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Subject: AN EASTERN ADVENTURE (Gay/MF/MM/Voy/Anal/Glory Hole)

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(Gay/MF/MM/Voy/Anal/Glory Hole)

"Parkinson wants to see you Mark," said Mary at
reception as I arrived for work on a bright morning in
late November.

"God," I thought," "Obviously some disaster has
happened and will set the tone in the office for the
entire week."

I went up to Graham Parkinson's office on the top
floor (well sixth floor is the top floor in our
office) and knocked on the Managing Director's door.
His secretary ushered me in and I faced him at his
large desk covered with fabric samples, papers and
files. He threw a shirt across to me and said, "You
think that looks like part of our Spring men's
collection then?"

It was really a rhetorical question as the cheap
looking shirt, while being a similar design to the
main part of our Spring collection, was a very
inferior fabric.

"Is someone trying to copy us," I asked?

"No," he said," That is a sample from the first batch
from our Thai suppliers." Either they have got the
specifications completely wrong or they are trying to
screw us and I'm not sure which." "The new ranges
launch in twelve weeks, they are featured in our
catalogues and in our window display material and
these stupid cunts have fucked up the order."

My job was Marketing, and I was Assistant Marketing
Manager for this very large men's retail organisation
in the U.K. We purchased product from all over the
Third world for a pittance, hiked the price by 3,000%
sold what we could, then half priced it to make 1,500%
in the sales and the punters snapped it up. All the
products bore our name and most was made for us by
suppliers from Thailand to Vietnam to Mauritius and
many places beyond. Mr Parkinson here, did most of the
overseas trips himself and organised the contracts. I
had a very strong feeling that he had contacts for
many other things too in these countries. He was about
5 feet 10 inches tall, ages 47, slightly balding and
was a husband and the father to three children. I
presume he took full advantage of the Thai women when
in Bangkok. I therefore waited for him to tell me he
was going to have to make a special trip.

"You'll have to go and sort it out," he spluttered.

"Me," I replied a slightly squeaky voice?

"Yes." "The financial people are due next Monday and
if I'm off sorting out problems it won't give a good
impression," he said. "Philip is on holiday this week
(my boss) and I can't spare the Commercial Director so
it looks like it's you." "If this line fails, your
arse will be on the line anyway so I can't think of
anyone with more interest in getting it sorted than

That was true.

"I believe you've had a couple of holidays out there
too so you at least know a bit about the geography,"
he continued. "I want you to take Sean and Robert from
Production, and Rebecca from Finance." "I can't spare
anyone higher than her due to this visit next week."

My mind went into overdrive then depression. I had
been there before, three times actually. I loved it
and I had had many enjoyable times both in Bangkok and
Pattaya. No one in the company knew I was gay as far
as I was aware and I lived a pretty straight life,
going out with the guys and joining in the golf
tournaments etc. When I heard that Sean and Robert
were coming I was quite pleased as they would have
been easy to escape from, obviously having their own
interests to satisfy. These two guys were both very
heterosexual twenty-somethings who stayed together and
used their flat as a base for screwing anything in a
skirt. They were good at their job though and would be
invaluable to have along. The addition of a forty
something woman from Finance meant that escaping would
be much more difficult, if at all possible.

I had to fly out on the Tuesday evening Thai
International flight. I returned to my desk to
organise things.

I had been a lucky guy. When I left university with my
Marketing degree in my early twenties, this company
had approached me as a Marketing assistant. I had been
quite rapid in my promotion as I had a great interest
in fashion having spent my first few years studying it
before switching the course. Now, at 28, I was still
young, free and gay living near London and with a
substantial salary.

I had been to Thailand and enjoyed the fun there. On
my second visit, I had met a really nice older German
guy (I suppose he was about 38), called Peter. He had
a partner who was older still (50 ish) and they ran a
couple of bars/clubs which housed girls. They told me
they preferred to be in the straight scene as they had
less hassle from the authorities. They had a Thai
manager and guys went to the bar to drink and if they
liked a girl, they could pay a fee to take her away
for the night or longer. They could also use the
facilities at the bar where there were rooms. I had
sex with Peter, and, though I usually like younger
guys, he was caring and very exciting. I am normally a
"bottom" so enjoyed Peter's big cock inside, screwing
me. We had sex a number of times on that visit, and
the next one and his friend joined us a couple of
times and also just watched us and masturbated on a
couple of times too. We also picked up a couple of
young Thai teens for a foursome on one occasion which
made for a very exciting evening.

"Fucking women," came the loud voice." The answer
might have been "No I wasn't" until I realised Graham
Parkinson was making a statement.

"Sorry," I responded?

"Rebecca won't go." "Something to do with a sick kid,
for fuck's sake," he said. "You'll have to take Roger

He was fourth in line and an interesting guy. You
might have called him a geek. He was 6 feet 4 inches
tall, thin, 34, tight curly sandy hair and wore light
framed glasses. He dressed very conservatively and
always looked just a little out of date. He had been
engaged for 5 years and met his fiancee once a week.
We would all have been shocked if anyone had said they
actually were having sex. Oh and by the way, I fancied
him. I don't know why so don't ask. I can't say I
didn't fancy Sean and Robert, because I did. What I
would have given to be a fly on the wall in their
apartment on a Saturday night. I had wanked off many a
night thinking of the two of them sharing a girl and
spraying their fertile cum on her face.

"See me later once you have the arrangements sorted,"
he said, interrupting my little daydream. I had not
been with any of these guys outside company business
or company social events so this was going to be a

Well, I managed to contact Peter to say I would be
coming over but had no idea for how long or even when
I would be free. I told him we would be at the Dusit
Thani Hotel in Bangkok and said I hoped to see him and
Hans, his partner.

The flight was enjoyable, thanks to a business class
flight by Thai International and we arrived in the
afternoon. A taxi trip to the hotel and we went
straight to bed. Next day we were at the factory about
20 miles from Bangkok and haggling with the owners.
They had started the production run of 70,000 pieces
but had stopped when we called them with only 1,000
made. They asked us to give them a couple of days and
they would source another fabric and make some samples
for us to test.

"Right guys," said I, "We have two days, what do you
want to do?"

Sean piped up with," Sightsee by day and fuck by

"Yes," Said Robert.

Roger shrugged his shoulders, but I didn't see him

"You've been here before you horny goat," said Sean,
"So where are the best clubs to find women -- sexy Thai

An idea formed in my mind. If I took them to the
"Girls a Go Go" I could pretend I was going with a
girl but could actually shag with Peter while they had
their girls. The thought of knowing they were fucking
at the exact same time as me was highly erotic. I
called Peter who said he would welcome our custom,
would enjoy the shag, and asked what the guys looked
like. I told him and also my view of them.

"Ah," said Peter," Then I have a treat for you."

Roger opted out of the excursion, saying that it was
"not his scene" so he was going to take in some of the
more conservative night life. At least he was occupied
and it didn't interfere with my plans as I had to go
with the other two anyway.

We arrived at the club at around 11.00 pm, still wide
awake from the reverse jet-lag effect. The boys were
well gone and up for fun as I had been plying them
with drink for some hours as I didn't want them being
suspicious.  I was careful as, knowing Peter, and
knowing Bangkok, I wondered what Peter had in store
for me; perhaps another foursome?

Peter was very business-like and welcomed me as a
customer who had been before and sampled the club's
delights. I suppose I had but not the way the guys
thought. We watched the show and the girls performed
on stage, giving us a glimpse if their delights.

"Fucking horny as hell," said Robert. "I'm gonna stick
my cock up No 45, what about you lads?"

"Do we take them to the hotel," said Sean?

"You can if you want," I replied," But the owner says
we can use the small suites here which are really nice
and plush."

I had never actually seen them but I needed the guys
to stay if I was going to get my serving of sex. The
girls were not doing much for me but my cock was hard
for another reason. I went over to Peter and asked
what to do next. He ushered us into a side room which
was sizeably large and had about 10 girls in it, all
scantily clad.

"These are the first ten." "If there are any you don't
want, I will send them out and replace them until you
find the lady you want to service." This was Peter

Sean and Robert were rubbing the front of their cotton
trousers and I was pleased to see a bulge on the front
of each.

"Oh what I would give..." I thought

After a little to-ing and fro-ing, the boys settled on
their girls. Peter said that each of the guys had to
shower before sex and sent them off, allowing him to
take me into his private area. Instead of going
straight into his room, he also took me to shower and
did so too. After the shower, he led me naked into a
room off to the right which was long and narrow with a
dark wall down one side. We started to kiss in the dim
light and I saw a high chaise lounge type bed in the
middle. I presumed this was one of his "V.I.P rooms."
I was sucking his cock and it had risen to its eight
inch length when he suddenly he whispered something to
me and dimmed the lights. The wall on the right was
suddenly ablaze with light and I realised that it was
some kind of glass wall with three rooms on the other
side of our long room.

A door opened and a young Thai girl entered wearing
just a white towel. She was followed by Sean,
similarly attired. The next room saw Robert enter with
his girl. The third room remained empty.

I felt really peculiar standing stark naked with a
raging hard cock facing my work mates while a man
kneeling before me sucking it.

"Are you sure they can't see," I mumbled.

"Not a thing can they see and not a sound can they
hear," he replied.

"Oh boy, this is going to be something," I said.

"And I'm going to fuck you while you watch," said

Both guys were in the same position, kissing the girls
while they fondled their breasts. At this point it was
like two similar shows. Two mouths wrapped round two
nipples. The women were stroking the front of the
guy's towels and visible erections could be seen. I
was so excited; my heart was thumping against my rib
cage. I was sitting on the lounger with Peter slurping
between my legs.

Sean's girl pulled off his towel. His cock was stiff
as a rod and about six inches long but looked really
thick. His hair was dark and he was a little hairy
both on his chest and between his legs. The skin slid
straight back revealing a perfect cock head. He held
the girl's head on to his cock as she sucked him.

Robert was next and his cock was also uncut but about
seven inches long and very thin -- almost pencil-like.
The foreskin gathered at the end like some flower and
the girl was able to peel the skin back and forth to
reveal a small but perfectly formed cock head. His
balls, unlike Sean's were loose and hung very low
between his legs. His chest was covered in neat dark
hair, as was his arms and legs.

When I looked over at Sean, I was amazed to see him
face down on the bed, doggy fashion, and the girl
licking his arse. I couldn't believe it. He was in
ecstasy as she licked. He was wanking his cock
furiously and I saw her push a finger into his hole.

Peter pressed a switch and the room filled with the
sounds of sex. Sean was gasping as the girl fingered
him. Her hands were between his legs pulling his rigid
member backwards as she lowered her head to take his
cock in her mouth from the rear. He looked so passive!
She rolled him over and raised his legs as though she
was going to fuck him. Her head again went down and
she rimmed his arse.

I ran across to see what Robert was doing. His girl
had stopped sucking and was lying on the bed waiting
to be entered. He slipped a rubber on to his long thin
cock. It stood straight out and upwards. He laid her
sideways on the bed facing us and entered her slit
from the rear, offering us a perfect view as the randy
cock slid straight into her. As I bent forward, Peter
entered me in one swoop. His cock slid in my
pre-lubricated arse, causing me to gasp. He pulled me
across the room until we were midway between the two
day rooms in front of us and I could watch both boys

Sean was on his back and the Thai girl was slowly
sinking on to his cock. The ecstasy on his face was a
pleasure to see. She rode up and down on his stubby
fat cock. I could clearly see the head appear,
glistening with her juices, then plunge back into her.
The latex on his condom shone in the light with the
wetness of her cum.

I couldn't believe that I was stark naked, facing
these two straight young men at the height of the sex,
being fucked by a big cock.

"We will time our cumming," said Peter.

The fucking lasted around 15 minutes with the guys
changing positions a number of times. Any thoughts I
might have harboured about them being gay were long
gone as their young cocks stayed rigid throughout.
Sean arched his back as the girl plunged down on to
him. He grabbed her hips to slow her pace and
shuddered. He thrust upwards four times as he emptied
his balls into her, then collapsed back on to the bed.
She slid off him and his slowly deflating cock looked
a  picture as it shrunk within the condom and the sac
full of male sperm dropped off the end.

Peter pulled me over to watch Robert. He was in
exactly the same position with his girl as Peter was
with me. He had her doggy fashion on the bed and was
fucking her quite violently. His orgasm was quite
spectacular. He pulled his cock out, pulled of the
condom and sprayed the most amazing volume of cum I
have ever seen. At least eight jets spray dove her
back and arse as Peter gripped my cock and I shot over
the glass of the wall. I could feel his big cock
pumping its load into me at the same time.

I have NEVER orgasmed so violently. The force of the
sperm rushing up my cock was almost painful. Thin
dollops of it were running down the glass.

"Thanks Peter," "I whispered, "You have just given me
a fetish I didn't know I had."

"I have more for you my friend, if you can bring them
back another day," said Peter.


The lads were full of their experience all the way
back to the hotel and I had to bluff my experience. I
couldn't tell them my arse was aching where I had
taken a punishing fucking from Peter.

Roger was in his room when we called and he was
evasive about his day. He talked about a trip on the
river, the reclining Buddha, the Grand Palace but I
had a feeling that he had done something. We had a few
drinks and agreed to meet for a late breakfast next

I called the supplier who assured me everything was in
hand and the first batch of new samples would be ready
in couple of days. So we had more spare time. Sean and
Robert wanted to do some of the tourist sites that
Roger had done the previous day. It was Sunday so I
wanted to travel out to a large weekend market on the
outskirts of the city to but some souvenirs and also
to look at some of the fabrics and shirts on sale.

Roger asked if he could come along which he did. We
had a great day even in the heat. By mid afternoon, I
was waning slightly and suggested we go back into the
city, change and have an early meal followed by a few
drinks. Roger readily agreed.

Over our meal, he confessed that he had been tempted
to join us on our trip to the bar but had hesitated as
he didn't want the younger lads knowing he had done
anything behind his fiance's back. He asked what
happened and I told them we had all met some girls and
had some fun. As we dipped into our fifth beer, he
said he had gone into a bar the previous night and was
about to pay to take a girl to the back room when he
discovered it was a lady boy. I asked how he knew and
he said he had felt the guys cock when putting his
hand between his legs. He freaked and left.

"So that doesn't appeal to you," I asked. "A lot of
heterosexual guys get turned on by the idea," I said.

"I had mixed feelings," he replied. "Have you every
had sex when another guy was present," he asked me.

"You mean two guys and a girl," I questioned.

"Yes," he said.

I didn't like to tell him I only liked sex when
another guy was present so I lied and said I had done
it a couple of times at college.

"Did you enjoy it -- you know -- find it exciting?"

I kind of liked where this might be heading so started
to make up an erotic story about a romp with three
guys and a girl at college where we all screwed her
and even sucked each other.

He was squirming in his seat and was obviously
aroused. I fed him a couple of more beers as we
continued our conversation.

"Am I embarrassing you," he asked?

"Not at all," I replied. "Roger, would you like me to
help your fantasy happen." I blurted out.

"Would you be discreet," he asked.

"Of course," said I, ("Anything to see your erect
cock," I thought). "Let me make a call."

I called Peter and Hans and told them the story. They
were quite excited at the prospect of watching me, a
guy I fancied and a girl. I was quite excited at being
watched as I performed in my first every bisexual
experience. With luck I would get to see him in action
and perhaps even get my hands on him. I asked Peter to
pick a girl who knew I was gay and what I was up for
and said I would pay extra for her help.

Two more beers and a ten minute taxi trip and we were
there. Once more, a gracious Peter met us and guided
us to the bar where we bought more drinks and were
introduced to Lily. She was a pretty girl and
immediately wrapped herself round Roger. He was
embarrassed but I saw the little lump in his pants and
figured he was enjoying the attention.

After thirty minutes or so, we went through into the
shower area and split. Roger was staggering slightly.
I held back and let him go into the room first. Lily
took him in hand just as I walked in. She stripped him
of his towel and he stood there in all his glory. His
cock was semi-erect. His skin was white and his
shoulders, arms and legs were covered in freckles. He
had a small patch of bright red chest hair and a
matching bush of red pubic hair. His cock was about
six inches long with a slightly tight foreskin which I
figured could be pulled back when he was soft. At the
moment, his foreskin formed a little ring with the
pink piss slit just showing through. He had put his
glasses back on and he looked slightly gauche standing
there with a small naked Thai girl sucking his dick.
He turned nervously to look at me, slightly
embarrassed. I dropped my towel and showed him my
erect cock. My seven inches were thicker than him and
I saw him take in the view as his cock jumped to full

I moved forward and stood behind the girl, cupping her
small breasts in my hands. My excitement was being
drawn from seeing Roger and knowing the Peter and Hans
would be naked behind the screen. She stood up and
Roger kissed her. I pushed my cock between her legs
and put my hand round to stroke her pussy; my first
pussy. Roger's cock brushed against me and I felt the
pre-cum dribble off the end. He apologised.

"Don't' be silly," I said and squeezed his whole cock
reassuringly. It jumped. He knelt before Lily, lay her
back and started to lick her out. I stood and stroked
my cock. I walked over and rubbed my cock head against
her legs near his mouth. His tongue accidentally
brushed my cock and he apologised again.

This gentle theatre of sex moved like this for about
15 minutes. We kissed her, fondled her, stroked her
and eventually it looked like he was going to fuck
her. He lay her on the bed and pulled on a condom. He
climbed on top and I positioned myself to watch it
slip in. He gently pushed it into her open vagina and
started to fuck. I stroked his back and worked my way
down to caress his buttocks, letting my finger slip
between them and touch his hole. He enjoyed that!

He pulled out and offered me a fuck which I decided I
had to do for appearances. I surprised even myself by
staying hard as I fucked her. I was rewarded as she
climaxed rather noisily.

"Not bad for an amateur," I thought.

After a bit more of this, Roger announced that he was
too nervous to cum and suggested we finish. I told
Lily and she discreetly left. I was still horny as
fuck and very unsatisfied. It looked like this was all
I was going to get.

"I need to cum, Roger," I said. "Can I masturbate

"Em, yes, if you like." He mumbled. " Do you want me
to go, or can I help or something?"

"Roger," I said, "Come here!"

He slowly walked across with his soft dick hanging
over his equally soft balls.

"What," he asked?

I kneeled before him and took his cock in my mouth.
The condom was still on him and the taste of rubber
and pussy was slightly erotic. I heard him exhale
loudly and mutter some comment.

"Shut up," I said and pushed him back on the bed. He
fell back and his eyes closed as his cock started to
grow in my mouth. I pulled off the condom and really
got going. The erect cock stood straight up out of his
fiery bush and I cupped his balls as my finger found
his hole.

"Oh my God," he kept mumbling.

I jumped on the bed and turned into a 69 position
forcing my erect member straight into his mouth. He
gagged then held it firmly as he pushed it to a more
comfortable position. Within seconds he was slurping
like a kid with a lollipop. I swung round again and
climbed on top of him to face him and kissed him, my
tongue forcing it's way into his mouth. I tasted his
beer, I tasted Thai female juices and I tasted Roger.
I groaned again and his arms came around me to force
me tightly against him. I needed more.

I pulled myself free and ripped open a condom. I
slipped it over his cock as he looked on
incredulously. I climbed back on top facing him and
lowered my unlubricated arse on to his manhood. He
groaned as it slowly slipped into me. Soon I was
pumping up and down on his cock, my own in my hand as
I wanked furiously.

"Mark, Mark, I cumming...Jeesus...I'm cumming in you,"
he screamed.

It was a small cock but at full strength it was like a
rod of iron. His pulsing set me off and he was
rewarded by a jet of cum that hit his face and his
screaming mouth. He was tasting cum for the first

I dried him carefully and stopped him from climbing
out of the bed embarrassed.

"Did you enjoy that." I asked?

"Well, yes, I did sort of...I'm really sorry: I didn't
mean to seduce you," he responded.

This poor mug thought he had coerced me into sex. Now
I was curious.

"What brought this around," I asked?

His story started.

"Well yesterday, when I went into town, I ended up in
a bar and tried to meet a lady boy." "For some reason,
it has always fascinated me and I wanted to know what
it would be like to go with a woman who was really a
man." "When they eventually found one for me and we
went off to a room together, I realised after a few
moments that I didn't find it as exciting as I
thought." "The young man was probably too young
anyway." "Legal, I'm sure, but he looked about 14 and
acted in such an affected and effeminate way that I
felt I would have been just as well having a woman."
"I left with a lot of abuse following me."

He continued.

"When you offered to take me out and about today, and
you told me about yesterday, a plan for both of us to
have a woman formed in my head." "I thought that it
would be the best of both worlds and satisfy my
curiosity." "As you now know, I realised I was
enjoying you more than the girl and that is why I went
soft." "The rest you can put together but I just don't
know where this leaves me."

"Bisexual," I responded.

"Bisexual", he repeated?

"Best of both worlds mate -- having your cake and
eating someone else's!"

We dressed and Roger remained slightly quiet. I
assured him of two things. Firstly, I wouldn't mention
it to the others, and two, I wanted to do it again. He
seemed keen.

I excused myself and popped round to see a naked Peter
and Hans in the side room. Judging by the amount of
cum on Hans's back, they had enjoyed the show.

Peter asked," Would you have preferred your straight
friends to this man?"

"No," I responded, "I would prefer my straight friends

"I thought you might say that," he replied. "We have
an area I haven't shown you yet." "Normally it is for
the older guys." It is a glory hole area. They meet
the group of girls, usually about 6 or 7 or them, then
they go into the area with open cubicles and a hole at
the back." They put their cocks through and each of
the girls takes turn to suck them." "Some guys even
want to fuck the girl through the hole." "You see
where I am coming from?"

"Oh yes," I responded.

"It will work," he said, " Hans and I often have some
fun and the girls are happy to have some time off and
be paid." "Bring your boys round tomorrow night and
your red haired guy can "meet" a transsexual -- not
that he's going to have one."

My legs were like jelly at the prospect. The following
day was going to be a busy one as we had to see the
prototypes and work out the new costings. This meant
we could be leaving the day after so I would only get
one crack at this.


I had great difficulty in concentrating the next day.
The prototypes were excellent quality and the designs
passed our inspection. Roger and I sat down with the
factory management and worked out some costings which
we forwarded to the U.K. then went out for some lunch.

I reminded the guys that tonight might be our last
full night in Bangkok if the day went well and that I
had been in contact with the club who said they could
give us a night of our wildest dreams if we cared to
go back. Sean and Robert were panting like dogs on
heat. Their previous night had been unsuccessful as
they had drunk to much earlier and ended up back at
the hotel to "rest" wakening up at 7.00 am having
fallen asleep. I pulled Roger aside and told him that
the guy could lay on a transsexual whom he could have
without having to make any real contact. He seemed
interested. They were hooked!

The afternoon dragged on a bit as with the time
difference, it began to look as though we wouldn't get
clearance from the U.K. Obviously someone was working
well after hours, as the agreement came back and we
signed the paperwork. I had one very nervous moment
when the factory manager suggested we all go out for
dinner. I managed to change that to us inviting him to
the hotel for a meal in an excellent Royal Thai
restaurant on the premises. This meant that we were
able to wash, change, have dinner and be on liqueurs
by 10.00 pm.

We bade him farewell and all quickly dived back to our
rooms to change into more casual attire, meeting
within 30 minutes in the foyer. I telephoned Peter to
warm him.

The lads were all quite merry and in the taxi, I
showed them some Viagra I had bought over the counter
in a pharmacy.

"Anyone fancy some," I said, swallowing half a tablet.

As I thought, Robert and Sean grabbed half a tablet
each and I handed Roger the second half of mine. He
washed it down with a Coke. Within 15 minutes we were
all in the bar knocking back even more beer.

I had asked Peter to give us 30 minutes then come over
to talk before suggesting the glory hole area as a bit
if fun. He stuck to his part of the bargain, obviously
being turned on by helping me fulfil my fantasies. He
explained the story of the "adventure" area and Robert
and Sean were definitely game. Roger was hesitant but
I whispered about the ladyboy and he seemed to be more

We were all led to a semi dark room and sat in a row
while six very attractive Thai girls came in. They
were all over us and I noticed that Roger's was
placing his hand between "her" legs. Judging by his
expression, this was the ladyboy.

Peter clapped his hands and the six girls waved and
left the room. Peter asked that we follow one at a
time and with a minute or two gap. I was to be first
(for obvious reasons). I left the room and was whisked
round the side of the dark room area to another room
beyond. The wall facing us had six small glass panels
at eye height which looked into the slightly lit
cubicle area. We were in darkness. I could see Robert
being led in and stripped by a Thai woman. He was left
in his briefs. He walked forward as I quickly stripped
naked -- as did Peter I noticed.

The lady led him to the cubicle and explained about
the glory hole and then left. He started to lower his
briefs and masturbate. In the background I could see
Roger being led in and the same procedure being
followed. Robert was still wanking in the dim light on
his side, obviously a little nervous. Sean followed up
the rear.

Still no cock through the hole. I placed my finger to
the hole and wiggled it. I was rewarded as Robert's
uncut cock slipped through. It was so hard I realised
the Viagra had done its job. Robert's seven inches
tentatively slid through and was brick hard. I touched
it delicately and it jumped. I stroked it slowly and
then put my hand gently to the hole, pulling his balls
through too. I went down on my knees and delicately
licked the foreskin on the tip, pulling it gently back
and rolling my tongue under the skin and round the
exposed head.

I heard his voice whispering gently, "Yes baby, that's
it: suck me, suck me!"

I didn't need a second bidding and took his whole cock
down my throat. I sucked deeply almost to his body
whilst cupping his balls with my other hand. I was in
heaven. I could taste his pre-cum dribbling out of the
tip and he was thrusting hard against the hole, I
thought he might come through.

Peter was watching me while stroking his cock. In the
very dim light, it was an erotic sight. He motioned
for me to move away and I did as he knelt to take my

I stood up and looked through as Sean approached the
cubicle. Hans stood ready to handle Roger.

Sean looked rather scared, stroking his cock out of
the side of his briefs. His thick six inches was rock
solid though, no doubt helped by my little blue pills.
I decided to play a little game as I knelt, ready to
receive him. In my highest and huskiest voice and with
my best mock Thai accent, I said "Give me your cock."

He slipped his rod through. Close up, it was thick. It
was about half as big again as my own. The six inch
slid through with his foreskin already peeling back
and I bent forward to accept it straight into my
mouth. I heard him moan as I took it. They say no one
sucks cock like a guy and I wanted to make sure that
this little straight cutie got the blow job of his

I pulled his skin right back and licked the head
making sure my tongue slid under the glans at the
rear. I then engulfed the whole cock with my mouth,
gripping it tightly and forcing the blood to the head
so the full pressure of my mouth was focused on the
head of his cock. His panting and groaning was mixing
with that of Robert in the next cubicle.

"Great head, eh Rob," he shouted.

"Yeh," said Robert.

I looked across to see Roger's long fair cock being
engulfed by Hans who winked at me as he slurped. Hans
was not well endowed with about 5.5 inches of cock and
circumcised. He stood up and put his cock through the
hole to Roger. I was about to stop him when I
remembered that Roger thought he was with a
transsexual so would not find a cock much of a
surprise. Judging by Han's face, Roger was returning
the compliment and sucking Hans.

Peter was standing now with Robert's cock sticking
obscenely through the hole and pumping with his
heartbeat. He reached across and handed me two
packets. On was a small tube of lubricant and the
other was a condom. He nodded to Sean's cock and then
to me. It hadn't crossed my mind to take this a stage
further but looking as Sean's thick cock I knew what I
had to do.

I opened the condom and started to slip it over Sean.
At first he started to pull back then as he realised
what was happening, he obviously knew he was going to
get a fuck. I heard his standard, "Yeah," as he
guessed what was about to happen. He just didn't know
the orifice his cock was going to enter. I quickly
lubricated my hole and also the condom covered cock.
His cock was rigid. I turned round and offered my arse
to the hole, holding the cock as I pressed myself to
him. At first it wouldn't go in. I pulled back and
pressed again and his massive head plopped into my
hole. I pressed, taking the whole cock in as far as it
would go.

"Christ, you're tight," I heard him say.

He started to hump me. The hole slightly restricted
things but he soon got a rhythm. He pulled back till
just the head was in, then pressed hard with great
force pushing all but the last half inch into me. I in
turn, pushed back as he did it. I didn't think he
would last and he didn't.

His orgasm came from a long way off. "Yes baby, yes,
yes, yes ---- oh my God ---- Christ -----I'm cumming
---- oh fuck -----oh here it cums ----I'm cumming!!!!"
There was an almighty groan and I felt his monster
pump and pump in my arse hole as his cum shot into me.
When he started to shrink, I pulled off and at the
same time, pulled the condom off his cock. He had cum
a load that would have made a horse happy.

Peter tapped my shoulder and asked me to take Robert's
cock in my mouth. I looked over as Hans was standing
up, his face covered in Roger's cum and a smile on his
face. I bent forward to take Robert's long pencil cock
in my mouth and as I did so, I felt Peter slip his big
cock in my arse. He held my hips and started to fuck
me while I held Robert's cock and sucked the end.

The finale didn't take long. Robert's cock tensed
upwards as I pulled my mouth off and stroked it for
the final moments. A forceful jet of warm cum sprayed
on my face. It was so forceful that it splashed my
forehead, cheeks and chin, some of it running into my
mouth. Peter continued to fuck as I took Sean's condom
and emptied the contents on to my cock and balls and
started to wank. I came simultaneously with Peter and
only just managed to aim my jet of cum away from the
hole. A spray of sperm on Robert's leg might have been
difficult to explain.

The lads surreptitiously slipped one by one from their
cubicles to shower and dress and I followed at a
discrete distance. When we were dressed and back in
the bar, not too much was said about the show except
that they had found it highly erotic, especially when
the "girls they had just had" came out to join us for
drinks much to the guy's delight.

We did return home the next evening and not too much
was said about the whole event except in laddish
conversation. Every time afterwards when I looked at
the guys, or they bragged about their conquests, it
gave me great pride to know that I had been one of

Now Roger was a different story. He was married about
six months later. By that time, he had screwed me
about ten times. He still does to this day. Around
once a month, I get the phone call and am only too
pleased to be his bit on the side. A shag's a shag at
the end of the day. I have some plans for Roger though
and may well introduce him to a small group of us gay
guys who enjoy some communal sex every few months.
We'll see!

I'm also pleased to say that Peter didn't charge for
the girls, saying it was one of their most erotic
nights ever, and any time I'm passing through with
family or straight friends, to look them both up.