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Subject: Hopeful Story to Post  -  "One Happy Family"

One Happy Family -

Part I

The Prestons - Anthony, Emily and Tony - an Italian family, originally from
Brooklyn, NY - now living the good life in Beverly Hills, CA.
Anthony Preston, 33, is a successful agent for many popular actors.  His
start in life was meager, but he has definitely made up for it with his
ambition and drive in life.  His parents, who migrated from Italy, settling
in Brooklyn gave Anthony a loving childhood, but they were not financially
well off.  Anthony, his 2 brothers and sister had a good life but Anthony
always said he would be famous and rich someday.  He had the looks of many
handsome California movie starts but wanted nothing more than to be an agent
for the rich and famous.  Anthony stood proudly tall at 6'4" and weighed in
at a muscular 210 pounds.  His dark brown, almost black hair, brown eyes and
stunningly handsome face were a pleasure for anyone to look at.  He had an
avid appetite to keep in body in good shape.  He started working out when he
was 14 and still makes time to work out 3 days a week.  His chest was the
focal point of his workouts.  He has a size 48" chest and a very ripped 33"
waist.  The other feature that made the women swoon, especially his wife
Emily, was his hairiness.  His pecs were covered in dark fur that span from
one side to the other and completely covered his abdomen.  His tree trunk
legs were quite at home in the forest like setting his hair gave them.
Anthony also wore a very manicured goatee.  The other family trait he
received from his Dad was the size of his dick.  He proudly sported a 9.5"
cut cock when hard.

Emily Preston, 32, is a fantastic wife and mother.  She no longer works away
from the home.  Not only is there no need for her income any longer, but she
really never liked it.  Emily is from a very poor background.  She also grew
up in Brooklyn, but definitely from the poorer side of town.  It was this
lack of money and medical care that brought Anthony and Emily together.
Emily was a frequent patient at the free clinic that Anthony's Mom worked
at.  She liked Emily and set up a blind date for her and Anthony.  The
connection was immediate.  Anthony liked her blond hair and blue eyes and
her petite frame emphasized her ample tits.  For someone as small as she is,
to have a size 36C chest was truly eye-catching.  Emily is 5'2" tall and
only 120 pounds.  The two of them seemed meant for each other.  They
attended each other's High School activities and in fact it was in February
of their senior year that Emily got pregnant.

Tony Preston, 15, the wonder-boy of the H.S. is actually Anthony Jr., but
goes by Tony.  Tony, is an absolute mix of his Dad and Mom.  He has his
Dad's dark hair, but his Mom's blue eyes are so striking in contrast.  He
also got his dad's hairy genes.  Tony, who at 11 already had pubic hair and
pit hair, had chest hair by the time he turned 13.  Now at 15 he has a full
chest of hair, extremely hairy legs for his age, which has even spread, up
to his ass, just like his dad's.  It was this early growth of hair that
brought this family so close together.  Tony, also an athlete has a very
muscular build.  He plays basketball, baseball and wrestles on his High
School's varsity team.  He, like the other Preston men enjoyed the gene that
gave him his already 8.5" cut dick.  The main difference between Tony and
his Dad was that Tony was a shower and Anthony was a grower.  Tony hung at
almost 6.5" when completely soft unlike his Dad who was a mere 3" when soft.

It was just after Tony turned 13, when his Dad returned from school where he
was getting his master's degree in business that the questions started.  He
wanted to know why his body was so hairy compared to his friends, why he was
developing so much faster, and the more typical birds and bees questions.
Anthony did his best to answer all Tony's questions and these answers seemed
to make Tony more comfortable about himself.  So much more comfortable that
he started dressing like his Dad when at home.  Anthony never wore many
clothes while home.  In fact, he rarely wore a shirt at home and was always
in just his briefs or on the days he worked out, his jockstrap.  Emily
didn't complain, as she was still infatuated with the site of her husband.
Still after 15 years of marriage, she would lose her breath when he walked
into a room almost naked.  In fact Emily was very glad that their only child
was a son.  She was a true lover of a man's body and the hair that they had.
  It was shortly after Tony's 15th birthday that Tony caught his Dad fucking
his Mom one night.  It was late and Tony was on his way to the bathroom when
he stopped and watched them going at it through their half-open bedroom
door.  Anthony was on top of Emily, plowing his 9.5" cut dick into her pussy
when he looked up and saw Tony watching.  Tony was staring so intently at
his Mom's pussy being filled with his Dad's massive dick that he didn't know
his Dad saw him.  He was not only admiring his Mom's tits bouncing from the
pounding she was receiving but also was astonished at the size of his Dad's
dick.  Tony had seen his Dad naked many times, but it was not when he was
hard.  Like most fathers' and son's, they had changed clothes at the same
time, went on Scouting camping trips and even showered/swam together many
times.  It was only after a bit that Tony realized his Dad was watching him.
  Tony made a mad dash to the bathroom and back to his bedroom.  Anthony
came in to talk to Tony.  He was completely naked and still a bit sweaty
from his session with Emily.  In talking to Tony, Anthony asked if he liked
what he saw.  Tony said he did.  Then Anthony asked Tony if he had more
questions now that he watched for a while.  Tony had some basic questions
about the act in general, but he lingered a bit on his question about his
Dad's hairiness and the size of his Dad's dick.   Anthony told Tony that
heredity was the reason he had such a big dick.  It was at that very moment
that Anthony reached his hand out and placed it on Tony's brief covered
hard-on and told his son that it seemed as though he got the 'right' family
genes as well.  Tony did tell his Dad that he wanted to ask more questions
about his dick.  He was the biggest boy in his gym class and wondered about
his size and what size it would be when he was done growing.  Anthony asked
Tony if he was embarrassed about his size when showering after gym and Tony
told him he was. In fact the boys called him horse.  Anthony then reached up
for Tony's waistband and pulled his briefs down.  Tony's hard-on hit into
his belly and Anthony told him that he should be proud to have such a nice
cock.  This made Tony squirm a bit that his Dad was talking about his dick
in such a way and also the fact that his Dad was rubbing his cock.  It was
only after a short time, while Anthony kept stroking Tony's dick, that Tony
decided he wanted to touch his Dad's cock as well.  He had a friend in
school, Jason, who was close to his own size and who he admired during every
gym class changing and shower times.  So it was then that he slid closer and
took his Dad's massive cock in his hand and started rubbing it.  He then
moved to his Dad's balls where he asked more questions about their size, the
feel of them, and the production of sperm.  Tony's questions about his own
balls were more focused on the amount of sperm and what happened when it was
made.  Anthony answered every question honestly, but told Tony he couldn't
answer the one about what happened to it but it would be better to show him.
  At that he leaned down and took his son's hard cock in his mouth.  Tony
nearly leaped off the bed telling his Dad how good that felt.  Anthony had
sucked a few dicks in his day but hearing how Tony was praising him and
enjoying it made this suck session a truly memorable and pleasurable one.
It also made Anthony give the best blowjob he had ever given.  In fact, it
was only a matter of minutes that he felt Tony's balls tighten and knew that
he was ready to shoot.  He let Tony's big-boy cock pull from his mouth and
while he kept stoking his son, told him he was going to learn what happened
to his sperm.  In a shudder, Tony was cumming a massive load.  It flew out
and up to his chin and all over his own chest and all over his Dad's hairy
chest as well.  He started rubbing it all over his hairy chest and told his
Dad how good it felt.  Anthony rubbed the amount that landed on him into his
skin as well.  He then took his hand and licked up the remaining drops of
his son's seed.  Tony could not stop telling his Dad how good it felt to
shoot like that and again how good it felt to get a blowjob.  It was then
that Anthony told Tony that if he liked being sucked, that there was
actually something that felt better.  Just before Tony fell asleep, his Dad
told him to drop by his room the next night just as he had done tonight.

When Tony woke up the following morning, completely naked, he realized this
was NOT a dream as he always slept in his briefs and his dick still tingled
and in fact felt sticky.  What was not clear in his thoughts/memory was the
idea that he was to go and watch his Mom and Dad again as he did the
previous night.   His day at school was rather uneventful and boring but he
did enjoy watching all the guys changing and shower for gym.  He did notice
more this time.  He noticed that he and Jason were not the only ones with
bigger dicks and in fact there were 3 others that had hair on their chests.
Grant it, he was the hairiest and biggest but he did not feel as embarrassed
as he did before.  He had wrestling practice after school and today the
thought of being in his singlet made his cock tingle.  In the locker room,
he noticed 'all' the whole team today.  He noticed the size of their cocks,
their balls, their hairiness and even their asses.  Of course this was the
practice they were to wrestle someone from the next weight class up.  This
meant he had to practice wrestle with a senior.  He did fairly well, but
Matt did overpower him and pinned him.  What Tony noticed though was that
Matt did not have a jockstrap on and his cock was very visible and in fact
looked hard.  This made Tony's mind reel into the thought of what he would
see again tonight at home.  After practice he went home, had dinner and
started his homework.  He had quite a lot today.  He thought this was good,
again to keep his mind off the fuck session he wanted to view between his
Mom and Dad.  It was shortly after 11:00 when his Dad stuck his head in his
room and asked how things were going.  Tony told him he was almost done and
Anthony told Tony that he and his Mom were going to bed and told him

Tony finished before 11:15 and went quietly into the hall to see if what he
thought was going to happen was happening.  He heard nothing.  He went back
into his room, took off his sweats and proceeded to get ready for bed.  He
went to the bathroom, showered, brushed his teeth and pulled on a clean pair
of briefs.  He admired his body in the mirror and thought about Matt from
practice.  He was getting hard and thought he better get back to his room.
As he approached his parent's room, he couldn't help but stop and look in.
To his surprise, just as the night before, his Dad was on his knees fucking
his Mom with his big cock.  Again he stood and watched, but this time when
his Dad saw him, he didn't run off.  He stayed and watched more intently.
He couldn't help but rub his hard cock through the soft cotton of his
tightie whities.  It was just then that Anthony motioned for him to come
into the room.  He was still for a minute and it took the second motion from
his Dad until he moved.  He entered their room and as he got closer he
realized that his Mom was also watching him watching them.  She smiled and
Tony then knew it was okay to be watching.  She held her hand out to him and
he reached for hers.  She gently pulled him closer to the side of the bed,
where she then let his hand fall but then reached for and started rubbing
his dick just like his Dad did the night before.  His mind was racing; not
only with the thoughts of what was going on now but the memories from what
had happened with his Dad.  He remembered how good it felt to have his cock
in his Dad's mouth and wondered what his Dad meant that there was something
that felt better.  Emily did not speak a word, but with her other hand took
Tony's hands and placed them on her tits.  He very hesitantly started
rubbing them, but the more he did the more he liked it and so did Emily
because as he rubbed and tweaked more the more she fondled his dick in his
briefs and rubbed his hairy chest at the same time.  She then reached up and
gently pulled his face to her breasts.  He instinctively took one tit in his
mouth then the other; all the while Anthony was still plowing his cock into
Emily.  The more Tony sucked his Mom's tits, the tighter her pussy became
and the tighter her cunt was the harder and faster Anthony's thrusts became.
  This became a violent orgasm for Emily and Anthony.  The best that Emily
had ever had.  As Anthony started shooting he started pulling out of Emily
and started shooting all over her chest and Tony's face.  Tony loved the
feeling of the hot cum on him.  In fact the more that landed on his Mom's
tits, the faster he licked it up.  He liked the taste; kind of salty, kind
of sweet, but most of all, hot, and from his Dad.  Tony still was in his
underwear and Emily was still groping him, but he sure was hard.  When Emily
finally stopped shaking all over from the violent orgasm, she maneuvered
herself over and pulled down Tony's briefs with her teeth and this was the
first time she said anything during this family fuck-fest.  She started by
complimenting Tony on his muscled body, telling him that she thought he was
very hot looking.  She told him how hot he was with all that manly hair on
his chest.  Then it was his cock and the wonderful size of it and how he
should be proud to be such a man already.  She had barely finished speaking
when Tony's dick was in her mouth and her nose was buried in his pubic
hairs.  All the while, Anthony was licking at Emily's cunt.  He absolutely
loved oral pleasure - giving and receiving.  He reached over to Tony and
moved him around and onto the bed so he was straddling his Mom's chest.
This gave Emily good access to his dick as it was laying in between her
large tits.  As Tony was getting a wonderful blowjob from his Mom and
Anthony was eating Emily's pussy; he also was rubbing the sides of Tony's
butt cheeks.  Tony barely even realized this, but did when his Dad put more
pressure on them to move him so he was kneeling over Emily giving him the
ability to face fuck her.  Tony was a natural - pulling his cock out so just
the head was in her lips and then pushing it in completely so that her nose
was buried in his pubes.  All the while, Anthony was massaging his son's
ass.  After plowing his Mom's mouth a number of times, he then felt
something wonderful - well strange but wonderful.  He felt his Dad's tongue
on his puckered pink man-pussy.  This new sensation, of having a tongue on
his hairy man's ass was more than Tony could withstand.  In an instant he
exploded with a violent orgasm of his own.  He was filling his Mom's throat
with his spunk.  So much that some was dripping out of the corners of her
mouth and dripping down her chin.  He practically passed out from the
pleasure of it all.  What was to happen in the next few days really made
this One Happy Family! ! ! !

Part II

Tony woke the next morning in his own bed.  He thought about last night and
wondered if he was dreaming.  He reached down and felt for his brief covered
cock.  He was naked!!  He always slept in his briefs or sometimes his
jockstrap, but never naked.  He thought that his dream was so hot that he
took off his tightie whities during his sleep.  He looked around his room
but didn't find them - he was confused now - could it have been real?  He
had to pee, so he put on a pair of gym shorts and went to relieve himself.
He then thought about breakfast.  He meandered down to the kitchen to fix
himself something to eat.  When he rounded the corner into the kitchen, he
froze in his tracks.  His Mom and Dad both were sitting at the kitchen table
totally naked.  Emily looked up from her coffee and asked Tony why he was
dressed - after last night she thought he would have loosened up a bit.  It
was real!!  Tony didn't know what to say.  It was then that Anthony spoke.
He asked his son if he had fun last night.  Tony said he did.  In fact, it
showed that he had a good time.  His teenage dick was rock hard again.  It
was very obvious since all he had on were those thin gym shorts.  Emily
looked at Anthony and said it looks like our son needs some morning relief.
Anthony didn't waste any time.  He moved over to Tony and took hold of the
shorts by the bottom of the legs and in one smooth move they were off.  In
another slick move, young, but hairy and manly Tony was atop the kitchen
table with his rock hard teen cock deep in his Dad's throat.  His mind went
back to last night when he had his first blowjob from his Mom that he
thought was great, but Tony now thought his Dad's technique was so much
better than his Mom's.  His dick was completely in his Dad's mouth with his
pubic hair up his Dad's nose now.  His mind was reeling with these wonderful
feelings being supplied by his Dad.  Tony forgot about his Mom at this
point.  But Emily was busy moving Anthony around the side of the table.  The
next thing Tony knew was that Anthony was on the table on his back and he
was positioned on top of his Dad in such a way that his face was right in
front of his Dad's huge cock.  This was Tony's first experience of being in
a '69.  As his Dad was expertly sucking his hard teen cock, he thought about
the dick that was right in front of him.  He thought about the fact that
that dick was the one that made him.  He also thought about that dick being
inside his Mom's mouth and pussy.  The more he thought about these things,
the more he thought about the blowjob he was getting.  It was just then that
he stuck his tongue out and touched it to the tip of his Dad's cock.  He
thought about the smoothness of it and especially about the way if felt so
hot to his tongue.  He wanted to taste it all.  He wanted to satisfy his Dad
the same way he was being pleased.  So he opened his mouth as wide as he
could and sucked in for all he was worth.  He got a bit over half of that
monster daddy dick in his mouth when he then felt that sensation on his
puckered asshole again.  This made his gasp and also made him suck the rest
of his Dad's cock into his mouth and throat.  Anthony told Tony how great
that felt.  Tony then realized that it was his Mom who was licking his
man-pussy.  With this thought running through his mind made him cum directly
in his Dad's mouth and on his face.  From this position, his also shot onto
his Dad's chest.  Tony got off the table and Emily was going to town licking
the cum out of Anthony's chest hair.  Tony moved to the opposite side of the
table and helped his Mom clean up his Dad.  While one was servicing
Anthony's chest, the other was working on cleaning up his face.  Tony loved
this as this made it easy for him to kiss his Dad.  He had always kissed his
Dad, but never in the way he was doing now.  He buried his tongue in his
Dad's mouth.  He enjoyed this, but what he found to be real arousing was the
fact he could now taste his own cum from within his mouth.  Tony was so
occupied with being tongue-tied with his Dad that he didn't even notice his
Mom get onto the table and was now riding his Dad's cock.  When he heard his
Mom moaning really loud, he looked over to see his Dad's monster cock
completely disappearing into his Mom's cunt.  Emily kept herself trimmed so
it was easy to see his entire dick going in and out of her pussy as she
moved up and down on it.  She motioned for Tony to come closer.  He wasted
no time in getting closer to her and she pulled his head right into her
chest.  Tony learned quickly from the night before that Emily loved having
her ample tits suckled.  The more he licked and nibbled on her hard nipples
the more she moaned, and the more she moaned the faster she moved on his
Dad's swollen cock.  Tony then got more bold and released her tit and moved
his head down where he could lick her clit and also stick his tongue out
enough to where he could lick his Dad's cock as it was sliding in and out of
her pussy.  The taste was wonderful - The mix of his precum and her pussy
juices on the first cock he has ever tasted.  All of a sudden Emily stated
to buck wildly on Anthony's dick.  As she started to almost scream, his
Dad's moans became very loud as well.  It was right then that his tongue and
mouth were filled with the mix of his Mom and Dad's spunk.  He swallowed as
much as he could and loved every drop of it.  The thought of tasting his
first cum being his Dad's made Tony barely touch his own cock when it
exploded for the second time in less than an hour.

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