Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Collection notes - stories are divided up into folders according to the major theme of each. As a general rule the story will be found under the most extreme content. The grouped and serial stories may contain anything so check the codes for each. Many have been moved from the e-shorts files while others are new. The coding is very basic. Most will have the first one or two words in the file name as a guide as to content. Grouped stories with the same content will be found in the folder that best fits but will have something in the name to indicate that they are linked. I do not do serialized stories- each one can be read alone and has its own plot. The only exceptions to this are the chance stories and the chair pair. These begin the same but have different endings You may find almost anything here except gay and pedo. I do not do stories about either topic although there may be elements of either in a story but only as a minor part.