L.S. Hauser's Trio -

Author's Note

"Trio" is based on several stories that have been bumping around in my
head for several years. The characters and situations are key parts of
a much larger world. I need to get the events of "Trio" realized and
into words before I can get on with the rest of the story.

"Trio" contains lesbianism, sibling incest and group sex. If any of
these subjects offend you, please don't continue. If you enjoy the
story, or have comments or criticisms, please send mail. Look for two
more stories in Trio's world, tentatively entitled "Revelation"
(occurring prior to "Trio") and "The Lair" (occurring after "Trio") in
the near future.

"Trio" is copyright (c) 1994 by L.S. Hauser. All rights are retained
by the author. The right to redistribute "Trio" electronically and to
print-out for individual use is hereby granted.


TRIO Part 1 of 3 - Fireworks


I was jealous when my twin brother Jon told me he had a girlfriend.
Jon was mine, and I didn't want to share him.  I couldn't tell him
that, of course. I was the fast girl during high school, and even in
college, when my tastes went far beyond what I could get in back seat,
I never even tried to make love to Jon. We were best friends, and
sometimes he was the only guy in the world I could stand the sight of,
but I never told him how I truly felt.

But this woman, who he found in our sophomore year in junior college,
was a threat all the sudden. Jon was a propeller-head and had as much
social life as the computers he worked on. Our mother and I kept him
decently dressed and made sure he had a date now and then, but when he
latched on to this Daphne person, it was a surprise.

I have to admit she did him good. She was a fellow computer person, he
told us. One day, he asked me to come along when he picked her up from

We waited for her in the mall. I didn't even know what she looked
like, and I was surprised at the woman who waved and smiled as she
came out the door.

"This is Daphne," he said to me. "And this is my sister, Robin." My
respect for Jon went into orbit. She was drop-dead beautiful. Like me,
she was of medium height, with thick, dark hair pulled back and tied
with a crimson ribbon. She had a pale, round face and wore a black
jacket, very short black skirt, black stockings, and flats. She wore
oversized round glasses over large, violet eyes. I felt almost plain
next to her.

She squeezed my hand firmly, then let go of it and kissed Jon very

The initial impression was good for both of us. The fact that we liked
each other immediately didn't lessen my jealousy, but made it easier.
We became close quickly. We double-dated (I didn't have a regular
boy-friend, but I had a small stable of men who were more than willing
to be seen with me). I spent time with both of them. We made a very
comfortable threesome. She became my best friend.

Mom told me she was sure they were sleeping together. I knew they
were, but I wasn't telling. I didn't talk to them about it either,
because I was afraid I'd betray myself.

Every summer Mom arranged to borrow a friend's lakeside home over the
Independence Day weekend. Jon and I were going, of course, and Daphne
was invited too.

Mom, Jon and I arrived together Thursday night, and Daphne was beating
on the front door by eight the next morning.  When the day got warm,
we ditched shorts for bathing suits. Jon had his classic trunks, I
wore a high-collared, skin tight yellow one piece, and Daphne wore a
thong bikini that was positively indecent. She looked very good, and I
wondered again how Jon had managed to land her. It made me want to get
her into bed, and I felt a different kind of jealousy.

"I think you must be the two sexiest women in the world," Jon said as
he lay between us beside the lake.

"You can't count," I said. "There's one here, and she's on the other
side of you." I'm far from beautiful, but I've got a killer body and I
make the most of it.

"I accept the compliment," Daphne said, "and I don't think Robin has
anything to complain about."

"Besides," I said, "I'm your sister, you're not supposed to notice

"Sorry," he said, slapping my butt, "can't help it." So maybe he did
notice me. We'd shared a bathroom for years, he should have noticed
something by now. I had. He could pat my rear anytime.  He turned his
head away and I heard the sound of his hand on Daphne's bottom. She
laughed, and I looked over. His hand lingered on her bare bottom, and
for a moment I envied her. But I kept watching his hand until he drew
it back.

We had a barbecue in the late afternoon and debated whether or not
we'd all go watch fireworks at the park on the far side of the lake.
Mom decided she wanted to go, but we decided to stay. I had an idea
why Jon and Daphne wanted mom to go away for awhile, but they seemed
willing to let me stay. Mom seemed happy that I was staying too,
probably thinking it would keep them from any sexual shenanigans. I
knew better, but I wasn't telling her.

We cleaned up and sat in the shade of the porch. Mom and I read and
Jon and Daphne played backgammon. About seven o'clock Mom decided to
leave to find a good seat. As soon as the car disappeared up the
driveway Jon and Daphne were on their feet.

"We'll be back," Jon said to me.

"Ooooh, can I watch?" I asked playfully. Jon, of course, knew my
predilections, and ignored me.

"Not this time!" Daphne replied with a laugh as they disappeared into
the house.

Refilling my glass from the pitcher of iced tea, I thought about her
answer, wondering if she meant it. I returned to my book, but I
couldn't concentrate because I caught myself listening to them. I
could imagine Jon's hands on her breasts, his lips and tongue on her
round, brown nipples, his fingers opening the delicate flower between
her legs, finding the sensitive nub of her clitoris beneath its hood
with his tongue. My fantasy was punctuated by a particularly loud moan
from Daphne, and I imagined her mouth open, her tongue licking its way
up Jon's erect cock, exploring the cleft at the base of his glans,
then the hole at its tip, sucking it into her mouth, her head bobbing
up and down as she took him deeper and deeper, his hands in her hair
and on her breasts...

Unconsciously I'd been rubbing my vulva through the thin material of
my swimsuit, and my orgasm was almost a surprise. I relaxed afterward,
slurped iced tea, wondering how I could have either one of them. I
enjoyed women as well as men, and I simply couldn't find a preference
for either. Right now I felt a strong preference for both my brother
and his lover.

Daphne stepped out onto the porch, in her bikini, her color high.
Without saying anything, she found her glass and poured herself some
tea. I smiled at her and returned to my book.

Fireworks were scheduled for 10:30, and it was pretty dark an hour
earlier. We played frisbee on the lawn for awhile until it got dark,
then sat on the grass by the lake, still in our swimsuits. It was
pleasantly warm.

"Want to take a swim?" I asked.

"Skinny dip!" Jon said.

This caught me by surprise, but it was dark, after all, and there were
no other houses too close.

"I will if Daphne will," I said.

"Well, I've got nothing to hide," she said.

"I know," I said, "you haven't been hiding it all day!" She laughed.
Jon already had his trunks off. I stripped off my suit as Daphne
untied her halter and slipped off her thong. Her breasts were smaller
than mine, and her hips wider. I'd always wanted a figure more like
hers than mine, with breasts too big and butt too skinny. I watched
her ass bounce into the lake with a splash.  "C'mon, Robin," Jon said,
grabbing my hand and pulling me toward the water. He kept a tight grip
on me until we hit the water and ran full into Daphne. We all went
down in a pleasant tangle of arms and legs.

We shed our inhibitions along with our bathing suits. Splashing turned
into tickling in the shallows, and it didn't seem to matter who was
tickling who. Tickling turned into wrestling . I took Jon down once,
and we were grabbing just anywhere to get the job done. Daphne pulled
me off of him and took me down with obvious glee.

After I elbowed her off my back she decided that Jon was friendlier,
and after a very quick, very touchy-feely conference, they ganged up
on me. For about two seconds I was underwater with something heavy and
soft on me. I barely had time to struggle against imminent drowning
when they hauled me up and, amid much laughter, deposited me with a
thud on the grass.

I lay on my back, spread-eagled, unable to control my own laughter,
and they collapsed nearby, laughing at least as hard as me. Eventually
I was reduced to just trying to catch my breath, until I noticed that
the heavy breathing nearby had a different note to it. I rolled onto
my side. Jon and Daphne were practicing their french kissing. They
were side by side and Jon was in an obvious state of excitement.

I probably should have snuck off, but the preceding half hour of water
sports had removed all traces of sanity. I crept a few feet closer to
them and just watched. When their kiss ended they looked straight at

"Can I watch?" I asked, my voice just above a whisper.

"God, yes," Daphne said. Jon dipped his head to take her left nipple
in his mouth, which I took for assent. I settled back on my knees as
she moaned with pleasure as he sucked, then extended his tongue to
circle the nipple.

Jon straightened up on his knees after a few moments. His cock stood
out from his body like a pump handle, long and thick. In the bright
moonlight I could see the glitter of a drop of liquid on its tip.
Daphne got up and crept closer to him and I spread my knees against
the rough, cool grass in anticipation.

The angle was bad, but I knew she had taken his cock in her mouth by
the way her head moved and the way his hand curled about her neck. I
scooted to the right to see better, and saw his cock slowly sliding
out from between her lips, gleaming with her saliva. His pole was
bigger than any I'd ever sucked, and I could almost taste his turgid
flesh. I cupped my breasts and squeezed as her tongue curled around
his glans. She ran her pursed lips up and down the shaft, even sucking
on one of his balls, before taking first his glans back in her mouth,
then the shaft all the way to the root, so fast that I almost gagged
in sympathy. It didn't seem to bother her at all, and she left him in
there for what seemed like a full minute, her jaw and throat working.
Jon grabbed her head with both hands, his eyes closed, and when she
released his cock, he began to pump his hips, fucking her mouth. I saw
movement between her legs; her ass was still prominent to me, and the
movement was her hand, teasing her vagina open. I dropped my right
hand from my breast, leaving it almost cold in the night air, and
found my own clitoris. It was already tingling with vicarious
pleasure, but the first touch of my finger sent an almost painful stab
through my legs and buttocks.

At my gasp, Daphne released Jon's cock completely, then grabbed it
with the hand that had recently been between her legs. She looked at
me with a slight smile, then looked up at him.  "Do me," she said, her
voice surprisingly loud.

"Sit on my face," he replied, glancing at me as if to make sure he
still had his audience.  Daphne rolled to a sitting position, her
knees wide apart, and he lay on his back.

"You just want me to suck your cock more," she said, bending over him.
Their tongues slid over each other, then she turned and kissed his

"Just don't get distracted and bite down at the wrong time," he said
as she swung one leg over him. He grabbed her generous hips and pulled
her ass to him. The last thing I saw of his face was his tongue
sticking out, its tip moving in anticipation.

Daphne kissed the tip of his cock again, and her lips and tongue moved
over the shaft, but she was soon too distracted to work seriously on

By this time I had my middle finger deep inside myself, and I lifted
one breast up to tongue my nipple. Daphne had abandoned any thought of
fellatio. Her back was arched, her head thrown back, and she twisted
one of her nipples furiously between her fingers.  Soon enough she
came with a loud gasp, sparking my own orgasm, which was just a little

After a few moments she rolled off and knelt beside him, stroking his
chest and belly. Then he took her by the waist and pulled her on top
of him. She straddled him, and they kissed greedily as he moved his
hands over her back and ass. His cock was in shadow between her legs,
but I could imagine it pressing against her pussy lips. I crept
closer, my heart thudding painfully.

Indeed, I saw in the dim light, the tip of my brother's penis lay
nestled between her damp lips, and I was close enough to smell their
musk. I watched her hips press downward and his push upward, but his
cock slid away. I saw my opportunity to have at least a little part in
this love feast, so I reached down between Daphne's legs, took hold of
the warm, hard cock, and aimed it again for Daphne's waiting pussy.
Feeling what I was doing, Jon didn't move, but Daphne thrust downward
again, and my positioning of his cock was perfect. I rested my arm on
Daphne's leg as he slid into her, then too far out. I steadied it
again, now wet with her juices, and once again she impaled herself on
him, this time sitting up on his hips so he wouldn't slip out again. I
moved back, my hand boldly brushing the smooth skin of her bottom, and
sat back with my legs curled under me, sucking at my musk-moistened

Jon's hands cupped and caressed Daphne's breasts, rolling her nipples
as she bounced up and down on him. He was getting closer and closer to
coming, but she had other plans and stopped her movement.

"Don't stop, Daph," he moaned.

"I want you on top of me," she said, kissing him and standing,
releasing his cock. Without looking behind her she flopped on her
back, her knees in the air and spread wide. I saw where her head was
going to land and I positioned myself underneath it. She looked up at
me, but her attention was taken by Jon's thrusting cock and she
reached down to guide him in.

He lay atop her, his mouth locked on hers, her hands on his ass, and
his hips moved slowly. I leaned on one hand and looked down at them,
my other hand resting absently against Daphne's head. As Jon's
excitement increased, he rose up on his hands, his head brushing
against my breast as he did so. Not breaking the rhythm of his fucking
he looked up at me and licked his lips. Unable to resist his plea, I
held out that breast to him and watched as he fastened his mouth on my
waiting nipple. I couldn't contain my moan of pleasure as he sucked at
it, sending a laser beam of pleasure straight to my clitoris. I looked
down at my brother sucking my breast and saw Daphne below him, her
head pillowed on my thighs, her eyes glittering in the moonlight,
watching us, smiling and licking her lips.

Emboldened by my brother's touch and his lover's apparent approval, I
reached down with my free hand and took hold of her breast. It was
just big enough to fill my hand, and I saw her close her eyes. Out of
the corner of my eye I watched one hand move from Jon's waist into the
darkness between their bodies. From Jon's reaction she must have found
the point of union, where his penis pistoned in and out of her vagina.
His mouth left my breast and he arched his head back, grunting and
groaning with the ecstasy of his rapidly-approaching climax. He cried
aloud as he came, and his buttocks clenched as he thrust into Daphne
as far as he could.

At that moment the fireworks started across the lake, gold, green, red
and blue light spreading over us. Jon lowered himself onto Daphne. I
looked up at the display, caressing Daphne's hair, and after a moment
I stroked Jon's hair as well. Eventually I became aware of my legs
falling asleep beneath me and tried to move them a little. I didn't
really want to disturb our little tableau, but Daphne sensed my

"Up, dear," she said softly, and Jon rose on his knees between her
legs, his penis now only half-erect. He took her hands and pulled her
to a sitting position, her head resting against his chest. I
straightened out my legs, then wiggled them back and forth to restore
the circulation.

"Show off," I heard Daphne say.

"Exhibitionist," he replied.

"Voyeur," I said, raising my hand and waving it. They both laughed and
let go of each other, sitting in the grass.

"God, that was good," Daphne said. "We should do it with an audience
more often."

"I liked it too," I said. I got up, shaking my legs a little more. He
got up too, and to my surprise grabbed me about the waist, pulled me
to him, and gave me a most unbrotherly kiss. Then he let me go just as
fast, took Daphne's hand, and started toward the house. Just as big
red starshell lit up the sky I saw Daphne turn and smile at me over
her shoulder.

I scooped up our bathing suits and followed them.


"Trio" is copyright (c) 1994 by L.S. Hauser. All rights are retained
by the author. The right to redistribute "Trio" electronically and to
print-out for individual use is hereby granted.


TRIO Part 2 of 3 - The Fist

I frigged myself to sleep and woke early, feeling refreshed. I made
coffee and sat on the porch in my robe.

There was movement inside, and Daphne came out the door with her own
cup of coffee and robe and sat next to me.

"Hi," she said.

"Hi," I said. I looked at her, caught her looking sideways at me, and
sipped. "No regrets?"

"No," she said after a moment. "None at all." I held my hand out to
her and after a moment's hesitation she took it and squeezed.

"We could go on a little hike today," I said. "There's a trail I know,
flat, in the trees..."

"Just you and me, okay?" she said. Surprised, I agreed.

The trail was a half-dozen miles up in the hills. I stopped in a
turnout where the car would be in the shade most of the day, and
pointed out an almost-hidden trail leading into the woods. The
property was owned by the same people who owned the cabin and was
quite private.

Daphne took the knapsack first, and we started off. After a short,
sharp climb over a ridge we descended into the valley of a small
stream that drained into the lake. The walk was enjoyable, with birds
singing and squirrels in the trees and a light breeze to keep the
woods from getting stuffy.

"Can we talk about last night?" she asked after we'd been on the trail
for about half an hour.

"Sure, but let's stop first. There's a good spot by the stream up here
a little way. We can stop there." I wanted to talk to her, too, as
well as to my brother.

We found it about ten minutes later, a little thicket that couldn't be
seen from the trail unless you knew where it was. We sat, pulled out
Diet Cokes, and looked at each other.

"I've never done anything like that before," Daphne said. She looked
at me, expecting an answer.

"I have, kinda. I was at a party once that turned into an orgy. There
were three of us there, none with a date. We mostly watched."


I just smiled.

"It was fun being watched."

"It was really fun watching."

She laughed. "Your brother..."

"Yeah." I took a long drink, remembering my hand on his cock, his
mouth on my nipple, his tongue and mine together.

"I think you wanted more from him than what you got last night." She
didn't look at me.

"He's my brother, Daphne. My twin brother." I wondered who I was
trying to convince.

"So you guys have never..."

"No. That was the first time we'd ever ... touched each other like

"Well, Jon does kind of lose himself to the moment during sex." She
was trying not to smile.

"That french kiss he gave me was somewhat after sex," I shot back,

"Yeah, you're right, it was."

"Daphne, you don't seem to mind that I would really like to sleep with

She laughed.

"Why should I? You're his sister. You're no threat. I wouldn't mind
sharing him with you, 'cause you'd never take him away from me."

I hadn't thought of it that way.

"You're right, I wouldn't do that. Couldn't do that." I sighed.  "But
how does he feel about it? Has he told you?"

"I think last night was an indication. It doesn't matter if he's
related to you or not, part of him wants you."

I sipped and sat for awhile. "Yeah, well, the feeling's mutual.  So
what do I do, jump him some night when you're not around?"

She turned toward me, pushed a lock of dark hair away from her face,
and said, "Robin, I would not make you commit incest without being
there to provide moral support."

"Or immoral support, whichever the case may be." We laughed hard,
rocking against each other. I ended up leaning on her shoulder and
didn't feel much like moving. She didn't push me off, either. I
decided to take the next logical step.

"I'm queer, you know," I said.

"I wondered. Bisexual, I presume."

"I have no preferences. I take what's offered to me, if I find it

Her fingers dangled tantalizingly over my knee, their tips just
brushing it.

"Am I attractive?" she asked.

"Well, yeah. Am I?" I wasn't sure who was doing the pushing here.

"I've never been with another woman before." She laughed and looked at
me. "Have you heard that one before?"

"Only the last time I said it. I was a virgin six months ago. As far
as other women were concerned, that is." I looked at her hand, still

"Do you want to?"

"When you touched me last night...I liked it. It excited me. I've
thought about it before, wondered. I'd like to try it." Her hand
landed solidly on my knee.

"You know," I said, covering her hand with mine, my heart thumping, "I
learned an interesting thing at that party. Threesomes are lots of

"Threesomes? Like you and Jon and me?"


"You learned that at the party? Just by watching?"

"We three women were the only unattached people. The atmosphere kind
of got to us."

"So you joined in?"

"No. We played together. One of the other women was quite experienced
with other women. It was quite ... educational. I think one with a man
involved would be at least as much fun."

She was looking at me, a little shyly. I bent forward and touched her
lips with mine, trying to go slow, but she wasn't too interested - her
tongue parted my lips, and to my surprise she became the aggressor.
Her arms went around me and she was against me, and I spread my hand
over one side of her ass, curling my fingertips into the cleft as far
as her shorts let me.

Her tongue explored my mouth thoroughly. I love the feeling of
someone's tongue in my mouth, a warm, slippery thing, alive unlike any
other part of the body. A tongue can be like a playful seal, leaping
from place to place, from teeth to palate, or a probe, pushing and
hard. Two tongues are like lovers, twining around each other like
giraffes' necks. If they could fuck, they would.

Soon I'd lovingly pushed her tongue back to its own mouth and explored
just as assiduously. I felt heat building between my legs.

The kiss ended at last. We looked at each other for a moment, and I
touched her face. She dropped her eyes; she was actually blushing.

"Okay?" I asked. I was afraid to break the silence, afraid it would
break the moment.

"Yes," she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

I pulled her tank top out of her shorts and up over hear head, letting
her take care of getting it off her arms. She wore a sports bra, and I
pushed it up off her lovely breasts. She took care of it, too, while I
ran my hands over the pert mounds of brown-tipped flesh. The rest of
her clothes followed quickly, and she sat cross-legged, her elbows on
her knees, and watched me strip. I felt good under her eyes, an
unaccustomed pride in my body making me thrust out my breasts as I
exposed them to her.  Naked, I knelt beside her, one knee touching her

She put her hand on my leg, leaned over, and ran it up my thigh to my
hip, up my side to my right breast. She tried to cup it, but it
overflowed her hand. She got on her knees and moved as close as she
could get, one knee between my legs. We embraced, belly to belly and
breast to breast, kissing, and this time my fingers were deep in the
cleft of her ass. How deep would she let me go? My forefinger found
the rim of her anus, then the center, and she gripped my waist harder,
her kiss insistent. I pulled my finger back, saving it for later.

I started kissing my way downward. The downy skin of her cheek became
moist beneath my lips, and she gasped as I nipped at her earlobe. Then
I drew my tongue down her throat and into the hollow beneath her
collarbone, tasting sweat-salt on her skin. Then I reached her breast.
I licked it all over, all of it except her nipple.

She arched her back, breathing heavily, and when I judged the time to
be right (and when I couldn't stand waiting any longer myself) I
sucked as much of her nipple into my mouth as I could. She gasped and
grabbed my head, and let out a little grunt as my tongue stabbed at
her. Then I let it go and alternated circling her nipple with my
tongue and sucking at it. Eventually I licked my way across to her
other breast and did much the same thing.

This play eventually dissolved into more kissing, and then she wanted
to do it to me. I lay back on the rough grass, twitched my shoulders
around a little to kill an itch in the middle of my back, and let her
go to it. She straddled my hips, and I ran my hands from her knees up
to her breasts, which hung down delightfully over mine as her tongue
explored the hollow of my throat.

I don't like my breasts all that much most of the time. They're too
big, attracts lots of attention (some of it unwelcome) and give me
backaches (all of them unwelcome). The only time I like them is during
sex, whether it's just me masturbating in bed at night or with someone
else. They are so sensitive, it's sometimes like there's direct link
between them and my clit. I've made myself come playing with my
breasts alone.

So I started getting pretty excited when Daphne put her nose right
between them, then gathered one in each hand and squeezed them
together. I felt her take a deep breath in there, felt her licking and
nuzzling. I held fast to her hips, and opened my eyes only when she
let my breasts go and straightened up for a moment. We looked at each
other and smiled.

She bent over again, took my left breast between both hands and went
to work on my nipple.

Her mouth on my breast was exquisite. She seemed to devote all of her
attention to it. The heat between my legs was like a fire, the
tingling building with delicious agony in my clit. My vagina felt like
a running faucet, and she was my only relief. Then she did the
unexpected; she made me come.

She knew what she'd done and eased off her attentions, laying on top
of me. I wrapped my legs and arms around her.

"You really came?" she asked, her mouth close to my ear.

"Oh, yeah."

"Jon always seems to like sucking on mine...I wanted to see what he

"Did you like it?" I asked.


Daphne was in an exploratory mood now. Her fingers were making their
way down my ribs, across my belly, to the edge of my pubis. Her eyes
and mine had followed their progress southward, and when she stopped I
spread my legs and moved my hips, urging her on. I found her looking
at me, and she licked her lips and kissed me. She seemed nervous. I
put a hand in her hair and tried to encourage her by kissing back.
Somewhere in the middle of the kiss her hand slid between my legs and
her fingers explored, first tentatively, then with greater assurance.
I knew what she was thinking; it was very strange to touch another
woman's sex for the first time, feeling things that are very familiar,
yet receiving only half the sensation.

She had no trouble finding my clitoris, which she touched only
briefly, as if wanting to prove she'd really found it. Then she traced
the folds of my inner lips and finally ventured a finger inside,
followed quickly by a second. Her two fingers filling me like a
slender cock. I wanted more. If she had any uncertainty of how to
please me, now was the time to end it. I broke the kiss.

"I want your tongue down there," I said. She looked down at where her
fingers were buried to the third knuckle inside of me, and positioned
herself between my legs. She removed her fingers from my vagina, and
put her hands on the insides of my thighs, and pushed to spread them
further than they were already.

She blew gently on my vulva, inhaling my scent. Then, just as I was
about to give her head a push, she dove in. She lapped at my labia,
tasting the juices coming from inside me, and finally unhooded my

I don't remember much after that. Her tongue was as magic to my sex as
it had been to my mouth and nipples. I remember taking a hank of her
hair between my fingers and rolling one of my nipples with the other
hand, and the waves of pleasure that rolled over me like flowing lava.
I remember being very noisy when I came. I remember tasting myself in
her mouth when we kissed afterward. She rolled onto her back.

After regaining my equilibrium, I bent down and kissed her breast,
then rubbed my cheek down her thigh. She seemed to know what I wanted
her to do without any words. I lay on my back and she lifted her leg
over my head, and I took her lusciously wide hips in my hands and
pulled her back and down so her pussy was positioned just above me.
Looking between her legs, I saw her breasts dangling, and her head
turned back to see what I was doing.

I ran my hands over the sweet globes of her ass and looked at the
vulva above me, then put two fingers of my right hand into her. She
was wet and very slippery and they slid in easily, all the way. I
pulled my fingers out and put two from my other hand inside, better
for what I wanted to do later.

I finger-fucked her for a few minutes, and felt her licking my thighs.
Then I pulled her pussy down to my mouth, which I had wide open to
encompass as much of her as possible with that first contact. She
tasted very neutral, not spunky like some other women I'd tasted. I
french-kissed her vulva, carefully keeping my tongue away from her
clit but letting it range over her underbody, all the way up to her
asshole and back down. She was quivering above me, her breath cool
against my moist pussy.

Finally I probed for her clit and began circling it. She moaned even
as she licked my labia. One of the nicest things about making love to
another woman is being able to do what you want  done to you. She'd
done a good job on me.

I briefly put the middle finger of my left hand back into her vagina,
but finger-fucking wasn't my intention. Instead I wet the rim of her
asshole with the liquid and started working the digit in. She moaned
loudly and shoved her tongue into my vagina, keeping it up as I pushed
my finger deeper up her ass, wiggling and twisting it as I flicked my
tongue faster and faster on her clit.

"Oh, GOD!" she yelled. I felt her sphincter convulse around my finger,
followed by a constriction of her labia, and her juices gushed into my
mouth. She was going "hungh, hungh, hungh," in rhythm with the
contractions of her orgasm, and I had to swallow her pussy juice to
keep from drowning.

Slowly, Daphne sat upright, being careful not to sit too hard on my
face. I started to pull my finger from her ass, and she helped,
pushing it out with contractions of her anus. Then she turned and
threw herself on top of me. We lay there kissing and hugging for a
long time.

"God, that was good," she said at last. She got off me and sat in the
grass, her knees wide, the soles of her feet pressed together, letting
the breeze blow over her pussy.

"Want some more? Something kinky?" I asked, kneeling beside her, my
left arm around her slender waist.

"As kinky as you want," she said, then pressed her hand to my cheek.
"I'd do anything you wanted."

I put my hand between her legs, teasing her labia with my fingers. She
leaned against me and watched as I put first one finger inside her,
then two, gently rotating them to open her up. I put three in her,
then four. Her eyes got bigger than her cervix as she realized what I
was doing, but she never said a word, just caressed my face and let it

Four fingers was tight for awhile, but I was persistent and soon
enough my thumb found its way in, and a few moments later I had my
fist up her vagina. Once she accepted the reality of everything up to
my wrist inside her, she closed her eyes, clutching my arm.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah.  I just never imagined I could have that much up there...
ugnh!" I had started moving in and out, fist-fucking her. My whole
body seemed to be humming, I was so turned on. It didn't take her long
to come, and I came right along with her from the simple excitement of
the act. I knew how it felt to receive a fist, but I'd never done it
to anyone before. It was worth the wait.

Slowly I drew my hand from inside her. She grabbed it and licked it
clean, then kissed me. I felt sated, almost unwilling to do another
thing besides sleep. I lay back in the grass, but she sat and watched
me.  The last thing I remember was her looking down at me, her hands
idly cupping her breasts.


"Trio" is copyright (c) 1994 by L.S. Hauser. All rights are retained
by the author. The right to redistribute "Trio" electronically and to
print-out for individual use is hereby granted.


TRIO Part 3 of 3 - A Dark and Stormy Night


I woke to find Daphne snuggled up against my back. She sat up, when I
stirred, knocking off the clothing she'd covered us with.

"What time is it?" she asked.

I looked at my watch through bleary eyes. "Almost 2 o'clock."

"We should probably head back," she said.

"Had enough, hmm?"

"Only for now," she replied, giving my shoulder a shove. Then she gave
me a very intimate kiss and we got dressed. I shouldered the knapsack
and we started down the trail hand in hand.

"You know," she said, "I think I'm falling in love with you."  My
heart did a handspring and I squeezed her hand.

"You can do that," I said, "and I'll probably return the feeling. But
don't fall out of love with my brother!"

"Don't worry. I think I can be in love with both of you."

"So," she said after awhile, "do you want to make love to Jon?"

"I want to make love to both of you."

Nothing more needed to be said. We walked in silence the rest of the
way, holding hands when we could. Just before the last drop to the
road she pulled me up short and hugged me.

At lake, Jon was fishing from the dock and mom was reading on the
porch. We'd been home about an hour when the phone rang. She swore,
and I could see her trying to decide whether to ignore it or not.
She's like me, though, too conscientious. She went into the house to
answer it.

"It's your grandmother," she said. "I need to go home tonight. You
guys can lock up tomorrow and come home tomorrow night, okay?"

"Sure," I said, my mind going over the possibilities for the night
ahead. "No problem."

"And no hanky-panky, either," she said. I knew she meant I was to try
to keep an eye on Jon and Daphne. Parents are naive sometimes; she
really thought I was going to be able to stop them from having sex.
She had no idea that I was planning on encouraging them.

"I'll see what I can do, Mom," I replied, and smiled at her back as
she went upstairs to pack.

She was gone by the time Jon and Daphne got back with a good string of
trout. Clouds had rolled in and a brisk wind was cooling down the air.
When I explained why mom left, they exchanged significant looks. Then,
when Jon wasn't looking, Daphne winked broadly at me. I wondered if
she had said anything to him.

While Jon cleaned his fish I went upstairs to take a shower. As I
stepped out of the tub, Daphne knocked and poked her head in.

"C'mon in," I said, enjoying the way her eyes moved up and down my

"I can't believe this," she said. "It's too perfect!"

"I know," I said, toweling my hair. "You're sure you want to?"

"Oh, yes! I want to do it right now!"

"Lord, I've created a monster," I said with mock dismay.

"Don't worry," she said, putting her arms around me. "I really will
come down eventually."

"So what do you have in mind?"

"A fire, some wine, and surprise visit by two naked women. He'll be
like putty in our hands."

"That's cool, as long as he's not like putty in my pussy."

We fried up the trout and sat on the porch. It was still pleasant
outside, but it smelled like rain, and I made the suggestion to build
a fire in the living room. We hauled in some wood from under the porch
and Jon started up the fire in the big living room fireplace.

We'd already killed most of a bottle of White Zinfandel with diner, so
I emptied its dregs into our glasses and opened a new one. We lounged
on the couch, watching "Ghost" on the VCR. I was doing more watching
than they were; after the previous night, they had lost at least some
of their inhibitions in front of me. They were exchanging long, deep,
wet kisses, and it looked like she'd be deep-throating him soon,
putting our plans awry, if I didn't step in soon.

"Hey, Daphne, come with me," I said, tugging at her arm. She frowned,
then realized what I was doing, and extricated herself.  We retreated
as far as the kitchen.

"Damn, I almost forgot," she said.

"I thought so. I decided to pull you out before you got too involved."
My heart was pounding.

She was already naked, her leggings and shirt pooled on the floor at
her feet, and I was close behind.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Yes. No!" I was suddenly apprehensive. What if Jon didn't want me?
"You're sure he'll go for this?" I asked.

"He will, Robin."

"But he's my brother! You said he loses himself in the moment. Maybe
he won't want to pick up where we left off last night." I was
suddenly, inexplicably sure he wouldn't want me. I shivered and hugged

Daphne put both arms around me. "Don't worry. He won't be able to
resist us. Let's just go do it." She squeezed me, gave me a quick
kiss, then grabbed the wine bottle in one hand and my hand in the
other, pulling me into the dining room.

The couch was in the middle of the big, sunken living room, facing the
TV and the fireplace, its back to the dining room door. Jon held his
almost-empty wine glass in his right hand. Daphne motioned me to the
left and I took my place silently behind the couch.

Daphne leaned over her end of the couch and poured the wine. He turned
his head to thank her and did a double-take when he saw her naked

"Daphne..." he said, looking over his shoulder to see if I was in the
room. I took that as my cue and vaulted the couch to land beside him.

"Looking for me, Jon?" I asked. If he wasn't before, he was now.

"Robin..." he said, his eyes flicking between my breasts and my face.
Then he was distracted as Daphne landed on the other side of him, took
a pull from the wine bottle, and placed it straight up between her
legs, nestled against her triangle.

"Robin, you want some of this wine?" she asked innocently, motioning
at the suggestively placed bottle.

"Sure," I replied, and draped myself across my brother's lap,
caressing the bottle first with my fingers, then my mouth. I felt like
Madonna, having oral sex with a bottle, but I was rewarded by a
growing hardness beneath my belly. Jon wasn't wearing any underwear
beneath his sweats!

He put his hand on my lower back and Daphne stroked my hair as if it
was her cock I was sucking on. I removed the bottle from between my
lips and looked back at him.

"Surprise," I said.

The hand on me was shaking a little, but his cock was as hard as ever.

"Robin...are you sure?" he asked, sounding as nervous as I felt. I sat
up and straddled his lap. His hands rested neutrally against my

"I've been asking myself that all day," I said, "and yes, I'm very

"We're both very sure," Daphne said, placing a hand firmly on my

He sighed, and I could see him bow to the inevitable.

"Who am I to resist?" he said, and seized my waist. I draped my arms
around his neck and planted my mouth on his. He tasted good, yielding
completely to my tongue, his hands reaching around to hold my ass. I
felt Daphne close by and opened my eyes to see her nibbling on his

We worked together to get his clothes off, Daphne taking the top. I
slid off his lap and pulled at his sweats. His cock popped free. Not
until that moment did I appreciate how well-hung my brother was, and I
hurried to get his pants off so I could explore his manhood in detail.

On my knees between his legs, I wrapped my fist around the shaft of
his penis. He was certainly bigger than any man I'd had. I stroked the
shaft, then traced around the hood of his glans with one finger,
tickling the cleft below his cum-hole. A drop of pre-cum oozed its way
out and I gathered it up on my finger and popped it into my mouth. Jon
and Daphne were both watching me. He had an arm around her, under her
arm and cupping her breast. He reached down and touched my cheek, his
expression eager. Daphne smiled and turned to kiss him.

I returned my attention to the cock pulsing in my grasp. Cupping his
loose scrotum with one hand, I bathed the glans with my tongue, mixing
my saliva with his pre-cum. The taste was tart, grainy, and I wondered
if I could get him to come in my mouth. Determined to try, I opened my
mouth and took him in.

Going down on a man gives me a feeling of power. I'm in control of his
pleasure. I had a very good teacher, and I used every technique I
knew. Jon was bigger than I was used to, so I didn't even try to
deep-throat him, but I took him as deep as I could and let my tongue
do the work for awhile. Then I used my tongue and lips on the shaft,
and sucked hard on the glans alone.

I don't pay any attention to what they were doing up above, but
eventually I felt Daphne's skin against mine, kneeling beside me. I
moved over and glanced at her. She put a hand over the one of mine
that held Jon's cock and fondled one of my buttocks with the other.

"Wanna share?" she asked.

"Sure." We both started licking his cock. He had a hand on each of our
heads, moaning softly. I licked my way down his shaft and sucked his
balls into my mouth one by one, letting Daphne do the deep duties. A
few moments later she pointed him in my direction. I ran my fingers
over the slick cum-hole and looked at him.

"I want you to come in my mouth," I told him.

"Do it, Jon," Daphne said. "He's got lots of stamina," she said to me.
"We can make him come lots of times tonight."

"Okay," Jon said, "Daphne knows how to get me off. After that, I want
some of Robin's tits."

"You come for me, you can have them," I replied.

"I'll pump, you suck," Daphne said. I watched her for a couple of
strokes, then took the head of his cock between my lips. They each had
a hand on my head as I moved it up and down. The muscles in his legs
flexed and his moans grew louder. Daphne pumped his cock with a steady

His grip on the back of my neck tightened and I knew an orgasm was
imminent. Daphne stopped stroking. Taking his cock deeper, I  heard
him groan and received a stream of warm fluid in my mouth. I
swallowed, used the increased lubrication to take him deeper, and got
another squirt. It was too much and I let it spill from my lips.
Letting his cock go, I was going to wipe my mouth with my hand, but
Daphne got to me first, licking my lips clean then pushing her tongue
into my mouth.

We knelt side by side and looked at Jon's amazed face.

"This isn't real, is it?" he asked. "It's just a dream I'll have to
wake up from."

"No, we're real," Daphne said with a wink at me. "And now you get to
do something for us."

"He gets my breasts," I said, jumping up and straddling his lap again.
His cock was still hard against my vulva, but I wasn't paying any
attention to it. I held my breasts out to him and he pressed his face
between them. I let his hands replace mine, and he squeezed, then
started pinching and rolling my nipples. The pleasure shot through my
chest and down to my clitoris, using my backbone as a shivering,
quivering highway.

As Jon made love to my breasts, I felt warm wetness on my bottom.
Daphne was licking and kissing the my butt, and her hand snaked around
in front of me, between my legs, and found Jon's cock, nestled against
my slit. There was no shyness to her; her hand moved against my pussy
as much as it massaged his cock. I moaned with the joy of their touch.

Her other hand was busy too. She'd learned quite a lot with me that
afternoon, because she was sliding a finger up my anus, moistened with
her own saliva or pussy juice. She worked it in and out,
finger-fucking my ass, and I almost lost it.

"Daphne, stop a minute," I gasped. "Don't move it!" I didn't want to
come yet, but her finger felt just right in my ass. I pulled Jon's
head from my breasts and pressed my open mouth against his.  He
reached down and grabbed both asscheeks and squeezed until I broke the

I rolled off his lap, taking Daphne's finger with me, feeling the ring
of my anus turn around her it. I lay against the arm of the couch, and
enjoyed the sight of my brother regarding my body.

"What are you thinking?" I asked him.

"Trying to figure out how I can go down on both of you at the same
time," he said. He must have been beyond amazement at the situation
and into seriously taking advantage of it.

"Oooh, I knew this was gonna be good!" Daphne said.

"I think I know," I said. I pushed the finger from my anus and rolled
off the couch. "On your back, Daphne." She obeyed, and I lowered
myself on top of her, spreading her legs with my knees, carefully
positioning my mound over hers.

"Mmm, I like this," she said. I grinned down at her and looked back at
Jon. He was already on his knees behind us, and I felt his hand
exploring my pussy. From Daphne's reaction, his other hand was busy
with hers. He slid a finger into me as far as it would go, and pressed
his lips to my ass, almost biting, then sliding down to the inside of
my thigh, and further down between Daphne's legs. Her cheek pressed
hard against mine, her hands on my back.

"Ohhh," she said in my ear. I felt Jon's head against my thigh, but
his mouth was lower down. Then it came up and his tongue probed my

"Ummm," I said.

"This isn't it," he said. His hand rested on my rear.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked, wanting to give him whatever he

"Get up, Robin," he said.

"Only if I have to." I got up on my knees and looked at him, kneeling
next to me, his cock still rock-hard.

"Here, lay on your back and put your pussy up against hers."

"Oh!" I said, seeing what he wanted. I did as he asked, my right leg
over her left leg, her left leg over my right, and we moved until our
nether lips were kissing. "This is good," I said. I got up on my
elbows. Daphne had elevated herself similarly. I wiggled my hips.

"Umm, yeah, that is good!" she said.

Jon ran his hands over our bellies. "I cannot believe I've got both of
you..." His hands went up over our ribcages and he took a breast in
each hand, kneading them gently, contrasting their differences. I saw
Daphne close her eyes and did the same, enjoying the sensation and the
knowledge that Daphne was feeling the same touch.

Then I felt his breath on my pubis. This must be satisfactory, I
thought, and felt him kiss first Daphne's mound, then mine. His hand
left my breast and went beneath me, resting against the curve of my
lower back. I opened my eyes.

He knelt at our hips, bending over our conjoined cunts. I watched his
tongue stab out and find my clitoris, and I felt Daphne's thighs
tremble against mine. He had hit both clits at once!

"That's it, Jon!" I said. "More!" He started to lick faster, sometimes
getting both of us together, sometimes concentrating on one of us. His
tongue was marvelous. He pressed his mouth to our mounds and his
tongue probed far down between us.

A finger slid down the cleft between my buttocks. As the heat spread
in my belly, I lifted one breast and started licking my nipple. This
was where I wanted my first orgasm. His magic tongue concentrated on
my clit and put me over the edge. Then he turned his attention to
Daphne, and I heard her sounds of ecstasy and felt her legs quiver and
convulse with orgasm.

We just laid there for a few minutes, a little lost in the afterglow,
but I wanted more and was sure the other two did too. Jon hadn't
fucked either of us yet, and extended foreplay wasn't what I had in
mind for the evening. Carefully I extricated myself from the
delightful position I was in. Jon stood to relieve his legs, and
Daphne rolled onto her belly. I stroked her rear and the insides of
her thighs. She sighed.

"I really want to get fucked right now," she said.

"I can do that," Jon said eagerly.

"Just be sure there's some left for me," I said, looking at his
erection with anticipation.

"Oh, there will be," he assured me, reaching down and giving my breast
a squeeze. I smiled up at him, and he pulled me to my feet and kissed

"We should have done this a long time ago," he said.

"We didn't know," I replied.

"Fuck me!" Daphne said from the floor. He looked at her and hugged me.

"Your turn soon," he said.

Daphne had her rear in the air, and he slapped her ass lovingly. Her
vagina gapped open just at the level of his cock, and he found the way
in easily. I watched for a minute, then remembered this was supposed
to be a threesome. I crawled up beside him, put one arm around him and
the other hand on her bottom. He slid an arm around me and started
fondling my bottom, and I initiated a kiss. It made him miss his
rhythm a little, and I turned a little bit more to face him, my leg in
close contact with hers. I didn't mean to totally distract him, but
pretty soon his only contact with her was his cock; his other hand was
doing some wonderful things to my breasts.

Then I felt a hand between my legs. I couldn't turn to look, but
Daphne must have twisted around and was probing me. She put two
fingers into my vagina, then played around the rim of my asshole.
There were way too many hands on me at once and I loved it.

As Jon got closer to orgasm he started concentrating more on Daphne,
and I put some effort into helping him along. His strokes were long,
and I was able to reach down between them, circling his slick, hard
cock with two fingers, pressing them back against her labia. I
squeezed. It must have been just what he needed. His occasional moans
turned to rhythmic grunts, and he thrust himself all the way into
Daphne and let out a long loud sigh as he came.

I pulled my hand out and offered my fingers to him. He sucked them
into his mouth and let them go, then he leaned over Daphne's back and
cupped her breasts. I stretched out in front of her and accepted her
kiss. Then she got up and hugged Jon.

She wiggled her fingers at me, which I took to be an invitation, so I
joined the embrace. I think Daphne expected me to come up behind her,
but I pressed myself up against Jon instead, moving my hands from his
body to hers, mounding my breasts against his back, rubbing my
triangle against his butt. I held one hand on Daphne's waist and
insinuated the other between their bellies. He was almost as hard as
he had been in the circle of my fingers.

"I've got to go," Jon said.

"Where?" I asked without thinking.

"To the bathroom, Robin."


He left, Daphne and I sat there for a minute, catching our breath.
Then I took her hand and pulled her with me to the couch. We sat with
our legs entwined, our heads close together.

"Having fun?" she asked.

"You might say that," I replied, and we both laughed.

"I don't want the orgasms to end," she said, rolling her eyes. "I
think it could be addicting."

"Here," I said, leaning back against the arm of the couch. "Let's do
it like we were on the floor earlier." We rearranged ourselves so our
pussy lips were kissing again. "Oh, that feels good just putting my
pussy against yours," I said.

"It's nice," she said, "but I'm not getting enough...friction." She
had a soft hand on my thigh and rolled her hips slowly, which I had to
agree was pleasant, but a long way from orgasm-inducing. "Take my
hands," she said, holding them out to me. We both had to half sit up,
but it pushed our pussies even tighter together, and I could actually
feel her erect clitoris against mine.

"Much better," I said. Holding hands, we began rocking back and forth.
Soon we were panting, as much from the pleasure of our building
orgasms as from the exertion. She came with a outrush of breath and
let go my hands. I moaned with disappointment and dug my fingers in
between us, hardly able to separate my flesh from hers. I found my
engorged nub, and diddled myself off.

Afterwards I stroked her belly and breasts with my foot. Her foot
started to do the same thing, but I grabbed it and sucked on her big
toe. It was then I saw Jon leaning on the back of the couch watching

"That looked like fun," he said, looking at me.

"Oh, it was.  Was it fun to watch?"

"Definitely. Can I see some more?"

"Sure," Daphne said. "What would you like?"

"Hmm... how about a sixty-nine?"

"I'll get on top," I said.

Daphne scooted down so she was flat on her back and I straddled her
head. She ran her hands over my thighs and flanks and breathed on my
damp, hot vulva. I brushed my breasts repeatedly over her belly,
enjoying the tingling in my nipples. Almost simultaneously I felt the
touch of Daphne's tongue on my nether regions and Jon's hand caressing
my back and buttocks. My breasts spread against Daphne's stomach and I
buried my head between her legs, licking from clit to the bottom of
her vagina and back. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but the
things Daphne was doing to me were divine and I tried to reciprocate.
I got the first orgasm this time, but kept eating at her until I felt
her convulsing beneath me.

I rolled off of her and sat beside the couch and kissed her
thoroughly. I swear I had never had another woman who was as good as
she was. But I was more than ready for some cock. The softness and
mirror-familiarity of another woman is all very well and good, but I
was ready for a pounding penis.

"Jon, I really need you," I said, holding out my hand to him. I rolled
onto my back, knees up and legs spread wide. He seemed to know that
there was no need for preliminaries as he knelt between my legs, his
hands on my knees, his cock standing magnificently at a proud upward
angle. He bent over and kissed me, and I felt the blunt tip of that
enormous cock seeking my slick, waiting pussy. I reached down and took
him in my hand, taking just a moment to squeeze and pump him before
guiding him to his reward.

When he felt the tip between my labia he pushed. With an exquisite mix
of pain and pleasure he went all the way in with one thrust of his
hips, burying his cock to its root inside of me. I'd never had a cock
his size in me, and I was in heaven when he started the long, slow
strokes that went from all the way in to almost all the way out and
back again.

"Robin, you're so tight..." he said. "Umm, so good..."

"And you're so big, lover," I replied, catching my breath as he buried
himself in me again. "Faster, please!"

He obeyed, and my whole world became the joining of my sex and his
sex, the increasing speed of his pistoning cock in my receiving cunt,
and Daphne's hands massaging my breasts. The pleasure was beyond
orgasm. I was in a fuzzy, tingling world where my hands touched
nothing but his skin, where the only sounds were our breathing and
moans, the only smells our sweat and the musk from between our legs.

His strokes became shorter and faster and I knew he was close to
coming. I raised my feet and wrapped my legs around his waist. The
change in angle did it for both of us. Our orgasms were almost
simultaneous, the feeling of his semen pumping into my vagina
triggering my own explosion of ecstasy. He kept going for a few more
strokes, making sure it was all out, before lowering himself onto me,
smothering me with an overwhelming kiss.

"Oh, God that was good," I said when he finally removed his tongue
from my mouth. I held him tight with both arms and legs, feeling his
cock slowly shrinking inside of me. We three cuddled awhile longer,
and he got up.

I must have fallen asleep for awhile, because the next thing I
remember it was dark and I had an afghan over me. The storm had gotten
quite wild outside, and the only light inside was the fire and the
occasional stab of lightning. Jon and Daphne were sitting in front of
the fire, silhouetted to me. I shook off the blanket and went over to

"Hi, Robin," Jon said, reaching up to touch my leg.

"Hi," I said. "Did I sleep very long?"

"No. Electricity went out a few minutes ago."

Daphne curled her hand around the inside of my leg, and I obligingly
widened my stance to accommodate her.

"You ready for more?" she asked. I took stock of my body and decided
that yes, I was, and I told her so. She got her knees in front of me,
put her hands on my buttocks, and began to lap at my pussy. My clit
was sensitive and the feeling of euphoria was almost instantaneous. I
buried both hands in her hair and savored the pleasure.

I wasn't surprised at all when I felt Jon take hold of my hips from
behind. He snuggled in close, his cock nestling up between my
asscheeks. He moved it up and down as he held my breasts, which easily
spilled out of his hands. He must have liked it, because he kept
taking hold of them, kneading them, then letting them fall from his
hands as if he couldn't contain their bulk. It only added to my

"I want to put my cock in them," he said in my ear just before biting
it gently.

"Yeah," I said. "Daphne, stop...he wants to fuck my breasts." She gave
my clit a last hard suck and sat back. I pulled away from his cock,
which was almost in my rear, and sat next to her.  "Let me slick it up
a little," I said. He got on his knees between my legs and I took his
cock in my mouth. He held my head with both hands as I tried to take
him all the way in, without success. Daphne was right up against me,
one arm around me and the other hand between my legs, taking up where
her tongue had left off a moment before.

He was plenty wet now; his cock gleamed in the firelight. I lay back
and he straddled my ribs as I pushed my breasts part way together,
leaving plenty of room for him to put his cock. He bent over more
until it lay heavy and hot between my breasts, and I squeezed them all
the way together so he was completely engulfed in my soft flesh. It's
times like this that I appreciate my oversized tits.

His strokes were long, just like they had been between my legs
earlier, and at the upper end I took the head of his cock in my mouth.

Jon only tit-fucked me for a few minutes before withdrawing his cock.
He slapped my hip and told me to roll over. Daphne rose with me, and
we got on our hands and knees facing each other. Jon put his cock
between us. We both licked it, our tongues touching each other as much
as we touched him. After a few minutes he took up a position behind
me, his hands working my asscheeks, as Daphne and I liplocked. His
penis poked first at my anus, then my vagina, and there he started
pushing slowly into me.

When he was in all the way he bent over me and seized my breasts
again, roughly squeezing and rolling my nipples, making me come, the
muscles of my vagina gripping and releasing his immobile cock. When he
released my breasts, Daphne was right beneath me, taking my abused
nipples in her mouth, soothing them with her lips and tongue.

Jon had a tight grip on my hips and started pumping, fucking me doggy
style, hard and fast. Daphne scooted further underneath me, letting my
tits brush along her breasts and belly, until she was underneath my
pussy. I felt her reach up and touch us with her fingers. Then I felt
her tongue and lips caress our sexes as Jon's hips pumped. A moment
later I felt my brother's thumb moving along the rim of my asshole,
and with a push it was in. Fleetingly I wished for another man so all
three holes could be filled, but then I imagined one of Daphne's
fingers in his ass, and felt with one hand along Daphne's stomach,
across her mons, and down, plunging two fingers into her vagina. The
thought of each of us inside the other sent a thrill through me. I
moaned aloud, my orgasm coming closer. Jon pushed all the way in and
started pumping semen into me, his thumb up my ass as far as it would
go. I dipped my head between Daphne's legs, my own cries of ecstasy
muffled against her muff, and her vagina closed around my fingers
again and again. We collapsed in a heap of arms and legs and tits and
cock, sharing kisses and sucking tongues and flesh without regard to
what it was or who it belonged to.

The End


"Trio" is copyright (c) 1994 by L.S. Hauser. All rights are retained
by the author. The right to redistribute "Trio" electronically and to
print-out for individual use is hereby granted.