Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 22:24:36 -0800 (PST)
From: Bobby Branch <>
Subject: Little Timmy Learns a Lot

Little Timmy Learns a Lot
By: TitBudMan

Little Timmy was a kind, intelligent, and handsome boy. At 11 years old, he
was tall, thin, and had sandy blond hair. Since his parents had divorced
when he was just 6, he had lived with his mom, far from his Dad, who he
never saw. The neighbours liked him. He was helpful, and never got into any
real trouble. But things weren't so good at school. He did ok with his
grades, and the teachers liked him. The problem was that he didn't have any
friends, and the other boys were always picking on him.

He didn't know it, but they picked on him because they were jealous of
him. Jealous because he was smart, and better looking than they were. But
Timmy didn't know that was the reason. He had no self-esteem, and not much
fun in his life. He hated them, and he hated being so lonely, and he wanted
desperately to find someone to have fun with. Someone that he could have
fun with, and nobody would tease him.

One particular day the teasing at lunch had been really bad. Timmy had been
embarrassed by Carl and his friends on the playground after lunch, and when
the bell rang, Timmy ran out the back gate, and didn't stop until he was in
the park several blocks away. He sat down against a tree, on the verge of
crying, but he was so mad, he couldn't cry. He sat there for a while,
thinking about how he hated those boys, and how he wanted to have friends
or at least be liked.

He needed to go to the Restroom and he walked to the ones in the park by
the pond. He went inside and the last stall was open so he went in and
latched the door. It was quiet and he decided to just sit down and think
for a while. He had been sitting for about 10 minutes or so when he heard
someone come in and go in the stall next to him. After several minutes, the
man didn't leave, and Timmy got curious why the man was still there. Then
he noticed a small hole in the wall board between the stalls, near the back
of the stall. Carefully and quietly, he leaned backward and over to peep
through the little hole.

When he did, he got a shock. The man had his pants down like you would
expect, but his penis was sticking up straight and the man was sliding his
hand slowly up and down it. Timmy had never seen a man's penis before, and
was very curious. The man was leaned back looking at a small magazine with
naked pictures in it. It was much bigger than Timmy's of course, but there
was something else. The skin didn't go up over the top part like Timmy's
and the top part wasn't shiny like Timmy's when it got stiff. He figured
that must be what happened as you grew older. It must get bigger and longer
and the skin didn't. Then, Timmy heard someone else come into the restroom
and go into the first stall which was on the other side of the one the man
was in.

The man put down the magazine, and leaned forward and looked through a hole
in the wall between his stall and the other one. This hole was much bigger
than the one Timmy was looking through, and then the man in the middle
stall poked his finger into the hole for a second and then pulled it
back. A few seconds later to Timmy's total surprise, the man in the other
stall stuck his penis through the hole!

Timmy couldn't believe it when the man in the middle stall reached out and
began to play with the other man's penis which was not totally hard
yet. Timmy watched it grow in the man's hand, and then to his absolute
disbelief, the man moved forward off the toilet and onto his knees and took
the penis into his mouth! Timmy could hear the man on his knees moan a
little as he sucked it, and then after a few minutes, the man in the other
stall moaned too, and then sort of grunted as the man sucked his penis real
hard and slid his mouth back and forth fast. Then he slowed down and
finally let the penis slip out of his mouth, and it disappeared back
through the hole. Timmy heard the man zip up, and then leave. Then the man
got off his knees and sat back on the toilet. His penis was very stiff now
and he started playing with it again.

Then another man came into the other stall and the man poked his finger in
the hole, and soon another penis appeared. It was bigger then the first one
and a little darker in color. This time, the man went right down onto the
floor and took it deep into his mouth. Again, after several minutes the man
in the other stall grunted, and the man sucked real hard like he really
loved the taste of the man's penis. Then he stopped and the man pulled his
penis back through the hole and left.

The man on the floor got back onto the toilet, and was breathing hard. He
started playing with his penis again until another man came in and the
process was repeated again. But this time, after he finished sucking, the
other man poked his finger through the hole, and the man in the middle
stall scrambled to his feet and put his penis through the hole. Timmy could
hear the man sigh and moan a little and he figured the other man must be
sucking on his penis for him. After only a couple of minutes, the man
stiffened, and kind of jerked a few times as he grunted. Then he pulled his
penis out of the hole, and plopped down on the toilet. He was breathing
very hard, and Timmy watched his penis, which was all shiny from the man's
spit, begin to shrink. It was then that Timmy noticed that his own little
penis was very stiff, and when he reached down and pushed on it, he got a

He thought about it for a second, and then squeezed it, and realized it
felt good. He heard the man in the middle stall get up and leave, and he
just sat back rubbing his stiff little member through his pants. Then it
started to get all tingly, and he stopped, and decided it was time to

That night, Timmy lay in bed thinking about what he'd seen the men do. As
he did, he felt his little penis get stiff and poke at his pajama
bottoms. He reached down and rubbed it a little and then decided to reach
inside them and try playing with it like the man had been doing. The
feeling was better than ever and soon it got all tingly, and his would body
shivered a little, then it got sensitive and he stopped, and fell asleep.

After school the next day, Timmy went straight to the park and into the
last stall again. He sat and waited for something to happen like the day
before, but the only people that came in were just men and boys that came
to use the toilet and then left. After waiting over two hours, Timmy went
home, very disappointed. But Timmy was a smart boy, and after thinking
about it that evening he decided that maybe those men only do that during
the day when the kids are in school so they wouldn't be interrupted.

The next day, Timmy snuck off the playground again after lunch and went to
the park. He settled into his stall and waited. Sure enough, after about 20
minutes, a man came in and got in the middle stall and took out his penis
and began to play with it. It looked a lot like the first man's but the top
part was longer, and kind of dark red. As the man played with it, he could
see some clear stuff oozing out the tip. Then a man came into the other
stall, and poked his finger through the hole, and the man in the middle
stall stood up and shoved his penis into the hole. Timmy knew the other man
must be sucking on it because of the way the man was moaning and pushing
his crotch against the wall. Then the man grunted and held still for a
minute, and then stumbled backwards. Then the first man put his penis
through the hole and the man in the middle stall dropped down onto his
knees and started licking the man's penis which was very big. It was way
bigger than any of the others and the man could hardly get it in his
mouth. But he managed to get the top part and a little more in and he
sucked it while he played with it with his hand. Soon the man on the other
side growled and the man held just the end in his mouth and pulled the skin
back and forth real fast as he sucked. Then the man's huge penis began to
shrink real fast and he pulled it back out of the hole, and left, and then
the other man left soon after.

Timmy waited, but no one else came in so he finally went home. That night
and all the next day, Timmy was haunted by the images of what he had seen
those men doing. It was weird, and Timmy knew that most people thought it
was wrong, but it was also very exciting, and it made Timmy feel that
special good feeling in his gut, and made his penis get stiff and it felt
good to play with it until he got the big tingly feeling.

He went to school the next day and decided not to cut after lunch for fear
of getting into trouble. Two more days passed, and he couldn't stop
thinking about the restroom. Then he had an idea. He wondered if the men
went there late at night when nobody was around. Although he was scared of
going to the park alone, late at night, he decided that it was worth a try
to find out.

9 o'clock finally came and he kissed his mother goodnight and went to
bed. He layed there until almost ten, when he was sure his mother was in
bed watching TV and wouldn't hear him, and he got dressed and slipped out
his window, and headed for the park. He cautiously approached the restrooms
and tiptoed inside. He could see that there was someone in the middle
stall, and he ever so quietly snuck into the last stall without a sound. He
was getting settled in when he heard someone enter the far stall.

He looked through the little hole and he couldn't believe his eyes. It was
his Math teacher, Mr. Perry! He had his dick out. Timmy had heard two boys
call it that instead of penis. Timmy figured that must be the grown up name
for it so he decided to use it instead. It was weird but thrilling at the
same time, looking at Mr. Perry's dick. It was stiff and he was playing
with it and then Mr. Perry reached up and poked his finger in the
hole. Timmy couldn't believe it. Mr. Perry wanted to suck the other man's

Sure enough, a few seconds later the other man's dick came through the
hole. Mr. Perry had taken a little towel and laid it on the floor to kneel
on, and was soon on his knees with the man's dick in his hand. He played
with it for a minute, then licked it a couple of times, and then sank his
mouth onto it. Timmy's little dick was stiff and throbbing as he watched
his teacher suck another man's dick right before his eyes. And it was clear
the Mr. Perry knew about sucking dicks. He bobbed his mouth back and forth
on it, and sucked hard, and the other man quickly grunted. Mr. Perry held
the top part in his mouth and jacked the skin fast as he moaned
quietly. Timmy could tell Mr. Perry really liked doing it to the man, and
that was confirmed over the next hour, as he watched Mr. Perry suck 4 men's
dicks. Timmy was very impressed with how good Mr. Perry seemed to be at it,
and began to think it might be fun to try for himself.

After he sucked the forth man, Mr. Perry got up and left. Timmy was getting
very tired and so he left too. When he got home in bed he played with his
little dick as he replayed the visions of his teacher sucking those men's
dicks. After getting that real good feeling, he fell asleep thinking about
what it might be like to try sucking a man's dick. It was a scary thought,
and in a way it made Timmy a little sick to think of putting a man's dick
inside his mouth, but at the same time, there was something dark and
exciting about it too.

Two more days went by, and Timmy couldn't get the images of Mr. Perry out
of his head. In his class, every time Timmy looked at him, he saw him on
his knees in the stall with a man's dick in his mouth. He was a great
teacher, Timmy thought, and he respected and looked up to him. So he
started thinking it couldn't be that wrong to do it, if he likes doing
it. Little by little, Timmy came to the conclusion that he had to try
it. Yes. He wanted to find out what it was like to suck a man's dick!

That night, he snuck out and shot over to the park. The closer he got to
the restrooms, the more nervous he got. He knew his plan. If it was empty,
he would enter the center stall, and wait for a man to enter the other one,
then he would put his finger in the hole and wait. He paused and hid behind
a tree as he saw a man exiting the restroom. After a minute, another man
came out, and then Timmy went to the door and peeked inside. There was
nobody there. He went in and before he could talk himself out if it, he
opened the center stall door and went inside and latched the door. He sat
down and there it was. The Hole! The hole that very soon, a man's dick
might be coming through for him to suck.

He didn't have to wait long either. Someone came in and entered the first
stall. Timmy began to breathe harder as he heard the man unzip. Watching
the other men, he had learned that he should wait to make sure the man
wasn't just there to use the bathroom. He leaned forward carefully and
peered through the hole. The man was standing with his dick out, and it was
big and hard. He was NOT there to use the bathroom, so Timmy took a deep
breath and poked his finger into the hole and right back out.

Timmy was soon rewarded with is first dick. It was really neat looking he
thought as he reached out and carefully wrapped his hand around it. It was
big and hard, and hot, and smooth and very clean looking. Timmy played with
the skin the way he had seen Mr. Perry do, then he swallowed the lump in
his little throat, and leaned forward and took a lick. There was quite a
bit of that clear stuff on the end, and he lapped it off, and pulled his
tongue back into his mouth to evaluate the taste. He decided he liked it,
and took another lick.

Then he took a deep breath, opened his mouth wide, and took the top part
inside. He tasted a surge of the clear stuff as he closed his mouth down
and began to suck. He had watched Mr. Perry and the others very carefully,
and he was soon jacking the skin as he moved his mouth forward as far as he
could and then back as he sucked. He was really starting to enjoy it when
the man began to groan and the smooth top part swelled up a little more in
his mouth. Then something started squirting out of the tip and before he
could react, it had squirted twice. Timmy freaked out. He thought the man
was peeing in his mouth, so he jerked back off the squirting dick, and as
he did, it shot out again and a big long glob hit across his nose and
partially open mouth and chin. He quickly pointed it away from him, and it
squirted several more times, going all over the back of the stall door.

Timmy couldn't believe this was happening. Why did the man pee in his
mouth? He wondered. "What the fuck!" The man said from the other side of
the wall as he pulled his dick back through. "Thanks asshole!" The man
added, as he stormed out and slammed the stall door.

Timmy was spitting out the stuff that had gone in his mouth and pulling
toilet paper out to wipe his face. As he did, he looked at the door, and he
realized that the stuff was not pee. But what was it, he wondered? Then he
got scared, and bolted from the restroom. He headed for the drinking
fountain, but as he did, he realized that the stuff didn't really taste
bad. It was just real strong tasting and very different from anything he
had ever tasted before.

He took a long drink and started to calm down. He went home and couldn't
fall asleep thinking about what had happened. He wished he knew what that
stuff was, and why the man had squirted it in his mouth. Did he not like
the way he was sucking him? He wondered if he had bit the man's dick
without knowing it, and that was why. Strange as it had been though, the
more her thought about it, the harder his little dick got. Instinctively,
he played with it until he got the nice feeling and then he finally was
able to fall asleep.

Three days went by and Timmy couldn't stop thinking about it. He had really
liked sucking the man. He just didn't understand what had happened. He
decided he would go back, and get in his old stall and watch some
more. Maybe he could figure out what he had done wrong.

That night, he was back in his end stall by 10pm. And by 1030 a man had
entered the center stall and was waiting for a dick to suck. The first man
came into the far stall, and soon the man was sucking him. The man made
some funny noises and the man sucked him until he pulled his dick back out
through the hole.

Then another man came into the far stall. When he put his dick through to
be sucked, Timmy noticed it looked smaller than most, and the skin was very
pale. Neither one of them knew it, but it belonged to a 16 year old boy. He
had overheard his older brother talking to someone about this place and how
a guy could get his dick sucked through the `Glory Hole' he called it. The
man began licking the boy's dick, and pulling the skin back and forth. He
had just started to lick up and down the side, when that stuff began to
squirt out. The first shot splashed across the man's cheek, and the man
hastily opened his mouth and took the squirting dick inside. Timmy watched
as the man sucked hard, while continuing to jack the skin. Then he thought
he saw the man's throat muscles working to swallow the stuff that was
squirting out. Timmy realized the man liked the stuff, and he didn't let it
out of his mouth until it stopped squirting. He swallowed again, and the
boy's dick disappeared back through the hole.

The man left soon after the boy, and Timmy went home too. He laid in bed
for a good while thinking about what he had seen that night. As he thought
carefully about all the men he had watched do it, he was finally faced with
the idea that that stuff must squirt out every time you suck a dick. And if
that were true, all those men must really like drinking that stuff. He
remembered how it had tasted. He hadn't kept it in his mouth but a few
seconds before he spit it out, but thinking back, it wasn't terrible. He
was more surprised than anything. He played with is stiff little dick again
and after the good feeling, he finally drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Timmy couldn't think of anything but that stuff squirting out
of the boy's dick, and the man's dick that he had sucked. He looked at
Mr. Perry during math class, and wondered how much of it he had drank.

For two days, Timmy thought of nothing else. That night, he decided. He was
going back to the restroom. And he was going to try drinking some of that
stuff! As his mother was lying in her bed watching the 10 o'clock news, her
little 11 year old son was in the center stall at the park restroom waiting
for a dick to suck. After a few minutes, he heard someone come in, and the
stall door open and close. He checked to see if the man was there for sex,
and flashed his finger in the hole.

It was a nice looking dick, Timmy thought. Not real big, and it had some of
the nice tasting clear stuff coming out the tip. He took hold of it and
quickly went down and licked it. Then he opened his little mouth and took
the dick inside. As he applied suction, he got a big glob the tasty clear
stuff. He began to jack the skin and suck in and out and after a few
minutes the man pushed his dick as far as he could through the hole and
into Timmy's mouth. Timmy heard the man groan, and felt the head swell a
little and he knew he was about to squirt. Before he knew it, his little
mouth was being flooded with the hot, thick stuff.

It was shooting out against his tongue and he could count each blast. He
knew he was supposed to swallow it, so he took a deep breath and gulped. It
was hot and slimy feeling as it went down. The man was still squirting and
Timmy soon realized that his mouth was overflowing and the stuff was
running out of the corners of his mouth and down his chin. He didn't stop
though. He was determined to finish it and soon the squirting stopped. The
11 year-old kept jacking and sucking as he swallowed over and over until
all the stuff was in his stomach.

The man's dick was going soft and getting smaller and Timmy let it slip
from his mouth, and it disappeared back through the hole. Timmy sat back on
the toilet and thought about what he had just done as he listened to the
man leave. He had done it! He thought. And it didn't taste bad at all. It
was different, but he kind of liked it.

A few minutes later another man entered the stall. Timmy was anxious to try
some more so he flashed his finger, and soon another dick came through. It
was bigger than the first one, sort of average Timmy guessed. He took hold
if it and went down. The big top part was real shiny and covered with the
clear stuff which Timmy quickly licked off. Then he began sucking the man
for all he was worth. He had learned well, and brought the man off in less
than five minutes. As the stuff filled his preteen mouth, he thought how
this man didn't taste as good as the first one. It was then he realized
that just like dicks were different, their stuff was probably going to
taste different too. As the man finished shooting, and Timmy was busy
swallowing the stuff down, he thought about how this man's stuff was kind
of bitter.

Another man quickly followed, and soon Timmy was drinking his stuff
too. This stuff wasn't as bitter as the last, but it had a strong, sort of
hot taste to it. Timmy was glad when it was all gone, and he hoped the next
one would taste better.

Within 30 minutes, Timmy was sucking away on his fourth dick, and about to
receive his fourth load of stuff. The man stiffened and Timmy sucked and
sped up his jacking, waiting for the stuff to squirt out. When it did
however, it took Timmy by surprise. The first blast was twice as much as
the first three men and it shot out real strong. Timmy almost gagged as the
stuff blasted out, filling his little mouth in seconds. He held his breath
and started swallowing but there was so much coming out. He was glad when
he realized that this man tasted the best so far, and he happily gulped
down the thick, sweet goo.

The man finally stopped squirting, and Timmy finished drinking his stuff,
and let the dick slip form his little mouth. The man left, and then Timmy
did too. He was tired, and it seemed like the four men's stuff in his
stomach was making him sleepy.

Once in his bed, he jacked his stiff little four inch dick until his whole
body shook and jerked. That was the best it had ever felt. Timmy wasn't
clear on how he felt about what he had done, but he knew he felt very good,
and very satisfied.

The next day, his mother took him shopping, and he was too tired to go to
the park. The next day was Friday and that night she had to work the all
night shift, and after she called and checked on him at 8:30 he headed for
the park. The center stall was occupied when he got there, and he had to
wait for almost an hour for the guy to finish and leave. He dashed in and
latched the door, and waited for his first dick of the evening.

He didn't have to wait long. But he was very surprised when a huge black
dick came through the hole. He wasn't sure. He didn't think he wanted to
suck it, but curiosity got the better of him, and soon he had the first
three inches of the monster in his preteen mouth. The clear stuff tasted
the same, he thought as he sucked and swallowed the generous amount being
produced. He had to use both hands to jack it, and it took almost ten
minutes but he finally brought the man off. His stuff tasted really strong
and acrid. Timmy could hardly keep from gagging as he worked to swallow
it. Finally it stopped and Timmy swallowed the last bit as the man pulled
the monster back through the hole.

Timmy was glad he had come prepared. He had brought a bottle lf Coke to
wash down any stuff that tasted bad. He took several swigs as he sat back
and decided that he would not suck another black dick. The next man soon
arrived, and presented Timmy with a rather small dick. It seemed even
smaller compared to the one he had just had, and he cheerfully gobbled it
into his young mouth. Timmy liked how he could get almost the whole thing
in his mouth. He had fun sucking it as deep as he could, and the man did
too, and soon erupted in the boy's mouth. Timmy thought it was neat how he
could feel the smaller dick jump in his mouth each time it squirted the
stuff out, and he was glad that it didn't taste as bad as the last one, but
it wasn't as good as the one guy the other day. He drank all the man's
stuff and the man left, and Timmy waited for another.

Soon another man entered the stall. Timmy looked through, then flashed his
finger to invite the man. He watched as it slowly appeared. It was perfect,
Timmy thought, as he examined it. It was pale, clean looking and smooth. It
was an almost identical grown up version of his own little dick. And the
best thing, he noticed as he took hold of it, was that just like his, the
skin came all the way out over the tip. He smiled as he slowly pulled the
skin back, and exposed the bright purple, shiny head. Timmy was overwhelmed
by it's beauty. And on top of all that, it's size was perfect too. About 6
inches, and not too thick. Just right, Timmy thought, as he squeezed it,
and the clear stuff oozed out the tip. Timmy eagerly leaned forward and
licked it off and savoured the salty, slick nectar.

He pumped his little hand back and forth several times, watching the
foreskin slide out over the head, covering it, and then back down,
revealing the beautiful gleaming purple knob, with the nice flared rim at
the bottom. Timmy's mouth was watering for it, and he licked his lips and
opened wide, and moved forward until half of it was buried in his 11
year-old mouth. He heard himself moan lightly, as he closed his mouth down
and felt the dick with his tongue and mouth. It seemed to fit perfectly. He
pushed his mouth forward until the sloped top part gently pressed against
the rear of the roof of his mouth. He could feel the man's heartbeat
against his tongue, and he began to suck the wonderful rod of flesh.

He was truly loving it, as he began to pump his sucking mouth back and
forth, and jack the smooth skin. There was pretty much a steady flow of the
clear stuff and Timmy gladly swallowed what he decided was the best tasting
he had had. He wondered how the man's white stuff would taste. Everything
else about this was so nice, it just had to. Timmy didn't have to wait too
much longer to find out. His talented little mouth and hand had worked
their magic on the man and Timmy felt the nice smooth top part swell, and
he knew he was about to get his reward.

He heard the man groan, and push his dick forward, and then it started
blasting. Timmy sucked and jacked as he closed his eyes and savoured the
taste. After the third shot, Timmy's taste buds had assessed the man's
stuff, and sent the message to his preteen brain. Delicious! Was the
message buzzing through his brain, as the wonderful goo continued to pump
into his young mouth. Timmy took his time and swallowed the stuff very
slowly. He was thoroughly enjoying the sweet taste of the man's warm thick
cream. Timmy thought it tasted so good, he could have drank a gallon of
it. Sadly, it stopped squirting out and soon Timmy had drank it all. He
kept sucking, hoping it would give him some more, but the dick was getting
smaller and soft in his mouth. He whimpered lightly, as the man pulled his
dick out of Timmy's mouth and back through the hole.

Timmy's mind went into overdrive as he heard the man zip up. He looked
through the hole to try to see what the man looked like. He watched as the
man composed himself, and opened the stall door.

Timmy scrambled to his feet. Although the thought terrified him, those
special feelings deep inside him were screaming at him. `Go! Follow the man
and try to talk to him!' Timmy hesitated for a moment, thinking about the
embarrassment of facing the man who's dick he had just sucked. But the door
of the bathroom shutting jarred him and he realized he had to go.

He quickly exited the stall and almost knocked a man down that was coming
in the door. His eye's met the man's for only a moment, and Timmy figured
he probably would have sucked the man's dick if he had stayed.

He ran out, and into the night, and looked around frantically, searching
for the man. Then he spotted him walking over to the pond. Timmy fast
walked to catch up, and then followed the man at a distance, until he
stopped and sat on a park bench. Timmy summoned his courage, and moved
toward the man.

"Hi." Timmy said, as he walked up.

"Hi there. What are you doing out here so late?" The man responded.

"Oh... I was just over in the bathroom just then." Timmy blurted out.

"Oh?... Ok... so?" The man answered nervously.

"I was in the middle stall...When you were in the first one." Timmy said

The man's face dropped, and his eye got big, and he looked all around
quickly, then back at Timmy, as Timmy sat down next to him.

"I don't know what you're talking about kid." He challenged.

"You taste real good." Timmy said quietly as he leaned close to the man.

"Oh fuck... Oh shit... But you're just a... old are you?" He

"Twelve!... Well almost." He admitted.

"Oh my God. You mean you're eleven years old? And you just...?"

"Yeah. But it's cool. I wanted to do it." Timmy answered.

"Cool? No it's not cool! Not unless you think going to prison is cool!"

"But I won't tell anybody, I promise!"

"Well, that's some relief anyway. I still can't believe you were in there,
doing that. So what do you want anyway?" He asked.

"I just...I just wanted to talk to you. You know. I thought maybe we could
be like friends maybe."

"Friends. You mean like sex friends? Are you nuts? Where's your mom and
dad? Do they know you're out here?"

"My mom's working the all night shift, and I don't really have a dad."
Timmy answered, with a shaky voice, almost on the verge of tears.

"Look I'm sorry...What's your name?"

"Timmy." He sniffled.

"I'm sorry Timmy. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm just kind of
freaked out by all this. I mean, I didn't know there was a... someone so
young in there. I've only come here a few times when I want to get off. The
thing is, I've never even thought about doing anything with a kid. But I
have to be honest. That was one of the best blow jobs I've ever had."

Timmy's face lit up. He smiled at the man who had just complemented
him. "Thanks! I really liked it too. That's why I followed you out
here. You were the most fun I've had doing that." Timmy explained.

"Really? How come?" He asked.

"Well, your dick is real nice. A lot nicer than the others. And your stuff
tastes really good. Way better than the rest." Timmy explained.

"Wow. That's quite a complement. I mean, I've had a few people tell me over
the years that my cum tasted good. But never that it was the best they ever
had. How long have you been doing it?"

"A couple of weeks."

"Well, it's really not safe you know. I mean at your age, someone could do
something real bad to you out here late, by yourself like this. And you
could catch all kinds of disease, even AIDS."

"I guess I didn't think about that." Timmy answered as he moved closer to
the man who now seemed to be concerned about him.

"Look. I'll make you a deal. You let me walk you home and you get a good
night's sleep. And you think about whether you really want to meet me
again, and if you still do in the morning. I'll meet you at Bob's at say 10
in the morning, and I'll buy you breakfast, and we'll talk some more."

"Ok! Sure! I'll be there. My mom will go to bed and sleep all day when she
gets in in the morning, and I can stay out all day." Timmy beamed.

They got up and walked back to Timmy's house. On the way, Timmy found out
the man's name was Brad, and he told him all about how it had started that
first day, and how he had seen his teacher sucking the men, and so he had
decided to try it himself.

"Now you promise you'll think hard about this, and if you still want to
talk some more, I'll see you in the morning at Bob's." Brad said as he took
Timmy to the door.

"I promise. But I'll be there. 10 o'clock." Timmy said.

Timmy could hardly go to sleep he was so excited. He played with his dick
with his eyes closed, imagining he was sucking Brad. He quickly got the
good feeling and his little body jerked several times and then settled
down, and he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Timmy didn't wake until almost 9:30. He laid there for a
minute and then remembered his date with Brad at 10. He flew out of the bed
and into the bathroom, brushed his teeth and washed up. He checked on his
mom who was fast asleep and went to the kitchen and scribbled her a note
that his was going to go playing and swimming all day with friends from
school and would be home for supper.

Then he raced out the door, and down the walk towards the restaurant which
was a good 30 minute walk. By the time he got there it was almost ten
minutes after ten. He went inside and started to panic when he didn't see
Brad. He though he had missed him! Then he finally saw him way back in the
far corner of the place. Brad was looking at him and smiled when their eyes

"Well, I thought you might have changed your mind." Brad said with a smile.

"No. I just overslept. I'm sorry." Timmy explained.

"It's ok. I'm not mad. I know it was a long walk too. I just thought you
might have had second thoughts."

"Nope. I didn't. Don't you want us to be friends?" Timmy asked with a
worried look on his face.

"I do. I do want us to be friends. But this is a big decision, and I want
to make sure you make the right one on you own. This isn't something you
can undo once you do it. You have to be sure." Brad explained.

"But I really like you Brad. I want us to be friends." Timmy answered,
smiling at the handsome man. A man he already admired, because he seemed to
be so concerned about Timmy's feelings, and well being. Timmy had never had
a man in his life that cared about him personally, and he wanted
desperately for it to Brad. He was nice, and he was really good looking. He
was tall, and slim, with dark hair and deep blue eyes. And Timmy new very
well about the hidden parts, that was what he liked best!

They got their plates and ate from the buffet. They talked a lot as they
ate, and for a while afterwards. Finally Brad felt like he had discussed
things enough with little Timmy, and they had gotten to know each other
pretty well. He decided it was time to take the next step. "Ok. If you want
to, we can go back to my place, and be alone together, and see how things
go." Brad said with a smile.

Timmy's little face lit up and his eyes sparkled, as he happily
consented. Brad paid the check and they left and got into Brad's car and
drove to his house. To Timmy's delight, Brad only lived about a five minute
walk from his. They pulled into the garage and went inside. Brad showed
Timmy around and Timmy learned that Brad lived there alone. He offered
Timmy something to drink, and then suggested they sit on the couch.

"You know. I never was attracted to anybody as young as you. But there's
something about you..." Brad said as he placed his hand on Timmy's
leg. Timmy smiled and felt his little dick stiffen a little at Brad's
touch. "So what would you like to do first?" He continued.

"Could I... I mean would you like me to... suck it again?" Timmy muttered,
as he blushed. "Yes. God yes." Brad answered. "How `bout I stand up and you
can take down my pants... if you want to." He added, as he squeezed Timmy's

Timmy nodded, and Brad stood up and faced him. Little Timmy's fingers were
trembling a little as he fumbled with Brad's belt. Then he unsnapped his
pants, and found the zipper and tugged it down. The pants fell to the floor
and Timmy stared at the bulge in Brad's underwear. He looked up at Brad and
then back at his waist and grasped his waistband and slid them down. He
smiled and a surge of lust swept through his little 11 year old frame as
Brad's beautiful dick came into view.

He took hold of it and held it, admiring it like a highly prized new
toy. It almost instantly pumped up to full hardness in the child's loving
hand. "Have you ever seen a dick like this?" He asked.

"No. Just sticking through that hole or sticking out of the man's shorts,
that was sitting in the middle stall." Timmy answered.

"Would you like me to teach you about it?" He said softly.

Timmy nodded his head as he looked up at Brad.

"Ok. This part is called the head and the part that's kind of flared out a
little is called the rim. And this is called the shaft. And the skin that
slides back and forth is called the foreskin. Now you said you liked how my
skin went out over the head. That's how we're all born, but a doctor cuts
the extra skin off right after most boys are born. They say it's to make it
easier to keep the dick clean but I disagree. I'm glad I have mine. I can't
imagine how it would be without it." He explained as he placed his hand
over Timmy's and slid his foreskin all the way forward and back several
times making the head disappear and then reappear each time. Timmy smiled
as he did it.

"I know. I like how the head hides inside and then pops out. Mine's like
that too. But all those other guys were the other way." Timmy said.

"So there's something we have in common. Now these are my balls. The
technical term is testiculi, like penis, but the common term is Dick, and
Balls. They make the sperm." He explained. Timmy looked up at him
questioningly. "Oh gosh. I'm sorry. I just assumed you knew. The stuff that
squirts out I cum, is called semen or the common term `cum'. It's made up
of my sperm from my balls, and a liquid that mixes with it to make it so it
can be squirted into a woman's pussy when you fuck her. And if it goes in
at the right time of the month, she will become pregnant." He finished.

"You mean. That's what the white stuff is?" Timmy asked.

"That's right. But it's also good to drink. Millions of people do, women
and men, every day." He added, wondering if the boy would still want to
ingest it now that he knew exactly what it was.

"Wow. That's so cool. So your dick kind of thinks my mouth is a girls
pussy?" Timmy said.

"Yeah. Pretty much. And as you've learned. Some people really like drinking

"Yeah. But I also learned that only some tastes all right, but your's
tastes really great." Timmy replied.

"If it's ok, I'm going to sit on the edge of the couch, and you can sit on
the floor between my legs, and suck me. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good." Timmy chirped.

Brad sat down, and little Timmy crawled between his legs and took his dick
back in his hand and pointed it at his mouth and began licking the precum
off the head. Brad could tell Timmy was enjoying what he was doing. He sat
quietly and watched as Timmy explored his dick with his fingers and
tongue. Then he opened up and sank his mouth over the head. Brad felt
himself pump a surge of precum into the child's mouth and Timmy moaned
lightly and sucked hard and swallowed it. Then he looked up into Brad's
eyes with his dick deep in his mouth.

"That feels so good buddy. I know you might be a little embarrassed doing
it where I can watch you for the first time. But I'm telling you. You are
doing so great. Your mouth feels fantastic." Brad praised him when he saw
him blush a little.

Brad couldn't remember the last time he'd enjoyed sex this much. Timmy
truly loved sucking him, and soon he was ready to blow. "I want to make
sure you want me to cum in your mouth buddy. If that's what you want,
please tell me." He panted.

"I want you to squirt your sperm in my mouth... PLEEEEEASEEEE." Timmy

"Here you go buddy. Here is cums!" He growled, as his gut tightened.

Timmy felt the head swell and he slid his mouth back to the head and jacked
the skin rapidly. Brad roared as his reproductive muscles began to
convulse, working hard to deliver their payload. Timmy purred as the hot
fresh cum flooded his little mouth. He swirled his tongue around the
squirting tip, his tastebuds swimming in Brad's tasty seed. Brad stroked
Timmy's head as he continued ejaculating into the 11 year old's grateful
mouth. Timmy began to swallow slowly, deeply enjoying every precious

"Oh God. That feels so wonderful." Brad panted as his blasts into Timmy's
mouth slowed and finally stopped. Timmy was still swallowing, and sucking
hard, trying to get every last drop. Brad took his fingers, and showed him
how to `milk' out the last bit of cum that was sitting in his tube. As
Timmy tasted the little bit from the milking, he started sucking hard
again, trying to get more to come out.

"Sorry buddy. That's all there is. You drained me." Brad said, as he
reached down and held Timmy's face in his hands and lifted him
off. "Wow. I've never seen anybody that liked my cum as much as you." He
said as he stroked Timmy's face.

"It tastes so good. And it's really cool to be able to make you feel so
good." Timmy said with a smile.

"Well speaking of feeling good. How about letting me make you feel good
now." He said. Timmy looked confused for a moment, then his face lit
up. "You mean you want to suck mine?"

"I sure do. If you want me to. I think it's high time someone returned the
favor." Brad said with a smile.

"What do I do? I mean... I never." Timmy stuttered.

"I know. It's ok. You just relax and I'll do all the work. You have been
playing with yourself haven't you?" Brad said.

"Uh huh. Most nights before I go to sleep. But nothing comes out when I
cum." He replied. "That's ok. It's called a dry cum. You just aren't quite
old enough to squirt yet. But you will pretty soon. At first it'll just be
clear, like the precum that comes out as you play with or suck me. Then
after a while, your balls will start making sperm, and it'll start to get
milky looking, and then finally thick and white like mine. Just give it
time, it'll happen before you know it. But you can still feel really good
in the meantime." Brad explained, as took Timmy's hand and lifted him to
his feet so that he was standing before Brad who was still seated. He
reached up and started unbuttoning Timmy's shirt, and Timmy smiled as he
finished talking and slid his shirt off his shoulders. Brad slowly rubbed
his hands over Timmy's chest and stomach, and pulled him toward him and
kissed his bare chest, and then took a nipple into his mouth and sucked
gently. Timmy was moaning lightly and Brad moved to the other one and
suckled, as his hands began roaming across his back and down to his butt.

He massaged each of the child's tight little buns and then brought his
right hand around to Timmy's crotch and squeezed gently, causing a little
moan to escape his lips. He let the little nipple slip out of his mouth as
he brought his other hand around and began to undo his pants. He stared
into Timmy's eyes as he got his pants undone and hooked his thumbs over the
pants and underwear and pushed down. Timmy's little dick sprang free and
proudly stood straight and tall for Brad's inspection. Brad still stared
into Timmy's eyes as he took hold of his little dick and began to fondle
him. Timmy smiled as he gazed deep into Brad's eyes as he felt his dick
being touched for the very first time by someone else.

Brad slowly looked down at Timmy's little package. It was beautiful, he
thought. Now he understood why Timmy liked his dick so much, it was a
miniature version of his own adult dick. Thinking back, to when he was
Timmy's age, he remembered that his was almost identical. He pulled the
foreskin down, leaned forward and kissed the shiny little purple head. Then
he stuck out his tongue and proceeded to bathe every sweet little inch of
the preteen meat.

"UUUUummmmm, very nice." Brad said softly as he looked into Timmy's eyes
again, and then lowered his mouth onto it, engulfing the entire kid-dick,
burying his nose in the child's soft, hairless pubic mound. Timmy sucked in
a deep breath and arched his hips forward as he felt his dick inside a
man's mouth for the very first time. Then Brad began to suck, and the
feelings became even more intense. Brad began rubbing the tight little
ball-sack with his fingers and slowly bobbing his mouth up and down and
within seconds, Timmy began to orgasm. His little body twitched several
times as he cried out, holding Brad's head in his hands, feeling his
muscles below his dick contracting, trying to pump cum that didn't exist

Timmy's orgasm faded and his dick began to shrink, but Brad had reached
around him, and was holding him still as he continued to nurse the little
dicklet. He slowly ran his big tongue around the head, and gently massaged
his little ball-sack as he sucked the child. Timmy couldn't believe it when
his little dick began to get hard again inside Brad's wonderful mouth.

Brad slipped a finger into the boy's but-crack and found his hole and began
to rub it. Timmy began to whimper again, and Brad sucked his now fully
erect little dick hard, and fuck his mouth up and down on the child. Soon
Timmy cried out even louder than before, and his naked 11 year old body
began to jerk, his hips thrusting forward, driving his little dick as deep
as possible into Brad's mouth.

He jerked and whimpered several times, then collapsed over Brad's shoulder.

Brad let the spent little dick slip from his mouth and laid back against
the back of the couch holding the dazed, and very satisfied Timmy against

They laid there quiet and motionless for several minutes, and then Timmy
finally spoke. "Brad?" He said quietly. "Yes buddy."

"That was so awesome. Thank you. Just thank you isn't enough." He said.

"You're very welcome. I'm glad we could make each other feel good."

"Can we do it again? Can I have some more of your sperm? Are you going to
do that to me again?" He went on.

"Yes, yes, and yes." Brad said. "But how `bout we go get in my bed so we
can be more comfortable." He added.

"Yes sir! Anything you say." Timmy replied with a giggle.

They took their drinks and went into the bedroom. Brad took his shirt off
and now they were both totally naked. They climbed into the bed and laid
there sipping their drinks, and talking about sex. Timmy was full of
questions and Brad was happy to answer them. For a while Timmy sat next to
Brad innocently playing with his dick as they talked.

Then without a word, he leaned over, and took the head into his mouth and
sucked it for a few seconds then raised back up. "That clear stuff tastes
so good. Is it the same as cum?" He asked. "Not really. It's called
`pre-cum'. It's what's mixed with the sperm to make semen, which is the
white creamy stuff you like so much that we call `cum'. It kind of leaks
out while you're doing stuff. It's real slippery, and it helps your dick
slip inside a girls pussy, or even a guy's butt. And of course it tastes
good too. I call it dick juice, and girl's pussies make pretty much the
same stuff to make her pussy easier to get your dick into and it makes her
pussy taste good too." He explained.

"And a girl's is called pussy juice?" Timmy asked.

"That's right buddy."

"Mmmmm. More dick-juice. Yum!" He chirped as he licked the head again,
swiping a large glob of the tasty goo into his little mouth.

"Here. Lay down on your side and let me hold your head down here and stick
out your tongue." Brad said. Timmy laid down on his side and stuck out is
tongue and Brad milked out a large amount of pre-cum onto the child's
tongue. Timmy purred as the salty stuff flowed across his tastebuds, then
Brad pulled on the back of his head gently until his dick head was inside
and then he told Timmy to suck, which he gladly did, Brad milked more dick
juice into his mouth. He felt himself pump more pre-cum up and so he milked
his dick up again, and Timmy reacted by sucking and moaning. Brad couldn't
believe the sexuality of this little boy.

"Now just relax, and let me control your head for a minute. Ok?" He said
softly. Timmy mumbled affirmatively around Brad's dick head, and
nodded. Brad reached down, and took hold of Timmy's head on both sides and
pulled him further onto his dick. "Just relax now, and when you feel it
against the back of your throat, just concentrate not to gag, and swallow."
He instructed, as he pulled the child's mouth deeper and deeper until all
but about the last 2 inches were in. Timmy started to gag some but he
fought the urge and was soon getting comfortable with Brad's dick being
pressed against the back of his throat. "Good Boy. That's very good. Just
relax and don't move. Here's some more juice." He said as he pumped more
pre-cum deep into the 11 year old's mouth.

Then he began to slowly bring the boy's mouth back up to the top, and then
back down until his head smashed into the back of his little mouth again
and held it there. "That's a good boy. Now just relax, while I fuck your
mouth a little." He said softly, and began to pump the boy's head up and
down. "Suck nice and hard while I fuck your mouth buddy." He said, and
Timmy obediently sucked as Brad pushed his head up and down. His lust was
building as his dick plunged in and out under his control. He knew it
wouldn't be too much longer until he came. He pulled Timmy's head back
until the head slipped out with a pop as it broke the suction.

"How do you like that buddy?"

"It's cool. I like the feeling of you holding my head and your dick going
in and out."

"That's great. That's called face fucking. There are several ways to do
it. If you want, I'll show you some other ways later. Right now though, if
you want me to, I'll finish the way we're going." He said, as he reached
down and fondled Timmy's stiff little dick.

"Yeah. Keep going. Are you going to squirt while you're face-fucking me?"

"I can. But I thought it'd be cool to pull you back, and have you open your
mouth and stick out your tongue and I'll squirt my cum into your mouth, and
on your tongue. How does that sound?"

"Cool!" Timmy chirped.

"Good. Now when we start again, I'm going to go a little faster and
harder. If I do it to hard, you stop me. Otherwise, we'll keep going until
I'm about to cum, and then I'll pull you off and jack my dick while I shoot
into your mouth. Now be sure and try to keep your lips sealed tight on my
dick, and keep up the suction, and try not to let your teeth scrape
me. Ok?"

"Ok." Timmy cheerfully replied.

"Ok. Open up now, and guide it in. Here we go." He said as little Timmy
opened his mouth and took Brad's dick and guided the head inside. Brad
started out easy, like before. Pulling the child's head down, driving his
dick deep into his young mouth. Then after two or three slow deep pumps, he
picked up the pace.

"Hang on now buddy. Here we go." He said, and then began to pump the boy's
head up and down faster and faster. On the up stroke, Timmy felt the head
almost leave his mouth as his tightly sealed lips drug over the rim, but
Brad knew just how far up to bring him, and then he shoved him back down,
driving his dick deep into his mouth and smashing it against the back of
his mouth. Brad was going really fast and hard now. Timmy was getting dizzy
from the motion and the back of his throat was starting to burn a little.

"Almost there buddy." Brad grunted as he slammed Timmy's head down and held
it. Timmy fought the urge to gag, and he couldn't breathe. But he
obediently laid still, and after a few seconds, Brad pulled him up and
growled, "Ok buddy, here's your cum!"

Timmy opened his mouth wide and stuck his tongue out as far as he
could. Brad held Timmy's head in position with one hand, and grabbed his
dick with the other, and started jacking it, while pointing it straight
into the preteen's open mouth.

"OOOOOooohhhhh fuuuuuk YYYYYYEEEEESSSSS!" Brad howled, as he started to
cum. He watched as his cum began to fly into Timmy's mouth.

"Uh Uh Uh." Timmy grunted as the hot fresh semen splashed against the
inside of his mouth and tongue. Brad was grunting too as he looked at his
11 year old lover's mouth catching his seed. Two shots had hit the child's
upper lip, and there was cum coating it and dripping down across the
opening. Inside, the boy's mouth was decorated with streaks of white, and a
pool was forming at the back. He finally stopped squirting, and took the
head and began to rub it around Timmy's lips. Timmy began licking and
swallowing the tasty goo. "Oh Timmy. That's so good. Yeeeeeessss. That's
it, clean it all up and drink my sperm!" Brad said as he milked the last of
it out onto the child's tongue. He reached down and swiped his finger
across Timmy's cum coated upper lip, and then stuck it inside his mouth and
felt Timmy suck his finger.

He pulled Timmy up next to him and held him against him. He stroked Timmy's
smooth naked body, as he praised him. Timmy swelled inside with pride, and
he realized he was the happiest he had ever been.

 "Are you ok buddy? I didn't hurt you did I?" He asked.

"No. I'm fine. It was fun. I got a little dizzy when you went real fast,
but it's ok. I liked it." He replied.

 "Oh good. I'm glad I didn't hurt you. I kind of got a little carried
away. It's just that your mouth feels so good, I couldn't help myself."

"I'm good, really! It was neat letting you do it to me like that."

Brad could feel Timmy's stiff little dick pressing against him, and he knew
he needed relief.

"That's my sweet boy. I want you to know, no adult has ever made me feel
like you do." He said, as he rolled Timmy onto his back and began sucking
his nipples. Timmy sighed deeply as he enjoyed the feeling of Brad nursing
as his little boy titties. After several minutes he slid down between
Timmy's legs and began kissing his stiff little dick.

"God, that is one fine little dick." Brad said as he skinned it down and
watched the little purple head appear and swell until it shined. "You know
when I was your age, I liked to pull my skin down real hard sometimes. Have
you ever done that?" He asked. Timmy shook his head.

"Would you mind if I tried it and you can see if you like it?"

"Sure." Timmy replied.

"Great. Now you let me know if I do it too hard and it starts to hurt, ok?"
He said with a smile. Timmy smiled back and nodded his head again.

Brad pulled the child's foreskin all the way to up as far as it would go,
then slowly started peeling it down. He smiled, as the beautiful little
head began to appear, then the skin rolled off the little flared rim, and
Brad's hand stopped at the bottom. He reached up about half way and
re-gripped the skin and began to slowly pull down more. The skin went tight
and he very slowly continued to pull downward. The head began to distort as
it was pulled down with the skin. "That's it. Just a little bit more." Brad
said as he tightened his grip and pulled down even harder until his fingers
were pressed into the hairless pubic mound at the base. He looked at the
head which was now pulled almost flat and the little shaft shined as if it
were polished. Then he looked up at Timmy who was also looking at his
distorted little dick. His face showed a combination of pain and pleasure
at the same time. Brad smiled, and let up the pressure and pulled the skin
back up to the top, and Timmy breathed a sigh of relief.

"Did that feel good, or bad?" Brad asked.

"Both. Kind of. I'm not sure." Timmy answered.

"Want to go again?" Brad asked with a sly smile. Timmy smiled back and

Brad smiled and began again. He got he skin down to the normal position and
then re-gripped it again, and pulled down. This time he watched Timmy's
face as he began to force the child's foreskin down harder and
harder. Timmy Watched his little dick distort and shine again as his brain
processed the mixture of feelings coming from his strained dick. Brad
smiled as he pushed hard and held it.

"It kind of hurts. But it feels good too." Timmy panted.

Brad smiled and let off and pulled the skin up and began to jack it gently
the full length. Timmy watched and smiled as he enjoyed the good
feeling. Then suddenly, Brad yanked the skin down hard and held it so
tight, Timmy thought his dick would break or something. Then with the skin
still held brutally tight, Brad sank his mouth down over the tortured
little dick and sucked hard. Timmy screamed as a very powerful orgasm took
him by surprise, ripping through his little body and causing him to twist
and cry out as Brad sucked his little dick.

As Timmy's orgasm started to ease, Brad released the pressure on his
foreskin, and slowly slid his mouth up and down, sucking strongly, and
caressing the shaft with his tongue. "Oh Brad. Ohhhhhhh. That was
fantastic." Timmy whimpered. As his dick began to shrink, Brad kissed it
over and over, until it was totally soft.

He gently pulled the foreskin down and checked to see if there was any
damage. He held the tiny kid-dick in his fingers and gave it one more kiss,
then crawled up beside Timmy. "So you like that?" He whispered as he
nuzzled and kissed the child's neck.

"Um hum. You made me cum real good. How'd you know?" He muttered through
his bliss. "Well your dick is so much like mine was at your age, I figured
it would feel as good to you as it did to me. I just sort of accidentally
found out I liked it when I was your age and I started trying different
things to make myself cum. I had a friend that was my age and we used to
take our dicks out and play with them together. He didn't have the extra
skin like me and you, and when I pulled down hard on his skin, he didn't
like it and said it hurt. And he thought it was weird how I liked him
pulling mine down real hard sometimes."

"What all did you guys do? Did you suck each other?" Timmy asked.

"No. We didn't know anything about sex or our bodies. We were afraid we
would get pee in out mouths if we did it, so neither one of us would try

"That's too bad. I'm sure glad I have you to teach me everything." Timmy

"Well, I didn't teach you everything. I'd say you did a pretty good job of
teaching yourself how to suck a dick." Brad said as he gently fondled
Timmy's limp little dick.

"Thanks. But you taught me how to do it better, and a lot of other stuff."
He replied.

"I tell you what. How would you like to go get cleaned up, and I'll take
you somewhere that I think you'll really like." Brad announced.

"Where, where?" Timmy quipped.

"Oh I can't tell you. It's a surprise!" Brad said, as he got up and grabbed
Timmy's hand and led him to the shower.

Brad took his time washing and exploring every inch of Timmy's flawless
little 11 year old body. And then Timmy gladly did the same, enjoying the
opportunity to study his 28 year old lover's body. They both had gotten
hard during the process, but Brad said they needed to wait until later.

Brad had Timmy close his eyes as he pulled into the parking lot and then he
told him to open them. "Yes! Celebration Station! It's my favourite!" Timmy

Brad smiled and they went inside, and he gave Timmy $40 to play all the
games he wanted. They had Pizza, and rode the Go Carts 3 times. It was
almost 4 o'clock, and Brad said to Timmy, "Hey buddy. We can stay here
another couple of hours and then I can take you home, or we can leave now,
and have some time to go back to my place and play some more. It's up to

"Leave now!" Timmy said, and smiled a knowing smile.

"I like the way you think." Brad said, and they headed out. On the way
home, Brad told Timmy about an idea he was having.

"Hey Timmy. You know I really like you a lot, and I think I may have
figured out a way for us to be able to spend a lot of time together." He

"Really? That'd be great. But how?"

"Well, since you don't have a dad, I was thinking that I could get out my
Remote Control Racing Boat, and start running it again. Then you could tell
your mom that we met when I was running it in the pond at the park. I would
tell her that I wouldn't mind having you around and maybe being like a
mentor to you since you don't have a dad. If she went along with it, it
would mean that over time, we could spend lots of time together, maybe even
you spending the night at my place sometimes, and going on short weekend
trips to race the boat." He explained.

"Wow. That would be so cool. I think she'd probably go for it. She always
says how she wishes I had a male influence around." Timmy added.

"Sounds like it might work then." Brad said as he smiled and slid his hand
which had been resting on Timmy's leg, up to his crotch, and began to
massage the little lump under his jeans. "You have to promise me one thing
though. You have to promise me you will never go to the Glory Hole again."
Brad said.

"I promise. I just want to be with you." Timmy replied, with a smile.

By the time they got to the house, Timmy was very horny, and as soon as
they were inside, he started tugging at Brad's belt. Brad picked him up and
threw him over his shoulder and trotted to the bedroom with Timmy squealing
all the way. He tossed Timmy onto the bed and he bounced, laughing
hysterically. Then he reached down and undid his pants and took out his
dick. Timmy smiled and reached for it, but Brad stopped him. "I want to
show you something new." He said, and began removing the rest of his
clothes. Timmy waisted no time following suit, and had his clothes off in a

"What we're going to do is called sixty nine. It'll let us suck each other
at the same time." Brad explained, as he laid down on the bed opposite to
Timmy. "Cool!" Timmy responded as Brad pulled him over on top of him.

Timmy whimpered lightly as he felt Brad take his entire package into his
mouth and begin to suck. He smiled as he looked at Brad's big hard dick
right in front of him, it was moving back and forth somewhat as if it were
searching for Timmy's mouth. Timmy gladly leaned forward slightly and took
the head into his mouth and started to suck. Brad had turned his head to
the side and was lashing Timmy's little ball-sack with his tongue. Timmy
sank his mouth down as far as he could and then back up, causing Brad to
moan lightly. Me giggled a little and fucked his little mouth up and down
several times, and then up and off the tip and slid his mouth down the side
to the ball-sack. He then started kissing and licking each ball, and felt
Brad carefully pull one of his tiny balls into his mouth and suck it. So
Timmy then took one of Brad's big balls into his mouth, and began to suck

They continued for several minutes, exploring each other's dicks and balls
thoroughly with their mouths and tongues. Then Brad started to suck hard on
Timmy as he jacked the little kid-dick with his fingers. Timmy took the
cue, and began to suck Brad in earnest, bobbing his little head up and
down, and jacking it slowly and firmly.

Timmy was the first to cum, and as his dry orgasm hit, he slammed his
pelvis downward, ramming his little dick deep into Brad's welcoming
mouth. Feeling his preteen lover's dick twitching in his mouth sent Brad
over the edge, and he groaned deeply as his orgasm began.

As soon as the first strong squirt hit Timmy's mouth, Brad felt his little
mouth tighten around his dick, as the child began to suck harder. Timmy
began to whimper with delight as the tasty cream gushed out and drenched
his tastebuds. Brad couldn't believe the little boy actually loved drinking
his cum, and thinking about it made Brad cum even harder. Timmy
enthusiastically accepted each generous spurt and didn't start to swallow
until his little mouth was full, He started swallowing as the squirting
slowed to just an ooze. He then sucked hard as he milked the softening dick
several times until he was sure there was none left.

He kept sucking as Brad's dick shrank and softened, and once it had gone
down some, he was finally able to fit the entire thing into his mouth for
the first time. He rubbed his nose in Brad's thick hair as he sucked the
half-hard member. Rubbing Brad's balls he continued to suck as he felt Brad
suck his own shrivelled dicklet. Brad was amazed that Timmy was still
sucking him. His dick had become quite sensitive after cumming, and
although he had never had anyone keep his dick in their mouth after he had
finished cumming, he didn't want to discourage the child's well intended
effort, and he decided that he would keep going as long as Timmy did.

Timmy's mouth was starting to tire some, but he wasn't stopping. Soon, he
felt Brad's dick, which was still completely inside his mouth, begin to
harden a little. He could feel Brad's pulse slowly pumping the soft meat up
little by little. After a few minutes it was over half hard, and would no
longer fit entirely inside his mouth. He realized it was now hard enough to
suck and jack normally, so he began to pump his little fist in rhythm with
his mouth. To his delight, Brad started to ooze precum again, and this soon
caused Timmy to dry-cum in Brad's mouth again. His little dick became very
sensitive then, and he shivered and lifted up, pulling it out of Brad's

"Sensitive huh?" Brad asked.

"Mummm humm" Timmy mumbled around his dick, without breaking his rhythm.

He continued sucking Brad for another 15 minutes or so, and Brad realized
he wasn't going to be able to cum anytime soon unless he helped the boy.

"You're doing a fantastic job buddy, but since I just came, and I've cum so
many times today, we might need to do something a little different for you
to get any more."

"What can we do?" He lifted off to ask, still jacking slowly.

"Well, how would you like me to fuck your face again?" He asked.

"Sure!" Timmy chirped, as he crawled off Brad and turned around.

"There we go. Now you just tap my leg if I do it too rough, okay?" As Timmy
moved into position, and Brad took hold of his head on both sides.

Timmy nodded, and opened his mouth, and Brad pulled his little head
forward, sinking his dick deep into the preteen mouth. Timmy closed his
mouth down, and began to suck, and waited for Brad to start fucking his

Brad started out slowly, but within a couple of minutes he was pumping the
little boy's mouth faster and deeper.

"Okay now, real deep, try to resist the urge to gag, and swallow." Brad
said, as he shoved him down slowly but with quite a bit of force, he felt
the head of his dick ram into the back of the child's throat, and Timmy
started to gag. He backed off, and told Timmy to try to relax, and let him
push it deeper. Then he drove him down again, and this time the head seemed
to slip in a little further, but then Timmy choked, and gagged, and Brad
pulled back.

"That's such a good boy. I think it went into your throat just a little
that time. Slide down just a tiny bit, so the angle is better, and this
time, try real hard to fight that urge to gag. And remember, don't try to
breathe when it's in there real deep, okay?" Brad said softly.

Timmy agreed, and Brad gripped his head again tightly. "Okay, here we
go. Now relax, and take a deep breath." He instructed. Timmy took a deep
breath, and Brad rammed his mouth down. There was a slight thump when the
head hit the back of his throat, but the next thing he knew, his nose was
buried in Brad's hair, and he could feel a tight, sort of burning sensation
in his throat.

"That's it buddy. Good boy! It's all the way in. My dick is in your
throat!" Brad panted.

He held it there for a few seconds, then pulled back and out. Timmy gasped
for air, and rubbed his throat.

"Are you ok buddy?"

"Uh huh. It just kind of like burns a little in my throat, but I'm fine."

"I'm so proud of you. There aren't a lot of grown-ups that can do
that. Would you mind if we try it a couple more times?"

"Yeah okay. It's really cool that I got it all in." Timmy replied, as he
brought his mouth back to the head and opened up.

Brad gripped him again, and brought him down onto the head, and Timmy
closed down on it and sucked. Brad pumped a few times, and then warned
Timmy, who took a deep breath, and felt Brad pull hard. He felt the head
drive deep into his little mouth, and there was the thump again, and it
squeezed it's way deep into his throat, stopping only when Timmy's face was
pressed into Brad's hair. Brad held Timmy's head and moved it around a
little from side to side, delighting in the incredible feeling of the
child's tight throat caressing his dick.

He pulled back out and allowed Timmy to catch his breath. "Okay buddy, one
more time should do it." He said as he gripped the 11 year-olds' head and
after hearing Timmy suck in another deep breath, slammed his head down
hard, sending his dick straight into his throat. Holding Timmy's head
tight, he humped his face hard several times and held him down so tight
that Timmy's nose was flattened out against his pubic bone.

"Awwww God yessssss! That's soooo good buddy. Here's you cum." Brad
groaned, as he pulled the child's mouth up so that just the head was still
in, and held Timmy's head with one hand and grabbed his dick and jacked it
hard with his other. "Ooohhhh yes!" He bellowed, as he began to cum. It was
a very intense orgasm for Brad, but he didn't have much semen left and the
six shots he fired were somewhat weak, as his system strained to pump the
last of his depleted supply into Timmy's hungry mouth.

Timmy sucked hard, and milked it over and over.

"Sorry buddy. That's all there is." Brad said.

Timmy swallowed the last few drops, and lifted his mouth off.

"You drained me dry buddy. No one has ever done that. You are truly
awesome." Brad praised.

"I can tell. There was only about half as much that time. How long will it
take you to make more?"

"My balls will have to work pretty hard, but they should be able to make
enough for a couple more loads by tomorrow." Brad said.

"Cool! Can I come over in the morning?"

"Well, remember what we talked about. I thought it'd be a good idea if you
spent a little time with your mom in the morning, and then you could bring
her to the lake in the park about 11 or so, and she can meet me, and maybe
we'll all go to lunch. Then, I'll tell her that if it's ok with her, that I
wouldn't mind if you came back to my house with me and worked on the boat
and stuff to help me get it ready for a race next weekend." He explained.

"Oh. Okay." Timmy replied with a smile.

"Right now though, I need to get you home." Brad said. As he leaned down
and kissed each of Timmy's flat little nipples making Timmy giggle.

"Tomorrow I'll show you a video if you want to, of a teenage boy and a man
doing stuff together."

"Sure! Stuff like we've been doing?"

"Yeah, and something else you may want to try. But you have to wait until
tomorrow. And if you want to, we can take some pictures and video while we
do stuff too."

"That sounds neat, I can't wait!"

There is one thing though. I think you should go in the bathroom and brush
your teeth. I don't think it would be too good if your mom smelled cum on
your breath, do you?" Brad said, with a wink.

"No. Not good at all."

Timmy brushed his teeth, and Brad gave him a coke to drink, and they got
dressed and Brad took Timmy and dropped him in front of his apartment

The next day, Brad was running his boat around the lake, when Timmy and his
mother came walking up.

Brad brought the boat to the shore and pulled it out just as they walked up
to him.

"Hey Brad. This is my mom." An excited Timmy declared.

"Hi. It's nice to meet you. I'm Brad." He replied as he checked her over
quickly. Not bad, he thought. She was in her late twenties, had smallish
tits that looked like that were still fairly perky. She was slim, and stood
about 5 foot 2 or 3 he guessed. He would definitely not mind fucking her.

"Hi. I'm Pat. Timmy tells me you and him had quite a day yesterday. I hope
he wasn't too much trouble?" She said.

"Well he drained me pretty good, but I really enjoyed it very much." He
answered, looking at Timmy and winking. Timmy smiled, knowing Brad had just
told his mother that he had drank all his cum, but she didn't even realize

Brad suggested he take then all to lunch, and Pat agreed. He finished
packing up his boat with Timmy's help, and they headed for his car.

"I really want to thank you for befriending Timmy. I can tell he really
likes you, but if he ever gets to be a bother, please just send him home."
She said as they ate.

"Oh gosh no. I think he's wonderful. I wouldn't have ever thought I could
have so much fun with a boy his age, but he's really a great kid. I really
love having him around." Brad said.

"That's so nice of you. You are really a godsend. I know he needs a male
influence in his life, and here you come along."

"Well, like I said, he's a great kid. I'm glad to have him coming
around. In fact, I was going to work on my boat this after noon to get it
ready for a race next weekend. If you don't mind, Timmy is welcome to come
over and help me. I can have him home whenever you say."

"That's fine. He told me he really likes playing with your boat with you. I
have to work tonight, so if you could have him home by say 8, so he can get
his bath, and get to bed for school tomorrow."

"Oh mom! Could I spend the night and just go to school from Brad's"

"Oh honey, that's not very nice to ask something like that."

"Well, now that you mention it, I was thinking about going across town for
some more of the special fuel that I use. It would be real nice to have
Timmy with me to keep me company. I would stop on the way back and buy us
dinner, and Timmy would be welcome to stay over, and I'll take him to
school in the morning on my way to work." He explained.

"I don't know. I mean, I would like for Timmy to not be alone tonight, but
I don't want to impose."

"It's absolutely no problem. I'd love to have him tonight. We'll have lots
of fun huh sport?" Brad said, as he reached over and ruffled Timmy's hair,
and Timmy smiled big, and nodded his head vigorously.

"Well, if you're sure you don't mind." Pat smiled.

"Oh I'm sure." Brad said, feeling his dick surge some, as she agreed.

They finished eating and Brad paid the check, then drove to their
apartment. "Thank you again for being so nice to Timmy. And if he gives you
any trouble, you have my permission to be as firm with him as you think you
need to." She said, then opened the door.

"Oh don't you worry. I'll give it to him straight." He said with a grin.

"I'll be right back Brad, I'll just go and get my stuff." Timmy giggled as
he got out.

As they walked in the door of Brad's house, Brad closed and locked the
door. "Alone at last." He said with a sly grin to Timmy, who dropped his
bag and hugged him.

Brad held him and rubbed up and down his back for a minute, then slid his
hand between them to Timmy's crotch. "Mmmm. I think someone is ready to
come out and play." Brad breathed into Timmy's ear as he kissed it.

Timmy mumbled positively and turned slightly to give Brad better access to
his stiff little dick. Brad sank to his knees and unfastened the boy's
pants and slid them down. Then he slowly slid the underwear down and untied
his shoes. Timmy stepped out of his shoes, pants, and shorts and then Brad
stood up, sliding his hands up Timmy's legs and sides, taking the tee-shirt
up with him, and pulled it over his head. Timmy smiled up at Brad as he
stood naked in front of his adult lover.

Brad smiled back and scooped Timmy up in his arms, and took him to the
kitchen. Timmy looked, and there was a blanket spread over the table and a
large pillow. Brad laid him down on the table, and sat in a chair as he
slid it between the child's legs. Timmy swelled with pride and pleasure, as
he realized that Brad had put the blanket and pillow on the table before he
left this morning, which meant that he was thinking about him, and planning
on doing this to him then.

Brad proceeded to kiss and lick all around the insides of Timmy's legs, and
then up under his little ball sack and finally up to the tip of his
dick. He watched as Brad pulled his foreskin down and his tongue slid out
and bathed the head. Then brad licked down the side and licked his balls
before taking them into his mouth and sucking gently. Timmy was squirming,
and Brad knew he would cum quickly, so he licked back up the underside of
the throbbing little kid-dick, and sank he mouth all the way to the
base. Sucking hard, he bobbed his head up and down quickly while keeping
his tongue pressed hard against the shaft as it slid in and out.

He was right. Within about thirty seconds Timmy began to cry out and fuck
his hips up, slamming his dick deep into Brad's mouth. Brad pulled on his
nipples with one hand, and squeezed the ball-sack with the other, as his 11
year-old boy-lover came.

When Timmy settled down, Brad kissed his way up the boy's stomach stopping
to suck each nipple for a moment, then up to his neck, and then to his and
Timmy's surprise, to his mouth. Timmy didn't know what to do, and he just
laid there for a few seconds until he felt Brad trying to push his tongue
into his mouth. He knew this was called French-kissing but he thought guys
only did it to girls. Then he figured out that it was just another part of
sex, and since he loved everything else they had done, this might be fun
too. So he opened his mouth and Brad's tongue quickly entered, probing
around until Timmy realized that he should stick his tongue into Brad's
mouth. Brad continued the kiss for about a minute and finally broke it off,
and hugged Timmy tight to him.

"I'm sorry if I scared you with that kiss buddy. I don't know what
happened. I just felt so close to you, I wanted to kiss you like lovers
kiss." Brad said softly in his ear.

"It's ok. I liked it. It was kind of weird at first, but then it was like
you said, and I wanted to do it too."

"My God you're a treasure!" Brad said, as he kissed his neck and slowly got

Timmy smiled and looked at Brad, and spoke. "My turn!" He chirped, as he
sat up and got off the table, and reached straight for Brad's pants. Within
seconds, he had them undone and was pushing them and his underwear
down. Brad's hard dick bounced free, and Timmy smiled as he looked up at it
while he untied his shoes. Brad unbuttoned his shirt, and stepped out of
his shoes and clothes.

Timmy stood up and Brad took his head and guided his mouth to his left
nipple. "Suck on `em a little for me buddy." Brad said softly, and Timmy
opened his little mouth and closed it over the erect man nipple. Brad
rubbed the back of his head as he sucked. "That feels good buddy. Suck nice
and hard for me." He added, and he felt Timmy draw his nipple deeper into
his mouth. Then he guided him to the other one and Timmy repeated the

"That was real nice buddy." Brad said, as he stepped over and climbed onto
the table and laid with his legs spread wide, placing the pillow under his
head so he could watch. Timmy eagerly slid the chair into position and sat
down. He took hold of the rigid dick in front of his face, and pointed it
at his mouth, licking the pre-cum off the head, and then kissing and
licking his way down and taking Brad's balls into his mouth and sucking
them gently one at a time. Then back up to the tip where more juice had
formed, and put just the very tip in his mouth and sucked.

"Mmmmm. I love your dick-juice." He said, as he looked into Brad's
eyes. Then he licked the head, and pressed his lips to the tip like a kiss,
and lowered his head, allowing the dick to slide into his mouth. He sucked
hard as he milked it, and savored the juice he received.

"I hope they had time to make a lot." Timmy said as he cupped Brad's balls.

"I think they did buddy. I know they have a nice big mouthful for you right
now. Do you want it?"

"Duh!" Timmy replied, and plunged his mouth down onto Brad's throbbing
dick, not stopping until it the head was pressing against the back of his

He took a firm grip on the foreskin and began to suck and jack up and down
with the accomplished precision of a $200 whore. Brad couldn't believe how
good it felt, and the fact that after less than two minutes, he was nearing

"Oh buddy. Your mouth feels so dam good. Here's your cum." Brad panted.

Timmy felt the head swell, and he knew his treat was on the way. He moved
his mouth up so just the head was still inside, and jacked fast and
hard. Brad gripped the table edge and screamed as his orgasm hit. Timmy
moaned with delight as Brad's cum gushed out into his mouth. He whimpered
with pleasure, as he tasted the fresh, almost sweet cum flood across his
tongue. After seven very strong blasts, Timmy still hadn't started
swallowing. Brad watched as the little boy's cheeks began to puff out and a
small trickle of cum appeared at one corner of his mouth. Timmy was lost in
the moment. He truly loved the taste of Brad's cum, and he wanted to savour
it as long as he could. Brad had stopped shooting now, and he could feel
Timmy's tongue swirling around. Brad reached up and stroked the top of
Timmy's head. Timmy looked up at him with his mouth full of he cum, and
Brad saw him smile around his dick.

Timmy continued looking into Brad's eyes as he began to drink his semen in
small swallows. The child giggled and continued smiling as he slowly
finished off the last little bit, then milked it several times to get the
last that was in the tube.

"You are the best lover I have ever had." Brad said as he continued to pet
Timmy's head and the side of his face. When Timmy finally let his dick out
of his mouth, Brad pulled him up on top of him and kissed him deeply. Timmy
eagerly returned the kiss, and Brad could taste his semen in the child's
mouth. He had never tasted his own cum before, and found it did in fact,
taste pretty good. He wondered if Timmy's would taste as good when he
finally started squirting. He sure intended to find out.

He finally broke their kiss and they held each other for a while.

"You want to see the movie I was telling you about?" Brad asked.

"Sure!" Timmy replied, and they went into the den.

The screen lit up, and the title came on. "Fun at Uncle Joe's"

Timmy sat and watched intently as a man about Brad's age, seduced and began
to molest a boy that looked to be only a couple of years older than
Timmy. The boy was actually 18 so it was legal porn, but he was very
popular because he looked like he was only 12 or 13. He kept his crotch
shaved very smooth and he had a small dick.

He taught the boy how to suck him, and came in the boy's open mouth and the
boy lapped it up of course. Then came something new to Timmy. The boy layed
on the bed with his legs pulled up, and the man smeared some clear stuff on
his butt-hole, and then on his dick. Then he started pushing it into the
boy's butt, and soon it was all the way inside. The man started moving it
in and out, and it looked to Timmy like they were both enjoying it. The
Boy's dick was hard, and he was hacking himself as the man fucked his
butt. After a few minutes, the man slammed real hard into the boy and
started groaning real loud. He pulled his dick out just as it started to
squirt, and he squirted cum all over the boy's dick, stomach and chest, and
even a little bit shot all the way up onto his face, and into his mouth.

"Wow! I didn't know you could even do that. Do you like to do it? It looked
like it felt good to them." He blurted out.

"Sure you can do it. People do it all the time. I've never done it though,
so I can't tell you exactly how it feels, but if it didn't, I don't think
they'd do it do you?"

"Nope." He answered as I gently fondled his stiff little dick.

"So, what do you think? You want to stick with what we've been doing, or
try that?"

"Let's try it." He chirped.

"Great. Why don't you fuck me first? That way you can see what it's like,
and decide if you want me to do you?" Brad suggested.

"Okay!" He smiled.

They went to the bedroom, and Brad took a tube of lube from the nightstand
and layed on the edge of the bed with his legs spread wide. He helped Timmy
apply the lube to his butt hole, and then to Timmy's stiff little dick.

"Ok, now just put the head right against my hole, and start pushing it in."
Brad instructed. He watched as Timmy guided his little dick to his hole and
he began to feel the pressure. He reached out and held Timmy's hips, and
pulled him forward slightly, making it easier for the little boy to force
his virgin dick into it's very first ass. Brad moaned softly as Timmy's
head slipped in, and he began to push forward.

"That feels nice." He told Timmy as he felt his hot little rod slide into
his body.

Soon, Timmy was all the way in and Brad told him he could start fucking in
and out. Within a minute, the 11 year-old was pounding his little dick into
Brad as hard and fast as he could. Brad looked at the wonderful expression
of pure sexual pleasure on the child's face as he enjoyed his first
fuck. Soon Timmy started to whimper, and he slammed his dick as hard as he
could into Brad and then held it there.

"That's it buddy. Cum inside me. Cum nice and hard." Brad said, as he
reached up and massaged the boy's nipples.

Brad watched as Timmy stood, stiff and straight, with his little dick
buried deep inside him, and the look on his little face went from one of
intense concentration, to one of pure bliss. Finally Timmy leaned forward
onto Brad, panting.

"Ohhh, that's nice." Brad said softly, as he stroked the child's back. He
felt Timmy soften, and slip out and he hugged him against him for s couple
of minutes.

"So buddy. How'd you like your first fuck?"

"It was awesome!" Timmy rang back. "You want to do me now?" He added.

"Great. Let's get something to drink first ok?"

Timmy nodded his head and smiled. Brad told him to stay in bed, and went to
the kitchen.

"You like OJ?" Brad asked.

"Yeah, I love it!" Timmy answered, taking the large glass from Brad.

"Tastes kinda funny." Timmy remarked after taking a big drink.

"I know. I put a little something in it to help you relax. Just trust
me. It's just a little vodka." Brad explained.

Timmy finished his Screwdriver, and licked his lips. Brad wanted to give
the alcohol a few minutes to take effect, so he took Timmy to the bathroom
and washed his dick. The warm water and washing got it hard again.

"How `bout I suck you a little bit first?" Brad said as he led Timmy back
to the bed and got down on his knees in front of the child. Timmy smiled
and watched as Brad took his stiff little dick into his warm wonderful
mouth. Brad just sucked gently as he slowly slid his mouth back and
forth. He didn't want Timmy to cum. He wanted him to be good and turned on
when he fucked him.

After a few minutes, Brad felt Timmy sway a little and he had to hold onto
Brad's shoulders to steady himself. He knew that Timmy was felling the full
effect of the alcohol now, and it was time.

"Ok buddy. Just relax now, and I'll get you lubed up." Brad said softly, as
he laid the child back onto the bed. He lubed the little hole, sliding a
finger inside which only made Timmy sigh and smile. Then he coated his dick
and was ready.

"Ok my sweet boy. Are you ready to feel me inside you?" He asked.

Little Timmy just smiled and nodded, and looked down at Brad's stiff dick.

"That's a good boy. Now I want you to turn over and get on your hands and
knees for me." Brad said, and Timmy obediently complied.

Brad moved into position and rubbed Timmy's back for a minute as he brought
his dick to his little ass crack and rubbed the head against it.

"Ok, some pressure now, just relax for me buddy." Brad said, as he pressed
the head against the little hole. After several forward pushes, the head
slipped inside, and Timmy grunted. Brad held still for a minute, reaching
under and fondling Timmy's dick. Then he began to push in.

It took a couple of minutes of careful probing, deeper and deeper, until
Brad was finally all the way inside the child. He then pulled out to the
head and slowly pushed back in. The second time he did it, he heard Timmy
moan lightly with pleasure. Knowing Timmy was enjoying the feeling of
having Brad's dick in him, he picked up the pace, and was soon fucking the
little boy steadily.

It took less than a minute of Timmy's tight little virgin ass caressing
Brad's dick, to put Brad over the top. In that minute, he understood
completely why throughout history, millions of men have longed and dreamed,
and worked, and schemed and plotted to have sex with little boys and
girls. Although his little ass did feel more wonderful than any woman he
had ever fucked, it wasn't just that. It was a magical combination of their
pure, child-bodies, their sweet innocence, and their unpretentious
enjoyment of the fun of sex.

As he pushed fully into Timmy and held himself there and began to pump his
semen deep inside the 11 year-old's body, he realized that he would never
be the same. He was now, and forever, a Child Lover. He quickly reached
around and jacked Timmy's stiff dick hard and fast.

Timmy sighed deep and long, as he felt the wet warmth deep inside his
gut. Then, as a result of the deeply stimulating feeling of Brad's dick
sliding back and forth inside him, and his wonderful jacking, an intensely
powerful orgasm swept through his young body.

He felt a satisfaction and fullness that he couldn't describe, but he knew
it was right. And he knew he would want to do it over and over as long as
he lived. Maybe one day when he became a man, he would find a lonely little
boy like he had been. And love him the way Brad was loving him.

Brad stayed inside him as long as he could, revelling in the ecstasy of his
first boy-fuck. Finally, his softening dick was pushed out of the boy's
warm tight rectum.

Brad leaned over and kissed his little lover, and Timmy smiled, and closed
his eyes and fell asleep. Brad layed there, spooned with Timmy, and
reflected back on the weekend. As he stroked the child's perfect young
body, he hoped it would never end. He knew one day it would, but for now,
he was happier than he had ever been. He reached down and cupped his hand
around Timmy's shrunken dick and balls, and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Brad awoke to a strange sensation. As he opened his eyes,
he realized that another one of his fantasies was coming true. Timmy was
between his legs, with is dick in his mouth, sucking and bobbing away.

He reached down and petted Timmy's head and smiled at him. Timmy smiled
back around his dick, without stopping. Soon, Brad grunted and pushed his
hips up, and began pumping the preteen child's mouth full of semen. Timmy
purred and sucked hard as the warm, tasty cream gushed into his mouth. He
sucked and milked until he was sure he had gotten every drop. Then he
kissed the softening dick and crawled up and snuggled against Brad.

"Thank you buddy. I've always dreamed of being woken up that way."

"You're welcome. Anytime. Besides, the teachers say us kids should have
something good to eat before we come to school." Timmy replied.

The End

Written by: TitBudMan

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