AUTHOR Wothyone
DATE ADDED 12th June, 2004


DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


Joanne searched the room. Somewhere her date, Ray, was moving about, a drink in his hand, and on his mind... Joanne knew exactly. They'd met only a couple of weeks ago, but Joanne had first seen Ray a year ago exactly, at this house, a party for her cousin Iris. A birthday party for a then very pregnant Iris, who now had a beautiful little baby girl.

Even then, Joanne had noticed Ray. He seemed out of place at the party, and yet, somehow, more at home than most would. Iris has a terrific husband, Chris, a paramedic, but his work left Iris alone at odd hours, and it had become a joke that Iris was pregnant only to give herself some company. Watching Ray, Joanne wondered if Iris already had found company. Ray somehow didn't seem to be Chris' type for a pal, and Ray wasn't mixing with many others at the party. Who did he belong with here?

It was after the cake, and after the party turned loud, and the drinking got serious, that Joanne found Ray's partner. Trying to find the bathroom, staggering a bit after much wine, Joanne had found herself at the door to Chris and Iris' spare bedroom. A murmur and a giggle behind the door told her something was in progress. Peering in through a door partly opened, Joanne saw her very preggers cousin Iris, arms around Ray's neck, kissing this mystery man. A birthday kiss? No, because what came next left Joanne a little angry, a little embarrassed, and very turned on.

Ray was now behind Iris, smelling her hair, kissing her neck, and unbuttoning her red dress, allowing it to fall over her swollen breasts, round belly, white stockings and down to Iris' red shoes. The sexy lace garter belt Iris was wearing, and the panties she wasn't wearing, said Iris meant for this erotic encounter to happen. A birthday gift to herself, perhaps, but Ray looked like he was not doing this for the first time. Ray turned Iris, and kissed her fully, deeply, and Joanne blushed to see her cousin's pussy hair shaved. How did she explain that to her doctor come internal exam time? Ray had removed Iris' bra, and her nipples were thimbles on her breasts. Ray caressed her breasts, her round belly, and followed the path down to her hairless puss.

Looking down the hallway to make sure no one was approaching, Joanne looked back to see Iris laying back on the bed, one stocking covered leg hanging over the edge, the other hooked over the footboard of the bed. Ray kneeled, and kissed her little toes, now out of the red shoes, and kissed up, past her knee and past where lace stocking left off to warm flesh. Ray kissed the smooth path to Iris' vagina, where weeks from now Iris would strain and stretch, and a baby would come. God, was it Rays? His face was heated by the glow of her passion, as he licked and sucked at her lips, trailing his tongue through her slit, lapping up the juice she made. Then his tongue painted her clitoris, up and down, round and round, broad strokes, thin, cutting movements, all making Iris' hips twinge. Iris looked like the kind of girl who made noise. A screamer. Maybe someone who swore when she was fucked hard. Joanne could envision it as Ray pleased the womanhood of the creature who was yearning to be a slut, and shout. Iris bit her lip, as Ray took her to the edge and beyond. Each orgasm brought a new expression to her face.

Joanne had her hand at her own throat, playing with her pearls. It kept her hands away from her own panties, while she watched now as Iris pushed Ray's head back, and he stood, as she kneeled in front of him.

She unbuckled his pants, unzipped and released his cock. It was big, and probably thicker than usual with the heightened passion of their meeting. Not porn star big, but Joanne could imagine it would feel her cravings quite sweetly.

Lipstick smeared on Iris' face as she moved her face up and down along the shaft of Rays penis, before kissing the tip, circling it with her tongue, and beginning to mouth it. She took an amazing portion of it into her mouth before she looked uncomfortable, and Joanne felt even stronger about Ray's cock for herself. His pants slid off, and Iris had her hands all over his ass, his balls, his legs. She was tracing a finger up and down the cleft of his ass, and probing into his rear. God, his muscles tensed,and Joanned thought this was it, her cousin would have cum in her hair, and on her face in seconds.

Ray slowed the sucking, and pulled out of Iris face. She took hold of the bed, and raised her pregnant body, now kneeling on the bed, her ass towards the door. Now, Joanne saw more of her cousin than ever. Her ass, it's globes bigger by far than usual on her small frame, still a thing of beauty. She always got stares when walking through the mall. And between her ass, and the belly that hung down, the reddened clam shell halves of her pussy. Wet, open, willing and waiting. Ray's cock was glistening with spittle from Iris, and he wiped himself on her thighs, touching her stockings, enjoying the smoothness. He should have fucked the slut then, thought Joanne, she wants it, you are ready to shoot into her, but instead, Ray held his cock, and dug out the groove of her pussy, up and down, feeling himself glide on the juice she made. Then he teased her pussy further, making a complete circle around her opening with his dink. She was in heat, a bitch in heat,and she pushed backwards, but Ray had control. Her swollen tummy hung down, and Ray grabbed her hips, and slid into her very slowly. She would have her first orgasm from their fuck before he was fully into her. Her mind, Joanne thought, she is so ready for what he's doing, he could spank her ass and she'd come

He reached full length inside her, and withdrew almost fully, then eased back in, and settled into a pumping rhythm that send her face jiggling on the pillow, and her breasts swaying back and forth. He stabbed into her puss, lifting her body slightly as his hips slapped against her ass. This was stretching her, Joanne was sure of it. She's never seen Chris naked, but was sure that Ray broke new ground when he dug into Iris' body.

His thrusts were concentrated suddenly, and yet another orgasm broke out on Iris' face. Mmmmfff, she wanted to cry, scream, but Ray slowed, protective of her enflamed passion, and then he built up again. Yes, Joanne was sure, now that Iris had come from oral sex, and the god damn hot fuck he was throwing her, Ray was going to shoot his load into her now, in that pregnant pussy. With no fears of another pregnancy they were unprotected, and after all this, Ray would leave cum that would be dripping down from her for hours.

But even as Ray held Iris by her hips, touching her ass, her stockings, she looked up, back at him, and mouthed something that said 'yes please' to Joanne. Ray looked around the room, Joanne stepped back and looked down the hall again. What if someone did come? What would she do? Knock on the door? No one was near, and when Joanne peeped into the room again, Ray had found what he was looking for. KY jelly, he put a gob of it on his finger, and worked it up and down the split of her tail. As hot as she was, the cold of the jelly almost made Iris come again, Joanne could feel it on her own ass. Then, Ray was at her anus, with a wet rocket that was going to explode soon. He placed his cock at her anus, and pushed. She wanted to thrust back, but Ray was considerate, and in control. He pushed, stretched, strained her ass, she reached back and pulled her cheeks aside, and then dug in and pulled herself apart to have him disappear into her nether world. All along, this was her need, it was obvious now. Did Chris never fuck his little wife's ass. Could she not bear to ask? She loved it though, and slowly, Ray disappeared up her chute, his hands holding onto her hips, pulling himself in, and preventing Iris from pushing back and ripping her asshole open on Ray.

His cock was planted up her hole, and she was in agony, in paradise, in another place, with her body still rolling back onto his cock, to a dirty place in her, where she could be dirty with him. Mmmff, yes, god baby, yes, do it, yes, it's good, I want it,you know, you know what I want, I need, oooh, yes, fuck it, fuck my ass, I am a slave, I'm dirty, filthy, do it fuck it...just loud enough for Joanne to hear

Now, Joanne did touch at her pussy, digging in just a little, then aware that she'd leave a stain on the front of her dress. Ray rocketed up and down, slowly, but powerfully into Iris hot ass and when Iris climaxed with a little cry, and sobbed like a girl, while her man fucked her sweetness away, and replaced it with the animal she longed to be, Joanne took a breath, and blinked to escape the haze she'd felt fall upon her. She looked again and saw the final tensing of Rays ass, as he buried himself far up into the dirty , shitty depths of Iris, where her body temperature was highest, and where he could still burn her with the volcanic release of his cum. They were still for a moment, her breathing had stopped while he fucked into her, violently at the end, and then, returning to the people who'd been kissing passionately, but humanely, she rolled onto her side as Ray removed his cock from her... and he dabbed a finger down to remove a spot of brown stained cum from the heel of her stocking. She took his finger, and sucked it clean, then took his penis in her mouth and sucked and tongued it, not to make him hard again, but just to clean him.

Joanne walked away, needing a drink and a fuck, or time with her vibrator tonite. Then, she quickly turned back, and trying to be quiet, closed the door on the cheating pair. A click that was too loud brought a gasp from behind the door, as Joanne hurried away. She smiled, they'd never know it was her, but they'd know someone saw them.

And now, a year later, Iris walked through the party with her little baby. No wild fuck for her tonight, not from Ray, not from Chris. And the baby would be the only one at her breast, probably. Ray had been introduced to Joanne a couple of weeks ago, by accident really, and he'd played coy when Joanne asked him to a birthday party, for her cousin, Iris. And Iris almost shit when Ray and Joanne walked in the door.

After the cake, after the music got loud, and the drinks got to everyone's heads, Ray and Joanne met in a hallway, and Ray fell into Joanne, caressing her hair as he kissed her, deeply, with a tongue that tasted her breath, and searched for a soul. He reached under the hem of her skirt, and with a single pull, ripped the red panties from her bottom. He ran a hand from her ass, round to her tummy, and down to a clean shaven pussy. Smooth and clean as a childs, and Joanne felt as giddy as a child, as they made a move.

They slipped behind a door, and Joanne locked it, and double checked it, then turned to Ray and knelt before him, releasing a cock that was all that she'd remembered. She put it in her mouth, and enjoyed the taste, the smell of him there. She put her hands on his ass, and felt his cock rise in her mouth, so she explored him a bit there, before stopping, standing, and sliding out of top and skirt to reveal red stockings, and a garter belt that matched the panties Ray had torn from her ass. Ray kissed from her neck down her back, onto her ass and rotated Joanne. He eased her down on the bed, and kissed a sweet kiss to her smooth pussy. His tongue ran the depth and length of her slit, and she was shuddering as he took control of her orgasms, allowing them, forcing them, holding them back, slapping his tongue on her clitoris, and sucking the little hooded pearl to make her breath in short, shallow gasps. He stood to enter her with his cock, and she put a hand to his chest, and rolled over, reaching behind, holding his prick, circling herself there with him, and in her mind, her pussy was a jewel, he would cradle it, own it soon. Her pussy, vagina, cunt, "twat" she said out loud, as he slid into her.

He knew her rhythms from the start and made love to her with precision, again allowing her to come, or slowing to keep her earnestly pushing back on him. She felt so fulfilled, so horny, so... so this is what it was like, her mind wandered. She briefly remembered the scene of a year ago, while he punched up into her, bringing her back to this moment, this room, his cock, his hands on her hips, his flat stomach bumping into her little ass She was intoxicated by the memories, the present, the dirty, raw sex, an odd combination with what she now smelled... the smell of baby powder from Iris changing her baby here. Again, and again, her little cunny was on fire, stretched and filled with Ray, and he fucked her, pulling her at him, his hands on her ass, her ass and hips splayed for him/

Then, in their heat, a gob of ice jelly was place on her ass.

His hands were still holding her, as she was violated anally by a finger, with a nail, and the cold was startling against the heat of her passion.

She looked back, and standing next to Ray, holding her baby, Iris said "Yes, do it, yes, it's good, fuck it, fuck her ass, dirty and filthy, do it, fuck it."