STORY TITLE Taking Daughters Virginity
CODES inc, dad/dau, virg, impreg
DATE ADDED 20th August, 2006

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.


Ted awoke to the sound of someone climbing into bed with him. He opened his eyes and saw his just turned 18yr old daughter climb into bed with him. He had left the bathroom light on and was able to see that she was only wearing blue panties and a small t-shirt.

"Lisa? What's wrong?"

"Sorry to wake you up dad but I just had to talk to you," she said. Lisa was a spitting image of Jessica Beil. 5'5 115 lbs long brown hair and brn eyes, 34b's. Ted's wife had died three years ago in a car accident. Ted and Lisa had become very close since then.

"What's up?" he asked. He couldn't keep his eyes off her body. He knew he shouldn't look but it was too inticing. Her breasts were almost breaking out of the t-shirt.

"It's Tom. He keeps pestering me to have sex with him," Lisa told him.

Tom was her current boyfriend and as far as Ted knew Lisa was still a virgin. Suddenly Ted felt jealous. THis guy is trying to take my girl's virginity! he said to himself. That bastard. He sighed and started to stroke her hair.

"Lisa, I told you. That is your decision to make. I only say that you really should be in deep love with someone to do that." He look at her and saw a strange look on his daugher's face. "Are you in love with him?"

She shook her head. "I'm only in love with one man."

Damn, Ted said to himself. Who is this new guy!

"Its you dad. I'm in love with you and want you to take my virginity."
Ted's mouth dropped open.

"What!" he said.

"I want you so much", Lisa said taking off her shirt revealing her beautiful full 34b's. She leaned over and started to kiss her father sofly on his lips.

Ted knew he should have told her to she was crazy. That she was wrong for feeling this way. But instead he started to kiss her back. Long deep french kisses like two people in love. They lay back on the bed and contined to kiss each other and explore each other's bodies with their hands. Ted slipped his hand into her panties and felt that she was extremely wet and hairless.

"I shaved down there," Lisa said as she kissed his neck.

Ted's wife had never shaved down there. The hairless pussy felt so much better he thought. He slipped two fingers into her and started to masterbate her. "Oh Dad," she moaned closing here eyes. Ted continued to finger fuck her as he kissed his way down her neck down to her breasts. They were the best breasts he'd ever seen and tasted so delicious. He sucked and licked the breasts as she moaned and rubbed her hands through his hair. Then he moved down to her panties and quickly removed them. He couldn't wait to taste her. He parted her legs and began to kiss her thighs. She began to moan even more. He knew that her boyfriend had never done this to her. He got to her pussy and started to lick it. Lisa tasted so sweet and good. He ate her out for nearly ten minutes giving her two orgams.

"I want you to make me pregnant," she said suddenly.

Ted stopped licking and came back up to her face.

"You want to make a baby together?"

She nodded. "I know its bad but we are in love with each other so why not."

Again a small trace of doubt rose in Ted knowing it was a bad idea but the thought of knocking up his 18-yr old daughter was too good to pass up. Lisa took his head and gave him a long deep french kiss.

"I love you. Let's make a baby."

Ted smiled. "Let's do it." He quickly grabbed one of his smaller pillows and put it under her ass.

"Why are you doing that?" Lisa laughed.

"Honey this is an ideal way to make a baby. You are going to love it. The pillow will raise your butt up allowing my cum to get into your cervix better."

Ted then took his dick and brought it to her dripping pussy. "You sure you are a virgin?"

LIsa nodded and bit her lip. "Saved it for you daddy."

Ted smiled and inserted his dick into her. It was a tight fit at first. He only had about three inches in. She wimpered a little bit at the pain.

"Don't worry," Ted said. "The pain will go away once I break your hymen."

As far as he knew Ted had never done a virgin. Even his wife had lovers before him. The thought of taking his daughter's virginity was beyond words. He moved in a bit further and felt some more tightness. He looked down at his beautiful girl's face and kissed her and then inserted his dick all the way in. He felt some more liguid in her pussy and he knew he had just broke her hymen.

"Oh god!" Lisa yelled.

"Oh I'm sorry," Ted said. "Are you ok?"

Lisa stared up in his eyes. "Please don't stop!" she moaned.

Ted began to move in and out of her. God she was so wet and tight. THh best pussy he ever had. She was rubbing his back with her hands as they began to french kiss again. Lisa was moaning and bucking like crazy already having an orgasm.

"Oh god Daddy I love you!" she yelled and clutched his body to her.

There is now way I'm going to last long, Ted said to himself. He leaned back up off her body and took her legs and slowly put them on his shoulders.

"This position will send my cum so deep into you baby that you will become pregnant for sure."

"Give me a baby daddy," she said looking into his eyes. He moved in her faster and faster. She moaned and clutched the bedsheets as she began to cum again. Ted felt his own cum start to build up and smiled.

"OH baby here it comes" he said. "I'm going to make your pregnant right now."

"I love you so much," Lisa said.

"I love you too," Ted replied and then he shot load after load of his creamy cum into his daugter's body. He had never cum that much in his life. The whole time he came he could feel Lisa's pussy clutching his penis very tight. Then the cum stopped and Ted lay down on his daughter.

"That was the greatest thing I ever felt dad," Lisa said. SHe could feel some of her fathers cum start to leak out somewhat.

"I know what you mean," Ted said. He lay there inside her till he became soft allowing any more cum to enter her cervix.

Then he pulled out and told her not to move for awhile to prevent the cum from running back out of her pussy. He lay back on her and they made out for awhile. A half hour later the lovers were back at it.

One month later Lisa took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. She and her father celebrated by making love all weekend long.