Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 20:14:26 +0100
From: Peter745 <>
Subject: Thai Breakfast part 2

After the heat of Bangkok, a stop beside the sea sounded
just perfect.  I booked into Aquarius, the gay complex,
in Patong, a short walk from all the venues and the gay
beach.  Like everywhere, it all happened at night so I
headed for the beach.  It was getting on for late
afternoon, so most people had left, but it was certainly
hot enough for me.  There were some nice-looking Thai
guys there and a couple of elderly European men, slowly
transforming themselves into prunes.  I spread out my
towel, fished my factor 50+ out of the bag and began to
smother myself with the lotion.

As I was doing my front, a voice behind me said "I help
you?"  I looked around to see a dark, well-built Thai
with a wide smile.

"It difficult to do back" he said. "Must be careful in
Thailand sun."

"Thanks a lot", I smiled back, "that would be really nice
of you."

I handed him the bottle of sun cream and he gestured for
me to lie on the towel.  He put a big dollop in his hands
and began to rub it into my neck and shoulders.  It was
as good as a massage.

"My name Watah", he said, "What your name?  How long you
in Patong?"

"I'm Joe" I replied, "and I'm staying for a week at the
Aquarius.  It's my first time here and I'm told it's a
great place to relax."

He was now slowly travelling down my back, raking and
rubbing the skin and causing delicious tingling

"You do that so well, Watah.  Are you a masseur?" I

"No", he laughed.  " Me dancer at My Way.  You know My

I'd seen it near Aquarius.  It did a cabaret show with
transvestites, but Watah looked far too manly to look
good in drag.  I twisted round to look at him and found
myself staring into a nice package in his Speedos.

"The cabaret bar?" I replied "Are you one of the ladyboy

He laughed out loud at that and smacked my bottom.

"Bad boy, Joe.  Me no ladyboy.  Me gogo boy. You come to
My Way tonight 10.30. See difference."

"OK, Watah, I'll do that.  But don't stop with the oil or
I won't be able to sit down later on."

He shook out some more and went over my thighs, brushing
against my balls on the upstroke.  I began to get hard
and shifted position to let my cock adjust.  He couldn't
avoid noticing.  He returned to my lower back, down to
the edge of my Speedos.  He pushed them down a bit and
rubbed more oil there.  One hand slipped right under the
material and he rubbed it over my cheeks and right into
my crack. I let out a moan of pleasure, so he did it
again. He took his hand out and did one last back stroke.

"Turn, Joe, I do front"

By now I had a real hard on and was worried it might be
too obvious on the beach.  But he rocked me gently and so
I turned.  When he saw me, he was grinning broadly.

I managed to study him a bit more closely.  He could have
been anything up to 35 - these Asian guys just stay young-
looking for ever - but he clearly worked out as he had a
good chest and firm muscles.  He came in closer and swept
my chest and legs with the oil.  Of course, his hand
brushed back and forth over my cock, causing me to ooze
pre-cum, but by now I was feeling so horny I didn't care
if the whole beach was watching.

Suddenly he got up.  "Me go now, Joe.  Got to eat before
dance.  See you 10.30, My Way."

I felt let down, but could hardly stop him.

"Thanks, Watah, for the rub down.  You sure will see me

I stayed on the beach a couple more hours, went for a
swim and a bite to eat, then headed back to Aquarius to
shower and change for the show.

My Way was big and cool, with comfortable benches, a long
bar along the side and leather box stools at the end of
each row of benches.  I was shown to a bench and ordered
a beer. On stage were about a dozen guys in white skimpy
shorts, each bearing a number.  Number 42 was most
definitely Watah.  He had oiled his body and was doing a
sort of slow disco with the others.  Other guys in
numbered shorts were on bar stools around the room. The
guys on stage began to come down into the audience, and
each one climbed onto a box stool slowly gyrating,
bending over to give a nice arse view.

Watah came to the end of my row and recognised me with a
big grin. I smiled back at him and raised my beer bottle
in salute.

After that, the guys on bar stools took to the stage.  A
minute or so later Watah came and sat beside me.  I
ordered him a beer.

"Hey, Joe, you come to see My Way?"

"No, Watah, I come to see you.  Now I know where you get
such a good physique."  I brushed my hand over his chest,
lingering at his nipples. He put his hand on mine and
drew it down his stomach and over his package.

"You like Watah, Joe? You want me to put on shirt?"

"You bet I like you, Watah, but even more without shirt

He leaned over, put his hand under my shirt and stroked
down to my crotch.

"If me put on shirt, we go together."

"OK" I said, understanding the rules more.  He could only
stop dancing if he put his clothes on.  He got up and
slipped away for a few minutes, coming back with a shirt
and jeans on.  He sat beside me again and we ordered
another beer.  As the ladyboy show progressed, he moved
closer and began to caress my inner thigh.  I hugged him
closer and he began to stroke my growing packet.  I
reciprocated and soon we were both rock hard.  I wanted
to piss but was so hard it was painful. He suggested we
move on, and we both headed for Aquarius and were soon in
my room, with some more beer.

I shot to the loo and pissed out a long, hot and very
relieving stream.  Just the short walk back from My Way
had made me sweaty, so I stepped into the shower. I heard
Watah come in and piss and next minute he stepped into
the shower with me.

"This time, back need soap," he said helpfully, picking
up the bar.  I turned and he began to lather my back,
running his hands up and down, side to side.  He kneeled
and soaped up one leg after the other, leaving my arse
till last.  Then he began to rub the bar over it, working
up a good lather.  He squeezed my cheeks and put both
hands between my upper thighs, gently pushing them apart.
Like on the beach, he began to rub my hole gently,
tracing his finger round the sensitive lips. This time
there were no spectators, so I spread my legs further
apart.  He eased a finger in to clean me out, twirling it
around, easing in and out.  My cock began to get hard.
His other hand began to soap my balls, rolling and
squeezing them as his finger probed deeper. By now I was
at full mast, and his hand released my balls and began
slowly to lather up my cock.  His finger was now as far
inside me as it could go and he was jabbing at my
prostate, while I had both hands holding me up against
the wall.

He released my cock and slipped his finger out. I could
feel the tip of his cock at the entrance to my hole.  He
took the bar of soap and began to rub it over my chest,
pulling me back onto him.  Somehow my arse just sucked in
his dick, and he slowly fucked me while soaping my
nipples, chest, arms, neck, hair and head.

I could feel his heat glowing as I put my arms back and
pulled him closer.

His mouth was glued to my ear and I could hear him
grunting each time he thrust in.  He pinioned me to the
wall and pushed in as far as he could.  I squeezed my
arse as tight as I could and felt every inch of him
inside me.  One last thrust and I felt a stream of hot
cum enter my guts.  He embraced me hard and close and
kissed my neck.

"Me think you clean now, Joe.  All parts, " he said, as
his half-hard cock slipped out of my hole.

"My turn now, Watah" I said as I took the bar and began
to soap him up.  He had a really fine body and I took
care to reach every part, but he was very sensitive about
me touching his hole.  I didn't mind too much.  I was
happy to bottom to a top like him, and I wanted second
helpings before he left in the morning.

We stepped out of the shower and dried each other.  I
hadn't cum yet and so was still aching for release, but
Watah just lightly rubbed me with the towel and laughed.

"No you worry, Joe, Watah take good care of this later."

Whatever he had in mind was OK by me.

We went back into the bedroom clean and naked, with me
feeling his cum and itching for more of it.  We had some
more beer.  He wanted to watch some TV, and lay on his
stomach on the big double bed while some Thai soap played
on screen.  This didn't interest me, as I didn't
understand a word, but Watah's arse did.  It was deep
brown, and nicely dimpled.  A little flat, like many
Asians, but quite hairless.  I knew it was sparkling
clean. So I got him to lift up his bum while I put a
pillow under it, eased his legs apart and climbed between

I started to lick his left ankle and drag my tongue up
the inside of his leg, letting my nose nestle in his
crack while my tongue traced circles on his balls.  He
lifted his bum higher to give me greater access, so he
was obviously enjoying it.  I started out again on his
right leg, and this time dragged my tongue up from his
balls over the dark, jagged crack. I swept over it again
and again.  He pushed back on my tongue and I could taste
soap and musk and arse juices flowing.  Soon I had as
much tongue up there as I could - not as much as his
finger had been up me, but still not bad.  He began to
buck on me so that my tongue was fucking him while he bit
the pillow.

He switched off the TV and rolled over, revealing his
cock ripe and ready for more action.

"Mm Joe" he said" you tongue sooo hard.  More like cock."

I laughed and leaned forward to take his cock into my
mouth.  He was oozing pre-cum.  He shut his eyes and
widened his legs, so once again I could get at his hole.
I licked up from the base of his arse, probing his hole,
sucking each ball and then curling my tongue as best I
could round his cock, each time getting my reward with a
new load of pre-cum.

I was in Thai heaven, and could have gone on all night,
but he pulled me up under the arms and planted a deep,
wet kiss on my lips, exploring my mouth with his tongue.
He rolled me over onto my back and worked his way down to
my crotch and began to apply expert suction to my dick
that had stayed hard throughout.  He began to finger fuck
me again, first with one finger and then two. He found my
prostate and started to massage it, never stopping his
pumping mouth action.  His fingers began a swift piston
and I pulled my legs as wide as I could, gasping with
ecstasy.  He tried three fingers and my arse yielded in
pleasure.  His tongue twirled my cockhead each time he
came up.  I couldn't hold off any longer.  As my arse
lips gripped his fingers, my cock shot the biggest load
of cum in weeks.  Watah didn't let a drop escape.

When he'd got out all he could, he crawled up my sweaty
body and kissed me deeply again, mixing cum and spit and
sweat in a glorious mansex cocktail.  My legs curled
round his thighs and pulled him tighter to me.  His dick
was still very hard and my arse still very wet, and he
slid into me like a duck into water.

He pulled back, but my legs pulled him in. He pulled out
again, but my heels dug into his arse.  I wanted all of
him in me if possible.  So next time he thrust hard.

"Oh yea, Watah, go as hard as you can, man" I grunted.

He spat out something in Thai and began to piston fuck
me.  Short, sharp, hard jabs, banging his balls against
my arse.  A steady stream of Thai and sweat came out of
him, while I licked his neck and sucked at his chin.
Even his sweat tasted of sex.

Suddenly he bit hard into my neck and thrust one last
time before I felt him filling me with my second helping
of the night.  He collapsed on top of me and we kissed

He slowly climbed off me and went to take a piss and wash
himself.  He came back to the bed with a couple more
beers and we lay side by side, sipping them, while our
legs entwined in a slow caress.  We both slept like babes
that night.

The next  morning, after a hearty Thai breakfast, we said
good bye on the steps of Aquarius and Watah did something
unusual for a Thai - he kissed me on the lips in public.
The cute receptionist saw it and gave me a very sweet
smile when I came back into the hotel.  But he's another