AUTHOR Suewatcher
CODES MF, reluc, wife, intr, preg
DATE ADDED 16th October, 2005


DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


Bill finished the last line, checked the spelling, then
hit the submit button. This was the first erotic story
Bill had ever written. Turning off the computer, Bill
stood up and walked into his bedroom. Jenny his wife
was already asleep. Bill quietly watched her breasts
rise and fall with each breath. Bill thought, how lucky
could a guy be, taking note of Jenny's nipples outlined
against the thin fabric of her old Longhorn t-shirt.

Bill Thomas met Jennifer Rodriguez six years ago when
she applied for a job with one of his clients. Bill,
forty-three had been divorced for a couple of years and
was working as a head hunter with a recruiting company.
Jennifer, Jenny for short, was working on her
undergraduate degree in marketing at UT and needed part
time work. Twenty-five years old, Jenny was a
strikingly attractive woman. Five foot five, thin, but
with an athletic body. Bill was smitten immediately,
unfortunately company policy strongly prohibited any
type of fraternization with prospective employees and

Then came the best luck of Bill's middle age life, some
one else was given the job. Bill didn't have to, but he
decided to use this turn of events to meet with Jenny.
Bill called on Jenny in person, they had lunch, and a
year later were a happily married couple.

Bill crawled into bed next to Jenny, his mind fresh
with the fantasy outlined in his story, his dick still
hard. Bill placed his hand on Jenny's stomach and
gently pushed up her burnt orange t-shirt. Jenny's
white bikini panties contrasted sharply with her olive
skin, tanned from a weekend at the lake.

"Is somebody feeling a little frisky."

"I thought you were asleep."

"Bill I was."

Bill moved his hand up underneath Jenny's t-shirt and
cupped her breast. "Have I told you how much I love you
Jenny Thomas."

"Not enough Mr. Thomas. My what do we have here." Jenny
had reached down and caressed Bill's hard dick through
his jockey's.

"It's what you do to me baby." Bill pinched Jenny's
nipple and she let out a low groan.

"Honey it's so late."

Bill pulled up Jenny's shirt exposing her breast. Then
Bill slid down and sucked Jenny's protruding nipple
into his mouth. Jenny arched her back offering even
more of her breast for Bill's attention. Bill sucked on
her nipple for a little while and smiled to himself as
Jenny pushed him down between her legs. Past the point
of no return Bill knew they would be making love, now
Bill could settle into his fantasy, not that he needed
to, it just seemed to make things more exciting.

God even the scent of Jenny made Bill wild. Jenny's
pussy smelled of the perfect mixture of fresh soap and
hot woman. Gazing up between her legs Bill could see
Jenny's eyes were closed and he wondered if she
fantasized like he did. Bill to closed his eye's and
let his mind drift off into his fantasy. Sucking
Jenny's clit between his lips, Bill lapped at her clit,
bringing Jenny to a series of orgasms. Jenny began
pulling on Bill's hair which was Bill's signal that
Jenny wanted to make love.

Bill slid up between Jenny's legs and with out a word
entered his wife's well lubricated pussy.

"Oh god Billy, make love to me honey, oh deeper, yes
that's so nice."

Bill looked down on Jenny's exquisite body. For Bill,
Jenny was perfection, there wasn't one thing on the
woman he would change, he loved every bit of her. The
strange thing was, that at that moment in Bill's mind
another man had taken his place, a dark man. A black
man. In Bill's mind's eye that man began pumping harder
as he came closer to cumming. The fantasy complete Bill
could no longer hold back and he drove his dick as deep
as it would go and came in his wife's pussy.

Jenny woke before Bill and retrieved a cup of coffee
before showering. The night before had been great, just
like always with Bill. Of course Jenny had little to go
on by way of experience. Jenny had know just one other
lover, her high school sweet heart Raul. They had dated
during her senior year if that's what you could call
it. Jenny's father had been very strict. Jenny went to
a junior college for two years, before moving on to UT.
Raul came to visit and it was on one of those trips
that she lost her virginity and so had Raul. They
continued seeing each other for another year when Raul
broke the news that he had started seeing a girl back
home, who had gotten pregnant. Jenny was heart broken,
but immersed herself in school. Jenny stayed away from
men for over a year. Then Jenny met Bill and everything

Pulling the scrunchy out of her pony tail, Jenny shook
her brown shoulder length hair out before climbing into
the shower. The water was steamy and as she washed, she
wondered if last night they had conceived a child. For
Jenny it was the only thing missing from her perfect
life with Bill.

Chap. 2

Several days after Bill's story was published on
Literotica he received some feedback. This feedback
wasn't the first he had received. There had been
several, some with constructive criticism, some
encouraging him to write some more, this recent one was
different. It read:

Is the story about your wife

Bill had replied to all the other e-mails and thought
nothing of responding to the latest mail, Bill wrote:

Actually the story is based on events that happened
during my first marriage, although the woman described
in the story is actually my current wife. Thanks for
your interest Bill

"What are you doing honey," Jenny asked as she came
into the study wrapped in a towel.

Bill closed the widow and stood up taking Jenny into
his arms. "Just answering e-mail from work. Thanks for
last night sweetheart that was fantastic."

"Your welcome big fella, I see you're happy to see me
this morning too." Jenny could feel Bill's semi-hard
dick through his jockey's.

Bill squeezed Jenny tight, noting that some of the
excitement he was experiencing was due in part to
answering e-mail about his story. Particularly the
query about his wife. Part of Bill wanted to tell Jenny
about the story and feed back, but based on past
experience he wasn't sure how Jenny would react. About
a year before he had brought home a men's magazine
which contained letters from couples who had done some
swinging. Bill had brought the magazine home just to
spice up the sex life, not to suggest they do any
swinging. The truth be know Bill didn't know if he
could actually handle Jenny sleeping with another man.
Well Jenny had read only part of one of the letters,
before exploding in a tirade. Bill remembered it well.

"Jesus Bill how could you bring this trash into the
house. What kind of man would ever want to share his
wife with another man. Certainly not one I want to be
married to."

It took Bill most of the night to calm Jenny down.
Prior to that night, Jenny had always indicated to Bill
that her mother had died shortly after Jenny's birth in
a car wreck. During the ensuing argument Bill learned
Jenny's mother had run off with a neighbor abandoning
her and her father. Bill learned that Jenny's father
was very strict. Jenny was rarely allowed to date.
Needless to say Bill never brought the subject up
again, but that didn't mean he didn't think about it.

Jenny puzzled Bill. On the one hand she was very
adventurous when it came to sex. Jenny would try
anything, Bill was sure of that. When they first met
Jenny was very inexperienced. No oral sex, missionary
position and that was it. Now after five years of
marriage they had made love in every position
imaginable and as far as oral sex, Bill never had
better. The first time he came in Jenny's mouth she
nearly swallowed him whole as she sucked and swallowed
every drop of his cum. That was why the magazine thing
had surprised Bill so much, he just hadn't seen it

Two days later Bill received a second e-mail:

You must be very proud to have such a beautiful wife
she sounds like quite a woman. Do you imagine her
fucking a black man just like your first wife. Send me
her picture. Andre

Bill's first reaction was not to reply, but then he
began to think things through. Hell he thought, what
did he care if a stranger saw a picture of his wife.
After all they would never meet. Bill started searching
through his folder of digital pictures he had taken of
Jenny. Nothing in the folder was all that revealing and
then he found a picture of Jenny he had taken at the
lake. The picture was of Jenny standing by the boat at
Lake Travis. Jenny was wet with water beading up on her
tanned skin. The old yellow bikini was Bill's favorite.
The top showed plenty of her c-cup breasts and the wet
material seemed to cling to Jenny like a second skin.

Bill sent the picture with a note that the photo was a
picture of his wife Susan. Bill didn't want to give
this Andre guy too much information. Bill was about to
log off when he received another e-mail.

Very nice, very nice, but how do I know that's really
your wife. Prove it, take a picture of your wife in the
shower and send it to me. Andre

Bill couldn't believe this guy, he was nuts. This time
Bill didn't respond that day or the next. Bill didn't
get anymore e-mails from Andre either. Two day's later
Bill heard Jenny singing in the shower. Bill had just
finished downloading some pictures and he remembered
the last e-mail. Quietly Bill walked into the bathroom.
Chris was oblivious to Bill's presence. Bill quickly
took several pictures of Chris's back side through the
fogged up shower door. Nothing revealing thought Bill.
Jenny turned off the water. Opening the door Jenny
reached out for a towel. Jenny still hadn't noticed
Bill standing by the door. Bill snapped off two more
pictures and left the room.

While Jenny was getting ready for work Bill downloaded
the new photos. The first shots didn't show much, but a
nude back side. The second group of photos were much
more revealing . Jenny was on her tip toes, arm
outstretched. Jenny's athletic legs and ass were
revealed perfectly and her left breast was perfectly
displayed, her thick dark nipple protruding a good
three-quarters of an inch.

"And what do you plan on doing with that Mr. Thomas."

Bill nearly fell out of his chair. "Nothing just
fooling around." Bill turned around to find Jenny
standing behind him in nothing but a towel.

"Billy if you want a picture all you have to do is ask,
but for your eye's only." With that Jenny unwrapped the
towel. "Here's your chance Mr."

Bill couldn't believe it, he thought Jenny would be
upset if he tried to take pictures of her nude.
Gathering up the camera, Bill dropped to one knee and
began taking pictures.

"I didn't know you liked taking pictures Mr. Thomas,
don't tell me this kind of thing turns you on."

Bill had never done anything like this before and his
dick was rock hard. It was as if Bill was seeing Jenny
nude for the first time and the thing was she seemed to
be enjoying it. Jenny turned one way then the other
before doing a pirouette and leaving the room. Dragging
the towel, Jenny paused at the door, turned around and
gave Bill a wink.

"Too bad I have to go to work, see you later sweetie."

Bill followed Jenny into the bedroom but Jenny was
resolved not to be late for work. Jenny did give Bill's
dick a squeeze on her way out the door.

'Hold that thought big boy."

Bill waited till he heard Jenny's car pull out of the
garage. Then he sent the pictures of Jenny via e-mail
to Andre. That should do it thought Bill, wait till the
dude sees these. Bills heart beat rapidly and his dick
was very hard. Looking at the pictures Bill imagined
what it would be like for Andre to see them for the
first time. Bill wondered if the man was black and if
he would jerk off when he got the pictures. Bill
reached into his jockey's and started playing with his
dick. Andre, with a name like that the dude was
probably black. The idea that he had sent nude pictures
of his wife possibly to a black man made him cum almost

Leaning back in his chair the black man admired the
woman in the photograph. He couldn't be sure, but she
wasn't short perhaps 5'5". Susan, if that was her name,
fit the description of the woman in The Story
perfectly. Brown hair, shoulder length, brown eye's,
Latin decent maybe. The woman was thin but with well
proportioned legs that showed she exercised. The tits
were remarkable, large b maybe c-cup and those nipples,
dark thick protrusions. The black man glanced back at
the photo of the woman in the bikini. No doubt it was
the same woman. The photo also showed a boat on a
trailer in the background. There was a truck attached
to the trailer. The man cropped the picture so that
only the rear of the truck was left of the photo, Then
he zoomed in, the Texas tag showed all but the last
number which was blocked by the hitch. The man picked
up the phone.

"Yes Sergeant, this is Detective Greene with vice, I
need you to run some tag numbers. I have them all but
one. I know, I know it could be a missing letter. Look
the tag is attached to a black F 150 late model, Austin
area. Good, get back with me as soon as you have some
answers. Thanks."

Detective Michael Greene looked at the photo again.
This guy Ben probably not his name, was married to one
very hot woman. That morning after getting the nude
pictures he re-read The Story again. Was it fantasy or
truth or a little of both, Michael couldn't say.
Michael's headache grew worse as he tried to finish the
story. Too much Johnnie Walker last night at the

Michael opened the top draw to his desk and fished out
some Advil. Collecting three, he choked them down with
luke-warm coffee. Closing the draw the phone rang.

"Detective Greene, yeah, William G and Jennifer R
Thomas, 210 Sun Tree Cove. Right, yeah it's out 2222.
Thanks Sergeant."

Michael hung the phone up and thought he hadn't done
this much investigating in the last five years. Of
course vice wasn't about investigating. Hell Michael
wouldn't have done this if not for the story he read in
Literotica. The Story wasn't the first one he read,
Michael had read many stories over the last year since
discovering the site. Michael liked the lesbian stories
a lot and didn't normally read stories in the
interracial section. This story had caught his eye
because it was in the new story section. The story rang
true, not just fiction. Once Michael started reading he
realized the writer was familiar with the Austin area
and this further peeked his interest. Checking the
biography the writer admitted living in the area.
Michael became more curious.

Then there was the description of the main character,
if she were half that nice in person who wouldn't want
to fuck her. So Michael wrote the feedback, never
expecting a response. Now that he had seen the pictures
of the woman he became even more interested. Michael
reached down and rubbed his cock, he was hard but a
little raw after last night. The phone rang.

"Detective Greene, Sly you still at my house. Call a
cab baby, I'm working. I know, I know, look I'll try to
come by tonight, but I have to get some sleep. No I'll
call you. Okay baby see you later.

Leaning back in his chair Michael grabbed his cock and
thought about last night. Fuck he thought, as he
glanced at the picture, why was he going through the
trouble, he could get women. Then he answered his own
question thinking, not like the one in the picture.

There had been a time when women like the one in the
photo looked his way. Twenty years ago he had fucked
half the girls on the cheerleading squad at the ritzy
private school in Dallas. Then he hurt his knee in his
senior year, no more football and no more high class
white girls. Michael finished school with a P.E. degree
and no prospects for a job. Black and broke, Michael
applied for a job as a traffic cop in Round Rock.
Michael went back to school and received a degree in
Law Enforcement, which he used to get a job with the
local department. Twenty years later and 44 years of
age, Michael was a detective in vice.

Vice was a dead end, and Michael knew it, but it did
have its perks. There was the liquor, the whores,
gambling and never far, the drugs. Michael had and
liked his vices. Working vice was perfect for him.
Michael was single though he had tried the married life
briefly. Being tied down was not Michaels way and he
left his wife Pat just six months after they were
married. The closest thing to a relationship he had
with a woman was with Sly, a dancer at the Fantasy.
Michael had been seeing Sly for a couple of months.
Michael liked Sly because like he said, she was a sick
pup, just like he was.

Michael met Sly, short for Sally, at a party one of his
friends was giving. Michael had gone to the party with
a rookie cop named Victoria. Victoria was fresh out of
the Academy and impressionable. Dishwater blond hair
and blue eye's, she was cute, but what got Michael's
attention were her tits. Victoria had been blessed with
big tits and nipples that seemed permanently erect.

At the party Michael had put plan A into effect, that
is, get Victoria drunk. Michael thought plan A was
working great. Victoria was pretty drunk as the party
wound down and was hanging all over him. Michael not
wanting to wait till he got home took Victoria into one
of the back bedrooms. The young blonde was reluctant to
say the least. Every time Michael made a move to get at
her tits or pussy he met with firm resistance. Michael
was about to give up when there was a soft knock on the
door and it opened slowly. Sly entered the room with a
couple of shot glasses and a bottle of chilled tequila.
Victoria was visibly relieved at the interruption.
Michael didn't know what to think.

Sly was smooth. Sly said she was looking for some
people to party with and she was wondering if the two
would be lovers minded the company. Victoria said yes
and Michael didn't see any reason not to play along.
The tequila was super smooth and before long Sly had
gotten Victoria to take several shots. Then Sly
suggested she give Victoria a massage. The massage
started harmless enough, then Sly gave him a wink.

"How does that feel Victoria?" Victoria's eyes were
closed and she looked half asleep.

"Feels good."

"Tell me Victoria were did you meet this gorgeous black

"Work," Victoria was having a seriously difficult time
talking as the tequila kicked in.

"How tall are you," Sly asked Michael.

"Six foot-five and some."

"Ummm did you hear that Victoria?" Victoria was nodding
off and hadn't noticed that Sly was unbuttoning her

"Victoria you ever had a big black cock in your pussy
honey?" Sly slipped the blouse off Victoria's
shoulders. Victoria Was out of it for the most part, at
the same time she put up no resistance to Sly removing
her cloths.

"What's your name handsome?" All the while Sly worked
on Victoria. Michael watched from his side of the bed
as Sly laid Victoria on her back and unhooked her bra.
Victoria had large pillowy tit's with almost flesh
colored nipples that were little more than bumps,
Michael was disappointed. Then Sly removed Victoria's
jeans and panties. Victoria's bush was sparsely covered
in fine brown hair, not Michael's cup of tea, but that
mattered little as he watched Sly climb out of bed and
quickly undress.

"Michael and yours."

"Sly," she said as she pulled down her panties.

Sly was flat-chested a B-cup at best. Sly's areolas
were small, quarter size, but her nipple's were a good
half inch long, pencil size. Sly's legs were her best
asset from years of dancing and her shaved pussy
revealed a very pronounced vulva. Michael admired the
way the woman moved with confidence.

"So you just going to lay there and watch?"

Michael smiled, "She's passed out."

"Not for long, let me see what you got baby, I've been
watching you all night. You didn't think I came here
for her."

Michael stood up and began removing his cloths. Michael
was down to his boxers when Sly pulled a small digital
camera out of her purse.

"What the fuck you plan on doing with that woman."

"Relax, okay, I want you to photograph me and her. I
don't want her coming back and saying we did something

"I do like the way you think Sly, but do you really
think you can wake her, she's passed fucked up."

Sly smiled and handed Michael the camera. "You going to
take those shorts off or are you going to leave me in

Michael dropped his shorts and stood poised with the
camera. "Okay baby will that do?"

"Honey you are one incredible man. I had a feeling
about you and I was right." Sly was very experienced
when it came to sex, men and women. Never in Sly's life
had she seen a man built like Michael. Michael was
incredibly well muscled, chiseled was the word that
came to her mind. His coffee colored skin was smooth,
near flawless. More amazing was his cock, accented by
the fact his pubic area was completely hairless.
Michael's cock was every bit of ten inches and thick,
very thick. Sly placed her finger to her mouth coating
her finger with saliva. Then she gently separated
Victoria's pussy lips and placed her wet finger on
Victoria's budding clit. Victoria stirred.

"Go ahead take them." Sly did the directing as she
started rubbing Victoria's clit a little harder. Sly
then began kissing Victoria's along the nape of her
neck and ear. The effect was apparent as Victoria's
hips began undulating in response to Sly's expert
touch. Sly then took Victoria's limp arm and placed it
around her waist. then she kissed Victoria in the
mouth. Victoria kissed her back not even slightly aware
she was kissing another woman.

Michael snapped off picture after picture. The pictures
would show to nude women making love, better Michael
noticed how Sly never showed her face. Michael couldn't
believe how hot Sly had Victoria or for that matter

"That feel good sweetie." Victoria nodded as her breath
quickened. Michael silently took picture after picture
as Sly continued her seduction of the rookie cop.
Michael's dick was ready to burst. Sly leaned over
Victoria and gently bit Victoria's lip. Michael put
down the camera and got in bed with the two women. This
time when he kissed Victoria she hungrily responded by
sucking hard on his tongue. Victoria had spread her
legs wide to give Sly free access to her sopping cunt.
Michael hard from watching climbed on top and inserted
the tip of his cock at the opening of Victoria's pussy.

Michael felt Sly's fingers caress his heavily veined
cock, then she rubbed his massive cock head up and down
Victoria's wet slit. Michael could no longer handle
Sly's teasing and pushed his cock into Victoria's cunt.
Victoria's eye's opened for the first time. The
pressure of that huge shaft bringing her some what to
her senses.

"Don't, please I'm sorry this can't happen," Victoria
said confused and drunk, but trying to gain control of
the situation. Michael pushed his cock in about half
way and began rocking slowly back and forth. At the
same time Sly returned her finger to rubbing Victoria's

Victoria tried to remove Sly's hand but Michael pulled
Victoria's hand up and easily pinned it to the bed.

"Relax sweetie doesn't that feel good? Doesn't that big
black cock feel good in your pussy. Look at how good
that cock looks sinking into your pussy." Michael
pushed his cock in further, then slowly withdrew his
cock as Victoria did as Sly commanded. Victoria became
entranced as Michael plunged his cock ever deeper. All
the while Sly feverishly manipulated Victoria's clit.
Victoria would look at Michael then at Sly with a
frightened look that suggested meek submission to the
two predators.

Victoria's body involuntarily spasm as Sly and Michael
induced the first of several orgasms. Now Victoria's
pussy gushed lubricant and Michael's cock was soon
gliding in and out of Victoria's hungry cunt.

"Someone likes black cock, don't you honey?" Victoria
could only nod her head as she seemed to whimper with
every stroke of Michael's thick cock. Sly reached
around Michael's ass and placed her wet finger up
against his anus. Sly ever experienced waited till
Michael was on the verge of coming before pushing her
finger deep into his ass. The result was immediate and
very intense for Michael, his cock exploded in
Victoria's pussy.

"Oh fuck that's good woman, ohhhhhh yeah." Michael
entire body seemed to tense, the muscles of his ass
creasing with the contraction. Sly plunged her finger
deeper and leaning over kissed Michael for the first
time. Michael sucked her tongue hungrily as he returned
the kiss. Both Sly and Michael completely forgetting
about Victoria.

Later Michael and Sly would repeatedly make love with
Victoria passed out next to them. when Michael and Sly
left the next morning Victoria was still passed out.
Michael started seeing Sly on a regular bases after
that. Michael liked Sly, he liked her a lot, he just
didn't love her. As for Victoria, he had seen her
around the department from time to time. Victoria
stayed away from him for the most part and Michael
figured she had some recollection of the evening and
didn't want a repeat.

Michael printed the picture of the woman in the swim
suit and put it in his pocket. Grabbing his sun glasses
Michael headed to the door to take a little drive out
towards the lakes. Michael was going to scope out Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas's house and maybe get a look at the two
of them. That would give Michael a chance to think
about what his next message to Bill would say.

Chap. 3

The next day, Jenny returned to her office after
teaching her last class to pick up some papers she had
to grade. Upon entering the office she surprised her
assistant Shelby. Shelby was on the phone talking to a
boy. Jenny had hired the freshman girl as an assistant
just two weeks ago. Five foot tall, blonde and blue
eyed Shelby was a loquacious girl to say the least.
Shelby was from Tyler, Texas. Raised conservatively
Baptist, had discovered along with her new found
freedom, men.

"Jim I have to go, listen I'll see you later okay. Hi
Jenny I got those papers together you wanted."

"Thank you Shelby, Shelby please keep the personal
calls to a minimum."

"I'm sorry it's just that boy won't leave me alone."
Jenny knew better, Shelby had been on campus less than
two weeks and was on her second boyfriend.

Jenny gathered her papers and placed them in her brief
case. Jenny and Shelby talked as they walked out to the
parking lot together. Neither woman noticed the black
man in the unmarked police car observing them.

"Jenny can I ask you something personal."

Jenny at thirty-one was twelve years older than Shelby,
but Jenny hardly felt experienced when it came to men.
With trepidation Jenny said, yes.

"What does a man taste like when he, you know, in your

Jenny stopped dead in her tracks. "Shelby you are
unbelievable. I can't believe you asked me that. What
happened to the innocent little girl that walked into
my office two weeks ago." Jenny said this with a smile
on her face, amazed at Shelby's openness.

"Your married, I just figured you knew, I'm sorry."
Shelby liked to shock her professor, she found it funny
and now she waited for Jenny to answer.

Jenny started walking again. "I don't know about you
Shelby, sometimes I think you just like to test me.
Last week you were telling me how many times your
boyfriend made love to you in one night what was it
five times. Now you're asking me what a man taste's
like. Unbelievable, it's a good thing I like you."

"So are you going to tell me, or don't old married
couple's do that kind of thing."

"Old married couple's, now I'm old."

"I'm sorry I didn't mean it that way, I meant couple's
that are married for a long time, they don't do
anything exciting I mean."

"Of course we do things." Jenny was almost laughing
now. Shelby sensing the moment forced the issue for

"So does a man's cum taste good or not."

Nodding her head in exasperation Jenny answered "I like
it okay, now let's change the subject."

"Wow, you're alright, I can't wait to see Jimmy

"Jimmy he's new right, Jesus Shelby, I hope your being

"Oh don't worry about me teach, I take birth control

"That's not exactly what I meant Shelby, here's my car,
be good and I'll see you tomorrow."

Michael watched from a safe distance. Jenny Thomas was
an exceptionally attractive woman. Not in the super
model vain, but none the less beautiful, classy.
Michael watched Jenny drive off and was in the process
of leaving the parking lot when he noticed Jenny's
friend having problem's with her truck. Rolling down
his window Michael asked if everything was alright.
Michael noted the young girl's initial apprehension
upon seeing the large black man, but once she saw it
was an unmarked police car she smiled.

"The dam thing won't start I think I left the lights

"I have some jumpers, let me help." Michael hooked up
the jumpers and got the young girls car started.
Michael also noted the way she was looking at him,
Michael had seen the look before. The young co-ed was

"There you go, start it up." Shelby jumped into the car
and immediately started the car. Leaving the car
running, Shelby got out and approached Michael with a
big smile on her face.

"You are so nice, will you let me buy you a drink or
something. I really appreciate your help. What's your

"Steve and yes you can buy me a drink. I'm about to get
off work, let me check out and we can meet at Wiley's
say six o'clock."

"I'm Shelby and six it is."

The next morning Michael stopped at the Circle K and
bought some Advil and a large cup of coffee. Michael
regretted seducing the young co-ed. Michael promised he
would call her, but that was not in the plans. The girl
naively believed his name was Steve and hadn't even
bothered to get a last name. Oh well he thought she was
pretty good for a one night stand and Michael surmised
correctly that she would forget about him in a couple
of days. Little did he know she would help him in his
ultimate quest.

Bill waited two days for Andre's next e-mail. Bill had
been checking almost every hour wanting to know what
Andre thought of the picture. When he saw he had
received mail his dick started getting hard even before
he read it. Bill opened the message and noted there was
an attachment. The message read;

if you would like to see this in your wife's cunt then
write back other wise don't waist my time

Bill opened the attachment, it was a picture of the
largest cock he'd ever seen and it was black. Bill
stared for awhile wondering what to do. Part of Bill
warned him not to take this matter any further, another
part was intensely excited, this was his fantasy and
now he had someone to share it with. Bill soon
rationalized that there would be no harm in playing
along awhile so he wrote back.

I'm interested, but my wife would never go for swinging
much less with a black man. I'm open to suggestions
though bill

Michael read the note several times, how should he
handle the guy. For sure the guy wasn't serious, but
maybe he could work the situation to his advantage.
Michael wrote back;

here are my condition
1st give me your mailing address PO Box is okay
2nd buy your wife some sexy cloths your taking her out
this week end
3rd take a picture of the cloths you bought her e-mail
the photos and information today then wait for further
instruction Andre

Bill read the mail and didn't know what to do. No way
was he going to give the guy his mailing address, but
he could get a PO Box across the street at the post
office. Bill was really intrigued, so at lunch he
obtained a PO Box and bought a very sexy dress at a
downtown boutique. Returning to the office Bill used
the office digital to take the pictures and promptly
mailed the information and photo's to Andre.

The next e-mail from Andre read;

Tell me about your wife, what she likes and doesn't
like. has she ever read porn, how about x-rated movies,
fantasies, I want to know what kind of food she likes
her favorite drink. in a couple of days you will
receive a DVD in your PO Box. I want you to show it to
your wife, that will be the beginning of her seduction
to black cock

Bill answered all the questions as best he could in a
subsequent e-mail. Bill felt there really wasn't any
chance he would ever meet Andre, in fact he didn't
believe he would receive a package, but the next day he
did. The package contained two things, a DVD and a
black dildo that was molded after the porn star Shawn
Michaels. The package had been mailed directly from New
York City, with no other information except the mail
order houses phone number. Bill also received another
e-mail with detailed instructions on what he was to do
and say that evening. Bill called the place but they
refused to give out any information. That afternoon he
left the office early and went home. Jenny wasn't home
yet so he played the disk.

The DVD contained scene after scene of well endowed
black men pleasuring white women. The scenes were so
hot Bill had to jerk himself off to relieve his hard
on. Bill left the DVD in the bedroom player and jumped
in the shower. Bill had purchased a couple of bottles
of Jenny's favorite chard, which were cooling in the
fridge. Bill couldn't wait for Jenny to get home.

Jenny was busy preparing her lecture for her next class
when Shelby burst into the office.

"Good morning teach you are looking at one totally
satisfied woman."

The meaning couldn't be clearer from Shelby's
expression. "Shelby you are certifiably incorrigible.

"Heaven's no, not that boy, I met the hottest man,
gorgeous, thirty something, oh my god he is so good,
his cock is this big." Shelby held her hands apart
indicating that the man's cock was a foot long.

Jenny frowned at the word cock coming from her

"I'm sorry Jenny, I guess I get carried away


"I know, I know everyone tells me I talk too much, but
really he's this big." Again Shelby spread her hands in
a gesture that indicated a really big cock.

"Shelby don't you have work to do, I've got to get this
lesson plan ready."

"Sorry, but Jenny have you ever been with a black man

"Don't tell me he's black right."

"Yes, oh god everything they say is true Jenny, Steve's
a fantastic lover."

"Good, get to work."

"If you ever get the chance you should try it, you know
what they say, once."

"Right, I've heard that, 'once you go black you won't
go back.' Jesus go to work already."

"It's true you know, I can't wait to see him again."

Jenny gave Shelby a stern look that said work now.
Shelby was quiet for two minutes before she went back
to professing how great her black lover was in bed.

On the way home that night Jenny stopped at the H.E.B.
food store to get groceries for dinner. Wandering the
isles she bumped into a black man in the produce
section. the man was well dressed and good looking.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I should look were I'm going."
Jenny was standing close to him and could smell his

"It's okay I do that all the time." The man smiled at
Jenny and was about to say something else when a lanky
blonde walked up.

"There you are I've been looking all over for you, I've
got what I need lets go." The woman gave Jenny a look
that said stay the fuck away from my man. Jenny felt
her face turn red, she wanted to explain nothing
happened, but realized it was senseless.

Returning to her shopping Jenny started thinking about
Shelby's description of her new boyfriend. Jenny had
heard all the stories about black men and there sexual
prowess. To hear Shelby tell it, this Steve fella was
really something. Of course Shelby had raved about her
two previous lovers, but not like this. God thought
Jenny, if Shelby's Steve was any where near the size
she described he was twice as big as Bill. One thing
for sure, Jenny often found herself wondering what sex
with other men would be like. Truth was, she often
regretted not experimenting more before marriage. As
for black men, like every woman she had heard the
stories but it wasn't a fantasy she dreamed of. Jenny
had a fantasy, but it was her fantasy and she never
shared it with anyone.

Jenny turned another corner and saw another black man
stocking shelves. The man caught her looking and
smiled. Jenny blushed and promptly turned around. Jenny
shopped a little longer and found herself wondering if
the black man she bumped into had a big cock. God she
thought, what was wrong with her, she was a happily
married woman. Jenny felt guilty a guilt her father had
forced upon her since she was a little girl. Jenny
tried to clear her mind and continued shopping.

Jenny walked into the kitchen to the pleasant surprise
that Bill had beat her home. There was a bouquet of
flowers and next to them a glass of chilled wine.

"Wow, I must be doing something right," Jenny shouted.

Bill dressed in pajamas came in holding a glass of
wine. "I just thought we were over do for a romantic
evening." Bill had to hand it to Andre his instructions
seemed to be working perfectly.

Jenny was stunned, this was so out of character for
Bill. "This is so sweet, I can't believe it. this is
your idea?"

"Yes, you think I have a coach."

"No, it's just so nice, come here husband." Jenny
pulled her husband to her and gave him a big kiss.
"Wait right here while I slip into something
comfortable." Jenny changed into a silk pajama top and

The couple had a light dinner and were well into the
second bottle of wine by the time they retired into the

"Jenny I hope you won't be angry but I have a surprise.
I thought just for a change maybe an x-rated movie."
Bill held up the disc.

Jenny was feeling pretty good and secretly she had
always wanted to see a xxx movie. "I'm game, but I
think you should know I hardly need any motive for
ravishing you."

"Fantastic, that's my girl." Bill could hardly contain
his excitement. It was like he was seducing his wife
for the first time and his dick was very hard.

"Where did you get it?"

"Mail order." Bill quickly put it in the machine and
hit play.

"What's it about?"

"The cover say's it's about a woman who kind of pay's a
man to be her lover." Bill got in bed and looked over
at Jenny, who was intently staring at the scene.

The scene opened with a woman looking out her window
as a handsome black man approached. Jenny was surprised
how beautiful the woman was. Jenny had a notion that
the women would be unattractive and sleazy looking.
This actress was blonde, beautiful and wonderfully
built. "She's beautiful," Jenny said as she stared at
the screen.

The man walked into the house as the woman led him up
the stairs. Half way up the stairs the woman dropped to
her knees and unbuckled the mans pants letting them
drop to the floor. His cock was only semi-hard but it
was remarkably big. The blonde caressed the black cock
with both hands as she licked the underside of the
black man's balls. Jenny couldn't believe her eyes the
man was huge. Bill glanced over at Jenny and guessed
what she was thinking.

"That black guy has a huge cock doesn't he Jenny? His
name is Shawn Michaels."

"God yes he's huge." Jenny's mouth was dry as she
watched the woman stroke the black shaft to full
erection. The man's cock was close to twice the size of
Bill's though Jenny was careful not to divulge what she
was thinking to Bill.

"I saw this black guy in college, his name was
Fletcher, he was hung like that."
Bill waited for Jenny's reaction.

"Really you never mentioned it."

"That's because he ended up seducing my first wife.
I'll tell you about it when the movie is over." This
was almost too much information for Jenny who was
totally enthralled in the movie.

Both actors were totally nude now and the white woman
sat back on an elevated ledge on the landing of the
stairs. The black man dropped to his knees and began
eating the woman's pussy.

"She's really getting into it isn't she Jen?" Jenny's
pussy was on fire, she couldn't believe the film was
having this effect on her.

"She likes having that black man lick her pussy doesn't
she. I don't think she acting do you."

From the woman's expressions and based upon what the
man was doing to her Jenny didn't think the woman was
acting either. "No she doesn't look like she's acting
now." Jenny wanted to touch herself. Jenny's hand
involuntarily strayed between her legs as she clamed
down with her thighs on her hand.

Bill pulled Jenny over to him so that her head was
resting on his chest. Propped up on pillows he could
see the action on the TV screen. Bill then peeled down
his boxer's exposing his dick. Jenny needed little
encouragement as she immediately grasped his swollen
dick. Only oral sex the instructions had stated,
certainly Bill wasn't bound by the instructions. Yet he
found it stimulating to follow them. Perhaps it was the
idea that he was seducing his wife all over again, only
this time the seduction was different. That was it,
Bill thought, Bill with Andre's help was seducing Jenny
all over again and it was already better than the first
time. This time he would seduce his wife into his
fantasy and she wouldn't even know it.

Jenny had her hand around Bill's dick as she watched
the movie. Jenny stroked Bill's cock slowly and
compared the size of Bill's cock to the actor's. The
actor had finished licking and sucking on the woman's
pussy and she had returned to sucking his big black
cock. Using both hands the actress pumped the man's
cock and still had a mouthful in her mouth. Jenny moved
her head down and licked the pre-cum off Bill's slit.

"That feel's good babe, suck me like she's sucking him.
God can you see how big his cock is." Bill smiled as
Jenny nodded her head. She was really getting into it.
Bill could feel the sperm rising in his balls.

Now the woman was on her back and spreading her legs.
Jenny noticed for the first time that the actress's had
shaved her pussy clean. The woman body now had a thin
sheen of perspiration and her pussy lips glistened with
anticipation. Jenny rubbed her legs to together as she
sucked Bill's dick. The Black man placed his cock at
the opening of the woman's pussy and began rubbing it
up and down the woman's wet slit. Then forcefully the
man pushed his heavy cock into her pussy. Slowly he
worked the cock in deeper and deeper. The pleasure on
the woman's face was unmistakable. the woman was close
to cumming, this was clear to Jenny. The woman became
more and more vocal, she was crying out now as she came
and she was grabbing her breasts and pulling on them
hard. Jenny's nipple's like the woman's were hard.

Between Jenny's sucking and the fucking on screen Bill
found it impossible to hold back. Bill's ass and legs
began to contract as his cum shot out of his dick into
Jenny's mouth.

Jenny had slipped her free hand back between her legs
and had slipped her finger under the elastic waste band
of her panties. Jenny was rubbing her clit when she
felt her husband's dick begin to expand and spurt cum
into her mouth. Jenny squeezed Bill's shaft hard as she
milked the sperm out of his shriveling dick. Two, three
jets of cum shot into her mouth, before Bill's dick
began to shrink. Jenny savored the taste of her
husband's sperm as the black stud continued his
ravishment of the beautiful blonde.

"That was so good babe that one good turn deserves
another." Bill reached over to the night table and
produced the dong. Jenny was still starring at the TV
screen and hadn't noticed what Bill had in his hand.

"Honey why don't you slip out of those panties," Bill
asked as he unbuttoned and opened the silk top. Jenny
in one quick motion hooked her thumbs in the waist band
of her panties and slid them off.

Bill started on her neck and kissed his way down to her
tits. Jenny's nipples were already hard and completely
erect. As Bill sucked on Jenny's nipple's she caressed
his head still watching the black man pummeling the
blonde. Jenny couldn't believe the mans staying power.
Bill now worked his way down between Jenny's legs.
Jenny was wet, very wet, the movie had made her hotter
than he'd ever seen her. Bill let his tongue dance
across her clit. Jenny's hips seemed to quiver as Bill
licked her clit.

The black man was sliding the entire length of his cock
in and out of the blonde. Jenny couldn't help but
wonder what it would feel like to have that massive
black cock in her pussy. Her husbands tongue was
creating an itch and she wanted a cock to satisfy that
itch. Unfortunately Jenny knew from past experience
that Bill rarely fucked her more than once a night.
Then Jenny glanced down and saw the black dong lying on
the bed next to her leg.

"Bill is that what I think it is?"

Bill sheepishly looked up from between Jenny's legs.
"Yes, your not angry are you, it came with the DVD.
It's molded after the actor in the movie."

"You're joking."

"No look, It's so a woman watching the movie can
experience what it's like to make love to that guy."
Bill was adlibbing in hopes Jenny wouldn't be angry.
Bill needn't have worried.

"Oh that is so wicked. It's so big though, I doubt it
will fit."

"I'll go slow hon, just lie back and watch the movie."

Bill was surprised at how quickly Jenny had agreed to
trying the huge black dong. Bill ran the realistic cock
head along Jenny's wet slit. Slowly he pushed the tip
between the folds of Jenny's cunt lips. Bill was
getting hard again, three times in one day, that had
happened to Bill since he was in college.

Jenny was up on her elbows watching as her husband
pushed the black cock into her pussy. Then glancing
back at the screen she checked the actor's cock,
incredibly the dong was exactly like the cock. Bill had
gotten the head in to her pussy and it felt pleasantly
stretched. Now Jenny found herself pushing down on the
big black dong. Jenny started breathing harder.

"Does it feel good Jen?"

"Oh yeah."

Bill's dick was rock hard. Bill had a good three inches
in Jenny and was sliding it in and out slowly. With
each stroke he would push another half inch into her
pussy. Jenny's cunt lips were stretched around the dong
and he wondered when she would stop him. Bill was
determined to fuck his wife senseless with the black
cock he held in his hand. Jenny's hips were starting to
thrust up in anticipation with each stroke. Bill knew
she was close to cumming.

"Jen you want me to give you more?"

"Yes more."

Jenny's pussy was gushing with her lubricant as she
came hard on the black dong. Jenny glanced back at the
screen from time to time but could no longer
concentrate. Jenny was forcefully pushing down on the
dong as Bill pushed it in. Jenny could feel every vein
and bulge on the life like cock. Jenny wanted all of
the dong in her now and Bill was going to slow. Jenny
reached down and grabbing Bills hand forced the cock in

"Harder Bill I want it in, push it all the way in now."

Jenny had a good six inches in her and Bill pushed
forcefully burying the dong all the way to the fake
balls. Jenny came again, now her eyes were closed and
Bill wondered if she was fantasying about the black

"So is it good Jen, do you like the way this black cock
feels in your pussy?" Bill pushed the black dong harder
and watched as Jenny began fucking herself with the
life like cock.

Jenny was trembling now, the orgasm was the strongest
she had ever experienced. Jenny's whole body felt
electric, her pussy filled perfectly, the way it was
meant to be filled. Jenny arched her back raising her
ass off the mattress, as she helped Bill push the dong
even deeper. The head of the dong touching places
Bill's cock simply couldn't reach.

"Oh yes it feels goooooooooood. Fuck meeee."

Bill had never heard Jenny use language like that
before. Bill thrilled at the response he was getting
from Jenny. Wanting to push the envelope more bill
egged her on. "I bet you'd like to know what a real
black cock felt like one that was going to fill you up
with cum."

Jenny was thinking that very thing when Bill asked her,
with out thinking and forgetting the black cock in her
pussy was fake she cried out, "yes, yes cum in me."

Seeing his wife that excited was too much for Bill,
who's dick began spurting cum. " Cum with me Jen, cum
on this black cock."

"I'm cumming, fuck me, oh yeah, yeah fuck, ohhh fuck,
yeah." Jenny's voice seemed to trail off as she stopped
bucking against the dong, collapsing in the bliss of
the strongest orgasm she had ever had. Lying there,
Jenny couldn't believe what had just happened. Jenny in
her entire life had never done anything like it. Lying
there eye's closed waves of pleasure coursed through
her body. Jenny felt a sort of guilt like she shouldn't
have enjoyed so much. Jenny felt Bill leave the bed and
was trying to regain her breath. Jenny's eyes were
still closed when Bill took a picture. Opening her
eye's Bill snapped off another one in rapid succession.
It was then that Jenny realized that Bill had taken a
picture of her with her legs spread wide and the huge
dong still buried in her cunt.

"Bill what in the hell do you think your doing." Jenny
in a panic closed her legs and pulled the sheet over
her. then feeling the dong between her legs pulled it

"Calm down Jen, it's just a joke I really didn't take
one. I'm sorry."

"Christ Bill what's gotten into you."

"Me, how about you, admit it, you loved what just
happened. You loved the movie and you especially loved
using that dong." Bill was grinning ear to ear and it
was contagious. Jenny smiled back at him.

"Okay, okay, but you better not show that picture to
anyone or I will personally kill you."

"But I told you, I didn't take a picture."

"Right, what a perv, I can't believe I married you. Now
get back in bed and put this away." Jenny pulled the
dong out from under the sheets and held it out for

"What we done?"

Jenny looked at Bill's dick which was no longer hard
and rolled her eyes. "Your done," and waving the dong
said, "and I've had enough of this for tonight, so shut
the TV off and come to bed." Drained and completely
satisfied Jenny fell asleep immediately.

Chap. 4

The next morning Jenny woke with a minor head ache and
a slight soreness between her legs. Bill had already
left for work and Jenny was late getting up. Still she
languished in bed a while thinking about the night
before. Jenny in her wildest imaginings could never
have anticipated what transpired. The movie and the
huge black cock. Rolling to Bill's side of the bed she
opened the night stand and pulled out the black cock.
The rubber felt life like, and the weight, it was
heavy. Jenny flipped on the TV and started the DVD.
There was that black actor and now he was with another
woman. Jenny started watching the movie, work could

Bill could hardly sleep after his night with Jenny.
Bill finished typing out the note , attached the photos
and sent the e-mail. Andre probably thought Bill would
never have the balls to show Jenny the X-rated movie
much less use the dong. Bill couldn't wait to see the
guy's response. Bill waited all morning and grew
anxious waiting for Andre to write back.

Michael read the e-mail and opened the attached
photographs. Incredible, Michael had challenged Bill to
show his wife the movie and to use the dildo and sure
enough the guy had done it. The only question now was
how much farther he could take Bill. Michael wrote;

I take it your wife liked the movie and black cock. Not
a surprise really all women do. now it is time for you
to take her a little further in preparation for her
first real cock. Take her out this weekend to a club
were you are likely to run into single black men. Have
her wear the new dress and get her buzzed before you
go, then encourage her to dance with one or two of the
men. tell me what happens tomorrow and remember if you
want this to work do as I say. Andre

Bill curious were this was going wrote back;

When do we meet you and where? Andre wrote back a very
brief note.

Not yet, first do as I say.

Jenny barely made it to her first class. As she ran
into class her pussy tingled. Jenny had used the dong
again that morning while she watched the movie. The
black dong was so much larger than Bill's cock yet
Jenny couldn't help but notice how well it fit in her
pussy. Jenny had fucked herself silly with the thing.
Several times during her lecture she found herself
drifting off in a daydream, were she would be thinking
of scenes from the movie. Jenny literally had to force
herself to concentrate on the lecture.

After class Jenny returned to her office. Shelby was at
her desk and barely uttered a word as Jenny closed the
door behind her.

"Hey what's up, your awful quite today."

"Steve hasn't called."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, but I know you, you'll get
over it."

"I don't know Jenny he was really nice."

"Honey, this is a big campus. You'll forget about this
guy in no tie."

The rest of the afternoon went by slowly for Jenny.
Jenny couldn't get the events from the previous night
out of her mind. Part of Jenny was disgusted with how
she reacted to the movie and that big black cock. The
woman in her wanted to do it again, but that wasn't the
worst part. What bothered Jenny the most is that she
repeatedly found herself wondering what it would be
like to experience a real black man.

That evening after work on her way out to her car Jenny
spotted Shelby leaning up against a car in the lot.
Shelby was talking to a tall slender black man and by
the way Shelby was acting she was clearly smitten with
the guy.

"Shelby see you Monday," Jenny said on her way to the

"Mrs. Thomas this is Roy Wilson. Roy this is my boss
Professor Thomas."

"Nice to meet you Roy. Roy Wilson as in quarterback?"

"Yes Professor."

Jenny gave Shelby the I told you so look.

"Okay so you were right Professor. Come on Roy why
don't you show me your playbook." Shelby looked back
over her shoulder and gave Jenny a wink as the young
couple walked away.

"What was she right about Shelby?"

"I'll tell you later Roy."

Bill was waiting at home when Jenny arrived.

"Your home early sweetheart."

"Jen I have something for you." Bill handed Jenny a
vodka martini and a box containing the new dress he had
purchased her. Jenny took a long sip from the drink and
began opening the box.

"Gosh Bill maybe we should have started watching those
X-rated movies sooner. I can't believe what's come over
you, but I love it."

"Jen last night was fantastic, you were so sexy. I've
never seen you so hot. I want to go out tonight and
show you off. Inside the box is something I want you to

Jenny opened the box and pulled out the dress. Holding
it up to her shoulders Jenny walked over to a mirror
and looked at the dress. The dark brown dress was a
floral print with thin straps at the shoulder and a
plunging neck line.

"I'm going to try it on right now."

"First finish your drink babe, I want to make a new
batch." Jenny downed the Martine and ran into the

Jenny didn't know what had come over Bill, but she
loved the attention. Bill was being so romantic. Not to
mention, this new found attention did a lot to ease the
nagging guilt she felt for the lewd behavior she had
displayed the night before. Jenny stripped and tried on
the dress, The deep neck line showed her bra so she
took the dress off and removed her bra. Slipping the
dress back on, she looked in the mirror. The dress fit
her perfectly and must have been expensive. the length
was just above the knee, but the neck line, she though
showed too much of her boob's.

Slipping on high heels she walked out to Bill, who
handed her a second Martine.

"I don't know it's a little racy, don't you think
honey." Jenny did a spin turn for Bill.

"No way, you look unbelievable. God you make me hard
just looking at you."

"You shouldn't have spent this money, this had to be

"Forget the money it's worth it just seeing you in it."

"Tonight where do you want to go."

"Six street."

"God it's been years since we've been down there.
What's gotten over you anyway?"

"After last night it feels like I'm just getting to
know you. I really loved what happened last night Jen,
it was fantastic."

"You don't think we over did it?"

"No way, I want to do that and more."

"I don't know about more, that was pretty wild Bill."

"Okay, okay, you ready."

"No, I've got to do my hair and put on some make up
lover boy."

"Why you look great." Jenny finished off her second
drink and handed the empty glass to Bill.

"Make me another, I'll be ready in ten minutes."

Michael sat in his unmarked car about a half block
from the Thomas residence. A lot of cops hated the
tedium that accompanied any stakeout. Michael found it
peaceful. Michael had been waiting for over an hour
since Jenny had returned home from work. Quietly
Michael sat there and wondered what exactly was going
on inside the house. Michael opened the thermos and
poured some coffee into a cup. Soon he would meet
Jenny, watching her the last few days he was getting a
picture of the woman. Jenny Thomas was not quite what
he expected. Bill had written that she liked music, all
kinds, theater, old fashion romance novels and sports.
A college professor she had the smarts and good
looking, that was total understatement. The garage door
opened and the couple pulled out.

Michael followed them to Jeffrey's in downtown Austin.
The restaurant was small so Michael decided to wait
outside. Michael didn't want Bill to get suspicious.
Picking up the phone he called Sly.

"Hi, it's me. How you doing."

"Good, better now that you called."

"You free later."

"Of course."

"Good, then I'll call you later and we can meet . Say
in two hours or so."

"I'll be waiting, Michael I missed you this week." Sly
waited for Michael to answer, but realized after the
silence he had already hung up. Sly hung up the phone
disappointed in herself. A woman like her should have
know better than to fall for a guy like Michael.
Michael was the kind of guy that would never be
satisfied with a girl like her. Sure Michael liked her
kinky sides, the problem was there was more to her than
that. Sly had run through a lot of men over the last
few years. Some treated her like a common slut. Then
there were the guys that wanted to make a nun out of
her. Michael was different, educated, well spoken,
worldly, yet very much the bad boy. Physically he was
imposing, a big man, the biggest in the cock department
and with an appetite for sex like no man she had ever
met. Michael always treated her with respect, like an
equal, but he wouldn't commit.

Sly put her hair up in rollers and glanced in the
mirror. At Thirty five she was still very attractive ,
but the long nights, the booze and the smoke were
taking their toll. How long could she keep up this life
style not long. Sly thought about Ruby, a dancer she
met when she started working some fifteen years ago.
Ruby was already in her mid thirties then. They worked
together for over a year, Ruby was like a mom to Sly.
The two women worked for a guy name Frank, who owned
all the nude bars in Tampa. One day Sly came into the
dressing room to find Ruby packing her costumes and

"Ruby what are you doing?"

"Frank wants me to dance at the Nebraska Ave. club."

"Why, that place is bad for tips and the those crackers
over there are fucked up." Sly knew the real answer.
Ruby's tips and table dances were way, way down. The
other girls were saying she was washed up, old.

"I know Sly, you don't have to tell me. Look it's only
for a little while. I've know this was coming, I've
made arrangements. I'm going to retire, I'll be fine.
Remember sooner or later it happens to all of us. Take
care sweetie."

It was two years later, just before she left Tampa for
Texas, that a friend mentioned she had seen Ruby. The
friend said she had seen Ruby standing on a corner
hooking. The girl said Ruby looked unkempt and strung
out on drugs. Sly looked for Ruby, but never found her.
The reality was there was few fairy tail endings for
girls like her.

Sly looked in the mirror and vowed that things would be
different for her. Going to the closet Sly pulled out
an Ann Taylor dress in basic black. Sly would wear her
shoulder length hair up tonight. Sly wanted Michael to
know there was more to her than dancing.

Bill ordered appetizers while the couple sipped on some
Duckhorn Merlot, Jenny's favorite.

"So Bill tell me about your 1st wife." The question
almost caused Bill to spit up his wine. Bill had
forgotten the comments of the previous evening.

"What do you want to know."

Jenny grew serious. "Well for starters how about a name
and how come you never told me about her."

Bill knew he had to come up with something. Bill wasn't
sure she was ready for the real story, the one he had
submitted to Literotica, so he decided to give her a
version of the truth.

"Her name was Karen Frazier, we started dating our
freshman year at UT. I didn't tell you about it cause I
thought you might think I was perverted or something."
Bill waited for Jenny's reaction.

"Perverted, why do you say that?"

Pouring Jenny more wine Bill told her the Story. Bill
and Karen got engaged during their freshman year, and
married one year later. They were very much in love.
Karen was of German decent, your typical blue eyed
blond, bright and very beautiful. The couple got along
famously, they did everything together.

There junior year the couple had traveled to a rival
school to catch the football game. the two had partied
hardy all day and were both pretty drunk. Bill had met
some guy's at the game who told him about a big party.
The party was pretty rowdy and Karen and Bill became
separated. Bill got drunk and woke up on the couch in a
strange apartment about 2 AM. Bill got up to go to the
restroom, walking down the hall he could hear a couple
obviously getting it on in one of the bedrooms. The
bedroom door was slightly ajar.

Bill could see he had Jenny's undivided attention. So
he went on with the Story. The room was fairly dark,
but based on the sounds coming from inside a couple was
making love. Bill told Jenny that he knew he should
keep walking but something froze him in place. Bill
said that as his eyes adjusted to the low light he
realized that it was a black man and a white woman
making love. Jenny was all ears as she listened with
open anticipation.

"Don't tell me it was Karen."

"I guess I should have know, I should have recognized
her voice, but she was acting so different with the
guy, at first it didn't sound like Karen. This is the
worst part I found myself excited."

"Is that why you didn't tell me?"

"Yes, anyway let me finish. Like I said I didn't
realize it was Karen. This black guy was hung like a
horse and he was pounding away at her." Jenny
interrupted again.

"As big as the guy in the movie?"

"Bigger. Anyway watching them I became so excited that
I had to relieve myself. Like I said I didn't know it
was Karen" Bill paused to gauge Jenny's reaction.

Jenny couldn't believe what she was hearing, Bill had
never told her about any of this. Stranger she found
herself pressing her legs together harder.

Noting her continued interest he went on. "The guy was
huge Jen, at least this big." Bill indicated with his
hands that the black cock was a good ten inches to a
foot long.

"God how could she take it?"

"Believe me she wasn't having any problem. She was
taking every bit of him. The woman must have cum two or
three time while I was watching. The scene was so
erotic that I too came very quickly. That's when I
realized it was Karen when she cried out."

"What did she say?"

"That she could feel him cumming in her and then it hit
me. That was my Karen who had her legs wrapped around
that big black man."

"Oh honey what did you do?"

"Nothing, what could I do. I mean there I was with my
fly open, even stranger instead of being angry I was
excited. Pretty bad right?" Bill waited the moment of
truth was before him. How would Jenny handle these

"God I think I would have been crazy jealous. What did
you do."

"I quickly made my way into the bathroom and cleaned
myself up. When I came out the door was closed. I
stopped listened for a while, but didn't hear anything.
So I got up my courage and knocked on the door."

Jenny was so anxious to hear the story she kept
interrupting Bill.

"What did the black man say?"

"He didn't answer, Karen did. The guy was gone. Karen
answered the door in an one of the guy's t-shirts.
Karen looked at me and started crying. All I could do
was take her in my arms. I knew she felt guilty, but
some how I couldn't blame her for what happened. After
what I saw that night I couldn't blame any woman for
making love to that guy. I helped Karen get dressed and
we called a cab and went to the hotel."

Jenny knew her husband and in her opinion his reaction
to Karen and the situation was consistent with the way
he treated her. Bill didn't have a jealous bone in his
body, if anything, Bill was the complete opposite. The
dress she was wearing was a good example, Bill liked to
show her off.

The waiter brought the food and there was a lull in the
conversation till he left. Bill waited, he wanted Jenny
to ask the questions.

"Did she tell you how the guy seduced her."

Bill's dick was incredibly hard. He absolutely loved
the way he was manipulating the conversation. Keeping
to the truth Bill continued.

"Karen told me that she had gone to the restroom at the
party and when she returned to the spot she had left me
at I was gone. Karen said she was feeling no pain when
this tall black man walked up, She said his name was
Robert and they started to talk. Karen said the guy was
real nice and brought her drinks and later they started
dancing. The guy was a real good dancer and Karen said
she felt like she was melting in his arms. Karen said
at all times the guy was a perfect gentleman. Karen
also told me she couldn't help but notice he was very
well endowed.

"As in he had a big cock!" Jenny kind of blurted this
out and Bill could tell she was pretty buzzed.

"Yes, very big, so anyway the party started to clear
out and they found me passed out in one of the
bedrooms. Karen tried to wake me but to no avail, when
Robert offered to lend a hand. I was pretty skinny then
and according to Karen he easily threw me over his
shoulder, loaded me in his car and drove us to his

"You don't remember him carrying you, you must of been
really drunk Bill."

"I know that's another reason why I couldn't blame
Karen. So once they got me inside he made Karen another
drink. Robert put on some music, and they started
dancing. Karen told me he was holding her closer and
closer, the heat from their bodies was overwhelming.
When he started kissing her ear and neck she said she
felt powerless to stop him. Karen said she pushed him
away but he was persistent. Robert said he would stop
but that he just wanted to kiss her once. Karen gave in
and the next thing she knew he was touching her
breasts. Karen had very sensitive breasts, like yours.
Karen knew she should stop him, but she said he was
such a good kisser and he knew just how to touch her
nipples. Then, Robert led her into the bedroom, where
he took her cloths off. By this time Karen said she had
become the aggressor, especially when she touched his
cock she said he was twice as big as me and she just
had to know what that was like. Evidently, Robert lived
up to expectations because they made love repeatedly
that night, like four times according to Karen. I saw
them making love on the last occasion and that's not
all, the guy saw me."

"Your kidding she told you that, four times, and the
guy saw you, what did the guy do when he saw you?"

"Well according to Karen, Robert became concerned that
I might create a scene so he got dressed and gave Karen
time to be alone with me."

"He was probably afraid of what you would do to him."

Jen if you saw the size of the guy I don't think you
would say that. No, it was more that he was just a nice

"So did you break up after that?" Jenny found herself
strangely turned on by Bill's revelations.

"No. We returned to Austin and everything was alright
for awhile.

"Why didn't you break up with her, I don't believe any
man would tolerate that."

"Jenny I loved her and I was concerned I'd lose her.
Hell, I loved Karen before this happened and the fact
that she made love to another man wouldn't change my
feelings for her. God Jen I love you more than Karen,
if you were to be seduced by a man, you think I would
stop loving you, that I could divorce you, no way baby,
no way."

"So what happened to you two."

"About two months later Karen came to me and said that
she wanted to break up. I was devastated I literally
begged her not to leave me. At first she wouldn't tell
me why, finally she gave in. Karen said she hadn't
meant to hurt me, but Robert was very persistent. It
seems that the very next weekend he had come to Austin
and looked Karen up. I was out of town or something and
at first she refused to see him, but he went to the
apartment were we lived. Karen let him in and he
seduced her right there in our home. After that she
would go up to Dallas or he would come down to Austin."

"You didn't know?"

"Honestly, looking back I knew she was seeing the guy.
I really did. I just hoped it was nothing more than a
physical attraction, but I was wrong."

"You never met the guy."


"Jesus honey, what ever happened to Karen."

Now Bill decided it would be better to deviate from the
truth. "Well as far as I know she moved to Dallas and
married the guy. Last I heard she had a four kids and
is happily married."

"Six years and you never told me this, I don't know
what to think."

"I just didn't think you wanted to hear about some
other woman, from some other time, babe. Don't be

"I'm not, just surprised is all."

"I would never have mentioned it, except for the movie
the other night. Seeing that black stud making love to
that blonde reminded me of Karen. After seeing that
movie you have to admit you can understand why Karen
fell for the guy." Now Bill was fishing. Bill wanted to
know how Jenny felt about having sex with a black man.

"No, I know any woman would be turned on by a guy like
that, who wouldn't. Still Karen was engaged she
shouldn't have put herself in that position."

"Well I can't blame her. Looking back on that night
watching those two got me more excited than watching
that DVD the other night."

"Not more than me?"

"Close, but not more than you Jen, nothing makes me as
hot as you. Toast, to the love of my life."


Michael waited a good two and a half hours before the
couple immerged from the restaurant. Michael followed
the couple to a nearby club called the Element. The
dance club was huge with a mixed crowd , young and old
mostly singles. As soon as the couple walked in Michael
called Sly and told her to join him. Hanging up Michael
noted that Sly was less than enthusiastic about going
to this type of place. Michael understood after all Sly
did dance for a living. Michael shrugged his shoulders
she'd get over it.

Bill paid the doorman an extra twenty so they could sit
in a VIP section overlooking the dance floor. the
couple ordered drinks and while they were waiting Bill
admired his wife. The doorman almost injured his neck
trying to get a better look at Jenny's perfect tits. In
fact Bill had seen several guys take a long look at
Jen. Having other men ogle Jenny was always such a turn
on, tonight was no exception. Bill didn't know what
would happen next, according to Andre he was to
encourage Jenny to dance with a stranger. Bill felt
unsure about pressing Jenny on that issue, especially
after telling her the Story. Fortunately, bill found a
solution to his problem standing by the bar. The man
tall young and black was staring at Jenny so intently
he hadn't noticed Bill watching him. When the young
finally noticed Bill he turned away, confirming Bill's
suppositions about the guy staring. Bill formulated a
plan and put it into action.

"Excusing himself to the restroom, Bill left Jenny
sitting at the table. Bill walked towards the bar and
stopped a waitress. Bill walked up to the guy and
started up a conversation.

"Hi, look I'm not suppose to say anything and if you
tell her I told you I will flat out deny it."

"Man what you talking about."

"That woman over there, the one you were staring at.
She thinks your good looking, okay. You never heard
that from me. Okay."

The guy just had this puzzled look on his face as Bill
walked back to the table. Michael who was watching from
a distance was also puzzled by what just happened.
Michael had no idea what Bill was up to all he could do
was watch.

Sure enough Bills plan worked to perfection, no sooner
had he sat down, when the tall black man walked up.

"Excuse me, like to dance." Jenny who up to that moment
had been dancing in her seat looked to bill and was
clearly about to refuse when Bill answered for her.

"Go ahead Jen, you know you want to dance, here's your

Jenny glanced up at the tall black man. Well dressed ,
young and very handsome, she figured why not. "Okay."

The dance floor was packed as the couple made there way
on to the dance floor. The man took Jenny's hand and
led her deep in to the crowd of dancers. Jenny noticed
immediately the looks that men and women alike gave the
couple as they began to dance. Some of the women knew
her partner and openly flirted with him. The men were
just staring and Jenny really didn't mind that. Since
the floor was so crowded the couple danced fairly close
to each other, bumping up against each other
occasionally. The man introduced himself as Ty and made
small talk as they danced. Jenny wasn't usually taken
with a man but she couldn't help staring at Ty's eyes,
they were a beautiful slate color. Ty's complexion was
perfect and his skin was a dark coffee color. Jenny
could understand why the other women were envious.

When the song ended Jenny began to head back to the
table when Ty took her hand and said since they were
out there they should dance one more. Jenny feeling
quite buzzed from dinner didn't object. The next number
was a slow piece. Flush from dancing fast, Jenny
immediately felt the heat between her body and Ty's. He
was about six-three and found she had to stare up at
him as they danced. As the song went on Ty began
pulling her closer and closer every now and then
leaning over and saying something in her ear, his hot
breath sending chill's up and down her body. Jenny
tried to keep her distance but the dance floor was so
crowded. Worse Jenny could feel his manhood, he was
big, bigger than Bill. Jenny was starting to perspire
she felt so warm and before the dance ended and to
excuse herself.

"I'm sorry I really need to sit down, I'm a little
dizzy. Maybe later." Before Ty could say anything Jenny
turned and walked back to the table. Returning to the
table Jenny sat down her face was colored warm and her
skin looked damp. Jenny took a sip of a Martine Bill
had ordered.

"Gosh honey this drink is strong."

"I see you made an impression on your friend, he's
staring." Jenny turned in her seat and saw Ty raise his
glass to her in a toast. Jenny waive and turned back to
Bill. Trying to change the subject she mentioned how
warm it was on the dance floor.

"I bet it was hot. Tell me did our friend come on to


"Come on Jen I won't be angry, tell me the truth."

"Well he did hold me a little close." Jenny smiled as
she sipped her drink.

"So was he hung like a horse."

"Bill your horrible."

Jenny noticed the couple first as they approached the
table next to there's. They were hard not to notice.
The woman was dressed very conservatively, black dress,
pearl's, very nice, sophisticated. The man was a giant.
Jenny figured about six-five and big, good looking,
well dressed. the woman caught Jenny's look and gave
her a warm smile and a look. Jenny couldn't put her
finger on the look, but it made her feel uneasy as the
woman held the look as she sat down.

Michael leaned over the table, at the same time taking
Sly's hand. "You look beautiful tonight baby and I have
to say I like the glasses." Michael had never seen Sly
warring glasses before. Sly loved the compliment but at
the same time remained distracted by the alluring
beauty sitting across from her. Sly pulled Michael
closer so she could whisper in his ear.

"Check the woman next to you, is she beautiful or

Michael smiled, thinking you can't change the spots on
a Leopard as Sly's eye's hungrily devoured Jennifer
Thomas. "I noticed her before, seriously spectacular.
Now stop staring Sly, you'll scare her away."

"Your right, anyway tell me Michael why this place. I
would never have figured you for this type of club."

"No reason, just something different. Now I'm glad we


Leaning over again Michael kissed Sly's neck as he
squeezed her hand. "Because when you see something you
like, you're like me, you go for it."

"You mean her?"


Bill couldn't believe his good fortune in having an
interracial couple sit right next to them. The couple
were attractive and he caught Jenny looking at them
with interest. Jenny had finished another vodka martini
and was as high as Bill had ever seen her. Just then Ty
walked up and asked Jenny to dance. Jenny was hesitant,
but again Bill seemed to answer for her.

"Go ahead Jenny, you know you want to." Jenny gave Bill
a look that said wait till I get back. Standing up she
took Ty hand and followed him on to the dance floor.

The couple once again worked there way to the center of
the dance floor were they started dancing to a fast
piece. the song was one of Jenny's favorites and she
really got into dancing. Ty was a good dancer and Jenny
was enjoying herself. Ty was dancing very close to
Jenny this time. Ty placed his hands on Jenny's hips
and drew her closer so that his leg was between hers,
as they rocked to the music. About half way through the
song Ty had positioned himself so that now his muscular
thigh would occasionally rub up against Jenny's crotch.
Between the music, the liquor, Jenny unconsciously
began rubbing her pussy harder and harder against Ty's

Michael had taken Sly on to the dance floor and
positioned himself so that he could observe Jenny.
Clearly the woman was having fun and the brother was
doing quite a number on her. Michael spotted Bill
walking around the dance floor trying to get a better
vantage point so that he could observe his wife.
Michael really couldn't understand what made a guy like
Bill tick. Michael could never share a woman he loved.
Now a woman he didn't love, that was another story and
perhaps that was the case with Bill, maybe he didn't
love Jenny.

The next song was also fast and Ty pulled Jenny even
closer. Ty's large hands dropped down low on to Jenny's
hips, so that his fingers were now edging closer to
Jenny's firm buttocks.

Jenny noticed other couple's looking at her and Ty.
Mistakenly, mostly on account of the liquor and
inexperience, Jenny assumed it was because they danced
well together. The reality of the situation was that Ty
was literally dry humping her on the dance floor.

Bill found a spot near the dance floor that gave him an
unobstructed view of Jenny and Ty. Bill's dick
instantly got hard. Jenny's head was leaning on Ty's
chest and she was grinding her cunt into the guy's
crotch, Bill couldn't believe it. Bill thought he was
going to cum right there. The song ended moments later
and a slow number started. Bill watched as the black
man took his wife into his arms. Jenny was obviously
drunk and the guy was taking serious advantage of the
situation, still Bill looked on.

Jenny felt her body conforming to every contour of Ty's
body. they seemed to be gliding along the dance floor.
Jenny's braless nipples were pressed hard against Ty's
chest, her pussy was wet with heat. Ty was saying
something to her but jenny could hardly make it out.
then she felt Ty's finger's under her chin lifting her
mouth to his. Jenny's eyes were closed and before she
knew it they kissed. Ty's tongue worked its way into
her mouth were Jenny found herself sucking hard on it.
Ty's hand crept up the side of her hip so that his
thumb lightly brushed her protruding nipple. Ty's touch
sent an electric shock through Jenny. the effect was
sobering. jenny couldn't believe this was happening.
Breaking the kiss Jenny pushed Ty away and quickly
returned to the table.

Bill got back at the same time and found Jenny pretty
stressed out.

"Bill we need to go, I don't feel so good." Jenny
wasn't lying, she had the spins. Bill was about to
stand up when Sly took Jenny's arm.

"Hey not doing so good huh, come on lets go to the
ladies room and freshen up." Jenny in no shape to argue
gladly accepted the helping hand. As the two women made
there way to the restroom Michael introduced himself.

"Your girlfriend looks like she had a little too much."

"Yeah, actually she's my wife."

"Lucky man, she very pretty, my names Michael, yours."

"Bill and you are not doing badly yourself."

"My girl's name is Sally but she goes by Sly. She'll
take good care of your wife."

"Yeah, I guess the drinks caught up with Jenny. Hey
can I buy you a drink."

"Sure, scotch, Johnnie Walker." Bill got up and walked
to the bar, right next to Ty. Michael watched them
exchange words and saw Bill hand Ty a card. Shit , what
in the world was this guy up to, Michael wondered.

"Here you go Mike."

"Michael, thanks. So you guy's come here often."

"No this was are first time, we wanted a little
adventure. Spice things up you no what I mean."

"Funny same thing here. How about you Bill let me by
you a drink while we wait for the girls.

Sly tried her best to comfort Jenny, unfortunately
there is only so much you can do for someone who has
had t much to drink. When Jenny finally came out of the
stall, her skin was a pale white.

"Here you go you'll feel better now." Sly whipped
Jenny's forehead down with a damp towel.

"Thanks I feel better now, my name is Jenny."

"Hi my friends call me Sly."

"Wow do I feel rugged. At least the room has stopped

"Good you ready to go back to the table."

"No I better wait a minute, please Sly you go on and

"No, no I'll wait. Mind if I ask you a question."

Jenny was leaning on the counter trying to straighten
out her hair. "Sure go ahead."

"Is that cute black guy your boyfriend or the white guy
at the table?"

"The white guy." Jenny legs were shaky as she tried to
compose herself. Jenny's stomach was nodded, lord what
had she done. Did Bill see them, her nervousness seemed
to make her sicker.

Sly could see that Jenny was in bad shape and tried her
best to help her. After about five minutes Jenny was
ready to return to the table. Sly gave Jenny an arm as
she walked back to the table.

The men had been talking about mutual interests when
the women walked up. Bill tried to introduce Michael to
Jenny but it rapidly became apparent that Jenny need to
get home. The couple parted with a see you around
goodbye, leaving Sly and Michael to finish their

"Too bad she got so drunk." Sly baited.

Michael caught it right away. "Why you interested in
seducing her."

Sly smiled. "So you're not interested."

"You want me to lie."

"Well will never know now."

Michael waved a business card. "I wouldn't say that.
Mr. Thomas say's he and the wife are looking for
adventure. You game."

Sly was hesitant, something about the situation didn't
feel right. "Sure."


Jenny slept most of the way home much to Bill's
disappointment. Once home Bill carried jenny into their
bedroom and removed her dress. Bill draped the dress
over a chair as Jenny rolled over on her stomach,
spread eagle. Jenny was wearing a black thong that
highlighted her perfect ass cheeks. Too bad she was
drunk Bill was planning a surprise and now it looked
like nothing would happen tonight. Bill stood there and
admired his wife's beautiful body. Dick aching, Bill
leaned over and slipped his finger under the thong so
that he could probe Jenny's pussy. Jenny's pussy was
soaking wet. Bill slid his finger in and out of Jenny's
pussy until he could see her hips rocking in response.

"You awake Jen?" Jenny remained silent, except for a
low moan. Jenny's hips were continued undulating in
response to Bill's finger. Just then Bill heard the
doorbell. Bill walked to the front door and looked out
the peep hole, it was Ty. Bill opened the door.

"Sorry man, but Jenny passed out."

"Fuck, you had me drive all the way the fuck here. I
thought you told me the woman wanted to see me."

"She did, she passed out is all, I'm sorry. Look let me
make you a drink, I feel bad, I thought she'd be up."

"Fuck all this way, alright I'll take a drink, to late
to get back to the club anyway."

"Good come in, what do you want?"

"You got any brandy?"

"Sure do have a seat." Bill walked into the kitchen to
fix the drinks.

"Nice place, mind if I use the john."

"Down the hall, on the left." No sooner had he said
that, did he realize that Ty would be walking right by
the bedroom, were Jenny was lying. Bill took his time
fixing the drinks, Ty would be getting an eye full of
Jenny now. A plan started formulating in his mind. What
if Bill were to fake passing out, what would Ty do,
Would he go into the bedroom with Jenny, what would she
do, Bill's prick was impossibly hard. When Bill finally
walked out into the living room Ty was back sitting on
the couch. Bill decided to plant the idea in Ty's head.

"You know I'm really sorry about this. Jenny must have
taken a liking to you, she said that you were nice. She
got so drunk, she gets crazy when she drinks. I have to
admit I was getting a little worried for awhile cause
you guy's were dancing pretty close, but Jenny assured
me you were a perfect gentleman. The whole time Bill
was talking he pretended to slur his words all the
while nodding his head and closing his eye's as if he
were about to pass out.

"Ty excuse me while I hit the bathroom." Bill purposely
stumbled as he stood and bounced off a few walls on the
way to the rest room. then sitting on the bathroom
floor near the toilet he waited. Sure enough after a
few minutes he heard Ty call out as the man walked down
the hall.

"Hey Bill what you doing." Bill closed his eyes and
leaned on the toilet.

"Shit man, you driving the porcelain buss, dam." Bill
could hear Ty stand there for a good minute. Bill
didn't move. Then Bill heard Ty turn and walk away.
Bill waited a minute, then followed. Sure enough Ty had
walked into the bedroom and was standing over Jenny.
Bill stood back at the door and observed.

"Hey girl you awake." Ty waited for a response. Not
getting one, Ty leaned over on one hand and gently slid
the thong aside, exposing Jenny's slit. Bill peaked as
Ty ran his finger up and down his wife's slit.
Immediately Jenny's hips responded to Ty's

In that state between perfect dream and reality Jenny
began rocking her hips up and down in rhythm with Ty's
touch. Ty paused and removed his cloths. Several times
he glanced back at the doorway. Each time Bill managed
to avoid detection. Bill back to the wall was breathing
heavily now and was afraid Ty would hear or see him. No
sound was coming from the room, so Bill decided to
venture another peak. Quietly turning, Bill peered into
the room in time to see Ty's nude form climb into bed
next to Jenny.

Ty had done this plenty of times before. Getting a girl
drunk and taking advantage of her was common on the
club scene. The only difference tonight was the woman's
husband had gotten her drunk. Now he was passed out and
his luscious wife was his for the taking. Ty cock had
been hard for Jenny the moment he met her. Ty slipped
between Jenny's legs and with his free hand ran his
cock head along Jenny's slit. The combination of Ty's
pre-cum and Jenny's lubricant made her slowly parting
cunt lips and the touch of Ty's cock head an exquisite
pleasure for both of them..

Bill's heart was pounding, his breath rapid, his dick
raging. The contrast of Ty's black skin again his wife
tanned legs took him to another time, the first time
with Karen. Now it was happening again and this time it
was even more exciting. Ty wasn't as big as the porn
star's but close at eight or nine inches and very
thick. In any case, it was bigger than Bill's
substantially bigger. Ty's cock head was penetrating
Jenny's pussy now and Bill had cum once already.

Jenny felt the pressure, the slickness, the heat, she
pushed her hips up and spread her legs. Jenny was
dreaming, Bill's cock was big and it felt good. Jenny
felt Ty's cock head as it passed her pussy lips and
penetrated deep into her cunt. Ty pushed his cock
deeper and deeper. jenny was responding more and more
to his slow fuck, Ty was enjoying this. Ty drove his
cock in to the hilt, Jenny had taken all of him. Ty's
cock was covered with her juices making her pussy feel
like nothing he'd ever experienced. Ty picked up the
pace. Ty's cock slid in and out faster and faster as Ty
got into rhythm with Jenny's bucking ass.

Bill leaned back against the wall, silently taking big
gulps of air. Christ, what had he done, now that his
initial lust was satiated. What if Jenny knew this
whole thing was his doing. Bill spun Quietly on his
feet and looked into the room again.

When the dreaming ended and reality took hold for Jenny
was hard to say. One moment Jenny felt the wonderful
rubbing of a big cock head against her wet pussy lips.
Then came the penetration, slow at first. Then as Ty's
cock plunged deeper, a new feeling came over Jenny.
Jenny for the first time in her life felt what it was
like to have her pussy filled. Jenny never experienced
this feeling with Bill. Jenny's first orgasm was so
strong that her body literally trembled with pleasure
and then Jenny knew it wasn't a dream. Jenny's reality
was she was making love and she knew it wasn't Bill. In
the darkness she opened her eyes and as they adjusted
she could see the black hand and arm of her lover as he
began pounding her even harder. Then Jenny heard his

"Oh girl, fuck that is fine pussy, god it feels so
good, yeah, yeah here we go." With those comments Ty
cock pulsed and expanded. Jenny felt her cunt,
uncontrollable now, constrict around Ty's ever
expanding cock. Jenny's pussy was milking Ty's cock as
he came, sending Jenny into another uncontrollable
orgasm. Ty body too was going through uncontrolled
pleasure. Ty was an experienced lover, but never in his
life had he cum like this. Ty came and came, rush after
incredible rush of pleasure coursed through his body as
he sent massive amounts of sperm deep into Jenny's

Jenny closed her eye's trying first, to figure out how
this could have happened and second, why she wanted it
to happen again. Jenny felt Ty's climax, a first, sure
she had felt her husband's dick expand whenever he
came, but this was different. Jenny could actually feel
the hot jets of cum pulsing into her pussy. The feeling
of that big cock pulsing in her pussy gave Jenny the
mind numbing orgasm.

Bill felt a pang of jealousy course through his body as
he saw Jenny's climax. Ty's back glistened with sweat
from his exertions. Now that Ty was cumming the well
defined muscles of his ass rippled with each
contraction of his cock. It was only then that Bill
realized Jenny had had unprotected sex with Ty.
Amazingly Bill was unconcerned, his dilemma was how to
get Ty out of his bedroom.

Ty rolled over on his back, heaving from the exertions
of his orgasm. this woman was incredible, they fit each
other perfectly. Lying there looking at the ceiling Ty
couldn't believe his good fortune and to think he
almost didn't go out that night. Glancing at his watch
Ty was glad he didn't have to work in the morning.

Panic was starting to set in for Jenny. Still lying on
her stomach she didn't know what to do. Where was Bill,
how did this happen. Jenny turned her head to face her
lover. Her lover was basking in the afterglow of sex.
His breaths were deep and he had a slight smile on his
face, it was Ty from the club. Where did he come from
Jenny wondered, when she heard Bill's voice. Jenny
closed her eye's pretending she was asleep, what else
could she do.

"Ty, Ty, You went to the wrong room man, your suppose
to be in the guest room. This is my room man come on
let me show you."

Ty went along with the charade, after all if Bill
didn't know Ty had just fucked Jenny why tell him. "Oh
man, sorry, let me get my cloths."

Bill showed him the guest room and told Ty to make
himself at home. Ty Crawled into the bed disappointed
that he had to leave Jenny. Ty would see her in the
morning and hopefully make arrangements to see her
again, Jenny was a spectacular piece of ass and Ty
couldn't wait to get some more of the girl.

Bill took off his cloths and slid on to the bed.
Lifting the sheet the strong sent of sex hit his
nostrils. Bill snuggled up to Jenny and pressed his
crotch against her ass. Jenny's body felt warm against
his. bill let his hand slip under her arm were he found
her breast. Bill gently touched her nipple, it was
still rock hard. Bill's loins began to stir.

"Jenny you up."

Jenny was in shock things were happening so fast, her
brain woozy from the booze. Jenny not knowing what to
do, continued acting as if she were asleep.

"Jen you looked so good tonight, you were the most
beautiful woman in the club." Bill continued rubbing
Jenny's nipple, he loved the feel of her nipples when
they were stiff like this. Bill wondered if Jenny
really was sleeping and he continued with his prodding.

"Jen can you feel how hard you've got me." Bill pressed
his hard dick against the crack of Jenny's ass.

Jenny felt a sort of relief in knowing that Bill had
witnessed her infidelity with Ty. Bill's touch was
arousing Jenny and she pressed her ass back against her
husbands dick. Jenny couldn't believe how she was
acting, for the second time tonight she wanted sex.

Bill felt Jenny's gentle burring and reached down and
took hold of his dick. Then Bill positioned himself so
that his dick head was pressed up against Jenny's
pussy. Jenny's pussy was leaking from the huge infusion
of Ty's cum. Bill pushed just a little and immediately
entered Jenny's pussy. the combination of Ty's cum and
Jenny's made the passage of Bill's cock effortless.
Bill second gentle thrust found him buried to the hilt
in his wife's super saturated pussy.

"Oh that feels so good honey, I can't believe how wet
you are."

Jenny tried to keep silent, but a low moan escaped her
lips as she clamped down on Bill's dick. Clearly
smaller than Ty's, never the less Bill's dick brought
her pleasure. Now Jenny wanted to please Bill, to make
Bill not think that something had happened between her
and Ty. Jenny reached between her legs and cupped
Bill's balls.

"Oh yes Jen that feels good babe." Bill was in heaven,
Jenny's pussy felt like satin as his dick slid in and
out of her slit. With visions of Jenny and Ty fucking
Bill came super fast. Shooting all of his cum in two or
three strokes. Jenny on the other hand was just getting
ready to cum again when Bill abruptly stopped moving.
Bill pulled out his shrinking dick and rolled over.
total silence enveloped the room except for Bill's



"That was so good, I love you Jen."

"I love you too Bill."

The couple fell asleep, but only after awhile. Bill
kept thinking about what had happened. Now that he had
time to think about it, Bill was certain he wanted to
see it again. Jenny didn't know that he knew and that
excited him. Bill couldn't conceive that Ty was a
threat, after all, Jenny was his wife and she loved
him. The only reason she let Ty make love to her was
because she was drunk. Bill wondered if she would fuck
Ty when she was sober.

Jenny on the other hand was eaten up with guilt. Should
she tell Bill what happened or would it be better to
just keep quite. Bill hadn't said a thing which would
indicate he knew what had happened. Jenny's head
started hurting and she walked into the bathroom and
took several aspirin. Walking back to bed she felt
sperm leaking out of her pussy. Jenny found doing the
math hard, but she figured she was hopefully past her
fertile time. Jenny was still feeling the liquor from
the night before, when the aspirin kicked in and Jenny
fell asleep.

Bill woke at six-thirty and laid there for awhile.
Saturday morning Bill usually played golf early. This
morning was no exception. The only question was what
Bill was going to do with Ty. Bill got up and dressed.
Then he walked to the door of the guest room and peered
in. Ty was sound asleep. Bill paused at the door for a
moment, thought about things for a minute, then entered
the bedroom.

"Ty, sorry to wake you man, listen I'm going to go play
golf. I'll be back in about four hours. when you're
ready you can let yourself out. Jenny should be up in
an hour or so. Take care man, we'll get together again

Ty was still in a daze when Bill left. Usually Ty was
an early riser, his work required him to get up early.
Ty worked as a lineman for a local power company.
Saturday and Sunday's were his normal days off and even
though he liked to sleep in on those days, today was
different. Ty got up and walked around the house.
Exploring, he ventured into the kitchen and got a drink
of water. Then satisfied that Bill had left, Ty made
his way back to the master bedroom. The door was open,
Jenny was lying on her side, her back to Ty. Ty paused
and slipped out of his boxers as he stood there
admiring Jenny.

Jenny woke just as Ty entered the room. At first she
thought it was Bill so she turned to face him. Turning
over, the sheet pulled away revealing her breasts.
There before her stood Ty, naked. Jenny openly stared,
too surprised to talk. Now everything that happened the
night before began flashing through her mind.

"I never thought he'd leave." Ty slipped under the
sheet and snuggled up to Jenny , who was still too
shocked to talk. Ty placed his hand on Jenny's hip and
pulled her closer, his cock now was pressed up against
Jenny's body. Ty's hand caressed Jenny's ass.

"You are really beautiful you know that." Ty leaned
closer and tried to kiss Jenny but she turned her face

"We made love last night." It was more a question than
a statement. Ty nuzzled Jenny's neck sending goose
bumps down Jenny's body.

"Yes, unfortunately only once. Girl you have one fine
body, can you feel how hard my cock is." Ty reached
around with his hand and slipped his middle finger into
Jenny's slit. While the outer side of Jenny's slit was
dry, her inner folds were still sodden with sperm.
Jenny tried to move her hip away from the invading
fingers only to find herself grinding up against Ty's

"Girl your pussy is so wet, you were wet last night
too. Dam that's nice." Ty was already working another
finger into Jenny's slit.

"Wait, don't. Last night was a mistake. My husband
might come back." Jenny reached back and tried to
dislodge Ty's hand. Turning as she did exposed her
breast to Ty, who immediately leaned down and drew
Jenny's nipple into his mouth. Ty was besides himself
with lust. Now with the morning light peeking through
the shudders he was getting a better look at Jenny.
Jenny's lethal body was firm and muscular. Jenny's tits
were more than a handful and her nipples were
exquisite. Ty's cock hurt he felt so good.

Ty took Jenny's breath away as he bit down gently on
her nipple. At he same time Ty's powerful thigh forced
it's way between her legs. Jenny succeeded in moving
Ty's hand from her ass. For a moment Jenny felt like
she was gaining control. Then Ty slipped his hand
between her thighs and expertly found her clit with his

Jenny couldn't believe this was happening to her again.
"Ty please, stop." Jenny didn't know what to as Ty
quickly brought her to orgasm. No one besides Bill had
ever made her cum and now she had cum twice with a
virtual stranger. Ty's fingers were like magic, and his
mouth, Jenny's nipple's ached with pleasure. Jenny had
moved to dislodge Ty's hand again, but this time she
lacked the will power to pull his hand away. Instead,
Jenny found herself driving his hand down between her
legs. Literally helping Ty massage her cunt.

" I can't, Ty please, please, oh god Ty, what are you
doing to me."

Ty stopped sucking on Jenny's nipple. " I'm trying to
make you want me Jenny. You don't want me to stop do
you?" Jenny looked at Ty, her eye's pleading , her hips
rocking to his touch. Ty plunge a third finger into
Jenny's pussy, as he brought his thumb to bare on
Jenny's inflamed clit.

Jenny's eye lids fluttered as she gasped. Oh, oh, oh
my, I never felt like this, oh god. I can't. Ty be
soft." Ty moved between Jenny's legs and removed his
hand from Jenny's pussy. Jenny's seduction was
complete, she wanted Ty now regardless of the

"Put it in." Jenny looked down between her legs. Ty was
in the push up position, his cock hanging ridged
between her legs. Ty's cock looked enormous, it was
much bigger than Bill's, bigger than she remembered
from the previous night. The contrast of his black skin
against hers, made Jenny gush. Jenny at once felt
thrilled and depraved. Jenny's father always chastised
her when she did something wrong with the admonition
that she was going to turn out like her mother. Now as
she caressed the huge black cock between her legs she
just figured her dad had been right all along.

"That's right, feel how hard you make me Jenny, put it
in girl, put it in." Jenny guided Ty's cock into place.
Jenny couldn't believe the weight of Ty's cock, it felt
heavy in her hand. With a gentle push from Ty Jenny
felt his cock head stretch her cunt lips and enter her
pussy. Now that Jenny was sober Ty's cock felt even
better. Jenny's curled her legs up and with her heels
began nudging Ty deeper into her pussy.

Ty feeling the silky warmth of Jenny's pussy was
convinced she was the finest woman he'd ever been with.
Dam how lucky can a guy be he thought as he slowly
plunged his cock deeper. Ty buried all nine inches deep
in Jenny's pussy. The fit was perfect for Ty as he
started to slowly draw his cock out of Jenny's pussy
until just the tip remained in place. Looking down he
could see the effect on Jenny. Jenny was staring down
between their bodies completely engrossed in watching
his cock slid in and out of her.

"You like that?" Jenny bit her bottom lip and nodded
yes. Jenny could feel the difference in the size of
Ty's cock, it wasn't a subtle difference either.
Jenny's pussy was filled perfectly and now it seemed
animal instinct was taking over. Jenny started fucking
Ty back and hard. Jenny met each of Ty's thrusts
forcefully in an effort to get all Ty's cock deeper.

"Harder, fuck me harder, more, oh yes don't stop Ty."

Bill had slipped through the back door moments before
and could hear Jenny's exclamations from the back of
the house. Now with the added light Bill had to be
careful not to be seen. Bill could hear the two lovers
very clearly as they fucked. The sound of Jenny cumming
made Bill's dick exceedingly hard. Bill peeked around
the corner. Dam, Jenny wasn't showing any reluctance
now. Jenny was fucking Ty for all she was worth.
Jenny's legs were tight around Ty's black ass. Ty's
cock was wet and shinny as it slid in and out of
Jenny's cunt. Jenny's cunt lips seemed to cling To Ty's
cock every time he pulled out. Bill also noted that Ty
wasn't wearing a rubber. Dam, it excited Bill to think
Jenny was acting like a slut for this guy. Bill rubbed
his cock through his pants and came in moments.

Ty could hold back no longer. Ty's back and butt
muscles began to tense as he came nearer to cumming.
Like the night before Jenny could feel Ty expanding.
Ty's cock head was pressing right up against her cervix
when Ty's cum erupted. The force of Ty's cum splashing
up deep in her womb sent Jenny into her own orgasm.
Jenny knew there was danger of impregnation, but primal
instinct took over.

"Ty I can feel you, keep cumming, I can feel you
cumming. It feels so good. Oh god I'm cumming too."
Jenny was nearly screaming as she came. Bill was
shocked, he hadn't expected his wife to react like
that. Bill wanted her to fuck the guy, not fall in love
with him. bill waited to see what would happen. The
room suddenly became quite. Bill took another look.

Ty was still on top of Jenny. Jenny was stroking his
back her legs rapped tight around his ass. Both were
breathing hard. Jenny spoke first.

"I can't believe this happened, god what have I done."

"Hey don't feel that way, it was meant to be."

"Ty I don't even know your last name, I don't know
anything about you, I'm married for christ sake. I know
you won't believe me, but I've never done this before.
What if I get pregnant."

"My name is Tyrone Johnston, I work at the power
company as an electrician, I'm twenty-nine years old
and I think I want to marry you."

Jenny smiled, although the reality of her infidelity
had already started taking root, making her feel
miserable. Jenny let her legs down and tried to move Ty
off of her. Instead Ty rolled over bringing Jenny with
him, his cock still embedded in her saturated pussy.

"Ty my husband could come home any minute, you need to

"You just got through telling me you don't know me and
now you want me to go. I hate to be used like this."
Ty's smile was contagious, Jenny smiled again.

"God don't you ever take no for an answer." Just then
Jenny felt Ty's cock twinge, once, twice. Impossible,
Ty was already getting hard again. Jenny felt Ty rock
his hips making his cock move slowly in and out of her.
Jenny looked down into Ty's grey eyes. Jenny felt her
loins heating up. Now it was Jenny's turn to slid up
and down on Ty's cock. Soon the two of them were hard
at it again.

Bill watched as Jenny assumed her favorite position
over Ty. Jenny loved to straddle Bill's dick in a squat
position, now she was doing the same to Ty. From his
vantage point Bill could see Ty's huge cock sliding in
and out of his wife's wet slit. Now white cum mixed
with Jenny's juices was streaming down Ty's shaft. Bill
came again. This time Bill decided to leave, he had cum
and now he'd seen enough.

Jenny had never been with a lover like Ty. Sex with Ty
was intoxicating to the point that she forgot about
Bill. Jenny was extremely fit and now squatting down on
Ty's cock she used every bit of her strength to please
Ty. Up and down she slid on his shaft feeling Ty's cock
penetrate places Bill had never touched. No the black
man was pleasing her in ways she had only dreamed of up
till now. Jenny was breathing very hard and her legs
ached when Ty began to cum again. This time there was
no hesitation, Jenny wanted to feel Ty's cock cum.
Jenny wanted to feel the rush of his seed exploding in
her. Jenny drove down even harder wishing that Ty was
even bigger.

Ty cock strained as he neared orgasm. The fact that
Jenny said she might get pregnant only made him want to
cum that much harder. Grabbing Jenny's thin waist, Ty
impaled her on to his cock when he began to cum. With
all his force Ty pushed his cock up into Jenny's cunt,
insuring that his sperm would penetrate the farthest
reaches of her womb.

"Oh girl, feel that, feel that hot cum daddy has for

"Oh yes, oh I'm cumming so hard, so hard, keep cumming,
cum, cum, harder."

Exactly at that moment the two lovers heard the same
thing. The garage door opening. Deep panic set in as Ty
shot out of bed and slid on his boxer shorts. Jenny
reached down to the foot of the bed and slipped on
Bill's t-shirt. Ty was just walking out of the bedroom
when Bill turned the corner into the hall way and saw

"Hey Ty still haven't learned your way around the