STORY TITLE Today Was The Day
CODES MF, Reluc, Impreg
DATE ADDED 14th January, 2007

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


There she was, the slut. She was beautiful, tall with long blonde hair & a figure most women would kill for. I’d said hello once & she looked at me as if I was a piece of shit she had just trodden in. Well today I was going to show her. Today was the day I had planned for months.

I waited until dark, she lived alone, I made sure of that because I had been watching. I went to the sliding door which I had forced open earlier & let myself into the house, I knew she was in the shower & I knew where I was going to hide until she came out.

I waited patiently & herd the shower stop & the door open, she was singing along to a song on the radio, I watched as she walked to her bed dropping her soiled clothes onto it, pulled off her towel that she had wrapped around her fantastic body. Everything was in proportion from her button nose to her c-cup breasts & her pert ass. She started to rub at her wet hair with her towel, this was the time, I moved quickly & quietly behind her grabbed the towel & wrapped it around her face so she couldn’t see & her cries were muffled.

She struggled but was not strong enough & I pushed her to a kneeling position on the floor & pushed her forwards onto the bed. I knelt behind her lined my hard cock up with her cunt & slammed it all the way in, all 9” in one go went slicing into her cunt.

She screamed as she felt me enter her moist cunt & screamed again as I entered her womb.

“ God your tight, I bet your boyfriend doesn’t go as deep as this dose he?” I pulled my cock out to the last inch & slammed it back in, her screaming gradually going to a moaning with every thrust of my prick into her.

Then I felt it, her body was betraying her, her cunt was getting wet, she was letting out more moans & she was trying to push back. I released the towel & pulled it away & held her face against the bed.

“Tell me, have you ever had a cock as big as mine?”

“Oh god, no, no I haven’t. Please don’t kill me.”

“I’m not going to, I’m just going to fuck this tight cunt until I blow my load inside you.”

“Oh god, I’m cumming. Please don’t cum in me, I’m not on the pill, please not inside me. You can do anything but please don’t cum inside me.”

“Ok, I wont cum in you now but I will later.” I pulled my cock from her now sopping cunt & pushed the head passed her sphincter & into her ass.

“Oh god no, please not in my ass I’ve never had anything in there, please anything else.”

I slammed my cock into her ass & started pumping back & forward burying it to the hilt every time. “Make up your mind, you don’t want my cock in your cunt even though you were cumming all over it so I shove it up your ass.” I felt her go stiff as another orgasm flows threw her. “ & your still cumming all over it when its in your ass.” I carry on slamming my cock into her ass as another climax hits her.

“Ok then.” I wrap the towel around her eyes & tie it off so she cant see & pull her head up by her long blonde hair, I sit on the edge of the bed, pulling her in-between my legs. “Ok then, now suck my cock, swallow my whole cock, I’ll make you a deal if you can deep throat my cock until I cum down your throat I wont cum in that tight cunt of yours.” I push my cockhead passed her lips & start fucking her mouth, every time I hit the back of her throat she would gag. “Are you ready? I’m going right down your throat.” I grabbed her head in both hands & pushed it down onto my cock as I slammed upwards with my cock, it went all the way down her throat but her gag reaction soon forced me out.

“Well that’s it then.” I pushed her forward & knelt behind her, I looked down at her exposed cunt & ass to see it glisten with her cunt juice & I watched as it trickled down her legs to a small puddle on the floor. “My, my, what have I got here then? I think you like this don’t you?” I slammed my cock back into her wet cunt. “Well? You like it don’t you?” I started fucking her hard & felt another orgasm flood through her. “Come on tell me, your enjoying me using you aren’t you? You love the feel of my big cock inside you don’t you?” I pulled out & ploud into her ass again, she just kept on cumming. My balls & legs were saturated with her juice. “Come on tell me, tell me, tell me you love my big cock in your cunt & ass & tell me where you want my spunk.”

“God I love it……. Oh god your cocks…. Oh so good…… Ilove your oh I love it up my ass……Oh god no ones ever been ……Oh shit fuck my ass…… Fuck my ass & then stuff it up my cunt & fill it with your spunk……. Oh god please, do it cum inside my cunt, knock me up……. I don’t care just fuck me.”

I pulled my cock out of her ass & slammed it into her cunt & exploded deep inside her, coating her unprotected womb with my fertile seed.

When I had come down from my high, I pulled my cock from her cunt. She must have passed out. I went to my coat & pulled out my Polaroid & took two pictures of her leaning on her bed, her ass & cunt red & open with cunt juice all over her & my spunk running from her cunt.


I did visit again & have done a few times, the key is always there & I did knock her up, she had a boy & she’s expecting our next one in a month. She still doesn’t know who their father is.