STORY TITLE The Vanishing Act
AUTHOR Iluv Babymaking

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

When I was younger, I met the most beautiful, blue-eyed blonde with skin as white as can be. Her hair was the wispiest bright blonde hair that you might imagine, and her blue eyes were the brightest and liveliest I think I have ever seen. The hair framed her face just like a halo frames the head of an angel, and her eyes made her look as good as any professional model.

I sat across from her in a class. She was 21, I guess, because she was a senior in college when I was a second-year graduate student. The first time I saw her, I could not take my eyes off of her because her hair was the most beautiful blonde hair that I had ever seen in my life. I could not help but wonder what her bush looked like.

I cruised her so many times during that first class that, at break, she came up to me and asked me out! I just about fell over. I could not believe my good luck.

That night we went to a nice restaurant and had a great dinner and many beers. We had that instant rapport that is so hard to find. We just clicked.

My apartment was close by, and so we went back there when the bar closed.

At first I was a perfect gentleman. I offered her more beer, which she accepted, and I took her on a five-minute tour of my small one bedroom apartment in which I lived alone.She was impressed with the cherry wood furniture, crystal chandelier, hanging crystal lamps, the tailored drapes, and the oriental rugs.

Then we sat on the couch in my living room with the lights on. We talked awhile longer.

Finally, I could not stand it. I reached over to kiss her lightly, but she grabbed me and returned the kiss passionately. While we kissed, I put my hand on her breast. She slid my hand to the buttons on her blouse, which I eagerly unbuttoned. Never stopping our kiss,I pulled the blouse off and then unsnapped the brassiere. I immediately fingered the nipples. I could tell that her breasts were smaller than I thought.

She reached up and unbuttoned my shirt, which I slid out of with her help. Then I reached down and gave her pants a yank. She reached down and just pulled off the whole bottom--panties and pants in one yank. That left her sitting there nude.

We never stopped the kiss. The tongue action was intense. I pulled her tongue between my teeth and refused to let go. When I finally did, I smiled at her and said “I am going to eat you up in one gulp.”

With that, I stood up and picked her up. I carried her to the bedroom and placed her on top of the velvet bedspread. While she looked up at me, I pulled the bedspread down and placed her on the red satin sheets.

She looked like a whore ready to be nailed. That white skin and bright blonde hair on red satin sheets was a sight that I would never forget.

While I gazed at her, I pulled my pants off and yanked off my socks. My dick stood out a full, hard 8 inches. She gazed at it.

“Not so fast,” I said to her.

I then yanked the cover down and positioned myself so that I had placed my head between her legs. I pulled her so that her yellow bush—which looked like a lion’s mane-- was in my face. Her bush had a distinctly musky smell that just about drove me nuts. I found her clit immediately and starting sucking, pulling the clit into my mouth and massaging it with my tongue. Every so often I would use my tongue to lick around the edge of her hole.

She made cooing sounds. I was determined to get her so close to an orgasm that she could not stand it—and then just stop. To speed that up, I would dip my tongue deep into her pussy hole and then pull it out very quickly and teasingly.

In the meantime, I was so hard and hot that I could feel sperm slowly dripping out of my dick.

When her ass bucked in my face as she was getting ready to come, I knew the signal. I just stopped.

“Goddamn it, fuck me,” she said.

At that moment I reached into the drawer next to my bed and pulled out a condom.

“I could use this, you know,” I said, waving the condom package at her so that she could clearly recognize what it was. “But what I really want to do is get you pregnant. And I mean it.”

She said nothing. She just looked eager. But I meant it. I had never felt like this before. She looked so good that I dreamed of knocking her up. If I was going to get a woman pregnant, I wanted it to be this one…and remember that I just met her that day and that this was only our first date!

Leaving the bright light on next to the bed so that I could watch her every minute, I went down on her and then slid into her wet hole. She gasped.

That was at 2 a.m. I came in her almost immediately. But the funny thing was that her hole and my dick formed such a tight vacuum that my sperm must have been pulled inside her. She stayed as wet as the first stroke—with none of the nasty effects of a sloppy second.

I stayed in her about an hour and came about 3 times. She never closed her eyes while I was doing her, and we gazed into each others’ eyes the whole time. Each time I came, her eyes grew a little wider. The effect was a bit strange, since I have never had a woman do that before or since.

But then I pulled out and said “get on top of me, bitch.” (I am sure those were the exact words.)

She did—without saying a word.

“Sit on me,” I said, holding my erect dick. She did. And I grabbed her ass and guided her in and out at exactly the speed I wanted. That lasted a long time, while I admired her nakedness and relished her wetness.

After I came again, she started to stand up. Before she could finish getting up, I slapped her ass very hard. “THAT’S GOOD ASS,” I said.

Then she stood up and went to the bathroom. When she came back, I went to the bathroom myself. I went limp while going to the bathroom, but the minute I walked back to the bedroom I was hard again.

When I returned, she was back under the cover. She looked like she was sleeping. Ignoring that, and without saying a word, I just grasped her roughly, turned her over, and stared down. As I hoped, I could see the sperm oozing out of her. A perfect creampie in a fertile hole.

I then entered her very hard and quickly from behind. She gasped.

Still there was no nasty slipperiness like you get with a sloppy second.

I pounded her hard from behind, just like a male dog doing a bitch in heat. And I kept it up for more than an hour. I ran out of juice and kept humping, but she stayed wet. At that point, I just turned over, never pulling out of her, and fell asleep. That was about 6 a.m.

At 8 a.m., she told me she had to get up to do student teaching. I was still in her, but I was sore. I imagined that she was, too.

I said, “you are the best fuck I ever had in my life.” And kissed her passionately.

She said, “you are only the second fuck I ever had. But I am ready to do that all the time.”

But the strange thing is that, after that night, she just vanished. I called her apartment and never got an answer. I looked for her in the class we shared, but the professor said she dropped it. I asked him what happened to her, but he said he didn’t know. I even tried calling her home in a far away State, but I got no answer there either.

At that point, I just gave up.

About a year later, I got a picture through the mail. It was a picture of this girl, standing in a room, holding a baby—and looking very serious. The baby had dark hair like mine. There was no return address. And the postmark was smeared and unreadable. There was no note and no writing on the picture.

It is an absolute true, and completely strange, story. I often wondered what happened! Why did she just vanish after that night? And why did she keep a baby from a guy she obviously didn’t want to see again? If she reads this story, she will remember it just like I wrote it. And perhaps I can see her again after many years. To be frank, I would like to keep making babies with her until she is too old to do it again. I feel like she robbed me of the enjoyment of nailing her several times a day and watching her belly grow big with my babies time and again.