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Subject: Like What You See Part 1

The following is a work of fiction: Any resemblance to persons living or
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Like What You See
Part 1

   I had turned 16 four days after Christmas 1997. I had desperately wanted
a car for my birthday. My parents told me that they had set aside $2,500
for me to get one, but I would have to get a job to pay for the insurance
and gas. I had been delivering newspapers since I was 10, but I knew that
this was not going to earn me enough money to pay for the insurance let
alone put gas into the car.

   I spent all spring looking through the classified trying to find a nice
car that I could afford. Finally, I found what I was looking for. A lady
had put her 1969 Buick Skylark in the paper. It only had 10,000 miles on it
and she had kept it in the garage, so it didn't have any rust on it. She
was asking $3,000 for it, but I guess she felt sorry for me and took
$2,500. It wasn't much in the way of a car, but it ran great. It was a two
door, dark green with a front bench seat that folded forward to access the
back seat.

   Now that I had the car, I needed to start looking for a job at night
after school. I spent about 3 weeks looking and was starting to get
desperate. I must have applied for 15 jobs. Finally, I got a job as a
busboy at an Italian restaurant. Not a dream job, but I would earn enough
to pay for insurance and gas and have a little extra spending money to go
out with my friends.

   I started every day at 4, and I generally worked 5 days a week,
including weekends. There were 6 busboys/bus girls that worked there at
once, as this was a very popular restaurant. Every day when we got there,
our first job was to roll the three huge vats of pizza dough into softball
sized balls and put them on trays so the dough would rise. It would take
about an hour to divide up all that dough. It gave us a chance to bullshit
and talk, while we worked.

   I had been working there now for about 2 months and I was having a
blast. Sometimes after work, a couple of us would pile in my car and we
would park the far corner of the restaurant parking lot where it was dark
and smoke pot and drink beer that one of the pizza cooks would buy for
us. Life was good.

   One of the dishwashers had joined the Marines and was leaving in a
couple weeks, so one of the older bus boys was going to take over and
started training for the new position. The owner hired another bus boy and
he was going to start the following Monday.

   Monday came and we were standing around dividing up the pizza dough when
the owner came into the kitchen with the new busboy and introduced him to
everyone. His name was Doug.

   Now, the one thing that I forgot to mention when I started telling this
story was that I have always been attracted to boys. I had a couple of
friends at school that were girls. They were pretty, but to be honest, I
didn't think of them sexually. I had for months now been surfing gay porn
sites on my computer, and I had been jacking off to them. I had also been
to a couple of sites that had underage guys and what I saw I really liked.

   When the owner brought Doug into the kitchen, I thought that I had died
and gone to heaven. Before me stood the most beautiful boy that I had ever
seen. Doug had blond hair that was wavy, big blue eyes and huge smile. He
was about 6 feet tall, about 150 pounds and a cute ass. He was 15, but he
had a work permit that allowed him to work part time. The owner put him in
the same dining room that I worked. The two bus girls were clearly
attracted to him and started flirting with him right away.

  Doug had been working there now for about 2 weeks. Clearly he was
becoming very popular and all of the waitresses and bus girls were flirting
with him every chance they could. He was really eating it up too. Inside I
was jealous. I would lay in bed at night and fantasize that I was one of
the bus girls and Doug was making out with me.

  It was August now, and this summer was proving to be one of the hottest
in years. The kitchen was unbearable at times. One particular day, the
temperature was about 101 degrees. We were sweating like crazy in the
kitchen while we were rolling the dough. Doug was late getting there as he
had to ride his bike that day. He came walking into the kitchen with no
shirt on. My eyes practically bugged out of my head and my mouth went
dry. Doug's body was glistening with sweat from riding his bike there.

   I could not believe my eyes. Doug had an awesome body. His arms and
chest clearly showed that he lifted weights and his belly had just a hint
of baby fat with a cute indented belly button. I could not take my eyes off
of him. He had a well defined "V" starting at his hips, disappearing into
his low hanging shorts that he was wearing. Both of the bus girls were
standing there practically drooling. But I think that I had them beat.
Thankfully, I was wearing an apron, because my cock was starting to get

   Doug went into the bathroom and when he came out, he had changed into
his work clothes. The whole time that we worked that night, I could not
stop thinking about the way that he had looked. That night when I lay there
in bed, I jacked off thinking about him and I had the best orgasm that I
had had in quite some time.

   The heatwave had been going on all week. Every day, Doug came in to work
the same way, shirtless and sweaty. I was falling in love with the way he
looked and prayed that it would stay hot forever. I could not take my eyes
off of him. I got my wish, in a way. Listening to the weatherman, there was
no letup in sight for a break in the heatwave. Well, I thankfully didn't
have to worry, my car had air conditioning.

   The following Tuesday, I was driving to work and I saw a shirtless
teenage boy walking along side of the road pushing his bike. I turned and
looked as I drove past. "Shit", I thought. It was Doug. I pulled over to
the side of the road and waited until he came walking up. I rolled down the
window and called his name. He came up to the window. He was dripping with
sweat and gorgeous.

  "Hey, Doug" I said. "How come you aren't riding your bike?"

   "I rode over a pothole and blew the front tire:" he replied.

  He was on his way to work, so told him that I would give him a lift. I
got out and opened the trunk. Doug put the bike in and then got in the
passenger seat.

   "Wow, is this your car?" Doug exclaimed.

   "Yes, I got it for my birthday last year" I said.

   "That's awesome. It sure beats riding my bike to work every day" he

    "Yeah, but then I probably wouldn't get to see you with your shirt off"
I thought.

    I made it a point to keep checking my mirrors frequently as we drove,
as this gave me chances to check out his bare chest and belly. I could
smell his sweaty body and it was intoxicating.

   Doug spoke, bringing me back to reality. "I really like your car. It
feels really good in here with the air conditioning"

   I looked over at him and he was moving the vents on his side of the car
so they were directed at him. He had twisted in the seat and had his left
knee up on the bench seat. I about drove off the road. His shorts had
ridden up on his leg and as they were baggy, I could see his underwear
through the opening. His thigh was muscular but smooth and the shin had
short blond hairs growing on it. He had a birthmark on his inner thigh and
my gaze kept going from it to his crotch.

   "It sure is hot today", Doug said. "Thanks for picking me up, my legs
were getting sore from walking"

   "Yeah, it sure is hot, and glad to help you out" I replied. I looked
over at him. He had put his left leg more on the seat and was rubbing his
thigh. Doing this, his shorts had moved up higher and more of his crotch
was showing. The way he was sitting, his underwear had loosened at the leg
opening and his balls were partially exposed. I could see that he had blond
pubic hair growing on them.

   I was getting a huge hard-on and I finally pried my eyes off of his
crotch and looked up at him. He was looking at me, smiling. `SHIT', I
thought. Had he seen me looking at his crotch?

  Thankfully, we got to work and I purposely slowed down so I wanted walk
into work behind him. I had tented up and still had a hard-on and the last
thing that I wanted was to have Doug see it. Doug went into the bathroom
and got dressed for work. We were standing around the dough vats rolling
the pizza dough, and I could not stop thinking about what I had seen in the
car. I kept stealing glances at him the whole time. Twice he caught me
looking at him and his lips formed a thin smile.

   Walking to my car that night, I heard someone calling my name from
behind me. I stopped and turned around. It was Doug.

   "Hey", he said. "Do you think that you could give me a ride home?" he
asked. "Remember, my bike?"

  I had forgotten. His bike was in my trunk with a flat tire. "Sure, no
problem" I replied.

   I opened the door and he got in. He was still in his work uniform, a
white dress shirt and black pants. It was still hot out and I put on the
air conditioner. Doug opened his backpack and reached inside. He pulled out
a baggy and a lighter.

   "Do you mind if I smoke a joint?" he said.

   "Not as long as you share", I replied. "But, I don't want to smoke it
while I drive. I'll drive over to the back of the lot where I always park
when I get high"

   I backed in so I would be able to see if anyone was coming towards
us.. "Okay, now you can light up", I said.

   Doug fired up the joint, taking a big hit. He passed it to me and I took
a big toke as well. We sat there talking about random shit, work, school,
parents etc. We finished the joint and Doug pulled out another, lighting it
up. We continued to smoke.

   All of a sudden Doug said, "Shit, my mom is going to smell the smoke on
my clothes". With that, he started rummaging around in his backpack. He
pulled out his shorts and t-shirt. He opened the car door and got out. The
next thing I knew, he was taking his work shirt off. He turned and leaned
into the car, putting it into his backpack. My eyes were glued to his
chest. He turned around and proceeded to start unbuckling his work pants.
Slowly, he lowered them down.

   My heart skipped a beat as I realized that he was not wearing the
underwear that I had seen him in before. In fact, he wasn't wearing ANY
underwear at all. He slowly turned around, folding his pants as he did.
Sitting in the driver's seat, I was now staring at his naked crotch. His
cock was hanging limp, but it looked to be about 4". Over the top of it was
a small tuft of blond pubes. His balls were hanging down and they swayed
back and forth as he moved. My mouth went dry and I felt my cock getting

   "What's the matter, you never seen a guy naked before?" he said. I
looked up and he had a sly smile on his face. I blushed, wildly thinking
for something to say that would diffuse the situation of getting caught
staring at him.

   I just heard myself mumbling something incoherent. Doug thankfully broke
the awkward moment by turning around and putting his shorts on. "I gotta
take a leak" he muttered. He stood with his back to me and I could hear his
piss hitting on the parking lot.

   Doug got back into the car. Instead of putting his t-shirt on he opened
his backpack and stuffed it inside. "It's too hot in here to put my shirt
on" he said. "You don't mind, do you?".

"No, I don't mind at all" I managed to say.

He fired up the joint again. Thankfully it was dark, because from what I
had just seen, I had a raging hard-on and it would have made for more of an
awkward situation.

  We sat there getting high and talking. I was getting a good buzz from
what we were smoking. Doug turned sideways, leaning against the passenger
door. He put his left leg up on the seat. He started rubbing his calf and
thigh. "Man, my legs are still sore from walking today" he said. The moon
was out and the way we were parked, it was illuminating the interior of the
car enough that I could clearly see his body.

  His belly was rising and falling as he breathed in and out. He kept
rubbing his thigh and I kept glancing down at it. The way that he was
turned, his balls and cock were partially visible. If I didn't know any
better, I could have sworn that he was getting a hard-on. The joint was
about gone and Doug turned around and opened his backpack. He rummaged
inside and pulled out another joint. He turned sideways again putting his
leg back onto the seat. When he did more of his cock slid out of the leg of
his shorts. There was no mistaking that he was hard now. My eyes were glued
to it.

"Sorry" I heard him say. "Smoking weed makes me horny"

   Before I could even think of anything to say, he pulled his shorts over
to the side and his cock and balls slid into full view. His cock was fully
hard and pointed straight up towards the roof of the car. He grabbed it,
waving it back and forth.

  "Smoking pot makes me VERY horny" he whispered. With that, Doug proceeded
to slowly start jacking off. My eyes were glued to his now 7" cock. He
leaned back.

   "I had to be dreaming", I thought. My pants were bursting at the seams
with my cock trying to push free. I found myself rubbing it.

"Smoking make you horny too?" he asked, "or do you see something you like?"

My mind was numb, both from the smoke and from the sight of his hot body
and cock wagging back and forth. I was subconsciously rubbing my caged cock
the whole time.

   "It feels better if you take it out and rub it" Doug giggled. Go ahead,
or are you chicken?"

   I pushed the seat back as far as it would go and unzipped my pants. I
pulled my cock out. It sprang free. I leaned back and took hold of it.  I
was staring at his cock as he slowly pumped away at it.

  "Like what you see?" he asked. I found myself nodding.

   "I'll jack yours if you'll jack mine" he said.

   I was in a trance, horny as hell and all I could do was nod my head..

   Doug slid across the bench seat until he was sitting closer. He let go
of his cock and reached into my lap, grabbing my hard flesh. I let out a
huge moan. He pushed me back against the door and started exploring the
length of my cock. "I'll do you first" he said.

   I leaned back and closed my eyes. I took a couple hits off the still
burning joint. I held it out and hie took a couple hits while he slowly
jacked me off. I was in heaven. I was getting close to cumming and told him
so. He increased the speed of his pumping and I exploded. The first spurt
flew upwards, hitting the car roof. The other 6 shot all over the front of
my work shirt.
   "That was the most intense orgasm that I have ever had" I moaned.

   Doug smiled at me and said, "My turn".

   Doug slid back across the seat. As he did, he slid his shorts off. He
was now sitting completely naked. He leaned back against the car door. He
put his left leg over the seat back, with his crotch fully exposed. I just
sat there, staring.

   "Like what you see?" Doug whispered.

   "Very much so" I heard myself say.

   "I guess I was right" he said. "I have been catching you staring at me a
lot. That's why I have been coming in to work with my shirt off so much"

   "I guess I didn't disguise it too well, did I" I said.

   "No, you didn't". He just sat there letting my eyes take in the
view. His cock twitched back and forth. "Well, he's waiting" he said.

   I broke from my trance and slid across the seat. I slowly reached across
the opening and touched his throbbing cock. I explored it with my hand. I
started jacking it. Doug was now holding the joint. He took a toke and then
held it out for me to hit. He was moaning slightly as I jacked. He held the
joint out again for me to take a hit from. I had to lean closer towards him
to take a hit. As I was taking a toke, I felt his other hand touch the back
of my head. He pulled the joint back away from me. I felt his hand pushing
my head downward.

   "Suck me" he whispered. I kind of resisted, pulling back slightly. His
downward pressure continued. "Go ahead, you know you want it" he continued.

   "I DID want it" I thought. I had been fantasizing about this moment for
months. I felt myself give in and my head started going down. I leaned
forward and kissed his chest. I kissed one hard nipple then the other,
sucking gently on each. His cock throbbed in my hand. I started kissing my
way down his belly, pausing to lick the inside of his belly button. Doug's
belly was rising and falling and he started moaning.

  I ever so slowly slid my lips downward until his pubes were touching my
nose. I inhaled his intoxicating smell, part sweat and part boy. I went
lower, licking between his thigh and ball sack. I worked my way over,
taking his balls into my mouth, gently sucking on them.

   "OH, YES" he whimpered.

  I let go of his balls and licked the underneath side of his molten
cock. I slid my tongue slowly upward, letting my tongue work its way around
the groove between his shaft and mushroom helmet. I licked the entire
helmet, letting the tip of my tongue probe into his piss slit. Slowly, I
opened my lips and took his cock into my mouth. I slowly lowered my head
downward. I felt the helmet hitting against the back of my throat. I
started to bob up and down.

  Doug lay back letting me work his cock. The balls that were only a few
minutes ago hanging down, were how pulled up against his body. I was
tasting the pre-cum that was starting to flow from his cock. His hands were
locked into my hair and he breathing was starting to quicken. I could feel
his butt coming up off of the seat meeting my mouth on the downward stroke.

   "Oooohhhhh" he moaned. "I'm getting ready to cum". With that, Doug
started to thrust upwards, holding my head steady. He was pulling out until
the helmet ridge was at my lips and then forcing completely back into my
mouth, face fucking me. His body went rigid and I felt his cock spasm. Rope
after rope of hot cum flooded my mouth and down the back of my throat. I
swallowed and swallowed for what seemed like forever. Finally his spasms
subsided but he still held my head down. His cock was still rock
hard. "Keep sucking" Doug panted.

   My mouth hurt from the fucking that it just took, but I wanted
more. Doug let go of my head and lay back. I knew what he wanted. Now he
wanted me to give him a blowjob. I slowly started to bob up and down. I ran
my tongue around his helmet and the groove. I pulled off and took his balls
back into my mouth, sucking them gently.

   "Suck my nipples again" he whispered.

  I complied. Each one was impossibly hard. I started tonguing my way down
his belly again and went to work on his belly button again. I slid back
down, taking him in my mouth again. I wet one of my fingers and slowly
rubbed against his sphincter. He started moaning and his cock twitched. I
pushed against his opening until my finger slid in. I continued pushing in
until my finger found his prostate. I started massaging it as my mouth went
back to work. His bottom was moving back and forth against my finger and
when it did, it drove his cock in and out of my mouth. Doug let out a huge
grunt and then I felt another flood of sperm coat the back of my throat.

I felt Doug lifting my head up and he kissed me on my lips. I didn't know
what to think at first. He grabbed the back of my head and kissed me
again. I felt his tongue against my lips and I opened my mouth. We kissed
madly. I felt Doug's hand reach down and grab my now rock hard cock. I felt
his other hand unbuttoning my work shirt. He broke his lip lock and started
pulling my shirt off of me. He then reached down, unbuckling my belt. I
raised up slightly and he slid my pants down.

Doug pushed me backwards against the car door. He kissed my chest and then
slowly started kissing his way down to my very hard cock. I felt his lips
touch the tip. I could feel his breath against my skin. His lips opened and
I felt my cock disappearing into his warm wet mouth. I could not believe
what was happening. I laid back, letting Doug work my cock like the porn
stars that I watched on my computer. I was in heaven. Doug was bringing me
quickly to another orgasm. I was moaning loudly, not caring if anyone
heard. All of a sudden, I felt Doug's finger penetrate my tight virgin
hole, probing for my prostate. He found it and I felt him massaging it. I
was able to contain myself for about 30 seconds and then I felt my cock
spasm uncontrollably and gush like a garden hose as I shot wave after wave
of cum into his waiting mouth.

I lay back against the car door, completely spent. Doug kissed his way up
to my mouth and we kissed for the longest time. I pushed him back and
looking at him. I could not believe what had happened and I told him so.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because you are so hot and all of the girls and even the waitresses are
constantly hitting on you" I said.

Doug looked at me and said, "I only like boys, girls do nothing for me".
"I have been trying to hit on you from the first time that I saw you in the
kitchen" he said, "but you always looked away when I was looking at you".

I was dumbfounded. Here I had been feeling the same way towards him and
been too scared to take the chance either. We sat there holding each other
neither wanting the night to end. Finally I broke the silence.

"I really am glad that you made the first move and I don't want to lose
this moment, but I think that I better get you home. It is late and we both
have school tomorrow" I said.

Doug nodded and we both got dressed. I drove him home. He had me park down
the street a little. He slid across the seat and gave me a long kiss.

"I love you", he whispered in my ear. He slid across and got out of the

I got out of the car and opened the trunk, getting his bike out for him. I
gave him a quick kiss and whispered in his ear that I loved him too.

"Can you pick me up for work tomorrow if it isn't too much trouble", Doug

"It is no trouble at all", I replied. "See you tomorrow".

I watched from my car as Doug made his way to his house and disappear
around the side. I started my car and drove home, the whole way thinking
about the boy that I had fallen in love with.

***Author's note: I hope that you have liked this story as much as I have
writing it. Please let me know what you think, wether good or bad...

Stay tuned for Part 2.