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After Earth Went Dark: Chapter 4

       Just as Tyr said, as they entered the small mountain range the
temperature began to drop. During the night, even the thick furs were
barely enough to keep them warm. Over the next few days, Tyr did not offer
to train Elliot anymore. Elliot began to wonder if he had done something
wrong. The intimate moment they had shared had felt so right at the time,
but now Elliot wasn't sure. He tried to make eye contact with Tyr often,
but Tyr either didn't notice or avoided him. The brief happiness that
Elliot had felt with Tyr's touch faded away and was replaced once again by
the never fading gloom that clouded his mind.
	Who had he been kidding? It had been an accident. Someone like Tyr
wouldn't care about him. Not in that way anyhow. He was silly for having
gotten his hopes up. This also forced him to consider what his feelings for
Tyr actually were, which was not an easy task. It was complicated to say
the least. Tyr had helped him and his family a lot but was still largely a
mystery. He was definitely very handsome, but also intimidating; supremely
confident, but also soft-spoken and almost shy. Not to mention the other
issues Elliot had to sort out in his head. He knew that he had never really
been interested in girls, and he knew that occasionally his eyes would
linger a little too long on a boy or man, but with everything that had been
going on, it had been too busy to think about it seriously and what it
	As he explored the idea more carefully he realized that he had
always had certain `urges' that he never gave any thought to. Whether he
liked it or not, Tyr seemed to have sparked those urges.
	Night fell on the third day since their encounter, and Tyr informed
the group that the weather would be dangerously cold that night. Elliot did
not know how he knew it, but Tyr had been right about everything so far, so
no one questioned it.
	"We should stay close and keep the fire going." He told them. "The
furs will keep you warm."
	Elliot awoke several hours later to find that he was indeed very
cold. He had rolled over at some point and the fur covering him had been
dislodged partially. Tyr lay close by, only about two feet away. Elliot
could almost feel the warmth radiating from him. He inched a bit nearer
until they were almost touching. As soon as he got close, Tyr's eyes popped
open, staring directly at him as though he had never been asleep at all.
	"I was cold." Elliot apologized in a whisper, then backed off
	Tyr's eyes, visible in the dying embers of the fires, flicked from
Elliot to where his mother lay on the other side of him, then back to
Elliot. He pulled his fur open in invitation. Pleasantly surprised, Elliot
quickly rolled over, joining Tyr. It was very warm underneath, with Tyr's
body heat making a strong contrast to the chilly night air. Elliot
cautiously snuggled up against his guardian, not sure exactly what Tyr's
invitation meant. He found, as he lay back against Tyr, that his entire
body felt like it was as solid as a rock. His sleek frame had no flabby
parts or cushion. Tyr was a man built for speed and efficiency, and the
lean hard musculature on every part of him made that very clear.
	Suddenly, Elliot felt a hand; tentative, almost shy it reached
around him and drew him in closer. Elliot could feel Tyr's breath on the
back of his neck. He closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh. He had been
right all along. Tyr's powerful arm encircled him and held onto him
tightly. It had been a very long time since Elliot had felt so safe. Even
back home, it had not felt quite like this. Tyr's strong embrace lifted the
curtain of misery from him. Elliot never wanted it to end.
	After only a few minutes of this blissful contentment, Elliot
started to nod off. The warmth and safety made it impossible to keep his
eyes open. He shifted his position a little and suddenly tensed up. There
was something poking him, down low. When he had moved it had pushed up
against his butt.
	Tyr must have felt Elliot's tension because he pulled back a bit,
relieving the pressure. Something in Elliot's mind came alive. He knew
exactly what that pressure was. Some animalistic feeling came over him and
he pushed back against Tyr until he felt it again, pressing up against
him. It felt large, and as he moved against it, it responded by twitching
and slowly growing. Elliot was overcome by emotions he was not entirely
familiar with. Instinctively he began grinding against it, his breath
getting faster.
	 "Elliot..." Tyr growled quietly, pulling back from him. "Get some
sleep." His voice sounded strained and Elliot could tell that he was
similarly affected.
	Embarrassed, Elliot let Tyr put a little distance between them. He
still cuddled up against Tyr's muscled chest, but he did not try to take
things any further. He didn't know what had come over him, but it died back
down quickly and the contentment of being held tight lulled him to sleep.
	When he awoke, Tyr was gone. Elliot almost wondered if he had
dreamt the whole thing, but it was far too vivid for it to have been his
imagination. His sister Kara sat by the fire, poking it gently with a
stick. It was surprising how much different the temperature was now that
the sun was out. There was an early morning chill, but compared to the
previous night, it was not so bad.
	Their mother leaned silently against a nearby tree. She had been
very quiet since their rescue. They all had, but her especially. Kara and
Elliot had grieved openly for several days, but she seemed to push it down
in a way that made Elliot worry.
	Tyr stepped out of the woods, stealthy as ever. He carried a pair
of rabbits that he had already cleaned. Rabbit and squirrel had been their
primary meals since Tyr had joined them. Elliot didn't mind, but he would
not have said no to some chicken or beef.
	"There's a town a few miles west of here." Tyr said as he set the
rabbits down on the heated slab of rock by the fire and began to cut them
apart. "It was still populated last winter. We should take stock there if
anyone is still there." He set bits of meat apart to cook more quickly. "We
could afford a day's rest as well, if you want to stay there."
	Kara looked up, interested and Elliot's eyes widened. Even their
mother perked up a bit at the idea of sleeping under a roof, possibly with
a real bed, maybe with real food. It had been weeks since any of them had
slept anywhere but the ground.
	"Umm, yes definitely." Kara was the first to speak up, Elliot
nodded his agreement.
	"Do you think they're still chasing us?" Elliot asked.
	Tyr shrugged. "Doubt it. I took steps to discourage it." Elliot
could not be sure, but it sounded almost like an ominous brag.
	They bolted down the meal even more quickly than usual. They were
all eager to get on the way. As they ate, Elliot stared almost continually
at Tyr. The black tank top he always wore was a continual reminder of the
physique underneath, and Elliot was having a hard time thinking of anything
else. His gaze wandered down to the front of Tyr's pants. He remembered the
feeling the night before and felt his own pants grow a little tighter. When
they set out, he tried his best to keep up with Tyr, in case he had
anything to say, but Tyr's long legs and inexhaustible endurance proved to
be too much for Elliot.
	It was mid-afternoon by the time they reached the small town. At
first, they were concerned, since the outer homes appeared to be deserted,
but eventually they saw signs of life. It was surprising how many people
were still in town. As they got to the center there were businesses still
open and people walking about. They all took time to look at the newcomers
but looked away quickly when they noticed Tyr's weaponry.
	They stopped into a small store that looked like it had previously
been a bank. Tyr bartered with the shopkeeper and traded some of his stash
of ammunition for travel rations and two bars of soap.
	"The town seems well." Tyr noted as he gathered up his purchases.
	"Well, we had a rough patch for a while." The clerk admitted. "But
now, with the tournament, we get all sorts passing through."
	"What tournament?" Tyr asked.
	"Oh, you're not on your way to the Jackson Tournament?" He sounded
surprised. "You look the type. Tough, I mean. It's like, gladiatorial
games, set up by two young men, the Jackson brothers, that's always going
on in the town Clearview, a bit west of here. Kind of barbaric if you ask
me. A few years without power and the whole world goes mad. Doesn't look
like I need to tell you though."
	"Why would someone do that?" Kara asked, wrinkling her nose.
	"People come from all over. I'm surprised you folks haven't heard
of it. They say the rewards for winning are worth dying for. Gold
maybe. The Jacksons are well off. They could probably buy all of
Clearview. And they might someday."
	Tyr did not reply, instead changing the subject. "Is there some
place in town we could stay for the night? Somewhere safe?"
	The clerk nodded "Of course. The Fitz's started up a cozy little
inn about a year back. Get rooms and food for a decent rate. We get all
kinds of ruffians moving through here headed to the Tournament, but the
Fitz's have a large family of big men. That usually keeps things in
order. Halfway decent meals there too from what I'm told."
	Tyr thanked the elderly clerk and left him a small tip before they
continued on their way. It felt good to be in civilization again, such as
it was. It made Elliot feel lighter, but also made him a bit homesick. The
town looked similar to the one he grew up in, just a little more rustic and
	The "inn" that the clerk had mentioned was set up in what used to
be a small school. A makeshift sign for "Fitz's" had been fixed over the
former name of the school. The inside was lit by a number of gas lamps. A
plump friendly looking woman met them at the front.
	"Welcome to Fitz's! You all on your way to the Tournament?" She
asked cheerily.
	"Just passing through." Tyr replied. "Looking for a room or two."
	"We don't have any four beds at the moment." She told them. "I've
got a single for you and a triple for the ladies right across from each
other if that works."
	"Hey!" Elliot complained.
	"Oh, I'm sorry dear." She apologized. "We can split it up however
you like."
	"We'll take it." Tyr said. Out of his pack he took a small bar of
metal and handed it over to the woman. "That should cover it."
	The lady examined it and Elliot saw that it appeared to be polished
silver. Her eyes widened, and she looked up at Tyr. "That covers it." She
confirmed, surprised. "You'll be in rooms 109 and 110 down the hall to your
left. Dinner is at 6 in the cafeteria. All the bathrooms on the first floor
have running water."
	"What!?" Kara spoke up. "Running water!?"
	Elliot was shocked as well. He couldn't remember the last time he'd
seen a working tap. When the power went out all the pumps shut down with
	"Yes." She said proudly. "We hooked up the well pump to a
generator. The bathrooms and the showers all work pretty well most days. If
you shower though, keep it short."
	Elliot's face lit up like Christmas lights. A real shower. It was
far beyond what any of them had expected. Even Tyr seemed impressed.
	"There's also open sparring for the Tournament in the
gymnasium. Just no killing, please." She looked dubiously at Tyr's assorted
	The `bedrooms' were all just refitted classrooms. The
accommodations were modest but nice. Each bed was clean and had real
mattresses on them. The gas lamps that were provided lit the rooms
pleasantly, and there was a small wardrobe in one corner.
	 "Wow..." Elliot murmured, feeling the soft covers of the bed. The
exhaustion of the trip seemed to suddenly settle on him all at once. He was
about to just climb into bed and sleep, but his mother stopped him.
	"We could all use a nap, but we should wash first since we can. You
don't want all that grime getting all over those clean sheets."
	She was right of course. They met up with Tyr again, whose door
faced theirs, and quickly found the locker rooms next to the gym. Just like
a real hotel, there were towels and soap provided for them. Elliot and Tyr
entered the men's and Kara and their mother took to the ladies'. There were
a few other men inside the locker room. Most of them were rough,
sour-looking types. A few gave Elliot a raised eyebrow but with Tyr
towering over him, none said a word.
	The Fitz's had built stall dividers out of plywood between the
shower heads, but they were only about four feet high. Tyr pointed out a
privacy curtain where they could store their clothing. Elliot went first,
stripping down behind the curtain. It felt freeing to get out of the dirty
clothes he had worn for so long. He wrapped a towel around his waist and
came out to claim the corner stall. He felt a few pairs of eyes on him,
which made him nervous, but he also could see Tyr watching him as well, a
thought that he enjoyed.
	When Tyr came out in a towel, Elliot's mouth fell open. He knew Tyr
was fit, but he had not been prepared for the lean definition of his chest
and abs. Tyr took the stall right next to him and Elliot realized with
embarrassment that, because of how tall Tyr was, he would likely be able to
see over the divider between them.
	Tyr hung up his towel and turned the water on. Elliot watched it
running through his mop of tangled hair and down his muscular shoulders. He
saw that Tyr's body had scars across it in many shapes and sizes. The sight
of them made Elliot sad, knowing the pain they must have caused. At the
same time though, he could not stop gazing over Tyr's body. He timidly
dropped his own towel and turned the water on.
	Showering felt amazing. Elliot didn't know if anything in his life
had felt so good. He could see the water pulling the dust and grime of the
road off of him. He washed out his long hair thoroughly and cleaned himself
off everywhere. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that Tyr was once
again taking notice of him. As he had suspected, Tyr's height allowed him
to see everything Elliot had.
	Blushing, Elliot did his best to cover himself with his hands. Tyr
looked into Elliot's eyes wordlessly. Even without saying it, Elliot could
tell what Tyr was thinking. There was a silent command behind those
grey-blue eyes. Elliot obeyed, and moved his hands away timidly. Feeling
Tyr's eyes moving along his entire small body made Elliot feel a lot of
things. It was a little bit violating, but erotic as well. Being the object
of Tyr's desire made him feel a little bit sexy. He turned to let Tyr see
his shapely butt as well. Feeling a bit naughty, he wiggled it around a bit
and was rewarded with a soft amused chuckle.
	Elliot realized that it was the first time he had heard Tyr
laugh. It was a pleasing sound, deep and resonant. Now that he had heard
it, Elliot wanted to hear more of it. Tyr shut his water off and Elliot
turned to see him toweling off. Tyr reached across the divide and
affectionately caressed the Elliot's face before giving him a sincere smile
and wrapping his towel around him and exiting the shower stall.
	Elliot stayed under the spray of the water for another minute or
two while Tyr dressed. He could not entirely explain the closeness he felt
to Tyr. He realized that he had been being selfish. His grief had been
blinding him entirely. They had been relying on Tyr for everything and he
had never asked for anything in return. Elliot was smart enough to know
that someone could not be as detached and stoic as Tyr seemed to be without
something making them that way. He wondered if maybe the scars he couldn't
see were worse than the ones on Tyr's body.
	It felt good to be clean. Even putting his old clothes back on to
get back to the room didn't bother him. They exited the locker room and
found Kara and their mother waiting for them. They were not alone
however. A group of three men, looking to be in their mid to late twenties
were flocked around them, trying to talk to Kara but not able to get past
their mother. One of them was even taking flirtatious passes at their mom.
	Without a word, Tyr held out a hand stopping Elliot in his tracks,
who had already furrowed his brow in anger. Tyr held him back as he took
the lead. Elliot had never really realized just how tall Tyr was. He knew
that their silent protector was taller than any of the other members of
their group but seeing him with a couple of inches on the tallest of these
men, who appeared to be at least several years older than Tyr, drove the
point home.
	Still Tyr said nothing. He stood, arms crossed, a few feet away
from the group, staring at them pointedly. Eventually, they began to notice
him, one by one they turned away from the women to asses the potential
threat. Tyr had not brought his entire arsenal with him, but still had one
of his knives sticking out of his boot.
	"Got a problem?" One of the men sneered, but Elliot thought he saw
a touch of fear in the man's eyes.
	"Not yet." Tyr replied coolly.
	"What, you gonna start a fight over some flirting?" The same man
asked skeptically.
	Tyr shook his head. "I don't plan to start one. Do you?"
	The standoff continued for a tense few moments before one of the
men scoffed. "Bring it to sparring and we can settle it." He said before
turning and marching off. His companions followed, shooting glares at Tyr.
	The girls thanked Tyr for stepping in. They both looked very
refreshed now that they'd had a chance to shower. Even their mother seemed
slightly less gloomy than the past few days. Elliot hoped that the stay
would help her back to her old self.
	They returned to their rooms with only one thing on their minds:
sleep. Before Tyr entered his room across the hall, Elliot turned to make
sure no one was watching before giving him a quick hug. Tyr looked around
as well before affectionately ruffling Elliot's hair and returning to his
	There were robes in the small dresser. They decided to sleep in
those instead of their dirty clothing. They were very comfortable and when
Elliot enthusiastically launched himself into the bed, he was asleep within