Wanting Everyone

                         By Horace Harding

                             Chapter 1

     With the flowing sensuality of a pampered feline, Charolette
crossed the room and reclined on the sofa.  The black lace of her
nightgown clung to her, emphasizing the voluptuous curves of her
very womanly body.  A slight toss of her head sent a cascade of
flaming red hair tumbling over her shoulders.
     "Jace," she whispered in a summons of sexual promise, "I'm
     Across the room, Jace Tuning turned.  His eyes widened.
Charolette's fingers climbed to the plunging neckline of her gown.
With titillating languor, she pulled a single bow free.  The gown
fell open, exposing a broad valley of sleek flesh nestled between
the two mountains of her opulently swollen breasts.  That the
peaks of those provocative knolls remained veiled between the
gown's lace only accented the carnal feast she offered.
     A pleased smile played at the corners of her full, red lips.
Long dark eyelashes coyly batted over her emerald-green eyes.
"Jace, you surprise me. I never suspected you to be shy."
     The man in brilliant blue Elizabethan attire chuckled.  A
wicked grin moved over his lips and he cocked an eyebrow.  "You
taunting wench! Jace of the House of Tuning will demonstrate the
error in your judgment of this man born of the blood."
     A stallion with lusty fire racing in his veins, the black-
haired man crossed the room.  His gaze centered on the red-tressed
temptress waiting on the couch.  Her eyes flashed and her breasts
heaved in a tremble of surprise.
     Settling beside her on the sofa, Jace swept the tantalizing
enchantress into his arms.  His mouth covered hers.  She melted
against him in complete surrender.
     "Good," Susan Howard called out, pushing the shutter to her
camera.  Again she snapped off another shot as their embrace
continued.  "Now the neck."
     Reluctantly, Charolette's lips moved from Jace's.  Tossing
back her hair, she exposed a long graceful neck for her partner's
playful kisses. The click of Susan's shutter echoed in the studio.
     "Better, much better," Susan said.  "But it's still not what
I want.  Charolette, throw your head back and give me an
expression of intense passion.  Now, Jace, scoot around a bit and
kiss the front of her neck as though you're moving down to her
     One hand on the focus ring of her .35mm camera and a finger
on the other clicking off shot after shot, Susan moved closer to
the couple on the couch.  She smiled to herself. Charolette's
passionate expression didn't come from acting. Jace was getting to
the sexy redhead.  Bet if I let them two alone for a minute they'd
be rutting like two minks in heat!
     Susan smiled again at her own streak of bitchiness.  She
didn't blame Charolette.  Just watching Jace in action was getting
to her too. She felt the tickling beginnings of arousal move deep
within her. An odd reaction, she thought, surprised that she
didn't feel any jealousy.
     "Hold it right there, Jace," she said snapping two last
shots. "Don't get carried away, handsome. These are for the cover
of a historical novel, not a poster of a triple X-rated flick."
     Jace stopped, his lips hovering in mid-air above the intimate
valley of Charolette's breasts. He sighed, a sigh echoed by his
alluring companion, and looked up.  "Spoilsport!  I was just
beginning to enjoy my role."
     "I know." Susan shot him a stern, reprimanding stare that
quickly melted to a teasing grin.  "You were starting to take your
work too seriously, big boy."
     "Did you get everything you need?" Charolette slid from the
sofa when Susan nodded.  "Good.  I've got to run.  I've got to
pose for that life art class at three o'clock."
     "There's a model release form and a check over on the desk."
Susan pointed beside her. "Thanks again, Charolette.  I know how
busy you are today, but this is a rush assignment."
     "Glad to help out.  Besides, a working girl can always use a
little extra spending money."  The red-haired model closed her
     "Don't forget, I need you to pose next Monday," Jace said
when the model walked to the desk.
     Charolette looked back.  "Is Susan going to be here too?"
     Jace nodded.
     "Too bad," she replied with a shake of her head, then glanced
at Susan and grinned.
     "Perhaps one of these days," Jace called after Charolette
when she ducked into a dressing room. "Why you ... you ..." Susan
sputtered in mock anger, swinging a fist at Jace's arm.  "The
nerve of you two, arranging your tryst in front of me!"
     Jace ducked back, avoiding her swing, laughing. "Watch it!
You'll damage the costume.  We don't have the money to pay for any
malicious mischief."
     Susan "hurumphed" and pouted.  "Worse, you really enjoyed
posing with Charolette."
     Jace reached out and pulled the blonde to him. Lifting her
chin with a fingertip, he lightly kissed her.  Susan froze a sigh
in the middle of her throat.  She glared up at the handsome would-
be model.
     "Is that all I get?  That's not the way you were kissing
     "Now you're not going to begrudge a man on the brink of
ending his bachelorhood a few last samplings of the feminine
delights abounding in the world around him, are you?" Jace's arms
encircled her waist, holding her tightly.
     "I most certainly am!  And another thing ..."
     Her words muffled to a long, pleased moan when his lips
covered hers.  Her mock anger faded away to be replaced by
satisfied pleasure.
     "See you two lovebirds next week," Charolette called out from
behind them when she left the studio.  Neither Susan or Jace
looked up.
     Instead, Susan devoted her full attention to the probing
intimacy of Jace's tongue while it probed and played over and
under her own oral digit.  She pressed to him, her breasts
thrusting against his chest.  She admitted her tits didn't match
the swollen proportions of Charolette's double barrel 45's, but
then no one had ever described her as being flat-chested either.
     Responding to her teasing, Jace pressed his groin tightly
against hers.  She trembled, arousal flaring higher.  Hard and
stiff, packed behind the breeches of the Elizabethan costume, she
felt him. Her hips undulated, rubbing her pelvis over the lusty
     Is that for me or Charolette?
     She found she didn't care.  Once again, she was struck by her
lack of jealousy, remembering her arousal while watching this man-
-her man--on the couch with the heavy-chest model.
     "Mmmmmmm," she moaned when their lips finally parted.
"That's better.  For a minute, I thought you had worn yourself out
with Charolette."
     "Forsooth, wench!" Jace struck a cocky pose in his costume.
     "We born of royal blood are known for our prowess in matters
of the flesh.  Once while in exotic Persia, I single-handedly
satisfied half the harem of ..."
     "Kind sir, if I might interrupt but a moment," Susan said
with a grin.  "I think it best if you would get your royal
hindquarters in high gear and get that costume back to its owners.
The rent doubles if we keep it until tomorrow."
     He reached for her again, but Susan artfully dodged the
embrace and shook her head.
     "All right," Jace gave in.  "I'll get out of this costume."
     Quickly he stripped the jacket and ruffled white shirt of the
Elizabethan attire away and neatly placed it on a nearby chair.
Turning to Susan, he kicked off his shoes, then leaned over and
pulled away the knee-length stockings.
     His gaze, alive with a devilish self-confidence, locked on
her. His fingers crept to the tops of the breeches, fumbling with
a lace that rested just beneath the hairy nest of his navel.
     Undeniable arousal suffused through the young artist while
she watched the handsome would-be model free the lace and slowly
push his breeches downward.  Tossing the pants to the chair, he
stood before her wearing only his jockey shorts. Her eyes lowered,
homing in on the living tentpole that strained beneath the white
cotton of his briefs.  Her chest heaved. Womanly fluids flowed
deep within her young body.
     With tantalizing slowness, Jace hooked his fingers beneath
his shorts and pulled them down. His cock, hard and angry, jerked
eagerly in the air.  Its fat tip oozed a single drop of clear
preseminal fluid.
     The blonde needed no spoken invitation.  Her gaze focused on
the needy length of prick, she slipped from the white artist's
frock she wore. Jace grinned, knowing he had won.  Her reluctance
crumbled and was replaced with desire.
     His eyes watching her every move, the young artist quickly
worked her blouse's buttons free of their holes, then shimmied
from a pair of tight-fitting jeans.  Wearing only bra and panties,
she stood before the naked man, enjoying the feel of his gaze
caressing her bare flesh.
     Taking a cue from his own methods, Susan tucked her hands
behind her back and unclasped the three hooks of her bra.  She
admitted the halter was binding, but she saw the price other women
her age paid for their braless freedom. The slight discomfort was
worth keeping her breasts high and firm--a fact she was reassured
of when her tits spilled from her bra.  Pleased, she watched
Jace's eyes widen while they watched the provocative jiggling
dance of her breasts.  His cock jerked and twitched in
     Easily slipping her panties down over the womanly flare of
her firm hips, she let them fall over her long, coltish legs, then
kicked them away.  Jace's attention now centered on the neatly
trimmed patch of honey-blonde hair fleeced over the mound of her
cunt.  A quiver shot through her sleek, flat stomach--a shivery
thrill at the thought of what would soon fill that intimate
crevice of her young body.
     In a trotting run, she crossed back to the naked man waiting
for her beside the couch.  His arms opened and surrounded her.
Electric sensations coursed through her veins when naked flesh met
naked flesh. Nothing in the world matched that moment when two
willing bodies first touched.  Well, almost nothing, she smiled to
     After one long, exciting kiss, Jace's mouth left her lips.
His head ducked to her chest and his lips captured one of the
quiescent nipples sleeping atop her tits.  New, shivery sensations
fluttered around in the pit of her stomach.  His tongue, like a
moist little whip, taunted wetly around the flaccid button of
flesh.  She felt it come alive under his gentle ministrations.  It
fattened and grew erect, hard with desire.  Then his lips and
tongue performed the same service for her remaining nipple.
     While he busied himself with her tits, she kept herself
occupied with the rigid rail of flesh spearing from the forest of
black hairs covering his groin.  Her fingertips lovingly ran up
and down the pulsing length of cock.  So hard and demanding it
felt.  Yet at the same time it was so smooth and gentle feeling.
Each time she made love with this man she was struck by the
exciting combination of strength and tenderness that was a man's
sex.  So delicious just to have it in her hands.
     And beneath his erect pole hung the hairy bag of his
testicles. Cautious of the pain she could bring to him, she gently
fingered the heavy kidney-shaped rocks hidden within the dangling
sac.  His mouth sucked deeply at the pillow of titflesh he mouthed
in response.  She thrust her chest forward, stuffing a bit more of
her breast into his face.
     "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" a gasping moan writhed out over her red lips.
A determined hand shot between her thighs and clamped firmly over
the knoll of her pussy. Watery, her knees trembled while his
fingers massaged the moss-covered mound of her sex. Again she
moaned.  He slipped a probing finger up into the heated tightness
of her cunt.
     Together they sank to the sofa where Jace had posed but
minutes ago with a near-naked Charolette.  For a moment the image
of Jace mounted atop the model's voluptuous body flashed in
Susan's mind. Still there was no jealousy at the thought of her
handsome stud balling Charolette.  Only fiery arousal washed
through her body.
     Allowing his kisses and his nibbling teeth to say more than
he could ever put into words, Jace moved from her proud, firm tits
and lovingly bathed her neck with an exciting flourish of kisses.
At the same time, he eased himself atop the waiting bed of her
     The young artist glided the pulsating rod of flesh she
caressed between her welcoming thighs. Thick and swollen, the
knob-like crown of his cock nuzzled through the fleece of her
pubic hair down into the outer lips of her cunt.
     She moaned again, anticipation flaring to new heights.  His
hips tightened, his ass cheeks going boulder-hard.  Then ...
     "Yessssssss," she hissed in total approval. Inward his pelvis
pressed.  Long, hard and drilling, his cock skewered deep into the
liquid warmth of her body.  She writhed under him--beneath the
lancing invasion of his body.
     "Good, so good," she whispered into his ear. "I don't think I
will get enough of you if I live to be a hundred." Outward his
cock eased, back until his cock's crown lay between the inner lips
of her quim. His ass tensed.  Inward he slammed, nailing her with
every inch of his magnificent tool.
     Her whole body felt the impact.  Upward shudders of bliss ran
through her frame.  The inner liquid of her tits rocked; every
bone of her body seemed to jar.
     As his pelvis rose, he slipped a hand down between her
thighs.  In and out he pumped while his fingers rubbed to each
side of her love-mound. She groaned, knowing what he would do
next.  She whimpered, not knowing when he would do it.
     She felt like a puppet on a string beneath this man.  His
mouth and hands played over her body, and she moved to their every
whim.  He controlled her, commanded her with the constant
pistoning of flesh within her belly.
     He felt so wonderful within her.  So big, and soooo long.
Even when he teased by pausing with his glans poised in the mouth
of her cunt, she felt packed.  And when he pushed inward, the wall
of her quim strained over the bulging fatness of his rod, their
rippled folds smoothing under his ponderous size.
     All the while, his hands and mouth never stopped.  If he
thought of Charolette, she couldn't tell.  His whole body seemed
to focus on her, giving her, and her alone, his complete
attention.  In turn, every ounce of her awareness centered on this
fantastic man who rode atop her supine body.
     The expected unexpected came.
     A fingertip slid between the slit of her pussy lips.  Gently
rolling the nubbin of her clitoris, he sent quaking shudders of
bliss blasting through her.  She groaned, her pelvis arching and
humping to meet the forceful strokes of his loins.
     She came, then came again in quick succession.
     How this man knew her body.  He realized that her pleasure
came not as one long, seemingly endless eruption of carnal
ecstasy, but rippled upward higher and higher through a series of
small, constantly increasing releases.  He now thoughtfully
maneuvered her to each level of delight.
     Running a hand down to their cores, she found the dangling
sac stretching from his scrotum.  The man atop her grunted and
groaned. Like taunting feathers, her fingertips delicately toyed
over the hairy ball bag.  If he knew the sexual controls of her
willing body, she too had discovered the secrets of providing him
pleasures that heightened their couplings.
     Deeper the adamantine rail of flesh plunged into the heated
socket of lust between her creamy thighs.  Expertly controlling
her pelvis muscles, she squeezed down, clamping herself around the
engorged thickness of cock.  Again the man mounted in her saddle
of pleasure groaned.  Fiery friction, created by the tightness of
her cunt, bathed over every inch of his manhood.  She fit him like
a custom-tailored glove.
     Urgently now, his finger rolled the button of her clit.  One
atop the other, she came three times.  Deep within her, she felt a
tidal wave building.  She writhed, using her free hand to pull on
him, trying to draw his cock even deeper into the yearning
interior of her belly.
     Like a bull, he plowed his turgid rod into the pocket of her
cunt. Close, she felt the tension building in his body.  He
perched on the brink of coming, yet exercising total control of
himself, he held back the mounting pressure of his loins.
     Higher and higher the tension of her own body grew.  Closer
and closer that threatening tidal wave rolled, ready to break and
drown her in complete pleasure.
     The rhythm of his driver-like piston consumed her.  Twisting
and bucking in reckless abandon, she gave herself to this man.
She matched his desperate need; she hungered for that fulfilling
     She came.  Her body lay racked by an onslaught of carnal
fulfillment.  She moaned and groaned, whimpering out the full
satisfaction of their union.
     Simultaneously, the man riding her moaned in a deep throaty
groan. His hips thrust hard and deep, his body going rigid for a
long moment.
     Within the hot recesses of her quivering quim, a flood of
sperm and semen jetted from the angry red head of his cock.  Milky
fountains blasted into her welcoming folds, flooding the quaking
channel of her belly.
     Gratefully, she held him, savoring the complete union of
their bodies, wishing this moment could last through eternity.

                             Chapter 2

     "The costume, your portfolio, my portfolio," Jace counted off
the items by the door. "My wallet, car keys ... anything else?"
Susan shook her head and smiled, then leaned forward and lightly
kissed his lips.  "Nothing I can think of."
     "Good," Jace said.  "I shouldn't be gone long.  "After I drop
the portfolios off at the agent's office, I should be able to get
out of the city before rush hour."
     "Hurry back, lover, I'll miss you," Susan said, giving him
another kiss.  "I've grown accustomed to having you around."
     "That's good.  I'd hate to think the woman I'm going to marry
didn't like having me around." He kissed her, then picked up the
folios and costume.  "See you later."
     Standing in the doorway, Susan watched him pull away, then
closed the door and climbed the stairs to their second-floor
studio.  She smiled and began humming, still filled with the warm
satisfaction of their lovemaking.
     You're a damn lucky woman, Susan Howard, she told herself
while taking the recently shot roll of film from the camera.
Think what life would be like with a man that didn't like sex as
much as you do, or thought sex was something a man and woman did
only when they wanted to make babies.
     But Jace wasn't like that, not at all, she thought while she
entered a darkroom built to the far side of the studio, and turned
off the light to begin developing the film.
     Letting her hands do a routine job, her mind wandered bask to
three years ago when she and Jason had been college seniors.  Both
art students, they had been lucky ones receiving professional
assignments before graduation.  Jace had lived with his sister
Melinda, a freshman then, in their parents' old house, the top
floor of which he converted into a studio.
     When Melinda decided to transfer to a college on the West
Coast, Jace offered to rent Susan the only remaining bedroom on
the second floor, plus share the studio with her.  He needed the
extra money to pay taxes on the house, and she couldn't pass up
the chance of having a studio to work in.  After all, a girls'
dorm didn't aid in getting the creative juices flowing.  Nor did
her roommate understand the necessity of staying up without sleep
for three days to meet a sticky deadline.
     She smiled, remembering those early times together.  It was
all business.  She and Jace ate, slept and worked in the same
house.  But never once did the attractive young artist make a
pass, nor, as a matter of fact, did she.  While she knew Jace was
good-looking, fulfilling the tall, dark, and handsome criteria she
seemed to find attractive in men, he was simply her landlord, plus
a very talented artist she worked with.
     To be sure, both dated and entertained friends in the house,
and both brought home lovers who stayed the night, but never did
any romantic thoughts spark between the two of them.
     Susan pulled the film from the developing canister, ran it
through some quick wash, then hung it to a drying line hung within
the small darkroom.  Switching on the overhead light, she pulled
out a hair dryer to help in the drying process.  A professional
photographer would climb the walls if he saw film treated so
roughly, she thought, but the film was just a step in the artistic
process for her.  From it would come the reference photographs she
needed for the book cover illustration she had to do by the
beginning of next week.
     She grinned to herself when her thoughts returned to Jace,
remembering their first, sort-of, date together.  It was the day
after graduation and Jace proposed they go into business together,
form an official studio, get an agent and make a million or two.
She agreed, then drove to a motel where her parents were staying
for graduation ceremonies, told them of her plans, listened to
their protests, then saw them off, still bemoaning the fact that
their little girl was not returning to the Midwest to get married,
have babies and become a housewife.
     That night, to cheer her up and celebrate their business
partnership, Jace had taken her to dinner.  Later before she
retired to her upstairs bedroom, Jace had kissed her gently--no
more than that--a simple, polite good-night kiss.
     But from that moment on, she was suddenly aware that the man
who lived in the same house as she, her new business partner was
just that--a man.  His presence constantly reminded her of that
fact.  But to Jace, nothing seemed to change.  It was still all
business, even formally so when his sister Melinda came home
during school holidays.
     Susan sighed, recalling her frustration during those days,
while she threaded the dry negatives into the enlarger and turned
off the lights to begin the print process.
     Only a year ago did Jace come out of that businesslike shell.
A shivery, warm thrill suffused through Susan's body remembering
that first time ...

                           *     *     *

     "Damn!" Susan slammed the receiver into its cradle.  "David
and Liz can't make it either. Their baby's sick and they won't
leave him with a sitter."
     "Can't you get another couple to pose?" Jace suggested.
"Mary and Bill?  We've used them before."
     "Out of town," Susan replied.  "Lisa and Jim are too.  Paula
and Greg have got finals, and every other couple won't pose nude.
Jace, what am I going to do?  This has got to be done and in the
city by Wednesday morning.  That's less than seventy-two hours."
     "Call and say you can't handle the job," Jace replied.
     "I can't do that," Susan shook her head. "Thinner Pubs gives
us too many jobs.  I'd draw and paint this without references, but
they want a super realistic, almost photographic approach on this
     Jace leaned back from his drawing board and lit a cigarette.
He looked at her a moment, then glanced back to the painting
before him, as though pondering.  He shook his head.
     "Well, what is it?" she asked, knowing he had just discarded
some thought.
     "Nothing, " he said.  "Just a bad idea."
     "Let's have it.  I'm desperate.  Even a bad idea could help."
     He took a deep drag from his cigarette, then crushed it in an
ashtray.  He looked back at her. "We could pose for it."
     "Jace, if that's a proposition, I'm not in the mood.  I've
got to get this cover painting done." Shivery sensations shot
through her at the thought of Jace and her, naked, their bodies,
     "Susan, I told you it was a bad idea.  I was afraid you would
take it as a pass."
     She studied him a moment.  "You're serious, aren't you?"
     "We could use the automatic timer on the camera," Jace said.
"Wear bathing suits."
     "No it has to be nude," Susan said.  "That is, if you don't
     He didn't smirk, or joke or chuckle nervously.  He simply
said.  "If that's what you need, I'm willing to help out."
     Ten minutes later Susan had tossed some blankets on the
floor, set up the lights and positioned the camera on the tripod.
     "We're supposed to be lovers.  The genitals aren't to be
shown, but they want to see the man's buttocks and the woman's
breasts.  This is for an illustration for a story in one of their
men's magazines.  The couple is supposed to be on a blanket in the
woods.  I've already got references on the background." She
turned.  Her eyes widened.
     Jace stood naked and in a very businesslike manner walked to
the blankets and sat down. He turned his back to her, so that she
could disrobe without his gaze and wouldn't embarrass her.
     Those shivery thrills returning while she tried to maintain a
similar businesslike and casual manner, Susan stripped.  Setting
the automatic timer, she joined him on the blanket and stretched
out, then helped him position himself in just the right pose.
     The camera clicked.
     They moved a bit, rearranging themselves, seeking new angles
and shadow plays.  The camera clicked again.
     Beside her now, her arms stretched above her head, Jace gazed
at her--his business partner, his fellow artist.
     She shivered, feeling vulnerable and more than simply nude--
she was naked.  Her own eyes tried to avoid his gaze.  They
flitted away, only to rove over his chest, then downward.  She
looked back up, feeling weak and watery. Honey-thick juices flowed
deep within the intimate recesses of her womanly body.  Trembly
sensations fluttered around within her stomach. She felt like some
schoolgirl, nervous and very aware of the naked man beside her.
     Jace's dark eyes no longer studied her face. Slowly they
moved to her chest.  Standing firm and proud, her breasts jutted
upward.  His nostrils flared as he sucked in a deep breath.  She
shivered again.
     Tingles of pleasure radiated up from the core of her body and
raced into the exposed mounds of her tits.  She tried to think of
icebergs and winter blizzards.  Her own body betrayed her. Her
nipples, buds of coral pink flesh, throbbed. They stiffened and
thickened, standing atop her breasts like two ripe cherries.
     For a year now, she had wondered what it would be like to be
at this man's side, to feel his gaze covetously move over her
nakedness.  Now she knew.  She loved it.
     But did he?
     The camera clicked again.  She jumped with a start.  Jace
smiled.  Why was she so nervous?  She had known other men before,
taken lovers into her bed.  Why was Jace different?  Confused and
befuddled by her business partner, she managed to smile back.
     Jace moved closer, taking another pose.  The bare flesh of
his hip pressed to hers.  She whimpered softly.  Sexual
electricity tingled through her.  Still Jace made no move, though
his eyes now moved over the supple sleekness of her quivering
belly and probed the soft moss of blonde hair covering the knoll
of her sex.  She shivered again, wanting him to reach out and
touch her, to have his hands explore the nakedness of her body.
     Again his eyes rolled back to her.  Her lips parted, the pink
tip of her tongue flicking out to slicken her lips.  Inwardly, she
moaned.  Her nipples felt swollen to at least twice their normal
size.  They ached.  She arched her back a bit, trying to draw his
attention to the needy pillows of satiny flesh.
     When he stubbornly made no move--she did.
     Reaching out, she took his left hand and placed it atop one
of her warmly glowing breasts.  She whimpered again, melting with
the simple touch of his fingers.  Her eyes fluttered closed and
she sighed.  His fingers closed around the pliant demi-globe of
tits, squeezing gently. Higher her back arched, pressing the
smoothness of her tit into his palm.
     "Susan?" Jace whispered.
     Her eyes opened to his questioning expression.  "Yes, Jace.
This is what I want.  I want ..."
     Words mumbled and jumbled, sticking in her throat.  The cloud
of confusion this man created in her mind seemed to churn like a
thunderhead. She hadn't expected this.  Did he realize that?  Or
did he think she had arranged this, planned to seduce him.
     "I want you too," he said softly, leaning forward, his lips
brushing lightly against hers. "Ever since you moved in, I've
wanted this to happen.  You're a very beautiful woman.  Many a
night I've taken a cold shower to stop myself from running up the
stairs and breaking into your bedroom."
     Again his lips touched hers.  This time they pressed close
and firm.  Her nipples brushed the thick black hair sprouted over
his chest.  His tongue flicked out, cajoling her lips to open and
admit its seeking probes.
     Slowly, his hands fondled and caressed her, exploring every
inch of her body.  Likewise, her fingertips moved over his
nakedness, reveling in the masculine strength of his body, feeling
the virile power that coursed in his veins.
     Where other lovers had simply mounted and fucked her, this
dark-haired artist touched her with gentleness and caring.
Eventually, his mouth left hers and he kissed down her neck to the
globes of her white breasts.  His tongue and lips worked magic,
creating all sorts of fiery needs within her.
     But his mouth didn't finish its work with her tits.  Instead
he kissed downward, over the tautness of her flat belly, then into
the silky fur of her pussy.
     Like a moist snake his tongue tickled up and down the pink
lips of her quim.  He teased and taunted her--and she loved it.
Even more, she loved the delightful invasion of her body when he
wiggled his oral digit up into the heated harbor of her cunt.
     She writhed and undulated her hips, fucking herself on his
laving tongue.  She moaned and groaned, savoring every sensation
his mouth created while hungrily eating at the lusty slash between
her thighs.
     Her own excitement from at last having the man she had ached
for for over a year and the expert oral attention he lavished on
her pussy, proved to be too much for her.  She came, crying out in
pure pleasure ...

                           *     *     *

     Susan trembled as she pulled the prints from the dryer.
Despite her recent lovemaking, fresh feminine juices welled in the
wanton gash between her legs.  Her memories of that first time
were vivid and real.
     After her coming, Jace had tenderly mounted her, his cock
filling her body as she had never been filled before.  She came
five more times that night before Jace finally erupted, flooding
her cunt with his seed.
     That night, she first slept in his bed, something she had
done ever since.  And the next day, they developed the roll of
film.  Luckily, Jace had maintained his business manner long
enough for the camera to capture one pose that suited her artistic
needs.  The remaining thirty-five exposures she kept safely tucked
away as a very graphic souvenir of that first night.  She doubted
that few other couples had ever captured such intimate moments on
     Taking a stack of prints, Susan walked back into the studio
and spread them out on a layout table.  Her desire for her future
husband only grew as she studied the shots of Jace and Charolette.
Would Jace have actually made it with Charolette?  What would it
be like watching him ball another woman?
     Exciting, she thought, admitting to herself she would like to
see her magnificent stud tup another woman.  Not that I would like
it to happen regularly, nor have it happen behind my back, but ...
     She stopped in mid-thought, shocked by the images in her
mind.  A woman wasn't supposed to act this way.  A man was her
property.  And if she caught him screwing around, she was supposed
to take him to a divorce court and take him for everything she
     But she didn't feel that way.  Jace wasn't hers, not in the
way most women thought.  He wasn't some piece of property.  He was
a man she loved and if he wanted to get a piece on the side now
and then, she saw no harm in it.  That was as long as he was there
when she needed him and gave her all of that magnificent cock she
could handle.
     What would be his reaction if he found me in bed with another
man?  She didn't know.  She had never noticed a jealous streak in
Jace, but then, since that first night, she had never found
another man that sexually excited her.  But there is always that
     One of these days, she would have to talk to him about it.
Nothing blunt and blurted out, but casually to see how he felt.
     Susan's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the
doorbell.  She glanced at a clock hanging on the wall of the
studio.  It was too early for Jace to be home.
     The bell sounded again.
     Leaving the photos atop the table, Susan quickly left the
studio and went down the stairs two at a time.  She opened the
door.  For a moment, she just stood there, stunned.  Then she
threw open her arms.

                             Chapter 3

     Melinda Tuning grinned widely, then threw her arms wide,
hugging Susan.  "Surprise you?"     "Surprised!  I can't believe
it," Susan replied still a bit stunned to find Jace's younger
sister standing at their door.  "Why didn't you call? Why didn't
you let us know you were coming?"
     "You know me," Melinda said with a laugh while they moved
into the house.  "I'm the original free spirit, compulsive.  When
the urge to fly comes over me, I fly."
     Flee was the truth, but Melinda wasn't ready to go into that.
Later, when Susan and Jace were together, she would tell them her
real reason for the unexpected visit--at least part of it.  Even
later, Jace would learn the whole truth.
     Susan, still grinning, let her gaze run over the young,
black-haired woman, her future sister-in-law.  Three years younger
than her brother, Melinda was every bit as beautiful a woman as
Jace was a handsome man.  The brother and sister shared so many
physical characteristics. However on Melinda they were sheer
femininity, while on Jace total man.
     "Whatever the reason, Melinda," Susan gave the girl another
warm hug, "I'm glad you're here.  I'm sure Jace will be too as
soon as he gets back from the city."
     Melinda returned the hug.  "You don't know how good it is to
be here.  Despite four years on the West Coast, this is still home
to me, Susan. And it's so good to be home."
     Taking one of Melinda's bags, Susan led the girl upstairs to
the spare bedroom.  "Come on, let's get you settled in, then come
into the studio and talk.  I've got a book cover deadline
breathing down my neck."
     Inwardly, Melinda breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't want
to talk with Susan right now. She needed time to pull her thoughts
together and to rest.  "If it's all right with you, I think I'll
refresh myself, then take a nap.  I caught my flight after staying
up all night.  I could use a little shut-eye."
     "Fine," Susan replied, thinking she caught a trace of
nervousness in the young woman's voice.  "Then I'll let you get
settled and get some sleep.  I'll be in the studio if you need

                           *     *     *

     The phone rang.  Susan cursed, her concentration broken.
Tossing the sketch pad atop her drawing table, she stretched, then
rose and crossed to the wall phone.  "Tuning and Howard Graphics,
Susan Howard speaking."
     "Susan, it's Jace."
     "Jace, where are you?  Did the car break down?  I was
expecting you home by now." She glanced at the wall clock.  It was
eight already.
     "Sorry, Baby, but I'm still in the city." Jace's voice was
soft and filled with regret.  "A couple of things have popped up
here and Janet wants me to stay the night ..."
     "Damn agents," Susan cursed.
     "... I've got to make a presentation to Tegner's tomorrow
morning," Jace went on. "It could be an advertising account for
us, plus big money."
     Susan's heart jumped in excitement.  Tegner was top man in
one of the best advertising firms around.  "Jace, that's terrific.
Even if it does mean I spend the night alone.  Give it to 'em with
both barrels."
     "I plan to," Jace replied.  "If we get a foot in the door
with Tegner, it could mean big things for us."
     "Oh, Jace," Susan interrupted him.  "Melinda's here.  "
     She quickly told her business partner and lover of his
sister's unexpected arrival.  Jace was silent for a moment.
     "Melinda?" His voice lacked the excitement she expected.
"Did she say why she was there?"
     "Jace, is there anything wrong?" Susan was perplexed by his
reaction.  "You're usually excited when Melinda comes."
     "Everything is fine," he assured her in less than convincing
tones.  "It's this Tegner meeting and Melinda's unexpected visit.
It isn't like her to just drop in on us without calling.  Did she
say anything was wrong?"
     "No," Susan answered.  "She said she just had the urge to fly
home and did it.  Are you sure everything is all right with you?
You don't sound right, Jace."
     "Susan, everything is okay here," he replied and Susan
detected a definite edge to his voice. "Look, I've got to go.
Janet wants to go over a few things with me before tomorrow's
meeting. You take care and give my love to Melinda. With any luck,
I'll be home by mid-afternoon."
     "Jace, I love ..." A rude click over the receiver cut Susan
off ... Jace had hung up.  Puzzled and a bit hurt, she set the
phone in its cradle.
     What was going on with Jace?  Why was he so fidgety?
Business meetings usually didn't bother him.  And why did
Melinda's visit seem to upset him so?
     Susan shook her head, looking around the studio.  Her gaze
fell on her almost completed sketch.  Another hour and she would
be ready to transfer the drawing to illustration board and begin
the painting.  She looked at the clock again and her stomach
rumbled.  The sketch could wait, she decided.  Dinner was long
     Downstairs in the kitchen, the young blonde artist pulled a
package of cold-cuts from the refrigerator, glancing at the steaks
she had taken out earlier for Jace's dinner.  Steak sounded good,
but she didn't want to bother with them. Throwing together two
sandwiches and popping the top to a bottle of beer, she placed it
on a tray and moved into the living room.
     "The telephone woke me." Melinda said sleepily, entering the
room from the opposite side.  "I then noticed I hadn't eaten in
over twelve hours.  Think I could find something in the fridge?"
     "Lunch meat, leftover meat loaf, milk, pop, and beer," Susan
answered, displaying her own tray.  "Grab something and join me.
I like company when I eat."
     Melinda nodded and went into the kitchen. Susan's gaze
followed the girl while she settled into a chair and placed her
tray on a coffee table.  Melinda wore a negligee, sheer and silky.
It clung to her young body, revealing the shapely proportions--
also revealing that her future sister-in-law was completely nude
beneath. Susan took a bite from one of her sandwiches, feeling a
twinge of jealousy.  Melinda was glorious, there were no other
words to describe the young, black-haired beauty.
     While Susan realized she wasn't exactly what men describe as
"a dog," she also realized she wasn't the most beautiful woman in
the world. To her, her mouth seemed a bit too big, her facial
features a little too rounded, her hips slightly too flaring.  But
Melinda had that sensual combination of womanly voluptuousness and
the sleek appearance of a model.  She imagined every man who
looked at the raven-haired girl felt a wanton ache within his
loins, while most women felt a yearning to possess just an iota of
Melinda's goddess-like appearance.
     "Just what I needed," Melinda said, returning with a sandwich
in one hand and a glass of milk in the other.  "Where's Jace?"
     "That was Jace on the phone," Susan answered, her gaze caught
by the blackness of Melinda's gown.  It clung to the ripe forms of
her breasts, hiding little from the eyes.  "He's got to stay in
the city overnight.  Our agent has set up a presentation with the
head of an advertising firm."
     Melinda sat on the couch.  A blank expression moved over her
beautiful face.  Tears welled in her eyes.  She tried to stop the
wetness, but the tears rolled from her eyes and trickled down her
cheeks.  The young girl struggled to hold it back, but she
couldn't, not any longer.  She started to sob, letting the
feelings she had locked within her come boiling out.
     Susan dropped her sandwich back to the tray and quickly moved
to the younger woman's side, taking her in her arms.  "Melinda,
what's wrong?"
     Melinda tried to gather her thoughts, tried to stem the flow
of her tears.  She wanted to spill it out, tell this woman
everything.  But she couldn't--and especially not to Susan.  Never
Susan.  Still she had to let some of it out, telling it to
someone, even if she had to color it, hide the most important
     "It's Robert," Melinda managed to find her voice between
sobs.  "He threw me out."
     Susan's arms tightened around the girl.  She shivered,
something unknown moved within her, stirred by the nearness of
this young woman, the warmth of her near naked body.  "It's okay,
Melinda.  It's all right now.  Tell me what happened."
     "It's been coming to a head for the past year, I guess."
Melinda gained some control over her voice, feeling safe with
Susan's arms about her. "We were just too different for it to
really work. I think I knew that from the beginning."
     Susan had met Robert once, just before Melinda decided to
move into the writer's apartment and live with him.  That had been
about fourteen months ago.  To be honest, she had never cared for
the man much.  The ten years separating his and Melinda's age
didn't bother her so much as the philosophical gap.  Robert seemed
to be still living back in the fifties while Melinda belonged to
the eighties.
     "He called me a pervert, a slut, a whore and threw me out,"
Melinda continued.  "Susan, it was horrible."
     Shaking and crying, Melinda subtly modified the events of her
breakup with Robert.  She couldn't tell Susan the real reason for
Robert's real anger, only Jace would understand that, Jace who
shared her secret, a secret Robert couldn't live with.  Instead,
she told Susan, the problem stemmed from a difference in their
sexual appetites, which in fact it was.
     "I've also thought that the things a man and woman share in
their bedroom were natural as long as it didn't involve physical
or mental injury to either one of them." Melinda carefully formed
her white lie.  "But Robert couldn't accept that.  Even something
as good as oral sex was repulsive to him.  Finally he went wild,
telling me I was no better than a slut, doing the things men pay
whores to do to them."
     Susan had heard of such men, but luckily she had never met
one.  She pulled Melinda closer, cradling her shaking body.
"Shhhhh, it's all right now.  Robert's not here and there's no way
he can hurt you."
     "I know," Melinda said, sucking in a deep breath.  "But I
feel so cheap ... used and degraded."
     She didn't feel any of those things.  She felt betrayed and
hurt.  How could Robert profess to really love her, yet be so
unable to accept that one secret of her life?
     "Shhhhh," Susan whispered again.  She pulled back a bit and
lightly kissed the girl's forehead.  Melinda's desperate distress
swamped her.  She wanted to somehow protect her, to keep her from
any other hurt.  "I understand, really I do.  But it's over now.
He's gone and you're safe, here at home."
     Susan's hands softly drifted to the younger woman's face,
cradling it gently.  Her fingers wiped away the flow of tears and
she tenderly kissed the girl's cheeks.
     "Susan, you're so great," Melinda said, a smile weakly moving
on her lips.  "Also like a member of the family, a sister."
     Susan's brow wrinkled a bit.  Melinda's remark puzzled her.
Melinda sounded as though she didn't know of Jace and her
forthcoming wedding.  Hadn't Jace told his sister?
     "I knew it was right coming here," Melinda continued.  "I
just had to be home among family and friends.  Thank you, Susan.
You don't know how much it's helped talking with you."
     The way Melinda emphasized "friends." It bothered Susan even
more.  Wasn't she family?
     Melinda leaned forward, her lips lightly brushing against
Susan's mouth.  That unknown sensation stirred within Susan once
again.  She was suddenly totally aware of Melinda's closeness, the
thinness of her negligee.  A whimpery moan escaped softly from her
     Melinda's coal-black eyes flitted up, locking onto Susan's
gaze.  For a moment, neither speaking, they stared.  Susan
trembled, trying to deny the glimmering glimpse of understanding
she now felt.  She felt a shiver shoot through the younger woman,
as though she had just recognized the same feeling.
     Unsure, Melinda slowly nodded her head.  Her dark eyes
searching Susan's face for some answer to her unspoken question.
A question that neither wanted to place in words.  To do so would
be to admit to the strange, uncertain feelings they shared.
     Susan's head nodded in reply.
     Uncertainty still haunting her jet eyes, Melinda's hands
reached out and cautiously brushed over Susan's face.  A watery
fluttering rippled through the older girl's stomach.  She
quivered, wanting, but not wanting, afraid, but not frightened
enough to pull away.
     Tentatively, the black-haired woman's finger-tips softly
floated over her face, trembling while they traced over the
fullness of Susan's mouth. So familiar those inward stirrings felt
now, as she accepted them for what they were.  Yet, so different,
so forbidden.  She wanted to speak, to tell Melinda they
shouldn't, it wouldn't be right. But it felt so right.
     Melinda's head tilted forward.  She was a bit more certain
now, less hesitant about the feelings that drew her to this woman,
her brother's business partner.  Her lips once again gently
brushed over Susan's.
     It's not too late, Susan told herself, knowing that it was.
She shivered at the intimate contact of Melinda's lips.  Before
the young woman's kiss had been but a thank you.  Now it held much
     Firmly Melinda's lips pressed, covering the other woman's
mouth.  Her tongue tenderly moved out and Susan's mouth opened,
admitting the moist pinkness of her oral probe.  There was no
turning back now, nor did she find herself wanting to.  She
returned the kiss, while her hands drifted to her future sister-
in-law's gown, opening it.
     The black-haired young goddess sucked in a deep breath, then
trembled.  Susan's hands cupped the twin cones of tits standing
proud and firm on her chest.  She threw herself against the blonde
artist, her mouth once again possessing her feminine lips and at
the same time pressing her tits into Susan's hands.
     Not since those first days of puberty when she and her young
friends had explored their knot-like developing breasts, had
Susan's fingertips so intimately touched another woman.  Now the
excitement of Melinda's smooth, young flesh within her hands sent
fire racing in her veins. She felt weak and liquid.  She
surrendered to the taboo desires that burned within her.
     "My titties," she said when their lips parted. "Use your hand
on my tits."
     Melinda nodded, her fingers working free the buttons of the
lovely, blonde artist's blouse. While the younger girl freed her
bra, Susan's hands ran over and around the alluring mounds of
Melinda's breasts.  Sleek and smooth, they were like silk to her
touch, so warm and vibrant.
     "Ohhhhh," Susan moaned, new flames leaping within the lusting
core of her body. Melinda's hands covered her tits, squeezing the
heavy-laden melons.
     Neither seemed to hold any doubts now.  The warm, loving
feelings they created within their very feminine bodies seemed
natural and right. For that moment, that was all that was
     Leaning to Melinda's chest, Susan's lips softly kissed one of
the dark brown nipples asleep atop the younger woman's tits.  She
felt the shivery approval that shot through the black-haired
beauty.  Approval echoed by the rapid stiffening of that dark
cherry.  It swelled until it stood hard and turgid, straining the
slightly darker-colored aureole surrounding it.  Susan then tasted
the tempting button with the tip of her tongue, then her lips once
again, sucking and licking at the womanly taste of the girl's
     Leaving one hand to taunt and tease at Susan's breasts,
Melinda's fingers glided down over the flatness of the blonde's
belly.  Easily, she unclasped the buttons to her jeans.  Her
fingers slid beneath the elastic band of Susan's panties and into
the downy muff of her cunt.
     "God!" Susan moaned around the mouthful of tits she sucked.
"I never expected it would be like this!  Not with another woman!"
     "It's good," Melinda said, wiggling a finger into the already
moist crevice of the blonde's pussy.  "You feel so good."
     Inwardly, Melinda's exploring finger delved the hot, wet,
channel of Susan's quim.  Each tiny movement sent shuddering new
sensations coursing through her now totally willing body. She
moaned, spreading her thighs to allow the younger woman even
deeper penetration of her body.
     She found herself comparing Melinda's touch to all the men
she had known.  But there was no comparison.  They had been men
and this was the touch of another woman, the only woman to ever
touch her this way.  Her movements, her finger sliding in and out
of the needy slit of her cunt, were the same as a man's, yet they
felt so different.  It didn't take long until the first, small,
quivering orgasm rocked her.
     Susan then moved her attention from Melinda's tits and kissed
downward.  Imitating the way Jace had gone down on her so many
times since that first night, she used tongue and lips to fan the
desire and lust mounting in the raven-tressed goddess.  Melinda's
finger slipped from the wanton groove of her pussy lips.  She
moaned as Susan's mouth touched the black fur-covered knoll of her
cunt.  Weakly, she leaned back on the sofa, stretching out before
the blonde.
     Susan gave no instruction to the younger woman, but Melinda's
thighs parted lewdly, opening the way for her.  Lightly, Susan ran
the tip of her tongue up and down the pink, moist lips of the
girl's cunt.  Melinda tasted salty and a bit more bitter than a
man, but it was a taste that was far from repulsive to Susan.  In
fact it excited, sending new thrills to her own aching loins.
     Melinda moaned, her body quivering above the blonde.  Her
hands reached down and caressed the older woman's head, tenderly
speaking their approval of her mouth loving.
     No longer nagged by the taboos of society, Susan's tongue
squirmed around within the outer lips of the raven-haired woman's
pussy. Inward she worked, slipping her oral digit between the
inner scalloped lips and into the tunnel of Melinda's quim.
     Melinda's hips thrust upward, forcing Susan's tongue even
deeper into her young body.  It felt so good, like a man but oh so
different.  Twice before, while she lived in the dorm, she and
another girl living on the same floor had embraced, kissed and
even felt each other's body.  But they had never gone this far,
both afraid of the feeling that fired their young bodies.  Now it
seemed so right.  There was no fear, only desire and want for what
Susan could provide.  Did Jace have any idea that his fellow
artist held such desires?  Why her brother wasn't balling this
delicious blonde on a regular basis, Melinda could never
understand.  And she knew just how much her brother could provide
a woman.
     In and out, Susan's delicate tongue reamed the musky slit of
Melinda's pussy.  Eagerly she went about her task.  Her tongue
laved over the fluid flowing folds of Melinda's cunt.  She licked
and gyrated her tongue.  She sucked away and swallowed the juices
that flooded the heated channel of the black-haired beauty's sex.
All the time, lust flamed in her, burning with a consuming
     Her stomach quivered.  Her thighs glowed. Melinda writhed,
her hands pressing Susan's face between her legs.  She moaned and
whimpered, now completely abandoning all hesitancy and giving
herself to the fires of lust.
     Higher and higher Susan's whipping tongue drove her.  She
came, crying out in delight, her body quaking beneath the strength
of her release.
     Lifting her head from between Melinda's thighs, Susan glanced
up at the ecstasy-gripped woman.  She was beautiful.  Robert must
have been a fool to send her away.  No man in his right mind would
ever abandon such a woman.
     Melinda's eyes pushed back their leaden lids.  She smiled
gratefully up at the blonde, then managed to rise.  Lovingly, she
kissed Susan.
     When their mouths parted, Susan helped Melinda slip off her
jeans.  Then the blonde artist sank back in the cushions watching
the younger woman's head move down, down, down.

                             Chapter 4

     Susan studied Jace, puzzled.  Something was wrong with her
husband-to-be.  When she first met the handsome young artist, he
and his sister had been so close.  Now Jace acted as though
Melinda was a complete stranger.
     Since he returned from the city, the advertising account
clinched, he had been unusually quiet, giving Melinda no more than
an obligatory welcoming hug, then acting as though his sister was
a dreaded carrier of the black plague. Now and then, Susan noticed
him cast dark glances at the dark-haired girl as though he wished
she were in another universe.
     Susan didn't press the issue or question him about his
strange behavior.  What had happened between Melinda and herself
last night still left her with an uncertain feeling.  She felt no
shame or guilt for their woman-to-woman lovemaking, but she did
feel a bit unsure of these newfound feelings and needed time to
sort out this new deluge of emotions churning within her.
     Susan glanced at Jace and Melinda, then pushed from the
kitchen table where they had shared a late lunch.  "Well, I've got
to get back to work.  That painting won't get done unless I get my
tail back to the drawing board."
     "Where's the camera?" Jace asked rather briskly.  "I need to
photograph an old barn before I can get to work on the magazine
assignment I've got.  Thought I'd drive over to the Lawson place
and see what I can find.  The farm has been deserted ever since I
can remember."
     "I'll keep you company," Melinda suggested, receiving a
reprimanding glance from her brother and finally an agreeing nod.
     "The camera's still in the darkroom," Susan replied, still
wondering what was going on between Jace and his sister.  "You two
gather up your things for the drive and I'll get the camera and a
couple of rolls of film."

                           *     *     *

     Melinda watched her brother from the corners of her eyes
while they drove through the country.  Jace had said no more than
three words since they left the house.  Something was eating at
him, she realized, remembering his long quiet moods when he was
younger.  When he got like this, it was better to leave him alone.
But she needed him now.  She had flown home because of him.
     "Jace," she said in a tentative voice, "care to tell me
what's bothering you?"
     "Nothing," he answered without so much as a glance at her.
     Melinda fell silent.  Jace eased from the road onto the old
Lawson place.  He parked before a rickety old gate and climbed
from the car, camera in hand.  Melinda followed, remembering the
old barn that stood just beyond sight of the barn over a grassy
     "Is it me?" Melinda asked when they climbed the fence and
started toward the barn.  "Is it my being here?"
     "What do you mean?" he said, still without looking at her.
     "Jace, please!  Tell me what's wrong," she pleaded with him.
"I came home because I need you.  There was nobody else.  "
     Jace didn't answer, though she noticed his brow furrow as
though in pain.  In silence they topped the hill.  Jace clicked
off a few shots of the barn, then walked closer.  The road and car
disappeared behind the hill.
     "Jace, I told Robert about you and me," Melinda said.
     Her brother swirled around, his eyes wide and wild.  For a
moment he just stood there staring at her in disbelief.  Then he
seemed to regain his composure.  "So that's why Robert kicked you
out.  What in hell did you expect?"
     "Love and understanding, not unreasoning fury."
     "Then you're crazy as hell, Melinda.  People don't understand
the things we did.  They call it unnatural.  They call it ..."
     "Incest," Melinda said.  "It's dirty and sinful to them.  But
Jace, I never felt that way.  I love you, Jace.  I always have.
You're my brother and I love you as a brother.  But I'm also a
woman and you are a man--I feel that love too.  The things we had
will never ..."
     "We didn't have anything, Melinda!" Jace shouted.  "We were
kids ... "
     "You were twenty and I was eighteen, Jace," Melinda
interrupted.  "We were a man and woman.  That was only four years
     "Things just happened after Mom and Dad were killed in the
car wreck," he continued as though he didn't hear her.  "We were
alone and didn't have anyone else but ourselves.  Perhaps we could
have stopped ourselves then, but we didn't want to.  The whole
world seemed against us. It just happened. Now it's over, in the
past. And it's better to leave it there."
     "You're ashamed of the things we feel," Melinda said, tears
welling in her eyes.  Robert had been bad, but this ... this she
never expected from Jace.
     He moved to her, his face softening.  "No, Melinda, I'm not
ashamed.  In its time and place it was something I needed, had to
have to continue living.  But things have changed.  Four years
have gone by."
     He reached out and held her in his arms.  She pressed against
him, secure in his embrace.
     "Melinda, Susan and I are going to be married," he said.  "Do
you understand now?"
     It hit her like a ton of bricks dropped from a tenth story
window.  Now the pieces fell into place.  She understood his
estranged behavior to her.
     "And you haven't told her about us, have you?" Her dark eyes
rolled up to him.
     "No," he said with a shake of his head. "After what happened
with Robert, you can understand, can't you?  Susan is the woman
I've chosen to be my wife, to live my life with.  I can't afford
to lose her, Melinda.  And she couldn't accept the fact that her
husband had been his sister's lover."
     "You and Susan ..." she mulled the sound of it aloud.  Susan
had secrets of her own, Melinda thought, remembering last night
and their lovemaking.  She wondered what Jace would do if he knew
that his sister was also his future wife's lover.  She bit her
lip, keeping Susan's secret.
     "Damn it, Melinda, I still love you as a sister, as a woman,"
Jace said.  "But we can't spend our lives together, not as man and
woman. What I've found with Susan is something special.  I love
her, Melinda.  And she loves me. What we've got is more complete
than anything you and I had."
     She looked at him in disbelief.  Even with Robert, she had
never found the things she had with her own brother.  How could he
say Susan meant more?  He had just forgotten those long nights
together, lost in the magic of their bodies. She would have to
refresh his mind and rekindle those embers of desire she knew
smothered in her brother's loins.
     Melinda eased up on her tiptoes, pressing the feminine bulges
of her tits into Jace's chest.  She gazed at him, long and
lovingly.  Her lips, red, sensuous, and inviting, parted to reveal
the pink, moist flicker of her tongue.  Her head tilted toward
     "No!" Jace pushed her away.  "Please, Melinda.  You know I
could never resist you.  Don't make it hard for the both of us."
     He turned his back to her.  She was undaunted.  Quickly, she
skinned away her blouse and tossed it to the ground.  Her braless
tits jiggled and danced, swinging from her chest like elongated
pendulums when she bent to peel down her slacks and panties.  When
she stood, she was naked.
     " Jace," she called to her brother.  "Jace, look at me.  I
need you, Jace."
     The black-haired artist turned.  Indecision wrinkled deep
into his forehead.  His eyes filled with agony.  "No, Melinda.  We
can't.  We have to leave the past behind.  We ..."
     "I want my brother," Melinda said, eyeing him like a hungry
feline.  Her hands rose to the creamy cones of her young breasts,
temptingly letting her fingers caress the smoothness of her own
flesh.  "I want my brother to fuck me."
     Jace's gaze homed in on the alluring mounds of titflesh, the
dark, fleshy cherries topping each.  Her thumbs rolled the twin
nipples, making them stand at attention.  In his groin a familiar
fiery sensation flamed anew, a fire he thought dead.  His palms
were wet with sweat and his mouth dry.  Still, he shook his head,
resisting the carnal magic his siren sister wove.
     "Jace, I want you in me.  I want to feel that big, fat cock
drilled deep into my cunt.  I want my brother to fuck me," she
     Her coal-black eyes gleaming with determination, Melinda
slowly started toward him.  Like a sleek panther stalking her
prey, she came.
     Jace's gaze moved over his sister's nakedness. Her breasts,
so tempting, looking as though they were meant for a man's hands
and mouth, bobbed and jiggled.  Her nipples traced invisible
circles in the air.  Her stomach was sleek, flat and taut.  Her
legs, long and shapely, held a firmness that caused his testicles
to tighten, then retighten.
     His eyes moved up, homing in on the dark muff of fleece
covering the womanly mound nestled between her creamy thighs.  He
could see the pinkness of her pussy lips and the moist droplets of
arousal already welling from her quim.
     "Fuck me, Jace.  Your sister wants her brother's cock, wants
him to ball her." Melinda's eyes played over her brother, finally
resting on his crotch and the tell-tale bulge of hardness that
rose there.  "You want me, Jace. You can't deny it.  You ache for
your sister, ache to ream her cunt."
     He didn't move when she reached him, her fingers fumbling the
buttons open on his shirt and removing it.  His legs quivered and
he trembled when she unfastened his jeans and opened their fly.
Yet, he stepped free of the denim and his jockey shorts at her
     Smiling, feeling the control she held over her brother, she
casually let her gaze take in his nakedness.  There were other men
more muscular, more handsome, but none as desirable as her own
brother.  Juices flowed like a hot flood within her core.  She
wanted him as much as he wanted her.
     That he did indeed want her was proven by a very needy-
looking cock that jutted stiffly from his hairy groin.  The thick
lance of manmeat jerked and twitched with undeniable arousal. She
grinned.  Susan was forgotten for the moment.  She held Jace's
complete attention.
     Her tongue flicked out, wetting the sensual fullness of her
lips.  Her hand reached out and lightly stroked up and down the
rigid rail of her brother's prick.  He whimpered and moaned, still
fighting her, but unable to control the desires that burned in his
     Watching him watch her, she slowly sank to her knees in the
grass before him.  Slavishly, she knelt at his feet, her gently
fondling fingers still taunting up and down the turgid length of
his manhood, causing drops of preseminal fluid to ooze from its
plum-like crown.  Again she licked her lips.
     Slowly, oh so slowly, she leaned toward his groin.  Her
tongue, its very tip, snaked out and tapped the slitted mouth of
his cock.  He groaned, his prick jerking urgently under the
intimate contact.
     So different he tastes from Susan, she thought, savoring that
drop of man-juice caught on her tongue.  Different even from
Robert, and she had drank down gallons of his come during their
time together.  Her brother's musky taste was so familiar it
caused her to ache--made her want to throw her mouth around the
engorged pole of flesh shafting before her face.
     She repressed the urge.  She wanted to make him hurt with
lust-make him remember that time when only she mattered in his
life-make him remember the nights and days they shared.
     Again her tongue flicked out.  This time, she ran its tip
along the veined underside of his cock.  The stiff rod jumped and
jerked.  His legs quivered violently as though threatening to
collapse.  She smiled to herself.
     Downward, her tongue traveled.  It tapped and toyed over the
rumpled sac of his testicles. She felt the heavy-laden rocks of
lust shoot around within the confines of their bag.  She knew his
desire consumed him, knew he could no longer resist her or what
she offered.
     Leaving his baggy scrotum glistening with a sheen of salvia,
she licked back up his prick. Reaching its throbbing glans, she
opened her mouth.  Her lips pouted over the swollen crown. His
cock moved inward, sliding over the velvet carpet of her tongue.
     Abruptly, she changed tactics.  Instead of a slow languid
worshipping mouth-love, she threw her head forward.  His cock shot
in to fill her face and half her throat.  Then she jerked back.
Then forward again.
     She fucked her face on his cock.  Continuously her head
rocked back and forth while she sucked up and down the pulsating
length of his prick.
     Above her, he watched.  He groaned and moaned.  Thicker and
thicker the knot of lust grew in his balls.  His cock seemed to
swell to twice its normal size.  He ached, hurting with the need
for release and lust for this wanton siren who was his sister.
     Suddenly, Melinda pulled her lips from his dork with a loud,
wet pop.  She rolled back on the grass, stretching out on her
back.  Her legs opened widely, offering him a lewd invitation.
     "Now, my brother," she said.  "Give it to me. Fuck your
sister's pussy.  Shove that beautiful cock all the way back into
my mouth."
     He didn't hesitate now.  For the moment, Susan was forgotten.
Only the need for his sister flamed within him.
     Sliding between her spread thighs, he mounted her voluptuous
body.  His slickened cock needed no guiding hand to help it find
the moist lips of her quim.  His cockscrown easily flipped between
those pinkly pouting lips. Melinda grunted, surprised by the ease
with which he entered her, his full length drilling into the
depths of her belly.
     He grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head, holding
them at the wrists with one hand.  His eyes glared down at her
holding a mixture of lust and contempt.
     "You want it, baby sister," he grunted in an almost bestial
voice.  "Now, I'm going to give it to you!"
     His hips jerked up and slammed down, reaming the soft folds
of her cunt.  His full weight pounded into her nakedness, strength
centering between her wanton thighs.  Her whole body jarred and
shuddered beneath the fleshy impalement.  She groaned, lust
swirling up from her core.
     Again he pulled back and pumped inward. Once again, she could
not escape the full power of his deep-grinding stroke.  The ground
wasn't like a bed.  It didn't give, didn't absorb any of the
shock.  Her body took the total impact.  She whimpered out.
     He's raping me!  My own brother is raping me!  She realized
she had seduced him, sucked him, teased him just to get his cock
into her pussy.  But he wasn't giving it to her the way she
expected.  Jace was not making love to her, he was raping her--a
willing victim.  Each ramming thrust of his loins was punishment
for her control over him.  He didn't want it to be pleasant for
     She whimpered again, struggling to free her hands.  His grip
tightened until it seemed as though he were going to cut off the
circulation to her hands.  "Jace, let me go! You're hurting me!"
     He laughed, his hips slamming into her crotch, filling her
body with the stiffness of his meaty lance.  "Fuck you, bitch!
That's what you wanted.  And that's what you're getting."
     She struggled, bucking and twisting.  He still rode her
vulnerable body.  She couldn't throw him off her.  She writhed and
     In and out, his pistoning pole reamed.  Hard and swollen it
filled her.  Her brief moment of panic and fear faded.  Her want
and need for her brother grew again.  She felt her resistance and
anger to his violent attack melt away.  Desire flared anew.
     "Yes," she moaned beneath the pounding punishment of his
powerful body.  "Fuck me! Fuck me, brother!"
     Harder and deeper he threw himself into her. She now welcomed
the brutal thrust of his hips. Her own body responded.  Her pelvis
arched up and down in rhythm with his demanding strokes.  She
gyrated her hips, twisting around the skewering stalk of cock.
     She cried out when his free hand gripped one of her tits and
squeezed.  It hurt, or at least she thought it did.  But it didn't
matter, she now floated in that realm where pain and pleasure melt
together, indistinguishable from one another.
     Her cunt ached, its folds feeling like molten lava, hot and
burning.  Delicious friction ran up her belly with each driving
stroke of his cock. She rocked under him, worshipping and loving
the punishing impact of his body.
     Crying out in abandoned wantonness, she came.  Her whole
world seemed to explode around her.  In total ecstasy she soared.
Trembles of delight transformed to full-fledged flesh-quakes of
     Atop her, her brother suddenly threw himself full weight into
her.  His cock sank ball-deep into the sleeving harbor of her
quim.  Deep from the aching balls of his testicles rushed a flood
of sperm and semen.  Through his cock it burned, then jetted in
scalding fountains from his glans.
     She felt each of those blasting spurts, felt her brother's
seed drench the innermost recesses of her cunt, flood her.  Gallon
upon gallon of come erupted from his loins.  He filled her
quivering channel until her pussy lips overflowed with his load.
A warm trickle oozed from her cunt and ran down the smoothness of
her thigh, quickly turning cool in the open air.
     Jace sagged, exhausted, atop her.  His hand released her
wrists.  His punishing fingers slipped from her aching breast.
She sighed, fully satisfied.
     He lay on her until his come-slick cock deflated and
slithered like a small snake from her pussy.  Then he rose and
looked down at her. There was no satisfaction in his face, only
relief. A hollowness filled her, while she watched him turn to
gather up his clothes.
     Her legs still shaking, she managed to rise and dress.  Jace
once again had his camera and was snapping off the remaining shot
on the film roll.
     It's over, she thought.  He was right.
     In that instant she realized things had changed, just as her
brother had said.  She had hoped that once within her body she
could turn back the pages of time.  But now she knew it was
impossible.  Jace was still her brother, he still loved her, still
desired her.  But he was right, they couldn't share their lives as
man and woman.
     It was something she guessed she knew all along, but could
never accept.  Now she did.  She had been wrong in returning home.
     Sucking in a deep breath, she summoned her strength and
walked to her brother's side.  She took his hand and looked into
his eyes.
     "Jace, I'm sorry," she said.  "I thought I could bring it all
back.  I didn't mean to hurt you, or make you hate me.  I was
wrong.  I'm sorry, Jace.  I'm sorry."
     He pulled her to him and held her close.  "Me too, baby
sister.  I had to make you see how it is now."
     "I know," she said, trying to smile.  "I know."
     Jace lifted her chin.  "I still love you, Melinda. I still
want you as a woman.  But it's something we have to forget.  We
have to live our own lives now.  All we can have is what other
brothers and sisters have."
     "I know," she said, still not wanting to accept it, to let
everything they shared slip away.  "Kiss me once more, Jace.
Please, kiss me."
     He did, long and hard, letting her know that his words
weren't just words, but real feelings that still tore him up
inside.  For minutes they clung to one another, man and woman,
brother and sister.  When their lips parted, so did their hands.
     Apart, separate, two individuals, they walked back to the
car.  In silence, neither looking at the other, they drove back to
the house.
     That evening, Susan was even more perplexed by the strange
rift that had come between Jace and Melinda.  Still she did not
question either of them, afraid her own secret might come to
light. Whatever it was, she was sure the brother and sister could
work it out between themselves.
     The next morning, before Jace and Susan rose from the bed
they now shared, Melinda called a taxi, packed her bags and left.

                             Chapter 5

     Melinda carefully placed a stack of photos on Alan Cear's
desk.  Her boss, busily slipping prints into envelopes, then
addressing them, didn't look up.
     "That's the last of the Farley prints, Alan," she said.  "Can
I help with the envelopes?"
     Alan glanced up at the clock--1O P.M. "Melinda, you're
something else!  One of the best photographers I've found in this
area and one hell of a hard worker.  I can't thank you enough for
helping me out tonight."
     "That's all right," she replied.  "I didn't have anything
else planned for tonight.  Now do you need me to help with the
     "Enough is enough," Alan answered with a shake of his head.
"You're really unbelievable, you know.  The only trouble is, I get
the distinct feeling that one of these days you're going to walk
out of here and start a photography studio of your own."
     "I am," Melinda said, totally serious.
     "Any way I can persuade you not to?"
     "Make me a full partner in this one."
     The man looked at her, seeing she was serious.  "I've thought
of that.  But 10 P.M. Friday night isn't the time to discuss it.
How about Monday morning?"
     "Alan, are you playing games with me?"
     "No, I'm trying to protect a business it's taken me ten years
to establish in this town," the older man said.  "If you ever set
up shop by yourself, you just might drive me out of business.
Now, get the hell out of here, enjoy the weekend, and I'll talk
with you Monday morning."
     "You got it, bossman, " she said giving him a hug.
     "Partner," he corrected.  "Now go home and get some rest."
     "Yes, sir!" Melinda saluted him, then left the studio.  That
familiar hollow feeling returned to her when she closed the door
behind her.  She glanced at her car, thought of her apartment and
shivered.  For six months, since the day she left Jace and Susan,
she had dreaded returning to the loneliness of her apartment.  The
only time she seemed to escape the feeling was when she worked.
     "Friday night, the weekend," she said aloud to herself when
she climbed into the car and started it.  "A girl shouldn't be
alone on the weekend."
     She pulled from the parking lot and wheeled onto the street.
At first, she thought she would eventually adjust to Jace's
rejection, that they might be able to live as a normal brother and
sister.  But since Jace's marriage four months ago, her brother
had grown even more distant. She hadn't seen him in three months
and he seemed happy with things that way.
     Melinda remembered her numerous ventures to the town's few
singles bars.  She didn't mind finding a man for a one-night
stand.  She was a healthy woman who needed and enjoyed sex--hell,
she loved it.  But, to date, the singles bars hadn't produced one
man.  Sure she found partners to share her bed for a night, but
they weren't men.  They were boys, caring little that they
satisfied her, only that they had a vagina to blow their loads
into.  She only made her way to the disco scene now when that deep
itchy urge between her thighs could no longer be eased with a
     Jace, and then Robert, and their similar sexual appetites had
spoiled her.  She couldn't be satisfied by a male who simply
climbed atop her naked body and humped his cock into her cunt
until he came.  She needed more, needed a real man.
     Deciding to take a shortcut home, she wheeled her car through
the town's business district.  The office buildings loomed above
her; the streets were deserted.  The scene only added to her
depressed mood.
     She wished she were back at school.  There, at least, she had
an easy way to meet men.  The business world, especially the world
of photographers only provided an endless line of males who were
interested in a quickie fuck to boost their male egos.  She didn't
mind married men. She did mind the impression they always left
that they were doing something dirty, something wicked.  Sex
wasn't dirty to her and she didn't like helping them participate
in their little games.
     The engine of her car coughed and sputtered. Then it died.
     Melinda eased the gliding car over to the curb and parked.
Repeatedly she tried to start the motor, but with no success.
Finally giving up, she glanced around her.  The emptiness of the
streets brought an unreasoning chill to her spine.
     At the end of the block came a dim light from a telephone
booth.  She remembered all the safety rules about driver in
distress, but she didn't feel like waiting in the car until some
patrol car came by.  She didn't want to spend the night locked in
the car worrying about muggers and rapists.  Better to call a
service station and get some help.
     Checking her purse, she found three quarters, enough for
three calls.  Sucking in a deep breath and trying to banish images
of assailants hiding in the shadows, she walked to the phone.
     "Sorry, lady, we can't help you," the first service station
attendant said.  "We are only a self-service station."
     The second refused to help, explaining he closed in five
minutes and didn't have an assistant to leave at the station while
he drove to find her.
     Looking at her last quarter, Melinda ran her finger over the
service stations listed in the yellow pages.  None of them seemed
to offer a promise of aid.  It wasn't worth the risk of wasting
her last quarter.  She bit her lower lip and decided to do what
she dreaded.
     Depositing her last quarter, she dialed Jace's number.
     The phone rang once, twice, three times. Melinda felt her
stomach sink.  What if Susan and Jace were in the city, or out to
a movie. Four, five.  Maybe Alan was still at the office? Six,
     "Hello," a man's voice came over the receiver.
     "Jace," she said, feeling uneasy about talking with her
brother, "this is Melinda, my car's broken down near the corner of
Watson and Green.  I can't get a wrecker out to help me."
     "Who is this?  I missed your name?"
     "Who is this?" Melinda realized she wasn't talking with Jace.
"Is this the Tuning residence?"
     "Yes, this is Phil Howard, Susan's brother," the voice said.
"Jace and Susan are in the city for the evening.  They won't be
back until tomorrow afternoon."
     "Oh," Melinda mumbled.
     "Who is this?" Phil Howard asked again.
     "Melinda ... Melinda Tuning, Jace's sister," she said, trying
to think of something to do.
     "And your car's broke down at the corner of Watson and
Green," he said.  "If you don't mind a stranger helping out, I'd
be glad to stand in for Jace.  I'm not a super mechanic, but I'd
be glad to see what I can do."
     "Mr.  Howard, I really don't want to bother you," Melinda
replied.  "Perhaps if you could call ..."
     "No problem at all," he cut in.  "Give me a couple of minutes
and I'll be over.  See you."
     "Mr.  Howard," she started to say and was answered by a click
on the other end of the line. With a doubtful shake of her head,
Melinda walked back to the car to wait.

                           *     *     *

     Melinda studied the man working under the hood of her car by
the beam of a flashlight.  A thick mop of deep, red hair framed a
very handsome face.  He looked up at her and smiled.
     "You've got carburetor trouble.  Your engine is flooding out.
I can't do much except blow out the excess gas right now.  It
needs a carburetor kit," he said.  "Trouble is until this is
fixed, it will keep dying."
     "But can you get it started?" she asked.
     "I think so.  When I get this gas out of here, we'll give it
a try." He leaned into the engine and tinkered some more.  "Sorry
I took so long getting here.  But in my haste to play the white
knight, I forgot I didn't know my way around the town.  I had to
find a gas station that was open this late and get directions."
     She smiled.  "I'm just sorry you had to go to so much
     "No trouble at all," he answered, rising and wiping his hands
on a soiled rag.  "I was going stir-crazy with Susan and Jace
gone.  I think you can start it now."
     Melinda handed him the flashlight and slipped behind the
wheel.  She turned the key in the ignition.  The engine turned
over a couple times, then caught.
     "Keep your foot on the gas," Phil warned as he closed the
hood.  "If you don't, it's liable to flood again."
     "If it does, what do I do?" she asked.
     "Don't worry about it," he replied.  "I'll be right behind
you.  I'm going to follow you to your home just to make sure you
get there."
     "You don't have to do that," she protested, feeling a bit
embarrassed by the whole situation.
     "Yes, I do," he insisted.  "This carburetor is in bad shape."
     She nodded, realizing he wouldn't be put off. Phil climbed
into his car and waved her on.

                           *     *     *

     Without incident, Melinda pulled into her apartment complex
parking lot at midnight. Phil wheeled in behind her.  Climbing
from her car, she walked to his.     "I don't know how to thank
you, Mr. Howard," she said.  "I really felt helpless."
     "You can start by calling me Phil," he said. "After all,
we're sort of relatives now."
     She smiled.  "Can I offer you a drink or a midnight snack or
     "I thought you'd never ask." He grinned, then wheeled his car
beside hers.  He joined her, following her to her apartment.
     Leaving Phil on the living room sofa, Melinda dropped her
purse and coat off in the bedroom then went to the kitchen.
Within a couple of minutes, she joined him on the couch with a
plate of sandwiches and two beers.
     He was an easy man to talk to.  Just back from a two-year
stint in South America with the Peace Corps, he was about to begin
work on his master's degree at the local college.
     "I'm staying with Susan and Jace until I can get settled in
an apartment and find some kind of part-time work," he explained.
"I've been there a week now.  How come I've never seen you
     "Jace and I aren't as close as we once were," she answered as
they finished off the snack. "Care for another beer?"
     He nodded.  She admitted she felt tired after the long day at
work, but she was enjoying Phil's company, something she hadn't
felt with a man since Robert.  And it was a damn sight better than
being alone.  She popped two more beers and returned to the living
room.  Phil was on the floor, thumbing through her record
collection.  She joined him.  After selecting two albums, new
groups he hadn't heard while in South America, he turned to her,
his mouth opening, but not speaking.
     She watched him, feeling his hesitance, uncertainty.  She
smiled, trying to make him feel more comfortable.  He smiled back,
a bit embarrassed.  Her smile grew.  He really was quite handsome.
     "I was about to kiss you," he finally said.
     "Why didn't you?" she asked.
     "I felt awkward," he admitted.  "Out of practice.  I haven't
been alone with a girl for two years."
     "You are now," she answered, realizing she would like this
man to kiss her and perhaps even more.
     "I know," he said leaning to her.
     Their lips met, lightly brushing against one another.  She
trembled, suddenly aware of how attracted she was to this man,
this total stranger. He eased back, his eyes studying hers.
     "Is that what you call a kiss?" she said coyly.
     "Just remembering the feel of it," he answered, his arm
slipping around her waist.
     She came to him when his arm tightened.  His mouth covered
hers, his tongue flicking out and dueling with hers.  She moaned
softly, feeling those deep sensations of want stirring within her.
His tongue played over the roof of her mouth and under her tongue.
     Slowly they sank back, lying on the floor.  She pressed to
him, rubbing her tits against his chest. Her pelvis arched up a
bit in a suggestive manner.  His arms tightened around her,
holding her close.
     "You're a very beautiful woman, Melinda Tuning," he said
softly when they parted.  "Perhaps the most beautiful I've ever
     "And you, Philip Howard, have been lost in the South American
jungles for too long," she said, gazing up into his green eyes,
feeling a warm hunger for this man, her sister-in-law's brother.
     "Not that long." He kissed her again.
     She made no protest when his hand covered one of the blouse-
veiled forms of her tits and squeezed.  Instead she thrust her
chest into his palm, showing her approval, then moaned out her
willingness to have his hands on her body.  It felt so good. The
wants and desire she had held in check for so long swirled out.
Juices flowed within her quim, preparing that heated channel for
what she knew would eventually come.
     Abruptly, Phil's hand left her breast.  His mouth slipped
from hers.  He stood.  She blinked up at him, confused and
     "I'm sorry," he said.
     Before she could answer, he turned and walked out the door,
leaving her alone.

                             Chapter 6

     Melinda stood in the shower, letting the warm torrent of
water ease the frustration within her young body, still uncertain
exactly what had driven Phil from her apartment.  One moment the
man's passion seemed to be flaring as high as hers.  In the next
instant, he left her high and dry.
     Her sudsy hands crept down to the aching mound of her sex.
Deep within tingled the unfulfilled want for a man.  She tried to
ignore it, but her thoughts returned to Phil and her own
     I damn well made it clear to him, she thought. He couldn't
have misread my signals.
     Thinking about what might have been did no good. It only
increased her yearning for the young, red-headed man.  Rinsing
herself, she turned off the water and pulled back the shower
curtain.  Grabbing a fluffy white towel from a rack, she stepped
from the shower and vigorously rubbed the clinging droplets from
her body.
     First Robert, then Jace, followed by a small string of now
faceless one-night stands, she pondered, and now Mr. Phil Howard.
Men, they're enough to give a girl an inferiority complex.
     Carefully hanging her towel to dry, Melinda walked into her
bedroom.  She froze in mid-stride.  Phil sat on the edge of her
     He was totally naked.
     "What ... how did you get in here?" Unaware of her own
nakedness, Melinda's surprised gaze fell to the angry lance of
cock jutting from the man's crotch.
     "The door was unlocked," he said.  "I just walked in.  I
thought about climbing in the shower with you, but decided this
was nicer."
     She suddenly became aware of her bare body. Phil's ravishing
eyes hungrily moved over her nakedness.  Like a young child, she
suddenly had the urge to cover herself, feeling more than slightly
embarrassed by the intimate invasion of her privacy.
     "You seem terribly sure of yourself, Mr. Howard," she said.
     "We're not back to that, are we?  I thought I had talked you
into calling me Phil?" His gaze halted on the firm, uplifted forms
of her breasts. A definite mouth-watering sight, he decided. "And
I'm not at all sure of myself.  That's exactly why I left so
     "Two years without a woman, even one paid for," he said.  "I
don't think any man would be sure of himself.  When we were on the
floor, I was getting all the right signals, I wanted you. But
nothing was happening.  I panicked ... the old male ego was in
danger of being deflated."
     Nothing looked deflated now, she thought. His cock stood
stiffly at attention.  Fat and long, it throbbed and twitched in
needy little movements.  Clear drops of preseminal fluids oozed
from the pinprick slit of its mouth.
     His eyes followed hers.  He glanced down at the rigid rod
shafting up from his groin.  A smile moved over his lips.
     "I got out in the car and couldn't stop thinking about you,"
he said.  "Things finally started happening.  I rose to the
occasion, so to speak.  However the occasion had passed."
     "And now you walk in here and expose yourself, thinking an
erection will get you anything you want?" Melinda couldn't believe
the nerve of this man.
     "No, I came back to rape you if necessary," he replied
casually.  "Now, I realize I don't want you that way.  And you
don't seem to want me this way.  Can't blame a guy for trying,
even if he is a bit too late."
     Phil rose from the bed and walked to a chair where his
clothes were neatly draped.  He lifted his pants.
     "No," Melinda found herself saying without thinking.
     He turned to her, his eyes questioning.
     Her confusion grew.  Frustration and anger weren't conducive
to clear thought.  What did she really want?  Moments ago she was
aching for this man.  Now she was angry.  Was it his sureness of
her sexual availability?  Was it her own ego getting in the way of
what they both wanted?
     "I don't know what to think of you, Phil Howard," she said.
"I do know you've got the most unusual style of any man I've ever
     "Lack of style," he grinned.  "But definitely bold."
     A smile crept to her lips and she shook her head.  "By all
rights I should call the cops.  You know that, don't you?"
     "Yep," he said, dropping his pants to the floor.  His gaze
once more coursed over the supple sleekness of her body.  "I also
know I want you very much."
     Two years, she mused, what was a man like after two years
without a woman?  A trembly shiver raced around in the warming
recesses of her quim.
     "That's easy enough to see." Her eyes emphasized her remark
by once more dropping to his turgid prick.  Again she shivered,
wondering just what he was capable of doing with such a long-
deprived prodder.  "Stay, Phil Howard.  I want you."
     He crossed to her, eagerly sweeping her into his arms.  While
his mouth smothered hers, the stiff strength of his prick pressed
against her belly.  It throbbed and pulsed.  She felt its virile
strength, the power held within its long hardness--just waiting
for her.
     Her fingers crept downward to wiggle between their cores.
She shivered as her fingertips tentatively touched the thickness
of his sex.  It twitched and jerked.  He moaned, thrusting his
exploring tongue toward her throat.
     His hands, at her waist, moved and guided her to the bed.
She sank down, lying on her back, his weight half on and half off
her now totally willing body.  His cock now pressed firmly against
the silky flesh of her thighs.  She felt his preseminal juices
smearing over her leg.
     His lips eased from hers and he pushed up to hover above her,
balancing his weight on his elbows.  His emerald-green eyes
twinkled down at her, filled with delight.
     "Melinda Tuning, you are beautiful," he whispered.  "And, at
this moment, I'm the luckiest man in the world."
     She pulled him back to her.  Her tongue leaped into his
mouth, twisting and turning.  She teased and toyed over his own
tongue, then threw her oral digit back toward his throat.  His
jaws opened wide, allowing her to explore.
     When they parted again, he rose back on his elbows.  "I hope
you haven't got hopes of sleeping tonight.  I've never been a
minuteman. And the way I feel right now, the sunrise will come
before I do."
     "Deeds, not words," she said, coyly smiling up at him.  "A
lot of men like to brag to a woman."
     He grinned.  "Fact, lovely lady.  I'm stating fact."
     His lips moved to her neck.  She sighed, holding him close
while his tongue worked its way up to toy over the delicate lobe
of her ear. She wiggled under him, feeling those erotic surges
that a real man creates within a woman, a man who cares about
providing a woman with all she needs.
     She didn't rush him.  His lips and tongue slowly touched
every inch of her neck and shoulders. Then he worked his way down.
Likewise, his mouth moved with deliberate languor as though each
new spot of her body was to be fully tasted and explored before
moving on to the next.
     She moaned.  He kissed into the valley between her breasts.
Tightly, she held him there for a long moment, enjoying the
intimacy of his caress, the marvelous feel of his nakedness.  She
desperately wanted to feel that long, hard cock within her cunt,
needed to possess its throbbing strength within her, But she
didn't rush him, instead, she settled back to savor all the
tingling sensations his slow taunting of her body created.
     Tickling with the tip of his tongue, he spiraled up one of
her tits inch by inch.  When he reached the now-stiff crest of her
nipple, his lips abandoned that warmly glowing peak without so
much as a simple kiss.
     Instead, his head rose, his eyes gleaming with an impish
sparkle.  He knew he was getting to her and enjoying the power of
his sexual control of her body.  His head ducked back to her
opposite breast.
     Repeating his actions, he languidly kissed his way up and
around her tits.  This time, however, his mouth did not ignore the
needy nipple topping her cone-like breast.  His mouth opened, his
teeth lightly nibbling at the, rubbery button.
     "You fantastic bastard," she groaned, her back arching up,
trying to stuff her tits into his face.  "It's torture!  You're
torturing me with pleasure!"
     He nodded in agreement and continued his delightful taunting
of her breasts, moving from one to the other, then back again.
His hands joined his mouth.  He sucked and squeezed.  He licked
and rolled.  He nibbled and tugged.
     White-hot heat burned within her thighs.  It throbbed and
grew, melting together deep within the heated core of her pussy.
Totally taken by surprise, she came.
     She came, her cunt still empty and vacant.  She came by his
careful administration of her tits. She groaned out, grateful for
this new carnal experience.  All the times before, she had needed
a man's cock within her or a tongue or finger on her clit.  Now
she rocked in ecstasy from the slow determined manipulation of her
breasts.  It felt so new and wonderful.
     When the swirling pleasure settled in her mind, she once more
became aware of his lips. They were on her flat belly, kissing
downward. His tongue-tip dipped into the sensual well of her
navel, playing there a moment and once more stirring passionate
feelings within her body.
     His breath wove through the soft down of her pussy, quickly
followed by his weaving tongue. She shivered, knowing just where
that oral digit was going.
     Her wait wasn't long.  Slipping between the wanton lips of
her pussy, his tongue tickled into the heated channel of her quim.
With the same deliberate languor he had used on her tits, he ate
her cunt.
     In long, slow, laving swirls, he washed over the inner folds
of her pussy.  He licked and sucked at her.  Up and down his
tongue lapped, paying careful attention to the extended nubbin of
her clit.
     Unable to remain passive, she swung around, wiggling beneath
his hips when they rose.  Her mouth and hands found the swollen
fuckstick they longed for.  Trying to imitate his taunting
slowness, her own tongue played up and down his dork and balls.
Then she took him in her mouth and sucked him deep into her
     His hips cautiously worked up and down, fucking her face,
while his mouth busied the pink, juicy lips of her cunt.  She felt
him thicken under the luxury of her oral caresses.  She detected
the growing hardness of him, the urgent twitching of need in his
     She knew what was to come next--him! She could already taste
the thick rush of his seed fountain into her mouth and throat.
     Abruptly, his hips jerked upward, sliding his cock from her
lips.  She groaned--then louder. Before she could protest his
action, his tongue homed in on her clit.
     She writhed and twisted under him.  Her hips hunched up and
down, caught in the age-old rhythm of need.  To accommodate her,
he slid a finger into her vacant pussy.
     Within moments, she came for the second time.  Her body
rocked and shook with an even more violent explosion of delight.
     When her eyes fluttered open, misted with pleasure and
looking as though she had slugged down three fingers of 100 proof
bourbon, he hovered about her again, grinned.  He kissed her, his
lips and tongue still tasting of her cunt. She didn't mind.
     "You're one sensual woman," he whispered.
     "And you're one hell of a man," she sighed, "I feel so warm
and cozy--exhausted and drained.  I could drift off and sleep for
     "Not yet," he said.  His hips pressed between the open
invitation of her creamy white thighs. His cock rubbed up and
down, taunting the lips of her cunt.
     She trembled, a delicious shiver shooting through her body.
     "I've still got two years pent-up within me," he continued.
"And I think it's about time I did something about it."
     "So do I." Suddenly she didn't feel as sleepy as she thought.
"Fuck me, Phil Howard.  Push that magnificent cock up into my
     She reached down and grasped his thick cock, giving it a
healthy squeeze.  She smiled when he groaned, his hips quivering
with need.  Now she knew why he had pulled his cock from her
mouth.  He saved the aching load of his loins for her pussy.
     Deftly, she guided the thick head of his prick to the waiting
lips of her quim.  Inwardly, his pelvis moved, sliding his ramrod
of flesh into the humid harbor of her belly.  Her sigh of
fulfillment echoed his moan of pleasure.
     Melinda expected him to be like a turned-on jackhammer,
pounding his cock into the soft, enfolding pocket of her cunt.
But he didn't move.  Holding her closely, he simply lay atop the
voluptuous contours of her body, bathing his prick in the liquid
warmth of her pussy.  She felt and twitched with eagerness, but he
soaked in the luxury of her body--the first woman he had known in
two years.
     When he finally did move, he slowly pulled from her.  A
fraction of an inch by a fraction of an inch, his thick shaft slid
from the squeezing folds of her cunt.  He paused when the plum-
like crown of his rod lay poised within the scalloped inner lips
of her quim.
     With a pleased moan he slipped back into the waiting heat of
her belly.  She accepted him, relaxing her pelvic muscles.  Inward
the swollen fatness of his rod moved, packing her with virile
flesh.  She moaned softly, fully delighting in the filled feeling
within her body.
     Boy, since that night she left Jace and Susan, her life had
been filled with various boys all disguised as men by their years.
But this red-haired graduate student was most definitely a man.
His own pleasure stemmed from the pleasure he gave her.  And he
did give her pleasure.
     Outward his fleshy piston of delight pulled. She clamped down
with her firm pelvic muscles, squeezing.  The pink folds of her
quim gripped the thick offering of his sex, providing exquisite
friction over that sensitive surface.  He moaned, smiling down at
     She clung to him, her pussy folds following the outward
motion of his rod.  When he again reached the lips of her cunt, he
eased back in, turning the folds of her twat in on themselves.
Then his throbbing lance delved ball-deep into the heated tunnel
that gratefully sleeved it.
     It would have been enough to have him within her at this
moment.  But that wasn't what he wanted.  He slowly increased the
tempo of his strokes, while he tucked his head to her chest and
busily sucked one of the still erect nipples standing atop her
young tits.
     She moaned in a deep, lust-filled voice.  Fresh arousal
washed through her supple body.  Her hips arched up and up in a
constant pumping motion to match the demanding rhythm of his
pelvis.  Her hand caressed the boulder-hard tautness of his
asscheeks, pulling him into her in an attempt to drive him even
deeper into her edacious pussy.
     "Has anyone ever told you that you're a good fuck?" she
whispered down to him.
     His hips jerked forward, slamming every inch of his cock into
the humid channel of her sex. The rigid stalk jerked and twitched
with excitement.  His lips slipped from the nipple they caressed
and his head rose to her.
     "No," he said, a broad grin splitting his face. "I don't
believe anyone has ever told me that."
     "Then somebody is a fool," Melinda smiled up at him, her dark
eyes gleaming.  "Mr.  Howard, you're one hell of a good fuck!"
     His pelvis suddenly upped its rhythm, throwing his cock into
her cunt in deep-grinding strokes.  Her own body responded,
meeting every ramming plunge of his prick.
     She came quickly, lead by the commanding urge of his youthful
strength.  Before she could descend from the heights of carnal
bliss, new thrills raced through her supine body.  He still had
not come.  His dork still reamed the aching, quivering folds of
her pussy in relentless vigor. The staying power of this red-
haired man was unbelievable.
     Pushing her knees upward so that they pointed to the ceiling
and her feet rested flat on the bed, she changed the angle of his
attack. Deeper his loveshaft drilled into the welcoming confines
of her pussy.  She wiggled a bit, mating her body around his
     It was a challenge now.  She wanted to unleash the flood of
sperm and semen she knew raged within his loins.  She wanted to
return the pleasure he had given her again and again this night.
She wanted to bring him, to feel his body shudder as he spilled
his seed into the heated recesses of her belly, releasing the
desires and lusts he had locked away in his body for two years.
     "Fuck me," she urged him on.  "Fuck me hard and deep."
     Unbelievably, his tempo increased once more. Like a pike of
pure pleasure his cock crammed its way into the yielding channel
of her quim. She groaned, her own lust for this man growing with
each thrust of his rod.  She felt the mounting pressure of another
climax within her.  If she didn't do something, and quick, she
would come once again, leaving his body unsatisfied once again.
     Wedging a hand down between their sweat-slicked cores, she
reached between his legs. There, dangling from his loins, she
found the hairy bag of his testicles.  Her fingers closed around
the weighty sac.  Teasingly, she toyed with the kidney-shaped
rocks within.
     His groans mingled with hers.  His balls shot around within
the wrinkled confines of his sac. His hips hunched and bucked,
plowing the furrow of her silk-fleeced cunt.
     Harder and deeper with near desperation, he fucked her.  She
writhed and undulated under him, milking her cunt around the
thrusting length of his manhood.
     "Yesssss," she hissed out her delight.  "That's it. Fuck me,
fuck me."
     In and out, out and in, his persistent prick reamed.  Up and
down, down and up, her hips matched each stroke of his cock.  Her
fingers constantly played with his balls, adding a fanning breeze
to the flames she knew burned within his groin.
     Higher and higher her own desire raced.  And she came,
whimpering and crying as ecstasy once more bathed every cell of
her young, supple body.
     Atop her, he stiffened, his body going rigid. His cock
slammed in, rooting itself deeply in the clinging pink folds of
her pussy.  He groaned out, deep and long.
     Up from his aching balls, the flood of two years raced.  It
seared up through the pulsing shaft of his cock.  Outward it came,
scalding the hypersensitive flesh of his glans.  He blasted into
her, unleashing the torrent of sperm and semen he had held back
all through the night.
     They came together, making it seem even more delicious to the
raven-haired beauty who quivered and shook under his own
shuddering frame.
     He drained himself, emptying what seemed like a gallon to two
into her cunt.  Only when that last twitch of pleasure left his
cock, did his muscles relax and he sagged into her body, trembling
with exhaustion.
     She held him close, her hands lovingly fondling over his
body.  She felt his breathing deepen and knew he slept.  She
smiled, her own drowsiness drawing her toward sleep ... but before
she too drifted away, her gaze happened to move to the bedroom
window.  The pink glow of the rising sun beamed in.  She smiled,
fully satisfied.

                             Chapter 7

     Melinda and Phil stepped from the shower and playfully
toweled each other dry.  Naked and still laughing they walked into
the kitchen, where Melinda cooked eggs and bacon for both of them.
     "The life of luxury," Phil chuckled.  "I feel like a
     "So do I," Melinda replied.  "Last night ..."
     "This morning," Phil corrected.  "It's 2 P.M."
     She smiled.  "This morning was terrific. You're really quite
a man, Philip Howard.  I was beginning to believe that there
weren't any men left in this world, just boys over the age of
     "You've got a way about you that brings out the best in a
man," he grinned, leaning over to kiss her.  "This morning was
something else.  I could easily become addicted to you.  "
     She gazed at him a moment, seeing he was serious.  "So could
     He kissed her again in reply, then rose from the table. "Now,
I'd best get dressed and get back to Susan's and Jace's.  They're
probably home from the city by now and wondering where I am. I
didn't  realize my gallant rescue last night would lead to ..." he
paused, searching for the right words.
     "A night with a ball freak," Melinda said.
     "I wasn't going to put it that way," he said.
     "I know.  You were going to say something nice ... and
dishonest," she said.  "I'm a ballfreak, Phil.  I like to get into
bed with a man and fuck.  It's that simple.  If a man feels that
I'm a whore for doing the same thing he likes to do, then that's
his problem.  I can usually sense the way he feels.  If he's got
that hang-up, then I won't see him again.  I won't let myself be
stifled by a double standard that's been plaguing this society
since Victorian times."
     She paused to let him answer, but he didn't say anything.
"Last night was good, Phil.  You needed a woman and I needed a
man.  We had sex and we both enjoyed.  It was honest."
     He nodded in agreement.
     "And to be strictly honest," she continued, "I'd like it to
happen again ..."
     He moved to her, taking her in his arms and kissing her long
and passionately.  "To hell with Susan and Jace.  I don't want to
leave right now."
     They moved back into the bedroom.  Melinda directed him to
stretch out on the bed.  She then used her mouth on his cock until
it stood stiff and erect, like a fleshy- flagpole jutting from his
crotch.  When she pulled away, she eyed her work for a moment with
a pleased smile plying on her lips.
     "You taste good," she said, looking up at him.  "Now, let me
do the work this time.  I hope you don't have a hang-up about the
woman taking the top position.  Because, I intend to fuck you."
     The deep red-headed man laughed and shook his head.  "No
inhibition about plowing the sky."
     "Good!" Melinda replied.  "Now I'm going to fuck the hell out
of you."
     Straddling his waist, she slowly lowered herself onto the
rigid spike of his sex.  She sighed as the length of his cock
eased up into the waiting mouth of her cunt, then filled her.
     Like a hungry cat, she balled him until she and he came
together once again.  Then she used her mouth to get him up again
and fucked him once more.  Her bedside clock read 5 P.M. when he
finally managed to rise and dress.
     "Don't go back to sleep on me," he said when he left.  "We've
got a date for dinner at seven, then we'll take in a movie or
     "I'd rather have the something," she called after him.
     Feeling warm and wonderful, the dark-haired woman returned
for another shower.  Yesterday, her world seemed bleak and dreary.
Today everything was rosy and delicious.  Perhaps it would be a
short-lived feeling.  She didn't care. If it were only for
tonight, it would be better than the past six months.
     Climbing from the shower and drying herself, Melinda went to
her closet and pondered.  She shoved aside the jeans and blouses
and carefully studied each of her dresses, at last selecting a
slinky black evening gown that dipped sexily at the neckline.
Phil might show up in jeans, but she didn't care.  Tonight, she
was going to knock the eyes out of his head.
     For a moment, she thought about taking two steaks from the
refrigerator and fixing dinner in her apartment, then decided
against it.  Phil said he was taking her out to dinner.  She would
let him, even if it were for hamburgers.
     She then moved to her dressing table and selected the most
seductive perfume she had and dabbed behind her ears and touched a
drop to the valley between her tits.  Her makeup was light, a bit
of lipstick, a brush of blush and just enough powder to stop her
nose from shining.
     She wore no slip beneath her dress, preferring to allow the
light to play through the fabric and reveal the silhouettes of her
long legs.  Nor did she wear a bra or panties.  They would only be
in the way later.  Poising before the mirror, she carefully eyed
herself, pleased with her definitely seductive appearance.
     Promptly at seven, the doorbell rang.  Phil stood outside in
a three-piece suit and carrying a dozen long stemmed roses.  She
took them, sniffing their fragrance.
     "Here's another present," Phil said, handing her a box.
     "What's this?" she asked.
     "A carburetor kit," he replied.  "I thought I'd repair your
car tomorrow."
     "Sounds like you plan on spending another night."
     "If you'll have me."
     "I'll have you," she replied coyly, letting him know just how
she would have him.
     He grinned and kissed her.  "Now, I'm afraid I'll have to let
you select a good place to eat.  I don't know enough about this
town to be able to select a restaurant that will impress a
beautiful woman."
     "I don't need that type of impression," Melinda answered.
"I've already got the most important one.  But I do like seafood.
How's that sound to you?"
     "Great," he said, waving her from the apartment.
     The dinner went great.  They talked first about Phil's two
years in the Peace Corps, then about her own life.  Melinda found
herself opening to the young man, enjoying the attention he gave
freely and the interest he offered.  They danced, holding each
other closely while a three-piece combo played soft, slow romantic
     "Now," Phil eventually said.  "I promised you a movie."
     "I'd rather not," Melinda said.  "If you don't mind.  To be
honest, I'd much rather get you in bed and ..."
     "Enough said," he grinned widely.  "However, if I allow you
to compromise my virtue this night, you have to promise to take in
a Woody Allen festival with me tomorrow night."
     "Agreed," Melinda grinned, then taking Phil's arm, led him
from the restaurant.
     Outside, the night was clear.  Melinda stared up to the
stars, feeling wonderful, while Phil unlocked the car, then opened
the door for her.
     "Did Jace and Susan get back in town?" she asked when he slid
behind the steering wheel and started the car.
     "Yes," he answered, easing the car from the parking lot and
turning toward her apartment. "Seems they managed to pick up some
new assignments."
     "Did you tell them about last night?"
     He looked at her and shook his head.  "I just said I had
found this fantastic beauty and they weren't to expect me home
until early tomorrow morning."
     Melinda nodded, feeling a bit easier.  For some reason, she
didn't want her brother and his wife intruding on Phil and her
time together. Phil glanced at her again, a strange expression on
his face, but he didn't press the matter further.
     Within a few minutes, they wheeled into her apartment parking
lot and quickly made their way to her apartment.
     "Would you like a drink?" Melinda offered.
     "No.  I just need a double shot of you."
     Phil took her in his arms, kissing long and passionately.
She melted against him, rolling the firm cones of her breasts over
his chest.  Her pelvis undulated against the crotch of his pants.
She smiled inwardly, delighting in her own sensuality and the
desire she ignited in this graduate student.
     Phil's hands crept down her back, then covered the perky
cheeks of her ass.  He squeezed, molding the firm demi-globes
still covered by her black, slinky dress.  She moaned around the
tongue playfully exploring her mouth.
     "Mmmmmmm," she sighed when their lips parted.  "That feels so
good.  I love your hands on me."
     "I was hoping you would," he replied, a lusty gleam in his
green eyes.  "I've been watching this beautiful ass all night and
wondering ..."
     "Wondering?" She moaned again when his hands squeezed down
firmly into her asscheeks.
     "How you feel about having me here?" His hands clamped down
once again, to make sure she knew exactly what he was proposing.
     "Hmmmmm." She batted her long eyelashes coyly and glanced
modestly to the floor.  Then she stared back at him.  "I'll let
you know, as soon as I can get out of these clothes."
     With a quick kiss, she eased from his arms and stepped back.
Tucking an arm behind her, she tugged her dress's zipper downward
and wiggled free of the black fabric.  His eyes went as wide as
saucers when he saw she wore nothing beneath.  Immediately his
hands began to peel away and discard the layers of his own
     With his eyes watching her every movement, she sank to the
floor of the living room and posed on her hands and knees.  She
purposely pushed the pink globes of her hindcheeks into the air
and wiggled her ass, tempting him.  If he had any doubt about her
willingness to have a man take her in the ass, he didn't exhibit
it now. The red-haired student pulled down his jockey shorts and
tossed them away.  He then dropped to his knees behind her.
     "Have I told you that you're beautiful?" he whispered, his
arms reaching around her waist then moving upward to capture the
slightly pendulous cones of her tits.  "If I haven't, then let me
correct a dreadful oversight.  Melinda Tuning, you are the most
beautiful woman I've ever met."
     "I bet you say that to all the girls you're about to bugger,"
she said, cooing softly while he toyed with her breasts, creating
all sorts of warm, trembly sensations within her.
     When her nipples swelled and stood stiff and a moist flow of
juices dampened her quim, his hands slid downward, one covering
the mound of her cunt and the other caressing the upturned cheeks
of her buttocks.  With the sexy thoroughness she had come to
expect from this man, he carefully prepared her body for the stiff
invasion of her asshole.
     Dipping a finger into the wet channel of her cunt, he then
moved the slackened finger to her anus.  He used her own pussy
lubricants to moisten her ass, carefully coating the tight, round
     She moaned and trembled, enjoying the probing fingers that
moved from cunt to ass, wiggling and drilling.  She shivered in
anticipation of the fatness that would soon slide up to pack the
tiny mouth of her anus.
     Urging her to relax, the man behind her then pulled the half-
moons of her rump apart.  The throbbing head of his cock pressed
to the drawn ring of her anus.  She quivered under the intimate
contact, but forced her body to relax.  His hips pressed inward
with a slow, but steadily increasing pressure.
     "Ahhhh!" Her natural resistance gave way. The fat head of his
prod popped into the vise-like confines of her asshole.  "It feels
so big!"
     It did!  She felt every inch of his engorged cock as it
slipped into the channel of her backside. She felt the delicate
membrane of her asshole mold around his thick length like a glove,
squeezing tightly to his circumference.  She felt every quiver and
jerk of his massive tool.
     "Tight," he groaned from behind her. "You're so damn tight!"
     She wiggled her haunches a bit, whipping him around within
her.  He groaned again, slowly pulsing back, then easing in once
again.  He moved carefully, allowing her time to accustom herself
to his size and depth of strokes.  Only when she assured him she
was totally ready did the graduate student up the tempo of his
     Her whole body trembled as the hot, fiery sensations
generated by his stiff rod swirled through her.  She rocked and
hunched, meeting the in-out motion of his pelvis.  She clamped
down, gripping at his cock with all her strength, an action, she
realized, that created a tight friction that fired the surface of
his prick.
     Gratefully, his hands returned to her chest and recaptured
the swaying forms of her tits. While his cock fucked her ass, his
hands tugged and squeezed the ripe, aching cones, doubling the
pleasure of their coupling.
     In and out the fleshy staff of his cock reamed the round
channel of her asshole.  She felt like a volcano nearing eruption.
Each deep-drilling stroke of his sex sent shuddery lust running up
her spine.  Her body responded.  She threw herself back, impaling
herself on his swollen lance. When he pulled back, she eased from
him, then hunched back.  She fucked herself on his cock, while he
poled her.
     "I'm close," he whispered, leaning forward on her back.
     She didn't mind.  Her own need was driving her closer and
closer to the edge of climax.
     Harder and deeper, his cock drove into the gripping confines
of her rear.  She hunched and wiggled.  She moaned and groaned.
She fucked and screwed herself onto his joystick.  And she came.
     A moment after her quaking ecstasy began, he came, flooding
the fiery channel of her bowels with a steaming fountain of sperm
and semen.

                           *     *     *

     Melinda awoke the next morning, lazily reaching out to hug
the man beside her.  Last night had been marvelous.  What had
started in the living room, ended in her bed after hours of non-
stop sex.
     Her eyes opened wide.  Phil was gone.  She glanced at her
night clock.  It read noon. "Phil?" she called out softly, then a
bit louder, "Phil?"
     No one answered.
     Slipping from the bed, she hastily checked the rooms of her
apartment.  Phil wasn't there, nor did she find a note anywhere.
An aching hollowness filled the pit of her stomach.  Was this the
way it ended, Phil quietly leaving without a word of good-bye
while she slept?
     She felt hot tears mist her eyes, but wiped them away,
refusing to cry.  She was a big girl. She knew that the past two
nights had been nothing but an opportunity for sex for the both of
them.  She had enjoyed it.  Wasn't that enough?  It was, she told
herself, but why did she want more than just a weekend of balling?
     She glanced around the apartment, remembering.  It seemed so
empty, even more lonely than before Phil Howard had first stepped
foot within her door.  She hugged herself, suddenly feeling
     Get off it kid!  You're acting like some school-girl who's
just lost her virginity and feels abandoned when the man leaves
her, she chided herself. It did help.
     A knock came at the door.  Melinda jumped, startled.  Again
the knock sounded.
     Trotting into the bedroom, she grabbed a robe from the closet
and wrapped it around her. The knock came persistently again.  She
trotted back to the living room and opened the door.
     "Phil!" she almost cried aloud, warmth and joy flooding
through her.
     "Sorry I left so early," he winked.  "But I had this great
idea and it couldn't wait.  Did anyone ever tell you that you're
beautiful when you're sleeping?"
     He pushed into the apartment, carrying two suitcases.  She
stared at him, unsure what was going on.
     "What are you doing?" she asked.
     "Moving in," he said.  "That is if you'll have me. All my
things are down in the car.  Susan and Jace thought I was crazy,
as hell."
     "Moving in?  Just like that, you're moving in?" She couldn't
believe this was happening. "Mr.  Howard, I haven't even asked
you.  You don't just up and decide to move in with a woman without
asking her."
     "Why not?  Is there a law that says this and that formality
must be observed between a man and a woman who love each other?"
he asked. "Besides you can always kick me out if it doesn't work."
     "Has anyone ever told you that you've got a weird outlook?"
She suddenly realized what he had said.  "Love?"
     "Yes, didn't I tell you?" He looked at her with big, green
innocent eyes.  "I love you."
     She stared at him with her mouth open, then began to laugh.
By all rights, she should be fuming and raging with anger.  But
she didn't find an ounce of anger anywhere within her.  "I don't
know if I'll ever adjust to your style."'
     "Don't try to.  I don't have one," he chuckled.  "I guess
this means you're not throwing me out on my ear then."
     "No, I don't know why, but I'm letting you move in," she
said, throwing her arms around his neck and giving him a kiss.
"I'll probably regret this, but I'll never know unless I give it a
     "Good," he said.  "And by the way, I want to marry you."
     She laughed again.  "Phil, I'm not sure whether to take you
seriously.  One thing I am sure of is that if this lasts only a
week, it will be one week filled with surprises."
     He just grinned and kissed her again.  "Now, I've got to
finish unloading my car, then I'll get that carburetor kit and see
if I can get yours running again.  And I do love you, and I am
going to marry you."
     She laughed as he walked back down to the parking lot, that
funny-looking grin on his face.

                           *     *     *

     Two months later, Melinda Tuning stood before a justice of
the peace and vowed to take Phil Howard as her husband, until
death did them part.

                             Chapter 8

     "Hey, stranger, over here."     Susan looked around the
student union cafeteria.  She found Phil alone at a table.  She
smiled and went over and joined her brother.
     "We've got to stop meeting like this," she said coyly, "or
your wife will begin to suspect."
     He chuckled.  "What about Jace?  He's a big man ... not
someone I'd like to have call me outside to protect his wife's
     Susan grinned.  "Well, how's it feel to be an old married
     "Better than I ever expected," he answered. "I must admit
your sister-in-law is one hell of a woman."
     "I wouldn't know," Susan said with a shake of her head.  "I
never get to see her anymore."
     "Yeah, I know," Phil replied.  "That's why I asked you to
meet me here today.  What's it with Melinda and Jace?  "
     "Phil, I don't know." Susan looked at her brother, concern in
her eyes.  "I wish I did.  They used to be so close.  Now they act
like they're embarrassed to be around each other.  It's like
there's a ten-foot thick wall between them."
     "Yeah, I know.  I don't like it," Phil said.  "I like both
you and Jace and I like being around you, but whenever you invite
us over for dinner, Melinda finds some excuse to get out of it."
     "The same with Jace, " Susan said.  "The way he acts, he
couldn't care less whether he ever saw Melinda again."
     "Are you sure it's not me?" Phil said.
     "Yes, Jace has said several times that he couldn't ask for a
better brother-in-law.  I think he'd really like to be friends
with you," Susan continued.  "But Melinda is in the way."
     "I don't understand it.  They are both terrific people," he
said.  "I think we should do something to get them back together."
     "Got any bright ideas?"
     "I don't know how bright it is, but I do have an idea that
might work," he said.
     "Let's hear it."
     "Okay.  I've got this friend whose parents own a cabin up in
the mountains.  It's near a ski run and there's a heavy coat of
new snow on the slopes," Phil explained.  "I've got the use of
that cabin this weekend."
     Susan smiled.  The setting sounded perfect. Jace loved to ski
and he needed a weekend's vacation." Brother you sound like a
     "I know," Phil answered with a grin.  "If we are going to
pull this off, we are going to have to be very careful.  Now this
is the way I think we should ... "
     Susan listened, nodding her agreement with every sneaky step
of his plan.

                             Chapter 9

     Cabin did not describe the luxurious split-level home that
Phil's friends had provided for their weekend holiday.  Four
bedrooms, an immense kitchen, three baths and a large den complete
with fireplace provided enough space to get lost in.  It was more
than either Susan or Phil expected.
     However, the chill filling the cabin was something they
hadn't expected.  It was the type of chill that a roaring fire
couldn't dispel.
     "I think we blew it, brother," Susan whispered to Phil while
they checked out the kitchen facilities together.
     Phil glanced at Jace and Melinda in the den. The brother and
sister sat on opposite sides of the room, not even bothering to
make small talk. "I thought it was a good idea.  I guess I thought
wrong.  Those two act as though they're complete strangers."'
     "Jace is steaming," Susan said.  "I shudder to think about
the way he's going to explode when we get alone.  He realizes that
you and I brewed this up."
     "Perhaps we should have told them before coming up here?"
Phil mused.
     Susan shook her head.  "If Jace had known you two were going
to be here, I'd never have gotten him out of the house."
     "Any suggestions?" Phil asked.  "If those two don't melt the
wall of ice between them, this weekend will be a total disaster.
And dammit, the slopes are too good to waste them."
     "Agreed," Susan replied, walking to the refrigerator and
opening it.  "Mmmmmm, looks like someone is going to have to make
a trip down to the village store.  We haven't got any breakfast
     "I'll go," Phil said.  "Better get to it before the roads
freeze over tonight."
     "Nope, "Susan answered, a smile on her lips. "You and I will
go.  Maybe if we leave Jace and Melinda alone for a while they
might be able to get things worked out between them."
     Phil nodded and winked his agreement.

                           *     *     *

     Melinda cast a glance at her brother from the corner of her
eye.  He held the chill of a marble statue.  An expression so
distant.  It was hard to imagine they had once been lovers, a
brother and sister who shared the same bed.
     A hollowness still filled part of her.  Jace still left a
vacancy within her.  He was still her brother and she still loved
him.  A trembly sensation coursed through her body.  She still
found him desirable.
     But she was willing to live without having him in her bed, if
they could be friends again, regain the closeness they had lost.
But she had no idea how to chisel away the wall he had thrown up
between them.  In the past, she had tried, only to have him move
even further away.
     Jace rose.  He looked at Melinda.  "I think I'll change and
try to make the intermediate slope before it gets dark."
     Before she could answer, he walked from the room.
     Damn you, Jace Tuning, Melinda cursed.  I'm not some
cardboard figure!  I'm your sister.  It's about time to start
acting like it!
     The dark-haired woman sucked in a deep breath and gathered
her courage.  She had to confront him, tell him how she felt.
They couldn't go on acting as though they never had been close.
Maybe they could work things out. Maybe ...
     It didn't help pondering the matter.  She had thought it all
out before at least a thousand times.  Now was the time for
action, not thoughts.
     Rising, Melinda breathed deeply once again in determination
and walked toward the bedrooms.  She stopped before the door to
Jace's and Susan's room.  Inside, Jace stood, stripped except for
his jockey briefs.  The raven-haired beauty felt another trembling
shiver race up and down her spine.  The bulge nestled there in the
white cotton brought back vivid memories of lusty days and nights
in each other's arms.
     "Jace," she said, forcing words over the dryness in her
mouth.  "Jace, we have to talk.  We have to work things out
between us.  I can't ..."
     She mumbled, tears misting her eyes.  She cursed herself for
the watery display.  She didn't want to cry.  She had hoped to
handle this very business-like and rational.  But now, she felt
quivery and uncertain.
     "Jace ... I am your sister ... you can't," she stuttered,
attempting to get the words out.  She couldn't.  She broke down
and started sobbing, hiding her face in her hands.
     "Melinda," Jace said softly and moved to her.  His arms
encircled her and held her close. "Melinda, shhhhh.  Please, I
can't take it when you cry."
     "I'm sorry," she said, shaking her head.  "I didn't mean to
cry.  I just wanted to talk this out. I just thought ..."
     Jace tenderly kissed her.  "Just thought I was acting like a
son of a bitch."
     Melinda melted against him.  He felt so good, so warm.  The
feel of his skin so familiar, like the security one gets when
coming home after being away for a long time.
     "No," she answered.  "Jace, I love you. You're my brother and
I need you.  You can't shut me off the way you've done these past
     "I know," he whispered.  "Believe me, I know.  Each time I
see you, it tears me up. I can't trust myself.  I still love you,
Melinda.  I still want you as much as I ever did."
     The hardness growing in his crotch verified that for her.
She shivered, hot sensations racing through her core, stirred by
the lusty feel of his growing manhood.  "I know Jace, I still want
you.  But we can't ..."
     He pressed a finger to her red lips.  "We can."
     He kissed her again, this time his lips pressed firmly
against hers.  For a moment the thought flickered in her mind that
she should pull away from him, that what they would do would be
cheating on Phil.  But she didn't want to.  She yearned to once
more have her brother's rigid cock deeply rooted in the hot pocket
of her pussy--to feel his piston of flesh moving in and out of
     "Yes," she answered when they parted.  "Yes, yes, yessss."
     Pulling her tightly to him, Jace thrust his tongue into the
warm sweetness of her mouth. Eagerly his oral digit twisted and
dueled around her own tongue.  At the same time, he shot a hand
between her thighs, clamping over the knoll of her cunt.  He
squeezed and kneaded the womanly mound.  She moaned as his fingers
pressed through the fabric of her slacks.  Juices welled within
her quim and oozed out, dampening the silk of her panties.
     "Jace," she moaned.  "Jace, my brother, I want you to fuck
me.  I want you to ball me."
     "Fuck you blind," he said.  "Strip.  Get those damn clothes
off so I can see that beautiful pussy."
     She didn't need further urging to comply. Stepping back a few
feet, she quickly peeled her pullover sweater over her head, then
skinned down her slacks.  Standing before her brother, dressed
only in her bra and panties, she watched while he jerked off his
briefs.  His cock stood at full attention, jerking and twitching
from his crotch.  Jace grasped the rigid tool in his fist and
jerked up and down it a couple times.  She shuddered with need,
remembering the times he had jacked off for her, often shooting
his seed over her stomach and tits.
     While his eyes watched her every move, she reached behind her
back.  The three hooks to her bra strap easily unclasped.  The
cupping halter swung out and she wiggled her shoulders, letting it
fall to the ground.  Her tits, twin peaks of firm proud flesh,
jutted from her chest.  The mere thought of what was going to
happen had transformed her nipples into stiff buttons that topped
each of the cones.
     She tucked her fingers beneath the elastic band of her
panties and pushed them down over the womanly flare of her hips.
His eyes homed in on the dark fleece of down covering the plump
knoll of her pussy.  She trembled, reveling in the intimate caress
of his gaze.
     She didn't pose coyly for him.  Her own need for her brother
burned too high.  Instead she ran back into his arms, throwing her
arms around his neck and kissing him hard and long.  She pushed
her tits against his chest.  Her nipples felt so stiff and hard
that she knew they could probably dig holes into his flesh.
     His hips pushed forward, pressing the stiffness of his cock
into the fur-covered mound of her sex.  She moaned while he rubbed
the solid length of his rod over the wanton knoll of her pussy.
It pulsed and throbbed, alive with strength and power to please.
     His hands caressed her back for moments, then circled
forward, cupping the outer bulges of her tits.  He squeezed,
molding into her flesh like an artist working handfuls of stubborn
clay. She moaned, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth,
driving for his throat.
     They tumbled atop the bed together, holding tightly,
unwilling to break the magic spell of their touching flesh.  Her
brother rolled atop her body.  His mouth kissed down the graceful
arch of her neck, then even further downward.  His lips and tongue
found her tits.
     She arched her back, stuffing the marshmallowy flesh into his
mouth.  There was no way he could take all the bountiful offering
of her tit-flesh, but it was fun trying.  He sucked and licked,
busily eating at the warm, silky flesh.
     After thoroughly satisfying himself and her, he kissed
downward again, stopping only when his tongue poked into the humid
cavern of her pussy.
     She squirmed atop the bed, his tongue whipping her need
higher and higher.  Up and down the pink lips of her cunt, his
moist oral digit ran, cajoling her clit out from under its hood of
skin. She shivered and quaked while he played particular attention
to that fleshy nubbin--the center of a woman's delight.
     She groaned in disappointment when he rose from between her
thighs and smiled up at her. Then she moaned deeply.  He slipped
up onto the alluring invitation of her body.  His cock easily slid
into the well-lubricated sluice of her pussy, driving ball-deep.
     Skewered, shafted, impaled, she thought, fucked!
     Like a lance of flesh, his mighty prodder packed the tight
confines of her quim.  Swollen and throbbing, his massive cock
strained the pink folds of her pussy so that they fitted him like
a glove.  The hardness of his prick jerked and twitched in its
yearning for her.
     "Damn!" he groaned.  "You feel so damn good!  So hot and
     And he felt long, hard and deep.  She wiggled her ass around
on the bedspread.  His cock rocked and whipped within her pussy,
setting off a chain-reaction of thrills that shot up from her cunt
to her brain.  She moaned, worshipping the filling feel of him.
     "Good," she whispered in his ear.  "My brother's cock feels
marvelous!  Fuck me, Jace. Fuck your sister!"
     He did.  His pelvis jerked high, then plunged down.  The
impact came like a triple shot of hundred proof whiskey.  The
lusty pleasure he brought made her reel in a drunken stupor of
pleasure.  She groaned out loud and long.  Her stomach muscles
clamped down, squeezing tightly around his thick shaft.
     "God!" she hissed in delight.  "You can't imagine what it's
like to have you in me again."
     "I can," he said.  "I know what it's like to be there."
     Up and down, he fed his cock into her willing body.  Her hips
caught his rhythmic strokes and kept time.  She strained against
him, attempting to draw his pulsating piston even deeper into the
lusting hole of her pussy. She wanted him deep, driving to the
burning core of her need.
     Phil satisfied her, more than satisfied her.  But with her
brother, it was so different.  She didn't know why or understand
the exciting difference of having her brother fuck her.  She
didn't care. All that was important was the carnal desires he
created in her wanton body, and then the way he quenched them.
     Harder his pelvis rose and fell.  His crotch slapped into
hers.  A wet sheen of sweat coated their nakedness.  Deep furrows
of concentration wrinkled his brow.  His ball bag slapped at the
furry lips of her quim.  And his cock kept sliding in and out of
the juicy slit of her cunt.
     Seeking to drive even deeper into the heated haven of her
young, sensual body, her brother slid his hands down, caressing
the supple silkiness of her outer thighs.  His exploring
fingertips moved under her muscular legs and hefted them high.
     "Ahharrgggahhh!" she moaned out in reveling pleasure.
     His fat cock seemed to sink at least two inches deeper into
the juicy gash of her quim.  The knobby crown of his prick
threatened to bang against the ring of her cervix.
     Her legs raised in the air, she lost most of the leverage
needed for movement.  She squirmed and writhed, trying to hunch up
and meet the ravishing strokes of her brother's massive tool. The
results were fantastic.  His cock whipped around and gyrated
within the wet folds of her sex.
     Downward the thickness of his shaft plummeted into the moist
harbor of her pussy.  The tight cheeks of her ass swished against
the bed-spread.  She concentrated, clamping down with the well-
toned muscles of her stomach.
     Her brother groaned, fiery friction burning lust around the
entrenched lance of his prick.  He pulled up, his whole body
quivering with need and desire.  Up to the very lips of her cunt
he slid, then rammed back down, jarring her body under his full
     It was so good.  The young black-haired beauty found her body
and mind completely under the command of her brother's deep-
reaming cock.  She loved her husband, loved the sex they shared.
But this was her own brother, her first lover, the man who had
taken her hymen and made her a woman.
     Deep within the molten core of her pussy, fires flared higher
and higher.  She soared with them, letting their consuming flames
lick through every cell of her trembling body.  She came hard and
long, groaning and moaning while her brother's stiff offering
continued to plow the sweet, quivering gash of her pussy.
     Then he suddenly went rigid.  Throwing himself firmly into
the fleshy saddle of her crotch. Hot spurts of sperm and semen
blasted from the slitted mouth of his cock.  He came, grunting and
groaning like some bull in rut.
     She accepted the gushing fountains of his lust. She squeezed
down around his jerking prick. She milked him with the folds of
her pussy, trying to drain the last drop of his come from his
     His lust spent, he sagged into her, his muscles, a moment
before boulder-hard, now flaccid and quivering.
     "You're some man, Jace Tuning," she whispered with a sigh of
contentment.  "You don't know how much I've wanted this."
     Weakly, he pushed up on his elbows, hovering above her.  For
a few seconds, his eyes just caressed the beauty of his sister's
face with their loving gaze.  Then, he kissed her.
     They held each other close until his cock, limp and spent,
slithered from her come-filled quim. Then Jace rolled to his back,
pulling two cigarettes from a pack on the bedstand and lighting
     Handing one of the cigarettes to Melinda, he said, "Now that
I've had you again, I don't want to give you up."
     "I know," she replied, taking a long drag from the cigarette.
"But how do we handle it?  I really don't like the idea of
sneaking around and cheating on Phil and Susan."
     "I don't either," Jace answered.  "But I don't see how else
we can manage it.  If we're careful and not greedy ..."
     "They'll find us out sooner or later," Melinda said, knowing
it was impossible to keep it from Phil and Susan.
     "Then what do we do?" Jace asked.  "We can't tell them.  I
don't want to lose Susan. Melinda, I love my wife."
     She nodded.  "Can't see spending my life with anyone but
Phil.  I don't know what to do.  I don't think ..."
     The sound of a car pulling off the highway interrupted
Melinda.  The raven-haired beauty slipped from the bed and went to
the window.
     "It's Phil and Susan," Melinda said, scurrying around the
room gathering up her clothing.  She ran to her brother and kissed
him.  "If we're careless like this, we'll have to explain
everything before either of us is ready."
     With that she turned and ran into the bedroom she and Phil
were using.  Pulling her ski outfit from a suitcase, she tossed it
on the bed, then slipped into the shower to wash away the traces
of her brother's seed oozing from the still pouting lips of her

                             Chapter 10

     Susan stirred in that drowsy state of semi-awareness of half-
sleep.  Satisfying memories moved slowly within her mind,
replaying themselves.
     After returning from the store, the four of them had managed
one run down the intermediate slope before darkness, then a very
nice dinner before the blazing fireplace.  Somewhat surprisingly,
Jace and Melinda seemed to be tearing down whatever barrier had
risen between them.
     Then, she sighed to herself, she and Jace had retired to
their bedroom.  Despite the physical demands of skiing, her
husband didn't have sleep on his mind.  Instead, after they
stepped from the shower, he balled her on the bathroom floor.  To
her amazement, his cock had already risen to the task again by the
time they slipped under the sheet.  He took her again, bringing
her off five times before he blasted his desire into her quivering
cunt.  His prick still nestled within her, they had drifted off to
     Susan rolled over and reached out to snuggle closer to Jace.
Her groping arm embraced empty air.
     Her eyes opened wide and awake.  Her hand patted the vacant
bed as though disbelieving its emptiness.  Then she smiled to
     Midnight snack, she thought.  That man of mine is always
ready for food.
     Not that the thought of a sandwich was bad, she pondered.
She threw back the sheets and eased from the bed.  Slipping her
feet into a pair of warm house slippers, she walked to a closet
and pulled out a robe to cover her nakedness.
     From the hall, she saw a glow coming from the kitchen.  She
smiled and shook her head.  She had been right about Jace's late
night hunger.
     Tiptoeing down the hall so as not to wake Phil and Melinda,
she made her way to the kitchen. However, Jace was nowhere to be
found.  A light was on and a package of cold-cuts, mustard and
bread were on the table, but no Jace.
     "Ohhhhhh," a feminine moan came from the den.  "Ahhhhhh.
That's it.  Yessssss."
     A trembly sensation raced up and down her spine.  Phil and
Melinda?  She smiled, feeling like a schoolgirl again, spying on
couples parked on Lovers Lane.  However, these weren't two
strangers.  It was her brother and his wife.  She stepped toward
the door to the den, then stopped.  She shook her head.  She
wasn't a Peeping Tom.  Even a quick glance would be an invasion of
their privacy.
     She turned to retrace her steps back to the bedroom, but then
glanced back to the door. The urge to take one quick glimpse at
the couple was too overpowering.  With a somewhat guilty shrug of
her shoulders, she quickly moved to the swinging door.
     Her heart hammering with delicious, wicked excitement, she
pressed the door inward.  Melinda's muffled moans came louder now,
but Susan couldn't see anything.  The den was dark, except for the
red and orange glow from the fireplace.  She pushed the door
further in.
     And there was Melinda.  An aroused quiver of arousal tickled
its way up Susan's back.  The young raven-haired girl was so
beautiful.  Since that night alone when they had explored the
delights of woman-to-woman love, Susan had been unable to remove
the vision of Melinda's nakedness from her mind.  Now, seeing her
completely disrobed again, Susan found her body coming alive with
growing lust.
     A man's hands glided smoothly over the proud cones of
Melinda's tits.  Thumbs pressed down atop the stiff nipples
topping each creamy mound.  The younger woman moaned and trembled.
Her dark eyes fluttered close and her sensual mouth writhed in
     Susan inched the door open a bit more, but was still unable
to see Phil.  Only his forearms and his constantly tit-fondling
hands were visible.
     Phil's fingers squeezed into the tempting cones of his wife's
breasts.  Her flesh, glowing red in the firelight, squelched up
between his fingers.  Melinda groaned, thrusting her tits into his
palms.  Her own hands reached out fondling ...
     The object of her caresses was hidden from Susan's view, but
the blonde damn well knew what Melinda was feeling.  Once, when
they were still teenagers, Susan had glimpsed Phil in the raw as
he prepared for a bath.  She remembered the strange, unknown
sensations that had awakened in her body at that time.  Phil's
cock was the first male sex organ she had ever seen.  She
remembered it as being long and thick.  Melinda now held a two-
fisted prick in her palms.
     "Kneel," a masculine voice whispered.
     Desire racing through her body, Melinda managed to nod in
compliance.  She stepped back a foot or two and slowly sank to her
knees on the carpet.
     A cock, stiff, long and fully erect was the first thing Susan
saw.  She stifled a moany sigh that rose in her own throat.
Despite the fact that Jace had balled her so thoroughly only an
hour or two ago, her spying on Melinda and Phil was getting to
her.  Juices flowed deep within her quim.  She trembled.
     Almost embarrassed by the thoughts racing in her mind, the
blonde realized that at that moment she would trade places with
her sister-in-law.  It didn't matter that it would be Phil's cock
she would be servicing.  In fact that very thought, the idea of
taking her own brother, only seemed to increase the thick flow of
her feminine fluids.
     That rigid raft of manmeat moved closer to the subserviently
kneeling Melinda.  The black-tressed woman's tongue curled out
from behind her red lips and tapped at its engorged head. Wet and
quick, it swirled over the plump crown, bathing it in her saliva.
     For a moment, the younger woman's tongue left the thickly
swollen cock, her gaze studying the throbbing column of sex.
Susan's own eyes were locked to the kneeling woman.  She shivered
as Melinda's mouth opened wide, then wider, her lips forming a
lewd "O." Her head moved forward and accepted the pulsing tool
that slid into her face.
     Above the slavishly kneeling girl came a masculine moan of
pleasure.  Susan smiled, knowing that Melinda's expert lips were
getting to her brother.  She glanced up to see the expression on
Phil's face.
     Susan gasped.
     It wasn't Phil feeding his dick into Melinda's mouth.  It was
Jace--her own husband!
     She stared in disbelief.  Jace-Melinda? Brother and sister?
Melinda giving her husband head! Jace's sister providing him a
blow job? The model Charolette and Jace, Jace and Melinda.
     Her brain might have been shocked and numbed, but her body
responded with a fresh wave of gooseflesh and an oozing flood of
juices wet the quivery interior of her cunt.
     Brother and sister together, sharing the carnal pleasures of
their bodies.  She should be outraged, she told herself.  Her
husband cheating on her, getting a little on the side, fucking
around, she should be totally consumed with jealousy. But she
wasn't.  Instead of considering which attorney she should hire to
take Jace for everything she could at a divorce proceeding, she
found herself completely entranced by one of the sexiest things
she had ever witnessed.
     She had wondered more than once what it would be like to
watch Jace with another woman.  Especially that day with the model
Charolette she had really been aroused by the image of Jace
fucking the stacked woman.  Now her own admitted desire for Phil
combined with that desire and found a very lusty reality in spying
on Jace and Melinda.
     Melinda's head dipped to Jace's crotch.  She took every inch
of his long, throbbing cock into her mouth.  Her lips tightened to
a taut circle around her brother's prick, then slid up the saliva-
slickened pole.  She sucked, her cheeks hollowing deeply as she
pulled on his fleshy bone.
     When her lips inched back down the pulsing length, Jace's
hips eased forward, feeding his sister's face.  Melinda's cheeks
filled, stuffed with her brother's lusty offering.
     "Eat it," he groaned.  "Suck it."
     The black-haired woman did.  Susan well knew just how well
her sister-in-law could use her lips and tongue.  She also knew
how much Jace loved to have his cock mouthed by a woman.  The fact
that his own sister was so thoroughly giving him head had to be
making his balls do flip-flops in their wrinkled bag. Susan
trembled, her want and need rising higher.  She could almost taste
and feel the fat burden of her husband's prick within her own
     Up and down Melinda's head bobbed in an erotic rhythm.  She
no longer just casually mouthed her brother's rod, but fucked her
face on his cock.  Her fingers reached up to his scrotum and toyed
with his testicles.  Jace groaned, his knees shaking as his lust
     Suddenly his pelvis jerked forward in a spasm of delight.
Melinda's head winced back, to avoid the gagging invasion of her
throat.  She sucked and sucked.  Her throat quivered as she drank
down the exploding sperm and semen that spewed from her brother's
dork.  She pulled and ate at him, as though perfectly content to
completely gobble him down, balls and all.
     "Enough," Jace moaned, weakly back-stepping.  His cock
wrenched from his sister's taut lips, splattering a drop of come
on her chin. "God, I thought you were going to suck the whole damn
thing into your stomach."
     Coyly, Melinda's dark eyes rose to her brother.  Her tongue
licked out and captured the spilled drop of creamy jism on her
chin.  "I would if I could."
     Susan shivered.  She could tell by her sister-in-law's voice
that she meant just what she said.
     "Now, little sister," Jace said, "why don't you just lay back
and let me at that pretty little cunt of yours?"
     Melinda no longer played coy.  She quickly stretched out on
her back and spread the long, sleek shapes of her thighs.  In the
firelight, Susan could see the drops of womanly fluids oozing from
the woman's pussy.  She shuddered, recalling the musky flavor of
those juices and the feel of her own tongue exploring the humid
crevice of the younger woman's cunt.
     Jace knelt between the wide invitation of his sister's legs.
His head lowered and his lips tenderly kissed over the furry mound
of her twat. Melinda moaned, her whole body trembling in the
flickering light from the fireplace.  Her hands reached down and
caressed the dark strands of her brother's hair.
     "Your tongue feels like a wet silk whip," she groaned.  "Eat
me, Jace, eat me!"
     Her brother buried his face in the dark muff of her cunt.
Susan could just glimpse the wet, pink, in-out motion of his
tongue as it drilled into the welcoming folds of Melinda's quim.
She could hear the little oral sounds he made while he licked and
laved within that wanton furrow between his sister's thighs.
     Susan found she was unable to turn away from the arousing
scene if she had wanted to, which she didn't.  This was her
husband, her stud, and he was eating out another woman. That the
woman just happened to be his own sister only increased Susan's
     The image of Phil's naked cock flashed in her mind.  She
shivered, wondering what it would be like to take that fat column
of cock, what it would be like to cross that rigid social barrier
and have her own brother as a lover ...
     Melinda groaned loud and long, the throaty moaning of a woman
completely consumed by the pleasures of her body.  She came, her
perky little ass writhing and twitching on the carpet. Susan
watched, very much wanting and needing a man, wanting to walk in
on the brother and sister and join them.  But she held back, still
embarrassed; and a bit guilty about spying on them.
     Jace's head rose from between the lovely girl's thighs.  His
tongue licked over his lips, removing the last traces of her pussy
     Then he slid atop Melinda.  His cock, stiff and long once
again, skewered dead center into her pussy.  The woman under him
groaned in surprise and delight.  Her hands locked around his
buttocks, dragging him deeper into her greedy body.
     How many times had he mounted her in that same manner?  How
many times had she welcomed his thick prod into her cunt?  Susan
had no way of estimating.  But her very familiarity with his
unexpected lancing into her pussy made the scene she watched that
much more exciting. She knew what Melinda was experiencing.  She
knew just how long and hard her husband's cock felt when it drove
into her still quivering quim.
     His own arms encircling his sister's waist, Jace suddenly
rolled over so that Melinda was now on top.  "Fuck it, little
sister.  Fuck your brother's cock!"
     Weakly, Melinda's pelvis hunched up and down.  Her ass cheeks
glowed red-hot in the flickering light of the fireplace.  Susan
watched, almost hypnotized by the erotic rhythm of her body.  Once
she had heard, or read, someone say that watching a man and woman
having sex was one of the dullest sights in the world.  Whoever it
was who had said that was wrong.  However, there were certain
drawbacks to spying on this couple.  It was no fun just watching.
She wanted to join them.
     The black-haired woman's body became more animated as she
descended from the heights of her climax.  Her ass pumped up and
down in a steadily increasing tempo.  Her head ducked down a bit
so that her lips encompassed one of the small, pebble-like buttons
of her brother's nipples.  She sucked at the tiny nubbin of flesh,
bringing a long moan from Jace.
     Suddenly Melinda pushed up on her arms to hover over her
brother.  Her tits, elongated cones of desirable flesh, swung from
her chest like fleshy pendulums.  Her pelvis twisted and turned,
gyrating around the stiff stalk deeply entrenched in the folds of
her cunt.
     Jace's hands rose.  His fingers lightly caressed over the
silky smoothness of his sister's over-abundant tits.  He paid
special attention to the two pebbles of flesh stiffly stabbing
from the tip of each.  The dark-haired beauty driving his cock
groaned.  Her head lolled on her shoulders, rolling back and
     At the same time, Jace's hips moved.  Despite the confining
position, he managed to jerk his pelvis into the velvety pocket of
his sister's cunt. His cock shafted in and out in short, quick
little strokes.
     Susan hugged her robe close, very much in need of a man with
a long, hard cock.  For a moment she pondered using her own
fingers to bring relief to her aching pussy.  But she realized
that wouldn't be enough.  She needed a man. When Jace finally
finished with Melinda, he would find another woman ready and
waiting for his services.
     Jace's head strained upward.  His mouth opened and captured
one of his sister's dark nipples.  He sucked and nibbled at the
button of flesh, then turned his attention to its sister bud.
     Melinda went wild.  Pushing up with her knees she rose the
length of her brother's cock, then dropped back to his crotch.
His swollen prick slammed upward, embedding its full, massive form
into the haven of her belly.
     Faster and faster with determined strength she rode her
brother.  Higher and higher she drove herself on, her face
contorted with pure lust and desire.  She moaned out and whimpered
nearing that moment of carnal bliss.  Then she came.
     Simultaneously, Jace came, blasting a hot, fiery load of come
into his sister's well-fucked pussy.  Melinda collapsed atop her
brother, quaking and trembling in exhaustion.  Jace's arms
encircled her, holding her close.
     Their passion passed for the moment.  Susan sucked in a deep
breath and slowly closed the door to the den.  She quivered and
shook with need, but would have to contain her desire until Jace
returned to their bedroom.
     Susan turned to leave the kitchen.  She gasped and froze in

                             Chapter 11

     Phil, his emerald-green eyes gleaming with a lusty light
stood before Susan.  His face held an expression of intensity she
was unsure of.  Was it jealousy, anger, or ...
     "You saw them?  Jace and Melinda?" she whispered, not wanting
to disturb her husband and sister-in-law.
     Phil nodded, stepping closer to her.  He didn't speak, but
his gaze coursed over her body.  She shivered, feeling as though
his eyes could see through the fabric of her robe.  She shivered
again, realizing she enjoyed that feeling.
     "Phil?" she asked, uncertain.  "Jace and Melinda, you're not
going to do anything ..."
     He took another step.  He reached out with one hand, taking
hold of the tie sash to the robe. She trembled, but did not brush
his fingers away.  He pulled, freeing the knot.  The front of her
robe fell open.  Her breasts heaved when she breathed deeply,
shivering with undeniable excitement.
     His gaze ran up and down the broad expanse of flesh revealed
by her open robe.  Intimately he probed the sandy-blonde bush
covering the feminine mound of her pussy.  Droplets of oozing
juices clung to the silky soft strands of her cunt hair--fluids
brought by witnessing her husband ball his own sister.
     And now ...
     "Ohhh!" a soft, surrendering whimper escaped over her lips.
     Phil's hands rose to her shoulders and slipped the robe back.
Downward it fell, gathering around her ankles.  Completely naked,
she stood before her own brother, reveling in the lusty fire that
burned in his deep green eyes.
     Her own gaze drifted to his crotch.  Like a massive pole
hidden within his pajama bottom, his cock shafted outward, trying
to escape.  She moaned, very much wanting to see and feel her
brother's manliness.  A smile moved over his sensual mouth when he
noticed the direction of her gaze.
     "Take it out," he said in a husky whisper.  His hands gently
caressed her shoulders.  "Take it out."
     "Yes," she answered in a weak voice.  Like a woman in a
trance, she reached down and popped the two snaps to his pajamas.
The fabric fell downward and he stepped free, standing naked.
"Ohhhh, it's beautiful."
     She reached out and tenderly caressed the rigid shaft of her
own brother's cock.  This was a treasure, something that needed
her and must be given her full attention.  She moaned as the
fatness of his prick jerked and twitched under her loving
     Phil's own hands dipped from her shoulders and captured the
two melon-like globes standing proudly on her chest.  With the
same loving touch, he fondled the warm balls of titflesh, making
their coral pink nipples stand stiffly erected and throbbing.
     While he used his mouth and tongue on those two tempting
cherries of flesh, her exploring fingers slid between his legs.
There had been more than one man in her life, more than one cock
she had sucked and fucked.  But just feeling this man--her own
brother--held an electric excitement she could not describe.  Her
fingertips drifted over the hairy sac of his balls.  She felt the
heavy kidney-shaped rocks within, delighted when he moaned and
     A clear drop of thick preseminal fluid oozed from the crown
of his cock.  She smiled wondering what her brother tasted like,
what he would do if she dropped to her knees and sucked the thick
stalk of his sex into her mouth.  The very thought of mouth-loving
her own brother was too great a temptation.
     Without a second thought, the voluptuous blonde sank to her
knees on the kitchen tile.  She opened her mouth and leaned
forward, hungrily eating at the firm rod of manmeat jutting from
his loins.
     Warm and slightly saline, the taste of his fluids filled her
mouth.  She savored them, enjoying the real taste of sex.  Then
she swallowed, only to slide down the pulsing rail and suck with
all her might.
     His bludgeoning prick filled her face, nudged at the back of
her mouth, then slipped into her throat.  She fought the urge to
gag by breathing deeply through her nose.
     Up and down, she sheathed and unsheathed the swollen staff of
lust in her mouth.  Beneath her still caressing fingers, she felt
his testicles rise in their bag, the skin of his sac tightening
around them.  She was getting to him.  She imagined the knot-like
tautness growing in his groin, his fight with self-control to hold
back the flood of jism until a last uncontrollable moment.
     Her own body was also responding.  If watching Jace and
Melinda together hadn't been enough, she suddenly found herself
living a sexual fantasy.  She was giving head to her own brother
and she liked it.
     Loved it, she corrected herself.  I love sucking my brother's
     She did.  And she tried to convey the pure pleasure of having
him in her mouth with licking tongue and sucking lips.  She used
every trick she knew on his cock, trying to provide everything
this hot and needy rod wanted.
     Phil's hips began to rock back and forth in a slow, steady
rhythm.  She welcomed the in-and-out strokes of his prick.  She no
longer was just giving him a sisterly blow job.  Now her brother
was fucking her face.
     She didn't want him to come in her mouth.  As much as she
wanted to taste the fiery gushes of his jism, she wanted to feel
this magnificent tool in her cunt more.  She tried to ease back
from his prick.  But her brother's hands firmly clamped to the
back of her neck, preventing her retreat.  She gave in, returning
to her cock-eating task.
     In and out his fleshy rod of hard, lusty desire slid between
her edacious lips.  Up and down, her head bobbed in time with his
quickening strokes.
     Her tongue licked and teased over the full circumference of
his dick. She felt the increasing throbs that caused his cock to
jerk within her cheeks; she felt him swell larger and grow even
more turgid.
     Then, he came.
     Hot and thick, his come spewed into her mouth.  It scalded
over the pinkness of her tongue and blasted to the back of her
throat. There wasn't time to relish each gushing spurt. She sucked
deeply and drank down the rush of sperm and semen to stop from
being drowned in his release.  Again and again she swallowed down
her brother's seed, wishing this fountaining eruption filled her
pussy rather than her stomach.
     Only when Phil's trembling hands released her neck, did she
slip off his cock.  Licking the last traces of his release from
her worshipping lips, her gaze rolled up to her brother.
     He smiled down at her with adoration in his eyes and
gratitude.  He tried to help her to her feet, but was still too
shaky to assist much.  She moved into his arms, her cock-loving
mouth covering his.  They kissed deeply, neither inhibited by the
fact that they were siblings.  Their tongues dueled and probed,
thoroughly lost in their mutual passion.
     Phil's hands drifted from her waist and cupped the demi-
globes of her perky ass cheeks. He squeezed them a couple of
times, then suddenly lifted to seat her on the kitchen table. He
stepped back a bit, breaking their embrace.  Her eyes, misty with
love and lust, flickered open. To her surprise his cock still
stood rigid from his crotch.  He reached down and spread the
luxurious softness of her shapely thighs, opening the way to the
pouted lips of her cunt.
     "Yes," she nodded, fully understanding what he intended to do
with that fat pole of prick.  "I want to feel you, Phil.  I want
my brother's cock in me.  "
     He needed no further urging.  Gripping his pulsating shaft in
a fist, he moved forward. Easily he pressed the engorged head of
his sex into the open furrow of her cunt.  Securely nestled there,
just at the entrance to her quim, he wedged his hands under the
mounds of her ass. Then he pulled forward.
     "Ahhhhhhhhh!" she moaned out in a deep voice of sheer
     Inward the swollen lance of his sex skewered. Ball deep, he
sank his meaty shaft into the soft trench of her pussy.  She
moaned again, her stomach shuddering with waves of desire.  Her
legs wrapped around him, locking at the ankle.
     He was so fat.  His circumference strained the tightly
gripping folds of her quim.  Despite the flooding flow of juices
that drenched her pussy, she didn't see how he would be able to
move within her.
     And long!  His cock seemed to jab up into her belly as though
fully intent on skewering through her.  Her brother was equipped
with a cock that wouldn't stop.  She worried if she were woman
enough to handle such a pussy pleaser as this.
     With the first movement of his hips, she realized she was.
The awkward, confined position restricted his strokes at first,
giving her time to accustom herself to the strange bigness that
filled her cunt to the brim.  By the time he reached a steady in-
out rhythm, her own body moved to his tempo.
     "Tight," he moaned and grinned at her.  "My sister's pussy
feels as tight as a virgin."
     A virgin, she wasn't.  She showed him just how much of a
woman he was balling by tightening her pussy around his massive
cock and squeezing.  He groaned, his eyes dulling over with a
glaze of lusty pleasure.  She relaxed, then clamped down again,
enjoying the control she held over her own brother.
     His cock jumped and jerked within the sleeving folds of her
twat.  Each jerk of his rod sent gooseflesh racing up and down her
back.  She moaned, swishing her ass a bit so that his prick
twisted around within her, screwing even deeper into the humid
harbor of her needy cunt.
     He eased back, his cock inched from her pussy.  His hands
squeezed into the pads of her rear mounds and he hiked her higher.
Inward he rammed the long, fat pole of his sex.  Deeper, even
deeper than before he drilled.  She moaned, her body bucking and
twisting in response to his massive invasion of her willing quim.
     While watching Jace and Melinda together, she had wondered
what it would be like to take her brother into her body.  She had
imagined the thrill of knowing her brother as a lover.  But never
had she been able to capture the real excitement of actually doing
     This was more than just having a man's cock within her.  This
was her brother--her very own brother! His touch was like
electricity jolting through the open network of her nerves.  His
cock was like adamantine steel packing the tightness of her pussy.
She tried to find the words to describe the feelings to him, to
share the full arousal of their incestuous coupling with him, but
failed.  There were no words to paint the heights to which she now
soared.  She gave up, abandoning herself to the waves of carnal
pleasure that washed through her supple body.
     Out and in, his thick root of flesh plowed the honey-dipping
furrow of her cunt.  Each invading plunge of his body sent tremors
quaking through her.  Her eyes closed and her head rolled on her
shoulders in drunken fashion.
     In and out, the stiff column of his cock reamed the willing
trench of her sex.  The driving power of his loins controlled her.
Like a woman completely commanded by some mystical spell, she gave
herself totally to her brother.
     Harder he pumped the long, pulsing shaft of his prick into
her quim.  She squeezed her legs around him and came.  Then came
     In quick succession she came five times, each climax growing
from the quivering remains of the one that went before.  Harder
and harder her body quaked and shuddered.  Never before had she
experienced such overpowering pleasure. Her body felt like a
rapid-fire rifle, exploding with joy.
     Then she CAME!
     Like a dam crumbling, her flesh tremors exploded in bliss.
Her own universe seemed to swirl in a race of blinding white light
that transformed into flashing colors.  Her temples pounded and
beat like an oversized bass drum. She groaned out, crying aloud
the uninhibited pleasure of her release.
     Only when the maddening rush of pleasure eased a bit did she
realize that Phil's cock was now deeply drilled into her cunt and
he no longer moved.  Or he didn't move except to tremble and
quiver as he unloaded a fresh blast of sperm and semen into the
quivering tightness of her pussy.
     She reached out, hugging as close to him as their position
allowed.  Gratefully, she received the hot seed her brother
spurted up into her cunt.
     As he drained the lust of his loins, he sagged into her.
Exhausted for the moment, he clung to his blonde sister, panting
and trembling.  She held him tight, afraid his knees would give
way under him.
     A cough sounded behind them.
     A chill, like a finger of ice, ran up and down Susan's spine.
     "Hmmmmm," a voice she recognized as Jace's.  "It seems my
wife and your husband have been spying on us."
     "And decided to play around a bit on their own," Melinda
     Phil's eyes opened and focused behind Susan. The blonde
twisted her head around to find Jace and Melinda standing in the
doorway to the kitchen.  Both wore amused grins.  Jace's cock
stood stiff and hard.
     "It seems we've all been caught with our hands in the cookie
jar," Jace said.
     "That's not Phil's hand, brother dear," Melinda chuckled.
"And that's definitely not a cookie jar he's got his cock caught
     Phil managed to stand upright.  He eased back a bit, his
deflating cock slipping from Susan's come-drenched cunt.
Melinda's gaze took in her husband's spent rod, then her sister-
in-law's quim.  Her red lips parted and her tongue flicked over
     She then glanced at Jace and smiled.  He returned the smile,
looking to Susan and Phil. Melinda moved to the refrigerator,
opened it and removed a bottle of white wine and a package of
     "I think it's time we all sat down together and had a long
talk," the black-haired woman said. "As soon as you two get your
strength back, get some glasses from the cabinet and join Jace and
me in the den.  It's a lot more comfortable by the fire."
     In a mild state of shock, Susan slid from atop the kitchen
table.  Taking four glasses from the cabinet, she took Phil's hand
and walked into the den, where her husband and his sister sat on
the floor with an arm around each other's waist.

                             Chapter 12

     Susan snuggled closer to her husband and sipped on her third
glass of wine.  Despite her nakedness the fire, the alcohol in her
blood-stream and the two men and one woman--all who had been her
lovers at one time--made her feel very warm and cozy.
     Phil reached out for a piece of the cheese, then let his hand
slip up Melinda's thigh, his fingers brushing the black bush of
her pussy.  The dark-haired beauty shivered and smiled.
     "I don't know what to say," Susan said, still mulling over
the tale Jace and Melinda had just told.  Even though her brother
had just balled her, new arousal coursed through her body. Their
tale of brother-and-sisterly love was quite a turn on.  "Except
that it's one of the sexiest stories I've ever heard."
     "Phil?" Melinda asked.  "What about you?"
     "What about me?" he said looking at his young wife.  "What
about you?"
     "I thought watching you screw your own sister was one of the
sexiest things I've ever seen," the black-haired girl said.  "Do
you plan to do it again?"
     "Hey," Susan cut in.  "Don't I have something to say about
     "You'll say 'yes,'" Jace replied.  "I've seen that look on
your face for two years now.  All Phil has to do is come and knock
and you'll be flat on your back for him."
     "Jealous?" Susan asked.
     "Nope.  I also thought it was one of the sexiest sights I've
seen," Jace answered.  "Hope you two don't mind a couple of
peeping Toms."
     Jace pulled her close and kissed her.  It wasn't a casual "I
Love You" kiss, but a long, tongue-probing to the throat kiss.
She moaned, rolling to him.  The heavy balls of her tits rolled
against his chest.  Her nipples grew hard as the wanton lust of
her body flared high.  She reached down between his thighs to find
his cock standing high and hard.  She squeezed it, not caring that
her brother and his wife watched.
     When they parted, she glanced to Melinda and Phil.  The other
couple didn't seem to mind company either.  The black-haired woman
had slid down beside her husband.  Her mouth was now stuffed full
of his long, fat cock.  Susan watched while her sister-in-law
mouthed a massive burden of prick, bringing it to life within her
face until it stood at rigid attention.
     "Oooohhhh!" Susan moaned in sudden surprise.
     Jace's finger slipped up into the hot pocket of her quim.
Like a miniature prick it stroked in and out.  She wiggled a bit,
opening herself to his delving digit.  She squeezed harder on his
cock, jacking her hand up and down that turgid shaft.
     "Fuck me, Jace, " she said turning to her husband.  "I want
you to fuck me.  Now!"
     He pulled her to him and kissed her, long, hard, and
arousing.  "Your ass.  I want your ass."
     She offered no protest, but released his throbbing dick and
rolled over so that she was on all fours on the floor.  She poked
her rear mounds into the air and wiggled them to tempt him.
     Immediately, he scrambled behind her and grasped the twin
cushions of flesh.  For several minutes, he stood there and
kneaded her ass cheeks while whispering loving and very sexy
things.  Then he parted the pads of her buttocks. She shivered,
feeling his breath bathe over the puckered mouth of her anus.
     "Oh, Jace!" she moaned.  "That feels so good!"
     His tongue flicked out and tapped over the tight nodes of her
asshole.  He licked at that tiny mouth.  Delicious shivers raced
along her spine setting up wave after wave of excited gooseflesh.
     Around and around his oral digit worked. Then the tip of his
tongue wiggled into her ass, then even deeper.  While he ate at
her, she did her best to maintain her balance.  The sensations her
husband created within her were unbelievable.  This whole night
had been nothing but one unexpected sexual encounter after
     "There," he said.  "Relax."
     She did.  The swollen head of his prick pressed against her
anus.  She relaxed even more, allowing that arrow-shaped tip to
penetrate the taut ring of her asshole, then slid inward and up
her back.
     A woman can feel a man in her pussy, she thought, but a woman
can feel a cock up her ass!
     She could.  She felt every pulsating inch of his plunger.
Her mouth, her cunt and now her ass. Tonight her body was designed
but for one thing--cock.  And she was taking it every way it was
offered--and loving it.
     Slowly, Jace pulled back.  She clamped down, squeezing her
rectum around his engorged prodder.  He groaned as fiery friction
seared along every inch of his cock.  Still he pulled outward
until only the head of his prick remained entrenched within her.
Then he pushed back in.
     She relaxed, letting her husband's stiff invasion drill up
into the volcano-like heat of her bowels.  So good, she thought,
he feels so damn good.  It was like having a man in her quim, but
so deliciously different.  She wondered about those men and women
who had never experienced anal lovemaking.  It was their loss, not
     Across the room, Melinda threw her head onto Phil's inflated
rod.  She let its bulging crown slide into her throat, then she
started sucking.  Slowly, she pulled back, sucking harder and
harder while she rose up the meaty column of prick.  Her lips
smacked loudly when she pulled off her husband's cock.
     "Hey?" Phil looked down at her.  "Why did you stop?"
     "Because, my darling husband," Melinda smiled, "you can't
take your eyes off your sister.  I can't blame you.  Susan is one
hell of a woman."
     Melinda eased up beside him and whispered in his ear.  Phil's
eyes grew wide with disbelief.  He looked at her.  "You and
     "Yes," she nodded.
     "Damn! I hope you don't expect the same from Jace and me,"
Phil said.  "I'm strictly a woman's man.  But the thought of you
and Susan together.  Wow!"
     Melinda laughed.  "You dig watching your wife getting
screwed, don't you?"
     Phil grinned and nodded affirmatively. "The thought of seeing
you and Susan is something else."
     "Then why don't you go over there and fill your sister's
pussy full of come again," Melinda suggested.  "Then I'll show you
just what I can do."
     "Are you sure?  I mean you and I were ..."
     "We can wait," Melinda said.  "You've just discovered that
your sister is a woman--something Jace and I have shared for
years.  Now go to her."
     Phil glanced at his black-haired wife, kissed her, then
scooted toward Susan.
     The blonde wasn't sure what was happening. One moment she was
dreamily lost in the steady in-out rhythm of Jace's cock, the
next, her husband thrust himself deeply into her bowels, wrapped
his arms around her waist, lifted her a bit, then lay her on her
side while still plugged into her ass.
     Her eyes fluttered open to see Phil slide down in front of
her.  "What?"
     "Relax, sis," he said.  "I'm just coming back for seconds."
     "You're what?" she muttered, what he had said just
penetrating her pleasure-laden brain. "Phil, don't, you can't!"
     He did.  Parting her legs, he drilled his cock up into the
wet slit of her cunt.
     "God!" she groaned.  "Oh, my God!"
     I'm nothing but a fucking machine, she thought.  Two men at
once.  Two cocks crammed into my cunt and ass!
     She didn't have time to be indignant about the unexpected
invasion of her body.  Phil immediately started pumping his prick
in and out of her quim.  The dual skewering of her wanton body
sent her soaring to new heights of carnal pleasure.
     She could feel both her men at once.  She felt them pressing
against one another through the thin membrane separating her pussy
and ass. She wondered if they could feel one another, if they
found that contact arousing as she did.
     Inward Jace drilled his plunger into her asshole, reaming
long and deep.  Outward, Phil pulled until his cock's crown
nestled in the outer lips of her cunt.  Then outward Jace eased
and inward Phil plunged.
     She accepted each of their fleshy offerings, loving the heat
sensations they sent swirling through her.  She felt like a total
sex object, realizing that if cocks had been presented to her
mouth and hands she would have been willing to service them as
     These two men and their demanding pricks completely dominated
her.  All she existed for was the feel of their in-out stroking.
She felt her identity blur and melt away.  She was woman and they
were men.  She existed to take them into her body, to feel the
pleasure they could provide her.  There was that and in this
moment there was nothing else.
     Jace came first, his seed blasting from the jerking head of
his cock.  She groaned, relishing the hot gushes of his jism.  She
wiggled and squeezed her ass, trying to milk every drop of sperm
and semen from her husband's cock. When his deflated cock slipped
from her come-coated asshole, she turned her full attention to
draining the still rigid cock plugged into her cunt.
     Matching her hunching movements with those of her brother's,
she rolled to her back, pulling Phil on top of the voluptuous bed
of her young willing body.  Eagerly he pumped his cock in and out
of her cunt, never missing a stroke as they changed positions.
     She was the woman--the total woman now. Her own needs and
desires no longer seemed to matter.  That she could and would
bring her brother off once more was all she cared about.
     In a wild frenzy their bodies rocked and bucked.  She
undulated her pelvis with each up-down rise of his.  She fucked
him as hard as he fucked her.  As she sighed with pure pleasure,
Phil came, once again flooding her loins with the thick fountains
of his jism.
     For moments she lay beneath him, feeling his bone-hard cock
slowly deflated to a sleepy snake and withered from the depths of
her cunt.  Two down.  Bring on the rest, she thought, still lost
in the sexual power fantasy she lived.
     Soft, like the brushing of a small feather, she felt the
moist tip of a tongue lick at the pouting pink lips of her quim.
The blonde moaned in a whimpery voice of delight.  Her eyes
fluttered open and glanced down.  Melinda's raven-black hair fell
over her creamy thighs as the other woman knelt to lick at her
cunt.  To each side, Phil and Jace sat back watching with wide-
eyed interest.  Susan moaned again, reaching down to stroke the
head of her female lover.
     Tenderly, Melinda's tongue weaved its way up into the come-
drenched slit of Susan's quim. The mixture of very male jism and
very female fluids was exciting.  She sucked them into her mouth
and swallowed them.  Well aware of the two men who watched and the
effect of woman-to-woman sex on men, she went about her task with
deliberate languor.  Often the swipes of her pink tongue were
exaggerated so that both men could see the intimate caresses she
laved on Susan's delectable cunt.
     Then too was her own love for this woman and the want to
provide her pleasure.  Not to mention the delight she had
discovered with the woman and the lust she felt for her sister-in-
     Good, Susan thought.  Melinda's delving tongue felt so soft
and gentle.  It was a perfect counterpoint to the driving strength
of her husband's and brother's cocks.  She moaned, feeling her own
need flame again, racing at an uncontrollable pace.
     Around and around the whipping oral digit ate at her pussy.
Higher and higher the sexy blonde soared.  She came.  Her whole
body shuddered and quaked.  She cried out, groaning the full
pleasure of her release.  So intense were the sensations that
caught her, she thought that she was going to black out for a
moment.  She had read of women who passed out when they climaxed,
but until now, she had thought they were simply fantasies of some
writer's mind.
     As the tremors of her body quieted and her writhing stopped,
Melinda eased her tongue from her sister-in-law's cunt.  She
licked her lips, wiping away the juices that remained there.
Pleased, she stared down at the blonde, grinning when Susan's eyes
opened and she smiled up to her in gratitude.
     Jace and Phil scooted over beside the women, offering each a
fresh glass of wine.  Both took the glasses and sipped.
     "I needed that," Susan sighed, resting in her husband's arms.
"It was unbelievable."
     "I know," Jace grinned at her.  "That saying about a woman
always being capable of having sex is most definitely true."
     "I've never noticed any problems with your ability to
perform," the still panting blonde said.  Susan reached down to
her husband's crotch and playfully stroked the still deflated
length of his cock.
     Jace leaned down and lightly kissed her lips. Susan sighed,
feeling Jace's prick throb beneath the caressing tips of her
fingers.  It wouldn't be long before the sleeping hose would be
standing straight and hard again.
     Giving his cock a loving squeeze, Susan pushed from the floor
and sat up.  "If all of you will excuse me, I think I need to find
the ladies' room."
     With that, the naked blonde rose and walked from the den.
     Melinda glanced at Phil and then Jace.  She smiled.  "Two men
and one woman."
     "Mmmmm?" Phil looked at her'
     "I had read about it, but I really didn't believe it was
possible," the black-haired woman said.
     Jace chuckled, but Phil gazed at his wife.  "I think you're
     "Hinting?" Melinda coyly batted her eyes.
     "Yeah," Phil nodded.  "That's exactly what you're doing."
     "Why, Phil, what could you be talking about?" Melinda's
fingers crept over his thighs and surrounded the length of his
cock.  Slowly, she ran her hand up and down the sleeping hose of
     His sex came to life beneath her touch. Weakly throbbing at
first, the deflated prick grew in length and circumference.  It
pulsed and jerked, rising to a stiff, rigid pole of lust.
     Phil ran his own hand down to the black, silky muff bushed
over her cunt.  Easily he wiggled a finger up into the intimate
furrow of her body. Melinda grunted in pleasure as he buried three
knuckles in her twat.
     "That's what I thought," her husband winked to Jace.  "This
wench feels like a river. She can't wait to service two men at
     Melinda didn't speak, but looked to her brother.  Jace
     "Hmmmm," Jace mused aloud.  "I think we can oblige the young
lady, but with a few changes.  "
     "Like a bitch in heat," Phil said, slipping another finger up
into the wet pocket of the black-haired beauty's cunt.  "How do
you think we should handle this?"
     "I think I should give the bitch a bone," Jace said.
     He knee-walked over to his sister and held his cock toward
her mouth.  With a wet pop, Phil pulled his fingers from her
pussy.  Melinda moaned with disappointment.  She shivered with
delicious anticipation, glancing at her husband then at the fleshy
offering her brother proffered.
     "Eat it," Jace said.  "I want my sister to suck on my dick."
     Getting on hands and knees, Melinda ducked her head and took
her brother's limp prick into her mouth.  Lovingly, her tongue
curled around the meaty hose.  She licked and bathed it, drawing
more than one deep moan from the man above her.
     Around and around, her tongue swiped at the crown on Jace's
cock.  Then her tongue-tip drilled into the small slitted mouth of
the growing organ.  She smiled to herself.  Susan was right--
women, those who dug sex, were always ready and willing.  She
shivered with delight. Now she would have two men at once--two
cocks plugged into her hungry body.
     Thick and hard, Jace's rod swelled.  The veins running along
its underside pulsed, standing out with throbbing need.  Her lips
tightened around the now massive root of cockmeat and she sucked.
     Melinda, kneeling and naked, her mouth loving the rigid shaft
of her brother's prick, moaned.  Phil now knelt behind her.
Gently, her husband ran a palm between her thighs, covering the
uptilted knoll of her cunt.  His fingers squeezed, massaging the
willing mound of her sex.
     Pulling back so that she sucked deeply on the engorged crown
of her brother's cock, she licked and whipped her wet, pink tongue
over the sensitive skin.  Then she relaxed and slid back down the
massive tube of flesh.  With her nose nestled in the black hairs
forested around his prick, she pulled back.
     Phil's fingers once more wiggled their way into the
vulnerably exposed pocket of her cunt. In and out, like a
miniature penis her husband drilled his fingers into her.  She
groaned around the mouthful of dick she ate.  Her body began to
rock back and forth.  Just watching Jace and Phil take Susan front
and back had gotten to her.  Her pussy felt as though it were
ready to explode.  She quivered and trembled with a desperately
growing need.
     In front of her, Jace's pelvis began to move. His cock
slipped between her lips, pushing toward the back of her throat,
then sliding downward toward her tonsils.  Her immediate reflex to
gag was quelled as she sucked in a deep breath through her
     "Now, my cock-hungry wife," Phil said, "You are going to get
your wish--two men at once."
     With another sticky, wet pop, the man behind her pulled his
fingers from the throbbing interior of her cunt.  She moaned, then
moaned even louder.  Phil drove his cock into the upturned slit of
her twat.
     This wasn't exactly what she had been expecting, but she had
no complaints.  And she was servicing two men at the same time.
Power coursed through her.  Two cocks at once, the sensations were
unbelievable.  She had never imagined such a full and satisfying
     Stuffed into her mouth was her brother's hard and virile
prick.  She trembled with each quaking jerk of that ponderous
burden.  Oozing drops of preseminal fluid flowed from the
arrowhead-shaped tip of his rod, filling her mouth with the musky
flavor of sex.  She sucked and swallowed, delighting in the very
masculine taste of her brother's sexual juices.
     Packed in her gripping pussy was her husband's long, fat
shaft.  His hips moved in a slow, steady rhythm, as though giving
her the opportunity to accustom herself to handling the dual
assault on her body.
     These were both her men, both her lovers. Individually, each
had provided her with pleasure after pleasure.  In turn, she had
given them all her body offered, willingly and wantonly. Each on
his own was great.  But together, having them both in her body at
the same time, was beyond description.  She wondered if Susan had
similar sensations when they had taken her in the ass and cunt.
     The three of them found a mutual rhythm. Jace fed his needy
cock into her mouth.  She accepted the bludgeoning burden into her
throat, then sucked hard and pulled back.  Rocking back, she was
met by the lancing length of Phil's rod drilling into the spongy
folds of her quim.  Back and forth they moved.  She moaned, unable
and unwilling to escape this double attack on her body.
     Thick, like a growing knot of hardness, the black-haired
seductress felt the pressure growing at the base of her brother's
cock.  With expert dexterity, she laved her loving tongue around
the pole-like length of his manhood.  She sucked harder and
harder, trying to draw the flood of come she knew gathered within
the dangling forms of his balls.
     From behind, Phil continued his in-out strokes.  His cock
plummeted into the welcoming sluice of her cunt.  His pelvis
slapped into the upturned cushions of her finely shaped ass. Then
he pulled back.  Simultaneously, she squeezed down, gripping his
turgid prod with all her might.
     That warm glowing heat that signaled the start of climax
swirled within her thighs.  She bucked back on her husband's
poling prick, while sucking up the stiff rail of her brother's
sex.  Then she rocked forward, throwing her back onto the
pulsating lance of Jace's cock.
     The black-haired man before her moaned deep and long.  His
prick jumped and jerked within her jaws.  Hot and thick a gush of
steamy come jetted into her mouth.  He came.  And she sucked and
gobbled down the sperm and semen that fountained from his groin.
She licked and swallowed loving the masculine taste of her
brother's seed.  She sucked and sucked, making sure she took his
last drop before allowing him to ease his pleasure-aching rod from
her edacious mouth.
     Then she turned her attention to the red-haired man fucking
her dog-style from behind.
     As Phil threw himself into the juicy gash of her pussy, she
bucked back.  Their bodies slapped together.  Both groaned, lust
consuming their loins.  He was close.  She sensed the tension that
gripped his body as he tried to hold himself back until she came.
They both wanted the same thing--to come together.
     Balancing herself on one arm, she reached back, her fingers
weaving through the strands of her pubic hair and into the slit of
her cunt.  Slipping one finger into the pink spread of her pussy
lips, she found the erect nubbin of her clitoris. Having toyed
with that pleasure button more than once in her life, she expertly
rolled it beneath her fingertip.
     As her husband thrust his cock deep within the quaking
interior of her body, she came--he came.  Together they moaned out
the extent of their release.  Their bodies gave way and they
collapsed to the floor still locked together in ecstasy.
     Susan stood in the doorway, watching her brother ball his
sexy young wife.  Had she been as thoughtful as Melinda, she would
have joined the dark-tressed beauty on the floor and used her
mouth to bring the girl once again.  But the blonde's gaze drifted
to her husband and his unoccupied prick.  Jace lay stretched out
on his back, eyes closed as though asleep.  She smiled to herself,
knowing just the trick to bring him back to life.
     Tiptoeing across the den, she dropped to her knees at her
husband's side.  Without touching him, she leaned over.  Her
tongue, pink and wet, flicked from her mouth and lightly tapped at
the head of her husband's sleeping penis.  The hose-like length of
cock twitched under the feather-like oral caress.  Jace stirred,
apparently in that hazy state just before drifting to sleep.
     In a long wet swipe, Susan dragged her tongue across the
pinkly glowing surface of his glans. Her husband moaned--sighed
again.  His prick jerked, throbbing to life.  She licked once
more, running her tongue down to his scrotum and lapping at his
     "Mmmmmmm," Jace whispered, his eyes fluttering open and a
smile uplifting the corners of his mouth.  "That's a hell of a
nice way to kiss a man awake."
     "My man," she said in between playful licks to the rumpled
sac of his balls.  "And right now, I very much need my man and his
lovely cock."
     Jace chuckled, reaching up to fondle one of the melon-like
balls of her tits.  In return, she scooped up his deflated prick
in her mouth. Immediately she felt new fife pulse through the
drowsy snake of flesh.  She licked and sucked, working her mouth
in a most expert manner until her face was filled with long, hard
cock. Somewhat reluctantly, she eventually slipped her red lips
from his erect shaft.  For a moment she eyed her handiwork while
just kneeling there and enjoying the feel of her husband's hands
tenderly caressing her breast.
     But just gazing at that stiff and ready hunk of manmeat was
not what she had in mind.
     Giving the head of his prick one last loving kiss, she rose
and straddled his waist, supporting herself on her knees.  With
both hands, she reached down and grasped the pole-like root of
flesh and lifted it up so that it jutted straight into the air,
its engorged head aimed directly at the fur-lined slit of her
     Jace, still stretched on his back, watched, his eyes moving
from his cock to the waiting nest of willing flesh between her
widely spread thighs.
     Her legs quivering with need and excitement, the naked blonde
slowly lowered herself.  Inch by inch the lancing shaft of cock
moved toward the open gates of her cunt.  She moaned as the head
of his prick pushed through the soft fleece of her cunt, then
moaned again when it separated the moist, pink lips of her outer
     Down, ever downward, Susan lowered herself on the spear of
manmeat.  Inward, she accepted the meaty shaft.  Up into her body,
past the scalloped inner lips of her cunt into the warm, spongy
folds of her quim.  Deeper and deeper the thick rod slid until she
had taken every inch of him and sat firmly on his crotch.
     A wicked little smile moved over Jace's lips. She smiled
back.  He tensed and relaxed his pelvic muscles in quick
movements.  His cock jerked and jumped around within the tight
pocket of her cunt.
     "Don't move," she urged him.  "I want to do this.  I want to
fuck my husband."
     He nodded, but at the same time reached up and took her
heavy-laden breasts in his hands. His fingers squeezed into the
pliant flesh, molding the mounds like balls of dough.
     She didn't protest.  Enjoying the taunting sensations created
by his loving hands, she started to move.  Like a jockey adjusting
his weight in the saddle, she rocked back and forth, causing the
length of his prick to jerk around with the socket of her sex.
Then she worked her ass around in small circles.  His rod gyrated
within her in deep screwing turns.
     While his thumbs pressed into her stiff, plump nipples as
though they were rubbery buttons, she pushed up on her legs.
Unsure of her control, she rose only an inch, then slid back down
the rail of cock.  Again and again, she moved thusly, getting the
feel of him and her own strength.
     Slowly, but surely, she rose up the total length of that
swollen column, stopping when only the head of her husband's prick
remained within the moist mouth of her cunt.  Then slowly, she
rode back down his prick, delighting as its massive form shot up
into the wanton recesses of her quim.
     No matter how many times she took Jace into her body, it
seemed different, new and exciting. Fucking him like this brought
new pleasures. His cock pressed and rubbed against parts of her
cunt that normally were untouched.  The friction ignited by their
bodies seared through the trembly folds of her quim.
     Up and down, she rode the rigid, rail of her husband's cock.
All the while, his ever-moving hand squeezed and kneaded the
melons of her tits.  He tugged at the fleshy orbs of pleasure,
watching them jiggle on her chest when he released them.  He
pushed them upward and rolled them under his palms.
     Her own hands rubbed and slid over his chest, loving the feel
of the thick hair sprouted there. Then on an impish impulse, she
reached behind her and delved to his scrotum.
     "God!" he moaned.  His hips lurched up, slamming the full
length of his prick into the juicy channel of her cunt.
     Her fingers found his balls and gently played with the
sensitive rocks.  In response, her husband jerked and writhed
beneath her.  She grinned, thoroughly enjoying the control she had
on him.
     Slipping back up the fat length of his rod, she squeezed down
with her pelvic muscles, gripping him as tight as possible.  This
action brought yet another pleased moan from the man she rode.
Reaching the top of her fleshy pole, she relaxed and eased back
down the throbbing joystick.
     Despite his confining position, Jace now moved.  His hips
rose and fell in rhythm with her.  In short little strokes, he did
his best to cram his prick even deeper into the humid cleft of her
loins.  He wiggled his ass a bit, making his dork screw around
within the clinging folds of her pussy.
     Susan suddenly moaned.  An unexpected pair of hands joined
her husband's on her tits--a feminine pair of hands.  She glanced
up.  Melinda stood above her with a wide grin on her face. The
young woman's head lowered.  Their lips met, then their tongues
danced within one another's mouth.  Melinda's fingers squeezed
into the well-worked flesh of her breasts.
     "Mmmmm," the dark-haired temptress sighed when they parted.
Her coal-black eyes gleamed as she glanced at Jace.  "I think it's
time we women show our independence."
     Susan moaned.  Jace jerked, thrusting his cock deep into the
liquid warmth of her cunt.
     Melinda released her hold on the older blonde's breasts and
knelt beside Jace's head. Her grin grew even wider.  "You boys
have had your fun.  Now it's the girls' turn.  Brother dear, you
are going to satisfy two women at the same time.
     Without waiting for a reply, the sexy young woman suddenly
straddled his head.  Susan smiled, realizing just what Melinda
     "Eat me, Jace, " Melinda said.  "Eat your sister's pussy."
     The black-tressed woman settled down, pressing the pink lips
of her pussy to her brother's mouth.  Immediately, Jace's tongue
lapped out and licked up and down the juicy slit presented to him.
     At the same time, Susan reached out and captured the uplifted
cones of her sister-in-law's breasts.  She shivered, loving the
silky feel of her warm flesh.  She squeezed and molded the pliant
cones.  Then she leaned forward to suck at each of the twin, dark
cherries perched precariously atop the tempting mounds.
     When she finished, she eased back, watching the pink flicks
of her husband's tongue eagerly lapping away at his sister's quim.
At the same time, she upped the tempo of her rise and fall on his
pulsating prick.
     Melinda's own hands slipped to her sister-in-law's widely
spread crotch.  She ran a finger up into the cock-filled hole of
her twat.  For the moment she just delighted in feeling the in-out
pumping of Jace's prick within his wife, then she slipped that
moistened finger to Susan's clit.
     The sexy blonde groaned loud and long.  Her whole world
suddenly exploded in sheer carnal bliss.  She came like an
erupting volcano.  Yet still she hunched up and down on her
husband's dick, fucking him even harder.
     In and out the long, stiff column of manmeat skewered into
the greedy slit of her pussy.  Up and down she rode her man for
every ounce of pleasure she could take from him.  Within minutes
she came again.
     This time her ecstasy was shared as Jace blasted a fresh load
of come into the heated socket of her body.  She felt the gushing
cream of his loins fill her, then ooze from the lips of her pussy.
     When she descended from the cloud of pleasure, she returned
Melinda's favor by slipping a finger into the rips of her cunt.
Without a problem, she found her sister-in-law's clit and began to
roll it around.
     Between her careful ministrations and Jace's laving tongue,
they had Melinda quivering and coming within a few seconds.
Satisfied and fulfilled, Susan pulled her finger back before too
much pleasure brought pain.  She once more kneaded the younger
woman's tits, trying to bring as many thrills to her as she could.
     When Melinda floated back to earth, they both rolled from
Jace, leaving him spent and exhausted on the floor.  He closed his
eyes and quickly drifted into a quiet sleep.
     "Phil's dead to the world also." Melinda nodded to her
husband soundly sleeping.
     Susan smiled, reaching out and taking her sister-in-law's
hand and squeezing it.  "I can't blame them.  I'm exhausted."
     "Think we should wake them and get them into bed?" Melinda
     "In a moment," Susan answered. "But right now I need
something to drink.  Want something?"
     "A glass of water," Melinda replied.  "And some time to
gather my strength before lugging Phil to bed."
     Susan rose and walked into the kitchen to return with two
glasses of water.  Handing one to Melinda, she settled back on the
floor and gazed out the window.
     Outside, the snow blazed gold with the rising sun.  She
smiled feeling warm and secure.  It had been one hell of a night.
And they still had another night to share before returning to
town. It was going to be some weekend--one she would never forget.

                             Chapter 13

     Jace slept beside her.  Susan held him close and gently
kissed his forehead.  Within her, his cock slowly deflated and
slipped from her body. She sighed, releasing him as he rolled to
his back.
     For a moment, she rose on her elbows and gazed at her
husband.  Love and warmth flooded her.  As much as she had loved
their weekend with Phil and Melinda, it felt good to be home in
their own house, their own bed.
     Giving Jace another kiss while he slept, she slipped from the
bed and walked to the bathroom.  Closing the door behind her, she
turned on the shower.  As much as she liked drifting off to sleep
after balling, she didn't like waking up the next morning without
having had a shower. Dried sexual juices always seemed to leave
her a bit sore.
     Stepping into the hot stream of water, she let the torrents
massage over her nakedness for several minutes.  Then she picked
up the bar of soap and began sudsing.
     Within their home, the weekend seemed so far away now, almost
like a dream.  It had happened so fast.  First Jace and Melinda,
then Phil and herself, then all of them in a weekend of non-stop
sex, occasionally broken by a run down the slopes.  Even when
skiing, the foursome had managed to find a secluded spot and
managed a quickie or two in the snow.
     She smiled, remembering every moment of the weekend.  There
had been more than sex between them, she realized.  Love too was
there--even before they learned to share their bodies.  Their
lovemaking only seemed to draw them that much closer together.
     She admitted to herself that the results of the weekend
weren't exactly what she and Phil had in mind when they first
schemed up the weekend.  However, they had gotten Jace and Melinda
back together.  And Phil and she had gotten together like they had
never gotten together before in their lives.
     And in so many different positions, she thought.  My brother
has more going for him than I ever dreamed.
     All in all, she mused, it was as though her family had grown,
expanded to include two more loved ones--lovers.  And that was
something that seemed so precious to her, something more important
than all the sexual pleasure they shared.
     Not that I'm knocking the sex, Susan said to herself.
     She reached down and turned off the shower. Grabbing a towel
from the wall, she briskly rubbed herself dry.  Despite a long and
quite exhausting weekend, she felt wide awake.  The warm shower
had done nothing to make her drowsy.
     The weekend had been like the opening of a new door, she
realized.  Inhibitions and taboos had been cast aside and all four
of them were much better off for it.
     What about other doors?
     She remembered the erotic sensations that had coursed through
her when she had watched Jace posing with Charolette.  What about
Jace and the luscious model?  How would she react if her husband
and the model shared sex?
     Switching off the bathroom light, she walked back into the
bedroom and glanced down at her sleeping husband.  She remembered
the sight of Jace mounted atop his lovely sister, his hard cock
plunging in and out of Melinda's quite willing cunt.  She
shivered, sensual desires coursing up and down her spine.
     She shook her head and smiled.  She then slipped into bed
beside Jace.  She glanced at the clock on the nightstand.  Its
luminous face read 10 P.M.  Still early.  Two hours before their
normal bedtime.
     She reached out, resting her hand on Jace's thigh.  Her
fingers weaved into the curly black hairs forested around the base
of his sleeping prick.  He stirred, but didn't wake.
     Jace and Charolette, she rolled the possibility over in her
mind.  Charolette and me.
     Juices stirred within her core, moistening the humid cleft of
her sex.  Trembly gooseflesh rose on her back in excitement.  She
smiled.  There were others too, like Bill and Mary.  She had
always wondered what Bill would be like in bed. And there was Tom,
an eligible bachelor who had on more than one occasion let it be
known he was ready and willing.
     Shivery sensations coursed through her body now.  There were
several possibilities, many avenues to take.  Of course, she would
have to talk them over with Jace.  But she didn't see any
difficulties there.  She had no doubt that her husband would be
willing to begin the venture.
     Tomorrow was a good time to start, she realized.  Charolette
would be at the studio to pose for a very sexy session.  If they
handled things right, it could be even more sexy.
     Her fingers slipped down and wrapped around the hose-like
length of Jace's prick.  She squeezed, thinking about the exciting
possibilities that lay before them.
     "Susan?" Jace asked sleepily.  "What are you doing?"
     "Nothing," she replied.
     She rolled over and gave her husband a long passionate kiss.
By the time their lips parted, his cock stood hot and hard in her
hand.  If he really wanted to sleep, he didn't mention it.
Instead, his hands lovingly caressed her breasts.
     For a moment, Susan lay there, reveling in the feel of his
hands on her.  Then she slid down toward the waiting shaft of
pleasure jutting from his groin.  Tomorrow was still just a
fantasy.  But tonight, Jace was very real.

                              The End