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Nancy and I had been married about five years and although she was a
when we married, I thought that she had come a long way.  It had taken
effort to get her to try anything other than the missionary position
and it
was a real breakthrough when she finally permitted me to stick my cock
her mouth.  I had moved her along to the point that she really seemed
enjoy having me suck and lick her pussy and when she started to have
orgasms when I licked her clit she really got into having me suck and
her cunt.  For a long time I could not get her to consider sucking my
until one day I brought to the brink of orgasm several times with my
and threatened to stop unless she returned the favor.  After a year of
69s with Nancy, she still kept wiping the precum off my cock and still
wouldn't consider sucking the cum out of my cock.  All in all I was
feeling lucky considering that she still had a great figure and had
come to
enjoy frequent sex. -(1)-
About six months after Nancy obtained a job as an administrative
to an insurance executive things began to change.   Nancy became more
adventurous in bed.  She became interested in being on top when she
sucked my cock and she started to pay attention to my balls by licking
them frequently and she even fingered my asshole on occasion.  I
enjoyed the
view of her ass while I lie underneath and even fingered her asshole on
occasion.  However, she would begin to permit me to penetrate her
with my finger and I had to settle with just touching it.  Several
she even ignored all of the precum I was leaking and seemed to enjoy
taste and the fact that her sucking was getting my cock to leak so much
fluid.   I was so happy with her new attitude that although I thought
I noticed her cunt seemed to be a little looser that usual, I let it
pass. -(2)-
Shortly after our fifth anniversary Nancy told me about a party the
was having in a couple of weeks and indicated that she would like to
I told her that would be great and that I was looking forward to going.
Unfortunately, as luck would have it, my company decided to send my out
of town beginning the day of the party.  Nancy seemed to be really
disappointed and I actually worked at convincing her to go to the party
without me. -(3)-
I was scheduled to depart at eight that evening and we agreed that
of making the drive home from the office and then rushing to the
I would just work a little later and go directly from the office to the
airport.  Nancy would drive herself to the party and I would plan on
calling her the next morning.
Well as luck would have it, the trip got canceled at the end of the
I called home just after five thirty and got no answer and decided that
she had already gone to the party.  I decided to put in a couple of
hours and then I would go straight to the party from work and surprise
her.   Instead I got the surprise. -(4)-
I arrived at Nancy's office building about ten o'clock and the door man
let me in without too many questions.   He had told me that the party
was in the executive suites on the top floor and I took the elevator
to the top.  When I arrived I found the party still going but with
people than I had anticipated.  I went to the bar and got a drink and
I looked around the room I noticed that there weren't any women
I asked the bartender where all of the females were and he told me that
"the female" was in the boss's office and pointed the direction. -(5)-
I walked into the office with a couple of other men and looked around
room only to see more men.   I noticed that they seemed to be gathered
around the couch and intently watching something so I moved into the
the group and suddenly saw Nancy sitting on the couch with her boss.
She was wearing a beautiful bright red dress that was form fit to the
half of her body and had her skirt pulled half way up her thigh and
and incredible contrast with her fabulous legs.  It took me a moment to
realize that she was sitting there in front of at least a dozen men
off her legs but she was also firmly grasping her boss's huge cock in
left hand.   She was slowly stroking his cock and licking her lips as
watched huge quantities of precum forming on the head of the cock and
beginning to run down the sides.   She seemed only slightly
until her boss spoke up and said "Remember Nancy, I won't fuck you with
this big cock anymore unless you suck me completely off in front of all
of my friends here, just the way you agreed." -(6)-
With that admonition he gently pulled her off of the couch and placed
her on
her knees in front of him.  She quickly bent down and suck that huge
into her  mouth and started to lap up all of the precum that she had
jerking out of his cock.  She went after his cock and especially the
as if it were the nectar of the gods and she would die without it. -(7)-
As she really got into the sucking she would occasionally stop and dip
down and suck and lick his balls as if she was even after the sweat off
of his balls.   It was then that I realized why and how she had
in our love making.   She had a new teacher and she loved the teacher's
big cock.  Soon she had lost herself to worshiping the cock in her
and was oblivious to the dozen or so men intently watching her mouth
the cock.   Her boss made and motion with his hand and a couple of the
stepped up and pull her dress up over her waist exposing the frilly
white panties she was wearing.  One of the men suddenly appeared with a
pair of scissors and in one smooth motion cut her panties and pulled
away allowing everyone a breath taking view of Nancy's asshole and
pussy.  She was so intent on sucking cock that she either didn't notice
didn't care that everyone was getting an eyeful and beginning to finger
pussy.   Suddenly her boss exclaimed "SHE'S going to do it - SHE'S
going to
do it" and then "I'm cumming - suck deeper - suck deeper"   Then for
first time, to my knowledge, Nancy took cum, a lot of cum, into her
mouth and
kept sucking and swallowing.  She licked that cock clean, even sticking
tongue into the pee hole to get the last drop. -(8)-
To my surprise his cock stayed hard and I heard Nancy speak for the
time since I arrived.  She was saying "please, please fuck me now.  Put
that big cock in my pussy and fuck me."  Her boss responded by saying
Nancy I'll fuck you, but you can't expect these men to go home with all
the cum you have caused to build up in their balls.   Her response was
I'll do anything you say just fuck me hard with that big cock. -(9)-
He told her to get off of her knees and then took be the hand to a
that had been sitting unnoticed in the corner of his office.  It was
a doctor's office examining table complete with stirrups for the
examining of female patients.   He told Nancy to pull the table to the
center of the office and to then strip naked and allow all of the men
get a view of her body, not that any of them had much more to see other
her titties.  Once she was naked he had her get up on the table with
her ass
at the edge of the table and he placed her feet in the stirrups and
them into place so that she would be unable to remove her legs from
very exposed position.  He then stepped up to the edge of the table and
began to tease her clit with the end of his big cock.  Nancy began to
and begged him to stick his cock deep into her cunt.  He started to
his cock in but only gave her an inch and pulled back out and told her
he wanted to hear her beg all of the other men in the room to fuck her
until she swallowed and then they too could fuck her cunt.  He also
told her
that if one of them was fucking her cunt and wanted to finish in her
that she would take his cock straight from her cunt into her mouth
touching it with her hands and suck it until she got all of the cum
When she hesitated, he began to act as if he was going to walk away and
quickly began to beg the men to fuck her mouth and cunt until they gave
all of their sperm.   Nancy's boss stepped back to the edge of the
table and
in one smooth stroke shoved the entire length of his cock into her
begging cunt.  She let out a very audible gasp as his cock apparently
the right place deep in her cunt.  I just had to step into the crowd
for a
better view.  I couldn't believe that my Nancy was taking that monster.
cock had to be nearly ten inches long and at least five or six inches
around. -(10)-
As he began a series of long in and out strokes he told one of the men
lower the head support board.  When the head support was lowered
head hung over the edge of the table and it took only seconds for one
the men to realize that her head was in the exact position for fucking
mouth.  He stepped right up and shoved his rigid cock deep into her
and she began to suck in rhythm with the cock that was fucking her
cunt.  In
no time both men were emptying their cum into my wife.  One in her cunt
the other in her throat.   As they finished, a line was formed and for
next half hour Nancy had someone's cock in her mouth and cunt with one
or the
other dumping sperm and being immediately replaced. -(11)-
I naturally had built up a hefty load myself and took the shorter line,
was for her cunt.  Apparently more of the guys wanted to cum in her
than in her cunt.  Probably because just like Nancy hadn't before this
taken sperm in her mouth, their wives probably would let them cum in
mouth either.   Finally it was my turn to unload in her cunt, but as I
stepped into position to stick my cock into her cunt, I noticed all of
cum and juice that had been flowing down the crack of her ass and now
completely covered her asshole making it look delightfully slippery.  
thought well now's my chance and said outloud "this cunt has gotten too
loose!  I think I'll try a tighter hole."  With that I placed the head
of my
cock at her asshole and began to shove forward fully expecting her to
or at least loudly object.  Instead I found the head of my cock in her
asshole and stopped momentarily and watched her continue to feverishly
the cock that was in her mouth.  With that I continued to shove forward
the entire length of my cock was buried deep in her asshole.  She
and squirmed a bit but when she raised no further objection I began to
in and out and really enjoy fucking her asshole for the first time.  
of the men gathered around and got a good view of my cock going in and
out of
her asshole.  Too soon, I shot my load deep in her bowels and pulled my
limp dick out of her ass. -(12)-
It was quickly replaced by another cock as those that
could still get hardons wanted to fuck her in the ass also.  After only
or four guys had fucked her ass, her boss announced that he had it up
and order the guys to pick Nancy up off of the table and sit her down
on him. 
He proceeded to lie down on the floor and they carried her over and
him.  Two men held her arms and another two held her legs and began to
her onto his cock.  He aimed his cock for her asshole and when he got
it into
the right position to penetrate her asshole he told the men to stop
supporting her weight and to prevent her from using her arms or legs to
herself off of his cock. I then saw what he had in mind.  His cock was
and although she had been fucked in the ass several times, his cock was
going to easily fit into her tight behind.  She found herself sitting
all of her weight centered on her asshole which was centered on his
She began to cry out "NO - NO" but the more she tried to get off and
get away
the further his cock worked itself into her tight asshole.   Against
her best
efforts she found herself helping him work that huge cock into her
It must of taken a full ten minutes of her squirming before the entire
inches was completely buried in her ass. -(13)-
I decided that it was time for me to leave, I still had to consider how
face and handle all that I had seen this night.   Just as I was about
leave I heard someone say "hey I brought a camera, we should have been
getting this  on film!"    As I stopped and turned around I saw her
boss, who
was still enjoying his cock up her ass, pull her back by her tits and
guy straddled her face and sank his cock deep in her throat.  The
flashed and the picture slid out of the camera.  I told the guy that
it that I had to leave and would he mind if I had this picture since he
stay and get another one.  I put the picture in my pocket and left.  At
I went home and upon arrival took the picture from my pocket.  It had
not yet
developed because of the lack of light in my pocket.  I placed it on
table and watched it develop until I saw the picture of Nancy sitting
on her
boss with a huge cock completely shove hp her asshole and a second
straddling her face with his cock deep in her throat. -(14)-
After awhile I realized that Nancy would eventually come home probably
soaked and for sure completely fucked un every orifice and unexpectedly
me home.  I was sure how either of us would handle this scene and
decided to
go to a motel for the night. -(15)-