Date: 1 Jul 1995 15:17:52 GMT

The Adventures of Rachel Roundheels, Teen Slutpuppy


My Dad says nobody in a million years is ever gonna believe that this
story was written by a fifteen year old girl (Okay, nineteen now,
actually- I was fifteen when this stuff happened) :^)

He says I should misspell a few things and use more slang terms like
AWESOME. I suppose I should take his advice, he's only been writing
commercials for about twenty years, but I just refuse to degrade my
own work by pandering to people's low expectations. It may only be a
stupid work of erotica, but personally, I think it's a pretty good
one. I don't know about you, but I hate to read a sex story written by
an idiot. I mean, who wants to fuck and suck with an idiot? I can't
picture hot cum and sexy bodies when the copy makes me think of
illiterate rednecks and fat old couch potatoes.

So here it is, believe whatever you want. It all really happened, most
of it exactly the way I've told it here (although I did leave out some
stuff- details and people who really didn't matter and aren't horny to
read about). This isn't the sort of writer I really want to be anyway,
but Dad says it's good practice, and a lot of people might like to
read about this stuff, 'cause it's kind of unusual. Frankly, I don't
think it's all that unusual- in my experience at least, it's about as
common as you want it to be. Maybe Family Fun was unusual in his day,
or just in his neighborhood, I don't know, but I think you can usually
make it happen if you want it. Everybody has hot fantasies, some
people are just pussy to act on them. Most cultures are still freaking
out on incest way too much anyway- it feels just as good as any other
sex- (in some ways it's WAY hotter), and if you're not breeding
babies, what's the big deal? I've done it, and I know at least three
other people my age who've done it, too, in one form or another, so
maybe unusual is the wrong word. I think it's really hot'n'erotic, and
I love to hear other people's Family adventures, so maybe you'll like
mine, too.

Who knows, if it goes over well, maybe I'll tell a few more true
stories- if THIS is unusual, boy have I got some wild tales to tell

Oh, by the way, as you probably figure, ROUNDHEELS is not my real last
name- that was my Dad's idea- he says it was the name of a character
in an erotic novel he used to jack off to as a teenager, by an author
named TED MARK. Dad can't remember the name of the book, but he says
there was a really hot flamenco dance scene in it...(I can't imagine
that as erotic, the only flamenco dance I've ever seen was years ago,
in that commercial "STOP! That's no way to kill roaches!")...anyway,
apparently there was a character in that book named Rhonda Roundheels
or something, and it does kind of work well with my first name, so...

enjoy...cum lots! love, Rachel

The Adventures of Rachel Roundheels, Teen Slutpuppy


"I wish we'd been born sisters." Jesse said, gently daubing
'Watermelon Pink' lipstick onto my pussylips. I was sitting on the
edge of the bed in just an oversized T-shirt, legs spread wide, while
she sat on the floor between them in just her panties, her face just
inches away from my hole, decorating it. I could feel her humid breath
on my cunt and it was making me really horny.

"How come?" I asked, although I thought I knew the answer. I know her
pretty well, I think - besides, we think a lot alike.

"'Cause," She said, leaning forward and lightly licking my labia,
letting her tongue just dance across them, teasing. "I just think it
would be so cool to be doing this stuff with somebody I was like,
related to -wouldn't that be incredibly kinky?"

"For a moment I couldn't answer, 'cause the feeling of her tongue on
my cuntlips made me catch my breath and close my eyes. I opened them,
sighing impatiently.

"God-damn, Jesse, if you're gonna lick me, lick me! I hate it when you
get me all hot like that and don't let me cum."

"Alriiiight -godd, don't be such a bitch, Rachel...this stuff won't go
on right, anyway -you're too wet." She leaned forward again, sucking
my nether-lips into her mouth and lapping her tongue into my slit,
then up along the clit. I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes,

"Don't you think that would be hot, She continued between licks, 'To
like, fuck someone in your own family?"

Actually, I thought it would be very specifically hot, but I wasn't
ready to tell her about that particular fantasy -not just was
too weird.

"Mmmm... maybe, " I said, wriggling my ass under her tongue, "What do
you mean?"

"I don't know," She said, holding my pussylips apart with her thumb
and forefinger. "I guess it's just exciting 'cause you're not supposed
to do it, ever." Her tongue began rapidly flicking back and forth
across my clit and I nearly screamed from the intensity of the
sensation. I reached down to her head and lightly touched her hair,
caressing her ears.

"Ooooh, godd." I groaned, my back arching up off the bed. I was
wishing for a mouth at my nipples. One very particular mouth. I could
almost see him, feel him.

"haven't you ever imagined making it with somebody that you're never
supposed to think about that way -like an uncle, or a cousin...or your

Jesse reached across the floor, almost without looking up, and snagged
the slim lipstick tube from the carpet. Still licking my rigid little
clit, she started easing the small plastic cylinder into my tight,
puckered sphincter. The intensity was too much -I thrashed and writhed
in wild orgasm, biting on my fist to keep from screaming out loud.

"Yess!" I squealed, my teeth leaving deep marks in my first two
fingers, "Oh godd, YEESSS!"

Jesse sighed, looking out across the backyard. Against the back fence,
her brother Chris fought with a lawnmower that seemed tangled in
something too far away for us to see.

"Mmm-mmm...hunky-dory, huh?" She said. "I gotta have it. I GOTTA HAVE

"Okaaaay," I said, "Go ahead -have it."

"Her shoulders fell, her face dropped into a pout. "I don't know HOW,"
She whined, "I'm scared, Rachel. What if he thinks I'm a gross ol'

"He's a guy, Jess," I told her, "It doesn't matter what he thinks
-he'll do it anyway. You're a hot little hardbody. Sister or not, he's
not gonna say no to a pretty piece of pussy."

Across the yard, the sound of the mower died. Chris began pushing it
back toward the house and the back deck where we sat lounging in the
Saturday morning sunshine. He left the mower in the grass next to the
house and bounded up the wooden steps of the deck, headed for the
backdoor, into the house.

"Good morning!" I quipped, peeking at him over the top of my
heart-shaped sunglasses. He stared at me as he walked past. I smiled
sweetly, knowing he could see my pretty pear- shaped tits through my
thin T-shirt.

Jesse leaned forward in her lawn chair as the french doors closed
behind him, to get a last look at his buns in his cutoffs.

"Gotta have it!" She growled through clenched teeth. "Hey, slut -what
are you tryin' to do, steal my action?"

"Huh?" I said, a little bewildered, until I realized she was staring
at my lap. I looked down to see that my long T-shirt had ridden up
over my crossed legs, to expose my blonde bush and my pouting
cuntlips, still glistening with my moisture, Jesse's saliva, and a
sheen of 'Watermelon Pink' lipstick. "Oops!" I grinned sheepishly, and
we both burst into a hail of demented giggles.

Ssssh..." I whispered to Jess, my hand turning the bathroom doorknob
slowly, silently. I opened the door just a hairline crack and peeked
in.Through the steam I could see Chris' silhouette behind the frosted
glass of the shower stall.

Opening the door a little more, I slipped inside, Jesse following
close behind, both of us naked. Amid the clothes scattered on the
floor was a Penthouse magazine, opened to the centerfold of a girl
with dark indian-like hair, like Jesse's, looking back over her
shoulder, her ass to the camera. The girl's mons was puffy and dark,
almost a lavender color. Jesse stared at the picture, engrossed -she
loved to eat a pretty pussy.

"Shit," I whispered in Jesse's ear, pointing at the magazine. "I hope
he didn't cum yet.' She burst again into hysterical giggles, I pressed
my hand over her mouth, but it was too late.

"Jesse!" Chris yelled, "What the hell are you doing in here?"

I let go her guffawing yap and snatched open the shower door.

"Snack Attack!" I said, and climbed into the shower, pinning a very
surprised Chris against the tile wall with a passionate kiss. I felt
my breasts press against his chest, the nipples instantly stiffening.
Chris instantly stiffened, too. I grabbed his lengthening cock in one
hand and pumped it, feeling it grow rigid in my fingers. I looked up
at Jesse, still standing outside the shower watching hungrily.

"Have some?" I queried, offering her the meat. She stepped into the
shower with us and I moved aside to give her some room -it was awfully
crowded with the three of us in there. I stood under the shower head,
pulling Chris' back against me, so I could kiss his ears and neck and
watch. Jesse knelt before him and began to devour his cock.

Chris was so stunned by the soft pink ambush, he could only stand
there, eyes wide, mouth agape, saying
"God-Damn!....Jesus!...God-Damn!" over and over again, as his cute
little sister's luscious full lips bobbed up and down the length of
his cockshaft. after awhile, he just groaned, his head rolling back
loosely on his shoulders while I snaked my tongue into his ears, bit
tiny teeth-marks into his neck and ran my hands up and down the sides
of his body in sensuous caresses

"We wanna make you cum, baby." I whispered in his ears. "We're gonna
fuck your balls blue, would you like that?"

"Uh-HUH!" He grunted, thrusting his hips, plunging his dick deeper,
faster into his sister's bloated cheeks. She pulled his hard pink
stick from her mouth, rubbing the slick shaft along her face, licking
his wrinkled scrotum.

"Mmmm...wait...don't cum yet," She said. "You gotta fuck me first -I
gotta have it!" She clambered up from the shower floor, almost slipped
and fell as she turned around to offer him her ass. When she looked
back over her shoulder, grasping between her legs for his cock, to
guide it into her pussy, she looked just like the girl in the
Penthouse magazine. Chris put his hands on her firm young asscheeks as
his prick eased into his sister's sweet snatch.

"Aaaah, godd," He groaned, That's so fuckin' tight..."

"It not only feels good," I said from behind his shoulder, "It tastes
great, too."

"Oh, man." He smiled, still thrusting his hips back and forth, his
shiny wet dick poking in and out. I could tell he was imagining the
picture of his hot little sis an' me, locked in a sloppy sixty-nine,
each with her face buried in the other's soft tender crotch.

"Are you gonna fill 'er up," I asked him, "Or can I have the jizz?"

"GOTTA HAVE IT!" Jesse cried, slamming her bottom back against her
brother's lap. "Fuck me, FUCK ME! CUM INSIDE ME!" She ground her ass
against him, pressing for every inch of cock she could get. "CUM,

Chris grabbed her hips hard and pushed deep. His body locked into
position and he froze. From deep in his chest came a long, low,
guttural grunting moan, that seemed to last almost a full minute,
while Jesse screamed and writhed like a banshee on the end of his
dick. I could almost see the gallons of hot, thick, steaming cum
pumping rythymically from down in his balls, up through the length of
his prick, to spurt in hot, gooey jets far into the core of his
sister's sucking cunt.

Finally, he relaxed, loosening his hold on Jesse's hips. She collapsed
to her knees on the shower floor, still moaning and panting, his cock
coated thickly with their juices, popping free, half-hard. Chris
leaned back against me, exhausted, breathing deeply.

"Wow." He said softly. "That was incredible."

"Oh you're not done yet, are you?" I whined at him, grinning. "I was
just gonna lick that sticky cock off for you, so we could start


We stumbled into Jesse's room, the three of us still soaking wet,
giggling and groping -Chris couldn't get over the fact that he had not
one, but two naked girls pawing him, eager to please him sexually in
any way the bunch of us could dream up. Jess was in drooling ecstasy
over the fact that she had a warm cuntful of her brother's fresh jizz,
the fulfillment of her longtime fantasy. I was just really, really
horny after watching the two of them fucking each other into a lather
in the shower, and more than ready to get a little orgasm action of my

As we all climbed onto the big bed, I rolled onto my back and pulled
Chris toward me. "My turn." I said to him, kissing his lips lightly
and reaching for his cock as he climbed toward me. I fondled his
hard-on as he kissed and nuzzled my soft firm titties and began to
kiss his way down my belly. I could feel the inner walls of my cunt
contract in anticipation as he moved his mouth slowly, aimlessly
toward my pussy.

"C'mere." I grunted, tugging on his thighs. He got the message and
turned himself around into a sixty-nine, his gorgeous young pink
erection grazing across my face. I grabbed it roughly and stuffed it
into my mouth. I was really horny and didn't feel like waiting.

That thick fleshy cockshaft stretching my lips, the swollen knob under
my roiling tongue, tasted so good I couldn't get enough. Chris was
circumcised, but the skin on his shaft was still loose enough to slide
up and down, sheathing about half the head. I pumped and milked,
squeezing out small pearly drops of cum and lapping them up with the
tip of my tongue.

Chris buried his face in my crotch and began to lick. He didn't know
nearly as much about eating pussy as his little sister, but he was
hungry for it. He lapped and poked and probed, his tongue jabbing deep
up into my cunt and painting my labia in broad, flat strokes.

I could feel Jesse moving around on the bed, could see her moving over
us, hands caressing Chris' ass, but it wasn't till I heard Chris moan
that I realized what she was doing. She had pried his cheeks apart
directly over my slurping blowjob, and was licking and probing his
asshole with her talented tongue. I knew how delicious that felt,
she'd done it to me plenty and it turned me on even more to know Chris
was getting that exquisite sensation for the first time. I ran my
tongue up his dickshaft and tenderly kissed his balls, slathering them
with my saliva.

"I gotta fuck you, Rache." Chris said, almost apologetically as he
gently pulled his prick from my mouth and turned around to kneel over
me. He kissed me deeply and tenderly, our tongues twirling, mixing the
sex juices we'd been lapping. He prodded my fuckhole with the blunt
head of his dick and it slid right in.

"Oh, man." He sighed into my ear. "Nice cunt."

He began to fuck me in a smooth, steady back and forth motion, his
crotch ever-so-lightly slapping against mine. The easy pistoning felt
great and I held onto his arms, letting myself rise toward the hot
contraction I knew wasn't far away.

Jesse had moved back around behind her brother again and I could see
her burying her face in his ass, still teasing his crinkled little
butthole with her tongue. It must have gotten difficult with him
pumping up and down into me, 'cause after awhile she stopped, looking
around his body at me and winking. I was just about to ask her
"What?", when I felt Chris stiffen and grunt sharply and I knew what
she was doing.

"Aaaah," Chris groaned. "man, that's intense!"

His fuck-strokes became shorter, sharper, more jabbing from the hip.
My clit was tingling and I came in warm waves, wrapping my ankles
around his legs.

I felt his cock start to throb and get rock-hard inside me, and I knew
he was gonna cum any second, so I slipped my hips back and pulled him
out of me with my hand.

"Let me see it, baby." I said, pumping, milking him, without breaking
rythym. "Show me your cum."

"Oh, godddd!" He groaned and let go.

It squirted from his cock in long, thin streams, not nearly as thick
this time as the goop I'd licked from his dick in the shower, but
still creamy and beautiful. I felt the warm spray spattering my tits,
laying cum-trails across my nipples. Some splattered on my face and I
flicked out my tongue, hoping to catch a drop or two in my mouth. I
continued to stroke him, even after he stopped pulsing and jerking in
my hand, the sticky semen drooling over my fist to drip onto my belly.

"Woah." He said, and rolled over to lay beside me.

Jesse leapt into the breach and began to lick up and down the length
of my torso, painting my belly and breasts with her brother's jism,
licking the slimy fluid from my firm young flesh. She continued even
after she'd completely cleaned the cum from my entire body, even
licking my face clean. She seemed fixated on my tits, nuzzling and
sucking them gently, almost purring.

"Boy," Chris said weakly after awhile. "I need a nap."


I lay on my back on the bed with my knees in the air, feet dangling
loosely, legs spread wide. With my left hand I held a handmirror,
positioned at an angle over my crotch, so I had a full view of both my
sensitive holes. My right arm was stretched down the length of my
body, wrist bent sharply around my smooth buttcheek. My cunt oozed
slippery juice in excitement while I watched the pale puckered orifice
of my sphincter gently sucking like a sea anenome, as my middle finger
probed my steaming little teenage anus. It was so hot! My butthole was
so tight, clinging to my stiff finger, the feel of the tender tissue
inside my body so erotic -and that hot tingly burning sensation as I
fingerfucked my hungry asshole made me moan quietly to myself.

After a few minutes of watching this deliciously erotic sight, I
dropped the mirror and moved my left hand to my clit. The poor little
pink love bud was sooo lonely. The instant I began to strum it with my
thumb, I started cumming, my moisture drooling down my crack, coating
the finger in my anus.

Kee-rist, was I pissed when the phone rang!

"What!?" I barked into the receiver.

"Umm...Rachel?" Said the voice on the other end. It was Chris.

"Yeh-usss," I said, rather impatiently, still gently moving the finger
in my asshole back and forth. My pussy was literally dripping and I
was in no mood to wait.

"Hi...whatcha doin'?"

Oh, not now Chris, I thought. I really don't have the time. So I told

"Playing with myself." I shifted the receiver underneath my chin, so I
could put my other hand back to good use.

"No shit?" He said, though I could tell he didn't believe me.

"What do you want, Chris?" I began to whine at him, "I was just about
to cum and you're pissing me off."

"Sorry." He said, sounding genuinely hurt. "I just thought I'd see if
you wanted to fuck."

What's that? Somebody callin' my name?

"Well, why didn't you say that? Is Jesse cummin' too?"

"No, " He said, rather cautiously. "She's out of town shopping with
Mom. But, um...I could bring somebody along, if you want."

"Chriiiss," I chided him. Have you been telling our little secrets?"

"Just to this one guy, Rache -I swear." He assured me. "He's my best

"Does he have a big dick?" I asked, twirling an index finger in little
circles around my clit.

"Shit, Rachel, I don't know!" He said, flustered by the question. But
I had a feeling he did know.

"Come on over." I said, smiling to myself. "Nobody home but me."

I jumped in and out of the shower, to rinse off the sex-sweat and
pulled on a cute black sweater- dress that barely covered my
buttcheeks. I debated whether or not to wear panties, just to tease
them with, but I figured they wouldn't be on long enough to matter,

The guys gawked and stammered nervously when I answered the door. I
just turned and went on into the living room, bouncing onto the couch
to perch on my knees. The dress rode up, exposing my soft thighs and
the lower half of my furry mons.

"Oh, man." blurted Chris' friend, staring in disbelief.

"Toldja she was hot." replied Chris.

I smiled at them sweetly and ran my fingers through my golden bush.

"Wanna kiss it?" I half-whispered.

"No shit!" said the new guy, dropping to his knees and waddling over
to the couch. I leaned back against the sofa, still on my knees to
thrust my crotch forward, and he pressed his nose against my pubic
hair, nuzzling my pussy. I reached down, spreading the lips with my
fingers to give him a better view and he began licking my little pink
clit like a puppy, lapping and smacking, covering his face in my
juices and his saliva. I purred and motioned for Chris to come up.

He stepped up onto the couch to stand beside me and undid his jeans,
taking out a beautiful full grown erection and pointing it at my face.
I leaned over and slid my mouth over the tip, closing my lips around
the crown and sucking gently, then going all the way down the shaft.

"Aaaah." Chris closed his eyes and stroked my neck.

"Mmmmph." mumbled his friend as he kissed his way up my belly, rolling
the black dress up as he went. I grabbed it at my midriff and pulled
it off over my head, so he could suck and fondle my breasts as he

"Oh, that feels niiice," I said to him. "What's your name?"

"Daryl." He said, switching his mouth from breast to breast. He
reached down with one hand and fumbled his dick from his pants.
Leaning back a little, he began rubbing the engorged head against my
wet slit, up and down, against the labia and clit.

"Mmmm." I moaned, taking Chris' cock out of my mouth and leaning
forward to kiss Daryl. He frenched me back deeply, swirling his tongue
around mine with obvious hunger.

Well now, I thought, that's unusual -I just took his friend's
cum-drooling dick out of my mouth and he doesn't mind kissing me?

When we broke from the kiss, I went back to Chris' cock for a moment,
sucking it deeply, licking along the shaft, then offered it to Daryl.

"Wanna taste?"

He looked at me, unsure. Looked at the glistening spit-slick erection
in my hand. Looked at Chris, who was watching us both through
half-closed eyes.

"Will somebody put their mouth on my cock, please?" He grumbled.

Daryl leaned forward and plunged his face onto his buddy's thick pink
hard-on, sucking the stick all the way into his mouth.

"Too fucking cool." I said, more excited than ever.

A few minutes later we were all naked in a pile on the floor, Chris on
his back, with me kneeling over in a sixty-nine, Daryl plunging into
my soaking pussy from behind, doggie-style. Ocassionally, Daryl would
pull his slippery cock out to rub it back and forth in the crack of my
sweaty behind.

I sucked and pumped Chris' swollen prick, pulling and stroking with my
fist while my tongue teased and flicked around the head. He tongued
and kissed my pussy eagerly, lapping at the shaft of Daryl's cock as
it slid back and forth above his nose. Nibbling and kissing Daryl's
wrinkled sac, Chris reached up and grasped his friend's turgid dick by
the base, stroking and milking it as it fucked into my slimy cunt. I
could feel Daryl's head begin to twitch and quiver inside me.

"Oooh, I'm gonna cum!" He grunted, jabbing into me in harder, deeper
strokes. "Mmm, here it is, baby!" He pushed his hips against my ass
and froze.

Moving quickly and surprising us both, Chris reached up with his free
hand and pushed against my buttcheeks, knocking me slightly forward.
His other fist still firmly clenching Daryl's cock, he yanked the
swollen meat from my anticipating pussy, his mouth opening into a wide
hungry yawn, tongue sticking straight up just like a baby bird's, just
as Daryl's thick, creamy load came spurting in sticky white gobs to
cover Chris' greedy face. It squirted across his chest, across my
sweaty bottom, across his closed eyelids, into his mouth to cover his
wriggling tongue. Chris rubbed the still spasming dick against his
cheeks, scooping the globs of warm sperm into his mouth using the
blunt purple head as a spoon. He licked Daryl's cock clean and lay
there panting.

"Too...fucking...COOL." I said, watching in amazement. This was the
hottest thing I'd ever seen.

I turned myself around to straddle Chris' own rigid dick and slid it
into my now flaming cunt. "You guys are fucking amazing."

I wriggled my hips back and forth, around and around, sliding up and
down on Chris' cock, leaning over to brush his lips with my nipples.

"Unnh!" He said, and spurted a warm load of his own into my thrashing
twat. "Thanks." He mumbled against my breasts.

"You're not done yet." I said to him, getting off. I lay back on my
bottom, spreading my legs wide, holding my nether-lips apart with my
fingers, so both could see Chris' thick, creamy jism oozing from my
bright pink vagina, to run down the crack of my behind.

"Come and get it, guys." I grinned at them, and they both grinned
back, licking their lips and crawling toward me.

The incredible sensations as the two of them buried their faces
together in my widespread crotch had me wriggling and squirming across
the floor. I felt my back press up against the edge of the couch and
my feet planted firmly on the carpet, lifting my bottom up to meet
those two writhing tongues.

"Ooooh,goddd." I moaned, as I shuddered uncontrollably in wave after
wave of blasting orgasm. Tingling wet pleasure swirled and danced
around my straining clit as their twin mouths nibbled and sucked at my
pussylips, lapping up the sticky, stringy cum that drooled warmly from
my squeezing, contracting cunt.

"Stop! Stop!" I begged finally. I've gotta rest!" The guys came up
grinning, both their faces shiny with cum and lubrication.

They both lounged on the carpet, looking sleepy and satisfied, while I
went off to the shower to stand under the soothing jets of hot water
for awhile. When I came back, they were both dressing hurriedly.

"I gotta get Daryl home," Chris explained. "He's supposed to be

"Hey, wait," I said, fluffing my hair with a towel. "can you drop me
off at my Dad's?"


"Dad's got all kinds of neat music paraphanalia," I was telling Chris
as I opened the door, "Records, Cds, autographed promotional stuff
-it's a pretty big collection." The house was silent as we stepped
inside, but I knew Dad must be around somewhere, his car was in the

"I don't hear any music -he must be cruisin' the cybernet," I told
Chris, "When Dad's not jammin' to dinosaur rock, he's usually yakkin'
at strangers on the computer networks. I swear, sometimes I think he's
having sex with his keyboard or something." I wasn't too far wrong.

I strolled down the dim hallway and stuck my head around the doorway
of Dad's office, ready to call out "Yo, dad whazzup?" or something
equally inane, but my attention was snagged by the picture on the
computer monitor. It was a full-color shot of a naked teenage girl,
her lips wrapped tightly around the most enormous erect dick I'd ever
seen, while thick streams of milky cum purled down her face to drip
from her chin. My stomach went tight and a little queasy and my
vaginal muscles contracted slowly and involuntarily. Suddenly the
whole room seemed kind of distant and unreal, except for the face of
the girl in the picture. It wasn't so amazing that Dad might have a
nasty picture on his computer screen, or even that he might have a
thing for a cute teenage girl. The weird part was, the girl looked
just like ME.

I turned my head to look at Chris standing beside me in the door, but
he just gaped, open mouthed, looking even more dumbfounded than I
felt. I looked back, waiting for him to comment on the resemblance,
when I saw my Dad -I'd been looking OVER him. He was sitting in the
chair before the monitor, bent over double like a paper doll. I'd have
thought he was dead or something except for the bobbing motion as his
head moved slightly up and down, but it wasn't until he came up a
little farther, gasping for air, that I saw his shiny wet dick poking
up from the waistband of his sweats, and knew what he was doing. My
Dad was sucking his own cock!

"Too. Fucking. Cool." I blurted, not realizing at first that I'd
spoken aloud. The wheels in my head were turning so fast I couldn't
grasp and hold a single concrete thought. I was in like, Maximum
Overdrive. While Chris may have been the fulfillment of his sister's
deep dark incest fantasies, mine had always been my dear ol' Dad. Of
course, I'd always imagined that when I was finally ready to take the
plunge, it would be a warm'n'snuggly Dad'n'daughter cuddle kinda thing
-but it was a little too late to turn and tiptoe out of the room now.
'Oops- sorry, I'll come back later.' just wasn't gonna cut it.

Dad froze for a moment, then slowly, stiffly raised himself and turned
his head toward me.

"Didn't think you were gonna get here till later." He said, with a
very embarrassed grin. His dick twitched in the cool air and I stared
at it in open awe. It was bigger and lots thicker than any I'd had,
puffy and meaty looking -a really big mouthful, and I was suddenly
aware that I was salivating.

"Oh, shit!" Dad said, apparently noticing Chris for the first time.

I gave a quick glance around, to see that Chris, too, was silently
ogling dad's beautiful cock.

"That's really cool, Dad." I said, trying to deflate some of the
awkward tension in the room. I looked him in the eyes, sliding my
hands into the back pockets of my shorts and thrusting my chest out a
little, to be sure he caught a look at my nipples through my T-shirt.

" isn't exactly something I ever intended to do for an
audience." He said, still smiling weakly. for a moment I was afraid he
might ask us to leave and just pretend it had never happened. "I
didn't think that was even possible for humans." Chris volunteered
suddenly, "I tried it once or twice when I was a kid, but I couldn't
even come close."

"Me either," dad grinned crookedly, relaxing a little. "I read about
it in Penthouse Forum when I was about your age -some guy wrote in
claiming he did it all the time. It sounded pretty hot to me, so I
tried it. Lay down on my back, threw my legs back over my head and lay
there wishing with my stiff dick dangling about six inches above my

"So how'd you figure out how to do it?" Chris asked, still stealing
glances at my father's lovely erection. Dad didn't acknowledge the
admiring looks, but I noticed his cock pulsing and quivering just a
bit, a gleaming drop of cum welling up at the slit of it's head, just
begging to be licked off.

"It's not so much a specific trick, as just teaching the body to learn
the position," Dad said, "At first I noticed that when you're upside
down, you can catch your feet under something like a drawer or a
headboard ledge and use it to curl your body even more tightly. That's
how I learned to get the tip past my lips. Later, I learned that if
you loosen up the back and shoulder muscles enough, you can do it
sitting down like this and get even more -sometimes about half the

"Wow." gushed Chris, still staring at Dad's dick with a faraway look
in his eye, and I knew what he'd be doing when he got home.

"You mean you've been doing this a long time?" I asked him. Obviously
my Pop was a lot more kinky than I'd ever thought. "Does Mom know?"

"Your mother was never interested in anything so unusual. I tried to
turn her on to a few things, but she just didn't want to know. She
thought things like this were perverse and disgusting."

Oh, you poor baby, I thought, Let me make you feel all better.

"Perverse, maybe," I said, walking over to kneel at his feet. "But no
way disgusting! Show me that again, Daddy, that was really hot!"

I looked up at him from between his legs and he leaned forward, his
eyes locked with mine. I thought he was going to kiss me, even started
to raise my lips to his, but he reached under his thighs, locked his
elbows around his legs and his mouth descended straight onto his still
erect cock, the head pushing past his puckered lips, till he had the
first half of it buried in his mouth. Then he came slowly up, and I
watched from inches away, as the shaft eased wetly, a millimeter at a
time out of his swollen cheeks, the crown of the purple head finally
appearing just before it popped out, waggling stiffly in the air. He
licked around the head, then dived onto the pole again, now bobbing up
and down, sucking in earnest, his spittle drooling down the shaft and
around his tight, wrinkled scrotum.

I couldn't believe I was actually seeing this! It was so amazing, I
just stared, getting wetter and wetter. With one hand I reached up
unconsciously and began to fondle my breasts. I was enraptured in the
sight, fascinated by the idea of watching my own father actually
orgasm a full load of his sperm into his own mouth. On the other hand,
it just wasn't in me to sit by and be only a spectator.

"Mmm," I purred, leaning forward finally and whispering into his ear.
"Let me help." I took his gorgeous penis tenderly from his mouth and
devoured it with my own.

"Aaaah," Daddy groaned, sitting up in the chair and smiling down at
me. He glanced over at Chris, still standing in the door, who had
taken his own hard cock out and was watching the two of us, stroking
it sensuously, the first bead of cum just appearing at the engorged

Dad motioned Chris over to us. "C'mere."

Chris walked over to stand beside us, still massaging himself. Dad
reached up, took Chris' hand, pulled it away from his stiff cock and
leaning towards him, plowed his mouth onto Chris' rigid pink meat.

"Oh, man!" Chris moaned, putting his hands on dad's head, as my father
grabbed him by the hips and plunged my friend's cock deeper into his
sucking mouth. I could tell Dad was incredibly turned on by the
ravenous way he was slurping Chris' dick, it was obvious he was
relishing the delicious young cock -his own massive meat was swollen
rock-hard between my plunging lips, pulsing like it might burst in a
creamy explosion any second. I wondered if Dad was so hot because he'd
never done anything like this before, or if he just really liked
sucking dick...of course, it could have been the fact that his own
cute'n'sexy teenage daughter was simultaneously giving a sloppy lip
massage to his own rigid pole. Either which way you looked at it, Dad
and I were clearly entering the beginning of a beautiful new
father-daughter relationship and I was loving it! "Change-up!" I
exclaimed, pulling Dad off the chair and onto the floor, leading him
by his now slippery dick. Chris' cock popped out of Dad's mouth as we
went and Chris followed us onto the carpet. I quickly pulled off my
shorts and yanked my T-shirt over my head. Dad stared hungrily at my
breasts, like he just couldn't wait to suck a whole one all the way
into his mouth. The thought gave me excited little chill bumps.

"Somebody has gotta fuck me now!" I said, lying back on the floor and
parting my legs, so Dad could get a good look at my fresh pink pouting
lil' pussy. I was dying to feel that big fat whopper in my tight wet

Dad looked up at Chris, like he thought the boy might argue with him
about who got to fuck me first. Maybe he thought Chris was my
boyfriend or something. Chris just smiled, his saliva-wet hard-on
still bobbing in front of him."Been there, done that, bought the
T-shirt...go ahead, man." The little smartass!

Dad leaned over me, lowering his face to mine, in a real kiss this
time. I raised my head to meet him, my right hand combing through his
hair as I opened my mouth and we twirled our cum- sticky tongues
together. I kissed and tongued him soulfully, tasting him, fucking his
mouth gently with my tongue, probing and searching. I made love to him
with my lips, ending the clench by biting tenderly on his lower lip
and slowly releasing it.

He kissed his way down my neck, across my chest, nibbling my nipples
with his lips, pinching them in tiny bites with his teeth. I moaned
aloud when he slid his warm palms under the cheeks of my ass and
lifted my bottom off the floor, burying his face in my pussy, sucking
the lips between his and flicking at my clit with his expert tongue.

"Oh god, Daddy!" I squealed as he spread me with his fingers and
sucked my stiff little nubbin into his mouth, swirling his tongue
around it. His thumb slipped into my soaking hole, fucking back and
forth as he licked me and I squirmed uncontrollably, panting and

"Oooh, Jesus, Daddy -put your dick in me, please!" I whined, reaching
between my legs and grabbing his cock. He moved his body over mine and
I rubbed the blunt head of his dick against my nether-lips. He slid
all the way into me in a single smooth, wet stroke and I began to
orgasm instantly from the wonderful feel of his huge thickness
stretching the hungry walls of my cunt, filling me up more completely
than anything I'd ever experienced before. I thrashed my hips about
wildly, grabbing his upper arms tightly as my entire body shuddered
violently, deliciously.

"Daddy, oh god, Daddy!" I screamed, thrusting up to meet him,
clambering for every inch of him. I wanted all of him inside me, even
his tender balls, every bit of his sex, stuffed - buried up inside my
warm pussy. I couldn't stop cumming, yet it still wasn't enough. I
couldn't hold enough of him to feel that I'd thoroughly satisfied that
perfect cock -and at that moment, I lived to please him, to make him
cum in screaming ecstasy, to give him the same overwhelming pleasure
that I was experiencing.

I felt a warm fleshy prodding at my lips and opened my eyes to see
that Chris had knelt beside us and was feeding his own prick toward
me., rubbing it back and forth across my lips. I lapped and tickled it
with my tongue, while I continued to writhe my hips and buck on my
father's cock. Dad put his lips down on mine, trapping Chris' rigid
pink penis between us, sliding the head into his mouth, to suck the
slippery cum that was drooling from the tip in a shiny strand. I
licked Chris' wrinkly balls, gently sucking them each in turn. Above
me, Chris moaned, his head rolling back loosely on his shoulders. The
moaning turned to a light grunting and I could tell he was about to

Inside my clenching cunt, Dad's cock swelled up suddenly, even larger
than before and began to quiver and pulse. Pulling back, he reached
down with one hand and yanked his spasming meat out of my pussy. I
nearly screamed at him to put it back, but he was already up on one
knee, his big dick aimed straight at my now slimy face. Before I could
even open my mouth to catch it, his steaming sperm came blasting at me
in pearly ropes, drenching my cheeks and splattering across Chris'
dick and balls to drip off his steely erection in thick, creamy

The hot sight of Dad's yummy jism electrified Chris, too, and his own
excited prick began to jerk and throb, spurting even more sticky cum
across my face and breasts, some even spattering onto my father's cock
and thighs. We were all dripping with milky male love cream. I scooped
it off my face in thick gobs and sucked it off my fingers, rubbing the
rest into my breasts and cheeks. It smelled sooo sexy.

The guys sat back on the carpet, panting, while I lounged on my back,
just feeling the sticky liquid cool and dry on my warm flesh. Dad
seemed kind of lost in a daze, but he was smiling. Chris looked around
for his jeans and stiffly rose from the floor.

"Whew!" He sighed, "It's been fun, gang, but I really gotta get goin'.
Seeya tomorrow, Rache."

"Maybe," I smiled, waving goodbye from the floor. "I may just stay
home and snuggle with my Daddy."

When I opened my eyes to the early grey light of dawn the next
morning, I was already smiling, the corners of my mouth turned up in
what must have been the most blissful of sweet dreams. I basked in the
most delicious feeling of comfort and warmth I could remember having
ever felt, my father's big strong body stretched out next to me in
bed, my tender breasts pressed into his side, one arm sprawled across
his chest. We'd made passionate love until the wee hours of morning,
but it was nothing like the kinetic frenzy of lust yesterday with
Chris had been. Daddy had taken me with such tenderness and affection,
I thought I'd die and go straight to heaven. He so gently mouthed my
breasts, kissed my open lips, and slowly, unceasingly, deeply fucked
me for hours upon hours, until I forgot my own name and simply became
the orgasm. My trembling sensitive pink pussy became one with my
Daddy's cock, until we were like this eternal symbol of father-
daughter sexual love. I've never experienced anything even remotely
like it in my life, and I love to fuck. I never knew really good sex
could make you, like, hallucinate and stuff, but when he came inside
me and filled me up, I swear I saw God. It was beautiful. My Dad is
beautiful, and if I never do anything else right in my life, I just
hope I can be the kind of girl that deserves a wonderful lover like

"I love you." I told him, as I kissed his forehead and eyelids to wake
him up. "More than anything."

"Mmmm." He moaned softly. "I love you, too, baby."

"I want to make you happy," I said, stroking his bare chest. "Do
whatever you want me to. Beat me, whip me, cum on my face. I wanna be
your dog."

He rolled his head toward me and kissed my blonde hair. "That can be
arranged." He smiled. "Are you serious?"

My soft hand strayed toward his semi-hard dick, toying with it,
feeling it stiffen. I turned my head toward his, so my mouth was at
his ear.

"Do me." I whispered. "Any way you want."


"Ouch!" I complained as Dad snapped the second pair of handcuffs onto
my wrists. My arms were stretched so wide between the bedposts that it
made my shoulders ache. My ankles were tied together with a
lightweight rope- the kind some people still use for clothesline,
which was wrapped over and around the foot of the bed, so I could get
up on my knees, but I couldn't move from side to side, or turn around.
With my shoulders stretched at such a high level, I couldn't even turn
my head to look behind me.

"From this point on, you will refer to me as Master." Dad said, from
behind me. I could hear him doing something, but I couldn't tell what.

"Okay." I agreed, without really thinking.

Something snapped loudly, making me jump a little, and a bright
blossom of red-hot pain tattooed itself on my left buttcheek.

"Oww, god-damn!" I cried. That hurt!"

Daddy's voice came from behind me again, quiet, but firm. "What did
you say?"

I'm not stupid. I got the idea pretty quickly.

"Yes, Master."

"Better." He said. "I will allow you 'Daddy' and 'Father' in front of
others. But you must never address me without one of these titles of

"Yes, Father." I replied meekly. I don't usually consider myself a
submissive person. In fact, I'm pretty independent and headstrong most
of the time. But I love my Daddy, and if this was what he wanted, I'd
learn it for him.

The loud SNAP rang in my ears again, and I gasped aloud as the venom
of a dozen wasp stings blistered my bottom. Tears welled up in my
eyes, but I refused to let myself whimper or whine.

"What did I tell you?" Daddy asked.

"I'm sorry, Master." I said, as submissively as I knew how.

The stinging heat bit my poor smooth ass again, layering fresh pain on
top of the throbbing stripes I'd already earned. I thought hard,
trying to figure out how I'd disobeyed, my mind racing to come up with
the answer before he whipped me again. What had he told me, that I'd

"You told me I must call you Master or Daddy or Father." I babbled
hurriedly. Then it clicked. "And that Daddy and Father are allowed
only in front of others! Forgive me, Master!"

I felt his gentle hand caress my burning bottom, coolly stroking my
flushed cheeks.

"That's my girl." He said, a smile in his voice. "You learn quickly."

I peered through the peephole to see who was ringing the damn doorbell
so insistently. It had to be one of my friends, Dad's grownup friends
generally have a little more tact. Through the teeny periscope I saw
Jesse, dancing impatiently from foot to foot and smacking a big wad of

"Hi." I said, opening the door and stepping back to let her in. She
froze for a moment when she saw me and her gum chewing slowed, but
didn't stop. I was naked, except for a silver slave-chain about my
waist and a leather collar around my neck. She stepped past me,
smiling hesitantly, not knowing quite what to make of the look.

"Cool." She said, "Your Dad go away for the weekend and leave you the
keys, or what?"

Then she saw Dad, lounging on the sofa, still in his big loose
bathrobe. I could tell she was piecing the situation together in her
head, but couldn't quite bring herself to vocalize it, lest she'd
guessed wrong.

I padded back across the room, and sat on the floor at Daddy's feet,
like he'd taught me to do. I wanted to be a good, obedient slave.
Daddy's spankings hurt.

"Good morning." Jesse said, kind of nodding at Dad, her eyes darting
nervously about the room.

"Morning, Jess." Dad smiled. He was browsing the Sunday paper, but I
knew without even looking he was also stealing glances at Jesse's trim
little raven-haired bod. Her jeans clung snugly to her slender,
shapely thighs and though her tits were barely more than a swell of
her chest, the dark chocolate color of her perfect quarter-size
nipples showed clearly through her cream-colored blouse.

Jess sat down on the couch and looked at me, still smacking her gum. I
could tell she had a million questions, but was too shy to ask them in
front of Dad.

"So what happened to Chris?" She asked me. "I couldn't have dragged
his lazy ass out of bed this morning with a towtruck, and he says it's
all your fault."

Dad just grinned and looked at his paper. I smiled at Jesse and cocked
my head. "Hmmm...can't imagine..."

Dad looked up at Jess quizzically. "Did he say anything about his dick
being sore?"

"Well, he didn't say that," Jesse began to grin herself. "But I
suspected that might be part of the problem when I offered to blow him
and he just groaned and rolled over to go back to sleep."

"Oh, that's terrible!" Dad said, setting the paper aside. "You poor
girl - you can't start your day without breakfast, it isn't healthy.
Rachel, offer our guest some cock."

"Yes, father." I said, like a good little girl. I got up on my knees,
opened the front of Daddy's robe and grasped his already stiffening
dick in my fist. I slid my mouth over it and ran my tongue up and down
it a few times, to make sure it was really rigid, then I offered the
thick tubesteak to Jesse. "Mmmm - have some, please."

Jess had stopped chewing her gum and just sat there, staring in
amazement at the hefty sumptuous dick glistening with my saliva, that
bobbed in the air before her as it pulsed in my fist. I swear I could
hear her tight little pussy lubricating as she stared. She took the
gum out of her mouth and slid off the sofa to kneel beside me, her
movements slow and trancelike. Her right hand reached out to gently
take the fat pole from my fist. She squeezed it, stroked it, rested
it's weight against her palm. Then she leaned forward, eyes closing in
sensual ecstasy, to rub it against her face, inhaling it's scent.

"Mmmm..." She purred. "Gotta have it."

She took each of Dad's huge, satiny balls into her mouth, one at a
time and tenderly made love to them with her tongue. Her mouth ran
smoothly up his shaft and she engulfed the big purple mushroom of his
cockhead, barely stretching her mouth enough to insert it. I watched
in rapt adoration, my best friend giving my father a savory and
affectionate blowjob, as he lay his head back on the sofa groaning in
pleasure. My hand slipped to my crotch and I began to rub my soft pink
slit, the viscous juices already flowing freely.

"You like that tasty cock?" Dad asked Jesse, smiling at her through
slitted eyes. Jesse just moaned and smiled back. "Bet you'd have loved
seeing it yesterday, when it squirted white hot cock-cream all over
your big brother's pretty pink dick."

Jesse took dad's meat out of her mouth, still pumping it with her fist
and gasped. "Oh, goddd, - wow!" She marveled. "That's so hot! You've
gotta do that again, so I can see it."

"Only if you promise to lick us both clean, like Rachel did." Daddy
said, reaching out to stroke Jesse's hair.

"No problem," said Jess, lapping dad's cockhead. "Love that cum -gotta
have it!"

"You should've seen Dad slurping away with Chris' cock in his mouth,"
I said from behind her, still slowly massaging my clit, "While he
deep-fucked me."

"You guys!" Jesse whined, whipping her head around to glare at me in
mock-anger. "How dare you have all that fun while I'm not even here!
I'm never going out of town again!"

"Well, I guess we do kinda owe you one," Dad grinned. "We'll have to
plan a little party for next weekend to make up for it. Rache- " He
motioned me over next to Jesse. "You wanna help your friend finish up

I quickly scooted over to his knee, so I could lean in and take turns
with Jesse, lapping and sucking at Dad's swollen erection. He sat
there moaning quietly, watching our two ravenous teenage mouths
coaxing the cum from his turgid rod. When he finally came, it wasn't a
lot - between the mini-orgy with Chris and the night of passion with
me, his balls were pretty drained, but Jesse and I tongue-warred over
the small amount of his delicious cream that there was. We shared the
sticky goo in a deep french kiss as Dad lay back on the couch with his
eyes closed, smiling to himself.


The next couple of days were pretty uneventful, just school and
hanging out and babbling on the phone and stuff, which was just as
well -most everybody I knew was a little shagged out and crotch-weary
from all the hot fun we'd had over the weekend. I did think about it a
lot, though, and once in awhile I couldn't help rubbing my poor tired
pussy a little. The knowledge that I was now my own father's
submissive sex slave really blew my horny little mind. If he'd called
me up and told me to come over and fuck an elephant in front of a
teevee news crew, I'd have been there in an instant, sore pussy or
not, kneeling, curtsying and saying "Yes, Master," with my young pink
bottom in the air.

As the week wore on, I found it harder and harder to concentrate on
schoolwork, thinking about what Dad had said about all of us partying
together the next weekend. I kept visualizing all the different
possibilities and combinations that could lead to, and after awhile it
induced such an intense state of constant nervous horniness, I felt
almost sick to my stomach with sexual desire.

So I was having more than a little trouble finishing my homework by
Wednesday afternoon. I sat at the kitchen table, fiddling with my
pencil, thinking about calling daddy and masturbating with him on the
telephone. I thought he might like that, and I knew I could really get
off listening to his sexy voice and visualizing him squirting a
delicious, rich load of cum from his heavy prick and licking it off
his fingers while I lightly fingered my moist little clitoris.
Unfortunately for me, Dad wouldn't even be home from work for another
hour and a half. I folded my arms and rocked back and forth, the
excess nervous energy making me shiver. I stared and stared at the
workbook in front of me, but it was like the words were in a foreign
language, they just wouldn't sink into my brain. Finally, I managed to
absorb enough of the dry, boring text to realize I needed a dictionary
to do the stuff.

I guess I ought to keep one on hand, but I read and communicate really
well as a rule, so it's not often I have much need to look up words.
This time, though I couldn't do the work without one, so I got up from
the table, bitching to myself and started searching the house. The
house is like, full of books -we're all big readers, but I'll be
damned if I could find a single dictionary in the whole place! Finally
I sat down on the couch, chewing my thumbnail in exasperation, to rack
my brain one last time.

Mom's room! There was a bookshelf in the headboard of her bed -it was
the only place in the house I hadn't looked.

I sauntered back to Mom's room and flopped on the bed, scanning the
row of volumes in the headboard case. Politics, science, historical
fiction, a couple of porno novels Dad had left when he moved out -I'd
read those already, fingering my virginal little snatch into a frenzy
when I was ten...not a single friggin' dictionary in sight! "Well, I
sighed to myself, raising up on one arm to roll off the bed, "I guess
Mom and I will be cruisin' to the bookstore when she gets home."
That's when I saw the dickhead.

It was peeking out from between the mattresses on the side by the
wall. For awhile I just lay there, staring at it. It was huge, even
bigger than Dad's, a weird kind of pinkish-orange color that only
rubber can achieve, with a tastelessly realistic vein running back
from the head, along the shaft and disappearing into the crack between
the mattress and box springs. I had one kind of like it, hidden under
my own mattress, only mine was prettier, with a hollow bulb at the
bottom that, if you filled it with a thick non-toxic liquid and heated
it in the microwave for just a minute, would actually squirt a hot
load inside you when you squeezed it. Mom's was much bigger, though,
and made of some kind of highly dense, thick rubber. I could tell it
was heavy even before I reached under the mattress and pulled it out.
I had no idea just how heavy until I yanked it loose and saw that it
was nearly two feet long! I held it up and marveled at it's immense
length and thickness, and the fact that it had a head on each end!

"Too fucking cool, Mom." I laughed to myself. My parents were turning
out to be just full of surprises. I'd always thought of my Mom
-especially- as so straight, it was almost embarrassing to know
something so secret and intimate about her. Still, I couldn't shed my
amazement at the mental image of my mother stuffing this giant,
super-thick cock into her hot wet cunt...and once the picture had
formed itself in my head, it wouldn't go away. The sexual tension
already humming through my nervous system notched up even higher and I
felt sure I was going to hyperventilate. I held the giant dildo up to
my nose and inhaled, sniffing the strong scent of rubber, and
underneath, the fainter, more delicate, acrid and musky scent of a
hot, slippery pussy. I held the enormous shaft to my chest and flicked
out my tongue to lick one of the bulbous heads. It was tart and tangy,
and my nipples stood instantly on end, from the knowledge that I was
tasting my own mother's cunt juices.

I stretched my mouth as wide as I possibly could, and eased the huge
egg-shaped knob between my lips. It barely fit, bloating my cheeks out
wide, my face so full, there was barely room for me to run my tongue
around it, so I could lick the jumbo rubber head clean. I could smell
my mother's fragrant cunt on the smooth toy and the odor was

"RACHEL ROUNDHEELS, just what in THE HELL do you think you're doing!?"

I swear to god, I jumped completely out of my skin! I jerked my head
around without even thinking, to face Mom standing in the doorway. I
still had the big dickhead stuffed in my mouth -it was too large to
just yank out, I'd have lost teeth- and I felt my face immediately
start to burn crimson in humiliation. I eased the dildo from my lips
and stammered, "I'm sorry -I was just goofing around, Mom -I came in
here looking for- " ...but she was already gone, into the adjoining
bathroom, the door slamming sharply with a sound like clapping
thunder. Before the echo had even died, I heard her sobbing in
embarrassment. I never felt like such shit in my life. I love my Mom
completely and I'd never do anything on purpose to make her feel bad.
Besides, I was pretty embarrassed myself -I must've looked like a
total dipshit standing there with a two-foot rubber schlong hanging
out of my distended face.

I went to the closed bathroom door, and tapped my finger on it,
knocking.She stopped sobbing aloud, but there was no reply.

"Mom," I pleaded, "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to upset you or
anything. I found it by accident, I swear. I was just messing around
with it, I know I shouldn't have, but I guess I got a little...I
dunno...turned on. Please don't be mad."

Still there was no reply. I stood there, feeling more stupid and
worthless than I'd ever thought a person could feel, trying to think
of something to say that would make up for the humiliation I'd caused
her. Then the door opened.

"You got a little TURNED ON? Is that what you said?"

"Well, yeah," I said having trouble making eye contact. "It was kind
of hot thinking about...what you do with it."

Mom smiled at me gently, almost laughing. "Don't kid yourself, dear,
she said, hugging me, "It's not nearly as nice as the real thing."

"Oh -no, Mom," I explained, her breasts pressing against me making my
stomach do flip- flops again. " I mean, I was thinking about what you
do with it." I decided to go for broke, even at the risk of
embarrassing her or making her angry again. "That's why I wanted to
taste it"

She sort of froze in mid-hug, but she didn't let go. I could feel the
sexual electricity passing silently between us -it's kind of an
aura-mingling thing, that tells you somebody wants you even before
they've ever said a word. I could tell she was turning on, even if the
turn-on was freaking her out.

"Honey," She said quietly, over my shoulder. "Don't you think your
first experience should be...with a man...the way nature intended? "

I almost giggled, but choked it back.

"Mom, I said, leaning back to look her in the face. "I am way beyond
the 'first experience' stage."

"Oh." She said, looking mildly surprised, obviously unsure what to say
next. "I see."

Clearly the time for words was rapidly passing -if I let her go on
trying to babble her way into a comfort zone, the whole situation
would just become unbearably awkward. Probably nothing would ever
happen and we'd never even be able to discuss it again. I decided to
go with decisive action instead. So I reached up to stroke her face
and gently kissed her on the lips.

"It tasted wonderful." I whispered.

She didn't try to break the kiss, so I lingered at her mouth, licking
her upper lip, biting the lower one, sliding my tongue into her mouth.

"Mmmm," I moaned against her neck, gently biting her throat. "Show me
how it works."

I sat down on the edge of the bed, next to the fat dildo, and kicked
off my sneakers. While I was wriggling out of my jeans, Mom sat beside
me, a glassy, bewildered expression on her face, mechanically
unbuttoning her blouse. "You know, I...I've always fantasized about
having a bisexual experience -eventually." She said, looking rather
dazed. "But I'd never have believed that one day I'd make love with my
own daughter."

I stood up on my knees on the bed, in just my panties and white tank
top, kissed her again, then pushed her back onto the mattress,
nuzzling her breasts as I undid her bra. The instant they were free, I
began sucking hard on her big brown nipples, going back and forth
between them.

"It just seems so...perverted...but it feels...wonderful..."

"Shut up, Mother." I mumbled against the warm fleshy globes.

She broke into a grin, but she stopped talking. I felt her warm hands
gliding up my thighs and caressing my bottom. Mom tugged on my
panties, pulling them down to my knees, then slipped her fingertips
between my legs, probing and exploring. I put my mouth against her

"Mmmm, touch my pussy, Mom. Feel my slippery wet cunt."

She did. Her fingers danced around my nether-lips, slipping inside to
tease, then back up my slit to tenderly polish my clitoris. I rotated
my ass in the air, plunging back to engulf her coy fingers. Once in
awhile, her middle finger would slip against my tiny pleated asshole
making me gasp and grunt -at first I thought it was just by accident,
then she pressed harder, popping inside, up to the first knuckle.

"Ooooh, godd, that's sooo incredibly hot, Mom!" I moaned, biting hard
on her rigid nipples.

"You gotta do me, too, baby" She said, pulling her fingers out and
reaching under me to undo her skirt and yank it and her panties down
her legs. we both discarded the last of our clothes so we could
seriously indulge in each other's flesh.

I crawled back over her, grabbing the giant double-dong from beside
us, and began rubbing it slowly back and forth across her slit,
bending to spread her cuntlips so I could lap her clit, too. My tongue
forayed down her labia, ocassionally slipping between them, into my
mother's moist and tasty vagina. When she was really dripping and
slick, I started easing the huge rubber dick knob up inside her. She
grunted and wriggled her hips, fucking back at the hefty nightstick.

"Mmm,' Mom purred. "You, too, Honey, come here." She shifted herself
around on the bed, so we both had room to stretch out, and positioned
me on my bottom at her crotch, our legs pretzled over each other. Our
cunts were nearly mouth-to-mouth, just a few inches apart, and she
took the big rubber dick's remaining head and pushed it against my own
slippery opening. I rotated my hips, lubricating the manikin meat with
my juices so that it slid in more easily. Still, it was huge -I felt
it stretching my vaginal walls even wider than Daddy's thick cock had
done. Once it was in, the sight was such an incredible rush, I
couldn't stop thrusting my ass back toward Mom. The huge rubber cock
was buried deep in both our stretched and hungry holes, only two or
three inches could still be seen protruding from our swollen, puffy
pink pussies. Every time one of us moved, it caused the dildo to
plunge deeper into the other. We were fucking each other with every
twitch of our hips. Both of us began to cum, our vaginas contracting
over and over on that enormous firm penis that writhed and plunged as
we bucked, just like a real cock. I lay there heaving and sweating,
fucking Mom hard, leaning back on my elbows so I could watch her big
tits bobble and shimmy as I thrust the cock into her dripping snatch.
She was groaning and panting herself, reaching down once in awhile to
rub my clit and massage my labia as they sucked at the pink rubbery
telephone pole stuffed into my widespread cooze.

Finally, Mom eased her end from her slimy slit and moved up over me to
kiss my breasts, neck and tummy. I felt her reach between my legs and
continue to fuck me with the dildo. It was soo sweet. She kissed her
way down my belly to my mons, and began lapping at my pussylips while
she slid the imitation dick in and out slowly. I just closed my eyes
and floated on the endless orgasm, moaning softly. Then I felt
something nudge my crack and press up against my asshole. Mom was
trying to push the other end of that giant dildo into my bottom.

"No-no-no!" I protested, laughing. "It's too big!"

"You wanted to know what I do with it," Mom grinned up at me wickedly.
"This is my favorite trick."

She rubbed the huge head in my own cunt juices which were running in
slippery rivers from my pussy, and pressed it against my asshole
again, harder this time.

"Mom!" I squealed, in real pain. That rubber thing was fucking huge!

She kept pushing, slowly, gently, but it didn't help -the thing was
just too big! "Mom" I cried again. "STOP IT!" The giant knob popped
past my screaming sphincter and shoved it's way up into my hotly
burning butthole. It felt like it was going to split me wide open, but
good gods, was my pussy on fire! "Oh, Jesus, Mom!" I panted. "That's
so good" It hurts, oh godd it hurts -I love it!" It was all true. My
poor abused bum felt like it would tear from the overload, but my
little ol' clit was hard as a pebble and my two full fuckholes
wouldn't let me stop cumming! I shuddered and shook and trembled, and
somewhere along the way, I passed out.

I came back to conciousland with Mom kneeling over me, lightly kissing
my forehead. The dildo was nowhere in sight, but the tingling and
aching in my butt and the warm, stretched and satisfied feeling in my
pussy weren't going to let me forget it anytime soon. I reached up and
took one of Mom's big breasts in my hand and nuzzled it, smooching the

"That was nice, Mom." I said dreamily.

"Are you okay, honey?" She asked me, smiling. "I know it was kind of
uncomfortable going in, but I really thought you'd like it."

"I loved it, Mom." I sighed, "How about you?"

"It was the most exciting sexual experience I've ever had in my life,
Rachel." She said. "Thank you for making it happen."

"I'm glad you had a good time, Mom, "" I told her, "I love you."

Then a sly and wicked thought occurred to me and I smiled up at her
tenderly. "What are you doing Saturday night?"


I stashed my panties under a cushion on the couch just as Dad's key
clicked in the front door lock. I'd rushed over the instant I finished
my homework and my housecleaning chores, bribing Chris to drive me
with the promise of a blow job on the way. When he and Jess heard what
I was planning though, we decided maybe he should wait till Saturday,
so his balls could build up a really big load of cum. I only hoped
he'd be able to wait that long without jerking himself off thinking
about it, or being ravaged by his slut sister. I barely had time to
undress and get my collar and chains on before I heard Dad's car in
the drive. I quickly curled up on my side on the sofa, angling my
bottom so my asscheeks and my perfect pink vulva were the first things
he'd see.

"Greetings Master," I purred as he walked into the room. "Pussy?" I
spread my legs and rubbed my hand over my bush, slipping a finger
between my tender nether-lips.

"I'm so glad you're here," He said, yanking at his tie and walking
over to smile down at me as he undressed. "I've been thinking about
you all day." I believed him -I could see the big lump in his pants
even before he reached for his belt buckle and began to undo them.

"Mmmm, -and what delicious things did you think, Master?" I asked,
still slowly massaging my moistening slit.

Dad discarded the rest of his clothing and stepped into the middle of
the living room, motioning for me to join him. As I did he lay on his
back, and flipping over, came to rest with his shoulders and head
still on the floor, and his butt in the air, legs dangling over his
face, touching the floor behind his head. His big cock jutted stiffly
down toward his face and I knew we were both in for a yummy meat
treat. He grabbed the base of his cock with one fist and began
squeezing and stroking it firmly, till the clear cum began to ooze
out. I crawled over on all fours and put my face right next to his, so
close I could feel his hot breath on my face and smell the warm,
fleshy musk of his engorged cock. His clear anticipatory fluids
drooled from the swollen purple head of his hard-on in a shiny wet
strand which he caught on his outstretched tongue. I moaned in sheer
flaming lust from the kinky, erotic sight and leaned forward to lick
his tight, wrinkled scrotum.

"I've been thinking about sharing this with my daughter." He
whispered, lapping at his own dickhead, then offering the moistened
erection to me. I sucked the pretty head into my mouth, flicking the
sensitive underside with my tongue a few times, then guided it back to
his lips.

"In fact," He said," I've been thinking how hot it might be to share
it with my daughter and her fine young fuckbuddy Chris." He took the
stiff cock halfway into his mouth and slowly drew it out, obviously
savoring the taste and feel of it in his mouth. "How beautiful it
would be for you and I to suck my cock and Chris' cock at the same
time lap at both heads rub the
rigid shafts drench my face in a shower of warm

As he spoke, I could almost see it happening. I felt like my pussy was
actually dripping juice like a leaky faucet.

"Yesss Daddy," I sighed, kissing his beautiful cock. "Let's have a
fuckparty -you told Jesse we would -this weekend, remember?"

"I've never forgotten it for a minute, baby. Can you get Jesse and
Chris here Saturday night?"

"And a couple more, I think. There'll be enough pussy and hard cock to
make a porno flick."

I had a brainstorm and got up to turn my body around, backing up to
Daddy on my hands and knees. I inched back over his face, so he could
stay in position while he eased his hard-on into my pussy.

"Oh, beautiful!" He said, watching from underneath as I pumped my ass
back and forth, fucking his huge dick. His hands grasped my butt
cheeks as I rocked, and I felt him swelling inside me.

"Ohhh, yes, Daddy." I grunted, my cunt clutching at his shaft as I
came. He was cumming too, I could feel the first couple jets of
steaming sperm squirting into my slick hole. Then he pushed my bottom
forward and popped out of me. I looked underneath, between my legs, to
watch as the rest of his gooey warm cream spurted straight into his
own face, covering his cheeks and squirting into his open mouth,
dripping from his wriggling tongue. I saw him swallow the big dollop
of cum he'd caught on his tongue, and I turned around quick so I could
get to his face and share some before he'd scooped it all up and eaten
it. I licked the sperm from his cheeks, pushing some over to his lips
where he could lick it off, as we shared his sticky essence. Then he
uncurled his pretzled body and I lay in his arms for awhile, absorbing
his warmth before I had to go home.

"That's a great idea, y'know." He said, matter-of-factly. "We should
do it."

"What?" I asked dreamily, willing to do anything he suggested.

He grinned, warming to the idea. "Let's make a porno flick."


"Morn-ing, Mother," I sang, plopping my butt down on the edge of her
bed and leaning over to kiss her on the ear. "Can I lick your
beautiful big tits?" I whispered, softly biting her neck.

"Mmmm," Mom moaned sleepily, turning her head to kiss me. "You can
start there." She grinned, reaching over to caress my bare thigh. I
was wearing just panties and a big oversized T- shirt. I still like to
curl up on the couch on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons
sometimes, and the huge T-shirts are great for keeping warm while I
play with myself. I like to pull my arms down inside the loose cotton
tent, so I can fondle my breasts freely. Sometimes I just sit and rub
my tender lil' nipples for hours-ocassionally dipping a couple fingers
into my wet cunt for a little slippery fluid to twirl them with...or
to taste.

Mother slipped the covers down, exposing her boobs, rubbing them and
squeezing them, offering the soft globes to me. "How 'bout some 'Mom'
for breakfast, baby?" She ran one hand down her smooth belly and her
middle finger disappeared beneath her thick pubic hair. It was so
wonderful the way my parents were opening up to me all of a sudden. I
love them both so much, and I absolutely adored being this close to

I leaned over and licked one of Mom's nipples, catching it between my
teeth and flicking the nip hard with the tip of my tongue. She moaned
and her hands ran gently down my sides to lightly caress my warm ass.
I wanted so badly to put my face in her fragrant crinkly bush and lap
at her soft labia, drinking her slick juices, but I mustered all my
willpower to stick to my master plan.

I ran my tongue around the curve of her breast and broke away, sitting
up again. "Sorry, Mom- not this morning. I'm supposed to meet Jess in
a little while. I did have something kind of fun in mind for later
though, if you're up for it."

"Is it slippery and hot?" Mom asked, rubbing my thigh.

"Very." I said emphatically, winking at her. "But it's kinda kinky..."

"This week I have fucked my teenage daughter with a dildo, and eaten
her pussy repeatedly. Why should I let kinky stop me now?"

"Cool." I said, getting up to leave the room. "I like your attitude,
Mom. Put on your sexiest lingerie, and wear a long coat over it. We'll
pick you up about seven."

"We?" She queried warily, looking at me suspiciously.

"Trust me, Mom." I smiled, and waltzed out the door.

I held up the old cloth belt and inspected my handiwork. I'd glued two
halves of a ping-pong ball cups-out to the inner side with craft glue,
but I wasn't at all sure they were going to be secure. On the counter
in front of me were a pair of handcuffs, an old pillowcase, some
clothesline rope and a few other odds and ends we'd been experimenting

"Well," I asked Jesse. "Whaddaya think? Will it work?"

"I dunno," Jess giggled. "It's the weirdest looking bra I ever saw."

"Very funny." I sighed dryly. "But this is serious. It's gotta work
just right, or the whole thing'll be a major disaster. "

"Okay, okay," Jesse smirked. "I think it'll work, as long as your
balls don't fall off."

I smiled back at her calmly, trying really hard not to be bitchy.
"Normally I would find all these remarks very intensely funny, I'm
sure. Right now, I'm a little nervous about pulling all this off, so
please try to be a little bit helpful, before I completely lose
control, hold you down, and bite your nipples off."

"Sorry." She said, leaning over and kissing me lightly on the lips.
"I'm kinda nervous, too. Do you think they're gonna be mad?"

I thought about that for the millionth time, ran my tongue across my
lips apprehensively and shook my head. "Nah, I don't think so. Not if
they're having fun. We've just gotta keep the secret till the fun

Jesse slid behind me, reaching around me in a hug, and undid my jeans.
Her right hand slipped into my panties, her slim fingers gliding
through my pubic bush, curling under the mound of my mons to slip
between my pussylips, one fingertip lightly tickling my clit. I
relaxed instantly, my head rocking backward on my shoulders.

"...And we never waste time getting to the fun stuff, do we?" She
 whispered. I took a long slow deep breath and let my moisture ooze.

"I don't know about you," She said, her tiny soft hand reluctantly
pulling out of my pants. "But I'm not saving up a big load of cream
for the camera-and I couldn't possibly be any wetter tonight than I am
right now. How 'bout letting me gnaw on your crotch till you
hyperventilate and pass out?"

"I don't-" I began, then I heard the jingle and click just as the left
cuff snapped onto my wrist. Jess whipped my arms around behind me,
actually hurting my right shoulder as the other half of the bracelets
clamped onto my right hand. I wasn't going to struggle, but Jesse was
taking no chances. She shoved me over the counter and yanked my jeans
and panties down to my calves.

"Rachel Roundheels, thanks to you, I have never been more ragingly
horny in my entire life. As your best friend, I swear I will fuck and
suck tonight until I melt in a pool of sweat and warm sperm. But right
now I have got to cum or die, and you are going to cum with me."

She dropped to her knees behind me, grasped my asscheeks in her hands
and buried her face between them, lapping at my butthole and flicking
her tongue deep underneath to part my moist labia. I could hear her,
muffled in my flesh, grunting and growling like an animal as she
lapped. I would have reached between my legs and spread my pussylips
for her, but my hands were cuffed uncomfortably behind my back, so I
just lay there, my breasts mashed against the countertop, and moaned
as she slapped her tongue against my cunt like a dripping paintbrush,
soaking my golden bush in her saliva.Her flickering tongue tickled and
swirled, stopping only to probe my sensitive butthole like a tiny wet
finger. I felt Jess' right hand slip around my thigh, and her thumb
slid gently up my cunt and began wriggling rhythmically round and
round, her middle finger rubbing the perennial wall between my vagina
and anus.

"Oh god, Jesse, I love you so much." I whined, beginning to quiver
with my first orgasm.

It was true, but the scene playing out under my half-closed eyelids
was of what I'd be doing at the party tonight. I could just see my
Dad's huge erect cock plunging wetly in and out of my Mom's dripping
slippery cunt for the first time in almost ten years- and me, my young
face beaming in rapture, only inches away from their musky crotches,
darting in with my tongue to lick, kiss and caress that beautiful
prick and pussy-and the hottest part of all, when they'd finished, I'd
lap and slurp every tasty drop of Dad's wonderful slimy sperm as it
ran in an oozing stream from my Mother's warm and satisfied snatch.
I'd be eating the very cum that created me, and it would be sooo fuckin' kinky! The thought made me so
hot, it was like a narcotic high, and with Jesse's mouth dancing
around my own sex, I came shuddering and screaming, my entire body
wracked with seismic waves of orgasm.

I wanted very badly to turn around so Jess could open my blouse and
lick my tits. With some effort I raised my head off the kitchen
counter, panting and nearly drooling, to ask her to uncuff me so I
could touch her, caress and squeeze her velvety skin. My eyes were
barely open, just languid slits-I was so far adrift in an ocean of
warm pleasure that for a long moment I didn't even recognize Jesse's
parents standing in the kitchen doorway. When it did begin to slowly
dawn on me that they were standing there, watching us, I didn't even
care. Jess' tongue and fingers had me in an altered state of
consciousness and I couldn't register any other reality. I saw her
father whisper something in her mother's ear, saw her mom smile and
reply. I opened my eyes wider, trying to decide whether I should
speak. I saw Jesse's father slide his arms around his wife's waist and
run his hands up the front of her dress, squeezing one of her tits
through the fabric, then fumbling with the buttons at her collar. The
dress came open, then the lacy bra, and he cupped her bare breast in
his hand as they both continued to stare at Jess and me. I smiled, and
they smiled back, Jess' mom mouthing a sexy "sssh" to me as she
reached behind her and began rubbing her husband's crotch and tugging
at his fly. I took a deep breath and shook off the fog. "My turn." I
said quietly to Jess, and stepped around her. "Hop up on the counter,
my mistress."

She pulled her panties down to her knees and backed up to the counter,
lifting her bare bottom onto the formica so she could snatch the
panties off her feet as her shoes fell to the floor. She lifted her
short black skirt and spread her legs to show me her furry dark pussy,
already glistening with beads of lubrication. I wanted to look over at
her parents, to make sure they got a good look at my tongue flicking
out to bathe their daughter's juicy slit, but I didn't want to give
them away to Jesse. It was enough to know that they were watching as I
leaned over, my hands still cuffed behind my back, and buried my face
between her legs.

I lapped and slathered, my tongue slurping wantonly at Jesse's cunt.
Without my hands to stabilize me, there was no finesse possible, so I
just ate her-massaging with my entire mouth, jabbing my tongue deep
into her hot vagina, sucking on her labia and clitoris with passionate

Jesse thrust her pelvis at me, grunting like an animal. "Oh godd," She
moaned, "I gotta cum- make me CUM, baby! Eat my cunt, you fucking

She began bucking against me so violently, I couldn't keep my tongue
in her pussy, until finally she was just fucking my face, rubbing her
engorged clit and labia against my mouth, nose and cheeks, covering my
face in cunt-juice. Her hands released their death-grip on the edge of
the counter and she buried her fingers in my hair, pushing my face
harder against her crotch as she trembled and shook, squealing
incoherently as she came.

Finally she let go of me, her head falling forward against her chest
as she panted and giggled quietly to herself in relief.

"Thank you." She sighed. "I really needed that."

"Uhmm." I concurred, my head resting against Jesse's thigh, the deep
warm fragrance of her sopping cunt filling my nostrils as I smiled at
her mother and father, still standing in the doorway. Her dad's hands
were still massaging her mom's soft tits through her open dress, but
her mom's right hand was behind her, gently stroking her husband's
hard cock, a thick load of creamy cum dripping from her slowly pumping
fist, coating her dainty fingers. As I watched, she raised her sticky
hand to her lips, and looking me straight in the eye, licked off every
gooey drop.


Mom sat quietly beside me in the backseat of Chris' car as we turned
down the street toward Dad's house. The blindfold had worked like a
charm, the ping-pong balls perfectly covering her eyes so that she
couldn't see so much as a hint of where we were taking her. I'd
handcuffed her wrists in front of her, gagged her mouth with a winter
muffler and as a final coup de grace, I'd stuck rubber plugs in her
ears. I wasn't taking any chances that she'd catch on to what I was up
to and try to back out. All she knew so far was that it was kinky as
hell and involved lots of sweaty sex. I knew the constraints I'd put
her in were uncomfortable, and it must have made her jumpy as a cat to
sit there wondering what was about to happen to her, unable to even to
babble nervously about it to the rest of us. Frankly, I was incredibly
relieved that she was being such a good sport about it, but I think
the great sex we'd been having the past few days had loosened her up a

We pulled into Dad's driveway and I unfolded a pillowcase from my lap
and put it over Mom's head- Dad still didn't know anything about this
particular party favor, either. I reached inside Mom's long coat,
caressed one of her breasts through the lacy black bra she was wearing
and kissed her lightly on the neck as reassurance. She moaned a little
in response, and Jesse and Chris helped me guide her out of the car
and into the house through the garage. Thank gods it was pitch dark
outside or the neighbors would've probably called the FBI.

In the kitchen I slipped Mom's coat off and handed it to Jesse to put
away. Chris' eyes widened appreciatively. "Mmm, this is your mom?" He
whispered, softly caressing my mother's firm bottom through her red
satin panties. "Hot! I do get some of this before the night's over,

"You pig," I smirked at him, "You've just never got to play with tits
that big."

He stepped back and gave Mom's shapely breasts a critical evaluation.
"And won't they look perfect a la mode?"

The mental image of flying spunk just made my nipples tingle and I
went to the kitchen doorway and looked into the living room to see
what Dad was up to. He and Jesse were already getting underway, Jess
sitting on the edge of the pedestal coffee table coyly opening her
blouse and running her hands over her breasts, while Dad kneeled a few
feet in front of her, adjusting his camcorder, capturing her tease on

While Dad was occupied, I moved into the room and began to place small
candles here and there, lighting them as I went. Then I built a cozy
fire in the fireplace while Jesse slid her jeans down her legs and
wriggled her ass at Daddy's camera. When I finished, I went back to
the kitchen door, turning the dimmer switch for the living room

"That thing does adjust itself for dim lights, right?" I asked Dad,
nodding toward his camcorder.

"No problem." Dad mumbled, still staring through the viewfinder at
Jesse, naked on her knees, ass toward him, sensuously fingering her

As I stepped down the hallway toward Dad's bedroom, I heard the
doorbell ring and Jesse call for Chris to answer it. When I came back
seconds later with one of Dad's thin leather dress belts, Chris was
introducing Dad to Daryl, who couldn't quit glancing over at Jesse.
She was now sitting naked in a big padded rocking chair, legs crossed,
massaging her own breasts.

"Hi Daryl," I greeted him, "Do you know how to work one of those
things?" I asked, indicating Dad's camcorder.

"Yeah-sure." He replied. My dad's got one just like it.

 "Good." I said, looking at Dad. "Turn it over. I got something better
for you to do right now." I realized that I was probably gonna get my
little slave-girl ass strapped later for the pushy tone I was using
toward my master, but I couldn't leave Mom standing alone blind, deaf
and dumb forever.

I hurried into the kitchen and led Mom out into the living room,
watching Dad's eyes carefully for signs of recognition. He only looked
mildly surprised at the well-developed body I was leading in.

"Who's this?" He asked.

I tapped Mom against the backs of her knees, and guided her to lie
face-down across the coffee table. I knelt down beside her and pulled
the red panties halfway down her thighs, exposing her near-perfect
bottom. I heard Chris somewhere behind me in the shadows grunt

"Somebody I want you to beat the shit out of." I said, looking Dad
straight in the eye and offering him the belt.

For a moment Dad looked a little unsure, suspicious. "And how does she
feel about that?" He asked.

"You don't hear her protesting, do you?" I smiled at him, running my
hand gently over one of Mom's beautiful asscheeks.

Dad lowered himself to his knees, ran his hands over the smooth tan
hemispheres, slipped a finger underneath to tickle the clam of her
mons, parting the delicate labia. I could hear Mom's breathing
intensify and her bottom began to rotate slowly in small circles. Dad
leaned over and kissed the warm flesh, inhaling her scent.

"Nice." He said.

He stood up, long enough to kick off his shoes and drop his pants to
the floor, then tossing the rest of his clothing across a chair,
kneeled behind her again, caressing her ass and gently fingerfucking
her until the rest of us could hear the moist sucking noise of her
pussy clinging to his probing digit. Mom was moaning quietly and
humping her butt back and forth toward him. When she was really juicy
and lubricated, he slid her pretty panties down over her knees and
off, pressed up against her behind, and guided his thickened cock into
her warm tunnel.

"Oh, that's good." He groaned, slowly fucking against her gyrating
behind. For a moment he just closed his eyes, pumping in and out, with
a blissful smile on his face. Finally, he opened his eyes, turned to
me and held out his hand. I lay the belt across his palm and leaned
over to kiss him.

"She really likes it to hurt." I whispered.

"Mmm," He grinned wickedly. "So do I." As he stood again, brandishing
the belt, I yanked my T-shirt dress over my head, quickly tossed my
panties aside, and motioned Jess over to the low table. I prodded the
backs of Mom's thighs until she got the message and moved up, then
positioned her knees onto the tabletop, her butt poking up in the air.
Jess and I kneeled on either side of her, each taking hold of one
ankle to keep her from thrashing. I ran one arm across her back,
caressing her gently, as if I were soothing a skittish horse. She
probably though she was about to get some more stiff cock in her wet
snatch, or a sloppy mouth lapping at her clit. She must've been
completely freaked when that narrow leather strap came blistering
across her soft smooth ass. At least, that's the impression I got from
the bloodcurdling scream that burst from under the thick fabric gag.

I began to pant and tremble in excitement, and I think I actually had
an orgasm of sorts, without anyone even touching me. I couldn't tell
you WHY- until I'd seen her standing in the kitchen, in her slutty
lingerie, her hands chained in front of her and the pillowcase over
her head, like some pornographic terrorist's hostage, I'd never even
thought of doing anything like this.

I had to lean aside as the strap came whistling past my face again to
snap sharply against Mom's soft thigh. Realizing that that first lick
hadn't been just an overzealous love-pat, Mom began to struggle and
yell, her screams muffled by the heavy cloth gag in her mouth. It was
all Jess and I could do to hold her in place as she thrashed about.

 KA-RAKK! The belt snapped across her firm round behind again, and I
could see the red tracks appearing at odd angles on her pretty tan
butt, the edges raising as deep red welts. Mom began to bellow and sob
under her pillowcase, but her hips continued to wriggle, trying to
wrench away from Jess and me, to escape the hot blows of the leather
belt that sliced the air more and more rapidly, a torrent of
incandescent blistering stripes cutting her beautiful sexy buns in a
crisscross pattern of glowing red tracks.

As I watched the bumpy mottle of red welts bubble up under the rain of
hot lashes, it did occur to me that I might have gone too far this
time. Dad had spanked me before as part of my discipline training as
his sex-slave, but he'd never beaten me the way he was thrashing Mom.
I wondered if I should ask him to stop, but I couldn't -the sight of
Mom's scorched and scored bottom was too beautiful, her screams and
sobs were making me too horny. 'She'll get over it,' I figured, 'Once
the pain subsides- especially if she gets laid really good.'

Jesse must've been feeling the same sort of perverse thrills I was,
because the minute Dad paused for a breath, she let go the ankle she
was holding and dived onto his cock, grabbing it at the base and
plunging her face onto the shaft, engulfing it in one fell swoop, to
hammer her lips back and forth, sucking hungrily.

Across the room, Daryl held the camcorder, silently following the
scene, moving from one angle to another to record all the action. I
think he was afraid to say anything or ask any questions. Chris sat in
one of the big chairs, his jeans crumpled on the floor at his feet. He
still wore his shirt, but he was pulling his cock in long, slow
strokes while he watched, looking back and forth from Jesse and Dad,
to Mom's upturned bum. when he met my eyes, he just smiled, still
pumping his dick.

"Wow." he said.

I turned my attention to Mom's ragged bottom, it's tortured surface
radiating heat like a toaster oven. I gently kissed her sweet soft
butt, gently savoring the feel of each swollen ridge with my tender
lips. She trembled, still sobbing under the pillowcase.Her nose was
running from all the crying she'd been doing and I knew I'd have to
remove the gag so she could breathe.

While Jesse sucked Dad's dick, I popped into the kitchen to find a
pair of scissors. Returning to Mom's side, I pinched a handful of the
pillowcase in the front and snipped it off, leaving a ragged hole in
front of her mouth. I lifted the cloth and pulled the rubber plug from
one ear.

"Don't speak or he'll beat you again." I whispered.

Mother nodded. I replaced the earplug and yanked the gag loose at the
back of her head where I'd stapled it together. She gasped and
breathed deep.

I motioned to Chris.

"Come put that over here."

"Sure!" He said instantly, and clambered over on his knees. I held the
cloth against Mom's face to expose her lips and Chris rubbed his
engorged dickhead against them. Mom opened her mouth and wrapped her
lips around Chris' cock, sighing and moaning, but she didn't say a

I went back to the other side of the coffee table to caress and kiss
Mom's red striped ass, lying against the table and leaning my head
back to get under her cunt. I parted her labia with the fingers of one
hand and reached up to keep stroking her bottom with the other. My
tongue flicked out to lap and taste her tender clit and lick her sweet

From somewhere above, I heard Daryl's voice ask "Okay folks, I've only
got one camera. Who am I shooting?" and Dad's voice reply "Get that."
He must've been pointing at me, 'cause seconds later I could see Daryl
from the corner of my eye kneeling beside me, the camera aimed up
between Mom's legs to get a clear shot of me feasting on her wet

I crooked a finger toward Dad and Jesse. "C'mere, you two." I said.
Dad took his cock from Jess' mouth, reluctantly, I'm sure- Jess gives
really hungry head, and moved down to his knees on the floor. He
straddled my body and eased his stiff dick back into Mom's sloppy wet
fuckhole, while I continued to slurp her cuntlips, and now, his thick

Just the smell of their sweaty sex juices made me shudder. The sight
of my Mom and Dad fucking each other, just inches from my face, while
I licked their swollen sex organs, was a mind- blasting thrill! Jesse
knelt between my legs and began nuzzling my pussy, kissing my tummy
and mouthing my soft bush. Her tease was the cherry on the high, and I
couldn't help moaning out loud, my mouth sucking hard on Dad's dick
and balls and Mom's sopping pink hole, as if I were trying to leave
little hickeys on them both. I reached in, entwining my fingers around
Dad's plunging pole, jacking him off into Mom's cunt as I lapped at
his hairy balls. I felt his hard meat swell up in orgasm, and I
gripped it tight, pumping it into my mother's squirming snatch. I
could feel the jerking and pulsing as his searing cum squirted in
jetting streams of boiling fluid into Mom's hungry vagina. She slammed
back against him when she felt his jism spurting into her, wriggling
and writhing up against his crotch. I just held his iron rod tightly,
encircled between my thumb and forefinger, until it's throbbing

Jesse's tongue danced lightly around my soft pussylips and my swollen
little clit, while I gently eased Dad's huge, dripping meatstick from
it's warm sheath and began to lick the gooey cream from it's length. I
was trembling from head to toe with erotic not missing a drop of their
creamy mingled essences. When Dad's cock was clean, I turned to
Mother's glistening slit, where gobs of my father's heavy spunk were
just starting to ooze thickly from between her tender pink lips. I
buried my young face in her furry crotch and jabbed my tongue deep
into her cunt, scooping the thick pools of Dad's sperm into my mouth,
so I could savor the heavy cream, rub my face in it as it drooled from
Mom's well-fucked hole.

Mother grunted unevenly as she continued to suck Chris' cock, as he
pumped into her face, fucking her lips freely. She couldn't reach up
to hold it, her hands were cuffed together, and she needed them both
to support herself as she knelt on the coffee table. I couldn't see
from underneath, but I could guess what was happening when I heard Mom
groaning plaintively, and Chris grunting aloud at the same time.

He'd been fucking her face violently for about ten minutes, slamming
his dick into her throat, his balls slapping up against her chin.
Suddenly he pulled free, just inches from her face-that was when she
groaned in complaint, just as Chris' boiling white seed lurched in low
arches from his shiny erection, spattering in thick splotches across
the exposed part of Mom's face. Blobs clung to the pillowcase, some
landed -plop!- on her outstretched tongue, a few fell to the carpet-
Chris had sure kept his word about saving up a big load!

"Bitchin'!" mumbled Daryl, on one knee beside Chris, capturing the
whole beautiful cum shot on tape, close-up and personal.

I know how perfect it all looked because Daryl did such a great job
with the camcorder, though frankly, at that precise moment I was kind
of wrapped up in fucking Jesse's tongue.

I think it was about this time, too, that Dad took the camera back and
covered the filming for awhile, 'cause when I looked up to see why
Jess' had stopped eating me, Daryl was just rolling her over on the
carpet and crawling between her legs. In seconds, Jess had Daryl's
hard cock inside her and her slim legs wrapped around his back,
bucking and humping him like a wild animal. Dad zoomed in with the
camcorder and got a great close-up view of her dark-furred teen pussy
sucking and pulling the length of his erect meat as she slammed up
against him over and over again. On the tape-in slow motion- you can
even see her swollen, purple- shaded-labia caressing that stiff shaft
as it plunges in and out of her snug cunt. Every time I watch it, I
get hotter and hotter as I watch Daryl's cockshaft get shinier and
shinier with the lube juices Jess' slit is oozing as he fucks her.

"Hey Rachel," Chris said as I crawled from under Mom, "I got an idea."
He guided Mom down from the coffee table, removing her black lace bra,
and lay her down beside Jesse. He motioned toward her upturned face,
still half exposed through the pillowcase.

"Have a seat." he grinned, as he lowered his own face onto my mother's
big breasts and began nuzzling the soft globes and licking her erect
nipples. I crawled over to straddle Mom's face, spreading my cuntlips
with my fingers and slowly lowering my crotch until she could feel the
pressure of my pussy against her lips. She immediately began licking
and nuzzling, trying to get a sense of where my labia and clit were
positioned. I sighed and rubbed my wet slit back and forth across her
face, occasionally pushing her nose into my tender vagina. I watched
Chris greedily reveling in Mom's big tits, sucking first one, then the
other, rubbing his face between them, his cock growing stiff again as
he made love to her large firm breasts. Eventually, he slid his rigid
dick into her already creamy pussy.

"Mmmmm," He moaned. "VERY hot."

I leaned over toward him and opened my mouth. Chris got the idea and
met me in a slow, wet, sensual kiss. Mom's hands fumbled up to caress
and fondle my own breasts, while Chris continued to twirl one of her
nipples between his fingers.

Suddenly Chris broke the kiss. "I'm gonna cum again." He said, jabbing
his cock into Mom in quick short strokes.

"Already?" I said, genuinely surprised. I mean, it was his second time
in an hour. It didn't seem like Chris.

"It's those tits." He grunted. They're so nice'n...BIG."

I laughed aloud. "You PIG!"

"Let's make it nice and visual, Chris." Dad said, focusing in with the

I decided it was time to let the cat- er cunt- out of the bag. I
reached underneath me, and jerked the pillowcase off Mom's head.
Pointing at the place where her tongue was lapping at my pussy, I
looked at Chris.

"Right here."

"Unnh!" Chris grunted hard, pulling his cock from Mom's snatch and
swinging one leg up to kneel over her belly. His cum spurted in quick,
thin streams, drenching my bush and Mom's mouth, running in creamy
rivulets down her chin. "Ummm." She moaned, stabbing at the air with
her tongue, blindly trying to catch more of it in her mouth.

I grinned at Dad, rubbing the sticky liquid into my pubic hair with my

"Surprised?" I said.

He smiled, still taping the slippery scene as Mom licked the last of
the cum from her lips.

"Nope." He said. "You didn't think I wouldn't recognize a pussy I'd
spent so much time in, did you? I knew that wriggling bottom the
minute I sank my cock into it."

"Damn!" I exclaimed. "I wanted to surprise you!"

"You're not trying to do something crazy, like get us back together,
are you? He said, eyeing me suspiciously. "No, Dad," I laughed. "I
just wanted to taste you both while you fucked."

"My daughter the slut." He laughed. "Hey- she still can't see or hear
us, right?" Indicating Mom.

"I don't think so," I answered, "I tried to be sure."

"Hmm," He said. "She's being awfully goddamned submissive. Did she
agree to all this?"

"Well, pretty much." I said, looking sheepish. "I kind of improvised
the whipping. She seems to have handled it pretty well, though,
dontcha think?"

A wicked looking smile unfurled across his face.

"So far." He grinned.


"Unh! Unh! Unh!" Jesse grunted, as Daryl slammed his dick hard all
the way in. Her pelvis was reaching for him so hungrily, her bottom
was curled upwards, her legs wrapped around his hips as he drove down
into her.

"Cum! Gotta have sperm! Pleeeaasse, cum on my tits!" She wailed, the
sound of their bodies slapping together audible from anywhere in the

Daryl pulled back just far enough for his cock to spring free, the cum
already rocketing from it's purple tip to splatter across Jess' belly
and breasts. She instantly reached up began to massage the warm fluid
into her small tits, rubbing it into her skin like a lotion. When she
was done, I leaned over her and took those delicious mounds into my
mouth one at a time, sucking off the salty sheen. I then knelt over
her and frenched her mouth deeply, gently sucking my best friend's

"Okay, kids," Dad said, handing the camera back to Daryl. "My turn

He nodded toward Mom, who was still lying on her back on the floor
where Chris and I had fucked her earlier. She lay quietly, her
handcuffed wrists at her belly as she discreetly stroked her pussy
with her fingertips.

"Turn her over." Dad said.

I went to Mom, guiding her back to her knees, sitting in front of her
to cradle her head in my lap. Her butt was in the air again, and I saw
Dad pick up the leather belt. I felt a pang of guilt when I saw that-
she'd been so good about not speaking after I removed the gag. Until
then, anyway.

"Could I please have some more cock?" she said, almost whispering. "I
don't care if you beat me, just please fuck me again, somebody. Use
me, please- you can all cover me with cum. Just PLEASE fuck me."

"Oops." I muttered.

"Can't disappoint the lady, can we guys?" Dad smiled. "Jess, you make
sure they're hard and ready to go again."

"Want me to help?" I volunteered, getting nervous.

"I want you to hold HER." He said.

I wasn't sure at first, but as the lashes began to stripe her in
earnest again, I became convinced that my mother WANTED to be whipped,
that she'd spoken aloud with the express purpose of eliciting the
punishment. As Dad's leather tore across her already ravaged bottom,
she cried, she screamed, she trembled violently- but for awhile she
remained virtually still, not jerking or struggling to pull away, but
submitting obediently to the beating.

After awhile though, it just became too much. This was no pretend S &
M game- Dad was really whaling the holy shit out of her. The pretty
pink welts and stripes he'd crisscrossed her sexy buns with before,
had given way to a solid fiery-red terrain of blistering ridges and
grooves. I held tight to my mother's head and shoulders, hugging her
to my breasts as she screamed. I was crying myself, at the savage
treatment I'd betrayed her to, but all the while, my pussy tingled in
a hot electric thrill. I wanted it to stop, but I wanted to watch it,
too- preferably while somebody fucked me with a large hard cock. Most
amazing of all, even when the screaming agony became too much and she
couldn't help cowering and flinching, Mom never once tried to pull
away. I think that, like her daughter, Mom truly loves being a
complete slut- the nastier and more forbidden it is, the more surely
we have to do it. Unlike me, though, My mother seems to feel that
somehow she's less worthy for wanting it, so she needs to be forced to
do the dirty stuff, then punished for it. Somehow it sort of absolves
her of the responsibility for being so uncontrollably horny. I guess I
sort of understand that, in an intellectual, clinical sense. What I
can't figure out, is why I get so creamy hot watching her get thrashed
so viciously.

When I saw the blood smears appear across her tattered behind, and
the first thin trickle run under the curve of one cheek and down the
back of her thigh, I knew I had to say something- but I couldn't. The
truth is, my gut reaction wasn't revulsion or even pity. I wanted to
get down on my hands and knees behind her and rub my tits across her
butt, smearing the warm blood across my aching nipples. I wanted Dad
to cum on her ass, so I could massage my breasts against her torn
cheeks, and mingle the two precious life-fluids into my own flesh.

Finally, the hail of lashes stopped. I was so relieved- I'd begun to
wonder if he was going to kill her. Dad tossed the belt aside and
knelt behind Mom's tortured bottom. Mom's breath was ragged and full
of tears, but she must have been experiencing something close to my
own excitement, because she raised her head and began kissing my
breasts, sucking at my throbbing nipples.

She gasped harshly when Dad put his hands on her glowing hot asscheeks
and pried them apart. She screamed loudly and incoherently when he
plunged his stiff, thick erection into her tight puckered and
unlubricated anus. Her scream vibrated against my chest and she
clutched me desperately when he began fucking her steaming butthole
deeply and rythymically without even giving her a chance to adjust to
the intrusion.

"Oh god, you BASTARD!" She wailed. "You vicious bastard

Dad leaned forward, hunching over her back as his swollen cock slid
roughly in and out of her snug sphincter. He reached up and pried the
plugs from her ears, whispering against her temple.

"Make me CUM, you dirty fucking whore - milk my cock with your asshole
and make me spurt your butt full of steaming, creamy jizz!"

Mom's jaw dropped, just for a second, as she recognized the voice.

"It's YOU! Goddamn you! GOD-DAMN YOU! You bastard!" She began to slam
her tormented flanks back against him, ramming his big beautiful cock
all the way up her asshole, impaling herself on his hard meat.


Dad grabbed her thighs and shoved deep. If I couldn't tell by the look
on his face, Mom's screaming and writhing let me know she was getting
the asshole full of cum she'd been begging for. I reached across Mom's
back and took the base of Dad's dick in my fingers, pumping the shaft,
to milk every last drop of his cum into her anus. Both of them groaned
and grunted, and for a long moment we all three just sat there,
sweating, not saying anything.


After Dad had pulled his shrunken and satisfied dick from Mom's
battered butthole, he lay on his back on the carpet beside her. She
was curled in a fetal position,her head in my lap. The belt with the
ping-pong balls still covered her eyes as her tears ran out from under
them, rolling across her cheeks to dry in streaks along her jawline. I
reached down as I stroked her hair and took the blinders off. Still
sniffling a bit, she grasped my hands in hers and looked around her

"So who's brilliant smart-ass idea was this, anyway?" she asked
quietly, trembling against my chest.

"Mine, Mom...I'm sorry. He didn't even know who you were when we

She glanced toward Dad. "So do you treat every woman you fuck like

Dad smiled slightly without looking toward her. "Only the ones I care

Mom's eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean?"

"I mean," He answered, "If I hadn't cared so much then, I wouldn't
enjoy punishing you so much now. Besides, it really pisses me off that
you're such a hot fucking slut now, when you wouldn't do shit for me
when we were married."

"I'm sorry." She said gently, and I could tell she meant it. "It
wasn't that I didn't want to. I was just afraid you wouldn't like me
anymore if you knew how horny and slutty I really was inside."

"You stupid bitch," Dad chuckled. "Horny and slutty was just what I
always wanted. I came to resent you because I wanted horny and slutty
and I wasn't getting it!"

"I'm sorry." Mom said again. This time there was a long moment of
silence, while both of them just stared into space. I wasn't sure what
either of them might be thinking, but I wasn't going to stick my nose
in this one, it was way too heavy for me.

"So what if you were to get it now?" She said finally.

Dad's reply came slowly, thoughtfully. "Do you really think you can be
submissive and obedient enough for me to put up with you?"

Mom rolled sideways and got up on her knees, her hands still
handcuffed before her. She bowed her head to her chest, facing my Dad.

"Yes, Master." She said smiling.

A few feet away, Jesse was straddling her brother Chris, humping up
and down on his stiff dick, while he lay on the floor beneath,
caressing her small soft breasts. Daryl stood next to her, trying to
aim the camcorder nearly straight down to capture the sight of Chris'
cock as it appeared and disappeared beneath Jesse's furry crotch. All
the while, he was feeding his own erection into Jess' mouth with his
other hand.

"Nice grouping," Dad said as he crawled toward them. "But let's see if
we can organize something a little more complex."

He took the camcorder from Daryl and set it on it's tripod across the
room, where it could see us all at once. Then he returned to where we
were all gathered, around Chris and Jesse.

"C'mere," He grunted to Daryl, grasping him by the waist and guiding
him around behind Jess and Chris. He brought Daryl to his knees behind
Jess and grasping Daryl's cock in his hand, stroked it firmly a couple
of times, squeezing it to engorge the head, swelling the pretty
lavender mushroom to full size. It looked delicious! Then Dad leaned
over and drooled warm spittle all over Daryl's swollen cockhead.

Pressing a palm against Jesse's back to bend her over into a
doggie-crouch, Dad spread her buttcheeks and rubbed the saliva from
Daryl's fat tip against Jesse's pink carnation.

"Mmm, yeah, put it up my ass, baby," Jess growled. "Gotta have it!"

I saw Daryl's big round knob pop past Jesse's sphincter and she gave a
guttural grunt.

"Uhmm!" She moaned, rotating her ass in little circles and pressing
back against both the hard dicks fucking her tight holes.

"Wow." Daryl marveled to Chris. "I can feel your dick in her cunt!"

"Cool!" Chris agreed. "Mmm, your cock's rubbing right against mine!"

"Oh godd!" Jesse squealed. "Fuck me! Cum! Big loads of sperm! Squirt
it! Cum in my cunt and ass- gotta have it!"

I didn't wait to see what else Dad had in mind- I swung a leg over
Chris' head and lowered my sopping pussy onto his face. I rubbed my
slippery slit back and forth across his chin and nose while he jabbed
his tongue deep into my hole, lapping the walls of my vagina. I
reached out and buried my face in Jess' hair, until she looked up and
kissed me, gently sucking my tongue and purring into my mouth.

Over Jesse's back, I caught sight of Mom and Dad crouched behind her,
and nuzzling her ear, I stretched to see what they were doing.

"Too fucking cool." I breathed in Jesse's ear.

Mom and Dad knelt on either side of Jesse's upturned ass, both leaning
in close, to tongue the two adolescent cocks that slid in and out of
Jesse's lower openings. While Mom ran her lips up and down the side of
Chris' shaft, Dad was gently tongue-bathing Daryl's balls.

"Oh, Man!" Chris exclaimed suddenly, looking up at Daryl. "You're
cumming! I can feel your dickhead swelling up!

"Wait!" Daryl exclaimed, "Wait! I wanna try something!" He yanked his
cock out of Jesse's asshole and pushed her out of the way. Jess
scuttled sideways, complaining loudly at the loss of both hot cocks as
Chris' came slipping out of her cunt.

Daryl hobbled up on one knee, to straddle Chris' prone body and
grabbing Chris' shimmering erection, still slimy and wet from Jesse's
warm pussy, guided it to the opening of his tight brown butthole. He
sank down on the stiff penis, impaling himself with a groan.

"Aaah, goddamn, that's SO HOT!" He sighed, grabbing his own hard cock
and stroking it with his fist. Instantly, spurts of white-hot cream
began streaming from it's length, arcing high into the air and falling
in large sticky splotches onto Chris' belly and chest. A couple of the
thickest gobs spattered across Chris' cheeks and lips, just as he
opened his mouth to release a long low cry of his own.

"Oh, godd, YES!" He cried, humping his pelvis up, shoving his cock
deeper into Daryl's ass. From the grimace on Chris' face, I knew Daryl
was getting a hot sperm enema- a hunch confirmed seconds later, when
the thick white fluid came oozing from Daryl's butthole, around the
thick shaft of his friend's beautiful hard cock, to trickle past
Chris' balls and down between his buns.

From behind the two guys, Mom and Dad looked at each other, smiling in

"Good gods, these kids are hot!" said Mom. "How long have you been
teaching them this stuff?"

"I can't take credit for this," Dad laughed. "I think Rachel did it."

I crawled to them, kissing them both and pushing Dad onto his back.
"You guys," I smirked,"I swear, you think you're the only people in
the world who like to fuck."

I reached underneath me and gently pulled on Dad's cock. "Got one more
load in there?" I begged. "I haven't been fucked at all tonight."

"Nope." He grinned, but he was already getting hard.

By the time Dad shot his last load of sperm into my cum-hungry cunt,
everybody but Mom had adjourned to the kitchen for munchies. Finally
removing her handcuffs, Dad ordered her to clean me up, and like a
dutiful slave, she slurped every last drop of his cream from my lil'
pink pussy.

Daryl went home after that, and Chris and Jess slept together curled
up in blankets on the living room floor, while Mom and Dad and I all
snuggled together in Dad's big bed. In the morning, Mom and I managed
to milk another load out of Dad's poor tired cock with our mouths and
vaginas, while we all watched the videotape of the party, from Dad's

"Man," Jesse whined as she and Chris were dressing to leave, "I wish
my family gave way cool parties like this." I just smiled and winked
at her.

"So ask 'em." I said. I think she thought it was a joke, but the idea
of seeing Chris done by his dad was really weighing on my horny lil'
mind. 'If something doesn't happen pretty soon,' I decided, 'I'm gonna
go over there and make it happen.'

All in all, I guess everything sort of turned out happily ever after.
Mom and Dad didn't get remarried or anything, but they actually get
along much better. Mom's really his number-one sex slave now- and
married or not, she wouldn't fuck or suck anyone else- at least not
unless he ordered her to (which he sometimes does). I'm still his
slave-girl, too, although Dad's never asked me to be faithful, so I
kind of do what I want, most of the time. He just calls the shots in
bed. Daryl and Chris and Jesse and I kind of cum and go as we please-
we all know where to go if we're horny. In fact sometimes I think
Jesse's kind of developing a thing for my Dad. A romantic thing, I
mean. In a way, that would be kind of fun. Just think, if she married
him, I could do my Mom and my stepmom at the same time. Too fucking