STORY TITLE The Breeding Rack
AUTHOR Karebear
CODES mf, impreg, bond, fetish
DATE ADDED 4th September, 2005



DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


You called the night before and told me to meet you at this little roadside hotel at 7pm. You said you'd leave a key for me at the front desk. I was to let myself in and follow the list you'd leave on the bed. I couldn't wait because we had been talking online for so long and had fantasized about this moment for ages. Finally our role-playing was going to become reality.

I get to the hotel and I immediately see why you chose it. It's out in the middle of nowhere and barely inhabited. We'd have all the privacy in the world in there. There are no other cars there but the car belonging to the old man working the front desk. I go inside and give my name. The old gentleman hands me a key with the number 12 on it. I stroll back outside and walk along the side of the building. I pass all the rooms 1-11 and see that number 12 is the last room at the end of the building. I slide the key in and go inside. I set down my bag and my purse and I walk over to the bed. I see a bottle of champagne on ice on the nightstand and your note lying on the bed. I pick up the note and read it. It's a list of instructions that I am to follow...

First you tell me to unpack the bag you previously instructed me to bring. I am to lay everything on the bed. I open the bag and take out the contents: A sheer white button up short-sleeved shirt, a short plaid skirt, a pair of white pantyhose, black Mary Jane heels, a toiletry kit, a bathrobe, the velvet bag that holds my glass toy, my bullet vibe and lubricant, a pair of white cotton panties, a collar and leash, a silk scarf and an ovulation predictor kit.

There is a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom so you tell me to get undressed and fill up the tub. I fill the tub with hot water, add a few drops of scented oil and turn the jets on. I am instructed to get into the tub and take a nice soothing bath, making sure to clean every inch thoroughly. I finish the bath and slip on the bathrobe. I pick up the note and continue to read...

Next I am to get dry, put on lotion/powder/perfume, dry and brush my hair- then put it into pigtails. After finishing my hair I am to get dressed into white shirt, skirt, white pantyhose and heels. No bra or panties are to be worn. After dressing I am supposed to put the panties and ovulation kit on the bathroom counter, take the toys out and lay them on the nightstand, put the scarf/collar & leash on the bed and help myself to 2 glasses of champagne. After finishing the champagne I am to lie down on the bed and fall asleep...

I am fast asleep when you arrive and I don't hear you come in.You set your bag down and you walk up to the bed and admire your handiwork. I look exactly as you had wanted. You gently slide the collar around my neck and fasten it, and then you gently lift my arms and bind my wrists together with the silk scarf. The champagne really relaxed me so I'm still asleep as you get undressed. You open your bed and take out the contraption you are proud to have made. You put it on the table, and walk back over to me...

You gently climb onto the bed, hoping not to wake me yet. I stir a little, but I'm still asleep. My mouth is open a bit, and you smile a devilish smile. My arms are still above my head, fastened by the wrists with the scarf. You straddle me and slowly grab the leash. You lower your cock to my face and slowly start stroking yourself right above me. You want to make sure you're nice and hard and the pre-cum is dripping before you wake me. In no time at all your cock is now hard and thick. The head is wet with pre-cum. You slide your cock across my lips, wetting them with your pre-cum. I slowly open my eyes and see you above me. Your cock is poised at my mouth. You tell me to open my mouth like a good girl, so I do without question. You slide your cock into my mouth and groan. It feels so good. Mmmmmm so warm and wet. You start to pump your cock into my mouth a bit harder and faster now. Fucking my mouth as I lay there helpless. You grab my pigtails and
hang on

as you bury your cock in my throat. I gag a little, but you keep going. You tell me what a good little slut I am. You say daddy has a big load for you little girl, and you're going to swallow every drop. You're humping my face mercilessly now. You can feel the cum boiling up in your balls. Any moment now you'll be spraying my tonsils with your thick hot cum. Suddenly you scream in pleasure "Take my cum you little whore!" and you dump your creamy load into my mouth, shooting it all the way back to my throat. I'm surprised by the volume of it, and try desperately to swallow it all. A bit of your cum seeps out the side of my mouth, and you chastise me. "That's a bad girl. You need to swallow ALL of daddy's cum."

You scoop up the cum with your finger and stick it into my mouth. You tell me to suck it clean, and I do happily. Anything to please my daddy...After finishing you get up off the bed and remove the scarf from my wrists. You tell me to lie down on the bed and spread my legs. You want to see my bare pussy through the pantyhose. I do as you say, and you tell me to slide my hand down my pantyhose and play with my pussy. You fucking my face made me so horny that I gladly start playing with my pussy. I'm already sopping wet and ready to be fucked. You approach the bed and lay down on your stomach between my legs. You start to lick me through my pantyhose as I finger my clit. God it feels so heavenly, and I tell my daddy that I can't wait to cum. "Not yet little girl" you say. "Daddy wants you to squirt all over his face. Daddy wants you to cum all over him."

You rip a hole in my pantyhose with your teeth so my bare pussy is now exposed. You tell me to grab my toys and scoot down to the end of the bed. You go to the end of the bed and sit on the floor. Your head pointed up directly below me. You instruct me to use my toys on myself. Make myself cum like I did on camera that night. I slide the glass toy in and start to fuck myself.

After a few moments I can feel the pressure begin to build.Mmmmmmm I know I'm going to cum so good for my daddy and shower his face with my sweet juices. I begin to fuck myself hard, rubbing my g-spot until I start feeling that warm rush. I scream "Daddy I'm cumming!!!" and I quickly pull the toy out before gushing a stream of fluid all over your face. You moan and say "Ohhhhhh you taste so good baby. That's a very good girl. Daddy is very happy with his little slut."

I smile because nothing makes me happier than pleasing my daddy.I can see how pleased he is because his cock is now hard and thick again. I know the time is drawing close. Daddy made known to me the purpose of this trip. He was going to make our fantasy into reality and breed me. He had me chart my fertility and schedule our meeting during my fertile time. He had me bring an ovulation predictor so he could see for himself that I was fertile and ready to breed.

You stand and grab my leash. You gently draw me up to you and kiss me. I can taste my sweetness all over your mouth. I lick your lips and slide my tongue into your mouth. Mmmmmmmm you taste so good. You whisper in my ear, "It's time baby girl. Time to check if you're nice and fertile for daddy." You lead me into the bathroom. You instruct me to take off the torn pantyhose and the rest of my outfit and slip on the white cotton panties. You open the predictor package and give me a sly smile. I know that you have me wearing the panties because not only do you want to check my fertility, but you also want to watch me piss through those white cotton panties. I'm naked except for those panties, and you tell me to get into the tub and spread my legs. With

one hand you gently rub my mound through the panties, and with the other hand you hold the ovulation predictor under my pussy. You tell me to close my eyes, relax, and let go for daddy. I do what you say and feel the stream start to come. I hear you say in the most tender voice "Yessssssss sweetheart. That's a good little girl.

Daddy is so proud of you. Mmmmmmmm I love it."When I'm done I open my eyes and you're smiling at me. You lay thepredictor on the counter and tell me we have to wait 10 minutes. In the meantime I'm a dirty little girl in need of cleaning. You strip my panties off of me and proceed to wash me with a warm wet washcloth.

Mmmmmmm it feels so good when you give me a bath daddy.When we're done you help me out of the tub and dry me off with a towel. You sit down on the toilet and say it's time to read the test. You pick it up and flash me a huge smile. "It's positive baby girl. You're ovulating for daddy right now. Are you ready?"

"Yes daddy" I say, and I give you a big hug. I know the momenthas finally come. The moment I've been waiting for…You lead me over to the bed, and tell me to sit there for a moment while you prepare. You hand me another glass of champagne, knowing I might be a little nervous yet excited.

You take your "device" from the table and bring it over to the bed. I'm looking at it with wide eyes, then I look at you and give you a naughty smile."This is your breeding rack little one," you say. "Daddy wants to make sure you're bred properly, the way my little girl should be bred." You tell me to stand up and come to you. I do and you give me a warm sensuous kiss while stroking my hair. You tell me to get on all fours on the bed, so I do. You put 2 pillows under my stomach and then you proceed to strap me into the breeding rack. Leather straps bind my hands and calves. I can move around a bit, but I can't leave that spot or that position. You say "Mmmmmmm you look so tasty my little slut. Daddy loves to see you helpless like this." You come up behind me and rub my ass. "Are you a naughty girl?" you say, and you spank me. "Mmmmmmmm yes daddy. I'm a bad bad girl" I say. You spank me again a little harder, and it makes me wet. My ass feels so
warm under the sting of your big strong hand. I moan and move my hips, not able to help myself. "You like that you little whore?" you say. "Ohhhhhhh yes daddy. Pu

nish me" I moan. You give me 2 more spanks, and it makes my pussy twitch. I can hear you breathing a little harder. I can tell that punishing your little girl is making you hot too. You are slowly stroking your cock as you're spanking me. Getting nice and hard for what you're about to do. After 2 more spanks you say, "I think you need something a little harder", and you climb up on the bed behind me. You bend down in front of my ass and lick my slit, all the way up to my tight little asshole. I moan and press myself back against your tongue.

"Mmmmmmm my little bitch is ready for breeding I think" you say. With my ass high in the air you grab my hips and slowly position your cock in front of my pussy. You slowly slide in, all the way to the hilt. My front end is down against the bed and my ass is high in the air so you can get the deepest penetration. As you push in as far as you can go I whimper a bit. You're pressing near my cervix and it gives me discomfort for just a moment. "Shhhhhh" you say... "It's alright baby girl. Daddy is just getting you ready to take his seed. I'm opening you up baby so I can shoot my sperm deep into your womb. Are you ready for daddy to knock you up?" "Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss daddy I moan. Fuck your baby into me."

You grab my hips tight and start to pump your thick cock into me. Bottoming out with every thrust. Your big fertile balls are heavy with baby making seed and they're pressed up tight against my ass. We're both moaning with ecstasy. We've both waited so long to feel each other like this. "Oh God baby" you moan... "My bare cock feels so good in your tight wet pussy. I'm going to cum in you so hard and make you pregnant with my baby." Hearing you say this makes me crazy. I'm pushing back against you as you're pounding your cock into me. The sound of your sexy grunting and your balls slapping against my ass is more than I can take. I start to cum and my pussy tightens around your cock. As my pussy starts to tighten you can feel the cum boiling in your balls. You know you're going to shoot that hot fertile load into me as I'm cumming. "Ohhhhhhhh God little girl. I'm gonna

cum in you... I'm going to knock you up right now. Uhhhhhhhh here comes my baby little girl!!!""Yessssss daddy!" I scream. "Cum in me!!! Oh God I'm going to cumall over your cock!!! Breed me daddy!!!"

As I gush my hot cum all over your cock and the bed, straining against the straps that are holding me, you shoot your baby making load right against my cervix. My pussy is sucking every drop into my womb as it contracts from my orgasm. We both scream in pleasure and ecstasy. It's so intense that's it's beyond belief. When you shoot the last stream of cum into me you collapse against me, breathing hard on my back. "Oh my god that was so fucking intense" you say. "I've never cum so hard in my life." "Mmmmmmmmmm I know" I say. I can feel all that hot cum inside me daddy.

You tell me to keep my ass in the air so none of your cum runs out. You tell me you just bred me for damn sure, but just to be safe we'll have to have a few more hot breeding sessions before I go home tomorrow. After all, practice makes perfect little girl!

Thanks to St88 for the breeding rack pic link that I used for inspiration and to John, the daddy in my stories and daily fantasies.