Before the era of the online USENET archive and distracting
spam, I collected hundreds of erotic stories from
alt.sex.stories. Many of these selections, dating from 1993
through 1995, are along my all-time favorite erotic
writings. This series of re-postings is my way of insuring
that others will be able to enjoy them as well, now and in
the  future.

These stories have been written by and for adults only. If
you are under the age of the age of eighteen, if adult
material offends you, or if it is illegal for you to view 
material of an adult nature where you live, then stop reading 

Please take note of the story codes in the subject line
of each story. They give a general indication as to the content 
of the story. However, you may still find the material to be
distasteful to you.

I did not write these stories, nor have I, accept in rare
cases, done any editing; I am only making them available for
others to enjoy. The authors of these stories retain all 
rights to them.

Enjoy -

The Libertine