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Love Across the Pond
By Kay Love  ( for  Susie.L. thank you for the gift ..)

I've been working hard trying to complete work for a book and was behind
schedule to meet a deadline. Feeling stressed out, I asked my assistant
Marcia to find me a cottage or a room near London where I was vacationing
during the summer months.  I wanted to hide in plain sight, in an
unfamiliar locale. I like to stay in places and be part of the area not
stand out. I instructed Marcia not to divulge anything about what I do or
why I'm vacationing in town.

I was at the Tate Museum in London when I got a text with the address and
information regarding my local accommodations for the next few weeks. The
landlord's name was Susan and I was to call and arrange for transportation
and directions.

On Friday morning I called bright and early:

" Good morning, may I speak with Sue, or rather Susan please??"

" Oh, yes this is she, am I speaking to Kay?"

" yes this is Kay, nice to speak with you. I will be renting a room in your
home for a couple of weeks. Marcia has arranged the transaction. I would
like to check in today, early afternoon if that's possible?"

" Yes of course! you can come right now if you like, the room is already
set up for you. You'll have wifi so you can work on your writing."

I wanted to kill Marcia that very instant!!

" Alright Sue, can I call you Sue, Susan is do formal??"

"yes Kay, that will be fine. Have you got a pencil handy for directions??"

I hung up and got a taxi to the airport. I was heading out of tourist town
for the quietness of a residential area. I was looking forward to such a
retreat. A few hours later, I was knocking on the front door of Susie's

Susan was absolutely stunning!! She has naturally curly blond hair,
beautiful eyes, full lips and stands about 5'6. Very fit. I estimate she's
in her early forties. She came to the door wearing a short dress. I could
see a glimpse of her small breasts. Her very athletic legs and her
beautiful perky ass had me creaming at first sight!!

We greeted with a kiss and an embrace as she showed me to her living room
area for a drink. On the coffee table separating the sofas she had placed
two glasses of wine and an open bottle of Pinot Grigio Santa Marguerita my
favorite brand.  I sat across her on the sofa wearing a salmon color linen
dress with bronze snaps on the front and leather sandals. It was hot this
summer in the UK.  As we started the conversation of why I was vacationing
there, I realized that Sue's mind was elsewhere.

She stared at my legs, the cleavage revealing slight glimpses of my round
breasts, my mouth, my lips. She seemed to be sexually navigating my body
with her gaze. I decided to try and get her attention by asking to see the

" Sue, do you mind showing me my quarters?"

"oh, I'm sorry Kay, I was a bit distracted!!"

"Yes, I got the impression that your mind was wondering a bit Susie.. Is
something troubling you? "

I asked in a very caring tone and then added:

" If you have any worries or hesitation about renting the flat, I can try
and find somewhere else. I will just text my assistant.. "

" OH, NO, NO NO!! Kay, I have been looking forward to this!!! I'm an avid
fan, I've read most of your stories!! "

Right then and there, I wanted to have some electrical rig attached to my
assistant Marcia's blackberry that I could push and give her a jolt for
breaking the code of silence!!

" You have Sue, which one did you like best ?"

I admit I was both charmed and turned on by this sexy housewife in front of

Lately, I seem to be easily turned on by housewives. We seem to have the
same schedule, daytime. So I bump into them during the day at the
supermarket or stores. They are often in very good physical shape, I can
tell because they shop in their workout clothes. Always tight yoga pants
that hug their beautiful asses and tightly embrace their mound. I daydream
looking at their tantalizing breasts, their perky tight ass. I stand in
line behind them salivating, perving their bodies ...

And now I found myself in front of one. Susie was gorgeous!! I kept
discreetly looking right between her legs. She had left her legs somewhat
spread open and I could see a glimpse of her sexy cream color panties. I
could also scarcely see a patch of dampness right between her legs.

I was getting turned on...

" I need to confess something, Kay, but I don't know how to phrase it ... "

She said in a very dramatic and hesitant tone.

" Go ahead Sue, I'm listening.."

" I'm so shy Kay, I don't know how to say what I mean.... Even though I'm
straight, I've always fantasized about being with women.. "

" Have you ever explored those feelings Susie with a friend or a

" No I havent.. "

She seemed so frail....

" I truly encourage you to do it darling, explore your urges, see where it
leads... It will not mean one thing or the other but it will give you an
outlet for these beautiful fantasies !!"

Susie seemed to be lost in her thoughts and was fidgeting with her wine
glass.. She lifted it up to her lips and swallowed in one gulp the
remaining golden liquid. Her lips wet , she licked them slowly as she tried
to utter some words. She appeared to need help or support to express the
sentiment that lay stuck in her throat...

I was salivating looking at her wet lips, I wanted to be that tongue
tracing the margins of her sexy mouth...

" Would you like to sit closer to me, Susie?? Come sit next to me, be brave
let's explore those thoughts freely, it will be good for you.. "

 I said in a comforting way..

Sue got up making her way next to me on the sofa revealing close up to my
eyes, the most sensuous thighs briefly covered by her summer dress.. Her
breasts moving freely, I could see where unrestricted by a bra... I
extended my hands to hers to help her sit down.... We sat looking at each
other eye to eye, holding hands conveniently placed above her thigh....

How beautiful she was up close!!!

Looking at me straight in the eyes she said in an affirmative tone:

" Kay, I've had a crush on you from reading your stories..."

she extended her hand brushing it across my forehead and through my hair
... And then continued with her confession...

" And now, you are here and you are even more sexy and beautiful than I
could have imagined... I'm so turned on by you....  I want you Kay, I need

I looked into her eyes, placed my right hand behind her head and gently
glided her head and face close to mine. Our lips met for the first
time.... I must say my heart skipped a beat... I pressed my mouth to hers,
feeling the softness of her lips and warmth of her tongue, I kissed her
slowly and gently and then said ...

" is this what you want Sue?"

" Oh God Yes, Kay!! I want you !!"

She opened her mouth to mine and thrust her tongue inside as we began a
passionate kiss exploring each other's sexual hunger. We kissed and kissed
while we ran our hands through our backs and the sides of our ribs over our
clothed bodies.... I let my hand glide down to her thighs, slowly reaching
under her scarce dress, probing each time closer to her groin.. I teased
around her slit covered by her panties confirming my suspicion, she was so
very, very wet... I let a finger probe through the side of her thong
reaching slowly into her fingers gently sliding up and down her
slit.. I could feel the heat and warmth emanating from her pot of love.

She began to thrust her pelvis upwards seeking penetration from my hand,
her sticky juices felt warm to my fingers.. All the while, our mouths still
exploring, sucking , swallowing each other's lusting madness ... I felt her
hand on my breast as she cupped each one of my tits, pinching my erect
nipples over my dress. She very astutely undid the snaps of my Guess summer
dress, exposing my partially covered torso to her hands... All the time we
could not release our lips from each other....Lust and desire filled the
air around us merging with the hot summer breeze.

I kept thrusting fingers into Susie's cunt, faster and harder as I felt all
the juices slushing around my fingers and slowly seeping down her thighs ,
she was panting as she withdrew her mouth away from mine...  Standing up
suddenly she pulled me by the arm and whispered...

 " Let's go to the bedroom Kay..."

My open dress fell to the floor as we walked passed the living room up the
stairs to the second floor. I in my matching bra and thong outfit . I could
see Susie's bum and crack which was slightly covered by her thong as she
walked upstairs in front of me, the sight of this made my juices flow
incessantly... I could feel my wetness running to my thighs,,

Once inside her room, Susie wasted no time pulling her dress above her head
revealing her beautiful small breasts.. I pulled her thong off and guided
her to the bed where she fell legs spread open wide.. I lay myself on top
of her. She was like a wild, desperate and thirsty mare.. She pulled me to
her, wrapping her legs around my waist and swiftly undid my bra letting my
breast hang above her face and mouth.

"Oh , How beautiful Kay.." she said panting and breathing heavily...

She cupped each one in hand and began to lick and suck them furiously.. she
kept grinding her pussy against my belly and digging her nails into my back
moaning and panting in desperation...  I was beginning to flush and was
feeling that moment of explosion, but I wanted to pleasure her first so I
placed my hand to her cheek and glided her lips once more to mine.

I opened her lips with my tongue and gave her a deep passionate throat
kiss, reaching deeper and deeper... Now my hands began to fondle her
breasts and circle her belly, she kept moaning and moaning.. I pressed my
lips to her breast, sucking desperately while I positioned my thigh between
her legs pressing hard on her cunt, putting pressure on her clit ; it was
so slippery and wet !!!! We were both dripping juices left and right
consumed by lusting madness!!

I kept sliding my body down to bring my lips to her cunt... She was
completely shaven and soft with a small patch of golden hair accentuating
the space above her clit. It looked aboslutely beautiful. I melt at the
sight of a shaven cunt!! And hers was just a slit, with no extended
lips.. it was swollen, light pink and glistening , nectar flowing down to
her crack.. Parting her pussy lips with one hand , I let my tongue tease
her hidden cherry knob...I could feel it pulsating... I sucked on it..
Then, I used my fingers to pull back on her little hood ..soon her clit
released swollen, excited and crimson red...  It was so soft, tender, so
delicate and hot!!!  And her juices were so mild and salty ....  I
continued to suck on it gentle at first and then harder and faster... Soon
I inserted two fingers with my other hand and began to thrust once more
inside her cunt...

Susie began to scream and moan ...

"Oh Kay this feels so good , faster, faster...Oh you're driving me
insane!!!Fuck me like that Kay, yes!!!"

I kept lapping at her clit moving my mouth to her cunt pulling my sticky
and completely soaked fingers out of her vagina. I licked her outer labia
and then penetrated deep inside thrusting my rigid tongue arund the inner
walls of her cave , it was so hot , smooth , her nectar divine .. I
swallowed her juices and kept tongue fucking her faster ... soon I began
smear the area around her small brown tight hole with her juices, probing
slightly with my middle finger..  She was so wet two of my fingers glided
in with ease.. Finger fucking her ass and sucking her cunt and clit , she
began to thrust and rock her pelvis back and forth as she started to
tremble, her chest turning a beautiful red ...


I felt the contractions in my mouth, as she squirted her juices on my
tongue, face and shin, her anal walls massaging my fingers burried inside
of her, she pressed her legs tighter against my face... I immediately
pulled out to let her ease into her pleasure...

I looked at her. Her face so beautiful with that angelic expression of the
sexually satissfied..  I began to plant kisses all over her face and eyes
and mouth... I placed my body on top of her and started to grind my pussy
against her... my juices were flowing nonstop. I was all wet , my thong was
completely soaked and dripping.... Susie opened her eyes and with a naughty
smile. She quickly turned me around and mounting her body on top of mine,
wetting my belly with her soaked and warm pussy. I could feel the softness
of her shaven cunt on my belly and it felt so tingly !!! She dropped her
mouth to my breasts and began to suck and lick my nipples. I felt them
harden in her mouth, the sensation sending electrifying pulsations to my

"Oh Susie, yes keep doing that , yes, yes, yes like that... I'm so close to
the edge darling.."

And I was almost feeling that orgasm take over...The one that had already
reached a peak as I was satissfying her. She continued her path down below,
reaching my pussy. She spread my legs even wider and began to tease me as
she breathed near my cunt that was still covered by my thong. She sucked
the juices from my panties, then pulled them to the side exposing my pussy
to her mouth, I could feel her breath on my cunt... Then she slipped them
off my body in one move... lowering her mouth now to my shaven pussy, She
slid her tongue up and down my extended external lips parting then to
slowly penetrate inside. Her tongue touching and licking my inner walls
sent me flying to new heights, her lips so soft sucking and probing inside
and outside of me...she licked my clit and sucked on my pearl, I could feel
it throbbing inside her mouth and then I felt her hand slide below my
ass. She was wetting my crack with her fingers, moving my juices up and
down when I suddenly felt her finger slowly enter my anal cavity... She
began to finger fuck my rosebud... I began to feel like I was going to
loose my mind, this threw me in a state of ecstasy..  I arched my back ,
feeling pulsations from my cunt to my rosebud. I convulsed, feeling a rush
of heat flowing from my chest down to my cunt, I was shaking and screaming
with pleasure feeling my hot juices exploding...

" Oh, Kay, you taste so good, I want more and more of you..!!"

She continued to swallow my cum and lick in and around my thighs, but I was
shaking and needed a moment of stillness.. I pressed Susie's head against
my pussy to control the spasms of my clit and cunt...  I was dizzy, my
rapid heart beating fast... Susie raised her body up mine , keeping her
hand cupping my cunt, and now lying on top of me, I embraced her ... We
kissed ...

End of Part one...

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