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From: John McQuillium <>
Subject: Rogered by the lodger

Buggered by the lodger.

The following is a true account of being fucked by a well hung black guy
who lodged with us for a few months when I was 16.

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  My Dad owned a successful building firm which is why we had such a big
four bedroom house.  Upstairs my parent's bedroom was at one end and mine
at the other.  My room led onto a shared bathroom with a guest room on the
other side.  Then there was the stairwell, my sister's bedroom, second
bathroom and then my parent's bedroom which had its own en suite bathroom.
The layout meant I had plenty of privacy so when I had my fuck buddies over
we could have fun without being overheard.

  When I was 16 my Dad hired a guy with a dodgy past.  My Dad always sees
the best in people and saw past Xavier previous life of petty crime.  He
took a bigger gamble when he rented out the guest room to Xavier when he
got out of prison for theft until he found a place of his own.  When I
first saw Xavier I fell for him even though he wasn't sexy in the classical
sense.  He was in his late 20's with a slightly mean looking face but there
was something about it I found attractive.  He had really short tightly
curled black hair and hazel eyes.  The first time I saw him he was wearing
a tight white tee shirt.  You could see he had a fit body but more lean
than muscular.  He had big dark brown biceps which stretched the armbands
of his tee shirt.  You could see he had a tattoo on his left bicep and
another on his right forearm.  His lean toned chest also through his tight
tee shirt and it looked like he had a washboard stomach.  Below he was
wearing a tight pair of light blue jeans.  All in all he was sexy but in a
bit of rough way.  His rough mean appearance appealed to my submissive
nature not to mention the colour difference.  He got to me so much that
after our introduction I went to my room and wanked myself off as I
imagined being pinned under our new lodger.

  Being naturists meant we had to adjust to having a lodger.  It wasn't too
much of an issue as we always wore clothes when we had guests.  Over the
first few days my lust for Xavier grew.  He really was a rough diamond with
an East London accent.  Being well to do middle class his roughness
pandered to my submissive nature, after all everyone likes a bit of rough.
Due to his rough looks, the fact he'd done time and his straight appearance
little did I know he was perving over me as much as I was him.  Despite
having a few fuck buddies on the go I couldn't help but think about what
sex would be like with Xavier.  At the end of the first week I would find

  As the guest room was normally unoccupied I usually left the door between
my bedroom and the shared bathroom open.  However now Xavier was in the
guest room I kept the door closed.  One day though I was running late for
school and I left it open.  When Xavier used the shared bathroom after me
he could see into my bedroom.  It was a fairly typical teen boy's room,
maybe a bit tidier and instead of scantily clad women between the car and
band posters it was posters of scantily clad men.  Xavier clocked this and
started on a subtle seduction plan.

  Xavier's plan to bed him a blond 16 year old schoolboy started on a
Wednesday evening.  I'd had rugby practice so when I got home I went for a
shower.  The two doors into the shared bathroom had bolts so that if Xavier
was in the bathroom he'd bolt the door to my bedroom and vice versa.
Therefore I got a pleasant shock when I went into shower and saw Xavier
totally naked drying himself after a shower.  My eyes couldn't help but
scan his fit body.  His dark brown face was handsome in a rough rugged way.
He was wearing a gold link neck chain but apart from that he was totally
naked.  His lean toned chest was dark brown and totally hairless.  He had
pointy nipples that were a darker brown than his skin.  His stomach was a
well ripped six pack and hairless, not even having a trail running from his
navel.  His limp cock looked huge being thicker and longer than average.
It was as dark brown as the rest of him and ended in a bulbous brown
circumcised knob that had a pink tinge.  He had sexy well toned legs that
were nicely covered in black hairs.  As I was so busy eyeing up his fit
naked manly body I didn't notice him scanned my lean sports toned teen boy
body as I was just wearing some boxer briefs.  "Sorry I didn't know you
were in here."  I said as I made to leave.  "See something you like batty
boy?"  He said as he continued to dry off naked making no attempt to cover
up.  What he said shocked me.  How did he know I was into guys?  "Pardon?"
I stammered.  "You left your door open the other day and I saw your fag
posters."  He said as he wrapped his towel around his waist.  "Don't sweat
it as it doesn't bother me."  He said before leaving the bathroom.

  Alone in the bathroom I felt sick in my stomach at him finding out about
my sexuality but my mind could help but replay the sight of his fit body
and huge cock.  Soon my 8.5 inch cock was hard and dangling down under its
meaty weight.  I checked myself out in the full length mirror and not being
big headed it was a nice sight.  At 16 I had blond hair parted in curtains.
My face was flawless and boy next door cute.  I had blue eyes and lush red
cock sucker's lips.  Plenty of sports meant my body was lean and toned just
like the British diver Tom Daley.  My biceps had good definition as did my
lean toned chest.  My abs were silky smooth and forming a washboard.  I had
a small tuft of soft blond pubes which my big cock dangled from.  My cock
was as tanned as the rest of me.  The shaft was thicker than average from a
man let alone a 16 year old boy.  It was also 8.5 inches long, nicely
veined and ended in a tanned pinkish knob that was fully exposed when hard.
Behind was a big pair of balls that were highly productive even for a
teenage boy.  My legs were another asset being nice toned, deeply tanned
and covered in blond hairs.

  After scanning my mud splattered sports toned body I stepped into the
shower.  Whenever I get a hard on I need to beat off and the fit of a fit
well hung black man had made me very hard.  Many a time I've had to played
pocket billiards in class or public and cream my undies to relieve the
pressure.  Therefore it was no surprise when I started wanking my big boy
cock as I replayed the sight of Xavier's rugged manly body.  In no time I
was squirting a big load of thick creamy boy cum into my right palm which I
brought to my mouth and eagerly licked clean.  I'm a total jizz junkie and
the taste of my spunk was all too familiar.

  After showering I did my homework before being called down to dinner.  As
we ate I kept stealing glance as Xavier.  He was wearing a dark blue
sleeveless muscle top so his dark brown well toned arms were on display.
Below he was wearing a pair of dark grey shorts.  I was similarly attired
but my shorts and top were white.  During the meal Xavier and I kept making
eye contact.  Not for a moment did I think he was gay as he looked so
stereotypically straight with his rugged face and tattoos.  I just put it
down to the fact I'd walked in on him naked.  Despite my wank in the shower
my cock couldn't help but get hard.  In no time the left leg of my shorts
were soaked in pre-cum.

  Once the meal was over everyone left the table except me for obvious
reasons.  Once the room was empty I gathered the dishes and began to wash
them.  "I'll dry."  Xavier chipped in catching me by surprise.  We made
small talk as I washed and he dried.  Occasionally as passed me to put the
dishes away he'd brush against me.  Despite thinking there was nothing to
it other than being accidental my cock couldn't help but throb.  When the
dishes were done I rushed to my bedroom and stripped naked.  After lubing
up my thick 9 inch ridged dildo I got onto my bed and flung my lean toned
legs over my head so that my big 8.5 inch cock was resting on my lips.  I
opened my mouth and began to suck on my swollen knob savouring my pre-cum.
Then I began vigorously fucking my arse with the ridged dildo.  It looked
like it was made up of balls so as I rammed it in and out a number of
ridges worked over my tight teen hole.  As I abused my arse I fantasised it
was Xavier raping my boy cunt with his big black cock.  All those ridges
working my sphincter as I self sucked my own knob led me to pump a big load
of boy cum into my mouth.  You'd think that the wank in the shower and then
the dildo wank would be enough.  However half an hour later I was ramming
the dildo up my arse again as I wanked my cock off with my left hand.  The
first two jets of my orgasm hit my face the second scoring a direct hit
into my mouth.  A few more jets splattered my toned chest and with the rest
hitting my ripped abs.  Once I'd come down from my orgasm high I scooped up
my jizz and licked it off my fingers.

  Over the next couple of days I noticed Xavier seemed to be checking me
out more and more.  I was starting to get confused, could he be gay yet
look so straight.  I found out he could the following weekend.  Xavier and
Dad had been out drinking on Friday night and I was asleep in bed when they
got back.  I remember awaking to Xavier coming into my bedroom from our
shared bathroom.  "What are you doing?"  I sleepily asked.  "You're going
to suck me off batty boy."  He drunkenly said with a mean leer on his face
as he grabbed his crotch.  "Go to sleep."  I said still not fully awake
before turning over so my back was to him.  Although I had closed my eyes I
was aware he was now stood before me.  "Come on batty boy suck me off."  He
drunkenly slurred.  The derogatory words were beginning to piss me off and
beside I thought he was just drunkenly teasing me.  My annoyance was
heighted by been woken up which even at the best of times makes me like a
bear with a sore head.  "Piss off to bed."  I growled as I opened my eyes.
It was a full moon so Xavier was illuminated.  He was wearing a white and
dark blue horizontally stripped polo shirt which hugged his lean fit upper
body.  Below he was wearing dark blue jeans that were open with his huge
black cock out.  It was one of the biggest cocks I'd ever seen.  It looked
as thick as an aerosol can and a good 12 inches long.  It dangled down
under its meaty girth and impressive length.  I was shocked and mesmerised
at the same time, his big black mamba having hypnotised me.  "Come on I
know all you fags love sucking black cock."  He drunkenly said as he waved
his big black cock at me.

  Briefly I was torn between wondering if this was a drunken wind up or did
he really want me to suck him off.  Sure I'd been fantasising about sex
with Xavier but this way seemed wrong.  "Come on cock sucker."  He gruffly
commanded in a drunken voice as he placed his left hand on the back of my
head and started forcing it towards his monster cock.  I tried to resist as
I was in turmoil.  Part of me wanted this to stop as he was forcing himself
on me but the other part wanted it for the same reason.  This fit rough
black guy in his late 20's had come into my bedroom to have his wicked way
with me despite the fact that my sister and parents were down the hall.  It
was his drunken Dutch courage that was making him act in this way which
could easily have landed him back in prison.  Sure I was 16 but at that
time in the UK that only made me legal for straight sex with the age of
consent being 21 for gays not that I'd paid any attention to it.

  My confusion was short lived as my schoolboy hormones took over.  Sure
this wasn't how I'd imagined having sex with Xavier but I was kind of
getting turned on by his rough dominance.  I continued to struggle but his
superior strength meant my face was getting closer and closer to his big
hard cock.  By the light of the full moon I watched the big dark brown cock
get nearer to my face as he pulled my head towards him.  Fuck it I am a
cock sucker so why fight it I thought.  I surrendered myself to my natural
slutty submissiveness.  I swung my legs off the bed so I was sat up before
him with my eyes locked on his huge dark brown cock.  "I knew you couldn't
resist."  He chuckled as he slapped his meaty cock against my left cheek
splattering it with pre-cum.  "You don't mind a guy sucking you?"  I asked
confused about his sexuality.  I so had him down as a straight guy yet here
he was practically forcing me to give him a blow job.  "Shit I don't care
where I stick it as long as it gets me off.  Now get to work, I haven't cum
since I lost my prison bitch."  He gruffly said.  "Prison bitch?"  "My cell
mate, a nerdy guy in for fraud.  I made him my bitch in return for
protection but it looks like I have a new bitch now."  "If I tell my
parents you'll be back inside."  I defiantly said.  "We both know you're
not going to tell."  He said as he forced his big mushroom knob into my
mouth.  He was so right I thought as I surrendered to the inevitable.

  Now that that was out of the way I could let myself go.  I began to
greedily suck on his cut knob as I circled my tongue around its prominent
ridge.  This fit hung black guy wanted me and I wanted him so why hold
back.  He began to purr with pleasure as Ii greedily sucked on the head of
his huge dark brown cock.  He started leaking strong tasting delicious
pre-cum onto my tongue.  My left hand was tightly wrapped around his eye
wateringly thick cock my fingers hardly touching.  His cock was strongly
throbbing in my hand as I sucked his large swollen knob.  With both hands
on my head he started forcing my mouth down onto his cock.  I only managed
to take just over half of his huge cock before his large swollen knob
plugged my throat and his fat cock stretched my lips to the max.  I drank
in his sweaty manly aroused aroma as I worked my throat muscles around his
knob as I sucked and licked the thick meaty shaft.  Xavier then began to
fuck my mouth with his big black cock.  His long thick veiny cock rubbed
over my lips and tongue.  My taste buds tingled with the taste of his free
flowing pre-cum.  "You're a good cock sucker batty boy."  Xavier moaned
which made me swell with pride.  Sure he'd forced himself on me but I was
up for it.  He was very sexy in a street mean kind of way and that pandered
to my pussy boy nature as did the age, class and skin colour difference.

  For several minutes Xavier fucked my mouth like a pussy.  His hands on my
head controlled me and I let him use me for his sexual pleasure.  I was
getting a thrill out of being dominated by a guy at least 10 years my
senior.  As I would later find out he was 29 years old to my 16.  The fact
I was involved in a sexual act with the lodger and my family down the hall
was also a turn on.  Xavier then relinquished control and I was determined
to show him what a good cock sucker I was despite my young age.  I rapidly
bobbed my hot wet sucking mouth up and down his long, really thick
throbbing cock.  As I did so I greedily sucked it as I wanked it with my
lush red lips.  At the same time I stimulated the underside with my tongue.
I so love sucking cock and I was having a great time sucking Xavier's.  His
huge cock was a struggle to suck but I was doing a good job.  He kept
saying how good it felt even though he used words like batty boy, fag and
cock sucker.  These words just intensified my feeling of submissiveness.
As I greedily devoured his massive cock I fondled his big heavy balls with
my left hand as I caressed his rock hard washboard abs with my right hand.

  For ages I expertly sucked Xavier thick 12 inch dark brown cock.  It must
have been a great sight.  There I was a cute blond haired blue eyed 16 year
old boy sucking on a fit 29 year old black guy's massive cock.  From his
increased moans of pleasure and the way he cock was throbbing and leaking
pre-cum I knew I had him close to orgasm which was a good job as my jaw was
really starting to ache.  "Here it comes batty boy."  Xavier gasped as I
felt his big balls tighten and his thick cock swell.  A powerful blast of
hot, really thick man spunk exploded from his cock and splattered on my
tongue firing off my taste buds.  Xavier spunked up with incredible force.
His big fat cock powerfully twitched as it pumped lots of hot thick strong
tasting cum into my mouth.  I let it all pool on my tongue as I sucked his
orgasming knob and stimulated the underside with my tongue.  Xavier loudly
grunted in ecstasy as he spunked up into a 16 year old boy's mouth.  I felt
so proud to have sucked off this fit sexy black guy and he was rewarding me
with a mouthful of tasty jizz.  He really was a big powerful spunked and
when his orgasm finally died down my cheeks were bulging from the amount of
man spunk in my mouth.  I carried on sucking his knob after his orgasm but
he soon removed his cock from my mouth as his knob got too sensitive after
orgasm.  "Thanks fag."  Xavier cooed in his orgasmic glow.  He then left my
room as I swilled his hot thick man cum around my mouth.  His jizz had a
really strong taste and there was so much of it.  I couldn't believe my
luck that I had just sucked off a sexy black guy.

  After savouring Xavier's man spunk I swallowed it.  I'd been so turned on
by sucking Xavier that my cock was achingly hard.  I flung my legs over my
head and began to self suck my knob as I wanked the meaty base with my left
hand as I finger fucked my arse with my right.  It only took a few minutes
before I was blasting my spunk into my mouth.  After swilling my sweet boy
cum around my mouth I swallowed it.  Then I contentedly fell asleep looking
forward for more sex with our fit lodger.

  The following morning I had rugby practice.  When I got back Xavier was
in the lounge.  My sister was out with her boyfriend and my parents were in
town for the day.  When Xavier saw me he ran over to me.  "I am so sorry
about last night.  I was really drunk and it shouldn't have happened.
Please don't tell anyone.  I'll do whatever you want."  He babbled so
scared that I'd tell and he's end up back in prison.  "It's cool.  I'll
happily suck you off anytime."  I reassured him.  "Really?"  He asked
partly surprised and partly relieved.  "Sure you're well sexy."  I said.
After last night I'd decided to make our lodger my fuck buddy.  "I don't
know you're only 16."  He said still worrying about what would happen if we
got found out.  "Shit I've been shagging since I was 13 and you wouldn't be
the first man to fuck me."  "You want me to fuck you?"  He asked surprised.
"Yes I love being fucked and you have a huge cock."  I seductively said.
How could he resist a cute boy next blond haired blue eyed 16 year old boy
coming onto him.

  Now that we both knew we wanted each other we rushed to my bedroom to
express our lust.  As I stripped out of my mud splattered rugby kit he
stripped out of his tee shirt and tracksuit bottoms.  First he exposed
smooth well ripped six pack abs.  Then his smooth lean toned chest came
into view.  As he pulled his tee shirt over his head he exposed his densely
black haired armpits.  As he dropped his tee shirt to the floor I took in
the sight of his sexy lean toned body.  He had well toned arms with defined
biceps.  His dark brown hairless chest was well sculpted and he had hot
washboard abs.  In turn I exposed my tanned smooth sport toned upper body.
Then I peeled off my socks before pushing my shorts and boxer briefs down
to my ankles.  I stood before Xavier and allowed him to take in the sight
of my fit naked young body.  My face was boy next door cute and looked more
innocent than I was.  My upper body was lean and well defined just like Tom
Daley's.  My thick 8.5 inch cock dangled down under its meaty weight.  My
foreskin had peeled back to expose half of my knob.  His eyes then scanned
my sports toned, golden tanned blond haired legs.

  As for me I scanned the hot hung black man before me.  I took in the
sight of his rugged, street mean looking face that was sexy just not in the
traditional way.  My eyes then scanned over his buff arms, fit chest and
washboard abs.  I loved his smooth dark brown skin as my eyes worked their
way to his cock.  Xavier was horse hung with an eye wateringly thick, veiny
12 inch cock.  It was as fat as an aerosol can and prominently veined.  He
was circumcised so his huge cock ended in a large mushroom knob which had a
prominent ridge.  My arse had taken some big cocks before but none as big
as Xavier and I was as apprehensive as I was eager.  Then I scanned his
well toned black haired legs.  I walked over to him.  "Do you kiss?"  I
asked as I still didn't know his sexuality.  Sure he said he didn't mind
where he stuck his cock as long as it got him off.  Did that mean he was
bisexual or was he gay but didn't mind shagging women or straight who
didn't mind shagging guys?  He replied by cupping my face in his hand and
passionately kissing me.  In no time our lips were mashing together and our
tongues fencing.  My hands reached up and began groping his hard, lean
toned hairless chest.  Our big cocks were pressed together and he was
roughly groping my smooth pert arse.

  After passionately snogging for a couple of minutes I broke off our kiss
and lifted up his left arm to expose his armpit.  The dense mat of tightly
curled black hairs was matted with sweat.  I dove in and drank in his
sweaty manly aroused aroma as I began eagerly licking it out.  I savoured
the salty taste of his sweat as I breathed in its smell.  "Fuck that's
good."  Xavier cooed as he had a 16 year old schoolboy lick out his sweaty
armpit.  Once I'd licked it clean I worked my way to his right armpit.  On
the way I stopped to chew both of his hard pointy nipples.  When I reached
his right armpit I licked it clean of delicious manly sweat.  Then I kissed
and licked my way to between his toned pecs before licking my way down the
central ridge of his washboard abs.  When I reached his groin it had a ripe
manly aroused aroma.

  Up close I admired his massive cock.  It was so long and thick my
normally cock hungry arse was having second thoughts.  It dangled down
under its thick meaty weight.  Its girth was eye watering and it was
heavily veined in order to keep it pumped up.  It was a deep brown colour
with just a tinge of pink to the large thick ridged exposed knob.  I'd seen
some big cocks in my short but highly promiscuous and precocious sexy life
but Xavier's was a real whopper.  I took his huge cock into my left hand
and could barely wrap my fingers around.  His cock felt so hot, hard and
heavy.  I gave it a few wanks before I began spit polishing his circumcised
knob.  I swarmed my tongue all over his knob savouring the salty taste of
his pre- cum.  Xavier began to purr with pleasure and I felt his thick cock
throb in my hand.  Then I took his knob into my mouth with the meaty girth
of his big black cock stretching my lips wide.  With his knob in my mouth I
began to greedily suck his knob as I swiped it with my tongue.  He began to
leak lots of tasty pre-cum which I savoured as I drank his sweaty manly
aroused aroma.  As I sucked on his knob I looked up at his buff dark brown
body and street mean but sexy face.  I was giving him my best slutty cock
sucker's smile which I knew was at odds to the cute innocent boy next door
appearance of my face.  As for Xavier he was looking down to watch a cute
blond haired blue eyed white 16 year old boy sucking on the end of his huge
black cock.  "Yeah suck that cock batty boy."  He growled his dirty
derogatory words turning me on.  His street mean appearance, buff body, the
fact he was a black working class black guy to my white middle class and
the size of his massive cock were all pandering to my pussy boy nature.  I
was more than happy to surrender my lean toned boyish body to this fit hung
black guy.

  Xavier let me suck on his cock for a few minutes.  I was now bobbing my
hot wet sucking mouth up and down his cock.  Due to the meaty girth of his
huge cock I could only take in the top few inches.  His fat cock was
strongly throbbing and leaking loads of tasty pre-cum.  Xavier was moaning
with pleasure so I knew I was doing a good job.  Then a domineering leer
spread across his street mean but sexy face.  He firmly gripped my head and
began to harshly fuck my mouth.  "Yeah take that big black cock bitch."
Xavier growled as he raped my mouth.  I had no choice but to kneel there
and take it.  His really thick cock was stretching my lips and jaw wide.
Despite that I was loving the feel and taste of his thick veiny cock
sliding over my lips and tongue.  The taste of his free flowing pre-cum was
delicious and his sweaty manly aroused aroma was filling my nostrils.
Being sexually used in this way made me feel so horny and submissive with
my untouched cock aching hard and dribbling lots of pre-cum.

Xavier fucked my mouth for a few minutes before he decided it was time to
abuse my boy cunt with his big black cock.  "Where's your lube?"  He asked.
"In the top draw beside my bed."  I informed him.  "Get into the doggy
position on bed facing the mirror."  He commanded as he walked over to get
my lube.  I looked over my right shoulder and watched him lube up his
monster black cock.  My normally cock hungry arse was now tightening up in
apprehension.  I knew taking such a long, really thick cock up my well used
but tight young arse was going to hurt.  Xavier's thick meaty girth would
stretch my arse lips to the max and its impressive length meant the
entrance to my colon would take a pounding.  Once he'd lubed up his cock he
finger fucked a generous load of lube on my quivering boy cunt.  Xavier
then knelt behind me and slapped his big heavy knob against tight young
pucker splattering it with pre-cum.  "AWW FUCK!"  I screamed at the burning
sharp searing pain radiating out from my overstretched sphincter as Xavier
brutally rammed his incredibly thick manly cock up my schoolboy arse.  It
was as if a fat red hot poker had been rammed up my arse.  His long very
thick veiny cock sawed against my overstretched sphincter making me groan
in intense discomfort.  "SHIT!"  I squealed when his large thick ridged
knob punched its way into my colon making my arse throb and twitch in pain.
My arse had never felt so full of cock.  The pain was so bad I tried to
pull away but Xavier had a tight grip on my hips and held me full impaled
on his massive black cock.  My knuckles were white from the tight grip on
the bed sheet, my cute tanned face had gone white and my eyes were
watering.  Xavier didn't give me any time to recover in fact it was the
opposite.  He began to brutally fuck my arse with his thick 12 inch cock.
The pain in my over stuffed arse was excruciating but I had no choice but
to take it.  Sure I fit for a 16 year old but Xavier was stronger.  Part of
me desperately wanted him to stop but at the same time my submissive pussy
boy nature was kind of enjoying the rough dominant fuck this well hung
black guy was giving me.  It felt like I was being raped but it was me
who'd offered him my body for his sexual gratification and now he was using

  The first few minutes of the fuck were so painful, I'd never endured
anything like it even though I'd taken big cocks before but Xavier had
length and girth to contend with.  My overstretched sphincter was burning
and stinging like mad as his long thick veiny cock shaft sawed against it.
The walls of my arse and the entrance to my colon ached from being brutally
punched open by this thick ridged knob.  My buttocks were starting to
tingle from being repeatedly slapped by his groin.  I was moaning in pain
but it was falling on deaf ears.  Xavier was horny and it was obvious he
wasn't going to stop fucking me until he orgasmed.  "Your white pussy boy
arse is so fucking tight."  Xavier groaned between grunts of exertion.  I
was in too much pain to answer and was struggling to get my arse adjust to
such a brutal fucking from such a long thick cock.  I looked at our
reflection in the mirror.  My cute face was contorted in pain whereas
Xavier's had a determined domineering leer.  Despite the pain it was a hot
seeing me a cute 16 year old boy on my hands and knees as a well toned 29
year old black guy brutally fucked my tight arse with his fat 12 inch cock.
You could see his lean toned biceps bulging from the tight grip they had on
my hip.  His dark brown washboard abs were also rippling as he pound his
cock in and out of my arse.  "I love raping white boy cunt."  He grunted as
he continued his relentless fuck.  He'd fucked enough people to know that
the best ways is to fuck them hard and fast before they change their mind
about the size of his monster cock.  This was what he was doing to me now
and although it hurts so much my slutty nature wanted to prove this older
guy I could take it.  I'd had way more than my fair share of sex since
losing my virginity at 13 and I just viewed this as another badge on the
path to being the perfect bottom boy.

  For the first 10 minutes it was a painful fuck but then he pushed me over
the pain barrier.  The stinging burn in sphincter and ache in my shit chute
began to fade as a sensation of pleasure slowly intensified.  Xavier was
fucking me as brutally as ever but my squeals of pain had morphed into
moans of well fucked pleasure.  My cute boy next door face wasn't scrunched
up in pain but had expressions of lust and sexual pleasure.  The searing
stinging burn in my overstretched sphincter had been replaced with a
pleasurable tingle.  The walls of tight young arse throbbed from the
pleasure of being repeatedly punched open by his bulbous thick ridged knob.
Even when his knob buried itself in the entrance to my colon brought
pleasure.  My pert boy buttock pleasurably tingled from his groin firmly
slapping against them.

  Now that the pain was over I was able to enjoy our erotic reflection in
the full length mirror.  It really was a hot sight.  There I was a boy next
door cute 16 year old all over tanned middle schoolboy being harshly fucked
doggy style by a well toned horse hung 29 year old black ex con.  I found
our colour, age and class difference a real turn on making me feel even
hornier, sluttier and more submissive than usual.  "Rape my white boy cunt
with your big black cock."  I moaned.  "Yeah you white bitch love a bit of
rough black cock."  Xavier grunted as he continued his brutal fucking.
"When I saw your fag posters I knew I had to nail your sweet young arse.
It's been years since I've nailed a schoolboy."  He added.  "It hurt like
fuck to start with but your massive cock is making my arse feel so good."
I pleasurably gasped as he slammed his hat 12 inch cock ball deep into my
quivering overstuffed arse.

  About 20 minutes into the fuck Xavier roughly yanked his monster cock
from my arse, flipped me on my back and slammed it back in.  I gasped at
the pleasurable tingle in my tight sphincter when his bulbous thick ridged
knob punched its way in.  It then proceeded to force open the quivering
walls of my hot wet tight young arse.  On its way in his knob boxed my
prostate which made my big boy cock throb and dribble pre-cum onto my
tanned abs.  Now that we were facing each other I took in his rough street
mean but sexy face with its expressions of domineering determination, lust
and sexual hungry with me being the pry.  My hands also began to explore
his hard well toned body.  The dark brown sweaty skin was taut over hard
muscles especially his tensed bulging biceps or groping his hard sweaty
pecs.  My arse wasn't passive taking his cock either as I kept flexing my
well trained arse muscles around his rapidly pounding long fat black cock.
As he fucked me he talked dirty calling me names like cock whore, dirty
faggot, pussy boy, bitch boy, batty boy and the like all of which turned me
on.  In turn I begged him to rape my white schoolboy arse with his big
black cock and generally acting in a slutty promiscuous way that belied me
sweet innocent boyish appearance.  It was obvious that we were both getting
off on our age difference and I was determined I would seduce him wearing
my school uniform, rugby kit and scouts uniform.  I was also determined to
introduce him to my other fuck buddies.

  For about another 10 minutes Xavier continued to brutally fuck me face to
face.  Being pinned under his well fit sweaty body and the domineering leer
on his face made me feel so slutty and submissive.  Then he roughly yanked
his cock from my arse and rolled over onto his back beside me.  My
sphincter tingled when his thick ridged knob popped out.  With his right
hand he aimed his huge 12 inch skyward and I got the hint.  I straddled his
hips and wiggled my arse about until his large swollen knob was pressed
against my swollen slightly sore arse lips.  I moaned with pleasure as I
sat down and his knob popped inside making my tight sphincter tingle.  My
moan of pleasure morphed into a gasp of discomfort as he grabbed my hips
and impaled me on his massive manhood.  His bulbous thick knob was buried
in the throbbing entrance to my colon as the fat meaty base of his 12 inch
cock stretched my sphincter to the max.  Then he used his strength to
bounce me on his big black cock.  The first few thrusts were painful but
that was quickly replaced with intense pleasure.  I could believe I was
having such a long really thick cock brutally rammed up my tight young arse
and how much I was enjoying it.  All you size queens out there know what
I'm talking about, that certain type of pleasure you only get by being
fucked by a huge cock.

  As Xavier violently bounced my schoolboy arse on his big black man cock
my own oversized boy cock was flying all over placed flinging pre-cum
everywhere.  Each time Xavier harshly yanked me down on to his fat 12 inch
cock I felt his bulbous thick ridged knob punch open the sore throbbing
walls of my young arse.  When I bottomed out on his massive cock his knob
forced its way into my even tighter colon making it ache but in a
pleasurable way.  My overstretched sphincter was on fire with the
pleasurable friction of his long, thick vein shaft against.  My eyes
feasted on his street mean but sexy face, with its expression of
domineering lust, before scanning his lean toned sweaty dark brown body.
He was using me like a sexy doll, bouncing me on his massive black cock as
if I weighed nothing.  Each time he yanked me onto his cock his large knob
punched my prostate that had the cum churning in my balls.  My hands were
caress his rock hard rippling hairless abs.  The room was ripe with the
smell of man on teen boy sex and echoed to our moans, groans, and grunts of
forbidden sex.

  For about another ten minutes Xavier bounced me on his monster cock.  I
knew I was a cock slut but I was even surprising myself that I could take
being brutally fucked by such a big thick cock for 40 minutes.  Then my
prostate couldn't take anymore stimulation.  My balls ached with pent up
cum and the pre-orgasm tingle had been intensifying in my cock for awhile.
His bulbous knob then punched my prostate and plunged me into an intense
and copious orgasm.  My first jet of hot thick creamy boy spunk exploded
out of my cock, arched through the air and splattered his street mean sexy
face, my white cum contrasting with his dark brown skin.  The second jet
hit his full pinky brown lips and I saw him open his mouth and lick them
clean of my schoolboy spunk.  My next few jets splattered on his hard toned
chest as I watched him scoop my cum from his face and into his mouth.  My
last few jets splattered on his sweaty dark brown ripped abs.  My orgasm
was so intense my sports toned teen body violent shuddered and I loudly
screamed in sexual ecstasy as Xavier continued to brutally bounce me on his
big black cock.  My intense orgasm made my tight young arse spasm
uncontrollably around Xavier's cock and when coupled with the sight of a
cute blond haired blue eyed 16 year old boy, as tanned and fit as Tom
Daley, orgasming on his huge black was enough to push him over the edge.
Xavier yanked me down and fully impaled me on his very thick 12 inch cock.
This forced another couple of weak dribbles of boy cum out of my cock.  I
then felt his huge cock swell, throb and pulse inside me.  I saw his face
scrunch up as he screamed "Fuck I'm cumming."  My purrs of pleasure mingled
with Xavier's loud grunts of sexual ecstasy as I felt him flood my bowls
with cum.  His bulbous knob was buried in the entrance to my colon with all
12 inches of his fat 12 inch cock buried in my boy cunt the thick wiry
pubed base stretching my arse lips to the max.  Xavier violent shuddered
against me as he drained his balls into my slutty boy arse.

  Fucking his first schoolboy in years must have really turned him on as he
pumped a huge load of cum into me.  My arse was so stuffed full of big
black cock half of his load squirted into my lower intestine with the rest
squirting out of my arse as it had nowhere else to go.  Even though I was
in a orgasmic glow I was switched on enough to flex my arse muscles around
his huge cock milking it dry.  "Fucking take my jizz faggot bitch."  Xavier
growled as he unloaded his balls into my battered young arse.  "Breed my
batty boy arse."  I moaned as I felt a fit 29 year old black man flood my
arse with a massive load of cum.

  When his orgasm ended he lifted me off his cock and threw me down beside
him.  "Clean me up bitch."  He gruffly commanded.  His big dark brown cock
was glistening with his cum, my arse juice and lube all contrasting with
his dark brown skin.  Other than that it was clean so I had no qualm about
sucking it clean of the funky mix.  I loved the saltiness of his cum mixing
with the earthiness of my arse.  Once I sucked his cock clean I licked my
creamy boy jizz from his sweaty dark brown body.  Then I rolled onto my
side next to him and was about to rest my head on his fit chest but he got
up and grabbed his clothes.  "Thanks fag that was a hot fuck but if you
tell anyone you're dead."  He growled before he left.  I knew they were
empty words and were probably a cover for the fact he'd just fucked a guy.
As I would find out he didn't mind where he stuck his cock but he always
felt guilty and ashamed after fucking a guy and he didn't have the same
hang up about nailing a girl's arse.

  His guilt trip didn't last long as a couple of hours later he was fucking
my brains out on the rug in the lounge.  He'd showered after our intense
fuck then I followed suit.  When I went downstairs afterwards he was
watching TV.  We watched it together before our lust overtook us.  We ran a
real risk as 10 minutes after he flooded my arse with his jizz and he
sucked me to an intense orgasm my parents came back.  Xavier was in the
shower and I was sat watching TV with a very sore but satisfied arse full
of cum.  My parents were back earlier than I though and I wondered if they
could smell the man on teen gay sex smell in the room.  If they did they
didn't let one.

  After that Xavier and I had lots of kinky and risky sex both with and
without my family in the house.  I also introduced him to some of my fuck
buddies and he introduced me to some of his.  Two months later he moved out
but we continued having sex.

  I hope this one got you off and you're sat there splattered in cum.  If
you did please let me know at as although I
enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it.