Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2012 20:19:03 -0500
From: Az Urite <>
Subject: Secret Electric Boy Spot Part 3

"Do I get another bedtime story, tonight?" John asked.

"Sure," I replied. "You want the Three Bears of the Little Train That

"You can tell me about the three bears that pulled a train some other time.
I want to know what happened next at camp."

"Oh, yeah. I thought you would. Where was I, last night?"

"He forgot your cock sucking lesson, cause he was so busy pulling your

"And I thought you weren't paying attention. It was a little weird after
that. Especially, thinking about the other guys in my cabin. The thing
about Doc was too much. He wasn't really a doctor. He was a nurse or
paramedic or something, but he was tall and he'd been some big time college
football player. I always had a doctor fetish, even though I didn't know
that was what it was called. It made me want to fake a hernia, just so Doc
could make me turn my head and cough."

"Oh, fuck," John moaned. "Don't tell me you did Doc."

"You want the story in order, or do you want me to skip around to the parts
I know you'll like?"

"No, no. Keep it in order. You don't know what I like."

"I've seen what you like. It's no mystery. Anyway, as I was saying, at
breakfast I looked a Doc a little different. That afternoon, Ronny takes me
off to the side and says, "We'll have to take a break tonight. Doc wants me
to ride to the bus station to pick up supplies after supper." Is this a
date, I ask. I think Ronny blushed a little. "I don't know. I'm gonna play
it by ear, or cock. You're in charge tonight." What does that mean?, I ask.
"It doesn't mean anything. Every night, somebody sleeps on the cot in the
office. If somebody gets sick, or the cabin catches on fire, you wake `em
up and they handle it."  I figured I could handle that. "It's just till
midnight. We should be back by then."

"After lights out, I'm lying in my bunk and it's all quiet. Todd gets up
and goes to the toilet. I wait a little bit and follow him. It's just the
urinal trough and one toilet. The light stays on all night. No partition,
no door and no privacy. I peek around the corner and sure enough, there's
Todd with his shorts around his ankles and his t-shirt in his teeth. His
eyes are clinched shut and he's pounding his cock like he's trying to pull
it off. I couldn't watch. It was too funny. A couple minutes later, he goes
back to bed and it's quiet again. The only light was from the street lamp
in front of the cabin. There were no curtains, so there was enough light to
see where you walked. I lay back in the shadow and wait for whatever
happens next. Gerry slipped down off the bunk over Mike and stood there
with his knees against Mike's bunk. I couldn't see what they were doing,
but Gerry pulled his shorts down to his crack and kind of rocked a little
bit. That didn't last long. Just like Ronny said, he crawled on Mike's back
and humped him face down. The bunk creaked and I wondered why I'd never
heard it before. Gerry had a hair trigger. He wasn't at it more than a
minute and the creaking stopped and I heard a faint moan. He was off Mike
and back in his bunk, in a flash. I'm thinking, that's it? Obviously these
two don't know the jack off buddy code.

Mike rolled over and slid out of bed. His shorts were still around his
thighs. He pulled them up and walked right past me to the toilet. I waited
a little bit and followed him. He was sitting on the toilet and covered his
cock when he saw me. I walked up to the urinal and stood there. I was too
hard to piss and he could see my cock sticking straight out. Go ahead and
jack off, I said. It won't bother me.

"It shouldn't," he answers. "I've watched you jack enough times." That
surprised me a little. I thought I was discrete and quiet, but if Ronny
could see it, so could anyone else. He moved his hand and his cock was
sticking straight up. "I know you saw us, too. You aren't gonna say
anything, are you?" I assured him I would never do that and he was truly
relieved. Does he always do you like that and leave you hanging, I asked.
Mike sighed and almost wrapped his hand around his cock, but scratched his
balls, instead. "He lives next door to me. He's been fucking me for a long
time. We used to jack each other, but since we started making sperm, he
just wants me to suck him or let him fuck me." Wow, I said. That's no fun
for you. "I don't mind. Back home I can lay on my back or bend over and
jack off while he fucks me. Sometimes I shoot without touching my cock." My
mind went straight to cumming with Ronny's cock in my ass. I gave up
pretending to piss and jacked it a couple times. Mike stroked his cock
slowly and said, "You got a friend at home, you play with?" No, I
truthfully said. "You never played with a guy, or a girl?" No, I blatantly
lied. If he didn't know I had been in Ronny's room for the past two nights,
that was fine with me. "No one ever sucked you?" I just shook my head. It
was one of those moments that didn't need words. I stepped closer and he
pulled me the rest of the way by my cock. He ran his tongue around the head
and pushed down on me. This was much better than Ronny's quick clean up.
Mike was really sucking me. It was half mouth and half wet hand around the
shaft. I wondered if he knew about the secret electric boy spot, but
realized he must. Gerry had found it years ago and it was good enough he
settled for sucking or getting fucked and jacking himself. That was my last
thought, for the time being. Mike cupped my balls and pulled down just a
little. That sent me over the edge. He took my whole load, sucking and
swallowing until I had to pull back. He slid to the edge of the toilet
seat, leaned back and shot off all over my feet. Two or three pulses got
air and the rest landed in his shorts. I pulled my shorts up over my wet
cock and pulled some toilet paper off the roll to wipe the cum from between
my toes. Mike smacked his lips and said, "Don't tell anyone and we can do
it again." That was kind of a surprise. "I love sperm," he said. "You make
more than Gerry." I nodded yes. There was no way I wanted to ruin something
like that. I went back to my bunk and lay there thinking how lucky I was to
have a jack off buddy who made sure I came, too.

John slapped his thigh. "Damn. That's true. I hate a guy who wants to blow
and go." I laughed at this, because I knew John was the original blow and
go kid. It was find as long as he was the one going. "Did you tell Ronny
about getting sucked by Mike?"

"Oh, hell no. Ronny said jack off buddies don't tell and that includes each