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    Zane was a very nice little twelve year old boy, who I had met not
long after moving back home.  He stands about 5'4" and weighs maybe 115.
He has light brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes.  His complexion is
rather light, with freckles, and he has a shy smile that lights up his
entire area, when he shares it.  He is a very nice kid; intelligent, fun
to talk to, and with a great personality.  It wasn't long after I found
out that his mom, Linda, was single until she and I were going out
together.  "Just as friends"; I made sure she understood that I wasn't
interested in anything romantic or deep, but she was willing to except
that.  I spend a lot of time with her, but as much or more with Zane,
which suits us all fine.  Amusement parks, movies, miniature golf,
shopping, museums, the zoo, the park, and sometimes just time alone,
we've gone two by two, or as a group, and we are growing into a happy
little family; with me more of an uncle/big brother for Zane than a
possible father figure.

    "So, that's what happened, and Zane doesn't disagree with any of it.
 What do you think I should do?"  Linda asked.

    "I've already told you what I think you should do.  You haven't
taken my advice before, so why should I bother repeating myself?"  And,
I had answered her question before.  Zane is a very nice kid, and I like
him a lot, but he tends to be undisciplined (not totally unexpected when
a boy can't remember anything about his dad), and gets himself into
trouble because he just doesn't think about what he's doing.  And, from
what I've found out from him and his mom, he is never given any reason
to think about his behaviour.  Both of them admit that Zane has been
spanked before, but not in quite a while.  Zane was spanked a few times,
by his father when he was very young, about 5 or 6.  After her husband
was gone, Linda took over his discipline, and Zane would still receieve
the occasional hand-spanking, over his pajamas, for the next couple of
years.  However, both of them also agree that his last spanking had been
when he was 8.  Linda had decided that, as he got older,  she could
reason with him, and convince him to behave; now, that may work with
some delicate, sensible kids, but Zane was not of those.  He was
hard-headed, stubborn, and willful, and needed something much more
direct to bend his spirit enough to get him to start behaving.  I had
told Zane and Linda both that what a 12 year old boy like Zane needed
was a good, long, hard, spanking.  Linda never came out and disagreed
with me, just said that she hadn't spanked him in years, and she
couldn't start again now, especially since he is bigger than her.  Zane
never disagreed with me either, but he did start to look nervous
whenever the topic came up.

    In this case, Linda was asking my advice because of trouble that
Zane had gotten into at school. Seems he had not studied for a test he
knew was coming, assuming it would be simple.  However, when the test
started and he realised he didn' know a lot of the stuff, he started to
get very upset (Zane is usually a very good student, and is proud of his
grades).  His answer to this problem was to cheat off of a neighbor.
However, he hadn't had much experience at cheating, and was very obvious
about it, which led to his getting caught.  When the teacher began to
talk to both of the boys involved, a fight began.  The fight was broken
up, and both boys were sent to the office.  The boy Zane was with was an
old friend of his who lived just up the street, and Zane says he was
already feeling bad about everything.  He felt worse when he was given
the rest of the day off, and put on in-school-suspension for three days;
though he claims that what really made him feel bad was that Benjamin,
his friend, had his father called, and received five swats for fighting.
Zane was put in the corner while Benjamin received his swats, but Zane
could still hear that Benj was crying by the third swat.

    This was the worst mess that Zane had got himself in since I had
known him, but it didn't surprise me too much, since if you don't
correct a wrong path, it just gets further away from the right
destination.  I have to admit that I was a bit shocked that he had
managed to get himself into so much trouble all at once, but it sounded
like something I might have managed, so wasn't too shocked.

    After a few moments silence on the line, Linda said, "You still think
that a spanking is what he needs. Don't you?"

    "I've never known a boy that age who couldn't use a spanking.  The
worst you could say is that it won't do him any serious harm.  And, it
might be just what he needs to get him to start thinking.  After all,
talks about responsibility don't seem to have done too much; but, if he
knows his own skin might be on the line, it might give him something to
feel more responsible for."

    A few more seconds silence.  "Grey, I have to agree with you; at the
very worst, it won't do any less than my talks with him seem to have.
But, I still don't think that I can spank him.  Didn't you tell me that
you used to spank your kid brothers when they needed it?"

    From there it was a foregone conclusion.  I explained to Linda that
it would be easier on her if she would be out while it took place.  She
agreed, so I told her I'd be right over, made a call, got my favorite
hairbrush, and took off.

    Less than half an hour later, I was standing in the doorway to
Zane's room, with Linda standing beside me, and Zane, sitting on his
bed, looking up at us.

    "I've talked it over with Grey, and decided that he has the right
idea, so I'm turning you over to him for your punishment.  Whatever he
tells you, goes.  And, I've got some errands to run, so I'll be gone for
a while.  Grey will stay with you until I get back.

    I stood there in the doorway, looking at the boy as he looked at me.
The brush was in my back pocket, and I was dressed normally, so he
couldn't have seen anything special, but the boy did know me.  As soon
as we heard the front door close, Zane turned to me; "You're going to
spank me.  Aren't you?"

    "Yes.  Yes, I am.  Do you think that you don't deserve it?"

    "No, I know what I did was wrong, and I deserve to be punished for
it.  But I'm scared."

    Right then, his upper lip trembling and his eyes looking a bit
watery, it occured to me how much I'd come to love this boy.  Right
then, he could have asked me not to spank him, and I wouldn't have been
able to.  If he'd just sat there, I stll might not have been able to.

    He didn't sit there, though.  He stood up from the bed, moved,
straightened his shoulders, like he was trying to be brave, and asked
me, "Is it going to hurt?"

    "Zane, you're twelve years old.  This isn't the first time you've
been in trouble, even just since I've known you.  Talking obviously
doesn't do any good.  And, I believe a spanking is supposed to hurt.
Isn't it?"

    "Yes, sir.", very quitely, so that I barely hear him.  Then, a bit
louder, "Grey, I really do understand that what I did was wrong, and I
am sorry I did it.  I know I deserve this, but could we skip the

    "Maybe the lecture, but I'm going to spank until I'm satisfied
you understand why you're getting it.  I haven't heard the story from
you, yet.  I think you can start by telling me what happened."

    The story he unfolded was basically the same as Linda had told me
earlier, differing only in point of view, and a few minor details.  As
he talked, I would stop him to ask questions, and it became very clear
that he did understand why what he did was wrong and why he deserved
punishment.  The only thing he couldn't tell me was why he did it in the
first place, and I  remembered my childhood well enough to know that
there just wasn't an answer for that question.  

Then, I decided it was time for the discipline to begin.
"All right, Zane, I understand that this is the first spanking
you've had in over four years, and that what you got back then weren't
what I'd call real spankings.  But, you are twelve years old, and a big
boy.  You have done things that you knew up front you'd earn punishment
for, so I'm going to give you a real spanking.  It'll be long, hard, and
very thorough.  I'll use my hand, and a hairbrush, and you will be in
tears long before it's over.  I'm not doing this because I want to hurt
you, but because I really love you, and I want to make sure you learn
your lesson.  Do you understand?"

    I paused long enough for him to nod, then I continued.  "All right.
Finally, you will be spanked on your bare bottom."  Zane was only in
sixth grade and not yet familiar with community showers.  I knew from
the time I'd spent with him that he was very shy, so I knew that this
was very embarssng for him.

    Actually, I was surprised by his reaction.  Instead of arguing with
me, he just turned, about half away from me, held his hands in front of
him, and said. "Please, does it have to be bare?"

    "I want to make sure this time teaches you a real lesson, Zane.
Yes, I think it does have to be."

    "Couldn't I keep my underwear on, at least?"

    "No, I don't think so.  Now, come over here and stand in front of
me."  Saying that, I moved over and took a seat on the end of his bed.
As I moved to the bed, I removed the brush from my back pocket and laid
it on his dresser.  Zane stepped over, so that he was directly in front
of me, but still holding his hands over his fly.  He looked at me for a
minute, then sighed and dropped his hands.

    He wasn't wearing a belt, so it was an easy matter to unfasten his
zipper, then the button that still held his jeans together.  When they
came unsnapped, the two parts fell away from each other to expose a
snowy-white pair of Hanes.  As I seperated the jeans further, and then
helped them as they slid down Zane's thigh, I looked up and saw that the
boy was blushing deeply.  I paused when the pants reached his knees,
reached down further and removed his shoes and socks.  I had him stand
on one foot, then the other, as I removed his jeans.  Then I stood, and
removed his t-shirt, leaving him dressed only in his underpants and a
blush.  With his fair skin and light hair, the blush was especially
noticable, and did a wonderful job of making freckles stand out all over
his body.  I sat back down on the bed, and asked if he was sure he
understood, not only why he was being punished, but why he was being
spanked, and why I was doing it.

    "Grey, I understand why.  I also understand that you keep asking
because you don't want me to be mad at you because you're spanking me.  I
do understand why you're doing it, I do understand that I deserve it, and
I understand that you haven't had to spend all the time with me that you
have.  I know that you and my mom are just friends, not romantic or
anything, but I still love you, and if I have to get a spanking, I'm
glad you're giving it to me.  I'd still like to keep my shorts on,

    "Sorry, I don't think we can do that, but we can get started, if
you're ready."

    Zane opened his mouth, as if to say something, but then just nodded.
I reached up and slipped my fingers into the waistband of his shorts
and began to slide them down.  Usually, I would take my time with the
unveiling, especially with a boy as shy as Zane, but couldn't bring
myself to do it this time.   didn't do it so fast, however, that I
didn't notice a marked pubic developement.  Even though he had no body
hair, his penis was still well on the way towards man size.  I quickly
lowered his briefs to his ankles, then lifted his feet to slide them
off.  I settled myself, so that we would both be comfortable when I took
him over my lap, then reached up and took him by the shoulders to guide
him across.

    It just took a few seconds to get him into a comfortable position
that we would both be able to endure for as long as neccesarry.  Then, I
began.  The boy was twelve, and a good size for his age, so I didn't
bother to take it easy on him.  His lack of experience with spanking was
evident by how quick his bottom became red.  But, it took quite a bit
longer before I was able to draw any real sound from him.  At first, he
would jerk a bit without sound, then I could hear him begin to draw in
breath at each swat.  I was going slow, and making sure to land each
swat carefully; covering his entire bottom, but making sure to
concentrate on the sensitive slopes by his legs, and letting an
occasional swat down onto his thighs.  He did a good job of "taking it
like a man", but after a minute or so, he began to sob, then to cry.

    That was the first time that I have ever, truthfully, understood the
old cliche, "This is going to hurt me more than it will you".  But, I
knew that I wouldn't do him any favors by letting him off early, so I
continued to rain swats down on his tender, soft bottom.  Finally, he
reached the point where he was really crying, and crying hard, and he
was kicking around, trying to get away from me, or trying to get his
hands back to cover his bottom.  At that point, I stopped.  I held him
over my lap for a few minutes, rubbing his shoulders and softly talking
to him.  After a few minutes, he began to get his crying under control,
and I had him stand, he tried to put his hands in front of his groin,
but I softly swatted them away, and told him to keep them at his side.
I then told him that his punishment wasn't over, and that he had two
more parts to go before we were through.  One of those parts was going
to be the brush, and I asked him if he would like to take that now, or
after more of a rest.As soon as I told him that his punishment wasn't
through, he began to cry again, and when I mentioned the brush, he
begged me to let him off easy.  I just stared at him for a few seconds,
then he sighed, again nearly breaking my heart, and said that he would
rather get it over with.  I told him to go and get me the brush, from
his dresser.  He walked over to the dresser and picked the brush up,
carefully, like he was scared it would bite him, even without my help.

    When he had handed it to me, he tried to go back over my lap, but
I stopped him.  "Zane, this is the last part of your spanking, as long as
you behave.  You're only getting twelve swats with the brush, but they
aren't going to be soft.  I'll be talking to you during these swats,
and I expect you to answer me.  If you don't, then it doesn't count
Do you understand me?"

    "Yes, sir."  Very quitely, with his head down, eyes full of tears.

    "All right, then, get back over my lap."

    Zane slowly lowered himself across my lap, without my help this time.
I picked up the brush and gave him twelve  quick, hard swats on each
causing loud "owws" from Zane and pushing him back to tears.

    "Zane, do you understand why you'vbeen spanked, tonight?"  A
sharp smack descended on one cheek.

    "Owwwww!  Yes, sir.  I understand."  This time as loud as he'd been
quiet, before.

    "Are you ever going to try cheating again?"  This time the swat
landed on the other cheek.

    "Owww-howw-how!"  No, sir. Not anymore."

    "And will you ever try blowing off your homework?"  Back to the fisrt
cheek, but lower down this time.  By now, Zane was crying, constantly, and
the swats just made it a it louder for a few seconds.

    "No, sir.  I'll try real hard  Please stop. I  promise I've learned
my lesson."

    "You're almost half way through."  That swat landed across from where
the last one had landed.  "Are we going to have to worry about you
fighting, except to defend yourself?"  Back to the first cheek, except
between butt and leg, bringing an especially loud and long howl.

    "Zane, am I going to have to repeat that question...and that swat?"

    "No, sir.  I'm sorry.  I won't fight anymore, I promise."

    "All right, Zane.  I believe you."  And a hard swat landed on the
bend of his other leg, causing the boy to howl again.

    "You still have four more swats to go, Zane.  We're going to get
them all done at once, so I want you to hold steady and brave, this is
almost over.  I lifted the brush and brought it down, this time down on
his leg; a plae that was much less red, and so even more tender.  This
time the boy really howled, loud and long, and began to writhe, trying
to get away from me.  I held him tighter about his waist and brought the
brush down, three more times, rapidly, on the same place.  He was really
crying, and sobbing harshly.  I had to help him to his feet, because his
legs were wobbly.  I felt really bad about the pain I'd caused him, but
good because I knew that he would remember this, and it would help him
behave in the future.

    Once Zane was on his feet, I led him to a corner of his room.
Pushing him towards the corner, I explained the rules to him.  "Keep
your nose in the corner, until I tell you you can come out.  Keep your
hands off of your bottom.  Stand straight, and stay still.  If you
disobey, I'll have to give you more with the brush.  Do you understand?"

    "Yes, sir."

    I stood behind him for a few seconds.  At one point, he tried to
look around, and I took him by the neck, forced his nose back to the
corner, and then gave him several very hard swats with my hand, causing
him to renew his crying.  After I was sure he would stay put and obey,
I quietly left the room, to make a phone call.

    A few minutes later, I checked my watch and then called Zane out of
the corner.  He was still crying, but I was able to talk to him in my
normal, quiet voice.  "Zane, you don't owe me an apology, because I
wasn't affected by your misbehavior.  You owe your mother one, but I
think you already apologized to her, didn't you?"  I paused for his nod,
then continued.  "I know that what you have just been through was very
embarrassing, both to finally be spanked, at your age, and to be naked
in front of someone.  I understand how hard this is on you, but I think
there is someone else you owe an apology to.  Do you know who?"

    He paused for a second, thinking.  Right then, the door bell rang,
and Zane got a panicked look on his face.  "Benjamin?"

    "Yes.  And that's him and his father downstairs.  Let's go down so
you can get it over with."

    "Where are my clothes?"

    "Zane, I think you know better tn that, don't you?"

    "Grey, please don't make me do it.  I'll apologize, but please let
it be later.  Or, at least, let me get dressed."

    "No I'm sorry, son, but you were there for his punishment, I think
it's only fair that he at least sees evidence that you got yours.  I
know this is going to be hard, but I trust you, and I know you can do
it.  Just this last bit, then your punishment will be over.  Okay?"

    "I'll try."

    Just as we started down the stairs, the bell rang again.  I stepped
ahead to open it and it was Benjamin and his dad.  Mr L. and I had talked
over the phone twice tonight, when I explained the circumstances.  I
shut the door, then we shook hands.  I knew Benjamin, so no
introductions were in order.  Zane was standing around the corner, so I
had to call him.  But he didn't try to run or hide.  He walked out, very
stiffly, but without being forced.  He said hello to his friend and his
father and then turned back to Benjamin.  The entire time, he was
crying, softly.  I figured it was partly the pain of his bottom, but
mostly embarrasment at his situation.

    "Benj, I'm really sorry that you got in trouble at school today.
It was all my fault, and it'll never happen again.  I think you can tell
that I've been punished, and I'm sorry that you had to be, too.  I hope
that we can still be friends."  It all came out very quickly, and a bit
stiff, but I think we could all tell that he really meant it.  At least
Benjamin stuck his hand out and apologized for his part, adding that
he'd already had a taste of his dad's belt this evening for throwing the
first punch.

    I didn't drag things out more than I had to, so the other family was
quickly gone, and Zane and I returned to his bedroom.  I handed him his
briefs and told him to put them on and turn back his bed.  While he was
doing that, I went to the bathroom.  A few seconds later, I returned
with a glass of water for him, and a damp wash cloth to clean his face.
When I returned to his bedroom, he had already put his underpants back
on, and was laying, on his stomach, on his bed.  I helped him sit up and
handed him the water, after he drained the glass, I washed his face off,
then let him blow his nose.  He had his crying mostly under control, but
was still sobbing a bit, and would break into tears with no notice for a
few seconds.  After cleaning his face, I let him back down onto the bed,
went and turned off the bedroom lights, then made my way back over to

    I sat on the side of the bed, in a half reclining position beside
him.  I was rubbing his back and shoulders, running my hands over
through his hair, all the time softly telling him how brave he had been,
and how I hoped he had learned his lesson.  Finally, I managed to break
the lock that had been on my tongue and I leaned over, so my mouth was
next to his ear.  "Zane, I love you, too."

    That was all it took, and the damn burst.  He was crying again, but
it didn't sound nearly as bitter.  And suddenly, I found my arms full of
twelve year old.  We sat there, like that, holding each other, with him
crying on my shoulder, and telling me how sorry he was, and how he would
try to behave from then on.  Finally, it got to be too much for me to
try to hold him, without letting his bottom rub againsy something, so I
laid back on the bed.

    That's really the last thing I remember until being awoken by Linda.
She was shaking my shoulder.  I realized that at some point, someone
had come in and covered us both with a blanket.  I was still fully
dressed, and felt miserable, as I always do when I sleep that way.  Zane
was still cuddled up against one side, with his head on my shoulder.

    "You two look so cute, I nearly didn't wake you; but, Zane has to be
at school by 8:00, becuase he's on ISS.  Can you take him for me this
morning?  I forgot he has to be escorted in, and it's my turn on car

    "Sure, it's no problem.  As long as I can borrow some tooth paste
and orange juice."

    Sure, help yourself.  I'll tell you the truth though.  I've been
hoping to get you to spend the night, but I never thought it would be in
his bed.  Still, it looks like you're good for him.  I guess you were
right about what he needed.  I just hope I can do it next time he needs
it.  Or,do you think that you'll still be around?"

    "For as long as he needs me."

    As Linda left for work, I reached over, ruffed his hair and was
greeted by that smile that could melt stone.  "I'm going to take you to
school this morning.  If it's okay with you?"

    I smiled at him, and my smile deepened as he got up and slipped out
of his briefs on the way to the bathroom.  His bottom still showed my
handiwork, but his attitude towards nudity, in front of me, showed
deeper results than I could have hoped for.