Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 14:26:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Calvin Boyd <>
Subject: daddy-u-dont-stand-a-chance

This is a story of bisexual and homosexual incest between adults and under
aged children so if offended do not read.

If you are under the age of 18 do not read! That means you little one
trying to discover the truth.

You are reading this at your own risk if you keep going.

I welcome all comments I have had one ready that told me his father if this
is the case let it be understood although this story is about adults and
young boys and girls let it be known the kids are the one initiated the
sexual act willfully and with full understanding what they are doing.

If you don't believe your children are capable of even thinking about sex
you are fooling no one but your self.  Most adults intimate children so
they are going to tell you and let you think they are the essence of purity
and innocence. I sometimes wonder who is more naive the adult or the child
because the adult refuses to accept the truth even Freud didn't give them

If you wish to contact me email me

I also will write you if you wish, want my address, and then let me know.

Summers Children The Twins Daddy you don't stand a chance!

Watching daddy driving his dick into my older brother seeing the bliss on
his pretty face told me how much I wanted to be in Sunni's place letting
our daddy drive his big daddy dick inside me. The only way to ever get our
daddy comfortable with giving us what we want is to take it. I like my
brother Sunni love dick. Don't know what it is but something about seeing a
dick makes me melt I just want to touch it, to hold it, to feel every inch
of it in my mouth. To inhale that musky aroma that emanates from between a
man's legs just drives me over the brink of lust almost into insanity. I
want it so bad, Papa carried me back to their house I knew mommy and
Grannie Millie had Kandi in the bed room mommy has been fucking her pussy
with these huge dildo's for some time. I didn't know how far they had taken
it but I lay in my bedroom either fucking Sunni or letting him fuck me love
the feelings of his dick working my boys pussy. We might be in a sixty-nine
position sucking each others dick he is still too young to make cum but
tells me how wonderful he feels when a man has his dick buried deep inside
him hitting his magic button. Tells me it drives him to feel this wonderful
feeling he could not describe. I wanted to feel this feeling but unlike my
brother willing to let any man fuck him and so many men just love fucking
little boys pussies. I wanted our daddy, I wanted him to be my first don't
know why I knew I could have any man I chose but none excited me like the
thought of our daddy driving his dick deep inside my pussy.

Once we were back in Papa's house I could not wait to take him in my mouth
to suck his powerful dick, having one of the biggest dicks I had ever
seen. It is the cum I crave most; kids will do anything just for enough
money to go into some store filling up on candy. Me it is cum I adore that
thick creamy man juice filling my mouth, the taste is just awesome I don't
think I can describe it. Thick creamy and the taste just something special
about it drives me wild I am like a wild thing when I have a cock buried
deep in my mouth and throat sucking it. When he cums savoring that taste,
Oh how I wish they would make cum flavored candy. Papa Joe let me do what
ever I wanted to with his dick I run my tongue up and down the eleven
inches of his pulsating throbbing cock. Having to open my mouth so wide it
actually causes my jaw to ache of I keep him in my mouth too long but just
having that spongy mushroom shaped head in my mouth I am like someone that
hasn't eaten for days. When he shoots it feels like something hitting the
back of my throat bathing my tongue filling my mouth with his delicious
sweet cum very strong in flavor closing his eyes mmmmmmm he licks his lips
god I just love it. Will I am never disappointed Papa shoots so much cum I
swear I could not swallow fast enough soon it is dribbling from my mouth
dribbling down my chin onto his pubis Papa shaves his cock and balls making
it like sucking a kid with a giant cock. Swallowing Papa's load I could
hear Kandi screaming her squeals filled with tones telling me she is
cumming didn't quite know just how far she had gone. But mommy has no
problems giving into our sexual desires knowing we will get the
satisfaction from someplace if not from the ones we want most our
parents. We are lusty kids very much in to sex hell we may not be what a
fucked up society says we are too young to enjoy or ready for. Okay some
kids may not but we are not some kids we are us and we know what we want
and what we are ready for.

The next day Sunni is letting me examine his pussy seeing how much he has
stretched from the fucking daddy had given him. Leaning into him I sniffed
his pussy smelling his musky aroma mixed with daddies cum still in him. I
eased my tongue up inside him I could taste daddies cum still in him using
my hands to keep his buttocks spread open working my tongue eating his hot
pussy. I wanted so much to feel daddies dick buried inside me like he had
done to Sunni. I could not control my self I come to my knees shoving my
small dick inside Sunni I had lost it fucking him he felt loose on my small
dick but just the thought of having my dick where just hours earlier
daddies had been sent me into a frenzy of lust. I felt that familiar
tingling announcing my orgasm I shoved it into him groaning as my body
shakes from my dry orgasm. We just lay on each other's thighs licking the
others dick tenderly sucking each other working each other dicks.

I asked Sunni how I could get daddy to fuck me.

Sunni told me, He wont.

Why not I want him too?

So did I but daddy has this thing about putting his dick inside us claims
he could cause us serious damage a grown man fucking little boys. I am just
eight and I had to let Papa fuck me before he realized I was ready and
wanting.  Your only six and I know daddy wouldn't think about fucking
you. Should be happy he lets you suck his dick.

But you fuck me why is that okay?

Cause I am a kid too my dicks not much bigger than yours is. He says I wont
hurt you like he could.

That's silly he is our daddy and he loves us he wouldn't ever hurt anyone
of us.

I know that and so do you even Papa knows it, but daddy is scared of
hurting us. I mean when a man really gets going it feels awesome but he
says sometimes a man forgets and rams his dick into you tearing
something. Makes little boys real sick he said and then they have to put
you in the hospital.

But daddy loves us he would never do anything to hurt one of us and I want
it so bad you let those boys at school do you and the teachers too. They
don't love you like daddy does.

I know silly and daddy said what I did was dangerous but I am lucky they
didn't do damage to me.

Kandi comes in naked like we are climbing on the bed what are you doing.

Randi tells her go away we are doing boy things.

Huh uh! I saw you, you were sucking each others dicks I suck dick too wanna

You don't know how to suck dick you pose to eat pussy dick is for us.

Is not dick is suppose to be for making babies they pose to fuck girls not
boys that's silly.

Sunni grins at me want us to fuck you Kandi.

Okay she lays on her back opening her legs wide open letting us peer into
her pussy.

Sunni tells her No get on your hands and knees so I can put my dick in your
pussy and you suck Randi's dick.

Kandi get on her hands and knees putting her head between Randi's legs her
butt raised high in offering to Sunni's dick.

Didn't know if Sunni had ever actually fucked a pussy before but he tells
me later is wasn't as tight as my pussy is but felt good just the
same. Kandi taking my dick in her mouth she has some idea what she is doing
sucking me hard but just doesn't know the right places to touch a dick to
make it feel really, really good. Watching Sunni putting his dick into
Kandi's pussy grabbing her hips in his hand he starts pumping fucking our
sister over heated pussy grinding his hips against hers Sunni's fucking her
she is going to town on my dick. Damn girl managed to bring me to a good
orgasm not great but I still had a cum.

There we are the night after Daddy gives Sunni his dick now here we are
fucking our sister when mommy comes walking in with a load of laundry. She
stands still watching us Sunni fucking her pussy with my dick stuffed into
her mouth we could tell it affected mommy letting some of the laundry she
had just finished fall to the floor. One of mommies hands comes between her
legs pulling the narrow straddle off to the side exposing her silken shaven
pussy to our eyes though I was the only one aware of mommies
presence. Sunni is lost in the pleasure of Kandi's pussy sucking on his
dick.  Kandi's sight blocked by my thighs Sunni and I watch mommy easing
her fingers into her pussy working her fingers deep finger fucking herself
letting us watch.

 Mommy has this clit that swells looks like a little dick sticking out she
will use her thumb and index finger to stroke her clitty moaning her body
withers with pleasure. Her moans of pleasure reached our ears Kandi pulls
off me looking up at mommy finger fucking her pussy. Sunni grunting
slamming into Kandi's pussy groaning grinding his hips against Kandi's butt
having his orgasm. Watching mommy the linens on the floor seeing us having
sex has a strong effect on her. Her tee shirt pulled up to expose her
titties to our lust hungry eyes. Playing with my own dick Kandi has pulled
off me, we are all eyes watching our slutty hot mommy her hands massaging
her ample titties squeezing the nipples, pinching them, pulling on her
nipples. The other hand working between her legs her fingers working deep
inside her pussy. She slides against the wall until she is on the floor
opening her legs wide giving us all a full view of her pussy her fingers
working deep to the last knuckle making squishy noise her pussy lips
sucking at her fingers.

We come off the bed joining mommy on the floor I come to her offering her
my dick she quickly takes me into her mouth sucking on my tiny dick taking
me dick and balls into her mouth. Sunni attaches his lips to one of her
titties sucking hungrily Kandi get on her hands and knees burying her face
in mommies wet hot pussy licking her diving her tongue as deep as she can
get. Kandi begins to suck in her over extended clit sucking hungrily on
mommies pussy sending her off into an intense orgasm mommies body quivering
in an intense orgasm. Having licked me massaging my dick with her tongue
sending me off into an intense orgasm I'm pushing hard against her mouth
trying to give her every inch I have. Once we had calmed down kissing
tenderly kisses that linger having long time ago quit kissing each other
like kids normally do but with intense passion and lust.

I had to ask mommy if daddy will fuck Sunni would he fuck me too.

She turns looking at me her tits giggle as she turns her tits bared to our
eyes Kandi still sucking on her titties.

Did Sunni tell you that your daddy fucked him?

I had given my self away?

Sunni pipes up he told me that him and Papa were watching from the outside
window last night mommy.

She grins at me so you couldn't stay at Papa's uh and be happy with that,
could you sweetie.

Mommy I knew something was going to happen to Sunni he didn't go to Papa's
with us he stayed home with daddy and I wanted to know why mommy. Did I do

No you didn't do any thing wrong but you did invade in a private moment for

But mommy he didn't care if we watched Papa watched with me.

She looks at Sunni smiling.

I told him mommy daddy thinks he is too young. He says he don't care he
wants daddy to do him too.

Mommy looks at me show mommy your pussy baby.

I wasted no time getting on my hands and knees my butt raised high in
offering to my mommies explorations. I don't know if she realized how much
I let Sunni explore me back there. Her finger easily enters I feel no pain
only the pleasure enjoying her finger wiggling around inside me causing my
little dick to spring up fully erect I moan enjoying her finger inside me
rubbing my magical spot. Having fully recovered from the intense orgasm we
have all just shared with mommy she climbs to her feet until I come back
pick up those towels and mommy will --- she left it hanging. We hurriedly
gathered the laundry she has lost on the floor putting them in the
adjoining bathroom.

Returning to our bed room I could not help noticing the huge dildo in her
hand she looks at me Randi baby if you can take this then mommy will help
you seduce your daddy.

Now I know most of you don't believe a tiny seven-year-old boy could
possibly know what he wants and usually it is something not good for him
but you have to understand we are not your normal kids sex and nudity has
never been hidden from us. We are hot to look at and we fucking well know
it. We know that sex is fun and feels great, we are already doing each
other it was Sunni that started involving our parents in our sexual play
and Kandi and I want to keep it that way.

Mommy has us get on the bed she comes sitting with my butt in her face she
kisses first one cheek then kissing the other until I feel her tongue
licking my small balls coming up between the cheeks until her tongue is
licking my pussy. I hear her telling Kandi to go into their bedroom to get
something I didn't know she is wanting lube since Sunni and I keep a tube
in our bedroom. I feel mommies tongue eating my pussy pushing against the
resistance of my sphincter until I strain just a bit letting her push her
tongue inside me bringing a moan from me.

She pulls away so you really do love this sweet pussy played with don't you

I could only moan my agreement Sunni offering me his dick taking him in my
mouth sucking like a baby on a pacifier. Love nothing better than having a
hard dick in my mouth unless it is one in my pussy. I hear Kandi returning
and mommy begins to massage my pussy with this greasy stuff pushing a
finger deep inside me she laughs well I see Sunni has do a good job of
loosening you up some. She works her finger inside me then she gives me two
fingers I am wiggling my butt pushing back against her fingers wanting more
I want to be filled with as much dick as I can get. I didn't know Kandi is
watching every move mommy is making opening me up to receive the dildo she
holds in her hand working my pussy driving me wild my mind numb my body
tingling every nerve alive that wonderful warmth spreads through out my
body. I feel her pulling her hand out my anal lips sucking at her hand
refusing to allow her hand freedom feels like she might pull my inside out,
my ass sucking hard on her hand. Mommy lowers her face to give my pussy a
tender kiss licking me. I feel her putting the head of the dildo to my
pussy pushing she groans son-of-a-bitch as my pussy greedily welcomes the
head of the dildo inside my pussy. Feeling her pushing it slowly inside my
pussy I take every inch later to find out I have taken ten inches inside my
pussy. She then pulls it out shaking it causing it to hit my magic spot
wiggling my ass pushing back against her not wanting it to be taken out
loving the full feeling of it inside me. She leaves the head inside me my
sphincter squeezing it she pushes it faster inside me shoving it driving it
like a man would be fucking me I push back against her attack welcoming it
inside me wanting her to give me the fucking I am so hungry for. She begins
working my pussy pulling it out driving it back into me fucking me I am
more that happy pushing my butt back against her pushing it back in pulling
forward as she pulls all but the head from my pussy. I have never enjoyed
anything as much as I am taking this dildo inside my pussy right now I
attack Sunni with a vengeance sucking him like I have never sucked him
before my tongue works his dick stroking the shaft playing with the head of
his dick. He is so small compared to Papa's huge dick Papa is so much
bigger than even daddy. Good god how I am wanting him inside my pussy. It
isn't long mommy has me on the edge I feel nothing like I don't exist all I
am is a boy pussy with a monster attacking me and loving every moment until
I pull off my lover brothers dick.

Fuck me mommy give it to your little boy want it mommy oh fuck, fuck, fuck
mommmmmmy cummmmiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggggg. My small body shaking violently
brain a blank except for the fireworks going off in side my head my body
numb my legs feel weak I collapse falling onto Sunni's lap.

Mommy leaves the dildo inside me I look back at her with this grin on my
adorable face well am I ready for daddy?

She grins has my daddy been fucking you?

I looked at her no mommy but I wanted Papa too, but he said it would be a
mistake this is daddies pussy first.

She just grins well guess you will have to just take it in your own hands
baby; we devised our wicked plot to molest my daddy.

It was Saturday morning Sunni and I go into mommy and daddies bedroom daddy
laying on the bed his mouth open wide snoring away in a deep sleep. The
covers only covering half his magnificent body I see his dick hard pushing
against the comforter creating a tent I can't help smiling daddy has a
morning woodie. Sunni grabs the covers pulling them off daddy exposing his
naked body to us my eyes grow wide seeing his massive cock fully erect
laying on his tummy. We knew I had to hurry if daddy caught on to what I am
up to he would refuse me so I had to have him inside me before he woke
up. Sunni had already opened me up with the dildo so I knew I am ready and
daddy would not meet any resistance I quickly climbed on the bed being
careful not to wake him straddling him my ass over his hard on. I squat
Sunni guiding daddies dick to my welcoming pussy I feel the head against my
gapping pussy I push feeling the head pushing past my sphincter.

Daddy mumbles yes baby that does feeeellll---- his voice trailed off we
thought he had woke up being very still I have the head of his dick inside
me but I waited. Then I just slide down his dick taking every in of his
cock inside me groaning.

Oh Sunni baby daddies boy has a sweet pussy.

He thinks I am Sunni I don't care he will soon find out who is fucking him.

Having daddy inside me is the ultimate pleasure I begin shaking
uncontrollably my mind going blank I just have gotten daddy inside me and I
am having one of the best orgasms of my young life. I must have grabbed a
hand full of daddies body hairs his eyes jerk open with a loud.

OUCH BABY BE CARE------FUL Daddy is looking into my lust distorted face
RANDI oh baby yes damn honey you feel so good on daddies dick I lay down on
him holding him savoring the feel of daddies dick buried all the way in my
over heated pussy. I inhale his daddy smell that smell men have when they
first wake up in the morning. Feeling daddies hairy tummy rubbing my face I
raise up looking down on him looking into his face. Slowly I pushed up and
I begin using my legs pushing up feeling daddy sliding from my pussy until
I feel the head trying to slip free of my pussy then I just fall slamming
him back into me I quickly begin riding my daddies wonderful dick fucking
daddy I am screaming at the top of my lungs.


I am going completely wide humping daddy rising feeling his thick cock
sliding out only to fall back down ramming him up inside me. With each
thrust causing me tiny dick to throb bobbing. Nothing could ever feel so
good the feel of daddies dick stretching my pussy rubbing me from the
inside of my pussy I flex my buttocks working his dick my sphincter sucking
hungrily on his cock feeling his balls slapping against my cheeky
butt. Soon I feel daddy raising his hips off the bed he is showing me no
mercy I don't want him to he has his hands holding me ramming me full of
his big daddy dick giving me the fucking I have longed for, hungered
for. Having him inside me sends me to heights of pleasure I have never
known, pushing me once again to the edge of insanity nothing in this world
can feel as good as having your daddy with his huge daddy dick fucking his
adorable little cum slut. His little cock whore. I bounce my head tossing
slinging my hair on my head spittle pours from my open mouth I lean for
bracing against daddies stomach. Having his dick ramming inside me sends me
into a second orgasm, to having a third, don't let anyone tell you a guy no
matter how young he maybe can't be multiorgasmic. I cum so much when I let
daddy hold me in place he is fucking me hard and fast driving his delicious
dick into his baby boys sweet pussy. He then arches his back driving deep
into me I feel his dick swelling throbbing feels like I can feel his heart
beating through his dick he cries out.


I can't tell you how many orgasms I had but feeling daddies dick exploding
inside my pussy triggered the most intense orgasm I would admit I have ever
had it seemed to drain every bit of the energy I had and let me tell you
kids have lots of energy.

Sunni had his night and I have my day I woke up didn't know what time it is
but I spooned into daddy feeling his dick still buried inside me I just
begin working my hips feeling him sliding deeper into me the pulling out he
buries his scruffy face in my neck.

Daddy was wondering when his little lover would wake up I feel him pounding
my ass fucking me again. He kept is slow for a while.

Then daddy pulls out, no daddy I don't want you to stop.

I am not baby; I want you to lay on your back. He towered over me I looked
into his face all I could see is the deepest love. Lifting my legs putting
my ankles on his shoulders raising my butt off the bed his dick aims at my
pussy pushing the head of his dick into my pussy I greedily accept him back
inside me. Pushing every inch of his dick inside me feeling it sliding my
anal lips greedily sucking on his dick nothing ever felt as heavenly as
having daddy inside me I feel his balls against my butt his pubes not many
since he shaves rubbing against me.

Like daddy inside you baby?

Oh fucking yes daddy you feel so good, so fucking good daddy.

He leans into me our lips meet daddy finds my mouth open welcoming his
tongue working against my own active tongue one of his hands fondling my
nipples sending me over the edge again daddy pinches my nipples not hard
but just enough to make me groan passionately. He then begins to lift me
off the bed I wrapped my legs about his waist as he lifts me off the bed
resting on his knees he works me fucking me in this position I can feel the
curve of his dick rubbing my insides rubbing my magic button. My little
dick twitching with each thrust sending me into passionate heat I wrap my
arms around his neck we kiss again as he rams me full of his delicious
dick. I ride him working my ass against his dick feeling my pussy lips
sucking furiously on his dick massaging him my sphincter squeezes him
milking him trying to bring daddy to another magnificent orgasm. I am a
wild thing untamable daddy sending me into another series of massive
orgasms I go completely wild.


I guess my pleas triggered his orgasm he cries out.


I could feel his dick throbbing his cum erupting filling full of his daddy
cum sending me over the edge. I collapsed against him my small chest
heaving breathing deeply trying to gain some sanity.

Daddy had fucked me so much I don't know how many times we fucked but it
was Three P.M. before neither of us could get it up again. Daddy is holding
me so close to his powerful body kissing me all over my face, neck feeling
his mouth on my neck does something to me I can't explain but I just love
the prickly feelings I get. Daddy laid me back on the bed his dick escaped
my pussy with a resounding plopping sound. I quickly climbed to my knees
grabbing his dick putting him in my mouth I told him I just wanted to clean
him up a little. That is when our tummies growled we realized we hadn't
eaten. He smiles at me want to get something to eat.

I agreed we went together taking a showers paying close attention to each
other's dick. Daddy has me bend over looking at my pussy he grins baby you
are going to be sore let daddy put this on to make it feel better. Daddy
applied some Preparation H numbing my pussy. Once we dressed wearing my
usual naughty shorts the ones I love that shows my sexy butt so
well. Knowing where everyone else had headed we go over to Papa Joe's and
Grannie Millie's I can't wait to get Papa Joe's bad boy up inside my
pussy. After that I am addicted to having dick inside my pussy.

Waking up the next morning I started to move seeing mommies naked body
laying before me even in her sleep this is the hottest woman you have ever
seen. Her hand fondling my rock hard little dick I feel the warmth of
daddies body against my own I breath deep enjoying Daddies smell just love
that man scent groaning I begin to thrust my hips against mommies
hand. Looking into her pretty face she leans toward me offering me a hot
kiss rewarding her mouth with my willing tongue teasing each others mouth
she pulls back how's mommies little slut feeling this morning. I start to
move groaning my hips ache my swollen pussy feels like it is on fire.

She smiles that's what happens when horny little boys loose their
virginity. Come on let mommy put something on that sweet pussy to make it
feel better. Daddy had fucked me so many times I didn't think my pussy
would ever return to normal but I have no regrets I will let daddy fuck me
anytime he wants and that has to be at least twice a day smiling to my
self. We start to climb out of bed when I see Kandi's cute head popping up
behind mommy.

Hi Randi have fun with daddy yesterday.

I just grinned at her knowing things have not ended until she has daddy
fucking her she is just a little cock slut just like Sunni and I well

Kandi begins one thing you have to understand about our families we love
our parents and each other so I love to let daddy or Papa put their big men
dicks inside my pussies I claim them both as my pussy just like my brothers
claim their butts are pussies. Getting fucked in my pussy or ass is fun and
feels great especially when I have both holes filled I feel sorry for my
slutty brothers they will never know what is like to have both holes filled
all they got is an boy pussy and their mouths.  Mommy had told us the dildo
she had been using to fuck us with is a replica of our daddies dick so
being able to take it she knew we are ready for daddy to fuck us and we
can't wait. Randi had fucked daddy last night I never knew just how worn
out a man can get but daddy has the stamina of a bull at least we thought
he did but poor daddies only human.  Mommy had taken my brother off so he
could put some sort of ointment on his pussy I saw it. His pussy looked
like a swollen red ring all puffy and brownish looking I didn't know that
is how a boy looks when he has lost his virginity. Daddy as usual rolls
onto his back his dick is rock hard sticking up in the air he had kicked
the covers off the bed so I can admire his marvelous cock. I crawled over
to him taking his cock in my hand I like Randi had learned to deep throat
sucking on Papa's big dick compared to Papa daddy even looks small. Papa is
eleven inches of thick throbbing cock and damn he knows how to please a
horny kid like us.

Mommy had told me to give daddy a chance to recover but looking at his huge
hard on I felt he had rested enough. I have to use both hands to wrap
around his dick engulfing him in my mouth sliding him down my throat until
I have my nose buried in his pubes. Daddy doesn't have much in the way of
pubic hairs shaving most of them I like it better that way. I begin working
him in my mouth sucking him I want him ready when I take him inside my

Daddy woke up looking down at me like that cock baby.

I pulled off him spittle clinging to his cock and my chin yes daddy I love
you I love your dick. Daddy knew I was intent on taking him inside me I am
just getting him hot harder and wet so he will slide easier into
me. Feeling daddies hand entangled in my hair caressing my head he moans.

Oh baby you do know how to please daddy don't you baby.

I only smiled at him resuming my attack on his dick sucking him hungrily.

Didn't think mommy and Randi are watching me molesting my daddy.

Daddy is moaning I know he is ready I climbed on top of him straddling him
like I guess Randi did the night before squatting until I feel daddies dick
pushing against my pussy. I have taken dildo's up inside me, hairbrushes,
banana's, and cucumbers inside me now I am going to have the real thing
daddy. I feel the head of his dick pushing past my inner lips of my pussy
sliding deep into the channel of my pussy filling me full of his daddy
dick. I groan feeling the shaft rubbing my clitty. Just taking him inside
my pussy sent me over the edge my body quivering as my first orgasm hit me
like a rocket. Having my eyes closed until I feel his pubes against my
hairless pubis I open them smiling at him. He has his arms under his head
letting me do all the work fine by me. I just start pushing up feeling
daddies dick sliding out of my pussy leaving the head buried inside me I
lower my self onto him pulling off. Sliding back down until I have a rhythm
going fucking daddy it feels so good inside me my pussy sucking hungrily on
daddies dick. Mommy had taught me how to work my thigh muscles so my pussy
will clench his dick. Daddy lets me ride him so I can get all the
stimulation from his dick rubbing my pussy. I am going wild thrashing about
making me insane with my lust daddy has to take my hips in his hands to
keep me from falling off working me on his dick.

Soon he is groaning, yes baby girl fuck daddy fuck daddies big dick he
feels so good.

 Inside me I like having my daddy fucking me nothing can compare to it
unless it is having mommies tongue buried deep inside me eating me now that
is the best. I also love eating mommy pussy has this sweet taste I adore
guess I am more lesbian than bi but I still love having daddy inside me. I
am screaming like a banshee his shaft rubbing my clitty sending me over the
edge having so many orgasms I could not count I am having one continuous

Daddy cries out okay baby get ready daddies cumming. I leaped letting his
dick leave my pussy I kinda didn't want to but I grabbed his cock taking
the head in my mouth licking him then I taste his creamy cum filling my
mouth and I am trying to gobble it down but daddy shoots so much cum it is
impossible for two kids to swallow it all. Dribbling from my mouth onto the
base of his dick and into his pubes Randi didn't allow me to lick it up I
really didn't care much don't really care for the taste but Randi is on the
bed licking daddies cum up where it had dribbled from my mouth.

Well that is how Randi and I joined our mommy and daddy, Papa Joe and
Grannie Millie in our family fun. We have not slowed any since but we did
prove to be too much for mommy and daddy. That is when they decided to move
us off to the coast a place they have known for families to live that well
sort of love each other in a special way.