michelle's swimsuit.  I
want to go swimming."

Michelle giggled and looked right at her abashed mother.  Her own
lurid desire had made the decision for her.

"That's right, Jeannie," Michelle taunted her mother.  "Take off
that outfit of mine and put on my swimsuit.  I want to see how
good you look in it."

Stacey smiled broadly seeing the tears of shame and humiliation
begin to run down the older woman's cheeks as she took of her
blouse and laid it on the bed.  Then she slowly stepped out of
her daughter's skirt.  This gave Michelle yet another surprise.

"Those are my pannies, Mommy.  Those are mine."

Jeannie couldn't prevent the little sob of humiliation from
escaping her lips.

"That's right, Michelle," Stacey said happily.

"And doesn't your Mommy look all sexy in them?"

Michelle suppressed her anger at seeing her mother in a pair of
her own panties, and actually stopped and looked.  The longer she
looked, the longer she came to realize that her mother really did
look very sexy indeed in her ultra tight panties.  Michelle
suddenly found herself wondering just what her mother would look
like naked.  That wonder sent an itchy little thrill of
expectancy through her loins.  Stacey seemed to have her mother
completely under her control.  And Michelle was beginning to
think of ways that she could take advantage of the situation.

"Isn't your Mommy just the sweetest little Jeannie baby girl,"
Stacey asked Michelle as she walked across the bedroom toward the
16 year old.  Jeannie's daughter looked at her totally abashed
mother and just had to agree with Stacey's appraisal.

"Why yes she is," Michelle smiled back.  "You don't know the half
of it.  I just hadn't realized until right this minute just how
sexy Mommy was."

"I bet that there are a lot of things you hadn't realized till
right this minute." Stacey purred as she reached out and touched
Michelle's cheek.

Michelle shuddered but didn't move away from Stacey's caressing
hand.  In fact, the 16 year old stepped even closer.  The two
teenage girls appraised each other silently, and both came to the
same conclusion.

"It looks to me like you can make my Mommy do stuff, sexy stuff."
 Michelle said breathlessly as Stacey continued to slide her hand
across the younger girl's cheek.

"Yes, I can make your Mommy do stuff, real sexy stuff." Stacey
asserted with a wicked smile.  The 18 year old drew her index
finger slowly along the younger girl's mouth, and Michelle
instinctively pursed her lips in a little sucking kiss.

"In fact, I can make your Mommy do anything I want.  You see,
Michelle, your Mommy has a really bad case of the hots for me."


"Oh yeah.  About the worst case I've ever seen."

"And when little big girls like your Mommy have the hots for me,
I make them do things; all kinds of sick, nasty things that turn
me on."

"What exactly can you make my Mommy do," Michelle asked, a
malevolent gleam in her eye.

"Anything I tell her to, and I mean anything."

"Even if it embarrasses her."

"Yes.  Especially if it embarrasses her."

Michelle's eyes gleamed in wanton expectation.  Then she giggled,
licked her lips and took the plunge.

"Can I play too." Michelle was breathing heavy, and only
partially in response to Stacey's exploring hand that was now
stroking the side and back of her young neck.

"What'll you give me for her," Stacey wanted to know.

"What do you want?"

"You." Stacey grinned.  She was slowly but surely reeling in
another catch.

"How do you want me," Michelle asked breathlessly.

"Any way I say,"  Stacey's hand had slipped around to the front
of Michelle's sweatshirt and was gently squeezing her young
breasts through the material.

"Do you think that's a good trade," Stacey said softly as she
switched from one breast to the other.

"Sure," Michelle signed as Stacey's hand slid up under the loose
sweatshirt and felt up her young, perky breasts.

"So you really want to join me in putting your Mom through her
paces?  You want to be my partner in making your Mommy do all the
nasty things I can make her do?"

"Oh yeah," Michelle whispered, her heart pounding in response to
Stacey's seductive touch and Stacey's even more seductive words.

"Do you want a little demonstration of what I can make your Mommy
do, and what I'll let you do to her if you please me?"


"Right now?"


"Jeannie," Stacey yelled out.  "Stacey Says get your cute little
panty covered butt over here right now."

Almost as the last words were coming out of Stacey's mouth,
Jeannie literally ran across the room and stood stark still
waiting for orders.

Michelle regarded her mother, then turned to Stacey and asked,
"What in the world have you done to my Mommy?"

Stacey chuckled softly.  "You'll see.  Why don't you have a
little fun?"

"Can I, really?"


Michelle responded immediately with a lewd grin.  "I want to get
in on this, I really, really want to."

At the sound of these words, Jeannie shivered, half in absolute
humiliation and half in wicked anticipation of the things her
Mistress and 16-year-old daughter would force her to do.  The
notion both terrified and teased her at the same time.  The
thought of being the submissive sextoy of two girls, one her own
daughter, was proving to be excruciatingly tantalizing to the
older woman.

Michelle walked slowly over to her mother and ran a teasing hand
down the front of her sports bra, brushing back and forth across
Jeannie 's hardening nipples.  Jeannie instinctively thrust her
chest out to meet her daughter's exploring hand and moaned softly
in response to Michelle's lewd treatment of her.

"How far can I go with her?"  Michelle looked over at Stacey.

"How far do you want to go with your little slut Mommy,

"All the way?"

"Well, Stacey Says keep going, and I'll stop you if I think
you've gone too far.  You don't have any objections to your
daughter playing the nasty with you, do you, Baby girl?"

Jeannie looked into Michelle's steel hard eyes and gulped.

"No, Mistress Stacey."

Jeannie bowed her head in submission but her eyes gleamed in lewd

First Stacey had seized control of her, body and soul.  Now her
own daughter wanted to dominate her.  Where would it all end?
Right at that very moment, Jeannie really didn't care.

Michelle giggled happily.  Wow; her own mother as a sextoy.  This
was going to be great.

Without another word, Michelle took one hand and pulled her
mother's tight panty waistband away from her midriff then down to
her ankles.  Then, with the long, slender fingers of her other
hand, she began to fondle her mother's exposed vulva.

"You know, Mommy. Aunt Sydney was playing with me just the same
way last night like I'm playing with you now.  I bet you didn't
know that's why I like going over to see her so much.  She makes
me feel just wonderful.  She uses her fingers and her lips and
even her tongue to make me feel all tingly.  Am I making you feel
all tingly now, Mommy?"

Jeannie almost fainted.  Part of her reeled from the revelation
that her own sister had been molesting her daughter.  Another
part was almost in a swoon from the exquisite feeling of having
her daughter use her fingers on her in such a lewd way.

Jeannie moaned low in her throat and spread her long legs enough
for her daughter to have total access to her vagina.  The young
girl giggled happily at the realization that her mother wasn't
going to do a thing to stop her.

"Mommy, you just don't know how long I've wanted to do this to
you," Michelle cooed as she plucked, and pinched, and stroked,
and prodded.

"Aunt Sydney said she has wanted to do this to you since you were
both little girls, but she never had the courage.  So she did it
with me instead.

Michelle's exploring fingers massaged round and round in tiny
insistent circles just above her mother's erect clitoris.
Jeannie responded by opening her legs a little more and moaning
softly.  Then Michelle's mother thrust her hips toward her
daughter's teasing fingers and pressed firmly up against them in
growing need.

"She sure is hot to go," Michelle giggled as she teasingly
inserted two fingers into the opening of her mom's wet vagina and
slid them slowly back and forth.  Jeannie began to pant loudly as
the level of her sexual urgency increased.

Jeannie found it almost impossible to remain on her feet as she
sank deeper and deeper into her addiction to submissive sex
slavery.  The older woman was being made to understand by her
daughter's relentless fingering that this was an addiction that
would win hands down over any lingering sense of her
responsibility as Michelle's mother.

"What have you been doing to my Mommy to get her so horny,"
Michelle asked as she felt Jeannie 's vaginal canal hungrily
squeezing her fingers.

"I've been playing with her.  Didn't you see me in the car on the
way home?  I like playing with my little Baby girl.  I like it a
lot.  Do you like playing with your Mommy?"

"You can't know how much."  Michelle grinned.  "I've been
dreaming of this for years.  "I just can't wait to really get at
her," Michelle admitted.

"Do you like being played with by your own little daughter,
Jeannie baby? Hmmmmm?"

Jeannie, entangled in a humiliating net of lust, fought hard to
keep from admitting what her moist vagina already had confirmed.
She stood mute.

"I asked you a question, Jeannie baby girl.  Do you like being
played with by your daughter?"

"Please Mistress Stacey.  Please don't make me say it."

"Of course I'm going to make you say it, you silly Mommyslut.
That's a big part of the fun; breaking your will to resist.  Now
tell me or I'll make Michelle stop playing with you and won't let
her do it ever again."

"Oh please; no.  I'll say it; I'll say it."

Jeannie took another faltering step down the ladder.

"Oh yes, Mistress Stacey, I like being played with by my
daughter."  Jeannie said between sobbing pants.

"I like it a lot.  Please don't make her stop."

Jeannie was almost sobbing with humiliation and unfulfilledneed.

"Please let her make me cum."

"Please don't make her stop."

Stacey smiled broadly.

"See Michelle.  She likes it.  She likes being my little slave
pusspuss, don't you Jeannie baby?"

"Yes, Mistress Stacey.  I like being your little slave Jeannie

Michelle grew bolder because of her mother's submissive
admissions.  She continued to diddle Jeannie's vagina with her
insistent, teasing fingers.  The index finger of her other hand
snaked sensuously back along her mother's slit until it located
the tight little pucker of her rosette.  As Michelle pressed
softly against the clenched muscle, her mother squealed.
Michelle giggled and brought her hand back to her mother's front,
then up to her bra.

"Stacey Says take off your top, Jeannie, so your sweet little
daughter can get at you better."

Without a further word of protest the debased mother removed the
sports bra and stood totally naked in front of her daughter.

Michelle immediately began tweaking and teasing Jeannie 's
nipples as she continued to slide the fingers of her other hand
rhythmically in and out of her mom's moist and sticky vagina.

"Why Mommy, you're nothing but a little sluttycunny, aren't you

Despite her growing agitation at the hands of her daughter,
Jeannie fought hard to keep from having to say the words that
would confirm her final and total submissiveness to Michelle.
She shook her head 'no.'

Michelle immediately stopped feeling her mother up and just stood
there while Jeannie wriggled in frustration.

"Aren't you, Mommy?"

Jeannie continued to shake her head 'no'.

"Aren't you?"

"Yes Michelle," Jeannie finally panted out the words. "I'm
nothing but a little sluttycunny."

"That's right, Mommy," Michelle said softly as she resumed her
lascivious ministrations.

"Yes you are." piped in Stacey.  "But Stacey Says the question
is, whose little sluttycunny are you?"

Jeannie began crying again, but she knew that she had no choice
but to admit the truth.

"I'm YOUR little sluttycunny, Mistress Stacey."  Jeannie
responded huskily.  By now she was almost completely enthralled
by her daughter's tormenting hand and the humiliation that went
along with her Mistress's demands.  Here she was, a grown woman,
37 years old, being sexually aroused and lewdly played with by
her own 16 year old daughter.  How long would this go on?  How
long could she hope to keep her sanity?

Watching Jeannie shudder into a series of pre-orgasmic tremors,
Stacey decided to break the spell of her impending climax.  She
reached between Michelle and her mother and squeezed one of
Jeannie 's big breasts.

As Jeannie swayed back and forth in the throes of pleasure from
her daughter's fingers inside her vagina and pain from Stacey's
tormenting hand upon her breast, her daughter began squeezing and
twisting her mother's other breast.

"No.  Please stop hurting me." Jeannie cried out as lust and pain
warred with each other for control of her body.

"Stacey Says be quiet, you slutty cow." screamed Stacey.  "You
don't know the meaning of the word 'pain'."

Jeannie just stood there and endured what Stacey and Michelle
were doing to her.

"Yes, Mistress Stacey."

The older woman began to cry.

Stacey leaned forward and licked the salty hot tears off Jeannie
's face.

"That tastes good, Baby girl.  You make tasty tears.  And I like
tasty tears."

As Michelle removed her cyprienne fluid drenched fingers from her
mother's vagina, she sighed contentedly and said "Way cool.  I
could do that to her for hours and hours."

"Well, Bethanykins sweetie, someday, as a reward for extra
special goodness on your part, I may just let you."  Stacey
purred, deeply satisfied at the progress of her two charges.

Michelle held up her mucus-coated fingers and looked at them.

"She obviously likes it when we humiliate her."

"Here Mommy, lick your smelly old pusspusswet off my fingers."

Jeannie, somewhat recovered by now from her near climax,
dutifully opened her hungry mouth and sucked and tongued all of
her tacky wetness off her daughter's fingers.

When she had completely cleaned Michelle's probing digits,
Jeannie moved her head back and Michelle removed her fingers from
between her mother's lips.

"That's my good little Mommyslut."

"OK, kids; fun's over."  Stacey addressed Jeannie and her
daughter like a brownie troop leader.

Now, Stacey Says lets go swimming.  But I don't think Jeannie
needs a suit anymore.  We'll wait and make her put on the one I
picked out for her later on and take some more sexy digital pics
to add to the collection.

Jeannie bowed her head and slowly walked out the bedroom door and
toward the pool, naked as the day she was born.

As soon as Jeannie had left her daughter's bedroom, Stacey walked
over to Michelle and leaned alongside her face, touching her
moist warm lips to the 16 year old's earlobe.

"Don't you have something just a little sexier to wear for me."
Stacey whispered in Michelle's ear as she moved her hands down to
the waistband of Michelle's skirt and began sliding her index
fingers along the inside.

"Don't you want to turn me on, Bethanycat."

"Ummmmmmmmmmmm.  Yes, Stacey.  I have a really tight bikini I
bought last summer that Mommy won't let me wear."

"Well then, you sexy little Bethanyvixen, you; if you want to
impress me enough for me to let you play more of your sick little
sex games with your Mommy, you had better run right off and get
into that cute little swimsuit, hadn't you."

"Yes Stacey, I guess I better." Michelle giggled.

"When you're ready and you feel really sexy, come out to the pool
and let your Mommy and me see just what a little pervo you can
be, hmmmmm?" Stacey whispered into Michelle's ear, then she gave
it a sensuous flick of her tongue.

"All right." Michelle crowed as she ran to her bedroom to get
ready for the day's fun and games.

When she was all dressed in her sexy bikini, Michelle joined
Stacey and her mother by the pool.  What she found there made her
downy nether lips itch with wanton desire.

Stacey was sitting in a lounge chair by the side of the pool with
her long legs extended and spread.  Her ankles were hooked around
the chair bottom so that her legs were as wide apart as they
could go.  Michelle's naked mother was submissively kneeling
beside the lounge chair, licking Stacey's sex through the
material of her swimsuit.  At Michelle's approach, Stacey opened
her eyes slowly and got her second look at the 16 year old
practically naked.  She smiled as she reached down, grabbed a
handful of Jeannie's hair, and turned her head so that she could
see her daughter standing there.

"Doesn't Michelle have a scrumptious little bod, Mommy dear?"

Jeannie blinked her eyes.  She certainly did think her daughter
looked sexy in her skimpy bikini, but she didn't want to say the

"Well, doesn't she, Baby girl," Stacey repeated as she motioned
the 16 year old to stand next to her and then began sliding her
hand slowly up and down along the inside of Michelle's silky

"Yes, Mistress Stacey," Jeannie finally said the words.  Then,
she looked closely at her daughter standing there in her sexy
bikini contentedly being felt up by her new Mistress.

Jeannie had to admit to herself, even though it hurt her to the
soul to do so, that her little daughter did look enticing,
desirable, attractive in a very sick incestuous sort of way.
Jeannie began to shiver as she suddenly realized that she was
actually becoming seriously attracted to her daughter sexually.
In fact, if the truth were known, Jeannie was getting really hot
for her little Michelle.

"You're damn right, Jeannie baby girl; she does have a
scrumptious bod on her.  What a tuff little body you do have,

Michelle giggled and spread her legs just a little to allow her
new friend complete access to her long sweet legs.  Her thigh
muscles flexed in response to Stacey's lewd fondling, and she
pressed her creamy leg up against the older girl's warm stroking

"Ummmmm honey.  You are a little hottie if I ever saw one."

Michelle giggled again.

After a couple more minutes of groping the 16 year old's legs,
Stacey finally forced herself to take her caressing hand off the
girl's body and to sit herself back on the lounge chair.

"Hot, sooo hot.  Michelle, you are such a little hottie."

Stacey shook her head in wonderment that this 16 year old could
be just so attractive to her.

As soon as she had caught her breath, Stacey motioned for
Michelle to come even closer to her.

When Michelle was so close to Stacey that she could not get any
closed, the older girl told her to stand perfectly still while
she inspected the merchandise.

Jeannie stood and watched in agonized silence as her Mistress
began to feel up her daughter again.  The older woman so
desperately wanted Stacey to be feeling HER up; not her daughter.
 Jeannie was becoming more than just a little jealous.

And this time, Stacey was evidencing no inhibitions at all as she
explored every part of Michelle's pliant body.

"Oh you little Bethanycutie, you," purred Stacey as she slid her
hands up and down Michelle's smooth, muscular legs, "You are just
about the sexiest thing that I have felt up in a long time."

"Why thank you, Stacey," Michelle blushed as she began to tingle
to Stacey's probing fingers.

"Are your little nipples as pinchable as your Mommy's." Stacey
asked sweetly as she slid her hands up along Michelle's bikini
top.  "Stacey Says take off your top , baby, and let's just see,
shall we."

Michelle immediately took off her top and dropped it beside the
pool.  Stacey looked in wide-eyed fascination at the girl's
sweet, small breasts.  Then she motioned for the younger girl to
lean over and she began to fondle and tweak.

As Stacey pinched and tweezed Michelle's small, sensitive
nipples, the 16 year old girl shuddered and twisted her body in
sensuous delight as little ecstatic moans and squeals escaped her

"Why yes they indeed are." giggled Stacey as she continued
pinching and twisting Michelle's nips.

This sex play continued for a little longer, then suddenly Stacey
pulled her hands away from Michelle's tingling breasts, and said
in a husky voice,  "OK, enough for now, I'm suddenly very

Michelle and Jeannie both blinked in astonishment at Stacey's
sudden mood swing.

"Baby girl, Stacey Says lets get this show on the road.  You've
got two starving kitty cats to feed.  We're going to need all our
strength for the day ahead.  Go make us some sandwiches and bring
them back here, now.  Oh yeah.  And Stacey Says bring us some
iced pop to go with them.  It's getting hot out here."

Jeannie did as she was ordered, making sandwich after sandwich
and sliding them onto Stacey and Michelle's plates again and
again until they had eaten their fill.  If she hadn't known
better, Jeannie would have thought of this as just a normal
informal lunch at home by the pool with her daughter and a
friend.  But Jeannie knew better.  And Michelle knew better.  And
Stacey knew better most of all.

Toward the end of the meal, Stacey and Michelle were feeding each
other bites of sandwich; bites that each girl had first swabbed
around in her own mouth to coat with her own saliva.  The two
girls were giggling and blushing like they were on their first
date together.

"Are you hungry, Mommy?"

Jeannie looked over warily at her daughter.  Where was this

"Yes Michelle, a little."

"Do you want a bite of sandwich."

"Yes please."

"Well, come stand by me over here.  Spread your legs, and I'll
give you a little nibble."

Jeannie did as she was bidden.  She stood there naked right
beside her 16 year old, and spread her long, tanned legs.

Michelle picked up a sandwich from her plate and slid it along
her mother's moist labia.  The 16 year old continued to slide the
piece of sandwich back and forth until it was redolent with her
mother's sexual secretions.

"Here Mommy.  Open wide."

Jeannie clenched her lips tight and shook her head in defiance.

"Stacey Says 'open wide,' for Michelle, Jeannie baby girl.  You
better do it right now."

Resignedly, Jeannie opened her mouth and Michelle stuffed the
Jeannie flavored bite deep into her mother's mouth.

"Chew it thoroughly so you get all the mayo" Michelle giggled.

Jeannie chewed the piece of sandwich like a cow with her cud;
tears of humiliation streaming down her cheeks.  But when she
finally swallowed, Jeannie ran her tongue around the inside of
her mouth to be sure she got every morsel, thus proving to
herself and her two young tormentors that the experience had
turned her on after all.

Jeannie felt both degraded and disgusted with herself; but also
sexually excited at having been made by her own daughter to do
such a lewd thing as eat a piece of sandwich smeared with her own
intimate secretions.  She was now all expectation; thinking of
the day ahead of her.

"I'm full, Michelle.  How about you."

"Sure am.  Lets get on with the fun," cooed Michelle as she slid
her warm, exploring hand along the inside of her mother's thigh.

"Jeannie baby girl, Stacey Says clean everything up and put it
all away so we can all get down to business," Stacey ordered her
willing submissive.

Jeannie, still naked, went into her kitchen and washed up the
plates as Stacey and Michelle sat by the pool and whispered to
each other.  Every once in a while they would look toward the
house where Jeannie was cleaning up after lunch and giggle
lewdly.  The older woman could hear their laughter, but not their
conversation.  As a result, by the time Jeannie had finished the
dishes she was in a tizzy of sexual and psychological anxiety.

As her physical hunger abated, Stacey's sexual hunger made itself
known to her once again.

"Oh Jeannie sweetums, Stacey Says come out here to your

Jeannie dutifully came out her back door and stood at attention
before the 18 year old.

"All right pet, Stacey Says lift your arms over your head so I
can get a good look at those sexy breasts of yours.  I've missed
them so."

Jeannie did as she was ordered and Stacey and Michelle had a good
long look.

"Now, Stacey Says put your hands under your big titties and hold
them out away from your bod.  Offer them up to me as a sign of
your submissiveness."

Michelle watched with a lewd glint in her eye as Jeannie cupped
her hands under her ample breasts and lifted them toward her

"That's a good Mommy.  Do you want me to feel you up?"

"Yes, Mistress Stacey."

"Then you better beg me real nice.  Hadn't you?"

"Please, Mistress Stacey," Jeannie begged.  "Please feel up my
big Mommy breasts.  I need to feel your hands on me."

"Can I do anything I want to them?"

"You can do anything to me that you want to, Mistress Stacey."

Jeannie 's lewd imprinting on her Mistress was nearly complete by

Stacey ran her lusty fingers over and around the older woman's
tautened breast flesh; a happy smile of contentment all over her

"Do you like it when I play with your breasts, Jeannie baby

"Yes, Mistress Stacey," Jeannie admitted with bowed head.
Stacey's caressing hands had begun to work their lascivious magic
once more, and Jeannie 's little quim was twitching and itching.

"Come here, Michelle, I have a nice warm present for you, don't
we Jeannie baby girl."

"Yes, Mistress Stacey."

Michelle got up from her lounge chair and went around to where
her mother was standing.

Stacey began slowly rubbing the palm of her hand against Jeannie
's taut nipple.  Almost immediately Michelle followed suit.

Jeannie gasped and moaned in sexual delight mixed with the
degradation she felt at allowing her own daughter to feel her up.
 The older woman watched transfixed as Stacey and Michelle moved
their exploring hands all over her outthrust breasts.  The hunger
in her grew and grew.  She just had to have relief.

"You know what, Michelle: Jeannie baby girl here is going to beg
you to punish her for being such a nasty little slut, aren't you
Jeannie baby girl."

Jeannie didn't think she wanted to be punished by her own
daughter, but Michelle and Stacey's stimulating hands were doing
an excellent job of convincing her otherwise.

"Ask her if she agrees of her own accord to be punished by you,

"Mommy, do you agree to be punished by me for being such a nasty
little slut, hmmmmmm?"

"Please Michelle, don't make me agree to that." whined Jeannie .

"Oh but she IS making you agree to just that," chuckled Stacey.
"And you better agree quick, or I'll make her stop teasing you,
and I'll punish you myself."

"Now, Jeannie baby girl, you know you want it.  So Stacey Says go
ahead and beg her."

Jeannie sucked in her breath as she fell further and further
under the salacious spell of her two tormentors.

"Yes, Michelle, I'm begging to be punished by you.  Please punish
me for being such a nasty little Mommy slut.  Please, Michelle.
Please, Punish me."

Michelle moved her face in front of her panting mother and kissed
her hard right on the lips.

"You want it real bad, don't you Mommy," Michelle whispered right
against Jeannie 's parted lips.

"Yes, Michelle.  I want it real bad."

The 16 year old mashed her lips against those of her mother with
all her might.  Unbidden, Jeannie opened her ravenous mouth as
wide as it would go and allowed her daughter to French her all
she wanted to.

Michelle exulted in the sexual power she now wielded over her
mother, pistoning her stiffened tongue into Jeannie 's mouth as
though she were actually fucking her with it.  For her Part,
Jeannie sucked hungrily on her daughter's tongue and intertwined
her own with it.  Mother and daughter continued to kiss
passionately for a long time.

Eventually, Michelle came up for air, a beatific smile on her

"OK, Mommy.  I will punish you, now that you've asked me so

Michelle moved her hands to the undersides of Jeannie 's thrust
out breasts and placed her fingers right next to her mother's
uplifting hands.  Making talons of her thumbs and index fingers,
Michelle began pinching and scratching the soft and highly
sensitive undersides of Jeannie 's breasts.

"Owwwwww, owwwwww, owwww." squealed Jeannie as she stepped back
from her daughter's tweezing fingers.  This vicious torment hurt
worse than anything she had so far endured.

But she couldn't get away and even in her pain-driven fog, she
retained enough presence of mind to keep holding up her breasts
for her sadistic little daughter to get at.

After an eternity of pain, Michelle suddenly released her
mother's breasts and stepped away.

"Poor Mommy, does it hurt a lot?"

"Yes, Michelle," Jeannie moaned.  "It hurts, it hurts, it hurts
soooo much."

"Well come here to me and I'll make it all better for you, poor
little thing."

Slowly and cautiously, Jeannie sidled over and into her
daughter's outstretched arms.

"That's right, just cry it out, Mommy.  You'll feel so much
better in a little bit."  Michelle held her mom close and stroked
her hair.  The 16 year old budding dom was learning the power of
alternating pain and solace as a tool for breaking her mother
into a total sexual submissive.

As Jeannie 's sobs finally began to subside, Michelle stepped
back and held her mother's face in her hands.

Smiling sweetly, Michelle began to lick the tears from her
mother's stricken face.  The warm, salty tears were like ambrosia
to Michelle since she knew who had caused them to flow.

"Do you feel better now, Mommy?"  Michelle cooed.

"Yes, Michelle.  I feel better."

"Then kiss me, you nasty little Mommyslut, you."

Michelle drew her mother's face right against her own as Jeannie
dutifully opened her mouth once again to receive her daughter's
probing tongue.  Michelle began ardently French kissing her
tormented mother as if she were some long lost lover.  This time,
because of the residual pain she felt in her breasts, Jeannie
tried not to kiss back, but her will to resist ebbed away in a
flash, and she found herself panting in animal heat against her
16 year old's mouth.

Just as before, Michelle felt absolutely wonderful to be
smooching on her mom in such a lascivious manner.  It reminded
her of kissing aunt Sydney,, except that now she, and not her
aunt, clearly was the aggressor, the active partner, in this game
of French kissieface.  And her own mother was the passive
recipient of her lascivious kiss.  For her part, Jeannie was so
caught up in her craving for sexual submissiveness, that her mind
was simply awash in it.  She would do just anything to get more
of this kind of lewd, dominating attention, either from her new
student Mistress or her own daughter.

After a long, slow French kiss that Jeannie felt all the way to
her very soul, Michelle pulled away slowly.  Her mother looked at
her hungrily and said softly, "Michelle , oh Michelle, you're so
pretty.  "I want you so much.  I need you so badly."

"How badly, Mommy muff.  Just how badly DO you need your little
girl's attention."

Jeannie just couldn't keep the words from tumbling out of her

"Badly enough to do anything you want me to do.  Badly enough to
let you do anything you want to me."

"God, Michelle.  You're so sexy in that bikini.  I could just
lick you all over."

Jeannie shuddered as she looked her young daughter up and down.
The feelings of desire and need just simply overwhelmed the older
woman.  Jeannie was now totally ensnared by her daughter's charms
and dominant ways.  She could hold nothing back in her commitment
to serving and servicing Michelle just as loyally as she served

Michelle stood right in front of her mother; hands on hips in a
pose of strength and defiance.

"So you agree to let me do anything I want to punish you for
being such a nasty little slut, Mommy?"

Jeannie slowly nodded her head.

"In fact, you beg me to punish you, right?"

"Yes, Michelle."

"So that means that I can torment those big, floppy titties of
yours, right Mommy?"

Jeannie could barely stand up, she was so conflicted with fear
mixed with anticipation.

"Yes, Michelle."

"And I can beat your big squishy butt, too.  Correct?"

"Yes, Michelle."

"And I can do all sorts of nasty things to your furry ole
pusspuss, or maybe even your tight little buttyhole, right

Jeannie wriggled in licentious anticipation at the prospect of
what was in store for her at the hands of her daughter.

"Yes, Michelle."

"And I can pinch you, and slap you, and tickle you, and hurt you
any way I want to?"

Jeannie shuddered once more at what she was freely agreeing to.

"Yes, Michelle."

"And later on I can embarrass you in front of my friends?"

"Yes, Michelle; anything."

"And you can prove how much you need me by letting me do just any
sick nasty thing I want to you?"

"Yes, Michelle."

Stacey, watching from the sidelines, smiled a broad smile of
satisfaction.  Things were moving along very nicely indeed.

But Stacey didn't want Jeannie or Michelle either one to forget
for one minute who the real boss was.  She therefore decided to
reassert herself as ringMistress of this sexual circus.

"Bethanycat," Stacey called softly as she touched the back of the
16 year old's head.  "You better remember who is who around here,
or just maybe I'll make my little Jeannie baby girl punish you
like you want to punish her."

"Oh Stacey, I'm so sorry."  Michelle bent her head down.  "I got
carried away with the power."

"It's OK, honey.  I get carried away sometimes myself, like right

Stacey stood up and looked over to where mother and daughter were
standing side by side.  Staring deeply into Jeannie 's eyes,
Stacey spread her legs and pulled the gusset of her swimsuit
bottoms aside.  Jeannie shuddered as she found herself staring
right into Stacey's dewy crotch.

"Stacey Says crawl over here Jeannie baby girl, I've got a
present for you since you've been such a good bad little girl."

Jeannie immediately dropped to her knees, leaned forward on her
hands and crawled toward her Mistress; big, pendant breasts
swaying as she moved across the concrete pad.

"That's right, keep coming," sighed Stacey languidly,
anticipating her impending pleasure.

Jeannie continued to crawl on her hands and knees until her chin
rested on Stacey's upper thigh.

"You know what comes next.  Right?"

"Yes, Mistress Stacey."  The raw hunger in Jeannie 's eyes was
apparent for Stacey and Michelle to see.  Her dream was about to
come true again.  She was once more being given the opportunity
to taste her Mistress.

"Stacey Says ask nice, Baby girl.  Say 'please'."

"Please, Mistress Stacey.  Pleeeeeease."

"Please what, Baby girl?"

"Please.  Please Mistress Stacey.  Please let me taste you.

"OK," Stacey said almost dismissively.

Without being bidden further, Jeannie slid her face forward,
stuck out her long pink tongue, and began an ecstatic licking of
her Mistress's moist labia.  From Stacey's erect little clithead
down as far as she could go along the puffy lips, Jeannie tasted
her young Mistress.  This was only her second real taste of
Stacey's girlsexflesh, and she was so enraptured by it that she
almost fainted away.

Instantly Jeannie realized that her entire past life had been
guiding her relentlessly toward this very second of utter
submission to another woman.

Stacey lowered her panties to her ankles, stepped out of them,
grabbed Jeannie by the ears and pulled the older woman's face
firmly up against her vagina.  Jeannie squirmed but didn't try to
pull away.  She merely opened her mouth as wide as it could go
and began sucking her Mistress as hard as she could.

"That's right, Baby girl.  Do me real good, slut.  You love doing
this so much, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress Stacey," Jeannie murmured as she continued to lick
and slurp her Mistress.

This was more like it, thought Stacey as she ground her vagina
hard into the older womansextoy's face, causing it to glisten
with sticky girl secretions.  Stacey began to buck hard against
Jeannie 's face and make little mewing noises that grew louder as
her climax approached.

Suddenly, Stacey clamped her strong young thighs firmly around
Jeannie 's face and humped; and humped; and humped; and humped;
crying in a high voice, "Yes, oh yes, you little bitch.  Take
your Mistress.  Take all of me.  Lick me all up you sweet little
slut, you.  You're SUCH a little Mommyslut."

Shudder after orgasmic shudder wracked Stacey's sweat drenched
body as she clamped Jeannie 's head in a vice like grip between
her strong thighs.  Stacey continued to grind her vulva into
Jeannie 's face and squeeze her head.  Then a thin stream of
Stacey's hot cyprienne fluid spurted over Jeannie 's lips and
nose and even a drop or two dribbled onto her closed eyelids.

Stacey was in ecstasy, and Jeannie was where she had always
belonged; servicing her Mistress.

For several minutes, Stacey rocked back and forth on the chair,
moving Jeannie 's head along with her.

"Sooooo gooood, Baby girl.  You did me sooooo good."

Jeannie coughed and sputtered for air as Stacey slowly unclasped
her legs.

"Well." Stacey giggled.  "At least my little Jeannie baby girl
knows how to munch her Mistress."

Jeannie leaned back on her heels and looked up adoringly up at

"Thank you, Mistress Stacey.  You taste wonderful, just
wonderful."  Jeannie licked her lips, wiped her face with her
index finger, then she sucked contentedly on it like it was a
sweet treat.

"Jeannie baby girl; Jeannie baby girl." Stacey teased her
submissive sextoy as she reached forward and stroked her hair.
"Remember last night when I told you that if you were really a
good little slutpuppy, I'd allow you to have first taste of your
little Bethanycutie."

"Yes, Mistress Stacey."  Jeannie whispered, suddenly titillated
at the sick, perverse thought of putting her tongue in her own
daughter's vagina.

"Well, do you think that you have been a good little bad girl for
me, hmmmmmm?"

Jeannie hesitated, knowing what lay in store for her if she said

She looked over at Michelle who was tantalizing her by sliding
her hands back and forth along the insides of her creamy thighs.
Michelle smiled over at her mother, and asked in a sultry voice,
"Well, do you, Mommy?"

Jeannie 's willpower vanished in an instant.

"Yes, Michelle.  Yes Mistress Stacey.  I think I've been a very
good bad little girl.  May I please have my treat now, please,
may I."

"What do you think, Michelle?" asked Stacey with a sly giggle in
her voice.

"C'mere, girl. C'mere." Michelle motioned for her mother to crawl
to her like she would a pampered pet.  She patted her thigh with
one hand and rubbed the inside of her other leg with the other.

Jeannie didn't waist a minute, but galumphed over to her daughter
right away; her pendent breasts swaying and her rump flexing as
she moved.  Stacey licked her lips as she watched the older woman
crawl across the pad and thought to herself how lucky she was to
own such a sexy pet.

"Would you like to take off my bikini bottom for me, Mommy, so
you can get at my little pusspuss better?"

"Yes, Michelle.  Please may I take off your bikini bottom?."

"Sure Mommy.  Go ahead," Michelle said as she languidly sat down
on the pad and stretched her legs out in front of her.

Jeannie reached out and slowly pulled down her bikini bottom.  As
she did, she noticed that her daughter's pubes were neatly

"See Mommy.  I trimmed my little sniz while you were out here by
the pool just in case Stacey wanted to feel me up or play with me
or some stuff."

An erotic tingle spread deep inside the older woman's loins as
her gaze fixed on Michelle's nakedness.  Jeannie continued to
slide the bikini bottom down her daughter's sweet legs.

Jeannie finally removed it completely, and held it in her hands
as if it were a rare treasure.

"Put your face inside and sniff the little crotch band, Mommy
girl," Michelle ordered with an evil glint in her eye.  "That
will get you all ready for your real treat."

Jeannie drew her daughter's bikini bottom over her face and
breathed in the musk of her 16-year-old daughter from the crotch
band.  She sniffed and whiffed, as her own vagina spasmed in
lustful anticipation.

"Do I smell good, Mommy girl?"

"Yes, Michelle.  You smell wonderful."

"Well now it's time to stick your face in my crotch then and
really get a good whiff."

Jeannie laid the bikini bottom aside.  Then, for a long minute,
the older woman stared as if mesmerized at her daughter's long
creamy smooth white legs and her downy pubes.  Finally, she
leaned forward and began to lick along Michelle's inner thigh.

"Cut it out, Mommy," Michelle giggled.  "That tickles.  I want
you to lick my pusspuss, not my leggypoo."

Jeannie reluctantly took her mouth off her daughter's leg and
looked straight into her crotch.

Michelle slowly, tantalizingly spread her legs wider, completely
revealing her vulva to the sex hungry eyes of her mother.
Jeannie crawled closer between Michelle's legs.

When she was right up against her daughter's vagina, Michelle
reached out and patted her on the head like some sort of obedient
house pet, which of course she now was.

"Good little bad Mommy girl.  Now get after it." Michelle
chuckled as she pushed Jeannie's head right into her soppy

Jeannie began to lap her daughter, tasting woman wet for the
second time in five minutes.  But this time it wasn't her
dominating Mistress who was leaking lubrication into her mouth
but her own 16 year old daughter.  The awareness of this fact
made Jeannie 's own crotch soppy wet with anticipation of just
how far all this would go.

As Jeannie continued to suck her daughter's pungent juices, she
felt a warm finger slowly sliding into her drenched vagina from
behind her.

"I just can't seem to be able to keep my hands off of you,
Jeannie baby girl."  Stacey giggled as she pushed her exploring
finger in and out of her submissive Mommy slave's little slit.

Jeannie squealed with delight and wiggled her butt shamelessly
until Stacey's hand slapped her hard on the left hip.

"Stacey Says keep that butt of yours still so I can play with
your cute little pusspuss." Stacey ordered as she pushed yet
another finger inside the older woman's twitching canal.

"Don't you dare move while I'm inside you.  I want you perfectly
still.  That way I can tease you better."

Jeannie, caught up totally in her subservient role, kept her hips
still, aside from occasionally humping back on Stacey's demanding
fingers swirling around inside her vagina when it felt especially
good.  She continued to lick her daughter's pussy, tasting
Michelle's sweetness and letting her enticing smells take her
away to total bliss.

Michelle began the final long climb toward orgasm.

"Mommy, don't you dare stop licking me till I cum."

Michelle began to buck and whimper as she came ever closer and
closer to release.

Finally, the 16 year old gave out with a cry of pure lust and
fell over the edge.  Stacey chose that moment to jam three of her
fingers as far as she could into Jeannie 's vagina and hold them
there.  She could feel the rubbery hemisphere of Jeannie 's
cervix, and she scratched it with her fingernail. Then she began
slapping the older woman's big, squishy butt cheeks with her
other hand.

Jeannie continued to suck her daughter's vagina for all she was
worth.  Stacey's torment of her butt coupled with her thrusting
fingers inside her vagina melded with the exquisite taste of her
daughter's flow.  Jeannie 's own vagina dripped like a faucet.

"Don't you dare cum, Jeannie baby girl.  Wait your turn.  It's
Michelle's turn now."

Jeannie concentrated hard on not cumming, but Stacey's hands were
insistent.  It took all her will not to allow herself to slip
over the edge.

"Stacey Says wait your turn," Stacey yelled as she slapped the
older woman on the left cheek of her butt to calm her down.

Suddenly, Michelle began squealing out her orgasm.  She came and
came all over her mother's lips, and tongue, and face. Jeannie
waited just long enough for it to be obvious that her daughter
had cum first.  Then she allowed herself to go over the edge.
All the while Jeannie was orgasming, Stacey continued to spank
her butt.

After a time, Stacey stopped slapping the older woman's butt and
removed her fingers from Jeannie's soppy slit.

Then Michelle, now utterly spent, finally pushed her mother's
head away from between her legs.

Jeannie fell back on the floor, her own need building yet again
almost to the bursting point.  She needed to cum again.

"Stacey, Michelle, please help me, please help me cum some more.
I helped you cum.  Now I need to cum again, Please, oh please do
something to me so I can cuuuuummmmmmm.  Please."

Jeannie rocked back and forth in desperation as her vagina
spasmed and her heart pounded.

"OK, Mommy," Michelle said with an evil glint in her eye.  "I'll
do something to help you cum again."

As Jeannie watched dumbfounded, Michelle reached over and picked
up the poolside phone.  She quickly punched in a number and heard
a familiar voice answering.

"Aunt Sydney?  Hi.  This is Michelle.  I want you to come over to
my house as soon as you can."

"Yes.  I've got a present for you."

As she said the words, Michelle ran her foot along her mother's
naked back.

"Sure.  It's a really great present."

At the thought of being given away to her own sister, Jeannie
went over the edge for the second time.  Stacey and Michelle
watched with amused little smirks on their faces as Jeannie
writhed around on the pad, completely caught up in her own lewd
orgasmic thoughts of mating with her sister.

When Aunt Sydney had agreed to come over and Michelle had hung up
the phone.  Stacey looked over at her and smiled approvingly.

"And after Sydney gets her shot at your nasty little Mommy, I'm
going to call my own little slutmom and invite her over for the
night.  Before the night's over, we'll see just what we can think
of to make our little Mommy dears prove just how degraded they
can be."

At the thought of having another grown up Mommy to play with
besides her own, Michelle reached over and hugged Stacey with all
her might.

Wow, a new friend and a new set of slut Mommies all in the same
day.  How cool.

Deep within her orgasmic stupor, Jeannie heard Stacey and
Michelle talking.  Although she didn't understand everything they
said, she grasped enough of their words to throw her into yet
another series of overpowering orgasms.

Stacey Says was just the best game ever.

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