STORY TITLE Fixed But Not Fixed



DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

This is a true story. It has happened over the past 5 years and continues to happen as you will soon read.


A quick history. My wife and I were not getting along and she threatened divorce so I accepted it and expected her to go through with it but she did not. But having told her ok to the divorce, I started browsing the internet for women. I ended up playing with 2 women and 2 couple before the start of this story and they were all bareback and I came inside every one of the women. In fact the 2nd couple I used to play with ever other week for about ½ a year and he had me cum inside her every time as he loved seconds.

I was on the internet on the prowl for another woman as the 2nd couple I was seeing had his son move back in on them and the couple could no longer meet me. I found Shelly who is very large chested woman and was advertising herself as an escort. Not what I was looking for, but as I like large breasts and she has the largest ones that I have even been with, 52G. We started chatting and making friend with each other, this is to help my nervousness with a new woman. I had to wait to get paid before I could see her but we decided to go out on a date, unpaid for, instead. I ended up picking her up near her place and then we headed to a park where we got out and walked around and chatted about our lives.

I told her that before my second daughter was conceived that I used to wish that my wife would fuck another guy and I would let him cum inside her even though she was not on any kind of birth control. My wife at the time also did not like me to cum inside her as she did not like the mess. So I had my own fun and would cum inside a film bottle and when we would have sex, instead of putting on the lubricant on her, I would use my cum lubricant instead. It was such a turn on fucking her with the cum lubricant and then having her beg me not to cum inside her.

I then told Shelly that once she got pregnant, we were at the doctors and were talking about getting her fixed afterwards and the female doctor said that it is better for the guy to get fixed than the gal. Then when we had an emergency c-section and the doctor ended up tying my wife’s tubes. This led Shelly to saying, “So you are both fixed now?”. I said yes, which was a an easy lie for me vers telling her that I am fixed and am really not.

We ended up the evening with a really hot make out session, but she would not go any further as she did want to get paid also.

So finally came the night that we meet at the hotel. I ended up giving her a nude back massage and using some oil on her that she had with her. After massaging her back and legs, including the inside of her thighs with lubricant, I lubricated my hard cock and then rubbed my chest up and down her back. Each time I would go further down her back until my cock was rubbing in the crack of her ass. I then kept going lower until my hard cock hit her pussy., but then I would reverse and work my way back up without going inside her at all. I would do this several times until the head of my cock would pop into her pussy, but then I would remove it right away and continue with the chest to back massage. I realized then that I could take her bareback but since I was a gentleman and from our conversations knew that she always had the guy wear a condom that if I fucked her without it would only be a one time deal, so I asked her is she wanted me to wear a condom and she said yes. So then I told her that I thought it would be sexy for her to put it one me. She then lay on her back and I slipped inside her and started pounding her good. After a while she wanted to check on the condom, because she said something did not feel right. It had broken, which I have since realized is that it broke due to the lubricant on my cock not being compatible with the condom. Since she was on the patch for birth control and since she thought I was fixed she decided that it would be ok for me to continue without having me put on another condom. After about 4 hours I gave her a very large load of cum all the way deep inside her pussy.

I knew she was concerned about the condom breaking so I decided to call her the next morning and check up on her and she really liked that, and we started talking to each other every day both on the phone and in the IM. We also continued to meet once a week at the hotel, but since we had already done bareback once she said that we might as well continue as she preferred bareback as she can’t cum if the guy is wearing a condom and because I gave her these great orgasms and befriended her, she would no longer charge me, but being the gentleman I still paid for the hotel room. So we continued to fuck for months bareback but with her on the patch.

I don’t remember the reason but her doctor decided that it was time for her to switch birth control methods. So she had her stop taking birth control for one month before starting the pills. We continued to have sex once a week during that month, and I had to cum inside her as she would question why I would not want to cum inside her especially as I she though I was fixed. It was so exciting to me to cum inside her knowing that she was not on birth control and the excitement of wondering if the following week she would say that she is pregnant and I was prepared to comfort her and tell her that one of the condoms with one of her other clients must have leaked some, blaming it on an unknown client.

Well luckily for me she did not get pregnant and we continued to have bareback sex every week. Then the doctor had her switch from the pills to the shots, but again had her not take any birth control for a month. Oh god, another great month of fucking her and wondering if she was going to get pregnant. Again she did not get pregnant and I considered myself lucky. We continued to have sex every week for about another ½ year and then our scheduled would no longer work out and I was only able to see her about once a month.

But being to used to the weekly sex, I started looking some more and found black escort who needed a website done. I talked to her about doing the website for her in exchange for us playing weekly. She thought this was a great idea and we chatted about everything before we meet, including about my wife’s doctor saying I should get fixed and also fixing her during the c-section. We finally ended up meeting at her hotel room and after she gave me all the photos for her website, I offered her a back massage. I did the same thing to her as I did to Shelly, but this time I continued to pop the head of my cock in and out of her pussy about a dozen times before I started siding more and more into her pussy as I would massage her back, until I was just plain out and out fucking her. While I knew she used condoms with customers, I did not know her status of birth control, so I was especially excited when I came in her pussy. I did end up asking her about her birth control status and she said that she was on the pill. I told her that was good in case a condom broke. We continued to fuck every week until she just disappeared. She ended up contacting me more than a year later and said her was pregnant with her married boyfriends baby. This was the same married guy that she was seeing while she was also an escort. I asked her about what why she disappeared. She said that her married boyfriend had gotten really jealous and did not like it that she was seeing me in addition to her clients, so he had her stop. She then asked me if I was really fixed and I said yes. She told me that shortly after she stopped seeing me she had gotten pregnant. I said what???? You had said that you were on birth control. She said that she could not afford it but since I was fixed she let me do it bareback like her married boyfriend did with her. The boyfriend though it was mine and forced her to get an abortion and they then said that the fetus was 2 months old at the time. I though about it and it was 3 months since I had last had sex with her to when she had the abortion, so it was not my child. Relieved again. She stayed with her boyfriend until she was fed up with him and left him, then found out she was again pregnant with his baby. I talked her into getting her tubes tied during the c-section that she was going to have to deliver the baby. She decided to take my advice on this and had her tubes tied. She currently lives in another state but is looking at moving back and when she does she wanted to start seeing me again.

After she disappeared, I again started looking for another woman and found one that lived nearby. She also wanted me to use condoms. So I went and bought some and took them with me to our meeting, but I really wanted bareback sex. So again, I used the back rub trick and was able to fuck her bareback. But again being the gentleman when I was getting ready to cum, I asked her if she wanted me to cum inside her and she said she was allergic to cum, so instead I came on her. She ended up meeting another guy after our first date and started seeing him steady, so we only meet that one time.

So back to searching for another woman. Since I was still chatting with Shelly every day she was also telling me to find another woman as she does not know about the other two women. Since my work was going to start having my fly to another state regularly she said I should find a woman there to take care of my needs since my wife will not be with me.  But during my talks with Shelly, I did find out that she would like to have a baby of her own and would be willing for it to be mine if I could get myself reversed. Which I told her I would be happy to do for her.

I ended up finding Amy. Her husband liked her to see other guys so he could see other woman. We started chatting every day on IM and via text messages. Again I told her the story about both my wife and I getting fixed and she told me that her husband insisted on her wearing a condom with other guys. She said that it would devastate him if she got pregnant by another guy. I told her about Shelly and that she wants me to get reversed and to get her pregnant. In doing this I found out that Amy also got turned on by this idea. In our talks we talked about me coming down every month to see her and that once I got reversed she would start talking the fertility medicine that she had to use to get pregnant with her previous two kids. We both got so turned on by this idea. She would even tell me when she stared her period. I then entered it into a fertility program and found out when she would be ovulating. It said that she would be the following Wednesday. That Friday the boss told me that he need me to go to the other office, so I booked ticked for that Sunday. I was excited knowing I was going to be fucking Amy while she is ovulating she the hubby will get the blame instead of me.

Monday night I ended up picking her up for dinner and then we went to my hotel room. Again I used the back rub trick but this time she knew there was no need for a condom as she knew I was fixed. Since I had not had sex with my wife in the past week, and the excitement of knowing I am coming in a fertile woman, I gave her an extra large load.

Tuesday night after dinner we again headed back to the hotel room and this time during sex I told her erotic stories about getting women pregnant and I had been reading on Impregnorium’s website. She got so turned on my this that I decided to tell her that I had already gotten my reversal done. This caused her to orgasm right away. When I got ready to finish I asked her if she wanted me to pull out and she said no.

Wednesday during dinner my wife calls and says that she would like phone sex that night. When we are back at the hotel, we have another great round of sex and this time while fucking her, I tell her more stories and again she gets really turned on. So this time, I tell her that I never got fixed and again she has an orgasm to that news. I also tell her tonight I am not going to give her a choice and I am going to cum inside her no matter what, she is also turned on by this. We then take a break and wait for my wife to call. When she does, I start telling my wife what I would like to do to her and at the same time I would do that to Amy. Such as rubbing her pussy, licking her nipples, and the fucking her. Meanwhile Amy has a pillow over her face to keep my wife from hearing she as she is very verbal during sex. When I started getting close to coming I told my wife that I was not going to pull out, but instead to cum inside her and proceeded to cum inside Amy and with my wife on the phone she could not tell me no and thus let me cum inside her on the night that she was to be ovulating.

Thursday we had a quick dinner and when we went back to the hotel, I told her to go home as her husband had called her phone something like 20 times during out dinner. He was getting very jealous of me.

Friday she told me that they had great sex that night after she got home, which was the first time they had, had sex in a month. So for Friday night’s dinner, I invited Amy along wither her husband and two kids to dinner, since this was to be my last night in town.

Afterwards she told me that they had another great night of sex and continued to have sex every day for several weeks, but the relationship with the husband was strained and had been before I even meet her. I decided to try and help them by offering to fly Shelly down with me on the next trip so that he could fuck Shelly while I was fucking Amy. So all four of us started chatting. Amy finally confessed to fucking me bareback and since both Amy and Shelly had said that I was fixed he was ok with it. About two months went by and I did not end up making it back down there and then she told me the news, she was pregnant. When they were at the doctor’s office they told her how many weeks old it was and that would have been the first Sunday after I had seen her and since I knew that sperm stays alive for 5 days inside a women, I also know it could be my child. She is now due in January. After the baby is born, I hope to get a hair clipping so that I can do a genetic test to see if it is really mine or his.
Meanwhile I have continued to chat with Shelly and have ended up talking to into stopping her shots. She has now been off her shots for the last 3 months. She wants me to go back to the other office and get reversed while I am there so my wife does not know about the reversal. Shelly and I are going to get together every week again but this time with her not on birth control. I told her that the reversal paperwork says that it takes 6 months for your cum to be back in strength to impregnate a woman. So she is going to at least let me fuck her for 6 months as the idea of the risk is a turn on for her. I think I am going to tell her while I am fucking her this next time that either I have already gotten reversed or that I was never fixed and could possible be the father of Amy’s baby. In fact Shelly likes the idea of me fucking and coming inside Amy during the breast feeding months where she is not allowed to take any birth control, but her husband will have use a condom. Shelly wants me to knock Amy up, if only she knew I might have already done so and that the baby might already be mine.

Shelly is such a great woman to me. She knows I would like to swing and is willing to swing with me while she is not talking any birth control because of her being turned on by the risk of it. I have also talked her into telling the couple that we swing with that I am fixed so that I can come unprotected in the guys wife. Oh we are such nasty people. Shelly knows that I have a fantasy of fucking a black woman and does not know that I have already done that. She also likes to fuck black guys, so she is saying that we should find a black couple, so she can risk letting the black guy get her pregnant and where the wife is unknowingly risking letting me get her pregnant.