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From: J P <>
Subject: Coach

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Coach by Josh Porter

James was a buff boy, toned six pack, blue eyes blonde hair a real ladies
man, he had fucked all the girls in his class. He was 17 and always horny
whenever he wasn't with a girl he was beating off with one of his porn
mags. James' mom died when he was just 14, his father had never gotten
over it so he lived with his grandparents in the city. This meant he had
to start at a new school and make new friends. He was very popular at his
new school and played all the major sports his favourite being
basketball, he would practice all day and night if he could. He
especially liked getting praise from his coach Mr. Barry. He was a 50
year old balding man with a hairy chest but he was muscled and defined
and didn't have an ounce of fat on his body. Although James was straight
he always used to notice the bulge in Mr. Barry's pants he could tell he
didn't wear underwear and just let his cock be free and able to sway in
his pants.

On this particular day there was a basketball team in which James' team
had won they were going out to celebrate in the usual way with a pizza.
James' and the coach said they'd catch the guys up because they were
gonna work on tactics for the next game. Although the next game was 2
weeks away the coach always liked to be prepared, James' being the
captain of the team decided he would stay behind and help. James' had
just come out of the shower in just a towel unaware that the coach was
waiting for him. James' was startled when he saw the coach standing by
his locker.

"James lets take the plans back to my place and do them there, we'll
have much more space and I'll give u a ride home afterwards, that ok

James agreed and off they went to the coach's house, the coach was
planning to have some fun with the team captain and he didn't even know
it. James could be a very naive boy and it showed. The coach wanted to
take advantage of this sweet, sexy young man, he wanted him to suck his
cock and take his cum in his mouth. They arrived at the coach's house
and James was impressed by the size of it, they went in and made
themselves comfortable.

After some chit chat about the team and where to put players on the
court, the coach went and got some beers. James was hesitant because he
had football practice in the morning but the coach persuaded him into
having one telling him it wouldn't hurt. After about 3 beers James'
wanted to leave. The coach told him that he couldn't drive cos he'd
been drinking. Shit, James was stuck, he was miles from his house and
didn't have enough money to get a cab, and he didn't wanna ask the
coach so he just said he'd walk.

"Why don't u stay here boy?" the coach suggested.

"Are you sure?" James said hesitantly.

"Yeah plenty of room here boy, you can take the spare bedroom
upstairs," the coach said.

After the three beers James was pretty out of it and really needed a
piss. After managing to find the bathroom, he noticed he couldn't piss
cos he had a raging hard on. James figured that he'd have to jerk off
before he could piss. So he sat on the toilet and started playing with
his 8inch cock he was already spewing pre cum so he knew it wouldn't
take long before he would come. James had left the door ajar a little
assuming his coach had passed out from the beer. Little did he know that
the coach was watching his star player jerk off while getting a boner of
this own, watching the boy turned the coach on so much that he pulled out
his cock and started playing with it. Not realising he was making too
much noise coach was really going at his cock stroking it hard and fast,
unaware that the reason that he was so horny was watching him. James
heard the older man, and decided to investigate so he stopped jerking his
cock stood up and walked over to the door of the bathroom.

"What the hell..." James had started to say, the coach stopped playing,
he felt his cheeks burn red.

"James, this isn't... um its not what it looks like please don't say
anything," pleaded the coach.

"Oh don't worry coach, I understand, so did you get hard watching me
jerk my cock, coach? Lets go to your room I have something to show you."

With that, the two males headed to the bedroom, "Strip," demanded
James, the coach looked surprised at what James was suggesting, he
thought he would get beaten up by the young guy but he complied anyway
and stripped, he felt embarrassed as his hard nine inch cock bobbed in
front of them. James had stripped too he was as horny as hell and because
he didn't get to cum earlier he was mad too. He told the coach to get on
his hands and knees. The coach was intrigued because James didn't seem
like the kind of boy to be doing this. James lubed up his cock with some
Vaseline he bought from the bathroom, he then lubed up the coach's ass

"Right faggot time to teach you a lesson," James said laughing at his

He made the coach bend over a table at just the right height to fuck him
at. He inserted the head of his cock in first, coach moaned in pleasure,
he wasn't in pain. Coach had been fucked by a cock before, he was loving
every minute of this. With that, James rammed his cock into his ass, he
screamed this was painful James was angry and he wanted to make coach pay
for watching him wank on the toilet. The coach started to enjoy the big
boy cock being in his ass, he could feel pre cum dribbling out of his
cock slit, he needed to touch himself, he needed to cum. James too,
needed to come he was pumping the coach with his big cock and it felt
good, better than pussy. James was about to come, he pulled out of the
coach's ass, this disappointed the coach, he wanted a big load dumped in
his ass, James had other ideas. He took hold of the coach's head and
held it still. He rammed his cock in the coach's mouth and started
jerking himself, he was gonna cum, he could feel his balls tighten,
"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK, I'M GONNA CUM" screamed James. He came into the
coach's mouth and ordered him to swallow the load, coach's load also
went all over himself and James, the coach's wish had come true and he
was very happy. They fucked and sucked the whole night and that was a
night to remember for the coach who wanted his star player so badly.

This is my first story so I know you may find it a little lame, but I
would love to hear how u liked/disliked it and give me advice. Thanks