STORY TITLE Potent Sperm
AUTHOR Potentspermguy

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

I must admit, I am a sucker for risky sex with a female who is not on birth control. In my 15 years of having sex, I have impregnated 6 women a total of 24 times including my wife an impressive 10 times (we have 3 kids to show for it).

Anyway, my story is not about her (But I was actually dating my wife at the time.) V, as we'll call her, was a receptionist at the firm I worked at. She was a nice looking, full-figured, married woman with 2 kids. But she had the biggest set of titties I'd ever seen! I never did find out the size but I'd guess they were like Double E's!

So one day I had asked her to pull a file via e-mail and those of you that work in offices these days know how e-mailing can escalate into flirting and so on. That's basically what happened.

As our flirting increased, we both agreed to have sex with each other. On one of our e-mails, I wrote how I was used to going bareback with my wife and I just couldn't go back to condoms. When she said she felt the same way, I had an instant hard-on! I knew I was going to go skin to skin with her, Eventually, we agreed to meet at lunch time at a local hotel but drove separately so nobody would see us.

When we got there, I instantly backed her against the wall and began kissing her and rubbing those awesome set of tatas! We undressed and jumped in bed. We both had agreed we would do it without a condom in previous e-mails. She had told me she was on the pill (I later found out this is what alot of women say to get a man to not be afraid to have sex with them-they like to tell you at the last minute they aren't on any b-control) so I planned to totally fill her with all my sperm, which I had saved up for about 5 days.

Well, I sucked her titties for a good 10 minutes while fingering her. She was so unbelievably wet and looking forward to sticking my cock in her bareback. But she said she wanted to suck my cock first. It turns out her mouth was her best feature! She was one of those women that absolutely worships cock and will suck cock til the end of time. And she swallowed (at every opportunity I gave her)!

Well, i moved into position and began shoving my cock into her soaking, pussy lips. I knew she had an instant orgasm by the way she dug her nails into my back! She was allowing another man other than her husband into her most intimate place, bareback!

I started working into a nice groove while sucking those huge titties with pepperoni size nipples. I had both nipples about a good inch high from sucking on them so hard!

I started to get that feel in my balls and my abdomen of my impending release and she felt me cock get harder and thicker. I told her I was going to cum so deep inside of her that she was going to be leaking my sperm for days! Just then, she tells me, "M! I'm not on the pill!" When she said that, I paused for a split second, but it did not register in my mind what that meant. It triggered my balls, that's what it did! I swear it felt like a hose was going off inside of her. I kept pumping ropes and ropes of cum into her and she held me tight as I unloaded my potent sperm into her fertile pussy. The thought that I was possibly making another man's wife pregnant with my baby made me remain hard after I had left both her pussy and my cock drenching with sperm.

I asked her why she didn't tell me before. She said she was afraid I wouldn't want to be with her. She said she made her husband pull out. She had tried the pill after their last child 3 yrs before but she just couldn't remember to take it everyday and eventually stopped taking. So they just relied on the old 'pull n pray' method and nothing had happened in those 3 years. She tld me she hoped nothing would happen from this.

So we went at it one more time before we had to go back to work and I told her I was going to cum in her again since it didn't matter now and she said ok. But the whole key to her allowing me to cum inside of her the second time was when I started talking about how risky we were being. How she was allowing another man to seed her with his potent sperm. She seemed to be completely turned on by the idea and she came with me when I came a second time inside of her.

We had sex in my SUV the following week and again, she allowed me to fill her with my potent sperm. She was actually turned on by the fact that she could be pregnant with another man's baby. She was telling me this in the e-mails! She did not end up pregnant that month but did we learn from that? Of course not, we continued our lunch dates.

When i figured she was going to be at her most fertile time the following month, I asked her to meet me at the hotel. I had been checking with her if she felt any pains in her sides letting us know she was ovulating and she said she had. We met at the hotel and again, we locked ourselves in the room locking out the rest of the world and just concentrated on us. We talked during sex about her being fertile and that she would most likely conceive. It just turned me on more and we held each other tight when I began to release all my boys loose inside of her vagina in search of her egg.

Six weeks later and no period, she became concerned. We met back at the hotel and bought a pregnancy test. She took it and of course it was positive. We made love that afternoon like we were a married couple starting a family.

Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage a few weeks later and it resulted in her having a D and C. She told me she bled on her bed and that is how her husband found out she was pregnant. She told him she did not know she was pregnant and that maybe he didn't pull out in time on one occasion. He was a bit upset and told her she should get back on the pill because he did not want anymore children. The doctor told her to refrain from sex for 2 weeks and to take precautions because she was going to be really fertile for the next few weeks until her period arrived again.

She did not get on the pill. She made up excuses to her husband about not being able to take time off from work to go to the doctor. So she said he started pulling out again. We, of course, began going at it once again, completely unprotected with me filling her panochita (that's what we called her pussy - spanish for pussy) with my potent sperm at every opportunity we got. In the car, sometimes we would go up the stairwell near the roof entrance where nobody hardly went, except maintenence, and I would lift her skirt, move the crotch of her panties to the side and bury my cock deep in her until I shot my load in her.

On one of those occasions, she told me she went home with a pussy-full of my sperm and the crotch of her panties was completely soaked with my sperm. She said her husband had dropped the kids at his mom's and wanted to spend time with her. He didn't let her take a shower when he got home! She said she luckily took off her panties herself and not him or else he would've seen the mess on them. She told me he went down on her and she told him she had been thinking about him fucking her so she had been wet all day. He never questioned her and ate her panochita with all my sperm in it. She told him to cum inside of her because she was past her fertile time and her period should be here any day now. That was true in that she was past her fertile time. But she was not expecting her period to come and neither was I.

We were right, it never came and she went to the doctor who confirmed she was pregnant. I figured she was going to get an abortion but she kinda shocked me when she said she was going to carry the pregnancy to term. I told her I didn't believe her and she said, "watch me."

And she did! She told her husband she was pregnant again and that she wanted to see if they could have that little girl she alway wanted since they already had 2 boys. He grudgingly gave in. As her pregnancy went along and she started showing, it became harder to have sex so she would just blow me and swallow my entire load at times to make me happy.

Well, she did end up having my baby (a girl) and when she came back to work after her maternity leave, she brought pictures of the baby and I instantly knew it was mine. One of the other girls mentioned the baby seemed to resemble me but I told her that for some reason all mexican people look alike, including their kids. She said you're right and never said anything about that again.

Well V and I continued our affair and I impregnated her another 6 times! But she did not want to have those babies because her husband went and had a vasectomy (asshole!). He would surely divorce her if she said she was pregnant so she ended up having another miscarriage and a few abortions which she kept from him.

I eventually moved on to another company and we hooked up a couple of times after that and had completely unprotected sex again with me filling her panochita with my potent sperm but luckily for her, she did not get pregnant.

I've heard she is still at that company. I am tempted to call her again but I don't want her to go through that procedure again plus I am happily married now. The last time I talked to V, she told me her husband still believes he is the father of the little girl even though she does not look anything like him. I know and she knows that is our baby and she always thanks me for giving her that little girl she always wanted. At the time, we both wished we could've had more kids together for him to raise but the bastard got that vasectomy and ruined everything. To this date, I still masterbate every now and then thinking about those times though...