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Subject: Castaway Hotel: Grand Reopening  chapters 21 - 22

Castaway Hotel -- Grand Reopening by BW
Copyright 2009 by billwstories
Chapter 21 -- Williamsburg.

**Author's Note:** Please read the disclaimer in Chapter 00 before you read

Saturday morning, I received my wake up call and woke the boys at 5:00 a.m.
I know, that's cruel for a weekend, but I felt we needed an early start.
After stopping for breakfast, I drove the groggy foursome to our next
destination, arriving at Busch Gardens slightly before the gates were
scheduled to open.  After realizing where we were, the boys began to perk

"All right!" Ricky exclaimed.  "I was afraid last night on the go carts was
all the fun you had planned for us.

"You mean the rest of the trip hasn't been fun?" I asked, feigning shock
and dismay.

"Yeah, but not fun-fun," Ricky added.  "Last night we got to have a good
time playing around and we all enjoyed it.  The other places were nice, but
still too much like school.  It was better than school, but still like
school."  I understood his point and felt it deserved one final comment.

"Well, then enjoy today, because this is all meant to be fun."  The boys
smiled, and then hugged me, before we headed inside.

This is a theme park with a European flavor, so over the course of the day
we visited, so to speak, England, France, Germany and Italy.  Despite that
educational aspect of the park, it was as I told them -- merely a place to
have fun.  During the day, my young companions spent their time enjoying
five different roller coasters, the 'Battering Ram,' the 'Roman Rapids' and
numerous other rides.  Today was for them, so I let them choose what they
wanted to do and then let them go on the rides with each other, while I sat
back and watched.  After admonishing them to stay together, for safety
reasons, I also advised them where they could find me, if they should need
anything.  For Danny, Ricky and Jay, this was basically the first big time
theme park they had ever been to, so they were in total awe of the place.
Brandon, however, had been to another place like this with his parents, so
he was less impressed, but still enjoyed it.  On my part, it was really fun
watching them enjoying themselves so much, too.

For lunch, we ate at 'Das Festhaus,' a German restaurant, because I wanted
the boys to try something different.  We ordered a variety of German
sausages, German potato salad and a variety of other dishes, so we could
share a bit between us.  The boys seemed to enjoy most of it, although
there were a few items they didn't really care for, and while they washed
their meal down with soda, I opted for a German beer.  What was really
intriguing was the discussion that ensued while they gobbled down their

"Man, I thought Brandon was going to crap his pants on that one roller
coaster," Danny teased.

"Unt-uh," Brandon countered.  "I was just surprised at how quickly it went,
but I wasn't scared."

"Yeah, if you say so," Danny replied, unbelieving.

"I thought Ricky was going to fall out and drown on the Roman Rapids," Jay
informed us.  "He was hit by this big splash of water and then bounced in
his seat.  I thought he was going into the water after that."

"Yeah, I saw that," Brandon added, "but I knew he wasn't going to fall out.
He did look like a drowned rat afterward though."  The others all laughed,
but Ricky wasn't amused.

"I was wet, but I didn't look like no rat," he challenged, "but Jay's face
was redder than his hair, when we were on the Battering Ram."  That caused
Jay to blush, giving us a visual -- attesting to Ricky's point.

 Once we finished eating, we went back out to investigate more of the park.
There was a section with animals, but the boys only gave them a cursory
perusal, after our visit to the National Zoo.  Instead, they focused on the
other fun things to do, so we went back to the rides.  Since they had been
on each ride at least once on their own, one duo or the other would come to
drag me off to join them for a few rides, before letting me return to my
designated spot.  I think they were afraid the 'old man' wouldn't have a
good time without them or possibly they were just doing this to ensure that
we might do other things like this in the future.  I must admit I did enjoy
myself each time they came to get me, because it was enjoyable watching
them close up too.  After a while, I began to wonder if they were taking me
on these rides just to see if I could handle them or hoping that I would
get sick and barf all over the place, especially after the beer and German
food.  In fact, they might have been a little disappointed when that didn't

For dinner, the boys wanted to go to the Italian Pavilion, which I readily
agreed to.  The smell of the sauces had been making my mouth drool for many
minutes before they suggested going there.  The boys ordered a variety of
dishes, while I opted for the eggplant pargmigiana, and then we went back
out to have more fun.

We began the evening by sitting down to view one of the shows that are held
throughout the day, as I didn't think going on the rides would be wise so
soon after eating.  Fortunately, it also proved to be quite entertaining.
After that, the boys wanted to go back on the rides, which we did, and we
continued to have a great time, until the announcement was made notifying
us it was time for the park to close.  The boys were greatly disappointed
this day had come to an end, but gave me no problems as I escorted them
back to our temporary accommodations.  After getting my four weary lads
cleaned up, they went directly to bed, without any fuss, probably due to
the early hour I had awakened them that morning.  It wasn't long before
they were cutting 'Z's' and replaying the day's activities over in their

Sunday morning, I again woke everyone at 5:00 a.m., so we could spend the
day at Water Country USA.  I advised them to wear their swimwear under
their clothes, because they'd need them for later.  Of course, this meant I
had to inform them where we were going.

"This is more like it," Jay exuded.  "First the go cart place, then the
amusement park and now a water park."

"Yeah, dad must be getting soft," Ricky mocked.  "No school for the whole

"Don't say that too loud," Danny warned him, "or he might change his mind."
The boys continued whispering back and forth as we drove there.

Following instructions similar to the ones I had given the previous day, my
group of excited teens zigzagged from one place to another, finding many
wonders to explore along the way.  The first ride they want to go on was
'Big Daddy Falls,' a river rafting ride that winds its way through nearly
seven hundred feet of twists, turns, tunnels and drops.  The boys made sure
I joined them on this ride, so we all went together, in the same rubber
raft.  It was quite a thrilling ride, plummeting down the incline, and even
though we got soaked and bounced around a bit, it was a refreshing and
enjoyable time.

"I'm impressed that you don't mind the rides, Uncle Josh," Brandon
commented, after we excited the raft.  "My parents will only do the really
gentle rides, but some of the ones you've gone on with us are pretty

"Dad's no wimp," Danny offered, jumping to my assistance before I could

"Hey, it's nothing I didn't do with my older children," I explained.  "I
have had some experience with these kinds of things before."  That seemed
to suffice, although I think the boys were still somewhat impressed that
I'd join them on some of these adventures.

After that, I let the boys go on the "Malibu Pipeline' together, as that
was a two-person tube ride, similar to the first.  After that, we went on
the "Jet Scream,' which is another tube ride, but this one dropped down
over four hundred feet, with the tubes traveling up to twenty-five miles
per hour.  I was going to sit this one out and let them enjoy it on their
own, as it was another two-man ride, but the boys weren't about to let that
happen.  Excitedly, they pleaded with me to come too, explaining they would
take turns going with each other and me.  So as not to disappoint them, I
gave in.  We each went on this four times, riding once with each of the
others, while the odd man sat out.  I was only going to go once, but each
boy seemed to want me to go once with him, so I acceded to this demand.  It
was definitely an exciting ride, with my stomach up in my throat for much
of the time, but I continued to make it to the bottom without losing my
last meal.  The boys continued to make a big deal over my willingness to
join them on these various attractions, and it seemed to help make us even
closer than we were before.

Following that, we made our way over to 'Surfer's Pipeline,' where the boys
got their first opportunity to try surfing, which they all seemed excited
about.  Three of the boys did fairly well at this, but one, who shall
remain nameless, had enough trouble standing on his own two feet, without
trying to maneuver a board over the water.  Needless to say, he provided us
with a few laughs, and even a couple of scares, with his efforts.  Because
of that, Jay was soon interested in moving on to something else and dragged
me off with him, leaving the other boys behind, so we could go on a few of
the other rides by ourselves.

As the others continued 'improving' their surfing skills, Jay and I tackled
rides that didn't require any special abilities, just our presence.  This
gave me some quality time to get to know Jay a little better, and he took
this opportunity to talk to me about his occasional problems.

"Why am I so uncoordinated?" he asked, once we were out of earshot of the

"Jay, it's just a stage you're going through," I assured him, trying to
make him feel better.  "It just that you're growing so fast that your
muscles and the rest of your body just aren't working together well yet.
As you get used to these changes, your coordination will improve and these
things will no longer happen."

"And how long will that take?" he followed, concerned.

"I guess that depends on how much more growing you're going to do," I
advised him.  "Regardless of how long, whether it's a few months or a few
years, it will all end and some day you'll look back and laugh at
everything that's happened."

"I hope so, but I'm not laughing so much now," he confided.  "I try not to
show it, but sometimes it hurts when everyone makes fun of the things that
happen to me."  I suddenly felt bad I hadn't stepped in and stopped it on
some of those earlier occasions.

"I apologize for my part in that," I admitted, which caused him to look up
at me in surprise.  "I know I could have stopped, or at least lessened,
some of what has happened so far."

"Uncle Josh, I didn't mean you or what's happened since we've been
together!" he exclaimed, panicked.  "I meant when the kids at school pick
on me about things that happen there.  I don't mind you guys teasing me,
cuz I know you're really my friends and we all like each other a lot.  It
only bothers me when I know the person means what they say and think I'm a
real geek."  I understood his pain, so I placed my arm around his shoulders
and gave him a squeeze.

"Hang in there, pal," I added, "because this isn't going to last forever."
He gave me a weak smile, before we climbed aboard the next ride.  I think
Jay really liked his time alone with me, and I enjoyed it too.  I think we
each began to appreciate the other a little more and on a whole new level.

Once the park closed, we followed up the day's activities with a very late
dinner, a late night ice cream and rapid showers, followed by an evening of
sublime unconsciousness.  That night I cuddled up against Jay, and he
eagerly spooned back into me, letting me know he enjoyed this added bit of
attention and closeness.  The following morning, he gave me a very special
grin and wink when he awoke, followed by an equally special hug, assuring
me that he had appreciated it all.

Once we were ready, I took everyone to 'Colonial Williamsburg', where we
spent the day discovering what it would have been like to live in
eighteenth century America.  We visited restored taverns (we even ate lunch
in one of them), an Inn (where we imbibed a little liquid refreshment), a
magazine (where gun powder and weapons were kept), the public gaol
(pronounced jail, from an old North French word gaole and means a cage.  It
was basically a brick prison used for debtors, runaway slaves and the
mentally ill.), a guardhouse (to house the soldiers guarding the magazine),
the courthouse (the place where not only cases were tried, but it was on
the steps of this building where local residents heard breaking news, such
as the reading of the Declaration of Independence and the announcement that
the war with England had come to an end), their capitol building (in which
the colony of Virginia voted to support American Independence), and several
period homes.

In addition to those places, we also visited the blacksmith's shop, where
we watched that skilled tradesman heat metal and hammer it into different
shapes, as he prepared to use it to make various objects.  The man was
fairly short, maybe about 5' 8", but he had an enormous build, with a
barrel-chest and arms that rippled with well-developed muscles.  The boys
not only got to watch the blacksmith practice his trade, but once he saw
the four boys watching him so intently, he asked if they'd like to try it
for themselves.  Of course, he sought my permission to do this first and I
thought it was a wonderful opportunity for them.

The fearless foursome thought it was a great idea too, and eagerly agreed,
anxious to see what it would be like.  First, he taught them how to heat
the metal in the forge, using a bellows, which looked like a big leather
bag.  The blacksmith would pull on a cord that was fastened to the bellows,
sending air into the fire, which made it grow even hotter.  Once they had
learned to do that, they moved on to the next task.  That's when they
discovered a bit of a surprise.  It happened when they went to pick up the
hammer, to start pounding the metal into shape, and quickly found out this
tool was much heavier than it looked.  Most of the boys had to strain a
little just to lift it, let alone have the ability to swing it for any
length of time.  In order to make it easier on them, the blacksmith came to
their assistance.

One by one, the boys would grasp the handle of the hammer, with the
blacksmith standing directly behind them.  The burly man would then place
his hand over his student's hand and patiently teach them what they were
expected to do, as they banged away at the metal strip on the anvil in
front of them.  When it became Jay's turn, I was a little worried he might
hurt himself, or even the blacksmith, as he wielded that hefty tool.  The
blacksmith did let each boy take a swing or two without his assistance,
once he felt they were ready, and when he did that with Jay, Jay lost his
grip on the hammer and it went flying across the anvil and thudded into the
dirt.  Luckily, no one was standing on the other side, so there weren't any

Danny seemed to do the best at this task and didn't need as much help from
his instructor.  He was working with the blacksmith, as they pounded on the
strip of metal, and when his instructor left him on his own, he was able to
work for a few minutes longer, without any additional assistance.  Brandon
did nearly as well, although he didn't seem to have the arm strength that
Danny had, and didn't last quite as long on his own either.  However, the
blacksmith complimented both of them when they finished and they each
seemed quite proud about what they had done.

Ricky, however, turned out to be the most comical in his attempt.  When it
came his turn to solo, he made the inexcusable mistake of trying to impress
the rest of us.  Slowly, he lifted the hammer as high as his arm would
allow and then swung it downward, as hard as he could.  Unfortunately for
him, he not only missed striking the piece of metal, but also missed the
entire anvil with that blow, and the weight of the hammer, magnified by the
force with which it had been propelled, dragged Ricky's body downward with
it, until both of them crashed into the dirt floor.

Concerned and a little upset by the mishap, the blacksmith rushed to help
Ricky up.  Once he discovered Ricky was not injured, the burly man had to
struggle to suppress his own laughter, as they rest of us burst out in
hysterics.  We were nearly rolling around at that point and laughing so
hard that we had tears in our eyes.  Noticing our reaction, Ricky turned a
nice shade of scarlet, as he rose from the ground.  His reddened expression
was highlighted and amplified when contrasted against his blond hair,
making it look even worse than it was.  This little accident wasn't
entirely bad, however, because Ricky unintentionally got a chance to
understand how Jay often felt, when things of this nature happened to him,
especially after Ricky felt obliged to make Jay's situation worse.

Despite the various miscues, each boy expressed their joy at taking part in
this little exercise and thanked the blacksmith before we left.

"It was my pleasure," the blacksmith responded, "and you are welcome to
return and try this again, whenever you want."

"No thank you," Ricky quickly countered.  "That's harder than I want to

"I wouldn't mind having muscles like yours," Danny added, "but I think I
need to build my strength more, before I could do that for more than just a
couple of minutes."

"I'm just grateful I didn't live when people had to do all these things,"
Jay interjected.  "I'm not sure what type of job I could have done."

"I think all of us are glad we probably won't have to work that hard,"
Brandon concurred, and they each waved at the blacksmith, as we walked

"Why would anyone choose a job like that?" Ricky wondered, aloud, as we
moved away from the area.

"Most jobs were more physical back then," I responded, "so it wouldn't have
seemed so bad to those living then.  You boys have just become a little
soft, since you're used to having machines that will do most of the
physical labor for you."  I think all four boys came away from there with a
greater admiration for all of the people throughout history who had been
blacksmiths or toiled at other such strenuous work.

Overall, we did a great deal of walking that day, and by the time we
returned to our room, we were suffering from severe fatigue.  We did stop
for a quick meal during our return trip, but once we got to our room, we
were all absolutely exhausted.  We did agree that soaking in the tub might
help soothe our tired muscles, so we managed a brief stint in the relaxing
bathwater, but none of us seemed to have the strength or willpower required
to do anything else.  Once we had finished soaking in the tub, some of us
watched a little television, before collapsing on the beds and falling

Castaway Hotel -- Grand Reopening by BW
Copyright 2009 by billwstories
Chapter 22 --Virginia Beach.

When we awoke from our last night in Williamsburg, we hustled to packed up
our belongings and move on.  We took a few minutes to grab something to eat
from the continental breakfast and then we were off to our next
destination.  We traveled slightly more than an hour, before arriving at
what was to be our home for the next five days -- a motel on Virginia
Beach.  The boys cheered when I told them the news about how long we were
going to be there, and I knew this would give them a chance to rest and
relax after the hectic pace of the past few days.  We were on the top
(third) floor of the motel and our room was facing the beach.  We had a
private balcony, on which I could sit and monitor the boys, when I didn't
feel like joining them, but the motel also had a private pool we could
choose to use instead.  After unpacking, we spent the remainder of the day
covered in sun block, relaxing on the beach and jumping in and out of the
ocean.  After an informal dinner, Brandon and Jay approached me, using
Danny and Ricky as their back-ups.

"Uncle Josh, can we speak with you?" Jay asked, appearing a little nervous.

"You MAY.  Fire away," I told him.  "Both of you should know by now that
you can talk to me about anything."

"We know," Brandon replied, but then neither of them spoke again for quite
a few seconds.  Instead, they merely stood there, studying me, for what
reason I wasn't sure.  Finally, Brandon found the courage to continue.
"Jay and I have talked this over and we just wanted to let you know that
after the last week or so, we feel really close to you now, even closer
than before.  Before, you were kind of like an uncle to us, but now you're
more like a second dad.  You treat us just the same as you do Danny and
Ricky, so we just wanted to say thank you for everything, especially for
bringing us on this trip with you."

I was flattered and pleased by his comment.  "You're very welcome," I told
him.  "In fact, I'm quite honored that the two of you would think of me as
a second father.  That's very sweet of you."

"Maybe they should just call you Dad then, like we do," Ricky suggested,
trying to be helpful, but I gave him a stern look, to let him know he was
going a little overboard with his suggestion.  However, I didn't have to,
as Brandon spoke up instead.

"That wouldn't be right," he objected.  "We both have our own dads, and
besides, it wouldn't be fair to you and Danny if we did that," he added.

"We wouldn't mind," Danny told them, "but we can understand that it might
be hard for you, because you have your own fathers.  I didn't have that
problem, because I didn't feel I had a father any more, except for Dad
here."  At that moment our eyes locked and he flashed me a very special

"Hey, some of my friends call their dads pa or pop," Ricky offered.  "How
about using one of those?"  Again, I was impressed by his seemingly simple
idea, but once again I was concerned he might be pushing the others into
something they weren't ready for.

"I like the idea of calling you 'Pop'," Jay said, while flashing me a

"Me too," Brandon announced, seconding the idea.  "Would that be okay with
you?" he asked, looking in my direction.

"Don't you think your parents would object to you doing that?" I asked,
trying to explore what possible problems this might create.

"I don't think so," Brandon replied.  "I know my parents really like you,
because they say so every time you do something for me, like when you ask
me to stay over at your house or take me to do things with Danny and Ricky.
Even before we left, they kept saying how really wonderful it was that you
included me and Jay on your vacation and what a great guy you were, so I
don't think it would bother them at all if I called you Pop.  In fact, they
most likely would think it was very considerate and really nice of me to
think of it, even though it wasn't exactly my idea."  He blushed after
admitting that, because he was embarrassed he might be unintentionally
taking credit for Ricky's suggestion.

"I don't think my parents would mind either," Jay added.  "They've always
liked you a lot, even when you were just my principal."  I thought about
this suggestion for a few seconds, before I responded.

"Are you sure this is what you want to do?" I asked again, just to make
certain.  They both nodded their heads vigorously, as did Danny and Ricky,
even though I wasn't asking for their input.

"I guess we could do it on a trial basis," I informed them, "but if we get
back and either of your parents object, then it's back to Uncle Josh.  Is
that understood?"  All the boys nodded their heads again, so it seemed this
was how it was going to be.

"To tell you the truth," I finally confessed," I like the idea too.  In
fact, I'm even looking forward to it.  I'd almost forgotten that my sons
call me 'Pop' most of the time too, although I never figured out exactly
why, but it would be nice to hear that name used more often."

"Great!" they both exclaimed, before rushing over to give me a hug.  "And
thanks for the great vacation, Pop," Jay added with a huge grin on his
face, "even if you guys did tease me a lot about being clumsy."

We all laughed about that for a second or two, before I commented on what
he'd said.  "That reminds me, Jay.  Please stay away from the balcony.  I
don't want you falling off of it and then have to explain what happened to
your parents."  He punched me playfully in the arm and then all of the boys
jumped on me, pinning me to the sofa.

"Do you promise to leave Jay alone and not pick on him any more, Pop?"
Brandon giggled.

"Only if the rest of you promise to keep an eye on him," I replied.

"No problem," Ricky shot back, "but the next time you tease him, we're
going to have to torture you.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," I mocked in my best childish voice, which only encouraged a
barrage of tickling and poking, before I heard one of them say, 'Tell us
you're sorry.'  I wasn't about to give in so easily, which caused a big
wrestling match to ensue.  I held my own for a brief time, but was
eventually overcome by the quartet's youthful endurance and my own poor
stamina.  Totally spent, I ordered a halt to the activity by relegating my
companions to the shower.

The dynamic duo wasted no time in jumping up and running for the bathroom,
shouting 'we're first' as they went.  Having gone several days with no
sexual release, the buddies quickly agreed to do the 'old hand jive' for
each other, which made them both feel much better.  After they'd finished
their workout, they came out into the main room to rejoin us, totally
naked.  They sat down next to me, one on each side, and we watched the
Baltimore Orioles' baseball game that Brandon, Danny and I had discovered,
while flicking through the channels.

Brandon and Danny went next and I could tell by the expressions on their
faces that they were both looking forward to this opportunity of being
alone.  After shutting the door and stepping under the spray, Danny asked
the question that was on both of their minds.  "What do you want to do
tonight, Brand?"

Brandon hesitated about making his choice known, since he didn't want to
seem too eager or make Danny feel he was being pushed into anything.
Brandon was concerned he might be moving too fast, yet felt he needed to
let Danny know what was on his mind.  Finally, he began to speak.  "Have
you... well, have you ever... kinda thought about...  well, you
know... doing it in... oh, jeez... in the butt?"  Danny wasn't quite as
embarrassed by the idea as Brandon had been, but that didn't mean he was
ready to try it yet either.

"Yeah, I've thought about it," Danny admitted, although his head was
drooped and he was staring at the bottom of the tub, instead of his friend.
"I'm just worried it might hurt a lot, so I'm not sure if I want to try it
just yet."

"Oh," Brandon replied, a little discouraged.  "I really want to try it, but
only if we can do it without hurting either one of us."  Danny nodded in

"Dad showed me some stories on the Internet," Danny told him, "but only two
of them had the characters fucking.  Both of those stories talked about the
pain it caused the first time, but they also said the pain turned into good
feelings, after a while.  I guess it's kind of good the pain didn't last a
long time, but I don't know how I'd react, if it hurt at all," he
confessed, while studying Brandon's face, to see if his buddy was agreeing
with him or just thinking he was a big wuss.

"I don't want it to hurt either," Brandon admitted, trying to make sure the
idea wasn't dropped completely, "and I want to find a way we could do it
and make sure it wasn't painful," he added, hoping they might still be able
to do this yet.  When he realized it wouldn't be tonight, he decided to get
something else going, instead.  "What are we going to do then?"

Even though Brandon said this to mean, 'what are we going to do instead of
anal sex,' Danny interpreted his comment to mean, 'what are we going to do
to have anal sex without it hurting.'  That's why Danny's response
surprised Brandon at first.  "I don't know," Danny told him.  "Maybe we
could talk to my dad about it."

At first, Brandon thought Danny was suggesting they ask me what type of sex
they should participate in tonight.  "You want to ask him what we should do

"No, silly," Danny responded, "I meant we should ask him if he knows how to
do it without it hurting."  This idea nearly floored Brandon, since he
wasn't sure he was ready to do something as drastic as that.

"Danny, I like your dad and all," Brandon confessed, "and you know that's
true, but I don't know if I'd feel comfortable talking to him about this.
I mean, it's pretty private stuff and he is, well, an adult."

"Yes, he is," Danny explained, "but he's different than most grown-ups.
He's been really cool about things like this, so far.  Would your parents
have let us shower together or run around naked every night?"  Brandon
shook his head, indicating they wouldn't.  "Besides, I think he suspects
we're already doing stuff in here, so if we don't ask him, who else could
we go to?"

"I don't know," Brandon responded, after pondering Danny's question.  "I
mean, don't you think he'd get mad if we even asked him?  I mean, he'd
kinda know we're planning on having sex then, so wouldn't that freak him

"I don't think so," Danny confessed, "and I'm sure he'd rather have us
learn from him, than try it alone and possibly hurt each other."

"So, you really think he'd be willing to help?" Brandon wondered, although
he was still uncertain about following through with Danny's idea.

"Yeah, I really think he would," Danny replied, confidently.  "He's helped
me with so many other things, including gay stuff, so I don't see why he
wouldn't help me again."

"Jeez, this just seems so weird," Brandon countered.

"I know it does," Danny concurred, "but I don't see any other way.  If you
really want to do this, I think we're going to have to ask Dad for help.
Otherwise, we'll just have to wait until we find some other way to discover
how to do it without hurting each other."

Brandon thought about it for another minute, while struggling with his
desire to do this and the idea of involving me in the process.  There was a
lengthy pause, before he finally responded.  "Okay," he consented, "but
you're going to have to be the one to ask him."

"All right, I can do that," Danny agreed.  "We'll have to get him to stay
behind tomorrow, after Ricky and Jay go down to the beach, so we can talk
to him alone.  Do you think that sounds okay?"

"Yeah, I guess," Brandon told him, even though he still didn't sound
totally convinced this was the best move.  In order to be certain Brandon
wasn't going to change his mind and back out later, Danny thought he'd
better confirm their plan.

"Then tomorrow we're going to ask my dad to help us and you're not going to
chicken out, right?" he asked, while studying Brandon's reaction to his

"Yeah, I won't chicken out," Brandon confirmed.  He even appeared a little
more certain now.

"Then we have a deal?" Danny prodded, one final time.

"Yeah, it sounds like a plan to me," Brandon replied.  "But how about a
blowjob tonight then, just to tide us over?  It's been so long since I've
cum that I feel like I've got bowling balls between my legs."

"You're on," Danny agreed, smiling, "and I know how you feel.  I have to
cum so bad that my gut hurts."

After reaching this agreement, the two of them quickly proceeded to suck
each other to a quick, yet satisfying orgasm.  It had been a few days since
they last enjoyed a sexual release, so it didn't take long for their juices
to come to a boil and erupt, quite forcefully.  After they recovered and
dried off, they came out to join the rest of us and watch the end of the
game.  They knew they would have to wait until the morning for their
opportunity to get me alone with them, but hoped I'd be able to come up
with a plan to help them solve their problem.

After breakfast the next morning, we all came back to the room to change
into our swimwear.  Danny and Brandon took their time, while Ricky and Jay
sped around, eager to get going.  The older duo had just finished
undressing, as Ricky and Jay grabbed their towels and headed out the door.
The younger pair was eager to play in the surf and soak up some rays in the
process.  I had changed too and was getting ready to follow the dynamic duo
out the door, when Danny spoke to me.

"Dad, we need to talk to you," he informed me.  "Would you mind staying
here with us for a little while?"  I was puzzled, but agreed, so Danny
began to tell me what he wanted.  "This isn't going to be easy to ask you,"
he began, "but Brandon and I need your help."  There was a lengthy and
uncomfortable silence after he made that statement, leaving me to wonder
what was on their minds.  Finally, he continued.  "I guess there's no easy
way to ask you this, so here it goes.  Brandon and I want to have sex
by... well, you know...  by sticking our dick up the other one's butt, but
we don't want to hurt each other," he confessed. As an afterthought, and
not necessarily speaking to any of us in particular, he added.  "There, I
said it."

"Yes, you did," I agreed.  "But what is it you want me to do for you?"

"Brand and I kind of hoped you could show us how to do it, so we didn't
hurt each other," he explained, while both of them looked at me quite
expectantly.  However, I had to think this over carefully, before I
responded.  I knew that if I agreed, not only would I be teaching them the
mechanics of the act, but I'd also be implying my consent for them to have
sex.  Carefully, I organized what I wanted to say in my mind.

"First of all, I'm not sure you're emotionally ready to take such a
gigantic step," I admitted, but I could read the disappointment on both
boy's face.  "Do you both feel this is what you really want to do?"  After
looking at each other first, they nodded simultaneously toward me.

"Well, I can see that you're really eager to try this, but I hope you've
both thought about it carefully, " I added.  Again they nodded their heads
in agreement.  "I always told my children that sex was an act of love, not
merely a physical release.  I also suggested they should have strong
feelings about the person they were involved with and avoid merely doing it
because someone was cute or convenient."

"You don't have to worry about us," Danny assured me.  "I think Brand and
me are boyfriends for life.  We just have so much in common and love being
around each other.  We don't just like each other because of the sex, but
that does make it even better."

"Yeah, Pop," Brandon chimed in.  "Even though I did mess around with a few
boys before I met Danny, this is different.  I really don't want to be with
anyone else now.  Danny's right.  I think we're going to be together for a
long, long time."

"So that means I have a son AND a son-in-law now?" I asked, trying to
lighten the moment.  The boys looked at me oddly, before blushing and then

"I guess you could look at it like that," Danny replied, after a brief
delay.  "I mean we aren't married or anything, but I don't think that
really matters.  I guess it's a good way of looking at it, though, right
honey?" he asked Brandon, while kissing him, playfully, on the cheek.

"Yeah, I guess that's kind of the way it is," Brandon answered, before his
face took on a devilish grin.  "Some day Danny will be my wife and I will
be his husband, and then you really will be my pop."

"Hey, you're going to be the wife," Danny shot back, while mischievously
punching Brandon in the shoulder.  "Besides, you've got the long blond hair
and know how to cook."

"Hey, I learned how to cook in the Boy Scouts," Brandon countered, trying
to justify his domestic talents, "but my mom taught me some things too.
She said I'd need to know how to fix my own meals when I went away to
college, so I might as well start practicing now.  She said it would be
cheaper for me, than eating out all of the time."

"She's right," I agreed, "but I think we should get back to the matter at
hand.  I can see you boys are committed to each other, so that hurdle has
been overcome.  However, if I agree to help you with this, it doesn't mean
you can have sex any time you want, though.  Is that clear?"  They both
nodded their heads again.

"Well, I haven't had any personal experience with anal intercourse," I
advised them, "but I have been sexually active in other ways.  I have also
read accounts explaining how painful penetration can be for both males and
females, and have learned some ways to avoid such problems.  If I agree to
do this, then you'll have to trust me completely and promise to do whatever
I tell you.  Okay?"  They both concurred very quickly, even before I had a
chance to finish speaking.

"Before you make up your minds, though, you'd better hear me out
completely," I warned them.  "If I agree to help you, I'm still concerned
that just telling you what to do and then leaving you alone to do it might
not prevent the problem completely.  If either of you were to hurt the
other while trying this, it could evoke some uncomfortable questions from
medical personnel tending to you or from Brandon's parents.  Therefore, if
I agree to help with this, I want you to understand that it means I'll be
staying with you through the entire experience, so I can observe what
you're doing and make the comments necessary to guide your actions."  The
boys were looking uneasily at each other and then at me, but I didn't stop.

"You'll have to be comfortable with the fact that I'll be right beside you
while you're making love for the first time, before you make your final
decision.  You can change your mind about doing this, if you want, because
I know this will be very awkward for all of us, but it's the only way I'll
agree to help.  It's not because I want to watch you make love, but since
we are all inexperienced at this, it's the only way I can be sure you won't
accidentally hurt each other when your hormones begin to kick into
overdrive.  If you decide to say 'no' to my offer I'll understand, but the
final decision is up to you.  Would you be comfortable doing this under
those conditions?"

The boys looked at each other, before Brandon used his head to motion in
the direction of the bathroom.  It was his way of letting Danny know he
wanted to discuss this in private first, before agreeing.  Danny took the
hint and they both stepped into their former playroom, so they could
discuss this alone.  When they emerged a short time later, I tried gauging
their expressions, but couldn't read what they had decided.  Finally, one
of them spoke.

"Brandon and I have talked it over," Danny began, "and we'll do it your
way, as long as you are the only one in here with us when we do it.  We
don't want Ricky and Jay watching us and making jokes about what we're

"No, it would be just us," I confirmed, to their great relief.  They then
began to undress, until I interrupted them.  "Hold your horses, my eager
young riders.  It's not quite time to saddle up yet.  I will need to run to
the store first, in order to pick up a few items you'll need to do this
properly.  Do you think you can wait until I get back?"

"Yeah, but hurry," Danny told me.  "We don't want Ricky and Jay getting
suspicious and come back here looking for us."

"Well, you could go down to the beach while I'm gone and then come back up
here when you see me return," I advised them.  "I'll stand on the balcony
to let you know I'm ready for you, just in case you don't see me drive in,
but I'm sure the other pair will be having too much fun to even notice we
aren't around."  They nodded their understanding and put their swim trunks
back on, while I dressed more appropriately to make the necessary

"I'll be back shortly," I assured them, as I grabbed my keys and left.

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