STORY TITLE White Slut Nurse
CODES MF, Preg, Interr, Gang
DATE ADDED 8th February, 2004

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


Hi, I am Debbie, 28 and 1.90 m. I used to be a very innocent girl. I was a girl with many ideals. As I always wanted to help other people, I had become a nurse. I wanted to go to Africa to help people over there.

I already had applied for a position as a volunteer nurse in Africa, when I met my boyfriend Andrew, a gynaecologist in training at Harvard Medical School. He and I had build a great relation and I thought that we would get married one day. But my live got another turn.

A few months later I got a phone call that I had been selected for a stay in Kenya with the Masai. I hesitated a lot, but finally decided to go. As I am a tall girl, I always had been dreaming about staying in an environment with many tall guys. I must admit I also was curious whether or not they also had long dicks. At that time I hadn't any thoughts or dreams about having sex with them: I had a boyfriend. My stay would only be for one year!

In the first weeks I was totally devoted to my job. I also thought a lot about my boyfriend: I missed him but I also started to miss having sex. In these weeks I also had seen many nude Masai men and had noticed that they had long dicks indeed: some had dicks of almost two feet!

Slowly but surely I started to have fantasies about having sex with those tall Masai with their big dicks. I started to use the very large dildo my boy-friend had given me. The dildo was about one and half feet long and a feet around. I had to make heavy use of the dildo. When I had a fantasy I took the dildo and pushed it as deep as I could into my wet and slippery cunt.

At one time I pushed it so deep that the dildo went into my womb. I found it such a special and exciting feeling that from that time onwards I always pushed the dildo into my womb. From then on I also got fantasies about getting knocked up. I started to dream about dicks entering my womb and making me pregnant.

I still remained faithful to my boyfriend, but it became more and more difficult. My fantasies also became stronger. I not only started to think about having sex with Masai men I had become acquainted to. I also started to have fantasies about having sex with more than one man. I dreamed about having more than one dick entering my cunt, my womb and knocking me up. In my dreams I had become a white slut.

In reality I still hadn't had the nerve to live out my fantasy. Partly because I still wanted to stay faithful to my boyfriend, partly because I did not know how to act out my dreams. Where should a white slut goto to get those Masai to fuck her! I had no idea! I still was a stranger to the culture of the Masai. I knew that they had initiation-rites, but they were for Masai only. These were no use to me.

As I could no longer stop my urges, I talked to a Masai nurse about meet-ing places of Masai men and women. I really wasn't interested in the meeting places of the women, only in the places for men. But I knew I couldn't show too much interest in mens' places. The Masai nurse told me all about the places to go and not to go, about places where women were treated with respect and where they were treated like whores or sluts. Finally I knew where to go: to the places were men treat the women like whores or sluts: I wanted to become a white slut, knocked up if possible.

That evening I went to the place she most strongly told me not to go to: girls didn't get picked up there, they were fucked on the spot. Men would grab your tits, would push their fingers inside your cunt, would fuck you and would even gangbang you. That was the place to be for a white slut! I would go unprotected, I no longer used the pill and I wouldn't take any condoms with me. If they fucked me there was a chance that I would get knocked up!

As I entered this wicked bar, all those tall Masai were looking at me. They looked as if they were undressing me. If looks could undress, I would have been starved naked. But although they looked they didn't make any dirty remark, didn't try anything dirty. I looked around and found a place to sit. As I sat down, I saw the Masai nurse that had told me not to go to this place. She had two cocks buried in her cunt, one in her ass and sucked a fourth! There was a true black slut.

The men still didn't make any advances. They only looked at me. I thought that they might think that I had entered this place by mistake. They might be afraid I would go to the police if they tried anything. I had to convince them they should 'rape' me. What should I do: should I start fingering myself in public or should I join in with the Masai nurse.

I decided to finger myself. I lifted the hem of my dress and started to caress my clit. They were not reacting quickly enough, so I pushed three fingers inside my cunt. It wasn't long before some of the men turned to me. They realized I wanted to get 'raped'.

Three tall Masai men came to me. They asked if I knew what kind of place this was. I answered affirmatively and told them I had been told by the Masai girl that was gangfucked at the other table. They asked me if they could abuse me. I said: 'Yes, go ahead'.

At first they started to grab my large tits. They squeezed them very hard without any considerations on my account. I realized I was about to become a white slut and I loved the idea. One of the guys started to suck one of my tits. The other took his cock out of his pants and offered it to me to suck.

His cock was long and thick. I couldn't wait to get that one into my cunt. The third guy was fumbling around with my pussy. He inserted his fist into my fucking hole. It didn't go very deep, because I had a rather tight pus-sy.

The man whose cock I had been sucking could no longer hold himself and he wanted to fuck me. I had no objection whatever. He put his cock inside my cunt and I immediately started to have an orgasm. I realised that I could get pregnant by him. That was a great turn-on. His cock went in very deep. Suddenly I felt him penetrating my womb. His cock was inside my most fertile spot! I got hornier than I already was. His cock went up and down my wet and slippery cunt. Each time I felt it penetrating my uterus. I felt like a super-slut. Nothing could hold me back. I wanted to go all the way.

Then man had been pumping for a few minutes when he was about to come. He asked me if he should pull out and fire his semen over my belly. I could not control myself and started to yell.

"Don't you dare! Fuck me harder! Come up in my cunt! I'm not on the pill so come on, knock this white slut up!"

"Don't pull out! Breed me, make me pregnant, gang-fuck me! Push your cockheads hard into my cervix when we cum! My uterus! Help me! I'm cumming! Hold it hard, deep! Yes!"

"Don't pull out! I'm a dirty white slut that needs a good screwing! Fuck it right up me and spunk into my womb! Knock this white slut up with your black baby! I want to be a momma!"

The guy immediately shot his semen into my womb. It went right into my uterus. I could be knocked up at that same moment. It was not very likely that he had succeeded, but the thought was quite nice.

While my cunt was still leaking sperm, the two other guys laid down on the ground. They had moved in such a position that their cocks were placed together. They indicated that I had to lower myself onto both cocks at ones! As I really wanted to get turned into a super-slut, this would be a mayor step towards that goal.

As their cocks were rather large and thick, I also feared sitting down onto those two cocks. Fortunately my cunt was very slippery and I still was very horny. Thighs spread, I guided the monster poles into my cunt. With a sloppy gulp, my willing cunt took them to the hilt. The naked cock heads pressed into my open cervix and uterus. My cunt was spread wide open as those cocks went in and out.

I liked this very much as I was in control. I could set the pace for the fucking. The previous fuck had been a fast one, so I made this one a lot slower. I enjoyed having two dicks in my cunt. At first I didn't let them enter me too deep. I prevented them from entering my womb, but I felt their cocks at her gateway. I had been fucking them for a few minutes as I found I could no longer hold back, I moved faster and felt both cocks entering my uterus. They went into my uterus quit deep and it drove me completely wild. I started to shout again.

"Breed me, make me pregnant, gang-fuck me! Push your cockheads hard into my cervix when we cum! Shoot your loads into my womb! Knock me up, you bastards! I'm not on the pill, so let me have!"

As they came, I could feel the difference of each shot of semen. Both shot large globs of sperm in my overfilled cunt. As they pulled out, sperm was running down my legs. Even this double fuck wasn't the last that night. I fucked at least ten other Masai warriors that night. The Masai nurse also must have been fucking with ten other Masai warriors. She left a little earlier then I did. We didn't have the opportunity to talk to each other.

The next day we didn't work on the same shift, so we couldn't speak with each other. I did not return to that bar. My cunt was still sore.

The day after I met the Masai slut nurse. Now we could talk. Her name was Nire. She was nineteen years old and just came from a small place into this city. Now her parents had no control she could do what she pleased.

She asked me if I had enjoyed myself. I told her I did. I had become a white slut, just as she was a black slut. She told me that if I wanted to have a very experience, I should go with her that evening. She knew three brothers who were "triple gunners". They were able to fuck a girl simultaneously. The girl would get three cocks buried deep inside her cunt. And if I thought I had seen cocks, I would get a shock. These guys had the biggest cocks known to men. They were three feet long! And they were fully loa-ded.

I agreed to come along. She would be picking me up around eight o'clock. Then we would visit these wonder boys. That evening she came at eight. She took me to a normal house not to a bar or so.

When we arrived, the door was opened by a large naked Masai. He had the longest penis I had ever seen. I couldn't wait to feel that one inside my cunt. I started to leak! Inside the room were two other naked Masai men, who also had long penises. I almost fainted at the idea that all three cocks would go in my cunt. I had thought that we would have sex with the five of use, but the Masai girl wished us much of fun and left.

The men were as horny as hell. I hardly had any time to sit down. They came to me and offered their cocks. I suck one, while I jerked the other two. These guys were very impatient. They were very single minded. They really only wanted to fuck. I did not object. I wanted them to fuck me. That's the reason I came here.

The guy I had been sucking was the first to fuck me. I was a little bit afraid for his very big cock. As he pushed inside me, I could feel he was an expert. I felt completely filled up. He started to shag me very slowly and not very deep: a large part of his cock did not enter my cunt. Then he set up pace, his cock went deeper into my willing cunt. Suddenly his cock entered my uterus. His cock went in and out and I enjoyed it very much. I waited for him to shoot his semen inside my womb and possibly make me pregnant. But he stopped before he shot his semen inside me. He told me to wait.

After he had pulled out, his brother took over. Again a cock was pushed right inside my uterus, but he also didn't come inside my womb. The third brother did the same thing.

As they all had been fucking me this way, they said they would knock me up using the "triple gunners". I couldn't wait. They laid down on the g-round and moved into a position where their cocks came together. It looked great and exciting: three monster poles in a bundle. I could hardly wait to have a ride.

Before riding I licked those three large cocks, they had to be as slippery as possible when they entered my cunt. When the cocks were all slippery and wet, I could no longer hold back, I had to fuck and get myself knocked up. These guys would make me pregnant with a triplet each from a different father!

The cocks didn't go in very easily, they were large and thick. At first only a small part of the cocks went up my cunt, but with each stroke they went deeper. I had the time of my life. Then all three cocks at once entered my womb. I can't describe the feelings I had. I just went wild and over the top. I started to give these cocks a wild ride. I rode these cocks for five minutes and the guys still didn't come. The ride went on and on. All the time their cocks stayed inside my uterus. They never left my womb again. Meanwhile I was shouting rude language:

"Push your cockheads further inside my uterus! Knock this white slut up! Make a black baby inside my cunt! Don't pull out until I'm pregnant! Breed me, you stallions! Make me pregnant, keep me pregnant! Gang-fuck me! Shoot all your sperm in my womb!"

After a fucking of an hour, they could no longer hold back and emptied their cocks inside my womb. They hadn't asked if they should pull back, they just wanted to knock me up. A very large load of sperm had been blown inside my cunt. It looked as if they had shot a bucket full of sperm inside me. As I stood up, I was leaking. I hoped that still enough sperm were left to make me a knocked up white slut.

Since that fuck I have been gangfucking each night, either in one of the sleazy bars or by the three brothers. Never in my live have I been so full of sper-m. It was only a matter of time before I would be knocked up. And indeed about two months after I started acting like a slut, I found out I was pregnant. I had no idea who made me pregnant, but I hoped that it would be by those three brothers and hopefully a triplet.

I also found out I was not the only one that was knocked up. One morning I entered the changing-room in the Hospital, there was Nire throwing up. She told me she had been this way for a week and had no idea what she had. I knew she never had been using con-doms and I also imagined she was not on the pill. I asked if she used the pill, she said no. I told her she probably was pregnant. Fucking around, like she did have to result in pregnancy. She sighed and told me that she was expecting that. She also told that her fuc-king days were over. I told:

"No way. Although I'm pregnant, I continue to fuck around. I became a white slut and I still am a white slut. My pregnancy is not going to stop that"

After I told her I would continue to fuck around, I still thought I would take it easier. I had been in gangbangs, but I thought I wouldn't do pregnant gangbangs. In old USA I had seen "Nadine's pregnant gangbang, part one & 2". My boyfriend was a kinky guy. He had bought both films. I didn't like them very much. I found them a little too kinky. Boy, if I had known that I would be practicing the things I had seen and much more! I would have looked a little bit better. Nadine had been on her own, but I would take Nire with me.

The first months of Nire's and my pregnancy, one could hardly see anything. After four months our bellies began bulging. At the fifth month our pregnancies showed and by the sixth month we were unmistakenly pregnant. Nire and I could no longer see our own feet. We had very large bellies. We both must have been pregnant with a triplet or at least twins. Although we both were very pregnant, we still went to all the wicked places. And still enjoyed being gangbanged.

Let me tell you about one of my pregnant gangbangs. As always I was not alone, Nire had gone with me. We went to the sleaziest place of all: the place men would grab your tits, push fingers up your cunt, fuck you and even gangfuck you. We both wanted a thorough fuck and wanted to be covered with sperm.

To make sure men saw me as a knocked up white slut, I had been wearing "dirty" make up and "dirty" clothes. I used pink eye-paint, heavy rouge and bright red lipstick. I only wore spandex dresses that just came under my cunt. I never wore any pants, I liked my cunt to be uncovered. That way men could get to their goal much easier. I also had shaved my pubic hair, so my cunt was perfectly bald. I had learned that this turned man on. Nire had also been wearing all of this. She had also shaved her cunt.

As we entered the bar, we were swarming by men. A dozen men came to us and immediately grabbed any thing they could. A few were squeezing my tits, while others were caressing my big belly and still others were looking for my pussy. As they were very horny this time, they tore up my dress: I was completely naked. I could see that men were doing the same thing to Nire. She also was completely naked.

The men pushed me to a table. Without any considerations they threw me on the table. Before I had hit the table, the first cock went into my knocked up cunt. This was the life for a knocked up slut. It didn't take very long for him to come. As he pulled his cock out, someone else shoved his cock inside my knocked up cunt. Within ten minutes ten men had come inside my knocked up cunt. The same thing happened at the table beside mine. At that table different men fuck Nire. She also had one cock in her mouth, while her big belly was already covered with some sperm. I lay behind! I should make up for the lost time.

I instructed two of the guys to lay on the table. I wanted to be double-fuc-ked. As the guys laid down, I sat at top of their dicks. As always, it gave me enormous pleasure. I loved feeling two cocks inside my knocked up cunt.

At that moment I saw that someone was making Polaroid-pictures from me while I was fucking. I didn't want those to go around so I wanted them given to me. The photographer didn't mind. While still fucking I saw the pictures. They turned me on even more. I could hardly breathe anymore and started to scream:

"You bastards, give it to this knocked up slut! I'm a white knocked up slut that wants a good screw! Keep pushing your cocks inside my cunt! Keep fucking me! Fill me up with your cum!"

These last words had their effect. The two men shot all of their cum inside my knocked up cunt. When they were done I saw the three brothers. I invited them, because I wanted to feel the "triple gunner" again.

Very soon they were in position. As my cunt was very wet and slippery form all the cum from those other guys, I had no trouble getting those gigantic cocks inside my knocked up cunt. I rode them with care, but ma-king sure that with each thrust of me the cock would go deeper. Finally they could not go any deeper. I order to make them come I started to shout:

"Fuck me, you breeders! Fuck me hard, you bastards! Make me come! Fill up my knocked up cunt! Come in my cunt! Fuck this white knocked up slut! Gangfuck me harder!"

They could not hold back and I felt the "triple gunner" emptied inside my knocked up cunt.

Meanwhile Nire had not sat still, I saw how she was gangbanged. I saw how she rode one cock, had one cock in her ass and was sucking a third one. Her pregnancy belly moved gently up and down. I could see she enjoy-ed herself as much as I did.

After a few more fucks Nire and I were satisfied. We had gotten where we came for. A few good fucks and our bodies covered with sperm. As we had to return home naked, we both were raped a few times as well. We didn't care. We wanted and wished for all the cocks and cum in the world.

I still hadn't told my boyfriend, I had been cheating on him and got myself knocked up. I still loved him, but he would be devastated and wouldn't want to see me anymore. I thought about I would bring this news to him. We had some phone calls, but I had never told him I had been cheating and got knocked up.

Then I got an idea: a few weeks ago -during one of my pregnant gang-bangs-pictures had been taken. These showed me in full pregnancy with two cocks buried deep inside my cunt. I would send him these pictures and a message on the back of one of them.

I wrote:
`Dear Andrew,

I didn't have the nerve to tell you, but during my stay here I have been turned into a complete slut. A knocked up slut as a matter of fact.

After a few weeks I could no longer control my urges and needed to get fucked thoroughly. I had been playing with the dildo you gave me, but it didn't stop my urges, it only made me want to get knocked up.

You were so far away and those tall Masai warriors with their gigantic cocks were so available that I started to fuck around. I have been in many gangbangs so far. During one of these gangbangs I must have been knocked up.

I know you must be hurt, but I hope you'll forgive me. Your knocked up white slut,


I expected him to leave me. I couldn't believe that he still wanted me to be his girlfriend. Therefore, his letter came as a total surprise. He wrote:

`Dear Debbie,

Your pictures made me horny as hell. I love a knocked up woman that's the reason I became a gynecologist.

I had hoped those big black men would knock you up. That's the reason I gave you that large dildo. I almost gave up hope of turning you into a dick-loving slut. I was disappointed that you never mentioned any sexual adventures during our phone calls.

Now I have finished my education and will be coming soon. I want to see you being gangbanged by those black men while you're pregnant.

I will take some pregnant gangbang movies with me and I also will buy a camcorder to make our own pregnant gangbang movies. I hope you're prepared to become a permanent knocked up white slut. Your loving, Andrew'

A few days later Andrew phoned me that he would come to me. He had contacted the hospital I am working and convinced them to take him as one of their staff. The hospital could not refuse, they might never have the opportunity to get someone from Harvard again.

Two days later he arrived at the airport. His face started to glow as he saw my big belly. It was that we were at a public place otherwise he had fucked me on the spot. The first thing he said to me: "I will fuck you, you knocked up slut. I will push my cock as deep as I can inside that knocked up cunt of you." I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to rape me.

As we came at my place, the first thing Andrew did, was rape me. He pushed his cock deep inside my knocked up cunt. He was calling me names.

"I'm going to fuck you, you knocked up slut! I'm going to come in your knocked up cunt! I'm going to turn you into a permanent knocked up white slut! You will keep getting pregnant until you're too old! We will find as many stallions for your cunt as we can find! You'll always will be knocked up from now on!"

I didn't mind as long as he would be with me and as long as I could stay a white slut. I hoped Andrew could help me to become a white super-slut.