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Subject: chapter three for Ben's Adventure

Ben's Big Adventure
Chapter 3, Fruits of my Labors

	I was a bit too anxious to get back to school.  I had forgotten
that I had a history paper due that I hadn't even started.  Since I was
pressed for time, I skipped a couple classes and went to the library to
work on my paper.  Since I had been day dreaming about Winston Churchill, I
decided to focus my paper on him.  We hadn't gone into his WWII exploits
much in class, so I focused on what I could before that.  Unfortunately, a
high school library didn't have the best source material.  Fortunately, I
did find a couple books on the Boer War that I could use for reference.  I
quickly sat down and wrote down some ideas that I had.  Since I didn't have
much time, I decided to do a first-person narrative of Churchill's capture,
sequestration and escape during the war.  I sat down to write, and the next
thing I knew it was time to get to history class.  I have no idea of where
the time went as I got lost in the "zone" but at least I had something to
turn in and I wouldn't get a zero for the project.

I went to class, turned in my report and sat down.  I was happy that I had
something to turn in, but I wish I had been able to put more of an effort
into it.  I was at least pleased that I had something and hoped I could
recover from any bad grade from the project.  I would like to say that I
had renewed my interest in history, but of course the teacher was boring
and I couldn't wait to get out of class.  I went to practice and went home.
Nothing exciting happened again for the rest of the week, except for a
track meet.  By the end of the week, we had gone through much of WWII and
were closing out on the surrender of Japan.  As usual, the teacher's
lecture showed her total lack of passion and I found myself daydreaming

I must have fallen asleep, because in my mind I was in a warm, humid place.
I found myself walking down a "Front Street" in what I guessed was a
coastal town in the tropics.  I walked up to a large white house to ask
directions, but nobody was there.  I walked around to the back and saw a
couple guys walking to a dock.  I saw a nice ocean just past the dock,
which only confirmed my guess that I was in a coastal town.  Just as I was
walking toward the men heading to the dock, a man in a navy uniform ran up
to me and hurried me along to the pier.  He told me that it was about time
I arrived, and not to keep "The General" waiting!

General?!  Was my dream occurring during war-time?  Where was I?  The South
Pacific?  Figuring silence was the better part of discernment, I just let
the marine hurry me along.  I noticed the men disappear into a boat and
figured that is where the marine was guiding me.  I was right, and I was
effectively tossed onto the boat and told to hurry and get everything ready
for fishing.  Now this should have thrown the entire fantasy into chaos,
but I had grown up fishing, and knowing what needed to be done, set about
my business.  The equipment was a bit outdated, but I managed to get things
rigged up.  I called into the cabin to ask what we were fishing for and I
was told everything-a great help!

I rigged the lines for trolling and a couple for drift fishing and figured
I could adapt as the day went on.  An attractive man wearing glasses and
dressed in linen pants, a linen shirt, panama hat and cotton shoes poked
his head out and welcomed me aboard.  He had a nice smile, handsome face
and gave me the impression he was truly happy to see me.  Figuring he was
the charter captain, I figured I had passed a huge test. He returned to the
lower cabin when I heard a command to prep for departure, so I untied the
boat from the dock.  We took off for the open waters which were a beautiful

It was a great day, and as soon as we slowed, I had the lines out and
settled in to fish.  I was proud that I was able to get the lines out so
fast, especially on an unfamiliar boat.  Just as my pride welled, a gruff
old man appeared and wanted to know where the hell David was.  Figuring
this to actually be the captain-a very pissed off captain--I said I was
filling in and would do my best.  He chortled something about firing that
bastard, shook his head and was about to rip me a new one when he realized
that I had everything set up and working.  He almost gave a smile and went
back to the controls.  I was relieved to have passed at least my first

Pretty soon, the handsome man returned and asked me what we were fishing
for, etc. etc.  Having no idea where I was, who he was, etc. I just replied
what I heard from the captain and said "everything."  He laughed and said
that was his favorite catch.  We made small talk and watched the lines drag
through the water.  Just then, a white marlin hit one of the rigs, and the
man jumped in excitement.  Reflexes taking over, I moved the man into the
fighting chair and set him up with the rod and began to clear away the
other lines.  Having cleared the lines so the fish wouldn't get tangled, I
looked about and found a gaff.  I placed the gaff in an empty rod holder
and was just beginning to coach the man on how to wind in the fish when the
gruff captain came back complaining about David again.  He walked right up
to us as I was settling the other man into his duties.  Realizing that I
had the back of the boat covered, he complained about the gaff being out
too early and went back to the cabin.  Challenge two met!!

The "client" reeled in the fish and the captain ran back and gaffed it and
pulled it into the boat.  I would have released the fish, but I guess they
don't do that here-where ever here is.  We caught a few dolphins (mahi
mahi) before the fishing died.  We pulled lines for an hour or two before
the "client" asked to do some scalloping.  The captain wrinkled his nose at
the idea but yelled at me to pull in the lines. We went to shallower water
where the captain told me to climb onto the cabin roof and look for
scallops.  Here is where I was lost-what do scallops look like in the
ocean?  However, I wasn't about to ask.  I just climbed up and looked.

Low and behold, I actually spotted some!  I didn't know this, but scallops
actually school up and swim.  I directed us to where I saw a school and
climbed down to the deck.  By this time, the client had stripped down to a
bathing suit and was eager to jump in.  This is when I had my first good
look at the him. I marveled at how he actually looked more handsome the
more he undressed.  He was about 5' 8", and in really good shape.  He
didn't look like a gym rat, but his body didn't have much fat or atrophy
that you usually see in older men.  He had a sexy, hairy chest and looked
like a nice, but on the younger-side grandfather.  His legs were shapely as
were his well-trimmed feet. Even though he was probably in his sixties, his
enthusiastic smile and good looks made him look like man in his twenties or
thirties.  Since he had been polite, but troubled all day, I enjoyed seeing
his delight.  I could tell he enjoyed fishing for scallops as he was almost
jumping for joy.  As soon as the boat stopped, he grabbed a netted bag and
dove in to gather some scallops.  Calling back to the boat for some help,
the captain told me to hurry and jump in.  Here is where I was at a
crossroad.  I had on a pair of pants, a T-shirt and tennis shoes.  I hadn't
thought to bring a bathing suit in my dream.  The captain screamed at me to
strip and jump in or he would toss me in as I was.

The captain was a large man, and the threat seemed genuine, so I stripped
down to my underwear, grabbed a bag and jumped right in.  I didn't want to
be naked, so I did my best compromise.  I swam over the client-I still
didn't know which man was the "general"-and joined him in collecting the
bivalves.  We actually had a blast collecting scallops.  We would swim
until we caught up to a group of scallops, take a deep breath, dive in and
scoop up as many as we could before surfacing for air.  In between, we
would whoop and encourage each other.  Soon, we lost the school so we swam
back to the boat.  Once aboard, we traded some comments about how much fun
it was to gather the scallops.

I took the opportunity to really study the client again.  As I said, he was
quite handsome, and his handsome face looked even more pleasant now that he
allowed himself to relax and enjoy life.  Of course, it wasn't just his
enthusiasm for scallops that I took in. The client looked like he had a
good package from the way his suit clung to his legs-I mean all three legs.
Of course, as I was checking him out both men could see everything about my
adult life!  My tighty-whities were completely transparent and the captain
remarked that I should take them off before I caught sand fleas.  I ignored
him while I put the scallops into the live well to keep fresh.  I am sure
both men enjoyed the erotic scene of my very transparent tighty-whities
doing a poor job of covering my crotch and backside.  The captain even made
a few comments about my pink anus as I bent over to gather our catch.
Being on an open boat, I had to endure the ogling and obvious perving of my
almost completely nude body.

I was told to get back up top and find another school.  The roof was a bit
hot on my bare feet, but my underwear was dripping so much, that the water
cooled the roof and kept me from burning my toes off.  The captain was
right, wet, soggy underwear was very uncomfortable, and I was getting
miserable and frustrated at not finding another school.  Just as we were
about to call it a day, I spotted another group of scallops.  Having
redeemed myself, I climbed down just as the client dove into the water.
Not wanting to get my underwear wet again, I stripped naked, and joined the
client.  I figured I was among men and had been ordered to remove them
before.  Again, we had a great time collecting scallops and we finally
caught enough for dinner.  I noticed the client kept busy collecting dinner
but did take a moment or two to check out the naked first mate when he
could.  The water was crystal clear, so there was nothing to hide. I can
only imagine how erotic watching a naked teenager's cock floating about in
the clear water.  I do know how sensual the water felt as it washed across
my naked body and especially my genitals.  I had never gone skinny dipping
so this was a new sensation for me.  Fortunately, the client was quite
handsome, so I didn't mind him checking me out.  I even made a few
prolonged sessions of treading water so the client could get a good view of
my naked body through the clear water.  After my experience with Winston, I
could tell the man enjoyed the view.  I could also see the client was
relaxing and I wanted to help him elude whatever was troubling him.

We collected enough scallops for dinner and swam back to the boat.  Once
aboard, I was told to secure everything.  I was going for my clothes, but
the captain yelled to see to the work before my comfort.  Figuring a ride
back home was preferable to a naked swim, I did as I was told.  I didn't
mind the client seeing me naked, but the captain was mean!  Both men helped
a bit, but mostly they just watched the naked shipmate go about his
business.  Soon, each of the men were having a bourbon and enjoying the
show.  I am sure I flashed a nice view of my backside, and even my pucker a
time or two, while I bent over to stow the gear.  The day was warm, so
before too long, my balls were swinging between my legs and I am sure
hanging down when I bent over to gather gear off the deck.  I had a lot of
experience clearing the deck of a fishing boat, but I had never done it
totally naked, and with a perving audience.  Every time I would stand to
look around and get myself organized, I caught glimpses of the two men
unabashedly staring at my naked body.  The clients bathing suit still clung
to his body and I could see he was enjoying the view.  I think the captain
was enjoying the fact that the client was enjoying himself even more than
the control he had over the naked teenager on his boat.  The captain
started the engines and set a course for home.  I finished cleaning up the
back as the client came back to chat with me.

The seas were getting rougher, and we were up on a plane, so I really
didn't have a choice but to sit in the stern seat beside the client.  I was
still naked, but I figured both men had seen everything and there wasn't
much I could do at the moment anyway.  Besides, I kind of liked the client
looking at me.  The boat bounced a bit, but it was comfortable in the back.
The only time we slowed down was when the client wanted to freshen his
drink.  After a couple drinks, he became a bit more animated.  He put his
hand on my left thigh as he told me how he needed today's escape.  He
inferred about some of the tough decisions he had to make and to have a day
with no concerns was a luxury he would have given his left arm for.  I am
glad he didn't have to make that choice as his left hand held his bourbon
while his right hand gently slapped then massaged and rubbed my leg.

Of course, having a handsome, albeit older, man rub your leg while you are
naked, had the expected effect.  As embarrassed as I was about the
situation, there was no way I could hide how the man's rubbing of my leg
was being received by my body.  My pleasure stick standing at attention was
immediately noticed by the client who took great pleasure in grabbing hold
of it.  He cranked my penis about like a gear shift in a car before he
gently masturbated me for a few moments.  After he enjoyed my erection a
few minutes, he got up and talked to the captain.  The captain shook his
head at whatever was said and slowed the boat.

The client came back to me, took my hand and escorted me to the lower
cabin.  I noticed the captain giving me a sinister leer as I walked by.  He
also casually reached out and caressed my cock and balls for a second as I
tried to get past him.  I even felt his rough hand on my butt cheek as I
passed him by.  Thinking that the client asked for the opportunity for me
to get dressed, I immediately looked for my pants.  Before I could locate
them, the client had entered the cabin and began to remove his bathing
suit.  Since he was genuinely good looking, I stopped the search for my
clothes hoping to get a look at him in the nude before he got redressed.

Once his shorts were down, he turned to me with a sexual lust all over his
face.  I hadn't expected that and I startled a bit, moved backward.  As I
leaned back, my legs caught on the bunk and I fell flat on my butt.  The
motion sent my legs up which served the purpose of showing the client my
entire crotch-my cock, then as my cock flopped up to my belly, my balls,
and as my legs raised further, my anus.  This caused the sexual lust to
intensify across his face.  I watched as his eyes widened to take in as
much of my private areas as he could.  I am sure my falling back registered
as an invitation to the client.

He moved to me and placed a mature, hairy hand on my balls.  This calmed me
a bit, but basically, when someone has you by the balls, you stop moving!
I lay there with my legs open while he gently massaged my balls before
moving up to caress my still rock-hard penis.  Having passed the point of
no return, I lay there as the client sat beside me and ran his hands across
my belly and inner thighs.  While the lust hadn't moved from his face, his
handsomeness had returned and I was more than willing to allow him his
desires with me.  As his hands moved up my torso and tweaked my nipples, he
lay down beside me.  His hands grabbed my shoulders and maneuvered my body
such that my mouth was on his nipples.  Taking my cue, I began to suckle
them, and even nipped them gently with my teeth.  He then directed my head
down to his crotch where I was met with a substantial, uncut penis.

Even his penis was handsome!!  I have no idea how to quantify its length,
but it was perfectly formed.  His pink glans was just peeking out from his
foreskin and the entire phallus could be used as model for a dildo in a sex
shop.  As my head was being directed further down, I skinned back his
foreskin to get a close-up view of his shiny cock head.  It looked so
tasty, that I quickly opened my mouth and took it in.  His penis had a
silky, salty taste.  His crotch had a musky smell from sweating all day,
but it wasn't too strong after swimming for so long.  Thinking I was
getting the better part of this arrangement, I relished giving the man a
blow job.  Unlike the valet before, this was a cock I wanted to swallow.  I
went at his cock like I was a cheap, and hungry whore.  My eagerness more
than made up for my lack of experience and soon the client was shooting a
load into the back of my throat.  He shot with some velocity and I almost
choked on his first bolus but collected myself to get the rest.  I could
barely keep up, and I am sure I lost some, but I swallowed as much as I
could.  What I didn't capture and swallow, I licked off his penis while he
reveled in his after-orgasm glow.  I can't describe the sensation, but
there is something about licking up cum in a heavily salt-covered
environment.  It was like his semen was spiced just right.

I continued to lick his deflating penis and then, for some unknown reason,
began to massage his thighs.  He just lay back and let me massage him.  He
rolled over onto his stomach and I rubbed the tight knots in his shoulders
and back.  I am not a masseur, but even I could tell he was really tense!
When I got to his ass, I continued to rub, and even took a peak at his
hairy asshole.  I figured he had seen all of me, so I could see more of
him.  He was snoring by the time I made my way down to his feet so I let
him rest. I did take the opportunity to give his handsome feet a close-up
inspection before leaving him alone.  I walked up to the captain and was
chatting with him before I realized I still hadn't donned my clothes.  I am
not a nudist, and even my family hadn't seen me naked in many years so this
was aberrant behavior for me.  I felt even more naked being nude in front
of the fully dressed captain, especially knowing that the captain knew I
had just blown the client.  He even told me to wipe my face!  I guess I had
missed some of the clients cum which made my entire body blush with
embarrassment.  It was one thing having the man suspect I had just been
fucked, but to have proof on my face was too much.  I felt naked an
vulnerable and just wanted to cover myself.  I was about to get dressed,
but the captain ordered me to leave the client alone.

By now the seas had calmed and we were heading home at a leisurely pace.
The captain gave me a couple once-overs but wasn't horny, or gay I guess,
and only casually took in my nudity.  I could tell he enjoyed the view but
couldn't decide if he wanted a turn with the naked first-mate.  He did
thank me for covering for his nephew and said I had done a good job.  The
successful day had calmed his demeanor, and I realized he was nervous about
having a new guy with an important client.  He told me I could work
tomorrow as well.  However, he did suggest I find a bathing suit, unless I
wanted to burn some important parts off my body.  With that comment, he
gave my penis a quick tug which caused me to jump from the unexpected body
contact.  He had rough, calloused hands, which felt coarse against the soft
skin of my penis.  I gave a nervous laugh at his jest and tried to pull my
cock out of his grip.

When we approached the dock, I went down to get dressed and wake up the
client.  He had rolled over to his back giving me a really nice view of his
naked form.  He looked even more handsome when he was asleep.  His soft
penis lay over his thigh as his balls hung between his legs.  I wish I had
a camera, so I could document just how handsome this naked client was at
that moment.  I bent over and licked a bit of silky fluid that leaked out
of this cock and gently woke him up.  When I called to him, he begrudgingly
leaned up and then gave my cock another caress as he thanked me for the
day-all of it.  While he had strong hands, they were much softer than the
captains and I eagerly allowed him as much time fondling me as he wanted.
We got dressed and were on the deck by the time we approached the pier.
Two marines were waiting for us and I figured they were there for the
general. I was too načve to pick up on the fact that a general was not a
navy rank.  Once we had secured the boat at the dock, I took care of the
fish and washed down the boat.  I was starving by the time I was finished
and was relieved to see that a cook had prepared me a delicious dinner.  I
sat down at an outdoor table and had a great, seafood feast that would have
tasted as good even if I wasn't famished.  After I finished my meal, I
relaxed as I watched the sun set over the ocean.

I didn't see the General again that evening, but the captain walked over to
me and told me to sleep on the boat so we could get an early start in the
morning.  Sleep, especially on a boat was just the salve I needed.  I
opened up the cabin, enjoyed the onshore breeze and fell fast asleep.  I
was awakened by the captain as he boarded the boat.  I got right up and
helped him get the boat ready for another day out at sea.  Soon the General
arrived with a friend and they climbed aboard.  The other man looked
important-like a real general-but acted in an obsequious manner to the
first client.  He was taller and had a husky, warrior's body.  He wasn't
unattractive, in fact he had a handsome face and a nice body from what I
could see.  The mood on the boat was much less jovial and relaxed than the
day before and I kept to myself in the back while the two men talked in the
lower cabin.  The captain gave me a look like it would be a good idea to be
invisible today.

Fortunately, I genuinely enjoy being out on the water and focused on
maintaining the back of the boat.  We had a great day of fishing, catching
a blue marlin and several sailfish.  I hadn't had such a successful day in
my life.  I was very busy baiting and clearing the fishing lines that I
barely noticed the other people on the boat.  However, everyone was
enjoying the day and by the time the second man had hauled in the blue
marlin, the bourbons were flowing.  As the General relaxed a bit, he looked
at me with a smile and suggested another day of scalloping.  I wasn't so
sure about getting naked again, but the captain of course thought the idea
was an ideal suggestion!

Like the day before, once we were in the proper waters, I climbed on top of
the cabin to look for signs of scallops.  It took me a while, but I finally
spotted a school.  By the time I had climbed down, the two men had changed
into swim trunks and were in the water and acting like teenagers, splashing
about.  I was told by the captain to jump in and actually collect some
scallops, so I stripped down and jumped in.  This time, I was naked as I
didn't feel like wearing wet underwear for the rest of the day.  Of course,
the two-now tipsy-clients thought this grand and proceeded to grab my
"scallop" more than any real bivalves.  I was a little self-conscious but
didn't want to make waves.  We scalloped for the rest of the day, and the
captain basically ordered me to remain naked so the men could relax.  After
a while, the General joined me in my nudity.  The other man was a bit more
inhibited, but he seemed to enjoy my nudity.  As in the water, my "scallop"
was grabbed quite often as we rode in search of more schools of actual

The two men were very tipsy by this time and rather useless in collecting
any scallops.  They did go into the water, but mostly they just chased
after my scallop as I tried to catch dinner.  After "I" had collected
enough scallops, we head for shore.  I sat on the stern bench for the ride
home and was joined by the second man.  I figured he was coming back to try
to seduce me, but he only thanked me for the day.  He said that "Tru"
really needed some stress relief or he was going to blow an artery.
Figuring "Tru" was a nickname for the General, I told him that I had a
great time with them.  I also apologized for my dress code, but that I
hadn't brought a bathing suit.  The man chuckled and told me that my
uniform made the day!  He said that I was a very handsome young man and
that everyone had enjoyed ogling and fondling my body.  He gave my leg a
couple slaps and a quick squeeze as he stood up to join the other two in a

I went downstairs to dress, and felt multiple hands grab my body as I cut
between the men having their cocktails.  When I made it to the lower cabin,
I was quickly joined by the General who was just as naked as I.  This time,
he was surer of his actions as he directed me back to the bow bunk and lay
on top of me.  His hands roved over me and soon both our pleasure meters
were fully engorged.  He fondled my penis for a few minutes before moving
forward so that I could fellate him again.  Fearing that he would try to
face fuck me, I moved him onto his back and set at my task.

Like yesterday, his penis tasted delicious.  The combination of his natural
scent, combined with a briny taste from the sea was very appetizing.  There
was an aura about the man-troubled, but powerful-that made me want to
pleasure him as much as I could.  I licked up and down his shaft as I
fondled his sizable balls.  His entire body was hairy, but in a way that
accentuated his good looks.  I worked his balls until I could feel them
pulling up to his body.  I took the cue and fellated him in earnest before
being rewarded with another bolus of fresh cream.  I sucked and sucked and
sucked until my lips and jaws hurt.  He shot voluminous amounts of sperm
into my mouth and I didn't want to disappoint him my losing any.  His
sperm, mixed with the salty taste that pervades everywhere on a boat, made
me think I was eating raw oysters, which amused me. As I savored the taste
of his semen, I slowly worked his foreskin back and forth over his glans
with my tongue as his penis withered. I was elated that I had brought this
handsome man some pleasure.

Finally, I squeezed the last bit of semen out of his deflating cock and
gave his glans a quick kiss as I removed it from my mouth.  After I
finished his blowjob, I just lay back and I continued to massage his balls
and softening cock.  I marveled in watching his foreskin recapture his
glans which was shiny and red by this point.  He really had a great looking
package, and I wanted to enjoy playing with it as much as I could.  He
coughed and as our eyes met he looked at me and told me that I had saved
his life. Puzzled, I looked into his, now almost-relaxed and sated, face.
He then related some of the terrible decisions he had to make in the last
week.  It was only then that I realized that "Tru" was Harry Truman and he
was lamenting the order to drop the first ever nuclear bombs on Japan!  No
wonder he was wound up so tight.

Uncharacteristically for me, I sat there and listened to Harry (see rules
about being naked and first names in chapter 1) tell how he struggled with
his decision.  He was terrified that he had made the wrong call and that
the world, and history, would never forgive him!  As he told me his story,
I continued to caress his balls, which had descended from the heat again.
I worked each testis around in my hand before working my way up his cock
and then rubbing his belly.  I took in the sight of my almost hairless hand
rubbing Harry's very mature and fur-covered testes.  That was truly a sight
to behold!!  Once Harry was relieved of not only his semen, but his trauma,
he lost all energy and fell into a deep, deep sleep.  As he snored, I
walked up to the deck-again for some reason still in the nude.

The two other men were well into the bourbon as I walked up.  They looked
at my naked form but any leering stopped when they saw the anguish on my
face.  Normally, I would feel even more naked and vulnerable having these
men see my naked form and knowing I had just had sex with another man.
However, I was somewhat numb from listening to the suffering I had just
heard.  The second man, just walked up to me and handed me a drink.  He
said that in the states I may be underage, but he was sure that the captain
would testify that we were in international waters.  I didn't talk but took
a sip of the caustic liquid.  I didn't care whether I was naked, whether
the men knew that I had just blown the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!  Oh
my Gosh!!

I finished my drink and had a second.  I just stared out onto the ocean and
took in the anguish that Harry was carrying.  The two men left me alone,
but I am sure they took the opportunity to ogle my naked backside.
Fortunately, a couple shots of bourbon can calm the nerves and I eventually
went back to the cabin and dressed.  After a while, we docked and like
yesterday, I took care of the catch and the boat.  When I was finished, I
was so tired that I just lay in the cabin and fell asleep.  I went to sleep
thinking about the great sex I had with the "general," but couldn't keep
the struggles he carried from breaking up my enjoyment.  I was physically,
emotionally and sexually exhausted and sleep couldn't come fast enough.

I woke up to my friends laughing at me for falling sound asleep in class.
The bell was ringing signaling the end of the period.  Like before, I had a
hard time waking up from such a surreal dream, but I managed, and even had
a great practice.  I must have really sweat because I was really salty when
I finally hit the showers.  I was also a bit red, so I figured I really put
in my efforts.

The next day, we got our graded papers back.  I was hoping for anything
over a D as I had barely had time to do any research or edit my writing.  I
got an A+!!!  The teacher even made an example of my paper for the class.
I was also asked to stay after class, as the teacher wanted to talk with
me.  I was scared to death thinking the teacher would accuse me of
plagiarism or submitting someone else's work, but that was not the case.
She was legitimately impressed with my treatise on Churchills quest for
fame and how he struggled to impress the legend of his grandfather.  I also
was complimented for his quote of wanting a "reputation of personal
courage."  She said I had obviously done some serious research and that my
hard work shown in my paper.

I had no idea of what the teacher was speaking about as I barely remembered
even writing the paper.  I quickly thanked her and exited the classroom.
In my mind, I just wanted to get away before she changed my grade.  I ran
into my guidance counselor just outside the classroom who also
congratulated me on my studiousness and that I was being noticed.

Noticed?!  What the hell does that mean?  I quickly made my way to practice
and hoped to get away from any thoughts of my paper.  I must have really
put an effort into my practice that day because I was red and salty by the
time I made it to the showers.  I could almost feel the salt crystals on my
face and neck as I showered.  I took a bit longer under the water to really
get the salt off me.  My skin was actually a bit pink and figured it was
from being hot and the fact that I was also still glowing from the praise
on my paper.

I went home and showed my mom and dad my hard work.  I felt a little guilty
hiding the fact that I wrote it at the last minute, and while I was
skipping PE class.  I didn't feel guilty enough to come clean and neglected
to inform my parents of that fact.  My mom read my paper and was
legitimately impressed.  She made my dad read it, and he had the same
opinion.  By this time, I was wondering what I had written, myself.  I took
my paper back and went to my room to do my homework.

Instead of homework, I decided to read my thesis.  Wow, I know the
references I used were legitimate, but the storyline was all made up!  The
only stories I had included in the thesis were the ones I heard in my
dream.  I even detailed on how claustrophobic Winston was during his stay
in the lightless coal mine tunnel trying to elude the multiple posse's that
were hunting him after his escape from Pretoria.  I guess listening to
someone ramble about their lives can come in handy.  I had never been this
eloquent in my life!  In my mind, I had made up a story from a dream I had
had.  I had lucked out this time, but I hope nobody checked my sources!!