Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2018 00:47:23 +0000 (UTC)
From: Mark Hall <>
Subject: Unexpected Health Club Benefits 3 (Interracial Gay)

Unexpected Health Cub Benefits 3

The rest ofthe week was spent at the health club sucking off the Samoan
guy, named Cole,who was a regular every day. Despite his friendly demeanor,
he was quiteaggressive sexually.  His favoriteactivity was jizzing on my
face which he did each time we met that week. Iincreased my visits to each
day of the week to get in more action, but wassatisfied by Cole before I
could cruise anyone else. I had not seen the Mexicanwith one eye, nor

I hadMalcolm's number from our texts so I messaged him asking how he
was. He sentback a text telling me never text him again and to lose his
number. I was dumbfounded,hurt and disappointed.

That nextweek, on Monday, I saw Malcolm working out, giving me hope. I
would try to finda time and place to apologize for texting him. He did come
in the steam roomwhere I was waiting but showed no interest. He got up
after about 5 minutes,showered and left. I was still deeply disappointed
but understood why he may beupset.

 I was, however, once again fortunate to meet Coleregularly. On occasion, I
would watch others blow him, which got a load out ofme each time. One day
there were too many new guys coming in and out of thesteam room, so he said
to meet him in the whirlpool where it was just the two ofus. We had a very
nice chat and got to know each other better. Cole told me heis totally gay,
all top, and how good my ass felt. He was from the SamoanIslands where his
family still lived. Along with myself, he was a recentresident on the city
and was impressed by the health club amenities, especiallythe men who
cruised the locker room.

"Let's headto the steam room," he said, beginning to get up. I waited for
him but heinsisted I go first so he could look at my "sweet ass."

We bothreturned to the steam room where someone was sitting on the
bench. Once heleft, I got on my knees and sucked Cole to full hardness. He
told me to bendover but I indicated I was too concerned about someone
walking in on us."Fuck them," he said, "they can watch."

"But someguys come in here who do not want to play. I don't want to get in
trouble fromthe staff."

"Just bendyour ass over, I'll handle it."

ReluctantlyI turned around and placed my hand on the bench when Cole
immediately mountedme. I tried not to cry out in pain as he went in too
quickly, as he is fairlythick.

"Sorry,"he said. "But I got to get this nut," and began fucking me
slowly.While I enjoyed it, my concern about someone coming in made it less
pleasurable.I kept looking back to see if anyone was coming. "Stop worrying
man," Colesaid, pumping his dick in and out of my ass faster. "Fuck,
I'mcoming," he said as he buried his cock in deep and seeded me. Just as
Ifeared, someone came in and saw us coupled up. Cole pulled out, wrapped a
towelaround him and went to the shower. The white guy was apparently not
upset aboutwhat he just saw, giving me a nod as I followed Cole to the
showers. Whileshowering, Cole grabbed my ass, saying, "you got a nice pussy
there"before leaving out.

While I hadenjoyed myself, I was still very concerned about upsetting
Malcolm. I checkedmy phone regularly hoping to hear from him because I was
still stronglyattached to him, and hoped he would be amenable to another

Later thatweek, the steam room was strangely quiet as I sat enjoying the
feel of my bodysweating. I had discovered that anyone entering the steam
room pretty much knewwhat was going on, but on occasion, there would be a
new guy come in for properuse. Through the translucent window, I managed to
make out a figure in theshower that was similar in size to Malcolm. My
heart raced as I anticipatedbeing in the room alone with him or another man
with a similar stature. Thedoor opened and the Mexican man I had seen the
previous week came in and satdown across from me. I noticed he was staring
at me with his one good eye. I lookedback and forth between him and the
showering man, trying to decide if I shouldignore his stare and hope for
what could be Malcolm to come in, or cruise thisman and risk disappointment
if it was Malcolm. I noticed the Mexican manremoved his towel, spread his
legs and leaned back with his eyes closed. His uncutcock was very thick of
average length.

 I watched as the man in the shower approachedthe steam room, opened the
door and entered. It was indeed Malcolm. He sat andclosed his eyes, head
back. Meanwhile the Mexican man sat up and stared at meagain, covering
himself and playing with his dick under the towel. This was adilemma I had
not anticipated. Malcom was still leaned back, his dark bodyglistening with
moisture. I could no long resist and moved next to him,deciding to forego
the Mexican man's advances and take my chances with Malcolm.He did not move
away, nor make any moves to indicate he was interested in me.When the
Mexican man left the steam room, it was just Malcolm and I, sittingside by
side. I moved my leg so that it touched his, awaiting a response.

He openedhis eyes and looked at me. "What do you think you're doing?" he
asked with alook of disapproval.

I wasdevastated. I wasn't sure if he even remembered me. "Sss-orry," I
stammered asI moved away. Malcolm again leaned back and closed his eyes.

I got up toleave, feeling defeated, walking past Malcolm to shower and
leave. He made noindication that he wanted me to stay. Before leaving, I
decided to check outthe sauna. When I walked in, the Mexican man and a
white guy were sitting closeto each other, obviously having just been
interrupted by the tent formed by thetowels. By playing with my dick I let
them know I was there for the samereason. The white guy leaned over and
began blowing the Mexican guy, whose cockwas enormously thick. While
getting sucked, he motioned for me to sit next tohim. I did as he requested
and sucked on his nipples on his fleshy tits,prompting a moan of pleasure.
Withinminutes, he was cumming in the man's mouth while I had a nipple in my
mouth.The white guy swallowed, got up and sat without putting on a
towel. He had avery large dick, about 9 -- 10 that stood straight up. The
Mexican guy kissed mycheek as he got up to leave, thanking me and the guy
who just sucked him off. Thetwo of us jacked off together, ejaculating at
the same time, then cleaning upto hit the showers.

Later in theshower was Malcolm, the Mexican guy, the white guy and
myself. Soon, it wasjust Malcolm and me. I noticed he was taking his time
so I took the chance tocommunicate.

"HeyMalcolm. I really want to say how sorry I am for texting you. I was
wrong andmade very bad decision but wanted you to know I am still available
if you wantme. It will never happen again."

He continuedto shower in silence, not looking my way. He cut off the shower
and looked mydirection. "There is something I want from you," he said as he
began dryinghimself off.

"Anything,"I said, realizing that opened up a broad spectrum of
possibilities. Just then,someone I did not recognize walked into the
shower, causing Malcolm to shutdown. He finished drying himself off and
headed to the locker room.

 As I got dressed and left the club, I noticedMalcolm was at the front desk
asking about past due bills. I waited for himoutside, wondering what it was
that he wanted. He walked out, and headed theopposite direction from where
I stood. I followed him until reaching the busstop where he stood.

"Can I offeryou a cup of coffee?" I asked. He looked at me intently. There
was a look ofsadness and concern. "Just coffee," I assured him.

"Where at?"he asked. We agreed to meet down the street where he not only
ordered coffee,but also a full meal. While that was not the plan, I gladly
accommodated him.During breakfast, he told the sad story of recent events
in his life. While hewas strong and stubborn I could tell he needed help,
and I offered withoutcondition.

Theemotional roller coaster ride had begun.