Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 09:03:48 -0500
From: darksider <>
Subject: Getting the Chair (M/M, authoritarian)

Warning:  This story was written for Adults only and contains homosexual
          themes.   If you're under 18 or the community you live in
          has laws against reading this type of material, please do not
          continue.   This story is completely fictional and is not based
          any actual person or incident. The theme involves torture and non-
          consensual sex, if this offends you, stop reading now.

Getting the Chair

By DarkSider

I'll never forget that summer when I got the job working for that inventor
guy out in the burbs....

I had answered an ad in the newspaper for some guy who needed help
maintaining his house and property.  The estate turned out to be really
swank, and the pay was right. I was damned happy when he called me back to
give me the job.

So for two weeks I worked for Troy at this huge house just outside the
city.  It was a far drive from my own apartment, but the money I was making
more than made up for that.  I was saving for school in the Fall as this
was to be my Junior year of college and I was running low on financial aid.
Having just turned 21, things were going well for me: I was doing ok in
school, I had been scoring pretty well with the chicks since I had been in
college, and hey, most people seemed to think I was fairly good-looking.  I
am almost 6 feet tall, have light blonde hair which I wear shoulder-length,
and cool blue eyes.  The magic gene pool in the sky had been kind to me.  I
worked out and swam quite a bit, so the bod was always in top shape.  I
wasn't really muscular per se, but hard and lean for sure.  My name, by the
way, is Eric.

Anyway, my work at the estate was mostly cleaning and yard duties.  Troy
was cool to work for and didn't hassle me about little shit.  He mostly
just wanted somebody trustworthy to do the things he had no time for around
the property.  I didn't see all that much of Troy, but at his young age, I
guess 30 or so, he had made a hell of a lot of money doing something to be
able to afford this place, that was for sure.  He spent most of his time in
his workshop down in the basement with all the computers and various other
equipment he used for his profession.

One day, after mowing the entire property, dead tired and sweaty from the
sun and heat, I went in the house to grab something cold from the fridge to
drink.  I noticed something wrong cuz the OJ I snagged was only lukewarm.
Sure enough, the fridge was broken.

I went through the house and knocked on the basement door where Troy
usually worked at this time of day.  No answer.  I knocked again.  Nothing.
So, I opened up the door and yelled downstairs for Troy.  No response.

Troy had told me to stay out of the basement due to all the delicate
equipment down there and stuff, so I had never even been down, but I needed
to tell him the fridge was out before all his stuff went bad.  I didn't
want to be responsible for all that mess.  I made my way down the narrow
stairs to see if I could find him.

The stairway opened to a largish room which was dimly lit.  There were old
computer consoles and various equipment that I didn't recognize laying
around, but no sign of Troy.  I went through the room and down another hall
where there were several doors, all closed except the one at the end of the
hall where I could hear the clicking of someone typing at a computer
keyboard and various other machine sounds.  I called out Troy's name again,
hoping he wouldn't be pissed that I had come downstairs.

"What!?!?!" he said excitedly, poking his head out of the room at the end
of the hall.

"Troy, I'm sorry to bug you down here and all, but the fridge is on the
blink and I though you'd better know right away before everything goes
bad," I hastily replied.

"Oh," he said, looking uncomfortable for some reason. "I suppose that we'd
better do something about that right now.  He returned to the workroom had
been in and I walked on down the hall to finish the conversation. As I got
to the doorframe, I could see a large black leather chair of some kind in
the middle of the room.  The unusual part was that is that it was hooked up
to his computer with a bunch of wires and stuff, and there were all kinds
of weird looking attachments on the chair that I couldn't identify at all.

"What's that???" I said.

He turned around from his telephone conversation and looked startled for a
second.  "Uh, it's a special massage chair I am working on.  A kind of
medical device I guess you'd say."

He finished his phone call and turned back to me once again.  "Here. I
don't normally let anyone even see my projects while they are in the design
phase, but since you're already down here, I guess it can't hurt to let you
try it out."  With that, he motioned me to the big black leather chair and
I sat down.

It was vaguely like a dentist chair in shape, but much larger and sturdier.
For the life of me, I had the impression that I was sitting in a big hand.
It even felt warm.

"So what does it do?" I said, looking up from my seated position to where
Troy had gone to sit at his console.

"Well, it does a lot of things, he said, but I'll just let you get a taste
of the body massage and see what you think about that."

He typed something on his keyboard, and told me to lay back and relax.

Soon a gentle vibration came from the entire chair, then, I started to hear
sounds coming from underneath as various mechanisms whirred to life and the
whole thing started to undulate beneath me.  My whole body felt as though
it were being rubbed all at once by a dozen hands.  It was really

"What it's doing right now is just the basic body massage," Troy explained.
There are rollers and ultrasonic gadgets under the padding of the chair
that produce the effect."

"Feels great!" I said, almost sighing.  "I want one of these!"

He laughed and did something to the keyboard, and the motion of the chair

"Well, I've got a lot more programming and tinkering to do with the
mechanisms before this will be ready for the public. And it'll cost a
fortune!"  he quipped.  "Mostly this will be used by the very rich who can
afford expensive toys."

"Yeah," I said, standing up, "that's the way it always goes. But what does
all this other stuff do?" I asked, motioning to all the odd-looking devices
placed in and around the chair unit.

"That part's a secret," Troy replied.  "I can't tell you all that stuff or
you might run off and "invent" one of your own," he laughed.

"Ok, thanks for letting me try it out though, it felt great. I could have
sat there forever."

"Yeah.  It's a special creation," he said.

"Now, here's the deal: I just found out I have to fly out of town for at
least a week starting tomorrow morning.  I really want you to stay here in
the house and keep an eye on things if it's not too big of an
imposition. You can stay right in the guest room."

"Oh.  I wasn't expecting anything like that," I said.  "But I don't have
anything planned in particular this week, so it should be fine."

"Great!" he said as we made our way back up the long stairway from the
basement. "I would really appreciate it, and I will compensate you for this
a bunch on your next check, I assure you.  One thing though, I don't want
any people besides you in the house while I'm gone, and leave the basement
alone as usual.  There's too much expensive and delicate work down there
that you could fuck up."

"No problem Troy, you know I will take good care of the joint."

"Yeah, I know you will.  That's why I hired you--you just struck me as


So the next day, I came to the property early in the morning.  On the front
door was a note from Troy saying just to let myself in and to keep things
under control while he was gone.  I didn't anticipate any troubles.

Most of that day, I spent doing my regular house chores.  The guy came to
repair the fridge, I washed up all Troy's dirty laundry and folded and put
it away.  Just the regular routine.

By 4pm, I was done with all the stuff I had to do and realized that I had
the run of the place for the rest of the night.  The work I needed to do
was all done, and the next week or so should be cake!  I grabbed a wine
cooler from the kitchen, made myself a sandwich and took it all with me
into Troy's den where I watched movies on the wide-screen HDTV.  It was my
own little taste of the high life, I thought mirthlessly.  It would be many
years of hard work before I'd ever afford a place with this kinda perks,
that was for sure.

By the third day, the new had worn off, my work around the house was either
done, or not really in need of attention yet.  I read some of Troy's
computer books from the den, and watched more movies on the HDTV.  It's
funny how quickly you can get used to having really nice things and how
quickly they stop being entertaining.  I thought guiltily about calling
some friends and having them over, but then again, I'd promised Troy I
wouldn't and I liked him and didn't wanna fuck up this job.

By that evening, I was literally climbing the walls with boredom. I thought
about going out and trying to get some action with a chick, but I couldn't
bring her back here anyway, so that was out.  Fuck, I was getting horny,
and Troy didn't even have any porn in his video collection I could jerk-off
to.  I knew because I'd looked the first night.  So I was stuck in this
huge house, no women, no porn, no nothing.

Then, I remembered the basement.  If I was a rich guy like Troy, I'd
probably keep a porn stash somewhere down there where it wouldn't normally
be found be any houseguests.  I considered going down there to check and
see what I could find.  I wouldn't mess with anything, I'd just find
whatever he had around that I could jack to, do my biz, and put it back so
nobody was the wiser.  No harm done.

My boredom and horniness did the rest of the thinking for me, and before I
knew it, I'd used my key to unlock the basement and was headed downstairs.

I had a little trouble finding the switch for the lights when I got down,
but eventually I found myself in the main room where all the computer junk
was stored.  Nothing here, I thought.  If he's got any magazines or
anything stashed down here, they're probably in his desk.

I went down the hall, and tried the doorknobs to a couple of the rooms I
hadn't seen.  Locked.  I tried my masterkey, but none of them would open
for it.  But, when I got the the office at the end of the hall, my key
opened that lock just fine, and I walked into the room with Troy's desk and
that big black massage chair thing.

First, I tried his desk drawers to see if maybe there were some magazines
or even videos that might be interesting.  I was greeted by nothing but
staples and computer disks and stuff like that.  I checked around the VCR
cabinet that was in the office, and didn't find anything there either.
Shit.  Apparently rich guys never jack-off.  Or if they do, they hide their
porn pretty fuckin' well.

With that, I sat down at the desk and contemplated my next move.  The
computer was there I thought, so why not try to go online and see if I can
at least find some porn there I can jack to so I can get some damned
relief.  I booted up the computer.

When it came online, I didn't get the usual Windoze menu, but some kind of
start up routine for that massage chair.  Dammit again. I sat and looked at
the screen.

Then I thought, 'what the fuck?'  I'll start the old massage up, climb in,
and stoke while I get my back and buns rubbed by the chair.  It'll be
better that nothing, and that chair felt pretty damn good the last time I'd
sat in it.

I went though a menu of stuff on the screen for the chair.  There were
several pre-programmed routines, but no descriptions were given so I didn't
really know what any of them would do.  Finally, I clicked on something
called "SX7A."

'Duration?'  The screen queried.

'2 hours', I clicked.

'Selection Complete.  Remove all clothing and be seated.  The chair will
activate in 3 minutes.'

Wow, "remove all clothing?"  I was gonna jack-off anyway, so I did as the
monitor screen had suggested and climbed in the black leather palm of the
thing.  It was warm again, and I could feel a slight humming from inside as
I lay back, waiting for the massage to begin.

Slowly, the vibration started, and the little fingers or whatever they were
started to move beneath me.  It felt real nice.  Lazily, I reached down and
started caressing my long dick.  I've got a big one, and it was way overdue
for some action, even if it was just my own hand.  With the chair rolling
beneath me, I was hard in less than a minute; my full 9 inches standing
straight up in the air.  I spit in my hand a couple of times to get my dick
wet, and started slowly jacking, taking my time and letting the motion and
vibration of the chair help me get turned on.  It was feeling really good.

After a few minutes of laying there stroking, something new happened.  They
chair automatically reclined further back and a voice from the computer
speakers said: "place your arms on the armrests and your feet in the
footrests for Phase Two. Phase Two will commence in 10 seconds.  OR push
the red button on the console to abort now."

What the fuck was 'Phase Two?' I wondered as I stopped jacking my cock.
Well, might as well give it a try.  I have the damn thing going now I
suppose.  I put both my ankles and my wrists in the place obviously
designed for them and laid my head back against the headrest to see what
would happen.

'Phase Two Commencing', the computer voice announced.

With that, I got a REALLY big surprise.  Silently, thick stainless steel
bands enclosed both my wrists, ankles, forehead, and neck.  In one second,
I was locked in the chair tight.  Shit!

I immediately started to struggle against the shackles that had encompassed
me, but I could tell right away it was no use.  I was trapped.  I could
just barely move my head enough to look down, but I could see the thick
metal bands around my wrists and ankles were not going to budge for
anything I could do.  So I lay there, naked, restrained in a vibrating
massage chair that suddenly had it's own agenda.

I guess whatever 'Program SX7A' was, I was getting ready to find out.

At first, nothing changed except that the vibration of the chair seemed to
grow a little more intense.  I could hear the sounds of different
mechanisms doing something around me, but since I couldn't move my head
really, I couldn't see them.  Then abruptly then chair began to change
configuration and my legs were spread wide apart.  After that the
restraints around my wrists moved them away from my body, and finally
stopped with my arms now pinioned in an "X" over my head.  Basically I was
now spread-eagle for whatever was coming next.

The next thing I knew, I could feel something like headphones closing over
my ears.  No sound came out--just the feeling of headphones.

Then, some 'virtual reality' kind of thing moved into place right in front
of my eyes.  It lined itself up at the proper angle, and the next thing I
knew, my vision was totally obscured by dark goggles.  I could now neither
see, hear, nor move even an inch.  I was getting really, really scared, and
had absolutely no way to get any help.  I know I must have been yelling
like mad, but there was no one to hear it.

The chair itself now started to do that massaging motion again, along with
a deep vibration.  If I hadn't been so fucking terrified it might have
actually felt good.  I kept trying to figure some way out of this, but
nothing at all came to mind.

Next, I heard sounds start to come from the headphones.  It took me a
little bit, but eventually I recognized it as the noises of sex.  Grunts,
groans, things like "ah fuck yeah!" all in men's voices; all being pumped
into my head while this chair did its thing.  The sex noises grew louder
and settled into a steady and constant background theme for my experience.
It sounded like about 20 guys all together in a room jacking off and
sucking each other or something.  The moans were ceaseless in my head.
Someone had made a soundtrack just for this purpose.

The massage went on for bout five minutes, but then the goggles activated
and I saw something new.  The camera angle was unmistakable; it was me,
locked up tight in the chair, writhing and straining to get free of my
restraints.  I couldn't believe this was happening, but I could sure see it
well enough due to the VR visor placed over my eyes.  I had nowhere else to

Now the camera zoomed-in.  Soon I had a good close-up shot of my own dick.
Still hard, it stood straight up from my spread-eagle form.  Poised
immediately over my big unit was a clear-plastic tube or something like
that. I couldn't see much of it as the camera was pointed right at my cock,
but I knew something really wacked was coming.

Again, I struggled against the steel bands to get free.  No change.  I was
totally pinned.  Behind the goggles on my eyes, the camera was showing me
the tube thing now starting to make its way downward on my hard dick,
slowly engulfing the entire length until I could feel the end of it
pressing against my groin.  My cock was now trapped in a warm tunnel; it
seemed to vibrate lightly as it secured itself to my dick.

As I watched on the visor, the tube filled with some kind of clear, thick
liquid.  I guessed it was a lube of some kind.  At first nothing happened,
but then I noticed that the liquid had "set"--like caulk--and had become a
clear, thick mold around my hard-on, giving a perfect fit to whatever the
thing was intended to do.

The intent soon became apparent.  The tube began to move very slowly up and
down on my dick.  I was being forced to fuck this thing.  I had no choice,
it was gonna suck my cock.  I could see that somehow constant suction was
being applied to the tube because my dick was being stretched and pulled to
enormous proportions with each slow stroke the tube now made.  I can't
really describe how it felt, but no mouth will ever suck a cock like that
thing did. It felt TOO good.  Good to the point of pain.  Over the groans
and sighs of the men on the headphones, I could now hear my own involuntary
moans and cries as the tube sucked on my big dick.  The camera was close-up
on the action, so there was literally nowhere else to look other than
watching this thing work on my cock with horrible slow strokes.

A couple of times I thought I was getting ready to come.  I think if I
hadn't been so afraid, I probably would have.  But after about 15 minutes
of the excruciating suck-off, the tube engulfed my hard-on all the way and
stayed motionless.  Meanwhile the camera angle was changing again on the VR
visor, giving me a look at what was next.

A black leather device of some kind was now being maneuvered around my
balls by the machine.  I think they call those things a "parachute".  At
any rate, it was soon affixed to my nuts and the camera pulled back enough
to show me what it was going to do.  It was gonna stretch the fuck outa my
sack.  That's what it was gonna do.

I felt the first tug as the machine began to pull slowly on the small
chains attached to the parachute.  I watched in agony as the camera showed
me my own balls being pulled taught from my body. I could still see my poor
dick encased in that tube thing.  This was torture for sure.

After the fucker had stretched my balls to the point where I thought they
were gonna rip off any second, I could see that it had stopped and now the
camera showed me what I already knew: that the suck-tube was now moving up
and down on my unit again, this time faster and more aggressively.  I heard
myself cry-out in pain as the fiendish fucking thing worked on my cock and
balls and made me watch every second of it close up.

The pain in my nuts was terrible, but the suck-off the tube was doing
balanced the agony somehow.  Over and over, I watched the tube push its way
down on my dick and suck it right up to the very tip before going down on
me again.  It went faster now, much faster and harder, pistoning my poor
dick like nothing ever had. I knew I was screaming, but the male orgy
sounds in the headphones was louder and louder, turning the entire
experience into sexual torture that I wouldn't have ever imagined.  The VR
visor was showing me every moment of what happened to my aching dick and
balls, and I was spread-eagled and totally helpless to stop any of it.  On
and on the tube went, sucking my dick in the worst way imaginable.

Finally, I felt myself starting to become numb to the experience.  I wanted
to come, but couldn't.  I wanted to get out, but couldn't.  All I could
really do was watch the chair rape me.

Then a really horrible thought came into my head.  How far was this shit
gonna go?  This fucking machine had already shown me that it could pin me
down and torture my cock.  What if there were worse things coming?  Jesus.

As if in answer to my thoughts, the tube on my dick soon slowed, and
stopped with my entire length still throbbing inside of it.  The thing that
was pulling my nuts didn't ease up a bit however.  I wondered what would

I lay there long enough to catch my breath, and then felt something warm
brush my lips.  At first I though it was my imagination, but the visor
camera moved to show me the next phase of my ordeal: poised directly in
front of my mouth was a cock.  Not a real cock, to be sure, but a damn good
replica of one attached to yet another part of the machinery of the fuck
chair.  It was about a centimeter from my lips.

I immediately figured out what I was NOT gonna do and put my lips tightly
together so it couldn't make it's way into my mouth.  There was no way I
was giving head to this goddamn thing.

The camera angle moved in extra close to my mouth and gave me a good look
at my enemy.  It was a large latex dick of some kind.  It had veins like
the real item and was about 9 inches long.  There must have been some
tubing on the inside, cuz the thing had a drop of come on the end; pearly
white, and dripping off as it throbbed.

I watched in horror as it now pushed gently against my lips, seeking entry.
I kept my mouth tightly closed.  The substance on the end of the fake dick
smeared as it moved back and forth over my lips, teasing me.  I couldn't
believe it, but over the moans and cries on the headphones I now heard a
deep male voice saying "open your mouth, baby...  suck me... suck me...
Open up man, I'm gonna fuck your face."

I held my lips tightly closed as the dick pushed against and taunted my
mouth.  The guy in the headphones kept imploring me to suck "him".  This
was a total nightmare.

Then a new trick.

The thing must have been set to make me open up in the eventuality that I
wasn't cooperative because suddenly the pain in my balls grew WAY worse as
the machine started randomly yanking them hard.  Despite myself, I
accidentally opened my mouth to yell from the torture, and yes, the dick
pushed right in past my lips and teeth when I did.  I now had a fake dick
in my mouth.

I could see from the camera that I had about three inches of the cock
inserted in my mouth, which was now stretched wide to encompass this thick
intruder.  I tried to push it out somehow but it wouldn't budge.  The heavy
male voice in the headphones was saying, "that's it baby, that's what I
wanted, now you're gonna get your face fucked real good."

The thick cock pushed in hard now, filling my mouth and making me gag as it
inched down my throat.  I watched in terror as the camera showed me sucking
the hard, throbbing tool all the way down.  I now had nine inches of fat
dick rammed down my throat.  It stayed down just a second and started
pulling out.  The guy in the headphones moaned in pleasure and I tried to
catch my breath, but the prick moved in again too fast for me to stop it.
All the way down again to its base.  Nine thick inches of dick down my

Over and over the dick fucked my mouth, stopping only long enough to let me
get a quick breath between each stroke.  It pushed in harder and faster as
it went along, just like a real guy would when he was getting off in
somebody's mouth.  I lay there and watched myself getting face-fucked for
about ten minutes, and then felt some relief as the suck-tube started
working on my own cock again.  Soon, the tube blowing my dick, and the cock
stuffing my throat were moving in unison with each other, going faster and
faster as they violated me. The headphone sex sounds really pumped up on
the volume as the guys started making noise like they were coming.  I
realized that I was getting ready to shoot also, even though I really
didn't want to give myself over to this fucker of a machine I was trapped
inside.  This was the ultimate mind-fuck.

The grunting and moans in the headphones reached a peak and the suction on
my cock pushed me over the edge.  I blew my load big time inside that tube.
I felt shot after fucking shot of come spray out of me and that tube thing
kept sucking me like a madman.  I couldn't scream because I had nine inches
of fat dick in my mouth and was getting face-fucked like crazy.  Then the
cock pulled partially out and in the headphones the deep male voice said,
"oh yeah baby, now you're gonna take my load."  And I did take it.  The
fake dick pulsed and sent shot after shot of warm, thick, salty liquid into
my mouth.  It was in too deep for me to try to spit it out, so I was forced
to swallow whatever this thing was "coming" down my throat over and over as
it spurted.  The suck-off tube never let up on my dick during this, so I
was still being forcibly milked while I drank the jizz of this big dick
stuffing my face.

Finally, the dick stopped shooting.  The guy in the headphones kept saying
"oh yeah, baby, you're such a good cocksucker....that was great man..."
and stuff like that.  I was hoping to god that this shit was over now, and
that the machine was going to let me go.  The motion on my dick stopped and
I felt the suck-tube press hard against my groin again.  It still had me
engulfed, and my dick was aching from all the action and the fact that I
had just shot so violently.

I expected the fake dick in my mouth to pull out now as well, but it stayed
right where it was, about three inches in.  I could breathe ok with it like
that, but my mouth was stretched tight around the girth of it.  The fuck
boys in the headphones had gone quiet.  I was alone again.  I could only
see my face strained around that thick cock on the VR goggles and feel the
warm vibrations of that goddamn chair.

 I don't know how long it let me rest, but it wasn't very long before the
male voice in the headphones said, "That was great, baby.  Enter voice
authorization now to quit program. OR Phase Three will begin in 20
seconds."  With that, the big dick pulled out of my mouth and hovered in
front of my face again.  I yelled, "End program!  End program!" as soon as
my mouth was free, hoping that would make this torture session log-off and
release me.  No such luck.  I yelled and yelled but the male voice came
back on the headphones now and said, "Good, baby, good, cuz now you're
gonna get fucked...."

I remember trying to scream, but I had no more than opened my mouth when
the big cock moved inside again and pushed my tongue down flat.  The camera
showed me my own face, tears streaming down my cheeks, filled once again
with a nine-inch dick.  The fuck noises in the headphones started up once
more.  "Oh yeah, that's it man, now you're gonna take it all, your gonna
get fucked real good baby, real good.  All the way man, I'm gonna drill you
all the fucking way."

I cried soundlessly as the big dick in my mouth started to throb and gently
fuck my face again.  Not so rough or deep now though.  At least it was
giving me a bit of a break.  I watched myself suck the fat cock and hoped
what I was afraid-of wasn't getting ready to happen.

Next I felt my legs being repositioned.  The parachute thing was still
tugging at my balls hard and I yelled around the dick in my mouth as my
legs were spread impossibly wide.  Now the camera moved away from my
sucking mouth to give me a view of what was coming up down below.  I saw my
poor red dick still trapped in the suck-tube.  Then, I saw it.

Positioned between my legs was a monster.  That's the only way I can really
describe it.  It was a dick-shaped black fucktool about the length of a
two-liter bottle, and the girth of a baseball bat.  I couldn't believe that
this thing could EVER actually fuck a real person.  Surely this must not be
for real.  Surely this must not be happening.

The camera moved down to give me a good view of the thick black-latex dick.
It was veined and hard, just like the tool that was slowly fucking my
mouth, but MUCH bigger.  This dick also pulsed and throbbed, and there was
a steady stream of a thick white "come" oozing slowly from its head.
Inside the headphones, the voice said, "how do you like that big, fat cock,
baby?  That big dick's gonna feel soooooo good up inside that tight little
ass, huh?"

I yelled and screamed around the dick stuffing my face.  I knew nobody
could hear me.  I knew this thing was getting ready to tear me apart from
the inside with that huge monster dick, and I knew I couldn't do anything
to stop it.

"Oh yeah man, look at that dick.  Look at it.  I'm gonna fuck you all the
way down on that hard cock baby.  All the way.  All the fuckin' way," the
voice was saying in my ears.  I could hear the hot fuck sounds in the
headphones starting up again, louder this time, excited.

With excruciating slowness, the huge dick moved between my ass cheeks. I
felt the size of it down there immediately and wondered if this would
actually kill me.  It pushed against my asshole a little now.

The camera angle once again moved in to give me a perfect view of the
assault.  The dick in my mouth pulsed and throbbed and fucked.  The
parachute pulled on my nuts, and the tube on my own tired unit started to
suck and ride me again.  Totally against my will, I could see from the
camera that I was getting hard.  Somehow, even though I was about to be
rape-fucked by the giant dick from hell, my own cock was getting hard and
aroused.  Un- fucking- believable.

I sucked on the big dick stroking in my face and watched the huge black
tool push against my asshole again.  It oozed a glob of white jizz with
every shove, lubricating my hole I suppose.  The head of the thing was at
least as big around as an apple and I knew that there was no damn way that
fucker was ever going up my ass.  Still, it pushed, retreated, pushed,

"Oh baby, loosen up that hole for me, man," was the commentary from the
headphone rapist.  Yeah.  Like I had any choice.

After about ten minutes of constant stroking, my dick was hard as granite
again.  I could see the suck-tube doing its thing while I was also forced
to watch the dick at my ass trying to make entry.  It was pushing a little
harder now, and the pain was getting pretty bad.  I could see that my
asshole was actually starting to widen around the head of the thing on the
thrusts.  I watched and sucked while it pushed in a little deeper now, a
little farther.  I screamed again and could hear the headphone guy saying
"Ahhh yeah baby.  Feel that dick?  Feel it?  I'm gonna get it in man.  I'm
gonna get it in ALL THE WAY and then I'm gonna fuck you hard....real hard."

Slowly, with each thrust, the big dick was making its way into my ass.  I
cried helplessly as it finally pushed through the outer layer and the huge
head disappeared inside my tight ass.  The pain was incredible.  Worse than
anything.  Then the fat head pulled all the way out, and pushed all the way
back in again.  "That's it baby, that's it," said my rapist.  "Oh man, look
at my cock going up your tight butt...."

With that, the dick stopped stroking and held it's place inside my pucker
for a minute.  I could almost relax.  Then, without warning, it started
pushing in for real.  I couldn't believe it, but now the thing was crammed
almost halfway up my ass.  There must have been at least 8 inches filling
me.  My asshole was stretched tight around it and the lube it kept
squirting was dripping from my cheeks.  Then it stopped again.  Waiting.

I thought for a brief moment maybe it was over, but then it began to push
inside me again. This time, there was no stopping or pause: it pushed- in
hard.  I watched my ass fill completely by a dick bigger than any I've ever
seen.  It pushed and shoved and forced it's way entirely to the base.  I
screamed and cried-out around the thick dick in my mouth.  The pain was
worse than anything.

The voice inside the headphones came back to taunt me again of course, "oh
God baby.....that tight little butt feels so good around my hard dick....I
got it in man, I got it in all the fuckin' way.  Now you're gonna get
fucked for real."

And with that, the thing started to pull out.  I felt like it was dragging
my gut out with it.  I watch through the goggles as the camera showed me
this huge thick cock emerging from my ass.  Meanwhile of course, the big
fat dick in my mouth continued throbbing and fucking, and the tube that was
sucking my cock worked faster and rougher with each stroke.  This thing was
tearing me apart.

As the thick head of the fuck tool came out of my ass, it paused just a
beat and began to force its way back in.  Faster this time, and without any
hesitation it went all the way to the base, and pulled back out.  Each
time, it would pull completely out and then re-enter.  I watched my ass
swallow the huge monster over and over and over.  It started going faster
now too.  Rougher.  The guy in the headphones said, "oh yeah baby....oh
yeah!  That feels so fuckin' good man!"

I was in agony.  I was fucked up the ass by a huge dick, and fucked in the
mouth by a smaller version; my own dick was being stroked by the suck- tube
so fast that I thought it would rip off.

The huge dick really started to ram me hard now, thrusting with machine
precision as I wailed around the cock that was drilling my throat.  Both of
them were going all the way in and all the way out with each thrust.

My own dick was hard to the point of torture too from all the sucking.  I
could see it past the tool that was drilling my ass and it looked like it
was gonna explode.  "The guy in the headphones said, "Aw yeah man!  Aw
yeah!!!!"  and I felt the dick in my mouth seize up and throb as it shot
thick come down into my throat again.  Then the tool in my ass stopped
pummeling me, forced its way all the inside me and I could feel it throb
and pulse as it too shot load after load of come into my guts.  I couldn't
help myself, my own dick shot off then and I had the mind-fuckingest come
ever.  I shot and shot and shot until I finally blacked-out.

When I woke up, I was free.  The chair had resumed its regular shape, and I
was no longer a prisoner.  I could barely walk as I stumbled out of the
torture office, limp from the pain and agony.

Note from the author: I will probably write more of this story if people
are interested in it.  Let me know what you thought about Eric, Troy and
the fuckchair.