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Subject: Fathers and Sons Together, Part One

Note: Please do not use this story without the permission of the
author. Themes include intergenerational sex between men and teens of legal
age and incest. Do not proceed if these themes bother you.

Fathers and Sons Together
Part One: Max's First Fuck

A couple of weeks ago Coach Welch caught me sucking off my best friend Dan
in the locker room. It was late on a Monday afternoon and I figured
everyone had gone home. Dan and I had been playing around with each other
for a couple of months and I loved the taste of his cock and cum. Coach
caught us just as Dan was shooting his hot load into my open mouth. Since
that day, Dan and I have been coach's and Principal Hill's cock
slaves. Every morning we report to Hill's office to suck their cocks and
eat their cum.

My name is Max. I just turned eighteen and I'll be graduating from high
school in a few months. I'm on the wrestling team--so is Dan. Dan and I
have been friends for years and it was so cool to find out he loved cock
too. We sleep over at each other's houses a lot and have fun playing
around. Neither one of us has tried fucking yet but we've talked about
it. We've played with each other's assholes and it feels great when I pump
a load into Dan's mouth while he fingers me.

So, we've been sucking off coach and Hill for a couple of weeks now. Coach
marched us down to Hill's office when he caught Dan and me and we struck a
bargain with them. We'd suck them off every morning before classes and they
wouldn't punish us or inform our parents about our cocksucking.

Dan and I love our hot morning sessions with coach and Hill. Both men have
big fat cut cocks that drip precum in anticipation of our hot mouths. Both
are in great shape and masculine--muscular, hairy chest, arms and legs, and
handsome. I think both are in their late thirties or very early forties. We
worship their cocks. Coach's cock is about 8" long with a fat mushroom
head. Hills' cock is a bit longer but somewhat thinner. They both feed us
plenty of cum every morning. Dan and I head off to first period history
class with the taste of their hot cum in our mouths. Usually we jack off
while we suck their cocks. Hill makes us use a paper towel to catch our
loads so we don't mess up his carpet. I'd be willing to bet he eats our cum
from the paper towels after we all go. It's just a hunch.

Last Friday morning coach told us to meet him in his office after
school. He told us he wanted to talk about something with us. After our
last class Dan and I headed to his office. We knocked on the door and he
let us in. Hill was there and they both had their cocks out of their pants
and were slowly stroking them. We smiled figuring they were extra horny and
needed an afternoon blowjob.

They both sat on the edge of the desk and Dan and I dropped to the floor in
front of them to swallow their hard leaking cocks. I sucked coach's meat
and quickly established a rhythm that had him moaning with pleasure. Dan
was swallowing Hill's cock and Hill had his right hand on the back of Dan's
head and was face fucking him pretty hard. We continued our sucking for
awhile and at one point I looked up and was shocked to see coach and Hill
kissing each other. They were sucking on each other's tongues. It got me
hot and I pulled my dick out of my pants to beat off.

The moans of pleasure from the four of us drowned out the arrival of an
observer. I didn't know anyone else was in the room until I felt a tap on
my right shoulder. I jumped up and turned around. I nearly fainted when I
saw my dad standing there. He was wearing his uniform--he's the town's
police chief. Instead of a pissed off look on his face he was grinning from
ear to ear. His thick 11" cock jutted from his open fly. The head was slick
with precum. My dad told me I'd better sit down.

As my head swirled as my dad told me how coach and Hill, who were lovers,
told him about Dan and me. He explained that they had all been playing
around for years--ever since coach caught him fucking his partner behind
the school in his cruiser late one Friday night after a football
game. Since then, they and a bunch of other men in town enjoyed fucking
around with each other at the coach and Hill's ranch. He told me he still
loved mom but had discovered man-to-man sex was more satisfying and fun. He
told me his partner was also his lover.

Of course I found this pretty overwhelming. At first Dan was shocked to be
caught sucking Hill's cock but as my dad told his story he got more and
more excited and started stroking his dick. Coach and Hill stood by the
desk smiling and stroking each other's cocks. I looked my dad in the eyes
and told him I loved him. I hugged him tightly. Our cocks came
together. The feeling of my dad's dick on mine was incredible. Without
hesitation I dropped to my knees to admire the cock that made me.

I held his shaft in my right hand and caressed his balls with my left.  My
dad looked down admiringly and gently stroked my hair. He told me this
moment was what he had always dreamed of. I slowly opened my mouth and took
the first few inches of my dad's cock into it. His precum tasted sweet. I
wrapped my lips around the shaft and took in several more inches. The warm
hardness and its aroma were awesome. I continued to swallow more and more
and somehow managed to take it all. I was in heaven!

For the next half hour we all sucked, kissed and rimmed each other. I was
especially turned on as I watched my dad suck Dan's cock. He lovingly
sucked the hard meat and slowly worked Dan into a frenzy. He held off
enough so Dan wouldn't cum. I watched them as Hill sucked my dick and coach
tongued my tight hole.

Coach worked his tongue deep into my teen ass. It felt fucking
incredible. He sucked at my pucker too and this sent waves of pleasure
throughout my body and hardened my dick beyond belief. Hill sucked gobs of
clear precum from my dick slit. He relished the taste of it and beat his
meat as he did. After awhile coach announced that I was ready.

Puzzled, I looked at my dad. He took me by the hand and pulled me to
him. He kissed me and told me he loved me. He whispered into my ear that it
was time to make me a real man and take my cherry. I groaned. I wanted him
to. I was so happy he wanted to be the one. He led me to the couch and sat
down. His dick stood straight up. Coach applied a thick coat of lubricant
to it as Hill swirled some around and into my hole. They lifted me up onto
the couch. I straddled my dad and slowly lowered myself. Coach and Hill
held me steady as my dad's cock found my tight pucker.

Before I knew it my dad was inside me. I let out a slight gasp as his dick
slid into me. I thought it would be painful. I was so turned on that my dad
was taking my cherry that the pain was secondary to the ecstasy I was in. I
heard Dan moan behind me. He was obviously turned on by watching his best
friend and lover be fucked by his dad. Coach and Hill stood back a bit to
marvel at the sight. I continued to take more and more of my dad's cock
into my ass. Finally it was totally inside me. I leaned forward and kissed
my dad hard.

I slowly started to fuck myself on my dad's cock. We continued to
kiss. When most of his cock was out of my ass he would thrust upwards to
meet me. His dick felt incredible inside me. I knew then and there that I
wanted him to fuck me forever. My dick was rock hard as he fed my ass its
first cock. I started to pick up the pace and my dad followed. He rammed
his dick hard into my once-virgin ass. I was on a high. Waves of intense
pleasure bolted through me. Sweat poured from our bodies. My dad, so
handsome in this uniform, smiled as he rode my ass.

Coach, Hill and Dan got up on the couch and started to jerk off. Their
cocks surrounded me and I took turns sucking each of them. They were
obviously turned on by watching dad and son fuck for the first time. Within
seconds of each other they were shooting their hot creamy white cum all
over my face, neck and chest. They moaned and steadied themselves on each
other and me as they unleashed their sweet dick juice. I caught as much as
I could in my mouth. My dad pounded his cock into me harder as he watched
me eat their loads. Cum dripped down on his shirt. A big gob of it landed
on his shiny badge.

As they ate their cum from my face, neck and chest my dad roared and I felt
his cock thicken inside me. He pushed his cock deep and flooded my ass. He
groaned as he shot at least a dozen times into me. I could feel the heat of
his cum. I felt my own orgasm grow and without touching my cock I shot the
first of several blasts of hot teen cum onto my dad's smiling face. I
coated his tongue with my load and he happily gulped it down. Like his son,
he was a cum lover.

Coach, Hill and Dan sat on the couch on either side of my dad. We were all
worn out. I stayed on my dad's cock until it softened. As it slipped from
my hole I moaned into my dad's neck since we were hugging each other
tight. I felt some of my dad's cum ooze from my well-fucked hole.

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