Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2003 21:28:19 -0700
From: Liquid Dream <>
Subject: High School Conflicts/ Chapter 1

Disclaimer: The names and places mentioned in this story are real.
However, the sexual references of the named individuals are unknown and are
in no way truthfully reflected in this story.

High School Conflicts

	At Del Oro High School, there are unwritten rules that the students
go by.  One of these, is a form of sorting out discrepancies.  If two guys
should have a disagreement so bad that they resort to physically figuring
it out, there is a set protocol that is to be followed.  The two are to
wrestle, the winner is proven right, and the loser suffers a fate that
makes their social life hell.  If one should lose a match, the victor is
allowed to publicly make the loser cum in public.  Any means can be used as
long as no physical damage is sustained.  In this social group, the victor
takes no shame for touching the opponent in his "private" places.  If the
loser should try to run away, the spectators will quickly become a
vigilante group.  As you may know, there are conflicts of all shapes and
sizes in high school every day.  Here is one of many:

	Jase Pierce, a tall, short-haired, very hot, muscular wrestler
enjoyed his position on the top levels of the social hierarchy very much.
He felt little for the lower classes, such as the Goths, book-worms,
skaters, "hippies", etc.  He seldom stayed with one girl for more than two
weeks, for he had so many creaming their panties over him he never had to
worry about a pussy-shortage.  It was his cocky attitude that got him into
a bit of trouble that screwed over his life and sent him toppling off of
the top.

	Steven Lemke, high prince of the "popular" crowd.  Through his
millionaire father and charming good looks, he secured a permanent place
for himself at the top of the social ladder.  A little shorter than Jase,
spiky, short hair, freckled, but on him it looked hot.  No one crossed
Steven without feeling his wrath, administered through his groupies, of
course.  He walked around school with an entire entourage of the most
popular (and slutty) girls, his closest friends (if you can call people
that like you purely for your money friends), and some larger, less popular
kids that he only kept around for an intimidating appearance.  He truly was
the most popular kid in school.  And no one, absolutely no one ever
disputed it, until...

	Jase became restless.  He had fucked every girl in his reserve, and
even though he could always have another round with them, he wanted more.
He was limited to the "pseudo-popular" girls.  Not that they were any less
attractive, but to him they just weren't the same as the air-headed,
bubblegum-smacking, blonde girls that hovered around Steven.  Jase had
grown up being taught that a good way to establish your superiority and to
quickly secure a place for yourself was to eliminate the head of what you
are trying to conquer.  In this case, that head was Steven.  He had planned
it out perfectly, he would challenge Steven, by doing this, Steven could
not refuse the challenge, nor use someone in his place, lest he face
humiliation above all others.  Jase had the upper hand also, he was one of
the best wrestlers.

	Jase put his plan into action the next day.  During first break,
Jase went right up to Steven's flock.

"Hey!  Faggot!" Jase yelled, hoping to start a fight quickly.

	There was a gasp in the surrounding crowd.  Steven turned, ever so

"Ahem.  Were you talking to me?"  Steven said, cool as can be.

"What the fuck you think?  You're the only one around here that's fag,"
Jase replied.

"Hey bitch!  What the fuck's your problem?" Steven said, his eyes quickly
turning fiery.

"You're my problem," Jase sated.

	Steven stared for a moment, then laughed.

"So, Jase.  What is this all about?  Wait, let me guess.  Tired of being
the underdog?  Well, guess what.  Too fucking bad," Steven taunted.

"Shut your pussy mouth and lets fight," Jase said.

"Ha!  Is that what you've been pushing for?" Steve said, "Fine, if you
really want to."

	Steven nodded to a friend of his and they quickly disappeared.  He
soon returned with two sodas.  One was laced with a light, light dosage of

"Let's at least be civil about this," Steven said, offering a toast with
Jase as was custom in the high-class bouts.

"Fine," Jase grumbled as he took the laced soda.

	The two drank swiftly as they warily watched each other.  Soon it
was time.

"I'll give you another chance, Jase.  You can keep your so-called
popularity as is, or lose ever being able to show your face again when I
make you splooge your pants," Steven guffawed.

"Fuck you.  I think you're afraid," Jase said.

"So be it," Steven replied.

	As in all school brawls, a circle quickly formed around the two.
As Steve had hoped, the drugs were taking an effect on Jase, unbeknownst to
the crowd, of course.  Jase wondered why he had a little difficulty keeping
focus, little did he know that it would only get worse.  The two circled
each other, waiting for the moment to strike.  Steven looked for any signs
that the drug was at full potency.  Jase, on the other hand, was reeling.
Trying to keep his cool through his strange mental state, he began to
sweat.  Seeing this Steven made his move.  Moving faster than Jase's
drugged out mind could comprehend, he pinned Jase to the ground.  The crowd
jeered.  One of Steve's groupies came forward and counted to 10.  Jase was
feebly trying to get up the whole time.  The crowd erupted into cheering as
the winner was announced.  Jase lay on the ground, still trying to make
sense of what had just happened.  Soon reality hit him and he was pummeled
by the loud cheering of the crowd.

"You really should have listened to me," Steven gloated as he approached

"Oh god!  Please..." Jase began, but he knew that regardless of what
happened he would still have to face the music.

	The crowd began to cheer louder and louder.

"Quiet!" Steven yelled, "I want all of you to hear this little fag's moans
while I make him cum," he finished, relishing every word.

	Jase began to sob, but quickly stifled himself so as not to deepen
his shame.  Steven knelt beside him.  On both of his knees, Steve brought
Jase to a sitting position with his legs straight out in front of him and
moved behind Jase's back.  He let Jase sit back into his chest and
whispered something inaudible into his ears that made his start to sob
again.  Without further delay, he reached around with his right hand and
began to rub Jase's crotch through the Khaki pants.  Jase began to pull
away, but was quickly reminded of his duty.  Wanting to make it a quick,
but entertaining show, Steven reached around with his free hand and slipped
it under Jase's wife-beater tank top and began to play with his nipples.
Every once in a while, Steven would pinch the nipple, making Jase grimace
and gasp.  The crowd laughed, but a sharp glance from Steven quieted them
down.  After several minutes of having his package and pecs toyed with,
Jase began to breathe harder.  Against his will, his cock was enjoying the
feelings being forced upon him.  His gasps at the nipple pinching became
pants of pleasure and it did not go unnoticed by both the crowd and Steve.
Judging from the fact that Jase was sweating profusely and was mumbling
inaudible things under his breath, Steve determined that the time had come.
With a swift twist of a nipple, Steve forced Jase to cum harder than he
ever had in some girl's pussy.

"FUCKKKKK!!!!!!" Jase shrieked as the orgasm wracked his body over and

	The crowd erupted into applause that was not stopped by Steven this
time.  The crowd went into hysterics as the dark, wet spot appeared on the
light material of Jase's pants, he had ejaculated so much that he soaked
right through his boxers and pants.

"Ha!  I didn't even unzip his pants and the faggot came like a fucking
waterfall!" Steven laughed.

	Jase simply got up, his face flaming from both the humiliation and
the ecstasy he had just gone through.  Without a word, he walked away.  He
never did come back.  Maybe he went to another school.