Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 18:30:49 -0500
From: nickjamez69 <>
Subject: Mom, Sis & Bro - Incestuous children find their lonely Mother

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Following story not part of my personal inspired fantasy collection -
anything i write that involves 'sex' is pure fiction, i am not into, and DO
NOT condone, in real life incest)

This erotic story contains Incest (F/m/f) and Golden Shower elements, they
are in good taste, yet some people may find these words offensive.

Author wishes you to enjoy this story, and there will be a part two if this
first is accepted, and received well :) last note, for anyone wishing to know my visual referances if they
think it may enhance their reading, email me for the photos i was inspired
to let this fantasy spill into writing form

Thanks for reading.


I just pressed play on this new mp3 player my sweet sister, since you are
away at college i wanted to express myself verbally, you know i was just
thinking?, about that first summer with mommy.........

After school one day we came home horny, remember? and we ran the hot tub in
our mothers bedroom, something we always love to do, we get so heated in the
warm tub bro and sis fucking all naughty in mommies room. I'll tell it to
you as if you dont remember, but how could we forget! We started off this
one day with deep kissing as the tub filled and turned on, while we were
getting turned on, mother wouldn't be home for hours, so we relaxed, took it
slow and caressed each other slow and made such hot love in that tub
enducing me to moan in your ear.

" oh my god I love you baby sis " and you would say you loved me too, and my
big brotherly cock, we didn't know yet but our 40 year old unknowing mother
of 2 incestuous children had  just arrived home early from work.

She was quiet or you were too loud, either way we  didn't hear her coming up
the stairs, but she heard, the moans of a girl, she knew it was her
daughter, and it was a concerned rush that went through her, was she fucking
a young boy? at  15? was she masturbating?......something that would have
been accepted and even dwelled upon^

Never the less she proceeded and soon realized it was coming from her own
room, her heart  raced in anticipation of her fears being seen, she saw the
open doorway peeked in and soon  realized she was still a distance from the
action, she knew where though.

:; her hot tub flashed in her head, and the many images of the nights in
there alone with  candles lit and pornography as she masturbated her mature
pussy, longing for some nice big cock once again in her life ;:

she slowly tip-toed to the doorway, and moved slowly, peeking at the hot tub
she almost  gasped at what she saw..... her 17 yr old son furiously eating
out her 15 yr old daughter, I was  going to town on your wet pussy, coz my
lil sis tastes so sooo good, and you were moaning sooo much from my tongue
lapping you.

Our mother turned away from the doorway, and stood in shock, in her view was
the bed, and  she noticed her toys.... she walked over, and noticed some
were cum covered, her heart was  racing fast, *they used my toys?* she
picked one up and felt your slippery juices on her finger  tips, the images
in her head and the sounds of you moaning were getting to her in ways we
would never expect, she felt sexy being so close to this forbidden act.

She grew moist in her panties, walked over to the door again and started
watching, she had not hidden herself this time, we couldn't see though, you
had your head back eyes closed, and I was facing back to her, I was making
you cum again and again, I'm fingering your ass and sucking your clit hard
and our  mommy is starring, it is pure thrill now for her, she's so wet
seeing this love between us, her children as lovers.

She slides her skirt down almost automatically and starts running the cum
coated dildo on her  wet slit, at this point I move up on you instant and
start to bang your cunt, I just couldn't stand  not being in my sister any
longer, you moan so loud and say..

" yes fuck me " and our mother  slips off her panties and starts driving
your cum up her pussy, she is in heat knowing it was in  her daughter, she
fucks it hard in her and leans on the wall to keep stable, she is breathing
so  heavy but not so much to give her away.

She doesn't want this to end my sis, our mommy wants us to go faster I bet,
then you moaned,

" cum in me big brother " ...and something  happened that we didn't have
time to react to in the heat of orgasm , our mother yelled out "  god yes
cum in your sister " and she exploded on the dildo, we all had come so hard.

[im getting hard remembering this sexy, im strokin it nice and hard, its
throbbing for your loins, omg i bet your fucking so many chicks at college]

We had all just cum so hard, we recovered a minute and turned to the doorway
floor to see our mother still so eagerly sliding the dildo in herself, I was
starting to touch you again in your wetness and you moaned, we couldn't take
our eyes off our in heat mom fucking the shit out of her pussy while staring
at us in her tub, I stood up, and she moaned .

" ohhh my big boy " and you slid your hand on my shaft, getting me really
hard, then I stood and got out, dried myself with a towel and bending over
to show her my ass and balls, meanwhile you had got out and dried off too,
you walk over to her, and place your hands softly on her fast moving hands
and stop her, you stroke her face with one hand so loving, and pull the
dildo out with the other, bringing it up to your mouth.

You lick the head of it, tasting her cum, and rubbing some on your hard
nipples, then you suck the dildo deep throating it, showing mommy how far
you had been taking me in your mouth for what she assumes is years of
forbidden sex, I come over to you and start fingering your cunt from behind,
and sucking your collar bone, you lean in and whisper to her.

" you taste so good what do you want mommy " , and you moan as I hit your
G-spot with my talented brotherly fingers , she leans to your ear and says "
I want to fuck my son " and you moan some more and whisper to her further "
oh mommy you are in for a treat, he is so big and hard, look how much he
wants you " we are both in the moment now and want to make love together in
this incestuous threesome.

You turn to me and whisper " I want to suck mommies tits " so I moved to her
back and started pulling up her top, you start rubbing her chest, feeling
the nipples which are so hard already then I unhook the bra and you lean in
and suck on her tits , like you did so many years ago, but now with such
lust and sexual passion, I lick and kiss her neck and she moans so much, and
lets out a loving sigh " oh my babies " then we stand and walk her backwards
to the bed with you kissing her deep with tongue ,I love watching my sis and
mom kissing, and it makes me throb wild.

There is our mother, being led by her naked teen children to her bed, where
they are all to share a heated session, this idea floods her pussy over and
over and the smell of my women is intoxicating, both of you so wet with cum
running down your legs, we lay her on her back you move to her side, and I
move up in between her legs, my cock so hard, our mother completely naked,
legs spread open, pussy dripping, I say " I love you mommy " , and she sighs
breathing heavily seeing my cock inches from her opening, and says " I love
you too baby plz fuck mommy " and with that I cant stand it and slowly guide
myself in her cunt, we both moan as I slide in for the first thrust, you
start fingering so much watching and rubbing mommies tits, you are moaning
we all are.

I start to go faster and we can see how much she missed having a cock in
her, she moans in pure heat wanting more and more after waiting at least a
year for a big cock, and now her son is satisfying her in the hottest way,
in and out my cock pumps her " harder darling your cock is so good " she
moans and then squeals a high moan as I deliver some really hard thrusts , I
start kissing her deep with tongue, and she flexes her cunt muscles as I
fuck making me groan and I say " ohh god mommy I love your cunt ",  you
start really fucking your pussy with 4 fingers deep and moaning unleashed,
never had you thought this would be happening, but you realize now how hot
and right it is, like mother like daughter, both being fucked by the man of
the house, their protector.

You see me getting close to orgasm, a sight you see daily , you moan out "
mmm big brother do you want to blow in her pussy badly? " I groan and moan
and say " fuck yes! ", and our mother starts really getting wild and
thrusting her hips into my cock " blow inside me baby, fill your mother "
and omg this sends me wild and over the edge I start moaning " oh god I'm
Cumming " while you moan "yesssss" and cum , and mommy almost cries over and
over in passion " good boy yes cum....... good boy, oh that's my boy " and I
spray her walls with shot after shot of my juice, it travels in her, and you
both moan, knowing exactly what that feels like and I leave my cock in her
draining every drop till I start to soften, and I kiss her and you rub her
slit and suck her cum in your mouth and continue to massage her mature pussy
, spreading around the puddle of cum, and we lay together satisfied.

Mom said the first words to us after we all recovered " I love you my nick
and Angela, you've both open my eyes to something so hot and loving, my
beautiful son and daughter " and she kissed us each we loved slipping tongue
in our mothers mouth, it was erotic, then you said " mommy I want us to eat
each others pussy " and instantly she got in position for 69, I was getting
hard again, and as you both started tonguing your wetness's, I really began
to throb, my eyes lit up and I needed to be so close, I got next to your
intertwined bodies and began moaning my approval

" yes mommy lick her young pussy ", I could hear slurping from your
furiously fast tongues, you were in heat on her pussy, I started probing my
fingers on your assholes, and you both moaned, the sound was pure arousal
hearing my women moaning, I started sliding my hardness against mommies slit
and you would lick my shaft and her pussy, when I saw that tongue teasing me
I moaned, you hot sluts made each other cum in no time, and then I had our
next hot act planned out.

" mom you need to feel us both inside you " she didn't seem to grasp that at
first, but you did and immediately got the big strap on toy you had used so
many times on your brothers ass, and on some of your girlfriends.... you got
the strap on in place while I lubed her asshole good, you took position on
your knees in front of her ready to penetrate, then I got in place, I sat
under her butt and guided my hard cock to her lubed asshole and she pressed
down, sighing in pain at first, then sinking further she started to feel

" fuck me baby " but she was talking to her daughter, so you get in there
and you start thrusting in that soaking wetness, our mommy is being filled
by her babies, this is the first time she has being taken like this and its
making us unleashed, she's bouncing up an down on my cock, and you are
pumping her wild , she screams " fuck my ass harder nick, mmm pump my cunt
baby " ...she is in heaven.

She is blessing this incest that's bringing her so much pleasure, her tight
ass is milking my cock so much, I feel on the verge of blowing, and I tell
you both " ohh god I'm gonna shoot " and you both go wild like animals " cum
in mommies ass "......... " yes baby cum in me " and we all explode as I
shoot in her ass, a constant moaning fills the air as we all are sent over "
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesss " you pull out of her and bring your tongue to her
ass and start rimming it with your tongue sliding around my cock, feeling
the mixed cum of your brother and mother running down to your eager lapping,
" your ass tastes so good mommy " then I pull out and I offer my cum covered
cock to my lovers, and you both start licking and sucking at my hardness,
getting all the hot fluid you can. We all slept together that night as
lovers, naked holding each other so close.

I woke being sucked off by mommy, I was in heaven, I knew it wasn't a dream,
my mother was our lover, you were fingering mommies moist cunt from behind
and you moaned out as you felt her juices flowing, then you declared you
needed my cock in your pussy right then, you were so so desperate "I need
your cock nick, fuck me my big brother" , mommy had no objection to that and
let you in , you straddled in on my tummy and faced in an away position from
my head as you slid onto my cock, you started bouncing and moaning so bad,
you cum in 20 seconds of my cock thrusting and you keep going, mommy is
ramming her fingers in her wetness and omg she looks hot , and you look hot
as you keep fucking my giant throbbing cock , I see your sexy ass moving
back and forward as you thrust with your sexy hips, then mommy stands up and
puts her cunt in your face, you fuck her with your eager tongue as you fuck

The hottest fucking incestuous threesome ever is in our mothers room and we
are enjoying every second, we are so desperate for this sex with our mother,
she moans out loud "I want to fuck my babies till the day I die", then you
moan and tell her "ohhhh mommy your babies big cock feels so good up my
pussy!" and you cum again and as you do the milking pressure of your pulsing
cunt drives me to loud groans and moans

"oh god!!! Fuck yes!!!!!" I start to shoot in my sisters hungry pussy, mommy
really quickly gets in at your cunt and starts to lick, making you cream
even more on her waiting lips, I say I need to pee and as I get up mommy
grabs my hand in a reflex and says in a puppy dog state "honey plz go all
over your sister and I !!" and you two laid out on the bed pressing thighs
together awaiting my urine to flow out of my cock, then it starts to come
out of my half erect cock, it sprays onto mommies tits then yours , then I
aim at your tongues that are touching , and it splashes your faces.

When I am done you rub it all over mommies titties and start sucking them
and fingering each other wildly I run to the fridge grab two carrots and
come back and ask you how bad you want to be filled "darling I'd fuck your
future wife if you wanted me to" and then you said " baby id share my gf's
with you, you are invited in my room next slumber party" and I melted into
horniness seeing my sluts covered in my shiny piss and awaiting being fucked
by nice big carrots, I get on my knees in between you and shoved one in each
of you, and start pumping FAST

"ohhh nick harder" you moan over and over and I start to lick each of your
tits hornily, I demand my sluts cum on the carrots so I can lick them clean!
Then I fuck your cunts so hard and fast it's a blur and I hear you both
climbing the mountain to orgasm, omg its fucking hot shit seeing you cum
together on big orange carrots and I pull them out and lick them for your
visual stimulation showing you both my eagerness to taste this hot incest

Then you both started pissing on each other wildly moaning and opening your
mouths on spread cunt lips as the warm pee flowed all over the bed !!!!!

i need you sis, i need your sweet pussy right now