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            Copyright 1991   All rights reserved

This is a fantasy about rape through threat and intimidation.
If that's not your style don't read it.

This is the story of a large, powerfully built black rapist who
stalks a pretty blonde teen and appears suddenly in her shower
one day. 
                        Part One

     The girl caught his eye and he turned to regard her.
Beautiful, without question, but there were many beautiful girls
and women. Something was special about this one, however, something
charming innocent. 
     Her hair was long and lush, a thick and soft main that framed
a pretty, elfin face with large blue eyes and a pert little chin.
Her lips were full and sensuous though her mouth was small, and he
imagined them wrapped around his cock.
     He followed the girl's movements down the street, then turned
and followed her, admiring the perfection of her round little ass.
She wore jeans and a pretty blue peasant girl top, which revealed
her smooth round shoulders.
     She was well built, her breasts, braless, pushed out firm and
round against the fabric of her top. Her age...perhaps
fifteen...sixteen. She showed the adolescent coy delight at her
newfound womanly charms. Her laughter drifted back to him as he
followed her and another girl down the mall.
     He eased back as they left, following them down the quiet
streets that surrounded the mall. The other girl parted, both
waving, and the blonde continued alone. He followed, turning twice,
then watching as she walked up the drive of a two story house and
went up to the door.
     He checked his watch, then stared as she unlocked the door and
went inside. There were no cars in the driveway. From the time,
three thirty, there was likely to be nobody home. Still, he was
careful, always.
     He turned away, going back to the mall. He picked up his van
and drove back, parking just down the street from her house. He
took out a clipboard and made notes, then waited.
     An hour later a teenage boy arrived, slightly older than the
blonde girl. He noted it. An hour later two more teenage boys,
followed closely by a man, and a woman arrived. He noted the times
and then drove off.
     The next day he was back at five in the morning. He studied
the house, watching the windows through binoculars. He watched the
man and woman and boys leave. The girl remained. He watched for
several hours, then saw the girl come out.
     He drove away, but was back the next three days, studying the
situation. The times varied only slightly. He snuck into the
backyard the third night, checking out the windows and door. He
left, satisfied. Tomorrow, he thought.

     Amy woke slowly, blinking her eyes against the bright sunlight
streaming through the lacy curtains over her bedroom windows. She
yawned and rolled over, trying to bury her face in the thick
pillow. She dozed lightly for a time, but soon woke again.
     She curled up under the covers, delightfully comfortable, the
soft silk nightshirt she wore caressing her ivory skin. She rolled
over onto her back and brought her hands up behind her head,
looking up at the ceiling.
     Her thick blonde hair fanned out below her on the pillow,
making a pleasant contrast to the deep black silk of her nightshirt
and the paler blue of the pillowcase. Her eyes, wide and bright
blue, shifted to the window and took in the sunshine outside.
     She sat up, yawning again, throwing back the covers and
swinging her legs out over the side of the bed, then stood up and
made her way to the door.
     Naked, but for the button-up nightshirt, she walked down the
hall to the stairs, then skipped down them to the living room and
went through into the kitchen. 
     She was alone in the house. It was mid-morning and everyone
was at work but her. The teenager didn't miss them. She was glad of
the peace and relaxation summer vacation provided, and glad too
that she wasn't forced to get a summer job or something as her
brothers had.
     She ran a hand through her thick, fluffy mane of hair, then
opened the fridge and pulled out the milk, pouring a large cup. She
ran through the things she was going to do today. Her schedule was
pretty uncertain, which was the way she liked it. It left
opportunities for new fun to present itself.
     She took the cup upstairs to the bathroom, sipping as she
climbed the stairs. Her movements were smooth and graceful, her
willowy body moving easily, all awkwardness of youth gone now as
she approached womanhood.
     She set the cup down and closed the door behind her as she
unbuttoned her nightshirt and slipped it over her shoulders. She
hung it on a hook and glanced at herself in a mirror. She studied
her body for a moment, vanity overcoming reserve and discomfort.
     Amy hadn't been really comfortable with her body since she'd
reached puberty, and it had begun to change in so many ways. Her
breasts had embarrassed her the most, as had the hair that grew
between her legs.
     She'd gotten used to them by now, though. She even thought her
body rather beautiful, though she still blushed frightfully
whenever anyone, particularly a boy, told her so.
     She was of medium height, for which she was grateful. She knew
how unhappy her friends, those who were particularly short, or
particularly tall, felt. Being of average height was just about
perfect, she thought.
     Her body was slender but not thin, her breasts high on her
chest, round and firm, not sagging the slightest bit despite their
size. She'd developed early, which was one of the reasons her
breasts had embarrassed her. She'd been a thirty six C at twelve,
which, combined with her shortness and slight frame, made her like
more than a little top heavy.
     Now with her increased height and size her breasts looked just
a little bigger than what would be perfect. They didn't bring
stares from the men like some of her busty friends got, and didn't
draw snotty remarks from people. In fact, they looked perfectly
average except when she was naked. Only then would someone notice
that they were somewhat large for her thin chest.
     Of course nobody ever saw her naked. The girls at school had
her first year in High school, during Gym class, but gym wasn't
mandatory after freshman year and she'd dropped it.
     Some guys had fondled her breasts, and her equally round and
firm buttocks, but only in passing for the most part, and usually
in the darkness of a parked car. She'd never gone all the way, for
the idea of laying naked with a guy, and him being naked too, was
just too mortifying to consider seriously.
     Bad enough, she thought, at the beach, when the guys stared at
her in her bikini. To actually be naked, her skin pressed against
a naked guy, his hands on her, his groin pressed into hers... The
idea was exciting in a way, but she was simply too embarrassed at
it to allow the boys their wishes with her.
     She raised one straight leg and put her foot on the edge of
the counter as she ran her hands up and down it. She seldom needed
to shave her legs. Hair grew sparsely, and of such a light golden
color it was hardly noticeable. Even her pussy hair was just a
little bit of fluff along her cleft.
     She raised her arms, putting her hands behind her head. No,
there was no hair in her armpits either. But then, there never had
been. She noticed in passing how her breasts stood out even more
proudly in this position, and felt a slight thrill at the thought
of someone seeing her like this.
     Then she dropped her arms and slid the door of the shower
stall over. She reached in and turned on the water, which gushed
out of the overhead nozzle. She adjusted it to the right
temperature, nice and hot and steamy, then stepped in and closed
the door behind her.
     She let the water pour down over her, thinking about what to
do today, who to call on the phone, which of her girlfriends to
hang around with. She thought she'd give Jenny a call after her
shower and go down to the mall for a little while, maybe scope out
some guys.
     She reached for the shampoo, which was sitting on a nearby
shelf, then stepped out of the water and poured a bit into her hand
and rubbed it into her hair. She soaped up her head thoroughly, her
eyes closed as a thick layer of foamy soap rose on her head.
     She stepped forward into the stream of water and let it pour
down over her, feeling the soap dissolving and running down her
body. She ran her fingers through her hair, sliding them through
the thick wet tresses to work the soap out, then shoved her hair
back and stepped back out of the water.
     She backed into something warm and wet and soft and gave a
startled shriek, spinning around and stumbling back into the wall
below the shower as she tore her eyes open. She stared in shock and
horror a the large muscular naked man that stood there grinning at
her, his back against the shower door.
     "Wh... wh... who are you!?" she cried. "What do you want? How
did you get here?"
     Her hands frantically tried to cover her nakedness, her right
arm crossing her breasts and her left hand cupping her pussy mound.
The man, a bald black man, didn't answer, grinning still.
     "What do you want?" she asked again, her voice high and shrill
and frightened.
     Terror made her body tremble as she stared at the man. His
body, wet from the shower, glistened, his muscles thick and
rippling. His head was bald but shaved that way, she thought, and
between his thickly muscled thighs was a black bush of pubic hair
and a penis, thick and black and half erect.
     She stared at him, appalled, her eyes flicking from his
arrogant smile to his groin, then back again. She glanced past him
at the door, ruling as hopeless any thought of getting past him.
     "What do you want?" she asked again, her chin trembling as she
fought to hold back a sob. She was horribly embarrassed at her
nudity, and the way his eyes took it in. He hadn't said a word,
hadn't moved towards her. She knew what he wanted, though, holding
onto a slim, a very slim hope that she was wrong.
     "I'll scream!" she cried.
     "Nobody will hear it," he said, smiling. His voice was deep
and rich.
     "What do you want?" she asked again.
     "To fuck you."
     The words sent a jolt of fear through her.
     His eyes studied her there, a quirky smile on his face as she
continued to try and cover the lushness of her naked body. 
     At last he stepped forward. Amy backed into the corner of the
shower stall, whimpering, a sob escaping her lips. The man was too
powerfully built to even consider fighting. She, who had never
fought anyone, who considered both exercise and violence to be
ludicrous concepts, was in no position to refuse this man anything
he desired, and, she was sure, what he desired was her.
     His hands gripped her wrists and lifted them effortlessly away
from her body, raising them in the air and pinning them back
against the wall behind her. He stared down at her, grinning still.
Amy's eyes bulged as she stared up in terror.
     "Please," she whimpered. "Please. Please don't!"
     Then he pulled her wrists together, holding them in one large
black hand. The other hand slid down under her chin, caressing her
throat. He closed his hand, easily encompassing her narrow throat
with his large, sausage-like fingers. He didn't squeeze much, just
a bit, then his hand slipped away.
     It was a threat, and she knew it. She trembled at the idea of
what he could do to her. Her mind replayed all the gruesome horror
stories she'd heard, of the things insane men did to pretty girls.
Rape was far from the worst thing that could happen to her, she
realized then.
     His big hand slid down her chest, then stroked the flesh of
her breasts. He cupped her left breast, lifting it gently, as
though weighing it. His fingers slid up onto the nipple and stroked
it lightly.
     "Nice. Nice tits," he sighed. "Nice everything."
     "Oh God," she sobbed.
     He bent and his mouth came down on her breast, his lips around
her nipple. He sucked softly, like a baby suckling at its mother's
breast. His tongue flickered against her nipple as he took it into
his mouth, and his teeth closed around it, gnawing ever so
     He pulled his lips away, then licked a trail across to her
other breast. His tongue was large and pink and soft. He lapped
upwards against her other nipple, then closed his lips over it and
sucked. She said nothing, did nothing, frozen in fear and
helplessness and humiliation.
     His tongue curled around her nipple and slid upwards onto her
chin, then over her jaw and against her lips, which she closed
tightly. He cupped her breast again, his fingers squeezing harder,
then his hand went around behind her and he pulled her chest
forward, even as he held her hands pinned together against the
     Her chest arched out, her breasts round and hard as her skin
tightened against them. He bent again and ran his tongue over her
nipples, slurping and sucking on the glistening wet little buds. He
kissed them and sucked on them, long minutes passing as his tongue
and lips and teeth worked them over.
     Her nipples hardened, though not with excitement. Still, he
seemed satisfied and stood back, releasing her hands. She
immediately tried to cover herself again. He shook his head,
grabbing her wrists and pulling them away, a stern look on his
     Stand straight and don't try and hide that nice body of yours,
honey. You know I'm gonna get what I want."
     Reluctantly, fearfully, she let her arms drop to her side,
though she stopped as if to hide her figure. He lifted the soft
wash sponge, the one with the soap inside it, and squeezed it. Soap
oozed out.
     He pressed the sponge against her chest and began to rub it up
and down over her breasts, down her belly and up between her legs.
His hand gripped her upper arm and he turned her, then scrubbed the
soapy sponge over her back and down over her buttocks. 
     He turned her around again so she faced him. She stared in
helpless fear as he handed her the sponge. She hesitated then
raised her hand and took it, making sure not to touch his hand. She
stared at the sponge, then at him, then at the sponge again. He
stepped forward a little and she backed against the wall once more.
     His big hand gripped her wrist and raised it, pressing the
sponge against his thick, muscular chest. he rubbed it up and down
a couple of times then took his hand away. Amy continued to rub the
sponge against him, quivering with tension as she soaped up his
chest and upper belly.
     His hand pushed the sponge downward, and reluctantly she slid
it over his lower belly, then up and down his thighs. Again he took
her hand and pressed the soapy sponge into his crotch, against his
genitals. She clenched her teeth in embarrassment as she sponged up
his cock, making sure again that only the sponge touched him.
     He took the sponge from her hand and she backed up again,
looking at him in fear. He followed her into the corner, his eyes
steady as he looked down at her. His hands came down and he cupped
her breasts, then stroked the slippery, soapy surface, his fingers
gliding across.
     "Real nice," he sighed.
     His hands went around her then and he jerked her forward
against him. She squealed as her naked flesh was pressed against
his. Her breasts mashed against his hard, muscular chest, her
thighs and legs and belly pressed into his. She squirmed
frantically to pull back but his hands held her tightly.
     Horrified, she could do nothing but moan and whimper as his
hands stroked her back and buttocks. His left hand slid down onto
her ass, covering it, squeezing and kneading the soft, soapy
buttocks. His right hand went behind her head, his fingers pressing
into her skull, turning her head upwards.
     His lips pressed against hers with firm pressure. She tried to
pull her head away, tried to turn it, but couldn't. She moaned
weakly as his lips slid over hers. She kept her lips tightly
closed, her teeth clenched.
     Her mind was spinning with terror and shock as she felt his
hardness pressing into her. His erection was hard also, and had
become crushed between her belly and his. With appalled shock, she
sensed just how long and thick and hard the male organ was.
     He pulled his lips from hers briefly, a frown on his face. He
opened his mouth and flicked his tongue out at her, nodding. She
looked back in fear, not responding. He frowned harder, opening his
mouth and nodding. Frightened, she opened her mouth, just a little.
     He smiled and she hesitantly smiled as well. Then his lips
came down against hers and his tongue slid into her mouth. She
whimpered, the sound muffled by his lips. He slid his tongue all
over the inside of her mouth, then over her tongue, caressing it.
     His fingers were kneading her buttocks and his chest ground
against her flattened breasts. He pressed her into the corner, then
let go of her head as he pulled his lips free. His hand went down
to his groin and he folded his thick fingers around his prong, then
pressed it down.
     He kneed her thighs apart and pressed his groin forward, his
frighteningly long cock sliding between her thighs, the shaft
pressing up against her pubic mound. His hand, the one under her
ass, gripped the tip of his cock and he sort of humped against her,
sawing his cock back and forth between her thighs, pressing it up
against her cunt slit.
     Amy was breathing so hard and fast she was getting light
headed. She trembled in horror and mortification as she felt his
male organ pressing against her pussy mound. He pressed it up
harder, forcing it up into her soft, pulpy cunt mound, mashing it
up into her slit, sawing it against the delicate pink flesh within.
     "Please don't," she sobbed.
     But he ignored her. His heavy, soapy body pressed into hers,
slippery and warm. He gripped her left thigh and raised it off the
floor, pulling it high. He pulled his hips back and brought his
cock out from between her thighs, then, keeping her leg open with
his, he pressed his thick, soapy cockhead against her cunt slit and
rubbed it back and forth.
     Amy felt the pressure mounting as he cockhead pressed against
her vaginal entrance. She felt her pussy lips spreading as the
invader forced its way up between them. She sobbed again, then
caught her breath, staring up at him as he forced the thick organ
into her pussy tunnel.
     "Noo," she whimpered. "Noooooooo."
     He ignored her and his cock, hard and thick, moved into her.
She gasped in pain as her tight, virgin hole was forced to spread.
His cock pumped lightly against her snatch, using short strokes,
each forcing it a little bit deeper.
     She cried out, her back arching, her body trying to jerk away
from him as his cock pressed into her hymen. She squirmed and
thrashed frantically, then gave a cry of pain and sorrow as she
felt her cherry snap and his cock slid up into the previously
hidden depths of her vagina.
     He gripped her thigh again, forcing it up and back, his hand
caressing the soft skin as he drove his cock deep into her belly.
Her eyes bugged out and she jerked helplessly, her mind shaking and
spinning, her body helpless against him.
     She sobbed quietly as she felt his cockhead mashing into the
very end of her pussy, felt her pussy lips clinging tightly to his
shaft. She was impaled on his long, thick male organ, and clung to
him, her arms gripping his shoulders to keep from falling.
     "Ohhh! Ohh! Ohhh," she moaned.
     He bent and crushed his lips against hers again, his tongue
sliding into her mouth with intimate freedom. He ground his hips
against her, his hard, muscular thighs bruising hers, his big hard
organ twisting and turning inside her belly.
     "Tight," he groaned. "Tight, hot pussy."
     His hand gripped her head again as he chewed hungrily at her
mouth. His lips roved across her face, less gentle now. His lips
kissed voraciously, his tongue slid and rasped against her soft
flesh, and he bit down lightly, fast little nips to her ears and
cheek and throat.
     She gave a startled cry as he drew his long, sword of a cock
back, shocked by the sensation as it slid backwards over her pussy
lips. Then he pushed forward and his big tool slid back up into her
belly again, drawing a moan of protest.
     With just one foot on the floor she had to continued clutching
his shoulders to keep from falling. His hard soapy body rubbed up
and down against hers as he began to slide his cock in and out of
her newly opened pussy tunnel.
     She closed her eyes and shuddered as his movements became
steady, his hard black flesh scraping against her pubic lips as he
pumped his organ up and down inside her body. She was being fucked,
she realized. She was no longer a virgin, and she was being fucked.

     The frantic beating of her heart slowed somewhat with the
realization. What was left to fear now? It had been done, was being
done. She wasn't in much pain any more and most likely, from what
she'd heard, he would soon be spent and would go.
     She felt a small kernel of anger at him now that the terror
had eased. She did not, could not, resist though, for that might
anger him. Angering him was far from what she desired just then.
She was certain, somehow, that he was capable of great violence,
and did not want that violence directed against her frail, naked
     She followed the movements of his organ inside her, unnerved
at how clearly her body communicated every sensation as his
hardness moved up and down in her soft pink tunnel. It was strange
to feel something actually moving inside her body.
     Her pussy lips, she noted, were moving up and down with the
motion of his organ, now being pulled out, now being pushed in.
They clung tightly to his hard shaft as it pumped up and down.
     Of  course she noted this just in passing, most of her
concentration on his face, staring up at him as if this would
provide her warning of his intentions. Surely he wouldn't hurt her
now? She hadn't fought, hadn't resisted. He had what he wanted and
would soon go.
     Both his hands went down to her buttocks then, squeezing them
hard as he jerked her up against him. His cock moved faster inside
her, and his hips struck her thighs with bruising force, jarring
her body. His cock was slicing back and forth inside her furiously.
     He bit down on the side of her neck as he hammered his loins
into her. Amy's face was pressed into his shoulder and she clung to
him even tighter as his motions made her body jerk back and forth
on the single leg.
     Not that she could fall, she thought, not with the way he was
holding her. Surely he would catch her.  He was practically lifting
her off the floor as it was.
     Then she heard a gurgle of excitement from him and he jammed
her down hard, his cock punching against her cervix with enough
force to make her cry out. He held her against him, shaking
slightly, and Amy knew his sperm was gushing up into her cunt.
     The knowledge filled her with horror and nausea, but more than
that with relief, for now that he had had his orgasm he would
surely leave. Wouldn't he?
     Her fears rose again, wondering if he would now kill her, as
men sometimes did to cover their rapes. 
     He held her against him and she thought she felt his penis
softening inside her belly. Then he pulled back, letting her leg
down. His cock slipped from between her pussy lips, which closed
again. He pushed her back, sighing in pleasure. Amy backed into the
corner, one hand moving down onto her pussy and squeezing it a
little to ease the soreness.
     He grinned at her. He moved under the water and let it pour
down over him, washing away the soap. She glanced at his organ and
saw it was only partially soft yet. She wondered at how he had
possibly gotten such a large thing inside her without killing her.
     He clenched his hands into fists and raised his arms above his
head suddenly, letting out a howl that made Amy squeak in shock and
fear. He arched his back, howling up at the roof, the muscles
standing out all over his shining black skin. Then he turned and
his eyes gleamed as they fell on her.
     He reached for her and gripped her arm, then jerked her
forward and shoved down, unbalancing her, forcing her down onto her
knees. He gripped her head then and tilted it up as he stepped
before her. She stared up at him, intensely aware of his half hard
cock inches from her face.
     Oh God, she thought with horror. He wants me to suck his cock!
     "Suck this, baby. Suck my black cock. All you white whores get
off on black meat. I bet you jerked off a hundred times dreaming of
a big black prick up your snatch."
     "No! I never."
     "Suck it!"
     He pressed it against her lips and she scrunched up her face
in disgust. His hand jerked her head and he pressed it against her
lips again. Tentatively, she opened them, just a bit. He pushed his
cockhead forward and her lips opened just a bit more.
     She almost threw up, but was terrified of what he might do to
he if she did. His cockhead slipped past her lips and his shaft
followed. She'd never sucked a cock before but knew roughly how it
was done from talking with her girlfriends.
     She sucked on his cock as he moved it in and out of her mouth.
Her tongue tried to hide for awhile, even though she knew she was
supposed to make use of it. Finally she moved it against his cock
as he pumped it in and out.
     Frighteningly fast, his cock grew hard between her lips, hard
and long and thick. Her mouth was wide as her lips encompassed it's
massive girth and her jaw soon ached as he continued to pump it in
and out of her mouth. 
     He held her head firmly in place as he humped into her. Her
hands were flat against his hips, as though to hold him back, but
she applied no force. She was revolted by the movements of his cock
inside her mouth, feeling more degraded then she ever had in her
     Still she sucked on it, knowing that she must do as he
desired, not wanting to anger the large, powerfully built man.
Several times his cockhead pushed back so far she choked and came
close to throwing up, and she had to desperately control herself.
     Then his hand forced her head far back and he suddenly thrust
forward. Her mind screamed in shocked horror as his cockhead forced
its way right into her throat and slid down her gullet. She slapped
despairingly at his belly and hips, trying to push herself free.
     His cock slid all the way down her throat through, and his
balls were soon resting on her chin as he held her head in both
hands and pumped slowly up and down. Her throat felt swollen and
bloated and she fought to keep from choking or throwing up or both.
     She couldn't breath, not even the slightest bit. Her throat
was totally blocked by the thickness of his meaty fuck stick. Her
throat ached, from the inside, all the way down to her upper chest
and she could feel his prick rasping against the walls of the thin
tube as it moved up and down inside.
     She became faint, both from shock and lack of oxygen. She
stared up at him, her eyes held by his as he grinned down at her
with smug satisfaction. She could not move herself even an inch
away, could not pull her throat off his cock spike, could not
resist his steady pumping motions.
     Her hands flapped with less energy, then slowly fell to her
sides as she knelt there on the tiled floor. Her back was arched
painfully, but she ignored that completely, and started to even
ignore the cock in her throat. Her chest burned, and her eyes
fluttered as her vision blurred.
     She started to sag down, but was held up by his hands, which
were still tightly gripping her head.
     Then he slid his cock back up and out of her throat, popping
it out into her mouth, then removing it entirely. Amy shuddered,
sucking in deep long breaths of air, her chest heaving as she felt
the dizziness fading from her mind.
     He lowered himself to his knees in front of her, then hugged
her against him, his face nuzzling against the side of her throat.
She panted for breath, kneeling weakly, the strength of his arms
keeping her from sinking to the floor.
     He pulled back, smiling as he turned her around. She didn't
understand but obeyed, having little choice. He turned her back to
him and pushed forward on her shoulders, bending her. She dropped
weakly onto her hands, groaning and coughing a little.
     "This is the way all you bitches need it," he whispered. "On
all fours with your ass sticking in the air. You snotty whores
wouldn't be so snotty then, would you."
     She felt his big hand cupping her pussy mound, then felt the
round hardness of his cock against her slit. She closed her eyes
and shuddered, resigning herself to what he was going to do. He
spread her legs a little more and then slid his cock into her
     It was easier this time, both because of her position and the
fact that she was no longer a virgin. He buried it inside her snug
belly and ground his hips against her buttocks. His hands stroked
her back, sliding along her sides and over her shoulder blades.
     They slid up onto her shoulders, folding tight as he pumped
steadily in her pussy. Amy was stunned as her mind took in her
situation. She was being fucked like a dog, what the guys called
doggie style. She was on all fours, naked, being... being ridden by
this tall black skinned stranger.
     His cock pumped smoothly inside her, the sensation shocking in
both its novelty and naturalness. There was no real pain. In fact,
the movements of his organ inside her felt, well, they didn't feel
bad, anyway, she thought, refusing to even think to herself that it
might feel good.
     Her cunt lips were as tight and strained in this position as
the last, and she wondered if all cocks were so thick. She didn't
think so. 
     She sagged a little and his hands slid under her and suddenly
jerked up on her hips, forcing her ass higher. She steadied
herself, keeping her ass high as he pumped his cock in and out of
her slit.
     God! The picture this must present! How horrible and
disgusting and filthy it was! How long would this go on? What had
it been now, hours?
     Rationally, she thought it had only been some minutes, perhaps
twenty or so. She felt another wave of anger at him for forcing
himself on her, for using her like she was some kind of sex slave
to him. She wanted to scream at him, to demand he explain why he
thought he could do this. How dare he!
     He continued to pump into her, his cock straining the walls of
her pussy tunnel as he ran it in and out. His hips were slapping
against her wet, still soapy buttocks as his hands roamed over her
body. She was aware of her breasts swinging back and forth beneath
her like udders just before his hands slid under her ribs and
cupped them.
     His fingers kneaded the soft flesh of her hanging breasts,
twisting it slowly, mashing upwards so the malleable meat oozed out
between his fingers. He rolled her melons up and down in his hands
and pinched her breasts, all the while continuing the steady
pumping motions that sent his cock up and down inside her belly.
     His hips smashed into her buttocks with steady rhythm,
knocking her forward on her hands. She jerked back and forth under
the blows, her head low as she stared down at the floor.
     She tried to let her mind drift, and chanted a silent mantra
as though to distract herself. She tried to distance her mind from
what was going on. Now that her fear had ebbed this worked to a
point. Her body, however, could not ignore the fingers kneading and
stroking it any more than it could the steady pumping motions of
the male organ sliding back and forth in her cunt chamber.
     However, since her fear had eased her muscles had loosened up
somewhat, including those in her groin. There was no pain there
now. In fact, the friction of his cock flesh against her pussy skin
and across her cunt lips, was rather pleasant...

                         Part Two

     Amy shifted her ass, unconsciously positioning it to make the
movements of his shaft easier. 
     She woke from her silent chanting with the shock of
realization widening her eyes. Her groin was hot with arousal, her
breasts hard and hot. Her mind spun as she fought against the
notion, but there was no denying it. Her groin was burning with
sexual desire, her pussy squeezing and caressing his cock as it
slid back and forth.
     She grit her teeth, scowling fiercely at the wall before her,
refusing to accept such betrayal from her flesh. She hated this
man, loathed him. She would surely kill him if she had a chance.
She hated what he was doing to her, hated the touch of his hands on
her body an the intimate penetration of her body.
     Certainly he was handsome, and with a body that would have
caught any female eye, but she had not desired this, did not desire
it, or him. How could her body enjoy such treatment?
     Well, her body was designed for such treatment, of course. She
had little, no experience with it before, she admitted, but her sex
organs were designed to be receptive, to enjoy such penetration and
stimulation. Perhaps if she had remained in shocked fear her body
would have stayed numbed, but she hadn't, it hadn't.
     Better this than pain, she told herself. She was sure that,
had it not been for the soap, his giant prong would have torn her
apart down there. Much better that her pussy feels good.
     No! That's slutty. That's incredibly sluttish! Are you a
whore! What kind of a girl would enjoy being raped like this? Can't
you control yourself? She bit down on her lip, hoping the pain
would turn away the pleasant tingling coming up from her crotch.
     It didn't, and she resigned herself to it. There was little
she could do. This man, whoever he was had been stroking away at
her for several long minutes without pause, and seemed in no hurry
to complete his pleasure and go.
     How long, she wondered, could a man do this without having an
orgasm? She'd never experienced it before so had little to judge
     She was distracted by a sudden sharp pleasure from deep inside
her belly. She winced against it, wanting it to go away. Her body
felt different that it normally did when aroused. Usually the
pleasure was concentrated in her groin, near the surface, but this
time it seemed to come from deep inside her, from that place high
at the end of her pussy tunnel that his cockhead kept punching
     Her entire lower body seemed to radiate heat and sexual
electricity, and it was affecting her thinking processes. Her
denial weakened, and she began to think that, well, it wasn't all
that bad to be aroused. He was fucking her harder now, his hips
slapping hard against her buttocks, and she couldn't help but feel
the raw, carnal sexuality of what they were doing.
     She was being fucked! She, Amy Cooper was on all fours naked
before a huge, powerful man who was fucking her, ramming his big
cock down into her cunt! She raised her head slightly, aware of the
sensuous atmosphere in the small stall, of the heat pouring through
her body, of his hands digging into her flanks.
     She shuddered as a wave of sexual bliss burned along her
spine. God, it felt good! She had never felt like this before.
Never in her life had she been so alive, so aroused, so... so hot.
     Her determination to resist her body's passions wavered then
dissolved in the hot rush of sizzling energy rippling up and down
her body. She grunted in response to a particularly hard thrust,
her knees aching as they were knocked forward a little on the
     Her ass was humping back and forth under his power, his hands
jerking her back and his hips slamming her forward. His hands slid
up her body and under to mash her breasts, fingers squeezing and
twisting through the soft, oozing meat. She groaned in pleasure,
her tits aching, feeling like hot water bags.
     She was grunting steadily now, in time to his hard thrusts.
Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as she felt her body
humming with pleasure and heat. Her skin tingled all over and her
head throbbed with the power of sensations flooding her body.
     Then, with one hand on her shoulder, the man shifted the other
down her belly, stroking roughly, then slid his fingers down
between her legs. She felt a single finger pressing against the top
of her slit, pressing against her clitty, shoving it back against
his pistoning cock.
     She gasped as heat poured into her. His cock sawed across her
clitoris with terrible strength as his finger mashed it down. She
gave a short cry, then her mouth opened and closed soundlessly as
her head rose high and pulled back.
     "Like that, don't you, white girl. Can't resist that black
cock, huh? Slut! Cheap white cunt!" 
     He thrust powerfully and she cried out.
     "I feel your slutty cunt sucking on my prick, baby. You're all
juicy up there, ain't you? Bitch! You love this! You love a getting
rode by a black man!"
     He drove into her with deliberate force as his worlds
electrified her. She shuddered, then groaned, her chest locking
tightly as her body blasted into the most powerful, massive orgasm
she had ever experienced. She arched up and gurgled helplessly,
overwhelmed by the sheets of crackling sexual lightning that tore
through her quivering frame.
     Her masturbation had done nothing to prepare her for this. She
was stunned, shocked at the potent strength of the furious, howling
sexual cataclysm that rocked her body. She trembled and quivered,
her ass humping back against him as he hammered into her from
     And then finally it seeped out of her, leaving her a panting,
moaning shell, weakened and panting for breath. She sagged down to
her elbows, then to her shoulders, weakened and nearly insensible
from the prolonged sexual eruption.
     Her breasts were rolled back and forth beneath her ribs as he
continued to hammer his cock down into her. She didn't care, and
hardly noticed. 
     Then he pulled free. Again, she didn't notice. What brought
her mind back to awareness was the growing pressure of his still
hardened cockhead against her little crinkled anal opening. She was
puzzled, confused, unable to understand what he was doing.
     She felt the pressure mount and with a sharp ache her anus
opened before him and his cockhead pushed inside.
     "What?  What! Stop! No!" she gasped, trying to push herself
up, to turn around. But his hand pushed down on her back between
her shoulder blades, and his strength was irresistible. 
     "You liked it so much up the fuck hole I thought you'd like
one up the shitter," he sneered.
     "Please don't!" she begged. "Oh don't! No! NOooooooo!"
     He ignored her, continuing to push steadily with his cock,
forcing it deeper and deeper into her rectum. She groaned and then
sobbed in misery and horror as she felt his thick fuck pole pushing
ever deeper in her anus. She was horrified and revolted, her guts
turning over a the thought of his cock going into her... there.
     Her arms were out to either side, her hands clawing at the
floor as she tried to push herself up against his pressure. Her
cheek was pressed into the tiles and a tear trickled down it. She
gasped and cried out again as a new wave of pain tore through her
     He grunted and pushed his cock deeper, then muttered in
satisfaction as he thrust hard and forced the last inch into her
asshole. He loved the sight of an asshole clenched tightly around
his cock and stared it for a few moments as the girl squirmed.
     Then he slid it back, which brought more moaning. He grinned.
Her asshole was tight, even tighter than her virgin cunt had been,
but he had felt tight assholes before. He pumped slowly, waiting
for her sphincter to ease up. The girl continued to groan and
whimper as he worked his cock in and out of her.
     "Come on baby, let's see you cum again," he hissed. "You
snotty bitches all think you're so fuckin' great! You don't feel so
great now, huh, with my cock up your asshole!"
     He eased up on her back, his hands cupping her ass cheeks,
squeezing and kneading the smooth white flesh. He remembered his
first white girl, years back, the snooty blonde who'd thought she
was too good for him, who thought the sun rose and fell on her
white flesh. She'd moaned and groaned just like this one when he'd
rammed his cock up her asshole.
     He'd showed her, and showed plenty more since then. He'd lost
track of how many he'd taken. Only his files contained the true
figures. The names, dates, places, and in most cases, pictures of
the girls and women he'd used. Young and old, rich and poor. He'd
shown them all.
     As he was showing this little blonde whore.
     Cunt, he thought, ramming his cock in hard. She cried out in
response. His smile widened.
     "Whore!" he snarled. He thrust deep and she shuddered and
cried out.
     "Slut!" His cockhead stabbed up into her guts, rocking her
     He pounded into her with vengeful fury, his thick prong
pistoning up and down in her anus, the girl whimpering and grunting
and moaning as he shook her body with his hammering blows. His hips
pounded into her buttocks, his hands jerking her back against him
to meet his forward thrusts.
     He grabbed a thick mass of her wet hair and pulled hard. She
cried out in pain, rising off her hands, jerking back against him.
He slid his hand against the side of her face, twisting it back
against him. His lips sucked hungrily on her mouth.
     His other hand mashed and twisted her tit meat, almost beating
at her breast as his fingers gouged her soft meat. His cock
hammered upwards into her guts, almost jerking her up off the floor
with the force of his strokes.
     Finally he came, feeling his sperm gushing up into her,
spraying into the depths of her belly. 
     "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" he gasped. "Take it white bitch! Take my
cum! I'm shootin' it up your ass! I'm gonna drown you in my juice!"
     He groaned and clutched her tightly to his chest, emptying his
balls up inside her asshole. Her rectum squeezed and sucked on his
cock, draining him dry as he eased his frantic movements.
     He sighed and was still, his anger drained along with his
balls. He hugged her tightly for long moments, licking at her
throat. Then he pulled his cock out and rose, letting the girl sink
down. He picked up the soap and cleaned himself, then jerked the
blonde to her feet and motioned to her to do the same.
     He rinsed off and stepped out of the shower stall, grabbing a
big fluffy towel off a nearby rack and drying himself. The girl
stood under the water, hugging herself and shivering. He watched
calmly as he finished drying himself, then reached in and turned
off the water.
     He gripped her arm and pulled her out, handing her another
towel. She pulled it around herself, gazing at him fearfully. He
grunted and dried her himself, roughly moving the towel over her
body and through her long thick hair.
     He tossed the towel down and pulled her over before the
counter and mirror, then picked up the hair dryer and a brush and
began to blow dry her hair. The girl stared at him in the mirror,
obviously both confused and scared.  
     "What are you doing?" she whimpered.
     He said nothing.
     He liked her hair, brushing it carefully. It quickly lightened
and spread apart. He hummed as he worked, running the dryer all
over her hair, brushing it carefully, watching her in the mirror as
she watched him. When he finished he set down the dryer and brush
and stepped back.
     His pants were hanging from a hook. He stepped into them, then
pulled his t-shirt over his head and stepped into his tennis shoes.
The girl stared at him, obviously thinking he was leaving. She was
in for a surprise.
     He turned her around so her back was to him. Amy felt a wave
of fear, and waited to feel his hands at her throat, but instead he
gripped her wrists and pulled them together behind her back. She
felt something thin sliding around her wrists, criss-crossing them
again and again. He was tying her hands up!
     She trembled with fear, wondering if he was going to kill her,
wondering what he was going to do to her.
     He finished and turned to open the door. She pulled
experimentally at the cord, or whatever it was that was around her
wrists, but it was strong and tight. Her wrists were crossed neatly
and she couldn't move either one even a little bit.
     She turned and he motioned her out the door, gripping her
upper arm. He led her downstairs and then down the hall to the
garage. She moaned in terror as he opened the door to the garage
and she saw a strange car parked there.
     He led her to the trunk, then opened it and lifted her up,
setting her feet down inside the trunk.
     "No!" she cried, trying to jump away. He held her easily,
forcing her to sit down in the trunk. 
     "NO! I'm not going with you!" she screamed. "Leave me alone!"
     Frowning, he picked up a rag and jammed it into her mouth,
muffling her sounds. He picked up a roll of tape and tore off a
strip, taping the rag in place, then pushed her down on her back.
He rolled her over onto her belly as the girl squirmed and thrashed
in terror.
     He pulled another cord from his pocket and grabbed her ankles,
tying them together, then forced them back against her buttocks and
tied the cord to the one around her wrists. Helpless, the girl
eased her squirming. He turned her over and looked down at her
wide, frightened eyes, and smiled.
     He slammed the trunk then and opened the garage door, then got
into the car and drove off. Half an hour later he pulled into his
own garage and closed the door behind him. He opened the trunk and
the girl stared up at him with the same terror.
     "Time to get out, white girl."
     He untied her ankles and pulled her out of the trunk, then
marched her into his house and down into the basement. The basement
was all stone walls and floor, with only a few chairs, a table, and
a bed there for furniture. There were also several cameras and a
camcorder on tripods, and a TV and VCR on a wheeled stand. Chains
hung from the ceiling in several places.
     Amy was terrified as she looked around. The place looked too
much like she thought a dungeon would look. There were no windows
and the only way out was the stairwell, which was blocked by a door
at it's foot, a door the black man locked with a key.
     He led her over against a bare stone wall and pushed her back
against it, then moved over to one of the cameras. He lifted it up
and carried it, still mounted on the tripod, over in front of her
and put it down, then he looked through it at her. He moved over to
a couple of big portable lights and turned them on, making her
blink in the brightness.
     He frowned and came over to stand in front of her. He shoved
her back against the wall, and put a hand on her forehead, pushing
her head up until she was standing straight with her head looking
     "Stand straight with your head up and smile."
She stared at his back in astonishment as he walked back to the
camera. he turned and bent over again.
     "Smile," he snarled.
She formed her lips into a tentative smile and he snapped a
picture, then another.
     "Turn to the side," he ordered. She did and he snapped a
couple more pictures. 
     "Turn your face to the wall."
She turned and he took more pictures.
     "Bend over," he ordered. She bent over slowly and he took a
bunch of pictures.
     "Lower," he ordered.
She bent lower, and then still lower. She bent as far as she could,
until she was looking at her own knees.
     "Spread your legs, whore," he called.
     She trembled but did as he ordered, and heard the camera
clicking again several times.
     "Turn around and get on your knees," he said.
     She did and he took more pictures.
"Turn your face to the wall and bend over. Put  your face against
the floor," he ordered.
     She bent far over until she half fell to the floor, her weight
resting on her head and shoulders. 
     "Spread your legs, you slut," he sneered.
     So she spread her legs and he took pictures.
     "Raise your little white ass higher," he called.
She did, trying not to think of how humiliating the pictures would
     He put the camera back and took out another one, then moved
over to a cupboard and took down a big double handful of chains. He
brought them over to her and dumped them on the floor, then cut the
cord off her wrists and lifted her to her feet.
     He turned her to face him, his eyes scouring her naked flesh,
then bent and pulled out four thick round metal tubes. They were
ugly and cruel looking. He picked up two of them and stood up.
     "My people used to wear these," he said. "These came off a
slave plantation."
     He slid one of the thick things around her right wrist, then
locked it. It was heavy and cold. He put the other three around her
other wrist and, ankles. He bent then and picked up a thick chain,
about a foot long, and fastened it between the two manacles around
her ankles.
     "Wha... what are you going to do to me?" she whimpered.
     "Whatever the fuck I want," he said, calmly.
     He rose with a thick metal strip and slid it around her waist,
then locked it together. There were fat rings welded around the
strip on all sides. He picked up a heavy chain that was only a
little longer than the ones between her ankles and snapped one end
to her right wrist, then slid it through the ring in the front of
the belt and attached it to her left wrist.
     He picked up one final heavy metal object then, it was a
collar. He slid it around her throat and snapped it closed. Amy
looked up at him in fear but he did nothing but stare at her. Then
he turned and went back to the camera. He started snapping pictures
as she looked at him in bewilderment.
     "Turn to your right and lower your head," he ordered.
     She did and he snapped more pictures, then she turned her back
to him and he took more pictures. 
     He came over to her and unsnapped the chain binding her right
wrist, pulling it back through the ring on the belt thing. He
pulled both her wrists back behind her back then up, making her
groan in pain. He slid the chain through a ring in the back of the
collar and snapped it to her wrist again. Her arms ached fiercely
and her hands were up between her shoulder blades.
     He went back to the camera and took more pictures, then came
back and removed the chain entirely. He snapped the manacles on her
wrists directly to a ring in the back of the belt and then took
more pictures. After that he snapped them directly to rings set on
either side of the belt, and again took pictures.
     He pushed her down on the floor, forcing her to lay on her
back, then, with her wrist manacles still cuffed to the sides of
the belt, he pushed her legs up and back, ignoring her cries of
pain as he attached the short chain between her ankle manacles
directly to the sides of the collar.
     He moved back and took pictures of her like that from several
angles, then came back and unchained her. He led her over into the
corner and pulled her arms high, attaching them both to a chain
hanging from the ceiling. 
     He moved to the wall where the other end of the chain was
locked, and pulled it, forcing her up to her toes. He locked the
chain in place and took more pictures of her. He went back to the
wall and raised the chain higher, lifting her feet off the floor,
and again took pictures, from several angles.
     He used up all the film in that camera and got a third,
snapping a couple more shots before releasing her. He immediately
attached her wrists to two other hanging chains and again lifted
them so she was just on her toes, this time with her arms spread.
     After several shots like that he lifted her off her feet and
took more, then attached her ankle manacles to chains set in the
floor, taking shots of them together and pulled straight down, and
apart, so she was spreadeagled in mid-air.
     "My wrists hurt," she moaned.
     He grinned and released her, then attached the chains to
different manacles. He fixed the ones hanging from the ceiling to
her ankle manacles and hung her upside down.
     With that done he took off all her chains and ordered her onto
the bed. He reloaded his cameras and then took a variety of shots
of her in lewd, crude, perverted positions. She had to bend over
with her ass pointed at the camera, reach back and spread her ass
     She had to push her hand through her legs in the same position
and slide two fingers up into her cunt slit. She had to lay back on
her back with her legs spread, one hand squeezing her tit and the
other pumping her fingers in her cunt. She had to sit back against
the wall, pull her legs up against her chest and smile invitingly
at the camera.
     Then he brought out a pair of big black dildos and took a
bunch of even more disgusting pictures, all of them with her face
scrunched up or mouth wide and back arched, all of them looking
like she was doing this on purpose and that she was climaxing.
     Finally he brought over the video camera, where he filmed her
jerking off, first with her fingers, then with one of the big
didos, then with both of the dildos, one up her ass, the other up
her cunt. He kept stopping to yell at her for not being realistic
enough, telling her to moan more or hump at the dildos more.
     The whole event took hours, and when it was finished he forced
her onto all fours and fucked her for a steady ten minutes before
shooting into her.
     "Well, that was interesting," he smiled. "I made another white
girl's dreams come true."
     "You... you did this before?" she gulped.
     "Hundreds of times, and you know what, not one of em' ever
reported it to the cops." He grinned nastily as he showed opened a
cupboard and showed her photo albums that filled it. There were
dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds. He pulled one out and flipped it
open, showing her pictures just like the ones he'd taken of her,
only of a cute brunette.
     "I guess none of em' like the idea of having everybody seeing
these pictures, not to mention the videos."
     He pulled open another cupboard and showed her a huge
collection of video tapes. He pulled one out at random and shoved
it into the VCR.    He turned it on and Amy watched a redheaded
woman jerking off with a big black dildo, perhaps the very one she
had used. The woman was moaning and panting and grunting very
     Amy could see where she wouldn't want a judge and jury to see
that. She turned beet red at the thought of sitting in court while
the whole room watched her own tape.
     "Okay, slut, let's go. I'll drive you home," he said.
     Filled with relief she followed him up the stairs. Still
naked, she got into the trunk of his car and lay curled up there
while he drove her home. The car stopped and she got out, finding
herself in her own garage again. He slid an arm around her, palmed
her cunt with his other hand and kissed her long and deep and hard.
     Then he pulled back and got into his car, grinning as he
backed away.
     "You ain't a bad piece of cunt meat, Amy girl," he sneered.
     Amy watched him drive away, heedless of who might pass by and
look into the garage. Then she turned and walked into the house. It
was just after three, she saw. She went back upstairs and had her
shower again, feeling his hands on her the entire time. 
     She told no one about her day, and that night, as she lay
awake staring at the ceiling, her hands crept inexorably down to
her groin, and her fingers began rubbing at her clitty as she
dreamed of giant black cocks piercing her body.