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I can't find the copy of the multi-part story called "Mother's Milk" that
I downloaded a while back. Could somebody plz email a complete set? thanx!
Andrew MacMillen --


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please repost tale of two mothers parts 4-10
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                                  *** DISCLAIMER ***

This story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual individuals, living or 
dead, is entirely coincidental.

Posted by permission of the author.

                               *** WARNING ***

 This story is for the erotic enjoyment of open-minded adults who
 might enjoy reading it.  If you are under the age of 18, don't read
 this -- read some less explicit story.

 This story contains extremely strong hardcore stuff, including
 graphic depictions of sex and strangulation.  Don't read any further if
 this bothers you.

                             * * * WARNING! * * *

 [The following warning cribbed from one of Sarge's]
 Don't try this at home.  And if you _think_ you'd like to experiment
 with asphyxia as a sex aid, at least read the FAQ and
 Ol Sarge's Breath Control FAQ first!!!

 DO NOT, DO NOT try this kind of activity by yourself!!  About 200 people
 DIE in America each year doing this sort of thing -- people who had no
 idea of how dangerous this activity is, and who had no intention of
 dying.  People who took very careful precautions, but died regardless.
                             * * * WARNING! * * *

 Note: Flames cheerfully ignored.  Other stories about breath
 control/asphyxia wanted.


Hair Crisis
by Jack Milton
c. 1996

Melissa is the most beautiful woman I know.  It's not so much her
face--which is more handsome and square-jawed than classically pretty--but
her overall athletic good looks which makes her so attractive.  She's tall
and slim, but well muscled.  You could mistake her for an Olympic swimmer.
I've been hot for Melissa, since the first time I laid eyes on her.  A lot
of my time was spent dreaming of ways to lay my hands on her.  And I did get
the chance finally but it was nothing like I'd imagined.  There wasn't any
romance involved really.  It was pure sex, pure need, and Melissa had some
unusual needs.  So did I as it turned out.

It was three weeks ago that I finally connected with Melissa, and it never
would have happened the way it did if not for a really bad-hair day.
Actually it was more of a hair crisis day for Melissa.  She'd just broken up
with her boyfriend, a wealthy jerk named Howard.  Howard, she discovered
was screwing a nursing student--a busty redhead with an obnoxious giggle.
His attitude was "Hey, so what?  It was nothing.  Just a diversion."
Apparently. Howard need a lot of diversion, because he took her on a
vacation to Cozumel.  Melissa found out about it second-hand from a
girlfriend while they were away.

Melissa was so distraught and insecure about her looks that she decided to
give herself a home makeover.  This was totally unnecessary, since she was
so good looking.  But Melissa felt ugly.  She opted for the platinum blonde
look.  Her hair was long and naturally dirty-blonde.  So she reached for the
bleach and a bottle of red wine.  The wine worked, but the bleach did not.
She got drunk and her hair came through the ordeal looking like a mass of
dried straw.  Definitely not the look she had hoped for.  In tears, she fled
her apartment and headed for the Campus Pub.

That's where I found her, red-eyed and morose, nursing a glass of wine--the
old red devil--in a darkened corner booth where she sat with a silk scarf
tied around her head like a babushka.  I'd always thought of her as the
athletic type and now she looked like some Russian peasant, a former
Olympian fallen from grace.

I approached cautiously with two glasses of wine in hand and sat down
across from her in the booth.  I slid one glass over in front of her and
said "You look like you could use another."

"You're damn right," she replied.

"Why the scarf?" I asked, although I had a pretty good idea.  Shards of
straw hair were sticking out from the side of the scarf.

For the first time Melissa looked at me.  She'd been crying for a long time
and she looked a bit puffy around the eyes.  She pulled the babushka back to
reveal her self-inflicted coiffure deformity.  It looked horrible, like the
scarecrow in Wizard of Oz.   I winced.  It was an automatic response, and
for a moment I knew for certain that I'd blown it with her.  What woman
would be attracted to a man who thought she looked ugly?  But she was not
put off.

"Wouldn't you cover your head if you looked like this?" she said.

"I'd probably sue the hairdresser who did it," I told her.  "But it is
hair.  It will grow out.  Maybe you should get it cut short.

"Yeah, real short," she replied with a sarcastic edge.  She sipped her
fresh glass of wine.  "I wish I could sue someone, but it wouldn't be any
hairdresser.  You see, I did this to myself."  Then she sighed and I could
see a change come over her.  She was finished mourning her stupidity.  She
dabbed at her moist, red, eyes and smiled at me.  "Thanks for the wine."
She reached over and held my hand.  "You're right," she said.  "I think I
will cut it short.  I think I'll shave every damn bit of it off."

"You sure about that?"

"Yeah," she said.  "I am sure."  She took another gulp of wine,.  "Where
can I get some shears?"  The look on her face was dead serious.  She meant it.

I figured why not. Her hair wasn't going to look any better short because
it was damaged all the way to her scalp.  So I made her an offer which
turned out to have far greater ramifications than I expected.

"Well, I do have one of those old barber's clippers," I offered.  "You
know, the electric ones with a set of plastic comb attachments." 

"Great.  That's just what I need.  Do you want to assist me in the operation?"

I would have done anything she asked.  I just wanted to be closer to her.
"Sure," I said.  "The shears are in my apartment."

"Let's go," she said, draining her glass.  She was immediately up and out
of the booth and leading me outside by the hand.

Heading back to my apartment in my car, Melissa described the events
leading up to her self -destructive impulse and I was stunned.  "I can't
believe your boyfriend would even think of cheating on you.  He's got to be
a fool."  I was right.  He was.  As it turned out, he had discarded the most
sexually adventurous woman I've ever met.

When we entered my apartment, Melissa immediately noticed the chin-up bar
I'd set up in the bedroom.  My apartment was in an old building with
ten-foot high ceilings and I'd set the bar between two upright posts that
happened to have a series of pegs in them.  The bar itself was up high
enough to have to jump up to reach it.   And since the posts were about five
feet apart, I sometimes hung a Yucatan hammock--the kind made entirely of
nylon string--on them.   She appraised the bar, but said nothing.  I didn't
know what she was thinking.

In my bathroom, Melissa tossed the babushka aside and grimaced at her
reflection in the mirror.  "God, I'm an ugly bitch," she said frowning.

"Oh no," I corrected her.  "You're beautiful.  It's just your hair that's
been assaulted."  That was the jackpot response.  I'd carefully refrained
from complimenting her looks, knowing for sure that If I'd done so at the
Pub she would have viewed it as a cheap come-on, and a lie at that..  And
she would have been wrong.

Melissa hugged me and I hugged her back, tightly.  Then we kissed.  She was
a great kisser with a wide mouth and full, sensuous lips.  Her tongue found
it's way into my mouth and I began to get hard.  She didn't seem to mind,
because she pressed herself against my growing erection.  I thought that we
would get it on right then and there, but she wasn't quite ready yet.

"Bring on the shears," she commanded.  "It's time for my new look."

"Are you sure about this?" I asked.  "You have been drinking."

"I'm positive. And it's not because of the wine."

Who was I to deny her?  The barber's shears were stored in an old wicker
basket that held the few remaining personal possessions left by my late
father.  He'd been a barber for a while, back when I was a kid.  The shears
hadn't been used for years, but they still worked.  I plugged the cord in
and flipped the switch.  The shears came to life, buzzing evenly like a
turbocharged bumble-bee.  There were three comb attachments, ranging from a
depth of 3/4 inch down to 1/4 inch.  I held out the box and Melissa selected
the shortest of the combs.

"Let's go for the buzz cut," she said.  "If any one asks, I'll say I
enlisted in the marines."  She clipped the short comb onto the shears and
pressed them into my hand.  "I want you to do the honors," she said evenly.

"OK.  But you'd better take off your shirt.  Hair in your collar can be
itchy as hell."

"Right," she agreed.  And she unbuttoned her blouse and discarded it.
Beneath the blouse she wore a skimpy tank-top that came down no further than
the bottom of her ribs and it showed off her breasts beautifully.
Melissa's breasts were small but perfectly shaped and her generous nipples
stood erect under the cotton like a pair of little thumbs.  So we both had
erections there in my bathroom.

She was indeed beautiful.  I drank her in like water for parched eyes. She
had beautiful collarbones--a too little appreciated part of the female
anatomy--and they stood out in relief against her pale skin.  And her neck
was long and graceful, stretching what looked like a foot from the lovely
hollowed base of her throat to her strong jawline.  I immediately noticed
she had a pinkish line, like a welt, circling her delicate neck, but I said

Melissa gathered up her hair in a bunch from the back and tilted her head
forward.  "Do it," she said.

I clipped the comb onto the shears and flipped the switch again.  The
shears hummed, all business, as I guided the comb up from the nape of her
neck to make a two-inch wide swath halfway up the back of her scalp.  Well,
that was it.  There was no stopping now.  I continued working the shears
until she cast off a huge handful of dead looking hair.

"I don't want to look until you're finished," she said.

It only took a minute, but by then my bathroom looked like a scene from an
old barber shop--piles of hair all over the black and white tiles.  Finally,
I snapped off the shears and sat them down on the edge of the sink.
Melissa's head was perfectly rounded with no unsightly lumps or bumps.  Not
bald, exactly, but damn close to it.  With or without her hair, she was
indeed a beauty.  She also looked a bit punk now in her tight little
tank-top.  I liked it.  It looked totally naked and slightly nasty.
Nevertheless, I had an instinctive feeling that she wasn't going to like
what she saw, no matter what it looked like.  And I was afraid that she
would forever hold me responsible for making her look bad, which meant no
more close quarters contact.  Momentarily I wished I hadn't offered to cut
her hair off, but it was too late to do anything about it now..

"It's done.  You can look now,"  I told her, holding my breath for her

Melissa looked up and stared into the mirror.  The woman she saw was a
completely different person than she had seen that morning in her own
bathroom.  That woman had long silky hair.  This one looked more like a
convict.  She didn't frown though.  She was fascinated.  She ran her hand
over her head then turned her head to each side in appraisal.  Then she
turned her shoulders from side to side, posing the way women do when they
are checking out their makeup or outfit--which I've always found arousing.
Still not saying anything, she tilted her head back slightly brazenly
offering her tantalizing neck for display, like a fashion model posing for a
camera.  My erection was throbbing.

"What do you think?" she said.

I was so aroused that I fumbled for a reply.  "It's....I like it," I
finally blurted out.

"So do I,"  she said.

"It's very sexy," I ventured.

"It makes my neck look so long."  Melissa brought her fingertips gently to
her throat, tracing the pink welt encircling her neck.

"How did you get that mark?" I asked.  "Did your boyfriend make that?"

"No," she said.  "I did it to myself."

I didn't understand, and she could see my confusion.

"You see, I like to masturbate.  And when I do, I like to tie a length of
rawhide around my neck.  It makes me come so hard.  It's just my little
kink.  I like to be choked when I'm having sex."

I thought my zipper would bust apart any second, my cock was so hard.

"Would you like to touch me there?  Touch my neck?"

I didn't say anything.  I just stepped behind her and placed my hands
around her throat.  Reflexively she emitted a deep, husky breath, which I
could feel beneath my fingers.  So I tightened my grip ever so slightly.
Melissa closed her eyes, leaned her head back and felt behind her for my
hard cock.  She found it and rubbed slowly, fondling me through the fabric
of my jeans..

"You wouldn't happen to have your favorite piece of rawhide with you?" I asked.

"No," she said huskily.  "But anything will do.  Have you got a piece of
rope, or a necktie?"

"Yeah, I do."  I was trembling.  I'd never had to courage to put something
tight around a woman's neck before, but I'd always wanted to.

"Get it," she commanded.

I dashed out of the bathroom and into my closet where there were both
neckties and several lengths of thick nylon rope that I used to hang up my
Yucatan hammock.  When I returned, Melissa had slipped out of her tank-top
and her breasts were standing out proudly, her nipples hard and full.  I
returned to my position directly behind her and cupped both breasts in my
hands.  She inhaled deeply and leaned back against me to rub her pretty ass
against my hard cock.  I felt like I could come any second, but I held off.

"Do you want the tie or the rope around your neck?"

"Let's do the tie first," she said.

Without hesitation, I looped the tie around her pretty neck and pulled it
snug.  Melissa shuddered, staring wide-eyed at herself in the mirror.
Fumbling behind her with both hands she managed to unzip my jeans and take
my erection in her hand.  She squeezed it firmly, which brought a groan to
my lips.

"Tighter," she said.

Slowly, I pulled the tie tighter.  "Tight enough?"

"Uh uh.  Tighter."  She squeezed my cock harder, as if to indicate how
tight she wanted it around her neck.  My cock was throbbing madly in her grasp.

I complied and pulled the tie tighter--tight enough to choke.  Melissa
opened her mouth and tried to inhale with her throat wide open.  Her breath
went in with a thick rasp, and it wasn't much of a breath.  So I pulled
tighter still, tight enough to completely cut off all air, and Melissa
stared bug eyed and open mouthed into the mirror.  I didn't know how long
she could stand being choked before she passed out, but she wasn't
resisting.  Instead she was jerking me off hard, sliding her tight hand up
and down my cock.  I stared at her reflection in the mirror, the tie so
tight around her long neck and the fluttering pulse there in the deep hollow
between her collarbones, and at her wide open mouth.  I could almost look
down her throat to where the necktie squeezed so tightly.

"I want you to kneel in front of me and fill your mouth with cock now."
It wasn't a request but a demand.  I felt that I had complete control over
her and she knew it, and accepted it.

She was ready to comply.  I released the tension around her neck and
allowed her to turn around.  Obediently, she knelt before me and held her
mouth open for me.  Placing one hand behind her head, I slowly placed my
cockhead on her offered tongue and pressed her head forward.  Melissa's
mouth was wonderfully hot and wet and welcoming.  She didn't suck on the
cock that filled her mouth until she felt it press into her open throat.
She didn't gag at all.  Instead she pressed the swollen bar farther in.

Since the tie was still wrapped around her neck, I jerked it tight and her
whole body shuddered.  Melissa began to suck my cock like a starving animal
who's only source of food is fresh, hot semen..  I released the pressure
around her neck, then I jerked it tight again.  Melissa's naked head moved
up and down jamming my cock in and out. swallowing as deeply as it would go
into her needy throat.  So I began loosening and jerking tight in a regular
rhythm.  All the while, she kept pistoning my cock down her open throat,
never letting it leave her mouth to breathe.  She didn't need to.  She had
no trouble taking in air arond a mouthful of hard cock in the few seconds
between the repeated chokings I was dealing out.

Normally, it takes a long time for me to come when my cock is being sucked,
but Melissa was the neediest cocksucker I'd ever met and I had to hold off
as hard as I could to prevent coming too quickly.  I managed to hold off for
three wonderful minutes until I couldn't control it.  Then I started to
come.  Melissa pulled back slightly until my cockhead was no longer
penetrating her throat, and she held it tightly with her lips and swirling
tongue while it pulsed and squirted, filling her mouth with an enormous
volume of semen.  She held my cock in her mouth for another minute while I
jerked and bucked.  Finally she let me slip from between her lips.  I
wondered if her boyfriend Harold was crazy.  If she sucked his cock like she
did to me, he'd have to be insane to look elsewhere for sex.

Melissa purred as she held the come in her mouth, and after a few seconds
she swallowed deeply.

My cock had softened a bit but not completely.  This meant that after a few
minutes I could lay down on top of her, naked on my bed, and pump her
cunt--which I fully intended to do.  But Melissa wasn't ready to lay down yet.

"Let's try this now," she said, picking up the rope and deftly tying the
end into a hangman's noose.  She obviously had experience tying this knot
and I could imagine her placing a noose around her own neck and pulling it
tight while she masturbated herself in front of a mirror at home.  I bet she
made herself come hard and long every time.

"OK," I said. "But first I want you to turn around."  I placed her wrists
together behind her back and wrapped the necktie around them, making a
secure and tight bond that she would not be able to get out of.  I removed
the rest of her clothes, then I stood her in front of the mirror and dangled
the noose in front of her.  "Now come with me," I commanded.  And I guided
her into the bedroom where the chin-up bar was waiting.  If it would hold a
big guy like me it would certainly handle her weight.  "Now I know why you
were so interested in this apparatus," I said.  Melissa nodded, saying
nothing.  I flipped the noose over the bar and tied it off around one of the

"That's not high enough," she said, observing that the noose hung at her
neck level as she stood on the floor.

"No problem."  I went to the living room where two sturdy applecrates were
stacked and filled with old record albums.  I hastily pulled the records
from the crates and brought them into the bedroom.  I placed them below the
noose about 18 inches apart and guided Melissa up onto them--one foot on each.
Then I placed the noose around her neck, carefully setting the noose just
behind her left ear, and pulled it snug.  Watching the rope tighten around
her neck set my cock to throbbing once again.  I secured the rope and
stepped back to admire my handiwork.

"Just a moment," I said.  Melissa looked so good there, naked and bound
with the noose around her neck, that I couldn't resist.  "This is a photo
opportunity if I ever saw one," I said, reaching for my Polaroid.  She posed
there for me, her pretty tits standing out like hard apples, her neck
stretched out and her head tilted slightly to the right from the pull of the
rope.  I could hear her breath, raspy under the tightness around her
throat.  Melissa offered her all for the camera, the sexy girl being hanged.
She turned her shoulders and stuck her breasts out for me.  I took a dozen
photos, laying them out on the bed as they popped out of the camera, still
undeveloped but the images slowly materializing.  Then I discarded the rest
of my clothes in a pile and stepped up to her.

"You understand I'm going to fuck you while I'm hanging you," I told her.
I'm six-foot -three and Melissa is almost a foot shorter, so with her
standing on the applecrates our genitals were at the same height from the
floor.  I rubbed the head of my cock between her legs and felt that she was
dripping wet.  Her cunt was ready to be filled and she seemed to suck me
inside until I was buried completely in her.  Then she began pump.  I
stared down at her neck, stretched so high and tight.  It pulsed anew with
each breath she took in..  It was too inviting.  I placed one hand around
her neck and gently pressed my thumb into the hollow of her throat.  Melissa

"That feel good, doesn't it?"

"Yes, sir," she said thickly.

I began to rub my thumb against her windpipe, feeling her breath moving
inside, and she started coming.  She was pumping furiously, banging her
breasts against me and bowing forward which pulled the rope even tighter
around her neck.  She came hard, huffing lustily.  When her jerking body
quieted, I figured she'd want to be let down.  But I was wrong.  Melissa
wasn't yet finished.  Still impaled on my hard cock, she lifted one leg and
wrapped it around my thigh.  Then, carefully, she lifted the other and
wrapped it around me too.

"Do my throat some more.  Please," she begged.

"You like hanging, don't you,? I said.

"Yes, sir," she whispered.  And saying so, she started pumping again,   I
fondled her throat with one hand, squeezing hard, and pulled at her nipples
with the other.  Melissa rocked hard for a longer time than before until she
came again.  After that second orgasm, I think she was probably ready to
come down.  She unwrapped her legs from me and replaced them on the
applecrates.  I gently slid my cock out of her and stood back to admire her
helpless beauty once again.

I had planned to lay her down on my bed now and ride her until I came
inside her, but I couldn't stop myself from what I did next.  I slid one of
the applecrates to the center, directly below her and she immediately placed
both feet on it.  I removed the extra crate.  I knew I should let her down
now, but I didn't.  Instead, I kicked the remaining crate away from her
feet, leaving her dangling, by her neck with no support. at all.

Melissa's pretty mouth opened wide and her lips twitched,  She kicked
wildly, her bound hands sticking out behind her, useless as she twisted and
danced.  Her body jerked furiously and I realized that she was coming again.
Not from fucking this time, but from the dangerous thrill of really being
hanged,   I grabbed the Polaroid once again and clicked off four more shots,
expending the roll of film in the process.  I let her hang there for another
two whole minutes, until she stopped kicking and hung still, admiring how
beautiful she looked, then I untied the rope from its peg and slowly
lowered her to the ground. where she lay gasping and purple faced, the rope
still so tight around her neck that she could not breathe.  She was barely
conscious anyway.  I loosened the noose and she immediately gasped and
started coughing.

I untied her hands and carried her to the bed.  She lay there coughing and
gasping for a minute until she gained some of her composure.

"You hanged me," she said, her voice rough and thick.  "You really hanged
my by the neck."

"I'm sorry," I said.  I couldn't help myself.  Are you all right.?"

She nodded, still coughing but clearly not injured.

"Did I do the wrong thing?"

"No. You did what I wanted."  Like a grateful child, she hugged me tightly.

I kissed her hard, crawling on top of her and penetrated her once again
with my iron-hard cock.  We fucked hard for a long time until we both came
again.  Melissa confessed that she always had fantasized about being hanged,
feeling thin air beneath her dangling feet.  She kissed me deeply and
thanked me for fulfilling the desire she had always kept secret,  She said
that no man had ever touched her throat before like I had.  It was also the
first time anyone had tied her hands behind her back and she liked that a
lot.  She got herself all horny again talking about it.

I was surprised when Melissa took my hand and placed around her neck again,
taking care to place my thumb firmly into the hollow of her throat. "Just
for a little while more," she begged.  "Please."

 I pressed hard, adding my other hand for leverage,  "Let me know when you
want me to let up," I said.

Melissa made no effort to stop me, offering up her lovely, long neck for me
to squeeze while I pumped her cunt like a piledriver.  It only took a minute
for her to come yet again, bucking wildly.  Then we laid there naked,
cuddled together on my bed until we both fell asleep.

When I woke up it was already eight in the morning.  Melissa was gone.  She
had taken four of the photos with her, two of her standing on the crates,
modeling for me, and two of her hanging and kicking suspended only by the
noose around her neck.  She'd also left a brief note.  It said "In case I
didn't say it enough last night, thank you for everything.  And I do mean
EVERYTHING. Please call me."  She'd jotted down her phone number.

I called immediately but she wasn't at home.  I left a message, including
my own phone number, and she did call me back two days later.  We went out
together a lot for a few months.  I hanged Melissa quite a few times during
that period.  Then she told me that she'd been offered a good job in Los
Angeles and she was going to take it.  I was crushed.  I asked her to marry
me, but she didn't want to be married.  I had started a business of my own
here and it was starting to do well.  There was no way I could relocate it
to Los Angeles right then.  And so she moved away.

We kept in touch for awhile, running up huge phone bills in the first few
months.  I even visited her in L.A.  once , and her hair had grown back
enough to have a sexy, boyish short haircut.  While I was out there I hanged
her from a tree in up in Malibu canyon and fucked her while she dangled, no
clinging to me for support and no crates to stand on.  She kicked and jerked
at the rope's end for a whole four minutes until she lost consciousness.
And she recovered unharmed.  But that was the last time.  She got a
promotion and she moved north to Vancouver, and I didn't hear from her
again.  I was heartbroken.  I was terribly in love with her.  I would gladly
have dumped my business to join her in a second by then but it was too late.

A year later, I got up on the world wide web and found out how to download
photos from various sex newsgroups.   Last night I downloaded a bunch of
bondage photos and there among them were two shots of Melissa, one of the
pictures I had taken that first night hanging by her neck and another of her
bound and wearing a ball gag.  I'm searching for her whereabouts now, but
nobody seems to know where she is, since her photo was submitted anonymously
in a photo exchange.  Maybe you've seen these shots.  If not, if you're
lucky, maybe you will.
Damien (a handle, not a name)
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This is a service of the Erotic Broadcast Service!  The following story is not
written by me nor do I agree/diagree with its contents.  I am simply posting
this story so that concenting adults who might not find this disagreable will
enjoy it.  As such, the author retains all rights to the story and all areas of
its publication.  If anyone who has written a better legal disclaimer, I would
appreciate it very much if you would send me a copy to use with my postings.

"Please continue reading ONLY IF YOU'RE ABOVE 18 YEARS OLD and reading this story
does not break any kind of law in your community/city/state/country."  Thanks. :-}

The Wife's Sister

"Of all the two-bit sluts in this world who could come on to me like
that, why did it have to be her?" Michael asked himself bitterly.
"Hey, sounds like a Bogart line out of `Casablanca'" he mused.

Michael was half-heartedly watching a hockey game on the small
black-and-white tv that stood in the corner of the chalet they were
renting on the slopes near Boulder.  As the dwindling twilight further
darkened the overcast skies, a windy snow storm continued howling
outside the tiny living room's balcony doors. Embers from a warm fire
were still glowing in the fireplace.  He took another pull of whisky
and considered his options.

If he went to bed with his sister-in-law, he would have to tell his
wife.  He was certain that no affair could ever remain discrete;
secrecy in infidelities and so-called casual affairs were a big myth.
His marriage would probably survive an affair, but his relationship
with his wife would never be the same.  The long-term pain there would
be costly.

Sex would also ruin his friendship with his sister-in-law.  Michael
*liked* Deloris.  She was good people and fun to be around.  She had
interesting and valuable insights into travel, culture, and even
psychology.  Since she was a medical doctor she was forever telling
stories about patients, health issues, and society.  Fucking would
probably ruin all the fun he had talking to her and being around her
and her husband.

Michael definitely did not mind hurting Deloris' husband; John was a
real jerk.  Clinically, he suffered from PE, but worse than the
physical manifestations of John's problem was his callous lack of any
sexual empathy.  John really didn't care if Deloris had an orgasm or
not.  Sex between Deloris and her husband consisted of John's selfishly
playing with her breasts until he was erect, some hasty fumbling
around, and finally ejaculation within two minutes of penetration.  For
John, sex was simply getting his rocks off.  Having absolutely no
amorous experience before marrying John, Deloris had discussed her
problems with her sister.  Michael wondered if his wife's descriptions
of their own love-making had influenced Deloris in any way.
"Probably," he thought.

Michael turned the volume down on the tv, put a fresh log on the fire,
and knocked back the rest of his whisky.  Still thinking about Deloris,
he stared into the fire, and stoked the new log absentmindedly.  Then
he started looking at the CD's scattered on top of the stereo system.
Giggles floated out of the kitchen as the two sisters exchanged gossip
and caught up on each others' lives.  After glancing at all the titles,
he settled on Dire Straits' "brothers in arms," loaded it in the
player, and went to the kitchen.

It was Michael's wife Gina's turn to do the dinner dishes, and Deloris
was standing around watching.  As the opening notes of "So Far Away From
Me" glided through the little chalet, Michael walked into the
kitchen, tapped Deloris on the shoulder and said "Let's dance." Deloris
giggled, followed him out of the kitchen, and melted sensuously into
his embrace.  She concentrated carefully on following his adept
fox-trot.  Ballroom dancing was another aspect missing from Deloris'
married life, and she was thrilled at the opportunity to dance.

After only a few seconds, Gina came out of the kitchen, her hands
dripping suds, scrutinizing the dancing pair jealously.  Michael swung
Deloris in a pirouette, stepped away and embraced his wife.  They
danced a few steps, exchanging loving stares, then she pushed him away
and went back in the kitchen to finish the dishes.  Deloris and Michael
picked up the rhythm and finished their dance, holding each other
closely and flowing seductively to the music.

The feel of Deloris' soft, voluptuous, breasts against him made Michael
grow hard; his hot cock started pressing against his pants.  The
fox-trot they were dancing caused his cock to brush often against
Deloris' legs during their dance.  Embarassed, they avoided each
others' eyes.  As the music faded away, Michael held her close to him
and their eyes met.

"I'll come visit you tonight," he whispered huskily. His breathing was
shallow and his heart was pounding with animal lust.

The two couples go skiing in Colorado twice a winter.  This was the
third year that they had come to Boulder.  Their travel agent got them
good deals on flights and accomodations, and they all skiied fairly
well.  They usually stayed in a hotel, but this year, John had arranged
for a business trip and got his company to spring for the Chalet.
Medical equipment sales-people apparantly had big expense accounts.

John and Deloris had driven out to the chalet earlier in the week.
Deloris was between rotations and John stopped in on clients along the
way.  Michael and Gina had flown in on Friday afternoon.  Although it
was possible to ski down to their door in the afternoons, the drive up
to the chalet was long and treacherous.  Friday night the couples had a
light, early dinner and had gone to bed early.

The cool, dry, low-pressure mountain air somehow made both Michael and
Gina really horny.  As they climbed up the narrow ladder to their tiny
second floor bedroom that first night, they were quite excited and
could hardly wait to take of their clothes and jump under the down
comforter.  After only a few minutes of hot rugged foreplay, they
assumed the missionary position, and started rutting like animals.  In
a short quarter of an hour they climaxed togther, muffling their grunts
in the pillows and comforter.

"We have to come up to the mountains more often," Michael whispered,
still gasping from their mutual orgasm.  They cuddled for a few minutes,
then Gina reached down, taking his limp penis in her hand.  It grew hard
to her tender manipulations and she climbed on top of her husband, adeptly
inserting his hard member into her still-wet vagina.  She moved her pelvis
in smooth, slow gyrations, rubbing her clitoris on his pelvic bone.  Soon
Gina was climaxing again, panting and groaning as wave after wave of
pleasure rocked her whole body.

Feeling his wife's skin break out in goose bumps and the intense,
sudden heat of her vagina, Michael knew she was coming.  Thrusting his
hips up from underneath her, he pushed his cock harder into her hot
love canal to intensify his own pleasure.  The rigorous, uncontrolled
spasms and shudders of her climax brought Michael over the edge.  He
was only a few strokes behind her as he shot his second load into her.

"That was better," she said softly; she rolled off of him to the side
without breaking their embrace.  "I love you so much."  They cuddled,
kissed, and stroked each other softly a few seconds.  Michael felt
himself getting hard a third time that same hour.  He rubbed his hard
cock against Gina's thigh.

"Again?  So soon?" she asked in mock-astonishment.  Michael had not
been so virile since before they were married.  When they were first
engaged, it had not been uncommon for them to make love three times a
night.  However, their five years together had reduced that frequency
somewhat.  This time the foreplay went on for almost an hour.  Gina was
apparantly not as hot as her husband that night.  First Michael kissed
and fondled her small breasts, licking, tickling, and massaging her
nipples with long gentle strokes.  While his toungue was busy with one
nipple, he slipped his hand onto her sticky vagina and gently worked
the juices up to her clitoris where the gentle stroking of his finger
matched the rhythm and intensity of his toungue on her nipple.
Finally, after varying the intensity and rhythm a few times, Gina
pulled her pelvis away from his hand.

"I'm ready," she whispered softly.  

With unspoken mutual understanding, they both got up onto their hands
and knees, and  he mounted her from behind.  His left hand slipped
around her waist onto her labia and his fingers stroked her clitoris as
he pumped her slowly from behind.  After a few minutes, his back
started to get tired and he rested more of his weight on her back and
hips.  She slipped her knees down, dropping her weight onto the front
of her body.  They didn't miss a stroke, and his fingers continued to
rub her clitoris in cadence to the pumping of his penis in her vagina.
Their relaxed, comfortable coitus lasted only fifteen more minutes
before Gina once again started to buck and shudder.  As her climax
washed over her, Michael had trouble just keeping his cock inside her
cunt.  When she breathed the last blissful, contented sigh of her third
orgasm, Michael brought his hand out from under her and shifted his
weight onto his hands.  Then he started pumping harder and faster.  Soon
he, too was coming again, ejaculating only a few drops of semen deep into
his wife's wet vagina.  A few minutes later they were both asleep.

Early the next morning, after each took turns running in the freezing
cold to the bathroom, they again made love, in spite of their stiffness
from the previous night's extended sexual activities.  Ravenous, they
showered togther quickly and went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

After braekfast on Saturday morning, John drove off to do business at a
hospital in Vale.  Michael, Gina, and Deloris hit the slopes early, and
in spite of an occasional snow shower, the skiing was fantastic.
Deloris raced down the slopes maniacally, trying to show off her
style.  Michael thought she moved her hips too much and her knees too
little but didn't tell her.  Deloris was wearing matching pink sun-
glasses, hair band, ski suit and gloves.  Michael kept pace with with
his sister-in-law but waited for his wife at the lifts.  Deloris
flirted with single men in the lift-lines but always lost them on the
slopes; she was skiing very fast that day.

When the three skiers returned to the chalet that evening, there was a
message from John on the answering machine.  He was not staying in the
chalet Saturday night because his business meeting had been extended
late into the evening.  John said he would meet them on the slopes
Sunday morning.

As the second Dire Straits song started, Deloris looked down, away from
Michael's lust-filled eyes.  Though she still clung to him, he could
see the uncertainty in her face and knew that she was not sure she
wanted to sleep with her sister's husband.

"If you want to," she said softly.  The uncertaintly was also reflected
in her voice.  Her obvious doubt gave Michael pangs of guilt about his
planned infidelity.

"If I go through with this," he thought to himself, "who is the real
jerk?  Her loyal, cuckolded husband with sexual problems, or her
adulterous brother-in-law who takes advantage of her?

Deloris's body features were almost the exact opposite of her
sister's.  Whereas Gina was tall and slim, with muscular limbs and
small breasts, Deloris was only five foot four and had a much rounder
figure.  Gina's hair was long and dark.  She had small brown, narrow
eyes and full lips.  Gina, on the other hand, had short, sun-bleached,
blond hair, huge sparkling blue eyes and thin lips.  The irises of
Deloris' eyes were hardly ever visible because her pupils were always
so dilated.  

When they got in bed Saturday night, Michael started fondling
his wife.

"Are you hot?" she asked.

"Yes.  Aren't you?"

"A little.  I'm really tired and have 'sore-gasms.'  Are you really hot?"

He rubbed his erect penis against her back.

"Oh no!" she wailed ironically.  She took hold of his rock-hard penis and
kissed him passionately, bringing his hand down to her vagina.  After a few
minutes of mutual masturbation, she rolled away and pulled him on top of

"I'm ready," she said unnecessarily.

Michael tried to be slow and gentle because Gina had complained of
"sore-gasms."  He noted that many women in the heat of passion somehow
don't feel pain and later regret being so violent in their love-
making.  Penetrating very slowly, Michael pushed his pelvic bone
against his wife's clitoris and rocked back and forth gently, pumping
in long, soft strokes.

"Are you close?"  Gina asked an hour later.

"No," he answered simply.  "Do you want to try a different position?"

"Ok," she said tiredly.  "Which?"

"Let's do it standing up" he said excitedly.

"No, I'm too tired."

"Ok, then doggy-style, you on top."

They both rolled onto their backs and Michael helped his wife get on
top of him.  Gina slipped his soggy wet cock into her vagina and he
used both hands to manipulate her labia and clitoris.  Gina moved in a
slow, unsteady rhythm and Michael manipulated her clitoris softly and
quickly.  Finally, after another hour of coital pulsing, Gina started
to come.  Her orgasm was much stronger and more intense than any that
weekend; she was almost screaming from the burning intensity of
exquisite pleasure.  When the last her spasms subsided, Michael pushed
her limp body off of his and mounted her in missionary position.  It
took him almost twenty minutes to bring himself to an orgasm and it was
relatively short.  The hours of foreplay and coitus had dampened his
pleasure.  It is also possible that his mind was not completely on his

Spent from her intense orgasm, Gina was asleep in a few minutes.
Michael's mind drifted downstairs to his lonely sister-in-law.  His
penis got hard just from his thinking about her gorgeous figure and
soft, gentle skin.  Biding his time, he looked at the travel clock and
decided to give his wife 15 minutes to drift into a deep sleep before
getting out of bed.

The minutes felt like hours and he noticed  he was looking at the clock
more than twice a minute.

"You don't have to go," his conscience told him.

Ten minutes after his wife had fallen asleep, he slipped out of bed, put on
his bath robe and climbed down the ladder.  He went to the bathroom and
padded quietly to the master bedroom.  Deloris was sleeping in a warm-up
suit, curled up in her down comforter.  Michael's heart was pounding so
hard, he thought he was going to have a heart attack.

He furtively climbed onto her bed and leaned his weight against her,
bringing his face close to hers.  She slept on, oblivious to his
touch.  He softly kissed her cheek and put his arms around her gently
prodding her until she finally woke up.  Without saying a word, she got
out of bed and went to the bathroom.  Confused and ill-at-ease, he sat
up on the bed waiting.

She climbed groggily back into bed and pulled the comforter over herself,
ignoring him.  He slipped under the comforter and embraced her again.  She
was completely passive and neither said a word.

He kissed her, and she responded, pulling him to her and stuffing her
toungue in his mouth passionately.  Still uncertain of himself and the
situation, he slowly slipped his hand under her sweatshirt and massaged one
of her nipples.  She moaned softly and pulled away from their embrace.

Michael thought she was going to tell him to go away, but instead she
slipped off her shirt and pulled him down on top of her.  They necked like
teenagers, swirling and fencing with their toungues while holding 
each other tightly.  His hand kept up a steady manipulation of her 
huge, soft breasts and erect nipples.

Then he broke away from her kissing and started licking her nipple.  Sucking
her breast into his mouth, he slipped the rest of his body down on top of
hers.  Deloris moaned softly and arched her back each time he touched her

Michael slipped further down on her bed and pulled her warm-up pants down,
burying his face in her wet vagina.  She helped him slip off her pants and
writhed under the caresses of his toungue on her vagina.  Five minutes after
his toungue started carressing her clitoris, she exploded in a long, intense
orgasm, grunting deeply in her throat.

"Why won't you make love to me properly?" she asked him when her orgasm had
subsided.  He slid up her curvacous body and lay on top of her, there faces
almost touching.

"Do you want me to?" he asked.

"I don't want to hurt Gina," she said softly.  Tears welled up in her
eyes and spilled down the sides of her face.

"I'll take that as a 'no' then," he said.  Relief flooded through him;
he had not betrayed his wife.  His hot, stiff cock rested uncomfortably
on Deloris' thigh, millimeters away from that blond obscure object of
his passionate desire.

"To tell you the truth, I just wanted you to have an orgasm."  he said
ernestly.  "It's not so important that we make love."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close to her in a
bear hug, sobbing violently but quietly.  When she finally let him go,
he kissed her on the cheek and left her bed quickly before his cock got
any better ideas.  First he went to the bathroom, bumping his erect
penis in the doorway.  He washed his face and hands thoroughly, but
couldn't get Deloris' smell out of his mouth.  Finally, Michael
gargled a shot of whisky, sloshing it in his mouth until his he couldn't
stand the burning sensation anymore.

"Where were you so long?" his wife greeted him as he slipped into bed.

"Shitting," he replied.

"Ok, g'night," she said sleepily.

"Good night, Gina.  I love you."

"love you too."

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Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 05:57:57 UTC
Subject: repost: PARKER09 (Sisters) mf ff nc
Lines: 616

                            By Parker

     WARNING: This story contains non-consensual intercourse,
     humiliation, d/s and just a hint of incest. If this offends
     you, READ NO FURTHER. Consider yourself warned.

Copyright 1994 by Parker (me). Feel free to reproduce and post
this story (unchanged of course), but be discrete.

(1)  Well... I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell
anyone else, OK? 
     I'm not sure where to start.

(2)  When you look at me, what do you see? A young woman, maybe
in her late teens or early twenties [maybe]; short blonde hair;
cute face, nice body [*thank you*]... but that's not all. What
you see a young woman about to begin her first year of college.
You know the cliche: bright, young, world-at-her-feet... Well,
that's all true enough, I suppose. But it wasn't always like
that. Not at all.
     And that's the story...

(3)  I had what is sometimes called a "troubled youth". My
parents were ultra-religious and very strict. 

(4)  Well, maybe when I say *my* parents I should be saying "our"
parents, 'cause I have an older sister. Of course, they've
kind've disowned her now, but I'll get to that later. 
     That's part of the story.
     Her name is Lara (mine's Julie, but of course you already
know that, don't you). She's almost a year older than me, so I
guess that makes her about nineteen now. I'm eighteen just going
on nineteen. Lara looks a lot like me - not surprising I guess,
us being sisters n'all - but she's a little larger in the body.
Not fat or anything, just bigger tits and ass. Same honey blonde
hair and blue eyes though. Oh, and she likes to wear her hair in
tight curls; mine's straight.
     That's not important to the story, though. I really should
try to keep focused. Sorry.

(5)  Anyway... 
     I was always the type to get into trouble. You know, 
rebellious. Nothing too earth-shattering, but when your parents
are as strict as mine, any trouble is too much. The biggest thing
was sex. At seventeen - did I mention that the story took place
just over a year ago? - I was already sexually active. Lost my
virginity at fifteen and never looked back. 'Course, I never let
my parents get wind of that. I got into enough trouble for minor
things like skipping school, staying out late or even wearing
makeup, but if they ever found out about the sex... well, I
would've been out on my ass in no time. As I said, my parents
bought the whole religion thing hook, line and sinker. 
     Sex before marriage? 
     Birth control? 

(6)  I was clever though, and they never knew.
     Lara, however... 

(7)  Well, maybe I should tell you a little bit about Lara, so
you can understand what happened. Where I was the rebellious
child (the 'problem child', so to speak), she always conformed.
You know the type: perfect grades; medals at sports; after-school
job. Never questioning or disobeying our parents. I don't think
that she had ever even had a boyfriend, much less kissed anyone.
In other words, she was completely different from me.
     We were just about to enter our last year at highschool in
the coming fall (I just made the age cutoff for enrolment, making
me the youngest person in my grade all through school). Our
parents had set aside a trust fund for university tuition and
living, but there was only enough money for one person. It was
made very clear to me who that person would be. Lara was their
little darling, and there was no doubt that the money would go to
her; as for me... well, I was a barely tolerated nuisance.
     Well, I was a bit wild, but the fact was, a large part of
the reason why I was always getting into trouble was Lara. My
parents aren't very bright - I did say they were religious,
didn't I? - and I was usually clever enough get away with
whatever I wanted. It was Lara who was always watching. She was
the one who would catch me and turn me in; letting them know what
I'd been up to. Always making certain that she was the favourite
child. She was the biggest tattle-tale a sister could ever hate.
     And I did hate her.
     Still do.

(8)  That summer - like I said, this took place a little over a
year ago - Lara and I ended up staying together at the family
cabin up at Fish Lake. Usually we weren't allowed to stay there
without adults, but dad had to be back in the city for a big
meeting or something and mom said we could stay. 
     Of course, Lara was put in charge.
     "Now you obey your sister young lady," mom ordered.
     I nodded, doing my best to look sincere. 
     As if. 
     A guy from highschool - Frank Harris - was staying at his
family's cabin about half a mile away. We'd dated a couple times
during the school year, but my parents had put an abrupt stop to
it when they discovered that he was black. (Did I mention that my
parents were bigots?) Once again, it had been Lara who had broken
that choice bit of news.
     I was planning on a bit of a reunion. 
     Of course, there was Lara.
     "You heard her," she said, oh-so-superior as we watched our
parents drive away. "You step out of line and I'll be phoning
home so quick your head will spin."
     Again, I nodded. 
     That was Lara, alright.

(9)  Sure enough, when Frank came by the next day, she was
immediately on the phone to mom and dad: "Julie's seeing that
black guy again." When dad was through yelling at me over the
line, I was grounded for a month, and it felt like my ear was
going to fall off. All through it, Lara just smiled at me from
across the room.

(10) Sorry. 
     I haven't really thought about it for a while now, and it
still makes me so mad.

(11) Things changed not too long after that.
     After a few days, Lara started hanging around with a couple
of girls from the neighbouring cottages. She was not really
friends with them, but I guess she just got sick of spending time
with a younger sister who wouldn't even speak with her. 
     What did she expect after finking on my like that?
     Anyway, she went out with them, leaving me alone. After a
couple of hours of sitting around the cabin, I took my camera (I
guess I should mention that it was a polaroid) and went for a
walk along the shore of the lake. As it turned out, the camera
was a stroke of luck.
     For me, anyway.
     I'd gone about a mile down the shoreline when I heard some
giggling coming from the bushes up ahead. I don't know why I did
it, but at the time it made sense to cut back through the woods
and approach the sounds from cover. Good thing I did.
     It was Lara and some other girls. One of them - not Lara -
had lit a small cigarette and was just starting to inhale. In a
flash I realized... marijuana! 
     I really couldn't believe it. From where I was crouching, I
could see that Lara wasn't really happy about what was going on,
but she didn't protest or walk away. Quickly, I pulled the camera
up to my face and started snapping pictures. When the toke came
around to Lara, she took it and brought it hesitantly to her
lips. I took a couple of pictures just as she sucked it in; she
had a funny look on her face, but not like she wasn't enjoying it
or anything. Right afterwards, she started coughing and choking,
but I didn't take any pictures of that. I just used up the rest
of the film taking shots of the group as the toke was passed
around. Lara refused it the next time it came to her, but she
still didn't leave.
     I snuck away...

(12) That night, I showed Lara the pictures.

(13) Things went pretty much as you might have expected. At
first, she tried to bluff her way out, but we both knew that I
had her. The stuff I was constantly getting in trouble for was
nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to what she had done. Or at
least appeared to have done. We both knew that our parents would
take a fit if they ever found out that their oh-so-precious angel
of a daughter had been smoking an illegal drug. 
     And so I got what I wanted. Total freedom to do what I
wanted at the cabin. Stay up late; drink; and, of course, see
     And that was just what I did.

(14) Frank was big for his age.

(15) A couple of nights later, Frank and I ended up back at my
parent's cabin after spending some time at a beach party. We were
both pretty drunk and were getting drunker by the moment (Frank
still had almost a full bottle of Southern Comfort with him).
We'd been going at it pretty hard at the party - you know,
necking and petting and that sort of stuff - and I think we both
knew that tonight was the night. Frank was a bit uptight, but the
drinks had loosened him up a bit. 
     And me... well, I'd been ready back in school.
(16) Lara glared up at us from her book as we stumbled, laughing
and giggling, into the cabin. She'd been pretty quiet ever since
I'd showed her the pictures, and hadn't once tried to tell me
what to do.
     There were other ways of showing disapproval, though. I'm
not sure, but I think that was why she didn't leave the front
room when Frank and I came in and flopped down together on the
couch. Even when we began necking, she just sat there, reading
her book and pretending not to notice. After a while, Frank got a
little nervous about her being there, but by then I'd resolved
not to budge. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction. As far as I
was concerned, she was welcome to sit there for as long as she
     Frank and I were going to have sex right there in front of
her if we had to.

(17) As I said though, Frank was a little nervous.
     "What about her?" he hissed as I unbuttoned my blouse. 
     By this time, I was more than a little annoyed with Lara.
She'd stayed far longer than I would have expected. "Don't worry
about it," I answered loudly, making certain Lara would hear,
"she just likes to watch."
     Her face turned red. 
     At last, a reaction.
     "Lighten up," I told her, slurring my words a bit. "Have a
drink." I tossed her the half-empty bottle of Southern Comfort.
Lara caught it, but made a face as though she were holding
something slimy or unpleasant. For some reason, that made me mad.
"Have a drink," I repeated.
     "No, thank you," she answered, in her best 'stuckup bitch'
     I'd had enough. I slid off the couch and walked over to her.
"Take a drink," I ordered angrily, "or I'll be forced to show...
well, you know what to mom and dad." A look of fear came over
her, but she didn't answer back. Slowly, she undid the cap and
took a swallow. 
     That may have been her first taste of alcohol.
     "Another," I ordered. She obeyed, but there was something in
the way she did that just drove me wild. I can't explain it now,
but I felt this wave of anger overcome me. As she took the second
drink, I reached down, grabbed her by her curly blonde hair and
held the bottle firmly in her mouth. "Drink it," I growled.
"Until I tell you to stop." She brought her hands up as though to
pull the bottle away, but quickly thought better of it; she knew
what would happen if I squealed on her about the marijuana. After
a few seconds, I pulled the bottle away from her lips. She gasped
and sputtered, but didn't say anything. When she finally regained
control, I handed the bottle back to her; it was now only a
quarter full. "I'm going to fuck Frank now," I told her. "Right
there on the couch. You're going to sit there and finish the
bottle. If it isn't finished by the time we are, mom and dad will
be seeing those pictures first thing when they get back." Lara
looked up at me with wide, frightened eyes
     "Julie," she whined, "I..."
     "Don't argue," I told her. "If I hear another word from you,
the pictures go public."
     Lara shut up.
     Satisfied, I left her there with the bottle and went back to
the couch where Frank waited...

(18) The sex was great.
     I ended up sitting on Frank's lap with my back against his
muscular chest, slowly sliding myself up and down... up and down
on his long, black cock while his wonderful hands slowly massaged
my breasts... and my face... and my breasts... and my neck... and
my breasts...
     His cock felt so good sliding in and out of me...
     Looking back, I think of that as my first adult fuck. It was
a long, slow ride, very different from the sweaty, anxious 'back
seaters' I'd experienced up to that time. It took a while to get
there, but when I eventually did, that orgasm was like nothing
I'd ever felt before: a warm, tidal rush of pleasure that
radiated out from my lower belly and spread throughout my body.
     It seemed to last forever.

(19) But it didn't of course.
     When I finally came down, I found myself still on Frank's
lap. His cock was still rigidly pumping in and out of my pussy.
He was picking up speed, just about to come. 
     Just about to come!
     "Frank," I cried, pushing myself up off his cock. "Don't do
it inside. Not inside." I wasn't protected - my parents would
have thrown a fit if I'd asked for birth control pills - and
Frank wasn't wearing a condom. I wouldn't take the risk of
becoming pregnant.
     "No," he mumbled thickly, pretty drunk "I wanna come
inside." He grabbed my naked shoulders and pulled me back down on
his lap. I tried to squirm away, telling him 'no', but he
wouldn't listen; he was too close to coming to reason with. 
     Now scared, I looked over at Lara for help. She'd finished
the bottle like I had ordered, and was just sitting there,
obviously drunk. Useless bitch. No help there.

(20) I don't know why I did it; at the time, it seemed to be the
only way to keep him from coming inside me.

(21) "Frank." I finally managed to squirm free of his grasp. His
cock, still rock hard, left a sticky trail of pussy juice and
pre-cum along my leg as I slid off his lap. "You can do it
inside, but not me. Do it with Lara!"
     "Lara?" He looked over at my older sister where she sat
blankly on the chair.
     "Yes." I ran over and grabbed her by the hair. She squealed
in pain as I pulled, dropping the empty bottle, but didn't
otherwise resist. I don't think she realized what was happening.
The booze must have hit her hard. "Help me," I ordered, pulling
Lara over to the couch by her hair. Frank at last seemed to
understand what I was going on about. He still looked a little
puzzled, but he helped me wrestle Lara to the couch and then held
her down while I undid and then pulled off her skirt.
     "J-Julie!" At last she seemed to be waking up a bit. She
began to struggle and squirm as I pulled her panties down her
long legs and then moved over to lie on her chest. 
     "Do it," I cried. By now, I was more than a little excited
at the prospect of seeing my bitch of an older sister get fucked.
Frank hesitated for a second, but the alcohol and lust overcame
his inhibitions. He fell to his knees on the couch between her
flailing legs. Lara tried to wriggle free, but I used my weight
to hold her down while Frank forced her legs further apart.
Grunting with the effort, he bent forward and shoved his hard,
glistening cock straight into her exposed pussy with one thrust.
     Lara went nuts!
     She bucked and heaved wildly, screeching with pain, but
between us, Frank and I were able to hold her down. Frank didn't
fuck her for a couple of minutes; he just held on while she
struggled uselessly, riding her like he would ride a bucking
horse. At last, her strength began to fade and she settled down a
bit. Frank immediately began moving his hips, sawing his cock in
and out of her pussy.
     She began screeching again.

(22) Lara was - had been - a virgin.

(23) I stared down at my sister's agonized face as Frank fucked
her. From where I lay on top of her chest, I could see her eyes
widen as she fully realized what was happening to her. She had
started crying during the struggle, and the tears now flowed
freely down her face. 
     I can't tell you how much this turned me on.
     I couldn't help myself. I reached down and licked her cheek,
lapping up a salt tear. Lara opened her mouth to say something -
to protest - but no words came out. For once, my stuck up bitch
of an older sister had nothing to say. She just gasped and
moaned, squirming beneath us, as Frank fucked his big cock in and
out of her inexperienced pussy. 

(24) I'm not gay. 
     Not that I have anything against being gay.
     But I like men.
     Still, there was something about Lara's face... the pain and
humiliation that was irresistible.

(25) Once again, I couldn't help myself; I moved my face over and
put my lips against hers, opening my mouth to kiss her. She
groaned and tried to turn away, but I just followed her face from
side to side. Eventually, I trapped her face against the back of
the couch. I held my lips firmly against her mouth until she
opened it with a quiet moan of defeat; my tongue immediately
snuck out and ventured between her lips and into her mouth. She
seemed to relax a bit, and allowed me to kiss her.
     In fact, I was running my tongue along the back of her front
teeth when Frank came. I felt him stiffen and grunt behind me.
Lara bucked and tried to close her mouth, mumbling something that
sounded like 'no', but I just kept kissing her. Frank pumped
wildly for a few moments, and then held still, shooting a load of
cum into her. The feel of her cries and moans on my lips was

(26) Lara rolled off the couch, threw up all over the floor and
then stumbled, still crying, into the bedroom. I looked over at
Frank, who sat, panting, on the couch.
     "How's that," I asked, "for birth control."

(27) Half an hour later, Frank was hard again. 
     And still big for his age.
     I was still sore from the first fucking, but in my drunken
state, I knew what to do. After rubbing his cock into full
erection, I led him into the bedroom where Lara, half-conscious,
lay sprawled on the bed. She began to cry when we climbed onto
the bed, but didn't put up a real struggle. She was too far
gone - maybe too drunk - to fight. This time, I just had Frank
fuck her from the beginning, while I played with her breasts and
forced her to neck with me. Every time she balked, I just
squeezed a nipple until she gave in. By the time Frank came -
inside her again - we sisters were going at it hot and heavy.
     I admit that it may seem a bit strange, us being sisters
n'all, but what can I say? She had a great tongue.

(28) During the course of the next three days before our parents
arrived at the cabin, Lara and I fucked Frank five more times. I
saw Lara always got the cum. The thought of using my older sister
as a form of birth control - some kind of living condom - was...
well, I can't describe it.
     Funny. I would have expected her to put up more of a fight.
I guess the first couple of fuckings broke her a bit. And, every
time she balked at anything, I just threatened to use the
     The last time was my favourite. After Frank and I fucked for
a while, we stretched her out on her hands and knees across a
small footstool. Frank fucked her from behind while I jammed my
pussy into her face. She didn't like that much, but I just
threatened to have Frank fuck her in the ass. She began licking
almost immediately.
     And so Frank and I necked and fondled each other while Lara
- our little "birth control device", as I had begun calling her -
took Frank's cock from behind and licked my pussy from the front.
Frank and I came at the same time.
     It must have been love.

(29) I put Lara to work cleaning the cabin, and by the time our
parents arrived, things were back to normal. I thought - was
afraid - that Lara might blurt everything out to them, but she
didn't. In fact, she was silent the whole trip back to the city.
     Maybe she thought it was over.

(30) Back to school.
     Lara quickly settled into her former habits at school and at
home, usually ignoring me except to get me in trouble whenever
she could. I dunno; my only guess is that she somehow pushed the
question of the rapes and the pictures out of her mind. Maybe the
events up at the cabin had been so traumatic that she just wasn't
able to deal with them.
     As for me, I bided my time. To tell the truth, I was a
little scared about what had happened, and I considered myself
lucky to have gotten away with it. And, of course, the pictures
were always there if I needed them.

(31) It wasn't until one morning a couple of months into the
school year that it happened. As usual, I had been forced to
spend several minutes banging on the bathroom door before Lara
would finish up inside. This particular morning - in mid-October
as I recall - it took her even longer to get out, and when she
did, she looked kind of sick. I didn't think much of it until it
happened for the third day in a row. On the fourth day, I didn't
bang on the door; I just stood their silently with my ear up
against the door. 
     Sure enough, the sound of retching and vomiting could
clearly be heard from the bathroom. I remember that my first
thought was that Lara might not be finishing school that year
after all.

(32) The shit hit the fan alright. 
     The first thing my parents did when they found out Lara was
pregnant was pull her from school. The pretext was some sort of
family emergency (which eventually developed into an unnamed
illness), but I saw to it that word got out as to the real
reason. Within days, everyone at school knew the real reason Lara
was no longer there. Actually, at one point there was even some
talk of pulling me from school as well, but mom backed me up when
I pointed out that it was not fair that I should suffer just
because Lara was a slut (I really used that word). For once my
parents backed me up over Lara. It was the beginning of a deep
change in our respective relationships.
     As for Lara, well... 
     She was more or less banished to the small room off the
garage. She was grounded of course; mom and dad wouldn't hear of
her leaving the house in her 'condition'. The only thing they
didn't do was kick her out of the house.

(33) After that, I didn't really have much to do with Lara for a
while. Not until that night my parents were out at a party, and
Robbie came over. Robbie Travers. Alone in the house, we did what
we wanted: dancing to loud music; drinking... Well, one thing led
to another and we ended up in my bedroom. Things got a little
heavy, and we were soon half naked and ready to fuck.
     Then I had an idea.
     I explained it to Robbie. He thought it was kind of weird,
but didn't object. He wasn't like Frank; Frank was basically a
pretty nice guy. Robbie, on the other hand, came from the wrong
side of the tracks if you know what I mean. 
     That was one of the things I liked about him.

(34) I led him outside to the garage and to Lara's room. There
was no lock on the door, so I just turned the handle and pushed
it open. As we entered, Lara looked up from where she was lying
on the bed. For some reason, she had her hair done up in a little
ponytail and had one of her old dolls lying on the bed beside
her. Weird. It made her look years younger. 
     The baby didn't show yet.
     I explained what was going to happen.
     Lara began crying as I spoke, shaking her head. She even got
up off the bed and tried to leave the room, but Robbie just
laughed and blocked the door. I reached up from behind and
grabbed her hair. She winced in pain as I pulled back, but didn't
struggle. "Quit snivelling you little bitch," I told her, pushing
her back down on bed. "You do what I say or I'll show them the
pictures." She continued to sob, but didn't try to get away.
[Strange, now that I think of it; how much more trouble could she
possibly have been in?] "Besides," I added, enjoying the
opportunity to be cruel to her, "it doesn't matter any more
anyway. Everyone knows you're a slut."
     She knew what I meant. I'd told everyone at school about her
pregnancy. Still crying, she fell back on the bed and grabbed the
     I said it was weird, didn't I?
(35) Anyway, Robbie and I started fucking on the bed beside her.
As usual, I came first. Then, when Robbie thought he was just
about to come, he pulled out. I watched him climb on top of Lara
and helped guide his cock into her pussy. She just lay there,
crying, as he thrust wildly for about thirty seconds and then
came inside of her.
     She was still lying on the bed when we left, legs spread and
a small pool of cum congealing just under her crotch.

(36) Robbie came over a couple more times and eventually word got
out.  It was inevitable, I suppose. Before long, other guys came
over - guys I didn't really know - and wanted to fuck Lara. At
first I said no, but when one of them offered my money, I quickly
changed my mind. 
     For fifty buck, anyone could fuck my slut sister.
     After a while, it became an almost nightly occurrence. I had
to be careful that my parents didn't catch on, but the small room
was not directly attached to the house, and it wasn't difficult
for boys to sneak in.
     Lara fought back the first couple of times, but quickly
realized that there was nothing she could do. In fact, she would
probably have gotten in even more trouble if our parents found
out about the guys. As far as mom and dad were concerned, Lara
was a 'loose woman', and there was no way they'd believe that she
was less than willing. 
     Over the next few months, Lara must have been fucked by half
the guys at school. At least once each.

(37) By January, the baby was starting to show.
     I thought that would be it for the tricks - for some reason,
I thought that fucking an obviously pregnant girl would be a
turn-off - but that didn't prove to be the case. One day, a man
met me on the way home from school. I was a bit nervous at
first - strange men and all - but when he explained what he
wanted, I was more than interested. Basically, he - his name was
Rod, by the way - had heard that I was pimping for a pregnant
girl. He wanted to use her, both for sex and for pictures. Well,
it sounded a bit weird, but the money was great! Much better than
selling her off night by night to highschool kids.
     And so, that's what Lara did for the next few months. The
business from the younger guys trailed off, and I didn't even use
her for birth control any more (by this time, I'd bought my own
     Three times a week, Rod would come over with his camera and
other stuff. I sat in on a couple of sessions. If you think I'm
weird, you should've seen him. I remember that Rod seemed to like
fucking Lara from behind with her on all fours. As she grew
larger, he started having her 'moo' like a cow. Strange, but a
real turn on. The sight of my bitchy sister, fat and bloated with
pregnancy, being forced to utter long, miserable 'mooo's while
being fucked from behind was... well, let's just say the image
was never far from my mind.
     I guess it was never far from Rod's either. He videotaped
almost every session.

(38) Still, all good things come to an end.
     The baby was born in mid-June. Rod said that was a little
late, but he didn't seem to mind the opportunity to enjoy his fat
little girl-cow for a couple of extra weeks.  
     And I didn't mind the money.

(39) The baby, of course, was black. Not completely black, as it
was as much Lara's baby as Frank's, but it was most definitely a
negro. A little negro boy. 
     Well, that was enough for my parents. More than enough. For
one of their daughters to have sex and get pregnant out of
wedlock was an almost unimaginable shame (oh, however would they
hold up their heads in church on sundays?), but a black baby!?!
     Lara was no child of theirs.
     To make a long story short (well, too late already; I hope
I'm not boring you), Lara and the baby were kicked out of the
house, sent to live in a welfare house for unwed mothers.
     I became their only daughter.

(40) Did I mention the trust fund?
     Well, it turned out that it was worth a little more than my
parents had originally thought. And it all went to me. I was the
one going to college now. 

(41) The first thing I did with the money was move out. I was
going to be attending Bakersville College North in the fall, so I
rented the main floor and basement of a house on the outskirts of
Bakersville; a wonderful six hours by car from home.
     And my parents.
     Of course, I took Lara with me. She had been living on
welfare for the last few months, and the welfare office was more
than happy to have me take her off their hands. So happy, they
didn't even seem to care when she protested that she didn't want
to go. They said she'd lost the right to object. In a small town,
word gets out, and I guess they had better things to do than
spend money on a slut who's stupid enough not to use birth
     Especially with a black baby.

(42) So, that's the story. 
     You know the rest. I let Lara and the baby live downstairs
in the my small basement. It gets a bit cold sometimes, but she
has blankets. And she has more than paid for her upkeep in the
last couple of months; college kids have more money than
highschool kids, and seem to be even hornier, if that's possible.
     And Lara is cheap as hookers go. 
     She looks a little different now. I've had her grow her hair
and tie it up in ponytails all the time. It makes her look a lot
younger, and the clients seem to like it. Especially when they
first see her lying on the bed with her little doll...

(43) Of course, I still use her as birth control. The thought of
her taking a load of sperm in her pussy in order to protect me
from pregnancy is delicious.
     In fact - well, I shouldn't really be telling you this
but... - she's pregnant again! I've been meaning to give Rod a
call. I'm sure he'll be interested.

(44) I hope it's a niece this time.

                                   THE END
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Date: 19 Jul 1996 15:48:32 GMT
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X-NETCOM-Date: Fri Jul 19 10:48:32 AM CDT 1996

                           SWEET LITTLE SISTER

     My younger sister Lois has a great body (38-24-37) in contrast to
my puny
34-25-36 measurments. I used to tell her that she should have gone in
modeling. There have been many times when we've seen each other naked.
Once, I
was in the shower while she was putting on her makeup at the bathroom
She was naked and I, forgetting she was there, came out of the shower
to get a
towel. That was the first time it happened and when I commented to her
trying to be a model, she countered with a friendly compliment about my
"petite" figure, and how she wished her tits were small like mine. I
knew it
was a lie, but I loved her for saying it. Right now, though, with all
happened, I'm not sure I know how I feel about her anymore. But maybe I
shouldn't blame her at all. Maybe it's all Billy's fault.

     Billy and I had been going together for about a month when he met
He and I weren't sure where our relationship was headed, but we were
content with it, and had our share of sexy times along the way. There'd
been a
lot of sloppy kissing and heavy breathing (the breathing part was all
He knew about the padding in my bra and the true size of my breasts,
since I
let him feel me under the cups. After that, it was me who undid my
pants and
guided his hand in there so he could finger fuck me. I never got so hot
worked up in all my life. After he drove me home, I had to walk from
the car
to my front door bow legged, my panties were so soaked and sticky. Even
time, though, we didn't go all the way. He saw he had me coming good,
and made
a move to open his pants. I could see the bulge behind his zipper, but
so, I stopped him. Maybe it was kind of cruel, but I wasn't ready for
relationship to go that far just yet. I wasn't a virgin by any means,
but I
had scruples.

     When I first introduced Billy to Lois, I saw instantly that he
found her
extremely attractive. (Did she have to wear the halter top and her cut
jeans that night?) She looked like a sexpot. If I put my hand on
crotch right then, I'm sure I would have felt the biggest hard on a man
have. I could see she was interested, too. She kept smiling and making
comments about the way she was dressed, saying that she hoped he liked
color of the halter she was wearing, when it was obvious it wasn't the
material he was staring at. I should have known right then.

     About two weeks later, Billy called to cancel our date for that
saying he didn't feel well. Fool that I was, I decided to go over to
his place
anyway. I guess I wanted to prove something to him. That I cared, that
stand by him in sickness or health. I don't know.

     Billy lives in a ground floor apartment at the rear of the
building. The
easiest access to his apartment is a rear door, which is right next to
bedroom window. I had my hand on the knob, ready to go in, when I heard
a moan
coming from the window. I thought he must really be sick to sound so
until I realized that the moaning was too rhythmic, to calm and
contented to
be pain. When I heard him moan the words "Oh baby, do it, like that, oh
I went right to the window to see what was going on. The window was
about six inches. I reached in and quietly spread the slats of the

     I was looking right at my sister's round naked ass. Her cheeks
spread, exposing her brown asshole. An oily line of vaginal juice
from her cunt, leaving a small trail from her crotch to her knee. She
horny as hell and, when she moved to the side a bit, I could see she
contentedly licking my boyfriend's swollen cock. I'd said that Billy's
hard on
was big, but until then I had no idea of its actual size. His thing was
like a
cop's billy club (no pun intended). I was suprised to see that when
Lois took
it in her mouth, her lips went right down to the hilt. Now I've given
blowjobs before, but that monster would have gagged me for sure. She
him expertly, fondling his balls all the while. Then, she'd stop for a
minutes and, while she was kissing his massive member to give him a
chance to
subside, she'd finger herself into a heavy lather.

     While keeping one hand inside the window so the venetian blinds
stay open, I used the other hand to loosen my own pants. My cunt was
drooling, watching my sister's tounge and suck action. I worked my clit
to a
near climax, crouching at the window, by the time Lois straddled my
hunk and
positioned him at her hole. He slid in slowly, spreading her twat so
wide that
she nearly screamed. By the time he was all the way in her, I had two
pushed up inside of me, and I was rocking on my heels to keep the
going, humping those fingers like mad. My two fingers were nothing in
comparison to what Lois was getting drilled into her. She was sliding
up and
down his meaty shaft like a crazy woman, groaning on the upswing,
grunting as
she came down, pushing him all the way inside of her until his hammer
home, probably bumping her cervix. Boy, I thought, her box is going to
be sore

     I closed the blinds and tried to fantasize that Billy's mammoth
wang was
pushing in and out of me, while I fingered myself. But I was too
jealous of my
sister and what she was doing with my boyfriend, and feeling too sorry
myself to really concentrate. When I did come, it was nothing to speak
of. No
fireworks, no stars. And I still would be walking home bow legged. All
discomfort, but little of the pleasure to make it worthwhile.

     I heard a gasp from the bedroom and I resumed my watching. Lois
practically jumping, she was riding Billy so fast. She was going like a
hurricane and about to explode. When it was done, she lay on top of
Billy with
him still inside of her. They kissed while he continued to work away.
In that
position, I had a clear view of him going in and sliding out, all slimy
slick from my sister's cunt juices. After a few moments he began
pumping in
and out, faster and faster, like a piston in a revving engine. Lois
his sudden speed had got her coming again. Billy suddenly moaned like
he was
dying. His white jism dribbled out of her distended cunt to mix with
her own
horny juices on the bed sheet. When she whispered her own horse,
frantic "Oh
my God, yes!" I knew it was all over.

     Since then, I've caught Lois a few more times with Billy, but have
confronted her about it. In a way, I find it really erotic that my
sister is getting it on with my boyfriend. I hope she feels the same
way when
she introduces me to her next boyfriend.


Message-ID: <>
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Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 03:38:02 UTC
Subject: EBS:  My Baby Sister
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This is a service of the Erotic Broadcast Service!  The following story is not
written by me nor do I agree/diagree with its contents.  I am simply posting
this story so that concenting adults who might not find this disagreable will
enjoy it.  As such, the author retains all rights to the story and all areas of
its publication.  If anyone who has written a better legal disclaimer, I would
appreciate it very much if you would send me a copy to use with my postings.

"Please continue reading ONLY IF YOU'RE ABOVE 18 YEARS OLD and reading this story
does not break any kind of law in your community/city/state/country."  Thanks. :-}

                        My Baby Sister

Her eyes widened slightly as she stared on with interest.  I was
shaking pretty bad now as I cleared my throat and continued with
my story.  But wait a minute.  Allow me to bring you up to date. 

My name is Bob Thompson.  The woman is Dr. Rosenbloom, a
physciatrist in sexual disorders.  My wife insisted I see a
doctor if I wanted our marriage to continue, so here I am. 
Anyway, I was just beginning to tell the doctor of my problems
and of what I felt caused them.  You see, I'm a transvestite and
I've also been into infantilism most of my life.

  It all started back in the Sixties when I was around seven
years old.  I guess my life could be considered fairly normal up
until then.  I was one of three children and never went without
the material things in life.  Though my father had deserted us
years before, mom had done well in keeping us together.  She
owned a little boutique that brought in enough to pay the bills
and keep us secure.  My two sisters shared a bedroom and I had
the one at the end of the hall.  Cindy, the oldest was usually
put in charge of things when mom took her monthly purchasing
trips to restock the store.  It wasn't to bad as mom was never
away more than a few days at a time.  I was in the second grade
and Bonnie, my other sister, was in the sixth.  We often walked
home together and would sit on the porch to wait for Cindy.  She
was going to Jr. High accross town and it took her half an hour
longer to get home.  It was September and the weather had finally
started cooling off.  Mom had just left on another of her trips
so Cindy cooked supper.  Soon after we ate, my sisters started
doing the dishes and I went out to play.  We had an old shed in
the back yard that we used for storage and I would often play in
it making believe it was my own little house.  This evening was
one such occasion.

  I didn't have many friends other than those at school so I
pretty much stayed by myself most of the time. It was this
paticular evening that started a chain of events that will
remained clear in my mind for the rest of my life.  I was sitting
at the shed window looking out through the dirty glass panes and
feeling pretty bored.  I glanced around the room looking for
something to stir my interest when my eyes caught sight of a
couple of cardboard boxes in the far corner.  I had seen them
there before but never really gave them much thought.  In my
curiousity I wandered over to them and pulled the flaps open on
the top one.  It was filled with old clothes and a few pairs of
shoes.  I rumaged through the items trying to find something of
interest when my hands felt something soft and silky.  Just then
a strange feeling swept over me that felt unusually pleasant.  
Wondering what I had touched, I pulled the item from the box and
held it to the window.  It was one of Cindy's old nylon
petticoats.  It was very full and trimmed with pink satin ribbons
and several small bows.  A sensation flashed through me as I had
visions of what it would be like to try it on.  My pulse started
to climb as I playfully held the petticoat around my waist trying
to fantisize actually wearing it.  The very fact that it was tabu
to dress up in girls clothes excited me and pulled me back to the
box in search of a complete wardrobe to try on.  After some
sorting, I found an old dress, some shoes and even a pair of lace
trimmed socks but no panties.  I hurriedly moved the box aside
and opened the other one.  Low and behold it was filled with baby
clothes, diapers, baby powders and everything else one could ever
need to clothe a baby.  Some of the plastic panties were rumba
styled and covered with nylon.  I looked through all of them
trying to find a pair that would be big enough to pass as regular
panties.  The biggest ones were still to small but I kept them
out anyway.  Spreading my now complete wardrobe accross the
chair, I repacked the boxes and rushed to the window.  My heart
was pounding now as antisapation mounted.  Searching the yard for
any signs of my sisters assured me the coast was clear.  Moving
to a dark corner of the room, I removed my clothes and nerviously
stepped into the rumba pants.  My hands trembled as I struggled
to pull them up.  The legs were really quite small and tore up
the sides slightly in my determination to get them on.  I felt
the strained elastic give way as the cool plastic linning slid
accross my cock and hugged my waist.  Feeling very strange in the
panties, I nearly lost all control of my body as it shook with
excitement.  Hurriedly I dawned the petticoats and pulled the
dress over my head.  It too was small but I managed to get it
pulled down and fastened the waist ties in a bow behind me.  Next
came the  socks I thought as I reached over to the chair.  All of
a sudden the room filled with light and I heard the door bang
against the wall.

  Standing in horrifying shock, I reeled towards the door only to
see Cindy staring at me with dis-belief.  What in the world are
you doing Bobby?  she exclaimed as she entered the room.  In my
horror at being caught I couldn't talk or move.  After a few
seconds of silence she smiled and started to laugh.  The laughter
didn't last long and slowly turned to hatefulness.  In a devilish
tone of voice she exclaimed: Let's go to the house and show
Bonnie her new little sister.  I was horrified as she grabbed my
hand and dragged me accross the yard, all the while calling me a
little sissy boy.  I pulled as hard as I could trying to excape
her grip but she was to strong.  Please don't let Bonnie see me,
PLEASE!  I was only trying them on for a minute.  I promise I
won't do it ever again.  My words fell on deaf ears as I was
pulled through the door and forced to stand by the couch.  
Bonnie!  Would you come in here for a minute?  I've someone I
want you to meet.  I was crying hard now as the feeling of
humility overtook my every sense.  I turned my eyes away as I
caught sight of Bonnie enter the room.  Her burst of laughter
sent waves of shame through my vains.  I could see her pointing
at my new clothes as I looked up from my tear drenched face.  She
was about to fall over from laughing so hard when Cindy turned
and started to talk.  Isn't little Sis cute in her petticoats and
dress, she sneered with enjoyment.  I was shaking violently now
as my shame grew more intense.  I think we ought to make her wear
them the rest of the day, don't you agree Bonnie?  Yes!  It would
be fun having a new sister to play with.  At that Cindy again
grabbed my arm and demanded I keep the clothes on until she told
me I could change.  Not able to respond to her demands prompted
threats of telling mom what I did if I didn't agree.  Shaking
more violently now, I helplessly nodded my consent.  All of a
sudden I felt a strange warmth flowing around my crotch and I
grabbed my crotch through the dress.  Seeing my actions, Cindy
again grabbed my hand and pulling it away, angrily told me that
wasn't lady like.  I immediately felt the rush of pee run down my
legs and felt my face turn flush as I realized what was
happening.  Oh No! I cried out in horror as my sisters looked in
surprise at the puddle forming on the floor.  Bonnie's mouth
dropped open in dis-belief as Cindy dropped my arm and stood back
also in surprise.  After a moment of deathly silence thier faces
slowly turned to laughter as they began poking fun of my
condition.  Look!  Sis has wet her panties., Bonnie cheered. 
Cindy turned and said, I guess our little sister is still a baby. 
Look at little baby.  Baby wet her panties. they sang over and
over in harmony.  Crying completely out of control now, I pleaded
for them to stop and let me change into my own clothes.  Cindy
reached for my skirt and lifted it up to reveil my panties.  With
a hateful giggle, she exclaimed, Looks like baby sister needs
changing.  She then told Bonnie about the box of old baby clothes
in the shed and asked her to fetch them.  I felt a tidalwave of
horror come over me at the sound of her request and darted for
the door.  Bonnie blocked my exit as Cindy grabbed my arm firmly
and demanded I get back in the room repeating her threats of
telling mom.  Within minutes, Bonnie returned with the box and a
gleeful smile that showed her pleasure in what was ahead. 

 Playfully, they dug through the box pulling out several baby
items including a couple of baby bottles.  All of a sudden, they
stopped with thier hands still in the box, and turned to me with
a big smile.  Your in luck baby., laughed Cindy.  At that she
pulled up a large handful of diapers and waved them at me saying:
See what we found.  These are exactly befitting your behavior. 
Again I shouted in horror, PLEASE!  Please let me change my
clothes.  Cindy jumped up at my pleas and in a hatefully
convincing voice, said OK!  My heart started to slow down from
relief as I thanked her and started to turn for my room to
change.  Hold it right there!, she shouted.  I said you could
change your clothes but I didn't say into what.  Knowing exactly
what she meant I again started shaking.  I'm serious!  she
snapped.  Now you'd better do as I say or else I'll tell mom I
caught you playing with these too.  Bonnie jumped in saying she
would back Cindy up.  I'll bet mom would make you stay dressed
like this a lot longer than us.  She'd probably make you sleep in
them too.  Do you want that?  Hanging my head down in
hopelessness, I said No!  Turning to Bonnie, she grinned a
victory smile as they both started giggling at my predicament. 
After removing my dress and petticoats, Cindy demanded I lay down
on the floor.  She then asking Bonnie to help her as she pulled
at my plastic rumba pants.  I turned my head to the side as I
couldn't look at them staring at my nakedness.  Bonnie move over
to the side to gather a few diapers and smiled at me as she
handed them to Cindy.  I felt very strange as I glanced down the
length of my naked body and saw Cindy folding the diapers. 
diapers slipping under me.  When she was done, she moved up
between my feet and told be to raise up a little.  Bonnie started 
  to giggle again as I reluctantly obeyed.  Hand me some diaper
pins, Sis.  Bonnie handed her the pins and kneeled beside me as I
felt the diapers being drawn up between my legs.  Please don't
make me wear these diapers., I again pleaded.  They just laughed
and started talking to me as if I was a baby.  Bonnie really
seemed to enjoy cooing to me as I again started to cry.  Be still
now so I don't stick you.  I again looked down as Cindy pulled
the diapers around my waist and fastened them with the pins.  For
some reason, I felt even more ashamed when I noticed the pins
were pink.  The moment the second pin snapped shut, I felt a wave 
of total surrender and helplessness against thier every wish.  I
had been reduced to a helpless baby and lost all ability to
resist.  Backing away, Cindy stood up and told be to stand.  Next
came another pair of rubber pants.  These were a plain pair but a
little larger than the rumba pants I had found.  With the extra
bulk of the diapers they too ended up tearing a little.  Just as
Cindy gave them a last tug, Bonnie leaned over and wispered
something in her ear.  I couldn't make it out but I knew it was
in regards to me.  Cindy nodded an approval and Bonnie left the

  Cindy stood back and while admiring her work, she commented on
what a cute looking baby I had become.  Doesn't baby feel better
now with fresh clothes on? she asked with a chuckle.  Just then I
saw Bonnie return with.... OH! NO! Not that!  She had fetched a
pair of her shortest babydoll pajamas and, holding them up for me
to see, said excitedly.:  Look what sis has for baby.  You'll
look so cute in this. she laughed.  I turned to Cindy with a look
of pleading but she too was laughing.  Stand still now or I'll
have to give baby a good spanking she said as she pulled the pink
shortie over my head.  Look! They're so short I can still see
babys diapers., Bonnie exclaimed with ever increasing excitement. 
Now your to remain dressed like this until we tell you different. 
Do you understand?, Demanded Cindy.        If your really good
and act like a baby for us for a little while, we'll let you have
your clothes back.  This means you are to talk like a baby when
you are hungry or want something.  One word of grown up talk and
you will keep these on until tomorrow.  They glanced smiles at
each other and began to giggle again.  I held my head down in
shame and saw the gown spread out like a little babys dress.  The
diapers felt bulky and strange between my legs as I stood before
my sisters and listened to thier laughs  and humiliating remarks. 

  It felt like I had stood before them for hours as they kept
giggling while frequently taking turns checking my diapers to see
if I was wet.  Finally, I was told to sit down on the floor. 
Cindy told Bonnie to entertain baby for awhile and she went into
the kitchen.  Bonnie told me I'd better behave and do what ever
she said or she'd tell Cindy I talked to her.  Reaching over to
the table, she retrieved a pacifier and stuck it in my mouth. 
She then sat back in the chair and stared at me while
occasionally giggling and making fun of my being a cute little
baby girl.  She frequently pointed to my diapers asking if baby
was wet and every now and then would reach and adjust my
pacifier.  As the evening wore on, I slowly calmed down and
stopped crying.  I tried to do exactly what they wanted and
thought only of the moment this would be over.  Cindy had return
and made me drink a baby bottle of warm milk again with threats
of reprizel if I resisted.  The rest of the evening went by
slowly as I was made to play with some baby toys from the box. 
Once, when things started quieting down, in her attempt to
re-kindle laughter, Cindy made me get on my belly and crawl
accross the room.  I did everything I was asked as I knew it was
useless to fight them.  It was getting awfully late I thought to
myself.  It shouldn't be long now and I'll be over this shame. 
Well!  Looks like baby has finally settled down and is behaving
herself., Cindy exclaimed.  She's been a really good baby the
last couple of hours.  Let's give her one last test to see if
she's learned obedience.  If she obeys, we'll let her get
changed.  What do you have in mind?, Bonnie asked with hopes of
humiliating me further.  Little Baby!  Get up and come here to
mommy., Cindy demanded laughingly.  I stood up and walked over to
her with yerning eyes for an end to this nightmare.  Do you think
you've had enough of wearing other clothes than your own?, Cindy
asked as she pulled me closer.  I nodded yes as I hung my head
down with remorse.  Will you mind me from now on when I tell you
to do something?  Again I nodded I would.  Good! She exclaimed. 
Let's see if you really mean it.  At that she reached down and
feeling my diapers, she demanded I wet them before she would
change me.  I can't change a dry baby! she stated.  Now wet them
for mommy.  I glanced at Bonnie only to see her eyes lit up with
glee at my new predicament.  I again felt my heart race as my now
tired body started to again shake violently.  Please don't make
me do that, I pleaded over and over.  If you want to get out of
these diapers you'd better mind me or I'll have you wear them all
night.  I could tell she wasn't going to change her mind.  I
finally agreed after getting her to promise me I could have my
clothes back right after.  Bonnie stared hard at me as I strained
to wet in my diapers.  I could feel my face turn flush as I tried
to release the bonds of years of toilet training.  It just didn't
seem to want to let go and I cried that I couldn't do it with
them watching.  My sisters agreed to turn around for just a
minute but warned me I'd better succeed or else.  It took several
minutes more before I started to feel the warm pee slowly escape
and saturate the diapers.  I felt so ashamed as it flowed faster
and faster.  Bonnie turned abruptly shouting.: He's doing it!
He's really wetting himself.  Humiliation engulfed me as I now
tried to stop.  Now matter how hard I tried, it just kept coming
until the diapers were soaked thru and thru and started running
from the small tears in the pants down to the floor.  My sisters
seemed a little shocked at my compliance to thier demands but
soon began cheering me on.  That's a good little baby.  Now you
really are like a real baby.  The slight aroma of fresh pee
seeped up to my nostrils and I began to cry to now have the
diapers removed.  Cindy clutched my gown and removed it, leaving
me standing there with only wet diapers and plastic pants on. 
Now get down on the floor and crawl for us., she giggled.  You
promised I could take these off if I did what you asked., I
exclaimed in fearful defiance thru my tears.  In just a minute.,
snapped Cindy.  I'll let you know when and not before.  At that
she again told me to get down and crawl for them so they could
take a good look at thier baby sister acting like the baby she
is.  I felt really naked with just the diapers and rubber pants
on.  The wetness felt strange as I helplessly obeyed and crawled
to thier laughter.  OK! That's enough.  I guess we've had enough
fun.  We'll let you take them off now.  At that I quickly stood
up and removed the pants and unpinning the diapers, letting them
fall to the floor.  I didn't care if they saw me naked anymore. 
All I wanted was to get out of these wet diapers.  Pick those
diapers up and bring them to the laundry., Cindy ordered.  Now go
and take a bath while I fetch your clothes.  What a feeling of
relief I felt as I slipped into the tub of water.  As promised,
Cindy returned with a pair of my P.J.'s and told me to hurry and
get dressed.  As I was leaving the bathroom, Cindy called for me
to join them in thier bedroom for a minute.  They were sitting on
the edge of the bed as I entered and instructed me to come

  We just want to let you know that if you ever tell mom what
happened today you know what will happen.  You'd better be quiet
if you don't want a lot worst.  And don't forget our aggreement. 
You'd better do everything we tell you from now on or the next
time mom's gone again we'll repeat today only worst.  Is that
clear?  Hanging my head in helpless shame, I acknowledged I
understood and as I turned to go to bed, they giggled:
Nighty-night, Baby Sis!
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This is a service of the Erotic Broadcast Service!  The following story is
written by me nor do I agree/diagree with its contents.  I am simply
this story so that concenting adults who might not find this disagreable
enjoy it.  As such, the author retains all rights to the story and all
areas of
its publication.  If anyone who has written a better legal disclaimer, I
appreciate it very much if you would send me a copy to use with my

"Please continue reading ONLY IF YOU'RE ABOVE 18 YEARS OLD and reading
this story
does not break any kind of law in your community/city/state/country." 
Thanks. :-}

                      My First Time with Daddy
                           An Erotic Story

                          (by Tammy Marlow)

                               Part 1.

     They say, that first-times are the most exciting, and that you always
 remember your first time.  Well, I still remember the first time that
 Daddy fucked me.  I was about 12 years old, and I had woken up in the
 night feeling cold.  My big sister was gone, so I went looking for her, I
 knew that my older sister sometimes got up in the night, and sometimes
 didn't come back for hours. That night, I decided that I would find out
 where she went.

     On previous occasions, I had been too sleepy to follow her, but that
 night, for some reason, I wasn't sleepy at all.  I padded down the
 hallway, in search of my sister.  Maybe if I got her to come back to bed,
 I could get back to sleep.  Not that my Karen was all that good of a
 bed-partner. She kicked and squirmed; stole all the covers; and lately,
 she seemed to be taking up more and more of the bed.  Still, I was used
 sleeping with her, and almost couldn't get to sleep myself, until she
 joined me.  This got a little awkward sometimes, as she was able to stay
 up later than I was, being 2 years older.

     I looked in the living room, kitchen, and even the bathroom. Empty. 
 went downstairs, and checked the basement.  Nobody. There was only one
 place left, that my big sister could be, so I headed down to my parent's
 bedroom, figuring that Karen was talking to my parents.

     Well, as you've guessed by now, my big sister WAS in our parent's
 bedroom, but she wasn't talking.  There was no way my sister could have
 said anything; with our father's 8 inch cock halfway down her throat.
 "Karen," I said, barging in the door "Aren't you coming. . ." I was going
 to say, "back to bed," when I realized what my sister was doing.  The
 words stuck in my throat.

     Mother was lying on the bed, as naked as Karen and my father were,
 while she watched my sister suck on Daddy.  I heard her say something
 like, "This way, you can help your father out, even when you get too big
 to do it the other way." Mother was obviously teaching my big sister
 something, when I interrupted.

     I could see what my mother meant by "too big." I hadn't really
 before, but Karen was getting fat.  Not greasy, blubbery fat, but big in
 the breasts, belly, and butt. Especially in the stomach part.  Now that I
 looked at her naked, for the first time in a couple of months, I wondered
 how I could have missed it before.

     My sister's belly was no longer the flat, smooth little tummy like
 mine, that she used to have, but it stuck out in front of her, a good 9
 inches.  When she leaned over, like she was now, as Daddy lay on his
 back, and my sister was leaning over him sucking on our father's cock,
 belly seemed to stick out even more.  Strangely enough, my sister didn't
 look unhealthy with all that fat.  In fact, she looked healthier than
 ever, with a warm creamy glow to her skin that almost made me jealous.

     I suddenly realized that I had barged in on something private.  "I'm
 sorry," I squeaked, embarrassedly.  "I'll come back later."

     "It's OK, Tammy." My mother's words stopped me.  "It's about time,

 learned about these things anyway.  Especially, as your sister is getting
 too big, to take care of your father. I think it's time you learned how
 fuck.  Your sister wasn't all that much older, when your father taught

     "Fuck, Mommy?" I asked.

     "Uhuh," she replied.  "Why don't you start by taking your pajamas
 so your father can show you what to do."

     I had always been a fairly obedient daughter; so I saw no reason not
 to do what my mother told me to.  I stripped off the top, and shinnied
 of the bottoms, as the rest of the family watched.  Karen didn't say
 anything, but kept on slowly sucking on Daddy, while she watched me

     "You can stop now, Karen," said Daddy.  "It's time your sister
 how, just like you did, and I don't want to waste it."

     Reluctantly, it seemed to me, my big sister stopped her
 administrations on my father's cock.  However, when she pulled off, she
 did so with one long drawn out suck that seemed to last forever.

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