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Subject: The Swim Coach - 4

The Swim Coach – 4

This story is completely fiction. It involves an adult having consensual
sex with a boy under the age of 18. I hope you enjoy my stories; if so let
me know. I have received quite a few emails asking me to hurry and write
Chapter 4. Thanks! Please donate to Nifty to keep this website going.

The Swim Coach – 4

For the next week, all I could think about was that 10" thick monster cock
of Billy's pounding my ass deep and hard. I tried my best not to jack off
because I wanted to have a huge orgasm and blow a big load after he came,
but a few times I couldn't help but jack off fantasizing about how great it
was going to be. Fuck of a lifetime!

I tried looking for some Ultra Magnum condoms in the local stores but
apparently there was not much demand for them in this small Georgia
town. Seems that Billy is the only guy who needs condoms that big! So, I
ordered some together with a medium sized butt-plus on Amazon and my
package arrived on Wednesday.

From Monday through Thursday I gave Billy secret but knowing glances at
practice and in the locker room to let him know he and his big cock and our
big sex date were on my mind. Thursday at noon, I took a large dose of
Miralax. That night I ate lightly and by noon on Friday I had had several
bowel movements. Friday morning, I packed the magnums, a new bottle of
lube, the new butt-plug, and my enema bag in my day pack.

At swim practice, I didn't pay much attention to Billy, just ran the drills
the same as usual, but I did notice – without being obvious – that
the bulge in his tight speedo was bigger than usual. The big fuck to come
was on his mind too! The other boys mocked him even more, calling him "DD,"
and laughing their assess off. I could tell he was embarrassed and
blushing, and I was thinking: "Don't let them get to you Billy, they have
no fucking idea how much fun and pleasure you are about to have that they
won't be having! You are about to fuck for the first time and I am going to
make damn sure that you have a mind-blowing fuck and orgasm."

I stayed in my office after practice until the noise stopped and I figured
the other boys had left. I was so excited and anxious. I was afraid that I
was going to cum in my shorts without even touching myself. Finally, I
heard a light knock on the door and said "Come in here Billy."

He came in with nothing but a towel around his waist, tented out, showing
that his huge cock was already full-hard. I knew I wasn't the only one who
had been eagerly awaiting this moment. I decided to take charge immediately
to continue his training to be submissive to me. "Drop the towel Billy!"
– I ordered loudly. He did and hung his head down looking at his
feet. "Look me in the eyes when I'm talking to you Billy – do it NOW!"
He did and I told him to sit down in my chair for a talk. He did as told.

"Billy, you are going to get to fuck my ass hard just the way you have
always fantasized. But first, you are going to listen, watch and learn what
it's like for a good bottom to prepare for getting fucked, understand?"
"Yes, Coach, I understand and I want to learn." "Good boy" I said. "Now,
stand up and come and take my clothes off." He did as told, first pulling
my swim-team t-shirt off, and then bending down to pull my shorts down. My
cock was throbbing and straining in my jock strap.

"Get on your knees Billy," I ordered and he complied. "Now put your nose up
against my jock and smell it, smell a man's musky odor and stink, and let
that smell turn you on more." Billy, put his nose on my jock and started
inhaling. My cock was so hard the jock couldn't contain it and the top was
sticking out the top of the jock strap hard as a pipe. "Pull my jock off
Billy," I told him, and he did so freeing my 7" thick cock of the
constraints of the jock – it bounced up and was vertical pointing at my

"Now Billy, smell my cock, and smell my sweaty balls so you can get an idea
how a man's cock and balls are supposed to smell – DO IT," I ordered
when he failed to act immediately. He sniffed all around my cock and
balls. "It smells good doesn't it?" "Yes, Coach," he replied – "it
smells sexy."

I turned around and faced the wall, stuck my butt out and spread my
ass-cheeks with both hands and said: "Now get your nose in my crack and
smell my man-hole, smell it deep and good! I could tell he wasn't thrilled
with the idea, so I reached back with one hand, grabbed his hair and pulled
his head up against my butt. "Smell it damn it, I told you that you would
do what I told you to do if you want to fuck me." He slowly put his nose in
my crack and inhaled my ass odor. It wasn't dirty, I had wiped it clean
with a wet wipe before he came in, but it still had that man-ass smell and
I wanted it to imprint on his brain. He smelled me for a while and I said
"Good boy Billy, how do you like that smell?" "Well Coach, it smells kinda
funky but it's ok."

"Ok," I said, now you are going to give me an enema. "What the fuck Coach"
he said, "why do I have to do that?" "Because when you fuck me I must be
all cleaned out inside my ass – there will be no brown shit to see or
smell, do you understand?" "This is for you. A good bottom has the respect
for his top to have a cleaned-out ass so his top can fuck without any
mess." "Do you understand, I asked?" "Ok, Coach, I get it, you're right, I
don't want to see or smell any shit, that would turn me off."

I filled the enema bag with warm water and hung it on the showerhead. Then
I pried the metal drain off leaving the drain hole in the shower open. I
got on my knees, lubed my hole and the enema tip and told him to put it in
my hole and release the plastic stopper on the hose. He did and the warm
water rushed into my ass and colon. I lifted my ass up higher than the rest
of my body to let gravity do the job of letting the water reach deep inside
me. I took it all until it stopped shooting in me. "Pull it out now Billy,"
I told him and he did. I squatted over the hole and pushed the water
out. Because I had taken the laxative more than 24 hours before, I didn't
have much left to clean, and after two more bags, just clean water was
shooting into the drain. I sprayed the enema tip and the drain with 409 and
wiped it down with a rag. "This is not fun Billy, and it can be messy, but
it is necessary for clean fucking. Remember, I'm going to this trouble for
you and your big cock." "Thanks, Coach, I understand now."

I turned the shower on, got it hot and pulled him under the water with
me. I gave him the bar of soap and told him to wash me good, and he did,
all over, paying special attention to my throbbing cock and balls and my
butt hole. "Get a lot of soap on your finger and push it in my ass Billy!"
He did. "Now finger fuck my hole with lots of soap on your finger and jack
my soapy cock." He did and the feeling of his finger hitting my prostate
had me on the edge of cumming. I squeezed the head of my cock with my
finger and thumb putting pressure on the tube that brings the cum up to
stop any ejaculation. I also pulled down on my balls and that helps too to
slow down an orgasm.

"Good job Billy, I'm all clean for you," I said. "Now let me do you." I
soaped his firm smooth chest and nipples feeling them stiffen in my
fingers. I soaped under his arms, his stomach and then his huge monster
cock and big balls good. He started moaning with pleasure. I just smiled. I
took the razor I had in the shower and shaved his big balls smooth and the
base of his big cock. Then I shaved his t'aint (t'aint balls, t'taint
ass). "Turn around," I ordered, "and spread your legs," and he did. I took
the soap and washed his ass cheeks and boy hole good. I massaged his tight
hole with my soapy index finger and then inserted it and finger fucked him
good. He loved that because I had done it to him last time. Then I shaved
the few hairs he had in his ass-crack nice and smooth, and rinsed him all
over with the hot water. "Ok, Billy, let's dry off," and we did.

"You know what to do Billy," I said, and he sat down in my easy chair and
spread his legs. I kneeled between them and started sucking and licking his
huge cock with gusto, taking as much of it in my mouth as I possibly could
and gagging. This amused him. After about five minutes of sucking and
licking his cock and balls, I told him to stand up and lean against the
wall and push his ass out. "Why Coach," he said, "I thought I was going to
fuck you?" "You are Billy," I said, "but there is another kind of pleasure
I want you to feel before you do." So, he stood, leaned against the wall
and stuck out his butt. "Spread your ass cheeks Billy," I ordered and he
did, pulling them apart with both hands.

I got on my knees behind him, reached up with my tongue and started licking
his swollen t'aint where his cum was gathering. He moaned and jerked at
this new sensation. Then I moved down and licked his ass cheeks and his now
smooth ass crack and he moaned more and louder. Finally, I started rimming
his tight pucker hole good: first slow and gentle, doing circles around the
hole with my tongue, then up and down, and finally putting pressure on his
hole with the tip of my tongue and trying to stick a little bit of it in
him. That was of no use as he was not only virgin tight, but had clenched
his ass-muscles at the feeling of getting rimmed for the first time.

"Damn, Coach," he cried, "that feels so fucking good, keep doing it,
please!" And I did, now reaching around with my right hand full of spit and
jacking his big cock-head as I licked him harder. He was moaning loudly and
I could feel his pre-cum starting to leak out his piss-slit, so I
stopped. No premature ejaculation for you Billy boy, I thought.

"Ok, calm down and take some deep breaths. Are you horny enough to fuck me
now?" "Hell yeah, Coach," he said, "I want to fuck you so hard now." "Ok,
Billy," I said, "but first I'm going to teach you how to prepare a tight
ass for your impossibly big cock before you shove it in me, splitting my
ass, making me bleed, and giving me intense pain." "Ok, Coach, I sure don't
want to hurt you."  "Actually Billy, I don't mind some pain and I'm sure
it's going to hurt like hell when you fuck me with that big cock but I want
to be loosened up enough so that the pain is bearable, ok?"

"Ok," he said, "what do you want me to do?" I stood up, leaned my chest
against the wall, stuck my butt out and said: "I rimmed your hole and you
loved it. What's good for you is good for me, so lick my asshole, like I
licked yours." Billy hesitated and said, "nah Coach, I don't want to do
that, it's too nasty." "First," I said, "remember our deal. You do what the
fuck I tell you to do, right Billy?" "Yes Coach," he said. Second, I made
sure you used your finger and a lot of soap to clean my hole good inside
and out so there is no nasty to it. It's just mental, but you'll get over
that when you sense the pleasure you are giving me by rimming my hole. DO
IT –NOW BILLY!" He grudgingly got down on his knees and his face closed
in on my butt. He reached up and licked my swollen t'aint, just like I had
done to him, then moved his tongue south to my ass crack, licking it up and
down on both sides, then started licking my sensitive hole. Damn! There are
not many words that can describe what it feels like to be rimmed. It's just
electric, sending jolts of pleasure throughout your body. I let him rim me
for awhile and then said: "Put the tip of your tongue inside my hole Billy,
it's not virgin tight and will let you do it, then fuck my hole with your
tongue good, do it now." This time he did not hesitate but went ahead and
stuck his tongue in my hungry hole, in out, in out, driving me wild with
pleasure. I had to constrain myself from touching my cock because I did not
want to cum – yet.

"Ok, that's enough, that wasn't bad was it?" "No, Coach, it was kinky but I
kinda got into it, and you did me so it was only fair," he said. "Now put a
lot of lube on my wet hole and your index finger and start finger-fucking
me slowly," I told him. I handed him the lube and he started fingering my
hole. Ummm, I could start to feel what was to come and I needed it and
wanted it so badly. "Now, add your middle finger Billy," I said, and he
did, now thrusting the two fingers in me, in and out, waking up my prostate
with each thrust. "Add your ring finger Billy," I told him and he did. The
feeling on my prostate was getting pretty intense now. While he
finger-fucked me with three fingers, I reached in my daypack and handed him
the butt-plug. "Billy, put a lot of lube on this and stick it in my ass!"
He did. "Now, sit back down," I told him. With the butt-plug firmly in my
hole, stretching me out more, I again got on my knees and started
worshipping his majestic cock and smooth balls and t'aint. I got him so hot
that I was sure he would explode any second, but I didn't want that. I
wanted him to explode in that ultra magum after he fucked my brains out.

"Ok Billy, I'm ready for your cock, are you ready for your first fuck?" I
asked. "Yes Coach," I'm fucking ready!"

Chapter 5 - Fuck of a Lifetime – cumming soon!