STORY TITLE Fantasy to Reality

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

I guess it started when I saw a scene in a movie that mentioned a gloryhole, At the time I didn't know what it was so I put it on search on my computer & found a lot of info including movie mpg's & stories. I became excited watching & reading about them & started fantisizing about being in one.The more I read & searched the more excited I got, especially the ones involving blacks as I had never been with one. I then got into the black wife breeding websights & others involving young white girls being bred by blacks these stories & videos made for a lot of orgasms playing with my toys & fantasizing .

I didn't think of actually doing it till almost a year later, I was at a hotel for a business seminar & I over-heard 2 black men talking about one in the porn store near there.I had a few orgasms thinking about it that night & started watching the store. The neighborhood although predominately black was very quiet & did not seem dangerous. I was more concerned with going into a bad area than anything else so I thought maybe I'll try it. that was 6 mo. before I got the nerve.

At first I thought to just do the gloryhole but as the months passed the thought of being unprotected & fertile like in those blackbred stories & movies fed my fantasies, over & over I would fantasize & have dreams about it. The more I thought about doing it the hotter I got thinking about the risk of being unprotected & that dangerous risk making it more exciting.I knew I would be playing with fire but being able to fulfill those fantasies would maybe be worth the risk. I thought in reality I didn't want a baby just yet especially a black one. I felt that although there would be enough risk of pregnancy to excite me it would be exciting enough to just do it bare & unprotected but not at the fertile time of my cycle.

I finally got the nerve & went to the store and into the office to talked to the owner. I explained what I wanted to do. He was quite surprised that this little redheaded white woman wanted to work the gloryhole there & unproteced. I told him I wanted to be black-bred so to excite & intrest him more,he didn't have to know I was planing to do it at a time I wasn't fertile. He said I could do it but the only time he had an opening was the following saturday & to be there by 9pm he would start me at about 10-10:30 & run me till 1:30 or till I droped & he laughed. He then said he wanted to see the goods so he had me strip,I did & he looked me over & said I had a very sexy body but I should shave because it would be easier to clean & the men would like it better. I got dressed & left. I was all set next saturday would be it.

I was so hot on the drive home thinking next week I will be able to live out & quench my desires. as I drove and my excitement faded a little, I realised OH SHIT!!! next saturday I wouldn't be at a safe time in my cycle It would be near or at my time of ovulation & I most likely will be very fertile. I thought about trying to change it but he was solid on the fact saturday was the only opening available. Maybe I just wouldn't show but then he would never let me do it later if I pulled a no-show on him. As the days went on I was thinking what should I do,the more I thought about that at this time in my cycle it would be so very risky the more aroused & excited I got, logic and reason seemed to have deserted me. During the day I was extreamly aroused and during the nights the dreams came and I would awake so excited thinking of it. As saturday came near I knew what I had to do, I would fulfill my fantasies to the fullest. I had to take the ultimate chance and risk it, doing it totally unprotected at my most fertile time & very possably having an unknown blackman put a baby in my little white belly.

Friday I shaved my pussy & legs then kept plenty of baby oil on all day. I got things ready for the next night,extraclothes, towels, wet wipes & a cooler with energy drinks & snacks I figured I was going to be there a while & may need something. I went to sleep & woke up hot & wet from dreaming about it again around 3am.The excitement & fear was intence,it faded after some time & I went back to sleep.I got up around noon & made something to eat,killed some time around the house then showered & got ready.

I drove to the store almost turning around several times thinking I must be nuts doing this at this time,but my desires got the better of me & I arrived shortly before 9pm.At the door I stopped & thought what am I doing! I don't want a black baby if I go in here I may very likely leave knocked up. Again my desires got the better of my reason, I went inside found the owner & he showed me the room I would be in. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this & I said that I did, he then said to remove my clothes because he wanted to be first.We both stripped it was the first time I saw a black cock in person & it facinated me. it is a little longer than any I had but not excessively large like in the porn stories & vids. He told me to suck it & make it wet & hard, I did so & he got harder very quickly. He sat on the toilet there & told me to put it in my pussy, I straddled him & put it just inside,I was so hot watching this hard black cock belonging to a man as old as my father slowly enter my white pussy. It slid into me easily because I was so wet, It made me very excited thinking this is my first black cock & he is going to cum in my fertile & unprotected pussy. I started fucking him slowly at first then faster & harder after a while he said he was going to cum.As I started my orgasm I screamed do it,breed me,cum inside me, he then started squirting his sperm deep inside.When he withdrew some of his cum started to seep out of me & ran down my thighs,as it did I watched it thinking well it's too late to run away now.I looked at the hole & he said you start in a half hour so you may want to get ready.

Time went by fast as I arranged my things,I heard a noise in the other room & then a black cock came through the hole.I went over & started playing with it & licking it, It was very hard & I turned placed it inside my pussy & started to fuck it, facinated watching this bare black cock sliding in & out of my white pussy.I was thinking my god I don't even know what this man looks like & I'm going to take his seed in me! I was so hot thinking of that and that he may pregg me that I began having small orgasms cumming over & over,this was new to me as I had never had multiples before.Those must have triggered his, he grunted & a total stranger was pumping a large amount of hot sperm in my fertile pussy,this set off a major orgasm in me.

This went on over & over thru the hole came one black cock after another. Taking them into me, fucking them till they came,all night thinking of them getting me black pregnant all total strangers pumping load after load of hot black baby making cum into my pussy giving me orgasm after orgasm.As the night went on I was asking then begging them to make me pregnant, put their seed in me, to knock me up, this confused me I really did want them to put a baby in me. Sperm kept running out of me & down my legs I'd wipe off, drink some of the energy drinks I brought then took another unknown cock into my body,beg him to pregg me then take more black seed into my unprotected fertile womb.Determined to not drop I did not give up, I kept going and they pumped in me more & more hot black-baby cum I kept having more & more orgasms many very intense. I heard the owner yell last one closing soon,I took the black cock into me & started giving him a slow fuck making this one last just a bi
t longer then I speeded things up & another last hot load of sperm was sent deep into me in search of my egg.I looked at the clock I had been there a little over 3hrs.The time seemed to have gone by quickly as I was in a constant state of arousal being either on the edge of or in orgasm.

I cleaned up some, got dressed & gathered my things to leave. Before I left the owner told me as small as I was I had surprised him by taking all of those men & not collapsing. I asked how many? he said including him 24 different men. I left then & drove home hoping I didn't catch but thinking oh god! I have had so much sperm pumped into me it would be a miracle if I didn't get pregnant from this. I got home & the fatigue finally cought up with me & I just fell on the bed & went to sleep in my clothes. Waking up the next morning I was very stiff & sore, a hot bath helped with that. As I lay in the tub I kept thinking of when I was in the room asking them to make me pregnant I am still confused as part of me hopes they suceeded and put a baby in me & part of me hopes they didn't. Concieving and bearing a black baby doesn't bother me as much as the thought of the problems that interracial child would have with a white mother and no father,I'm well aware of how the other children treat you in school when you are different!

It has now been nine days since that night and my period started this afternoon, I should be elated that I'm not pregnant but instead I feel very depressed and disappointed that I'm not. There are some things I'd like to say about that night. First is that there are times that fantasy could never compare to reality,that night was the most sexually fulfilling and fantastic time of my life. Second although I had no control over those men I serviced, the owner of the store did everything possible to insure my safety & to reduce the risk of std's.