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A School For Young Men
     "A School For Young Men" was how The Hampton Academy billed
itself.  The staff of this venerable institution prided themselves
on providing an "atmosphere of camraderie" in order to further the
essentials of "male bonding" and "lifelong friendships"...what rot! 
This is not to say that the Academy was some hellhole ruled by dour
headmasters with a penchant for inflicting pain with steel
rulers...on the contrary, the Academy was a fine institution of
learning.  It was also a haven for horny young men with raging
hormones -- sex was a commonplace facet of life at the Academy. 
Most of the headmasters were blissfully (or quite possibly
willfully) ignorant of the rampant sexcapades of their young
charges -- and not just those incidents with the girls from
neighbouring Abbeywood Collegiate Institute, either!  The two
schools were seperated by a large, partially wooded area that
afforded plenty of private and romantic (if somewhat insect-laden)
spots where two lovers could meet and do whatever else came to
     Generally speaking, the school had better things to be worried
about.  An ancient rivalry between the Hampton Academy and St.
Martin's Private School For Boys was always a favourite "pet
project" of the Academy's faculty.  The fact that both schools drew
their students from essentially the same area meant that inevitab-
ly, friendships between members of the two schools sprang up
despite the enmity of their respective institutions.  This drew no
end of ire from the professors at the Academy, and an incredible
amount of behind-the-scenes machinations were carried out to
destroy all such friendships.  Imagine if the Academy had realized
that there existed relationships beyond friendships between the two
     If ever the school was concerned with the sexual goings-on of
their students, it was always in reference to these "forest
follies".  Invariably, some student would be called out of his 
class to answer to the charges of "consorting for a sexual
purpose", and then returned shame-faced to the smirks and jeers of
their class after a severe dressing-down by the authorities. 
Occasionally, the "repeat offenders" would be reprimanded in front
of their class in an effort to shame the guilty party into
reforming their ways.  This, of course, only served to establish a
kind of hero-worship amongst the other students, who now looked at
the scoundrel in question with a new-found awe.
     Perhaps most importantly for some of the students, the end
result was that the administration of the Academy tended to keep
their sharp moralistic eyes on the affairs of the woodlands outside
the building rather than the sleeping quarters inside the building. 
Which was just as well -- if the bigwigs at the Academy had any
idea of the amount of sexual activity that was going on in the
rooms of their students...well, let's just say that it was better
that they knew as little as possible.
     Robert Lawrence Crawford was the typical Academy student. 
From a well-to-do, white family, Robert had the elegant air that
the rich often carry with them.  He looked like a snob -- a spoiled
rich brat with perfect teeth and perfect hair...perfect everything. 
It was generally accepted that he would graduate at or near the top
of his class, marry some respectable and hopefully rich girl, and
settle comfortably down into married life.  Only one small problem
-- actually, it was only small because only Robert was aware of it: 
Robert was gay.
     Robert had always been somewhat of a rebel -- he consistently
underwhelmed his family's expectations of him.  He'd done poorly in
school -- that is why they'd sent him to the Academy.  He'd gotten
into trouble with a girl before; in an effort to please his parents
(and perhaps avoid having to accept his own homosexuality), he'd
gone out with a girl his parents had introduced him to.  Unfortu-
nately, he nearly got her pregnant.  His parents were not too
pleased.  He'd even been in trouble with the law, for joyriding
without a license and "causing a general public disturbance hardly
fitting his name and station in life", as his father had put it. 
After that incident, his car had been taken away from him by his
father.  Robert promptly stole the car keys and was soon riding
around town again.  That was the last straw; his parents kicked him
out of the house and into the Academy.
     By contrast, Kevin Donovan Campbell had gotten into the
Academy by hard work and determination.  Kevin's family, while not
exactly poor, were lower-middle-class folk, struggling to keep
their family business afloat.  Mr. Campbell and his brothers owned
a small chain of restaurants in the city.  In the tough economic
times, business was not looking up.  Kevin was the oldest son in
the family; of all the cousins, he was the oldest.  Kevin's father
had high hopes for his son's education, and it was only by several
years of frugal saving and wise investment that the Campbells were
able to send Kevin to the prestigious Academy.
     Fearful of disappointing or upsetting his parents who had
worked so hard to get him to the Academy, Kevin resisted the urge
to tell them that he was gay.  He sensed that they would be
somewhat disapointed, but he was confident that they would
eventually support him in whatever his lot in life was.  Despite
his faith in his parents' support, Kevin decided that there was too
much pressure on his family for them to weather the stress of
finding out their pride and joy was a faggot.  At least, for now.
     By fate's design, Kevin & Robert were assigned to each other
as room-mates.  Almost immediately, they were attracted to one
another.  Kevin was a blond, blue-eyed lad of sixteen, an avid
swimmer and built accordingly.  His fair skin glowed with a warm
lustre that reminded Robert of alabaster or marble.  Robert was
also sixteen, with dark brown hair and piercing black eyes.  His
darker complexion complemented his handsome, brooding face. 
Solidly built, Robert played soccer and football in his free time -
- not exactly gentlemanly sports, but then, Robert was hardly the
gentleman his parents wished he was.  There was something mysteri-
ous and slightly dangerous about Robert that drew Kevin to him. 
This isn't to say that Kevin was afraid of Robert, but more that he
was drawn irresistably to him.
     They met at the opening reception, two young men in their
crisp white shirts and dark jackets and ties...resplendent in the
uniforms they'd undoubtably grow to disdain.  They'd been intro-
duced to one another by their house leader, a handsome eighteen-
year-old senior student, Bryan Winters.  Both Kevin and Robert
would later be involved with Bryan...but that was later.  For now,
they only had eyes for one another.
     For the first two weeks of their living together, their lives
were singularly unremarkable.  They seemed to exist only as
roomates and acquaintances, not as friends and certainly not as
lovers.  To be sure, they cast furtive glances at one another
whenever they could, all the while making sure they were never
seen.  A quick glance in the showers, a casual look while
undressing for bed...but nothing concrete.  And so it went.  For
the first two weeks.
     Their third weekend together, however, found them both without
plans for the weekend.  With the weather unseasonably nasty, the
two young men found themselves in a rather unusual situation;
namely they were stuck in a room together with nothing to do.  This
was the first time that they were going to be together for an
extended period of time and both were beginning to feel the awkward
silence that accompanies being confined to a small space with
someone you should know, but don't.  It reminded Robert of those
family occasions where he was required to carry on small talk with
obscure relatives with whom his only connection was his age.  So,
faced with this uncomfortable situation, Robert reacted the only
way he knew how: he became arrogant and aloof.
     The two boys were playing cards but neither one was really
paying attention.  Suddenly, Robert threw down his hand and
stretched out on his bed.
     "I'm bored, Kevin...you can play on if you want but I've had
enough." he declared.  Kevin was somewhat suprised, but accepted
the situation at face value.
     "It's not much use playing cards alone, you know."  Kevin
commented as he dutifully collected the cards up and put them away.
     "Well, I'm sorry, but I'm just not in the mood for cards." 
Robert's voice carried an impatient edge to them and Kevin picked
up on it immediately.
     "Fine.  You don't have to be that way about it." Kevin
returned, a little put out.  It was Robert's turn to be suprised. 
He wasn't used to being told off in that way.  "I guess I'll just
leave you here, then."  Kevin straightened his tie and pulled on
his uniform jacket. Robert sat up in the bed.
     "Now, look -- " he began, but Kevin had already gotten up and
left, the door swinging gently as Kevin's footsteps echoed down the
hall.  Now, Robert was annoyed.  Nobody ever walked out on him --
he wasn't used to being ignored.  "That little bastard..." thought
Robert half-aloud.
     By the time Kevin had reached the stairs at the end of the
hallway, his footsteps had softened already.  It was hard for him
to remain angry at anyone for very long.  It just wasn't in his
nature; he was hot-headed sometimes but he cooled off quickly.  As
he headed down the dark wooden stairs, he felt a twinge of guilt at
being rude to Robert, but he reminded himself that Robert had been
rude to him first.  What right had Robert to act so imperiously
towards him, anyway?  If there was one thing that annoyed Kevin, it
was snobbishness -- and that's what he saw in Robert.  The more he
thought about it, the madder he got.  Kevin was not looking forward
to spending the rest of the weekend cooped up with a self-righteous
rich brat.  Even a handsome self-righteous rich brat.
     Robert sat for awhile, sulking.  His uniform was stifling him
and he loosened his tie.  In a fit of frustration, he picked up
Kevin's pack of cards and whipped them across the room.  They
fluttered and scattered like leaves, drifting down onto the floor
and under the bed.  Robert smirked.  Moving to Kevin's side of the
room, he pulled apart Kevin's neatly-made-up bed, tossing the
blankets and sheets onto the floor.  Some small voice in the back
of his head -- probably his mother's -- kept saying "Oh Robert
that's SO immature - do act your age..." but Robert ignored it
steadfastedly.  He laughed inwardly at himself; the situation was
ludicrous: he was having a temper tantrum - at sixteen years of
age!  But it felt good.  He needed to let off some steam.  He
tipped over the table as a final touch.  There.  That would give
the little shit something to do when he got back.  He knew that he
was being a real asshole, but he really didn't care.  He could just
picture Kevin coming back to find the room trashed.  He'd start to
pick up the cards...he'd bend over...Robert pictured Kevin's cute
butt as he bent to pick up the blankets...Robert shook himself out
of his reverie.  He couldn't let himself get distracted by Kevin's
good looks.  Sure, the kid was hot looking, but he'd still snubbed
Robert, hadn't he?  And that was as good as an insult.  Robert
pulled on his coat and left the room, slamming the door behind him.
     Kevin wandered around restlessly.  He drifted from the nearly-
abandoned study hall to the equally desolate library, finally
coming to rest in a banquette window, where he sat staring out at
the late afternoon drizzle.  A solitary figure emerged from the
building and made its way across the courtyard.  Kevin recognized
the dark green jacket as being Robert's.  Kevin snorted in contempt
and headed back to their room.  At least with his roomate gone,
Kevin mused, he might be able to  relax and read a book or
     Robert shivered slightly and turned up the collar of his dark
green jacket.  It always felt refreshing to walk after a rain.  The
rains had slowed to a drizzle -- more of a mist, actually, and
Robert breathed deeply, inhaling the fresh, sharp smell of the air. 
It relaxed him immediately.  He even felt a tiny bit guilty about
trashing the room.  Kevin was pretty good-natured, though, he
reasoned...Kevin wouldn't be too angry with him.  Sure, Robert
thought, Kevin would probably laugh it off and everything would be
okay...no problem.
     Kevin stood in the doorway of their bedroom, dumbfounded.  It
looked like a small windstorm had blown through their bedroom.  The
first thing he thought was that they'd been burglarized.  He
quickly checked his valuables -- they were all still there. 
Nothing had been stolen...someone had just trashed the place.  More
specifically, he realized, someone had just trashed his things. 
Gradually, it dawned on him that Robert's side of the room and all
of Robert's things were in perfect order -- or at least they hadn't
been touched.  Then it struck him -- obviously Robert had been
pissed off and decided to get back at Kevin by overturning Kevin's
stuff.  Now Kevin was REALLY pissed off.  "That bratty little
asshole..." Kevin growled, "...what a fucking shit..."  He bent
over and began to straighten out the mess.
     Robert was feeling relaxed and pretty good by the time he
returned to their room.  Kevin, however, was simmering and was far
from being in a good mood.  Robert immediately regretted trashing
the room as soon as he walked in.  Kevin turned on him immediately.
     "Thanks a lot for trashing the room you fucking prick!  You
don't want to play cards -- fine.  It's a little immature to go and
throw a tantrum, you asshole..." Kevin shouted.
     "Me?  You're the one who stormed off in a fit, when I said I
didn't feel like playing!"  Robert yelled back.
     "Yeah?  Why should I sit here and be talked down to?  `Oh, I
don't feel like playing Kevin'...`Run along and play by yourself,
Kevin'...You think you're so special just because you could buy
your way in here, don't you?" spat Kevin contemptuously, pushing
Robert in the chest.
     "Fuck off, Kevin.  Leave my family out of this." Robert
     "No, you fuck off, Robert -- you're just a goddamn snob,
that's all you are!  You and your fucking family!"  Kevin pushed
Robert again.  This time, Robert pushed back.
     "I said leave my family out of this, you little bastard!"
Robert shoved Kevin up against the wall.  Kevin punched Robert in
the chest, knocking him away.  At that moment, the door flew open
and their house leader Bryan stepped in between them.
     "For fuck's sake, you two, do you want to get us all in shit? 
I can hear you two down the hall!  If Lisgar comes in here you'll
both get in trouble for causing a disturbance and I'll be in shit
for not keeping you two quiet!"  Lisgar was Mr. Lisgar, one of the
headmasters.  "Now..." began Bryan quietly, "...would someone like
to tell me what the fuck is going on?"
     Both boys sulked ruefully.  "Nothing." muttered Kevin.
     "Oh, great." Bryan said, "Nothing.  Just what I wanted to
hear."  He shoved both boys onto their beds and shut the door
behind him.  He stared around the room at the mess.  "Jeez...this
place is a mess, Campbell..."
     "It wasn't a mess before Crawford trashed it!"
     "Yeah, well, if Campbell hadn't -- "
     "I don't want to hear it!!" interupted Bryan. "Both of you
clean this place up.  Whatever your argument is, work it out
QUIETLY or take it outside.  Is that clear?"
     "Yes, sir." nodded both boys.
     "Good.  Will you two try and get along, guys?"
     The boys didn't answer, but started to clean up the mess. 
Bryan shook his head and left the room.  He returned to his room
with a sigh.  Bryan's roomate, Josh Harding, slipped his arm around
his lover's waist, kissing Bryan's cheek affectionately.
     "Trouble with the kiddies, champ?" asked Josh as he unbuttoned
Bryan's shirt.
     "Not really," smiled Bryan as he stroked Josh's naked back,
"they really love one another -- they just don't know it yet."
     "Give 'em time -- they'll come around." said Josh soothingly. 
Slipping the shirt from Bryan's tanned torso, the two boys kissed
deeply, their tongues probing each other's mouthes hotly.  The two
lovers moved quickly and easily onto Bryan's bed.
     Kevin & Robert moved silently, neither wishing to speak to the
other.  They circled each other warily, like boxers in a ring. 
Each seeking to avoid the other yet secretly yearning for a
connection.  The tension in the air was palpable.  But there was
more than just tension in the air.  There was an exciting, almost
electric feeling in the air.  Kevin was still hurt and upset at
Robert, but he also enjoyed the physical contact with him.  Robert,
too, didn't want to admit that it thrilled him when he pushed Kevin
up against the wall.  It wasn't a violent thrill,  but more of a
sexual, physical thrill.  If he hadn't been so angry with Kevin, he
would have had the strong urge to kiss him when he pushed him up
against the wall.  For his part, Kevin liked it when he pushed
Robert.  It was strangely exciting to be sparring with Robert --
like a kind of fascination, an attraction.
     Neither of them would admit to it, but both of them badly
wanted something to happen.  A touch.  An "accidental" collision. 
Anything.  They both knew that if they made contact, they'd start
fighting again.  Robert's heart pounded faster.  They both reached
for the overturned table at the same time.  Kevin's pulse raced. 
The air was so charged with energy it was almost crackling with
electricity.  Their eyes met.  Piercing black eyes met steely blue. 
They glared at each other, as if trying to read each other's
thoughts.  God, I want him so badly, thought Robert.  I'd love to
nail his ass to the wall, the little shit....Kevin's hands gripped
the table tightly.  He's so hot, Kevin thought as he stared at
Robert.  I'd enjoy screwing his brains out, just to show him.....
     Slowly, their hands slid around the edge of the round table. 
Without them noticing it, their hands came closer and closer
together until they were touching.  As soon as they touched, Kevin
gripped Robert's hands.  The horny young blond couldn't hold back
any longer.
     "Robert, I -- "  Kevin nearly choked on his words.  He
swallowed and tried again.
     "Robert, I hate you.  I want you so badly but you've been such
a shit to me..."  Kevin tightened his grip on Robert's hand. 
Robert felt himself go hard.  He was thrilled by Kevin's words, and
could say nothing.
     "...you're such a bastard, Robert...a beautiful, sexy bastard. 
God, I want to screw you so badly..."  Tears came to Kevin's eyes,
but he couldn't understand why.
     "...oh, fuck, why do you do this to me?  Why do you hate me?"
Kevin said through his tears.  He suddenly released Robert and
pushed him away.  Robert stumbled back onto his bed, awestruck. 
Kevin sat down heavily onto his own bed, his head hanging down. 
Robert sat, shocked.  After a few moments, he spoke.
     "I'm sorry Kevin...you're right, I've been shitty to you...I
didn't mean to fuck up your life.  I...I want you too." Robert
said, unsteadilly.  Kevin looked up.  Robert stood up and sat down
beside Kevin.  Tears were still in Kevin's eyes and he edged away
from Robert.
     "Fuck off, Robert" said Kevin quietly.  Robert fell silent for
a while.
     "You want to hurt me, don't you?" Robert asked at last.  "You
want to fight with me.  I know.  That's what it is, isn't it?" 
Kevin looked up and scowled at him.
     "Yeah.  That is what I want.  I want to settle this."  Kevin
said evenly.  Robert nodded his head slowly.  He slipped his school
jacket off and put it away.  Then he turned to Kevin.
     "Alright." he said quietly. "If that's the way you want it."
     Kevin threw off his jacket and came at Robert.  The two boys
grappled briefly and pushed each other.  Connecting again, the two
boys fell onto Kevin's bed, wrestling each other.
     "Are those two at it again?" muttered Bryan, as he sat up in
     "Oh, fuck, Bryan -- leave them alone.  Old Man Lisgar's so
deaf he won't hear them anyways."  Josh slipped his hands around
Bryan's naked waist and pulled him back into bed.
     "I guess you're right..." sighed Bryan. "I just don't ever
remember making so much noise..."
     "Oh, I don't know -- " laughed Josh "what about the first time
we fucked each other?"
     "Shut up..." laughed Bryan, as he reached for Josh's throbbing
     Kevin pinned Robert to the bed, both boys out of breath. 
Robert tossed his head and struggled, but Kevin held him firmly. 
The crotch of Kevin's dark grey uniform pants revealed a thick
bulge that didn't escape Robert's gaze.  Robert's own hard prick
was thrust up against Kevin's ass and both boys weren't showing any
signs of slowing down.
     "Alright, so you've got me..." breathed Robert  "...now what
are you going to do with me?"
     "I should nail your ass to the bed,,," said Kevin through
clenched teeth.  Robert squirmed and groaned, grinding his hips
against Kevin.
     "So do it.  Be a man -- you said you wanted to.  Do it.  I
dare you!"
     Kevin stripped Robert's tie off and pulled Robert's shirt
open.  With trembling hands, Kevin kneaded Robert's chest,
massaging the other boy's muscled torso.  Robert sighed and rubbed
Kevin's arms.
     "Oh, god, Kevin...don't stop!  I love it...I want it."
     Kevin didn't say a word.  Stopping momentarily, he stripped
his own shirt and tie off.  Tossing them onto the floor, the
discarded articles of clothing joined Robert's.  Robert reached for
his roomate's crotch and rubbed the bulge in Kevin's pants.
     "Ah, yeah...I'm so horny over you, Robert -- that's it, stroke
it...I know you want it.  Do you want to see it, Robert?  C'mon,
you little shit -- pull it out!  What's the matter, Robby? Scared
of it?"  Robert unzipped Kevin's pants and then undid his own
pants.  Seconds later, both boys had stripped down to their
underwear.  Kevin was still straddling Robert, their crotches
pressed together.  Kevin pinned Robert's hands above his head. 
Closer and closer, their faces moved together.  They stared at one
another, each one secretly yearning to kiss the other but each
afraid to move first.  Robert closed his eyes.  His lips parted
slightly.  Kevin moved closer still.  He could feel Robert's breath
on his face.  Closer.  Now Kevin closed his eyes.  Their lips met.
     It was incredible.  All the passion, all the anger was
translated into that first kiss.  Their tongues wrestled and fought
with one another.  Their bodies were pressed closely together,
igniting passion after passion as their lust for one another grew
more and more heightened.  Kevin released Robert's hands and they
began stroking one another's bodies.
     With trembling hands, Robert traced the muscles of Kevin's
back, letting his fingers trail down the knobby spine.  Down, down,
farther...daringly, Robert slipped his hands into his roomate's
underwear...moving down, farther, until the muscles of the blond
boy's back gave way to the creamy globes of Kevin's ass.  Robert
squeezed and massaged the smooth, hairless asscheeks.  He heard
Kevin moan, a deep, throaty moan that seemed to come from deep
inside the hot blond's chest.  Kevin breathed excitedly, his
chiselled nipples rubbing erotically against the hard brown nubs of
Robert's chest.  The young blond planted his lips firmly around the
base of Robert's neck, just above the collar line on Robert's right
side.  Nibbling, sucking and tonguing furiously, Kevin worked a
large hickey into Robert's neck.  Robert knew that his shirt
wouldn't be able to hide it completely the next morning, but
somehow, he didn't care.  He reached up and pressed Kevin's head
onto his neck, urging the horny blond farther.
     Both pairs of underwear were by now damp and sticky with sweat
and precum, and both boys were steaming with sexual desire.  Kevin
sat up, his legs astride Robert's sweaty body.  Kevin's huge cock
looked like a tentpole inside his white briefs.  Robert reached
through the legholes of Kevin's briefs and grasped the young
blond's prickmeat with both hands.
     "I want you to cum inside my mouth, Kevin," breathed Robert,
"I want to feel your cock sliding down my throat.  Fuck my mouth,
     Kevin smiled and slid his finger into his mouth.  He sucked
and licked it for a while, and then slid it into Robert's mouth. 
Robert tounged and licked it feverishly, sucking it deep into his
throat.  Repositioning himself, Kevin straddled Robert's face. 
Robert's head was in Kevin's lap.  Pulling at his y-front briefs,
Kevin unleashed his cockmeat through the opening.  Laying it over
Robert's sex-flushed face, Kevin watched in ecstasy as Robert
extended his soft pink tongue out and licked at the swollen
cockhead.  Leaning over, Kevin thrust his cockmeat into Robert's
eager hungry mouth.
     Sliding his meaty cockpole all the way into Robert's gaping
oral cavity, Kevin filled Robert's mouth.  The damp sweaty material
of Kevin's underwear covered Robert's nose and face.  His throat
stuffed with Kevin's sausage, Robert had no choice but to breathe
deeply through his nose.  A deep lungfull of powerful male aroma
filled him, thrilled him.  Kevin's crotch smelled incredibly good -
- so masculine and undeniably that of a hot young male in sexual
     Eager to give as good as he was getting, Kevin licked and
sucked at the meaty bulge inside Robert's underwear.  Teasing out
first one then the other testicle from Robert's pouch, Kevin sucked
on the egg-shaped balls.  Rolling them around in his mouth, Kevin
tasted the sweaty, sperm-filled balls, thrilled by the knowledge
that they were churning out their sweet male cream for him. 
Robert's lightly furred thighs trembled with passion, incredibly
turned on by his roomate's oral attentions.  Kevin gradually
brought out more and more of Robert's cock until the whole fleshy
rod was exposed.  Kevin licked the stem and shaft of Robert's cock
until Robert began bucking his hips off of the bed, trying to get
his cock into Kevin's mouth.  Kevin grabbed the spit-slicked pole
and took it into his mouth, sucking and licking the iron-hard cock.
     They stayed that way for a while, feeding at one another's
crotches, tasting the delicious tastes of one another's bodies. 
They felt almost as if they were one being, endlessly pleasuring
itself.  Higher and higher they lifted themselves to one sexual
plane of bliss to another, on and on.  Finally, they began to feel
in their bodies the hot tense flow of energy that signaled their
mounting mutual orgasm.  They sucked themselves deeper and harder,
trying to get more and more of that good-tasting cock into their
throats.  Their orgasms were getting closer and closer, they could
feel the itching throbbing sensation from deep inside their groins
and feel it begin to spread, and grow and gain momentum as it
worked its way through their churning aching balls and up through
their rockhard cockpoles until they shot their pent-up wads of
cockcream into each other's throats.  Pulling back enough so that
they could actually taste the scalding spermsauce, the two boys
delighted in each other's boyjuices.
     Gulping and swallowing crazily, the two horny teens still
managed to miss some of the torrential flow of cumcream, and it
leaked out of the sides of their mouthes, flowing onto the bed. 
Wrenching free of Kevin's body, Robert flipped the randy young teen
onto his back.  Robert lay squarely on top of his new lover and
passionately tongue-kissed the sweaty blond boy.  He could taste
his own cum on Kevin's tongue, and made sure that he let some of
Kevin's cum drip from his tongue back onto Kevin's.  They kissed
urgently, deeply, roughly, their tongues lashing each other and
wrestling with each other.
     "Whew!" exclaimed Robert as he rolled off of Kevin. "You're
one hot cocksucker, Kevin!"
     "Mmmm...." sighed Kevin as he nuzzled Robert's sweaty armpit,
"...you were good too.  I want you like this always."
     "I want you this way too.  I'm sorry I was such a shit
     "Forget it.  I forgive you.  I still want to fuck your ass,
     "Yeah?  Okay...but I'd really like to fuck you first -- I've
wanted to for so long.  You can fuck me afterwards though -- I want
this to be fair, anyways."
     "Fine.  But take it easy on my virgin ass, okay?"
     "I promise I won't hurt you too badly..."  Robert laughed.
     "C'mere you hot fucker..." grinned Kevin, as he grabbed
Robert's body.  Kevin lay on his back and lifted his legs up over
his head, exposing his tight, hairlesss young asshole.  Robert
rolled over and positioned himself at his roomate's asshole.  Their
eyes locked and Robert slowly lowered his mouth closer and closer
to Kevin's clenched twitching fuckhole.
     "Yeah...." whispered Kevin, "that's it, Robert...eat my ass
out...mmmm, c'mon stud, I want to feel your hot tongue in my
     "Oh Kevin, you fuckin' slut!!  You want me to rim you good,
don't you?  'Cause you know that after I eat your tasty hole I'm
going to FUCK YOUR ASS, right?  Oh yeah...I'm gonna ram this cock
up your tight ass so hard you'll feel it in your throat...yeah!"
     Robert stuck his tongue out again, and dove into Kevin's tight
lovehole.  He sealed his lips around the blond boy's hole, driving
his hot wet tongue up into Kevin's ass.  Kevin squirmed in delight
as Robert rimmed him.  Angling his head slightly, Robert filled
Kevin's ass with spit.  He wanted to make sure that the blond
virgin teen was adequately slicked up so that when Robert fucked
him, there would be as little pain as possible -- not an easy
matter with a horny, horse-hung young stallion like Robert!  Around
and around, Robert twisted his tongue, opening up Kevin's tight
ring of muscle.  Gradually, Kevin's sphincter relaxed more and more
and Robert was able to stick more and more of his tongue up into
Kevin's ass.  Robert jerked Kevin off with one hand as Kevin ground
his ass against Robert's face, moaning in delight.  Kevin had never
been rimmed before and somehow, in the heat of passion, the idea
appealed to him immensely.  Robert was similarly suprised at
himself.  Licking and tonguing another boy's asshole was definitely
not something he'd always thought about doing, but he found he was
relishing the whole experience with Kevin's sweaty, but tasty
     Lifting his face from Kevin's ass, Robert's spit dribbled
lasciviously from his mouth.  Kevin's ass was brimming with
Robert's saliva and Kevin was primed and ready to be fucked.  The
blond stud lay back, his thighs on his chest as he pulled his
asscheeks apart greedily, eager for Robert's cock.  Taking his
monster prick in his hands, Robert took careful aim at his cock and
spat gobs of spit onto his rampant fucktool.  Slicking up his cock
with spit and precum, Robert stroked himself good and hard until
his dick was slippery enough to fuck with.  Robert moved into
position behind Kevin and placed the head of his cock at the
dripping asshole's entrance.  Lunging forward, Robert rammed his
cock up into Kevin's ass.
     Bryan sat up in bed with a start, waking his slumbering lover
as he did so.  Josh raised himself up on one elbow, rubbing his
eyes sleepily.
     "Wha-?" began Josh, "what's going on?"
     "Did you hear that?" asked Bryan, his eyes wide open.  Josh
rolled over and stuffed his face into his pillow.
     "No...I've no idea what the fuck you're talking about..."
muttered Josh into his pillow.  "Let's just go back to bed, Bryan,"
he said plaintively, but Bryan was already up and moving about the
dimly lit room, pulling clothes onto his lean, naked frame.  Josh
rolled over again and watched, bemused, as his roomate stuffed his
half-hard dickmeat into a jockstrap -- Josh's jockstrap.
     "Ummm...not that I mind, particularly, dear, but...that is my
jockstrap, you know..." said Josh.  Bryan stopped, stripped off the
jock and sniffed it.
     "Mmmmm, yeah...and they smell so sexy, too," purred Bryan as
he stroked his stiffening cock.  Then he put them back on again as
Josh rolled his eyes.  "I heard something from Campbell & Craw-
ford's room -- sounded sort of like a cry."
     "Well...shit will hit the fan if one of them beats the other
to a bloody pulp.  Besides..."
     "Yeah, yeah, I know.  You hate to see a pretty face get
bruised," teased Josh.
     "Well, anyway...I'm going to check on them."  Bryan slipped a
pair of tight jeans on and reached for a shirt, then thought better
of it and turned to face Josh again.  "I'll be back in a few
minutes -- if I'm not, you can come and give me a hand breaking up
the fight!" laughed Bryan.  With that, the handsome senior ran his
hand through his sleep-mussed brown hair, leaned down to give his
brunette boyfriend a kiss, and padded off down the hall, closing
his door quietly behind him.
     Kevin gasped, and cried out.  The initial shock of Robert's
first violent thrust had very nearly knocked the blond boy's wind
out of him.  His head reeled with a pain that shot from his butt up
his spine and exploded behind his eyeballs.  This pain had quickly
been replaced with an indescribable pleasure as Robert's huge dick
made contact with Kevin's prostate gland, stimulating Kevin beyond
all belief.  Both boys were bathed in sweat from the exertion. 
Robert buried his cock to the hilt in Kevin's ass and kept it
there.  Robert leaned forward, trapping Kevin's rockhard cock in
between their sweaty bellies, and tongue-kissed Kevin passionately. 
Hooking his thumbs in Robert's sweaty armpits, Kevin pulled his
roomate down onto and into him.  Ignited by lust, Kevin began
grinding his hips onto Robert's cock, urging the dark-haired stud
to fuck him.  Robert slowly began thrusting his hips, driving his
studcock in and out of Kevin's ass.
     Dim light from the hallway flooded the room as Bryan opened
Robert and Kevin's dormroom door.  The two lovers, caught in the
act of fucking each other's brains out, froze in mid-fuck.  Bryan
stood in the doorway for a second, shocked by what he saw.  A smile
crossed his face as he stepped into the room, shutting the door
softly behind him.  His cock stiffened instantly, shoving the front
of Josh's sweaty jockstrap out against the crotch of his jeans.
     "Well, well...what have we here?  A couple of queerboys in my
house?"  A nasty smile crept across his face.  Bryan could see that
the two lovers were scared of him -- they obviously didn't realize
that Bryan and Josh were just as queer as they were!  He decided to
toy with them a little longer.
     "Why don't you just fuck off, asshole..." snarled Robert.  He
pulled his still-hard fuckpole out of Kevin's ass and got off the
bed to face Bryan.  "Or maybe you'd like me to shove this cock of
mine up your ass, too...sir."  Robert pushed Bryan in the chest. 
Suprised and caught off guard, Bryan made no resistance. Kevin had
gotten off the bed now and came towards Bryan.
     "Yeah, we know about you and Josh, Bryan..." Kevin began. 
Bryan was shocked -- they weren't scared after all; just suprised! 
Robert smiled and grabbed Bryan's crotch, stroking it.
     Bryan smiled and let his crotch be manhandled as he slipped
his hand around Robert's head and pressed his lips against
Robert's.  Kevin took one of Bryan's nipples and sucked on it as he
helped Robert stroke Bryan's fuckpole.  Robert withdrew his tongue
from Bryan's mouth and grinned seductively.
     "How about getting that hot ass of yours into bed with us,
hmmmm?" asked Robert.  Bryan didn't need to be asked twice, and the
three boys eagerly moved onto the bed together.
     Robert resumed his position fucking Kevin, while Kevin
motioned Bryan to come and sit on his face.  Kevin was hot and
horny remembering how Robert had rimmed him and was eager to get a
taste of that sweet hole for himself.  The turned-on senior,
meanwhile, was only more than willing to get his ass eaten out by
a sexy blond like Kevin.  Only hours earlier, Bryan had been butt-
fucked into ass-pounding heaven as Josh had shot a heavy load of
dickcream up into Bryan's ass.  Bryan had, of course returned the
favour by nailing Josh to the bed.  Bryan had screwed his own cock
into Josh's hungry lovehole, slamming his meaty spermthrower into
Josh again and again until his spermsauce had erupted into Josh's
on-fire asshole.  Now, it was Bryan's ass that was on fire, and
only Kevin's licking tongue could quench the burning asshole of the
hot, horny senior.  Lowering his tightly-clenched hole onto Kevin's
waiting face, Bryan let out a sigh of pleasure as he felt Kevin's
tongue lick tentatively at the puckered asslips.
     Quickly, Robert swooped down and took Bryan's huge cockmeat
between his lips.  Bryan's long, uncut dick had a huge foreskin
that he could pull over the head of his dick even when it was
rockhard and ready to cum!  Robert pulled off momentarily to lick
his lips.  He could taste the salty tang of sweat and cum on
Bryan's cockmeat, and he was hungry for more!  As Robert resumed
his sucking, Kevin pulled the cheeks of Bryan's ass apart and
exposed the older boy's hot hungry hole.  Kevin stiffened his
tongue and drove it right up and into that welcoming ass pucker and
felt Bryan's tight anal ring begin to loosen until Kevin could
stick his entire tongue in.  Kevin began eating out Bryan faster
and faster, as if the hot senior's ass was the sweetest piece of
candy he'd ever tasted.  Bryan began moaning like an animal in
heat.  Kevin grunted as Robert fucked his ass with hard driving
strokes.  Robert slurped and sucked at Bryan's well-hung piece of
meat as the three boys enjoyed a very hot three-way suck-fuck orgy.
     "Yeah...oh yeah!  Eat that ass!  Spit-lube my hole, slick it
up good...fuck, you freshmen are always so-o-o-o fucking hot..."
moaned Bryan as Kevin rimmed him lustilly.
     "Oh yeah?" asked Robert, grinning as his saliva dripped off of
Bryan's cockmeat, "do you and Josh screw with a lot of us freshmen? 
Or maybe it's just you, hmmm?"  Robert stroked Bryan's tool as he
continued to taunt Bryan.  "Yeah, maybe that's it... whatsamatter? 
Poor baby isn't getting enough from little Joshie?  I guess Bryan
has to resort to screwing with freshmen to get his rocks off 'cause
Josh isn't --"
     "Shut up, cocksucker!" snarled Bryan as he slapped Robert
across the face, hard.  Bryan grabbed a handfull of Robert's hair
and pulled the boy's head back.  "Don't you EVER insult Josh 
again, or I'll fucking beat the shit out of you.  Do you under-
stand, you little brat?"
     "Y-yes, sir..." whimpered Robert.
     "That's better," said Bryan, gently, as he released Robert's
hair.  "Now suck that cock, Robert...you are a damn good cock-
sucker..."  Robert quickly went back to sucking Bryan's huge cock.
     A soft knock at the door interrupted the three randy teens. 
A muffled voice soon followed:  "Bryan?  Everything alright?  It's
me, Josh..."
     "Everything is perfect, baby...get that cute ass of yours in
here and join the orgy!" replied Bryan, cheerfully.
     The door opened once again and Josh slipped into the room. 
His large brown eyes widened as he pushed his dark brown hair out
of his face.  Josh's slight frame and build did make him look kind
of small, but dressed as he was in only a pair of cycling shorts,
he looked very good indeed.  The outline of Josh's spermpole bulged
clearly beneath the shiny lycra as he took in the delectable sight
of the three boys.
     "I thought you said to give you a hand breaking things up, not
putting them together!"  grinned Josh as he ran his hand along
Robert's naked back.
     "Yeah, well...when I came in, the two of them looked too good
to break apart!  Then when they invited me in to join them...well,
how could I say no?  After all, isn't that what house leaders are
     "Mmmmm...well, is young Crawford doing a good job at sucking
you off?"
     "Oh yeah...he's real good.  He was being a real smartass
before, though.  He said that I must not be getting any from you if
I'm always jumping the freshmen..."
     "Oh, he did, did he?" asked Josh.  Josh stroked Robert's
quivering backside and leaned down to whisper in the junior's ear: 
"I guess I'm just going to have to ram this cock so far up your ass
that you'll feel like I'm ripping your guts apart, won't I, you
     Bryan smiled and pushed Robert's face onto his dick.  "Yeah,"
he laughed, "maybe we could get Kevin here to fuck him too...in
fact, maybe we should all take turns fucking this pretty boy up the
ass!  Would you like that, Campbell?  You were pretty pissed off at
Crawford before...and besides, he's been reaming out your hole for
a while -- don't you think you oughta pay him back as good as you
     Kevin withdrew his tongue from Bryan's spit-soaked ass and
swallowed hard.  "Yeah..." he began, panting slightly from the
exertions he'd just put himself through, "I do want to nail his
butt to the bed.  He thinks he's such a stud -- I sure as hell
don't want to be the only one who's going to have a hard time
sitting down in class tomorrow!  Let's fuck him...let's all fuck
     Josh slapped Robert's asscheeks and grinned.  "Well, Crawford,
looks like your ass is going to be in for a real workout
tonight...and I'm looking forward to fucking that cute bubble butt
of yours..."  Robert groaned, grabbing Bryan's erect nipples
     "It looks like he's just aching to have his tight butt fucked,
doesn't it?" smirked Bryan as he squeezed Robert's biceps appreci-
atively.  Stripping out of his cycling shorts, Josh stroked his
cock to full erection.  Moving into position behind Robert, Josh
began to lick the younger boy's asshole.  Josh's expert tongue soon
found the puckered rosebud of Robert's tightly clenched asslips and
began probing the boy's hot hungry hole.  Josh couldn't resist
taking a few long and loving swipes of his tongue around Robert's
full cream-laden balls, sucking first one and then the other one
into his eager mouth.  Bryan's cock jammed down his throat, Robert
could barely groan with pleasure.
     All too soon, Robert felt a cool breeze on his spit-slicked
hole and knew that Josh had taken his mouth away from his ass.  The
dark-haired studboy knew what was going to happen.  He knew what
Josh was about to do to him.  And he knew he wanted it.  Josh spat
into his hand and slicked up his long fuckpole.  Taking careful
aim, Josh slid his cock up into Robert's asshole.  Sliding on his
own spit, Josh easily rode his way into Robert's fuckhole.
     Robert choked on Bryan's horsehung cock as Josh's fiery
sexlance speared him.  He was caught in a delicious four-way
sandwich as big cocks filled both his hungry holes and a tight ass
wrapped itself around his own rampant fuckstick.  Sucking furiously
on Bryan's cockmeat, Robert pumped his hips back and forth
vigorously.  With each purposeful stroke forward, he drove his cock
into Kevin's tight asshole; with each pull backwards, he impaled
himself onto Josh's swollen spermgun.  Back and forth, back and
forth, Robert pumped himself into a level of pleasure he'd never
experienced before in his young life.
     Bryan's cock stiffened suddenly, and Robert knew from past
experience that the older boy was about to shoot his load.  Robert
pulled his lips back until just the head of Bryan's cock was
trapped inside.  Then, he tongued the super-sensitive cockhead
passionately, swirling his soft wet tongue around the hard fleshy
knob and sucking on the soft foreskin.  Kevin could feel Bryan's
asslips contracting and relaxing in a crazy, frenetic rhythm, and
the sweaty blond sensed the older boy's imminent orgasm.  Kevin
responded by rimming Bryan ever more furiously, pulling the meaty
asscheeks apart further in an effort to open up the tasty sweaty
hole.  Grinding his asshole down onto Kevin's face, Bryan groaned
and gasped with pleasure as hot streams of cumsauce spat from the
head of his dick, splashing against Robert's tongue and filling the
younger boy's cheeks with the tasty male cream.
     Robert slurped and gulped at Bryan's ejaculating cockpole,
swallowing mouthful after mouthful of Bryan's hot creamy cumsauce. 
Bryan cried out in a hoarse whisper of ecstasy and lust as the
final throes of his orgasm shook him.  Drenched in sweat, Bryan
pulled his dick out of Robert's mouth and climbed off of Kevin's
face.  Grabbing Kevin's school uniform shirt, Bryan wiped the sweat
from his muscled chest.  Kevin smiled and stroked Bryan's still
half-hard dick.
     "Mmmmm....I'm going to enjoy wearing that shirt tomorrow.  I
won't be able to wear it without thinking of your hot body, Bryan!"
     "Yeah?  You're really going to wear this to classes?  Fuck,
you'll smell like a fucking animal!"
     "Yeah..." growled Kevin, "...like a fucking animal in heat."
     Robert threw his head back in ecstasy, Bryan's cum dripping
from his mouth.  Kevin groaned and knew that his handsome roomate
was on the verge of cumming.  Josh's hands pinched and twisted
Robert's nipples, urging Robert on further and further until
Robert's cock exploded inside Kevin's ass.
     "Ohhhh! I can feel you cumming inside of me!  It feels so
good, Robert!  Yeah, shoot that load inside me!" moaned Kevin,
grinding his hips against Robert's ejaculating cockpole.
     "I'm cumming, stud..." gasped Robert through clenched teeth.
     "Ohhhh...me too, baby.  I can fuckin' feel it...it's getting
close..." panted Kevin as he stroked his huge pole.  "Ohhh... here
it...CUMMMMMMMS!!!" groaned the sweaty young blond as his 16-year
old cock shot a heavy stream of cum right up his chest to his neck. 
The second shot went even farther, sailing right up to Kevin's
face, splattering his flushed face with his own creamy spermspunk. 
Kevin licked his lips, tasting his molten manjuice as it slid down
his cheeks into his mouth.  Several more shots of cum sprang from
his hot cockhead, spraying his taut body with pools of creamy white
cum.  Sweat poured from Robert's overheated body, mixing with
Kevin's ejaculate in a creamy cum cocktail.  Robert collapsed on
top of his roomate's body, rubbing the sweaty, spermy fluid into
both their torsos.  Robert opened his mouth and felt Kevin's hot
probing tongue force its way into his  throat.  Robert pulled his
aching prick out of Kevin's hot ass and Kevin rolled out of bed,
wiping himself down with his school uniform shirt.
     Bryan, who sat naked on the table, shook his head in amused
disbelief.  "That shirt," he began, "is going to be so fuckin'
raunchy tomorrow..."
     "Yeah, I know," grinned Kevin.  "And tomorrow is the debating
final with St. Martin's.  I've been chasing their captain ever
since the regionals -- y'know, the cute redhead?  He's gonna walk
into the finals and there'll be cum in the air -- he'll be so
freaked out he won't be able to concentrate.  He bet me a fuck at
the regionals that St. Martin's would win the finals.  So I plan on
collecting tomorrow!"
     "Scheming little fag, aren't you?" remarked Bryan admiringly.
     "I want us to win..." shrugged Kevin modestly.
     "You also want to fuck that redhead's ass." teased Robert.
     "Yeah?  Well, right now, I want a piece of your ass...as soon
as Josh is finished with you!" replied Kevin, as he stroked his
cock to full hard again.
     "Unnh..." grunted Josh, "It won't be long now, Kevin....I'm
going to be cumming in his asshole any second now....ooooh, yeah;
I'm almost fuckin' there..."  Josh began to fuck Robert harder,
slamming his prick into Robert's crack, sliding it in and out
harder and faster.  Robert lay face down on the bed, his buttcheeks
in the air.  Josh knelt behind him and thrust his hips back and
forth, spearing Robert with the fleshy rod.  Then, with a cry of
ecstasy, Josh made one final lunge and began orgasming inside
Robert's ass.  Groaning and gasping, Josh squeezed Robert's
asscheeks until he left handprints on the younger boy's ass.
     "My turn now..." said Kevin.  Josh gave Robert's ass a final
poke and then pulled his dick out with a wet pop.  Kevin gave Josh
a quick but deep tongue kiss as he moved in behind Robert.  The
horny blond boy trailed his fingertips up Robert's spine, slowly,
teasingly.  "Alright, you fucker..." snarled Kevin to his roomate,
as he grabbed a handfull of Robert's sweaty hair,  "I want you on
your back -- just like you did me.  C'mon, Robert, turn over." 
Robert gasped in pain but obediently turned over, his smooth chest
heaving in lust.  Robert spread his asscheeks apart, his knees
tucked up against his chest.  Kevin slicked up two of his fingers
and then stuck them in Robert's mouth.
     "Remember this, Robert?" smiled Kevin as Robert licked and
sucked the blond stud's fingers.  Robert nodded and slurped at the
plunging digits.  Kevin pulled his fingers out of Robert's mouth
and slid them into Josh's mouth, then into Bryan's mouth.  Both
boys licked and tongued them suggestively, at one point locking
their tongues around the wet fingers and sliding their mouthes up
and down as if they were sharing a candy cane.  Kevin smiled and
ran his wet fingertips around Robert's dripping hole. "This time,
though..." purred Kevin, "they're going UP YOUR ASS!!" sneered
Kevin, as he jammed his two fingers up into Robert's rectum.  It
was Robert's turn to gasp as Kevin reamed his asshole open.  Around
and around, Kevin gently but purposefully loosened up Robert's anal
ring of muscle.  As Robert began to unclench his sphincter, he
released Josh's load of hot cum -- which is exactly what Kevin
wanted him to do.
     Scooping out Josh's load from Robert's ass, Kevin spread it
all over his own already rampant fucktool, blending it with his own
load of sticky, slippery precum.  Bryan watched Kevin and smiled in
disbelief.  These freshmen were getting hornier -- and kinkier --
every year!!  Lubricated adequately now, Kevin slipped the head of
his dick inside Robert's ass.  Sliding on Josh's load of cumsauce,
Kevin eagerly fed inch after inch of his cockmeat into his
roomate's hungry ass.  Kevin's cock made wet smacking sounds as he
fucked Robert lustilly.  Josh bent down and began to tongue the
puckered assflesh of Robert's hole, lubricating the stem of Kevin's
plunging cocktool, tasting his own load as it squished out the
younger boy's butt.
     "Ohhhhhh....yeah, Robby -- you've got such a nice ass!  That's
it, baby....tighten that ass of yours -- make it soooo tight.  I
want to fuck you right open with my cock...."  Kevin's pornographic
pleadings turned Robert on; making the dark-haired studboy groan in
pleasure.  Kevin licked Robert's sweaty chest, tonguing and
nibbling on the erect nipples as Robert writhed in ecstasy.
     "Fuck me!" gasped Robert as Kevin dove tongue-first into his
sweaty armpits, "fuck me hard!  I love it Kevin,  I want it!  Screw
me with your cock!  Oh, YES!!!  YES!!!  I love you fucking me!" 
Robert humped his hips up in rhythm to Kevin's pounding tool,
forcing his roomate into him farther and farther.
     Kevin's licking tongue tasted the tang of fresh young sweat as
Robert clenched and unclenched his ass muscles, milking the cum out
of Kevin's spermpole.  Josh's creamy load made fucking Robert much
easier, and Kevin's prick slammed into Robert's lovechute with
ease.  The angle of fuck the two boys had assumed made the swollen
head of Kevin's cock jab repeatedly at Robert's prostate, sending
pulses of pleasure through Robert.  Josh's lapping tongue had
painted Robert's entire anal area with saliva.  As the fuck
progressed, Josh's load continued to squeeze out around Kevin's
cock with each downward thrust.  Never one to miss out on the taste
of Josh's cumcream, Bryan positioned himself between Kevin's
plunging cock and licked up every trace of cum that dribbled from
Robert's well-stuffed asshole while Josh bent over and took
Robert's stiff throbbing cock into his mouth.
     "Ohhhhh....this is so hot..." moaned Kevin as he felt the
stirrings of his own orgasm begin in the pit of his groin.  The
whole scene was so incredibly debauched and kinky that Kevin could
hardly believe he was doing this!  There he was, fucking his
roomate while his two house leaders joined in with their tongues
and bodies -- it was all too much!  "I'm gonna cum in you, Robby --
unnnnh, yeah, get ready fucker; I'm gonna fill your ass with my
     "OH YES!!!!  I'm ready for you now, Kevin....throw that load
deep inside me....ohhhhh yeah, it feels SOOO big inside me there. 
Oh fuck YEAH, Bryan, lick me -- you like Josh's cum, don't you? 
Yeah, man, lick it up!  Oooooh, suck me Josh...I'm gonna cum soon
and I want you to choke on my fuckin' hot load...."
     Kevin gasped as his orgasm took hold of him.  His heart was
beating so quickly that his pulse pounded loud in his ears. 
Rolling his hips into each fuck-thrust, Kevin pounded his new lover
with fuck after fuck of lust-filled pleasure.  Kevin's cum spewed
hot and creamy from his overheated cockhead into Robert's asshole,
mixing and blending with the sizable residue of Josh's load of cumsauce.
     "AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!  I'm fucking......CUMMING!" cried Robert as
he shot his load into Josh's suctioning mouth.  Josh slurped and
sucked Robert's load with frenzied oral action, draining every last
drop of cum from Robert's churning balls.  As Kevin's load began to
overflow Robert's asshole, Bryan began to lick up more and more
     "Mmmmm, Bryan -- you're really getting into that ass of
Robert's, aren't you?" remarked Kevin as he glanced over his
shoulder at the brown-haired senior.  "Are you going to fuck him
with your cock...or your tongue?"
     As Kevin pulled his half-hard cock out of Robert's ass, Bryan
licked it clean, then proceeded to lick Robert's lovehole, which
was brimming with cum.  After two gigantic loads, one from Josh and
then one from Kevin, Robert's ass was filled up with rich creamy
boycum.  Robert's ankles were pulled way back over his head by Josh
and Kevin, exposing Robert's puckered rosebud, oozing cum.
     Bryan smiled as he ran a wet finger all around the delicate
opening.  He licked his lips and stroked his cock longingly. 
"Well, Robert....it's my turn now.  My turn to fuck your tight
little butt...or maybe it's not so tight anymore, hmmm?"
     Robert wiggled his ass at his house leader and grinned. "Why
don't you slip that finger up my ass and find out?"
     "Oh, I'll do better than that, studboy....I'm going to eat
Josh and Kevin's load out of your ass...that's right, I'm going to
rim you like you've never been rimmed before.  I'm going to eat out
every last drop of cumcream out of that hot bubble-butt of yours
and then I'm going to FUCK YOU until you fuckin' scream for
more...Alright, boys -- pull his legs apart as wide as you can and
hold him down...I'm going to enjoy this..."
     Josh and Kevin pulled Robert's legs apart obediantly,
spreading Robert open...wide open.  Bryan buried his face in those
succulent asscheeks of Robert's and begin to eat out the combined
loads of Josh and Kevin.  Probing his tongue into the slick wet
hole, Bryan scooped out loads of cum with his tongue and tasted the
familiar taste of cum.  Sucking out a mouthful, Bryan swirled it
around in his mouth and then passed it mouth to mouth to Josh, who
swallowed it eagerly.  Bryan returned to Robert's ass and sucked
out another mouthful, this time trading it to Kevin, who also
gulped it down.
     "Give it to him!!  Give it to Robert!!" said Kevin as he
downed the cum cocktail, "We'll hold his mouth open and you feed it
back to him!!"  Kevin could not believe the filthy suggestion he
had made as the words tumbled from his cum-encrusted lips.
     "Yeah!" concurred Josh, just as eagerly, "Oh FUCK, yeah!"  The
two boys forced Robert's mouth open.  Robert's eyes widened as
Bryan's lips sealed themselves around his fuckhole.  It felt
incredible to be rimmed by such an obvious expert ass-eater.  Bryan
sucked out a big mouthful of cum and again swirled it around inside
his mouth.  Then he spat it into Robert's mouth.  The warm load of
cum and spit tasted incredible!  Robert swirled it around with his
tongue and let it slide down his throat.
     As Bryan went back to eat out yet another load, Josh and Kevin
slipped their cocks into Robert's mouth at the same time.  They
each took turns thrusting their fleshy lances into his mouth and he
sucked them both as Josh and Kevin staged their own private
swordfight inside Robert's mouth.  Bryan spat in another copious
load of cream every now and then to lubricate the two cockpoles
with the load he had eaten out of Robert's own ass.  It didn't take
long for Josh and Kevin to start cumming again.  Lubricated with
their own loads, the two boys shot off into Robert's cum-filled
     Robert was in heaven.  Bryan's talented tongue was jammed deep
up his lovechute and his mouth was filled with cock and cum.  He
swallowed and gulped crazilly, letting the cum mixture warm him
     After he had eaten out most of the load from Robert's ass,
Bryan readied his cock for the fuck.  Slicked up with cum and spit,
Bryan slammed his cock all the way into Robert's ass.  There was
absolutely no resistance.
     Robert tried to scream but couldn't without choking on the cum
and cock that filled his mouth and throat.  Bryan's cock was big,
no doubt about it.  Bigger, it seemed, than anything Robert had
ever had shoved up his ass -- and Robert had had many things shoved
up his ass.  
     Bigger than the young traffic cop who'd fucked him on his
motorbike the time Robert had been caught joyriding.  Bigger than
the football captain who'd screwed him on the pile of sweaty
uniforms after practice one night.  Bigger than the cucumbers and
carrots he used to shove up his ass.  Bigger, even, than the
twenty-one year-old camp counsellors, identical twins, who'd
deflowered his virgin ass when he was thirteen.  
     They'd taken turns fucking him, over and over again one
weekend as he lay tied up in the bunkhouse.  It had hurt at first
but they'd been gentle, slowly working it up until they could fuck
him easilly, quickly, and violently.   Robert was fucked so often
that weekend that he lost count of how many times the two gorgeous
twins had fucked him.  He was never even really sure which one was
which.   Robert had learned to love being fucked and now, his house
leader's huge cock felt as if it was about to split him wide open.