STORY TITLE The Breeding Barn
AUTHOR Anonymous
CODES MF, Fantasy, Impreg
DATE ADDED 24th November, 2005



DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


Sue and her husband got into an awful fight. A slight disagreement led to a shouting match, which led to throwing picture frames, and ultimately ended up with Sue in tears and wanting out of her marriage gone bad.
“I’m leaving you. I can’t take this loveless marriage any longer, bye,” Sue desperately cried to her husband.
Sue, ran out of the house crying and pissed off, got in her car, slammed the car door behind her, and sped off.
“Thank God we don’t have any kids, that would make it complicated,” Sue claimed to herself. “What a jerk. What an ass. Why would he cheat on me? Don’t I still have it?”
Sue does still have it. Sue is a 28 year-old long haired brunette with a soft sophisticated face ready and willing to take control of and experiment with her lover in bed. She is an athletic woman active in physical exercise, giving her a trim yet tone figure. Despite being in good shape, her breasts remain a full, firm, and a bouncy d-cup with nipples pink-ripe for sucking. Her narrow waistline gives way to curvy hips, a meaty ass to grab, and sexy long flexible toned legs.
Ten miles into her drive through the country, only a quarter of the way to her destination, Sue’s car sputters to a stop. She pulls over, stops the car, and gets to see what is wrong. Vapor rises from the engine as she opens the hood. It smells of burned oil and rubber. Sue is somewhat calm, yet does not know anything about fixing cars. She paces in front of her car thinking of what to do. Hopefully I remembered the cell phone, Sue thought as she frantically dug through the suitcase that she quickly put together on her way out of the house. She was too upset at her husband and wanted out so quickly that the cell phone was forgotten.
“Damn! I can’t believe it! Now how am I supposed to get out of here?”
Sue looked into the distance and noticed a lighted farm house not more than three hundred yards away. The time is still before nine pm, so they should still be awake, she analyzed.
“Thank God, I hope my friend Kathy is home right now so I can call her to pick me up. Or maybe they could give me a tow, or a couch to sleep on for the night at least.”
Sue knocked on the door a few times. No one came quickly, so as Sue was about to knock again a woman opened the door.
Can I help you miss?
Yes, please help me. My car broke down just a few hundred yards away east of here. May I use your phone to call for assistance?
Oh yes, please come in. Have a seat on the couch next to the phone in the living room. Sue hastily dialed her friend Kathy.
“Hello?” Kathy said.
Hi Kathy, this is Sue. I really need your help right now. My car broke down, and this nice woman kindly let me in her house to use her phone. Could you pick me up tonight?
Oh Sue, did you and your husband have another fight?
Yes, it was real bad this time. I’m going to file for divorce.
Good for you dear! But I have a date over right now and would hate to end it too quickly. Would they let you stay the night? I’ll pick you up in the morning if that’s alright.
Well, I’ll see, Sue said in a drawn out tone since she really wanted to be somewhere familiar. Miss, would you have room on your couch tonight? My girlfriend will pick me up in the morning, if that is ok.
Oh yes the woman said, I will do my best to make you feel at home. Make yourself comfortable. You’re not the first one to be stranded out in these parts.
Ok Kathy, I’ll see you tomorrow morning. I am close the corner of county roads 32 and 4, in the blue house. My car is still on the side of the road. See you later, bye.
Thank you for letting me into your home for the night, Sue said. Sue couldn’t help but notice the woman was probably over forty years old yet fully pregnant. I see you have a bun in the oven.
Oh you can just call me Ingrid. This is the most recent of many. My husband and I don’t believe in birth control. This is our fifteenth child. Would you care for a cup of tea to sooth your senses?
Yes, green tea of any kind would be nice if you have it.
You bet we do. I’ll get the kettle going.
Ingrid is starting to show her age because of her multiple pregnancies, but her beauty still radiates from her face and body. Her long straight hair is pulled back in a ponytail, obvious full breasts press firmly against her button down shirt, and her pregnancy seems to give her an absolute wholeness and sense of well-being. There is something about her; however, that Sue finds sinister or out of place. Despite the comfort given by the host, something seems elusive. It is making Sue slightly uneasy.
As the two women were having conversation in the living room the kettle whistles. I better attend to our tea. Ingrid walks to the kitchen to prepare the tea. She flavors it with honey; furthermore, Sue’s cup is flavored with something very unusual.
As Ingrid walks into the living room with their cups of tea, there is a rumbling coming down the stairs. “Mommy, time for nighttime snack,” a little girl says to her with a puppy dog look on her face.
Ingrid gave Sue her cup of tea and set her own down on an end table. “Ok, but you have to save some for all the rest of your hungry brothers and sisters too.” It was there that Ingrid unbuttoned her blouse, and unsnapped the cups of her nursing bra to six children ranging from two to eight years old. Sue’s mouth dropped as Ingrid’s breasts plopped out, and the little four year old girl cuddled up to her mom to nurse. Her nipples were dark, in large diameter, and a half-inch in length. The other breast was beat out by the others by the eight year old boy, who was suckling quite ferociously. The other four children cuddled up to their mother awaiting their turn. “Oh Tim, save some for the rest; your almost getting too old for this now you know,” Ingrid said as she wiped excess milk from the sides of her children’s mouths.
Sue couldn’t believe it. She almost wanted to laugh, but subconsciously was turned on by Ingrid’s nursing breasts. “By Tim’s age, it’s just so hard to wean them. I never turn them down, really, even my oldest kids sometimes ask for quick treat. Over the years my breasts have been nonstop drinking fountains.”
Then a few more came down the stairs, wondering who it was their mother was talking to. Four older daughters appeared, ranging from sixteen to twenty-two, and all of them were pregnant! A couple of them were just showing, while another was half ways through, and the other about ready to pop. Sue was kind of weirded out now by all these pregnancies and lactating breasts that she didn’t know what to say. The older daughters asked mother what was going on as they noticed the visitor. The four of them lightly hugged and kissed their mother good night and said to Sue that they hope she enjoys her stay at their farm. One after the other, all but two children got their contented fill and went to bed. Ingrid’s breasts were noticeably sucked dry due their smaller size.
“Mommy, what about us,” the older of two asked, still unfed.
“Go upstairs and ask either Jody or Sara, they’ll gladly give you a bedtime snack.” The two children then rushed upstairs for their nursing before bedtime. “Sometimes though, I do feel like I’m one of our cows in the barn,” Ingrid said jokingly. “But I love it, it makes me feel alive.”
Sue now thought this woman was crazy; however, her tea tasted very good. Ingrid insisted that it was getting late, and that she should attend to her husband now. Sue got comfortable on the couch and was fast asleep as her head hit the pillow.


Little to Sue’s knowledge, her tea had been drugged to knock her out cold. After Sue crashed to the couch, Ingrid and her husband carried Sue out of the house, through their main barn where hundreds of cows were daily milked, and into a secret barn for their captives. Sue was laid down into her own stall where she will probably spend most of her remaining years.
“She has good birthing hips and those tits of hers will feed half a small town,” Ingrid’s husband said with a smile on his face. “It’ll be one lucky stud who gets to breed her. Ingrid, if you want to prepare her stall and tattoo her, I’ll hide that car and make preparations for her friend.”
The next morning Sue very slowly awoke. She felt like she went through a seizure; therefore, struggled to regain consciousness. As her eyes opened, her vision was blurred. All she saw was fuzzy white and unrecognizable shapes. There was also a noise she could not pick out. It was a constant, low machine-like sound. When she was fully awake Sue jumped up in surprise of not knowing where she was. She doesn’t recall what happened. ‘I don’t know’ repeatedly raced through her head. Sue was in a small room, about a seven by fifteen feet dimension. There was a single bed, a toilet with a mirror above it, a treadmill, and a TV in a ceiling corner. The wall behind the toilet was a solid white wall, while the rest of the walls had blinds shielding what lay behind them. Her clothes were removed and replaced with a bra and short skirt made of Holstein cow hide. The Holstein hide pattern matched the comforter on her bed as well. Her neck was fitted with a leather collar, impossible for anyone but the farmer and his wife to remove. It was fitted with a thumbnail sized bell in the front and a remote activated electrical immobilizer on the inside in case she gets physically out of hand.
“What the hell is this? What the fuck!” Sue yelled out. “I can’t be. I can’t be….some sort of prisoner? What do they want?”
Then she noticed a marking on her back in the mirror. Sue was surprised to see it was a number. It read B7296. What the hell Sue thought, this is just too weird. Curious but afraid to see what was behind the blinds, Sue decided to open them. What was behind the blinds was a shocking but true nightmare. Sue found herself surrounded on all sides by impenetrable glass walls giving way to hundreds of stalls just like hers. In disbelief, Sue saw a door to open. On the other side of the door is a strange looking chair. As Sue walked through the door, she saw every woman using their chair. They are apparently being milked like cows! Sue is in absolute shock and horror as these women are being treated like animals.
The women, however, look surprisingly comfortable. The chairs support the women horizontally, as most of their body weight is being supported by the shoulders and waist, giving their face a hole to look through much like a massage table. There are opposable supports for their arms and legs. The women appear to look as if they were ready to take it doggy style with their asses jutting out. Each breast has a suction attached its nipple, pumping the milk free through a tube leading down the side of the middle walkway. The walkway bisects the two rows of milking chairs and their respectable stalls behind them. The milking chairs only have vertical bars separating each other, so the woman may talk to one another, but are blocked off to the walkway by another glass wall. But there is another door to the left of every chair leading into the walkway.
Sue checks the door leading to the walkway. To her belief, it was locked. “Great, this will be difficult getting out.”
“There’s no way out new girl,” a very pregnant woman in the milking chair to the right of her says in a southern accent. “We looked and looked for ways year after year. Many tried by themselves and as a team. It can’t be done, I’m sorry. You’re here for a very long time. Me, I’ve been here for seventeen years. The only way I know that is they give us a treadmill that turns on the TV. Yeah, it’s a half-assed way to keep us in shape and give us something to do, but without it, it can get pretty boring, especially in the winter. But after a while we all get used to this place, since we’re actually treated pretty decent. Now-a-days I’d just rather be here.”
“I can’t believe this place! Where exactly am I?” Why are women here so pregnant and being milked like cows?
“The farmer or his wife will tell you all about it sweetie pie. I’m sure they already know you’re awake and will be here shortly. You see, this whole place is constantly under surveillance.”
It wasn’t five minutes when Ingrid, the farmers wife showed up to inform Sue of what’s going on. Sue saw her come through the door and down the walkway. On her way, Ingrid inspected each milking woman’s breast pumps till she got to Sue. “Sue, you are now the property of the American Breast Feeding and Adoption Supply Organization and the US government. This farm, now in its second generation, has been operating for fifty-eight years. The mission of ABFAS is to make children for the many couples in the world who cannot conceive they’re own children, and for those infants who do not get their daily needs in human breast milk. But people just don’t willingly give their children up for adoption and harvest their breast milk, so the ABFAS and the US government have worked together secretly by employing a limited number of farms around the country to do the job. We are given authorization to use whoever necessary to perform our mission. Every now and then, a worker shows up right at our doorstep, like you. Others are taken elsewhere, usually those who have nowhere else to go. I looked at your government file, and if you would have had your own children we would not have taken you of course. You fit the bill exclusively, you’re parents have passed away, you’re an only child, and have no kids.
But I have a husband! I want to get back to him. Please!
“Sue, we already now how bad your marriage is. It’s surprising how much the government has on file about its citizens. You will find living here will be fulfilling. The days of work and stress are gone. At your young age, you will make so many happy couples out there. And you will help the world’s children, most of them poor, by giving them a head start in life. Breast milk is in such a high demand, the hungry children of the world need nutrition.”
Sue just dropped to her knees and started to breakdown. “I want my own children with my own husband, not to be impregnated by force,” Sue sobbed.
“I know. You will be given time to adjust to your new home and to make friends here. Many have been here for thirty years or more. They will give you support.”
It was then that Ingrid left her and inspected the rest of the milking women and finally retreated to her house to nurse her children. In a few more minutes, the women one by one were removing the tubes attached to their breasts. Some close to Sue greeted her and tried to comfort her. When the last woman was done, all the doors to the walkway opened at once. Everyone exited their stall and walked out of the building. Sue exited as well. Near the end of the walkway, one side had ten doors. Above them read ‘Bull 1’, ‘Bull 2’, and so on to ‘Bull 10’. The other side had three doors, one reading ‘clinic’, another ‘showers’, and the last ‘cafeteria’. But the women kept walking forward out the main door which led outside.


Wow, Sue thought. If we were in the barn then this must be the pasture. But the pasture for the cows surrounded all sides of the human pasture, a solid fence protecting the visual from on looking motorists and of course from the cows as well. The human pasture was well groomed with mowed grass, different kinds of broad and tall trees, and various recreations. A large swimming pool and hot tub was the center of things, while badminton, mini golf, and other small outdoor sports adjacently took up little space. Benches to sit and view the birds and squirrels dotted the pasture as well. Curiously, Sue was perplexed on how happy all these women around her seemed. Most of them walk freely in the nude, as this little culture years ago looked down on clothing except on cold days. Still, those that have had more children usually wear the cow hide bra for the breast support. The new arrivals typically wear all they can for the first few weeks of life at the farm, and Sue is no exception.
The women, now numbering 397 with Sue’s arrival, dot all over the forty acre pasture, hid perfectly from the publics view. The cows and steers pastures, and cropland on the other side cover the rest of the 400 acre farm. No one would know where to find these missing women.
Being the new girl Sue was now the center of attention. Every woman went to greet her. She didn’t remember much for names, but was again amazed at their contentment. The women invited her to tan in the nice sun and go for a swim, as it was late morning in the heat of summer. The women around her conversed much like any of her other girlfriends. Sue was happy to meet a few nice friends already and learn all about each other. Mostly they gave her an overview of life at the ‘milking barn’. Sue was told there are ten men, or ‘bulls’ as they call them. They do all the impregnating of the women here and do it well. Sue was told of their large equipment and stamina, and that they treat all the women with dignity and respect.
“Well that’s good, but I’m not letting them get onto me,” Sue said.
Some of them giggled, knowing Sue had no choice in the matter and will probably beg for her turn. The women around Sue continue to converse back and forth about life at the farm.
“They can walk freely between their stall and the pasture, unlike the women, who are destined to go back and forth between the barn and pasture for milking duties.”
“Some women at first find getting milked to be achy, even painful; their breasts not used to getting pumped. But that is only for the remote few and only after their first pregnancy. After a week their nipples and breasts get used to it and become milk machines. After their first child many women are lactating nonstop right off the bat.” Sue is told they are required to consume a large quantity of water and swallow nutritional pills to keep their production and quality high. “And if your production drops a bit, they don’t let you out in the pasture until you drink more water. We are milked for a half hour at a time. It remains constant everyday, seven and ten thirty AM, as well as two, five thirty, and nine PM. For two and a half hours a day our boobs are getting milked!”
“And you know when it’s getting close to milking time too. The boobs feel full and tight, even achy. We have to get milked every three hours or it hurts. We jump on that chair as soon as we wake up. And it feels so good when those pumps are sucking us dry. In fact, most of us find it erotically stimulating.”
“Oh yeah, especially since they installed the vibrators into our milking chairs. If we feel a little horny, none of us get shy about plugging in the vibrator while we’re getting are boobs sucked.”
“Sometimes it sounds like an orgy going on in the barn.”
“Why do some of the women here have a red stain covering their asses? Sue asks.
“Oh they started doing that a few years ago when the amount of us rapidly increased. When there were less of us, the bulls were told the tattooed number of the woman ready to breed, and he would easily find her number amongst us all in the pasture. With much more of us now the farmers stain our asses red for easy detection. When a bull finds a red stain he then confirms if the number is correct, because each bull is only allowed the women who have his assigned numbers.”
“So right now, a bull can have my number and try to breed me?” asks Sue. “Not yet cause you are new here. You will be given time to adjust to this place.”
“They know you’re stressed out and wouldn’t let one of the bulls screw you anyways. Oh, by the way, here’s one of our resident bulls coming this way.”
Sue looked over her shoulder to find a handsome male not one hundred feet away walk closer to the pool where she was sitting. He was totally naked, but appeared tall and very muscular. He had mid-length hair and a beard, yet still in his physical prime. As he walked closer, his cock looked very big. All the naked women surrounding him jiggled their breasts to him which forced his blood to flow into his massive length. It appeared almost half erect, veiny, pointing to his left, and his large ball sack swayed with each stride of his pace. The bulbous head of his cock envelopes the on looking women, and his grapefruit-sized testicular sack never ceases to amaze them. Sue could not keep her eyes off him as he stepped pleasantly into the pool.
“He just finished a breeding,” Sue’s pool mate whispered. “This one usually always comes in for a dip for a half hour before looking for his next female to breed.”
Sure enough, in about a half hour the large bull left the pool. Sue got up to see what he was up to. The bull stopped to check every red ass that he came across. One of every ten women is red stained, which leaves about forty women in the entire ‘herd’. The ten males then get to breed about four women a day, as many times as they can. To make it easier for the bulls, women adorning a red stain shall not sit for an extending time in the pasture. Lying down on stomachs or walking is insisted. The bull Sue followed found his next female sunning herself in the grassy pasture. She was obviously relaxed and looked up at the bull when she heard him walk toward her.
Sue stood back, her hand covering her mouth in disbelief. She is quite young, but had been a breeding female here for a few years now and followed her suitor to the shade. The female knew her place in life here, wearing nothing since her younger breasts have not drooped too much. The bull led her to the shade, laid her on her back and proceeded to eat out her pussy. Sue could not deny that this woman gladly accepted this guy and soon loved every minute of his tongue tantalizing her mound. Within minutes Sue easily heard the uncontrollable moaning and screaming of this woman’s climax. After her orgasm the bull turned her over to all fours. He gave himself a few strokes with his hand to firm up his member before mounting his female.
The bull’s purple head found its entrance, gently sliding a couple inches forward. From there the bull got into proper position and slowly entered the female. The bull continued the slow shallow thrusts for a few minutes until the female started to moan. Sue was still quite in shock but couldn’t take her eyes off this spectacle. Everyone around her didn’t pay much attention to the mating as this is common place here at the pasture. The mating female really started to squirm. Her heightened arousal only allowed the bulls cock to penetrate her even further. Still thrusting slowly, the bull gradually forced open the female’s birth canal. Each stroke brought him deep within her. The woman moaned louder wanting every inch of her bulls cock to please her. When the bull accessed her fully, the head of his cock staring straight at her cervix, he gradually quickened his pace. She writhed in delight, enjoying the sensation of her pussy being filled again and again by such a large cock. The bull knew his female was about to come any second, so he frantically pounded his cock into her to bring his own climax closer. The female couldn’t stand it any longer and her body shuddered all over with orgasm. Her pussy involuntarily contracted around her bulls cock. The slick wetness and tightness of her pussy was too much for him. Sue noticed his balls clench and body tighten as he gave one long deep stroke with a pause. The bull emptied streams of sperm enriched semen into the depths of her canal. Coated with semen, her cervix was splashed with wave after wave of his hot jizz, forcibly soaking it up into her womb through her pussy’s contractions. They were both spent; the bull regained himself and stroked his prize until he went limp.
After he left the female remained content remaining doggy style with her ass in the air for a while. The male turned and looked at Sue. She turned away from him immediately and began to walk back to the pool. At her return she found two more males for a swim. She rested on one of the many lawn chairs. In a couple minutes the same male came back to the pool. As they caught eyes he winked at her, knowing someday he’ll get his turn with this newcomer.
A bell rang, sounding like a loud cowbell. It is heard all over the pasture. “Must be ten thirty, my boobs can sure feel it,” the woman next to Sue said. All of the near four hundred women walk briskly back into the milking barn. All the tiny bells on their collars rang with each of their steps, sounding like a herd of milking cows on the move. She followed of course, not knowing where else to go, and besides, she did not trust those males at all despite their good reputation. All the women happily got onto their milking chairs. After they push a button the chair tilts them from vertical to horizontal. Each woman can attach their own milking pumps to their breasts. The hornier ladies flip a switch, and the vibrating dildo assumes its position and starts humming away in their pussies. When every woman has their pumps attached, the milking machine is turned on either by the farmer, his wife, or his children from the control room from their house.


Sue relaxes on her bed for a while as the milking resumes among the rest of the women. She can not milk yet of course. First she will have to bear a child before she could join the rest of her female community. In total boredom Sue gets on her treadmill, still wearing her cowhide bra and skirt, and the TV automatically turns on. Its just one of those dumb shows with real life people with major problems are the show. This show features a wife accusing her husband of cheating. As she’s running on her treadmill, Sue is taken back to her life. She thinks on what an asshole her husband is and glad she’s away from him. Then she gets a thought in her head.
Sue stops jogging to lean on her knees. “Kathy. Oh shit. Kathy please, don’t go to the house. They’re gonna take you too. Oh please Kathy, be careful.” Sue is very worried about her friend. Thoughts in her mind race; she could already be captured. Kathy’s good with directions, the only hope is she doesn’t find the car and moves on. Sue can’t get the thought of her friend’s capture out of her head. But Kathy will not be so lucky. Kathy did not find Sue’s car, but she did find the house she directed her to. Ingrid invited the twenty-seven year old busty beauty inside. Ingrid told Kathy a totally false story about Sue and gave her tea. Kathy accepted the tea and was quickly out like a light. The breeding farm population of females was now three hundred ninety eight.
Sue was now following the daily schedules of the rest of the women. After the current milking there was another three hours in the pasture. Sue saw a couple more breeding acts in the distance, and before she knew it the cow bell rang again. Must be lunch, she thought since she was very hungry and didn’t wake up till after breakfast. The women all proceeded back into the barn but walked across it through a door on the opposite wall. On the other side was the cafeteria. It was very large with tables in rows. A catering business is employed full time here, sworn to uphold the secrecy of this operation to the government. One by one each female got their lunch. She was impressed with the efficiency of this place. During lunch her friend Kathy, still unconscious, was carried to her new stall and tattooed with a number.
There was some pasture time left before milking resumed, so Sue decided to use this time to explore the entire pasture. During her walk alone she met all ten of the males. They asked her questions of where she was from, so they seemed very friendly. She couldn’t help but notice their glistening cocks protruding, slicked with other women’s pussy juices and their cum. Looking at this new piece of flesh most of them supported half chubs, making Sue blush and nervous. All of them didn’t chat too long as they were mandated to breed their females as much as they could. They are very laid back; their only problem in life is finding their red-stained females among the herd. Sue observed the pasture is a nice green spacious environment. There is shade, sunshine, space to walk and rest, and the pool and hot tub are really nice. “Would be nice if they had books for us to read though,” she said to herself.
The bell rang again and all walked back to the milking barn. On her way through the walkway Sue saw a woman in a stall sleeping. Sue stopped with tears on her face. “Kathy! No!” Sue was breaking down again in agony of her captured friend. Kathy did not hear a thing, still knocked out cold from the drug. Sue slowly walked back to her stall, the door automatically locking at its closure. She went to her bed and wept for a while; the milking women next to her felt for her, remembering being in her shoes; however, knowing she would soon acclimate, fully accept the farm, and even like life here.
Sue found Kathy after supper in the pasture. They greeted each other with tears and a big hug. They told each other their stories about how they ended up here and caught up with other things in life. They were glad to have each other and thought maybe they could work together to get out. In all it was a tough emotional first day for the both of them.
On day two, Sue and Kathy are called in one at a time for a clinical exam. Ingrid, wearing a hot revealing nurse uniform unlocks Sue’s stall and asks her to follow her to the clinical room. Before she was able to take a seat Ingrid politely asked her to take off her bra and skirt. She does so resiliently and takes a seat on the examination chair. It is a chair designed for giving birth and gynecological testing, spreading the woman’s legs while giving good support for the rest of the body.
“Sue, I am a doctor of gynecology and maternity. I oversee the health and well being of all the women here. I just need to perform some basic tests.”
“What are you testing for?”
“I will do a routine physical, a pap smear, breast exam, and I’ll be testing you for all types of STD’s. I’ll take your blood for a DNA analysis and I’ll need to do a urine test. Have you been on birth control in the last six months?”
“Yes, until I got here.”
“Ok.” Ingrid jotted jotting information on Sue’s new clinical data folder then started the physical. “You will quickly regain your ovulation. Even so, we give our new women time to adjust to life here before we breed them. Typically we give them a full month’s time plus half ways into their second menstrual cycle here, so at least a month and a half. By then women have become more comfortable, have met our resident bulls, and actually can’t wait for their turn with them.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me. Seems more like rape to me,” Sue grudges.
Ingrid giggled, “You remember my pregnant daughters? All of them were impregnated by our resident bulls. They couldn’t wait to have their own children and help this organization that we work for. They wanted nothing less than our local bulls, so I eventually let them loose in the pasture with a red stain on their backsides. It didn’t take long for the bulls to find a new piece of red ass in the pasture. They try to keep it secret from me, but I know they sneak into our bulls stalls some nights for a good long screw. The girls don’t know we have cameras in their stalls too. Sometimes my two oldest daughters and I come in and milk in the barn with the rest of women. It’s just our way to show we care for all our women here.” Ingrid had a smile on her face reminiscing.
Sue had trouble processing all this as Ingrid examed her, but now knew these people are kind and sincere. When Sue was finished Kathy’s door opened for her turn. Her exam followed much in the same way.
It continued to be difficult for the two of them to accept their new home for a couple weeks. However, time heals and they did not miss much of the outside world except for shopping. Sue was glad to be away from her husband and Kathy didn’t even have a boyfriend or much for family either. They wonder if anyone is even looking for them. Day by day they cheered up a little more, giving each other support. They found their little stalls to be cozy, since each female was given a small set of choices of how they could interiorly decorate. They made great friendships with the females in the adjacent stalls, and started to have fun in the pasture taking up a few light sports and relaxing to their hearts content. To their delight the ABFAS organization receives donated books for the women’s endless spare time. Eventually feeling out of the loop wearing their cowhide outfit, both Sue and Kathy shed their tops and bottoms to fit in with the larger herd. Soon they loved the feeling of being free and living life in pure human form, not ashamed of it at all. They caught more gazes from bulls passing by and felt sexier and even more feminine.
Sue and Kathy got used to the bountiful moaning orgasms in the milking barn and the breeding acts occurring within the pasture at all times. This ingrained sex into their minds almost all day long. Combined with the fact that both of them stopped their birth control Sue and Kathy started to crave hot animalistic sex. They started to masturbate themselves to sleep every night to get the visions of the daily sex acts they witness out of their head. Everyday the both of them can’t help but watch a new fertile female take in one of those shafts and grunt to a climax.


Despite being really horny and more comfortable in their new home and being part of the herd, Sue and Kathy have been at the farm for over a month and each been through a period. They knew their time for breeding was close at hand. One morning after a milking and breakfast, Sue was called into the clinic. Ingrid asked Sue how life was going. She gave her a modest reply, not wanting her captor to thing she actually was starting to like it here.
Ingrid smiled, “Your tests went very well. You are very healthy and in your fertile prime. Don’t worry, we wont breed you until the end of your days. You’ll be finished around the age forty-five, depending on your fitness. And from then on you’ll only be given milking duties until we retire you. You are an excellent addition to the breeding farm, as well as your friend Kathy. Her breasts will feed many needy infants. Ok Sue, turn around and bend over, it’s time.”
Ingrid got a brush and stain application resin our from the bottom cabinet underneath the sink. Sue did as she was told, knowing it was futile to resist. Partly though, Sue deeply wanted her male to see her red ass and take her for himself. In mixed emotions she felt the cool wet stain being applied to her ass. It dripped slightly down her leg but didn’t take long to dry. “Just hold on a minute dear, I have two more coats to do. Our males have to be able to really see you from a ways away.” Sue willingly accepted the coats of red stain. “There, as red a cherry. It’ll be a lucky bull who gets your number first. They always hope to be the first one to impregnate a new female. The color lasts for a week so it will need to be reapplied. If you’re pregnant after two weeks then your daily copulations stop, but if not your ass will be red until you are. Oh and tell Kathy she can come in to the clinic room now. It’s her turn. Thanks.”
Sue stood up, feeling her ass to see if the stain was dry, which it was. Then she left for the pasture. Sue walked over to the pool and found Kathy. “It’s your turn Kathy.”
Being interrupted from her sunbathing, Kathy turned to Sue squinting to the bright sunshine in her eyes. “What do you mean?” Sue turned around to show her ass to her friend. “Oh my god, Sue, oh my god. We’ve already been hear for this long?”
Sue just half smiled to her friend and said, “Nothing. We might as well accept this place as our home.” She paused and Kathy just looked at her. “She’s waiting for you. You should get to the clinic room before your collar gets zapped.”
“Your right. I’ll see you in a little bit. Later.” Kathy got her naked body up and walking to the milking barn clinic. The ladies nearby just smiled at the two nervous women, knowing they will submit to the bulls will.
Sue is in a minor state of shock so she decided for a slow walk by herself, her stained ass visible all the way across the pasture. She grew uneasy knowing her bull could find her in any second. She took comfort walking under the shade of the large oak trees bustling with the sounds of birds and squirrels, her bare feet feeling the coolness of the shaded ground. From there she walked to the pasture fence. As a good barrier as it is, the fence has small spaces between the wood boards to look through. The cows pasture on the other side spaced out for another hundred yards to the county highway. Watching the cows graze and the occasional car pass by, Sue placed her hands on the fence still missing the life outside a little. She pondered where she would be; divorced, single, and probably living in a claustrophobic apartment; maybe life really is better here.
Footsteps slowly approached Sue. When she sensed them she quickly turned her head around to see who it was. It was the first male she saw here, her first breeding act she witnessed. She saw his hardening manhood and turned to the fence. The muscular bull slowly stepped up behind her, his erection pressing between the crack of her ass. He put his arms on her hips and started breathing down her neck, whispering how sexy she is and other sweet talk into her ears. His hands started to caress her hips, arms, waist, stomach, and up to her shoulders, lightly massaging them.
Calming down to a relaxed state, Sue was enjoying this attention. It’s been so long since she has felt the touch of a man. Part of her said no, she could not let these people make a baby and milk machine out of her. But her body was slowly turning on. The bull knew this is her first time at the breeding farm, so he proceeded with caution, patience, and to his best expertise. In a few minutes his hands ran down the center of her chest, grazing her sternum, yet teasing her breasts. She was too busy with thoughts running through her head to know her nipples responded by hardening to the bulls’ soft touch. Seeing this over her should he went further by gently caressing and squeezing her firm d-cup tits. She started to shudder and breath heavier, now yearning for more of his touch. The bull varied his time around her upper body, going back and forth between a shoulder massage, caressing her breasts, and even stroking her hair. This kind of attention showed to her she could trust this attractive well hung male and give in to her pleasure.
But Sue remained staring outside the fence and now breathing quite heavily. Each passing second made it tougher to resist. Turning around to face her bull, unable to withdraw from the erotic sensations any longer, she gave him a deep passionate french kiss. He returned the kiss and laid her down on her back to begin his routine. A few minutes side by side making out gave way to the bull going down on his female. His hands ran up and down her smooth shaven legs. Warm breathing on her outer lips and hands on her inner thighs got her sex juices tingling. The bull lightly spread open and rubbed her vaginal lips. Sue could not believe she was letting this happen but the feeling is so good she didn’t want it to stop. His warm tongue pressed against her mound and gave a slow firm lick up her engorged slit. Lick after lick on her pussy and the squeezing of her tits started to drive her nuts. Uncontrollable rapid breathing pursued. She lied on the grass in awe as this hot guy was about to lick her to orgasm. Before she knew it her back arched and her body shuddered as a wave of ecstasy went through her body.
The bull let his new cow regain her composure for a couple minutes before helping her to a doggy style position. Facing the fence, Sue’s red ass was in the air for anyone to see, her jugs hanging from her chest half ways to the ground. Her breeding bull assumed position behind her, stroking his cock to its fullest length. She could not bear to look behind her and witness being mounted; still partly denying the fact her pussy is hungry for cock. The bull spread her lips apart with his hand to give access to his ten-inch hard on. The straining blood-filled head of his cock now looked eye to eye with her entrance.
Looking out through a seam in the fence Sue was in disbelief; her husbands’ car drove along down the highway. Mooing softly at her husbands’ car, but unable to do more since this breeding bull was just mounting her. She subsequently mooed to the pressure in her opening as her bull gave a short thrust, having never taken on a cock close to this size. Her husband’s car passed out of view. All hope of him finding her truly now is over. It is this moment when she finally let go and craved to have this giant cock fill her pussy.
Each thrust opened Sue up a little more. The heat and wetness in her cunt slicked the bulls cock for easy passing. She now imagined the sight of how far her pussy was getting stretched by this bull gone mad with lust. When he reached her full depth he stopped to stare down at the amazing sight of his cock engulfed in this hot tight snatch. Most of the cows here have had many babies’ and breedings, so their pussies are quite stretched. It’s nice to get a tight heifer like this every now and then.
The bull started again with full slow strokes to please his cow. Pulling it out to where his head resting between her pussy lips and then stroking all the way to her deepest depth. Sue felt stretched to the limit as his cock filled up her pussy like no other has done before. She relished the feeling of being entered by such a tree trunk of a cock. Gradually her breeding bull quickened his paced, much to her delight. She again started to coo out loud, being the receiving end of a pounding. His grapefruit sized ball sac slapped her clit on each thrust adding to her pleasure. She felt so hot her hands couldn’t support her weight anymore. As she moved to her elbows, her tits grazed the blades of grass to the rhythmic thrusting behind her.
Sue now is close, moaning louder than she ever has before. The entire pasture could hear, and in fact most were watching. But she didn’t notice or care. She just wanted this cock to fuck her and make her come, and yes, she consciously craved his sperm. Now almost over the edge, she started to get a little kinky.
“How do you like my tight pussy? I dare you to make me come. Come on bull, harder, harder. Oh…oh…oh…yeah…that’s it. Oh god…yes…yes…fuck me. Are you gonna…oh god…c-cummm into me? I want it. Mmm, I want you to cum in me.”
The bull looked possessed. He just grunted while he was busy stroking his cow away, bring them both near climax.
“Moooo. Moooo. Do you like that? I’m gonna love being a cow in your herd. Oh god, that’s it. Ohh g-o-d.”
Mooing to the best sex and orgasm she’s had in her life, Sue’s body quivered all over. Her pussy clenched around her bull’s breeding tool, bringing forth his orgasm. The bull gave a deep stroke as his balls lifted inside his sac, releasing it’s’ arsenal of sperm through his seminal vessels. Gaining the needed protection of the seminal fluids to stay alive in the acidic environment of Sue’s pussy, the bulls’ sperm exit his massive sex piston in gushes. The enlarged cock head, deep in her sex canal, shot rope after rope of hot sticky fluid as it flexed in orgasm. Her cervix endured a soaking of multiple splashes of baby batter.
Never before did Sue actually feel her husbands’ semen when he ejaculated in her, but for the first time she felt a warm feeling all over inside. The bulls thrusting coated his cock with is ejaculation, forcing a vast quantity to drip out her pussy. The combination of their juices easily ran down her legs and covered his balls. The still semi-erect the bull continued to thrust slowly giving her small orgasm aftershocks. The contracting smooth muscles in her pussy forced the cervix to vibrate in the deposited puddle of sperm in the deepest depths of her pussy, bringing the bulls sperm into her fertile womb.
Little to her knowledge, her body had just ovulated. When the mission crazed sperm find their target, the egg will be under siege from millions of tiny invaders, which only one survives.
The bull dismounts Sue and pats her on the ass before he walked away for a dip in the pool. After he left she heard a crowd cheer loud with clapping and whistling. With her stained ass in the air soaking up her bull’s semen, she looked behind her and saw nearly the entire herd with smiles and cheers of acceptance. Kathy was there too, her ass now stained red and looked like in shock having watched her friend enjoy the best fuck of her life. When she got up she was congratulated by her herd about how great she was for her first time. Apparently most women their first time are never that into it.
“Wow Sue! You must have found something inside you that just came out!” Kathy said. “Hey look, guess we’re going to be on the same breeding schedule for years to come.”
“You’re not going to believe this, but I saw my husband drive by through the fence just as my bull was pushing into me. It was then that I totally gave in.”
“You’re kidding!
“Yeah, I wished he could have seen me get screwed by a man twice his size.”
“You’re right you know. I’ll just let my bull have his way with me. Besides, its’ been a long time honey since I’ve had a good long screwing.”
Kathy did get a good long screwing. She ending up getting the biggest bull the breeding farm has to offer, one with a eleven and a half inch boner and wrist-size in circumference. She yelped to its massiveness, but accustomed to its size; loving the sensation of her orgasming pussy milking the sperm from that cock for all its worth. The herd cheered Kathy as well by putting on a brave performance. Her pussy remained a gaping fuck hole for a few hours before relaxing back to normal.
The two friends got bred once more that day, their wombs filled with ¼ cup of baby batter. They conceived within hours of their first breeding. But policy at the breeding farm is cows are bred as much as possible for two weeks. Only then is a fertility test taken. In the coming two weeks Sue and Kathy love being bred. Some days their respective bulls breed them three times. They orgasm several times a session and couldn’t imagine a smaller cock anymore. They see all the pregnant women around and start to look forward to their tummies getting big and round as well, happy they will be pregnant together. After the two weeks their red stains faded and the fertility tests tested positive for them both. Weekly exams in the clinic insured the health of their developing fetuses. In the following months the two women’s tummies ballooned with healthy babies and their breasts were showing great milking potential. Ingrid and some of her daughters watched over their births. The new mothers were glad and surprised to hold and nurse their newborns for the first week. After that the babies are given away for adoption.
Sue and Kathy finally got to sit on their milking chairs and use their breast pumping machine. Ingrid helped them attach the tubes for them the first time. In amazement the two friends loved their milking right away, relieving their milk-filled breasts of constant pressure. In three months they are scheduled to be bred again. They can’t wait to try out a different bull. Now they are truly a cow of the milking barn herd.
Sue ended up breeding to the old age of forty-nine, birthing one baby per year adding to twenty-one children. After a couple births her breasts grew to DD-cups and ranked in the top 50 in milk production at the farm. Her friend Kathy bred until age forty-four and birthed seventeen babies. Her DD breasts grew to an F-cup and ranked in the top ten in milk production of the breeding and milking farms nationwide. The farm was so pleased with their cooperative hard work that they were retired with honors by age fifty-five. The ABFAS and American government takes great care of its retired cows, giving them a complete ride the rest of their life, as long as they keep the breeding farm top secret. They spent their remaining years volunteering as nurse trainees at the farm.