The Mansion, Part Two

by Baby Doll

Secrets hide easily in the old Beverly Hills mansion, where me and my partner enjoy baby and little girl pussy. And since I'm a respected doctor and a counsel woman, not a soul suspects what goes on behind the closed doors.

My partner, Dr. Linda and I adopt baby girls with the hopes of teaching them the pleasures of sex. Since we have the kids from infancy, we "train" them very well. It's a win-win situation. They are allowed to live in the lap of luxury, and we have all the young pussy we can handle.

To help us with our girls we have a devoted staff of teachers and, nannies, babysitters, and caretakers. These carefully selected women help in the "training process." The training begins when the infant first arrives. Each day, along with diaper changes, she has her little pussy licked and founded. As time goes by the little girls become very sexual. Also, because they have their libias sucked, in time the girls all enjoy oversized libias and clits. The hidden cameras are always rolling.

These cameras serve two purposes. One: Black market baby porn is hot. It makes me a fortune. Two: The footage is used to keep our staff in line. Since all the activity is recorded, if anyone steps out of line, the nasty images can be used as blackmail.

I allow my staff to suck and play with the babies and small girls. I also encourage the rubbing of the baby pussy with their own; but the cherry is mine. It's understood that no one will break a girl's hymen but me. Severe consequences await any woman who breaks this rule, as you will see.

I was born with an oversized clit. It's 5 inches long when erect. With my big clit I penetrate the children, giving both of us untold pleasure.

Each night my partner and I make the rounds. This is where we visit the girl's rooms. We start with the babies, who look forward to our visits, and are often found with their little legs spread wide, in anticipation of what will happen next. Either Linda or me will lick the tiny folds, concentrating on the small clit. We found that even 3- month-old babies will stiffen and moan, as they reach an orgasm. I love the way baby pussy tastes. I run my tongue along the soft folds, and gently circle the tiny opening. I get so hot, and my big clit stands at attention.

Then, after we visit the babies, we make our way to the 2 and 3 year olds. We always pull the covers back, lift their nightgowns, remove the panties, and rub the clits until they come. Each girl is allowed to keep her cherry until she turns 4. At that time, I take it after her birthday party.

Since the 2 and 3 year olds still have their hymens intact, we are careful to stimulate them without breaking the hymen. We rub the clit until it comes out from behind the hood. While they squirm and buck, we bring them over the edge. I'm always amazed at how hard they come!

After that then we go to the 4 year olds. These are my favorite, as their clits have grown and the lips of the libia swells when engorged with blood. Tonight after I made little Katrina come, I went over to Brianna's bed, and sat on the edge. My partner Linda was busy licking a little black girl named Tracy.

"Open your legs wide for me, baby," I said to little Brianna. When she hesitated, I asked, "What's wrong?"

"Jeannine hurt me," she cried. Jeannine was one of the caretakers. She's butch, and I often worried that she'd get a little to rough with the girls.

"What did Jeannine do?" I asked.

"Yesterday she fucked me with her finger, and it hurt real bad, and it bleed."

I felt my anger rise. Jeannine had taken this child's cherry. "Open your legs, honey, and let me see." When the girl did so, I saw her torn hymen.

"I'm sorry this happened, sweetie. Let Dr. Blackwell make you feel good." With that I started to fondle her swollen, smooth pussy. Ever so slowly I massaged the small clit. In time she began to lift her hips to meet my finger. I kept rubbing until she turned red, stiffened and cried aloud.

"Ooooh! That feels so-ooo good!"

After I made her cum I buried my head between her legs and licked her until she came again. "Okay, baby, get some rest now. I'll see you in the morning."

My partner Linda gave me a knowing look. "Shall I call Jeannine?"

"Yeah, have her meet us downstairs in the basement."

Ten minutes later Jeannine came downstairs. She was terrified. She knew what was about to happen. Before I said a word she began, "I'm really sorry, Dr. Blackwell. I just got carried away. I didn't mean to take her cherry."

"It's too late for I'm sorry, Jeannine."

"Remove your clothes," said Linda.

"Please, not this. I promise, it'll never happen again." Linda removed a pair of handcuffs from a dresser drawer. After cuffing Jeannine she cut her clothes off of her with a pair of scissors, then threw her to the floor. "Shall I let the dogs in now?"

When I nodded, she opened the door. 4 very large black Great Danes ran in. "As you know, Jeannie, your punishment for taking a cherry is to be screwed by these dogs. They will rape you for hours while we watch. Now, open your legs!"

When Jeannine opened her legs the first dog started licking her hairy cunt. A few minutes later his big 20 inch dick came out. We choose Great Danes to punish the women because of their size. And as part of the punishment, we make them take the knot. It did not take long for Smokey to mount Jeannine. Linda helped guide all of Smokey's HUGE cock into Jeannine's wet pussy. The dogs humped for 10 minutes without stopping.

"Please don't make me take the knot." She cried.

But the dog mercilessly pushed the huge knot, the size of an orange into Jeannine's pussy. "Ahhhhh!" she cried out in pain. "It's too big! It's gonna rip me into."

While she was tied with the dog, Linda and I took turns making her cum with a plug in vibrator. We took her far beyond the point of pleasure. It was painful. Still, we did not stop. Once Smokey finally pulled out of her, they Boris took his turn. Then Firpo, the biggest in the bunch. After Firpo was done with her, then Gil had his way. This went on all night. By morning Jeannie's pussy was red and swollen, and the dogs were happy.

"Do you think she's learned her lesson?" asked Linda, strapping on a 10 inch dildo, pointing it in Jeannie's direction.

"I don't think so," I said laughing. I could feel myself getting wetter as I watched Linda ravage the worn-out Jeannine for the next hour.

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